Global CV19 Vax Absolute Insanity – Dr. Ryan Cole

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole has treated more than 500,000 patients, and he is an expert in postmortem examination.  Dr. Cole has a long resume, including a five-year stint at the Mayo Clinic.  Dr. Cole was one of the very first doctors to come out and question the entire Covid19 narrative and the extreme push for CV19 vaccine injections for all.  He has been attacked relentlessly and lost half his medical diagnostic business, but he’s still fighting and telling the truth about the huge lies and deadly mistakes by the medical establishment, especially when pushing the CV19 injections.  Dr. Cole says, “I know there was a lot of coercion, which is very unfortunate because it’s not what we do in medicine, yet, for whatever reason, we went into this mass psychosis societally and said, hey, it’s great to experiment on an entire world population, which is absolute insanity. . . . So, we are using a dangerous gene-based product without long term safety studies.  A lot of people have received it.  We are seeing damage and autoimmune disease.  We are seeing death from all causes at increased rates. . . . Scientifically, we are at the beginning . . . . as we go through the complexed mechanisms of what this is doing to the body, I think we are seeing the tip of the iceberg right now.  My warning to humanity is don’t get another one of these (CV19 vaccines).  It’s a dose dependent poison curve.  The more you get, the worse off you are going to be. . . . This is immunological insanity.  We need to stop this . . . . Plus, that persistent mRNA, we don’t know when that turns off, and we know that is causing all this immune harm.  We need to stop this immediately.  We need to stop the FDA and CDC and what they are pushing. . . . We need to wake up and acknowledge there is vaccine harm.”

Dr. Cole goes on to explain, “This shot was a mistake.  We rolled it out on humanity as an experiment.  We were told it was approved, safe and effective, and they lied to humanity.  The problem is it’s a nuclear bomb platform.  It’s a Lipid Nanoparticle plus a modified mRNA that you can’t turn off.  It’s a nuclear bomb, and we don’t know the long-term safety and outcomes.”

Dr. Cole is seeing dramatic increases in all types of illness such as aggressive cancers, heart disease, strokes, brain problems and autoimmune disease to name a few.  Dr. Cole says, “We are damaging the immune system.  Why are so many people getting sick with other things right now?  Because their immune system is suppressed. . . . Is there malicious intent behind what they are doing?  I can’t prove that.  Do I think with all the harm we are seeing that there are very unfortunate characters knowing that they are doing harm to people?  Yeah, I do.  Genocide for profit are strong words, but it’s hard to argue with it at this point.  We are seeing so much harm, and we are not seeing anybody stopping it.”

What is the trend line for injuries and deaths from the CV19 injections?  Dr. Cole says, “The trend line is going up.  We can see that in the data . . . and it is considerable.  We are seeing that the people who have gotten the shots are getting Covid at higher rates and other diseases at higher rates.  We are seeing all-cause mortality, those who have gotten too many shots, are dying at a much higher rate.”

One thing that is getting stopped is scientific investigations in the form of autopsies.  Dr. Cole says only a few thousand autopsies have been done on people killed by the CV19 vax, and there should have been100,000 autopsies done by now.  Dr. Cole points out, “Autopsies are how we learn about disease.  When Dr. Fauci said publicly early on ‘don’t do autopsies,’ I thought because you are covering up the findings.   You can’t find for that for which you don’t look. . . . To deny this opportunity to the professionals and scientists of the world, or to tell them not to do autopsies, that’s corrupt.”

Dr. Cole says anyone who has a family member, especially a young family member, with an unexplained or mysterious death, should demand an autopsy to find out if the CV19 vax killed your loved one.

There is much more information in the one-hour and eight-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes one-on-one with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, as he exposes the covid lies that will cost millions their lives.

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After the Interview:

You can get lots of free information on Dr. Cole’s website by clicking here.

There is also free information on  There, you can tell your vax injury story without fear of it being censored or canceled.

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  1. Rodster

    Awesome interview. I linked this interview on another website. This has to be heard.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rodster!

      • Don

        How can Dr. Cole and others know what’s in this deadly vaccine if the ingredients are restricted from publication for 75 years ?

        • Charles H

          Inside information; like in patent technoloy.

          • jim the cook

            Is it true that those who pushed for illegal bio weapons research are haunted by various agencies from abroad (and not only?)?
            If so, better put ’em in jail, to protect “the 1% of the 1%”, if not all of “the 1%”.

        • InformedMama

          They wanted to restrict the info for 75 years, but because of a lawsuit, they have to release 10,000 docs a month. Where have you been? Watch

          • TBrass

            Don was referring to the INGREDIENTS list. The laws that protect pharmaceutical patents are likely considered separate from trial data privacy. Unless it was specifically included within the judgement (against Pfizer), it would NOT have been ordered for inclusion. If I’m mistaken, and it must be included in the trial data release, I doubt we will see such specific, proprietary information — likely still being used, at least in part, for variant productions — until the conclusion of the entire release, which is approximated at 2-3 years.

        • Robert Hakker

          Don; I believe you’re correct on the ingredients unknown, but the lipid nan-particle (and others) are part of the technology to deliver the mRNA, which has been known for years.
          i.e. Acuitas sells this tech to Pfizer

        • L Win

          I understood that the restriction on the publication of the COVID-19 Vaccines was a compilation of numbers of adverse and disabling side-effects, symptoms and deaths related to the COVID Vaccine(s) shots, including the ingredients was being kept under lock & key for 75 years. However, vaccine companies have given out some information regarding what’s in the vaccines, but not all of it. Doctors like Dr. Ryan Cole and many others across America and world-wide have been putting the pieces of the medical puzzle together by doing research and studying patient’s blood & other tests etc. etc. of those who have had side-effects or died (postmortem) that was related to the COVID Vaccine(s). Their information has resulted in accumulation of data regarding people who had severe and/or disabling adverse side-effect/symptoms after they took the shot(s), …. symptoms & side-effects that often didn’t occur until many months later and years later and why doctors, patients & families etc. didn’t attribute or see the connection between the Vaccine and the shot(s). The information, data and numbers Dr. Cole & others have found … the CDC & the Vaccine companies do not want the public to know about. *** One has to question why all of these vaccine companies put their vaccine information under lock and key for 75 years??? Let hope all this is exposed, since a recent judge lifted the Vaccine companies 75-year ban on COVID Vaccines research information. I believe it is supposed to be released in 5 to 6 months.

      • gerald

        Greg on another topic when I was 20yrs of age (many years ago) I travelled to cuba for my first winter holiday I was very surprised actually angered to learn that the people of Cuba were confined to their country couldnt leave how that affected me ,now I learn that as a canadian non vaxed I have been mandated to not leave my country I wonder how this canadian government is able to get away with this assault on our constitution

        • Greg Hunter

          You all gave up your guns, that’s how. You are going to have to throw these bums out by force.

    • Mark Holladay

      Rodster, you’re 100% correct. The evil that has brought on this will not go unpunished, some may out run the system in this life but Hell is forever where the worm dies not. And Jesus our Lord spoke more on that and who will go there Matt 7:14, then the ” everyone goes to heaven” false teachers and prophets on every form of media (other than the bible). Blessings and pray for those who have been deceived. And thank you Greg you will have many crowns to throw at the feet of our sweet and holy Savior Jesus:)

    • Tommy

      Hi Rodster,
      Yes, this was another EXCELLENT interview!
      I find it refreshingly accurate that the correct blame for the ongoing poisonous jabs goes directly to the guilty and it doesn’t PERVESELY Blame Shift or GASLIGHT into the Orange Man Bad nonsense….where Cheney Rinsinger Romney and the RINO Gang must be pulling their hair out…AGAIN 🙂

      • IIG

        Looks like this queer has pulled out most of his hair (and needs a “Rachel wig”) –*If6lwVJ_c1qHYLdaNFI-SQ.jpeg&f=1&nofb=1 – Horrori is probably pulling his hair out because he is not convincing too many people that “there is no God” in the universe – and is having difficulty convincing people who are effectively now living in a Garden of Eden (before the Globalists completely destroy it with his other re-set ideas – like there is no Nations, no Money, no Human Rights, no Laws, and no Justice – except for the few elite queers like himself, Klaus Schwab, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, etc., etc. who he considers “innately superior to the ordinary common human slaves” ) – in Horrori’s world “only the elite get to live much better lives” (then the useless eaters who are now being stopped from having sex by Gates deliberately spreading Monkey Pox upon them) – these damn queers who are committing horrific crimes against humanity and our children in school need to be locked up – and Horrori (Yuval Noah Harari) should be at the top of the list – he tells us from one side of his forked tongue that “There is no God” – and in the next breath states that “We will be God”!! – he mocks the Creations of God out of one side of his mouth (claiming that Jesus being the Son of God and rising from the dead is fake) – and out of the other side of his mouth this openly gay trans-humanist atheist effectively states that “we all need to become queer robots” – by taking the “jab” and just stop having sex – promising that we can all become “Gods that can live forever” – when this demented demonrat devil just got through telling us “there is no such thing as a God” – Horrori telling us that “we can be Gods” – sounds exactly like what “that Snake Satan” (in the Garden of Eden was telling to Adam and Eve (to “Build Back Better” the Paradise God Already Created for them)!!

        • Tommy

        • Catherine Cronin

          Yes the homosexuals are clearly behind it all. Zero tolerance is the only way to destroy their agenda. First is to get them out of schools. Second is to get rid of sanctified by law gay marriage third DONT LET THEM ADOPT OR HAVE CHILDREN.
          The homosexuals have always been around. But as a group of people who deviated from the norm they were not part of our world outwardly.
          Now that they are emboldened and accepted by our culture normal people are finally seeing their deceptive and destructive agenda and they are pushing back. But it’s just not enough pushback yet. They made sure the justice system protects them. It’s time to change those laws.

          • Todd

            Hi there Catherine. If I maybe so bold….
            Looking good there, looking good.
            BTW agree 100%.

          • Self Exiled

            I remember in the 70’s they just wanted to be let out of the closet in the US. In the Philippines they are kept in check by disdain and contempt by the community. Although there are continual attempts from sources outside the country to secure legislation for their immoral agendas.

          • Linda Majors


            I agree with your assessment totally!

            In my opinion, it all began in California when the voters chose NOT to allow homosexual marriage and voted against Prop 8. Then it went to court. Jerry Brown, who was Attorney General at the time, refused to defend the People of California. Consequently, a homosexual judge in San Francisco reversed the outcome of the election.

