Global Debt Bubble a Gigantic Time Bomb – Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Peter Schiff says the Federal Reserve has already started a new money printing program that continues to expand the debt bubble and keep global markets propped up. This started abruptly last month in what is called the “repo market,” where the Fed provides liquidity for traders of short-term money or overnight funding. Schiff says, “When the Fed was doing QE3, they were buying $85 billion worth of debt per month. They (Fed) just did $176 billion in three weeks, and they say they are not doing QE. So, the Fed is monetizing more debt not doing QE than when they were doing QE, which means they are doing it and they are going to have to do more of it. The reason they are doing it is because the markets are finally trying to move interest rates higher because the Fed has been suppressing them.  They are artificially low, and these artificially low interest rates have done tremendous damage to the economy over the years. Now, rates are rising, and the Fed is trying to stop this from happening. They shouldn’t do this, but this is what they have to do to keep the bubble from imploding. This is why they have to go back to QE. If they didn’t, rates would be much higher, the stock market would be much lower, real estate prices would be coming down and we would be heading for another financial crisis.”

What is the end goal in all of this? Schiff contends, “The only goal our leaders have is to postpone the pain so they can get re-elected. That’s the whole idea. Look, this is a gigantic time bomb; we just have to make sure that the fuse is longer. We have an election coming up, and the Fed Chair just wants to make sure they can keep everything going long enough to resign and have somebody else be the fall guy. Nobody cares about the long term health of the economy, and the plan is to delay the inevitable and pretend everything is good. . . . As far as the debt is concerned, the debt is never going to be repaid. We can’t repay it, and, in fact, nobody even believes we are going to repay it.”

So, what is the next move by central bankers? Schiff says, “It’s more politically expedient to take the printing route, especially because nobody believes they are going to destroy the currency. They think they are going to print enough money to reduce the value of the debt enough to make everything go away. It’s like trying to get a little bit pregnant, which is impossible to do. So, once they start monetizing debt in that way, then that’s it. The dollar is going to get killed. That’s where we are headed. That’s the only thing that hasn’t happened yet. Gold has broken out. Gold is over $1,500 per ounce, and it is hitting record highs in most currencies. Not in the dollar, yet. The dollar is still relatively strong against other fiat currencies, but the fact it is this weak against gold shows you there is a lot of underlying weakness in the dollar that has yet to manifest . . . but that is going to happen. When the dollar starts to fall, that’s going to take the bond market down with it. Long term interest rates are ultimately going to rise when the dollar tanks.”

Schiff also says, “I think gold is undervalued relative to where it should be because so many people have too much confidence in central banks and fiat money. They don’t realize they need to own gold. I think they are going to come to that epiphany soon, and when they do, the price of gold is going to explode. . . .Gold is going to be money again. There is no question in my mind that is going to happen.”

Schiff predicts President Trump will not get re-elected but not because of impeachment, but the failing economy. Schiff says, “The trade deficits are bigger than they have ever been. They are bigger than they were under Obama. Manufacturing is already in recession, and it will be deeper in recession by the time the election comes. The numbers are the worst they have been since 2009. Most blue collar voters who voted for Trump in 2016 will be worse off in 2020. They will have more debt, and they will have lower real wages if they even have jobs. Now, who are they going to take a chance on, some socialist Democrat who is promising to punish the rich and take their money and give it to them?”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with money manager Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,
    The truth has been spoken.
    What bothers me is that this man continually gets ridiculed to the point of even being abused online here. They offer no alternative argument or data to back up their jargon, only that Peter has been wrong with his dates on an imminent crash, this a man who forewarned 2008.
    There are some ‘nutters’ in Australia that have even adopted his name and use it on their forum avatars.
    I was going to say more but will restrain myself from doing so.
    Take care USWD Community.

    • Paul in oz

      Anthony, since you wish to retrain yourself, I will continue … Schiff is only guilty because his predictions have not come true … YET … What could not have been foreseen is the level of manipulation, and the willingness of the public to boil like a frog financially. A comment I had a problem with is Greg saying that Peter is in good company with Greenspan who is a complete snake … the man who designed the blueprint for this that alludes to the truth after having done so …. 1 million second is about 11.5 days, a billion seconds is about 31 years and a trillion seconds is 31,000 years. The debt level when Greenspan became fed chair was about 2.2 trillion Greenspan boil the frog policies took it to was about 8.5 trillion, Bernanke turned up the heat to full and took that to almost 18 trillion …. the frog was already dead, but nobody is planning on eating that frog anyways. Peter Schiff is right one day the jig will be up …. the acceleration of debt as illustrated by the relative seconds example assures this mathematically … with a gdp of 2 trillion and a debt level over 21 trillion the only thing keeping the frog from imploding is low interest rates … If interest rates were 10% …. 100% of gdp would be required just to pay the interest … A financial nuclear bomb at some point is going to be dropped.

      • paul ...

        Wow … a trillion seconds is 31,000 years … this means the Fed would have to print a dollar out of thin air “every second” for 651,000 years just to make up for the $21 Trillion dollars the Deep State stole from us … before we can even think about beginning to print up the dollars necessary to take care of the rest of the quadrillion’s of dollars of debt these banksters have created (and recently passed a law putting all their derivative debt on the backs of the American taxpayers)!!

        • paul ...

          Let’s see … how many lifetimes of our children’s children children will it take to pay off that $21 trillion the Deep State stole … assuming a one-hundred year life span … it will only take 6,510 generations to pay off what was stolen … the children to come after that … can then begin paying back all the other quadrillions in debt!!

          • July Hunter

            Here it is, 11-2-2019, and the US National Debt Clock reports that the debt has just exceeded $23 TRILLION. On 11-01-2019, at 12 noon, I checked the level, and it was $22,930,xxx,xxx,xxx ( Twenty two trillion, nine hundred and thirty Billion, and change. Next time I checked was at 9pm that same day, and the debt level had increased over $70 BILLION, to >$23 TRILLION. This large jump in the debt had been done the same during the past 2 weeks or so, adding a $1 TRILLION TO THE national debt. It wasn’t more than 2 or 3 weeks ago that the debt was under $22 TRILLION, and now it is over $23 TRILLION. What is going on ? Some think the Derivatives are imploding, leaving large holes in certain banks balance sheets, which are plugged at the Feds REPO MARKET WINDOW. And the debt is being tacked onto the Znational Debt for the unsuspecting taxpayer to deal with.

    • Rob

      I have been listening to Peter since the early 2000s. He was right then and he will be proven right again!

      I have been following macro economics as it relates to prophecy since the 1990s and can promise you that this has been one big engineered crisis that has been papered over until they destroy all fiat currencies. Every country is jumping on board with biometric identity:

      Though I believe Trump is a 2 term president; I don’t care who sits in that office because this will manifest completely in the next decade:

      Yes the electronic currency that will replace paper currencies will be backed by gold but by the middle of the next decade we will be required to be biometrically identified to access the internet to buy and sell:

      Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      Please understand that the entire church will go through the entire tribulation before the few that are left alive will be raptured:

    • Freebrezer

      AA – per take care (yes!) … Trump just canceled the Free fly zone over all American skies for China? Obama put this in 8 to 10 yrs ago … Now add in that all Marine reserves on a 24 hr notice … coincidental? Or how about all the infiltration of China in to the USA stock Market – One heavy finger by Xi (China supreme mob boss) to sell all and the NYSE and nasdaq crash!

      • Zero BS

        Wow you certainly are spoiling us with these leaks from inside the Chinese Communist inner circle. Be careful lest you compromise your secret identity. Can you tell us the colour of Xi Jinping’s underpants?

        • Freebrezer

          Zero – Yish (!) – Really “colour of Xi Jinping’s underpants” and you didn’t even spell color correct … That is a big Yish or Meh? Here are two good resources … It just might, and that is a big maybe, help you step up your game! A book – “Hundred-Year Marathon” & by Pillsbury or here is a debate with a discussion on China’s impact on the world and whether it is a threat to the liberal international order. Renowned panelists H.R. McMaster and Michael Pillsbury argued for the resolution while Kishore Mahbubani and Huiyao Wang argued against the resolution”:

          • Zero BS

            Ooh how culturally biased. Allow me to deliver you from your ignorance. ‘Colour’ is the British spelling of ‘color’, lol. Apologies, but I have a fetish for the secrets of Communist leaders. A perversion we both share it seems.

