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Macroeconomic researcher Rob Kirby predicted the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increase late last year “would be one and done.” Kirby explains, “They had no business raising rates in the first place because the economy was not exhibiting enough strength to warrant any rate raises whatsoever, and there won’t be any more interest rate raises because the economy continues to roll over.  Doctored economic data cannot make the sick pig that the global economy really is look any better.  It doesn’t matter how much lipstick you put on that dying pig. It’s still a dying pig.”

Kirby says if the Fed did raise rates, you get another record fall in stocks, which is what happened in January. Kirby goes on to say, “The reality is that’s probably what should be happening right now in the stock market, but we know that the stock market is manipulated, just like we know LIBOR (London Inter Bank Offered Rate) is manipulated.  Just like precious metals are manipulated, their prices are suppressed. . . . There are some revelations that are going to be coming regarding precious metals price suppression, which is going to make the deniers, that this has been occurring, look very silly.  This is going to occur in the very, very near future. . . . The reaction to this news is going to be a very, very strong pop in the price of precious metals. . . .  When it is an irrefutable fact that the precious metals market is suppressed in the paper arena, what do you think people are going to do?  They are going to buy physical metal because they are going to know that holding physical metal is one way to avoid being manipulated.  They are also going to know that real physical precious metals have been held back and they are underpriced.  This should create a very, very strong round of buying of physical precious metals, which should push prices dramatically higher.”

So, with the backdrop of a sick global economy, what will the Fed do next? Kirby contends, “I think the next move by the Fed is going to be an announcement that will amount to quantitative easing (money printing) because it will take the form of liquidity injections going back into the system.  For people who are fans of and enjoy the helicopter money, your prayers are going to be answered, I do believe, in short order. . . . I think you are going to see this roll over accelerate as the year progresses, even though most of Wall Street keeps trying to sell everybody the happy juice that everything is getting better every day.  The reality is things aren’t getting better.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial analyst and gold expert Rob Kirby of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Paul

    Would Rob Kirby agree with this? … Bankers usually demand that your assets be 3 to 4 times your liabilities … with the world fiat system at least 300 trillion dollars in debt and all the world’s gold assets currently worth 9 trillion dollars means that even just re-setting the world’s gold assets to be “equal” to the world’s liabilities means the price of gold has to be re-set 30 times higher ($36,000 dollars per ounce) … to make the world’s assets (gold) 3 to 4 times the world’s (fiat) liabilities means a gold re-set to between $100,000 to $145,000 fiat dollars per ounce!

    • Michael

      Hey Paul,
      I like your math!

      • Paul

        Michael … once everyone realizes that there is less silver in the world then gold … silver will be justified selling at a higher price per ounce then gold … the only reason silver “won’t sell” at a higher price then gold is because manufactures will begin to replace the silver in their products with the cheaper and more plentiful gold … but a gold to silver ratio of five(5) could very well easily be on the cards to come … so if gold is selling at $100,000 fiat dollars per ounce we should see silver trading at $20,000 fiat dollars per ounce! … those Harry Dent believers can wait for silver to fall to $7 dollars per ounce … but for me $16 fiat dollars is cheap enough … especially if the potential for silver is $20,000 per ounce!

        • Mohammad

          Never silver will exceed gold in value.
          God set it this way:



    • 8Ball

      “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it’s profits or so dependent on it’s favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” Rothschild

      “Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States” — Sen. Barry Goldwater (Rep. AR)

      “This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President [Wilson} signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized….the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.” — Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. , 1913

      • allen ols

        8 ball
        Every four years Americans get to vote for a President. The last President who might have made a positive difference to the country and the world was John F. Kennedy. Just before his assassination, JFK was moving to disengage from Vietnam. He was in a back-channel dialogue with Soviet head Nikita Khrushchev to insure a repeat of the 1962 Cuba Missile Crisis, a near-nuclear war by miscalculation, would never happen (bad for US military-industrial complex and the Rockefellers among others). In short, he was starting to deviate from The Program. JFK as we all know was assassinated on November 22, 1963 at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. His assassins included networks of Allen Dulles’ CIA, including a then-young CIA agent named G.H.W. Bush; elements of the Mafia around New Orleans mafia boss Carlos Marcello; elements of the Dallas Police; mafia-CIA-linked gangster night club owner, Jack Ruby; Texan political boss, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson; networks of the Pentagon. The only one who was innocent was the one Ruby rubbed out to silence him: Lee Harvey Oswald. That was fifty three years ago. I was in Dallas the day Kennedy was shot. The TV scenes are burned in my memory as national trauma like with most Americans back then. Since then the United States of America, the land of the free and home of the brave, has gradually become a nation of confused, angry, lost souls who no longer know why we should exist as a nation. We’ve lost sight of what happened to our moral purpose so beautifully described in the documents of our founding fathers at the end of the 18th Century. All we do with our rage, frustration and growing feeling of impotence as a people is to project that rage on the world in the form of making wars, wars, wars everywhere–Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, wars on our border to Mexico, wars in our cities, and on and on. We don’t even bother to know for what moral purpose the war anymore. We long ago dispensed with the moral open protests that were so prevalent during the 1960’s and 1970’s during the Vietnam War. JFK was followed as President by LBJ, a war criminal – See more at:

        • allen ols

          …..Donald Trump, organized crime lawyer, Roy Cohn, and cocaine orgies in the basement of Studio 54 attended by judges and politicians of every party? In an interview Trump even described one such Studio 54 orgy he attended: “I would watch supermodels……In 1979, Cohn introduced Trump to a political dirty-tricks specialist named Roger Stone. Trump and Stone remain close to the present day. Stone, who has worked with Trump on campaigns since 1987, including the present Presidential bid, was charged and fined along with Trump for illegally breaking campaign rules as they fought the development of Indian casinos, competition for Trump’s Atlantic City casinos. Stone’s advice to Trump and other clients was, “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack….When somebody screws you, screw ‘em back – See more at: – See more at:

        • GI Fred

          The most dangerous president is apparently awaiting election cause if Donald Trump is elected ——— GAME OVER. On can only hope that the Senate Congressional Intelligence committee is evaluating the potential for his elimination. Xi services should be called in for their expertise in matters such as this and put the threat down before we elect a fascist dictator. This is what it looked like when Hitler was elected. 5 years later, there were many who wished they had given him the head shot years earlier.

          • Liberal Conservative

            They wont let Trump ascend to the presidency. Rest assured, they will kill him before election night or at least before any inauguration can take place. Most people want Hillary so that is what we willget whether good or bad.

          • allen ols

            gi fred,
            I realize trump is not the trump of the past, I am not the person I was 40 to 50 yrs, and a multitude of mistakes. Now look at this press conference, as it is very impressive. al

          • Greg Hunter

            Keep in mind Allen that Frank Luntz’s bread and butter comes from the “establishment.”

            • allen ols

              I understand, but those people were both dems and repubs and prob independents.

            • allen ols

              I look back on old man bush, lbj, carter, the clitons, dumbass w. bush, and all the IFFI covert stuff under these presidents, ‘TOTAL DISSAPOINTING BUNCH OF LOOSERS’ then see trump and his dealings with the mob, so thisssss isssss risky.

          • Galaxy 500

            Hi Al, and I do mean “high” after reading your posts.
            All BS innuendo, stuff taken out of context.
            Tell me, are you planning to vote at all? According to you, you don’t vote. So leave the thinking to the adults that vote.

            • allen ols

              u sound just like a politician, keep your eyes on the shadows.

        • Paul

          Allen … a little known fact is that CIA agent “Lee Harvey Oswald” was instrumental in preventing an assassination plot against JFK in Chicago some months before.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          What an outstanding post!
          Best regards

          • allen ols

            I knew u would like it 😉

    • Tin foil hat

      To whomever think that $36,000 dollars per ounce is crazy talk, Appl was around $3.5 and Google was $50 in 2004. The current prices are both at around 30X.
      I bought an investment property in 1993 and another one in 1997, positive cash flow from day one, which are now coincidentally worth 30X the down payments.
      I’m not bragging because I have made more than a few lousy investments thereafter. My point is that $36,000/oz is not that outrageous.

    • red

      Yes Paul,
      This is why if they don’t re balance the “System” money it self will begin to mean zero. Even Roosevelt new that the system had to have some sort of collateral in order to have any meaning at all to the “Markets” These rational market people will drag us all back to the sone age. I love Rob Kirby, for me he is one of the only people that truly understands exactly what these criminals have done.

    • steve giskin

      I was disappointed that Greg didn’t try to get more info on the supposed release of info about price manipulation. i.e.. who or what is coming out. Etc…Kirby could always say he can’t disclose this if thats the case. Just seems like a big announcement that Greg didn’t do anything with.

      • Greg Hunter

        It could not be released because it was from a confidential source. Kirby is not getting this info from the the MSM or other online sources. People sometimes cannot release everything they know without jeopardizing the source. Just know the $#!@ is about the hit the manipulation fan. This was the point of the interview and you heard it here first from Rob Kirby.

  2. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    ‘Whom God wishes to destroy He first sends mad’ Seneca.
    For Janet Yellen to keep a straight face when speaking pure gibberish we have an obvious illustration.

  3. Greetings from England

    I think if the ESF is injecting ‘new’ money into the system (dollars previously off book) as Rob Kirby contends then this would have an inflationary effect on the financial system. There must be a limit to how many US treasuries it can purchase without causing massive inflation.

    • Greetings from England

      The dollars that countries like China and Russia obtain from sales of US treasuries will probably be used to purchase real assets around the world, producing an inflationary effect.

      • RobertT

        They, the Russians & Chinese, are buying assets here in the US right now. In the last few weeks the Chinese have bought a number of hotels.

        • Mohammad

          And theaters ….so right now more than half of the screens in US are Chinese…talking about capturing the souls of our kids?


  4. Craig Bradley


    Ron Kirby, along with all the other gold bugs, keeps suggesting the reason the price of gold and silver is so low is on account of “manipulation” by the FED and U.S. BANKERS. I suggest the manipulation is in interest rates and the money supply, not selling gold necessarily to keep the price down. As long as the dollar is up and inflation relatively low, gold is not attractive.

    Most people rather own a growth story like Facebook Stock than a golden “Pet Rock”. Precious metals at today’s prices are not exactly cheap in us dollars either. Nobody has the cash to buy much of them anyway in the U.S. So, the market is largely the determining factor through supply-demand, not manipulation from those buggy men in black.

    • Greetings from England

      Silver is a growth story if you believe all the tech hype.

    • Tin foil hat

      Craig Bradley,
      Do you know that China imported more gold than the world had dug up from the ground in the last few years?
      If the squid managed to keep the Ponzi Scheme alive and felt comfortable about the state of the Ponzi, I concede gold may drop to $800/oz or lower. That is why nobody should have all their eggs in one basket.

