Global Espionage Attack on Trump Worst in History – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says abuse of the National Security Agency (NSA) spy data (Section 702 of the FISA Act – warrantless surveillance program) used against President Trump to remove him from power was “epic” and “the worst case of sedition in American history.”  Shipp says, “They used illegal subcontractors . . . so the FBI could spy and abuse the 702’s. That is huge. It’s one of the most vast violations of the Constitution and Title 18 U.S. Code criminal law. . . .This is the biggest espionage story in western history without a doubt.”

Shipp says that the order to spy on Trump came from the top. Shipp contends, “The 702’s and especially Obama using that to attack his political opponents or go after his political opponents abusing the NSA 702’s . . . I think sedition is there along with multiple espionage violations . . . and these people will go to prison. Ultimately, this leads to Barack Hussein Obama. We can only hope these people will break away from the swamp and move in that direction. He (Obama) was not only aware of the program, he was directing it by using his National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador. . . . There is no doubt about it. He received the ‘Presidential Brief’ from the CIA every single day. . . . So, Obama knew about it at least in the presidential daily brief, and it is clear from the (Peter) Strzok and (Lisa) Page text messages that Obama was directing it. This leads directly to him.”

Shipp says that stories about a super-secret program to spy on Americans called “The Hammer” is a “totally false story.” Shipp says, “This is very troubling to me. Why would they push this so hard, especially now. It is diverting attention away from the true surveillance scandal, and that is the 702’s, the NSA and the spying and counter-intelligence operation against Trump.”

So, Shipp says members of the Obama Administration were abusing the NSA data before the 2016 election. They thought Hillary Clinton would be elected, and nothing would happen to them for abusing NSA intelligence data. Did they freak out when Trump was elected instead? Shipp says, “Without a doubt. You might remember that CNN came out with a piece that asked, ‘What happens if Donald Trump is assassinated?’ This was just before he was sworn into office. Game on–the war began. Essentially, they brought out their so-called insurance policy.” This is the phony so-called Trump Dossier that has been proven to be a hoax, paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

NSA (section 702) data abuse happened before and after the 2016 election. Shipp explains, “They were using the information against the political opponents of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The illegal activity there is huge. So, they know they did that, and they knew that it was illegal. If Hillary was elected, they didn’t think any of them would be held accountable. So, once Trump was elected, they knew he would investigate the criminal abuse of these 702’s. That’s when Hillary Clinton started with the DNC, foreign intelligence, the political operation and this false Trump Dossier.”

Shipp contends the real motivation for the phony Trump Dossier was to cover up all the crimes for illegal surveillance at the NSA. Shipp says, “That is correct. The corruption is hard to get your mind around. It’s incredible.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp.

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  1. Marie Joy

    President Trump will have more leeway in his second term.
    I use that phrase because that’s what obama said to (was it) Lavrov

    • Rob

      I agree with you Marie that much will be accomplished in the next 4 year term:

      Daniel 11:21-24 And in his place shall stand up a contemptible person, to whom they had not given the honor of the kingdom: but he shall come in time of security, and shall obtain the kingdom by flatteries. (22) And the overwhelming forces shall be overwhelmed from before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the covenant. (23) And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully; for he shall come up, and shall become strong, with a small people. (24) In time of security shall he come even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers’ fathers; he shall scatter among them prey, and spoil, and substance: yea, he shall devise his devices against the strongholds, even for a time.

      The Christian must be careful not to become overwhelmed with all overwhelming forces that are coming or they may be broken off of the ONE olive tree:

    • NC Gal

      Marie (and all),
      That might be true IF Trump has a second term. As a nation, we might not even make it to having general elections in 2020. I have my doubts and apparently so does Paul Craig Roberts ( I am not sure where I stand with regard to Roberts’ assertions about the Israel lobby (and have never been quite convinced that it is as powerful as he states), but I DO AGREE with his characterization of the actions regarding Iran and I also agree that Trump needs to get rid of Bolton, Pompeo and Pence, but he can’t “fire” the Vice-president!

      Given how Trump has worsened relations with Iran ( and Russia (as Roberts describes so well), I think we are heading down a road that will lead to destruction of the US in so many ways, but that is what the elites/cabal want, and it appears that Trump is going to give it to them, even if he intends otherwise.

    • William Gomes

      Greg: In my mind Kevin Shipp has many credibility problems. At best he is a careless researcher at worst a liar/deep state plant.

      1. He previously claimed William Barr was a CIA operative at the time of the Kennedy assassination when in fact he was in junior high school.

      2. Durine your interview he emphatically stated Admiral Rogers was fired for informing Tump of illegal surveillance. In fact he was not. Many well informed others have discussed this.

      3. Shipp rails against Dennis Montgomery and his exposure of secret surveillance projects and suggests he is a ‘brilliant fraud’, or words to same effect, but ignores the fact of Montgomery having been given complete immunity for exposing said surveillance. Shipp further ignores the fact that John Negroponte provided highest national security status to the information that Montgomery exposed.

      EVERYONE has been has been conned except Kevin Shipp.

      Greg, do you really believe that? I regard you and USAWATCHDOG very highly, I’m hoping Shipp”s inaccuracies are far beneath your credibility.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are an incorrect troll and a bad one at that. Shipp said Barr was a CIA attorney in the Bush 41 Administration. This is a fact and you are an idiot. He DID NOT say Kennedy Admin.

        Admiral Rogers did indeed retire, but Obama Administration wanted to get rid of him:

        Shipp did not ignore this “immunity” and explained it in my interview.

