Fraud Key Profit Center for Wall Street-William Black

1nBy Greg Hunter’s

Former top bank regulator Professor William Black says there is no hiding the cesspool that is Wall Street. Dr. Black says, “People on Wall Street agree that the system is rigged.  You get them into a bar, they will say the same thing.  When Bernie Sanders says the business plan of Wall Street is fraud, that’s simply an accurate, objective fact.  That is their key profit center . . . and it’s not just here.  The United States has been in a competition with the United Kingdom (UK) for decades now on this race to the bottom with the City of London and Wall Street.  The UK Parliamentary Inquiry, which is run by the Tories, found as a fact that . . . all of the retail profits of the largest banks in the United Kingdom came from the deliberate or ‘mis-selling’ of products to customers. . . . They deliberately ripped off entrepreneurs.  They deliberately ripped off their customers, and the Tories found it represented all of their retail profits. . . . You are talking in the range of $80 billion.”

Why have a totally fraudulent financial system? Dr. Black, who is an expert in white-collar crime, says, “It’s hard to make money with competition.  It’s really hard.  People who have never been in business don’t understand how hard real competition is.  Real competition makes it hard to prosper, but if you rig the system, it makes it easy.  The reward for rigging is phenomenal.  We are talking every year, hundreds of billions of dollars in bonus compensation.  It’s far more than their straight salaries, and it is going to folks that it wouldn’t go to them if they didn’t rig the system.  And, no one is prosecuted.  They don’t even give back the fraud proceeds, even when they catch them red-handed.”

This means that when banks donate to top candidates in both parties, they are donating fraudulent banker profits. So, both the political system and the financial system are based on fraud.  Can fraud destabilize the entire system?  Dr. Black, who is also a professor of both economics and law at UMKC, says, “Obviously, it is the worst possible thing to do in terms of stability.  The way you rig these things doesn’t just make you wealthy, it creates asset bubbles, massive asset bubbles, the biggest in history, and it’s not just in the United States. . . . The biggest asset bubble right now has to be in China. . . . The estimated loss for the United States over the course for ‘The Great Recession’ (or 2008 meltdown) is $24.3 trillion. . . . This has been a catastrophe for much of the world.”

One thing that could trip up the economy, derivatives or trillions of dollars of global debt bets between big banks in the U.S. Dr. Black says, “Not only is the number massive, but 95% of that number is in only six banks in the United States.  So, that’s a separate but critical issue.  We don’t even have the honesty, and I mean globally, to call these things by their right name.  By definition, these are ‘systemically dangerous institutions,’ but we call them ‘systemically important’ like they deserve a gold star.  They’re not important.  They don’t help the world.  Even the Fed says the way you get on this list is because when you fail, you are likely to cause a global crisis.  Notice how I used the word ‘when’ not ‘if.’ We have roughly 25 of these systemically dangerous institutions in the United States.  We have around 35 of these systemically dangerously institutions globally on top of that.  So, we roll the dice just in the United States 25 times every day to see when the next one will blow up. . . . The fraud makes things very fragile.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former regulator and banking expert Professor William K. Black.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. 8Ball

    William Black… put Keating into prison and was threatened by him.
    Obama, Clinton, Dimon and Blankfein should be their too.

    • Scott

      Indeed they should.

      What frightens me is how the bankers and politicians continue to get away with ever more egregious, ever more brazen criminal misconduct. It’s all done right out in the open, now.

      These filth comport themselves as though they were the Greek gods themselves: no rules, no consequences, no accountability, no conscience, no fear. Very scary.

      With the police now armed as heavily as the military and having demonstrated a cheerful willingness to kill citizens, I fear that nothing can be done to stop the Deep State. Things are just too far gone.

      Only a US Dollar collapse and the end of the American empire can stop the madness, now…

      …though I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

      • Linda L.

        You’re right when you say that it’s too far gone now with only a US dollar collapse ending the current madness. But what would stop the same folks who created this mess
        from doing it again in a newly created cabal system? From the beginnings of recorded, civilized history, there have always been the slaves who serve their tyrant masters. Unfortunately this corruption seems to be incorporated into
        the human DNA. And those who care for the greater good of humanity are always disposed of/killed for exposing this truth. I have come to the conclusion that only our Creator can stop this kind of evil/corruption.

    • Russ McMeans

      God bless Mr. W. Black! God watches, and waits patiently………

      • Marg

        Yeah, well He’s sure taking his time ….

  2. Gregory Mannarino

    The “modern” Central Bank issued debt based economic model operates in the same manner as a Ponzi scheme. These schemes “work” because the “investors” (in this case the public) believe that the system will continue to function. This is the main reason why NO BANKER from the Fed. President to ANY of the Wall Street banks WILL EVER be held accountable. If/when people were to “lose faith” in the system-it ceases to function. This will occur anyway because the debt based economic system is a Ponzi scheme, and NOT ONE BANKER, NOT ONE POLITICIAN, will ever be held to account.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good to have you on the site!!

      • Pvt. Mushroom

        Greg – you are certainly doing some top notch interviews. Many thanks…

    • Rev Rod Flash

      Bill Black is a national hero !
      Who did he really work for?
      Ronald Reagan
      WTF do those corporatist pig republicans think that they are worthy of even speaking Reagan’s name.
      Thanks Bilk Clinton, for opening the sewage gates on Wall Street by striking down Glass Segal.
      I hope Sanders “Berns” down the system …………..and sooooooooooooooooon!
      Thanks to both Greg’s !

      • Galaxy 500

        Hey, Bill got good money for selling out the American people

    • Dan

      GREG M. – VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION (I’m sure ALL your listeners are wondering about):

      A couple of habitual monsters have returned lately, namely the Precious Metals Smashers + the PPT/ESF US Markets Proppers. They’ve smashed the PMs back down and are propping the markets like they’ve always have (which unfortunately goes contrary to Mannarino’s recent predictions). In other words, it seems to be back to “business as usual” with them rigging and winning the game again, not to mention to continue to screw us over in the process. So here is my QUESTION:

      What’s to prevent these monsters from just continuing to use the infinite amount of funds they have at their disposal – namely the funny money by the Fed + the, according to Rob Kirby, trillions of dollars the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) the Treasury uses to buy these S&P & Dow Indices (or the stocks outright)?

      In theory this could go on until those funds that they use (i.e., US dollars) become nearly worthless, hence this may only occur in ***many years*** from now. In other words, what *precisely* is/will be different this time? What exactly can stop/prevent them?

      Of all Greg’s guests, I value your opinion the most; hence I hope you will take the time to respond.


      • red

        The ESF is very old news there might be 1 or 2 that don’t know about it…I’d say give mr Mannarino’s predictions another 6months ..I think hes’ just been a little early on a couple of his calls …tptb know even blind freddy
        is starting to see the scam …so i’m GUESSING here but i think 4 months max & the worlds stock indexs’ go el stinko…. remember the theft of the entirety of middle class wealth is at stake here, you cant rush these things’
        great comment though all the same…

    • Jallen

      Question for Gregory Mannarino; With so many babyboomers retiring will there be
      enough Non babyboomers to keep the Ponzi scheme going? It is my guess they will try to incorporate MONOPOLY MONEY and inflate the dollar into the dustbin of history.
      I believe there is one group of people who will survive the apocalypse because they are not dependent on the U.S. Government and its FIAT money, the AMISH.
      Another question for Gregory Mannarino; your opinion on the FBI investigation and Hillary Clinton.
      Thank you in advance.

    • Russ McMeans

      I lost faith I think in 1961… When I was born.
      Always been on the ‘sidelines’… Just fixing regular folks stuff- homes & doing lots of free stuff for people/ family. Never wanted to work for mega rich in Lake Tahoe… Most of them were crazy eccentric asses, like Mr. William Black illustrated here.

  3. Rick Geisler

    A great interview with Professor Black. He nailed it in regards to fraud being how the financial system operates. That is why when it fails it will be epic because these idiots made their own rules and removed all the stops. By the way, Greg, what was that hazy bright fog that seemed to emanate around the Professor’s head?

  4. Scott

    Haven’t seen this gentleman before, got the heads-up via Gregory Mannarino’s Twitter feed (I follow him).

    Very informative interview, really appreciate hearing what Professor Black had to say.

    Thanks for all of your hard work, Greg.

  5. Red

    Great interview, it really is a structural problem. Bill really hits the nail right at the start. I have believed for a long time that monetary reform can only begin when an entirely new concept ..of a public trust NOT GOVERNMENT…set up like the court and justice system and removed entirely from government …except maybe appoint ments like supreme court…private sector banks and financvial institutions forced to hold commodity reserves gold, silver(no unlimited credit creation ad hoc) etc….public finance could be backed by pubilc assets realestate mining licence etc …Governmernts & politicians, should be jailed for even talking deficit or public borrowing if they are given credits(Money) through the public trust … they are automatically taxing the public through monetary creation process & would risk inflation by asking for too much..this will have to happen sooner or later….my opinion is MONEY IS THE LAW , corrupt the money & law ceases to have any meaning what so ever …this is the lesson of Rome JMO

  6. allen ols

    Here is Michael Snyder/Jim Rickards interview on the Jim Bakker show.