            I recall before the election, the homosexuals were whining, “All we want to do is get married! We will not come after your children.” (Yeah, right!. That is exactly what they proceeded to do. I knew that was a lie, because VERY few homosexuals are born homosexuals. Most are the victims of rape, or they were groomed and molested as children. That is the only way homosexuals can multiply. Of course they will go after children. The younger, the better. There is a group in San Francisco that wants to make pedophilia legal.

            We have school districts prescribing puberty blockers and performing sex change surgeries without parents’ permission. Children are bombarded with the indoctrination. On Bill Marr’s show recently, he stated that our “children are being used as experiments.”

            The Trans kids are being created in places like Hollywood. Not happening in Ohio. But it will spread to other states. In my opinion, it’s a cultural thing that will destroy America. Children are so confused they don’t know what or who they are. These kids are the future of America.

            Our new Space program published a graphic of our Astronaut on the moon waving the Rainbow Flag. The caption was “Queer Space.”

            Queers are the new role models. America will become Queer Nation, if steps are not taken to reverse the trajectory.


            • Catherine Cronin

              It makes me so sad for the children. I simply cannot fathom the depth of depravity our country has gone to. The innocent children whose lives should be filled with safety and love. How absolutely wrong is all this? It is enough for the Almighty to destroy all of us with cataclysmic event. All I can say is if God is a God of judgement and kindness then we just must have faith that He will judge these demons and allow us to rebuild our country.
              Of course you are right about the grooming etc. it’s really at the point of hopeless. We are just at the end of everything. It’s mind boggling.
              God in His wisdom and beneficence will help these children and our country. God have mercy on all of us. We are lost!

          • J. Olson

            I am grateful that there is only one judge that we must all go in front of, and non of us are it. So why are we judging or passing judgement on anyone? Including those who have a certain sexual preference? That’s between them and Our Lord Savior. With that being said thank you for the excellent information Dr Cole. I appreciate usawatchdog and the information/interviews I have read. Thank you.

        • Self Exiled

          I have listened to him many times and I’m overwhelmed by his lack of intelligence. To assume that one can duplicate the ability of a Living Entity: that collectively/conjointly be within Himself a living data base concerning every living being and scientific fact, create physical matter with the mere thought of such, and personally leaves no shadow. So, by hacking the human mind we can create a comparative data base is one of the most mentally deficit thoughts available. And then hold him up as a profit, it’s like praying to Budda. I too am awestruck, the more educated/accomplished/scientific we become more irrelevant/ laughable/ludicrous we become. All Divine Revelation is a gift. Sin totally corrupts.

          • Self Exiled

            Who is this that darkens counsel
            by words without knowledge? Job 38:2

            • IIG

              God the Father will demand that all humans step up like men (and not try to obfuscate or confuse the issue by gas-lighting him or talking gibberish about how they did what they did “because of global warming” (without even knowing what the hell they are talking about “as Earth is currently in a cooling cycle”) – or try to profess that “no gender is the right gender” – or proudly claim that aborting babies “after birth” (to sell their body parts) is very moral and the right thing to do, etc., etc. – humans better start pulling themselves together – because when God gets here – he is going to demand “correct answers” for what has been going on – God will likely ask: “Where the hell were you when I laid the foundations of this earth? – What the hell are you doing to the children “I created in my image”?? – Your turning them “into queers”??? – and you want to depopulate my planet by 99.9%??? – I want some straight answers – Now!! (as I try to hold back and contain my wrath)!!!

      • Independent

        Truth after all those jabs.
        Stefan Oelrich, head of Bayer’s pharmaceuticals department, admitted at the World Health Summit that the COVID-19 vaccine is gene therapy.

    • Robert

      Crimes against humanity tour Dr Richard Fleming rumble

    • Charles Williams

      Great interview! Blatantly obvious the greatest threat to humanity is big pharma, politicians the media and not firearms.

  2. Lady Au Stackers United

    More friends died and suffer unexplained medical diagnoses.

    46YO male sudden death of unknown cause. Double injected in year 2020.

    87 YO male Dx with COVID-19 and pneumonia-like symptoms 3 months after J&J booster injection.

    • Tommy

  3. Rodster

    Greg, is it possible for you to interview this gentleman? He is a UK Funeral Director John O’Looney who has been a Covid Whistleblower. And according to him, he has been suspended for speaking the truth.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Rodster,
      I have heard John O’Looney and endorse your suggestion.

      • Rodster

        I’m too squeamish to watch but supposedly he had made videos of what happens to those who had taken the vaccines and later died. Lots of clotting in the arteries.

    • Dallas

      He’s been on Stew Peter but has gone silent…there may be pressure being put on him to keep silent. They don’t have free speech across the pond!

      • Rodster

        According to John O’Looney he has been suspended as a Funeral Director. He has gone in depth to show how bad these vaccines are to the human body.

        O’Looney started speaking out as he saw a large up take in deaths shortly after the vaccines began to be used. IIRC, he mentioned he came down with Covid and was admitted to Hospital and they nearly killed him there. I think they wanted to inject him with Remdesivir and he refused.

        He seems to be of high character and conscience. That’s why I hope Greg can have him on to tell his story and the conclusions about what these vaccines do to people.

        • Pete+only

          I agree with you Rodster. The real funerals should be reserved for those that are sheltering the real truth. The evidence is there, but you can’t look at the ballots, and you can’t look at any autopsies either. What possible excuse could there be not to have an autopsy other than to hide something? The real disinformation comes from our corrupt authorities, no matter the country, no matter the continent, no matter the political system. There was a story in the Epoch times the other day that almost 400 million people in China have quit the Chinese Communist Party there, so things are starting to unravel somewhat. Greg, try your best to get John O’Loony on your show to help unravel the real truth…

    • Robert Messina

      Agree, this guy would make a great watchdog USA guest. He is truly a man that wants TRUTH to be known.

    • Ron

      Greg, here is UK Funeral Director John O’Looney’s latest open air speech on 4th June 2022 about his experience with the Covid narrative and the mass deaths in care homes, the sudden rise in mortality after the jab was introduced, and how he believes he was offered Remdisivir to make a high profile media case out of him. PLEASE interview him!$/download/John-O-Looney-Odysee-h264/fca4daa1269a25c300b034bf87e4c8ef527a7d1e

  4. Patrick Chambers

    COVID-19: From Cough to Coffin
    I reference Dr. Cole’s findings in my article.

  5. Questfortruth

    The fact that these “jabs” are toxic and is causing death and disease is no accident! This is EXACTLY what they were rolled out for – to CAUSE death and disease! Make no mistake!

  6. Einstein

    We need exactly two effective measures to end dangerous SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations. First, we need to start screening vaccinated volunteers in groups for thrombocytopenia. The easiest way to do this is with the inexpensive D-dimer rapid test. Anyone can easily do it themselves. This will allow us to come up with statistics that can fairly accurately predict how many vaccine-caused cases of pericarditis and thrombosis will occur in the future.
    If one person in a hundred tested vaccinated is found to have vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia, that means 500,000 cases for every 50 million SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated.
    The second measure is the deactivation of the toxic vaccines.
    The first step is to destroy the adenovirus mRNA. This will prevent the formation of spike proteins. Then, the appropriate protease must be found to cleave the amino acids from the artificial spike proteins.
    This can then mitigate the most dangerous side effects.
    This would mean billions in losses for the vaccine manufacturers.
    Deactivation is possible. Why is no one working on it yet?

  7. nicholas m condon


    • The True Nolan

      Yes! Our governmental institutions have been captured. Our justice system no longer punishes the guilty or exonerates the innocent. Even our elections are no longer legitimate. Bottom line: It is no longer possible to fix the system by working within the system. There are only three possible futures.
      1) We surrender and accept genocide and slavery.
      2) We have a violent civil war and blood in the streets.
      3) The US Military fulfills their oath and protects We The People and our Constitution by removing the traitors in our government and corporations.

      • IIG

        I vote for option 3 – but first we will need to see the Military begin collecting “and burning” our troops red high heel shoes with a napalm bomb – and second, all the Queer Generals and Queer High Ranking Officers must immediately be removed from their positions of power!!

      • Laura McDonough

        Agree, these are only options now. I don’t see the military doing anything as it’s way past time to act. Civil war or surrender soon. Not really enough patriots of fighting age in 2022. Mostly old men unfit for battle. Less than 10% of the population is tuned in to globalism and informed, the other 90 percent are nihilists, self absorbed and don’t care what happens to family or g’kids or themselves. Some attend apostate churches for social outlets only. The dimwit masses will go into slavery and the few patriots left will be overtaken by UN troops or military gestapo.

        • IIG

          We need a new home in the heavens as Jesus promised us in John 14: “My Father’s house has many rooms” – SpaceX CEO Elon Musk aims to build “100 star-ships per year” and send one million people to Mars by 2050 (close to a million people are needed on Mars to ensure enough population for the necessary work to survive on the Red Planet) – so Musk will need to build his fleet of 1000 Star-ships “with a carrying capacity of 1000 people each” over a ten year period in order to accomplish his goal of transporting a million people to Mars – we better think seriously about preparing to board (just like Noah did) as this world increasingly looks doomed from any salvation – God the Father may have already thrown a thousand asteroids at Earth (to kill off all the perverted queers just like he killed off all the perverted giants years ago) – so – we better also prepare to bring to Mars with us many species of trees to terra-form the Mars atmosphere along with many species of animals and all the food crops we will need – but we will also have to restore Mar’s magnetic field (to deflect the solar wind which was responsible for blasting away the Martian atmosphere over the last 100 million years (dropping its air pressure and resulting in the Martian oceans boiling away) – so we will also need to build a giant superconducting electromagnet shield (to deflect away the solar wind by creating an artificial magnetosphere around Mars) and this will require mining “tons of precious gold” from asteroids in space (as the smelting of copper or aluminum to make wire would be highly impractical) – most probably the Annunaki were out mining gold from Earth to build an artificial magnetosphere around their home planet that was probably losing it’s magnetic field and its oceans were likely also dying up (when some perverted sex starved Annunaki probably began mating with chimpanzees on Earth producing Annunaki/Chimpanzee hybrid offspring – and most likely the reason why “there is no fossil record” between chimpanzees and humans no matter how hard we search for one)!!

