Flynn Framed, China Blamed, Economy Maimed

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 4.29.2020)

Newly released documents show the FBI framed General Michael Flynn in the first interview at the White House early on in the Trump Administration. Flynn did nothing wrong but was coerced to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit. Now, the tables are turned. Will jail time be given to the perpetrators of this crime?

President Trump blamed China for the Virus debacle that killed “hundreds of thousands around the world.” The President ripped the World Health Organization (WHO) for acting like a “PR agency for China.” President Trump is considering ways to punish China and make them pay for the damage.

Just because the stock market is vaulting higher does not mean the economy is good. It’s not good, and it could be maimed for a very long time. Everybody is excited with the prospect of reopening the economy, but big time damage has been done and will be with us for years to come.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Radio legend and filmmaker Steve Quayle will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He talks about everything from active volcanos sprouting up all over the world to China and its drive to take over America.

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  1. Paul in Oz

    Sorry, I may be jumping the gun …. but, just because Bo Polny’s timing was off does not mean this market is not going to crash, and much farther than most anyone can think … like Greg said the economy is not good … it is deeply maimed … and it is going to get ugly no matter what happens after the election this year … the big question is whether you think POTUS is at fault or those desperately wanting to remove him are behind this … America, I want to be able to come back, as great as OZ is and as many great people as I have met …I miss those closest to my heart whom I have prepared a place for should it become as bad as it looked with the last few admins! … GLTA

    • paul ...

      Lets connect some dots … when Trump was bashing China with tariffs … they likely held a top level meeting and were probably looking for all types of ideas on how to get rid of Trump … one of them probably remembered what Clinton said: “It’s the economy stupid” … and they likely all agreed … that if they could “somehow” take the US economy down … then Trump would be defeated in 2020 … but it had to look like an accident or “an Act of the Devil” … so China could claim “they were innocent of fostering the event on purpose” … well … look at what has happened to our economy … and just in time for the 2020 election!!!

      • paul ...

        How many people will vote for Trump if they can’t afford to buy a steak or a McDonald Hamburger any longer??? …

        • paul ...

          Trump has to make the case “that China is at fault” if he wants to win the coming election!!!!

          • paul ...

            Obviously the “commies” were not acting like Jesus when they determined that killing millions was worth it to rid of Trump … and just as obviously they won’t be seeing the Father in Heaven (as they must follow Christ’s example to ever get into Heaven) … hopefully Trump will follow Jesus and turn the other cheek so as not to kill more people in another needless war … and pray that there are enough good people in America who will not blame him for the economic downturn!!!

          • Greg Hunter

            China is at fault and that is a pure fact.

          • Coalburner

            China is at fault. Have you seen the Bill O’Reilly article. He has been checking on Trumps chess game with Xi, now Xi knows he is going to get an azz kicking for loosing that virus on the world and destroying our economy. That fleet that went out last week is a threat, cannot wait to see what Trump does to the Chicoms. Pelosi is hiding out now because she knows that while the Dims were keeping Trump et all looking at their attacks, XI saw an opportunity and used it. She knows she gave XI cover and wishes we don’t figure it out because she helped to cost thousands of American lives. Now Trump really wants American companies out of China. anywhere but China.

            • Self Exiled

              How about Trump wanting China out of America. They probably own more companies and land than the Americans do. EXAMPLE:
              They used our dollars to purchace America while we bought their cheap inferior products. Like Mao Tse-tung said ” Don’t worry about the Americans, we’ll hang them with the new rope they hand us” and they did. Any American business in China they own; any time they say so. No wonder we’re laughed at in Asia. Vietnam cut the giant off at the knees.

            • eddiemd

              UT Galveston. People from here were down in Lima Peru in the 1990’s looking for potential bioweapons. A couple of senior scientists were researching HIV, HTLV, Machupo, Dengue, VEE. That was then. I was there in 1996.



        • JC

          No problem, they will go to White Castle or Burger King.

        • eddiemd

          As I previously mentioned.

          Come out of Babylon. The churches need to forsake the tax deductions and pay unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. The churches of America are .gov sanctioned just like those under the Soviets and Warsaw Pact.

          Believers should not be deducting the money they give to churches. It is a tax deduction, not giving freely.

        • Russ McMeans

          Dear Paul; are you implying that the Democrats led by ‘not present’ Biden would offer Americans something better? Excuse me?
          Let’s not forget what Ronald Reagan said: “Government is the problem, not the solution “…..

      • Joe Blow

        The astrological forecast from may 7 to through june is bad. Saturn retrograde, venus retograde, jupiter retograde, and alot of oppositions and squares….could be a pan sell off in the making.

    • Anthony Australia

      Hi Pauly,
      The Oil price did crash, normally the markets would have tanked but there is clearly manipulation at play. GDP figures in the dunny and unemployment through the shithouse roof, koo koo land plus.
      Take care Mate.

      • Paul in Oz

        Agreed Anthony, of course the manipulation is not a recent phenomena … Given God’s omnipotence, if it was God’s plan as described by Bo Polny it could not be controlled by man. That is why I call in question the legitimacy of that analysis … Many great analysts can not believe the manipulation has been successful, be it Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter, Peter Schiff, Rob Kirby, Jim Rickards, Egon von Greyerz, or Gerald Celente … I agree with all of them and as I stated the crash is coming and it will devestating, what I object to is claiming to understand and trying to elevate yourself on the back of faith.

        • Self Exiled

          The crash is here and right before our eyes. How many years did it take Roman to fall. When we begin the cycle of violence that our self determined self serving elected representatives are working on for our own good; our enemies both external and internal will be here to watch and guide us to destroy our selves. We’ve been practicing it for years.

    • Rob

      You are right Paul that this is going to get much worse after Trump is reelected! They are hiring thousands of “brown shirts” to track covid carriers:

      No one gets off this globe alive so it can be quantified that this earth is nothing more than a proving grounds:

      Prepare for the last 8 years that will commence within this decade:

    • Jeannette Rowden

      Where is OZ?

      • paul ...

        About 8,841 miles West of Kansas City as the Witch flies!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you in Asia?

          • Self Exiled

            Greg, Australia has always been known as the Land of OZ. I figured it was because they have these giant creatures that are as tall as a man but look like a tiny desert mouse;and they have mammals that lay eggs but look like a duck. Australians are well received in Asia. Maybe because there Asians. I guess? What do I know.

      • Paul in Oz

        as we say over here, straya, for regular people its Australia.

    • The Queen's Regent

      This should put the money printers to the ultimate test!

