Framing Trump Again, Tsunami of Vax Lies, Tanking Economy

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 544 8.26.22)

The Deep State Democrats are afraid Trump will help win the House and Senate in 2022 and be back in the White House in 2024.  It’s so bad that the White House, DOJ and FBI are trying to come up with a new crime to frame Trump.  The last frame job by the FBI was a spectacular failure as it was revealed the so-called “Russian Collusion” was ALL made up right down to the totally phony incriminating dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton.  This time, the frame job appears to be more out in the open as the judge, who signed the affidavit to raid Trump’s personal Florida residence, has ordered the affidavit to be unsealed.  It will also be redacted.  So, expect to see a lot of black ink.

That is not the only problem coming for Donald Trump.  I have been telling you for months about how bad the CV19 bioweapon/vax is and why Trump has to call a halt to the vax in the light of spiking deaths and injuries.  No doubt, Trump faced a tsunami of lies and liars about the vax.  Dr. Deborah Birx recently came out and admitted that she always knew the mRNA vaccine would “not protect against infection” of the CV19 virus.  This, after 600 million doses of swill they tried to pass off as a vaccine was injected into a gullible public.  Now, a House Select Committee says Trump authorized “unproven treatments” as the death and injury count from the vax is on its way to the moon.  President Trump was lied to by everyone about the CV19 vax.  It is not safe and not effective, but rather deadly and debilitating.  The death and injury numbers will be in the 10’s of millions for America alone before it’s all over.  Donald Trump will have to say it was all a mistake and he thought he was the “Father of the vaccine,” not a bioweapon that is killing in mass.  The sooner Trump sucks it up and says the CV19 vax was a huge lie and monstrous fraud, the better.  “Stop the Shots” should be Trump’s new battle cry.

If you think the economy is getting better, you are living in a protected fantasyland.  The government might shut down this Fall.  40% of small businesses cannot afford their rent.  20 million Americans are behind on their power bills, and their electric may be shut off by Fall.  The Fed looks like it’s going to continue to raise rates to fight inflation, but it will kill what’s left of the economy.  Oh, gas has gone down a bit, but it looks like it will be heading back up soon to record highs because of instability in Ukraine, China and the Middle East.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 8.26.22.

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After the Interview:

Six-time best-selling author Jonathan Cahn will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He’s coming to talk about his upcoming book “Return of the Gods” and reveal it’s really a return of demons and evil that is plaguing the world today.  He’ll tell you how to deal with the evil chaos that is happening all around.  You will not want to miss this.

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  1. PersonaNonGrata

    Looking foreword to WNW544.
    South African professor, interviewed by Menaco64, provides insight into BRICS nations’ ideological opposition to the US dollar.

    • Johnny Cool

      Maneco64 is a good guy, gold coin oriented.

      Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to talk about the Dollar Milkshake Theory, how and why everyone should own gold, and what the perversity of the dollar system means for all the other world currencies.

      • Janet

        You know – Russia’s highest “non-energy export” is Gold (exporting around $15 billion of gold bullion per year to the West) – what if Russia decides to “manage its precious assets and its price” by simply holding on to its Gold? – and get completely away from the West’s undue influence on the gold price – and get away from the Ponzi US dollar??

        • jamC

          I love GH, aloha from Maui my brother in Yeshua Messiah. You’re terrific Greg.
          Blessings and love from Hawaii

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks Jam C!

            • JamC

              How is it that I laugh thru the entirety of your broadcast. I must be even stranger than are you:) much love,

              • Brian Dougan

                JamC–I get a kick out of Greg suddenly leaning way into the camera. (To express incredulity at some particularly egretious occurrence.) Some of the faces he makes are humorous. He has some funny body language; makes me laugh. He deals with serious subjects; but Greg’s mannerisms add a bit of unintended levity. He’s a talented researcher, and great interviewer….I look forward to each broadcast.

      • Janet

        Once Life Insurance Companies wake up to the fact that “they will need to sell off a big portion of their stock holdings” to pay off on all the Deaths Big Pharma created – they may start looking to Gold and Silver “as a way to recoup some of their losses”!!!

        • Michael Cagney

          Just by the sheer fact that Trump hasn’t recanted his vaccine stance and stated the oppression of Dr’s needs to end and ivermectin and other suppressed drugs made readily available makes it glaringly obvious that, for whatever reason, he is compromised and not trustworthy.
          What could possibly explain this?
          Terrifying to consider, but it appears the NWO has covered off along with the other things that keep marching ahead. Can we count on any govt to right these wrongs?

          • Bo Vogel

            Gods government. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as in heaven.
            Case closed!

          • Brian Dougan

            Michael: Politically; if for no other reason–Trump should change his “jab” stance. However; It’s doubtful that he’ll end his unscientific; dangerous “the shots are wonderful” position. Why not? If I may be blunt….He doesn’t have an ounce of humility. “The Donald” is never wrong. Until he shows some contrition; “Trump’s gonna Trump.” Leaders should admit when they’re wrong, and own any fallout. Fine–He was bamboozled by Fauci; Birx et al. That was then; this is now. There is no excuse for his constant vax endorsement. Not in August, 2022.

        • Gerald Parker

          How many forests will be cut down to make all the coffins and caskets to pack the dead bodies from COVID-19 into them, in such a short time that the woods cannot regenerate their wood soon enough to replace all of those trees? (Sorta kidding, but not completely) It will take an uptake in creamations to prevent that, but, alas, all of that burning flesh will affect that atmosphere (sorta, mayge, kinda)

    • jonuk

      That was an excellent interview, with interesting perspectives. The only shortcoming I see is that it failed to take into account the ongoing banking collapse in China, as that will play heavily into what happens next, and creates Chinas own motivation for war.

    • Jacquelyn Sanabria

      Greg Hunter, Student Loans are themselves UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Why? There can be no permanent slavery in America, not even permanent debt slavery by act of Congress. Permanent Student Loans are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. By act of Congress under Senator Biden and other communist, Student Loans cannot be canceled out by bankruptcy for a fresh start which our children need. That Evil Congressional act constitutes an enactment of Slavery by act of Congressional Law. Therefore, Greg Hunter and everyone like minded, you all are espousing a very anti-American and anti-Constitutional idea to assert that Americans will permit their children to remain in UNCONSTITUTIONAL and UNLAWFUL PERMANENT DEBT SLAVERY UNDER STUDENT LOANS. Signed, Jacquelyn Sanabria

      • eddiemd

        That is true. The banking cartel and Big Education lobbyists changed the rules in 1997 to make it so students could not discharge their loans in bankruptcy.

        They fixed it in their favor.

        • wayne hardin

          Every loan is fixed in the lenders favor .
          When somebody signs their name to the loan that is a agreement to pay the loan .
          It seems there are a lot of people now days that there name means nothing .
          I remember when you could shake a mans hand without any paper signed and if they had any integrity you got paid .
          Now days you can have it on paper with witness’s /notarized /photo copied /finger printed and everything else and it means nothing .
          A lot of people are so scared they use fake names on line .

          Wayne Hardin

      • wayne hardin

        Student Loans are not forced on anybody .
        If you put your name on a loan pay the bill .
        Choices have consequences . PAY UP >

        Signed Reality .

        Wayne Hardin

      • Rob

        Jacquelyn Sanabria,

        WOW…WHO KNEW???

        I had one of those “permanent slavery” student loans myself, until I paid it off through HARD WORK. Turns out the permanent wasn’t so permanent after all and I didn’t know how illegal it all was. WHADA!?

        Sounds like you are for the Biden Hand Outs but, NEWS FLASH…they are illegal and an abomination.

      • CJ

        Psalms 37:21

      • CJ

        All debt is slavery. That is why God tells us to avoid it. As with most debt, these people had a choice…They just made a poor decision. Decisions have consequences.

        Proverbs 22:7 New International Version
        The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.

      • Gerald Parker

        The bodies from COVID but EVEN MORE from the swill pseudo vaccines, that is.

    • Vince

      People bring up Nuremberg, but often fail to mention the outcome….hangings and firing squads. I see no other solution to thwart this evil that has come upon us. I’m tired of hearing that we have to be peaceful to correct all this wrong. I feel your burning anger, and can read between the lines of how you think this should be dealt with. This war has gone on much longer than we expected. Is God yet tired of us pleading for justice? Keep up the fight Greg. Your work is epic.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Vince, understanding the solution and enacting it are two different things. People are too comfortable. By the time they experience the degree of discomfort necessary to produce action, it will be too late. Best always. PM

    • john smith

      Most likely Trump was holding all the skullduggery stuff on the slithering critters of the DEEP STATE and they were sweating swamp slime that he would make it available to the AMERICAN people and the world.
      The only real stupid thing Trump did was, after the raids on his lawyer, then Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Alex Jones, Trump stupidly left some stuff….maybe….in his own home.

  2. BD

    Trump gave us the vax, this is a fact. He continued to push it up past 2021. There is no way to excuse this. He abandoned the Jan 6th protesters and refused to declassify and pardon assange and snowden. He is either evil, captured, or stupid and we shouldnt welcome his return.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi BD,
      Excuse my unqualified musings, but it occurred to me that both Donal Trump and Boris Johnson were removed from public view while ‘receiving treatment for Covid’. Both disappeared from public view for approximately two weeks. What happened to them during that time? Prior to his ‘hospitalisation’, Boris Johnson used his inaugural speech at the UN about the DANGERS of ‘The Internet Of Things’. He went so far as to ask, ‘How will people react when their mattress knows what they have been dreaming?’ Prior to ‘hospitalisation’, Trump advocated Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and even mentioned possible treatment with disinfectant – Chlorine Dioxide! After their ‘hospital treatments’, both Anglo-American leaders seemed (to me at least) to change their tune regarding ‘Covid-19’. Trump appeared to ‘give up’ on the effective remedies he had advocated, and got on the ‘vaccination’ bandwagon.

      So, given the similarity of circumstances, the congruent change in perspectives of both national leaders after their ‘hospitalisations’ – were they both subjected to the horrors of MK Ultra while being effectively incarcerated? MK Ultra is a creation of the worse of the Nazi SS and it was imported to the US during ‘Operation Paperclip’. TPTB have had 77 years since the end of WWII to ‘perfect’ MK Ultra. Was it used against Trump and Johnson? Me thinks it’s a very strong possibility. It would explain the otherwise inexplicable . . .

      MK Ultra = Ultra Mind Kontrol

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Here is the link to Boris Johnson’s warning at the UN about ‘the Internet of things’. Compare and contrast, Boris then and Boris now!

      • nicki

        Agree 100% BD


      • john smith

        Among other things in your comment, when you said Chlorine Dioxide is bleach, you lost all credibility.

    • Shirl

      BD, Yaaaaaaaa NOPE, Not even close…

      Let’s remember that The same Proven Freaks Frauds and Fools are still after President Trump with the CHARADE of their continuous GASLIGHTING M.O. ( Blame Shifting LIES for what they themselves are Guilty of ) Not to mention the other OUTRIGHT LIES too that were and are continuously made-up out of complete nonsense & thin air…have you not noticed yet that ALL of their various attempts to GET TRUMP have FAILED? RINO Lez Cheney was the latest Colossal Failure example, I mean that was actually hilarious! Have you not noticed too that they just move on to the next Blame Game Gaslighting Wrap Around Smear Job as if the LAST one never existed to begin with as if it never happened? You don’t find that strange? Biden’s Numbers drop POTUS Trump’s numbers RISE….and so this one will BACKFIRE too as so many are waking up it’s incredible. Why are you still in denial?

      The silver lining to ALL of this is in the realization of what has been occurring under our noses, how else would we all have known about all of the corruption?

      Dr. Elizabeth Eads mentioned in the comments section the other day under the previous interview here at the extraordinary Greg Hunter’s watchdog site that President Trump is “A WAR TIME PRESIDENT”….and that is the BEST Description that captures everything that I’ve heard of to date. I followed up in the comment section to her with complete agreement and explained why I did IMHO.

      Also, I would like to remind everyone too that no one outside of those that actually DESIGNED the Bio-Weapon, even those inside the manufacture of it would have known or been privy to the end product goal… this is due to compartmentalization of the variety of the process steps, outsourced components, and complexities involved. Everyone will undoubtedly attest and affirm that it was a supposed to be a great miracle “vaccine” unlike anything ever made etc etc etc – and that it works wonderfully too…the same LIES told to EVERYONE including POTUS Trump.

      Pray they DON’T pull a false flag, WW3 for example, to avert attention away from them as President Trump reflects the attention right back at them raising awareness with more waking up as has been happening – like Greg points out, “they can’t hide this.”

      Keep your heads on a swivel and don’t be so easily deceived.

      • Self Exiled

        ”Let’s remember that The same Proven Freaks Frauds and Fools are still after President Trump” it’s a great side show to distract from the main events and the causation for confusion. Side shows abound. Trumps a perfect puppet for that. Watch what’s available of him from the late 60’s thru early seventies; of him during the Vietnam War when his daddy slammed him into military school “why”. These second-generation elite are always behind the curve as compared to the predecessor who created the wealth. Trump is always trying to perceive what’s going on around him and not quit getting it. That’s why he was daddy’s second choice; but the oldest son was acholic. Trumps presence did expose the elite club he is from; also exposed the evil that abounds, and God’s use of his inabilities has been phenomenal to watch. As I’m sure is the same in my life.

        For thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold, I Myself will search for My flock and seek them out. As a shepherd cares for his sheep on the day that he is among his scattered flock, so I will care for My sheep; and I will rescue them from all the places to which they were scattered on a cloudy and gloomy day. Ezekiel 34 11-12

        God protects us from ourselves as Trump’s father protected him from the Vietnam war.

        • Tommy

          Self Exiled, you know that sounds a little crazy, right?

