Flynn Free, HCQ MSM Lies, Economy Trouble

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 430 5.8.2020)

General Michael Flynn is a free man after the DOJ dropped all charges against President Trump’s former National Security Advisor. New documents released recently showed a conspiracy to frame the 33 year war hero. It was all part of a plot by the Obama Administration, FBI, DOJ and CIA to try to remove President Trump from office. It is an elaborate coup attempt that failed and is looking like the case for indictments for conspiracy and sedition for many people may be coming from AG Barr and his prosecutor John Durham. This certainly will factor into the ongoing criminal investigation into the obvious criminal activity.

More new studies about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in curing Covid 19 are coming out to refute the mainstream media (MSM) lies about this lifesaving drug. The MSM misquotes valid studies or ignores them and quotes fraud and fake studies all in an effort to make the public think that HCQ is not curing people who use this drug. It’s just another reason that shows the MSM fake news is an enemy of the people. There is blood on their hands.

Everybody is happy that parts of the U.S. economy are beginning to open up, but is there really cause for this much celebration especially in the stock market? A hard look at the facts shows the country and the world has a long road to recovery.

Greg Hunter of talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Legendary trader and gold expert Jim Sinclair and his business partner, financial writer Bill Holter, will come on the Early Sunday Release to give their appraisal of where America is financially, where we are going and how fast we will get there. We are nowhere near the bottom, and, unfortunately, very dark days are ahead for “We the People.” Don’t miss it!

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  1. Saint Lawrence

    Thank you for calling 911
    due to the city and county and state bankruptcies
    nobody is here to answer the phone.
    the trash and water has been turned off .
    the electricity is going on for one hour a day for a while.
    wait in your home because there are only closures in this
    city, county, state, nowhere to go.
    this is not a drill.
    we are looking for a buyer.

    William Gates is the next king of the United States…

    politician without makeup

    your future is available on “red dawn”
    Red Dawn (1984)

    • paul ...

      Finally … with the lifting of the lock-downs … it will be good to see things finally come back to normal … this is what Fauci did to America …

      • paul ...

        Hey Fauci … I know you need to sell your vaccine … but the only health system crisis seems to be that the hospitals “are as empty” as the parking lot above … likely because people 1) fear going anywhere near a hospital … and 2) the ICU beds are probably filled “with manikins” (bought at a “going out of business sale” at Macy’s)!! …

        • paul ...

          You know … if we use our God given brains …and look at the reality of all the hospitals being “empty” … one can only conclude this is a plandemic (a big hoax … as the ground reporting seems to be showing) … so then we must ask … what would be the benefit to keeping people home, making factories close and millions of people losing their jobs? … well for one thing … everyone won’t be able to pay their rent or mortgage … this means the landlords, farmers and home owners will default on their apartment building, farm and home loans … this means the banks then re-possess all the apartments, farms and homes … then the banksters sell all the property they foreclosed on to the Fed … who buys all the physical commercial buildings, farm land, private homes, etc. from the banks (with money they simply print out of thin air) … so what’s the conclusion … it seems to me like “unlike the depression of 1929” where “the government only confiscated gold” … this depression of 2020 seems “designed to confiscate physical commercial real estate, private homes, private farms, etc., etc. from the common people (who were forced into not keeping up their loan payments) … because of “a phony plandemic lock-down” that manipulated them into losing their jobs … seems like a “Commie Plan” to have “the Government own everything” … and the people made into “servants of the State” … living on a government issued UBI check … doled out by Commissars who have effectively taken over our Constitutional Republic “without firing a shot” (except for the needles they plan to inject into us “to brand us like cattle” with their Sign of the Beast!!!

          • andyb

            commercial real estate, except possibly warehousing is toast especially the billion sq ft of office space worldwide. Work at home or as an indy contractor will be the norm. Many skyscrapers will be demolished in the major cities.

        • Saint Lawrence

          good catch paul:

          take a look at your next world,
          King Gates
          King Rothchilds
          and the court of the
          aristocracy have the future planned out…. pop reduction

          Bill Gates’ World…

          Soylent Green’ Charlton Heston makes a discovery

          Fahrenheit 451

          people will be programmed Brave new world & 1984

          the new urban life social security Logans run

          and for those who dont fit red dawn

          • Saint Lawrence

            bill gates world=

            per Corbett
            my typo above corrected

          • Jeremiah Was Not a Bullfrog

            According to Chuck Heston, we wont find out about Soylent Green till 22, when he cracks the case. That gives us less than 2 years. They apparently didn’t bring out the vaccine. They needed more Soylent and less useless eater’s. Gates went broke, so he volunteered for somebody’s supper. Caused 24 deaths himself, before we got him in the mash pot! He was so so contaminated, it caused an unplanned demic of Biblical proportions. Of Silent Soybent beans. Everybody died of flatulence!🚽The lack of silence was deafening. Where was big pharma and little Fauchie when we didn’t need em yet fer another 1 1/2 years. Heaven help us Mr. Allison.

        • Saint Lawrence

          fauci has worked for the ministry of Gates and Clinton and Rockerfellers and Rothchildes for decades.
          source: Amazing Polly

          • paul ...

            Saint … if I was put on the spot … and asked … I had to choose “just one and only one reason” why I would vote for Trump! … my “one and only reason” would be … for the statement Trump made today … when he said: “I don’t think a vaccine is necessary for the Corona Virus”!!!

            • paul ...

              For by that one deed … I would know him!!!

              • paul ...

                I also know doctors “by the deeds they do” … like putting on death certificates that people have died of Corona Virus … when in fact they died of something else (just for the $14,000 dollars they are given for driving up Corona Virus deaths) … or for forcing people on respirators “who can still breathe on their own” because they get $45,000 dollars every time they put a patient on a respirator … just add up the money these doctors are making (600 deaths due to the Corona Virus times $14,000 = 8,400,000 dollars “each day” plus $45,000 bonus for every patient they put on a ventilator (no wonder there was a shortage of ventilators)!!!

                • paul ...

                  Trump should investigate who is offering the doctors all this money (to make the Plandemic look as bad as possible) … it’s “most likely” the vaccine promoters and developers!!

                  • K. Wayne

                    What you know …is only what is fed to you.
                    Trump said similar things about the lack of severity of the Virus in early January….”we have it under control”…then did a 180 degree turn….shutdown the airports and instigated through States ….lock-downs and stay at home orders.
                    Expect to see another 180…especially of the 2nd wave of the Virus causes untold further damage across America.
                    Note: A Second wave is currently being seen in China’s north East. Other cities around the Globe that re-open too soon….will see the same event. America will be no exception.

        • Robert

          I don’t think Faucci designed this plan, he’s just the salesman and a backer. Trump needs to bring on other people to challenge Faucci and in a very public way.

          • Robert

            Trump also needs to let those he brings on to oppose Faucci, speak first. Otherwise the fake news will just cover Faucci.

