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By Greg Hunter’s

Communication experts at the Satellite Phone Store say there are only about 30,000 to 35,000 satellite phones manufactured every year worldwide.  So, when supplies run out, there is usually a long wait before new phones are back on the market.  It is essential to have a reliable backup for an affordable price.  You cannot tell what is going to happen in a world with a shaky financial system, war and extreme weather.  Because of the new offers from the Satellite Phone Store, you can have that critical backup plan for communication with a free phone to boot at the end of your contract.

You get a choice between the “Iridium 9555” and the “IsatPhone 2.”  Both satellite phones come with 100 minutes per month and free activation ($50 value) if you use the promo code USAW.

The “Iridium 9555” has a 24-month contract at $99.95 per month, and at the end of the contract, the phone is yours free.  The “IsatPhone 2” is a 12-month contract for $89.95 per month, and at the end of the contract, the sat-phone is also free for you to keep.

Plus, there is 10% discount off all other Satellite Phone Store products such as Generators, Faraday Bags, Solar Panels and Bivy Sticks during the month of May.  You can get a 10% discount on those products by using the promo code USAW10.

These special offers are through from The Satellite Phone Store (  So, watch the video for more information, and support the companies who support the truth-tellers.

After the Post:

Don’t forget to use the promo code USAW to have your $50 activation fee waived on your “Iridium 9555” or the “IsatPhone 2.”

Also, please use the promo code USAW10 for 10% off any other products from the Satellite Phone Store (


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  1. Phil

    Hi Greg
    Can we in New Zealand qualify to the Sat phone contracts? Been a Watchdog follower for 2years and great work by you and your guests in providing a much needed prospective to what this world is being inundated with by these evil lying control freaks.

  2. John E Easler

    I just bought one….now if we can just have another ice storm…..I bought the Iridium 9555 package…They were really helpful….He said I can talk to anybody that has a cell phone anywhere….The reason I bought it is where I travel in Texas some part of the route has no cell coverage so my AAA tow service would be impossible to reach….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, John, for the positive feedback!

  3. Pete

    I had mine with me when I drove from Dallas to Chicago a few weeks ago.

  4. The Seer

    I am in Christchurch and go back and forth to Queenstown
    When I bought my sat phone, extra battery and faraday bags I was told the phone will work from NZ. I haven’t tested it yet. I do need to be sure to download the updates to my Sat phone.
    I bought mine in 2020 at the Sarasota Sat phone store. It exists with full staff. Reliable. After your 1 or 2 year contract you will have accumulated quite a few minutes and get a lower monthly fee going forward.
    I moved back to NZ January 2023.

  5. Percy Sledgehammer

    Russia uses Kinzhal hypersonic missile to destroy US-made Patriot | Russia-Ukraine War | WION Live 688 watching now Started streaming 38 minutes ago
    Russia’s defense ministry said on Tuesday (May 16) that it had destroyed a U.S.-built Patriot surface-to-air missile defense system with a hypersonic Kinzhal missile in an overnight strike on Ukraine.

  6. Perc

    Russia uses Kinzhal hypersonic missile to destroy US-made Patriots
    Almost forgot!

    • Marie Joy

      Patriots are yesterday’s technology used for today’s wars. Russia and China are way ahead of American war technology.

  7. Anti-atomist

    And should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left—and also many animals? Jonah 4:11

  8. LondonCenter

    Russian ‘collusion delusion’ was ‘bought and paid for’ by Hillary Clinton
    Sky News Australia 12K views 3 hours ago
    The Russian “collusion delusion” throughout 2016 was “bought and paid for” by the Hillary Clinton campaign in an attempt to pull a massive election “hoax,” says Newsweek Opinion Editor Josh Hammer.

  9. Bill's Stilled!

    US State Dept. working to verify Wagner’s boss claim that US citizen died fighting in Bakhmut CNN 406,756 views May 16, 2023
    The US State Department is working to verify Russian warlord and Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin’s claim that a US citizen died fighting in Bakhmut. CNN’s Sam Kiley reports.
    Scuttlebutt has it his name is, Nicholas “Cocain” Cochin? Pure speculation?