          Personally, I really don’t mind that President Trump is wealthy, successful or has a great family – although those are wonderful attributes. What matters to me for the job though and to the country are his accomplishments that were already tested in office. Last checked, he is one of the RARE that actually kept promises that he made. Was everything accomplished or finished during his 1st term, no. Was everything Peachy King during the Domestic Terrorism Onslaughts, no…however, with his WINNING record that he has already proven, he deserves another term if he decides to run again. In fact, America NEEDS him back ASAP. Don’t believe it, you must have been sleeping for the last two years as everything has turned to CRAP. . .

    • Laz

      Trump told us about HYDROXYCLOROQUINE and other alternate therapies and solutions. You can’t have emergency use authorization if an alternative therapy is available. I’m old enough to remember the most intense and ferocious campaign of censorship ever conducted attacking ANY mention of something that may be helpful in combatting the bioweapon. You know, when someone even mentioned Vitamin D on Twatter, you got CANCELLED. They even CANCELLED the President of the United States. If you’re ok with that, you just failed a national IQ test. You can be a dummy and blame Trump. The truth of the matter is you don’t have a high enough IQ to survive in this society. Trump NEVER mandated anything. He said it was YOUR choice. It’s not Trumps fault you don’t have the ability to think for yourself.

      • Shirl

        Spot On LAZ!!!

      • Janet

        So we were lead “to a poison well” and told to drink – but we are not supposed to blame the leader who brought us to drink? – were we were supposed to be as smart as horses “that wouldn’t drink when brought to poison water”?? – Trump is just as guilty as Fauci but don’t forget all the RINO’s in Congress “who voted for and created Warp Speed” way back in 2005, 2013 and 2016 – Trump was simply the one who pushed through the RINO’s Warp Speed plan (to exterminate the useless eaters) – this nightmare Holocaust upon us “is more then the action of one man” – as completely explained toward the end of this post –

      • Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

        LAZ…I couldn’t have said THAT better myself! Stupid Is as Stupid Does!
        I am sorry for the people that jumped on the VAX bandwagon…Just as you inferred…they should have used their I.Q. to research the subject as many of us did before making that detrimental decision for themselves and their families. The VAX depopulation goes so elaborate that it reaches into DeepState Politics, Big Pharma, Big Tech, & Insurance Companies. As time goes on, insurance companies (Life, Medical, & Auto) are stopping people’s incident coverage over the VAX being Experimental with the small print exception rules of their policies.

        • Laz

          I pleaded with people to not be first in line. Just wait it out. I tried to explain there were no safety trials. These are the trials and Phizer/Moderna websites say the trials are not over until 2023. And doesn’t it take 10 years to develop a vaxxxine? Tried to explain Emergency Use Authorization and FDA approval. There is NO FDA APPROVED VAXXXINE available to US . I knew the EUA would be how insurance companies canceled medical policies… it didn’t occur to me your car insurance would also be voided when you get in a vaxxxident. Tried to appeal to the adult in everyone I knew only to realize there wasn’t one there. I tried to appeal to their acute Trump Derangement Syndrome by calling the vaxxx ‘The TRUMP SHOT.” Kamala even said she’d never trust the TRUMP SHOT and did an instant pivot once the election was stolen. Trump didn’t threaten to take your job away if you didn’t take the Krispy Kreme and Myocarditis shot. Even now, their egos, or more likely the brain washing won’t let them admit their mistake and seek treatment. No amount of common sense or reason worked on anyone I know. I didn’t call it a genocide in the beginning although that’s exactly what I knew it was. It would instantly scare anyone away. I was careful, but I can’t say I saved anyone. They’re determined to go down but are perfectly content ‘knowing’ that it would have been much worse had they not taken the bioweapon. God help us All.

          • Jay

            Spot on Laz. Early on in this scamdemic, I was prepared to send my friends and five siblings a ton of links to doctors and scientists, including Dr. Yeadon, who were speaking out. I was ignored by everyone.
            Now, as various ailments and weird blood lab results start cropping up, they remain clueless. These are good, trusting souls. The evil intentions of their own government are too horrific for them to even consider. All I can do now is keep my mouth shut and pray.

    • chip

      Bingo!!! Chip

    • Laura McDonough

      BD: gotto agree, he was pushing shots at the MAGA cult rallies shown on C-span and was boo’ed by audience. He got a loan from Rothchild for an Atlantic city business. He never pardoned (while in office) the Jan 6th protestors, or drained the swamp, or had people arrested for treason. This country is off the rails and globalist control down to state and local levels. Voting won’t fix anything now.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Voting never fixes anything, anyway. That’s the dirty little secret of the system. Best always. PM

    • James Kolb

      Trump lost mine and many other votes. I’m thinking he’s not real smart!!

      • jimg

        unfortunately i feel the could pres.trump be so stupid and be surrounded by back stabers?

      • Tommy

        James Kolb, Do you still believe these hoaxes are true?

        1) Russia Collusion Hoax
        2) Steel Dossier Hooker Story
        3) Russia paying bounties on US soldiers
        4) He called Neo-Nazi’s “fine people”
        5) He suggested drinking Bleach to cure Covid
        6) He overfed the Japanese Koi fish while in Japan
        7) He cleared protesters w/tear gas for a Bible photo op
        8) Hunter’s Laptop is Russian Disinfo.
        9) Elections were fairest ever because no court found major fraud
        10) 1-6 was an “insurrection”
        11) He tried to grab the steering wheel of The Beast
        12) Border Patrol whipped illegals at the border

        ( partial list borrowed from a truthsocial posting )

        The above are just a few of the many perpetrated by definition DOMESTIC TERRORISTS against the POTUS and by extension WE The People …AND despite all of it, he had a YUGE list of accomplishments from Energy Independence to Peace on Earth with the Foreign Terrorists and much much more. I would have to disagree on your Legacy Media tied assessment..

        • Greg Hunter

          Good post Tommy!!! Thanks. I could not have said it better.

          • Mike

            Trump knew millions died a few months ago, but, still hyped the shots with Bill OReilly . I really believe Trump took millions from big pharma. Trump is not coming out to stop the shots because he will be blackmailed. He won’t even answer Alex Jones. I voted for Trump, but don’t trust him much now.

            • Tommy

              Hi Mike,

              You know, President Trump has always been very positive. The country bloomed, it turned around for the best with Energy Independence and World Peace was achieved – first POTUS in many decades to NOT start a war.. Even through the so called Pandemic he kept America’s Spirit up as much as humanly possible and I appreciated that, most did. Perhaps, with this too he is hoping beyond hope that what is becoming more obvious by the day is turning out to be what is becoming clear to many now.

              I would submit, this is beyond what normal people would imagine possible from Top heath advisors and Top medical corporations whose business it is concerning health issues and whose expertise is supposed to be relied upon as PHD’S DOCTORS and SCIENTISTS…if not them, who else should be consulted in the narrow field at issue?

              BTW, who could or would have imagined the scenario unfolding in the 1st place?

              Unleashing Purposeful Unimaginable Horror – it’s truly beyond me.

              I wonder though, did you know or even dream that the presented “vaccines” and Dr Fraudci’s pronounced “BOOSTAS” were death shots?

              For clarification, since you are being negatively judgmental here about President Trump, Please, tell us exactly when YOU knew, if you didn’t know immediately as you expected POTUS to know somehow by superhuman powers or clarivoyantly?

              I’d say, it’s NAIVE at best to expect anyone to have anticipated this massive attack upon humanity. What say you?

              Thanks and I sincerely look forward to your honest reply.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Tommy, I appreciate your loyalty and understanding. He did so much with so little and against so much resistance. It’s wonderful, and I thank Providence for his leadership and example. BUT… Mr. Trump’s time is past, and if not now, it will be soon. No one lives forever. He showed us the way. If we can’t, don’t, won’t grow his ideas and movement, it doesn’t matter, anyway. Best always. PM

    • Dan


      A large percentage of conservatives also suffer from TDS—Trump Delusion Syndrome.

      In their warped world Trump bears no responsibility for any of the things you mentioned.

      I don’t why they think Trump will be any better/different if he gets re-elected in 2024.

      When Qanon said “these people are stupid” he was referring to Trump supporters.

      • Johnny Cool

        Remember when Trump was asked about distributing the vaccine?

        What was this all about?

        “When we have the vaccine, we have the military all lined up and the military is going to be doing it in a very powerful manner.”

        • Janet

          Yeah! – Trump would use the military to deliver the “jab” to all the American people across the Nation – but “not to the politicians in Congress” (who were exempt from having the clot producing snakes injected into their veins and arteries) – right there – we should have known something was not kosher with Trumps Warp Speed push “to get everyone jabbed”!!

          • Greg Hunter

            The military never was used, and Trump never mandated the CV19 injection. This was the Deep State Dems and Obama/Biden Admin that did this. His refusal to mandate the jab was yet another huge reason he had to go in the rigged election. Let’s not make it up as we go.

            • Janet

              Greg – Trump may be a good apple – but he sure got himself mixed in with a big barrel of rotten apples!! – Trump has got to clean himself off of all the rotten muck (so we can see that he is a good apple) – otherwise he will get tossed out with all the red “commie” slime balls who deliberately jabbed “growing snake skins” into the veins and arteries of millions of people!!

      • TJ

        Check this trailer out, enjoy.

    • Janet

      But lets remember to include all the other bad actors – The Biden Administration sent US Government Agents to knock on the doors of the Main Stream Media (MSM) and they said: “We are from the Government – and We Are Here to Help” – “We will pay you $500 Million dollars to support a favorable view of the vaccines before the American Public” – the MSM said: “That’s sounds illegal?” – the Government Agents said: “We will pay you One Billion Dollars” – the MSM said : “You’ve got a deal” – the Agents then said if you play your cards right there is even more money available if you support our efforts to get Trump “and blame the entire vaccine fiasco on him”!! – the MSM said: You mean you will pay “us” even though “We Lied to the Public to Make Them Believe the Vaccines were Safe”? – the Government Agents said: “Yup – that’s right – you just have to make sure “you blame everything on Trump”!!

    • Dan

      Yes trump should have pardoned Assange and Snowden, why didn’t he. He should have declassified everything on JFK also and he did not. I knew COVID was a lie from day one and defied everything, lived as free as I have my whole life. I only graduated high school in 1973, and I am 100 time smarter that many doctors and PHD’s because I think and do not swallow the lies. I knew the JFK magic bullet story was a lie in 1964, and I was just a kid. I stopped listening to their lies over 50 years ago, finally killed that TV over 25 years ago. TV is nothing more than MK Ultra now and the sheep believe anything it says. Trump has his weak points, but I think he is maybe the best choice right now at cleaning the pedophiles out of government.

      • Sam

        Dan, “pardoning” requires an actual conviction to begin with…I haven’t heard that either men had actually been convicted of anything?

        Declassifying JFK may have been a bridge too far because of the implications…most everyone knows all about it anyway.

        Trump isn’t perfect as I’m sure many would agree but, who in this world is? I want a Constitutional America First Sane Policy goal advocate that most of America wants too…not a GLO-BULList sold out Quid Pro Joe lifetime political jackass.

        • Shiloh1

          I have to believe that the JFK files are sealed for among many other reason, Poppy Bush was involved.

          Not related but –
          What was the message in those envelopes at his funeral? Hillary, Biden, Cheney, Pence and Dubya showing Laura and poor sad sack Jeb! But not Jimmy.

      • Mike

        Dan, you are right on.

      • CJ

        Agreed Dan! The lack of critical thinking skills in the highly educated is disturbing. I stopped worshiping the god of education and I no longer blindly follow his disciples the PHD’s because of their lack of discernment.

        I really want to put that on a t-shirt.

      • john smith

        DAN, You just wrote my own biography as well. I got out of High School in 1966, never did TV, read books instead…history, science, alternative health etc.
        Almost every avenue of information into the people’s mind is controlled and censored by the FILTHYRICH PSYCHOPATHS.
        Carefully culled books to read are one’s only source of truth….and even those are being stripped from the “GOVERNMENT’ controlled libraries.
        By reading those books one gets a double pay-off. #-1, The knowledge derived thereby, and #-2, the chance to compare it with the MASS MEDIA’S very different historical and current events narrative.

    • L Nonamaker

      The insurers are already looking at suing for costs. Health, auto and life insurers were not prepared for covid jab impacts. Home insurers will be hit by the coming foreclosures and evictions.

    • Ross Rain

      BD, We understand your position, however, Trump did push Invermectin, “ Disinfectant, Cleaning ,something or other..he was trying to say something along the lines of MMS.. those of us who know this Miracle Mineral, can attest to its stunning Curative Nature. You must remember he was in a Captured situation.. Pompeo And Azar, were in the know, We don’t believe Trump was . However ,we do agree with you , Trump is in a difficult situation. Please consider. Dr David Martin @ Rumble. he explains the situation Better. My best regards to you Sir.

    • RAND Corp.

      Correct. Kudos to you.

      How much longer can Americans keep running in circles ??

      (Trump is good because the deep state doesn’t like him but he hired the deepest of deep states.) 😆😆😆😆

      Hopefully, not much longer.
      God bless you.

      stay frosty,

    • Deborah ILyia

      I totally agree with everything you say. Trump promoted the fax after he left office and at rallies told people to get the fax. Unacceptable but again we have a short attention span!

      • Valerie

        God bless you Greg! God help us all! Those of us who didn’t get vaxxed have family members who did get vaxxed! This is going to be HEARTBREAKING!!!!!
        I agree, Trump better come out against the vax and say he was lied to immediately!!!

    • Lora

      President Trump wasn’t perfect, but I can say with confidence that our Country was in much better overall condition (including energy independence) under the Presidency of Donald Trump. God help America under this satanic Biden Regime, which makes Donald Trump look like an angel.