          • Zero BS

            by the way it’s ‘spell color correctly’ as correctly is an adverb.

    • Galaxy 500

      We will see in about 13 months whether Schiff is correct. You say the truth has been spoken. We will see.
      Trump is bringing our troops home.
      Trump is building the wall.
      Trump is trying to stop the invasion.
      All while fighting lunatics and foreign goverments like Australia, the UK, etc.
      We will see

      • Zero BS

        Yep you are correct, Trump is the only sane person in an insane world. That’s why he wants the Fed to print money because that is the way to prosperity. Don’t understand why it didn’t work for Zimbabwe. Must be an exception lol. And this is the voice of free markets – don’t make me laugh!

    • Boris Badenough

      Tony, same for Mike Morell, aka, Jocko, Russian Killer and his latest, fake whistle-blowhard.
      Secret love for Hillary, but Hillary failed his unrequited love.
      Poor boy, a power mad Dr. Strangelover.
      Un-Civil War Jocko’s mad dream!
      His wet dream…

    • al Hall

      Greg: Peter is all wrong. He is unaware what’s happening behind the scenes. Trump will be ready to take down the “deep state – BANKSTERS” and take all their money- debt paid for in one quick sweep. And they will all be in prison!! You know this Greg?? Push back some. Dems/communist know this .

    • al Hall

      Greg: Peter is all wrong. He is unaware what’s happening behind the scenes. Trump will be ready to take down the “deep state – BANKSTERS” and take all their money- debt paid for in one quick sweep. And they will all be in prison!! You know this Greg?? Push back some. Dems/communist know this .

  2. JC

    Schiff says Puerto Rico is broke, they borrowed a lot of money and couldn’t pay it back.

    I don’t understand, not just about PR, but in general. Where is the money? Where did it go? It entered Puerto Rico and disappeared? It doesn’t exist anymore?

    • Galaxy 500

      It was stolen but the crime families running PR

    • Diane

      Good question JC

    • Hockey Puck

      Hi JC. I suspect it just went to finance all the stuff that states have to finance: salaries, pensions, roads etc. etc. The story is Oh, so simple! Governments are made up of lawyers. Lawyers have never had to balance a checkbook in their life and believe they can “invent” the law as they see fit. Lawyers, in other words, are the disease, and ever spiraling debt is the symptom.

      • JC

        “Hockey Puck”, I understand what your saying, yes, they spent the money, but doesn’t it somehow end up back in the banking system?

        And speaking of lawyers, Christine LaGarde, who Martin Armstrong says is basically nothing more than a lawyer, will soon be the new head of the ECB. How lovely.

        • JC

          “Hockey Puck”, here we have something interesting about lawyers by G.A. Stewart, he also includes a clip from The Devil’s Advocate” regarding “predictive programming.”

          “I have a male coworker who dresses sharply, and on some days I will compliment him on his choice of clothes or shoes, and sometimes, I might joke about his clothing choices for that day. The idea that this is now perceived as a come-on and a form of sexual harassment is ludicrous and disturbing. The lawyers have finally gotten their way.”

          “Unfortunately, lawyers have become necessary tools in a duplicitous and twisted world.
          Divorce Laws are no longer based on reality. Since half of the married American population will go through a divorce, lawyers and state governments have created their own major industry.”

          • JC

            And more about lawyers…

            “The FBI is an army of weaponized lawyers who do not give a damn about the law and what is fair and just. In fact, I have discovered that most lawyers do not care about what is fair and just. This is why President Donald J. Trump, Q, and the entire United States will fail. When America goes down in flames, remember everyone of those lawyer ads that you see on billboards, on the side of buses, or on television. Your money will be in their safes.”


            • Hockey Puck

              Wow! JC. That’s intense! Thanks for all the additional insight.

              To answer your question above, the problem is what is being called the “finacialization of the US economy”. The tragedy is that banks no longer invest money in the real economy to create real jobs. Companies do not either. They just buy back their stock. So the reality is that the US economy is being gutted.

              Here’s a great Kyle Bass video again. It explains PRECISELY the predicament we are in. America is at war and we are yet still very asleep.


  3. Mirror, mirror

    Some of us know that Trump’s goal is to implode the Federal Reserve. This is what Schiff fails to grasp. Instead, Schiff whines about the Federal Reserve but consistently argues how to operate within the system as it is (which is why he frets that the debt is unpayable).

    ps. if Trump suddenly arranged for Schiff a regular appearance on CNBC morning stockmarket show, then Peter would change his tune in a heartbeat.

  4. Ronnie

    Trump has been fighting for his life from the second he won the poison chalice. The reality is Trump has been walking on water right up to this very moment in time. Peter needs to take a big breath and look at the latest Democrat/MSM/MIC hate fill pink hats madness.
    Port-a- wreck was pushed as a top place too live…..freeloading on Tax etc. Talking out of both sides of his mouth is indeed something to marvel at.
    Trump is “the man in Grey.” And he is all alone.

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump isn’t alone. You are behind him as am I and another 63 million citizens.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    I admire Mr. Schiff. Moreover, it would surprise me if he isn’t right about the incipient economic and financial crash.
    However, I think he may under-appreciate the seismic and exponential nature of the political awakening that is beginning to take hold: i.e., he may be wrong in his assumption that voters will remain ignorant of the depth, breadth, and evilness of the deep state and its attack on President Trump and America. Therefore, he may be wrong in his conclusion that voters will boot out President Trump once the crash becomes more evident.
    IMO, it’s entirely possible that “the awakening” will accelerate so quickly that voters will come to pretty clearly see the expansive nature of the ongoing political corruption — including Russia-gate and Ukraine-gate — and blame America’s problems, including the crash, on the Democrats and “Never Trump” Republicans. In other words, as the deep-state-Globalist agenda unravels, a political and Constitutional crisis may unfold in the next year that is so powerful that it will overwhelm “economics” and normal party politics. President Trump (and, eventually, America) may actually benefit from that.

    • uncommon sense

      That may be a triumph of hope over experience, to quote Oscar. Presidents tend to follow the path of least resistance and print more money and lower interests rates in order to postpone the hard decisions for another day. Trump seems to be following in this tradition and the people will probably call for another shot of cocaine rather than face economic reality.

      • William Stanley

        RE: “The triumph of hope over experience”
        That apparently IS one of my weaknesses: I was married twice and, more recently, have had a couple of long-term relationships. Now it’s hard to go almost anywhere without seeing something that doesn’t arouse bittersweet memories.
        Still, the night that Trump won the presidency was one of the best experiences in my life: pure joy shared with friends over the phone. Oh, to have such a night once again! (Wait a second, that was an actual experience).

    • Hockey Puck

      Thanks for taking a stand on this issue, William. Here’s my conclusion:

      Peter Shiff … IS… Deep State! He sold out. Just because he believes in gold and criticizes the Fed, don’t let that fool you. He’s controlled opposition, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, sent in to undermine everyone’s confidence in Trump. To me, listening to his diatribe was like reading a book on Keynesian economics from the 1960s… Boring! Why do I say this? I don’t think I heard anything new from him. It’s the same blah, blah, blah that I’ve heard for years.

      What is going on in the world today is so much more complex than even 12 years ago and what Trump is doing is incredibly courageous, even visionary. If Trump can end the myth (the FIAT driven illusion) of Chinese economic dominance, and restore America’s strength as a manufacturing superpower, he will go down as one of the greatest presidents ever. Did Shiff talk about that? No! The guy’s living in the past. He’s just an old fuddy-dud talking his book.

      To understand what Trump is trying to do, you have to watch these 2 videos:
      1) Steve Bannon’s Warning On China Trade War:
      2) Why Trump Will Win the US China Trade War:

      Yes, Trump has made mistakes. Who wouldn’t, given the extraordinary challenges he took on? One man against a banking cabal that seized power in 1913 and has been pulling the strings ever since? You kidding me? That takes guts! He might lose the fight. But, boy, does he deserve our admiration and respect.