        Please re-watch my interview. Shipp brings up court documents and FBI information in the 47 hard drive cliam that says there was no “classified information” on them. This is what YOU ignore and all the other facts and court records that say Montgomery and his “Hamr” story is a hoax. Why don’t you bring up all the awful court records involving Montgomery? He is the only whistleblower in this case, and the main character. Dave Janda does not bring this up because if he does the whole story falls apart. Please look at Montgomery’s latest ongoing legal problem. Why do you ignore that former NSA analyst Tom Drake (along with Webie) looked at the hard drives and said basically there was nothing there– meaning NO “Hamr.” This is on the record.

        You can believe what you want to believe but the evidence and court records show “Hamr” and Montgomery are a hoax.

    • Mike L

      I once commented to you about my suspicions of Dave Janda, I recommend you speak to John B Wells, Kevin Shipp is a first class guy.

  2. Cole

    Most citizens are aware of the corruption and most believe nothing will be done. Our country’s ” rulers ” are indeed corrupt. I pray for President Trump all the time because he is
    fighting true darkness and spiritual warfare.

    • The Queen's Regent

      Bring back the redcoats!!!

    • paul ...

      Interesting proof of the American people’s goodness is that “they have to be deceived into going to war”!!! …

      • paul ...

        And … interesting proof that Keynesian economics is dead … is the current rise in gold … the Fed’s plan to unwind the easy monetary stimulus of the past decade is proving impossible … far too much debt has been created to successfully navigate “a rate hike cycle” (without grinding the US economy into a recession) … the Fed’s decision to open the door to future rate cuts last week … created the major shift in market sentiment “globally” … revealing “a break in confidence” now reflected in the price of gold … seems the Fed and other Central Banks have totally lost their ability to handle exponentially rising debt … the market see’s a return to a gold standard as the only solution … with the price of gold re-set to a price equivalent to that of Bitcoin!!

  3. JC

    Greg, advice from Stu at The Age of Desolation website for Alternative Media Websites (such as yours) after hack.

    “I do not know what category this Website falls under, but I would suggest that all Alternative Media Websites comb through their server directories looking for Easter Eggs from The Deep State.”

    “I have renewed my respect for President Donald J. Trump who seems to have followed the advice of military leaders and not the Neocon idiots John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. As I have repeatedly stated on this Website, one bomb dropped on Iran literally means blowing up the world. This is now a publicly stated position by the Iranian government and military.”

  4. Robert

    Regarding Obama’s abuse of the NSA and using it against his suspected political adversaries, I believe I may have been one of those who was spied on, here’s why…

    I was friends with an African-American man who lived in New Mexico. Let’s call him Sylvester. I lived in the Pacific Northwest at the time. Sylvester had retired from a NM state social services organization with a nice sized pension. This would have been just prior to 2008.

    Sylvester ended up disappearing.

    Somehow, I got on a list serv email of all black government employees from multiple states, who were trying to figure out what happened to Sylvester. This would have been around 2009-2010 approximately. For the record, I wasnt then or ever, a government employee. I was a private citizen.

    Email updates would go around with updates about Sylvester’s whereabouts. Apparently he had disappeared in the past but would eventually turn up, but this time was different, nobody knew where he was. (I dont think it was known initially that I wasnt black. I’m white. )

    Id spoken to several people directly from that email list about Sylvester’s disappearance and my concern about a man he’d become acquainted with. Over a period of time, there’d be emails inquiring if anybody had heard from Sylvester. By this time, Obama had been elected and was in office. (For the record, Id voted for Obama (both elections). This was prior to my wakening and walk away moment from the Democratic party.)

    Sometimes those emails would have political content in them. One time I made a comment about Obama that wasnt 100% supportive of his actions. Another person (who I’d known was black and an atty for the state where she lived ) in that email chain kind of agreed with me, but then, in a follow up email, made a very abrupt change in her opinion and made it clear she supported her President 100%. I never received any further emails from that group of black government employees. (I think Sylvester had been viewing those chain emails all along and had informed whoever controlled that list serv, I wasnt black at that point).

    I archived all those emails in a special folder Id created in my 3rd party email system. A few years later, I looked in that folder and all those emails from all those conversations about Sylvester’s disappearance were gone and a few other unrelated ones too. Very strange.

    As it became more and more known about the abuses of surveillance going on during the Obama years, Id always wondered if those emails were taken by Obama’s NSA surveillance team, because I’d made a less than 100% supportive comment about him, and some of those black govt employees reported it? It makes no sense to me how all those archuved emails disappeared while others non related, didnt. How many other people have stories like the one I just stated? Just how deep and to what level were American citizens spied on?

  5. Robert

    Greg, I tried to view this video and for the first time ever, Im not able to get it to play. Im getting the following message.

    “Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.
    Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.”

    Id switched to a new default browser, Blaze. I wonder if that’s the problem?

    • Nonya

      I am getting the same message. I have never had a problem viewing anything on this site before. I view with an Android OS, and the standard browser that comes on the phone. My browser is current – it was updated 2-4 weeks ago.

      • Nonya

        Possibly helpful for your IT guy to mention that I successfully played the weekly wrap up Saturday morning, but Sunday morning I am unable to play this Shipp interview. So it is likely not my browser or OS?

    • JR

      youtube-dl –list-formats “”
      [youtube] hutLs-r6deA: Downloading webpage
      [youtube] hutLs-r6deA: Downloading video info webpage
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      43 webm 640×360 medium , vp8.0, vorbis@128k, 225.10MiB (best)

      Get youtube-dl here:

      JMHO: Get off WinDoze and switch to ANY LINUX (e.g. Ubuntu is popular) or a Mac (which is really a UNIX variant under the hood).
      Learn to use the command line and you won’t be hamstrung by these browser idiosyncrasies.

    • Nonya

      I had the same problem, on Android phone. I tried 4 different browsers and the only one that would play this video was the plain Firefox browser for Android (Firefox Focus privacy browser would not play it).