        • eddiemd

          I was always skeptical about certain vaccines and the administration of multiple vaccines at the same time in young children. The practice of giving a Hep B vaccination at birth is scientifically wrong unless there are verified risk factors; mother has Hep B. That would be the only reason. Since the 1990’s children in the USA are given Hep B at birth usually without reasonable informed consent. It is just given to unsuspecting parents.
          The scheduling of follow on vaccinations is also questionable. In many instances upwards of 5 vaccinations are given in one visit. This was the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations. Just do it without thinking about it. If you really thought about it, you would not do it. I would not have it done with my own children, why would I allow it with someone else’s?

          In the video Dr. Mikovitz speaks about Gardisil and Prevnar. When Gardisil first appeared in and about 2007 I was very skeptical again after reading the research. I believed at the time that the vaccination had not been adequately studied and was released into use with strange warnings on the label in regards to unknown side effects. I never recommended it to any patients especially young teenage girls. I would prefer to warn the parents about HPV risks vs the unknown vaccine. I would warn young women also about HPV and cervical cancers.

          While in the army in the 1990’s I would be required to give anthrax to soldiers. I would recommend against it to the soldiers and annotate the record that they were allergic to the anthrax vaccine so that down the road they would be not required to take it. I would tell them how and what to say to the next physician about their “reactions”.

          Now we have the bioweapon coronavirus. Next will be a variation of hantavirus or machupo. Much more lethal.

          This is really a plandemic. I am fully convinced that this is the full push by the luciferian cabal to usher in a one world government, economic system, and religion. They are using deception from every angle. In the meantime they call to save the planet, global warming, save “mother earth”, recycle, etc….while Fukashima spews toxic radioactive water for the past 9 years. Nothing is said about this. Millions upon millions of people in poverty around the world. Who really cares about them? Not those in power. There is a famine coming that will affect those of us in the wealthy nations. It will be devastating. All Biblical.

          Jesus Christ did not come to save the physical planet earth. He can restore the environment with a single Word; and He will. He came to save us, sinners. The wrath of God will come at some point in time. We read all about it in Revelation. The day of Salvation is today. Seek Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

          Philippians 3:7-11
          7 But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. 8 Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ 9 and be found in Him, not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith; 10 that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, 11 if, by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead.

          2 Peter 3:10-13
          10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. 11 Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, 12 looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be dissolved, being on fire, and the elements will melt with fervent heat? 13 Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.

        • eddiemd

          Remember when wearing a mask was not recommended. Perhaps it renders their public facial recognition camera systems useless. They want a totalitarian facial recognition society where cameras can scan crowds. A mask and sunglasses defeats their systems.
          They want to go to iPhone apps to track people. Cashless society with a RF microchip that can be tracked by 5G. Once you have the chip, feel free to wear a mask.

          • eddiemd

            Amos 5:16-27
            16 Therefore the Lord God of hosts, the Lord, says this:
            “There shall be wailing in all streets,
            And they shall say in all the highways,
            ‘Alas! Alas!’
            They shall call the farmer to mourning,
            And skillful lamenters to wailing.
            In all vineyards there shall be wailing,
            For I will pass through you,”
            Says the Lord.
            Woe to you who desire the day of the Lord!
            For what good is the day of the Lord to you?
            It will be darkness, and not light.
            It will be as though a man fled from a lion,
            And a bear met him!
            Or as though he went into the house,
            Leaned his hand on the wall,
            And a serpent bit him!
            Is not the day of the Lord darkness, and not light?
            Is it not very dark, with no brightness in it?
            “I hate, I despise your feast days,
            And I do not savor your sacred assemblies.
            Though you offer Me burnt offerings and your grain offerings,
            I will not accept them,
            Nor will I regard your fattened peace offerings.
            Take away from Me the noise of your songs,
            For I will not hear the melody of your stringed instruments.
            But let justice run down like water,
            And righteousness like a mighty stream.
            “Did you offer Me sacrifices and offerings
            In the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel?
            You also carried Sikkuth your king
            And Chiun, your idols,
            The star of your gods,
            Which you made for yourselves.
            Therefore I will send you into captivity beyond Damascus,”
            Says the Lord, whose name is the God of hosts

            Sikkuth and Chiun. Your idols and star of your god.

            Amos 5:4-15
            4 For thus says the Lord to the house of Israel:
            “Seek Me and live;
            But do not seek Bethel,
            Nor enter Gilgal,
            Nor pass over to Beersheba;
            For Gilgal shall surely go into captivity,
            And Bethel shall come to nothing.
            Seek the Lord and live,
            Lest He break out like fire in the house of Joseph,
            And devour it,
            With no one to quench it in Bethel—
            You who turn justice to wormwood,
            And lay righteousness to rest in the earth!”
            He made the Pleiades and Orion;
            He turns the shadow of death into morning
            And makes the day dark as night;
            He calls for the waters of the sea
            And pours them out on the face of the earth;
            The Lord is His name.
            He rains ruin upon the strong,
            So that fury comes upon the fortress.
            They hate the one who rebukes in the gate,
            And they abhor the one who speaks uprightly.
            Therefore, because you tread down the poor
            And take grain taxes from him,
            Though you have built houses of hewn stone,
            Yet you shall not dwell in them;
            You have planted pleasant vineyards,
            But you shall not drink wine from them.
            For I know your manifold transgressions
            And your mighty sins:
            Afflicting the just and taking bribes;
            Diverting the poor from justice at the gate.
            Therefore the prudent keep silent at that time,
            For it is an evil time.
            Seek good and not evil,
            That you may live;
            So the Lord God of hosts will be with you,
            As you have spoken.
            Hate evil, love good;
            Establish justice in the gate.
            It may be that the Lord God of hosts
            Will be gracious to the remnant of Joseph.

            Seek Jesus Christ of Nazareth and live. For it is an evil time. The Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ will be gracious to you. His Salvation is near.

      • Bob

        Things won’t go back to normal. Too much damage.

    • notyourpatsy

      Good post, Everyone here should sit their families down and watch the 1984 version movie of ‘RED DAWN’. It NEEDS to be viewed together as a family, so when things do deteriorate in YOUR town, your family knows what’s at stake!

      • eddiemd

        Keep your eyes on the target. The beginning of the end will begin in Syria. Damascus. Israel, Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey. Already in place waiting for the trigger. The USA is still there also in eastern Syria “protecting” the oilfields when the price of oil is at record lows.

        I never thought I would live to see the world as it currently is. It is exciting to witness the current events. The deception by the media is very calculated and intentional. Many people, even those I would consider intelligent, have fallen for the narrative. The power of propaganda.

        This should be required reading in high school.

        “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

    • ZtEve.O

      Solution-problem-repeat. Remember folks there is good medication for this: Hydroxychloroquine as described by Pres. Trump wayyyyy back in Feb. I used to say the reporting was too crazy for me when ppl suggested there would be mandatory vaccines, now I feel the oncoming tyranny as they ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ in 5th gear with their foot to the floor. Why NOT bankrupt the worlds only free citizenship when there is a cure for $20? Sad sad sad.
      Maybe a national survey of front line retail workers who have been face to face with shoppers for the last 3months, have you gotten sick? Have your aging parents gotten sick by probable exposure to you? Would tell a hell of a story before we force a vaccine on the whole country

  2. Davina

    I’ve got my popcorn ready Greg. Finally the treasonous scum are going to pay for their crimes and it’s about time. The bought and paid for main stream media liars should also
    pay for their false biased reporting. Gitmo prison sits empty and waiting. I’ll probably
    need to buy more popcorn before this is all over.