      • Hockey Puck

        My question is this: Kyle Bass, in one of his videos, is predicting that Emperor for life, Xi, will be forced to revalue the Yuan by maybe 30%, possibly as early as November. When CNY was devalued 3% in 2015, financial markets were pummeled. What do you think will happen this time?

      • Pickster

        Thanks. This has been a suspicion of mine since he started criticizing Trump.

      • William Stanley

        Hockey Puck,
        RE: “The guy’s living in the past.”
        Compared with an ongoing coup attempt by the CIA and Trump’s brilliant 4th generation warfare moves and counter moves, there IS something decidedly stale and irrelevant about standard market and political analysis.

        • Hockey Puck

          Thanks, William. You’re absolutely right. Let’s make it very clear for the record…

          America is fighting an economic war with China. It’s been that way for 25 years. It’s time that all Americans, republican and democrat, WAKE UP and realize that 1) we are at war, a war for the survival of America and 2) Donald Trump is the only president who has had the courage to fight that war. That’s the mark of a great president.

          We must shout it from the roof tops. If America loses this economic war, it’s game over for America and it’s game over for democracy worldwide. The stakes have never been so high.

      • AndrewB

        Hmmm . . . . me thinks you overlook the truly despicable way Peter’s father was treated for challenging the establishment. Go do some research – and then come back to Greg’s comments section with an apology.

        Aside from that, Peter is right to point to the differences in policy between candidate Trump and president Trump. How humankind must have prayed that Trump would carry out his pre-election promises, only to have had their faith severely shaken.

        Given, Trump’s mission to, “Drain the swamp”, especially if that state of intent included termination of the cabalistic and usurious central banking system, was (and remains) the most difficult of task to ever confront this planet. Nevertheless, there in no tangible evidence to date that this mission is underway. No trials and certainly, no convictions. Epstein ‘suicided’ on Trump’s watch? Why blame Barr – the buck stops with the President. Julian Assange of whom candidate Trump used to say, “Don’t you just love Wikileaks” thrown to the wolves. Shame. And even key ‘America First’ player, General Flynn, given up to the swamp creatures at the first challenge. I can well remember Trump descending Air Force One steps to announce to the baying press hounds that Flynn had lied to Mike Pence and had to go. How many other brave patriots faded into the background when they witnessed how easily Trump caved on Flynn?

        Trump is not alone in failing to live up to pre-election billing. It is remarkable how politicians of all stripes and in all countries (at least, all those with a privately owned cabalistic central bank) appear to abandon their pre-election principles upon achieving office. Since, most people are intrinsically good, one wonders the extent of evil visited upon politicians to command their compliance.

        • William Stanley

          I’m pretty sure that General Flynn is deeply compromised. See, e.g., George Webb’s reporting on Flynn’s entanglements with the Deep State and his betrayal of President Trump . . . before, during, and after his inauguration.

        • Hockey Puck

          Andrew. Come on. The arguments you put forth are straw man arguments and you should know better. Just because Peter’s father took on the IRS and suffered horribly doesn’t mean his son is cut from the same cloth. One could easily argue that the exact opposite is true, that Peter is playing it safe just to appease his father’s enemies. Hmmm!

          Your expectation that a president can walk in the door and drain a swamp in just 2 years…. a swamp that has trillions of dollars behind it and has had a stranglehold on America for at least 106 years (Fed 1913) is ludicrous. Anybody who thinks one can fight such a war and win in 2 years is just brain dead. They have no idea of the magnitude of the fight.

          I can understand that you feel frustrated and even disillusioned. I’ve felt that way too at times. I’m sure we all have. But to blame Epstein’s death on Trump? No, that’s below the belt. I won’t even comment on that one.

          What so few understand, including Peter Shiff, is that Money IS Debt. So if you reduce government debt, money itself disappears from the economy. That means an immediate economic implosion, massive deflation, a huge spike in unemployment, social unrest and… given that we Americans vote our pocketbook, no president in office can survive such a crash. So all this nonsense that Shiff uttered about Donald Trump increasing government debt is stupidity on steroids. If government debt did not increase in the last 2 years, we’d all be in a depression by now and anyone sitting in the oval office would be history.

          I don’t say that Donald Trump has not made mistakes. He’s made plenty. I’m sure when he goes to sleep at night, he’s the first to count all the mistakes he’s made. But you have to look at this in context. Look at all his enemies. Look at all the people that have been bought off to destroy him. Look at all the false allegations (i.e. Russian Collusion). Look at the fact that every CEO in the Fortune 500 has betrayed America by getting in bed with China, thus selling their soul to the devil. What amazes me is that Trump never gives up. More than that! I still find it hard to believe that he had the courage to even take on the Economic Elite that own and run this country in the first place. Just that alone is deserving of our respect, whether he succeeds or not.

          Trump, like any astute businessman, is a pragmatist. He knows he would never be able to win a second term if he chose to reduce government debt and implode the economy. Also, given this pragmatic worldview, he has had to ask himself some very tough questions: What battles can I win? What battles can I not win and what battles are not worth fighting? Do you think a president can fight every single battle in Corruption Central, Washington DC? No! You have to pick and choose your battles. The battles Trump has chosen are 1) to expand the economy, 2) bring jobs home, 3) end useless foreign wars and 4) destroy the myth of Chinese economic dominance which the Elite created to destroy America. So far, he’s doing an AMAZING job!!! It’s just sad to me that people like Shiff have so little intellectual rigor that they can’t see it, and then worse, choose to be traitors. Pathetic!

          If you want to know what Trump IS accomplishing, watch those 2 videos above. I don’t think Shiff will ever do so. He’s getting too much mileage out of being a crybaby. I don’t have respect for crybabies and I certainly don’t have respect for traitors.

          • AndrewB

            Hockey Puck
            You will see from my reply to William Stanley that I am aware of the timeframe during which the ‘deep state’ (in all its forms and disguises) has had to insinuate itself into every sphere of influence. And, yes, I realise that it is impossible to expect Trump, or any mere president, to drain the swamp after only a few years in office . . . BUT . . . we are encouraged to believe that Trump is the public face of a greater political movement, the ‘America First’ movement. That behind Trump are patriot senior officers in the military who had come to the realisation that their country was being sold out. (To argue that Trump stood alone would be to acknowledge that he must fail). Given his powerful backers, IMHO, Trump should have grabbed the initiative and gone after HRC from Election Day + one. Used all the dirty tricks in the book (just like the swamp use against him, every day). Levelled accusation after accusation against her and her apologists. Unfortunately, he demurred and she (and her ilk) still has untarnished credibility among millions.

            As for your point #3, “end useless foreign wars”, you can’t really be serious. What’s with all the sabre rattling when it comes to Iran and Venezuela? If Trump would quit being the schoolyard bully he would have more time to clean up the swamp. People crave honest government. That’s what candidate Trump promised and that’s what president Trump should concentrate on.

            • Hockey Puck

              It’s a good point, Andrew. I certainly respect your point of view and I, like you, have had my own dark moments. In the end, we all have to search our own souls for strength and determination. It’s not easy to remain positive and courageous at such a dark time of human history.

              Only 3 things I would add to your argument: 1) Two years ago, Paul Craig Roberts went on record in this show, I believe, saying that the Oligarchs would ultimately “neuter” Trump. I hoped against hope that he was right, all the while aware that history was in his favor. All American presidents have been “neutered” since Abraham Lincoln. 2) The real problem is not internal. Yes the corruption in DC is a huge problem, but what makes it far worse is that China is paying for it. I highly encourage you to watch those Kyle Bass videos above and here is a third with Brigadier General Robert Spalding. It’s a real eye opener and very scary. Finally, 3) I have to accept the fact that, in the end, I’m just a guy sitting somewhere way out in the bleachers. What do I know about being on the front line of battle. So I cut Trump a lot of slack, and bottom line I admire his courage. So much of our criticism of Trump, I believe, is misplaced. What has failed is the very nature of democracy. It’s a failed system. The democrats won’t even let him do his job. And we call this democracy? No wonder we’re losing the war to China.

