Financial System Held Together with Bailing Wire & Chewing Gum-Craig Hemke

1aBy Greg Hunter’s

Financial and precious metals expert Craig Hemke contends profits in the stock market, in the past few years, came with extreme hidden risk. Hemke explains, “I know why I own precious metal and am continuing to buy it, and that is what I am telling people to do.  I mean the price has fallen for totally uneconomic reasons, manipulation being one . . . but anyway, I have used that weakness the last three or four years to keep buying.  So, now with this recovery, all of my metal on a cost basis is less than what the current price is.  That’s worked out quite well.  I am not going to argue with anybody that says you should have sold all your gold in 2011, with the benefit of hindsight, and you should have bought the S&P.  You would have made 100%, and hey, knock yourself out.  The reason I didn’t attempt to do that is knowing full well anytime between 2011 and today I could have woken up and the whole system could have blown up. That’s how fragile it is.  It’s all held together with bailing wire and chewing gum.” 

On the prices of gold and silver, Hemke says, “I do think we have turned the corner. I think we came down in both metals and found what seems to be a physical floor at about $14 (per ounce) in silver and about $1,100 (per ounce) in gold.  In price, we’ve had a great year, and the miners have confirmed that with a huge move in the last six months.  The miners are up 160% or something like that.  It’s been a tremendous move. I really think the resumption of the former bull market has begun. What is driving prices?  The death of the euro, the pending death of the euro currency is huge.  That’s a big thing because if you live in Europe, you take a lot of risk if you continue to hold euros, if it can be devalued and is going to go away.  Even more important are negative interest rates, and that is the long term consequence of this foolish central bank policy of pumping bubbles.  Now, we are talking about direct monetization of debt going forward and money handouts.  That is ridiculous.  That is driving negative interest rates worldwide.  The traditional argument of owning gold is that it does not pay a dividend.  It just collects dust sitting in a corner.  Well, hells bells, paying no dividend at all beats the pants off a negative one or two percent, right?  So, all of a sudden, big institutions all across Europe are demanding physical gold as an investment.”

Hemke also warns about dwindling supplies of physical gold and silver and predicts, “Eventually, there will be a crisis, a delivery failure that will rupture the confidence that gold is there, that you can get it whenever you want. Everybody will come at once, and the system will just go poof.  COMEX trading will probably just halt.  They will cash settle out the contracts, and they will say so much for that. . . . Once this system is finally broken, the price isn’t going to be $1,300 an ounce.”

On the U.S. dollar, Hemke warns, “I think, in the grand scheme of things, we are all in trouble because the time of the U.S. dollar being the supreme currency is all going by the wayside. We are entering into a new global financial paradigm in the 21st century. . . . Negative interest rates are here to stay, and the whole western world is getting sucked into that creation by central banks.  I am not optimistic that years of bliss and euphoria are coming our way.  Maybe the dollar, in the short term, could continue to rise, and many say that means gold is going down.  I don’t think that is true anymore.  The key thing going forward is the banks trying to manage the gold price, and by managing price, they can manage sentiment.  By managing sentiment, they hope to control physical demand because physical demand is what will break the banks.  That’s how the whole circle fits together.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Craig Hemke, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Hemke also points out a key problem for the European banks is negative interest rates and says, “Because they cannot make money, they cannot borrow short and lend long.” Hemke goes on to add, “Negative interest rates is the most powerful force moving gold prices upward—ever.”

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Craig is really Great! Super interview (shared).
    Greg I am SURE your followers will want to see this video, “The Stock Market Is Topping: Debt Bubble Hyper-Critical.”
    Click here:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory for the comment, link and viral promotion!!

    • Aurele

      Great blow off Gregory. You yourself have to admit however, these markets highs are to everyone’s surprise. Market tops were to have happened back in March (or something). Yet, here we are. Is this the “zombie” everyone has been talking about? Lots of infectious symptoms, stronger than ever and no circulatory system (I mean very low VIX). I enjoy your work Gregory.

    • Kevin Price

      Cheap plug from a hack !

      • Charles H

        Cheap shot from a plug?

  2. MAL

    There are more shares traded on the major exchanges by computer algorithms than by people. What is the logic of these programs. Does the SEC or the NYSE know? Are these programs altruistic? When they are trading millions of shares in fractions of a second (and they are) can any human compete. Greg, you need to get one of these programs on that’s doing the trading or at least the programmers that wrote them and interview them. I understand that programs are now also trading in commodities, futures, options, etc. Any human trader can see that the fundamentals aren’t there. Does any computer care? Can any of your guests tell us what these programs are doing or what their motivation is? Is this any different than a casino manager intimately knowing the program (the random number generators) in a slat machine or a keno game?

    • Barn Cat

      A number of people say that the high frequency trading is done to keep the stock market high. One of the side effects of the high frequency trading is that you can’t know for sure if you really own the stock that you think you own. There could be multiple stock certificates out there for every share of stock.

  3. blobMan

    The S&P 500 will be trading at 2,220 at the end of this year…negative rates cause global flows to flee into US stocks and Treasuries. There is no other market like the US that can accept such liquidity. Gold has no such liquidity and never well.

    • Greg Hunter

      People like Geoff Gundlach say differently. You cannot have a healthy stock market with a sick and insolvent bond market. The bond and derivative market we have can easily take the whole system down hard.

      • allen ols

        greg, sig, pfi, art b, charles,

        What is up with the trump freak show, when they plagiarize parts of the other freak, mike Obamas speech. Is the trump campaign people stupid! Are they going to lie just like Hittlerary lied so many times, and say THEY DID NOT TAKE PARTS OF MIKEY OBAMAS speech and incorporate it into melina trumps campaign speech??????????

        • allen ols

          MORE POLITICAL FREAKS, JUST LIKE the bushes, clitons, and obbummers. And people wonder why I don’t VOTE!! DUHHHHH

          • Greg Hunter

            Allen, Trump will be far better than Hillary. Vote.

            • allen ols

              I didn’t need msm to tell me melina trump plagerized mike obamas speech, I could figure it out for my self. Please don’t use the msm thing on me, I am way past it.

              • Greg Hunter

                It’s an unimportant issue is all I am, saying.

              • Hilde

                Allen ols,
                There is a hatred out there with Melania Trump that I strongly disagree with. Saying out loud that I don’t think Melania’s speach was a plagiarism of Michelle’s speach (yes, I listened to both) has now become so politically incorrect that I am almost afraid to say it out loud.
                When I read the youtube comments on Melania’s speach, I was flabbergasted by all the negative comments.
                Melania and Trump were engaged in 2004, married in 2005, they have a son together, she is a successful businesswoman on her own, but she is still called a whore, mailorder-bride and goldigger on youtube and elsewhere. She may not be as eloquent and silver tongued as Michelle, and yes, she has an accent, but I honestly thought she did a good job delivering that speech. In any case we all know by now that the contents of the speach of the wife of Mr Dronekiller, inciting war with who- knows- who and health-care fraud – Obama was nonsense.