    • Greetings from England

      Why do all Keynesians have such poor sense of geology? Gold is a metal not a rock!

      • Galaxy 500

        Because Keynes himself said his theory was a short term fix. Remember “that in the end, we are all dead “

        • R B

          dear Mr 500 in the end is the beginning for those who trust the Christ,the son of the living God. Oh what a day that will be ,when my Jesus I shall see. take courage ,look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

  5. Darren

    Greg…Awesome as usual…What does Rob think the price of Gold and Silver will go too?
    Also…In your opinion..What do you think the real unemployment rate is? 20% or higher….Thanks…:)

  6. Southern Girl


    Rob Kirby mentioned that something would be coming in the near future that would reveal the manipulation. He thinks people will all of the sudden wake up and buy PM’s. I think only the smart people will see this. The others will still be looking at the dying pig with lipstick. People DON’T want to wake up. I find plenty of family and friends who are stuck in the matrix and don’t want to see what reality is. In others words people are waiting for the fat lady to sing and then when she does they will deny that she ever opened her mouth.

    • Tin foil hat

      Southern Girl,
      Smart has nothing to do with anything. I know a lot of people who I know are a lot smarter than me but they don’t know that the dollar is the global reserve currency or petrol dollar or QEs.
      I was at ground zero the second day and had been laughing at the 9/11 Truthers until less than a year ago. I’m surprised how much evident which I thought not worth while looking at are out there in my face all those years. I infer it’s the same with the folks who laugh at the gold bugs regarding the financial chaos which may be hitting the wall.
      It’s probably like someone told you your son or father is raping a little boy next door, you likely would just laugh it off even you hear a faint cry coming from that direction.

      • frederick

        Foil obviously you have no engineering background if you believed the official story at all No offense but it was ans remains extremely lame

    • RichM

      It won’t take too many more people to start buying PM’s before demand over-whelms the supply. If I recall, only 5% people right now buy PM’s. So another 5% or whatever, and it will be hard to get. Then when this happens, that’s when everyone will want it.

    • Mark

      Southern Girl,

      IMHO people are simply tuned out to real issues that surround them. The majority seem to value reality tv or social media vs. economic issues. They see the reality in their lives and with their neighbors, but still listen to the cheerleaders on MSM. Normalcy bias is a tough nut to crack and this will break down once people can’t get their cash out of the atm and/or prices for food and gas spiral upwards.

      I still try convince others “in the matrix” to listen to alternative media and educate themselves, but the interest isn’t there – yet! Gold & silver aren’t used in weekly commerce and have been out of the public conscience for decades so turning that sentiment around BEFORE the reset occurs will be a monumental task. As things deteriorate further more will awake, but many will learn the hard way once it’s too late. Here’s a good interview to bring much of this together with a new economist we don’t hear about – Ty Andros.

      • Southern Girl

        I agree with the normalcy bias…it took me time to pull all the way out of the matrix. Now I can see how awful the USA has become…maybe it has always been that way…but I never saw it before.

        • RJ

          Progress on matrix extraction is all good to see.

          If you want to fully extract yourself from the matrix, and the deceptions(s), and judgment to come, have a read at Ephesians 6:12, and ponder that for a while.

          This isn’t a financial battle at all: that is all just more fraud and deception from sinful man serving the wrong master.

          The real battle lies much higher.

          May Jesus open your or anyone else’s eyes who may be reading this.

        • Vince Shook

          Hi Southern Girl:
          You are correct. The US has always been that way. With the advent of more information streams (internet, social media, etc.) more people are becoming aware of this. Strangely, it also means that things are not as “newly bad” as they seem or as some would like to portray. It is important to understand this so people do not overreact to what is going on.

    • dbcooper

      SG, On 9/11/01 I heard about the towers and said ” Holy Shit, They just burned the Reichstag” six months later I read Michael Rupert’s book … ‘Crossing the Rubicon; (may he RIP) and while I did not buy into peak oil … he nailed 9/11 … and the rest is history and the country is clamoring for a candidate who may be a savior and he may not. We have never seen times like these and you can only wake those who have eyes to see.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  7. OutLookingIn

    Excellent subject matter Greg, as usual.

    Here is something you and all “watch dogger’s” will be interested in, concerning the Department of Justice and their criminal activities concerning TTBTF banks.

    “The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime”.

    • Russ

      How coincidental — I watched that video earlier today and was able to put names to faces and deeds — excellent presentation.

      (Niggle: The background music interferes with the voice audio you need to understand. A rebalance in favor of voice over music would help.)

  8. Southern Girl

    I would like to know how many on this site are strictly people who think for themselves and don’t listen to the junk in newspapers and TV. I have found that a vast majority of people want or need to function in a group….think back to high school…band, choir, football, cheerleaders, clubs, etc. Now think about what you do for a living…are you an individual or part of a group…such as the men and women in the services? I am just wondering if those on this site are individuals who function by themselves and don’t need the group mentality. I keep trying to figure out why the others don’t/can’t wake up.

    • Charlene Dehart

      Southern Girl, Glad to hear you’re enlightened. Many people are awake, they just aren’t posting on Gregg’s Website, which is, by the way, a “Group” of sorts. Many people are perfectly capable of reading newspapers and watching TV and drawing their own conclusions as to the validity of the content. Have you ever wondered about that?

      • Southern Girl

        Charlene Dehart,
        I never thought about Greg’s Group….oh! gosh am I a groupie now?

    • Faith

      Southern Girl: I joined the military when I was quite young. I was also a cheerleader in HS. However, I have not worked for the US government, again, nor would I ever work for them again unless I was forced. I have had a number of positions, jobs, and attended a number of different schools as well as worked doing various internships and, in the end, found that I like being my own boss best. I am most comfortable when I am alone and just working on my own projects. I don’t care what other people think. You may have surmised that I do not use Facebook or Twitter. I tried them and bailed. Not my cuppa tea.

      I think your question is a good one, and valid. I have thought about this problem for a number of years. Many people do need group approval in order to function. Many people today cannot stand to be alone or stand to be in a room that is silent with no electronic devices. That tells me that many people cannot abide their own company and do as much as possible to avoid themselves, which is easy given all of the endless entertainments and distractions that are available to the masses. Turning off the TV (and your smart phone) for a few hours and taking the time to read a book is a habit that one acquires over time. It is obvious to me that many people, especially young people, have not acquired this habit and probably never will.

      As long as people are comfortable many will not take precautions or seek out information. It is only after a calamity that people start seeking answers and solutions. There are always a few on the leading edge of society, seekers, learners, teachers that want to acquire more knowledge and add to their current skill set. I am sorry to tell you that group is rather small, my best estimate is around 10% of the population (or less). The other 90% are content with just going along to get along.

      Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, in Chapter VII of Plato’s “Republic,” is worth reading if you have not read it before. People are chained to the walls of a cave and watch shadows on the walls of the cave and they think the shadows are reality. One slave escapes from the cave and finds the real world. That slave is conflicted but decides to return to the depths of the cave in order to free the other slaves. He unlocks them from their chains and drags a few up into the light of reality whereupon they are horrified at the bright light of the sun and promptly run back down into the cave. The slaves are horrified by reality and prefer the shadows on the cave walls to the harsh light of reality.

      My conclusion? People prefer the known to the unknown. They prefer comfort over novelty. Most people are comfortable being part of a herd. There are some of us that are complete opposites and cannot stand groups and group dynamics (or group-think manipulations).

        • Faith

          AO: I watched that live but thanks.

          • allen ols

            wow u must have cable, lucky u 🙂

            • Faith

              AO: for now, yes.

      • Southern Girl


        Thanks for your writing and explanations…I also do not turn my TV on until the evenings and don’t watch much of the junk on regular TV. I am very happy to live without distractions all day long. I did however break down in January and get and IPhone for the purpose of staying in contact with my other siblings who live all over the USA. I refuse to be trained by the dumb thing every time it bings or zings.

        What you said about never being without distractions….my older brother has to have music even in the shower…go figure. I believe what you said is correct…. That tells me that many people cannot abide their own company and do as much as possible to avoid themselves….sounds like my brother. Thanks for the Plato’s lesson…always eager to learn something.

        Years ago I was teaching and couldn’t even have a conversation because I was always interrupted….a smart older woman said, “I want you to go home and sit on your hands for 10 minutes and not think of anything……boy was that hard…but eventually I came out of the matrix.

        • Faith

          SG: Living in modern society is difficult. Life is complicated. People are busy.

          I grew up when there was no cable TV and we had one phone. On school nights I remember having to go to bed and not being allowed to watch “Little House on the Praire.” Why? Past bedtime on a school night! I was in junior high and yes, I was made to go to bed by 7:00 p.m.

          I was raised by strict parents that taught me to work, to be responsible, and that life is hard. There were consequences for bad behavior. Excuses were not tolerated. I grew up being taken to the public library from a very young age. It was free! I was also taught to take care of the books and to mind to return them undamaged and on time in order to avoid any late fees or charges for damage. My siblings and I were expected to go outside or to our rooms in order to entertain ourselves.

          So perhaps it is just sheer chance that I like my own company and enjoy spending time at a library or bookstore and reading books has always been a great joy for me. Some habits are best acquired when young when bad habits can be nipped in the bud or avoided, if possible.

          I have to say that if I had young children I would move to the country and raise them on a farm. No TV. No smart phones. Plenty of books, clean water, and fresh air. Oh and plenty of hard work, too.

          In fact, if my silver investing turns out well, my plan is to buy a small farm where I can grow old puttering in a garden.

      • Evan J


        Great answer to SG’s great question. I appreciate the reference to the Republic and the allegory of the cave. Have you looked at Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics Book X? It’s about waking up (in the grandest and most profound way possible). Though Aristotle says elsewhere that humans are social beings… Which I suppose one can argue against. My idea of a good social time is being with others who like their own company and being alone, but then getting together with each other to share what they’ve each discovered in their own questing. There’s also a collective recognition there of the individualism each embodies and reflects, which may be valuable. That sort of gathering is not the usual social gathering, and certainly not the ‘let’s get together to watch the football game, drink beer, eat wings, and be generally loud and raucous…’ Do you have friends like that? They are not easy to find, which goes to the heart SG’s question. (and I would say that those are less than 10% of the population in my experience). Good post. Thanks.

        • Faith

          EJ: Yes, that was a most excellent question and one that few people contemplate!

          I have read some Aristotle, formally, but I don’t remember reading that particular text. I do have a copy of it so will dust off that book and take a look!

          This is about as social as I get these days. Most people are busy. Forums like this are the best way I have found to meet like minded folks and, even with busy schedules, we can still connect. I prefer to not have to take selfies every ten seconds and this is a way to meet people and exchange ideas and information. I find it exhilarating, frustrating, maddening and fun, most of the time. Sometimes annoying, too, of course. Glad you liked my two-cents worth of information!