  3. Janet

    Trump has a hard choice to make – he either bites the bullet and admits he helped to authorized an “unproven treatment” for all the American people “to take – or not to take” – but explain that he did it based upon the best information he was getting from Fauci and other medical authorities – which just so happened not to be untrue – and that he was deceived (like most Americans) into thinking he was making the best and most logical choice available at the time – and then pray that the people who were injured find it in their hearts to forgive him for his mistake – of not asking Big Pharma for some experimental proof showing that their jab was safe and effective before Warp Speeding it upon a Nation of 340 Million people (soon to be exterminated down to 100 Million people) which will put Trump down in history as beating Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot combined in terms of the numbers killed!!
    PS: Trump should also come up with a “Marshal Plan” to use all the resources of Government (money being no object) to help develop “an antidote” to completely stop the long rubbery clots from growing inside the veins and arteries of 200 Million Americans!!!

    • Johnny Cool


      You too have a hard choice to make, and you know what I’m talking about.

      • Janet

        ?? What are you talking about JC??? – This “Trump Trap” now being sprung (that Trump foolishly put his own foot into) – should also take down Biden and Obama who have both feet in the trap (so I’m not just picking on Trump) – the saving grace that will likely get Trump “ABSOLVED” of this “Big Pharma Extermination Program” (the real evil doers responsible for this extermination) is the fact that he was trying to make Dr. Zelenko’s protocol available to the American people (but it was blocked by evil “Demon rats”) – Trump needs to now get out in front of this latest attack and propose a Marshal Plan to find some way “to stop the growth” of the insidious Big Pharma Clots – “good American scientists” must find a way to stop the Clot growth inside the veins and arteries of 200 million Americans “immediately” – otherwise – they are all “Dead Men Walking”!! –

        • Johnny Cool


          I’m talking about your identity crisis. Everyone misses Paul… and his NY Automat stories.

          eddie md knows…

      • Janet

        You know – sadly even if a cure “is found”- Who will Trust Going for the Shot?? – almost everyone is now too frightened “to take another jab” – and they may be thinking – who is to say the next “jab” (to save us) – won’t be the “final solution” Gates is talking about here?? –

        • L Nonamaker

          The fix would require another mRNA jab that undoes the genetic modification of the original jab. The fixit jab also requires toxic lipid nanoparticles and toxic P ethylene glycol (PEG) to remove the spike factories. This would tend to overload the liver and the immune system.
          Treatment consists of a slew of vitamins, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for the rest of their lives.

          • Janet

            Many people knowing they are surely going to die of the “jab clots” – may simply opt to transfer their minds into a computer (as Horrori and the WEF wants us to do) – problem is – computers can be infected with virus’s also – and of-course Bill Gates will be there to sell us the anti-virus software to protect our computer minds from catching a virus that will crash our minds or shut us down forever!!!

      • Zip

        But it don’t matter what choice we make. It don’t help us. We get 1 good to every 10 bad. Then they take the 1 good away.

        • Paul

          Hi zip
          When thinking of doom, put that word in the mirror and presto it changes to mood.
          Good luck

          Paul from arkansas

    • Jan


      Trump will never admit the vax is bad, he’ll probably still be pushing the vax when he runs in ‘24 and his cult followers will still make excuses for him

    • Ross Rain

      Dear Janet, please see my comment above. Thankyou. Dr David Martin @ Rumble can clarify some details for you, again Thankyou. Truth always.

  4. Robert Parker

    Pete Santilli was a guest on the health ranger report on Brighteon today. Greg and fellow patriots please listen to the interview as it mentions that Rick has been told by someone that is close to Trump, that Trump won’t even discuss the issue of coming out and making a statement that the jab should be stopped. He said he is hanging up on people that are trying to make him see the error and come out and say stop the shot, I was lied to. I fear Trumps ego will be his downfall and he will be blamed for the jab deaths. How it will affect his support for 2024 I don’t know. Situation Update, Aug 25, 2022 on Brighteon web site, health ranger report. Santilli starts at the 24:24 time mark. Keep fighting brothers.

    • chip

      The whole report today was awesome. Thanks for mentioning it. I don’t agree with Santilli that Russia is in on the great reset though. I know Putin had some interactions with the WEF but I think he saw what they wanted to do and now he is an obstacle to their plans. The US has been trying to break the former Soviet Union (now Russia) since WW2 and perhaps before. Those plans went into hyperdrive following the collapse of the USSR. Ukraine is one fine example of what happened to the countries that spun off from the USSR. Corruption galore as the Oligarchs took over the previously state run enterprises. If you read some of the defense analysis from Cheney and others, they maintained that Russia was the only power that could challenge and defeat the US. They are in the way of the US goal of global hegemony. Thanks again for the Mike Adams tip… Chip

  5. Allen Ols

    Steve Wallis STEALTH camping celebrated 1 mil. Subscribers a week ago. SUNDAY MORN. HE AWOKE TO FIND HIS WIFE SUDDENLY DEAD. 😔

    • Dan Hawkins

      Yeah, sad. I wonder if he will say the cause…SADS?

    • Laura McDonough

      Allen: did the wolman take the clot shot?

  6. Shirl

    The allegations, accusations, and the screeching to the skies Continues, not surprised… after all Greg Hunter, Mike Adams, Alex Jones and Dan Bongino were among those who have been sounding the next Blame Game Ploy of the usual suspects:

  7. NH Watcher

    Yes, Mike Adams of Natural News is also now reporting that the plan is to throw Trump under the bus for the vaccines, as the left wing, elite media will start reporting on all the dangers with the COVID “vaccines” that the antivaxx community has already documented. Trump will NOT admit any mistake, so he is being cornered exactly where they know he is most vulnerable. Those of us who took the shot (yes, me included) will be dead in five years, as the Deagel Web site used to show consistently (i.e., the mass depopulation of the U.S. by 2024-2026). Moreover, I have long believed that the U.S. ceases to exist or is so marginalized during the 7 year Tribulation; Israel will only be protected by God and God alone, even though she will be deceived by Antichrist.

    I haven’t posted on this site for quite some time. Unlike so many around the world who will be shocked, betrayed, and angered by the disclosure of the true nature of the COVID pandemic and resulting “vaccine,” I had to make a very personal and difficult decision to get the shot when I did. I prayed about it prior, and the Lord did reveal to me that while the shot is NOT the mark of the Beast, it is the “precursor” to the mark. I knew that by getting the shot, an eventual death would likely occur (and no one who got vaccinated will be able to prove that they did not know, as all the papers and documentation that we signed to get the shot clearly alluded to many risks, up to and including death). It is a simple fact and entirely plausible that many of the “elite” knew as well, so they were simply injected with saline solutions vs. the death shot which the rest of us received.

    I look forward to J. Cahn’s presentation on Saturday. Of course, the “gods” now in the world are demons. That is all Biblical. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness to worship Satan in order to get the kingdoms of the world (and Jesus said no), the Bible is also clear that Satan told Him, “These kingdoms have been GIVEN TO ME, TO GIVE TO WHOM I CHOOSE.” So when Christ refused, obviously Satan ended up giving these kingdoms (including the eventual United States) to others, i.e., those who would worship him. This all fits into Bible prophecy and the rise of Antichrist.

    In whatever time that I have left on this Earth, I am seeing it more like “hospice.” I am not looking for a “cure” from being poisoned by the “vaccine.” Others may, and go crazy in the process. I am following the FLICC protocols due to taking the shot, and my personal choice has been focused on natural supplements, namely, black cumin seed oil and elderberry, in order to strengthen whatever remains of my immune system. I am not led to go further than that, and I am not asking for further advice in that regard. The information is all on the Internet (until the Internet is shut down) for all to read and evaluate for themselves.

    Thank you, Greg, for continuing to diligently report on all these issues. I don’t agree with all your guests, but I still value all the information and interviews you provide. As most everyone on this forum and elsewhere, I have experienced estrangement from various family members, both vaxxed and not vaxxed. But, that is also what Jesus predicted for the End Times, that families would be divided. In the end, we can only follow Him and Him alone.

    • Janet

      The WEF is probably doing “High Fives” right now as Americans don’t trust either Party – a total collapse of confidence in government was their goal – and they seem to have achieved it – now the World Economic Forum (WEF) can bring in their new world digital currency – and tell the American people that there is now a “solid,” “rational” and “ethical” reason to implant your children with microchips “to use their money” – so as to avoid – Mad Max Chaos!! –

    • J. Loughran

      How the “treatment” is developed is the most important moral issue. There are many horrific aspects about modern “health-death-suffering care” to be informed about. Even the Pagans of yesterday did not conflate health, death, and suffering care. The “Affordable Health Care Act” is just as Chief Justice Roberts wrote, it is a TAX to be paid in either money or “pounds”.

  8. Derek Sinclair

    I like Greg’s guests but I have to say I enjoy him more on his wrap-ups when he’s just giving us his take. Some commentators need guests but Greg doesn’t. Very informative and hugely entertaining.

  9. Mike G

    What part of UN Agenda 2030 don’t you understand. Depop

  10. Linda Majors

    I agree that President Trump needs to admit that the vaccine was a mistake, apologize and move on.

    Letter from Dr. Zelenko.
    I recall that after Trump received the letter from Dr. Zev Zelenko telling him that he has been successfully treating his patients wth Hydroxychloroquine, Trump promoted it during a Covid press conference. (Dr. Zelenko describes what happened in his last interview before he died.)

    Trump arranged for enough HCQ to be shipped out to treat all Americans.
    He asked Peter Navarro to order millions of the HCQ, enough for every American to receive the treatment, but Fauci, Woodcock, and Bright stopped it. They convinced the FDA to approve HCQ only after people were hospitalized. By then, HCQ does not work. It must be taken in the early stages, 5 to 7 days. Otherwise, it is not effective. (Ref. In Trump Time by Peter Navarro, Ch. 7)

    Dr. Steven Hatfill was interviewed recently and recounted what happebed with HCQ:
    Dr. Steven Hatfill on Steve Bannon’s Warroom, 8.23.22:
    Tuesday Dr. Steven Hatfill, infectious disease expert, told the War Room that the medical bureaucracy blocked an effective treatment in hydroxychloroquine so they could push through experimental vaccines.

    Dr. Hatfill told War Room hydroxychloroquine is proven to be effective and costs roughly 60 cents per pill. However, the existence of a proven effective treatment would not have allowed Dr. Fauci and FDA’s Janet Woodcock to expedite covid vaccines.
    “You don’t need a vaccine,” Dr. Hatfill said.
    “It’s quite evident that Dr. Fauci, Dr. Woodcock, Dr. [Rick] Bright are responsible for hundreds of thousands of America deaths for causing this drug to pick up a bad name,” Dr. Hatfill said.

    In any event, President Trump was stabbed in the back while he was attempting to deal with the Covid pandemic. He did the best he could. Now he needs to admit that the vaccines were a bioweapon and apologize for getting duped. Then move on.


    • Johnny Cool

      Trump won’t apologize, he grew up watching John Wayne movies.

      “Never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.”

      • Linda Majors

        Johnny, let’s hope that President Trump relents and deals with the vaccine controversy before the Democrats twist it like they did with the Russia Hoax and phone call he made to Ukraine president regarding his concerns about corruption involvng U.S. tax dollars. The Demcrats are masters at turning the tables, twisting facts, and cheating. Apologizing for the vaccines and Warp Speed is minor in the all of things. If he refuses to apologize, perhaps Americans will decide that in the all of things an apology is not as important as helping us save America. We know that he did everything humanly possible to deal with the Covid mess. I would like for him to apologize, but even if he does, it won’t change anything.

        Perhaps it is time for all of us to move on, and deal with the new boosters being rolled out which Biden spent $4 Billion — to kill and injure us, instead of dwelling on Warp Speed. We’re not out of the woods. (Ref. Dr. Robert W. Malone, Steve Bannon’s Warroom, 8.26.22.)

  11. G. Gordon Liddy

    I am a proud member of the control group. 🙂

  12. john

    Mark Zuckerburg is trying to cover his own compliance (guilt)) , I see..He told joe rogan the FBI warned him shortly before the 2020 election that the hunter biden laptop was Russian disinformation and that is why facebook censored anyone who tried to post about it. The little weasil, what about all of the Zuckerboxes you funded to help cheat sleazy joe in to office little mark ? Typical FBI action , though . FBI is an enforcement arm of the democratic party, and they are not even trying to hide it anymore.

  13. Rodster

    HUGE MEGA BOMBSHELL Greg! So the FBI is the agency “creating and spreading the lies”.

    “Election Interference: Zuck Tells Rogan Facebook Censored Hunter Laptop Story After FBI Request”

    • Janet

      Let’s “de-fund the FBI and Big Pharma”! – that is not so hard for Congress to do!! – and most of our problems will immediately disappear!!!

      • Earth Angel

        Don’t forget to add the cia to that list. Very important to ‘lose’ that criminal organization as well.

  14. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for your determination of bringing us the reality of our medical establishment.
    The attempted murder of Mr Alex Dugin in Moscow was obviously a WEF inspired attack due to his writings on the poisonous WEF and their evil. So many agencies were involved but the British SAS proclaimed their activity earlier this year in Ukraine and Russia and their targets ,not a good idea on reflection perhaps.
    Still our economy here in the UK is truly awful for us mere plebs ,the elite are barely effected except wages for their staff have to rise a little. Still our security services are glaring over our shoulders as we are prepared for starvation,freezing and just death.Nice people at GCHQ and MI5 actively seeking our deaths all the way from the WEF.
    We should be praying to our one true God,Jesus Christ.

  15. Laz

    I used to ‘joke’ that HYPOCRISY is a liberal superpower… But I was a bit off. HYPOCRISY is progressive ideology. It’s part of the plan. Baked into every grift. The easiest thing to point out every time is the blatant in-your-face fraud and HYPOCRISY, but it doesn’t matter. Nothing ever comes of it. It’s pure amusement for the demons that know this. They WANT you to point out their HYPOCRISY so you can observe them getting away with it every time. Yuri Bezmanov defected from Russia (KGB) to Canada in the 70’s or 80’s, and explained the process of demoralizing a population. Blatant, unchecked HYPOCRISY is all part of the plan. Always has been because it works pretty good.