    • Diane

      I got the same message this morning.
      I watched it on YouTube.
      First time that has happened.

      Greg, great report today!!!!!!

  6. eddielaidler

    It’s good to hear one more voice put the pieces together. Digenova and Tensing know but short talk it. Hannity on Fox dances all around the edges. Hannity is hoping he can say it all at some point. The Conserative Treehouse has put it all out there but Sundance can be his own worst enemy by over working his scope. Great interview Greg. I now have more respect for Shipp. Fingers crossed that Barr can speak truth against the massive powers that be.

  7. Anthony Australia


    I had to watch this interview twice on loop.


  8. bob

    its so obvious that GOD has had trumps back. the lord put him in office. how else could anybody survive this much against a president. and yet they the enemy has not been successful on anything they throw at him

    • paul ...

      The enemy tried to get Trump into a war with Iran … but GOD has Trumps back … and prevented him from following his neocons advice to go to war … that would have shut down the Strait of Hormuz … push the oil price to $1,000 dollars per barrel … destroying the American economy … detonated the $1.2 quadrillion derivatives market … and collapsing the world banking system … causing an unprecedented world wide depression!!!

      • paul ...

        And of course the real goal of the neocons … Trumps defeat in 2020 for causing all of the above!!

  9. Jeff Drew

    Slightly off point here, I read in one area and have seen nothing further, that Trump backed out at the last moment not because of a 150 death potential assessment, he would have already had that, but because the specific target locations were leaked to the Iranians and thusly American pilots/personnel would have potentially been placed in increased harm’s way. It’s plausible, moreso than a 150 death potential within 10 minutes of execution. There was no word whether the leak was from within the US, or another nation.

    • ed

      this is how you flush out bad actors hidden in your group They reveal themselves

    • Donald

      “There was no word whether the leak was from within the US, or another nation.”

      If there was a leak, the purpose would have been to cause more damage to the US and hence intensify the situation. Where to look??? Perhaps no farther than within the US Military, CIA, Israel, or even Britain. Yep, the world is full of back-stabbers at every turn. Once you realize that a psychopath (who is expert at deceiving others as to their true nature) will do ANYTHING for a few dollars, you will realize just how corrupt the world is.

  10. Jerry

    As I stated on Friday, the mass arrest announcemnt by president Trump is a decoy to throw off the MSM from his real target. The deep state.

    He now says he’s going to delay the arrest until after the 4th of July.
    Another decoy. I’m not buying it for one minute. My sources here in the Midwest are seeing a ramp up of DHS activity, including military transport vans outfitted with satilite communication equipment.

    Why in the world would you ever think, he would disclose
    what his true intentions are, when he’s going up against an organizrion that’s so deeply entrenched in our government? This battle is going to be fought outside the scope of the MSM and the American public. There is a reason President trump uses units of the Marines for his personal protection. He knows who he’s up against and his life has been in jeopardy since the day he took office. This is going to end only one way. The takedown of the deep state and the restoration of the republic, or his death by assasination. Either way, it’s gone to far to end now. To much has been exposed to put the Jeannie back in the bottle. My advice? Continue to prep and stack.

    FYI people thought Noah was crazy to, right up to the time the
    floods came, and they beat on the doors of the ark to get in. Intellegent people make plans. Fools make excuses.

    • Jerry

      There are layers of corruption in the deep state. Many are interconnected.

      • Jerry

        How deep does the deep state run?

        And people wonder why it’s taking so long? There’s nothing quite like overhauling a corrupt system that took decades to build,

        • K.Wayne

          ….Decades…… ?
          No, this goes all the way back to Washington my friend.
          These creatures of the Luciferian kind, had already infested the highest offices from the moment America became a republic. A work- in- progress you could say.
          If you go down the rabbit hole you may never surface again…that’s how deep it is.

          • Donald

            “These creatures of the Luciferian kind, had already infested the highest offices from the moment America became a republic.”

            That’s exactly right. This disgusting kind have polluted the world with corruption of every sort, crime, moral degradation, you name it. And because they are such good liars, they can be hard to expose. No nee to worry though, once Armageddon comes in the very near future, they will all be eliminated. You can be 100% sure of that.

    • Stan

      Jerry: How many years have you been talking about mass arrests?

      • Jerry

        Evidently not long enough, because they will be coming after you, when they find out how much money you’ve laundered through Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is just another sausage hole for the deep state, and you my friend are the king weenie .

      • Jerry

        7.10 and headed south.

        Is your behind getting warm yet, or is that burning bacon I smell?

      • Jerry

        Pull your head out of your behind if your ears will clear your checks. These arrest happen all the time Stanley.
        Just because it’s not reported on MSNBC doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

      • Mike R

        DB’s share price has lost 94% since 2007. A stock that loses all but 6% of its value is virtually guaranteed to go to zero. It is only a matter of how long it takes. Since DB is one of the biggest banks, a collapse would have massive negative implications for the global banking system.

        You hold DB, and yet you mock Jerry ?

        People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.

  11. Frank jeffries

    DAVE JANDA……….. leaving out vital information………. regarding Montgomery…….hmm….. screw this ‘orthopedic surgeon’…….. this guy should be off USA watchdog if this is true. Using Bill Biney? The ‘truth seeker’…. DAVE JANDA?

    • Diane

      I have friends in Florida who quit this Janda guy.
      They were fans until this.
      I quit him too.

    • Da Yooper

      Still waiting on his 60 – 70,000 indictments that NEVER came to pass . I smell a disinformation agent of the deep state ……..?

    • K.Wayne

      Good observation. “Intentionally” too (according to Shipp) .

      Greg, I have to admit that I was gasping…..when KS mentioned this matter about Janda. You looked very unimpressed/shocked btw.

  12. Country Codger

    Great interview Kevin and Greg. That clears up that.
    Lo Iyrah!