      • Carol Jones

        Thank you, Hockey Puck, for links to 2 great interviews. Both Steven Moore and Steve Brannon have made me realize the long term importance of making China trade fairly with us. It’s in their long term interest, too. The US gave China an enormous hand up into first world status and now they must play fair to develop further. I found the first link, with Steven Moore, more clear but Bannon was good, too.

        • Hockey Puck

          Thanks Carol for the acknowledgment, and thanks for taking the time to watch those videos. Trump has taken on an unbelievable fight. If you step back and think about it, Emperor for Life, Xi, has more power in New York and Washington than our president does. Maybe I’m overstating the case, but not by much. He controls the Elite, which means he controls the banksters, Wall Street, the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies who believe in globalism. And he controls the press. It’s outright scary. And he will use that leverage to oust the only real president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan.

          We must stand by our president. I don’t care how many mistakes he has made. When you are in a den of thieves and turncoats, it’s hard not to makes mistakes. He’s the only one who has the courage to fight for what is true in America.

    • AndrewB

      William Stanley
      I sincerely hope your hypothesis turns out to be correct, but the ‘deep state’ (for want of a better description) have had since the time of the Roman Empire to strategise and devise weapons of covert war. For example, president Trump is at last complying with a pre-election promise to withdraw US forces from Syria. War hawks of both Democrat and Republican stripes have roundly condemned the withdrawal – proclaiming that this action will lead to the return of ISIS. And, since the ‘deep state’ controls and funds ISIS, they can make this ‘prediction’ come true. Even patriots will question the wisdom of Trump’s decision when this happens – and even patriots will fall under the spell of such powerful propaganda.

      [To be, and to remain, immune to propaganda, people need to acknowledge even uncomfortable truths, such as – who are ISIS, where did they come from (fully equipped with their armed Toyota trucks), who pays them, and why did US forces fail to strike their columns and supply chains? Could it be that ISIS was (is) a proxy army intended to unseat Assad while at the same time providing TPTB with a pseudo-legitimate reason to station ‘coalition’ forces in Syria? Uncomfortable truths indeed!]

      • Tin foil hat

        “Even patriots will question the wisdom of Trump’s decision when this happens – and even patriots will fall under the spell of such powerful propaganda.”
        Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh risked sounding like a paranoid fool to make sure patriots will not fall under the spell. He tried his best to get the point across without stating the fact that ISIS is ours.

    • Tin foil hat

      Did you listen to Rush Limbaugh today? If you didn’t, you have to listen to him on his podcast. My jaw almost hit the floor when he started talking about the MIC and the Mideast. He didn’t say anything which I don’t already know but hearing it from him is truly amazing.
      I think he is trying to tell his listeners that Trump is not just fighting the democrats, he is fighting the MIC.

  6. R. Patrick

    Everything Peter said related to the economy, the fed, central banking and what lies ahead is right as rain. Regarding the president and a second term loss in 2020 I don’t know? but I believe some TRUTH BOMBS are coming very soon that will really shake things up in DC. As a president, saying your going to do something is 1 thing! Actually getting it done is another. I hope he stays.

  7. Jake

    This is the serious, scary time as the debt bubble implodes. Both Rob Kirby and. Ellen Brown say the USA cannot have negative rates because of $500 trillion of interest rate derivatives !!! Global debt = $250 trillion with Global assets = $360 trillion. Global derivatives = $1500 trillion and they get paid out first. These stupendous figures just glaze the eyes of even educated people and they have no idea of the potential calamity at hand. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.

  8. Randall

    Uncomfortable provocative interview, thank you Greg for allowing Peter to speak his mind, something the radical leftists will never willingly do with people they disagree with. Had Trump tried to reduce govt spending, cut back entitlements, he would have been escoriated by nearly every politician and all welfare recipients and those that support them, unfortunately that would be 70% or so of all Americans. Peter’s drean of smallee govt is simply not attainable, we are already a socialist state supported by deficit spending, money printing and the world’s reserve currency, there is no way out of it now. Until we have mortgaged America to the hilt and borrowed and spend every last penny, the game will not change – but when it does – cataclysmic suffering, US civil war and ultimately World war, the 100 million socialism has already killed will look like an average week in the future. Bottomline – the world’s population is outgrowing the productive capacity to support it and perhaps in a very horrific way – socialism may actually bring about the cure.

  9. Jerry

    Things are going so well at Deutsche Bank that they’re only going to cut 18,000 jobs. Just 9000 in Germany.

    But don’t worry. Stan predicted it would rebound and that he would be getting rich at 30.

    • Jerry

      Stan with his Bentley.

      • Rodster

        Maybe you didn’t get the memo but Stan is just trolling everyone, including Greg on USAW.

        • Greg Hunter

          He’s good at it too.

          • Rodster

            Of course he is !

            How many Bentley’s does this troll own? Based on his post record it sounds like he owns a fleet of them. For a guy who says he hates Gold he’s sure bought a lot to sell (paper?). And if you’re going to pimp a Bank, there are better options than DB.

    • Justn Observer

      Bix Weir did a report on Deutsche Bank ‘wants’ to cut those jobs but laws in Germany may not let them = DB in their opinion can not be saved…unless maybe a few thousand more like Stan step up !

  10. Mitchell Bupp

    Thanks, Greg and Peter … God Bless and Fear Not!

  11. andyb

    Greg: Unfortunately, Peter is probably correct re the 2020 election, despite conservative punditry claiming a potential landslide for Trump. And just like that, our great country will be irrevocably destroyed under any Democrat leadership. I am sure that the DS is planning another horrific false flag to cower the sheep and to further the depopulation agenda which, in addition to Fluoridation, neurological damaging vaccines, geoengineering crises, will deliver the coup de grace with 5G radiation. Pray for our children and grandchildren.

  12. Mike

    What does it mean to “drain the swamp”? Peter is correct that we need a return to free market capitalism and a system of sound money. Congress is filled with swamp creatures who will never do what is best for the future of this country. How does a president restore the country to the founding principles? What would happen if the swamp creatures were suddenly accountable for their criminal activity? What if congress became populated by members who actually represented the people? Draining the swamp is about restoration of the rule of law and Peter can get what he wants only after that happens.


    Terrific interview with Schiff!

  14. jim

    Peter , You are so wrong about trump, He is going to be the best president in ALL history, How can you be so smart but so blind, you have no common sense. Why can`t you see his big picture. He is draining the swamp and faking the numbers at the same time he is bringing jobs back UNTIL HE GETS REELECTED. You must really hate him to be so blind. Trump is going to win by the biggest margin of ANY president

  15. DJW

    Criticism of Trump is due, not by the lying media or idiot left, but by intelligent observation from people like Peter Schiff. Whether Trump tried and failed due to the overwhelming corruption from inside the government or whether he was part of a psy-op meant to usurp the energy from an awakening movement for truth and honest currency and governance; either way it’s bad. really bad.

  16. paul ...

    Schiff predicts: “President Trump will not get re-elected (not because of impeachment) but do to the failing economy which will put blue collar voters (who voted for Trump in 2016) in worse shape then before”!! …
    What can Trump do to keep his base?? … with the Fed now doing QE blue collar voters will have even lower real wages … so how can Trump stop blue collar workers from taking a chance on some “commie” Demon-rat promising to take money from the rich and giving it to them? … simple … Trump has to sign an Executive Order “taking the chains off the CPI” and give blue collar workers the “real 9%” Cost of Living Adjustment they are due in January 2020 (according to John Williams at Shadow Stats) … waiting to do it a month before the election is not going to cut it … like putting money in peoples hands immediately … because with the Fed is already doing QE … QE generated higher prices will be forcing people to make up their minds early … and remember … all Hillary needs is an extra few hundred thousand votes (over what she got last time) to put her in as President in 2020 … Trump “must act now” and order “the chains be removed from the CPI” … and put an immediate stay on the planned 1.6% adjustment the Bureau of Labor Statistics has calculated!!

    • paul ...