  16. Mitchell Bupp

    Selective information distribution is the norm today… Like the Georgia grand jury looking into election charges by the Trump team. I was the contact for a whistleblower that observed Georgia runoff ballots being shipped from Arizona. I would think that if they were really interested in finding the truth they would want to speak with me. However, there is nothing but silence.

  17. jomer

    You were out running errands ‘sick as a dog” with covid? I hope I miss understood what you were trying to say.

    I think vaccines, mask and social distancing don’t work, but not avoiding contact with other people when you are sick is being irresponsible. We now know the vaxxed have a weakened immune and things like the common flu will be more deadly. So, I will be avoid going out even if I have the common cold.

    I am not a troll, in fact I find Watchdog to have the best Guest and wrap-ups and I agree with the vast majority of the information provided. They are very few things I have s different point so of view or opinions on. But in this case ….

  18. Grant Hill


    • Janet

      Let’s de-fund the FBI, DOJ and Big Pharma!!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      It is illusion that government “Of the people, by the people, and for the people” exists or even CAN exist. Government equals power, and power leads to corruption. Sooner or later, government becomes an end to and of itself (continual expansion of NON-ELECTED bureaucracy). FDR set the stage in the 30s, and we “surrendered” in the 60s and 70s, which is when “we” lost control of “our” government, the hallmark of which is permanent deficit-spending. Since that time, government has become the “be all and end all” and exists solely to serve itself. Many people figure this out and seek to become part of the government, as that is where the benefits, wealth, and power are. Elections at this point are a waste of time, effort, and money. Have elections saved us? Have we stemmed the tide of decline via voting? Better to face the music and deal with it. If we can’t or won’t do that, the thing will run its course to complete disintegration and dissolution. We are on that path now. These are facts, not “doom”, not “quitting”. Best always. PM

  19. Arthur

    Please remember those sailors unlawfully incarcerated on Navy barges while their religious accommodation requests are being processed. My understanding of their condition is that they are living on Navy vessels where sewage seeps out of their showers and toilets. Its shocking that our so called military is doing this to their own. Its time for all of our retired military officers to get off their a$$, put down that bbq sandwich, and do something! These guys need you and our country needs you. The Liberty Counsel is representing the sailors at

    • eddiemd

      It is not surprising.

      I used to do physical exams on Army soldiers at Ft Bragg that were heading to the Camp Lejuene brig back in the 90s. To make sure that they could tolerate bread and waters rations.

  20. Paul

    When waging an attack on an opponent its purpose is always to be in a better position in which to wage another attack.

    Seems either way trump was doomed with his arrogance and lack of knowledge. He got setup for further assault, and sooner he acknowledges this he should step backwards so he might be able to go forward again. Otherwise he is the fall guy.

    Paul from arkansas

  21. Really Awake

    The FBI told FaceBook to censor information and opinion on Hunter Biden’s laptop? So who told them to censor minority opinion and deplatform anybody opposing the Vaxx? And what about shadow banning anyone who exposes the phoney “anthropogenic climate change”? Or what about censoring anybody who even asks questions about the stolen election?

    Who is behind all of the duplicitous propaganda? – the outright lies about the economy? – the lies about the indoctrination taking place in public education? – the lies about diversity and how tens on millions of illegals flooding over the border will transmorgrify America into a Peronist Inflationary CrapHole..

    Lies. Lies. And more lies. Anybody who still supports Washington’s lies is a useful idiot. Period.

    It won’t be long now before the SHTF.

  22. Jerry

    The walls are closing in on the petrodollar.

    The Saudi’s see Biden as a laughing stock, and Xi sees an opportunity to unseat the dollar, as tensions grow in Taiwan. Behind the scenes there is a military call up in process. September should be a month to remember.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The only way out is through. Best always. PM


    Assuming that Trump was chosen by the military and patriots to work with other countries to take down the deep state, destroy the infiltrated U.S.A. and start the new Republic, I think Trump knew the facts from day one. There is a lot that we do not know. We are in WWIII and the deep state could have had nuclear weapon threats that the military did not yet have control over. An EMP or nuclear events around the country would kill more people (possibly) than the vaccines. Who is in control of climate engineering? — they are destroying the atmosphere and polluting the skies. Isn’t it our own military that is doing this? That’s what really bothers me. If there are more “good guys” in the military, then why don’t they end this madness??

    • Ross Rain

      Mary Ann Saluri, We Agree with you entirely. Our food is Poisoned, Our Water And Our Air. Ever since 125 Countries agreed to undermine the Health of their own Citizens, Governments have been in Alignment with the Globalists. In 1995 these governments agreed to Destroy the Minerals in all fruits and Vegetables “ Codex Alimentarius “. Ever since they have agreed to Damage the Health and Wellbeing of Mankind. As far as Trump is Concerned, Please Consider. Dr David Martin, a most excellent and Honorable Biologist. Also. The Revered. Dr Vernon Coleman. My best to you . Humanity must rise up together in Unison Against those who hate Life and Nature.

    • Janet

      If the Military “are the bad guys” and Trump “supports the military” – then we know all we need to know as to what side Trump is on!!

  24. The Seer

    Listen everyone-
    I am a futurist clairvoyant and double check with another intuitive through a middle person so we do not influence each other. DJT45 is NOT going to win
    In 2024, if he even is participating by then. Something blocks him becoming president again.
    Some big evil names will not be alive by the end of this year that will loosen some areas up.
    Top military levels are waking up.
    Do start your own gardens- if you don’t have land then grow at friends property or initiate a community garden on the grass at your complex or HOA. Get off all the electronics TV computer cell phones and get outside into the garden.
    Those who have passed from the jab bless them into the divine light and know they are in unlimited consciousness and holy bliss.
    The Seer

  25. Marty

    Hey Greg,

    Even if President Trump comes out and denounces the vax… which he absolutely should because it is killing and maiming people. But, even if he does – the facts are the facts… he did push this and fast tracked it. Yes, people lied to him … but, is that enough to give Trump a pass? To be honest, I’m not sure it matters at all because President Trump is vaccinated… very sadly, I doubt he will be healthy enough to run for President in 2024 (assuming a 2024 election happens at all which I think is 50/50 at best because half the country will be dead or disabled by then… it is likely we will be under Martial Law and sadly … probably blue hats).

    I also want to say is there is a reason why “vax is bad” is now a talking point… they waited until now to provide cover and a distraction for the massive voting fraud about to be committed yet again for the mid-terms. There are no coincidences and these murderers use everything to their advantage.

    I agree with you … the only thing that will save us is an act of God.


    • Janet

      We may soon witness someone “acting” like God (out of Israel) as they bring forth their false Messiah – according to Matthew 24:4-5 there will be “a deliberate attempt to trick us” into following a false Messiah – Israel rejects Jesus as the Messiah – so they are looking to bring forth a false Messiah (the Antichrist) who will stand in the Jewish temple and “claim to be God” (Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:14; 2nd Thessalonians 2:4; Revelation 13:15 – some say the Messiah will be presented to the world on Yom Kippur 2022 which falls on October 4-5 !!!

      • Janet

        What I’m worried about is the Fallen Angel (Satan) – who may come out from his prison in Antarctica and place himself on a Mountain Throne in Israel and declare himself “to be God” over all Mankind (the Anti-Christ)!! – such tyranny would not be possible without the compliance of evil politicians and WEF Globalists who may actually be helping Satan to escape!! – as the story goes Archangel Gabriel (who told the Virgin Mary she would give birth to Jesus and dictated the Koran to the Prophet Muhammed) also entrusted an Ark “or box of immense power” to the founder of the Muslim faith who was told to bury the Ark in a shrine at a place of worship (the Sacred Mosque of Mecca) to be brought out in the days of “Yawm al-Qīyāmah” (the Day of Satan’s Resurrection??) – to be used to defeat Satan?? – or to give him great power??? – I hope it is the former!! –

  26. Vic

    A calculated amount of placebos are neccesary in order to hide mass deaths which will be quite noticeable.
    Instead, a plan of catch up is rolled out with boosters to continue the carnage with a pause to cover it all up along with other measures. You will notice the homeless population that have not complied or received the posion and whose immune systems are as compromised as those over 80 with a host of medical issues proves the ‘scamdemic’, no daily pickups of corpses strewn on city streets and encampments that are a given by the liars and perpetrators of the narratives. As for masks, these same poor souls en masse did not wear any.
    My genuine thanks to Greg Hunter and many others for exposing this ongoing depopulation attack added to the plethora of other soft kill methods.

    • Shiloh1

      About 2 years ago Denninger pointed out that there were 4 groups that live in close quarters with dubious sanitation facilities which were curiously not dying en mas from Covid: prisoners, slaughterhouse workers, homeless camps and

  27. rainer bauxdrel

    People in important leadership positions must have the gravitas and intelligence in order to fulfill their mission. The insouciant American public’s focus seems to be easily influenced by rhetoric and personal charisma . Donald Trump certainly has the charisma and rhetoric that appeals to many of Americans. A primary critique ; from my point of view ; is that Donald Trump did NOT examine Fauci’s background and past activities in reference to his failures regarding the ‘Aids Issue. Had Trump; or his Staff actually Vetted Fauci ; and examined the ” corresponding” influence of ; a completely Legally Immune Big Pharma…….none of this might have happened.. Trump’s Good Heart ; and Decent Motives are insufficient. Oliver Stone once stated that Trump was ; ” Just not up to the Job”. Trump’s very obvious shortcomings have resulting a Social and Medical Catastrophe.

  28. barsoom43

    The FBI has been a criminal organization at least since they shot teenager Sammy Weaver in the back and their sniper, Lon Horiuchi, shot Vicki Weaver in the head..

  29. Allen

    Greg love your show. Regarding President Trump I voted for him, loved many of the things he did. Especially how he got the Mexican Army to close our boarder BUT there are other actions that he did and did not take that are questionable and if he will not immediately come out about the fake vax and recant all of his earlier support for it then I have to say he may be controlled resistance.

    Controlled Resistance is a favorite tactic of the Global Elites that when they see there is a growing resistance against them in the people, they then provide a leader for these people.

    This leader walks and talks like he is one of the Resistance but really he is not. Trump is a rich guy, he has some questionable relations through his son in law and George Soros.

    Bottom line is unless Trump will come out 100% against the fake vax and other pertinent issues then he may NOTA be the man we WANT him to be.

    You see we all WANT Trump to be that guy, but some of his actions make us think otherwise. I will tell you a Man who’s actions demand he become our next President and that is Mike Lidel, that guy walks it like he talks it. Did you see his cyber symposium on the Election Fraud. WOW Evidence!!

    • Greg Hunter

      He will have to come out and say he was lied too.

      • Paul from Indiana

        And if he does not? Then what? I say, rather than beat each other up over Mr. Trump, take his ideas, his courage, his willingness to fight,
        and press forward. If we are dependent upon Mr. Trump for survival and eventual progress, we are doomed to fail, since Mr. Trump is mortal. Best always. PM

  30. Fred Engel

    I believe Trump had a call to make, we are in war, information war. The media attacked him for saying hydroxychloroquine worked. In war there are not always good choices, some people die. Bad choice worse choice. The plan was to shut everything down worldwide, for 8 years. Suicides probably would have been the big cause of death along with jabs and boosters. He mentioned disinfectant would kill the virus, the news said he was telling people to drink bleach. Greg great report, I got new tires and a serpentine belt if it’s 5 years old replace it, they can go after that without warning. With supply issues your car could be sitting.


    No one seems to have an answer on how to fight hospital administrations to disallow nasal covid pcr tests for needed surgeries! Sad that we seem to be all screwed!!!

    • Tommy

      If they come at you, return the favor by sticking up their caboose. Geesh, grow a pair.

      • Paul from Indiana

        You’ve just identified our collective problem in two sentences. Go to the head of the class. Best always. PM

  32. A Anthanovich

    This is an eye-opening discussion about the so-called vaccines and about science in general. Pretty much everything we’ve been told is a lie…

    According to Dr. Wagh, all of the CV-19 vaccine vials she has tested contain a hydro-gel adjuvant, a synthetic lipid nano-particle, and reduced graphene oxide…along with massive amounts of aluminum and other toxic heavy metals. Surprisingly, she found NO mRNA and NO spike proteins.

    Basically, these “poison death shots” are a chemical weapon…not a bio-weapon.

    In addition, Mike Adams found toxic heavy metals in large rubbery-like “clots” that are being pulled out of human corpses during embalming since the embalming fluid will not flow into the body as expected. Mike did the analysis in his certified lab using ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) and has published the composition of these “clots”

  33. leo

    This is one of your best wrap ups ever. Trump needs to come out of darkness ASAP Now. The bible says that if we confess our sin God will forgive our sin. The democrats love to take the moral high ground by pointing out your sins and hiding their own. When you shine light the darkness disappears. Trump needs to take the high ground NOW tomorrow may be to late. He may not recover this pounding if he waits to long and it is his ONLY shot to defuse this bomb and he has no choice: be humble Mr Trump and address this issue of lies of his vaccine fraud. Tell the world then let the chips fall. God will walk with him If he does this before the democrats jump all over this. Let us pray that he will act now.

  34. Rich

    Thanks for all always Greg!
    Maybe Blackrock halted all the home purchases because they
    know the prices are going to crash and availability rise (between foreclosures and deaths) and are just waiting to rape on the cheap!