                • allen ols

                  u sound like the cliton followers, not wanting to face the truth that Hillary is a liar, as is ted and misus cfr and the trump campaign managers who lifted parts of mike o’s speech and stuck it right in melinas with a slight twist.

        • Greg Hunter

          Turn off the MSM Allen. This is really trivial in the grand scheme of things. The Dems and the MSM ought to be a little more concerned with the liar, criminal, traitor they want to be in the Whit House.

          • allen ols

            I don’t have cable, I have only internet of which I see speaker ging. and others interviewed in the cleavand campaign. But this is not small, remember, ALL politicians are liars, including trump, he lied about ted Cruz s dad and Castro, and way much more, as I can go on and on.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are a good man Allen.

            • Shadow of Doubt

              Good luck waiting for the perfect candidate. The “establishment politicians” were everything “we” thought they would be–utterly classless and feckless to their public pledge.

              • allen ols

                exactly, I havnt waited in a voting line since Ronald Reagan. tks

        • Charles H

          al o,

          Yesterday I finalized a form to colate a cement column for a fence-post. Mixing cement by hand and pouring on a ladder – leaves me SO tired (at 62) – I’m jut putteriing around today.

          I don’t watch news anymore, barely scanning about five good sites daily. There’s just too much NOISE and distraction. I think stupidity is about all you will fund from here on out. Too much wear and tear keeping-up with the drama. Preparations are now more important…

          • Old Dog

            I have to second, Charles.
            Only falseness and stupidity from now on out.
            Spiritual preparations very important right now as well.

          • allen ols

            I turned 65 yesterday jul 20 and a muscle relaxer a day keeps the pain away. 🙂

        • The Seer

          If you play the alleged speech sections side by side, the message in general is the same but the semantics used and additional interwoven sentences by Mrs. Trump make the overall speech she delivered not a duplicate in any way.

          THINK! Check out the real facts first.

          • allen ols

            u have to be brain dead/streech truth to avoid seering the 3 parts lifted from mike obamas speech onto melina trumps speech

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, most don’t understand that the bond market is many times larger than all stock markets and that the derivatives market is nearly infinitely larger still. The trend in bond markets now is NIRP–negative interest rates. All currently-issued government debt in Switzerland, Germany and Japan is now NEGATIVE, with a cumulative “value” of $12 trillion and growing. This is living, breathing insanity. It can, will, and must end badly with the destruction of economies worldwide. Many thanks for all you do. Best always. PM

    • frederick

      Blob you obviously don’t understand Gold and its use as insurance against systematic collapse Read alittle of Minskys work before you post ridiculous comments that show your ignorance so well

    • Al

      blobMan, liquidity is what the Bankers push for, everything fast and ready to trade… Gold is monetary discipline, something these children on CNBS don’t mention. For your own sake, wake up Man… of blob

    • Barn Cat

      Gold has a lot of liquidity. Much more so that real estate. I own gold coins. I could sell my gold to a major gold dealer and have my money within a week. I could sell some on Craigslist and have my money today. Peter Schiff runs a bank where you can deposit your gold and withdraw your cash through an ATM although that service is not available to US citizens.

    • Peter

      I suggest you have a listen to an analyst by the name of Michael Oliver, the S&P will not be 2220 by year end for sure. Blow off in bonds and then a sudden surge to 4% on the 30 year and soon. What do you think that will do to the S&P then.

  4. Faith

    This guy was right on! I couldn’t agree more about negative interest rates. I don’t understand them. It isn’t logical for people to pay a bank to keep their money. In my opinion this is just one more part of the confidence scam by banks and countries that think they can sell negative-interest rate bonds! I will never buy a negative bond! Ever! Throw in that central banks can basically print money for nothing? This is insanity doubled! The X22 Report had a great interview, today, as well. The guy interviewed on the X22 Report basically said the same thing as your guest, that there is a system that perpetuates the con.

    The problem with confidence games is once people realize they are being conned they don’t want to play the game. I realized the system was rigged back in 2010. That was a very expensive and painful lesson. Thanks to the Internet more and more people are waking up and realizing that the system is not helping them and, in too many instances, is actually harmful.

    I still think that silver, at $20 an ounce, is the bargain of the century.

    • Paul ...

      Faith … Craig says “paying no dividend at all beats the pants off a negative one or two percent, right? … wrong … it beats the pants off a positive 14% bond interest rate when the dollar is depreciating by 20%! … and as soon as the dollar loses reserve status we can see a 50% depreciation in the dollar (at that point gold will be a buy even if bonds are paying a 48% interest rate) … everyone believes if interest rates go up gold is going to go down (this is only true if the dollar maintains a constant value) … we know the dollar does not remain constant … it has fallen from 100 cents to one cent currently … and with the world printing fiat like there is no tomorrow the dollar is headed for a fraction of a cent … people who believe the value of the dollar is “constant” live in a dream world … God gave us brains … think about what rising interest rates means … “inflation” … and inflation means the value of the dollar is falling? … so Faith don’t be fooled into selling your gold to the “scam artists” who tell you to sell when you see interest rates rise !! … gold will rise “even more strongly” as rates rise because it means inflation is “weakening the value of the dollar”! … look back into history and see how the price of gold rose as interest rates skyrocketed … only when Paul Volker began to do things to fight inflation and strengthen the dollar did gold fall! … world central banks today are doing everything they can to “weaken their currencies” and create inflation!

      • Faith

        Paul, your comments are incoherent and your writing style may make sense to you but it does not make sense to anyone else.

        It is difficult to respond to someone that is just posting random thoughts linked by . . .

  5. HankH

    Great interview Greg, love listening to the Turd!

    Of note Harvey Organ reported earlier Tuesday evening that the ComEx had received 10,340,000 notices of Silver filed for delivery so far this month(July)…..that’s quite a lot and with 8 more delivery days remaining this month. The question is, can they make it through the remainder of this month w/o running out?

  6. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    This story is good, but I’ve hearing this story for months! So what is new ” Gregory” ?

    I would like to hear: BREAKING NEWS………


    Peter (from Europe)

    • Greg Hunter

      News flash: Something Biblical in nature is unfolding. that has never happened in recorded history. Enjoy the ride–while it lasts.

    • frederick

      Impatience will be your undoing Peter Don’t be lured into the matrix so easily

    • Doug

      Your from Europe Peter and are asking ‘what is new’? It’s happening right in front of your eyes in real time. Are you not able to see the forest because the trees are in the way?