      The Demon-rats (unlike big business Republicans) are losing no time trying to take advantage of the fact that peoples incomes “are being chained” … Elizabeth Warren is already proposing an immediate increase in Social Security benefits by at least $200 a month ($2,400 a year) for every current and future Social Security beneficiary in America … Trump has to use his God given brains and not listen to his cheap “big business advisors” if wants to win in 2020 … and a Social Security COLA for 2020 being only 1.6% is not the worst part … because a Social Security adjustment linked to the “chained CPI” reflects the buying patterns of younger workers (but young workers and retirees don’t spend their money the same way) young workers spend less on health care and housing … the two expenses that really make a difference for older Americans (young workers spend approximately 7% to 10% of their money on health care compared with older Americans who spend 12% to 25%)!!

      • paul ...

        Seems to me this whole impeachment saga is designed to keep Trump so busy (he doesn’t break the CPI chains to help his base) and he gets fired in November 2020!! …

        • paul ...

          The free loaders on welfare (the bankers and big business) with all their many trillion dollar bailouts don’t want “any competition” from the ordinary people (like providing free education and health care) … this is why Presidential Candidate Warren has a good shot “at garnering a big blue collar vote” … she is proposing that college be free (just like high school is free) … she wants to break up the big banks and split them from securities dealers (like the Glass Steagall Act once did) … she wants to ban fracking of oil and gas (that is poisoning our drinking water and creating earthquakes) … she wants to regulate big tech companies (that are violating our Fourth Amendment “privacy” and First Amendment “right to free speech”) … she wants to phase out carbon emissions (and go to “green fuel” that is scientifically possible to make right out of the atmosphere) … she wants to require big companies to appoint worker representatives to at least 40% of board seats (as Labor Unions have failed miserably to provide worker protection from jobs being sent overseas) … she wants to ban private health insurance (with outrageous monthly costs and negotiate down drug prices) … she wants to increase Social Security payments to the old folks (who are not fairly represented in the CPI calculations) … etc., etc. … so Trump needs to do something dramatic “to keep his base” … but this requires that he ignore the big business (Warren Buffet’s) and Big Bank “freeloaders” who want to keep all the welfare bailouts “just for themselves” … Trump has to offer his base something in order to win in 2020 … just promising us that he is going to lock up that “nice lady” Hillary and doing nothing is just not going to cut it any more … he has to do something concrete and make things fairer for the working man … by “at least removing the chains” off the CPI would do wonders to counteract Demon-rat promises (and removing the chains is not even a welfare gift … but just makes things right … by giving working people “a true inflation adjustment” to their wages) … but one thing seems certain … Trump needs to “do something” to counter the powerful campaign promises of the demon-rats in order to win in 2020!!

  17. Paul Anthony

    I see it on FB and Twitter. Half the people do believe if Trump does not get elected we become socialist/communist. Not just here World wide, While I think in what was once a “typical” political game of the past and the economy not good then yes, Trump would probably not be elected. However, seems we might actually have arrests coming to some deep state puppets. Seems it will be proven that every thing they are doing to the POTUS is a hoax and they are criminals. This isn’t the 1930’s Great Depression or 92 When Bush lost because of the economy. I think too many people know this and his supporters will be at the polls in mass.

    While I love and respect Mr. Schiff. My bet is still on Trump winning. Every supporter I know its ticked off at the democrats games and knows they are pushing global socialist communist government. This is different than just a President and a bad economy. This is the worlds way of life we are fighting for. We are COUNTING on Trump winning and I believe God is involved in Trump being who he is and why he is now president. Nobody wants what we will as a humanity have to deal with is Trump doesn’t win 2020.


    Paul Anthony

  18. kim

    He knows his gold, but sure never has timing right.

    Hope he is dead wrong on trump. He’s our only hope, I believe, for a civilized America. I for one would vote for Trump again, if only on morale principles. Family and morality should be number one for everyone. Democrat ideas (deep state) mean America will be morally bankrupt. I put family first.

    • Rick K.

      Do not put you trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save. Psalm 146:3

      It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes. Psalm 118:9

      He brings princes to naught and reduces the rulers of this world to nothing. No sooner are they planted, no sooner are they sown, no sooner do they take root in the ground, then he blows on them and they wither, and a whirlwind sweeps them away like chaff. Isaiah 40

  19. Rick K.

    Greg, You asked, “Are we going to get a new currency?” According to the IMF, World Economic Forum and Bank of International Settlements, Yes!
    Your commercial banks, wall street banks, Fed will no longer exist in their current state. A stablecoin will be issued on distributed ledger technology. Everyone (including businesses) will have “transaction accounts”. Commerce will be conducted directly by-passing banks all together. “Money” will be centrally issued but have the illusion of decentralization.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes, that is their greatest wish. They can make all your money disappear with the touch of a few keys.
      Plus every cent you have is controlled by the government.
      That will not fly here anytime soon

      • Rick K.

        You’re absolutely right GALAXY; that will not fly here unless there’s food shortages, gas shortages and a vacuum of leadership. An environment similar to Venezuela. Starving people and a lack of leadership tends to make them a little more compliant. As Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter said, right here on USAWATCHDOG, “The World is Venezuela”.

  20. Jeffrey

    Even though Peter sells gold, I believe he is fairly honest, and has a good feel for the future.

    • Galaxy 500

      He was complaining about how sales were down under Trump but good under Øbama

    • paul jr.

      That is funny. Maybe the very long-term future but Schiff was telling people to buy gold when it was near the top in 2012 while many technical analysis were warning of at least a 30% decline. Obviously Schiff was wrong back then.

  21. TJZ

    Wow! Just how much more could a man do as President under the continuous attack from the demonrats/deep state?
    Mr. Schiff, for a man who lives in the corrupt territory of Puerto Rico, bailed out to the tune of a $100b, how dare you criticize the management/level of debt carried by the U.S.
    As for a 2020 democratic president you are hallucinating!
    Mr. Schiff you have lost your way!

  22. Bob

    Greg, I love this guy. Always have. He’s obviously very smart. I too am very concerned that Trump is not going to win in 2020, and that we’re going to be living, unbelieveably, under a socialistic government. The millennials and Gen X folks are driving the train now and have absolutely no idea what they’re about to wreak on our country. They really believe all the BS about “democratic” socialism. I really fear for their children and grand-children because they’re the ones who’ll bear the brunt for the foolishness of their parents. All the policies that Trump put in place by executive order, that are good for business, will be over-turned by a Sanders/Warren/Biden administration; and the country will most likely delve into worse chaos than we’re witnessing right now. Pray for us and buy as much gold and silver that you can afford.

  23. Stan

    Trading Alert: Deutsche Bank has almost completed a super bullish triple bottom formation. As the stock emerges from this pattern expect multiple violent up swings until $30 per share is reached. Buy with both hands!

    • Sir Manly Robinson

      Thanks for the heads up.

    • Galaxy 500

      DB is Very Bullish as in bovine feces

      • Jerry

        I’m still laughing on that post:)

    • William Stanley

      I tried, Stan, but couldn’t help a little chuckle. Thanks for brightening things up a bit!

    • Jerry

      Pray tell Stan,
      How you get to 30. from 6.9 ?

      I’m dying to know you’re analysis since you seem to be the only person on earth cheerleading for Deutsche Bank. Are you qualified to give investment advice? Do you have a security’s license? If so do you have E/O insurance? If you do, I want to contract with you, so I can file a claim on it, when Deutsche Bank defaults. It’s time to put up or shut up Stan. Have Greg email me your information.

      • Stan

        Hey Jerry: People who followed my investment advice over the past few years would be rich. If the follow your advice they would be poor. Shall I remind all on this board of the horrendous predictions you have made? Would you throw a temper tantrum if I did that?

        • Jerry

          I’m still waiting chump. If you are so sure send Greg the information. By the way, no one ever lost money on my predictions. But yours? I’m so sure I’d put money behind it to make a profit.

          • paul jr.

            Really Jerry? Well I guess the reason why no one has lost money on your so-called predictions was that you probably had liability insurance to protect you or perhaps you paid them for their losses out of your own pocket.

  24. W Faulkner

    I think Trump will be successful but only as an Interlude – like King Josiah. I think the coming Are Republic of H.G. Wells will have its own official crypto that everyone will have to use to buy and sell. That way they can see everything we do but we can see nothing they do.