      • allen ols

        Ok greg; on the day 3 interview, Rickards said he went up on the American express bldg. w/the building eng., closed to the public, 600 ft tall, and looked into the hole of wtc, and it was like looking into the pits of hell, the fires. they cover what will the days after collapse look like, he said after day 3, looting rioting etc. must listen.
        side note, jet fuel cannot generate that much heat.

    • allen ols

      I scrolled past Jim selling food preps/other prep items to the actual Q and A as Michael questions Jim Rickards. He says the PENSION FUNDS using 401 k/mutal funds were actually the banks/govmnt herding peoples money so they could slaughter it, similar to a farmer herding the cattle into a pen to organize the SLAUGHTER. THAT PART IS at the 39 min. mark of day 2 I think.

    • allen ols

      scroll past jim selling preps. to where Rickards says he came back from switz. where he visited a gold melting factory and the swiss guy says they produce 20 tonnes of gold, and 10 tons go to china, the other 10 tons goes to swiss watch makers/other products.

    • allen ols

      greg; here is day 3 jim bakker show, and rickard goes into NUTS AND BOLTS OF IRAN SANTIONS, AND SOOOO MUCH MORE!!!

  7. Kate Henry

    Dear Greg
    Many thanks for an excellent interview with Prof Black. What an awesome person he is, and doing such brave work. Shocking to hear how fraud is so pervasive. I will share this interview with lots of people.
    Best wishes
    Kate Henry
    New Zealand

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kate for your support and kind words!

      • Russ McMeans

        ‘ Kudos’ Kate. Thank you Greg for for a mast amazing interview with the ‘ ‘William’. Unbelievable quality interview. I will share this interview with friends and foes. Thank you for your better than Bill O’Reily watchdog reporting!

  8. Spanky

    This country has devolved into a de facto Banana Republic.

    None are so hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.
    -Johann von Goethe

    • Greetings from England

      At least growing bananas is a productive job, unlike the money movers…

    • art barnes

      Spanky, and just in case many don’t believe what you just said about a “de facto Banana Republic” let them come out to the western front and just look around and tell me what you see in real time, it looks like a reality show. Out here on the Western Front its a “de jure Banana Republic.

  9. Michael Musashi

    The U.S.A. financial/economic model protects the rich corporate elites and their holdings. Their holdings mainly consist of U.S. stocks. The reason the government is held hostage by the bankers who work for the elites is because your mutual funds, ETFs, pensions, and 401Ks are the handcuffs that keep these politicians in check.

    Our entire system is based on U.S. stocks and their continued growth. Go after the bankers and the whole system will be exposed and finally collapse.

    I’m not an advocate for the system, but the reality is, we’re all hostage to this parasitic system. I mean, how many commenters on this site have their entire life savings either tied up in their 401Ks or inside the value of their home (which is also correlated to stock prices)???

    Let’s face it, we’re all in the same sinking boat!

    But there is a way out for us if the majority would just play along. How? Bring your capitalism back home!

    It’s simple, stop buying into the globalization model, start buying only local–that means sell your Fortune 500 stocks, invest in your local community, buy American Eagles, and start looking at things on a local level. Invest in your local community and your neighbors!

    This my friends is the only way to save capitalism from cannibalizing itself.

    Look into the mirror today and say, “I can make a difference.” And then stop shopping at Walmart and start shopping at stores that sell either local or regional products. Moreover, stop calling places like Wholefoods “Whole-paycheck” and start appreciating them for giving the little guys a platform. Yes, their prices are higher, but when you buy local you need to pay a fair price. Walmart sells products made by slave labor in Pakistan, not only is this bad for their communities, but bad for yours, too.

    You can make a difference if you try….

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Been preaching this for years…no takers.
      These fraudsters convinced the American people that returning to the days of slavery had no consequences. Lovely factories like Dan River Mills closed and sold the parts.
      Why take good care of 2 pair of shoes made by Americans when you can fill your closet with cheap products of sweat and slavery? Or office supplies made in Chinese prisons? Or now, jeans made in American prisons.
      The plan was to bring the First world down….and we rode the elevator all the way, laughing with our plastic cards.

      This is a great article about the first causes…unusual. Thanks!

    • Russ McMeans

      I just bought a Skill saw. The original worm drive carpenter saw. I’m not sure where it’s made- hopefully here. I know it’s an American invention. I’ll check and find out tomorrow , not that there would be any alternative to a real Skillsaw… ( a beautiful tool)….

  10. David

    Fascinating discussion. Thank you sir!

    • Greetings from England

      MM. What I don’t understand is if organisations have been making regular contributions into pension schemes how can there be a shortfall with assets such as stocks and bonds at record levels? Is it 1) that the contributions were never made as promised 2) the contributions made but the organisations dipped their hand in the till and spent the money or 3) the interest rates paid on bonds and cash in the bank is too low to maintain a decent revenue stream? Either way when these assets crash it will mark the end for pension schemes.

  11. frederick

    The fraud and criminality in not only banking but every aspect of life in NY at least(cant speak for other areas) is absurd İ was the victim of numerous frauds after working very hard and becoming sucessfull İf you have anything substantial to be targeted you had better be ready for them because they will be after you including but not limited to bankers and lawyers İ fear the only way out is going to be the big “reset” and it wont be pretty(ref Gregory Mannerinos work) JFK was the last POTUS that tried to do something and look where it got him Our latest bunch of socalled “politicians” are basically traitors and greedy cowards save a very small minority and couldnt shine JFKs shoes İMO

    • Greetings from England

      When you reach the end of an economic cycle, fraud becomes the easiest way to make money. Dropping financial regulations is probably a necessary part of keeping the bubble economy on the rails.

  12. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Gregs and fellow WDer’s

    Why is this crime with the leaked document from a former Fed employee to Goldman Sachs even mentioned or prosecuted for that matter? Why is the fine “paid” talked about either? It is a completely token gesture regardless of the amount because it is “paid” with counterfeit printed money that is handed out to them anyway….. sh%%$##te it is not even a working cost!

    The real crime is a millon times this size… is the very existence of the Fed itself. For crying out loud GS is a member of the cabal that owns the FED. They currently hold 4 of the 5 Presidents seats on the FOMC. This is why Rob Kirby likened these big banks activities to “ fishing in a barrel with a net”….they know exactly what they are going to catch……because they are told what is in the damn barrel.

    This guy Black is an economics Professor and legal expert and he doesn’t [or refuses to] see the elephant in the room! I am aghast in disbelief that it is possible for someone of this experience and intellect to miss this. For Gods sake why is the Fed sometimes referred to as “The Reserve Bank of Goldman Sachs” by people far less credentialled than Black

    This is the very reason why the US and the globe are still being bled dry by an illegal and completely unconstitutional central bank that should never have existed in the first place. It is disgraceful to me when academics won’t challenge this institution let band together to heip dismember it.

    History will be a very harsh judge of the educated who should have spoken out. The financially literate and the educated are in effect partners in crime to the greatest financial swindle ever heisted on mankind.


  13. Oxfarmer

    So Prof. Black and Greg Mannarino are saying in simple terms what many have suspected for a long time: Wall Street has ceased to be about companies and their true worth to investors, and all about a money spinner for cheaters. And where is the money coming from? The pockets of ordinary people who got into this when it seemed to make sense, and can’t get out without admitting catastrophic losses. The MSM actually has the guts to tell people when the market tanks from profit taking, that now is the time to buy. In other words, fill up our tanks, fools, so we can do it again. If I were to suggest getting out on the next peak, most people will say, “I’m in it for the long term,” and, “The average for the year is ok.” All you have to do is look at some of the “best performing” stocks to see that these people are like Bear Sterns, they don’t own anything that can be seized and sold. Their ‘product’ is an ephemeral trend in the social media. The days of solid, reliable stocks are over.

    A couple of years ago I listened to Trends prediction for the year. I was astounded to hear Gerald Celente say that it has become more and more difficult to predict trends because “Everything is rigged.”

    So why is any sane person participating in the stock/derivative world?

    • Greetings from England

      We live in a world where money is created out of thin air by private institutions and distributed unevenly throughout society – then they wonder why inequality is increasing.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      People who work for, say, schools and municipal governments and churches…have no choice. The investments are done for them. The Catholic church here has everything in Goldman Sachs with a caveat on each statement: DON’T COUNT ON THIS.

  14. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    To Aussie Jeff
    I heard from Patrick Hennigan that the US is advising Aus to up their defense budget to $190 billion [this would be approx twice the size of the Russian defense budget]….is there any talk about this in your neck of the woods. How’s the current account lookin?
    Best wishes

    • Markp

      Colin, the “2016 Defence White Paper” says the Govt is aiming for a defence budget of 2% of GDP, which according to my calculation would be 33 Billion AUD p/a [by 2020-21]. I think the $190 Bil refers to the total increase over the next ten years. Here’s a quote from the White Paper:
      “The Government will fund the White Paper goals by increasing the defence budget to two per cent of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product by 2020–21, providing an unprecedented investment in Australia’s defence capability of approximately $195 billion over ten years.”