    • Tracy Welborn

      In April it was reported that there was 8 trillion in negative interest rate sovereign bonds. Now its up to 13 trillion – NEGATIVE. Peter, in what world do you live in that this is not new?

  7. Rick Geisler

    I enjoyed this interview more than others you have had. Wow. Mr. Hemke has a level head and a solid answer to any question ask him. I also know the history of Turkey so when he expounded on the issue of current Turkish politics I knew exactly what he was saying. God bless this man and bring him back.

  8. David Morris

    Great interview, the silver price being ‘discovered’ by copper, imagine no or hard to get gold, the silver price will be ‘discovered’ by gold!!!!

  9. Oracle 911

    That so called pro democratic coup which failed was directed by the neocons (same group as Hillary). And Erdogan’s son was the fence from which the US oil firms resold the stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil…
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  10. FC

    There’s nothing quite like an extremely hard mattress made of precious metal for a good night sleep.

    • frederick

      Amen to that FC Im working on filling mine at the moment

  11. Oxfarmer

    I caught that phrase about the banks managing price in order to manage SENTIMENT…unless there is another meaning to this word it puts the market on a whole other footing. They want people to buy or sell according to how they FEEL about it, not how they reason about it, or the intrinsic value of it. It’s not math, it’s a PR campaign.

    There is already too much of this kind of thinking in other spheres of life, but to have the economy on that footing too? When the smoke and mirrors no longer stretch far enough, few will understand what went wrong.

  12. JC Davis

    Greg. Enjoyed the interview,( but ) seems he made a better case to invest in paper then metals.
    A EMP blast would be more likely to take down the dollar.

  13. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    I bet your enjoying life more now, albeit in these testing times, more than you did whilst at CNN.

    Bless you mate!

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t have to lie or act surprised or call illegal aliens “undocumented workers.” What’s not to like. Thank you for your comment and support.

      • Anthony Australia

        Oh what a feeling it is to live daily life with honesty, integrity and love.
        Why so many people live in darkness of ignorance, no matter their situation, is beyond me.

  14. The Mohawk

    Negative interest rates will be challenged in the courts and they will lose. Their proposed action is known as Banditry and they are setting themselves up for not only being dismissed as controllers of currency levels and the setting of interest rates but also seizure of their assets. (I am referring to the primary stock holders of these owner banks–personal assets)This is classic RICO territory and they will also be challenged for perjury for lying about unemployment and inflation. The BLS numbers are untrue as are inflation %’s over the last 20 years or longer. Bernanke/Greenspan/Yellen swore they would never monetize the debt which he did in fact do. Perjury is a serious charge and they will lose on that basis alone. All very easily proven by analysis of data and previous statements made before Congress and in public. Negative i rates on bonds is one thing as it will be priced into the bond itself and they are free to do that (unless it applies to consumer held assets such as pensions) but on consumer/business bank accounts completely illegal. They may try but will be challenged. Their legitimacy is now non existent as fiduciary duties have been shown to be much more than just incompetent but has entered into organized criminal activity. This is where we are today. They may in fact try to make themselves illegitimate in order to move to a one world currency which has been their long term spoken goal. They actually may want to be dismissed for that very reason. Long term academics who have no concept of the business cycle and no experience in such must be dismissed from this duty once and for all. Prosecution for their long standing criminal behavior must proceed immediately. TARP/QE being just one example of many.

    The Mohawk

  15. The Mohawk

    One last comment on the subject. Mr. Bernanke has stated openly as has Greenspan and Yellen that they are actively trying to cause inflation on the false belief that inflation is a indicator of GDP growth and productivity.. It is not and never has been. It is merely theft from the victims of their perverse belief in central planning and is indeed open theft. This in combination of lying about inflation levels and unemployment figures is grounds for their prosecution, asset seizure and imprisonment. RICO should be forthcoming if justice is to be done. Enough is enough. The money changers must be charged. This must all end.

    The Mohawk

  16. Mike

    Hey, don’the knock baling wire! It’s holding the muffler and tail pipe on my car. 🙁

  17. Mike

    Hey, don’t knock baling wire! It’s holding the muffler and tail pipe on my car. 🙁

    • allen ols

      mike lol, I wired mannnnny things with baling wire, and I just wired my sons fuel line as it wouldn’t clip, until he can get it to packards bp in donalson. praise God

  18. Pinocchio

    Oklahoma Nuclear Bombing + WTC Nuclear Bombing + NIRP + Gun Control = USA 666.

    Let us stop this once and for all. Let us secede.

    Secede !!!!

  19. Al

    Craig is 1000% right in thinking and that ain’t no “turd”. Basically he’s saying what to watch out for and Gold/Silver moves don’t have to make make sense. For years like Craig I have been waiting and waiting and I’d rather be years early than one minute late.

    • frederick

      Speaking of turds circling the drain Does anyone else think Lyin Ted would be a perfect running mate for the Hildebeast?

  20. Robert Lykens

    Take a minute to think about what liberalism/leftism/Socialism has done to us and to the world.

    Leftists drag into court and punish anyone who prays in a public place. But only if they pray as Christians. Of course muslims and Satanists are the darlings of the left and can pray whenever and wherever they like.

    Leftists can now have a person incarcerated if they don’t use the correct pronoun in referring to a person’s “gender”. But they turn a blind eye to the horrific, violent subjugation of women by muslims.

    Leftists, in the name of “political correctness”, have thrown open the borders of our country to gang members, islamic terrorists, infectious diseases and whatever else is lurking out there. But if you point this fact out you’re a “hater”.

    Leftists – specifically Hussein Obama – are allowing the greatest terrorist nation on earth – Iran – an open path to atomic weapons. They call this “peace”.

    It’s obvious that a world war is looming against the islamic nations. In spite of this, leftists have weakened America’s military to the point that it is questionable whether we can fight that war or not.

    Vote Hillary 2016! Because she’ll continue Hussein Obama’s policies!

    • Paul ...

      A little known fact is … the neocons opened up the sale of “nuclear detonators” to every government in the world … their aim was to create a world were “every nation” has nuclear weapons … this way “constant war” is made possible into the foreseeable future … worrying about Iran who’s religious leaders detest nuclear weapons is a waste of time and energy … the neocons let the nuclear cat out of the bag years ago … even if Israel drops 100 of its nuclear weapons on Iran it doesn’t mean anything … every nation now has the capability to build a nuclear weapon if they so desire … the neocons love it … because it means they can attack every nation on earth because they “have the capability” to build a bomb!! … never ending war is Lucifer’s game and the neocons are Lucifer’s helpers!