      • dbcooper

        Faith I was beginning to be afraid that we had lost you!! We are feeding out the mangles now and they are pretty much a great success … the cows that have tried them will not let the others close!! and the mangles wintered well in the new root cellar in hampers … leafing out and sprouting roots!! … as they are biennials we will be replanting a few to collect seed … I like this plant!! We are at the end of everyone’s delivery route and in your state … Yours, DB

        • Faith

          DB: I am surprised you noticed! I am here. Just kinda laying low. Sometimes I don’t have a point of view or anything to contribute so I am silent.

          Good to year that the cows are happy! You know I bet that the sugars increased over the winter, too. Like feeding your cows sweet feed, no wonder some of them like it so much!

          Take care and Happy Easter and happy spring!

      • Galaxy 500

        Wow, love the Allogory of the Cave.
        Still trying to explain the world to cretins chained inside. Sad state of affairs.

        • Faith

          G5: yes. I agree. A very, very sad state of affairs.

          The worst part is when people get mad at you and tell you to go away and to leave them alone because they prefer watching the shadows on the cave wall rather than reality.

    • aps

      Southern Girl, my take on what you asked. For people to wake up, would mean they would have to act on what they see happening. It is far easier to deny reality than do the heavy lifting of preparing for what is coming. It means doing with less, it means going without certain items, it means putting back food, water and other items, it means paying down debt and other HARD things vs them wanting to eat, drink and be merry without a worry.

      Myself, I believe this will usher in what the bible states in Revelation, a day’s wages for a loaf of bread. People’s money will become worthless over night. It will be what hard assets you have. Whether they be precious metals, food, water, medical items, pvc piping, electrical wire or any other hard items/assets you have. A simple shovel has real value, it is a hard asset to someone who needs a shovel.

      My recommendation to anyone is buy food, water, medical, guns and bullets. Today food is cheap, in the future it will not be. Invest now while the price is low.

      • Southern Girl


        I hear you and you are right about the masses don’t want to wake up because they might have to change. I remember in college I learned from some professor that people will not change unless there is a significant emotional event. I guess this reset will do the trick. Been canning and dehydrating since 2010…stared gardening then also.

      • Galaxy 500

        Well said. In the old West one could obtain a “shot” of whiskey for a round of 45 Colts or a similar popular cartridge. You will not be able to survive the future storm unless you can protect your family and your property. This means firearms. And firearms are just blunt objects without ammo. Why do you think the government is stock piling? They expect interpretation in supply. Buy now, a few boxes a week … even a box … will make a difference.
        Time is short. When the storm hits, you will not be able to buy guns or ammo. You can have a years worth of food and water but without protection, you won’t be able to keep. Buy as much as you can afford, it will be worth its weight in silver. I have ammo I don’t have guns for. Why? because it was a deal and it is a popular caliber. Trade goods. I buy a few pints of alcohol a week. The cheap stuff. Why, I don’t drink the cheap stuff which means I don’t drink a lot? Trade goods and medicinal value.
        Off the soap box now
        As Jesus told the Pharisees, “Rend unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.” Baffons, cretins and ner’do’wells say this is merely taxes but our Caesar defines a citizen’s duty as taxes, jury duty and voting among a few others.
        Rend unto Ceasar: vote Trump 2016 for freedom

        • dbcooper

          G5, I would tell you that I traded two boxes of 30cal carbine (100 cartridges) for a lister 5KW gen set a couple weeks ago!! wow … DB.

        • allen ols

          g5 dudeee
          I hope the bubmnt doesn’t come and pick me up for not voting duuuuhhhhh,
          don’t let your shadow scare u.

    • Evan J


      Nice to hear from you, and great question. I see the same issues in my circles. I had lunch with a friend today who is beginning to wake up. It turns out that he is very hindered by the fact that he does not know what to do – that is, for example, he does not know how to open a brokerage account, or on the other hand, how to keep his assets out of the system, how to buy metals, or how to think about fiat. As a fellow educator, I know you too have likely come across the fact that the majority are not taught anything in schools about finances, or money, or budgeting, not to even mention the fact of thinking critically and asking good questions about the paradigm and thought traps we are born into and which most blindly accept. It is hard for people to challenge what has always appeared to be true – and what do,we take as true? Most take truth to be that which is determined by convention or agreement of the many. That’s a scary measure of truth, but that’s what the standard is for most people. But once they begin to see and ask questions, like my friend today, they often shut down because there is no obvious action to take. They are ignorant about what to do. For many there are no exemplars to follow. I agree that the percentage of the truly tenacious, determined, intelligent and strong is pretty low (less than 10% I would say), but then those who begin to question, don’t have a platform from which to move into wakefulness. There are more than a few that I have directed to Greg’s site as a way of showing people that there actually are those who question and try to live outside of the illusion. Speaking of illusions, to follow up on Faith’s Plato example, Plato believed that this is all an illusion, and one can only come to terms and embody eternal and divine truths, and the Good, when one sees the illusion in the first place and then actively fights against it in order to wake up and see reality. But then again, that takes work, and leaving the comfort of the familiar (following the allegory – which is why they stay in, or run back down into, the cave of illusion). I think that’s the main problem keeping people asleep. They don’t want to do the work to wake up, and there’s a fear, or at least an insecurity, about the unknown or unfamiliar… That’s when Denial (capital ‘D’, kicks in), and they stay stuck in the ignorance of conventional thinking…

      • Southern Girl

        Evan J,

        Love the post and great insight…. I think that’s the main problem keeping people asleep. They don’t want to do the work to wake up, and there’s a fear, or at least an insecurity, about the unknown or unfamiliar… That’s when Denial (capital ‘D’, kicks in), and they stay stuck in the ignorance of conventional thinking.

        You are right in that FEAR plays a great deal into people’s decision making…..I guess I want a challenge…I want to prove that I can learn…I don’t really know why FEAR is not in my camp..My Mom use to tell me I was stubborn because I would not go with the status quo..I finally thing God made me the way I was from the instant I was conceived.

        Nice to know that I am not alone..Thanks!

      • Southern Girl

        Evan J.,

        Like the part where you say…. I had lunch with a friend today who is beginning to wake up. It turns out that he is very hindered by the fact that he does not know what to do – that is, for example, he does not know how to open a brokerage account, or on the other hand, how to keep his assets out of the system, how to buy metals, or how to think about fiat.

        My Dad always use to say…If you don’t know the answer find a expert in that field and learn..LEARN..your friend, is he afraid to learn? Knowledge keeps fear at bay.

      • Faith

        Evan J, yes! That was beautiful and eloquent and honest and well stated. Thank you for adding to my idea, you are spot on!

    • freebreezer

      SG – Read Jane Goodall’s book on chimps. Fascinating when you apply it to people. Basically there are three types – Alpha who lead, Beta’s that follow and Gamma’s that are loners. All three gene sets are critical for survival of the species. When catastrophe hits the pack it is usually the gamma that re-establishes the new packs … otherwise they live on the fringe and alone. The beta’s represent the majority of the pack and follow the alpha’s lead. The Alpha’s are always in dispute with other alpha’s for who is on top. And the female Alpha’s like sneaking out to have a dalliance w/ the lone Gamma – (Hmm). The betas go along to get along. Seems familiar (?)

      • Faith

        FB: interesting information. So Gammas end up being the remnant.

  9. andyb

    Along with Bill Holter; Rob is one of the best to clear through the fog and explain, even to the financially unaware, the truth and the whole truth. When I watch the financial news, I get the same BS “tingles” that you do reading USA Today. But then all in the MSM are merely transcribers and purveyors of propaganda and purposeful disinformation.
    One of Rob’s principal points is that there are no real assets, except for PMs. Everything else has a collateral obligation, whether derivative or tax or most importantly debt. This should be the key “take” from this most excellent commentary.

    • Greetings from England

      They are the metaphorical lighthouse in the storm…

    • Faith

      AB: I agree. I like Mr. Kirby, a lot! He speaks with conviction and doens’t put on airs or wrap what he says in a sound-bite-ready package!

  10. uma

    I am not Kirby, but yessss.
    And as you set the price 30 times higher the depth will be 30 times lower.
    And thats the problem what this is all about, … to much depth, isnt it?

  11. frederick

    İ sure hope Rob is correct because İm getting impatient to get back to even on the silver İ bought in 2011

    • Tin foil hat

      I’m married to my physical and have fun with my paper. Physical is the wife and papers are the mistresses. I do not expect my wife to always look as young and attractive on the wedding day but I do expect her supports in time of turmoil.

      • Mohammad

        One day your wife (physical) will kick you out because of your many many mistresses (papers) and you will end up empty handed from both….!


    • jim c.

      Fredrick, Your another foolish person looking at gold and silver as an investment , It is not an investment, it is an insurance policy , So it sound like when silver gets back to $50 your going to sell. BAD MOVE.

      • frederick

        Jim İ have Gold as an insurance policy but Silver is alittle different as it moves based more on industrial demand than Gold but İ get your point

      • RichM

        I don’t think Frederick is saying that. I too want to see my silver go back up to $50, then $150, $300, $650, etc. Then if the timing is right, I will use it (sell) to purchase real estate or severely under-valued equities. That is if there is a re-set eventually.

      • dbcooper

        JC … be cautious of assumptions as they tend to make an ass of you and me … hope this helps …, DB.

    • Doug


      You are one who really doesn’t understand the purpose of the metals, not at all. You and I both have the same number of ounces [or more] today that you purchased back in 2011. So how are you any poorer? The time is shortly to come to pass that your metals are valued in ounces that you have in your physical possession and not the ‘value’ in fiat currency like the U.S. dollar.

      I pay no attention at all to the daily fluctuation in the paper price. Gold and Silver are not an ‘investment’, THEY ARE MONEY!! They have been money for 6000 years and continue to be so today.

      I often use the analogy that in 1920 you could walk into your corner back and exchange a one ounce gold coin for a $20 FRN and vice versa. They had equal purchasing power. With that $20 note or gold coin you could buy a top of the line business suit or a beef cow. That one ounce gold coin will still do that today. Gold has lost none of it’s intrinsic worth in the last 100 years. What will your $20 FRN buy you today? A takeout pizza without the tip?

      Get it straight in your head what the physical metals are and what they are not and once you understand that the paper price becomes meaningless.

    • dbcooper

      I am feeling your PAIN Fredrick !!! … DB.

    • Galaxy 500

      It’s not costing you anything to keep it. It is an insurance policy. You do have other insurance on your house and car hopefully your life right?
      This is insurance against economic upheaval.

  12. JM

    Always good to hear from Rob. I’d like to know his thoughts on other commodities such as corn in the coming correction.

  13. Greetings from England

    Being wrong does not automatically mean that you will be made to look foolish. Was Bernanke ridiculed by the mainstream media after missing the housing bubble or was he widely lauded for ‘saving’ the financial system? How many financial ‘experts’ retained their jobs after the crises of 2008-9 despite missing all the warning signs? Those that deny manipulation of the precious metal market will only be made to look foolish if they are held to account by an objective media or people with memories longer than a few years.