  25. Galaxy 500

    Trump is behind in the polls…
    Trump didn’t cut a bunch of stuff…
    Discounting about everything he said.
    Trump was never King. He needs a civics class.
    Trump is not perfect but he is my President and henis fight the Luciferians forbme

    • Mickleback

      He is a twit who approves record weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. Are you Christian sir?

  26. George Parker

    I agree with Mr. Schiff when he says that President Trump is fibbing about how great the economy really is as compared to how bad things were when he was campaigning. I don’t think he really knows why.
    I believe the President is using the same game plan as the Fed and the system that is in place.
    Stating the official numbers which are really massaged to lie to the American people just to keep things afloat so he can reveal the ultimate aim of exposing the corrupt system.
    It is true the many things that the President has done though very positive like taking down the Pedaphiles and tax cuts ,veterans rights and the border wall in itself would not correct our entireeconomic system immediately. I think Mr Schiff should become more informed about what patriots all over the country know is that the President most likely is just balancing the balls of the economy as best he can so he can drain the deep state first.
    I noticed you did not bring this fact up to Mr. Schiff. I guess you had your reasons

  27. Stan

    I like Schiff, but if I shorted Gold every time he said buy (which I did) and if I shorted silver every time he said buy (which I did), I would be driving a 2014 Bentley (which I am). Thank you Peter

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Most people on the street do not want a bar of silver but gladly would take a Hershey’s Candy Bar instead. Millineals have no history with precious metals. Its not money, its not legal tender, and its not fungible either. To survive a collapse ( if we have one ) requires sustainability ( shelter, heating, clothing, food, income ). Where does gold fit-in with the bare necessities. It won’t be much more valuable in a barter system than food, Jack Daniels Whiskey, or cigarettes.

      • JC

        Richard Russell…
        Americans have forgotten the meaning of gold and silver. I prove it to myself every day. I buy something in a store and present a one ounce gold coin as payment. invariably the clerk looks at the coin and replies, “We can’t take that. What is it anyway?”
        Sad, and rather ominous.

    • Galaxy 500

      You go Stan. How are things in Mommie’s basement?

      • JC

        “GALAXY 500″, ha, ha, ha, you’re killing me, ” Mommie’s basement”, too funny.

      • Tin foil hat

        He is probably playing with his Bentley Diecast and Toy car which his mommie bought him in 2014.

    • Diane

      How many of you guys shorter DB?
      You may not be driving a Bentley yet, but you probably could buy a new Honda
      Least you can do is thank Stan.

    • Bollocking Man

      Deutsche Bank?

      • Greg Hunter

        $6.92 in the after hours market.

    • paul ...

      Now that’s funny Stan … you made me laugh!

  28. Nirvana

    Trump will not be in the 2020 election, he will not be impeached but will resign. Pence may replace him and for vp who knows maybe Nicky Haley. The economy will collapse and the dollar go away so best to pull out of the banks and put that dollar in gold and not under the mattress. Most people don’t have 2 IQ above a goose and see nothing coming straight at them. It will be dangerous to go out on the streets, get out of the city if at all possible as there will be lawless riots everywhere. Americans will not tolerate having their freebees yanked from them and very few even have any savings . They may be patient for a few days but not for long you may have a week to get gas then you will not be able to be mobile . This may be IMHO but lots of folks are saying this exact thing. Just like those on the train to Auschwitzs they will simply not believe even though the whole world is imploding all around them.

    • Galaxy 500

      Most people? 63 million people voted for Trump. If the Deep State seeks to pull Trump from the Presidency, you will see a lot of III%ers and Oath Keepers Heading to DC with modern day muskets.

    • Frank D2

      Respectfully, you have no idea what you are talking about with respect to President DJT. He is a NYC FIGHTER and will NOT “resign”. You clearly do not know the man. He will remain in the game all the way, if for no other reason, than to show the TDS ba$tards that even with all they threw (and continue to throw) at him, they STILL couldn’t break him. His continued fighting infuriates them because they are not used to it. A lesser man or woman would have broken by now (think Mitt Romney), but not Trump. Also, its actually the opposite that is happening. There are quite a few Dems and Repubs who have announced that they will NOT run for re-election. Others will quit/resign, but not President Trump.

  29. A. E Jones. JR

    WHY THE FED MUST KEEP INTEREST RATES LOW! I posted on this subject last week but I have some new current information regarding the “commercial real estate market”. I am a retired commercial real estate appraiser. Gregg’s guest are mostly from the financial world so a little different perspective from me. Yesterday I had breakfast with one of the largest commercial real estate people in Southside Virginia. He owns a chain of Bojangles, convenience market/truck stops etc. and is active in the market. He asked me if I was keeping up with what is going on in the market because he said it is a whole different world now. My answer was that I knew enough to retire some years ago because I didn’t want my name associated with the business because I saw a huge bubble and a sad ending coming. He said he just had the restaurant we were sitting in appraised and just the building value reported shocked him it was so high. The appraiser told him people were buying this type property with a 4% yield which is unheard of and that was the reason for the high value indications. My friend said he has a credit line for developing new properties at 3.25% long term. He gets calls every week from people wanting to buy his properties.
    The significance of this is that with these yield and lending rates coupled with high leveraged properties and an active seller’s market even a small interest rate rise of say 1.5% could put the market under water or in the red. There is no wiggle room. That is why interest rates cannot rise! Low interest rates and high loan to value ratios with low yields are drawing people into the market at a time with the bottom is about to fall out. You have heard the old saying: “rats leaving a sinking ship”. Well this is a case of rats coming aboard a sinking ship. This ship doesn’t even have a bottom in it.

    • William Stanley

      Thanks, A.E., I enjoyed that!

  30. terry reps

    Of course Mr. Peter Schiff is correct.

  31. Galaxy 500

    He is pushing stocks? Even mining stocks will be hurt, especially ones out side of USA.

    • Russ F

      Where will mining shares be when gold goes to $2000, $2500 or higher?
      The approximate cost to mine an ounce of gold is $1300.
      So, what profit margin will miners have when (not if) gold reaches those higher levels?
      Seems to me profits will rise dramatically.
      And, in the old days, stock prices rise as earnings rise.
      Of course, in the new world, earnings mean (almost) nothing.
      Algos determine stock prices

  32. Da yooper

    Good job Greg ……..Wow I had to put my waders on for this load of BS peter schiff just shoveled & he blew the last nano particle of faith I had in him when he quoted the corrupt fixed communist MSM polls & that the bag lady & drunken forest cankle won the popular vote. He is either a globalist tool or a moron or both. He appears to be selling the globalist playbook. I think the next time you have him on I will give it a pass. My wife says he talks like a con artist .

    IF schiff for brains wants to blame Trump for not shrinking government he needs a lesson a civics class on our Representative form of government works & that there are 535 corrupt individuals & a corrupt court system who were elected or appointed who are keeping Trump from doing what he would like to do. What a moron.

    • Galaxy 500

      I said the same thing about Schiff and a Civics class. Trump is fighting for us. I also question why mining stocks would be worth anything in an economic upheaval. Most are over seas and the countries are not going to let gold leave.

      • Uncommon Sense

        Plus they are very energy intensive. If the prophesied meltdown occurred would energy be available?

  33. Dave

    Controlled conservative media won’t be happy with Schiff’s Trump prediction. Conservative media is doing Trump no favors for refusing to criticize him – at all. Rush and Hannity worship Trump. Sorry, only God deserves worship. As to the polls, the late polls in 2016 were correct as Mr. Schiff noted. Polls get serious in the weeks before national elections) as these organizations need to prove their bona-fides. To their non-political clients. The 2018 polls a year out showed a gain of 25 or 30 seats by the Dems. Talk radio discounted them. Then weeks before the elections (polls getting over the target) the late polls showed the Dems picking up even more seats. And Dems had an historic gain of seats. A referendum on Trump that conservatives should not ignore?ct.