    • JungianINTP

      Paul, you write: “Greg said the economy is not good . . . “

      Well, economies directly track the moral character of society/culture.

      The decades-long – and far more damaging! – PANDEMIC has been (is) sexually transmitted diseases, as it sterilizes victims while putting a massive burden on health and healthcare systems worldwide.

      Thank: LEFTISM’s/Progressives’/Communists’/Libertines’/Liberals’/Feminists’ hear-me-roar, find-myself, free-love, hook-me-up, Sexy Sixties Revolution (SSR)—as it destroys our morality-/virtue-based Western-Christian Civilization (( also known as – before communists’ diversity-is-our-strength movement – “White Civil Society” )).

      The SSR’s effects are ongoing and compounding, ushering in “4th Turning” outcomes.



      • JungianINTP


        That’s “Paul in Oz.”


  2. Coalburner

    Lets just say right up front, GREAT HEADLINE!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CB! My proof reader (wife) liked it too!!

      • Self Exiled

        Well !!!! So I’ve been talking [typing] to Mrs Hunter? Does she also proof read our comments? I’m still wondering what JOSE GALLARDO’s symbol means.

  3. Jon P

    Vice President Pence visited the G.M ventilator plant in Kokomo, Indiana yesterday.
    I really think more manufacturing will return to the United States after this depression ends.
    I can’t believe how fast they got that place up and running! Even hired people just a few days after putting in their application.
    Here is the video of pence touring the one month old plant. He is joined by the indiana governor and the CEO of General Motors Mary

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Beautiful job!

  5. vincent_g

    Can you imagine what it would be like with no banks – no electricity – no internet – every company out of business?

    Every day we stay closed brings us one day closer to that day.

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for unplugging the sewer of lies that rest in our main slime media.Propaganda out of a Soviet era abounds here in the UK.Our state media outlet ,the BBC who we have to pay a fee for whether we like it or not,is hyperventilating lies,lies and more lies.No dissent is allowed,no alternative analysis no possible pause.Meanwhile those of us over sixty are being targeted as unfit for purpose,strange how my taxes,still being paid,are fit for government spending.
    Here is a breakdown of the health service here in the UK,which has now been raised to the level of saint hood and major fig leaf status,well a little reality awaits.
    More people dying from the lock in than from the phage here in the UK.
    Our ambulance service is turning up,eventually,at people’s home and sitting outside discussing with the carers and their depot to decline taking the patient who has had a heart attack,or dehydrated and any other myriad diseases but as they are over 60/65,they leave the patient allowing them to die.We have angels alright,just angels of death.
    Whilst America’s economy struggles ours here in the UK has never really left intensive care since 2008.Outside of building houses,jobs are at best anaemic .Those fortunate enough to have invented a technology that everyone loves and paid for are escaping to the country house for now.One of my bosses,in the oil industry(rigs) whose personal income was £350M last year,is looking into an abyss of losses.His team are still being paid,with savage cuts to the management team to try and survive.Frau Merkel,chancellor of Germany,has assured her industry that only those who can produce a zero Carbon diOxide car,oil,energy and more will receive state help.So oil is not exactly flourishing now.Funny how Germany imports all that Russian Methane.
    Deceit abounds and it is so refreshing to have a journalist like you who wants to get to the truth.Reality from me is we here in the UK have had a Commie coup with a veneer of normality floating around.

    • Self Exiled

      I have a British acquaintance who blames a lot of the United Kingdoms issues [problems] on the United States.

      • Greg Hunter

        The USA did not get the UK into that disaster called the EU that flooded Britain with immigrants on welfare that started grooming gangs and no go zones. The USA did not cause the gigantic sucking sound of money being syphoned out of the UK and to the unelected EU Parliament. The USA did not allow itself to follow every woke, social justice economy killing rule pushed on the UK from the EU. The problems in the UK can be traced to the mirror. The so-called leaders sold them out just like the ones in the USA!


        • Self Exiled

          Thank You, now I know how and what to reply to him. I have never followed them politically. He asked why I left the US. Answer; ”I got tired of keeping grass blades the same height”. He frowned then smiled.

        • Diane

          You got it right Greg.

  7. Big Ice Berg Greg

    Greg Hunter: I want to first reaffirm that I enjoy your site and have directed others to have a look as the discussions are generally pertinent in this day and age.

    That said, I would just respectfully call to your attention the red letter day April 21st whereby Bo Polny prophesied that something monumental was about to occur per his Powerpoint presentation as he interpreted from the book of Daniel. At the time, I raised some concerns that all believers in Christ should test the content relying on discernment given to us by the Lord and through the Holy Spirit. If you want me to quote chapter and verse, I will do that but in today’s world of Google searches, it is easily located. When I talked about this, You reacted very defensively as if I was calling you names or something, but I want to assure you I do not have anything but the highest admiration and respect for all you do and particularly for your love of the Lord and admonishing others to rely on Him the “solid rock” by which all believers stand. It is an important message that we “Fear Not.” I think an equally important message is to believe what the Lord convicts within us and reject that which is false and misleading. I pray that your readers are not mislead by anyone claiming divine guidance and that they will prey for discernment in all future discussions so that we all may be embellished with real genuine truth borne of god and not of proud man.

    • Greg Hunter

      With all due respect “Big” did you miss what happened to Oil prices on the 20 through 21st of April? For the first time ever oil traded at 0 cents and on the 21st the oil contact per barrel of oil expired at -$37!!! Let that sink in. Storage for oil is worth more than oil. This was THE worst two days in oil trading EVER. Our whole world changed forever you just don’t know it yet. That was Epic and Polny hit this on the head. This was far worse than a stock market plunge because our dollar is tied to oil trading. Ever hear of the Petro-dollar??? So YOU ARE WRONG. Something did happen that was “epic,” and as Polny predicted back on Fed 9th here on USAW (long before the lockdowns,) “after April there would be a new era of time that would be biblical” That too was a spot on prediction and one of Polny’s biggest.
      Check the interview and you will see I am right. We did not get the big second leg down in the stock market in April but are we getting it in May? We are down about a 1,000 points in the last two days.

      • Disgruntled

        Can he effin well get the precious metals predictions right because I am holdin silver not oil or us dollars. Why am I not a millionaire yet like he predicted?

        • Charles H

          Because PMs are insurance, not investment.

          • Kevin S.

            Precious metals can also be investments. And silver today is more like a commodity than insurance.

        • paul ...

          Disgruntled … If you own 400 ounces of silver … “you are already a millionaire” according to the Debt Clock price of $2,500 dollars per ounce … people just need to recognize silver’s true value … but just because some people are dumb … doesn’t mean your not already a millionaire!!!