  13. Keith

    Greg apparently your interview with Kevin Shipp hit a nerve as I am unable to watch it. This after watching Saturday’s video with no problems.

  14. Clare

    Greg, what Kevin says here about Janda is unfortunately pretty credible to me. I stopped listening to his YT vids when it became increasingly obvious (to me, anyway) that he was doing little more than paraphrasing Qanon and using logic, rather than real intel, to fill in any gaps. I’m so sorry about what has been done to Kevin Shipp and his family, thanks for having him on and getting his story out there!

  15. Rock

    Thank you Greg, what a fantastic interview. Kevin Shipp is a true patriot. I love your idea of having him on each month. Thank you again for your fine work!

  16. Arizona

    YOU KNOW GREG,the LORD has been warning america to STOP HAMMERING THE WORLD for a number of years,NOW the PENTAGON is bring julian assange to america so they can shut him up forever,and DONALD TRUMP says traitor BARR will decide if hes killed,JULIAN ASSANGE IS NOT AN AMERICAN,the UNITED STATES HAS NO CONTROL OVER FOREIGN NATIONS OR WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT A TERRORIST GOVERNMENT,like the USA,this is going to end badly for america if they don’t straighten out right away,and I don’t think we’ll ever see that day,OUR FATHER will hammer america into ashes,HES TOLD ALL THE PROPHETS,warn them,return to me and repent or face destruction,I think americans have chosen destruction…

    • The Zionist 2A American Patriot

      Respectfully, Arizona, we can’t have people like Assange stealing US Government secrets and publishing them on the internet. And you’re hearing this from a Hillary-hating conservative.
      I doubt that Assange will be killed but he definitely should be locked away as long as is legally possible.

  17. Joe Lalonde


    It is very hard to see the War Hawk advisors around that are trying to corrupt the President into the corruption trap.
    He inherited the wars around him and would have been a war criminal too had he bombed Iran on the pretense of losing a piece of surveillance equipment in or on the Iranian boarder. This would have been another US war and not NATO or allied coordinated. I think Russia and China are on the breaking point of seeing these illegal occupations.

    • Greg Hunter

      Meanwhile China takes over the South China Sea with island building and military buildup.

      • Sir Manly Robinson

        Have they invaded another country? Just bought my Huawei phone today. It is very good. Why have tariffs been put on Chinese goods? Racism? Why is Huawei not allowed to control the 5G network? Racism? Are you telling me that an American company wouldn’t abuse access to confidential information? Trump supposedly believes in free markets. Walk the walk man.

        • Donald

          “Why have tariffs been put on Chinese goods?”

          LOL… why have the Chinese had tariffs on US goods for decades???? Is this a one-way street??

      • Joe Lalonde


        I could never figure why this is a US concern?
        Allies are for war but has been bastardized by politicians to mean economically too but the globalization and policing the world has bankrupt the US citizens.
        Now that President Trump is trying to re-energize The economy by bringing back manufacturing.
        The big scam now is climate change and being environmental while selling billions in fossil fuels to other countries to burn…
        Does that make sense? Carbon taxing yourself to allow other countries to burn tax free.

  18. Mike

    The “hammer” may have been a fraud but Bill Binney did state that he knew of “parallel platforms” to the NSA database. It is also possible that the “con man” background of Dennis Montgomery was a deep state fabrication to “dirty up” a whistleblower. Illegal spy activity did happen and it extends back much further than 2012.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Hammer” = Hoax. The rest is speculation.

      • Mike

        I want to see Kevin Shipp and Bill Binney agree on what is true. They are both patriots and they have the brainpower to figure it out.

  19. Phil Stewart

    Greg –
    Please help to resolve the apparent conflict between Janda and Shipp.

  20. Montana Guy

    A much greater threat to liberty is surveillance on We-The-People. This is more Swamp theater to keep ‘Good Cops’ Team R fighting with ‘Bad Cops’ Team D. The clever distraction is designed to give us false hope and delay in taking individual action. As for Trump, Globalists have their perfect scapegoat in place for their economic reset. Trump is safe.

    The Constitution RIP. It’s a tough pill to swallow but that is reality. The breakup of the US is inevitable. With it will bring opportunities to restore liberty. Are you ready?

    • Freebrezer

      M – Like Shipp said – who are the four contractors that got access to the NSA data base … Americans need to know who these companies are! and more importantly what did they get? Think of all the data that can be used to black mail people! Astonishing! Sadly this play book is right from Uncle Joe’s (Stalin’s) take down of Russia! Ethics? the left has no ethics … Lies, lies, lies … if it justify the end game of POWER!

      • Montana Guy

        Freebrezer, these are ‘corporations’, not ‘companies’. Corporatism is a fancy name for fascism. Corporate personhood’ was created (the Constitution be damned) by BOTH parties to put CEO’s above the law. Do you honestly believe CEO’s the likes of Mark Zuckerberg (facebook), Larry Page (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) would ever be incarcerated?

        My point? Make no mistake. We have a ruling class today. We-the-People are now slaves. They have to be taken out of power if we are to ever regain Liberty. Remember Liberty.

  21. Lazzo

    Thank you Greg for the great work you do and for your courageous guests. God Bless Patriots!

    • paul ...

      God “is blessing” his people who hold his money … … many analysts are calling for gold to correct from here … I believe they are completely wrong … gold has “absolutely nothing standing in its way” (except a gap that has to be closed between $1500 and $1550) where I believe we are currently headed mow without stopping!! …

      • paul ...

        Wake up call for Stan … look at the gold charts above … now compare gold’s relentless “breakout rise” … to DB’s falling knife!! … is our $1 bet still on?? … I don’t mind letting you off the hook!!!

        • paul ...

          Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) has now hit gold … what about silver? … “is it’s about to slingshot to catch up with gold” … “it will do twice as well as gold” … so don’t expect a measured move – “expect a quick move from the mid $15’s to over $20 in a matter of weeks” … “however that will just be the beginning” … bottom line … if you’re not in it now … kiss this cheap price opportunity goodbye!! …

          • paul ...

            Silver is currently being mined at a 9 to 1 ratio with gold … if gold goes to $1550 in a few days (to close the gap) … silver at a gold to silver ratio of 9 should logically be selling for $172 dollars per ounce … but it will likely take a bit longer for logic to return to the market place … however JP Morgan Chase has not been waiting … they have already bought tons of silver!!

  22. Jeff

    Greg…Im getting the same message as Robert when trying to view video.
    Did you change something
    following message.

    “Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.
    Click here to visit our frequently asked question

  23. jon

    Great interview. I am very proud on President Trump’s decision, response and analysis on the Iranian Drone response. His reasoning is very sound. A non lethal counter on equipment counter attack is far more the logical response than to start a war. Contrast this situation with the July 1988 situation with the USS Vincennes in the Persian Gulf and no war was escalated. The close quarter movement of military and civilian assets, movement and provocations (games of chicken) on the borders of Persian Gulf rim countries etc. for well over 40 years, it is a surprise this does not occur more often. President Trump is a class act, far above the bush, clintons, obamas of the world.

    • K.Wayne

      I applaud the decision too. Whether it was due to his sympathetic nature (avoiding collateral damage of 150 innocent lives) or something else…..
      – No support from NATO ?
      – No support from our Allies ?
      – The issue of how does America avoid Russia and China being implicated?
      – The apparent loss of USD hegemony as being currently reflected in the DXY
      – Price of AU moving abruptly higher on the pretence of military action and the USD sinking.
      – 2020 Election.
      Too many variables in the equation for us to only consider one piece of “sound” reasoning.

  24. JR

    God’s word says (paraphrased): you shall not allow the foreigner/alien who is not your [racial] kinsman/brother to rule over you.

    I wonder why he said that?

  25. Doug Cook

    So what is the disconnect between what Dr. Janda has been saying with the so called ‘HAMMR’ program and the claims made by Binny et al and what Kevin Shipp is saying. If push came to shove usually I would trust what a NSA whistleblower would say over a CIA whistleblower as I tend to think the NSA types aren’t as corrupted but in this case what Mr. Shipp lays out seems pretty ironclad.

    Who does it benefit is always the question to ask. It would make sense to come up with a fake operation called the HAMMR in order to deflect from the real culprit which seems like the NSA abuse here. And former NSA operatives would have a motivation to deflect blame to a program that didn’t even exist. Lots of questions but few answers especially when it’s uncontroverted that Bill Binney is one of the good guys. Hard to wrap my mind around it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would trust the evidence and that says “Hammer” is a hoax.

      • Tim

        Hi Greg. Love your show and all that you do, but I believe Bill Binney and & Kirk Wiebe over Kevin Shipp. Beginning to think he’s controlled opposition.

  26. Justn Observer

    Greg, Dossier was to cover up the 702 abuse but were they also using 702 to compromise people and thwart political enemies to advance the pay to play schemes and getting uranium and other resources and pipelines from ‘sanctioned’ nations and the Uranium One being used to ‘backfill’ the missing megatons to megawatts stock pile that ‘found its way’ to many of the U.S. ‘supposed’ enemies nations? And is it not the decades of selling out of U.S. uranium, resources, technology, and equipment by the ‘deep state’ players/elites (the ‘Gibson Island/old Port of Baltimore crew) that have led us into ‘endless wars’ for profit for decades! The Russell and Phelps Trust drug runners of old…
    Still think the BIG story is the people behind it all, those setting up the ‘conferences’ and pay to play deals which morphed into using the more modern intel and then using it to control and advance their greedy goals. Events like 911 and taking out those that do not go along, like JFK and now Trump. Your no deal deal reporting on Iran is but another play they do not want the people to learn about, the providing of nuclear material, the tech and the centrifuges and the pipeline deals all part of the ongoing scams… both the friendly and military use of the ‘missing’ megatons to megawatts warheads since the days of Reagan that have been turned in fuel rods and sent around the world which in their minds is just ‘reselling of ‘their’ technology and patented developments advanced by using U.S. taxpayers money to achieve! Rather like building rockets to the moon, the space shutter etc…then all of a sudden the U.S. can’t seem to do it anymore…as we then ‘contract’ to use Russian booster rockets…but now ‘private’ firms are advancing the efforts to go to space , to the moon and mars – again? re- using what? ‘old’ NASA data/research and patents developed at taxpayers expense…and now -again- Amazingly – we seem to be able to get off the ground with heavy lift rockets again?—but with one’s made by the ‘private’ companies owned by the cabal? Look to at the defense industry and how increasingly they are taken ‘private’ so the ‘profits’ of war stay in increasingly smaller groups of investors and out of the eyes of public scrutiny. Even today UTX is merging with RTN – SPACE AND DEFENSE merging into a conglomerate = SPACE FORCE… which likely will later end up also taken over by a ‘private’ holding company of world corporate shareholders…who will have, using a world satellite surveillance system married to a weapons delivery system of space rockets or drones to rule, track, fix or destroy everything from people and their communication and banking, to military, trucking, shipping and air transport of everything from drugs to toothpaste to uranium. with the ability to find, fix, and destroy anywhere — the ultimate monopoly using covert means and state sponsored mercenary teams to ‘administer justice’ across borders in a shared fashion just like what Kevin Shipp is reporting on how they now ‘share’ intel on each others countries and people. A more modern form of find, fix, destroy seems now best described as like the offering by Annie Jacobson’ s book, Surprise, Kill, Vanish or as others have suggested…has the PHOENIX PROGRAM now just come home to roost?