    • RichM

      I agree. They may even try to say people who have hoarded PM’s are the crazy ones and when there is no more available, they will likely try to blame us.

  14. stonewall

    Most excellent interview Greg. I believe Kirby is spot on when he says the time
    when TPTB run out of physical gold and then lose control of the system is not
    that far off. One thing for certain is there can be no turning back now since
    the dye is cast however I hope and pray the criminals responsible for engineering
    the coming catastrophe pay an appropriate price for their treachery.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stone!

  15. Todd

    ROB KIRBY is always great! The Lies must end soon. We are in a delusional economy based on debt. The only answer is God, Truth, and the constitution. Love your show keep up with the truth. thanks, Todd

    • Greetings from England

      The answer could be a police state, total anarchy or mass spiritual awakening.

  16. diane s.

    Why did Canada sell all their gold?
    I read that recently , is it true?

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane S.,
      It’s true and it is too stupid to be stupid.

      • Greetings from England

        Gordon Brown outdid even that. He sold half the UK’s gold reserves against the advice of The Bank of England between 1999-2002 when the gold price was rock bottom. Instead of doing it quietly he announced the sale publicly and in advance causing the price of gold to drop even further. An event infamously referred to as ‘Brown’s bottom’.

    • frederick

      Diane Why did the UK sell theirs under Gordon Browns administration when it was in the 600s İ believe? Bad timing on their part or they needed the liquidity İ suppose

  17. Greetings from England

    “Together Russia and the Assad regime are deliberately weaponising migration in an attempt to overwhelm European structures and break European resolve”. General Phil Breedlove, Nato’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe and head of the US European Command.
    The interesting thing about conspiracy theories is it seems to depend on the source of the theory as to whether the mainstream media treats it as conspiracy theory or not. The above theory is dubious at best as mass migration into Europe began well before Russia started bombing Syria. So who decides what is a conspiracy theory???

    • Greg Hunter

      This is very big and I thank you for posting it. I have long said it looks like an invasion and IT IS!!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Statements like this from Nato leaders are often the worst example of lunatic neoliberalism and misinformation that you could possibly ever care to witness. The previous leader Rasmussen, an absolute piece of work, and a rabid neocon from Denmark was just as incoherent in his regularly outrageous comments!

        • Greg Hunter

          I put up many views to avoid the site sounding like an echo chamber. Just because a view disagrees with yours, doesn’t mean it is without merit. Europe is overrun with rapes and violence. Maybe New Zealand can take 50,000 “refugees,” and we shall see if your politics and point of view changes.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Breedlove speaks for the lunatic Neoliberalist agenda that causes perpetual mayhem and war on a global scale. These people manufacture trouble and conjure up ‘enemies’ when they don’t even exist. They are the same lobby that started WW1 and WW2 and are at this very moment doing their level best to get WW3 going.
            [See my weekend post re Gallipoli].

            The premise that Russia is somehow part of this agenda is completely ludicrous. In fact that country has been instrumental in avoiding war-escalation on at least 3 occasions just in the in last 18 months alone

            All western countries including NZ are responsible to at least some degree for the chaos in the ME and North Africa even if our crime was only that we did did not speak out against the mass destruction of this region by the Neoliberals/Neocons.

            I agree we do need to be taking in more refugees ourselves. However, no matter what happens as a result of us taking in refugees, this will not alter the fact that the western world propagated the neoliberalism that has led to a refugee crises of biblical proportions.

            The US has been the main ringleader in all of this carnage [closely followed by the UK] and yet due to its geographical isolation escapes the mayhem that is taking over Europe.

            Of course there is an element of opportunism in a crises of this scale and some undesirables will capitalize on this opportunity, but any attempt to label this as an invasion is utterly ludicrous and disingenuous.

            This is DISPLACEMENT of populations who’s countries and economies have been wrecked by the West…it is not an INVASION.

            • Greg Hunter

              There are many players with much sin. I post a variety of views including yours.

            • Shadow of Doubt

              Here in America as well as the rest of the ever dwindling free world, you are certainly entitled to your opinion-but convincing us you are the “final authority” in what constitutes an invasion from a mere displacement is plain hubris. The facts aren’t always as clear and as straight forward as you so passionately suggest.

            • Galaxy 500

              Colin, in public you have the first amendment right to free speech…whoops, that’s an American concept, you guys don’t have the right to free speech do you? But then, as this is Greg’s sight, there isn’t a 1st ammendment right. Greg does afford a diversity of views, he even allows me to post and I disagree with a lot.
              But just because you are allowed to post doesn’t mean you’re right nor does it mean I even have to read it. That’s what I love about America. People have the right to say what they want [within reason, remember the whole cry fire in a theatre deal] but they don’t have the right to be “heard” or force me to listen.

          • Jim

            Its the Kalergi Plan in action.

            Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi said in 1925 “We intend to make Europe into a mixed race.”

            He is the father of the EU by the way, and designed its flag, and selected its anthem.

            Merkel won a Coudenhove-Kalergi award from the Pan-European movement a few years ago. She is flooding Europe with non-Europeans, and then she will force assimilation so that Coudenhove-Kalergi’s dream can come true.

            He also said “The man of the future will be a mongrel.”

            This is what they are doing. All the other theories are just rubbish.

          • Mohammad


            They want the Vatican gold.


            • Galaxy 500

              Hi Mohammed,
              Who is they? The moslem hoards that seek to kill westerners and bring the west into the bronze age with the middle east? The ones that seek to rape our women and kill our children? That “they?”

              • Mohammad



                • Faith

                  Mohammad: Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. And you may as well go put on a tinfoil hat after making claims that Israel wants the gold from the Vatican. Such claims are ludicrous.

                  • Mohammad


              • Jim

                Galaxy 500,

                Complain to Merkel. what’s Mohammed got to do with it?

      • Greetings from England

        I agree it is a big story. I take the view that mass migration has been encouraged as part of the agenda to undermine the sovereignty of European countries. However, I don’t believe the Russians are behind it.

        • Greetings from England

          I think Obama is trying his best to do the same to America…

          • Faith

            GfE: indeed.

        • Tin foil hat

          Greetings from England,
          I suspect the NWO is behind it. They operate like predators on the hunt. Chaos gives them the opening just like the lions in the plains in Africa.
          Ukraine, MidEast, Europe, Russia ….. Maybe even the U.S.?

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      European Commision Vice-President Frans Timmerman says most of the migrants in Europe are North Africans looking for work, not asylum. I’ve seen stats from other sources that over half the displaced Syrians are still in Syria, and only about 10% of them have made it to Europe. Russia did bomb civilians to prop up Assad, but that’s a separate issue. Breedlove’s probably accusing Russia out of habit or as a smokescreen. Somebody probably is directing the human flood to Europe, but it’s not clear who yet.

      • matt


      • frederick

        Diana evidently its the same group thats orchestrating the human flood into the US from central and S America as well as Asia George Soros and associates

    • Macray

      Greetings from England’s comment is 100 per cent accurate.

      You may enjoy watching this documentary, Max Keiser – “Brown’s Bottom” – (Documentary)

      And this article pretty much sums it all up.
      Revealed: why Gordon Brown sold Britain’s gold at a knock-down price

      Keep in mind, Gordon Brown went on to become Prime Minister of Great Britain with the approval of the British electorate.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Regardless of whether migration is or is not being intentionally “weaponized,” IMmigration is entirely within the hands of each sovereign, receiving nation (unless, of course, any particular nation is no longer sovereign…).

      • Linda L.

        There’s no such word as “sovereign” for those who push the NEW WORLD ORDER. Their agenda is to completely eliminate all borders as quickly as possible so that they can sit back and watch us kill one another, and this is another reason why they just hate Trump. According to the Georgia Guidestones (10 guiding principles of the Elites) they want to reduce the world’s population to approximately 500 million or so, and I think that watching us kill one another is just another way of accomplishing this.

        • frederick

          Makes sense Linda İ watched the takeover of the US for years never understanding what was going on Now İ “get it” thanks to people like you Thank you

  18. Wouter

    Greg, thanks for bringing Rob Kirby back on. Why didn’t you ask deeper into Rob’s comment on precious metals price suppression revelations? Would be interesting to know what he was referring to. Keep up the good work!

    • Mike from the North

      Here is a hint..

      Other nations have been undertaking a detailed investigation into the possible manipulation of PMs.

      Dead Bankers are everywhere.

      Class action lawsuits are numerous.

      Is the World about to find out the TRUTH about PM manipulation.

      I have read a number of pieces this week that cause me to believe that something BIG is about to break.

  19. tulip

    ia anyone else getting an error & black out on this..??

  20. Dan

    Greg: Great interview with Rob Kirby!

    Keep up the truth telling – great job!


  21. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Another very powerful interview with RK.
    Loved Robs analogy that being one of the big US banks [that own the FED] and having a huge derivatives book is like “fishing in a barrel with a dip net”.

    Rob confirms my view that I expressed in the weekend…..America please stop dining out on how badly you think Russia is doing…..they are quietly positioning themselves out of US dollars and securities and into physical gold. The ESF is soaking these sales up with off the books dollars. Furthermore, Russia is selling huge quantities of oil and gas for physical gold because having spare reserves ……..THEY CAN!

    America what is it about you that you can’t understand this, and please….your spin that Russia’s partial withdrawal from Syria is a cost cutting measure….. what pathetic dribble!


    • Nick

      ” spin that Russia’s partial withdrawal from Syria is a cost cutting measure….. what pathetic dribble ”

      I completely agree with the above from Colin.

      Anyone who has ever played chess will know that moving an individual piece backwards can be part of an ongoing strategic attack. In this particular chess match, whilst many of us are awake , we cannot see the whole board.

      So more time to stack beans , bullets and bullion then !

      • Paul

        Nick … Putin could be fading withdrawal in order to draw Turkey into an outright invasion of Syria … this will force NATO and the UN to wash their hands of a “war starting” aggressive Turkey … then once Turkey is on its own (without NATO or UN backing) Russia can wipe them completely off the chess board … Putin is a shrewd chess master … the idiot checker playing neocons are going to lose this game!

        • Mohammad


          You have got it turned around:
          Kissinger said once US will bait Russia/China into war to wipe them off the map.


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        PCR’s take:

        The psychopathic Washington neoconservatives who have controlled US foreign policy since the Clinton regime, misintepret Vladimir Putin’s peaceful diplomacy as a sign of Russian weakness. The neocons say: “See Putin is weak. He is pulling out of Syria.” But what Putin says is different. Putin says: “We have created the conditions for peace in Syria.” If Washington abuses these conditions, “Russia can, in several hours, build up its forces in Syria to a size capable of dealing with an escalating situation and use the entire range of means at its disposal.”