  21. Dan S.

    Ckeck out this report

  22. Aurele

    Great interview Greg but I just don’t know what to make of it all anymore. I mean: the DJ is beating more/new records every day; Gold (and Silver) is crashing again (this AM); the U.S.$ back on the rise…. Craig is right though, our faith does seem to be in the hands of the high speed trading computers and those that control them (Record highs with a low VIX…? Go figure).

    • Charles H

      ‘They are guarding all the doors, holding all the keys’ – and there isn’t any length to which they won’t work to keep power. We are captive within a corrupt system: one which will, at some point, break.

  23. Mark


    Craig may be the best at describing complex issues in layman terms. I’ve heard his thoughts on the stock indices and how it’s affected by the dollar/yen trade with HFT’s, but his insight on the silver spike due to the copper’s rise is one I haven’t heard before. That could be due to silver’s production is mostly a bi-product of base metal mining.

    However, Steve St. Angelo (SRSrocco Report) writes constantly about how investor demand will finally break the system and he and Craig see failure to deliver as the final straw. Craig’s site is great and his interviews and very informative – as was this interview.

    I’ve asked before and will ask again that you invite Steve St. Angelo to discuss the PM markets and his unique take on how energy will take down the paper system (EROI – energy return on invested). Here’s his latest interview for those who don’t visit his site.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree. Never, never, never give up!!! This is disinformation at it’s best.

      • JC Davis

        Yeah but Greg what have we left but to sit on our ass ,and hope they notice. I mean if we all quit working for them will they bargain or destroy the slaves that we are ?

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        Greg, I’ve read his stuff. Sad but he is pretty spot on. Today after work I got in the car and was listening to local sports talk radio.
        Ill-advisedly they had ventured into politics. I heard a caller besmirching Donald Trump as PT Barnum while defending Hillary Clinton saying that they had been throwing it all at her investigating her for so long and all they could find was that her husband cheated on her. Ignoramuses if this sort are running rampant. I suppose morons like this have not taken the time to actually read or listen to the statement from Comey, the money launderer basically laying out all the crimes she actually committed…..There are masses out there who have no idea and are completely ignorant.

        The turd is a good listen especially when talking to Dr. Jim. But for the most part…………yawn……Gold smashed another $15 bucks today and another $8 already tonight. It’ll be back under $1200 soon enough. It is all managed. How is it possible that there is any confidence? That is the real question……..

      • helot

        Why do you say John Whitehead’s article is disinformation? I didn’t get that from the article, especially in light of his previous works. I thought it was a good parallel outlook to that of Brandon Smith’s counter view of the subject.

        • Greg Hunter

          We should just all give up???? Disinformation and I disagree.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Dying on the battlefields of “Freedom” has never been the choice of lawyers!

  24. Bill

    GREG; I read/listen to your guests and they have all begun to say about the same thing. BUT, I listen to the stock analysts on radio and tv who rave about the stock market, do they believe what they are putting out, or is it a big con job

  25. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Great interview. Don’t worry about the B61 nuclear bombs stored in Turkey. They have no cores. You can beat on the things all day long and all you will get are sores arms and ears. The handling of warheads changed during the Clinton years because f the fall of the USSR during the Reagan years. They are NATO showpieces and without the cores it would be easier to build one from scratch than to try to use them as they are.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the info CC.

    • Newbloomfield

      I disagree with Country Codger, as there is no evidence that the B61s in Turkey (or at any of the other NATO member states) are not in working condition. The US isn’t putting fake Ballistic Missile Defense facilities up on the Russian border along with US troops . . . the B61s are there as part of a military mission, they are not “for show”. This isn’t the 1990s with Boris Yeltsin doing whatever the US said . . . the neocons have us back into a Cold War with proxy wars being fought in Syria and Ukraine and I seriously doubt that they would be leaving “fake” nuclear weapons on NATO bases.
      Here is a link that provides a good overview of the B61:

      With a few hours and the right tools and training, you could open one of NATO’s nuclear-weapons storage vaults, remove a weapon, and bypass the PAL inside it. Within seconds, you could place an explosive device on top of a storage vault, destroy the weapon, and release a lethal radioactive cloud. NATO’s hydrogen bombs are still guarded by the troops of their host countries. In 2010, peace activists climbed over a fence at the Kleine Brogel Airbase, in Belgium, cut through a second fence, entered a hardened shelter containing nuclear-weapon vaults, placed anti-nuclear stickers on the walls, wandered the base for an hour, and posted a video of the intrusion on YouTube. The video showed that the Belgian soldier who finally confronted them was carrying an unloaded rifle.

      Security concerns at Incirlik Airbase recently prompted a major upgrade of the perimeter fence that surrounds its nuclear-weapons storage area. Incirlik is about seventy miles from the Syrian border, and since last October American aircraft and drones based there have been attacking ISIS forces. Its proximity to rebel-controlled areas in Syria and the rash of terrorist acts in Turkey led the Pentagon, a few months ago, to issue an “ordered departure” of all the family members of American troops at Incirlik.

      • Greg Hunter

        This was great information and I am now more worried than ever. Thank you for posting this info and your comment. You must have some sort of experience in this field?

        • Newbloomfield

          Hello Greg,

          Yes, I have written articles for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists about the consequences of nuclear war.
          One good article on the weapons in Turkey was just published by the New Yorker Magazine (“The H-bombs in Turkey”), see
          What I find very frightening is what the US and NATO are doing in Eastern Europe — placing troops on the Russian border (this didn’t even happen during the Cold War) along with installing Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) facilities there, too. The BMD Aegis Ashore facility just opened in Romania uses a Mark 41 launch system that can launch not only the interceptor missiles, but also cruise missiles, which can hit Moscow in a matter of minutes. Imagine if the Russians put one of those on our border, what would we do?
          You should watch the video of Putin discussing this, see He points out that the US has always said the BMD facilities were to intercept Iranian missiles; he calls the US a liar. In his complete speech (not shown in the video but posted at
 ) he states, “even if we put aside the interceptor missiles that will be developed in the future, increasingly threatening Russia, but the launch tubes where these missiles are stored, as I said, are the same that are used on navy ships to carry Tomahawk missiles. You can replace interceptor missiles with Tomahawks in a matter of hours and these tubes will no longer be used to intercept missiles. How do we know what is inside them? All they need is to change the software. This can be done seamlessly; even the Romanians would not know what is going on, since they cannot access these facilities, right? No one will know, neither the Romanians, nor the Poles. I know how this is done. In my opinion, this is a major threat. . . I do not know where this will take us. However, Russia will definitely have to retaliate.”