          • Kevin S.

            Actually paul…if you own 400 ounces of silver then you are just a thousandaire right now.

            People do recognized what the true value of this mostly industrial metal is today. We see it in the prices that people buy and sell it for everyday. Your imaginary value based on the debt clock is not the real value at this time or probably was never at any time.

            You do realize how the Debt Clock calculates the “Dollar To Silver Ratio” to get that $2500 per ounce? According to the Debt Clock, they take the year over year increase in the U.S. M2 Money Supply divided by the yearly world production of silver (in ounces). So if you believe that is how the true value of silver is calculated then you must think silver was worth ZERO dollars back in the early 1930’s since the year over year change in the U.S. M2 Money Supply did not increase but decrease, therefor the annual rate of change was below zero.



            And zero dividend by anything is zero. So for silver if we take the year over year increase of the M2 money supply from 1930 to 1931, which was zero because it declined, and we divide that number by the amount of ounces of silver mined during 1931 which was at least 200 million ounces according to a number of websites like the one below,


            then we get a value of ZERO. So according to you, gold and silver’s true value in the early 1930’s was ZERO. They were both worthless.

    • eddiemd

      Who cares.

      Get past your Bo Polny problems.

  8. Ronnie

    Not only the General….. Read this and feel the rage!
    Article by Robert Bridge.
    “Bill Gates and wife could be charged with Crimes against Humanity.”
    YOU CAN NOT MAKE THIS UP how stupid are the 1%
    Jonathan Cahn maybe 100% correct evil is being used to destroy Evil. The Shemitah.
    Sorry Greg, it is to early to jump to attention because the Deep State orders everyone to jump.
    “ EVENT 201” The whole Whuan predicted by Gates BEFORE IT HAPPEND
    Bay of Pigs
    Bay of Tonkin
    Weapons of mass destruction
    We lied we cheated we stole USA USA

    • Self Exiled

      ”Jonathan Cahn maybe 100% correct evil is being used to destroy Evil.” Yes, evil destroys itself. One of the reasons why I believe man once knew perfection. In his striving for it [perfection] he has destroyed himself, trying to achieve what he once knew.

      ”The anger of the Lord shall not turn back until He has executed and accomplished the thoughts and intents of His mind and heart. In the latter days you shall consider and understand it perfectly. Jeremiah 23:20

  9. Jerry

    I’m not making a prediction here, but it sure looks like to me that President Trump is laying the ground for martial law.

    I’ve talked to my contacts in Kansas City who work with fiber optics, and they’re telling me that orders for G5 installation are off the charts. I can’t prove it, but they’re telling me that the increase in orders has to do with trackers the government is planning on using to locate and track people who may be infected, or had contact with people who were infected, with covid19. This whole idea of living in a techno police state is beginning to send chills up my spine. Placing this kind of power in the hands of government has never worked out, but yet we’re told to “ trust the plan”.

    • Jerry

      Get in line, and roll up your sleeves.

      Call me paranoid, but I never get in line anywhere. Not even at a banquet, or a wedding. It’s in my DNA not to get in line. With both Jewish and Native American blood, bad things historically have happened to my ancestors when they dud that. The next question is what will they be injecting? Oh of course it’s for our own good. The government would never do anything to harm us. Right? I know. Just shut up and get in line.

    • Self Exiled

      Yes it is over whelming to think how sutured we have become by the NWO agendas. Here in this 3rd world country the President has given China permission to purchace communication companies. G5 has-will arrived.

    • Jerry

      Something clearly is getting ready to go down.

      If the restart is left up to each individual state, then why are reserves being called up, under the guise of drug enforcement? Then maybe it is, if the government forces people to get vaccinated?

      Under the NWO playbook ( IE the World Economic Forum ) plans are in place to deal with civil unrest as part of “ Lockstep”. Could this be the real reason for the call up? We’re about to find out.

  10. paul ...

    Alert!! … Eat your last “cheap” beef steak or hamburger now … as prices for meat go through the roof we will have to eat rice cakes for dinner!! …

    • paul ...

      Thirty (30) Million are now unemployed … so where do they get the money to buy rice cakes?? …

      • JC

        Did you ever see the movie “Soylent Green?”

        • paul ...

          I bet Hillary and the DNC play that movie over and over at their Pizza Parties!!!

    • Kevin S.

      More specifically eat your last “cheap” hamburger at McDonald’s now.

      From the Zerohedge article, “two key McDonald’s suppliers are Smithfield and Tyson”. Those two seem to have more than their share of problems. The majority of meat processing plants in the U.S. however have not shutdown and most of the plants that did close temporarily in the Northeast have reopened.

    • Keith

      Well last year I made a comment on filling your freezer with stray dog meat. Any stray dog on your property should be regarded as Sunday dinner. Shoot on sight and butchered like a rabbit and straight into the freezer for when the SHTF. Well the SHIT has hit the fan and if you have some carrots onions and sweet potatoes you will be having a lovely stew come July 4th. Apparently eggs are in short supply due to the cardboard egg boxes being made in China. So it might cost more for a dozen eggs than a barrel of oil. Might be a good time to stock up.

  11. Joe Lalonde

    We live on such a crazy world now.
    Just wondering if your child spits on someone are they going to be charged with attempted murder?
    Since parents are responsible for them, will they get charged?
    Is any wonder people want distancing now.

    I hope you will be fine through all this mess and it is minimum effecting you.
    My wife and I will be okay as we moved to a safe more secluded area and are on Canadian government pensions. Our pensions barely cover the monthly bills. We find out next month if our investments of 85,000 to covert to cash as that is when our portfolio turns over.

    Take care, stay healthy and safe,

    • Self Exiled

      They have banned kite flying here. The local police station has confiscated over 100 kites, but no arrest have been made. Can not catch the career underage criminals. I’m sure there all watching and laughing from windows and under bushes as police arrive. Over 60 and under 20 must remain in house. Imagine living in a squatters village in one of the most densely populated cities in the wold in a 4 by 8 foot plywood box; a family of who knows how many trying to remain healthy. The wisdom of man trying to control everything when he himself is out of control.

  12. paul ...