    • aussie jeff

      Howdy Col,
      Was unaware of that advice,2015/16 defence budget is 31.9billion,we have new subs being built,but think the jury is still out on build site.
      We have been caught with our pants down following the collapse of the iron ore price,we counted our chickens before they hatched and came up very short.
      Turnbull is trying to sure up his election hopes by not rocking the boat with any major reforms until after he wins government,(that strategy sounds awfully familiar.)yet it is major reforms we need and right now!!
      The state i live in has 7.7%unemployment we are going nowhere fast.
      Our current account is going to continue to balloon while our biggest export is in the doldrums and unfortunately that could be for quite sometime.
      Since the last time i looked across the ditch you guys are in much better shape.
      Your milk products deal with china was a winner!!!
      I think we have only just got on board with something similar.
      Cheers mate.[email protected]/mf/5302.0/

  15. Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

    The way to combat this in your own life is to be debt free. Why throw your money into their pit? If everyone lived within their means the banks would have no power over you.

    Greg, do you happen to know where Bill Holter has been for the last couple of weeks?

    • Greetings from England

      I agree. However, issuing debt free money would be another step in the right direction. As tax payers we are all indirectly in debt when the governments have to borrow in order to issue a currency.

    • Jallen

      Answer for Robert Lykens; Bill Holter has joined Jim Sinclaire in creating a premium
      (You pay for it) web site.

      • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

        Yes, I went back there again and saw the new format. Thanks.

    • Galaxy 500

      What a wonderful concept but for most it isn’t possible. Do you rent or own a home? I am buying a home and I didn’t have the money to pay cash. We could have paid cash for the car we bought but we got 0.00% for 48 months. Why liquidate real money when you can get paper for less than free. At about 10% real inflation per year and I get it for free for 4 years.
      Sometimes it is better to borrow money that to spend what you have.

      • Faith

        G5: I agree. Although I have been using cash to buy silver. Debt is a tool that should be used carefully.

      • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

        Right, G500, as long as things hold together and you have the money to make the payments.
        Then again, should things go south and you have some metal, you may be able to pay off every outstanding debt with very little gold.

        I personally believe that we won’t see an economic collapse until after the worldwide war begins. But it makes no sense to be unprepared because no one knows for sure.

      • WD

        G 500,

        You are the rarest of exceptions. Printing money keeps prices rising and rising. There really is no standard. If we were not printing money more people would be able to pay cash or put down a more substantial down payment.

        We are reaching a point were the vast majority will not be able to afford any type of real estate or car, my friend had to buy a mini van because his special needs child. It was not a special type or custom van. It was 46,000 before TTL!!! A Honda minivan!

  16. Ken Barnett

    Greg, I wish you would have asked him WHEN we would see his 5 0r 6% growth, that he said would bring on the “next big bubble”. I’m just a dumb old country boy, but it looks to me like there are bubbles all around us right now.

  17. Tommy

    Every day George Orwell’s genius appears more prescient.

    • Galaxy 500

      He was a true prophet, as opposed to Glen Beck

    • BillyR

      Exactly what I was thinking. No bubble in the US right now? He had me until that…..

  18. Jerry

    The markets are rigged because our economic system is essentially “DEAD”. By any measure you want to use, whenever six trillion dollars of tarp funds and loans are pumped into a market and its produces a GDP of 1%, its “DEAD”. I can only imagine what my business could do, if I had someone extend that line of credit to me.

    The bigger question is, how does the rest of the world want to bury this rotting corpse called the petrodollar? As I have been posting they have constructed an alternate exchange system for that purpose via
    – AIIB
    – CIPS
    – BRIC Alliance
    – Gold backed Yuan
    If you think that this alternate exchange system is conspiracy theory, think again. They are preparing to fire this system up following the secret G20 meeting on April 16th,

    • Jerry

      As of last week, you can add 30 more countries to this list. But not the United States. So the question is who’s left to do business with us besides Japan?

      • Jerry

        According to this article. Hilary’s emails reveal that she orchestrated the takedown of Gaddafi because he posed a threat to the dollar as world reserve currency. The criminals are running the asylum.

      • Alex

        “So the question is who’s left to do business with us besides Japan?”
        The whole of Europe, Jerry, that’s who! The EU happens to be the biggest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP.
        EU politicians imposed sanctions on Russia following the Ukrainian crisis although the EU economy was struggling back in 2014 (and still is). Isn’t this fact alone a proof that the EU politicians are nothing but USA’s puppets and stooges? Europe, obviously, does not benefit from the sanctions and simply becomes the battlefield of the geopolitical games between the USA and Russia. Every now and again, some obsequious EU puppet inveighs against Putin and kowtows before the master on the other side of the Atlantic just to demonstrate his loyalty. As Obama said a few years ago “Germany is still an occupied land”. So is the rest of Europe.
        I personally don’t believe that China would pull the rug under the US dollar by announcing a new RMB backed by gold. It certainly doesn’t seem like the most propitious time to do it now – the restructuring of the society still has a long way to go (which means that a big percent of the population still lives in the villages), the Baltic Dry Index recently hit a record low (which means that the trade between the so called “factory of the world” and the West has been suffering – not good for Chinese GDP growth) and last but not least Chinese stocks didn’t perform that well in the last few months. In fact, China has been depreciating her currency against the dollar, not the other way around.
        Just a query – when you say that China will back her currency with gold do you mean that anyone holding chinese RMB would be able to exchange them for real gold?

        • Jerry

          You need to get up to date with your information. Frankfort has been chosen as the main trading hub for the RMB in Europe by China. England has also signed on for exchange with the RMB. Gold is going to be used to peg the Yuan to in the new exchange system like it used to be before it was switched to the petrodollar by Henry Kissinger. Because of corruption and market manipulation the petrodollar is going to die quiet death as the BRIC alliance ceases using it for trade. The G20 have been mapping out the strategy for the last ten years. As far as the Baltic Dry Index? China will replace shipping with the Silk Road Project that runs all the way to Europe. What used to take 3 weeks to deliver by ship will now take 2 days.

          • Alex

            I am aware of the facts you have mentioned in your last post and, to a certain level, I agree with you that China has been trying to increase her influence in Europe. However, it seems to me that you completely ignore the TTIP, an agreement that the EU most certainly will sign with the USA. If you believe that China has more leverage than the USA over Europe, think again. Who has military bases spread all over Europe ever since the end of World War II? Or may be you forgot that the USA has been steadily increasing her military presence in Europe after the Ukrainian conflict? Is it really due to ”the Russian aggression”?Do you really believe the USA will simply stay and watch if her interests in Europe are endangered by China (or Russia)?
            In my opinion gold might be used in a new monetary system but I can’t see how the USA will be excluded from it. It is still a force to reckon with – militarily, financially, technologically, etc.
            As for the BRICS – it is plain obvious that this alliance is in a bigger decline even than the USA and the EU are. Brazil has been experiencing some pretty high inflation recently while being on the verge of political turmoil, Russia has been hit by high inflation too, China – I mentioned some of her problems in my previous comment. In fact, intra-BRICS trade, although being on the rise in the last few years, still accounts to a very little percentage of the global trade – it was some 276 billion dollars in 2012.
            To sum up, I agree that China will expand her economic influence but most probably that will take place in Africa and Asia, to a lesser degree in Europe. China needs the USA as much as the USA needs China – they are economically intertwined. Therefore, I don’t think that April 16 will change anything.

    • Jallen

      Agreed. George Orwell is a stepping stone to the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible.

    • Galaxy 500

      S&P downgrades China

  19. Frank

    Great guest. The best. But, when will silver gurus get busted ?

  20. Donna

    Criminal cabal is now running the country.Including pharma , obamacare imo.I am shocked people are not up in arms like Iceland.Holder always said banks too big to prosecute!Fire the gov agencies that refuse to do their job! Pray the tables will be turned on criminals,people fed up when the banks will no longer return peoples own money

    • art barnes

      Donna, and vote the bums out, every one of them and start over, clean house, that would be a “real new government”. Throw the baby out with the bath water, a few good politicians are simply collateral damage, all of them. Maybe the new ones will be corrupt too, but it will take some time. I know, I live in dream land, but I can dream can’t I?

  21. R B

    Dear Greg, although it’s off topic it’s always needed. Near 40 yrs. ago ,just a young man,I was burdened,even bowed over with the load of sin ,and could not find relief. I called out to God if you are real , please help me to know you somehow. A short time later one Sunday morn. I heard the words I’ve been searching for,it came from an evangelist speaking from the Bible, reading mathew 11:28 Jesus speaking ,come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. That same message is to whosoever will come.