  35. Dirk Lurch

    Joe Biden may have ‘sealed the fate’ of the Democrats this November
    68,865 views Aug 26, 2022 Sky News host James Morrow says US President Joe Biden may have “sealed the fate” of the Democrats for this November’s midterm elections.
    “How? Well, he just signed off on a $300 billion – at least – transfer of wealth from the working class and the responsible to the wealthy and the woke,” Mr Morrow said.
    “Of course, it is the productive middle-class citizenry who will be paying this money back to the lenders, not the people who, you know, signed the loan documents for degrees that never amounted to anything anyways!.” Video & More;

    Wokeness is ‘determined’ to kill off humour
    220,352 views Aug 9, 2022 Sky News host Rowan Dean says the “disgusting” cancellation of Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam after a “perfectly harmless gag” proves wokeness is killing off…MORE

  36. Jeremy

    No one will go to jail. Nothing wii result from these criminal acts as a majority of Congress are bought and sold by big pharma. I don’t have much faith in Americans doing anything. Just roll over and take it. Sad.

  37. alfy

    the enemy of humanity is waging total war. time is of prime importance in war. with both sides struggling to have time working for their side and against the other side. I think time has been working for humanity and against the enemy. I’m sure the enemy will launch what ever major offensives they have still have in store for us. but time is working against them, so those major offensive will be coming sooner than later. chances are, because time is working against them, the enemy will come up short. then they are doomed. from now until next summer appears to be a time of great challenge for all of us.

  38. Boy

    Greg, an ISO certified lab has determined that the clots from post mortem vaccinated people are not blood clots.
    They are self organizing and are like rubber bands. They contain many toxic metals in a silicon and graphene matrix. Yummy.

  39. jon

    Hi Greg, The military today and the forced vax is very much different than my experience. I was on a Navy ship during the 80’s. My experience was that the Navy kept any type of vax or medications to a very very bare minimum. The logical conclusion is that medications and vaxx will effect performance negatively.

    • MorningStar

      @ Boy ~ Please supply link to verify your claim. Thanks.

  40. Dan

    The reason Trump developed “Operation Warp Speed” to get the “vaccines” on an “accelerated timeline” was so that the “vaccines” would be labeled as experimental, and NOT mandatory. The deep state’s goal was to make these “vaccines” mandatory. Remember the Georgia Guidestones? They wanted to reduce humanity to 500 million, and the use of these “vaccines” was part of their goal. (By the way, you saw how the Lord destroyed the Guidestones). People aren’t understanding the depth and width of THE SWAMP, and this incredible spirit realm war. The goal is to win this war, but in any war, there will be battles lost. Trump told us the real truth early on, when he mentioned hydroxychloroquin, azithromycin, and zinc as an effective treatment for the virus. There are MANY traitors in America, and I mean MANY traitors… but Trump is not one of them, nor is he stupid, evil, or captured.

    • Shiloh1

      At some point someone had to wade into the depths of the deep state with a claus von stauffenburg designer briefcase. Speaking metaphorically, of course!

  41. Southern Girl

    Boy are you on FIRE!! Love it!! Just wanted to tell anyone who is looking for Ivermectin where I get mine:
    100 Tablets of 12 mg. for $80.00
    Shipping $30.00
    Total $110.00 It is shipped form Singapore. First order took 4 weeks. Last order 2 weeks.
    I am following what the Dr.’s and Greg are saying and taking a pill twice a week to keep others who shed their spike protein on to me.

  42. pbd

    Thank you for your tireless, brave, and excellent reporting and commentary. Trump’s failure to reverse his position on the Clot-shots has put potential 2024 Trump supporters in an untenable situation. At this point whatever Trump does (IF ANYTHING) regarding acknowledging the genocidal action of the Clot-shots will be TOO-LITTLE-TOO-LATE FOR MANY. When there were as many as 75 initial deaths (or less) attributed to the experimental Clot-shots – Trump could have and should have immediately called for pausing the clinical trials and suspension of the EUA deployment of the shots – instead he continued to promote them – to this DAY! Now many people have been killed and many more forever perhaps irreparably damaged by Clot-shots, and a significant subset of these victims took the shots BECAUSE Trump pushed them and continued to push them in the face of overwhelming evidence that they were unsafe and ineffective. Recently when called on the phone, Trump (allegedly) is hanging up on allies that are raising the issue of vaccine injury. This is NOT reasonable! There is NO WAY TO SUGAR COAT THIS! Trump has blood on his hands that can not be washed off – regardless of any good intentions and other great things he has done for the Country. The fact that others have more blood on their hands does not make it OK. No amount of ex post blame shifting explanations is going to bring back the many dead and the future dead – this is ongoing genocide – full stop. Family and friends are dying and suffering. This is a time of tribulation (big or little “T”) and we WILL BE judged if we lie to ourselves about this and pick winners and losers regarding accountability (I think).
    Thanks again for your reporting.

    • Abe Crater

      I’m a news hound and I challenge you PDB, to post anything, voice, video or writing with the Trumpster pushing or even just asking anybody to take the clot shot. But there’s plenty on puppet Beijing Biden threatening everyone who doesn’t get the Fraudci, Gates patented Wuhan Kung flu clot bat shot. In fact Biden put over a billion dollars into the operation Mockingbird main stream talking head news media, bribing them to never speak against the life sniffing out, debilitating Russian roulette, mandating of death by vax ah nation.
      Let’s see what got, clot shot man.

  43. Divingengineer

    Professional Athlete must be, statistically, the most dangerous occupation since Roman mercury miners.

  44. pbd

    Was Trump set-up, trapped, duped, and used for malevolent purposes? Yes! But this is NOT simply about Trump. There are epic opportunistic killers on the loose that have FAKED-up the world and are running a prison planet and continuing to torture and play us against each other. Trump is continuing to be manipulated and he is being used by the DS to run us around the hog lot.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE now (I think) as a practical or moral matter – to seriously consider supporting Trump for President in 2024 – that is why the DS will do everything in its power to keep Trump in the running and in the news. The DS desperately needs Trump now more than ever in order to keep the Country divided in a state of chaos. The FBI raid on Trump’s personal residence was critical in-part to re-energize the Trump base and blind folks to his monumental failure to condemn the Clot-shots. However, the FBI raid strategy has backfired in many ways. It also failed to force a premature reactionary announcement from Trump that he was running in 2024 (Kudos once again to Trump for sniffing out DS manipulation).

  45. pbd

    Trump is setting himself up politically to be characterized by the DS as the supreme unapologetic egomaniac architect and author of the largest human genocidal blight to hit the planet (in recent) recorded history – and the DS will promote this narrative to the max so as to paint Trump supporters, Christians, conservatives etc. as irrational insane psychos and to deflect attention and blame away from the DS puppet opportunist useful idiots in government and the private sector that created and profited from the plandemic and Clot-shot genocide.
    Even if Trump capitulates and reverses his Clot-shot position – a Presidential run in 2024 will be fraught with news about ongoing “vaccine” deaths and injury, and questions about what Trump knew about the Clot-shots, when did he know it, who did he pressure, what did he intentionally ignore, why did he delay on condemning the Clot-shots etc.

  46. pbd

    Many libertarians and conservatives will bail-out on Trump. The potential silver lining to this is that it may set an objective non-partisan example and precedent against the Clot-shot genocide that will break the lib mass form psychosis in some people and cause massive political defections from the synthetic us-versus-them FAKE party ideologies and lead to a unified populist front that includes folks from the left – that will stop the genocide and take out the DS (peacefully and via due process hopefully). This will NOT happen unless there is non-partisan populist unification. TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) works both ways – the DS is inducing 2-way TDS to stop a unified populist front from developing that will hold them accountable.
    Yes, Trump has been viciously persecuted and wronged. Trump still has a potentially significant and good roll in all this – he needs to man-up and admit he was wrong and used by the DS and people died because of it – and history will see him perhaps as one of the most influential and greatest leaders of all time in spite of his many flaws.
    Best of luck all.

    • J. Loughran

      Conservatives should beware of Liberals in Libertarian rhetoric?

    • Tommy

      pbd, The Fake News Media had many in a trance repeating the mantra 24/7 from the Xiden Regime’s PUSH to take all of Big Pharma’s “vaccines” where the phenomenon became known as MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS …this about face on the Clot-Shot is waking people up especially when they realize Trump never mandated it and Biden DID. . .

  47. al

    This fake resident MUST OWN THE FAILURES for the future of Humanity. It must be made official.

    The historical records coming out of this tragedy will be studied for decades to come. This is how you FULLY BURY the global cabal and their f’d up system FOREVER !

    CGI Joe MUST own this in full !!! Yes, call him “president” because it’s a matter of official record.

    NEWS ALERT ! Vaccinated people are disease carriers (no immune system), they must now wear masks and stand 6 feet apart from Pure Bloods. They must also spray DDT all over their bodies so that mosquitoes carrying disease and viruses don’t bite them.

  48. Larry Serflaten

    One step in the right direction would be to pressure CDC Director Walensky to restore the correct definition of vaccine to the CDC website. That would help inform even the ardent ‘believers’ that what they got was not a vaccine.

    Using their current definition: “A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” They could inject us with horse piss and still tell us it is ‘a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response’!

    They were able to quietly take down their mRNA duration statement, it would be nice to make a big news story about forcing them to correct their wording!

  49. Susan R

    The worst outcome is your choice does not win. I am sorry but we have to prepare beyond the outcome. It is obvious to me that other forces are in control anyway and the goal is to wipe us off the earth and it’s going well so far. We must make ourselves “wipeofftheearth” proof. There is nothing left but to be battle hardened. Life took a left turn when we were not looking and we are here now deal with it.

  50. Endangeredspecies

    Greg, I am so glad I found your channel awhile back. Its now my go to spot for straight talk. Your in a class of your own these days, thanks.

  51. David Steele

    They’ve been ignoring the common denominator behind Sudden Infant Death Syndrome for a long time as well.
    More Vaccines = Higher Infant Mortality Rate

  52. Kim M.

    Thank you, Greg, for everything that you do!
    Did you know all police officers and military persons take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC?

    Are you familiar with Flag Officers 4 America? They are an organized group of US retired generals and admirals defending the Constitution.

  53. jesus_loves_you!

    Greg is on far!!

  54. Wanda Grubbs

    Hi Greg I have to agree with others here, Trump is going to have the blame for cv deaths laid on him. IF he doesn’t come out publicly and apologize which I understand he doesn’t want to do? Then he wont be coming back. We have to show how the real actors pushed this. Faucci now hs left a letter at the NEJOM stating the cv shots don’t work, (From Redacted on YT) and admits they make ppl sick. Little weasel is covering his tracks now. But we all need to keep presenting these evil people who led America into a grave yard. Will people listen? I fear not, because God knows how hard many of us tried to warn them, against taking a shot for the flu. Now your last guest, the DR she stated there is some thing added to this years flu shot, that if the toxic juice didn’t get you this will. ARE people going to listen and not take it? Probably not. I am hoping as more and more ppl learn of the cv population control clot shot, they will harden themselves against taking the new flu one this year.
    That dang spike protein!! Our Daughter, who is expecting her 2nd child in Nov is down sick again with :CV” that she tested positive for it. As many times I have warner her against the medical corporation we have here, she still listens to these killers called MD’s over there. my husband recently had to see his DR same Hospital/clinic, and when he asked about if he had taken the toxin in his arm my Husband and I both said NO do you know what he said to my Husband then? “I wish you good luck with that” UGH Five Doctors in Canada dropped dead in the last couple days, all in the same day. I read this this Morning.

  55. al

    AS A POLL WORKER Speaking (Thank you Greg)
    I am unveiling the 51% / 49% (divided America) phenomenon

    I finished my Poll Worker duty three days ago. I’m now friendly with the Supervisor of Elections, an excellent and very fair lady who is a stickler for accuracy. We spoke during break and I asked her a simple question… “why are the poll results always half and half?”

    She said that they can deviate as far as 49% / 51% without an audit by law.
    She further explained. If the polls deviated more than that (example: 40% / 60%) that would spark a full audit to verify, therefore, to circumvent the audit the numbers must be as close to 50/50 as possible.

    This is why cheaters want the other side to get votes so that by law, audits don’t occur. It’s very hard to cheat a 49% / 51%, therefore they don’t audit.
    This FLOORED ME DEAD !!!
    Yes, it’s law. Special exceptions have to be made to audit a close race like that, but if the numbers deviate then there is no special case and the other side can spark an audit.

    This all makes sense now. America is NOT DIVIDED, it’s manipulated.
    As long as the cheaters are ahead even by ONE VOTE IN THEIR FAVOR, they still WIN THE ELECTION.

    Holy Kamoly, that makes a lot of sense.

    So next time you find yourself in a public place watching election results and hear “boooo, yey, booo, yey, booo… ” they are manipulating the people’s numbers on the fly. THAT IS TREASON !!!

    I was privileged in handling the ballots from the locked scanner box to a transport box. Every single one of those ballots was someone’s deep intentions. That feeling of reverence that came over me was overwhelming. How anyone could screw with such intentions is beyond me.
    It’s criminal and that person should be brought to a swift and painful justice !

    • Paul from Indiana

      All of this to my point that elections are pointless. They solve nothing; they fix nothing. They only serve to perpetuate the system. Best always. PM

  56. Dave S

    My thought is that President Trump will address all after the November elections. This is his opportunity to lay it out for all to see. After this exposure it will be clear if he is wanted by the majority public to be President again. If the people forgive him for his being duped there is perhaps no-way, he can lose but I fear the next step the deep state players will take is to depopulate him. Who will the Democrat Party place for a candidate? Gavin Newsom? Who do they have that they can run? Biden will be retired or deceased. Harris is unelectable. Warren, well she needs a penis appearance surgery to start. Sanders, the old Communist is too old like Biden. Clinton, too unpopular and too old and heath compromised. Sorry, all speculations like everyone else.