  27. Justn Observer

    Did Comey commit how many crimes?

  28. oneno

    Another version of the Iran story is here.

    • oneno

      May have to open a private window to see it…

  29. John

    We need justice in America. Maybe Barr will have a chapter detailing his accomplishments in every school history book America some day.

    • Montana Guy

      John, yes and maybe educate American adults in the truth.
      Vicki Weaver was murdered by an FBI sniper Aug 22, 1992 at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. That took place after armed Federal agents had already shot and murdered her son Sammy 14 in the back and his dog Striker.
      Who defended these evil men? Swamp Creature William Barr, Trump’s Attorney General.

  30. The Zionist 2A American Patriot

    Greg, I’d like to see you defend old-school conservatism more. Good men like John Bolton, to name just one, were upholding the banner of conservatism long before some of your guests and commenters were out of diapers. It’s easy to toss around labels like “neocon” and “warmonger”, even though they’re usually used incorrectly.

    Imagine having access to the intelligence that comes across John Bolton’s desk – dangerous, deadly secrets that must be dealt with and which, if dealt with incorrectly, mean collapse and death for billions. I say John Bolton and other CONSERVATIVES around President Trump are doing a hell of a job. Plus, the vast majority of what these strong conservative patriots know and do will never be made public.
    For those who insist on using the term “neoconservative”, I say: you have no idea what a true conservative is. You’re alive and free today because of old-school conservatives like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo.

    And I have a label for you:
    And I’m using it correctly.

    • Myfatfinger

      John Bolton didn’t put his body on the line during Vietnam though did he? How can you expect young men to die in globalist wars if you won’t risk your own life? Research his war record – or lack of it.

      • The Zionist 2A American Patriot

        Does that mean he can’t make a good decision?

        • uncommon sense

          It is self evident that he doesn’t make good decisions. When have these wars ever benefitted everyday Americans? The fact that he is a hypocrite makes him more morally repugnant.

  31. william lesieur

    This is very interesting. I really think you should listen. I’m blown away. Thanks,Will

  32. regaleagle

    This nation is now splintered into two factions politically and spiritually. The real question is how much longer will all the righteous (majority) allow the unrighteous(minority) to continue to lead astray those that are fence-sitters, Huh? The sheep can easily be led astray if those that are the shepherds of this great nation do nothing……and allow the evil to continually gain strongholds in our executive, judicial, and legislative bodies of government. Time is of the essence and on the side of those that wish to gain control over our every freedom to foment their restrictive policies called socialism. How much longer until we see some real justice take place in our higher echelons of government? The millions of righteous have been patiently waiting and watching in support for too long…….some heads need to start rolling quickly now.

    • paul ...

      And the immoral Demon-rat neocon warmongers want moral American citizens to sacrifice their sons and daughters (who are not drug addicts yet) to fight their wars (like in Afghanistan for 18 years) so they can expand their worldwide drug operations!!!

  33. Chuck

    It is becoming more and more apparent that God is about to give America an enema.

    • paul ...

      And … it is becoming more and more apparent that the Neocons are about to give America an enemy.

  34. Ralph k.


    Great interview. I think that the idea of the dossier was instituted as coverup for the FISA warrant abuse was first revealed by Sundance at TheConservativeTreeHouse back in May of this year. Seems to have started with abuse of conservative organizations by the IRS under obummer and holder, and escalated from there. It is a very convoluted web of deceit orchestrated at the highest levels of government, both here and abroad. I still having an issue with the ‘Operation HMMR’ being false, as it seems this entire illegal scheme from 2012 onwards involving the FISA search queries i.e. 702s’, dovetails quite nicely into the HMMR narrative. Same motives, same players,
    just don’t get it on that note. Clarification would be nice. Otherwise, keep up the great work!

  35. Merry

    Greg: A stunning interview! I thank you and Kevin Shipp for attempting to unravel the twisted ball of the coercion and chaos. I used to be a songwriter and a guitar playing single act. I’m tempted to write again. “The man who conned the Pentagon”. Or 702, 702, what to do. Get out the kazoo.

  36. Jennifer

    Greg, I always watch your videos on your website as opposed to YT, but today got that error message others mentioned. Any idea what’s going on?
    BTW, the work you do is amazing and I just want to thank you for sticking your proverbial neck out for our sake. Peace and safety to you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Other people have told me this and I am so sorry you had trouble. Thank you for your support.

  37. Coalburner

    Great Interview!
    Please, next time ask him who is trafficking the Congolese into our country from the Congo. Then how to stop them.

  38. K.Wayne

    With your kind permission I would like to re-post a comment I made on the WNW 6-21-19
    because this interview with Shipp incorporates some of the elements I made mention of. It’s as prevalent now, than it has ever been…more so.

    K.Wayne 06/21/2019 •
    I would contest that the Assassination of JFK caused something to die in the American people on 11.22.63
    Whether it was our innocence, idealism or our moral excellence…our nation was transformed. What may have seemed a random and senseless act, was something much darker. It was America’s and possibly that of humanity’s entry into Savagery.
    The immediate effect on America was the decline in psychology of its people. Clothing, Music, Drugs….extremes of every kind.
    There was without doubt a monumental shift in power…from the public power of the American populace through our elected front man CEO/CIC …to that of the Unelected Invisible Government. This was painfully obvious in a subliminal way such that whoever could mastermind the killing of the President of the United States of America and get away with it, could get away with anything.
    The reality of having a shadow government over which we have neither control or knowledge has plagued this country since. Their techniques of programming the masses brought about the “new” reality in shocking fashion.
    It is not by chance that this shadow reality created an underground of amoral extreme violence, extreme speed and extreme sex. By allowing them to “run the show” we have become transfixed and almost desperate to keep up with their latest instalments, revelations and thrills. All part of the ongoing de-humanisation.
    We have become mesmerized bit part actors in their show….in so doing we are demoralized, cynical and double minded. Our souls have been fractured. This mind control program is but a small part of a larger agenda of the International Crime Network. The same which ultimately seeks a New World Order.
    How do we measure their success? “Drugged up” “Boozed Up” minds subjected to a litany of sophisticated manipulation techniques causing trauma and MPD.
    Project Monarch and the CIA’s MK ULTRA have been the key elements in the destruction of the collective minds of America’s people. A so called Dr Greene (aka Dr. Mengele) was instrumental in setting up those programs.