  3. Stan

    I had some time off today so I started the day with some Irish coffee and was feeling so good I decided to take the Bentley for a spin. I took a Davidoff Double R with me to light up during my ride. What a feeling! The lack of traffic due to the Covid lock down is wonderful. I’ve got the entire road to myself! Anyway, the lockdowns are ending and I expect the economy and the Dollar to be as strong as ever in a few weeks. Don’t get involved in any stupid asset classes folks – stick to equities and the Dollar. Cheers 🙂

    • William Stanley

      Thanks, that was the buy signal I’ve been waiting for. It’s pretty scary to have to buy into such strength, but I’m getting more silver tomorrow.

    • Auntie Seize

      Empty promises-to-pay at some indeterminate time in the future. Can you spell Ponzi scheme? Enjoy the fantasy while it lasts.

      • Baja

        How about Every Eric Holder case ? Obamao’s Attorney General ??
        Ever heard of Fast and Furious? Thousands murdered, hundreds arrested and tried/ripped off. . . Google. Reese family Fast and Furious scapegoats

    • paul ...

      Enjoy the good life while you can Stan … the way I see things … the Commie’s are in the middle of their plot to “Overthrow America” … and soon … they will be coming for your Bentley and your Home (even if your Home and Car are fully paid off) … they next phase of the Commie Plot will be to raise taxes on any physical property you own (because under this Commie Plot the States won’t be bailed out) … thus the States “needing a revenue source” will hike taxes on the property you own so high you won’t be able to afford it … and then they can seize your property “for non-payment of taxes”!!!

      • JungianINTP

        Yes, Paul, “the commies” ! ! !

        What has been unfolding, stepwise,
        and for many decades, is:

        F R O M each according to his ability,
        T O each according to his need, COMMUNISM.

        MARXIANS (( globalists/leftists/communists )) are CONFLATING normal year-to-year deaths from extant flu bugs with a rare, hard-to-kill-any-healthy-human, maybe-hatched-in-a-Chinese-lab, maybe-America-funded-by-using-grants, may-not-actually-exist, so-called “novel Covid-19” or “C-19” virus (btw, 19 is an Illuminati number of importance).

        Ask yourself, where are the stats on the normal year-to-year flu-bug cases, and stats on the common cold, which are unrelated to C-19, and which flu/cold cases normally/yearly cause about 400,000 hospitalizations, without overwhelming the system!, and kill some 30,000 to 50,000 people, without overwhelming the morgues!?

        Let’s say a guy breaks his arm and, coincidentally, has a head cold (( all cold bugs are the coronavirus bug )). He drives to the nearest hospital, then is (pseudo-)tested for his head cold and, then, is conveniently/falsely tagged as a C-19 victim (tests are at least 60% unreliable!, so far)—in order to radically inflate the numbers.

        Keep in mind, that mind-blowing news report: how a lab making the test kits had “accidentally” contaminated test swabs with the dangerous/deadly virus!!!, as if to psychologically TAUNT the public and, concurrently, feed psychopathic pleasure in Marxian perpetrators’ brain—much like how a cat enjoys toying with its prey before killing it.

        Why do all that?—to build panic and fear, in order to JUSTIFY W.H.O.’s use of the term, ”PANDEMIC,” as W.H.O. leadership (( communists, all )) had to FAKE the number of predicted “novel virus” fatalities UPWARDS—in order to falsely put the bug’s potential harm into a frightening, take-control-of-the-world category: P A N D E M I C.

        The Deep State conspirators had concluded, after PEW Charitable Trusts released its What-It-Takes-To-Topple-America report in 2012, about finding what it would take to topple America’s traditional way of life: finding that a major pandemic would do the job (( google and read that Pew Charitable Trusts study )).

        Because deadly viruses are subject to ENTROPY — that is, viruses tend to lose their kill-efficacy from the get-go, via mutations — they had to deceptively H O A X a global pandemic—to install a non-Trumpian/pro-Pelosian Global Economic Socialism, by mandating — in order to control the masses — a soon-to-arrive, EVERYONE-gets-the-shot VACCINE, capable of altering our RNA-connected genetic code, in order to eventuate a global, borderless, YOU-WILL-COMPLY servitude.

        Send your PRAYERFUL energy to Trump & Team—incessantly!


  4. AndrewB

    Quite technical but ‘on point’ re most important issue facing us today . . .

  5. Mike R

    Flynn is going to help Durham and Barr absolutely NAIL a ton of very crooked people.

    • Self Exiled

      I hope so; and I hope Trump is up for it; with the understanding that the people [conspiratorial criminals] they are; and they’ve been working for are wealthy and well entrenched. Entrenched in government and fiance on a world wide scale. My gut tells me they will use it to their best advantage. What that maybe I have speculated and others here on Greg’s Gift. There are a lot of giants out there; as Steve Quayle has testified. Maybe we also can bring one down with a small stone.

      • Self Exiled

        I forgot to add: But they know not the thoughts of the Lord, neither do they understand his plan, for he shall gather them as the sheaves to the threshing floor. Micah 4:3

    • andyb

      The executions should be pay-per-view; the deficit will disappear in a flash.

  6. Paul Anthony

    Clippers! Last week I bought clippers and my wife and I watched YouTube videos and. We clipped my hair. It’s not perfect but it’s not bad . Feels much better than how long it was getting

    My wife is worried about her job and without it .. we’re in trouble. We’re praying for us and others and we will get through this.

    God bless you Greg

    Paul Anthony

    • Self Exiled

      Speaking of hair; Greg you did great, both you and PA keep practicing; When I retired I said who cares, no more hair problems for me. My hair is down to my butt. I noticed that a white man with long hair is not as easily engaged upon [people begging, thieves, kidnapping] in this country as the ones with short hair and dressed typically. White mustache, black eye brows, light brown hair [scary] and clothing that is washed out, patched and comfortable. When I’m approached they no longer asked “where are you from?” but ”how long have you been here?”.

      PA for you and your wife; ”How precious is Your steadfast love, O GOD! The children of men take refuge and put their trust under the shadow of Your wings” Psalm 36:7

    • Auntie Seize

      I haven’t been to a barber in almost 20 years.
      Bought a nice quality Andis clipper with replaceable blades and it’s paid for itself many times over. Grooms my dog well too. More savings. Don’t have to worry about picking up any nasty bugs from the barber or groomer to boot.

    • Auntie Seize

      What’s the difference between a DIY haircut and a barber/professional haircut?
      About $10 and two weeks.
      In two weeks you won’t be able to tell any difference and you’ll be $10 richer.