  22. Greetings from England

    I have seen the splendour and decadence of imperial Spain, the genocide of the Aztecs, the rise and fall of the British empire and the destruction of Europe amidst the fires of war. Gold survives them all and will outlast the stupidity of man…

    • Galaxy 500

      How about that. Physical assets survive the tests of time

      • Greetings from England

        Galaxy 500 – What you mean like real estate in Pompei? 😉

  23. Steven R

    We are but cattle to be bred, fattened, and then slaughtered. Giving that the liberals control the educational system and media there is no hope as every year the number of liberal voters increases. The best we can do is to take the blue pill and remain in the fabricated reality of the Matrix…

    • art barnes

      Steven R, astute in many ways, seen the liberal voters & their new religion of peace & entitlements gained strength over time as you have outlined all the while the elite Republicans became just filthy rich. Frankly, I must say that the Demogods went after power with buying of votes with entitlements & illegal admission to the country and the old guard elite were just happy getting filthy rich from the slaughtered you mentioned. That is where we are, there is no changing this system now with votes or bullets; just the way both parties like it.

    • Galaxy 500

      How did liberals get control of local school boards etc? Because people that opposed all this didn’t vote. Voting does matter, contrary to what the lazy nonvoters say.

      • allen ols

        Or….why did the dumb ass voters get duped into voting for all these stupid wars, patriot act, obabamba care, repeal of glass steagle, qe 1-3 bank bailouts , NAFTA, the list goes on and on…..duuhhhhh
        Lets see, We could beat, strangle, shoot women who have abortions just like the Muslims.

      • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

        10-4, G500. There’s too much evidence to believe otherwise.

  24. R B

    I cried out Lord have mercy on me and save my soul come into my life and make me new.From that time Jesus has filled my life with hope, and joy ,and peace ,that cannot be found anywhere else.To that I must say Praise His Holy Name.!!!

    • J C Davis

      A friend gave me a gift, and I asked why?
      She said you don’t know how much you do for me.
      I asked again but why so much?
      She asked why do you do what you do for me?
      I replied because God loves me.
      God love you.

  25. Concerned american dad

    Greg, i eas looking foreard to hearing Professor Black…. great interview, up until he said “all data from China is a lie” seriously? When compared to all the forthright US data- it’s all Bull.
    And obviously those in charge will keep it going on and on …… Until they’re ready to do otherwise.
    Same way someone who should be behind bars is running for president and actually gets support

    • Concerned american dad

      From cnbs this morning”Job Creatiom in US on Amazong Streak” 200k …. I thought 270- 300used to be good- Dow up 130

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        .and please excuse and forgive my previous spelling Fopa’s!@#$% typed earlier on an iPhone with sausage fingers

        • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

          We need an “Edit” feature. A “thumbs up/down” would be nice too.

    • Galaxy 500

      All data out of China is falsified. Why would that cause you to disagree? If you disagree with facts, you will always wind up on the losing side.

  26. David Clumpner

    I’ve harped on this several times in the past few years, Greg:
    The ‘Black Swan’ that most are overlooking, is the probability the Global Banking Empire (IMF/BIS/BRICS etc) will ratchet up all of this QE Ponzi Scenario to the next level when the Fed Reserve does finally run out of bullets.
    All of these gurus have consistently underrated the Wild Cards and Jokers the Banksters have up their sleeves!
    The Uber “Elites will crash the market for a ‘reset’ when they are ready and a MAJOR WAR could be part of the mix.

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      David, in my opinion it’s absolutely stupefying that the Federal Reserve is doing all it can to bring on inflation! For my whole life inflation has been the enemy. Now they’re telling us it’s our friend?
      I personally am enjoying the deflation of gasoline. For me, it’s like getting a raise.

  27. William Charles

    Why does this criminal behavior go on, one would ask, who would buy and sell gov’t debt? The big banks own Washington and this is their leverage.

  28. Greetings from England

    The fatal flaw with democracies is that the election cycles encourage politicians to think short term. Countries such as China are planning 40 years in advance.

  29. FromCanada

    Great interview as usual, thanks Greg.
    Dr.Black is somewhat outspoken here but not nearly enough.
    Our entire financial system is fraudulent not because of the reasons Dr.Black points out (e.g. rule of law no longer present).
    Our entire financial system is fraudulent because we have FIAT CURRENCY as DEBT to Private Owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE.
    Let me say that again:
    We have Private Owners that reap a 6% Dividend from the FEDERAL RESERVE.
    And they have been receiving this 6% Dividend since 1913 !
    How much money is that ?
    Using Present Value basis and actuarial math, we come up with a figure well in excess of $100 TRILLION !
    Who owns the FEDERAL RESERVE ?
    Where did this >$100 TRILLION go ?
    Why isn’t anyone asking these questions ?
    Bank of Canada was sued for issuing Debt based currency, recently, but the Canadian people lost to the Supreme Court ruling that the ‘BANK ACT” superseded the Charter of Human Rights and Freedom.
    Sad times for all.

    • TPTB

      Hi FromCanada,

      Do you believe that you should be able to keep the wealth you have accumulated over your lifetime?

      If so, then consider the following: Modeling it to the extreme, if you start with a penny and double your wealth every day, in 28 days you will be a millionaire. Where do you think the money should come from to accommodate the increase in your wealth?

      If you believe that you should share the wealth you accumulate, then isn’t that essentially the function of government?

      My point is that economics, “the dismal science”, is not like a self governing law of nature or a mathematical equation, but instead, it is just a game that attempts to provide a framework for society to operate in a civilized manner.

      I believe that Dr. Black is calling attention to instances where the elite are not managing their affairs in a respectful manner.

  30. William Charles

    Here’s one of the best documentaries I’ve seen on how the DOJ just lies to protect the big banks, in this case, Goldman Sachs.

  31. vincent_g

    This problem is because the current system is flawed.

    How it starts is the banks will take on more debt when a downturn takes place.
    They will do this to avoid bankruptcy.
    But when they take on more debt they also need to increase their gross business in order to cover the cost of the new debt.
    The system is built to do this and if the system interferes with this process then they change the laws.
    The FDIC contributes to this by passing assets over to other banks.
    This in my opinion should not happen!
    When a bank fails the insurance should cover the depositors and the debtors should be wiped out. All loans held by the failed bank forgiven.

    As time goes by in the current system banks become too big to fail as they are fed failed banks and now brokerage houses.

    The end result becomes that there is nothing left to feed the banks that is big enough to cover the costs to keep it going.

    As we chug along to this date where the only thing left is a melt down we have to look the other way when crimes take place.
    The crimes are not frowned upon because the failure of the bank is more scary than the damage of the crime.

    What is overlooked is that the citizens looks at this and becomes very upset.
    When governments ignore the citizens then really bad things can happen.

    Maria Antonieta comes to mind as a example.

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote, “When a bank fails the insurance should cover the depositors and the debtors should be wiped out. All loans held by the failed bank forgiven.”
      All loans forgiven? Hahaha. In a bankruptcy, which is what happens when a bank or any business goes belly up, people that owe money to that business must pay the creditors. It’s a valid debt. This money is owed to the bond holders and the stock holders.
      I don’t think you thought that thru.

    • Faith

      VG: some of us learned about the Reign of Terror. Woe to the government that forgets the lessons of history.

  32. Russ

    Thanks Greg. We’ve been saying for years now that the Rule Of Law is broken in the U.S. You cannot have a legal system with “tiered” punishment. One set of rules for General Petraeus and another set of guidelines for Hillary. Interesting that it was upper management that reported the theft of Fed documents. Maybe they didn’t need the info and didn’t trust the source to not be a plant… Pure speculation, but it would explain the slap on the wrist penalty.

    An article I read this morning seems to indicate that the rise of outsiders is a direct result of the breakdown in the rule of law although he presents it in terms of a “social contract”
    quote: “Hillary Clinton cannot win the U.S. election. She is the epitome of the establishment class, of the elitist order,” he said. “Trump, on the other hand, is so far away from being a politician that he represents chaos in a world of order, and this is what U.S. voters want.” unquote.

    The fraud to which Dr. Black refers is pervasive, but it seems that it is causing the rise of what is needed to kill it. The fact that so many see it and turn a blind eye shows that the entire system is corrupt. Sad that we have fallen so far.

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      Russ, I wonder what will happen if Hillary does not face any charges or if Hussein Obama pardons her. In my opinion that’s grounds for revolution.

  33. Paul

    As Mr. Black explains all the fraud going on … it makes me wonder just why the fraudulent western bankers are selling gold to the East … Canada has no gold left and Fort Knox is most likely empty … yet we know of one banker (JP Morgan/Chase) that is accumulating silver … so I ask myself the question … exactly why are the fraudulent bankers selling gold yet accumulating silver??? … what “fraudulent plan” are the bankers hatching that allows for the sale of almost every Western ounce of gold to the East (Canada sold ever ounce) and yet has the Western bankers accumulating silver???