    • PP&J

      Dave S, Here’s some “speculation” for ya, Under O’Biden’s FBI, no one from Epstein’s client list has been arrested, Hunter still walks free, and we never did find out who the SCOTUS leak was – but we know what’s in Melania Trump’s closet….just ask Wray Garland, word is they will be sporting a few outfits at the LaRaza Inn tonight 🙂

  57. pbd

    Ford raised the base price [increase of $6K to $8.5K] of its F-150 Lightning [and Lariat] electric pickup truck Aug. 9 following the passing of a bill [the joke “Inflation Reduction Act” of 2022] by Senate Democrats that included a $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit. See Ford Raises Electric Truck Price By Up To $8,500 After Democrats Pass $7,500 EV Tax Credit | The Daily Caller. Another printed funny money financed pork-chop barbeque corporate welfare?
    Best of luck all.

  58. Southern Girl

    Well as I was listening to your WNW my AC guy said, “Your unit is leaking Freon and I can replace it next Thursday so the AC/Gas Heater will be replaced. I knew it was coming since the unit is 22 years old. Well, it is going to cost me $8330.00. Better now that I have just paid everything except my car off. Gad Zooks!

    • Tommy

      Southern Girl,

      That seems very steep, get other FREE estimates to be sure.

  59. Stephen Weber

    Hey Greg!, You are nothing short of AWESOME!
    I think 4.5 out of 10 “people” are 100% indoctrinated. Not to mention ignorant and probably stupid too in many cases.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think it’s 12% approval.

  60. Southern Girl

    Talked to my youngest sister who is a nurse. She of course took the jab!! We were facetiming and she kept saying that she had gotten over Covid for the 4th or 5th time and still had Brain Fog!! She along with her husband in the Air Force stationed overseas all had to get the jab. I guess she doesn’t want to see the elephant in the room. Soooo depressing to me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Stay strong. Your family is going to need you.

    • L Nonamaker

      Southern Girl,
      That’s really tough. Stay strong. Keep praying. The FLCCC doctors are having some success with their protocols.

  61. John Forgione

    I give him 99…… if I give him 100 he would get a big head!
    Please register your score here…..

    • Saso

      101%, I’d give more if possible. But beyond 100% It’s mathematically impossible!?

    • J. Loughran

      I approve of approving in any way as not to curse our scrupulous Host with a “Big Head”. Sincerely, Sir Small- (relative?) Hat.

  62. Georgeanne Marx

    The Placebo group were those that did not get the shot.
    None of these shots as well as flu shots in the past, and others, have NEVER been put through the 5-10 years of testing. They have been attempting to kill people for decades!!!!

  63. Bob Brinker

    Steve ‘don’t ban’ Bannon Issues an Emergency Message Concerning Alex Jones and the Future of the World
    Stephen K. Bannon August 26th 2022, 11:09 am
    The Davos elite want to take power away from YOU and place it in the hands of a cabal of 💉scientists🧬 and managers who they believe can do a better job of ruining our society.🧪🔬⚗🧫
    The problem is that this requires a fascist-like collaboration between big business and big government, the same model employed by tyrants of the past like Hideki Tojo in Japan, Benito Mussolini in Italy, and Adolph Hitler in national socialist Nazi Germany. We cannot let that happen again, or ever again!

    152,851 views Aug 26, 2022 “WHY DIDN’T YOU RAID HILLARY CLINTON!”

    Clueless AOC SNAPS at Ben Carson in Congress, Gets HUMILIATED
    Sorry…if u get ANY PUBLIC ASSISTANCE u shouldn’t be in possession of drugs or alcohol…or living on tax payer money…
    Ben is too cool, too bad, nobody at DOJ or FBI has his grasp on testifying.

    Why BRICS nations will win World War III while the West collapses into ruin

    • eddiemd

      Do you ever take a break from the endless postings under fake names?

      AI troll bot.

      • Dirk Bogartnerd

        eddiemd, you are a very clever human. Have you considered a career of transhumance after your death? You could be usefull in our takeover of the mere mortals.

        • Greg Hunter

          Dirk/moron troll,
          You are No match for Eddie.

        • eddiemd

          You are another troll. Must have touched a nerve ending. Two nerve cells held together by a spirochete.—>I found a new name for you.

          Dirk Bogartnerd…that made me laugh.

          Are you the same troll who writes under all the mixed up names? What is that about?

          Just post under the same name. What is there to hide?

  64. Sasol Vogel

    In Oz_ Saturday Afternoon Movie, tomorrow US. WATCH;
    Pendulum (1969) – Crime/Drama/Thriller – Charles McGraw, George Peppard, Jean Seberg & Richard Kiley
    So a low life lawyer gets a rapist and murderer off. The pendulum swung then and will swing again soon. Be ready for Impact! Which way does it swing now._ For Whom the Bell Tolls
    By John Donne
    No man is an island, Entire of itself.
    Each is a piece of the continent, A part of the main.
    If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less.
    As well as if a promontory were.
    As well as if a manor of thine own Or of thine friend’s were.
    Each man’s death diminishes me, For I am involved in mankind.
    Therefore, send not to know
    For whom the bell tolls,
    It tolls for thee.
    Another good film for our time, but fits well here.

  65. Ron

    This is what it has taken someone to get round auto-censorship on YouTube (on Neil McCoy’s channel)
    11 minutes ago
    I’m trying to tell you about an important news item, but it has now been auto-censored twice

    11 minutes ago
    …to do with the [Latin For Cow]

    1 minute ago
    13 Aug and 24 Aug iv’s on site (Clue):
    [Yankeeland 3-letter initials] & [goes tick-tick on your wrist] & [goes woof-woof]
    …all in one word

  66. Thora Pomicter

    I completely get your passion about the jab and telling people not to get it. I appreciate you and always love the Friday News Wrapups. God bless you.

  67. Ricard Westwell

    Look forward to the weekly news wrap up, every week. However looks like the Saturday night post this week is another “God Botherer” as my old mum would say. Shame.

    • Greg Hunter

      Richard well you Mum is in hell and that is a bigger shame. Wake up. Jesus is real and so is heaven.

  68. James Hall

    Greg Run flats are very heavy and cause more wear and tear on the suspension.
    When you say you can run 50 miles that’s at at speed 5o mile per hour, if you drive real slow can go much further.I have a BMW repair business and people hate them, they were one of the first ones to use them over 10 years ago, they make a lot of noise as well. Still a good tip to keep car in good shape.

    Do a four quest pod cast on covid

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true James and they have come a long way from 10 years ago. Bridgestone “Drive Guard” (aka Run Flat) are the best and the side walls are speed rated. Sure, it may be little rougher ride (I cannot tell this on my vehicles,) but it makes my car handle like a sports car. I am going on my third set and have had zero problems. It does not wear out the suspension and if you have credible evidence of that post it. I have had them on a Chevy Impala (2) and a Buick La Saber, and, again, the vehicles handle like sport cars!!! Fantastic product, and if you ever have a flat tire (or two like I did late at night when I was sick) you will be thanking your lucky stars you have them. I know a lot about cars. I have a full set of tools. My father was a machinist. I rotate my own tires. I have a re-learning tool. I have rebuilt several engines. I have a 250 lb. torque wrench. I know what I am taking about. In today’s world, whatever little downside of a “run flat” (Drive Guard) tire, it is far outweighed by the ability to simply drive it home without damaging your rims if you get a flat. I had two flat tires at once!!!!!! It was 11:00pm at night and I was 25 miles from home. I have personal experience with this, and it works!!!–Very Well]!!!!!

  69. Tim Kapsala

    Hi Greg,

    Title 21 (FDA) CFR (code of federal regulations) 50.25(a) requires the following 9 basic elements for informed consent:

    1. Statement that the study involves reasearch, purpose is study, xpected duration and procedures used.
    2. Risks or discomforts
    3. Benefits
    4. Alternative treatments
    5. Confidentiality
    6. Compensation for injury/further treatment
    7. Who to contact for injury and subjects rights
    8. Participation is voluntary and there is no retribution
    9. Statement that the clinical trial is posted on

  70. Ira Elliott

    With the shots people haven’t gotten 4 shots. I know people who have had 6 shots. The original 2 plus 4 boosters

  71. Justin


    Great job Greg for standing strong in the face of EVIL, and spreading the truth..take care and keep safe!!!! EVIL is everywhere trying to stop good people telling the truth in many unimaginable from our family to yours
    Your friends from Canada

  72. Thomas Wigand


    I love ya man, but have to say I’m disappointed you didn’t discuss the last weekend’s “Moment of Truth Summit” (Mike Lindell), including the premiere of “Selection Code” (a must-watch available for free on Rumble). WITH ONLY A COUPLE OF EXCEPTIONS, THE MEDIA IS REFUSING TO REPORT ON THESE. Et ut, Greg?

    For those who were disappointed in last year’s “Cyber-Symposium,” this makes up for it: Mike Lindell explains here why they had to hold back information at that time:

    THE BOMBSHELL REVELATION: The next segment (here: ) presents an overview of smoking-gun evidence that is currently under a “state secrets” gag order. As you’ll see, that information inarguably reveals a CCP-backed (and U.S. intelligence backed?) coup preventing the duly-elected President Trump from taking office (among others).


  73. James

    Federal Bureau of Instigation

  74. Kevin R. Roberts

    Trump has no indention to running for president in 2024. I think the last election will be overturned and Pence will be hanged, leaving a vacancy at V.P. which is reserved for JFK Jr. who will continue as Presidential candidate in 2024. Book it Dano.

  75. Garth Bentley


    Trump appointed Pence to oversee the pandemic vaccine . Dr Brix and Fauci were on the white house board under Pence review reporting to Trump. Also a General was in charge can’t remember his name .

    Have to wonder about Pence ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Dozens lined up to lie to the President.

    • Shiloh1

      RFK Jr. ?

  76. Michael

    You should consider getting Harvey Schlanger on.

  77. Tom

    Do not forget that Trump told us early on that we did not need the vaccine that Hydroxiclorquin and Ivermectin and the antibody treatment would cure it.

  78. James

    As for Trump, Warpspeed & the vaccines.
    Wonder how many documents were collected by the FBI during that ‘raid’ about the whole process leading up to the EUA approval of those vaccines???

    Remember Congress exempted themselves about these vaccines. Yes some Congress members did take the jab. Also many corp executives also exempted themselves, but not their workers taking vaccines.
    Pfizer CEO also stated he did not get the jab.
    Why these exemptions and what did they know and when?

  79. Registeered

    Great show. I found a gif for your poll

  80. Dave

    does the filter kill/filter out brain-eating Amoebas often found in ponds/lakes?

  81. ken e weberg

    Then Greg if thats the case Trump better come out and say that he was duped or in my humble opinion he is part of it. Ego be damned this is our country were talking about. Admit you made a mistake thats the only thing that will exonerate him

  82. Dave

    The moment President Trump appeared with Fauci and Birx I knew something was wrong. President Trump’s expression showed he was not comfortable. He said words like two “very intelligent people walked into my office”. Somehow I knew from he start something was phony about the whole deal. If my gut feeling warned me, was President Trump naive? President Trump may have been fooled by Fauci and Birx, but he has to take responsibility for the fact that he was duped, and as the chief, it was his decision to push it.
    Everyone responsible for this disaster must face justice. The lies and coverups must stop NOW!

  83. John Geis

    Trump knew HCQ worked. He had access to Senator Johnson’s hearings. He had to know long ago the vax is a bioweapon. He is part of the system

  84. eddiemd

    It is not surprising.

    I used to do physical exams on Army soldiers at Ft Bragg that were heading to the Camp Lejuene brig back in the 90s. To make sure that they could tolerate bread and waters rations.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Belatedly, many thanks for your response, 8/23/22, to my enquiry about treatment/s for my wife’s fibromyalgia.

      • eddiemd

        No worries. I try to post helpful stuff with references.

  85. Kenneth Smith

    Not to diminish the criminal seriousness of the vaccine ruse, someone ought to document the environmental impact of the trillions upon trillions of discarded face masks attributable to the so called pandemic. Are they even biodegradable? How many will wind up in the Worlds oceans and seriously impact marine life, I wonder? Were not the corral reefs endangered enough prior to this ridicules episode? Will waste masks now blanket the World’s corral reefs? What is with our preoccupation with green house gas emissions and so called ‘Global Warming’ threat, yet we ignore the real threats to life on Earth?

  86. AYB

    Mr. Hunter, please don’t take this the wrong way I mean it as a compliment. Despite the seriousness of the information you report, I watch you with my young children and they often burst out laughing because of your entertaining delivery. They LOVE watching your program (I guess you communicate on many levels). Thank you for your great work!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are good and I am happy your kids are getting an education from USAW and having some fun too!!!

      • JD Clumpett

        They used to say that about Gary Cooper. He communicated with his face and eyes too, like you Greg and his comedic films and he had a few, were hilarious!

  87. William Glaser scroll down to BLOW YOUR MIND This 3 minute video explains it all

  88. tim mcgraw

    Judge Andrew Napolitano believes that Trump will be indicted over the documents Trump took to Mar-a-Lago. Why Trump took those documents is beyond me and Napolitano. Trump opened himself up for attack.
    Trump will take the fall for the deadly MRNA injections. Trump never admits a mistake.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope you are wrong on all counts Tim, but you may not be.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg, If I were your age, I’d move to Missouri, buy some land, and go off grid. I appreciate what you do for truth and Jesus. But I worry about your future and that of your family.
        Eventually one has to put down the Trumpets of Jericho and watch out for yourself.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am going to stand and fight. This is what is wrong with America. Too many are hiding and not standing up.

      • Michael Cagney

        I think Trump hasn’t recanted his position on the Vax for nefarious reasons. Seems he is being controlled to a great degree along with the Dems.
        I can think of no other reason why he hasn’t called off the dogs on Dr’s, said ivermectin needs to be readily available.