      • Robert

        This article expresses exactly what’s happening to Dr Judy Mikovits, the two doctors in California and anybody who speaks out against the approved and only narrative allowed.

        None of this over reaction to COVID19 is supportable by the numbers, but we’ve got governors who swear they’re using science and the experts to defend their orders to keep us shutdown. Sure there are hotspots but that doesn’t justify destroying the whole nations local economies. Who’s making these broadbrush decisions?

        I think what’s going on is more related to the globalist vs nationalist battle that’s been intensified since Trump was elected. Trump threatens the objective to move towards socialism for the West and handing China the reins as the new superpower. This battle began back in the last years of the Clintons with the backlash against the WTO, World Trade Organization. Lots of riots back then in the major metro areas.

        This worldwide shutdown reeks of being a very organized event, at least in terms of how easy it was to get buy in from most of the national leaders. And let’s not forget that Faucci said this would happen in 2017. We’ve never seen anything like it. Look at how they’re using new terms like, essential and non essential businesses, flattening the curve, shelter at home, and making us wear face mask or be shamed as putting your neighbors in harms way… Mask now, what’s next? …Uniforms to determine our viral status or political association?. Its just too creepy. All these new edicts are about conditioning us to the new way of life planned for us. What’s next? Essential and non essential people?

        What’s so creepy about this shutdown is its very much aligned with AOC and her green new deal. She’s part of the Justice Democrats. She and the people she fronts for want to destroy capitalism and make everybody equal in terms of outcomes. She wants to destroy the meat production industry, she says fossil fuel using cars and jets are polluting the air and must be done away with. Odd thing is, this shutdown has accomplished a lot of what she wanted… Even though people thought she was crazy with her plan.

        The problem with accomplishing the globalist goal was Trump won the election and all the attempts to bring him down failed. The big thing he boasted about was the economy under his presidency and look what happened to it after all the other attempts to destroy him failed. This is too crazy coincidental.. Crazy stuff… This is the kind of stuff the CIA does to bring governments down but usually its other governments, not ours. We’re seeing just how vicious the FBI, DOJ were in how they destroyed General Flynn’s life. It’s all coming out how he was framed so he couldn’t be Trump’s guy at the NSA, where much of the anti Trump goals were being hatched… If Flynn took over the helm of the NSA it would expose those who were trying to destroy Trump. And there’s much more going to be exposed. Obama played a huge role in all this. That’s why he never left the Washington DC area imo. He’s not the angel he wants people to believe. He was behind much of the attempts to destroy Trump along with the Clintons , the Bush family and Romney. I thought when Atty General William Barr came on he might drag his investigation out till Trump lost the election. I didn’t hold out much belief he’d expose the depths of this treason… But I think he now sees just how vicious elements in our gov’t were towards Trump and sees what the globalist are planning for the USA and western society ….and he thought this was just way outside of the law…it was a very organized coup against a lawfully elected president. Now he’s exposing everyone. Obama was at the top of all of this imo.. I regret voting for him. I truly think he hates the West but surely loves the lifestyle he and Michelle have. Just last week Michelle was telling us how important it was to stay safe at home while her husband was in Virginia playing golf. Our own governor sent his family to their Florida mansion.

        I think the people are waking up.

        Just remembered, what was done to Flynn can happen to any of us.

  7. AndrewB

    Whistleblower outs Dr Fauci . . .and vaccine agenda.
    BitChute videos take a few moments to start – please be patient.

  8. AndrewB

    And . . . here is what Robert Kennedy Jr has to say about Fauci and the vaccine scam . . .
    You will need a valid e-mail address to subscribe to LondonReal TV but there is no fee.

  9. JC

    This is a “MUST READ” by Martin Armstrong.

    As I have said, it gives me no pleasure to have to target an individual. I personally fee it is unprofessional, but in this case, Bill Gates has made this a personal vendetta to force the world to comply with his vision.

    Even Microsoft does not look good after 2022. It appears that Gates has underestimated the economic damage he has unleashed on the world. To survive, he may have to hide in a bunker for there are people who will hunt him down and not with a pie this time. He has destroyed the future of so many people it is unimaginable.

    • paul ...

      Armstrong goes right for the jugular vein stating: “We must bring Gates’s Monopoly of Global Health Care to an end. DEMAND that the Justice Department investigates the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for non-disclosure of conflicts of interest regarding profits from philanthropic investments, including vaccines, which exposes them to violation of BOTH the Securities & Exchange Act as well as the Sherman Anti Trust Act. All heads of the pharmaceutical companies working with Gates should (also) be included in this investigation as potential co-conspirators.”

      • paul ...

        Will it be done?? … not likely … based upon how they went after the Fraudulent Clinton Foundation!!!

        • paul ...

          As the Bible said: “We will know them by their deeds”!!! … in the scriptures Moroni 7:5 … it more explicitly says: “For I remember the word of God which saith by their works ye shall know them; for if their works be good, then they are good also.”

    • Bob

      #pizzaGates financed Ferguson’s crazy disease models.

      In 2005 Ferguson predicted 200 MILLION deaths from bird flu.
      Total deaths: 78 (if you can even believe those numbers). Not even statistical noise.

      Yet, this guy’s predictions were used by Fauci and Trump to lock down the US…
      100% Bogus. OK, to be fair, only 99.9999993% bogus.

    • Auntie Seize

      If you are running WinDoze on your computer you are aiding and abetting the furtherance of Gates’ NWO agenda. Not that Apple’s OS is much better.

    • The Queen's Regent

      What sort of mumbo jumbo nonsense is this? I have copied two paragraphs from your article below to illustrate:

      “This is the ECM wave constructed from his date of birth in addition to the birth of Microsoft. All his awards and ventures have complied with the turning points on his personal ECM. This is the peak of his eighth 8.6-year wave which hit April 28th, 2020. ”

      “The code of Ferguson is just a simple stochastic which EVERYONE knows is a trend following statistic.”

      I’m sorry but the author Martin Armstrong is either an incredibly poor writer (no attempt to explain clearly what he is going on about) or he is a charlatan who is using confusing obfuscating language deliberately to confuse the reader.
      The parts which are intelligible are just rehashing what we know already; that the crisis has been exaggerated to further an agenda.
      Why did his computer model fail to predict the effect COVID-19 would have on the economy or society even when it was clear that this was heading our way?

      • William Stanley


        • The Queen's Regent

          I mean where he talks about the ‘code of Ferguson’ there is no identification of the person he is referring to. I presume he means Neil Ferguson the bio computer modeller who’s doomsday predictions frightened everybody. But that is just a guess as we are just told its the code of Ferguson.
          Really unprofessional.
          I think he is trying to cultivate an aura of a genius who is on another intellectual playing field to us, so we couldn’t possibly understand what he is going on about.