  8. Really Awake

    Let’s hypothetically say that millions of Americans are going to die and tens of millions more are going to get serious, chronic and debilitating illnesses as a direct result of the injections. Millions of workers die or become disabled. Right? That means America enters a critical labor and specialist shortage. Right? If we follow this to its logical conclusion, we come to the collapse of Western Civilization. How? Why?

    Because America needs millions of specialists and experts who keep the power grid up and running, maintain the nuclear power plants, the water and sewer operational, drive the trucks, fly the planes, run the trains and keep the Internet functioning , and many, many, many other things – like produce baby formula – because America needs a certain amount of people to run the country, if we fall below a certain number, America and all of Western Civilization suffers complete collapse. The End……

    Think: what happens if America looses 30% of its farmers from vaxx caused sickness and death? – or 50% die? Just losing a high percentage of farmers in and by itself would be enough to cause a Biblical catastrophe at this point. Not enough fertilizer. Not enough diesel to run the farm tractors. Not enough farmers. That could be enough to end life as we know it… No food, we die. No power grid, we die. No Internet, we die. The vaxx just might end civilization.

    Conclusion: stockpile food, water, medicine, fuel, guns, ammunition, garden supplies and learn how to be as self-sufficient as you can… Get ready, because if the vaxx doesn’t end civilization, the Crazy Creepy Clowns who run Washington D.C. will surely find a means to do so… e.g., by starting nuclear war with both Russia and China.

    • David Finchum

      You nailed it. Wars have been fought like this since Vietnam. Tactics changed. War was about wounding the enemy so as to deplete the nations resources. If they released a bioweapon that immediately killed millions they would lose control, but a slow attrition of wealth keeps them in power and makes them more rich.

      Cyber attacks blamed on Russia are next, it’s in all the white papers. If we rise up they will bring out the aliens. It will quell an uprising and keep them in power, to negotiate with the aliens of course and on our behalf also.

      Remember, the Bible said Jesus comes back in the flesh to war with them. They are so crazy that they actually believe, with all their physics law-breaking toys, that they have a chance to beat Him. A deception so great.

  9. James Barrett


      • Lilly

        Like James Barrett said: $34-$38 a tube. I clicked on the link you provided, Greg. At least in California, these are the choices that pop up. Don’t know if the link leads to different places in different States.

      • Tim

        Hi Greg,

        If this is “Just the tip of the iceberg” and with all the different mechanisms that this death jab can harm or kill you, I do not see how we are going to escape not having tens of millions of deaths (US alone) and tens of millions of serious injuries. I do not want to see this, but many experts are saying the same thing.


        • Greg Hunter

          Unfortunately, you are correct. This is the science and not the science fiction. A great price will be paid for the delusion.

          • Don Audia

            Dr. Cole says “Bless his heart” (Bill Gates) says huh…”even these mandates & passports aren’t a good idea…” Dr. Cole goes on to say…”even he’s waking up? When are your guests going to come out and actually admit that these globalists ARE NOT “finally” waking up!!! In there inner circles, they’re saying DAMN!!! This didn’t work…what can we do next! It’s very frustrating to hear these people continue to give globalists like Bill Gats some sort of humanitarian credit…when, in fact, they’re evil and couldn’t give a crap about people’s well being!!!!

          • Paul from Indiana

            A great price is ALWAYS paid for delusion, such as we have experienced in this country since the Clintons came along. That was when the delusion started in earnest. Now comes the reckoning. Best always. PM

            • PersonaNonGrata

              Hi Paul,
              Sorry to nit pick, but IMHO, ‘the delusion started in earnest’ when the CIA et al murdered JFK – because ‘they’ got away with it!! Lawlessness has pervaded the ‘three letter agencies’ ever since . . .

              • IIG

                The Globalists queers at Davos with all their money and power think they are “giants” – but – God will eliminate Horrori and all the other perverted homosexual queers (now “eating our children” in every school in America) – the same way he got rid of the perverted “giants” at the time of Noah (that were also “eating our children”)!!

          • Tim

            Hi Greg,

            Thanks for the response. You are a great reporter, patriot and human being.

            God bless you


      • Shirl

        Greg, Wow…BOTH Frightening and INFORMATIVE interview!!!

        And Thanx for the link for the Ivermectin…it’s good to know of another source. I’ll say, they’ve gone Up in price to ~35.00 bucks or so each from the ~5.00 bucks or so when they were available at my local Tractor Supply Store in OHIO here. I purchased them early on with the intent to have on hand and to help others if need be. Took one tube at a proper dosage at a time per weight myself due to a spell of Shedding I believe, and it took care of it really quickly – GONE.

        You know, Funny thing is, I couldn’t give them away to help others when the Fake News came out and rallied against Ivermectin by calling it a HORSE DEWORMER non-stop 24/7. I was told no thank you for offering it to those who were suffering from the Kong-Flu that I know…both made it thru okay without the Clot-Shots, I must add, and without the Ivermectin but, suffered more intensely and longer than they both had to.

        • Charles H

          In Florida, January this year – tubes were 8 bucks, in TS. Must be demand driving prices?

          • Shirl

            Hi Charles H,
            After stocking up with several and some months later, I noticed they bumped up the price to that 8 bucks here too. Yes, demand most likely. They also taped a warning paper on the shelf about it not intended for human consumption etc etc etc. I just shook my head 🙂

      • andrew

        Can someone please second/verify the single dose amount of this paste: that 1gram of the paste is the equivalent dosage for a 70 or 80 kg adult. Or can you provide links on how it is dosed? Thank you.

    • Einstein

      Andrographis against SARS-CoV-2 
      Andrographis Paniculata is an Indian medicinal plant that is drunk as a tea and has no particular side effects. However, the tea or an alcohol extract is very bitter. Andrographis has two important properties. On the one hand, it destroys the SARS-CoV-2 virus. And also it protects the human cells from the docking of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by blocking the ACE-2 receptors of the human cells. In addition, Andrographis prevents platelets from sticking together.
      Here is the link to the research paper.
      It proves that Andrographis works better than ivermectin.
      There are additional studies that confirm these results.
      It is criminal that the proven efficacy of such agents as Andrographis against SARS-CoV-2 are deliberately concealed.
      I hope this helps you.


      Here is another study on a natural product against SARS-CoV-2. This study is by Dr. Drosten, the German version of Dr. Fauci. Drosten has never addressed these results on his natural product against SARS-CoV-2 and is now trying to force all Germans to vaccinate against SARS-CoV-2. Although he knows that there are effective natural products against SARS-CoV-2. He has done research on it himself.
      Drosten’s 2020 study on successful treatment of SARS-CoV-2 viruses with spermidine and spermine.

      • i: a man; travis moss

        i joined a group about 9 months ago, it deals with law common to i, and i took it to deal with the mandates etc. and in one of the modules the instructor was going through lawful words and LEGAL words and he said as a man you can have the cure for cancer, but when your a Doctor you are bound by the Medical establishment

    • CJ

      When I first started trying to find Ivermectin it was unavailable. Our local farm supply stores was out for months. Finding a doctor to write the script was also impossible and even if I could find someone it would cost a fortune to take it on a regular basis. I decided to try to find alternatives. The alternative I chose is the herb Berberine. You can search alternatives to Ivermectin and find Berberine listed. I’m not saying it is the same as Ivermectine, but it seems to have the ability to target pathogens in the same way as Ivermectine. It can be purchased inexpensively at most herbal sites. I take it daily. The dose on the bottle is 500 mg three times a day. The first link below is from Web MD explaining the benefits of Berberine. Of course it does not mention covid. Is that because the narrative that the only thing that works with covid is a jab must be continued? The article does say that Berberine binds with enzymes and parts of your cells to change how they work. From the article, “It seems to do this to many individual enzymes, and even DNA and RNA.” I’m hoping that is the same as the Ivermectin binding with the spike proteins in case of the shedding that everyone is talking about. I’d love to have a doctor’s opinion. Just FYI: I haven’t taken the jab, but I’m around several people who have on a regular basis.

      This second link is an article about Berberine and other alternatives to Ivermectin.

      Now that Ivermectin is becoming available again, I’m planning to purchase some of that “horse paste” to have on hand. I’ll keep taking the Berberine for now. Per the Web MD article, it has been used for thousands of years as a medicine. Sometimes it just takes science a while to catch up with wisdom. Ezekiel 47:12

    • Laura McDonough

      I have been taking vit C,D and zinc from a reputable company, spouse likewise. We have been exposed several times by friends who had covid who we were with in a social setting. We never caught it. Also taking lysine if we suspect we may have caught a virus in public activities like dining, medical appointments, or shopping.

    • Coal Burner

      Insulinhub online.
      Takes time but you get it shipped in about three weeks.

  10. David Showers

    “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” How true.

  11. Victoria Serbia

    Dr Cole presents sobering information about the “vaccines” . We must contact our congressmen and demand an immediate halt to further use until complete investigation on these mRNA are carried out.

  12. Jerry

    This is all to real to me. I firmly believe that covid19 and the vaccines were developed to destroy the human immune system and kill off the human population. Last year when I was hospitalized for covid19 it was determined I had stage #4 small cell lung cancer. They found a huge tumor next to my heart in my left lung. Please keep In mind I haven’t smoked or used alcohol products in over 35 years or worked in an industry where there was hazardous materials. But yet there it was. I got covid19 in October, and was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell cancer in November. Coincidence? I think not. And then in November my life changed when one of your posters shared this information with me.

    Let’s be honest the history of cancer treatment is not good. You are basically filling your body with poison to kill the cancer cells. I can’t tell you how many people I met in the oncology units that felt like they were on a treatment treadmill with no end. Each chemo therapy treatment session cost between $18,000. – $25,000. As for me I did the Joe Tippins protocol in addition to chemotherapy and so far have seen great success in my recovery only by the grace of God. But I’ve seen other people who have been vaccinated that have had virtually no success with the same protocols I’ve used? Greg, there’s no way it can’t be the vaccine that’s blocking the protocols from working. Dr. Cole is absolutely right about the damage to your immune system. Once your immune system is damaged, there is nothing in the world that can save you. As for me I’m convinced that because I had covid19 and never took the jab that the protocols were able to work with me and allow my immune system to do its job. Keep in mind that according to some studies I’ve read, small cell cancer never really goes away. But with the right protocols and a healthy immune system you can keep it in check.