    • L Nonamaker

      Trump did not box the documents up himself. A government entity did. I am having a senior block on which one. They released them to Trump’s WH staff. He issued a order that made the documents unclassified, which is his right as POTUS. The FBI’s case is full of holes. Listen to the lawyer who speaks on Bannon’s podcasts. I will look for the link and post it.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Indictment, and worse, conviction, will (should) set off a firestorm. There must be much at stake for them to risk something like that. Did you ever see Charlton Heston in “Planet of the Apes”? As they are hauling Heston’s character, Taylor, off to the operating room for a lobotomy, he hollers, “Dr. Zaius, what are you afraid of?” Somehow, someway, in the mind of the Ruling Elites, Mr. Trump is the biggest threat they are facing. They are preparing to risk it all over this. If Mr. Trump manages to dodge incarceration, there is only one next step for them left. That will certainly finish the country. Best always. PM

    • eddiemd

      Perhaps Trump baited them. He had them under surveillance. Counter intel operations.

      I am sure that the documents were made redundant. All backed up and under surveillance.

      I believe he set them up. We will find out soon.

  89. William Glaser

    Greg, please post this comment. Wathc this 3 minute video 1st if you need to. Thanks. scroll down to THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND This 3 minute video explains it all.

    • L Nonamaker

      This is the link:

      However, for a complete understanding of what is and isn’t legal about what they are doing with this raid, every one of Mike Davis segments on Bannon’s Warroom are informative. This is how you can select them all:
      Bannon’s Warroom link on Rumble:
      Up at the top is a banner. Find the search icon. Enter “Mike Davis” in the text box and click on the search icon. You’ll see all of his segments and can pick and choose or watch them all.

  90. tim mcgraw

    Trump never NEVER should have listened to Fauci and Birx, but Trump is a Howard Hughes germaphobe.
    Trump never NEVER should have had a rally in DC while congress was ratifying the electoral college votes. And he sure as hell shouldn’t have told his supporters to go to the Capitol.
    People suffered from this. People still suffer from Trump’s stupid huge ego.
    Trump will NEVER apologize. He can go to hell in my opinion.
    Time to quit playing these political games and start building a new system we can live in.

    • Paul

      Hi Tim,
      Unfortunately, At this point, any person getting any air time on Main Street media, past the censors, the producers and the party line should be listened to with much skepticism and doubt.
      I applaud Greg’s continued Support and belief in Trump and his message as I and many do worldwide.

      He did more good for our country and other countries than anybody, since Reagan, who like trump was marked for termination .. This medical affront to the human population was long calculated and forthcoming with or without him in office, mankind true enemy.

      Concentrate our contempt and force on the real problems, the elected and unelected globalist, who mission in life is only their welfare and others destruction. As Trump said, Their not coming for me, their coming for you”
      Dismantling the people’s populist movement and their sovereign countries is their win.

      Paul from arkansas

    • Sam

      Tim MCGRAW,
      What part of The Genocidal Maniacs & Psychopaths LIED to ALL of us don’t you understand?
      Also, on the rally, you know there are actually Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights Americas forefathers Fought and Died for (we know you are against that too) To Assemble. To Free Speech. To Redress the government. And more. Right? The Constitution places Narrow constraints on the gov. Not We The People. Clearly the Elipse was the perfect venue where the millions were ignored despite all of the evidence that actually builds daily – The Election Was Stolen. PERIOD. It would have historic if Traitor Pence would have given pause to consider the facts, even then that were overwhelming. Most with working brain cells understand this but, the TeeVee Presstitue Brainwashing continues and the FBLie agent provocateurs instigating violence there that day and the Same Psychpath Thieves have had other plans.
      BTW, the associated pipe bomb plant story is literally exploding in their faces too….its all Tied together.
      Do some research, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    • Michael Cagney

      Trump may well be compromised by whatever means as well. Why he has not spoken out on the ban ivermectin etc,etc.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Tim, What have I been saying since the “election”? A “new system” will involve separation. That will require action. Mr. Trump’s worst aspect is his constant “cult of personality” approach, a hallmark of narcissism. Even if Trump were perfect, he is not the answer going forward. Sooner or later, someone new must lead. Best always. PM

      Question: why have 3 of our recent political leaders (Obama, Hillary, and Trump) been narcissist? Does that tell us something of our situation? PM

      • Ratco Miladich

        Trump is not a nars, he’s a fighter. What we need even more now! How do you think he became president and take all the flak from the lgbq misfits, out to slander him. Like yourself, you puke.

    • Crawdad Crayfish

      Tim, your new name is Craw McCraw. You got Trump stuck in your Craw.

  91. Scott

    The jury is out on the Trump administration and what transpired. I know personally people that I tried to convince around him to implement sound science would not listen. Whether that was ignorance or fraud needs to be determined.

    Good news for you. You found that people that appreciate your gift of bringing the journalism to them, resulted in people reaching out to you to help you when they noticed you were sick. Good Americans do things like that for each other when they can. Certainly good Christians do these things for fellow Christians. We are going to have to learn to work with each other in order to get through what is coming.

  92. Justn Observer

    Greg, From Australian Max Igan , ‘”Mexicans will not accept the delivery of the country to the World Economic Forum”
    “Mexicans will not accept the delivery of the country to the World Economic Forum”: Max Igan = vid a bottom of page=

    When will the U.S. and it’s people say enough of this ! =

    A message for the people of the U.S. =

  93. PersonaNonGrata

    Belatedly, many thanks for your response, 8/23/22, to my enquiry about treatment/s for my wife’s fibromyalgia.

  94. Sam

    Reading the comments…appears that some people are finally admitting the fact that Trump completely betrayed his country and his supporters…but many are still clinging to the delusion that the ClotShot-and-Remdesivir-pusher DJT (billionaire NYC Liberal who cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn ‘actress’) is on their side.

    It’s really pathetic how many of you continue to defend the biggest betrayer I’ve ever seen get into the White House…we’re in the situation we’re in now BECAUSE OF TRUMP you idiots!

    • Milan Destroyavich

      If Donald ever cheated on Mel, do you really believe she wouldn’t divorce him and sue hiss ass off? Who ever you are, I hope you meet up with Mr. Trump and he clocks you one on the kisser.

    • eddiemd

      Turn off the msm. You don’t know what is happening in the background.

      Trump is a distraction.

      The real issue is the trap set for the coming on the antichrist and false prophet. The preaching of the Gospel and saving of souls are the priorities. Everything else is deception.

  95. Gloria Charlier

    VAXIDENTS! Greg, I live in a small village in northern Ohio. A few days ago I was stopped at a stop light when a guy ran right into the backend of my car. He was nice, no one was hurt, we exchanged information and I called repair shops to make an appointment. One answered the phone and told me to bring it in to make sure it was not dangerous to drive. When I took it in he explained that they were all booked up until NOVEMBER and that is the way all the shops in the area were. They have never seen anything like it. He also added that while people are waiting their turn to get their car repaired they are in a SECOND “accident”. He shook his head and said they did not understand what was happening. I then explained VAXIDENT. His eyes widened and he shook his head YES!

  96. Tommy

    NBC poll shows 21% of people believe country is going in the right direction; 74% believe it’s going in the wrong direction. Gas up over 60% since Biden took office, food up, car prices up, medical costs up, electric, gas, water, sewer, up up up up and the worst is yet to come. And moms waiting for months to get baby formula. Crime up over 100% in many cities. Murders up, in my county alone murders exceeded the 2021 total by mid July. Violent attacks up. People putting pedestrians in ICU and being released on no bail. Not to mention what they are doing to the children in schools..But 44% say Joe’s doing a good job. Yeah.

  97. Özden Tuna

    We love you, Greg ! Greetings from The Netherlands

    • Greg Hunter

      Love you all too, Ozden. I have visited your country and it was beautiful!!

  98. Patrick Alaggio

    Yeah, they LIED to President Trump, but DON’T try and tell us that he doesn’t know the truth by now and his refusal to come out and speak TRUTH to “we the people” and draw HIS line in the sand is INEXCUSABLE! PERIOD! NO VOTE FROM ME!

    Meanwhile, my commie state here in VT with a RINO Governor is STILL pushing this garbage to our children. Mad? No, I’m not mad, I’m FK’G LIVID! I passed “mad” a year ago.

    So Mr. President, WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE???

  99. Thomas Wigand

    Let’s not lose sight of a potential boomerang (in our favor). If President Trump was supposed to be aware of the so-called vaccines’ dangers, then demand that the (unelected) Biden-Harris Junta (and Fauci, CDC, Democrat governors, etc.) explain why THEY doubled-down by pushing that the jabs be REQUIRED? This after even more information about the “vaccines” would have been available?

  100. JaunV.

    55,156 views Aug 27, 2022 Congress ERUPTS as Jim Jordan gets up and EXPLODES on Chuck Schumer in Epic Rant

  101. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, you say, “The government might shut down this Fall.” My reaction to that is the same as the James Bond character’s (Sean Connery) in “Goldfinger”: “I must be dreaming.” I would like to see the government not just “shut down” (although it never truly does), but actually go away. Best always. PM

  102. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, I don’t believe it is in Mr. Trump’s nature to own a blunder like his “beautiful” vaccines, come clean (confess), ask forgiveness, and repent. I just don’t see it. It’s not consistent with his personality. I hope I’m wrong. But what if I’m right? What then? No one lives forever. Mr. Trump showed us the way. SURELY there must be at least ONE among us who can pick up the MAGA baton and go forward? If not, then it does not matter what the Left does, or what happens, because it’s over. Best always. PM

  103. Harve Pell

    Greg, enjoyed your take on the Beijing Biden comeback.
    This is Dana Perino’s beef with all the Biden ‘comeback kid’ stories

    Fox News Aug 26, 2022 ‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to claims of President Biden’s comeback in the media as Democratic lawmakers seek to distance themselves from the president.
    The CIA’s Operation Mockingbird media’s drastic failure to boost the so-called comeback kid’s, I’ve fallen and can’t get up_ basement escape.

    541,992 views Aug 25, 2022 “WHO GAVE THE WARRANT!” Rand Paul EXPLODES on FBI Director Wray in Congress

    Promethean Allegory 2 days ago
    Christopher Wray reminds me of Lindsey Graham — always sounds completely legitimate, reasonable, and unbiased….but, in the end he’s just another scheming dishonest establishment swamp clown.
    Andrea Tuckman 1 day ago
    Sickening to see a doctor knows more about our constitution than the head of the FBI
    What’s this world coming too? AN END I HOPE AND PRAY!
    WWIII BRING IT ON. I’m sure our dear leaders will do a BANG-Up Job!

  104. Pam

    I bought a bunch of canned beans over the last couple of years. They were 69 cents a can back then. Now they’re 99 cents a can. About a 5o% increase. Soon the majority of us won’t be able to afford beans! But we shouldn’t worry, Biden says we’re not in a recession. Bastard! I hate him.

  105. Nancy McDaniel

    The CIA operatives working as the talking heads on MSM, the weather channel, the “can never be fired” senior executive service federal swamp, obidenbama and all government leaders worldwide DID NOT GET THE BIOWEAPON GENOCIDE SHOTS. They got saline.

  106. Anti Atomist

    Greg, you say and do stupid things when you are corrupt. [LIKE CENSORSHIP:] Neuroregenerative cannabis fights cancer five ways, yet it remains federally illegal. Meanwhile, the corrupt FDA approves drugs and “vaccines” with a 1% overall death rate: that’s one in a hundred dead, approved.

    Give me a cancer-survivor break, Trump even lies about his name! If Drumpf is a Jesuit mass murderer, the suspicious deaths of his ex-wife, his brother, and his child trafficking pal, Jeffrey Epstein, should be investigated before more Americans die like they did on January 6. I don’t believe Drumpf was fooled by Dr. “Jaws” Fauci. You do. Like Nixon, G. Gordon Liddy, & Bush, they didn’t raise a finger to decriminalize cannabis – the best medicine!

    Finally, who needs dirty hydrocarbons when you can make clean, green hydrogen?

  107. Jeffrobbins

    Another possible turn in the road ahead- the establishment doesn’t want Trump back in; I’ve always been good reading people and its best to meet them and talk for a bit, but Trump strikes me as vindictive- the same reasons why he values loyalty are the same as ‘I will remember what you did’. Once he figures out the vaccine was meant to hobble the nation and the military- while back in office- i cannot see him taking some high moral road and letting some special prosecutor run the coarse. Under the heading of treason- we could be looking at something all the way up to military tribunals. As President he could more easily get them to prosecute people than some politically appointed judge(s). I wouldn’t predict military law and suspending the constitution- yet. That would be a measure held back for reserve to keep political opponents in check. Of coarse under this idea our country becomes a tv. Show for the world to see- no telling how the dollar fairs.