    • notyourpatsy

      Instead of that ‘failed coup attempt’ on Venezula’s Maduro. That private mercenary squad SHOULD BE HUNTING DOWN BILL GATES! And SOROS! And ANY and ALL of their ASSOCIATES!
      Going to be interesting to follow that ‘mercenery squad’s’ story as they are now held by Venezula’s military. Two are known to be ex-Green Berets, of American passports, the others a motley crew. But, hey, for a $1.5 million dollar bounty I might have joined them had they contacted me!
      Now for the ‘others’ on the Patriot list, well, I’ll give none of them any quarter, nor will I accept any ‘bounty’ for bringing them in…..

    • AndrewB

      Great article JC, thanks.

      If you haven’t done so already, I guess you’ll find what Dr. Milkovits says of interest. See my link above . . . “Whistleblower outs Dr Fauci”.

  10. Paul in Oz

    A great day for America …GLTA!

  11. Doug

    Just as things begin to look good is the time to expect something unexpected!
    Positively negative is my take.

    • Mike G

      I agree, another bioweapon release like Bill Gates predicts. Another boogieman?

    • paul ...

      Your right Doug … “They” probably sprayed Vice President Pence with the Corona Virus when he walked into the Mayo Clinic the other day … people are right staying away from hospitals … let all the disease infected “morgue suppliers” go bankrupt!!

      • paul ...

        Pence’s staffer definitely has it … we will know for sure in 10 to 14 days if Pence caught it (he entered the Mayo Clinic on April 28, 2020)!!!

  12. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thank you.
    It looks like you’re thriving despite the flood of news (and comments) with which you are dealing. Still, please don’t overwork yourself. As you know, this is going to go on for a very long time. The fight has barely begun.

    • William Stanley

      Of course the fight has been going on for a very long time. But the phase of this war with the heaviest fighting has barely begun.

  13. Anthony Australia

    The Sunday episode is going to be HUGE!

  14. Maria das Santos

    The cruelty of social distancing, with Lionel Shriver — The Brendan O’Neill Show
    spiked • 26K views1:00:20
    Robert Kiyosaki Reveals Insights YOU Need To Survive & Thrive!! RCS Ep. 45!
    George Gammon • 3.7K views55:32
    Jim Rogers Helps Decode Inflation vs. Deflation!
    George Gammon • 48K views26:13
    Calmsound Antarctic Wind – 10 Hour Katabatic Wind Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation
    Calmsound • 152K views10:00:01
    Mary in the Early Church – Marian Moments Episode Thirty One
    Church Militant • 872 views36:38
    Moscow Russia 4K. Capital of Russia
    RussianPlus • 2.9M views13:59
    (No Quick Recovery) THE GLOBAL ECONOMY HAS COME APART (RTD Live w/ Mike)
    Rethinking the Dollar • 2.9K views45:11
    Bricklaying With Steve and Alex • 5.1K views23:38
    Top Doc Says “Dr Fauci has Failed”, 3043
    The Still Report • 18K views9:01

    34:09 / 34:09
    Greg Hunter – Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.8.2020
    7,877 views•8 May 2020





    Greg Hunter
    242K subscribers

    Flynn Free, HCQ MSM Lies, Economy Trouble

    General Michael Flynn is a free man after the DOJ dropped all charges against President Trump’s former National Security Advisor. New documents released recently showed a conspiracy to frame the 33 year war hero. It was all part of a plot by the Obama Administration, FBI, DOJ and CIA to try to remove President Trump from office. It is an elaborate coup attempt that failed and is looking like the case for indictments for conspiracy and sedition for many people may be coming from AG Barr and his prosecutor John Durham. This certainly will factor into the ongoing criminal investigation into the obvious criminal activity.

    More new studies about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in curing Covid 19 are coming out to refute the mainstream media (MSM) lies about this lifesaving drug. The MSM misquotes valid studies or ignores them and quotes fraud and fake studies all in an effort to make the public think that HCQ is not curing people who use this drug. It’s just another reason that shows the MSM fake news is an enemy of the people. There is blood on their hands.

    Everybody is happy that parts of the U.S. economy are beginning to open up, but is there really cause for this much celebration especially in the stock market? A hard look at the facts shows the country and the world has a long road to recovery.

    Greg Hunter of talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

    Maria das Santos
    Add a public comment…
    Maria das Santos
    Maria das Santos
    1 second ago
    Thanks Mr Hunter and here in the UK the “remainer” Coup continues unabated,using the phage as a cover story.These European “remainers”attempted to resurrect internals conflict here in the UK and murdered a real journalist who was investigating these “remainers” and their plotting against the people of the UK.

    Mr Gates’s population destruction and Green agenda have now been revealed as a transnational coup attempt aided by socialists here in the UK,Europe and the USA.

    Those who lost their livelihood have a clear case of suing this wretch.
    Here in London the police have gone stir crazy Stasi picking on anyone that they view as vulnerable and an easy target.
    Our media are on propaganda overdrive paid for by the government,Boris Johnson,I hope Mr Trump is wary of this wretch,to ensure the interment of the people goes easy as they go hungry,many young school aged children are not being fed for days.
    While the USA may suffer a depression the rest of us outside the USA will be in the gutter as long as this coup continues.Our governments and bureaucracy have gone feral.
    The corruption of government is such that even the Office of National Statistics have been strong armed into the government analysis,nice,

    Talk about a great way of poisoning people and covering it up.
    No doubt this all ends well with us all suitably impoverished and the elite,like Gates,super wealthy and well fed.

  15. R. J. Wolf

    Good job Greg, as usual. A simple observation. China took on the World, accident or not and they brought the U S and the international community to their knees, and they never fired a shot. Totally disgusting and embarrassing. I fear this may be the first inning of a nine inning game. The Globalist do not like President Trump. There will most probably be another event just before the U S Presidential elections. I need to get out of Los Angeles ASAP. As I said just a simple observation.

  16. Ronnie

    Greg, you are doing a great job. Speaking the truth from your heart.
    Read this.
    STRATEGIC CULTURE…Secret wars. (Under History.)
    By William Shakespeare.
    MAGA hat, heart stopper. Even Democrats with a heart and brain will be shocked.

  17. Janney Fondof Toldyouso

    Michael Moore’s documentary ‘has exposed green energy as a fraud.’
    Moore cries_ THE EMPERORS ARE NAKED!
    GIVE US MORE!!!!
    But not a peep in the US. lame stream faker media!
    Except of course, our one and only, Rash Lambash, Rush of course! Yup! And Rush “ditto head’s.” Got it right here on,! LOL! Ditto!
    Where’s Al “Fakester” Gore, when you don’t need him?

    Michael Moore presents Planet of the Humans, a documentary that dares to say what, Al “Whore” Gore, won’t tell you on Earth Day! —

    paul …05/03/2020 •
    Think about it … it’s always the evil Deep State psychopaths who have “a War Agenda” that always “allow” the Pearl Harbor’s on America to take place … from Roosevelt (to get us into World War II) … to 9-11 Bush (to get us into the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars) … to Fauci (to get us into World War III with China) … sacrificing 1800 American boys at Pearl Harbor was “acceptable to Roosevelt” … under Bush the death toll moved up to sacrificing 3000 American’s on 9-11 to get us into more Wars “very acceptable to Bush” … now it has escalated to sacrificing 60,000 to 100,000 lives to get us into World War III (with China) … are we going to allow the evil Deep State warmongering psychopaths to do it to us once again (not by using President Trump who is trying to bring our boys home) … but by using un-elected Fauci as their stooge!!! BRING IT ON PEOPLE! MONEY ISN’T FUNNY!
    A Funny, Dirty Little Job
    The End is Near. Again?