    Sorry Greg for going on and on but Dr. Cole is over the target 1000%
    and your readers need to understand the reality of what he’s talking about. There is no escape from this. I encourage people to start the protocols now even before you’re diagnosed because the lunatics that are orchestrating this biological attack are not going to stop until they kill us all. God bless you Greg.

    • Jerry

      Just in case anybody needs a fresher course about how safe and effective these so called vaccines really are. Here you go.

      Please keep in mind that these numbers are the ones reported and do not reflect the actual numbers that have been blamed on something else. That’s the beauty of the scam. It will always be blamed on something else. Never linking it to the root cause itself.

    • FC

      Jerry, I’m no medical expert but I’m having magnificent results with my health by using chlorine dioxide.

    • Bob Lamb

      So was it Ivermectin you were taking?

      • Jerry

        Hi Bob.
        No. Its fenbendazole along with CBD oil, turmeric, cur cumin, and vitamin D3. The cancer industry does not want people to know about fendbendazole. There are literally thousands of people who have recovered from cancer using it after traditional protocols failed.

  13. David

    A really good discussion. Thank you, Greg and Dr. Cole. I would think that Israel would be a good case study given the number of multiple vaccinations. Is there any data from Israel?

    • IIG

      All the multiply jabbed “good Jews” (who believed in their Government) are going to die at the hands of some “rotten evil Jews” who are just like Soros (they are the Demonrat type who would kill their own Mother for a buck)!!

  14. Robert Coleman

    ALERT ! THIS IS NOT A DRILL – NEW World Order Plan – – COVID-19 Classified DePopulation of Earth Document – Read by Italian Doctor May 2020 – –

    • ParsonaNonGrata

      Hi Robert,
      Great video – thanks. We desperately need MORE doctors to speak out like this brave doctor.

  15. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg and Dr. Cole for perhaps the best data sourced interview on this fake pandemic I have seen.

  16. Walter Ambrosch

    My big question is:
    Will we be able to test people to see if the va xxx is in a person or not?
    This may come into play in the future when we are trying to get pure blood for transfusions.
    I recently turned down transfusion in the hospital since they could not tell me IF the blood came from a Pure Blood or a VA XXX ED.

  17. MacGuy

    Love Dr. Cole!!! So wonderful to know there are still people like him we can admire for their bravery and humanity. Dr. Cole is to medicine as Catherine Austin Fitts is to finance. I hope there will be more interviews in the future with him. What a wealth of knowledge.

  18. Michael

    Incredible interview. It’s just a matter of time before the unawake waken.
    Time for injury and death to become prevalent enough that the masses acquiesce to the reality of this.
    Then anger and terror will set in and I just can’t imagine what takes place if they don’t have a cure in place at that point in time.

  19. Keith

    Dr. Cole:

    So, is there any evidence to suggest that these “hot” batches were sent to TARGETED or SPECIFIC areas of the country, or were they randomly distributed?


    • CJ

      That Mr. Keith is a very good question. My first thought when he said that was were those batches sent to areas where a higher percentage of people vote a certain party, had a higher concentration of certain racial groups, or were a certain religious majority. It would be a way to murder high numbers in those groups without public knowledge of the hate crime.

      • Charles H

        And I thought it was the color of the State that mattered?

        • IIG

          Seems it was more like “the color of the people rather then the States” that mattered to the eugenicists – Black lives mattered and American Indian lives mattered most when it came to extermination by the “jab” (however at the abortion extermination centers it was mostly “Black lives” that mattered)!!

        • eddiemd

          They sent it to where there are higher numbers of blm/supporters and antifa…they needed more stupid people.

          • Charles H

            “Temps”, as in temporary employees?

  20. robert d mosher


  21. henry wale

    another 5 star report Greg

  22. Country Codger

    Blown away. Blown away. Blown away…
    Lo Iyrah!

  23. Eli

    Thank you, doctor and thank you once again, Greg. God Bless you ☦️🙏🏻🌅

  24. Bruce

    Great Great Great interview Greg!

  25. Claus Agersbæk

    I would like to see Dr. Cole prove that the germ theory isn’t a theory. The way the above sounds to me is that he is telling the truth but based on a lie. Where is the proof that sars-cov-2 exists at all? Where are the proofs that any virus exists as anything but remnants of our bodies own detoxication system?

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s talking about the Vax not the virus.

    • eddiemd

      The earth is flat. Don’t fall off the edge.

      Beware of gravity. It might kill you.

  26. Tabitha Sloan

    Greg, you are a gift from Jesus Christ! I thank you for your hard, Godly works!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Tabitha,
      Brother Greg

  27. Mike R

    I can’t begin to tell you the large number of my customers who have developed stage 4 lung cancer. Its frightening. As far as I know, every one of them got the JAB.

  28. Steve

    Question: is it safe to get blood transfusion? Any studies indicating either way?

    • James Kolb

      I’m not touching any transfusion. I’ll go to heaven before risking jabbed blood.

      • eddiemd

        Set yourself up with an advance medical directive and wear a dog tag around your neck.
        If you show up on a trauma in the ER bleeding out for whatever reason, they are going to transfuse you. You will be unconscious and dying.

        Just in case. Get your medical dog tag or a card in your wallet. Chances are they will transfuse you anyways.

  29. zach

    I don’t know what the vax is or the virus, but they rolled out the vax and 5g at the same time. I always said that’s a heck of a coincidence.

    • James Kolb

      No coincidence. You can be sure it was for a nefarious purpose!

  30. Lisa Mooney

    All star line up for weeks in a row now. THANK YOU Greg. The way you let Dr Yeadon run was a PERFECT interview style to let him show his brilliance. So refreshing to hear MD’s speak the truth, as I am surrounded by MD’s that are in complete denial. I am so happy I discovered CHD a few years ago and woke up to vaccine harm, thus did not take this jab. Unfortunately most in my circle took all 3 doses. Was just asking my RN colleagues last week what Dr Cole noted. Why are we seeing all these infectious diseases in spring/summer that we normally see only in the fall/winter ? None of them think anything is a miss. We are weakening immune systems. Which has me wondering, will the Monkey Pox scenario play out like the war gamed version, it predicted 1 million plus deaths in Jan 2023, coincides with the peak effect of immune suppression in the jabbed ? They need a cover. Most people have had either Chicken Pox or Varicella vaccine, so if they are immune suppressed enough Shingles will break out, causing similar lesions, while their true cause of death may be multiple organ/immune system failure, easily camouflaged as Monkey Pox, diagnosed with a false PCR test. Dr Cole THANK YOU for speaking out at great personal cost, would have loved to be a fly on the wall at your Immunology 404 talk with Dr Geert.

    • Kathy

      Yes, I’m in agreement. Thank God for these knowledgeable and brave interviewees! May God protect them. I would love to have a transcript of the conversation between Dr. Geert and Dr. Cole.

  31. Matt Jaymes

    Good Jesus!

    That’s my message, plain and simple; once more:


    Thank you Greg, and your guest.

    Mind blown.

    Matt Jaymes


  32. Eddy Nevarez

    Thank you and the Lord bless you and your wife Greg. Best truth channel around. This narrative is falling apart day by day, thanks to you and your guests.

  33. Ed Mustafo

    No doubt we’ve been under attack from Big Pharma for decades now. More and more drugs being pushed on more and more people especially over the past twenty years. These jabs were planned to be the knockout punch in depopulation playbook.The next time you see a drug commercial on tv ( which is about every couple of minutes) hit the mute button on your remote and just watch it without the sound. It’s pathetic, comical, and disturbing all at the same time. Time to take down Big Pharma with the mother of all class action lawsuits in relation to these jabs.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The whole modus operandi of the ruling class is to CREATE DEPENDENCY whether it’s via drugs, welfare, so-called defense (we need a trillion-dollar plus per year military for “defense”), retirement pensions (social security) and many other things. They gain control via these mechanisms. Once in control, the door to the holding pen is closed and locked, and that’s the end of it. I have seen nothing so far to suggest we will effectively resist this takeover. Best always. PM

      • Charles H

        Loosing lots of the older generation – will take quite a load off Social Security.

      • IIG

        Boycott “all and every product” these murdering Big Pharma Corporations manufacture – from their over-the-counter shit – to their killer vaccine “jabs” – put them out of their true business (murder for hire)!!

  34. Marie Joy

    Ben Harnwell, on Bannons War Room on Rumble, says “A tsunami is coming and we’re standing on the beach watching as the sea recedes way out.”

    • Johnny Cool

      Pray for heavenly intervention.

      G.A. Stewart: Starting this year, the United States will begin its collapse into flaming ruins. Nostradamus and other prophetic sources mention that it will take heavenly intervention to prevent its complete destruction. Apparently, Nostradamus’ heroes will come after.

  35. Neville

    Before this murderous scamdemic is over, the world will be covered by members of families who have died as a direct result of the injections or the deaths caused by the injections which aggravated an ailment like heart disease or perhaps a cancerous organ which was on the mend but suffered a huge reversal after being injected with the lavatory cleaner inside the injection…….
    The above all fall into the category of First degree murder and there are no excuses for the perpetrators as their reasons were for financial gain and power over the world population.
    Well the intrepid Dr David Martin has other ideas for the scum of the earth directors and staff of the likes of pfizer ,j&j moderna etc etc.Dr Martin has sufficient evidence against this cretinous scum to hopefully bring back the electric chair for them.
    Thank you dr Ryan Cole for submitting your evidence against the filthy demonic drug companies like pfizer,j&j, moderna and all the other pieces of murderous rubbish and of course fauci and his collection of scum WILL SUFFER A FATE THEY NEVER KNEW EXISTED…….OFF TO BLOODY HELL WITH THEM

  36. Grant Hill

    This guy is so nice, he just can’t call a spade a spade.

  37. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Many thanks for your interview with Dr Ryan Cole. He clearly has a ‘worldview’ about the genesis of this crisis but he is super careful to keep opinion to a minimum and to keep testable facts to the forefront. I enjoyed your calm and collected interview style which served to accentuate the true horror of Dr Cole’s revelations. I have heard you reference Dr Cole many times, but this is the first time I have ever heard him first hand. IMHO, one of your best – most credible, most relevant, and most important – interviews ever.

  38. Marie Joy

    Karen Kingston is on Patriots Base on Rumble talking about Monkeypox lockdowns and more, published 6/4/2022. Get ready for more lockdowns, grid down, and bs. Lockdowns cause shortages.