    In thinking about the coming gold re-set … I did an analysis that factors in a fractional reserve component of (9 to 1) to the coming re-set (as bankers live and die by their fraudulent “fractional reserve system”) … so thinking like the fraudulent bankers I arbitrarily set one(1) ounce of gold as sufficient collateral to back up nine(9) fiat paper dollars of debt and I get some very interesting results … some feed back from other WatchDoger’s is welcome as my calculation seems to put a “big damper” on the potential future price of gold that most people are looking to for safety … but instead shows that it is “silver” we should be accumulating (just like JP Morgan/Chase) as the primary means of protecting our wealth … so here goes:

    Lets say hypothetically the US invaded every country on the globe … and stole all their US dollars and just burnt them to ashes … and then hauled all of the world’s gold back to the US and put it in Fort Knox … the 170,000 tons of gold at Fort Knox (worth $9 trillion dollars at today’s gold price) would represent a stable and secure monetary asset (as it has no liabilities attached and thus can be used as collateral to back up fiat dollar currency debt) … to back up the US government debt of $19 trillion dollars using the 170,000 tons of gold would take a “re-set” of gold’s price to $2,520 dollars per ounce just to cover the current “officially reported” US government debt of $19 trillion dollars (assuming for now that all the unfunded liabilities are simply reneged upon)…  now here comes the fraudulent bankers fractional reserve ploy … if the bankers use a fractional (9 to 1) fiat to gold reserve ratio to back up their fiat debt with real assets … then such a “fractional reserve re-set” would price gold at $260 dollars per ounce (interestingly just as Harry Dent expects) … but realistically a worldwide invasion of every country in the world by the US seems a bit unlikely (although they are doing a pretty good job) … therefore lets more confidently assume that the world’s “debt” of nearly $300 trillion dollars will thus need to be backed by the 170,000 tons of gold in the world (at the current price of $1200 dollars per ounce it makes the 170,000 tons of gold in the world worth $9 trillion dollars) … so doing the math again using all the world’s gold to back all the world’s fiat … now a gold re-set that backs up the world’s $300 trillion debt with “real money” (on a 1 to 1 basis) puts an ounce of gold at a price 33 times higher then its current price of $1200 dollars per ounce … and therefore an ounce of gold would seem to need to be $39,600 dollars per ounce … but here is the calculation using the fractional reserve ploy … assuming the bankers use a (9 to 1) fiat to gold fractional reserve ratio for real assets to back fiat debt … we are talking about a gold re-set that takes the price of gold to only $4500 dollars per ounce!

    Thus a gold re-set (using a 9 to 1 fractional reserve fiat to gold ratio) can be bounded as seen above by an improbable low of $260 dollars and a more realistic high of $4500 dollars per ounce for gold … but what about silver … a gold to silver ratio of 5 is considered very likely by many analysts (as silver ultimately becomes even rarer then gold) … so in the worst case where gold is re-set to $260 dollars per ounce we get $52 dollar/oz silver ($260/5 = $52) … and in the best case where gold is re-set to $4500 dollars per ounce we get $900 dollar/oz silver ($4500/5 = $900) … so as you can see silver (even in a Harry Dent scenario where gold continues to fall to $260 per ounce) can still rise to $52 dollars/oz as gold falls … and in a scenario where 1) the US fails to invade and steal all the gold from every county in the world … and 2) the bankers then apply a 9 to 1 fiat to gold fractional reserve ratio in the coming re-set … silver’s potential at $900 dollars/oz represents a gain of about 60 times your money (900/15 = 60) … while gold gain to $4500 represents only 3.75 times your money (4500/1200 = 3.75).

    So by the above math it makes sense for the fraudulent Western bankers to sell all their gold to the East (Canada now having sold every ounce, Fort Knox likely empty, etc.) who will then likely back their fiat using some type of fractional reserve ratio for their accumulated gold … but look at what JP Morgan/Chase is loading up on … “silver” …  so my analysis above seems to make a more forceful case for holding silver rather then gold … as being “a better wealth protection” precious metal! … any comments??

    • Macray

      No disrespect but you lost me at –
      Lets say hypothetically the US invaded every country on the globe … and stole all their US dollars and just burnt them to ashes … and then hauled all of the world’s gold back to the US and put it in Fort Knox

      I understand you said hypothetically, but Russia and China may consider using nuclear weapons if they were invaded. At that point, I’m not sure I and most others will be holding anything. And who knows what the women of the world would do if they were invaded.

      U.S. Gov #DEBT currently at $19.20tn increasing at $1.44tn/year DEBT expected to grow to $33.30tn by Dec-2025!!

      • Macray

        I did enjoy reading your analysis and you do make a very forceful case for holding silver!
        One thing your analysis has not addressed is the 1.5 quadrillion US dollars of Derivatives or as Warren Buffet refers to as weapons of mass destruction. I do not believe these time bombs can be reneged upon without exploding.
        IMO, holding both Silver and Gold will prove to be wisest of choices!

        Our USA Watchdog friend Gregory M resides in the Silver State. Perhaps he could talk a little bit about Silver the next time he visits?
        I own a small public Gold and Silver exploration company about 85 miles outside of Las Vegas. I am hoping that this proves to be a wise choice as well!

        • Paul

          Macray … sorry … I did sort of address the 1.5 Quadrillion question … by assuming all fiat and unfunded liabilities would be “burned or reneged upon” leaving only about 300 trillion in fiat in the world that has to be backed by all the worlds gold … if a fractional reserve ratio is chosen that backs 9 dollars of fiat with one dollar of gold … then the 170,000 tons of gold in the world would only have to back up $33.3 trillion in fiat (300/9= 33.3) … currently priced at 1200 dollars/oz all the worlds gold is worth 9 trillion dollars … and backing up the fractionalized 33.3 trillion in fiat with all the world’s gold means gold will have to be re-set 3.7 times higher (33.3/9 = 3.7) … thus gold should sell at $1200 x 3.7 = $4,440 per ounce after the re-set … and silver at a 5 to 1 ratio with gold would sell for $888 dollars/oz (4440/5 = 888) … making silver is the better precious metal to hold!

          • Macray

            Hypothetically all fiat liabilities (which include 1.5 quadrillion $ of derivitives) would be reneged upon.
            My mistake

    • Dan Reynolds

      Paul ,

      I like where you’re going with this theory. Follow the money – the REAL money !


      • Paul

        Dan … re-reading my post I found a real “blooper” ,,,

        When I said ” so thinking like the fraudulent bankers I arbitrarily set one(1) ounce of gold as sufficient collateral to back up nine(9) fiat paper dollars of debt and I get some very interesting results “…

        What I really meant to say was … [so thinking like the fraudulent bankers I arbitrarily set one(1) dollar worth of gold as sufficient collateral to back up nine(9) fiat paper dollars] !!! … sorry for any confusion this may have wrought!

  34. Jon

    Rarely does an interview leave me speechless but what is there to say after listening to Prof. Black define the problem and solution in a half hour when you know nothing is going to be done?

    • Greg Hunter

      You need to make personal preparations. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Please do some things to pout yourself in the best position possible.

      • Jerry

        Good advice Greg.
        We may not be able to solve our economic problems, but the rest of the world will solve it for us. It makes perfect sense to elect Hilary. Any crime syndicate should have a criminal at the head of it.

        • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

          Jerry, Americans see what’s happening and I believe are close to being fed up. We see that the banking industry and government – especially the current Justice Department – are little more than a crime syndicate.
          What makes matters worse is that this syndicate is depending on our respect for the law to not come after them.
          One day they may have a nasty surprise.

      • BillyR

        Why would I prepare? The US isn’t in a bubble according to Mr Black. We have 5 to 6% growth coming. Let er roll…huh?

      • BillyR

        Sorry Greg….my “let er roll” post was not meant to be flippant. It just really struck me as asinine that this guy had such good information and then blew it (at least with me) at the end.

        Anyway…thanks for the great interviews. I guess if I agreed with them all I wouldn’t be “expanding my knowledge” so to speak.

    • Macray

      (at the current price of $1200 dollars per ounce it makes the 170,000 tons of gold in the world worth $9 trillion dollars)

      I get about (rounded) 6.5 trillion, given above.
      1200 x 16 x 2000 x 170,000 = 6.528 trillion

      • Paul

        Macray … you are correct (I was using an old figure I had memorized in my head) … therefore gold has the potential to rise to 5.1 times its current price (33.3/6.528 = 5.1) which means a gold re-set can take it to $6,121 dollars/oz (5.1 x 1200 = $6,121) … and silver at a ratio of 5 to 1 gives a price of $1224 dollars per ounce … thanks for your comments and calculations Macray … I need lots in community to vet my work and add their ideas … for it’s all of our financial futures … that depend on getting the calculation right!

        • Paul

          Macray … Here is something interesting … using the frationalized price of gold ($6,121 per ounce) and multiplying by 9 … a price of $55,089 dollars per ounce is obtained (just as Jim Sinclair is projecting) … so it seems Sinclair is not factoring in a gold re-set that includes a 9 to 1 fiat to gold fractional reserve ratio the the way I am doing!