  10. Frank Cooper

    Hugh Hewitt’s Worst Nightmare:To Mach 5 & beyond: Age of high speed warfare
    US’ defence system vs Russia’s hypersonic missile /WION 2,265 views May 17, 2023
    Russia launched an exceptionally heavy barrage on Ukraine. Moscow says its hypersonic missiles, the Kinzhal, struck its targets among them was the US-supplied patriot air defence system. But Kyiv claims it intercepted six Kinzhal hypersonic missiles and the patriots are working fine.

  11. Frank Cooper=

    Here we go again,
    To Mach 5 & beyond: Age of high speed warfare | US’ defence system vs Russia’s hypersonic missile

  12. Marie Joy

    RFK is a one issue candidate. Other than that, he’s a donkey.

  13. Going to HELL In A Hanbasket

    Wow! This is a Hugh Hewitt, Sean Hannity, Lindsey Graham
    ______N I G H T M A R E & D A Y M A R E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    _________Hero, John McCain, Must Be Rolling in His Grave!
    Gravitas: Ukraine proves America’s [including the UK’s] billion-dollar weapons
    systems are not invincible!:WION 18,600 views May 17, 2023
    Russia claims to have destroyed the billion-dollar Patriot missile system in Kyiv. Patriot is considered as America’s most advanced air defence system.
    Has Ukraine war proved America’s expensive weapons are not invincible? Molly Gambhir reports.
    This opens up the possibility, that the west is absolutely defenseless! With, “no naval vessel above water, nor western state and city now invulnerable to attack by Russia.”
    Except, subs. They might be safe underwater, but essentially dead in the water. Because any missile launch, could open them up to attack, by these Hypersonic nuclear, multi-tipped ICBM’s. Taking out the launch and sub, with the multi-tipped capability of the Hypersonic weapon of massive destruction!
    Either way the west is up a creek, without a paddle.
    Russia is defiantly in the cat bird seat.and to western leaders like Hugh indefinably.
    While we in the west were spending trillions of precious hard earned taxpayer dollars, developing battlefield state of the art capabilities. Essentially bankrupting the entire free world, they were developing the ultimate defense of they’re mother Russia. In solid defensive, not offensive measures, to keep Russia, Russian and on the cheap! While we in the west have been caught with our pants down. Woke, broke, busted and disgusted, mind you, with each other. We got to many intell spys; snitches, trying to earn brownie points, brown nosers, nosing around and up our gazoo’s, hello!
    Yup, while we were trying to impeach our duly elected president twice and with our summer of love, dismantling our borders and allowing an atheist Jew, in name only, dismantle our middle class by stealing they’re votes, by the most corrupt group of stooges in the history of the world!
    _________The Big Guy, Tells it, Like it IS!_

  14. Were Almost There!

    Stephen Gardner 18,956 views May 17, 2023 Musk reveals
    Elon Musk opens up about who is ruining [SOROS] the country and how Twitter stood by lies. Illegal immigrants are living in schools and parents are told to shut up and get over it. The John Durham reports hows massive collusion to unseat Donald Trump and Biden says white supremacy is the biggest threat to our country.
    ____ “London Real Below;”
    Russia is eating our lunch! Did you know that the sun never sets on Russia? When it is night in St Petersburg, the sun is already rising above the horizon in Vladivostok! Russia is a great country that spreads for thousands of kilometers and spans eleven time zones over two continents. The country is diverse in its culture, mixing the practical Western influence with the mysterious Eastern traditions.
    ✌ The Path to Peace: ⚔️ Finding Motivation to End the Ukraine Conflict – Seymour Hersh 17 hours ago
    The Chessmaster: The Strategic Mind of Vladimir Putin – Seymour Hersh 12 hours ago
    The Banking Crisis That Could Bring Down the World -The Next Great Depression Rickerds 7 hours ago

  15. Prospector

    PENNSYLVANIA to push ” Red Flag ” and other gun laws next week.

    Illinois orders surrender of some guns purchased between two key legislative dates, saying they are now improper purchases.

  16. JC@satellitemobilephones

    Sat phone sales continues to be hot with global chaos going on. You just never know what could happen these days!

  17. renevers

    Can people in Europe get such contracts?

    • Greg Hunter


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