  39. Marie Joy

    Steve, NO.

  40. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Cole love the interview technique and the information was invaluable.
    We plebs of the world have been betrayed and we are looking death in the face and the predator class are using the military and police against us.

  41. Paul in Oz

    Great interview Greg, Dr. Ryan Cole is the Dr. Mark Skidmore of pathology. Bravo to both of you!

  42. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Yes Greg you are indeed a gift from God along with Dr Cole and many more. For others it’s just such a privilege to be used by our |Heavenly Father in however small a way in this war.

  43. Charles

    Greg let’s get honest this is premeditated murder.

  44. rv

    Second Vaccine Injury Compensation Program received over 8,000 complaints and 5,000 are C19 related so almost zero claims have been paid due to lack of detailed medical records and documentation as evidence, so far only one has been approved in Dec 2021. Health Resources and Services Administration Rep. David Bowman said, the statute set very high. Like to increase the maximum amount of compensation for vaccine injuries and deaths from $250,000 to $600,000 for 2021, can be adjusted for inflation. Lastly, few options are left to reauthorize FDA’s medical product user fees already well underway. Instead of adding billions to the program it is wasted in Ukraine. 20,000lives times $600,000 1.2E10. The rest is all PR.

    Dr. Cole mentioned once an individual cremated no evidence left very difficult to properly file an injury compensation claim.

    Greg another amazing interview!!! Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks rv!

  45. Roger Stamper

    tks for sharing tks greg ryan

  46. Nicole

    Another excellent interview! Thank you, Greg! Sadly, both of my elderly parents got two Pfizer shots and a booster, against my urging them not to. They said that they got them because their doctor “told them to.”

    Neither of them is in good health, but I’m worried about requesting an autopsy if they pass. My concern is due to reports that some insurance companies consider deaths related to the vaccines as a “suicide” because the person who died knowingly took an experimental vaccine. Maybe that’s why some of the families of people who are suddenly dying are not making the cause of death known. Just my two cents…

    Have a nice day!

  47. Paul

    We find few doctors employing Hippocrates oath, rather than hypocrite
    Oath garnered by pharma and ama.
    Thank you for your courage of oath of medicine, but more your courage in support of man and truth.

    Can’t find the crimes if you don’t look for the evidence.-audits, autopsies. Pharma trial data suppression efforts. Many new hospitals being built right now.

    Bigger picture there’s a reason the fed banks aren’t Ever audited or autopsied after their crimes and victims are sick.

    The innocent always pays.

    Viruses, germs, drugs made America’s conquest of the Indian, native nations possible. Same worldwide. Today they change Gods dna codes.

    If this is not an affront on man we are already dead.
    Give strength for all we must bear.
    Live the best days of your life now and fight for a better tomorrow.

    Your theme of news presentations has been always on topic for those who must bear responsibility.

    Paul from arkansas

  48. Jim R

    Another grand slam interview with an all star guest! Thanks Greg for this interview that provided so much information!

  49. Steve

    This SCREEMS of Population Reduction Agenda

    • Jeffrobbins

      I have thought so also, if true then the next ‘front’ i believe will be something to kill off poorer countries who didn’t get many of the injections. We are already seeing the narrative being shaped for a famine or at least very high food prices. This could last a few years. My guess for the transitioning one after that would be regional wars due to all the civil unrest caused from stress of inflation, food shortages, and massive migrant migration. When governments can’t govern the “Bigs” will make their power move. And all the distractions from social unrest will be the smoke screen. Might sound crazy, but very logical.

  50. Martin Coombs

    God bless all the truth tellers . World wide corruption/lawlessness , 7-8 billion INDIVIDUALS? We are all different & God knows all. False Justice will be brought by the ( ac) the WHO EVER ? is behind all this ( the ones we know bg micro, ab Pfizer , ks wef, af nih, etc are just pawns, tools of his. The plan is happening world wide ( great deception) delusion, top to bottom, easy to west , the last chapter is upon us. Get right with God , repent of your sins & place your all in what Christ did on the cross, it is finished .

  51. Matt

    You can tell this is scripted…Good job you guys!


    The only way around this is to take them to court, assuming the court system is not corrupt. Fat chance! One needs a strong lawyer to get people on the stand and FORCE the truth out of these #^*(^%#@ politicians, doctors and big pharma, and oh yes have a string of tough body guards and body Armour. Murderous %*&%#(%^.

  53. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. Admit they made the biggest mistake of their lives? And the Trump supporters didn’t? Good luck with that? Have a little humility? Really good luck with that. The worst is yet to come.

  54. Paul

    With respect to all nations blood supplies.
    I posed this question 2 episodes ago with Dr. Eads. And now more recently others this thread. Why has this not been more aggressively addressed since this affects the unjabbed and unborn.
    Boxed in? To terrible to contemplate? Evidence of crime?

    Maybe in future a question for the independent lab doctors.

    Paul from arkansas

  55. Don Audia

    Dr. Cole says “Bless his heart” (Bill Gates) says huh…”even these mandates & passports aren’t a good idea…” Dr. Cole goes on to say…”even he’s waking up? When are your guest going to come out and actually admit that these globalists are “finally” waking up!!! In there inner circles, they’re saying DAMN!!! This didn’t work…what can we do next! It’s very frustrating to hear these people continue to give these globalists some sort of humanitarian credit…when, in fact, they’re evil and couldn’t give a crap about people’s well being!!!!

    • Don Audia

      Dr. Cole says “Bless his heart” (Bill Gates) says huh…”even these mandates & passports aren’t a good idea…” Dr. Cole goes on to say…”even he’s waking up? When are some of your guests going to come out and actually admit that these globalists aren’t “finally” waking up!!! In there inner circles, they’re saying DAMN!!! This didn’t work…what can we do next! It’s very frustrating to hear these people continue to give these globalists some sort of humanitarian credit…when, in fact, they’re evil and couldn’t give a crap about people’s well being!!!!

  56. James Dornfeld

    Greg, this is your best interview yet

  57. Ken Meoni

    There is a group fighting to set up an alternative system and fighting to end all this Covid crap. Please check out this link. CAF is involved with them.

  58. Michele

    You are an angel of God and those who have the courage to come on your show and speak are as well. I am a retired nurse and have seen more corruption in medicine than I care to say. THIS fake virus/vaccine is Manslaughter and everyone who took part in promoting it are guilty.
    If you have the chance, please ask one of your guests what can folks who are not vaccinated but when exposed to those that are become sick? I have experienced this twice now. and have several friends who when exposed to vaccinated individuals become ill as well. Multiple times.
    Bless you Sir Greg.

  59. Joe

    Great interview, Greg. Our government is hopelessly corrupt and our rulers are truly evil.

  60. Kathy

    This should be required listening for every medical student and staff! Every person, really. Your best interview ever,Greg! I’ll be sending it to many people. Thank you for all you do!

  61. Diane

    Dud anyone catch Doctor’s comment on plants that work similar to Ivermectin…I missed it.

  62. Justn Observer

    Greg, certainly among the best of the medical interviews. Thank you and Dr. Cole !
    I agree when people look back this will be one of the worst ‘experiments’ ever done on humanity by TPTB. And worse too, because ‘they’ have now opened the door to the use of toxins, poisons, chemicals which I believe will become the NEW tools of ‘mass attacks’ that will replace the debate about ‘assault rifles and extended magazines capacity’! With the massive amounts of fentanyl crossing the border and many other substances that can be ‘weaponized’ and used, it may not be long now before the shooting like what Jeffrey Prather suspects are false flags, ie subway, market and recent school ones…
    will fade away as the anger of the people realize they and family have been poisoned by their gov’t via the coerced jabs making such an acceptable venue for retaliating by those so incline to seek revenge?

    • eddiemd

      I remember back in the 80s during the cold war the scif was in the basement of the 10th Special Forces Group HQ. When we were preparing for WW III missions we had to go there to review the Secret/Top Secret documents/maps/etc.
      These documents included plans to parachute into western Ukraine and link up with Bandera nazi underground elements. Throwbacks to WW II still lurking in Ukraine. One of our jobs was to look out for movements of mobile nuclear weapons.

  63. Scott

    How nice the billions we spend on public health have bought us little more than South Park logic: “well people died but we learned something”. CDC/nih must be decapitated.

  64. Rc

    “Frauds and quickly.”
    Are you watching the Durham mega marathon?

  65. Diane

    Thank you Greg and Dr Cole.
    You guys will save lots of lives.

  66. Kenneth Smith

    Great interview,
    I am writing now to post an incriminating documentary that takes all the Covid fraud, betrayal, greed and deception to a level above what Americans may be aware of. This pertains to what the Canadian Government did, partnering with an arm of the Chinese military in its quest to obtain a ‘made in Canada’ vaccine. It ended very badly for Canadian taxpayers and the actions of the Trudeau Government border on unconscionable treason. Canada gave sensitive scientific technology to the Chinese military and received nothing in return:

  67. Linda

    Fantastic Interview!

  68. kevin guay

    Dr. Cole thank you for standing for the truth and risking your reputation and business. Indeed not an easy thing to do as is evidenced by the many mainstream doctors who simply follow orders and encourage their patients to get jabbed just so they can live a comfortable life style. We need more people like you but doubt many will follow suit because they’d rather ignore the truth than seek it.

    Your points are many, valid and for the most part irrefutable. However, this engineered crisis and response is not a mistake, not a case of misguided science nor an accident, nor a joke. It is in its simplest terms a premeditated and deliberate attempt to reduce population, centralize control and to curtail individual liberties.

    The virus was engineered in Wuhan at the direction of the NIH with the help of Kill Gates, released by the Military Industrial complex, was overexaggerated by the presstitutes and our government(fear porn), Trump signed the Declaration of National Emergency in January of 2020 which allowed the lockdowns, mandates and approval of the EUA jab, FDA and big pharma warp sped the experimental injections which Trump takes credit for(father of the vaccine and no liability to pharma), CDC encouraged and promoted mass jabs and further mandates(get jabbed or lose your job or no travel), Pfizer hid the negative test results of the jabs, FDA authorizes jabs for elderly, then middle aged, then 12-and above and now 6 months and above not to mention pregnant and or nursing mothers.–criminal! Gates and everyone else told us the jab would stop you from getting covid. spreading it and dying from it–all lies!