          The neocons running the Federal government are blinded by their arrogance and hubris. They have already pushed Russia into a corner; Russia is not going to surrender and we are confronting them on their borders with troops and nuclear weapons. One of these days there is going to be hell to pay, but unfortunately the price will be paid by the entire human race.

          • Greg Hunter

            Wow!! Thought so. THANK You for commenting here and I hope you comment more often!!!

          • Paul ...

            The neocons need a nuclear war in the worst way to cover up their financial crimes and destroy the legal infrastructure of all the nations that can bring them to trial for crimes against humanity and out right treason! … Russia won’t give them what they want even with all their provocation … likely waiting for Trump to be elected to change things … if Hillary gets in (everyone say your prayers) … its over … Armageddon will reign down on every American city!

      • Faith

        Newbloomfield: I can attest to guards carrying weapons with no ammunition. The only people with ammuniton on most US bases are the MPs. At a remote site, the armourer has access to guns and ammuniton but I am guessing only the company commander and executive commander have guns with live ammo. I know it always shocks people to hear that the military gives soldiers weapons but no ammo. It is true. Everytime I pulled guard duty the only real weapon I had was a telephone. I wasn’t on the front lines, obviously.

        I don’t know about anyone else but I was very surprised to learn that Ircirlik has between 50 to 80 nukes. That news was a jaw dropper. Stunning news. Then to hear that the power has been cut off to the US side of the base? I served in the former West Germany on a base guarded by West German soldiers. The West Germans manned the gates and had barracks and facilities on the other side of the fence. It wasn’t a super strong fence, either. But I can’t imagine the West Germans ever flipping out and thinking that they could take over our area, that would have been insane. I don’t think they would have even tried!

        I was also stationed at a remote tactical nuclear site in West Germany. It wasn’t common knowledge that the site had tactical nukes. Why? Because if those nukes had been launched everyone at that site would have been collateral damage. We were expendable. Anyhow, at our location we had a number of portable generators for use in the field. Pretty basic generators, on wheels. Enough to power the lights and the kitchen and a water pump. But we had back up power, too. I am guessing out of all the people that served at that location not many had a clue what was going on. I grew up in the country so used to walk the perimeter fence. There was a nice trail (used by the perimeter guards). There were two diesel train engines outside of the perimeter fence. Was this site located on a rail track? No. It was not. Those two train engines were the back up power necessary to launch tactical nukes.

        Anyhow, I trust that the commanders at Incirlik have made similar preparations and are ready for anything that happens.

      • Country Codger

        Dear NewBloomfield,
        I did not say that were not in working condition. What I said was that due to the change in procedures after the fall of the USSR weapons in “storage configuration” are stored separate from their cores. Has this procedure changed since Obama has been in office? I don’t know. But we no longer maintain “wing-tip” ready nukes outside the continental US unless we violate treaties. And, before you write back and inform me about cruise missiles or ICBM’s, US aircraft, ships and boats (Submarines) are considered US soil. It is when they land or dock you have treaty issues.

        Can these bombs be re-armed? Yes! To the best of my knowledge we have never scared anyone to death with phony bombs. I have lived and worked on shared sovereignty bases and the procedures greatly differ from that of US soil. Even in northern Europe, especially UK and DE, even the weapons not directly under the control of UK or DE forces are in storage configuration. How long would it take to re-arm? It depends on the stage of readiness and if the release of weapons has been given by the president or not. Unless procedures have changed in the last 8+ years, release of weapons cannot be done unilaterally by POTUS in UK or DE.

        So, please read the first comment carefully, I did not say they were inoperable or dummy warheads. By showpieces, I am referring to the US keeping its defense commitment to NATO.

        • Faith

          CC: Good thing that Trump finally called out NATO for the sham that it has become. I agree with Trump, NATO is no longer useful nor necessary in the current era.

          So when you say the US military is playing tiddlywinks with nuclear devices in order to appease NATO you just confirmed some of my worst fears. The president of Turkey is delusional and if he thinks he can make the US jump to his defense that is exactly what the US needs to avoid.

          Erdogan is an Islamic supremacist that thinks he is going to be the Dear Leader of the next Byzantium Empire as its Caliph. I don’t discuss this much here as this tends to be a financial forum but I have been watching Erdogan for several years.

          I appreciate how carefully you parsed your comments. What does it mean? Apparently that the US is willing to lie to achieve any goal, basically. Lies to citizens, lies to the military, and lies to the government’s around the world. There is no pride in lying. None. That is nothing more than fraud.

          • Country Codger

            Hello Faith,
            Yes, Erdogan is delusional, in my own opinion, but then so is our own dysfunctional commissar-in-chief.

            Ataturk established Turkey as a Secular state in which the military was a separate arm of the government. In the US it is ((illegal)) contrary to the US Constitution to have a standing army for more than 2 years. The Congress (both houses), Supreme Court and Executive office have equal weight. In Turkey the military is the equalizer in the equation. If, in the view of the military, Turkey goes to far right or too far left it has the “RESPONSIBILITY” to change the government back to the constitutional intent of Ataturk, which is secularism.

            Enter Erdogan who wants to be caliph of an Islamic power. His frequent, private, trips to Mecca prove this out.

            The King of the North is not Russia, it is Turkey. Please research where Gomer, Togormah and Magog settled and you will see that it is in Turkey. ((The Book of Jasher makes this much easier just in case you wanted to know.))

            Hope this helps.

    • Robert Lykens

      Thanks CC. Your posts are always interesting and informative.

    • allen ols

      THANKS CC, you have a lot of info, and experience!!!!!!!!!1

    • Charles H

      And IF they find a supply for fresh, alternative cores??? That’s some good, expensive technology just sitting around – far, far away.

      • Country Codger

        Hello CHarles,
        Contrary to some thought nuclear cores cannot be purchased at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Cores have to be built to a particular design. I do not know whether or not radioactive signatures are still employed but they used to be. If a nuclear warhead went off anywhere in the world we knew exactly where the material was taken from. It is like a nuclear fingerprint.

        Cores are just the first problem. There are triple safeguards on nuclear weapons storage. Some of this is to prevent old farts who have knowledge of such things from trying to hijack a nuke. A series of codes are employed in order to program, activate and arm nuclear warheads. My old agency, NSA, was tasked with developing and changing all nuclear detonation codes. After the Clinton administration it became increasingly more difficult for a rogue admiral or general to detonate an American warhead. (( NOT impossible but much more difficult and time consuming, incorporating more checks and balances. Luckily, this also prevents the President from doing the same, which is “new”. By law, the POTUS owns all nuclear weapons but now the possession is shared, so to speak.))

        Is it possible to “duplicate” cores and substitute them for the real cores? Yes, if you know the origin of the original cores and also have the comparable triggers. Otherwise you have a really big dirty bomb, which is also bad bad not as bad a a potential year of several megatons.