  108. L.Center

    The unipolar view of.
    One World government,
    Communism. As God Views It
    SINCE the revolution of the ungodly Bolshevik or Communists in 1917 a black cloud was loomed up and has spread over a great portion of the earth. Radical governments have taken over powerful nations at the cost of wholesale bloodshed, smaller nations have been swallowed up, and a communications barrier was set up by “iron” and “bamboo” curtains. Fear and tension have mounted in the more stable countries of the world and, while these world governments have never really served God, the Communist governments were and today still are, more open and frank in outwardly being ungodly, atheistic and against all religion. Restlessness, hate and violence have been stirred up by this ungodly movement in all sections of the world, even parts formerly isolated and tranquil. When the men in the Kremlin of the soviet union spoke, the world trembled for fear of a nuclear war.
    Where did this kind of thing get its start? Well, we have to go back to the days following the Flood, when Noah as the patriarchal head gave mankind God’s command and instructed them to spread out and fill the earth. Through fear and selfishness they refused to do this and put themselves under the headship of a violent man, a restless lover of excitement, a revolutionary and militaristic man. He did not want to accept God as ruler but innovated something new and revolutionary in the earth. He established the first political kingdom on earth. “The beginning of his kingdom came to be a Babel.” As the first king mentioned in the Bible, this human originator of revolutionary government and king of Babel or Babylon was none other than “Nimrod a mighty hunter in opposition to God.” (Gen. 10:8-12) His violent, revolutionary political movement ran ahead of God’s promised Messianic kingdom, the kingdom of the “seed,” of the first prophecy. (Gen. 3:15) This political ideology alienated Nimrod and his followers from God. The alienated masses became restless and violent and are described in the Bible as a symbolic sea: “But the wicked are like the sea that is being tossed, when it is unable to calm down, the waters of which keep tossing up seaweed and mire.”—Isa. 57:20.
    According to Revelation 13:1, it was the “sea” out of which the seven-headed wild beast, symbolizing Satan’s visible political rule, ascended. Nimrod was Satan’s chief visible agent in beginning his political system of rule. It is this sea stirred up by the four winds of the heavens that is the source of four huge beasts, picturing a series of world powers, as seen in a night vision by the prophet Daniel. (Dan. 7:1-3) Restless, dissatisfied people make good breeding ground for modern ideologies such as Nazism, radicalism and soviet-type Communism.
    In the eleventh chapter of Daniel’s prophecy totalitarian, dictatorial rule is represented by the “king of the north,” and of him it is said: “And the king will actually do according to his own will, and he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god; and against the God of gods he will speak marvelous things.” (Dan. 11:36) The prophecy shows also that this totalitarian king of the north worships, not the god of his forefathers or other nations, but, “to the god of fortresses, in his position he will give glory.” (Dan. 11:37, 38) It is true that he does rely on and boasts in scientific and military might in both his cold and his hot wars against the more conservative, stable governments of earth.
    What does God say his position toward world Communism is? In a vision to the apostle John God revealed his view of world affairs and movements and the results thereof by showing him seven angels pouring out from the heavens toward the earth seven plagues. We are concerned here with the second plague. John reports: “And the second one poured out his bowl into the sea. And it became blood as of a dead man, and every living soul died, yes, the things in the sea.”—Rev. 16:3.
    God describes Communism and radical elements as, from his standpoint, the blood of a dead man, something that one would certainly not want to touch or even to gaze on. And God’s Christian servants, have taken exactly that position. They have discerned God’s view as expressed in the second plague poured out by one of the seven angels having the bowls of God’s anger. They have shunned Communism and radical, revolutionary movements as dead and death-causing. Like Moses and Aaron when they appeared before Pharaoh announcing the plagues to come upon Egypt, they have boldly taken part in announcing this plague of a uni-polar world of Communism.

    • eddiemd

      All that and you failed to mention the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the King of kings.
      Leaving Him out says that you don’t understand the Bible or governments. He is central to everything. It is all about Him.

  109. M. Sansone

    The question that needs to asked is whether the raid was an incident or practice.

    If we would AUDIT THE POLICE, SECURITY STATE, then we would find that documented and undocumented raids are standard operating procedure.

    Breaking and entering events — undocumented raids — are regularly conducted to obtain information and destabilize suspects.

  110. Errol Flynn

    No man is perfect.If you are expecting perfection you will never find it here on this earth.
    Yes Trump has his faults…many! as we all do.It is easy to judge things based on superficial date.There is so much going on beneath the surface.There could be many explanations for Trumps actions.When this nightmare is over and it will come to an end we may look back and understand the rationale/justification for Trumps actions.Look we are in a war right now between the forces of good and evil.Queensbury rules do not apply in real wars.In order to win certain sacrifices have to be made.Those sacrifices sometimes translate into collateral damage.It would be nice if wars could be fought and won without collateral damage but that will never be the case.
    The war is far from lost and far from being over.Karma is about to pay an unexpected visit to these demons very shortly.

    • Nick

      One to two billion potential deaths is one hell of a lot of “collateral damage”. The art of war (as opposed to the art of the deal) is to process conflicting information and make the right choices. This is how wars are won and lost. People will be looking back and dissecting this point in history for hundreds of years.

    • Luciano Granie

      Very True….

  111. to'Hell In'ah Handbasket

    Brits’ Energy Bills to Soar by Record 80% This Winter
    Chris Menahan
    InformationLiberation Aug. 27, 2022
    Energy prices in Britain are set to triple for the average household this winter as anti-Russian sanctions and green energy scams begin to take their toll.

    Macron Tells Plebs to Prepare For a Future As Feudal Serfs
    Chris Menahan InformationLiberation Aug. 25, 2022
    🇫🇷 Emmanuel #Macron warned of sacrifices ahead and foreshadowed the “end of abundance” at his first cabinet meeting following the summer break.
    “What we are living through is a time of great upheaval.”

    Biden Invokes Post-9/11 ‘National Emergency’ Law to Ram Through $300B Student Loan Bailout
    Chris Menahan InformationLiberation Aug. 25, 2022
    Joe Biden’s inflationary $300 billion bailout for the college-educated is being rammed through by executive fiat under a post-September 11th law that allows for debt cancelation “in connection with a war, other military operation or national emergency.”

  112. Frank Cooper

    Russia Responds to Zuckerberg’s FBI Revelations: ‘No Democratic Standards in American Electoral System’
    by RT August 27th 2022, 9:51 am
    The FBI and other US security agencies secretly control American social media giants, Russia’s foreign ministry has alleged. The claim follows a recent interview with Mark Zuckerberg, in which the Facebook CEO supposedly acknowledged such influence. MUCH MORE;

  113. It's worse than you know

    The people currently in charge are blatant criminals. And none have been arrested. That’s a huge red flag, that 15 percent of the population are holding everyone hostage. The people that aren’t a part of the corruption are too afraid to do or say anything for fear of being targeted. They better do something soon because deep state wants us ALL dead or eating bugs. THEY HATE US. INCLUDING THEM THAT ARE HELPING THEM COMMIT GENOCIDE. Alex Jones is right about everything. Want to know the truth of what’s coming? Go to his site and look at his historical videos link.

  114. wayne hardin

    Colossians Chapter 3
    4 When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.
    5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:
    6 For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:
    7 In the which ye also walked some time, when ye lived in them.
    8 But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.
    9 Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;
    10 And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:

    This is what it means to be born again .
    What keeps Gods wrath away is obedience .

    Wayne Hardin

    • wayne hardin

      Everyone is asking what can be done .
      There is the answer / crucify the flesh is the ONLY answer .

      Wayne Hardin .

    • eddiemd

      The sacrifice of obedience. Acceptable at the throne.

      Depart from iniquity.

  115. Robert Coleman

    Things are going to get worse before getting better – the snow ball is rolling down hill and gathering momentum and getting larger and larger, when it reaches the bottom it will be disastrous for many. We must be prepared – thank you Greg for your unbiased truthfull news broadcast.

  116. Russ McMeans

    Dear Sir Hunter: As I mentioned before, I got 3 shots of the Moderna vaccine. The last one was the booster for the Delta variant. I’m 61 now and so far so good. Zero problems… yet. In our family we don’t get heart disease or cancers. So if I ever encounter this I’m going to bet it’s from these vaccines. My sister is 65 now and she got the same Moderna in 3 shots. So far so good for her as well. I’ll ask for ivermectin on Monday from my pcp. But I’m in Calitopia so I’m sure the answer will be “no!” I’ll keep you posted. But if I “suddenly die” I won’t be able to write you and let everybody know. I’m suffering from severe sciatic nerve pain and a major surgery in June so I’m preoccupied with managing the pain every day so if I check out early I’ll be w Jesus and then I’ll feel sorry fer you poor blokes that are still stuck here while Satan is stomping all over earth pissed off and accusing us. Keep the faith Greg and continue your excellent work. God Bless. Russell.

  117. Luciano Granie

    In a local hotel a woman came out from her room and suddenly collapsed….She just died in the hallway out of the blue…

  118. Russ McMeans

    Biden is building his utopian house on the foundation that Obama made. Actually Obama is building it because he lives right down the street from the White House. Only ex President to not leave Washington DC I believe. ?

  119. Watchdog fan :)

    I wonder if the athletes are more susceptible because their hearts are trained for higher and sustained stress and might be related to the heart muscle’s metabolism of fatty acids, or nano lipids for energy. Don’t know but seems like deaths are after events or during events with required high cardiac output. Dunno, but would love to ask Dr. McCullough about that.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Watchdog fan,
      Athletes – ultra fit people whose blood flows faster through a smooth vascular system. Could it be that the graphene hydroxide in the shots is scarring the vascular system, the more so, the faster the blood flows – thereby affecting athletes disproportionately? According to Europe’s foremost authority on graphene hydroxide, Andreas Noack (deceased – murdered by German ‘security’ forces) ‘graphene hydroxide is
      only one atom thick and is like razor blades in the blood’.

  120. Dean

    Trump knows many things that we don’t. I believe he was forced to endorse, own the COVID-19 (certificate of vaccine identification-artificial intelligence) procedure via some blackmail scheme that is endemic in world politics. Someone said regarding Trump, “I agree with 95% of what he says, but I don’t trust him”.

  121. elle

    Trump is Vaxxed too. Maybe up to 4 times. Hes going down with everyone else.
    The doctor kept saying between 1 and 2 billion. That instantly made me think of Clif Highs numbers 1.2 billion. Amazing……I hope Clif can come on soon again. I am so glad you keep on this vaccine issue. I know several people harmed 1 dead so far. It needs to be drilled into everyone to expect more bad things from it in the future. Please repeat the combination of the flu shots with the covid mix thats really bad news. Most will not know that or think about the MRNA being in a flu shot. Awful.
    Thank you

    • Nick

      I would be interested to hear more about the combo flu and covid double jabs too!

  122. Coal Burner


    i did nto take it and thank you for helping me decide. I always was leery and untrusting the way it was being put together. I spent a lifetime in a top federal agency. After watching all the backstabbers knifing the President, the weapon shot just started to stink too bad. I listened to your interviews and I tried to get my family not to take it but their experiences were not mine and they trusted. They all still cannot really believe they were done this way. I am very worried about the young child supporters in my family. So… I refuse to truly retire. I keep fighting age and its affects daily, just in case the kids need me before they finish growing up. I try to stay in their lives with wisdom and compassion. Growing up is tough without these things to worry about. I still believe these monsters are owned by bigger monsters, the Davos bunch of monsters including Bill Gates, George Soros, and Klause Schwab Rothchild.

  123. eddiemd

    You wrote all that and failed to mention the Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the King, the Almighty God in the flesh.

    Is this from the watchtower doctrine?

    • LondonC.

      This is Greg Hunter and I have deleted this and your other comments. Are all JW’s a bunch of disrespectful weasels???? Is this what they teach you? How many times do I have to say DO NOT PUT YOUR JW CRASP ON USAW? RESPECT MY WHISHES!!!!!

      • eddiemd

        You don’t have to lecture me about your watchtower doctrine.

        And what does a 14yo girl have to do with anything?

        You are confused. That is obvious. You mix truth with false doctrine. This has you confused.

        You don’t believe that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Almighty God in the flesh. It is that simple. That is watchtower JW doctrine; Jesus Christ is not the Almighty God in the flesh. Although He even forgave sin as noted in the Gospel and has never changed. Only the Almighty God Himself can forgive sin.

        JW doctrine is a false doctrine and you must forsake this heresy and remove yourself from this cult.

        You can still come to know Jesus Christ of Nazareth personally. You have the choice to make. Choose wisely.

  124. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  125. Brad Calhoun

    I agree, time for President Trump to come out and say Halt the shots! I was wrong! In my opinion, he doesn’t have long to do this. He needs to do it quickly and I predict we will hear him say it soon.
    Brad Calhoun
    North Port, FL

  126. Robert K

    Since up is down and down is up, and nothing makes logical sense and you can choose to be whatever of the 587 made-up genders you wish to identify as, and financial responsibilities now going by the wayside and passing the financial burden onto the rest of society…

    My mortgage now identifies as a student loan.

    In other news, FJB/FBO

  127. Kathy Wood

    Trump came out right away and told everyone to take HCQ and Ivermectin. The Big Pharma stooges and MSM came out immediately and crucified him. How do you tell people the truth when Big Pharma Khazarian Mafia infiltrated every country, every agency and took over the MSM?

    I was always under the opinion that Operation WarSpeed was the vaccine that the Military was creating to stop what Big Pharma was doing. Once the Military announced they had it ready, guess what? Big Pharma and the corrupt MSM backed off pushing the lockdowns.

  128. Chris Baty

    I drive for Lyft; more and more passengers are going to Cancer/Poison appointments.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please Keep reporting what you are seeing and what people are telling you. This is great street level reporting and the best kind!!! Thank you!!

  129. Rich Kocis

    Greg love the WNWs don’t know if you saw but former heavy champ Mike Tyson was seen in a wheel chair at Miami international His health has declined ouer the past several months not sure but I think he suffered some kind of stroke He blams the jab he took to travel , he said his lively hood depended on his traveling international

    • Greg Hunter

      I love Iron Mike and this makes me really sad.

  130. alfy

    Trump is an extremely caring person towards citizens, and in business he is no doubt a genius. A great trustworthy combination to be the president of the USA. I think is common for people who trustworthy, even if they be a man who has seen much life, such as Trump, to be inherently trusting of other people, until that person proves they are untrustworthy. That is a strength and a weakness. Given how gifted Trump has always been others taking advantage of him, and Trump looking to be headed for a huge fall, how he is able to turn the tables and come out the winner. He has something that all those characters on the side of evil (including the ones who pretend to be on our side) do not understand and will never know. I laugh when they portray Trump as a simpleton, a fool. Mark my words, Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of the USA. The nation truly is blessed to have such a leader at this most critical time. As for those on the side of evil, especially the ones who pretend to be on our side, they are cowards of the first order.

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