    Hey Stan … the great rotation of funds out of bank accounts “into gold” is about to begin in earnest over the next three weeks … your Deutsche Bank buddies have stabbed you in the back … they are going to charge depositors “a negative interest rate” on their money ( minus (-) 0.5% on new accounts of €100,000 or more starting May 18, 2020) … for people to avoid getting hit by negative interest rates they will have to pull their money out of their bank accounts (if they are allowed to) and convert it into cash or gold … seems with all the Fed printing banks “no longer need deposits” … and are now doing everything possible to push all but the smallest depositors into cash or gold (which sort of makes sense because the banks have been buying gold and need to see it rise to balance their books) … so they are targeting big corporate clients … forcing them to “pay the bank” for the privilege of using their money to make money (which is absolutely insane to most normal people) … but who ever said greedy banksters were normal people!! …

    • paul ...

      The big gold rush will begin when the banksters begin to impose negative (-) 15% interest rates … they are purposely starting out small right now (to get people accustomed to being fleeced like sheep) … some sheep will likely say it’s better to be sheared … then to be slaughtered in the stock market!!

  13. Tom

    Nobody will get charged or go to jail.
    Welcome To America!
    America is the most corrupt lying nation on the planet.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have changed my thinking on this back to people are going to jail.

      • Sir Manly Robinson

        I have seen a rising tide in optimism on this subject. Is there anything substantial to back it up?

    • Sharon

      Great title! Keep bringing the facts!

  14. al

    Your previous blowout interview with Alex Newman is a MUST HEAR! I had to slow the video to .75 because Alex has a load of rapid-fire information that blew my mind!! I see exactly what he is talking about. I live a few blocks away from a high rent RV park, the RVs I see in there are mostly from blue States. I am able to take my bike and pedal around with a smile. I stop by and talk to these people about their massive, super expensive RVs and say “wow, that’s one beautiful RV, and you have a trailer connected with a few motorcycles too?”… they tell me they are retired from government work… AND THEY ARE YOUNGER THAN ME!!! This happens time and time again.
    NOT ONE said they worked for corporate America… well stupid me.

    As for the “virus”. It was known that it was man made in a lab, just look at the structure! What Virus has both HIV and SARS embedded in to its code? My PHD Niece is a Scientist and showed me how to splice whatever DNA strain you want in to a virus. Whether it works or not is a matter of trial and error…. LAB CREATED!!

    HOW DO I REALLY KNOW IT WAS CREATED IN A LAB? CNN “medical correspondent Dr.” Sangee Goopta said just this week and I quote “the lab created virus conspiracy theory is a FARCE”. Whatever the Cartoon “news” Network says, turn it 180 degrees and that is the truth.
    I don’t listen to CNN unless I’m driving and have the BS radio on to listen to some music, unfortunately they are affiliated with the BS networks and slip in the typical dung every few songs.

    Look, I’m really busy and I have to go TO WORK… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Thank you Greg for the excellent interviews

  15. James Hastings

    Who runs the subversive organization against America?

    What does the organizational chart look like?

    Who is funding this treason?

    If you aren’t allowed to handle trash…..Then hire someone else to take it out.

  16. andyb

    It is often said that the true nature of people becomes evident when crises occur. Whether the heroism of Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in WWII, or W’s inaction during Katrina, we get to understand the reality of individuals by what they do in extreme times. Covid19 has certainly exposed the true nature of many politicians, many of whom are narcissistic sociopaths (some even psychopaths) with delusions of power. Look no further than the Governors of Maine,Wisconsin and California et al and their dictatorial edicts on the lock downs. Marxism oozes from their pores. Among many examples of insanity is that, under their watch, Felons get released from prison to be replaced by ordinary folks who exercise their Bill of Rights freedoms.

    “Never let a crisis go to waste” has become the mantra of totalitarianism.
    America; we are certainly heading to a bad place. Be alert, be careful, be prepared.

  17. David

    I wonder if we’re going to see a paradigm shift in how business operates? For the last 4 to 5 weeks, business has been forced to find solutions. Whether working from home, zoom meetings, internet transactions, to digital signature solutions for contracts and all things virtual.

    Will commercial real estate crash as companies move to a “work-at-home” arrangements? Will companies who cater to business travel lose a market (e.g., air travel , rental cars, hotels, restaurants, bars)? Will car manufacturers structurally decline because families can get by with one vehicle? Will clothing stores suffer because employees can sit behind a computer to attend a meeting wearing just a dress shirt and tie? What about office supply stores? Will universities lose on-campus students?

    Who will benefit? Will computer companies experience a flurry of growth as business increases capital expenditures to outfit “work-at-home” offices? Will communication companies skyrocket with 5G deployment? Will construction see new opportunities in remodeling homes to make them dual purpose? Will small restaurants that focus on quality, healthy, and safe take-out food outperform dine-in restaurants? Will the east and west coast see a mass exodus as people seek a more rural environment. The latter enabled by “work-at-home”.

    There are so many questions involving the future. It takes an event like COVID-19 and shutdowns to give birth to new lifestyles and ways for doing business. We live in interesting times.

  18. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, let me answer one question you posed before I listen to the broadcast. You wrote: Will jail time be given to the perpetrators of this crime? Short answer NO. Long answer, some type of hand slapping sanction with no sting, and that is a big maybe. Greg, I am the King of Wishful Thinking, but on this one I must keep rational.

    • Charles H

      This is a “see it to believe it”. Nothing else will suffice.

  19. paul ...

    As for hydroxychloroquine … it works … is this why Gov. Cuomo won’t allow it to be used? … and as for Vit C … it likely also works … because the FBI won’t allow it to be used … some “very dark evil forces” are at work to make sure Big Pharma gets the multi-billion dollar contract for a vaccine (that is probably not even necessary)!! …

  20. Country Codger

    Great wrap-up, Greg.
    Hey, guys. This is a time to invest in diesel and gasoline or whatever you use to get around with and to run your generators. If you live near a town with a big full service car wash ask them for their empty 55 gallon drums, 30 gallon drums or even 20 gallon drums. Many times they give them away for free. Don’t forget to ask them for the bung plugs(caps that screw into the holes) Get as many of the plugs as you can. The most I have ever had to pay for a 55 gallon drum is 10 bucks.

    Treat the fuel with a refinery grade stabilizer, not the STA-Bil you find in Wal-Mart. I have used PRI-D (Diesel) and PRI-G (Gasoline) and highly recommend them. It will extend gas to about 4 years for a car. If you purchase octane booster to add to the tank of your generator it will last about 3 years. (Their compression is much lower than that of a car or truck so will not run well on older fuel.) Diesel treated as above will last 10 years+. I have never let it go longer than that.