        Are we out of the woods yet? No! Until the nukes are safely out of Turkey and tuck away somewhere safe, say… Amarillo, Texas ((decommissioning area)) or a re-staging area such as Minot or Offut we are not safe from a potential dirty bomb.

        What would I do if I were Erdogan and wanted a nuclear weapon? Buy a small 100 KT “suitcase” nuke from one of the former soviet republics now on the black market. Or, I would purchase one of the CLUB-K container nukes from Russia black market arms dealers for a few hundred million, made reselling ISIS black market oil and use that. It would be much faster and simpler.


        • Charles H


          Thanks for the feedback. Talk about an old fart – I studied electronics (Navy) when “tube technology” and slide-rules were still in fashion! I knew about the signatures and somewhat of the complexities.
          Every so often, I like to watch “lock-pickers”, or locksmiths who test their skills on locks on Youtube. Braking-down by functional architecture and substitution would be an approach to reconfiguration; unless design is so exact-specific… I suppose just ‘going whole’ makes the most sense.

          I figured Erdogon would take Turkey toward Islam. Judges and teachers not being necessary to rule, but indoctrinate. What a barrel of pickles.

          As to who “the King of the North” is – you may have a point. ThoughI do not take Jasher as authoritative. Thanks for you good reply.

    • DBCooper

      CC, Can you send this info to Rick Wiles @Trunews … he is pretty worked up about these nukes and this may help to chill his worries … DB

      • Country Codger

        Hello DB,
        I will try. Please read into NewBloomfield’s comment what was said; “With a few hours and the right tools and training, you could open one of NATO’s nuclear-weapons storage vaults, remove a weapon, and bypass the PAL inside it.” I agree. If you were an elite special forces unit that had the know how and even had confirmation codes to activate the triggers, you could do it in a “few hours”, if you had access to the necessary parts and equipment. But, by the same token if I knew the powerball numbers I would be a billionaire. Each warhead has redundant safeties. To override such safeties take a combination of things to happen that even NSA, who is responsible for generating the codes for nuclear warheads, could not hope to duplicate in such a situation.

        Is it possible to take out the fissile material and use it in a dirty bomb? Only if protocols have changed to allow the storage of fissile materials in the same bunker or near the weapon itself.

        I do not know about what this Neocon group or that neocon group has done. I do not know who has the authority, among Neocons, to change SOP’s and protocols so as to render our nuclear weapons vulnerable. But, in my limited 20+ year experience it hasn’t been done nor was it practical in times past with the best Soviet technicians and spies trying. ((Call me stupid.)) Granted, I retired in 2002 and served as a consultant to DOE until 2004 and then private firms after that. So, I admit, I have no peer review articles anywhere. I am not an authority with respect to the most modern procedures in handling nuclear warheads. SOP’s and protocols change from administration to administration. So, maybe it is now possible to use shovels, picks, mini excavators and/or Dollar General purchased thermite to excavate and burn through a blast door without any repercussions whatsoever. I don’t know. But I do know what it would take to reactivate a “safe” warhead and it cannot be done by using a little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring in a matter of a few hours, in which all guards are deaf and blind and cannot feel the vibrations of an excavator, plus knowing the triple-lock codes of a storage cabinet.

        Perhaps, in the years since my retirement you can just Google the codes and go to Amazon and have triggers mailed to you overnight, for free with Amazon PRIME. I don’t know. I hope not. But you nor I can indiscriminately develop a trigger and insert it into a pre-staged warhead and expect it to work. At most you will get a dirty bomb.

        If NewBloomfield is who he says she/he is, he or she knows that there are three levels of redundant backups in loading a warhead. You do not open a bottle, insert part A into hole B and then count 10 and go BOOM.

        Yes, I began my career in the very early 70’s and retired in the early 2000’s, with a wide range of experience. So, if it is possible, for the things spoken of by NewBloomfield to take place on a daily basis with no oversight, all I can say is bend over, grab your ankles and kiss your butt goodbye because me and people like me are the most dangerous people on the Earth, even with the missing body parts and cancers. I would think ISIS would pay me about $20,000,000 to go to work for them for at least a month. That way my wife can pay Obama’s free hospital care after I die.

        • Charles H


          I hope you read this. I went Aviation Electronics because I was scared of radioactive technology; didn’t think it was ‘developed’ enough; and claustrophobia deterred me from submarines. But I would have loved the ride being in that seat. I have a cousin-in-law in some area, overseeing the nuclear arsenal; probably refit/renew.
          I think you are one of the world’s most valuable people – in the sense of service and integrity. I wouldn’t blame you for hiring-out for a millisecond: but believe you, like myself, are from a better moral cloth – which just wouldn’t allow it. (That in itself is a head-scratcher.)

          Anyway – discounting the obvious barbs and discrediting – you are one of the finest commenters on this site: bar none. Don’t get yourself in trouble; and don’t let the naysayers get your goat. Thank you for your service to our country, Sir. From the Tommy Lee Jones’ movie “The Good Old Boys” – his character speaks in eulogy about a Mr. Rassmusson, saying… ‘you better take a good look at this old boy, because they ain’t a making them like this no more’. Be there for your family now. CH

          • Country Codger

            Thanks Charles,
            That means a lot to me. It really does. Sometimes I get tired of trying to get folks to see the truth. Sometimes.
            America is under judgment and the sin is quantifiable ((that means we know what the heck it is)) but is too stiff-necked to repent, so it will have to pay the price, but I still do not want to see my nation go through what is before it.
            Thanks again.

      • Country Codger

        Hello DB,
        Chances are you won’t see this but Rick had a guest that said the same thing I did about our nuclear weapons. Please see here:
        I know that I am ancient, but nukes are taken seriously by most of the military. Please don’t judge the military for what our government says and does.

  26. Curious George

    Election is in November and the establishment want Hillary. If it is a close election, they can rig the machines to get Hillary the presidency if necessary. The only way Trump can win is if the stock market crashes before November. And no China/Russia/Boogieman will not out of the blue pull the plug on the dollar system.

    With that said, I see Venezuela now as a window into our future. It was only a few years ago, that the country was the beacon of South America. Corruption, waste, and debt turned everything quite nasty in a relatively short period of time. Humanity is a complex beast that only God truly understands. So anyone claiming that by so and so date, so and so will hit the fan is a charlatan. Be prepared and be vigilante.

    • Robert Lykens

      Hi George, regarding Venezuela, be sure to lay the blame where it belongs. Yes, corruption, waste and debt were to blame, but those things came by way of leftism/socialism. That’s what’s in store for America if Hussein Obama the muslim and Hillary the criminal get their way.