    The failure of Trump to control the budget, the failure of the GOP and Trump to even hold the line on the deficit is something seldom mentioned by conservatives. Thanks to Mr. Schiff for so doing. It’s early, but Schiff is plausibly correct in predicting Trump won’t be re-elected. Ben Shapiro says it is iffy and that is with the economy remaining strong. If it goes south Shapiro thinks Trump loses. But the one to listen to is Savage. He went bonkers over the budget deals and asked why conservatives were not calling Trump out. He is warning that some of the Eddie’s and Edith’s will sit out the 2020 election and Trump could lose. Savage also points out that Trump is losing support with women. Women he knows who voted for him in 2016, but will not do so in 2020. It is not that the blue collar workers in Pennsylvania and suburban women will vote Democrat (some will however – women drove the big gains Dems made in Texas last year) but that they will stay home. Investors need to add to their equation the potential of a Trump loss as, per Mr. Schiff, that will change totally the Wall Street dynamic.

    • Frank D2

      There are many media talking heads on Fox News, alone, who DO IN FACT criticize Trump. Chris Wallace is a (lying) never-Trumper. So is Neil Cavuto. So is Shep Smith. So is Ann Coulter. So is Judge Napolitano. I could go on and on, but your claim about conservative media not calling him out is untrue. Secondly, I hear from quite a few liberal friends/acquaintances that it is THEY who will likely sit out the 2020 election because of the totally anti-American, socialist/communist agenda of the current Dems running for the presidency. Sorry, but your one-sided view of things isn’t what I see or hear.

  34. Galaxy 500

    Please explain how Trump could have done what Schiff wants. Reputation of the Free Market? Wow?

    • Galaxy 500

      Criticism is easy. Schiff please give “doable” answers

    • uncommon sense

      Trump doesn’t have to lie though does he? When campaigning to be president he said the economic statistics were fake and the market was rigged. Now he says the economy is wonderful and crows about low unemployment levels. The guy speaks with a forked tongue and treats people with contempt when he switches the narrative in such a clumsy and obvious way.

      • William Stanley

        Dang it, uncommon, you apparently were right about Bolton (and I was apparently wrong). But you’ve got to admit that President Trump tells the truth sometimes . . . why no credit for that? And he did get rid of Bolton. You’ve got to give him some credit for that, don’t you? Why no credit for making the Deep State so p’d off? 🙂

        • Uncommon Sense

          You are correct, he did get rid of Bolton. Perhaps Trump reads my comments on USA Watchdog.

    • Paul Anthony


      No one was going to hold down the economic mess that was left of the Obama administration. It was set up to collapse and Hillary was suppose to lead the parade of the new world socialist world wide order. Hell they had pre printed hundreds of thousands of Time magazine all ready to go.

      This crap economy was set up on purpose and ready to fail. We’d be in hell right now had Hilary won and Greg’s channel wouldn’t be just de monetized. He’d have no platform at all.

  35. Russ F

    Per Geral Celente today:

    6th TREND FORECAST: $3,000 To $5,000 Gold
    The more cheap money backed by nothing and printed on nothing that flows into the systems, the higher gold prices will spike.

    While our long stated forecast was for gold to steadily rise to $2,000 per ounce this year and early next year, considering these new rounds of aggressive monetary stimulus measures being taken by governments and central banks globally, a range of $3,000 to $5,000 per ounce is on the horizon…

  36. Dave

    The assumption that Warren will be the next President is erroneous IMO. The bankers don’t want her and have threatened to withhold donations to the Democrats if she is nominated. That tells you, whatever you think of Warren’s proposals, she is serious about them and Wall Street won’t allow that to happen. So this AM (after a string of anti-Warren stories in the MSM – coordinated IMO) Hillary says that maybe it is time for a rematch and that she would beat Trump in 2020 as she did in 2016. TPTB will see to it Warren does not get the nomination. It will a woman – Hillary or Michelle) – and Hillary is likely correct – she could beat Trump in 2020.

  37. Anthony Australia

    If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck!

    Fed’s Powell says planned bond buying isn’t emergency stimulus; investors are skeptical

    By Chris Matthews
    Published: Oct 9, 2019 12:47 p.m. ET

    The U.S. central bank will soon give details on a program of balance-sheet expansion

  38. al

    Peter is an outspoken analyst who always makes sense. Problem is, the World makes no sense so Peter is off in his timing, but not off in his analysis. This financial system will blow up like a nuclear bomb.

    I disagree with the whole Trump non elected thing. No one can touch him.
    Sleepy Joe? Two time loser HITLERy? Pocahontas? Give me a break!
    He was voted in primarily to right what is wrong, the economy is secondary, he’s cleaning up the corruption (albeit slowly). 4 more years, that’s what people want. Schiff is in Puerto Rico and not in touch with the breadbasket. I am. It’s not about the economy, it’s about a fight between good and evil.

  39. John Henry Stone

    I follow Peter Schiff very carefully. He claims that Trump will lose the presidency and we will be stuck with a demo-commie. It looks like Trump is aware of the upcoming disaster and he is laying the foundation to blame it on; #1, the fed..#2, the impeachment attempt and/or #3, the demo-commies. If he is successful in his attempts to shift the blame and if he survives the attempts on his life and if the country is stable enough to actually have an election, he might be re-elected. I think that Peter only sees the numbers and the numbers say that Trump will lose. If the economy is in shambles and the people are hungry there will be blood in the streets and it will not matter who won the election. Remember, the future belongs to the prepared..

  40. Russ F

    Hillary Rockets Into 3rd Place On PredictIt As Rumors Swirl Over 2020 Run

    Headline of Zero Hedge article

    Why hasn’t Trump “locked her up” as he promised us.

    Disgusting! The deep state is not dead and gone as we all have hoped would happen under Trump.

  41. Mike R

    Was Trump OVER THE TARGET or what ?

    Romney’s Son, Pelosi’s Son, Biden’s Son, and Kerry’s Son are all on Board of Directors for Ukraine Energy Companies.

    Of course Mainstream New Media outlets would NEVER report any of these truthy facts.

    Trump is having so much FUN right now, its not even a fair fight. He’s the CAT, and he’s playing with these little tiny mice, batting them around like the little furballs they are. MSM is freaking out, while being played too.

  42. Jerry

    I am hearing from some insiders that the marine reserve call up was In response to an internal coup attempt being spearheaded by CIA director Gina Haspel.

    While I can’t confirm this information, it does seem plausible since she had ties to Obama. The FISA documents are scheduled to be released anytime within the next ten days, so I’m sure the deep state and the dems will throw everything they have at President Trump.

  43. uncommon sense

    This guy Trump is a piece of work…and I suppose he still wants us to hand over Assange.

  44. Karrl

    Yes. Thanks for letting Peter talk without interruption. This was not only a great discussion on the recent past and present economic/business environment, it was also a short but informative history of central bank policy making and our country’s economic cycles. He really laid it all out clearly and simply for just about anybody with a need to know.

  45. JOE

    Trump has been hamstrung by so many attacks that I’m surprised he’s gotten anything accomplished. I’LL VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN. I just can’t believe his base wouldn’t do the same just because he hasn’t produced miracles in 4 uphill yrs.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump has done magnificent considering all the attacks and he does this for $1 per year. (Trump donates his annual salary every year to various charities.)

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, Yes- also considering when he was campaigning it is MOST likely he had, like the ‘missing $21 Trillion’, NO IDEA who and how many were being bribed and compromised, nor the reason ! ‘They’ are is so deep, beyond panic, desperate, and hysterical that the curtain is being drawn back for all to see !
        Likely – POTUS himself is surprised at the length-breath-depth of it all…and with his twitter…he has stirred the pot so hard all the sludge has lifted from the bottom of the swamp… And ‘their’ thrashing has only made it worse…exposing more and more. Now, ‘they’ are frantically tossing the ‘hot potatoes’ trying to throw someone else under the bus. Hope the people take the time with this link…

        • William Stanley

          LOL, Justin. I clicked on your link . . . only to find that I was halfway through it when I took a break and switched over here. Yes, astounding stuff. Here is a link to Amazing Polly’s recent video. Also astounding:

      • ConcAmDad

        “During the campaign, Trump consistently (and rightly) criticized Hillary Clinton’s many ties to the banking cabal, including her close relationship with internationalist banks like Goldman Sachs. He also made multiple criticisms against globalism. Then, he argued that the economic recovery under Obama was actually a massive financial bubble – the markets were artificially propped up by the Federal Reserve’s stimulus and low interest rates, and indicators like unemployment stats were rigged. Again, this was all true.