        Putin adds: “We hope the parties involved would show common sense.”

        From a position of strength, Putin has rolled the dice. Is there common sense in the West? I fail to see any. I see arrogance, hubris, idiocy, immorality, inhumanity, complete and total stupidity. These are the characteristics of Western governments. They amount to a deranged criminal enterprise organized against humanity.


    • Greetings from England

      “your spin that Russia’s partial withdrawal from Syria is a cost cutting measure….. what pathetic dribble!”

      America can’t admit that Russia may not want total military control of the middle east (like themselves).

      • Greg Hunter

        You do realize they have built an air base there. Nothing has changes since the announced a partial withdrawal because they are going nowhere and not giving up anything.

    • Grafique

      It’s easy to criticize America when you live on a small agricultural island on the “less significant” side of the world.
      We’re well aware of Russia’s activities. We also have a handle on their motives. After all, we Americans grew up preparing for nuclear war with the Russians.
      We also see what Russia is doing in terms of dollars/oil. We’re not quite so naive as you think.

      Your 19th century, provincial oplinion that Americans don’t understand – what pathetic dribble!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Apparently everything is just fine and perfectly dandy in your camp. You obviously have your finger firmly on the pulse so you definitely don’t need any “19th century provincial comment from a small agricultural island on the less significant side of the world”

        I would suggest then that you always use the scroll button when you encounter my posts in the future.

        • Grafique

          I’ll scroll past every comment you make in which you don’t call Americans’ opinions “pathetic dribble” or some such nonsense. Maybe you’ve never before encountered an American who stands up for his country.
          You have now.

          • aussie jeff

            Grafique,you surprise me with your comments, I have seen from previous posts you have a good grasp on God’s word,yet you allow “nationalism” which is a divisive tool used by satan as some kind of prop to fire blanks back at Colin.
            As i see it America has blood on her hands,with that said,so does Australia being an allie to her.Btw just incase you didn’t know we are that slightly bigger agriculture island just to the left of Colins.;)
            God bless.

            • Shadow of Doubt

              Aussie Jeff,
              Why would the American people need another amateur’s advice on; how to really see the world’s problems and chart our Nation’s course just like Europe–after all we have the alleged genius/world citizen called Barry Soetoro and he’s currently impressing the hell out of us (not)!

            • Grafique

              I never said America’s innocent. It isn’t. Neither is New Zealand or Australia. But don’t start about how Americans “can’t understand” or whatever. America has given the blood of its finest young men and its treasure for the rest of the world for a long time now, and the thanks we get is insults and disrespect from somebody who would be speaking German or Russian or Chinese without our leadership.

              • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

                Does that “leadership” include the Bush’s, the Clintons and Obama too…….?

              • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

                Would that be the same leadership too that has wrecked a good portion of the ME and North Africa?

              • WakeUP

                and the thanks we get is insults and disrespect from somebody who would be speaking German or Russian or Chinese without our leadership.

                Thanks ?
                How about this:
                How about you find out WHO owns the FEDERAL RESERVE .
                Find out where the $23 TRILLION in zero interest rate loans went. Didn’t know that did you ?
                That is why America has become AmeriKa. Your country is being stolen from you in plain sight.

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

              No no….. you have got it wrong Jeff, you are insignificant too!

              Best wishes
              By the way congrats on winning the cricket test series!

          • Galaxy 500


          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Yep…. more incoherence!

        • frederick

          İgnore the insults Colin You are right and some Americans cant handle the truth you know As to which side of the world is more or less significant İ really couldnt care less happy St Patricks day down there in your exclusive corner

        • Fran

          Great reply Colin, some Americans are the ugly American. Thanks for loving us up yonder. We need it, keep sending and thank you sir!

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            And you are right, I do love America, [Mainstreet that is].

            I have travelled there many times as a result of my career. I post only in the hope that an outsider’s perspective may in some small way help at least a few people comprehend the overwhelming ‘success’ of the Neoliberalist agenda.

            This massive lobby has infiltrated the economy and the political arena of America and most of the western world. It now threatens the very survival of humanity.

            How the likes of G500 and Grafique construe my above comment to be……. “yet another insult, put down and down right personal attack”……….is quite frankly completely beyond me.

            My posts are in essence just another opinion from one person…no more no less.
            My agenda is simply to expose the destructiveness of the Neoliberalist/Neoconservative agenda and the threat that it poses to the survival of our planet.

            Kindest regards

      • WD

        In defense of Col, 99.9999999 % of Americans don’t know what is going on.

        • Grafique

          I wonder where you got that scientific figure. Most Americans I know are fully aware of what’s going on.

          • jay

            So most of you are happy with the status quo, being informed and all, to be screwed over by the private fed. Because for a bunch of informed people you don’t seem to have much fight, or a just happy with the way things are. You know what they say, a country of sheep is lead by wolves

            • Greg Hunter

              Lead the way Jay and man-up and use a verifiable real name.

              • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

                Greg, I agree with you.
                My real name is Robert Lykens.
                Time for all of us to man up and stand up.

            • Grafique

              @Jay, Did I say I was happy with the status quo? No.
              Do you know how much “fight” I have? No.
              Did I say I’m happy with the way things are? No.
              Do I like someone painting America as ignorant and naive?
              HELL NO.

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

              Yep….apparently they are!

          • WD

            I see and hear around me, it is an educated guess.

            If what you say is true I wish you would introduce me to all these informed Americans, of course when they are not watching T.V..

            Graf, you of all people know exactly what I mean.

            • Grafique

              WD, don’t act like all Americans are a bunch of TV-watching, uninformed couch potatoes. Some are and some aren’t.
              In my opinion, the problem with America is the liberal media which marginalizes Christianity and conservatism, but glorifies the anti-Bible socialist/Marxist Democrat Party and paints them as “mainstream”.

              • WD

                I think most are somewhat unaware….

                As far as your comment
                “In my opinion, the problem with America is the liberal media which marginalizes Christianity and conservatism, but glorifies the anti-Bible socialist/Marxist Democrat Party and paints them as “mainstream”.”

                You could have taken those words right out of my mouth…I agree completely….and I am willing to admit I am wrong at 99.999%….. if people are hurting then they will be aware at some level.

                Take care….

          • frederick

            Absolute nonsense just take a look how people responded to alex Jones when he protested Fox News and Geraldo riveras nonsense on 911 Americans sad to say are for the most part in a deep denial Colin is rightfully dissapointed in us

        • Galaxy 500

          You must be using Hillary ‘s polling service.

      • Galaxy 500

        Thank you Madame for a well reasoned response to yet another insult, put down and down right personal attack.

        • allen ols

          come’on, personal attack, kettle calling the pot green.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          My very unqualified 2 cents worth of opinion from an insignificant place.

          You and Grafique appear to be very much on the same wavelength with many issues…..have you ever considered getting a room together?

          I normally don’t bother to read your posts because I find much of your comment and argument to be incoherent anyway. However every now and then you post something that is so extraordinarily bigoted and evil that it is indeed very difficult not to react in some way.

          Today is another one of these instances. You posted this astonishingly reckless comment regarding the Mosul dam. I quote:
          “Mohammed, to be honest, I don’t give a damn. It will probably be a good thing as it will kill terrorists and cut electricity to terrorists”.

          G500, you do realise that a collapse could kill 500,000 people and leave another 1 million or so homeless not to mention cause the destruction of a very important Iraqi food bowl. You are both evil and irresponsible. Your sorry attempt at humour in wishing for this human tragedy of biblical proportions is both obscene and astonishing.
          Case rested.

          • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

            Making juvenile comments like “getting a room together” doesn’t make your original comment any better. You were still wrong to malign an entire nation of people: “can’t understand”.
            Grow up and admit you were wrong.

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

              And no doubt you also endorse G5oos outrageous and abhorrent notion that the collapse of the Mosul dam would be fortuitous.

            • Grafique

              Don’t put words in my mouth. Remember, you’re the one who said Americans “can’t understand”. That was wrong and insulting. You owe an apology to every American posting here.

  22. Da Yooper

    The bankers have their own form of TAQIYYA no big surprise here.

  23. pat the rat

    I love my numbers I do,I hate what they tell me! In this case there is no way tell the truth from the lies. Gold and silver till the numbers tell the truth.

  24. Tom in AZ

    A strong round of gold buying coming? How many times have we heard that. Yeah, we know the markets are manipulated and wars only enrich the insiders and everyone in DC only cares about money and power. None of this is a secret anymore. It will go on as long as they want because who is going to stop them? The people going to Trump rallies only care about guns and the NFL. They’re incapable of reason and are led by emotion. The general public is a bunch bozos and too passive to protest or to educate themselves on the issues. So who exactly is going to upset the apple cart? The media and the elites will do as they want for the rest of your life. Rather than listen to these predictions anymore I’m inclined to just load up the bong with Master Kush and watch the UFO channel.

    • BLT

      The band ufo has their own channel? Why didn’t I know about this??

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Because you were…

        “Caught in the crossfire, of a warning fight”

  25. Tin foil hat

    Sayonara & Rich M,
    I just want to make sure that you didn’t miss this message from the last post.
    Both 2x and 3x ETFs have deterioration risk. Because 3x ETF’s require so much leverage they roll over futures and options contracts on a regular basis, much more often than 2x ETF, and every time they do that it costs money. The 3x ETFs can experience serious deterioration over time based on costs. SQQQ is not supposed to be held long term. I usually don’t hold any leverage ETF overnight.
    One has to be very careful with these leveraged ETFs.

    • Sayonara

      Appreciate you chiming in here. I did not miss your last post and I am aware of the deterioration risk. The position that I am holding is small and I certainly am not holding it as either a mid or long term trade.
      It is very interesting to see how political economic desire tries to will it’s way through organic economic reality is playing out. We know what the outcome is as it is ultimately mathematical, it is now all about when. And if course betting on When always makes or breaks speculators.
      Thanks TFH!

    • RichM

      Yes I saw it. thanks.

  26. George Goodson

    Rob Kirby is on our short list of must-watch interviewees. We appreciate his generosity about sharing & educating.

  27. Rock

    Great interview. Kirby is always easy to follow and says what he means. His points on off the book dollars was eye opening.
    We need to know why Canada sold all of its gold. This is a huge issue, that must be answered. I think it would reveal future plans of the elite.
    Keep up the great work my brother….

    • stonewall

      Rock, the simple answer is that Canada is a puppet state of the USA and the fact that
      Canada has sold their last ounce of gold tells me TPTB are so desperate to source gold
      they are like starving people sweeping the last scraps of food off the table. Fortunately
      Canada must make these transactions public so the information can’t be hidden as in
      the USA.

      • Evan J


        My conclusion exactly. They are running out.

  28. Mike from the North


    A forced return to a gold standard for all currencies that will cause tremendous turmoil.

    I am not sure that the 2016 USA election can occur if this occurs prior to the election.