      • Curious George

        Leftism, socialism, globalism, mercantilism, communism, capitalism, marxism, fascism… What is in a name? The idea is still the same. Institutionalized looting by a select few through thinly disguised rhetoric.

    • WD


      Venezuela has been socialist for the last 40 years-always had supply problems. Never a beacon….

    • Charles H

      Yeah. Good post.

      • Curious George

        Actually, when oil was high they had one of the highest per capita in latin america. It has one of the largest oil deposits in the world. What they did with their oil wealth is why they are currently in this problem.

        • Charles H

          Chavez took the nation’s wealth and ‘re-distributed’ it to the poor who wasted it – just as America and the Democrats are doing now. No investment or building infrastructure happened when it counted. Then oil came back down to levels beyond the levels needed for political vote-buying (entitlement). Failing to plan for a rainy-day is always a lesson that bites the behind.

  27. jimha

    Go to There is no correlation between silver and copper as he says.

    • andyb

      The correlation is a little more esoteric than just looking at stock charts. Virtually 2/3 of all silver produced comes from copper, lead and zinc mining, and mostly from copper mining. The Chinese have enormous stockpiles of copper used primarily as collateral for loans; not for industrial production as one would naturally assume, because industrial production is deep in the tank. So there is a big overhang of copper on the world market leading to mothballing of copper mining projects, exploration, etc. If less copper is mined, less silver will be mined. That’s the correlation; it’s that simple.

      • jimha

        I know what you are saying but Craig said that if copper went back down to $2.10 then silver would go down to $18.00. That implies a direct chart correlation in my books.

  28. Jerry

    Meet the head CEO of the World Bank and the NWO.

    “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

    My friends this is not just about banks and prepping. This is for all the marbles. Are you spiritually ready? The globalist know who they serve, and have a plan. Do you?
    If not now is not the time to delay. Ask yourself “if I were to die today would I be ready”? I am not trying to preach, I’m just warning you, about what we are all up against. Ben Carson knows. Do you?

    • Robert Lykens

      Jerry, knowing Christ is the ultimate prep. I love seeing those words under your name. Keep up the good work. You’re well-loved here.

      • Jerry

        Thank you Robert for your kind words.
        I serve only one master. His name is Jesus Christ.

    • WD


      Was this a verbatim quote from Alinsky?

      • Faith

        Yes. Alinksy dedicated that book to Lucifer.

        As Maya Anglou said, “when someone tells you who they are, believe them.”

      • Jerry

        Yes. I’ve read parts of the book. Its in the forward section.

    • Charles H

      “All the marbles”… is exactly right.

  29. foggygoggles

    Craig is always such a breath of fresh air–he always knows what he doesn’t know. One would think that those who have continually predicted imminent collapse would catch a clue, but they seem incapable of grasping the bigger picture. That said, the US has squandered its exorbitant privilege, and big changes are on the horizon. All we can do, is to continue preparing and stacking. BTW, Sibel Edmonds is also a good source for knowing what’s really going on, on the ground in Turkey. She gave a good interview with James Corbett the other day.

  30. Doug

    I wish Germany and all those other countries that the U.S hold gold for, would grow some “BALLS” demand and get their gold back. Again, we seen how little Germanys “BALLS” when they asked for it the last time. The next time, can you Ask Craig Hemke if people that have shares in GLD can ask for their gold. I know I have one bar with them, if they can not deliever , then I now Hemke right and it’s a paper scheme and would been better off buying gold coins. I was just thinking, that, if all the share holding of GLD would ask for their gold, what would that do ?

    • Tracy Welborn

      If you read the prospectus, GLD shareholders have NO claim whatsoever to the physical gold.

    • frederick

      You have to ask yourself why they don’t “demand their gold” the heck with this politically correct asking for it nonsense That’s what I would recommend to them Threaten to defect to the East if they don’t get their rightful property back NOW but that would be the case in a sane world Silly me

    • jimha

      GLD has long been known to be fraudulent. Don’t expect to ever get any gold out of them.

  31. Tracy Welborn

    I really like Craig. He speaks straightforward and to the point. Prior to this video, I’ve been scratching my head this week wondering what the heck is going on. Thank you Craig for reminding us all that it is ALL rigged and manipulated and that it will continue to be rigged and manipulated until they can no longer do it. How do you make predictions in a scheme like that? You can’t. There are litterally NO markets whatsoever. This is what Greg Manarino has been saying all along – there is no real price discovery.
    Hey, it can’t last forever. You can’t “rig” unemployment. People have a job or they don’t. You can’t “rig” bonds either.

  32. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Bush & Obama’s religion of peace is at it again, this time with an ax on a German train. Can you say, Got Sharia Law? If not, don’t worry, its on the way to a neighborhood near you! Obama will be proud indeed.

  33. Karl

    Great Interview.
    I have followed Turd Ferguson in for year’s .
    However as he says what us to stop the computers Kelling this charade up forever?
    I mean this market is like Michael Myers.
    Every time you’s going down it goes to new highs. It’s absolutely Insane but here we are. Seriously will anything kill it?
    I’m beginning to think not at this point….

  34. James Hastings

    Good interview.

    The water continues to creep up deck……the band plays on…..

    • allen ols

      shuffle board anyone ????????

  35. Bill

    GREG; Wish all your guests were as honest and sincere as Craig. He speaks from wisdom and understanding. Thank you greg for exposing me to people like him..

  36. Irice Hogan

    Swear to fight to the death against our oppressors!

    • Paul ...

      Robin Hood will fix this Obama-Nation … while Hillary is intent on burning the entire Sherwood Forest down!

  37. Tracy Welborn

    Ted Cruz is a self-seeking jerk. None of my friends here in Dallas have ever supported him. He’s popular with the Bush people here – mostly Highland Park, Park Cities country club types. I hope someone can knock him out of that Senate seat. John Cornyn too. Let me tell you, these people are big business, big bank, Chanber of Commerce guys.

  38. David H

    I love your attitude. “I disagree. Never, never, never give up!!! ” You have single handedly caused me not to give up. In America that is. I pastor a small church and titled my last sermon “Is America worth saving. That topic and title were inspired by your quote in the comments a few interviews back saying “America is worth saving”. I told my congregation, we should never give up on American and quoted and credited you with inspiring the sermon. PS- One question. Do you think the disinformation given out by Whitehead was deliberate disinformation or is he simply mistaken in his attitude. Blessings, David H

  39. Oxfarmer

    I was really surprised that anyone on this blog was taken in by the Melania speech bruhaha.

    Both ladies used common cliches you hear all the time. In Mmichelle’s case, it was BS. But she doesn’t own those phrases.