    You can blame Fraudi, Kill Gates, Big Pharma, Trumpster, FDA, CDC, NIH, Supreme Court, the CCP—yes they and many others are to blame. But the beast can only thrive if we the people feed it. So if you fed the beast in any of the following ways you are complicit in this crime as well.
    1, got jabbed and or boosted
    2. encouraged others to get jabbed and or boosted
    3. wore masks up over your mouth and nose especially the n 95 made in China
    4. said nothing to those in authority who promulgated the mandates
    5. failed to educate people about the lies and mistruths the old media and governments spread
    6. complied with control measures like social distancing
    7. failed to inform your friends and loved ones about what was really going on like telling them this jabb aint been approved–you cant get Comirnity in USA.

    Greg and Dr. Cole excellent and informative interview. Greg in some ways what you’re doing is similar to what Paine did with Common Sense in the First War for American Independence awakening the people. And Dr. Cole, perhaps you sir, are similar to Nathaniel Greene and his guerilla warfare tactics helping defeat the numerically superior forces of Cornwallis. Your research may be the evidence needed to put the nail in Kill Gates coffin and turn the tide of freedom in our favor. In the end the 13 rebel States prevailed against tyranny and just maybe in this case the current corrupt system will be abolished for a better more libertarian form of governance.
    As Jefferson said, “The government that governs least, governs best.”

    “Give me liberty or give me death” Vive le Patrick Henry.

    • Richard Longacre

      Kevin Guay, Spot on patriot. I continue to warn everyone I can about what is really happening, what their evil motives are, and encouraging everyone not to comply (to any of this garbage). My oldest son (37) did not take any of my warnings very well and now I can only talk to him about the weather and how his children are doing. He, his wife and his two daughters (9 and 12) could not wait to get the jabs. My heart is broken but everyone must make their own decisions. He refused to even look at any of “the data” (like Dr. Cole kept talking about) because he was told by people he trusted that the kill shots are safe and effective. Just like every other vaccine we have taken.

      My wife spent almost a month in the hospital during the height of the COVID lie so I had to wear a mask just to go see her. Other than that I did not comply. If a store required masks, I would walk out and go somewhere else.
      I put the below comments and quotes on all of my emails:
      Say No to: Masks, Lockdowns, mRNA Gene Therapy Experimental Vaccines, Vaccine Passports, Digital IDs, QR Codes, 5G Rollout, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)
      People comply to make the tyranny stop. Because you comply, the tyranny will never stop.
      Free men don’t need permission.

      The Road to freedom is to refuse to live by lies.
      When people renounce lies, lies simply cease to exist.
      Like parasites, they can only survive when attached to a person.
      I will not write, sign, nor publish in any way, a single line distorting, so far as I can see, the Truth”

      “It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
      ― Samuel Adams
      “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”
      “When the government fears the people, that is liberty, when the people fear the government, that is tyranny.”
      – Thomas Jefferson

      But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
      – Declaration of Independence

  69. Sylvia

    The interview is much appreciated ! ! Dr. Cole is very articulate and easy for me (the layman) to understand. What a valuable post. I plan to pass this on to many .
    Thanks to you both.

  70. Self Exiled

    What is this early treatment he speaks of? Is there a treatment plan specific treatment plan he is aware of? Sounds like it.

    • eddiemd

      Repentance and prayer.

      • Self Exiled

        Yes, The Eternal’s treatment plan, our Great Physician. May His Peace be upon you.

  71. Felix

    Love dr. ryan cole another giant fighting for humanity in an upside down world.My heart goes out to these world renowned doctors that get harassed from the followers of the devil,the main stream media rags are all controlled by followers of the devil.My prayers go to all the giants of medicine that have been speaking truth from day one in a world of deception.We pray for your safety Dr. cole and GOD bless you greg for always reporting truth.Anyone who knows the truth and keep their mouth shut are complicit in murdering and maiming millions.

    • IIG

      In a world of deception gold is similarly talked down – but simply looking at the truth right before our eyes – – we can see gold is in an uptrend – yes, it may come down to test $1825 – but looks poised to rise (to over $2000 dollars per ounce)!!

  72. Roman Nowak

    “The introduction of a global vaccine, targeting infants and young children, will be one of the most wicked forms of genocide ever witnessed since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler.”

  73. yri

    5G 60GHz blocks from Joe Imbriano –

  74. John Michelena

    I can’t imagine there is a better authority on the planet about “vaccine” damage and death than Dr. Ryan Cole. His resume and credentials are stellar and absolutely amazing. If these gene therapy jabs talk like a genocide weapon, walk like a genocide weapon — then they just might be a genocide weapon. People need to wake up from their collective denial and mass psychosis to the painful truth of this elaborate, genocidal, global operation that keeps on steamrolling ahead. I really don’t think most people will have the opportunity to “awaken” as the globalists will instead shift us to another frightful emergency — say like a nuclear war.
    Thank you Greg for bringing forth the most timely and knowledgeable guests on so many important issues of the day. I think you may be one of the last honest and true journalists that we still have, and obviously you have not taken any bribes or pay-offs to propagate their lies and murderous agendas. You are a God-send to us in these perilous times.

  75. Rupe Eaton

    When watching today’s Detroit grand prix race this Sunday afternoon keep in mind, a recent immigrant from Yemen, 12-year-old Lowrey student Ghadir Saleh was fatally struck last Monday, in a Memorial Day hit-and-run while enjoying Detroits Belle Isle beach with her family.
    She was so excited about going to the beach, for the very first time in her life and she told her mother it was the best day of her life, when a mad man drove onto the beach and struck Ghadir and her sister sending them to the hospital where Ghadir died.
    I felt terrible when hereing the news, because I myself felt resentment at seeing recent immigrants walking along the beach dressed heavily in their strange garb and in such hot weather, while the husband wore a bathing suit and now questioning myself as to my un-Christ like attitude.
    Bell Island the scene of today’s race is nestled between, Windsor, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 and Detroit, Michigan 🇺🇸 USA, In the Middle of the Detroit river.
    With tears in my eyes writing this, if watching the race. Please stop and think of this poor little innocent young girl, who lost her life, because of some jerk who couldn’t accept. Immigration in a country of immigrants and yes, even the Native indigenous people, “red Indians”, had to walk in over the Bering strait, when dry land or as Thor Hyerdal proved from Polynesia too, on the Kon’tiki!

  76. Len Palmer

    The World Economic Forum and the globalists finger prints are
    all this genocide. The Doctors who are speaking out are the tip
    of the spear. Dr. Ryan Cole will be always remembered for shining
    the spot light on this heinous crime. Thank You Greg Hunter for
    providing a platform for these warriors as you yourself are a warrior.
    With more awareness hopefully more warriors will join the fight.
    Remember, Anarchy is not about violence, it is about resistance to
    the evil.

  77. Robert schanke

    Lawsuits need to he held outside of the DC area if you expect them to succeed.

  78. ken

    Sharp Doctor but there is a evil agenda afloat so nothing will change. Later this month they will okay the shots for babies. Sad

  79. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Connections; why you’re told what you’re being told.
    (Notice WEF background of his picture.)
    Chairman of the board of trustees of the Mayo Clinic.
    Chairman of Warner Bros. Discovery (owns Turner Broadcasting)
    Chairman of the Audit Committee (ProAssurance)
    — Sells liability insurance to doctors.
    The upper sociopathic 1% destroys more children than sociopaths using AK-15s.

  80. William T

    Finally someone is addressing the betrayal of the people. There are likely millions complicit in the genocide. Here is Pfizer’s CEO saying he wants to murder 4 billion people by next year (2023) and the video is 37 seconds long

  81. z

    5 of Queens guards fall to the ground hitting there face on live tv outside of St. Pauls in one day. Vax ?

    Whats with people vaxxxed collapsing to ground ? Have any doctors talked about collapsing people? so many topics in one subject. Great interview.

  82. Frank

    Trump’s SHAMEFUL part in the rollout of the KillShot is his ONLY legacy…anyone still making excuses for him is an idiot!

    • Luciano Granie

      Trump was mislead by Fauci.

      • IIG

        By continually surrounding himself with “Fallen Angels” (like Fauci, etc., etc., etc.) a great deceiver could wrap himself in the American Flag and claim to still be “a good guy” (who was always looking out for the best interests of the American people) – but – by still promoting the “Kill Shot” (after every moron and his brother knows it is killing people like flies) – he has shown his true nature – sadly – it is not what we were lead to believe – I bet Adam and Eve didn’t think that snake (who was a very smooth talker) would Warp Speed them out of Paradise either!!

    • eddiemd

      Trump’s family was probably threatened.

  83. Anita

    Thank you both

  84. Hay Seed

    It’s all the Nazi Deep State idiots fault. We were all suckered Frank and you still are! Wake up and smell the new world dis- ouder. Some of Robin Hoods arrows missed. Don’t throw the bambino out with the bathtub!

  85. al


    Every time he says “I hope not” and change it to “ABSOLUTELY”. He’s really choosing his words carefully but his info packs a punch..

    It’s a Nuclear Bomb… I’m glad he said that because you can’t have WW3 without some sort of Nuclear Bomb effect.

    Thank you Greg, I’m sharing this

  86. Dusty Dude

    Well done Greg. Dr. Cole…. Perfect!

  87. Luciano Granie

    I had a page on the Hey Space web-site….I was adding name after name of athletes dying in the field….When I referred an interview from Dr. Eads to your site I was kicked out from the page…Go figure out, I tried to help people open their eyes and for that I was ostracized.
    Most people are like cattle, they follow their masters who lead them to the grinder and the worst part is that they also push other people into their earlier deaths.

  88. Richard Longacre

    China’s second largest Real Estate developer, Evergrande, officially defaulted Friday June 3 to all foreign debt. They will only pay back Chinese internal debt. Many banks in Asia (and possibly elsewhere) may see bank runs and market crashes on Monday 6 June 2022 (666). Credit rating organizations have stopped rating Evergrande because of a lack of information. We were lied to by the financial media (MSM). This default will very likely start a domino effect of other companies, banks, and pension fund failures globally. See link:

    Bo Polny told us to watch 6 June 2+0+2+2 (666). Hang on tight. It could get a little bumpy.

  89. Merry Piper

    Greg: You and Dr. Ryan Cole are outrageouly tremendous warriers in this fight against the evil ones against humanity. I give you both my humble thanks. May God bless you both.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks MP!