        Yet, after his election Trump proceeded to saturate his cabinet with the same banking elites he once attacked, and then he took FULL CREDIT for the markets and the fake employment and GDP numbers only months later.”

        • Greg Hunter

          Keep your friends close and enemies closer?

  46. Kay

    Thanks for having Peter on. I enjoy hearing his perspective based on his experience. Schiff is an intelligent man. I agree with him on Trump not cutting our debt more but he did have a full plate. Still, it is disappointing that more could not have been done. I am not convinced one man can fight all this alone. At the very least Trump slowed down the plan.

    I disagree that Hillary won the popular vote. I think there was massive fraud in that election. I know that many Independents didn’t vote for Trump the first time around but will the second time. Trump hasn’t really campaigned yet and he has oodles of money to spend this time around that he didn’t have before. Time will tell. There may be an out of the box plan that Trump has that none of us can imagine yet. I am hopeful. The alternatives are too awful to consider. I am not afraid of a crash but am concerned about who grabs the reins of power after the crash.

    • GoneWest

      [I am not picking on Kay specifically. My comments are directed at this popular vote meme.]

      We are a republic, not a pure democracy. Our system is based on the electoral college – we don’t have and have never elected the president directly. The EC is specifically designed to avoid the tyranny of the majority.

      Hillary saying she won the popular vote means nothing. She should be called out by journalists and laughed at for saying it. It is the equivalent of saying “we won the baseball game because we were ahead in the 7th inning” or “we won the football game because we were ahead at the end of the 3rd quarter”.

      What Hillary and her supporters want to do is change the fundamentals of our system of government. There is a way to do that. You amend the Constitution. She and the politicians (Dems and Reps) know that will never get through so they try to subvert and mobilize their base by stating she won the election. She did no such thing.

      Please, please, please stop with this popular vote nonsense.

    • JC

      Diane, I almost fell out of my chair when I read this. This could be part of an Italian revolt against the EU and the dictators in Brussels.

      • paul jr.

        Why would you almost fall out of your chair? Italy has issued debt in U.S. dollars before. The last time was about 9 years ago. Next time, do some research before you almost fall out of your chair again for no good reason.

        • JC

          paul jr., I knew about the time 9 years ago, I’m just wondering if there is more than meets the eye here. And nine years ago the euro was very strong and the dollar very weak. Now it’s the opposite situation. I don’t know if that means anything or not. And yes, I understand that you are not a fan of Martin Armstrong.

    • paul jr.

      What is there to think? Italy has issued debt in U.S. dollars before. The last time was about 9 years ago. Funny how silly Martin Armstrong says “We are in the end game NOW to have euro members BEGIN issuing debt in US dollars.” He makes it sound like it is something brand new. Diane, you need to stop reading this guy’s stuff or at least do your own research before believing what he says.

  47. Da yooper

    Greg I came across this & encourage everyone here to find the time ( 52 minutes ) to watch. People who lean left or are outright communists may need to watch this twice or more for the facts to sink in to what little brain they have.

    CIVIL WAR 2 in America – WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

  48. Open Eyes

    I got spiritually attacked the past two nights. These attacks have become a lot less dramatic now that I’ve put up the crucifixes on the outside doors and wear my cross necklace.

    The first night I dreamt that two people near-by me got shot while I didn’t get hit. Last night, I dreamt that a dark and questionable-looking man stood in front of me but was silent.

    I think I pissed off the demons putting up what I know about the Catholic Church and how to find an non-deviant church through the traditional Latin mass-traditional Catholicism. It’s always good to piss off satan!


    Crucifix has Great Power…
    Jesus – “We demand a crucifix, because demons – many of the highest ones in the realms of hell cannot stand the sight of a crucifix. They will not approach your door. I give you this knowledge, My children, though it is not common knowledge, My children, though it is not common knowledge upon earth, that the crucifix has great power against satan.” (6-18-87)

  49. Open Eyes

    China’s communists ‘are afraid of Our Lady of Fatima’
    June 2, 2017 | By ACN Staff

    The retired bishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, visiting the German Marian shrine at Kevelaer, spoke with international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need on the situation of the Church in China.

    By Berthold Pelster

    …This month of May marks the centenary of the appearances of Our Lady at Fatima. The messages of Our Lady there warned about the godless ideology of communism. Are Catholics in China aware of these messages?

    Of course! All of us have heard of the messages of Fatima. Even the communists! They make them very anxious. The communists are actually afraid of Our Lady of Fatima! The whole situation is becoming ludicrous: for example, the communists have nothing against you bringing pictures of Maria Immaculata or depictions of the miraculous image featuring “Mary, Help of Christians” into China from abroad. Pictures of “Our Lady of Fatima,” on the other hand, are not allowed. Authorities consider the events in Fatima to be “anti-communist.” That is of course nothing but the truth!….

  50. JimH

    Heavenly Father in Jesus name I pray for complete protection over President Trump
    and his family in tonight’s speech in Minnesota 7pm CDT

    I pray that anyone trying to start a civil war against the President will be found out, who are attending the speech.

    I pray that 17 Patriots and people protecting the President have eyes on and are protected and protect the President in Jesus mighty name. Amen

    Greg please pray for tonight for complete protection of the President. Patriots please pray for The President and our country. Greg please contact Mark Taylor to also pray for tonight. Please tell others to pray.

    • JimH

      CONFIRMED!… BREAKING–> Ilhan Omar and Lover Tim Mynett Were Seen at the MN Trump Riots! PHOTOS AND VIDEO — (Facial Recognition Confirmation) ..UPDATE

      https: //

      I pray that anyone trying to start a civil war against the President will be found out, who are attending the speech.

      Thanks Patriots … Semper Fi
      Hello Omar !!!

      Prayers Answered !!!

  51. Dave

    It is likely Trump will resign if the Senate looks to be able to muster the 2/3 votes. Romney is working with GOP Senators to drum up support for impeachment as is now being openly reported. Trump has alienated a number of GOP Senators and that may cost him. A woman who worked as a PM for Trump’s building projects just said he will resign rather than become the first President convicted in an impeachment trial. Savage, a strong Trump supporter, wonders if the sudden pullout from Syria was wag to dog to divert attention from impeachment. Polls show growing support for impeachment even among Republicans. The other reason Trump may be prone to resign is Hillary. Ben Shapiro said she’d be the strongest candidate against Trump. 66 million voters who feel their votes were stolen. Revenge on the part of Hillary and her supporters. Some pro-Trumpers are starting to consider the possibility the Senate will convict. They say, if that happens, the GOP as a party is over with. But the strategy of TPTB in the GOP is likely predicated on a belief Trump will resign before they are forced to vote – if he is quietly told by McConnell the votes are there to convict.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t fall for the psyop the polls are lies just like the MSM. Stop with the phony polls. This is not going to happen.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “Romney is working with GOP Senators to drum up support for impeachment ….”
      Romney is part of the Deep State and is compromised. He is frantically fighting to save his own neck. However, IMO, his chances of survival are greater if he distances himself from the attempted coup.

  52. LM

    Peter Schiff and others criticize President Trump and blame him for everything as if he is completely in charge and operates in a vacuum. What about all his opponents who refuse to work with him on policy issues. It’s just not happening and President Trump has figured this out. It’s the easy way out for Schiff and others. Blame and criticize but does Schiff offer a solution. No, because there is no solution and any solution he would provide would fail as miserably as anything anyone else would provide. There’s only the opportunity to kick the can down the road. So here we are kicking the can down the road as everyone else has and will continue to do until it doesn’t work anymore. Nothing else will work….period!
    Let’s get real…

  53. Brian Howared

    Hahaha!~ I love Schiff – he sees reality whereas others see the fed’s mirage. Funny though, it seemed like the Peter Schiff show! Man, he loves to talk, doesn’t he! I didn’t count but how many questions did Greg actually get in? Usually he’s talking over the top of the guest (bad look!) but he doesn’t stand a chance with Schiff. Great vid Greg, thank you and keep up the good fight. Cheers from Australia.

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