  18. Lucas Doolin

    Please ask Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter about gold and silver mining companies.

  19. Bonnie Grainger
    As Local Health Systems Buckle, Russia’s Oligarchs Take Charge
    Anton Troianovski 10 hr’s ago

    Woman, Her Husband and Her Son Charged After a Security Guard Was Allegedly Shot Over Mask Dispute _Ashley Boucher
    Upholding an executive order meant to keep people safe during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic cost a man his life last week.

    • Freebrezer

      B – the local news gave the insight the family were crack heads – Uhmmm … High on crack/meth …drugged, edgy and with a gun … not a good combination. Personally I believe this has little to do with masks and everything to do with using crack and meth!

  20. Conrad Blackmoore

    Roll Up Your Sleeve America! The Swine Flu Fraud of ’76
    The CBS 60 Minutes report, 60 minutes wants you to forget. This version, edited by Darrin McBreen, includes classic public service announcements (PSAs) funded by the US. government to persuade the American people to accept the jab, for a wheelchair, or coffin. Don’t start Coughing!
    The moore things change, the more they stay insane!

  21. vincent_g

    Deflation will hit us hard – little by little we will see it.
    Food – better get used to bread and water.
    You wrecked the food industry.

    Some items will jump very high in price as demand has dropped so low it wrecked those markets. It will take time for them to rebound and drop in price.

    As for all other markets they will crash in price.
    Markets in general are in free fall

    Housing market will also go into free fall

    I can’t see it any other way.
    You can’t put the whole country on hold for months and expect it to return to normal.
    Demand will be so low going forward that I can see it returning to mid 1970’s prices.

    The number of bankruptcies will be in the multi millions.

    My other fear is war.
    War seems to follow such economic events.

  22. Jerry

    Need I remind you, this is a war with not only the deep state shadow government, but a global power that is determined to reshape the global economy. Page 18

    Let’s get real. Obama was a puppet for the globalist who control every aspect of life on this planet. Do you really think they are going to stand by and let President Trump derail their plans by prosecuting the Obama administration? Obama had eight years to purge the military and install global government puppets all over the department of justice. What did you think the covid19 attack was? It was designed to collapse President Trumps economy before the election, and blame it on him. But guess what? They’re not done. The next wave will be to force mandatory testing, and then you will see all hell break loose. Brace yourself. Get your spiritual house in order.

  23. Audie Murphy

    All Along the (Climate) Watchtower
    Eugenie Scott is the former Executive Director of NCSE
    This is a line of reasoning—of faith—that I find disturbing. Maybe the Big Guy will clean up our mess, but He might not be in the mood. Which means we need to take action now. As science teacher Greg Craven put it, “Which is the greater risk: taking action or not taking action?” I think we know the answer.

    There’s an old saying from WWI, “There are no atheist’s In fox hole’s!” As the world becomes more and more like a fox hole, I may have to modify that last statement!

    • Conrad

      Wow Audie, Great film! Short and sweet. We all will have to face our demons and chose to dig our fox hole. Or keep movin along, fighting the battles of life. We can rest assured it’s gonna get scary, so be of good courage mate!

    • William Stanley

      RE: The greater risk
      “First, do no harm.”

  24. Conrad

    Can antibody tests tell if you’re immune to COVID-19?
    By Tia Ghose – Assistant Managing Editor

  25. Bob Michigun

    Nearly 9 in 10 COVID-19 patients who are put on a ventilator die, New York hospital data suggests
    By Yasemin Saplakoglu –
    Money Talks B.S. WALKS!

  26. David

    Sadly, a number of very senior government employees within multiple U.S. organizations believe they’re above the law and drag their departments and innocent Americans through the mud. It takes decades to establish trust and confidence in an institution like the FBI and DOJ, and just moments of blind zealousness by a few to destroy it all.

  27. Auntie Seize

    God’s word says, the false accuser SHALL suffer the same judgement (i.e. punishment) as he had intended to inflict upon the accused.
    Let those false accusers be brought to utter and total financial ruin and devastation. May they spend the rest of their lives living under a bridge or in a culvert, after they get out of some shithole prison, IF they get that far. Good riddance! They are cancers on society. If they’re not punished for their crimes that sends a message to other would-be criminals that they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

  28. Auntie Seize

    The phony “money” system and the money manipulation shenanigans built thereon enables and fuels all this corruption.
    When you get rid of the system, you get rid of the corruption as well.

    The Outlines of a Better World Are Emerging

  29. vincent_g

    How about doing a story on the US Post Office?

    We seem to have a black hole in Jersey City

    Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility

    It goes in and never comes out.

    I have had several items lost.
    One never made it out of California
    The others never make it out of New Jersey
    The post office is supposed to be an essential service.

    • notyoupatsy

      Vincent you’re North of me, I’m down in Monmouth County a Conservative stronghold in NJ. The US Postal Office IS the BIGGEST fraud on the American public! Their medical and pension benefits alone cripple the US Taxpayer! Forget about their ‘pay rates’! WTH?!! My local postal carrier ‘went out on medical’ and received FULL PAY for TWO YEARS!!! We had so many ‘substitute carriers’ in that time I did not bother to acknowledge them and drvoe my mail to Red Bank PO!!! The USPS has the NERVE to charge taxpayers ‘one rate/the public rate’, and then give BILLIONARE Bezos almost ‘free service’, and taxpayers get to pay for it!!! I brought a small 3×5 package down to the PO and was charged $3.50 from NJ to a NY state address/company. The company mailed it back within a 8×10 padded envelope and ‘paid’ $1.45!!!!!! WTH???!!

      • Keith

        Well if you go back to the reign of king George 3rd. He introduced the stamp tax to get the colonists to help pay for the seven years war against the french. This was a tax that started with other taxes which lead to the American revolution. Looking back to 1776 George the 3rd and the red costs where choir boys compared to the criminal cabal now running America. All the guns and ammunition which the American population own and they Rob and steal from you worse than the British did in 1776.

  30. Charles Turner

    I simply don’t understand American culture. It is as clear as day that Michael Flynn was framed. In any normal culture, 99.9% of people of whatever party would be outraged at the overreach by their nations please force and prosecutors and delighted an innocent man is free. Why is this not the case in America?

    • William Stanley

      It’s a small sample; once the police and prosecutors go after someone, few of the innocent go free anywhere. Also, there just aren’t that many Sidney Powells.

    • notyourpatsy

      #President Trump declare the day General Flynn was exonerated as ‘Patriot’s Day’ in his honor please!!!!!!