    The truth will set us free but that freedom will come at the price of realizing that there is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH.

  29. Sayonara

    Great Rob Kirby interview. We all know what is playing out and that is that the elite political economic establishment aka economic crony criminals are trying to will their way through organic economic reality. It is only a matter of time before they ultimately fail. In the mean time, all we can do is prepare and wait for When.

  30. Jerry

    I roll on the floor laughing at some of your commenters that still think Keynesian principles still apply when it comes to banks and economics. Specifically when it comes to shuffling 170 Trillion dollars in Deutsche Bank derivative debt. I’m not buying it and neither is the BIS who just issued this warning.

    The fiat Ponzi scheme is over. That’s what Rob is talking about. The market riggers are about to be exposed for what they are. Scammers that have used HFT to hide the fact that they have no real unencumbered assets to back their loans with. Do you really think Deutsche Bank has assets to cover 170 trillion dollars in derivative debt? I don’t.
    People who think investors will rush into buy their stocks now are fools. Why would they ? All they have to do is wait for the fire sale, and they can buy the stocks for pennies on the dollar.

    Lets be honest. The central banks know the game is up to. Why else do you think they have been buying gold along with the Russians and Chinese? Truth be told, they probably cut a deal with the Chinese to suppress the price so they could all load up. As Rob as has been saying, once the gold can’t be delivered, there really is no reason to continue the game. In my opinion the central banks have played right into the hands of the Chinese dream to seize control of the worlds gold market, along with it the worlds economic trade platform. Rob won’t come out and give you a date Greg, but I would be willing to bet that whatever is about to happen will somehow be tied to the Chinese Gold Price Fix on April 19th. No its not a prediction. But whenever the PBOC sends out a procedure schedule for all participating banks to follow, I think its something to take serious. We’ll see.

    • Greg Hunter

      This makes a lot of sense.

    • Tin foil hat

      “According to the researcher, the idea, voiced by the Libyan leader, received high praise from Tunisia’s Ben Ali and Mubarak’s Egypt.”

      I guess the “Arab Spring” is really the “Dollar Spring” in disguise.

    • Jerry

      This information matches perfectly with the ongoing strategy the BRIC alliance is using to take down the dollar and end U.S. hegemony. Russia and China will pull the economic plug on the western war machine before they have to fight it on the open battlefield. American military assets are being prepositioned for war, so it won’t be long. Great information!

      • Jerry

        This is why the Chinese have no choice but to disarm us economically.
        Even EMP weapons are no match for the “Rod of God” space weapon that was born out of the Star War program. In the hands of a military rogue nation this weapon can be used to blackmail any country into submission.

    • Mark

      I heard this news 1 month ago with an interview by V-Guerilla Economist. He went into other details that I can’t remember now and clearly shows how vital the petrodollar is the US hegemony.

  31. JC Davis

    Greg seeing that inflation along with demand for real money will cause gold, and silver to rise. Will copper pennies go to the value of a dollar per coin?
    I have been keeping up with the amount of 1982 and back copper pennies. less then 10 copper pennies in a roll is the normal find. 2 years ago it was 50% copper in a roll.
    It is not strange to see a wheat penny sell on ebay for 5.00 +2.00 shipping.
    My point is gold is not the only way to store wealth (if) inflation, and demand is what will cause a rise in the price

  32. tulip

    In regards to Kirby & the other gold prognosticators.. TIMING…
    “Their themes are all valid… and have ebbed and flowed for thousands of years around the world…
    they need to learn the timing side of things..when something big almost happens, but doesnt:
    it usually has to wait out another cycle before presenting itself again.
    they dont seem to grasp that…..”

  33. WKSwanson

    Rob Kirby is a real gem to listen to with all of his experience and knowledge. I just hope that he can find a good dentist up there in Canada before everything goes south.

  34. Peter

    Most of the people going to Trump rallies care greatly about the country. If they have emotion I consider it a positive, as others have decided the elections, voting, etc is completely rigged and not worth getting worked up about. A very intelligent friend of mine tells me that Obama may not have actually won the last election, although that’s another story.

    Trump is the only candidate that has stated he will renegotiate our trade deals and he’s the best suited to do it. The USA loses money every month, every year on our trade with China. Check the census stats ( for yourself. It’s grown worse under Obama/Hillary, as you might guess. No politician has attempted to or corrected this problem, so why not let Trump?

    It’s sad to see the MSM blame the violence on Trump when in it originates
    with the protesters themselves. It’s been rumored that Hillary Clinton is behind the protests. Communist sympathizer George Soros funds Occupy Wall Street and other leftist groups that are showing up at these rallies. It’s no secret that Soros favors America’s decline and Soros realizes that Trump is the one person that can stop the decline.

    Facebook is manipulating social media by blocking links to Hillary Clinton’s emails. Wikileaks themselves have objected to this censorship, as crazy as this sounds.
    Facebooks Zuckerberg is a leftist, Hillary Clinton supporter and doesn’t want the sheeple to know the truth about Hillary and her lies.

    • frederick

      Peter when you say “Facebooks Zuckerberg is a leftist” you are being too kind He is also an opportunist and not a friend of US workers That is the main reason that he is so pro immigration as he is looking for lower wages and that from a guy worth how much again? Greed pure and simple is causing alot of our problems İMO

    • matt

      Got out of Facebook. No good.

  35. Dan

    Dear Greg, Rob,

    Rob is usually one of my favorite guests as he is obviously very astute and well connected.

    However, us Watchdoggers here are becoming more and more demanding of guests and ask that they support their arguments with either facts or more verifiable thruths. For example, near the end of the interview Rob presents us with a ‘more verifiable truth’ that foreign powers are selling US Treasurys at record pace. Agreed. Verifiable.

    But here are a few instances where Rob is not ‘entirely’ stepping up to the plate (as he usually does):

    1)With regards to Rob’s comments (from 4:37 to 5:31) he states that “foreign institutions such as U.S. banks are granted a waiver by certain arms of the U.S. Gov’t and do not have to report their true financial conditions and can lie to regulators, misrepresent…Those laws have been with the banks in America since 1934.”

    While these statements may be true he, unfortunately, leaves us hanging since he doesn’t provide the actual laws he is referring to. He gives us a date 1934 but no mention of which legislation permits this. What would be the harm or personal danger to him in providing us which laws he is talking about? Very disappointing, as we are trying to be informed here with more concrete proof and facts.

    Hence Rob, if you are reading this please don’t take it personally, as you are one of my favorite guests; but what would be the harm in telling us which laws your are referring to? It’s not too late to reply here in the site.

    2) Another thing you have mentioned in other interviews and in this one, is that the physical demand [for gold] is gonna “take over” (sorry I forget the exact words) the paper market. But unfortunately again, you don’t tell us exactly HOW this will happen.

    Us Watchdoggers have been painfully witnessing this suppression scheme for a few years now and have been told time and time again it’s almost out of gas. You yourself said the ESF has trillions in funds and since these funds can be use to buy naked shorts (and the Fed can print money at will for the same purpose), how the heck can we believe that this can’t continue for many months or years to come? What is so different this time? We all know that even if the ratio is now 500:1 (paper:physical) the people or institutions who hold these contracts WON’T ask for physical delivery (they are just speculators).

    So, PLEASE explain to us HOW this game will ‘all of a sudden’ change in the near future. We need much better substantiation here than the arguments that you’ve presented (which have been said for years now).

    Again, this is not a personal criticism; we here are just more demanding of guests (especially when they promote their paid services at the end of interviews). Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate you giving a free interview with Greg. But please back it up.

    3) As for the “Big Revelations” that are coming in the next few weeks regarding a spotlight being shone on the PM manipulators, you were quite vague about it which can only leave us to speculate. I think this may be putting yet another ‘wishful expectation’ on all of us which usually leads to more pain and disappointment. I can understand that you may have sources you wish to protect and that is fine. But we’ve heard these kinds of warnings for years now and they never come true; so I don’t expect they will in the next few/several weeks either. Fool me once…

    If any doggers here have any theories about this last point, I’d love to hear them. And Jerry, please don’t tell us about your gospel that the Chinese will change everything on April 19th by taking over the gold fix and stating their reserves – IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN any time soon! I live in China (since 2008) and things are worse here at this point in time than ever. There is no way in hell the Chinese would take such a bold move since it would further exacerbate their trade with the US and have even more devastating consequences on the country economically which would inherently lead to major social unrest – the all time TOP THING the Party wants to avoid here.


    • RichM

      Yes, I would particularly like clarification on Dan’s question #2.

    • foggygoggles

      Hi Dan,
      I share your frustration. What I find interesting is that none of these people who constantly predict imminent collapse, are ever intellectually honest enough to ask themselves why they have been wrong for years. In this regard, they have the tunnel vision of today’s Kenseyians. There’s a lot more going on than the public balance sheet, but none of these, world is coming to end types, ever acknowledge it.

    • Deano

      Yes i would also like clarification on point 3.

  36. Mohammad


    Please consider this an urgent request that will serve all of us good.

    We need to know what the hell is going on with the real estate since no one is talking about it any more, first it was Vancouver on Zerohedge now it is Seattle where the properties were astronomically going up in a systematic patterns. In Vancouver it was crapy houses selling for millions of Canadian dollars squeezing locals out. I have seen this in Damascus before the civil war where the Iranian money was dropped on properties and squeezed locals out.

    Fabian Calvo is astute and in the real estate, he even indicated in one of his youtube videos his surprise why you do not host him any more, politely he was screaming for an interview to say important stuff about real estate markets.

    PLEASE GREG have him on we need that info, it is essential for us to understand what is happening in real estate and what the ramifications are, across from where i live there was an old house sold in 2014 for 80000$ , it was knocked down and a new one built in place that was sold even before finishing the inside for 700000$…!!!!!!

    I was shocked and scratched my head thinking this is Damascus DEJAVU..?

    Please consider have him on we need to know this aspect of economy and that is real estate.


    • Mohammad

      What say you Greg?


      • Greg Hunter

        Financial war always precedes real war.

        • Faith

          Indeed, Mr. Hunter. And that war landed on the EU’s front doorstep today.