          • Paul

            And here is something Harry Dent would love … assume the crazy bankers set a 300 to 1 fiat to gold ratio … then according to my calculations $300 trillion becomes $1 trillion in world fiat that must be backed by 6.528 trillion in total world gold (1/6.528 = 0.153) … so 0.153 x 1200 = $183.60 as the projected price of gold upon a re-set that is 300 to 1 … very interesting … but this makes silver worth $36.72 at a 1 to 5 god to silver ratio … so silver still holds its own as something to put under the mattress rather then paper fiat!

  35. Derrick Michael Reid

    How it stops? Answer —>
    look who’s the attorney general 😉

  36. Hatemail

    If I cheat on my taxes I don’t go to jail either. The only people who go to jail are those who commit murder and mayhem, the mentally ill and of course the everyday citizen who gets caught driving under the influence. That, by the way is a major profit center for the criminal justice system. Legions of police spend their time preying upon the tax paying public.
    The criminalized financial industry drives and facilitates American policy. As a nation we attack and plunder foreign nations that do not bend to our will. We apply sanctions via the financial system to confiscate wealth and limit the ability of nations to engage in trade. If you are waiting for the system to collapse, you are going to have a long, long wait.

    • Galaxy 500

      Tell that to Wesley Snipes

      • Hatemail

        Mr. Snipes was not a tax cheat, he was a tax objector and outrightly refused to pay taxes. He could and should have paid the taxes due plus the fines but he chose to go to jail.

        • dbcooper

          HM, It is one thing to practice tax evasion and quite another to exercise our obligation of tax avoidance … the courts have repeatedly ruled that it is our (Americans) obligation to avoid all taxes possible. Either way they nail you … I know. DB.

  37. Ken


    How this plays out on THE DARK SIDE

    Obama is very obsessed with his legacy. So what does he do if the FBI comes knocking?
    I don’t believe that should Obama try to quash, sweep under the rug Hilary’s problem it would work, the story will surely leak out from FBI sources. So that is not an option. It is also well known that the Obama’s and the Clintons dislike each other.
    The solution
    This solves the legacy problem and also makes Hilary’s problem go away. It would require Hilary to drop out of the race for the party nomination throwing her support to Joe Biden. In turn she would get a full and complete presidential pardon upon Obama leaving the white house. No trial or jail and they get to keep all the money in the Clinton foundation. Obama gives Joe a send off gift…….. flipping the Clintons the bird as he makes his grand exit.

    Republican solution

    As we have all read the elites who ever they are. Have an all out effort to “STOP TRUMP”

    They [elites] know if it appears that Trump is cheated out of the nomination the blow back would be horrific an open revolt. So let’s say Trump arrives in Cleveland short of the 1237 needed to claim the prize.
    They have kept Cruz and Kasich their boy in the race to keep Trump from the needed number. They then give Trump the prize with that extra baggage.
    The elite will supply the needed delegates to put Trump over the top if……………….
    Kasich is VP and if he needs more delegates little Marco gets a plumb job in the administration. Stiffing Cruz!

    This sets up the general election.
    If Joe wins they win!

    If Trump wins they apply the Kennedy solution and they win!
    A slip in the shower should suffice.
    Don’t forget that after JFK left feet first, LBJ wasted no time getting rid of his staff and his policy’s.

  38. OutLookingIn

    NO felony prison time.
    Money for nothing and your fraud for free!

    The U.S. Department of Justice offers but “The Veneer of Justice, in a Kingdom of Crime”.

  39. Linda L.

    Thank you for this interview with William Black.
    Regarding Trump, did you see this: “video pushes Assassination of Trump”? When you open up the information, the gang doing the video are all black. I don’t know why so many African Americans/black population are supporting the liberals because they aren’t doing anything for the advancement of blacks…..except the handouts…. (look at Chicago, their unemployment numbers, crime/prison info. etc…not improving).

  40. Frank jeffries

    You’re wonderful Greg. Your interviews are the best! Thank you, how about Edward Griffin again? Paul Craig is great. This professor Is phenomenal! History is a record of criminal humans so why are we so surprised? This job is tough but honesty demands we continue! Sincerely, Dr. Frank Jeffries

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank!

  41. Paul

    That’s one great interview, Mr Black explained the situation very clearly.
    I cant believe how brazen the Criminal Cronies are, they just think their untouchable.
    I would love to hear him again on the program .

    Thanks Greg,

  42. toejam

    Just imagine, little goody two shoes, Hillary Clinton taking money from the criminal banksters on Wall Street. Can you imagine that? Well, it takes one to know one.

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      That’s nothing. How many hundreds of millions did the Clinton Foundation receive from international donors?
      And because there’s a “D” after Hillary’s name, she gets a free ride by the press.
      The MSM has more crimes to answer for than Hillary and Bill combined.

  43. Edward Ulysses Cate

    I met W.K.Black a few years back when he did a presentation for the American Monetary Institute. He’s the real deal. Only fools would not be considering what he says and what he writes. The control-fraud of these banksters prove they’re sociopaths.

  44. Galaxy 500

    Wow. We didn’t imagine leaving felons on charge was a good business model.

  45. Craig Michael

    HI Greg,
    This really isn’t going to end well is it? Of course it continues to not end well as the unravelling continues to accelerate. This was an incredible interview, surreal and depressing. There seems to be no end to all the issues that are blinking red lights telling us that the End Is Near, however that will turn out to be.

    I thought our entire US economy was one multi-faceted bubble.

    Greg, I hesitate to bring this up, but I will. Professor Black mentioned all the incomprehensible amount of money in trillions that was lost during the Great Recession. He mentioned all the wealth that was lost in the Hispanic and Black communities. Well, what about the White community? That doesn’t count for some reason? Aren’t all us Americans in all communities in this together?
    Are we not going to stand together to face the coming challenges?

  46. art barnes

    Greg, the FED reversed its policy of staggered interest rate hikes it said was its new policy in December. You can’t make this stuff up, many have just made billions is going long in December, I bet by inside information. What say you?

  47. Dan

    Nice PODCAST: This is how World War III starts—it will be financial
    (US & China Are Collapsing Into Thucydides Trap)

    Link 1:

    Link 2:

    It’s a bit long (1 hour); but really gives a good overall picture of how the US Banksters are taking the world hostage and how sorry the state of US financial affairs have become.


  48. andyb

    Greg: Bill Black is knowledgeable, witty, competent; a great resource to have on periodically. He did, however, dodge your question as to why all the purposeful fraud and lack of prosecution; i.e. what is the true agenda? It’s more than having the funds to corrupt the politicians in the US and UK supposedly overseeing financial activity; it’s far more global in scope. The HSBC drug laundering case, the Banker’s Trust similar findings in the 90s, and the whole fiasco of LTCM, and the trillions discovered “lost” on 9/10/2001 indicates that political corruption is only the tip of the iceberg. Color Revolutions, Black Ops, and the incrementally involving global police and surveillance state requires Trillions, not just millions.

  49. Wilfong

    You know rigging the system reminds me of doping in sports. It’s really obvious to those with a keen eye, but the majority of the public never sees it, until years later.

    • Greg Hunter

      Great to have you back!!! Hope you are doing well.

  50. Sayonara

    Sensational interview! The financial/political system is so crony corrupted that only those who have achieved Too Big To Fail-Too Big To Jail are immune to the laws that the rest of us have to abide by. They also for the time being, are immune to the natural laws of economics. I like everyone has been wondering why hasn’t the system crashed yet?
    Thinking through after this interview, I think it is really simple. The Too Big To Fail-Too Big To Jail Crony Criminals control the money supply internationally. They allow themselves access to the central banks that control the money supply. They have unlimited access to unlimited funds. Meanwhile, because they control access to the money supply, the only allow us plebeians minimal access to monies in order to survive. Therefore, no inflation, no civil unrest and no competition against the crony criminal governments and corporations to erode their moats of wealth. Very simple until they miscalculate their engineered economic equation – which they will do eventually. It may not happen in the time frame that rational economically educated individuals would think. And it has not so far and thus it comes down to the evasive answer of When?
    Thoughts Anyone?

  51. Justn Observer



  52. DonfromDarwin

    Hi Greg, Thanks for another great guest, I think Col from NZ is right with the cause of this mess and Jerry is right with the solution, you may or may not know that the Northern Territory government, with approval from our federal government in Canberra has Leased the Port of Darwin (our most northern port in Australia, 600km south of Jakarta) to a Chinese company Landbridge for NINTY NINE YEARS. signed sealed and delivered earlier this year, and last week we read in the NT NEWS that the US has sent a warship (aircraft carrier) to Patrol our northern waters because of China’s aggression in the south China Sea. Darwin has US Military presence of about 2000 marines based at our Robertson barracks’ on what we are told is a rotational basis, the NT NEWS also report’s that the US has requested permission to station US Military aircraft at our TINDAL air base 300km south of Darwin (we in OZ know that “permission” will be granted)
    Interesting times for us, as we have been, and are very strong allies, of the US at the same time, being “advised” by mother England, China is our largest trading partner, we have joined AIIB (founding member along with England) we have the 2nd largest underground Gold reserves in the world after China, When the US dollar dies and it will, where will Australia stand ? sorry I cant post links I,m not that savvy on the computer, my bad.