  90. Brian Dougan

    We hear–repeatedly–That this mRNA toxin is “experimental.” In my science courses; a simple lab report always had an opening “Purpose/Objective” statement. What are you trying to demonstrate; or determine? Here the Big Pharma gods are; “experimenting” on a deceived humanity. The veneer-thin; obvious purpose seems to be harming people. Steps: Inject mRNA into human subjects using a lipid nanoparticle delivery system. Wait. Record how many are injured/die. At what dosage? How many injections? At least Dr. Frankenstein didn’t kill his creation. The long term “scientific” objective seems to be depopulation. In other words; murder. That’s not how these amoral demonic psychopaths see it….It’s euphemistically called “sustainably” managing the population. Murder? Fiddlesticks. Not to worry! It’s for the “good of humanity.” However; the truth: “The thief [Satan; the Deceiver] does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.” (John 10:10, NKJV)

    • Brian Dougan

      Correction: What was I thinking? An experiment begins with an hypothesis; not a lab report. If we do “X” will “Y” happen? Design an experiment; run it; collect data. Preliminary conclusions can be drawn. The experiment can be repeated, and modified if necessary. The preliminary hypothesis can be discarded/changed if the data doesn’t conform to predictions. Reports come much later. Still….If the purpose of the “experiment” was “will this concoction save lives?” they failed. Spectacularly. And yet–here they are; full speed ahead. “Man the syringes! Even if we save one life; it’s worth it!” Safe and effective!! Meanwhile; The death toll rises. Disabilities/harms continue to multiply. The human “experiment” continues; unabated. If their hypothesis was “will this kill x numbers of people?” we know the (ongoing) answer. It certainly seems that that was a foregone conclusion in their twisted minds.

      These people are either out of their head; or criminally insane.

    • Tin foil hat

      News blackout??

  91. The Freak aka We Us They Them Cake+

    World War III is a great possibility in the coming days.

    ☑ US gave Ukraine M142 high-mobility artillery rocket systems, which are medium-ranged and capable of striking targets some 50 miles away.

    ☑ Russia gave USA the warning “Moscow could target western cities if Ukraine uses rocket systems supplied by the United States to carry out strikes on Russian territory,”

    ☐ Ukraine hates Russia so much that they intentionally target as many Russian cities as possible, knowing Russia will counter strike against the USA and then Europe, and the USA will then nuclear annihilate Russia. In the only possible way Ukraine could beat Russia, Ukraine declares victory against Russia.

    • eddiemd

      The USA is going to go down to the pit in terror.

      It will be the USA that will be annihilated.

      • Charles H


        Not if these modern-day prophets twist God’s arm with their faith! BTW – I agree with you. America must be removed for the One-World government to be brought in.

        • Self Exiled

          When is the issue with the supposed ”they” that according to ”some” does not exist.

          • Charles H

            Too cryptic or under-stated for me to understand what you’re talking about, S E.

  92. Lisa Stahl

    So wonderful to watch Dr. Cole and Greg. Thank you both for the TRUTH. God Bless. Godspeed.

  93. eddiemd

    This is an April 2022 study out of China. I am always skeptical about studies coming out of China in regard to Covid. This one contains some good graphics and information.

    The details are in the study. The abstract is contradictory.

    Covid causes progression of tumor disease. There is nothing about the vaccine. Their conclusion is not conclusive.

    One graphic shows the TMPRSS2 protein as a cofactor for the entrance of covid into the cell. Two years ago Italian researchers noted this cofactor and showed that the cofactor varies in the population.

    Targeted bioweapon. Thanks to the many people willingly giving up their DNA to ancestry and dna23and me.

    The bioweapons labs in the Ukraine were gathering genetic information on the slavic peoples to prepare for a bioweapon to target Russia. Ask Victoria Nuland. They planned to kill of the Ukrainians as well. “Kinetic” war also works.

    Monkeypox has also been reengineered. Upgraded.

    I always thought that they would use hantavirus or Machupo virus. Maybe there are in reserve or they have not figured out a way to protect themselves. Could be their Samson options.

  94. eddiemd

    Moon of Alabama.

    Gives a great perspective on the denazification of Europe and NATO.

    DC is going to take us to nuclear war. Prepare yourself. Terror is coming. Beyond comprehension.

  95. Pat McGee

    Fantastic Interview, you hit it out of the ballpark with this one! I reposted it to my news analysis forum and it has generated a LOT of talk (all of it positive for the interview).
    Thanks for scheduling this Doctor.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Pat!!

  96. Joseph

    So what’s the verdict on ‘shedding’? Am I going to ‘catch the clot shot’ if I kiss my jabbed & boosted wife?

    • The Seer

      Body fluid transfer as well as by exhaled breath and skin shedding. The spike proteins and crystal prions keep replicating and damaging developing clots and inflammation, unfortunately.
      Consult the top doctors who are standing up
      Against this for treatment to attempt to arrest or slow down some of the damage. Frontline doctors can help.

  97. Robert Dziok

    As Clif High has said in interview with Greg “It all makes sense when you factor in they want to kill us”.

  98. eddiemd

    African famine then another mass migration into Europe. Blame it on Putin.

    The coming tsunami of north African refugees are already overwhelming Italy.

    Ai least the Hungarians were smart enough to build a border wall in 2016 to stop the peoples from Syria coming in. I lived in Hungary in 2017. Right down the street from the muslim student union building. People would spray paint graffiti in the street telling the muslims to go home in hungarian. The hungarians remembered well the Ottoman Turks. Stay out of our country. That is raycist…

    Debrecen. It was known as the Calvinist Rome. I lived here for 8 months.

    There was a Holy Spirit revival here in 2017. Because the Lord knows what is coming. He knew covid was coming and now with war 100km away in Ukraine, He knows what is approaching in the near future with Russia, NATO, the USA, and the EU. He is calling the people to repentance. That includes you.

    Famous Hungarian painter.

  99. Wally Waffles

    The evil people behind this Massive Crime Against Humanity will go unpunished and their crime will be swept under the rug and forgotten along with all of the other crimes perpetrated by the Jews against Humanity throughout the centuries.

  100. z

    CNN show 10 mass shootings this weekend. But does not show Chicago on the map ?
    Why ? Mass shootings every weekend in Chicago ? Police stand down every weekend ?
    just like texas ? Looting by BLM and antifa ? Police take the knee ? The police will not protect you from these tyrants both repubs and dems taking away 2nd amendment ?
    did the constitution give a monolopy to repubs and dems ?

    Ask yourself why did MSM not mention Chicago in the ten mass shootings this week ?

    • IIG

      Because it does not fit the Main Stream Media narrative that “White Racists” are doing all the shooting – but then again the way the MSM lies – they could say “it was done by White Racists” (in black-face)!!

  101. z

    28 Shot Over the Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

  102. z

    From graduation parties to a mall, 10 mass shootings over the weekend leave at least a dozen dead and over 60 injure

    https: //

  103. Robert Stewart Henderson

    The UK National Health Service has confirmed in response to a freedom of information request that ambulance call-outs relating to immediate care required for a debilitating condition affecting the heart nearly doubled in the whole of 2021 and are still on the rise further in 2022. But the most concerning published figures show that they have also doubled among people under the age of 30.

    I also work for the ambulance service and can confirm this is true

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Robert, for the street reporting! Keep it coming!!

  104. New

    God bless

  105. Tabitha Sloan

    It’s not looking good for my triple vaxxed 83 year old mother. She came down with a bug 9 days ago and is complaining of headaches, weakness, lung cough and shortness of breathe. She’s on the way to the doctor with my sister today. She is a retired nurse and is sooo brainwashed. She thinks I’m nuts after giving her so much truthful information. She also believes the government, healthcare, and pharm. industry would never do anything nefarious. I have a bad feeling my mother will be gone by the 4th of July. EVIL!!!!!!

  106. Linda Majors


    Thanks for inviting Dr. Cole on your show! Another great interview! I hope Dr. Cole’s detractors and those who smeared and defamed him are brought to justice. According to Edward Dowd, they will be, if Republicans get back into power. However, Edward predicts that there may not be an election in November 2022, because the Democrats are running scared. Possibly, they will use Monkeypox as an excuse. They know what will happen if the Republicans (not RINOs) get into power. Desperate people do desperate things. This is how we ended up with Biden. President Trump was reversing the Globalists’ agenda to save America. They were having none of it. The Globalists in both parties, including the Deep State bureaucrats who remain regardless of which party is in office, want to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights. “You will have nothing and be happy.” A country of damaged and confused people — good little obedient slaves. That is their goal.


  107. IIG

    You know – with all the “bad jab news” and “war news” out there – sometimes we need a laugh to perk us up – get this – with all the money printing the Fed has been doing (doubling the amount of dollars in circulation in about a years time which has resulted in out of control inflation – which is now at its highest level in 40 years) – the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve (Jerome Powell) has the balls to say: “This inflation crisis is due to US workers making too much money” – and that his goal is “to get wages down”!!!

    • IIG

      Like printing double the amount of dollars has not gotten peoples wages down enough?? So what is the Fed’s goal? – they have cut our wages in half already by doubling the money supply!!! – perhaps – the Fed has officially adopted Klaus Schwab’s goal (you all will own nothing)!!!

      • IIG

        During the Great Depression the Fed “got wages down” and put almost everyone out of a job (by creating conditions that would close down factories and businesses) – today – supply chain issues, increased costs for materials and high interest rates “should help” the Fed achieve the same result – but something “more dramatic” will likely be needed – like another lock-down (using the excuse its to prevent Monkey Pox from spreading) – all with the aim of shutting down 99.9% of all small businesses – which will then require everyone out of a job to sign up for “a guaranteed monthly income check” the Fed will gladly hand out “If You Obey All The Rules” – like Take the “Jab and Die” (just as the eugenicists so desperately want)!!

  108. Major Payne

    Well, he’s right, and I couldn’t have said it better.

    Eschew obfuscation!

  109. Rio

    Please go to americangranddaughter33 on Rumble if you want to see the other genocide events that have happened in the hospitals and healthcare centers. They are interviewing people who’ve lost loved ones, or escaped the kill centers of the corrupt medical care establishments. Look at some of their stories, I will warn you, they are heartbreaking and there are MANY.