    • Conrad

      There was a time we let folks in, then gave it a rest. 20 or thirty years, at least. To give the old folks from the old country, time to assimilate. About fifty years ago that came to an end. Like Australia, it was decided we should just keep it up and fill the country up as soon as possible. Trouble is, all these migrants holed up in Silly Con valley, youtube, twitter ad nauseum. They hate the Anglo American world super power and it’s values. The Irish assimilated, the Italians etc. But now the newcomers are encouraged not to assimilate and well now, were all Balkans. Just like Yugoslavia, ready to disintegrate.
      “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” And “God Save The Queen” – (USA/UK)

      • Charles H

        Planned disintegration of cultural cohesion?

  31. lightning


    The lockdowns are primarily killing small businesses. Big businesses will get governmental support (like Boeing)

    Small business owners and employees are amongst the last free thinking, independent group of folks in the USA, and overwhelmingly voted to elect President Trump .

    The deep state (i.e. our unelected and elected but controlled masters) must marginalize them. Bankrupting them and forcing them to essentially become dependent on the government.

    Small business owners are essentially the modern version of the American Indians. State and Federal governments cannot tolerate any level of independence and so they were put on Reservations, given alcohol to foster drug dependence , forced to abandon their culture and marginalized in poverty.

    We were a Judeo-Christian culture , (in 2017 Doctors prescribed 58.7 Opiod based prescriptions per 100 people in the USA, and here comes the poverty.

    Sound familiar?

    • lightning

      ….and the Reservations were intended to separate and isolate the American Indians.

      This enforced lockdown is intended to separate and isolate us.


      • Self Exiled

        Manifest Destiny was the US foreign policy at the time. It was basically a war of extermination for the American Indians The Mandan Indians of the Dakota Territories are now extinct due to small pox infected blankets, as are some eastern woodland tribes. The Reservations are considered sovereign nations except the FBI can enter and make arrests [at their own risk, my thoughts], agents have been killed on Pine Ridge. I meet a Sioux Indian attorney raised on Pine Ridge; he was explaining to me that he had just defended his people concerning an electrical company wanting to run [big] power lines through the nation. He had argued the case with their corporate attorneys for many days. The aged elders sat in the back of the tribal hall the entire time not saying a word, long hair, wrinkled no expression on their faces. Closing arguments where finished and I presume it was a judge from a district court asked if there were any other comments. The elders all rose at he same time and the oldest spoke; you companies have many gas [natural] lines running through our nation, maybe we need blow them up. The elders sat back down, silence. The judge and the corporate attorneys had a very long serious discussion. The judge calmly announced the power company would with draw their request. The attorney said the eiders accomplished in 16 words what he could not accomplish in days of legal argument.
        As much as violence should be detested it works; The Old Testament is proof.

      • Self Exiled


        Their brand of Manifest Destiny.

  32. Charles Turner

    police force

  33. Donna

    This is a very interesting documentary that everyone needs to watch revealing the truth.

    • Saint Lawrence

      thank you for the post…you have good insight.
      There are certain wealthy funders and snakes and politians who enjoy the death and destruction killing with impunity. The oligarchs are above the law, untouchable.
      Available info from SGTreport, Corbett, and
      amazing polly …

      remember it is not about dems or repubs or viruses or vaccines …
      The Billionaires are going to take what they think is theirs- the world.

  34. The Real Ogs

    Great segment Greg, and y’know we’re kind of sensitive to your mood (not sure if I can speak for everybody) but I’m getting not so much rage but there’s definitely anger, and disgust.
    Mostly disgust. I know, it all stinks doesn’t it? But the bottom line… what is it?
    It’s big. Why would they do this stuff? What are they so afraid of, that the nation would find out? That Trump (an outsider) might expose?
    These are the really scary questions. Thanks again Greg,

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes “Real Ogs.”

  35. paul ...

    Two crooks on Wall Street … … celebrate as stocks soar “in response to a record rise in unemployment” and as China says “we have to pay them” for AIDS and 1918 Spanish Flu!!!

  36. Vicki

    Nobody is going to jail. If Trump is re-elected, within a month DOJ will come out and say- some people made mistakes but they were honest mistakes- but only it will be in legalese. Trump will tweet how the DOJ is corrupt. Maybe 1 person will be fired or demoted. Or more likely with government employees they will be allowed to retire (with full benefits of course). America is a banana republic. They only way anyone is gonna pay for their crimes is in the afterlife.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll take the other side of that bet.

    • Dave

      I agree. Releasing the Durham report just prior to the election, as seems the timetable, is suspicious. Most of the country no longer cares about Russiagate. It would have had more impact a year ago. So why release it so late? One reason would be to provide Trump with a bargaining chip should he lose the election (which as of today is likely) insofar as Trump could block any moves by the DOJ to prosecute during his final three months as President and the incoming President would agree to not pursue Trump or his family. Now that is a quid pro quo.

  37. JC

    Bruce Wild also believes people happy to take the free money opportunity instead of working. Stupid.

    “A matter of great speculation is just how rapidly the unemployment rate will fall back once this pandemic begins to subside. Congress has decided to make it rather financially rewarding not to work, and millions upon millions of Americans are going to be more than happy to take advantage of that opportunity for as long as it lasts.”

  38. Billy

    Greg -I don’t see countries pulling out of China like you say, Australia had record iron ore sales with China and many other products such as beef etc. Europe is doing new deals with China.
    The people and countries are so desperate for cash they will do busy with anyone.

  39. iwitness02

    I wonder how many more obama judges are out there holding court over innocent people like Shelly Luther? She didn’t apologize and admit she was wrong for going to work, so the judge says okay then, that will be 7000 dollars and 7 days in jail. The smug little man thinks that justice is served. And the smug little man has never missed a pay check. Someday arrogance will evaporate from the earth. The sooner the better. This means that things are going to get hot. IMO.
    ‘Law’ enforcement is already showing signs of division. Some side with the people, some side with tyrants. Probably the same thing is happening in the ranks of the military. (Not to be confused with the Pentagon)
    Two camps exist. One headed up by the father lies. The other is headed up by the light of the world. The liar threw the first punch. The light of the world is winding up for a knock out punch right now. I think some of us are going to be called upon to help deliver the final blow.

    • Dave

      For sure the polarization in the country exists in police departments. During a protest here cops wore masks with an American flag lined in black. In honor o fallen police. The police chief stopped that from continuing after many of the younger officers and locals complained that it sent a hostile message. In this area young cops are quite progressive while their older compatriots are conservative.

    • notyourpatsy

      I have nothing to lose and am ready to defend MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Patriots need to pick their targets and make the ‘double tap’ count. There are more Patriots than politicians or NON ‘Oath Keeper’ LE out there. Stand up for yourself and protect YOUR family because sure has hell the local, state LE’s won’t come when you call! ALWAYS ask any LE that stop you if they are an ‘Oath Keeper’. If not ‘they’ work for the opposition! Wait until those LE in Michigan who ‘protected’ the Gov’r from the Patriots, find out THEIR ‘pensions’ WILL GO UNFUNDED! Bet they’ll be sorry they stood in the way of Freedom that day! Then again, they’ll be sorry because NO ONE will (SHOULD) do business with them, serve food to them, let them shop in their privately owned business, etc. You get the point, MAKE LEPERS OUT OF NON OATH KEEPER LE!!