    • Faith

      DfD: I don’t know what type of computer you have but if you highlight the address bar there are some standard commands to copy / paste a link address. Highlight the address bar which will have the entire link and then you do Control C (to copy) and Control V (to paste) with a PC or you do Command C and Command V to do the same on an Apple device. I usually read news sites on my IPad and it took me a bit to go figure out how to work the IPad. Good luck!

  53. Jerry

    I’m posting this Frontline story again called “The Warning” so people can see just how accurate professor Black was and is in his predictions of the theft that has gone on in this country. It should be a wake-up call for anybody who watches it.

    QE and market manipulation have only delayed the outcome of what should have happened in 2008. Like my mom used to say, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can never f00l all the people all of the time”.

  54. art barnes

    Greg, a little ditty on Governor Ksicky of Ohio. Never heard of so-called leader running for a brokered convention instead of the votes of the American people. Mr. Ksick can’t be shamed, which is a shame – another new low in American politics.

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      I almost vomited when he said he could run as a Democrat.

  55. Walter F. Baumgarten

    The only part of Mr. Black’s comments that I would question is when he said that the level of management at GS blows the whistle that they are being honest because that is part of the game. It is the dinner signal to the political cronies for them to come to the table and get their share of the take. Aside from that what Mr. Black said should be the call for not only him but for all of us who watched this be either shot or imprisoned by the corrupt government that was just exposed. But that won’t happen because the Crony Criminal Class all know for certain that Americans do not care in the least and are perfectly ok with such a system as long as they can buy alcohol and lottery tickets, watch sports and other television entertainment, and do whatever they do to whoever they do it to. Far too many Americans just don’t care and never will until they feel the pains of hunger in their empty bellies. Until then the Criminal Crony Class will laugh their way to the bank, the Islands, their yachts or wherever it is they are headed o spend the countless billions that they steal from our futures and the futures of our children. For myself, as you may recall, I have waded into the ranks of the sellouts at the level that I can achieve and am slugging it out on a daily basis. It is a lonely business, but those of us who do it appreciate the little help we get and find solace in the company of others that actually care and get off of their dead butts to do something about it. In the end all we can do is keep the Faith.

  56. Hatemail

    Just a thought, but off topic.
    If Hillary gets indicted we may have TWO brokered conventions.

  57. Marcia Armstrong

    This interview fits nicely with one I recently heard from documentarian John Titus (The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime .) You should try and get him on your show.

  58. Galaxy 500

    Liberalism is a mental illness, there is no other explanation to allow ISIS members to be anywhere near their airports.

    • Greetings from England

      and a neocon is of a healthy mindset…

  59. Justn Observer

    If anyone doubts the intentions of the IMF to replace the dollar as reserve currency, they really should read this report. Even though it came out in 2010 it is very clear what the steps of the implementation process will be.
    and then might read this story @ rogue money:
    The FDIC is no longer just an insurance agency, but the primary executor for the bail-in process.

    • JMiller

      The article on Rogue Money makes a number of statements that are not true.

      False statement #1- “The FDIC is no longer just an insurance agency”

      Fact – The FDIC was never just an insurance agency. They have performed a number of functions in the last 80 years including being regulator of some banks and as receiver in cases of bank insolvency.

      False statement #2 – “the FDIC now has the power to write down your account without ever having to compensate you through promised insurance”

      Fact – In current bail-ins plans, only uninsured deposits could be written-down or converted to equity if needed. Insured deposits are excluded. So there is no reneging by the FDIC as far as the promised insurance made to insured depositors. And even if insured deposits were used in a bail-in, the FDIC insurance would still apply since the bank is insolvent (has failed).

      False statement #3 – “any liability at the bank is in danger of being written-down should the bank fail.”

      Fact – Only certain liabilities are in danger of being written-down or converted to equity according to the bail-in plans. Some liabilities are exempt such as secured liabilities and insured deposits.

      False statement #4 – “if a large bank fails in the US, your deposits at this bank would either be “written-down” (read: disappear) or converted into equity or stock shares in the company. And once they are converted to equity you are a shareholder not a depositor… so you are no longer insured by the FDIC.”

      Fact – If a large bank becomes insolvent then MAY BE some or all of your uninsured deposits could be converted to equity IF NEEDED. These deposits of course were never insured by the FDIC. Insured deposits are not part of the bail-in and are still insured by the FDIC.

      This article fails to make the proper distinctions on how different kinds of creditors (liabilities) are treated in a bail-in, those being secured and unsecured, and those being insured and uninsured. The bail-in plans mostly affect shareholders, unsecured creditors such as unsecured bondholders and uninsured deposits. Insured deposits are just as protected as they have been in the last 80 years. However because of current bail-in laws, uninsured depositors in the large banks are now more at risk of losing some or even all of their deposits above the insured amounts than was the case before.

  60. Justn Observer

    Equally entertaining was this Rogue’s report: A Euro banking problem ‘needing a scapegoat’ and maybe a new GERMAN SOLUTION to the ‘problem’ which might now ‘appear’ to be those radical extremist that have ‘penetrated’ their borders!

  61. Galaxy 500

    Thanks for having Dr Black back. Reagan, with Dr Blacks help, put over 1,000 people in jail for the S&L crisis. That made the system stronger. We should have put them in jail. I hope President Trump will put them there.

  62. Isaac

    “all of the retail profits of the largest banks in the United Kingdom came from the deliberate or ‘mis-selling’ of products to customers”

    Could someone educate me as to what this means? The banking system is often accused of fraudulent activity but I haven’t yet taken the time to learn how the fraud works.

    • JMiller


      I think Mr. Black is talking about credit life, credit disability and credit involuntary unemployment insurance that lenders try to push when they make a loan. Basically it is a high priced form of insurance that would payoff the loan should you die (credit life), or would make the loan payments should you become disabled and can’t work (credit disability) or become involuntarily unemployed (credit involuntary unemployment). Very few people who buy this type of insurance rarely use it so it is very profitable for the lender.

  63. ED1

    To all Watch Doggers I say this. Voting no longer matters. The elites and the greedy banksters already know who the next president will be. This has been going on for quite some time. There is a reason why obama was “Put here”. The NWO agenda is steaming full ahead.

    We need to look no further than what is happening to Donald Trump by his own party…..he does not go along with their “Point of view”. Trump is being demonized by not only the lame stream media and the liberals, but by his very own party puppets because he cannot be bought.

    Corruption and greed has totally consumed our once great nation and I do not see it getting better any time soon.

    May the Lord God be with us. We are going to need it.

    • Greetings from England

      If Trump was refused the nomination and decided to run as an independent, would this help or harm his campaign?

  64. Mehdi Gee

    I just wanted to say thank you really. I live in the UK but I have not watched the BBC or other main news stations for about 10 years. But I really look forward to the two interviews that Mr Hunter does every week. Not only are the guests of an incredibly high caliber but also Mr Hunter asks the right questions. I think that this is not just because the hosts and the guests are educated but because they have integrity. Unfortunately the BBC can’t compete with that despite the overwhelming odds. That’s quite heroic really. So thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mehdi Gee for supporting the site!!!

  65. Jim

    Banksters never go to jail.
    Genocidists never go to jail, unless they were trying to save their own people and their people are European.
    Student loan scammers never go to jail. They have destroyed the lives of the best of the USA’s next generation. It was cleverly targeted genocide against white Americans.

    Merkel isn’t going to jail yet. She is trying to destroy Germany, proven guilty of Genocide.
    Tony Blair will never go to jail, also proven guilty of genocide. He would be in prison if he was fighting for the English. He worked to destroy the English with immigration so he gets a pass. “Multiculturalism” is a communist code word for genocide.
    400,000 Serbs ethnically cleansed from Kosovo in one day. Nobody goes to jail for that. Only the guy who killed some Muslims goes to jail.

    It’s all connected. Active anti-European genocide is rewarded (Merkel got more than one award for it: Coudenhove-Kalergi prize, Charlemagne prize) but the slightest murmur of pro-white sentiment is punished severely (Hate speech laws).

    We have to wake up before we’re finished off.

  66. Wiley

    Restoring the rule of law can’t be accomplished by tinkering around the edges of the regulatory environment. Most regulations are simply special rules by which select individuals, companies and organizations are allowed to violate the basic laws of civil society. The regulations exist to create a mask of legitimacy for criminal activity.

    The entire fractional reserve banking system is fraudulent since it allows banks to create currency out of nothing and collect fees and interest on it. It’s essentially a vast counterfeiting operation, and restoring the rule of law would require that no one, including banks and government, would be excused from the basic civil law against all forms of theft, including counterfeiting. The fractional reserve banking system would have to be eliminated, along with the IRS and all other means of government theft. Of course government will never willingly allow the restoration of rule of law since it and the banking system are partners in eliminating it and are the prime beneficiaries of its absence.