  110. Michael

    Greg, sincere thanks for another absolutely fantastic program. God bless you and all that you do. Through programs like this you have made a tremendous difference in my life and that of my family and the others in my social sphere who I, in turn, have tried to inform. At least in my social sphere, I am seeing people waking up to the Covid lies and all the other lies, even the weather manipulation (aka geoengineering). God bless you. You are doing God’s work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Michael!!

  111. Robert

    I found the following by Vincent Cate @ seeking alpha. com

    We appear to be at about stage #7.

    There is a general pattern for the stages of hyperinflation. This can also be viewed as the stages of the “death of a fiat currency”. Money can be seen as serving 3 roles. It is a medium of exchange, it is a store of value, and it is a unit of accounting. As we move through the stages of hyperinflation the money gradually gives up these 3 roles. Once it has given up all 3, it is dead.

    1 – Government spending gets out of control to where deficit is 40% or more of spending and debt is over 80% of GNP. If this is for a war that the markets believe will be won and ended so that the government can make drastic cuts in spending, then there is some wiggle room in these numbers.

    2 – This goes on for a couple years and investors move towards shorter-term bonds.

    3 – It becomes clear the deficit is not going back down. . . .

    (Robert, This is Greg Hunter. Please post a link for the rest of the article. I would not want my work cut and pasted on another site.)

  112. FastEddy

    My Brothers & Sisters, all Leaders on Earth Attacked THEIR Own Citizens with Needles NOT Bullets. GODS NAME is in YOUR DNA and Satan will sit in it if You allow VAXULA to Bite YOU. You also will be Marked with a MAC address. BLUETOOTH SCANNER will tell YOU who is CHIPED and GOING to Die . THEY will Turn on 5G frequency to activate lipid nano particle. Those who were NOT Bitten by VAXULA Must make THEIR Own COUNTRY with Non VAXXED Hospital SYSTEM Blood Bank etc. Everything MUST be duplicated for the Non VAXXED. TRUMPS WARP SPEED STARTED it REMEMBER By THEIR Deeds YOU Shall Know THEM….THEIR WEALTH MUST BE CONFISCATED THEY MUST HANG for TREASON

    • FastEddy

      SILVER will RUMBLE & Evil(Fiat) will CRUMBLE as Bribes and Payoffs STOP Working as GOLAITH FALLS…..Hurry The HARVEST for The Meek is almost Over Obtain 9999 SILVER i…PURITY is SECURITY and Our LORD and GODS Money are Pure without a Spot or Wrinkle

  113. Justn Observer

    Greg, A glimpse of what might be a pre-planned move behind the current illegal border crossings? Maybe as the U.S. fiat collapses we will see another push for the AMERO DOLLAR? along with a comeback of the melding of the regional and the NWO use of the three flags display years ago of the Canadian/American/ Mexico flags rejected soundly back then along with their attempt to use the blue helmets on U.S. (then sovereign land) along with now reviving their push to negate the 2nd Amendment and disarm the U.S. by international treaty ?

  114. Ed Meyer

    I just want to clear this up, The MSM as well as government agencies and elected officials have been outright lying to the public about the Covid vaccines, They are NOT fully approved, I have provided a link to the original PDF file. Notice the March, 29 2022 date on the letter.

  115. Paul

    The good doctors comment several times spoken- the tip of the iceberg says it all to me.
    For those that missed my link about contaminated blood supply here is dr. Peter McCullough take on it.



    Paul from arkansas

  116. Katherine Brannen

    The Foo Fighters’ drummer was murdered. The way to not hearing me that I am too the psychic medium wins. The man was allowed the treatment that was too the Bon Scott’s. The crown chakra not but the British crown Aleistered the man to the Crowley like passing that was too the Jon Bonham’s.

    Kurt Cobain was murdered by the Aleister “We sacrifice to the devil” folks that Crowley to the ritualistic sexual needs there to the Princess Diana was murdered for the need to remove her ways from the man that ate the liver of the Taylor Hawkins. That man is too the Prince that was too the bastard to Prince “King of Wales’ Charles of the ugliest of the ugly.

    I write all the time about too the Manson murders too that: the black mass to turn too Brian Jones’ legacy to the murdered too the very hour that was the time Jim Morrison, too sacrificed to the thought: Willie Be that will be there wins.!

    This is real. The Satanic sexual ritualistic needs to show to the public too that touch to the children wins sickness too wins too the psychological operation that tells to the mothers that allowing the vaccines teaches them the Lord Jesus Christ wins too the rights to the medium typing wishing all to love one another as I have loved you the Christ allows.

    • eddiemd

      The spirit of python resides at this link.

      • Self Exiled

        Thought process disorientation.

  117. Steve Bice

    Superb interview. I’m old enough to have watched the original Star Trek series when it was first broadcast, and remain impressed with the creativity and story lines even today.

    Fast forward to today when I believe the “last days” are upon us. Jesus talked at length about the “signs” in the Olivet Discourse. Pestilence, of course, is one of them.

    When Covid “emerged”, it got the attention of many who “watch”, but still, as consequential as it has been in terms of reach and societal disruption, it is still just one disease/malady.

    Dr. Cole has given us a whole new perspective. Remember, that the Starship “Enterprise” used “shields” to thwart enemy attacks. If an enemy could lower the shields, they could destroy the starship.

    The shots have lowered the shields of humanity. Pestilence may be here indeed…

  118. John

    Sioux Falls Family Speaks Out After Sanford Pathology Report Shows Pfizer Vaccine Contributed to Son’s Death
    just for your info Greg if it helps in any way

  119. Tabitha Sloan

    Lord Jesus, please stop the uncontrolled evil going on right now in this crazy world. Protect all your faithful followers as we anxiously await your return. Amen

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Sister Tabitha!
      Brother Greg

  120. Mike V

    By far one the the most insightful, thorough and calm interviews to date. Thank you Greg for the platform. Peace.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mike.

  121. Robert Hakker

    Great work Greg et al; Pharma would be smart not to kill most, but sell more pills after injuring them. Sick huh?

  122. Watchdog fan :)

    HI Greg! And thank you Dr. Cole! I could not agree more. I’ve been a RN for 24 years, the last 12 with poison control, and have been screaming about this for at least a year and a half. My entire family took this shot, as in both sides – in laws, etc., and they all think I’m nuts (less now though), but from the start of this hysteria it was obvious that it would cause more harm than it prevented. One example is the numbers for overdoses the past year that we’ve all seen recently reported. And I can say that what I see working in the area are markedly more acute & severe cases and cover a bigger portion of the population with regard to the hopelessness and societal damage out there. With regard to the “vaccine” it’s incomprehensibly reckless to have administered this to so many people without longitudinal studies – and Dr. Cole is absolutely right that no informed consent is even possible – disgusting. Any medical person worth their salt should know this. It’s overwhelming that this is happening. The Edward Dowd interview was also fantastic, yet hopeful because I do think this delusion will eventually lift thanks to honest scientists like Dr. Cole, and there will be hell to pay for it. It’s astonishing to think that we cannot even ask questions about this, which is what science IS. Of course, my work too tried to require that I take this injection, but I was able to argue and get out of it. Not the least of examples out there certainly but personally poignant for myself, it speaks to the corruption of the health care institutions to have coerced employees to take this, when they harp on advocating for patients’ right to medical autonomy, informed consent, and the right to refuse treatment etc., yet they disregard the same standard for employees. (I keep saying I am not livestock.) Similarly, in the face of a growing data set signaling the dangers of this injection (not to mention the lockdowns), the majority of the media and everyday healthcare workers persist in pushing this recklessness, and it’s yet to be seen if it’s knowingly or unknowingly. I wonder when individuals in media and healthcare will reach the limit of their conscience and begin to ask questions and buck the system. Because the trust in our institutions will continue to crumble, and rightfully so, if this willing blindness to the truth continues to be ignored.
    – Thank you again Dr. Cole for being one of those docs that has integrity – God bless.

  123. Curt

    Hello: It’s obvious now that this ‘vaccine’ has been a disaster of world wide proportions. It’s deadly and it’s dangerous. There is no doubt!
    I thank God for those doctors, like Dr. Ryan Cole, and so many others that have sacrificed their careers and livelihoods, to stand up to this insanity. My own belief is that this has been intentionally inflicted. Only psychopaths would do such a thing. It’s also a matter of time before these people are fronted out and exposed. Criminal trials and ‘severe’ sentencing is in their future. Once the minions who lined up like sheep for this poison wake up, there will be a reckoning. Those coerced will be livid. Those injured and have lost family members incredulous.
    Then there’s those who have been vaccinated, know the truth, and will never admit that they did this totally stupid thing voluntarily.
    Back in December of 2019 my friend, who had a small bio tech firm, warned me of what he saw coming. The Covid virus pre-pandemic information was coming out of Communist China. He told me to stay away from ANY vaccine offered in the future. He very probably saved my life. I tired, unsuccessfully, to warn family members and friends. I was shunned and called an “anti vaxxer” among other more nasty remarks. Well, guess what? My friend, Scott, was absolutely prescient!
    By the way, Scott comes from a family of avid Communists. He rejects their destructive policies and is adamant about the deadly Cancer of Communism. Make no mistake, this entire Covid fiasco, originated in China, with the help of American pro CCP bureaucrats and supporters.

    I want to point out that there is an up side to this attempted genocide! I saw a stat recently that showed 19 out of 20 Democrats were vaccinated, most multiple times. Music to my ears…………………

  124. Coal Burner

    I just had occasion to take a relative back home to bury them. I checked out many cemeterys where older generations now lie. All had fresh graves. I found many that I once knew, recently gone on, many sick with cancer and not long for this world. It was heart breaking. Most, except me and my grandkids took the shots and they are dropping like the bloomed flowers from trees. I quietly say with intent, do not take any more shots. As much as I know, none are listening. They know sharper people than me, but they know me, its too late. As a Watchdog said or implied above here, it is going to get a lot worse before it is over. I got home and started a new defensive round of Ivermectin.

  125. Bob

    Dr. Ryan Cole is a true hero for speaking out about what amounts to an biological attack of humanity. Anyone continuing to promote COVID vaccines need to be tried for murder and genocide.

  126. Tony

    How could Dr. Cole have treated 500,000 patient?

    He would have had to work 35 years, 365 days per year, and everyday treated 39 patients, and then he would approach 500,000. Someone’s math is wrong. This undermines your credibility.

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