  40. Open Eyes

    Dr Judy Michowitz’s Video Restored


    Dr Judy Michowitz’s Video was removed from YouTube as expected. This is a copy to allow her freedom of speech to be heard

    • paul ...

      You know … these criminals “who pretend to be doctors” swore an oath to “do no harm” (when they entered the medical profession) … yet criminal Fucci and his buddies besides releasing this Corona Virus on us “deliberately took away the cure for autism” (and hid it away so no doctor can get hold of any) … so that they could continue “non-effective and useless therapies on our children with autism” just to make money!!!

  41. Dave

    As to the Flynn situation, a conservative media personality lamented that there is no uproar over what happened to Flynn. That should not be a surprise. The country is absolutely polarized. If you like Trump you will cheer the release of Flynn, if you don’t like Trump you will see it as Trump forcing the DOJ to do his bidding – not a single Democrat in Washington has broken with the latter position. It is what it is and it won’t change anything. Chris Wallace and Armstrong and Getty both said today this will have no effect one way or the other on the election. Everyone is dug in. The same will be true for the Durham report if it is released as rumored in September. Pro-Trumpers will see it as vindication and anti-Trumpers will dismiss it as a political “October surprise”.

  42. Rob

    I still don’t know what his son supposedly did.

  43. Chris

    Thx for getting back jim and bill for Sunday

    • Greg Hunter

      I had tech problems on the Holter end, but we do have Jim Sinclair for almost an hour. Mind blowing stuff coming.

      • Billy

        I think the one on one works better with Jim and you then when you try and do a three way interview, its flows better one on one.
        I enjoy both Bill and Jim but i prefer one at a time with the technology and sound.

  44. Sharon

    Thank you so much Greg Hunter for reporting the news. I admire your continuing to put one foot in front of the other in order to fight the good fight! Fear not our Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit truly will keep us . Thanks again!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sharon for the very kind words of support.

  45. notyourpatsy

    I have spent the day watching the ‘History Channel’s WWII in HD. Appalling as the imagery is, I urge all WD’ers to sit their family (over 18, R rated due to images) down to view it. It is NOT a stretch to envision this occurring on US soil in the coming year!

    If you only watch S1 Ep 10 ‘End Game’, (11/19/09) you will understand the premise of ‘sacrifice.

  46. Jan

    I hope you and many others wake up the American people about the truth concerning Gen. Flynn. I heard Brian Kilmeade interview Alan Dershowitz, who contends that the case against Flynn should’ve been dropped a long time ago. He says that Flynn mainly was attacked because he opposed Obama’s Iran deal, which Dershowitz said was the “worst deal” every negotiated and that is when he stopped being a friend of Obama. He also ended the interview saying hat Obama had the “worst foreign policy” of any president in his lifetime.

    I don’t know how Democrats can continue to support some of their politicians, like the Democrat judge in Dallas who sent Shelley Luther to jail because she didn’t confess that she was selfish for reopening her hair salon after weeks of closure. Instead, she told him “it is not selfish to feed your kids.” Is this not the same reason Democrats give for allowing undocumented families to come into the country in droves, giving preferential treatment to anyone bringing a child? To disallow their entry would be inhumane because they need to come in to provide for their child(ren). But with Shelley Luther, a working-class mother, the judge didn’t show an ounce of humanity. His decision to throw her in jail for a week made NO SENSE because convicted felons had been released from jail so as not to contract Covid-19. So, let’s get this straight– a Democrat judge decides that working class Americans who are attempting to put food on the table despite Covid-19 should be thrown into jail where they will be exposed to Covid-19 and completely unable to put food on the table!!! Fortunately, the Republican state governor AND the state supreme court overturned this despicable decision and Luther was released.

    Note that this Dallas judge has disparaged conservative picks for the U.S. Supreme Court, like Clarence Thomas. Who is he to talk? In another episode of judicial overreach having to get smacked down this past week, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously smacked down the Ninth Court of Appeals for bringing in outsiders to influence the case rather than impartially judge the case before them. The WSJ said “the supreme court reminded lower courts that their job is to decide cases and controversies, not create them.” Another article said, “After Evelyn Sineneng-Smith had been convicted of violating a federal law related to encouraging illegal immigration, the Ninth Circuit reversed the decision, not based on arguments presented by Sineneng-Smith, but by third parties the court brought in to submit arguments that the panel of judges themselves had suggested.” Ginsburg wrote the unanimous opinion stating “No extraordinary circumstances justified the panel’s takeover of the appeal…Ninth Circuit’s radical transformation of this case goes well beyond the pale.”

  47. Tim


    Your facts based coverage is amazing. I really appreciate your hard work.

    Take care my friend


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim!!

    • Tim

      Excellent comments Jan


  48. Bob Lamb

    But in coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.”

    Russell M. Nelson
    January 14, 2018

  49. Mike

    I read that hydroxychloroquine works in combination with zinc because it shuttles zinc into cells, and that the important factor is the movement of zinc. Article said that quercetin, which is found in onions and some other plants, does the same thing with zinc. Article also said not to take zinc with phytate-containing foods, like almonds, brown rice, etc., because phytate blocks absorption of zinc. Just passing along info, don’t know for myself what the real deal is. I don’t trust big pharma or governments though. Think the article was from Mercola, wouldn’t swear to it.

  50. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Once Fox News broke the news that all charges against General Flynn had been dropped and then we saw that huge release with more to come from the acting DNI , I knew we’d start to see a whole lot unfold. All good, knowledge is power.

    Speaking of knowledge, there’s a Coronavirus Archives at that is worth perusing. there a lot of good info there.

  51. Lake M

    The money sent by the Bureau of Fiscal Service, US Dept of Treasury, and the generous
    unemployment benefits are mere temporary feel-good items for the masses. But follow this money, where does it go? Right back to the rentier class, the 1%, the landlord, the banks, the mortgage loan, the auto loan, the credit card loan, the college loan. The huge excess money print by the FED is going to the Elite, just via the consumer who must service their
    debt. Subterfuge by the Ministry of Propaganda. The masses are not without fault, as they are now realizing there are consequences of operating the household with too much debt and little savings.

    Your emphasis on the surge in unemployment is well placed. 33 million in 6 weeks is mind-boggling and the effects are underestimated. And the political circus will begin soon adding more chaos to our current demise.

  52. Diane

    What can we do if we think we have COVID19, how can we get HCQ to treat it?
    I’m in communist Calif.

  53. Michael

    For the last 12 years it has been like living in fantasy land when it comes to the bolshevik media, politicians, and academia jack offs who want to turn this country into a 21st century Stalinist paradise. The mysterious case of Barry Soetoro will be solved by President Trump. Thank God.

  54. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Another great report Greg.

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