    I use diesel for my truck and tractor and gasoline for my wife’s car and all our generators use gas as well. We live within a 100 miles of the Gulf Coast so we are used to having generators and extra fuel on hand. Wuhan virus is already becoming an issue at power generation stations so rolling blackouts may become an issue going into the summer. You have been warned.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Coalburner

      Thank you Codger, glad to hear someone else does this. I have to drums of Gasoline now, one newly filled before they mess up the gas with the stupid summer puke. Price down, like Trump says load up. I only have one drum diesel , I need to fill another one. Thanks for the PRI tip, I use Marvel and STA-BIL. I know there are better things than that, but I use 88 octane and over one year is no problem with gasoline. Your long lasting diesel report is encouraging.

  21. JC

    Great Report.
    Greg Hunter says:
    “Simple is Strong. Complicated and Leveraged is Weak.”


  22. JC

    Questions and answers by George Ure at Urban Survival, goes well with today’s WNW.

    1. Can the Economy “paper-over” the collapse of underlying values?
    2. Who’s behind the current attack on the [World]?
    3. Does this all lead to World War III?

    Short Answers: For a while, Global Elites, and yes, unfortunately.

  23. Davina

    Greg, your WNW keeps getting better and better. Very timely advice. I can only shake my head at current state of affairs. It seems good old common sense is in short supply.

  24. Jerry

    The latest money velocity chart says it all.

    Even with all the Fed repos, and corporate buybacks , even before the pandemic hit, it was in a crash cycle. Now you know why the elites unleashed the plague on us. It’s a cover.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good on Jerry,
      This is why the dollar is strong –for now. Deflation. Nobody has dollars.


    Can antibody tests tell if you’re immune to COVID-19?
    By Tia Ghose – Assistant Managing Editor 13 minutes ago


    Greg, your filter won’t allow anything with JP Morgan? Testing.


    JPMadoff testing

  28. Kerry

    I live and have lived here in Texas all my life. Fourth generation and if I are my wife want to go out somewhere we go. I put on my rig and we take off. All this crap about lock down is for the loonies. In The Lord Jesus Christ we trust and the Constitution not man. God bless Donald Trump and Mike Pence. By The Lord’s will POTUS will be re-elected. All these Dem governors and RINOs should be held accountable by law as they are Satanic globalists who hate our Constitution and hope by crashing the economy Trump will be voted out of office.


    How JPMorgan is Manipulating Investors to Hand Over Their Silver


    Google the above, that bank is evil!

  31. Bob the Blessed

    Thank you Patriot Greg for your fear of God and tireless patriotism.
    Lynette Zang nailed it on her latest video on the C-19 origins, Fauci tires, and pushing of the police state tracking and restrictions
    Perhaps you could have her on again sometime in the near future.
    God bless you immensely Greg!


    JPMadoff: The Unholy Alliance Between America’s Biggest Bank and America’s Biggest Crook


    JPMadoff’ pokes bitter fun at bank’s $32 billion in penalties
    [Google The Line Above]


    Do like JP Morgan’s doing, Buy Silver Bullion

    • paul ...

      It’s not just JP Morgan (who owns 154 mil oz of silver) … another 115 mil oz of silver are owned by HSBC, Scota Mocatta, Brinks, CNT and Delaware … amazing just these six(6) banksters alone were able to accumulate about 1/3 of world silver production without driving up the price … BUT … if we 340 million Americans and the 445 million people in the EU simply buy one ounce of silver “each year” … We Can Take Control Of The Entire World’s Silver Production (as the world produces about 864 mil oz of silver each year) … once “we” take control of the silver market “we” can set the price of silver “back to its true value relative to gold” … and all it takes is “each of us” buying “one” $15 dollar silver coin “each year” … that’s “how easy it is” to take back control of the silver market from the criminal banksters … the reason JP Morgan “only owns 154 mil oz of silver as insurance against us taking control of the silver market” is because they figure they can easily manipulate the minds of millennials in the US and the EU to accept a chocolate bar over a one ounce silver coin!!


    Willie Sutton – ‘That’s Where the Money Is’

  36. Chip

    COVID 19 is a HOAX. The “experts” ALL got it all wrong on COVID19. It’s time for our government representatives to get on national TV and explain this CoronaHOAX to the American people and open America. I don’t mean half measure open, I mean 100% OPEN. We were duped by these so called “medical experts” on the severity of this virus and it is destroying our economy and the American way of life. Here’s proof…

    In the counterfactual, without COVID-19, we would expect…

    60 million global deaths in 2020, with 18 million people dying from heart disease, 10 million from cancer, 6.5 million from respiratory diseases, 1.6 million from diarrhea, 1.5 million in road incidents, and 1 million deaths from HIV/AIDS. Suicides could number 800,000.


    That data was as of the end of March. As of today the number of COVID deaths is 234,000 world wide. That is roughly ONE-QUARTER of the number of SUICIDES that are expected in 2020. Time to end this HOAX on the American people. It’s going to take REAL leadership to get up and level with the American people. Demand that your congressmen, senators, and PRESIDENT report on this HONESTLY… Chip

  37. ivan anaconda

    Every Friday I listen to your Weekly News Wrap-up and I appreciate all the info you provide that does not appear at the main stream media. Good work Greg. The only thing I did not hear this Friday is your comment on Dr. Trump and his China/Wuhan/corona/covid19 virus cure that he recommended last week. Just makes me wonder how many Americans opted for the intravenous Clorox cure. You can see lot of colorful cartoons in the MSM!
    Ivan A.

  38. Sean Rodgers

    His Gregg

    Can you please contact Harley Schlanger @ Larouche Pac.

    His article about Niall Ferguson’s Flights out of Wuhan might offer more light in your Video today !!

    Please keep up the good work

    Kindest regards




  39. Auntie Seize

    NEVER talk to the cops. NEVER!
    There are many videos from legal experts on youtube explaining why.
    “You Have the Right to Remain Innocent” is a great short book and a fantastic read you will have a hard time putting down. It also explains how to protect yourself when you get hassled.
    Cops are not your friend. They “Protect and Serve” those who pay them and promise them fantastic ludicrious pensions. They don’t care if you’re guilty or innocent because an arrest is an arrest and gets them advancement in the criminal justice BUSINESS!
    There are many innocent people behind bars because they said the wrong things to the police. Don’t be one of them!

    • RTW

      You are absolutely right. The only reason the PD wants to talk to you is to trip you up and make their case. If they have proof you committed a crime, they will pull out the Miranda card and advise you don’t screw up their case by talking. If they’re talking to you, they got nuttin.

    • Free Slave

      A lot of cop cars say “To protect and serve” on the side.

      It’s funny how many people think that means them.

  40. Daryl

    Hi Greg,

    Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Rashid Buttar (not sure if I spelled Dr. Buttar’s first correctly) would be good experts to interview on the current pandemic.