    • K.Wayne

      An addendum to that post was made……

      I made some telling observations which go straight to the core. I left the crime scene a long time ago, not dwelling on the event, but certainly not oblivious to the programmed long lasting side effects.

      Trump may be the next opportunity for the Global Crime Gang (GCG) to further their plans. I suspect that includes creating the necessary environment for a Depression, Bankrupting the USA, Causing the Dollar’s collapse, Removing the 2nd Amendment, then …..Fomenting a Civil War (not the kind that we would expect- moreover something akin to ethnic cleansing).

      If one were to connect the dots, perhaps an outline of what is currently “front and center” …..some, if not all of the above, become obvious.

  39. Robert

    First, Thank You for all you do. I listened to your interview with Kevin Shipp. I also listened to Dave Janda today. Part of his show was spent countering you and Kevin today. I hope you and Dave can get together on one of your shows and clear this up. I have a lot of respect for both of you and what both of you are doing. I don’t agree with everything either one of you say and make up my own mind. I just think it is very counterproductive to see those of you in the alt media, that we so heavily depend on, start lobbing hand grenades at each other. We don’t need the division. The mission hasn’t changed and the stakes are higher than ever. There are a lot of people left to red pill in this country and we need an alt media that is united, reliable and a trusted source for people to turn to. Unlike the MSM. United we stand. Divided we fall. Please keep up the good fight and may God bless!

  40. Tony Wray

    Sorry to bother you but I can not find where to download MP3’s from your site. Thanks for any help.

    • Greg Hunter

      Have not put it up yet but I will.

  41. Randy Best

    Greg-This interview with Kevin Shipp was one of the top ten interviews you have ever done! Wow!

  42. anthony bona, m.d.

    What exactly is neoliberalism?

    What is Neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is a policy model of social studies and economics that transfers control of economic factors to the private sector from the public sector. It takes from the basic principles of neoclassical economics, suggesting that governments must limit subsidies, make reforms to tax laws in order to expand the tax base,…

    greg, I just looked up neoliberalism, and the term would apply describe Donald trump, Ronald Reagan and many other great people. it is an economic term evidently.
    thanks for all that you do.

  43. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Wonderful interview!
    I was out in the desert for a few days — no internet connection for me — so I missed your weekly news wrap-up. I just saw it. Fabulous!

  44. H. Craig Bradley


    Sorry, NO jail time for the (political) offenders.

  45. paul ...

    Instead of going after the drug cartels the Demon-rats have supported “the launching of a global espionage attack” upon Trump as fully explained by Kevin Shipp!!

  46. Ed

    If this all is true about the house about to fall in on those Obama and Hillary people, that might explain the rush to a catastrophic war with Iran by the ruling party. Only something as big as Israel in flames and thousands of US casualties, downed planes, sunk ships would have a chance of overshadowing a widespread sedition prosecution. Don’t let them trick you into letting the seditionists go, Mr. President! No war with Iran!

  47. Jerry

    Anyone who doesn’t think that martial law is in our future should mass arrest truly take place, is delusional. Check out what is happening in Oregon.

    Can you imagine Obama in handcuffs? In my opinion Mueller quit digging when the tunnels lead to Hillary and Barry. Operation deflection then turned from collusion to obstruction and the MSM fell right in line. President Trump has a choice to make, risk collapsing this fake economy by following through with the takedown of the deep state, or, continue the illusion until the next election. I’m beginning to think he’s given in to the later. Meanwhile the deep state and the communist in congress will declare war on conservatives.

  48. Merry

    Greg: I have to express some humor these days as I tend to melt down at times. Thank God I have a calm husband with a degree in Bible. He lives the “fear not”. Thank you for your tremendous research and your kindness to present it to us fortunate ones at USAWatchdog.

  49. Michael Snyder


    Shipp made it clear during this interview that Janda made “false or misleading” statements regarding “hammer”. Shipp and Janda are both trusted sources on your show. You never commented about Janda, just the other two people that Shipp mentioned. Will you have Janda on to respond to the Shipp statements or better yet, have them both on at the same time to discuss this conflict? It would make for great podcast. Has your relationship with Janda changed, he hasn’t been on for awhile?

    Thank you.


  50. Justn Observer

    Greg, Live from Flynn hearings…more delay /suppression of his involvements and wait for the Kian trial to get confirmation of metadata as MSM finally hears that name, who is KIAN =

    • Justn Observer

      Things looking bleak for Flynn? or was he under orders to infiltrate a pay to play scam? Guess we will find out soon enough…

  51. Bill B

    In my opinion, you must have Dave Janda on again to clear the air on this. He has been a trusted source of real news, therefore he needs the opportunity to clarify

    • Greg Hunter

      the story has been clarified. It’s a hoax and so is his main whistleblower character Dennis Montgomery.

  52. Justn Observer

    So does anyone know if it is legal to marry a sibling in Minnesota? How marrying a sibling to help their immigration status? How about benefiting from filing a joint income tax? How about it being an ethics violation if a U.S. Congress person that does all three?