    It took me less than 11 seconds on the web to find out that the phrase, ‘a man’s word is his bond’, has been attributed to several people over the last 100 years, and in fact has its roots in English Common Law.

    Really, people wake up! Is this the best the MSM can do, and take it to saturation on every show, etc? This is because they can’t find any better dirt to sling. Trump shouldn’t apologise he should laugh.

  40. Spudskie

    All these years people keep saying the US economy or dollar will inevitably collapse. If not this year then SURELY the next. Where is it? I don’t see it. How much longer will people keep crying wolf?

  41. Charles Turner

    Greg, if there is no physical limit on central banks buying the market, why would they give it up and let a crash happen unless they had a moral conscience that that they were doing was wrong?

    Why would they not just keep it going indefinitely? Most stock exchanges have circuit breakers when there is a selling panic. This gives the Central banks plenty of time to go back into the market and buy. They don’t even have to print fiat money; it is just a digital transaction. They have all the lessons from the 2008 crash.

    Why would any independent Central bank around the world stop this scheme when every other central bank is doing the same? It would be suicidal for the country concerned.

    All they need to do to keep this show on the road is bought for/ establishment politicians and the media. With this in place the asset holders are happy and get richer and the smaller folk gradually see erosion in a standard of living.
    This may explain in part why the press are so determined to destroy any non-establishment politicians,because it represents a risk to the status quo. You have had it with Trump. In the UK we have had it with a socialist opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. (Your Bernie Sanders equivalent). The press know no bounds in creating dirt and have even managed to sway his own MPS who now think he is unelectable even though he had a record mandate from his own party less than a year ago. His own party have created a leadership election and across the media everyone is telling him to go on the basis they need a strong opposition in parliament. I am in no way endorsing the socialist opposition leader in the UK but the a study by the London School of Economics is very enlightening as to the power of the media when they decide to take down a politician and the impact it has on genuine democracy. It is well worth a read.
    One of the biggest changes in our media reporting in the UK is to use of half quotes to dramatically change context and then to repeat and repeat and analyze the half quotes and link them to other half quotes… I don’t know whether this is the same in the USA or whether this started to creep in when you were at CNN. But it is so powerful in swaying public opinion.. For instance one of the biggest outcries against Jeremy Corbyn was that he was quoted in Parliament and the media many, many times as saying, ‘It was a tragedy that Osama Bin Laden died.’ This is a despicable and shocking statement if it were true. He was even called in parliament a terrorist sympathizer by our Prime Minister who repeated the half quote and this went on for months.
    What he actually said was the following:
    “There was no attempt whatsoever that I can see to arrest him, (Osama Bin Laden) to put him on trial, to go through that process. This was an assassination attempt, and is yet another tragedy, upon a tragedy, upon a tragedy. The World Trade Centre was a tragedy, the attack on Afghanistan was a tragedy, and the war in Iraq was a tragedy. Tens of thousands of people have died. Torture has come back on to the world stage, been canonised virtually into law by Guantanamo and Bagram.”

    Now I don’t necessarily think what he said was the best of statements and many of us, me included think that it was better Osama was killed on the spot as putting him on death row for a number of years could have escalated all sorts of problems. But some of the families of 9/11 expressed a similar view that Osama Bin Laden should have been put on trial. Alternative views in Politics are what democracy is about.Left wing and right wing politicians should be allowed to air their views.
    Why is this relevant? I suspect if Jeremy Corbyn ever came to power he would expose the central banks scam, which is why the elites including the banks and media won’t allow him do so.

    Is it all going to crash? The elites still have a number of tools up their sleeves: Digital currency and banning of cash, internal civil rest, real or false flag terrorist attacks, the introduction of more powers and states of emergency and the final tool of war. The Western media has set the scene for potential wars with Russia and China and if we were too quickly move to a war footing the general public would believe it. I would suggest that the elites still have quite a bulging tool box. These are some of the brightest people on earth and they surely have a strategy for every fat, black swan out there.

    One alternative is that a crash won’t happen as we have all been expecting. Instead what we will see is a greater and greater decline in our civil liberties, wealth, moral compass and independent thought and this could go on for years and years.

    So what other indicators are there that this will come to a head? I think the day that Zero Hedge is off air longer than 24 hours, is the day that we all have to start worrying.

    • Charles H

      C T,

      So we just manage a steady decline until a “Soylent Green” reality is accomplished?!?? I hope not.

  42. Robert Lykens

    Here’s what the murderous islamists think about you:

    “If you cannot (detonate) a bomb or (fire) a bullet, arrange to meet alone with a French or an American infidel and bash his skull in with a rock, slaughter him with a knife, run him over with your car, throw him off a cliff, strangle him, or inject him with poison.
    “It is immaterial if the infidel is a combatant or a civilian… They are both enemies. The blood of both is permitted.”
    – Abu Mohammed Al-Adnani

    But American leftists say that YOU and your guns are the problem.
    Oh, and you’d better not say anything harsh about islam either, or you’re guilty of “hate speech”.

  43. Mark

    Just heard a good Q&A with Craig and Rob Kirby.

  44. Linda L.

    They say it one way and do another. You’ll appreciate this video:

  45. Larry Galearis

    One can always count on a good solid interview from Craig. On the metals and markets I am totally in agreement – and also for his more moderate views on what is ahead for the global economy. On the Turkish coup I am in disagreement, although I do agree that Erdogan is a rogue. What he has done is going to force him back to a relationship with Russia and as a NATO country, this does have positive consequences. It is clear that present events in Turkey and the Baltic States rhetoric and fear mongering are weakening NATO, the EU, and hopefully even the American war party goals. Putin knows that a failing EU may be the regrettable price for a failing NATO and an avoidance of war. In this there are no winners and losers but just a restructuring for the unforeseeable future and it will be enough that there will be a future. So a little different perspective here along with my sympathies for what the Turkish people will go through….


  46. Jordi C.

    I just saw the video. An historical detail about Turkey is that during the Otoman empire, people didn’t have family names, only first and middle names, but no family names.

    Before the foundation of Turkey, Ataturk’s name was Mustafa Kamal. When the new constitution was written, he changed his name to: Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. A turkish friend of mine at work told me.

  47. Larry White

    Jim Rickards says we should watch the G20 meeting in September for news that will lead to the end of the petrodollar:

    Also, Willem Middelkoop tells me to keep an eye on G20 as well.


    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff Larry! Thank you for posting links.

  48. ken

    Why do western countries allow the banks to run them to ruin? They aren’t gods. It seems a simple thing to wrest control from banks even if it means putting a gun to their head – literally. Nobody stole from Mao or Stalin without being put up against the wall.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point!

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