  41. leo

    Good update as usual. I looked at those 2020 chevy pick ups as well and my wife had to pull me away like a stubborn mule i was even then looking over my shoulder , she was afraid I would turn into a pillar of salt. Then I went back and got into my 08 silverado hmmm well I got the pink slip daddy so I felt better. The demrats will have to come up with a different name at the convention as Biden is a complete moron how could anybody with even 2 IQ above a goose vote for that hack. Recently a vote up here went 5 to 4 on Gary Ridgeway release. Are you kidding 4 people wanted the green river killer released, my God what brainless dwits.

    • Kevin S.

      That guy should not even have been allowed to live.

  42. eddiemd

    1 Chronicles 12

    12 Now these were the men who came to David at Ziklag while he was still a fugitive from Saul the son of Kish; and they were among the mighty men, helpers in the war, 2 armed with bows, using both the right hand and the left in hurling stones and shooting arrows with the bow. They were of Benjamin, Saul’s brethren.

    8 Some Gadites joined David at the stronghold in the wilderness, mighty men of valor, men trained for battle, who could handle shield and spear, whose faces were like the faces of lions, and were as swift as gazelles on the mountains
    14 These were from the sons of Gad, captains of the army; the least was over a hundred, and the greatest was over a thousand. 15 These are the ones who crossed the Jordan in the first month, when it had overflowed all its banks; and they put to flight all those in the valleys, to the east and to the west.

    16 Then some of the sons of Benjamin and Judah came to David at the stronghold. 17 And David went out to meet them, and answered and said to them, “If you have come peaceably to me to help me, my heart will be united with you; but if to betray me to my enemies, since there is no wrong in my hands, may the God of our fathers look and bring judgment.” 18 Then the Spirit came upon Amasai, chief of the captains, and he said:
    “We are yours, O David;
    We are on your side, O son of Jesse!
    Peace, peace to you,
    And peace to your helpers!
    For your God helps you.”

    19 And some from Manasseh defected to David when he was going with the Philistines to battle against Saul; but they did not help them, for the lords of the Philistines sent him away by agreement, saying, “He may defect to his master Saul and endanger our heads.” 20 When he went to Ziklag, those of Manasseh who defected to him were Adnah, Jozabad, Jediael, Michael, Jozabad, Elihu, and Zillethai, captains of the thousands who were from Manasseh. 21 And they helped David against the bands of raiders, for they were all mighty men of valor, and they were captains in the army. 22 For at that time they came to David day by day to help him, until it was a great army, like the army of God.

    23 Now these were the numbers of the divisions that were equipped for war, and came to David at Hebron to turn over the kingdom of Saul to him, according to the word of the Lord: 24 of the sons of Judah bearing shield and spear, six thousand eight hundred armed for war; 25 of the sons of Simeon, mighty men of valor fit for war,

    32 of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command; 33 of Zebulun there were fifty thousand who went out to battle, expert in war with all weapons of war, stouthearted men who could keep ranks; 34 of Naphtali one thousand captains, and with them thirty-seven thousand with shield and spear; 35 of the Danites who could keep battle formation, twenty-eight thousand six hundred; 36 of Asher, those who could go out to war, able to keep battle formation, forty thousand; 37 of the Reubenites and the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh, from the other side of the Jordan, one hundred and twenty thousand armed for battle with every kind of weapon of war.

    The mighty men (and women) of valor and war. Trained for battle. Faces like the faces of lions. They put to flight the enemy. The army of God. The sons of Issachar had understanding of the times. Stouthearted men and women who could keep the ranks.

    We the people of the Almighty God are called to war. That we shall persevere and endure to the end. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Captain of our Salvation has equipped us with His weapons of warfare: His Word, His Spirit, His Testimony, His Armor, prayer and fasting. He reigns on High. The Name above all Names.

    Our war is against demonic forces in high places. Jesus Christ has dominion over everything on earth and in the heavens. We serve the King of Kings, the Most High God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Give glory to the King! He reigns in Righteousness. He reigns in Power! He is our Shield! The Blood of the Lamb has set me free! It is sprinkled upon the lintel and doorposts of my heart, spirit, and dwelling! Jesus Christ dwells in me!

    “We are yours, O Jesus Christ;
    We are on Your side, O son of Jesse!
    Peace, peace to You,
    And peace to Your helpers!
    For our God helps us.”

    Repent. Seek Jesus Christ of Nazareth! He is near!

    • paul ...

      eddiemd … let’s begin by taking out the demonic forces in high places of the FBI … you know … by Big Pharma developing deadly viruses in their bio-labs that they can then sell vaccines for … you would think that the stupid Mafia would begin “taking out all these bio-lab psychopaths” who have now destroyed their gambling business in all the casinos of the world!!

  43. Carl William

    Thanks, Greg, for the great reporting, as always.
    Forget about the hope that the virus will disappear when “warm weather” comes. Here in Brazil three of our capitals, in the Amazon, Manaus and Belém and the largest city in the northeast, Fortaleza, are absolute disasters with some of the highest rates of COVID 19 contagion. They almost never see a temperature below 20º C, even at night. It is not the temperature. It’s UV radiation and level of vitamin D that are probably more important. Even a skier up in the Austrian Alps can get a great tan at Oº C, and that generates vitamin D.

  44. iwitness02

    If uncertainty was a currency, we would all be rich.
    How can anyone do long term planning, when we don’t know what condition the country will be in, in the short term? Or the long term. I think people are going to dig in, and try and maintain daily life, without to much worry about the long term. The short term is tough enough. Factor in the coming presidential election, and there is more uncertainty concerning the future of our country. Besides the economy, we have breaking news about General Flynn. This could finally shed light on the corruption in our government. How are people going to react to this? Worldwide anarchy is a very real possibility in my mind. I am focusing all my attention on how to stay alive, as opposed to daydreaming about some bright future. Yes, I am ignoring the Biblical aspects. I am focused on short term survival, as in today, right now. Knowing this year and next are bound to be tumultuous.

    • eddiemd

      Next up is the real estate market. Already happening here in Phoenix. Airbnb owners getting out.
      Flippers recognize that they are in trouble. Already seeing price reductions.

      The wave of foreclosures will be coming within the next 6 months. At least property taxes should go down as housing prices tank.

      You are correct. Car sales tanking here in Phoenix. Cash for clunkers on the way.

      Sales taxes tanked over the past 6 weeks. Disaster for cities, counties, states.

      • eddiemd

        The commercial vacancy signs are everywhere in Phoenix. The malls were already toast before this coronavirus and will be finished this year. Paradise Valley Mall here in north Phoenix can be made into a giant homeless shelter…or FEMA camp when that day arrives.