  53. Carol

    Thanks Greg for all you do in keeping us informed. You are my first site for news!! When will You have Dave Janda back on?

    • Greg Hunter


  54. Peter

    The NSA is a liberal org like most govt agencies
    Truth be told, Michael Hayden, James Clapper, etc were willing to break any law they saw fit. The people beneath them were even worse as most are liberals that openly despise Trump and would glady assist in spying on a US citizen if he isn’t a democrat. It only takes a few bad eggs in the right positions to obtain phony FISA warrants. BUT even worse, the good eggs never complained about this abuse, even though they had to suspect it was all phony.

  55. Jerry

    Ah Greg,
    More dollar dumping.

    The central banks are buying gold for a reason and it’s not because they’re having a love affair with gold. Now Stan, he likes buying worthless paper, because he needs it for his compost pile. Just because you can take a turd and roll in powdered sugar, doesn’t make it a jelly donut.

  56. paul ...

    Breaking News from Judicial Watch: “Defense and State Department Documents Reveal Obama Administration Knew that al Qaeda Terrorists Had Planned Benghazi Attack Ten(10) Days in Advance” … this is incriminating … the Benghazi “scandal” just became “criminal” for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (who allowed an attack on an American Embassy and intentionally allowed our Ambassador Stevens to be murdered) Obama and Hillary are just as bad as the evil Saudi leader who chopped up Khashoggi!!!

  57. Paul Anthony

    I am not fully sure I believe the Janda’s info abut the HAMMR is a hoax… But I can’t fully dismiss Ship. I’ve follow both.


    While I make up my mind on this … if ever ……I wonder if the “deep state” has found a way or attempted to try to put alternative news against each other?

    For now I’ll just observe …wait and be patient for the truth .. but my support for Trump won’t waiver no matter what the deep state says or does or attempts.

    As always thanks for your hard work Greg!


    • Greg Hunter

      Both Dennis Montgomery and Hamr are a hoax. This is what the court records and FBI documents show. This whistleblower at the center of the story is total fraud and court records show this. This hoax story has been pushed for 3 years.

      • `

        Advancing the quest for truth if the judges dismiss more trials so ‘evidence’ does not see the light of day will make things ruff to prove going forward… If – the courts are as corrupt as the agencies, then the ‘real’ story will end in a collage of hoaxes with false narratives like it was all only about keeping POTUS Trump from the office of the Presidency… (This is Greg Hunter. I cut this comment way down. This is way too long there are too many links to vet.

      • Paul Anthony



        Sorry to hear. I liked Janda and have a paid subscription. I guess him and or his sources aren’t reliable. That’s bums me out. I suppose it does for a lot of us. Thanks for your response. Keep fighting and I’ll keep fighting with you and other patriots. I’ll have to un-subscribe to his web site.


  58. Paul in oz

    WOW … divide and conquer … I can only hope that the two platforms are creating this dispute for the sole purpose of getting everyone to look into the matter more closely for themselves to at least get everyone to the same outrageous point … that is that Trump and others were illegally spied upon by the Obama administration.

    • Greg Hunter

      The facts and court records say Dennis Montgomery and his “Hamr” are a hoax. And by the way do you really think one guy working alone can amass 600 million pages of intel on the public by himself?????

      • Paul in oz

        Greg, Did the same people or people of equivalent character that supplied the fisa courts with the evidence to get spy warrants also provide the facts supporting the Montgomery court case? I don’t know, do you? Seems like a lot of corruption in a lot of places and a lot of mud slinging underway. Based on the most recent interviews I have heard from that discussed the most recent details, Bill Binnie and Kurt Wiebe seems to that the potential of Montgomery’s claims needs a second look. Would you challenge their integrity openly? I certainly respect them amongst all the players involved. Quite honestly having designed and built mega systems for mega players if I had security clearance to access 600 million pages of intel I alone could easily amass it. That is a rather simple exercise given today’s technology.

        • Greg Hunter

          No, separate story, but related.

  59. Mike R

    Merrill Lynch caught with hands in gold cookie jar.

    Just a very minor (to them) $25 million slap on the wrist.

    The manipulation of gold and silver continues on unabated. We just now know its ‘officially’ sanctioned by our criminally controlled government. Banks and WS own our government. The manipulation is just par for the course. Now don’t you just all have a warm fuzzy, realizing that gold market or silver market manipulation can occur, and someone only gets a minor fine, that’s barely a rounding error on their books. No prison time. No heads even whacked. They are probably out partying with judges and prosecutors, and DOJ investigators. the SEC is sponsoring their booze.

    Look for gold to drop $200/ounce, as soon as someone is tipped off that Trump and Xi have jingoed up some sort of lame trade agreement.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think we are goin g to get one. The sides are far, far apart.

  60. Casey

    Greg, Dave is your friend, have you spoken to him about his reaction to Kevin’s argument that this HAMR idea is a fraud? Didn’t he have a couple of military guys on his show back in 2017 that said the same thing, including a late Admiral? Just curious and thanks for being out there sorting through everything.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dave told me that we were no longer friends. Here is the latest from CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp that dissents and updates Dennis Montgomery and the Hoax Hamr story:

      • Paul in oz

        Greg, thanks eversomuch for this link. I spent considerable time watching the video and reviewing the documents supplied by Mr. Shipp. That information is very compelling and certainly the suggestion that the HAMR is something more than a browser hacking device and instead is a super spying platform, is as you and Mr. Shipp pointed out a hoax. As I find it difficult to accept everything from any one platform as being definitive, the information provided in this link fully corroborates your assertions, I appreciate your journalistic integrity and having vetted the information before presenting and commenting on it.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Paul. I feel so strongly the record needs to be corrected that I have put a special update on USAW!! Shipp is a true American Patriot and a true whistleblower.

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