  37. Don

    Greg, just wanted to inform your readers of the republican conventions commissions plain to unbind the first round vote in the convention. Trump is such a threat to the political cartel in the party, that they are going to use there power to change convention rules to assure Trumps defeat. They are preparing Mitt Romney, as there white night, and choose to replace Trumps nominee. A recent video by Curly Hauglan one of the convention commission members, made it a point to point out the peoples vote was not what chose the nominee but the party did, and the people thought there vote chose the nominee only because the media deceived them. I have been following Roger Stone, who has years of experience in campaign management, and he has said, Trump, if elected nominee is going to give undisputable evidence that will bring down the Clintons, and their foundation, along with connections to Obama’s Whitehouse. Mr. Trump is in danger, and needs our prayer. We are suppose to resist evil and expose it, at the same time bring truth, in which you attempt to do both. I will listen to Rob a little latter, but wanted to post for your listener sake. Farewell

    • 8Ball

      If they try to do this then a few million of what is left of the American people need to march into DC and not leave until they are either killed or they run the a-holes out of town…

    • Grant

      Don your right on the money. Exposing Hillary’s truth O’bombs to the low-information sheeple [which we already know about here on USAW already] will ultimately bring down the Deep State/Booz Allen Hamilton neo-conmen and woman strangle hold on Washington. If the Donald is taken out their will be hell to play and they know it. So everything will be done to discredit him. not kill him. Nor Bernie if he gains traction. Because they know whether they take them out or not the cat is out the bag and the gig is already definitively up, it’s just a matter of time and they will do the time, on their dime. Trump or no Trumpster, their in the dumpster! Hillary must win to save their own skin. She’s got everybody by the u-know whats and they will do their darnedest to make sure she isn’t stopped. Like Adolf Hitler said just before he put his Luger in his mouth, “when I return, no more Mr. Nice Guy.” Well he’s back and he’s a she, dude, our wannabe neo-conwoman in chief, leader of the not so free world under her reign. Boy it will pour! Pray for clear skies ahead!
      Post Script; Just remember guy’s, just made official, both Republicans and Democrats in the House joined together 393-0 to back a “sense of Congress” saying the crimes committed against Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities in the region amount to war crimes and, in some cases, genocide by radicalized Islam ISIS, ISIL, IS or the Latest Daesh.
      Secretary of state John Kerry went to great lengths to mention atrocities committed by Islamic State fighters against a broad swath of religious and ethnic minorities, including Kurds, Shiites and Turkmens, as well as Christians. This other shoe that’s dropped could also take down many more deep state boys and girls. Interesting times indeed.
      Could this take down bring about [free up] the aforementioned worldwide peace and security spoken about in the good book the Bible . . .

      International Standard Version ◄ 1 Thessalonians 5:3 ►
      When people say, “There is peace and security,” destruction will strike them as suddenly as labor pains come to a pregnant woman, and they will not be able to escape

      The adults in the room are not in fear; Michael Medved, Denise Prager, Hugo Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, ad nau·se·am . . .

      This is what the Donald will do to the traitorous treasonous scoundrels. Free haircut anyone?
      The Battle of the Billionaires!

      The Last Word . . .

    • susan

      Thank you, Don. I whole heartedly agree with you. I cannot understand how people are so blind to the truth. We, indeed, must pray for Mr. Trump and his precious family!

  38. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Poor Rob Kirby sounds extremely frustrated. I suspect the big revelation he refers to actually isn’t much of a revelation. There are people who don’t care about the manipulation in any of the markets because they’ve figured out how to make money despite — or because of — the manipulation. He made some interesting accusations at GLD, though. Greg, why didn’t you let him say more about that?

    • 8Ball

      Yes, it is akin to what the rest of the fatalists like Jim Willie and Lindsey Williams, etc. have been preaching for years. The world is about to go down the crapper… yesterday.

      But it hasn’t so they continually amp up their presentations to keep the faithful on board.

      Perhaps, just perhaps, they are in error and there is hope for mankind to break free and move out of the mess that we are in.

  39. antonius aquinas

    I love Ron Kirby’s take on things. My new article from a different perspective


    • john duffy

      Looks like we are to repeat the same old story of the Jewish people in the old testament:

  40. Mr Mister

    The commodity currencies, Aussie and Loonie, are rising. Caterpillar is rocketing. Just a hunch, they might be close to overt QE.

  41. mac

    What year is it? Kirby talks same for many, many years….and zip happens .

  42. Mike from the North

    This is what RK might be referring to.

    I suspect this investigation is about to conclude as stated in article.

    Maybe the truth is near.

  43. RichM

    So is it safe to say that when a new round of QE is implemented, that the stock market will fly to new highs? That the bubble blowing will resume? Or is it different this time?


    Libya descended into chaos following the fall of Colonel Gaddafi, killed by French and British-led NATO forces. De-Dollarization: The Story of Gaddafi’s Gold-Backed Currency is Not Over © Sputnik/
    21:39 17.03.2016(updated 17:23 19.03.2016)

    A declassified email exchange between former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her adviser Sid Blumenthal shows that Clinton was up to her eyeballs in the Western conspiracy against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his Pan-African “Gold Dinar” currency, F. William Engdahl narrates.

    Read more:

    Read more:

  45. Hatemail

    Our economy is imploding. The link above is a segment from Sunday’s Face the Nation. The election process has no focus upon the economy at all. We have gone from “it’s the economy stupid” to just plain stupid.

  46. Paul

    Rob Kirby is dialed in with some very elite people. It is an undeniable fact that ALL markets are manipulated. ( LIBOR/Mortgage backed securities , FX). Zero Hedge posted today an article that the Chinese Government asked the USA for it’s PPT playbook to help it deal with it’s market crash last year. Put another way: We want to know how we can manipulate the market like you do! With paper Gold OI at 500:1 ratio only a fool would deny that manipulated in precious metals does not exist. So , in essence, what I believe Kirby is alluding to is the fact that the EU has something on what happened with the Silver spot price- setting fiasco that took place in January between the Bullion Banks and LME. Just my humble opinion!

  47. Mohammad


    Nothing is solved….!
    Russia is threatening US it will unilaterally respond if the latter doesn’t press its proxies to stop breaking the truce. So far US is refusing:روسيا-تلوح-باستخدام-القوة-بحال-انتهاك-الهدنة-بسوريا


  48. Jerry

    I believe this is what Rob Kirby was alluding to in your interview. If this probe proves to be factual it could spell disaster for the central banks with the Shanghai Shock coming in April.
    The Chinese would use this as leverage to their advantage to seize control of the gold market as every ounce of credibility would obviously be lost. I can’t help but think they knew, and timed it to their announcement coming April 19th.

  49. James Sullivan

    RE: Canada’s gold ….. I ran a petition on the web last year , to ‘Restore Canada’s Gold Reserves’ …and got 28 signatures! (guess im not great at petition writing).
    At the time , Canada was 81 st in the world for Gold holdings ….just after ALBANIA ….
    SO, it not much of a big deal …the Goldman’s of the world probably needed it to top off their take from Libya. MEH

  50. Mohammad


    saudi Arabia will not allow the price to go up:

    So this happens:

    And seems Samantha Powers chilling warning is getting closer and the bastards will nock the dam to knock 2 million barrels a day out of the equation.


    • Galaxy 500

      You mean the dam that hasn’t been maintained in decades and according to the army Corp of engineers was in danger of collapse years ago? That dam?
      Mohammed, to be honest, I don’t give a damn. It will probably be a good thing as it will kill terrorists and cut electricity to terrorists.

  51. James Sullivan

    Hi Greg ….had to share this with you… looks like the only people who will be voting for Hillary will be disaffected Repubs, who can’t stand Trump ……..and the only ones voting for Trump will be disaffected Dems, who can’t stand Hilliary. Oh my gosh ….the humanity of it all……Giggle, giggle, giggle.

  52. Scott Miller

    To whom it may concern,
    The DOW is at 17,626 as of this writing. Whatever happened in January obviously is in the past despite anything and everything that Rob Kirby said. Once again, Mr. Kirby said the same thing as before. Here we go again. “Irrefutable revelations”. Seriously, are there any, that people on this site listening to all the Hunter interviews, haven’t heard about? It’s manipulated! You haven’t heard? It’s rigged! You haven’t heard?


      • Jerry

        Take the blue pill and go back to sleep. Greg’s site is reserved for critical thinkers that understand that 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities can’t be funded with 2.5 trillion dollars in tax revenue unless you believe in the tooth fairy. The day after the collapse is not the time to figure that out.

        FYI Rob Kirby is referring to the Bank of Nova Scotia and 10 other international banks that have been nailed by a Swiss regulator for gold rigging. He can’t talk about it because he ‘s part if a class action suite by a group of Canadian Investors.

        • Macray

          Thank You Jerry. Good Info. Was unaware that RK was part of that class action lawsuit.

        • Mike from the North

          yup. that is what i suspect may be in the wind..Boy Rob sure was angry like I have never seen him.

          Eventually the truth always emerges.

          Just remember that real honest monetary wealth will be counted not in dollars but in ounces.

        • Faith

          Jerry and Macray! wow that is a blockbuster and timely information and links, thanks to both of you! That connects the dots, for sure!

      • Mohammad

        Usually Greg you should go the opposite direction of what JPMorgan says, recently they barbecued their clients when the said dollar rally and they shortened it.


      • Scott Miller

        Fear not Greg


  53. James Brown

    Greg, I love you brother. Another great message. Keep it up.

  54. steven starr

    Thanks for the interview, Greg. Rob Kirby is great, I always learn from him every time he speaks. He always provides such a reasoned and well-referenced opinion . . . these days I look forward to all of this interviews, it helps sort out things in the chaos and propaganda we are so surrounded with.
    One suggestion regarding the set up of your website . . . when I try to access these interviews on my old iPhone (I admit it is far from the newest version) they a habit of spontaneously closing out the link if I try to play the interview from your web site URL. So I have to try to hurry to click the YouTube link at the top of the video (before the link closes) so that I can play the interview on the the YouTube channel. I don’t know if this is something caused by my network or the design of your website, but you might try to check it out, since so many people use their phones these days to access the net.

    best regards,
    Steven Starr

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steven.

  55. Cassandra Williams

    EVERYBODY already knows the Gold market has been rigged for years … there’s nothing new to disclose … Rob just trying to talk up his book.

    • Greg Hunter

      What “book”? You mean “book of business”? He doesn’t have one. Go back to sleep. Everything is going to turn out great with rampant criminal fraud occurring in all markets–Not.

      • Mike from the North

        CW…Rob Kirby is an honest and no nonsense individual. You can cast stones if you wish but the truth will prevail.

        I trust both Greg and Rob without question.

        Their efforts have brought many to THINKING FOR THEMSELVES.

    • Galaxy 500

      Named after a seer of the future but unable to make use of it. Makes sense

  56. Mohammad


    This officer was afraid of the protesters more than the Trump crowd.
    Same play in Arab Spring, same designers and thumb print. I hope they get exposed for what they are:


    • Greg Hunter

      These so-called “protesters” are criminals trying to suppress free speech. The MSM is doing a fantastic job of NOT reporting on it.

      • Mohammad


        Could those thugs be SOME of the 6000 freed prisoners by the Justice dept. in 2015?


      • red

        If Rob with Bill Murphy & some of the other metal advocates got together a class action to sue individuals both public & private known to be involved in price rigging in metals it would be about time. those people who bought in 2011 to be smashed by these criminals & forced to sell would have great legal argument in my opinion. Particularly in light of JPM’s known repositioning in physical silver for instance. The key being suing of INDIVIDUALS’ not the corps they hide behind.