        • Tim

          I also live in the Phoenix area. The corona virus popped the bubble, but this was going to happen anyway. Tempe is building a ridiculous amount of high rise apartments and hotels that will go bust. I was saying this before the corona virus.

  45. Galaxy 500

    Your WNW is Spot On!
    I am afraid we will look back on 2019 as the “Good Ole Days.” Hertz RAC did not make their lease payments and it is likely they will declare Bankruptcy.
    These Luciferian miscreants have done to America what foreign governments could not do, they have brought America to its knees.
    If you can not protect yourself, your will be a victim. Please arm yourself if you don’t have a few.

    • The Queen's Regent

      Again I feel compelled to point out that this is a GLOBAL event.

    • paul ...

      It’s the Big Pharma Luciferian miscreants “within” who have done to America what foreign enemies could not do from without … all because Big Pharma needs to develop deadly viruses in their bio-labs so they can then sell vaccines for them (for huge profits) … these traitorous psychopaths destroying our Nation need to be taken out and brought to justice … before every business in America goes bankrupt (with the plagues they “accidentally release” for worthless fiat money)!!

  46. Galaxy 500

    I think it is wrong to consider the $850/oz of gold any more valid than the current price. There was major manipulation to get it to the $850 price Just like they have both feet on top of it now.

    • Galaxy 500

      What is the real value gold and silver? Its a Hell of a lot different than what is shown by as Spot Price in Chicago or London.

      • paul ...

        G500 … Just look here for the real price … … $20,500 for one ounce of gold and $2,500 for one ounce of silver!!

  47. Tim


    You are obviously a very intelligent man. But your hard work at finding the facts is even more impressive.

    Thank you


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim!

  48. paul ...

    No place for such weapons in Canada … … however … Bio-Weapons are “perfectly legal” … the same is true in the US … no problem with Bio-Weapons … you won’t see the FBI raiding Bio-Weapon Labs that produce weapons that can kill millions … but they will send in SWAT Teams to take out people taking vitamins!!!!

  49. Sir Manly Robinson

    Hmm…but why didn’t Trump blame the elements within the US government that was funding the Wuhan lab in China?

    • JC

      (This is Greg Hunter. Do not post that material here.)

      • JC

        Ok, sorry, I know that guy would be considered controversial, but I thought there was some interesting Wuhan info worth sharing.

  50. Rodger S Pape

    You are correct about the 98% cure rate. What is even more encouraging is that those who died were between the ages of 74-95. 100% cure rate for 73 and younger!!

  51. paul ...

    As the shale oil companies shut down (and declare bankruptcy) … can the banks that lent them billions be far behind??? …

  52. eddiemd

    Flynn knows about everything. Along with Admiral Rodgers (NSA) they both know everything. To include the specifics on Hillary, Obama, Rice, Holder, etc.

    DIA chief also knows about Benghazi. Knows all about military operations throughout the MENA. The specifics of the false narrative in Syria. McCain meeting with ISIS.

    Bring Flynn back into the White House. Perhaps in the next 6 months we can see some justice.

    Already talking about hot war with Red China. Time for the false flag in the South China Sea.

    Sabotage planned for the Alaskan pipeline and pipelines from Alaska across Canada? Chinese already own the Panama Canal. Strategically we are in trouble.

    “Special Atomic Demolition Mines (SADMs) were developed for employment by Soviet special operations forces, known as Spetsnaz. While the numbers of SADMs developed for possible use by Soviet forces was unclear, former Red Army intelligence personnel have written that these weapons were designed to have between a 0.8 and 2.0 kiloton yield, and were man-portable. Research suggested that the Soviets investigated applying “boosted fission” technology to their SADMs, which would provide 98% of the yield of fusion weapons.”

  53. John Shipp

    Here’s a thought

    Something which is undoubtably true. Mathematically in a finite planet we cannot keep growing our numbers, “the problem with the world is, too many people”.

    We have had the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, and the War on Terrorism, and we have not won any of them , we have more drugs, more poverty and more terrorism.

    Now we have a War on Covid 19, in France the President, Macron, has been telling people how lucky they are to have a National Health system, and that in readiness for Covid 19 hospital admissions are being scaled back to handle Covid 19 patients, EXCEPT for Abortions?

    The rationale for this is “to save lives”. The irony seems to be lost on him. Remember he was parachuted in from GoldmanSacs, he is a Banker’s stooge.

    Formerly Doctors were allowed to refuse to treat patients if they had religious objections, but now that freedom has been curtailed, and in a National system it is easy to force compliance.

    This whole event is not about health, but about keeping the little guys in line.

    We should have learned this from the Animated film “Bugs Life” The head baddie says, ‘It’s not about the food, its about keeping the ants in line.”

    I guess the next thing is to eradicate the elderly , then their savings go into the economy, this will reduce health care costs, less mouths to feed, and less pollution, as the main problem with the world is, too many people.


    Its being so cheerful that keeps me going,


  54. Aussie

    “Professor Niall Ferguson, apologist for the British Empire, wrote a false story in London’s Sunday Times on April 5 about alleged flights from Wuhan to European and U.S. cities……”

    It is the Military Industrial Complex behind MANY if the lies and deceit!


    • Auntie Seize

      The money powers are the root of all the evil. The MIC, the WORLD’s intelligence agencies, the sNews propaganda outlets, etc., are ALL owned and controlled by them.

      What was the FIRST thing the Rothschild’s bought when they were coming into power?
      It was the intelligence agencies before they even came into full fruition. The Rothschild’s had an intelligence agency superior to any other. That’s how they knew what the outcome of the war was before anybody else thus enabling them to snap up all the British bonds for chump change. The time to buy is when blood is running in the streets.


      Aussie 05/01/2020 • Reply
      Got to lie Oz man, to get somebody to lay they’re life down. For the old men, to have they’re war. To get us out of this jam, they didn’t have gut’s enough to prevent. They had the time to, since they’re youth.
      Pray fer God’s Kingdom to come and take over from these ass o’s. Gina Treadway. . ..
      Is this tiny town the safest place in America?


        Economic jam, not the man made Covid-19 jam. Let lose, to get us out of the economic one. That didn’t work, so now war to the rescue. Any volunteers, anybody in the volunteer state? Never volunteer? Ah, humbug! Young men want to be heroes. Be careful boy’s!

  55. Robert Dziok

    Excellent analysis and insight Greg! Very informative and helpful WNW!