    The current system is specifically designed to draw wealth out of the hands of the productive members of society into the hands of the unproductive–primarily government and the banking system. Its goal is for government and bankers to steal and own everything while everyone else is left with nothing, so naturally those working toward that goal are protected in their criminal activities. This criminality used to be carefully concealed, but it has now progressed to the point of being unstoppable and so concealment has become far less important. However, the ultimate result of such a system is that it will collapse as producers–the foundation of a healthy society–lose the incentive to produce. The whole top-heavy structure will topple over as its foundation is eroded away.

    I think the rot in the system is so far advanced that it can’t be reformed or salvaged; it can only be replaced after its inevitable collapse. The best course of action is to be as independent of the government and banking systems as possible, to withdraw all support of them, and to prepare to rebuild after the current system falls under its own dead weight.

  67. DavidC

    Fantastic interview! I was wondering, last week, why no one had had Bill Black on recently and there he is on USA Watchdog this week! Brilliant.


  68. dee garmon

    Not to worry, Hillary with Paul Krugman as her finance minister will put an end to all the corruption once and for all, go for it the sheeple!

  69. r.j

    Jerry i dont think think the u.s. dollars death will be quiet

  70. red

    So you think its bad in the States, just sat through a media paid for ad about how Australian banks are funded 70% depositors & 30-% international funding etc …(you know deutsche bank , levered 500/1) 70 % of Australians believe this horse doodoo..I laugh every time i hear an ozzie talking about how stupid yanks’ are lol …. this was all followed by a story about how mr Trump is the most evil man in the world… i dont know if people have noticed but the criminal class seem to be doubling down on all their BS at the moment….

  71. Oxfarmer

    Stock market at new high…get out while you can.

  72. Justn Observer


    • JMiller

      Justn Observer,

      Well you are free to do what you want even though I am right about what I said. Sorry to here that you do not do your own research and instead choose to just believe people who are either blatantly wrong about some things, such as in the case of that fear mongering Rogue Money article, or believe people who know most of the truth, like Ellen Brown, who unfortunately at times is not completely accurate as she should be and does leave out some important things that she should have talked about. Because of that people may mistakenly believe things that are not really true. In that video with Ellen Brown that you gave a link to, she says some things that are not accurate. At the 17:30 mark she wrongly says that “it used to be that the FDIC could hit up the Treasury but now they can’t”. Used to be and now they can’t? The FDIC did and still does have a line of credit with the Treasury. Ellen Brown even stated in some of her later videos and articles that the FDIC has a credit line with the Treasury. Ellen Brown also fails to make it clear that only uninsured deposits could be taken in a bail-in. She just says depositor’s money could be taken which may misled one into thinking that even insured depositor’s money could be taken. Well if Ellen Brown believes that all deposits could be taken in a bail-in and that the FDIC insurance could not even come close covering all the insured deposits as she seems to be saying in that video, why did she recently say that insured deposits are probably safe, CERTAINLY for the time being in this interview at the 5:15 mark?

      Ellen Brown and most of the intelligent people in the ALT media know that the currently bail-in plans exclude insured depositors. The most protected party in the bank is the insured depositor. All the bank bail-ins that have happened and the current bail-in plans excluded insured deposits and for very good reasons. In the U.S. there will be some form of taxpayer bailout before one penny is lost by insured depositors. And taxpayers bailouts really are still on the table. I have no worries about my insured deposits when it comes to bail-ins. The risk for insured depositors really is from a dollar devaluation or hyperinflation. Also capital controls may be a concern in the future.

      Now Justn Observer, I really would like for you to tell me what I am wrong about concerning the Rogue Money article. Which of those 4 statements that I dealt with do you believe Rogue Money is completely right about?

      • Greg Hunter

        J Miller,
        When you say “only uninsured deposits could be taken in a bail-in.” Let that sink in. Payrolls in America and accounts owned by large businesses have way more than the insurance provided by the FDIC. These folks have to meet a payroll. This is in the trillions of dollars of uninsured funds. What is insured is also trillions of dollars. Can you imagine the calamity if trillions of $’s were lost and trillions were bailed in by the banks to stay solvent in a meltdown? If the FDIC has to get the Treasure and the Fed to come up with trillions of digital dollars to replaced the dollars bailed in what would they be worth? I did not see the Rouge Money article or interview but this scenario according to James Richards (who will be on next week) is real and there will be bail-ins and the entire system will be locked down for a period it time. I think this is going to be a very scary time as most in America live paycheck to paycheck. Just my two cents, and not trying to pick a fight or make anyone look bad.

        • JMiller


          I agree that if most or all of the uninsured deposits in the very large banks would be used to recapitalize the banks it would have serious financial consequences. You and I touched on this before in the comments section here:

          I know that the FDIC is concerned about trying to protect uninsured deposits when, not if, one or more of these dangerous systemically important banks becomes insolvent. The FDIC has a mandate to orderly liquidate an insolvent bank in a way that it will have the least negative impact on the overall stability of the American economy. With the economy being so weak I do not believe that most or all of the uninsured deposits could be used in a bail-in without probably causing a depression. So they, and we, better hope it does not come to that. There is definitely a lot of unknowns involved. I look forward to hearing what Jim Rickards says.

  73. Zone

    Nice to see that people are aware of the problems. Still, it’s as they say, until we stop “believing” the fake money is real then people will be taken advantage of. This system can continually restart again and again reverting back to the “gold” and “silver” that those on this website seem to revere so much. We are now at a crossroads where our technology and our resources are overflowing and simply allocated and managed by the greedy, short-term thinkers that are out to succeed (in a capitalist system that means make others fail when the endgame is said and done) whatever the cost as long as they live.

    We are at a place where most people in their homes, with their families and neighbors know for sure that they no longer believe in the legitimacy of the dollar and in the system of money in general. We are crowded by our materialistic crap and are sitting pretty to shift into a new system of organization that demands focus on resources and resource management on a worldwide scale as opposed to a system based on obtaining resources for cheap and liquidating them for a profit to others, hoarding whatever resources can’t be sold.

    I highly suggest making the ENTIRE leap away from money, as it is all “FIAT” including precious gems and metals. If a monkey convinces another monkey to do a service or hand over a resource required for survival in exchange for a pretty rock, then that monkey was scammed and the only thing keeping the scam going is thinking the pretty rock really has a value. It’s an interesting number game and the rules are simple… at first until the wealthy establish a system creating profitable patterns.

    But the rock has no value, it’s a game. It’s a game because it has rules in order for it to work. We have participated in this game for oh…. 5 – 6000 provable years or so and never has any one area managed to not be crushed by it or crush itself with it. Humans understand games, and one thing they intuitively grasp is that when a game is won, and it so clearly has been in this case (50% of assets to < 1% population), then one of two things will occur. 1) The game will be restarted, each person resetting to a fair position with an equal amount of power and ability to move within the game OR 2) The game will be abandoned, the players having become bored or realizing that there are MORE IMPORTANT matters to attend to. We are hung up here, told that things are the way they are when intuitively we all know that we must reset or quit when it comes to our current economics. And because resetting (through whatever means: war, pestilence, redistribution) has never been able to stop the madness from reoccurring in some new, updated form, it's probably time to shift our paradigm away from liquid cash-based living and focus on stabilizing worldwide resources based on 21st century living.

    Areas include: 1)Clean, natural food 2) Clean water and environment 3)Shelter/infrastructure, manufacturing 4) Healthcare 5) Pollution-free energies 6) Education based on free, critical, radical thought. This system must then be of the people and power structures tempted to grow within should be calmly dismantled back to equality. Computer programs that have no capacity for human imperfections (emotional outbursts) can keep such a community-based society on track with inventory control and even suggestions for upcoming problems (short on resources in a certain area, etc.)

    This is one simple idea with many holes as this is not a place for entire manifestos and the like, yet one can see that we sit on a precipice, and "falling over" won't have to be apocalyptic, it simply needs to be framed as paradigm shift then taught to the masses. The internet has already done this to anybody under 30 at this point.

  74. frontncenter

    When the head of the Justice Department stated…

    “It does become difficult for us to prosecute when we are hit with indications that if we do bring a criminal charge, it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy,”

    My only thought was,… why? because replacing criminals with honest people isn’t an option?

    It took a minute for my brain to catch up with actually hearing the United States Department of Justice stating our economy is dependent on crime.

    Shouldn’t there be an option to legally hold regulators responsible for the damages caused to a person for the blatant intentional failure to perform their only duty… “act to protect”? Seeing how they were solely responsible and had no real reason for not doing their jobs. Other than possibly agreeing to look the other for a share in the illicit proceeds, which would most likely be paid in installments under the guise of “fines” to avert suspicions.

    Certainly would explain why it still hasn’t stopped. Although a fine isn’t really punishment when it can be paid with victim and shareholder money.

  75. frontncenter

    “Ugh … ya hona,… I too would like to request the option to pay for the enjoyment of permanent bail, for all da banks I robbed … and uh.. I’ll be payin dat all cash” lol.

  76. VSRE Collective

    At this moment I am ready to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming
    over again to read other news.

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