      • JC Davis

        Everyone should consider this Mohammad.

        • Mohammad


          My mind is very open to all the possibilities and i probe all the contradictory arguments because likely the truth is somewhere in the middle.


    • Galaxy 500

      Wow, sir, something we agree on. There is hope yet

      • frederick

        Yes there is indeed hope assuming people like you open your minds alittle

  57. Don

    Dear Greg, I believe Mr. Kirby is one we can listen to, with confidence. Its my understanding, he has some pretty deep contacts. I do believe however, that a helicopter drop to the masses, will happen soon, and may have already started in secret. Whatever form it takes, will stop the dive in money velocity for a short time. We will move into a stage of hyperinflation not long from now, with the fed. being directly responsible. The bond and credit markets are now in life support and are fixing to die. In a very short period of time the confidence in the fed. will die and the metals will move quickly up, as the hyperinflation takes wings, a large move and final move will start into all real asset classes, with metals leading the flight. I’ve been about 4 years to early in my investment, but am not worried. Look for a soon revelation of the corrupt Clinton’s in different area’s, Trump has knowledge of a lot, concerning Clinton’s and Hilary would do well to get out now, rather than later, but her lust for power will be her own demise. I watched a recent video of three first hand witnesses of Benghazi who were part of the military on standby concerning the embassy. They all said, they were ordered to stand down repeatedly as incoming info from the embassy clearly declaring the embassy was under siege. A continual plea from the embassy as the forces were advancing. This can’t help but reach other major media. Megan on fox news was the interviewer. When Hilary was confronted about someone lied, she said it was not her. Anyway, Roger Stone is working on the Trump campaign, as an outside participant. The public support of Hilary, once this stuff starts, and becomes public knowledge, it remains unknown as to what actions the major media outlets will take, if they will conceal or run with what they know. We will see. Good job again Greg, farewell

  58. art barnes

    Greg. this afternoon I went to the supermarket, four different people speaking in four different languages as I made my way into the check out stand. What is wrong with that? Its just the not the country I grew up with, its not the America of my youth, and, I summit they don’t have the love that I did having been from parents on both sides going back to Jamestown. They bring their own culture over and do not want to assimilate for the most part. I for one, don’t give a crap about them, they won’t pay taxes, try to cheat their way into American society because their families didn’t work, die, and be killed in support of this nation. It may in fact change but I bet their not the “huddled masses” of Europe Circa 1900. – Post Script we all know what I said is true but the new religion of political correctness won’t allow anyone to agree with my thesis. From the Western Front overrun with political correctness & takers without affinity to America.

  59. Don

    Greg, a few weeks ago, or maybe months, I can’t remember. I wrote you, and said the only countries left that doesn’t have western controlled central banks in them are, Iran, Syria, which is now under siege, North Korea, which we see more and more news concerning it, and Cuba. Obama, for first time in 90 yrs. has went to Cuba. Cuba, is now playing ball with the NWO, and the global government agenda. So I take that to mean they’ll submit to the NWO control and banking system. So, now that leaves us with Iran, and N. Korea, look for these two nations, to before to long take center stage. I perceive we’re getting real close to the ant-Christ appearance on the world stage. Somewhere in the old eastern leg of the Roman Empire is where he’s prophesied to come out of. Russia has threatened invasion of N. Korea. If anything is done in the not to distant future, I look for S. Korea to be used as a tool, of invasion, with some sort of nato support. Watch for a front to be manufactured to the government to get UN and nato support for invasion, or possibly a political coo, of a new leader. North Korea’s society will likely not submit to western NWO powers and the best way for the west to get control of political and banking interest, would be to assassinate the present leader and replace him with a NWO puppet government. If that can’t be achieved then an invasion of some sort, which would involve South Korea. Trump Is a nationalist, and an attempt on his life is likely. We need to pray for him, that he will break the back and political power the NWO, and global government agents in our government. The people need to know, that any candidate that is approved of by any globalist institute needs to be rejected for any US public office. The CFR, and Goldman, are kind of the door keepers in our government for the NWO, but any candidate that’s support by any, UN, CFR, bilderburgs, Club of Rome, Trilateral commission, IMF,BIS, Federal reserve, and our treasurer. All of these groups and individuals, along with big five banks, or their members should be rejected.

  60. Rock

    Canada must have sold its gold because its sovereignty has no place in the NWO. The shadow government is probably banking on Canada folding into the North American Union with a new currency, but who knows? The fact they sold it already makes me think the big move is coming sooner rather than later.

  61. Anna

    I’m beginning to get this terrible feeling that they are going to run Hillary Clinton into office. They’re going to run her in. They want her there, and they will do it. She will gladly and readily do their bidding with no hesitation, unlike Trump who wants to do things his way. Trump will be demolished/removed/overrun/smeared one way or another, and Clinton will be the “obvious” choice. The elections are nonsense. Prepare for the next eight years of that face, which already seems to be everywhere. Who did they immediately interview today after the Belgium Islamic terrorist attacks? – just to make her seem more presidential I presume.

    • Mohammad

      I posted a link down to the contrary,
      The establishment is all in for Trumpet, they are propelling him into WH, listen to what they say in the interview, it was the same TEXT BOOK played in Israel when Netanyahu was riding the wave of Hamas terrorists to get into PM office after his ratings were 20% compared to Shimon Peres Who’s ratings were 80%, Hamas Terror propelled Netanyahu to the top same way you see now Trumpet is propelled to the top, here is the link again, the guest said he had seen it before in Israel…:


  62. Craig Bradley

    Ron Kirby is kind of a monetary dimwit.

    • Greg Hunter

      What are your credentials Craig? Kirby was brokering derivatives in the late 1980’s at a large international bank. Today he has global inside contacts. What is your experience? What contacts do you have?

  63. Mohammad


    A despicable terrorist crime in Brussel took innocent lives that should of never happened. it is condemned by all muslims and as one on your site i voice it here.

    Here is a take on the incident that I found interesting :


    • Greg Hunter

      You are posting an article produced by the NYT which is part and covering for the “Criminal Crony Class.” Happy you are specking out Radical Islamic Terror.

  64. Linda L.

    ISIS claims responsibility for Brussels, killing at least 34 innocent people. In mean time, a Tennessee Lawmaker from the “criminal crony class” promotes bill which would allow ISIS to recruit at Tennessee University:

    • Greg Hunter

      Linda L. Dems want to destroy America right along with the Republicans. Top leadership in both parties part of the “Criminal Crony Class.”

    • Mohammad


      I really hope that ISIS is exposed for what really they are and to be eradicated. Muslims are the most hurt by ISIS, go back to their casualties in M.E. and look the numbers.
      I prayed to the souls of those innocent lives perished in this attack, but thousands and thousands of god fearing muslims are killed in Syria by ISIS.


      • Linda L.

        Yes, Muslims are killing one another in Syria, and Christians are experiencing a holocaust in the region. You and I have disagreed before regarding what ISIS really is, but I’ll say it once more. ISIS are Muslims who are following the present day directives of the Qur’an/Hadith to seek out and destroy infidels wherever they’re found. There are good people out there (possibly like you) that call themselves Muslims, but they don’t know enough about their own Qur’an to realize that the Muslim religion is just a political etiology that is hell bent on forced conversion or complete destruction to all who do not worship Allah. The Muslim etiology is all about the desire for world wide dominance and control at any cost, even if means sacrificing your own children/killing innocent people to promote a LOVELESS cause. I’m really sorry if I offend you, but this is how I see it.

        • Mohammad


          Please try to see,
          Muslims are not killing each others, mercenaries that are the proxies of elites are killing both muslims and christians alike.
          Geez when will you ever see.

          Quran is the elites nightmare because it forbids interest, it sets a fair financial system , forbids usury, and frees people. Read it before you judge it, passing judgements like this is depriving you from the solutions to the whole financial calamity and turmoil that is enslaving humanity that is created by the usury financial system that Quran opposes.


          Am saying that with due respects to you. Out of love and care.


          • Linda L.

            In addition to owning a bible, I also have a Qur’an, and I’m quite aware of what this book teaches in regards to the treatment of infidels. The directives are present tense and have not changed since the time of the Prophet Muhammad. In fact if Muhammad were alive today, he’d be considered a radical Muslim Jihadist, performing the same horrifying acts of murder/mayhem that we see now. I clearly understand that there are mercenaries parading around the world performing acts of terror for the elites (false flags), and I also understand that not all are Muslims, however a large percentage are. There’s no love in all this destruction, only a drive for power/dominance/control. For the life of me, I don’t know how you can’t see it, but I wish you well anyway.

            • Mohammad


              I wish you well too.


  65. Linda L.

    THOUSANDS of Cubans invading US via Texas Border:

  66. Mohammad


    And the cat is out of the bag, that is the intended consequences, and that what i have been describing as the ultimate goal of the Mossad agents masquerading as muslims the so called ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) :


    • john duffy

      Mohammad, you say Islam is a religion of peace. How do you explain this?

      • Mohammad

        3 minutes in the video i stopped, PROFOUND IGNORANCE AT BEST.
        Greg won’t allow me to speak or explain Quran since his site is a Christian one, he is kind enough to allow me to write on his blog so i cannot go further explaining, i respect his wish.


        • Linda L.

          Does this sound like a religion that’s based on the principles of love, peace/free choice etc. There’s no doubt that the Quran teaches the present day directive to seek out and destroy infidels/non believers (I have a Quran for investigative purposes and I read these multiple commands for myself). Muslims who finally see the light and leave this religion risk the death penalty. Do you also deny that this is occurring too, and that Muslims are perpetrating these killings based on their religious beliefs?

        • Linda L.

          I don’t know if you’ll get this now, but I’m going to write anyway regarding your freedoms to preach Islam here:
          If a Christian tried to join in as a participant on a Muslim majority web-site in many regions of the Middle East/promoting Christianity, that Christian would be completely censored, and if they were discovered in these countries for any reason at all (travel/work etc.), their very survival would be in question, and this is a FACT.

  67. Mark

    Great 3-part interview with Paul Craig Roberts!

    Part 1 – 2016 election dynamics
    Part 2 – Putin in regards to Syria/Iran/Crimea
    Part 3 – US economic woes

  68. Bill Beeby

    I like Rob Kirby he knows what he is talking about and explains it very well . Paul Craig Roberts has proved that the gold price is rigged on a daily basis by naked short selling.

  69. Deano

    Well March has passed, did the cartel silence the release of the info kirby was going on about. Im sure they could pay someone off to shutup about it

  70. Adam

    Anyone got access to kirby analytics is it anygood? has he reitereated any further comments in his recent newsletters around coming revelations?

  71. Dean

    This just released…

    was this what Kirby was talking about?

    didn’t really affect the gold prices tho altho how Kirby was describing it it was ment to be a non US TP regulator.. more to come?

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