    General Flynn served America 33 years Honorably and with Distinction. Very well regarded and respected. A Great Patriot sure to go down in History Honorably! As an Army veteran of the Vietnam War era it makes me all the more sick what, how and why General Flynn was Set Up and Framed along with the various consequences on himself and his family. He will be exonerated and brought back on board by President Trump if he would like.

    HCQ is not that expensive profit wise for Big Pharma so they have their Lackeys in government etc pushing for something much more profitable and expensive.

  56. P. St.

    Dear Greg,

    I knew it, yes I knew it.

    You are living in a sick county. Wow.


  57. Galaxy 500

    Job losses mean less gas usage. It means less restaurant patronage. It means higher addiction rates and suicides.
    And as Far as Gov Whitler goes, I call her W-Hitler. Just paint a toothbrush moustache on her and be done.
    And the incompetent Gov of Maine? Is that a real person or is it Mike Meyers in drag playing another joke on America?
    Hard times Ahead

  58. Galaxy 500

    Interesting survey… Problem is that Trump did not shut the States down and he can not open them up.
    Here in NC, Gov BabyKiller Cooper shut us down.
    The only good thing coming out of his action is his chance of being re-elected is a decimal then 9 zeroes and a 1 %. Approaching so close to Zero that it is zero

  59. Lake M

    You mentioned how complex the re-ignition of the word’s economy is. How far will we fall? Who survives, who fails? Who gets their job back, who doesn’t? So many unknowns.
    How much money will be created in an ill-fated attempt to save the doomed fake economy based on printing money from air? The Ponzi scheme is about over. Maybe one final burst upward, the death rattle. It’s likely the RESET so talked about in the past has now begun.

    Alastair MacCleod said recently that CV19 has accelerated and amplified the economic consequences of the trade and credit downturn that was just getting underway.
    So Agreed.

    Some thoughts on post covid:
    It’s quite. obvious DeepState agents and Democrat governors are attempting to stretch out the lockdown as long as possible. They are seeking to incorporate health surveillance into the national security apparatus. Is the Scamdemic an attempt to derail President Trump with another false narrative? A war with China? A cover for a failed economic model,
    the dollar as reserve currency?

    Commercial advertising at the moment is full of touchy- feely ads assuring that everyone is helping each other, are harmonious and love their family and the sponsor of the ad loves everyone too. “Don’t worry, the nanny state will protect you.” Dozens of ads all with a common script, and prima fascia evidence that Corporate media is the Deep State Ministry of Propaganda. So obvious. Scam-demic.

    Attention Boomers, the State will deem you too old to be helped if there are limited resources. Eldercide was discussed by government officials in NYC and several locales. Reminiscent of the death panel discussion during Obamacare. “Over 70, Sorry, no vaccine for you”. The elderly are huge liabilities for the STATE. Population control is discussed by the global elite … ii’s real.

    Greg, thanks again for all the work you put in to keep real news in focus. Fascist media companies have amped up censorship considerable in the last months. Especially as of late. Luckily young minds are providing ways to escape the censors delete button and remain on the internet. A saying back in the 60’s and 70’s….. Power to the people.

  60. Pete M

    Ford’s debt is now rated the first rung of Junk by Moody’s. It had $155 billion of debt at the start of the year, and the last quarterly earnings report the other day added $5 billion to that total. In a good year, Ford has earned $5 billion of income in one year, but going forward, the second quarter’s earnings will likely be even worse. Remarkably, Ford stock only took a 2% hit by all this bad news, which is an example of how disconnected the markets are from the current economic situation. It had $27 billion in cash not that long ago, so it might still have some life in it, but this should be a good bell weather to watch. Have you driven a Ford lately?

    • Greg Hunter

      Pete M,
      Signs all around we are heading into the Greatest Depression. Thanks for posting this.

  61. FreeOregon

    Understand what the FBI and Mueller did to General Flynn is NOT one off. On the contrary, these people saw nothing wrong in what they did because they routinely entrap ordinary citizens. Already in the 1970’s when I had occasion to talk to many people incarcerated in the Federal system I was shocked at the number who had been entrapped. ATF was the worst offender, but the FBI was not far behind. And the courts had ruled entrapment is no defense. So many judges were prosecutors earlier in their careers. They’ve decided in their infinite wisdom that all the government is doing is giving the target an opportunity to do what the target is inclined to do anyway. Really? If entrapment were a defense there would be substantially fewer people in our jails.

  62. Gerry

    Greg, the multinationals will go back to china if the money works. They are motivated by greed. Period. And the same problems will happen again.

    Indictments? I think it’s too late. Nothing has happened. I am worried for trump, and by extension the USA, in November. The Demoncrats will lie, cheat, steal, kill their way to election victory because they are motivated by greed and lust for power too.

  63. Russ McMeans

    She’s gonna blow folks: news from California: I used to live in Huntington Beach; you cannot deny us access to our beaches- come hell or high water or forest fires for extra points. We’re going to run over Gavin-Nuke-em’s stay in place orders! I’m up in the California Sierra’s now but I know the score down in southern Calitopia. A mass rebellion is coming!
    Btw: I DID NOT vote for that wife cheating idiot. I voted for the republican that lost handily. Russ.

  64. Russ McMeans

    Can’t wait for an accurate antibody test someday- ( blood test)…. us Californians got really sick from December through January. Hmm…. no decent test yet. Maybe next year. Waste of time using any test now, they are not accurate. I got really sick in January. – everyone had it but it came up negative against known flue strains. Our health care system wasn’t and didn’t have knowledge of Covid19

  65. Russ McMeans

    5-8 thousand Chinese flying into California daily from September through January 2019-2020.
    I’m going to UC Davis for neurosurgeon in June.
    Sacramento -one of lowest infection rate cities in nation. What’s up? I don’t know. Elective spine neurosurgeon appointments allowed. At least for now.
    I’m on my deathbed due to pain so I’m not afraid of the Chinese Wu flue. But I do wear my n-95 mask. Beautiful gift by a friend.

  66. Russ McMeans

    Something that big corporate ski resort sent me:
    “ we will give you $200 off 2020-21 ski pass since we shut down in March. 2nd email next day: or buy 2021-2022 ski pass for following year”…..
    looks like corporate Ikon is implying that virus is coming back this next winter. Hmmm. I might consider the 2021-22 pass, but is there a refund for a virus? They didn’t offer us a refund for our 2019-2020 passes. Ouch! If Ski Corp isn’t careful they are going to lose a lot of customers! These passes cost a fair amount of money so we got burned. I’m sure golfers and the like too. Tickets bought for concerts weren’t refunded. We the people will remember this!

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