Global Gold Supplies Getting Tighter – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)  

Forensic macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says big money knows “gold supplies are tight” and getting tighter by the day.  Kirby, who also arranges gold sales by the ton on a global scale, explains, “There are reports of people trying to buy institutional amounts of physical gold bullion in the Asian market, and there is none available even if they are paying a premium.  I’m not talking about availability at the coin shop where you would buy two American Gold Eagles or a Gold Panda.  I am talking about institutions wanting to buy serious amounts of physical gold bullion in bar form.”

Kirby says the global financial system is packed with unpayable debt, and the insiders know many might wake up someday to find they are living in their very own Mad Max movie. Kirby says, “If the financial world is turned on its head, we could very likely see some social unrest.  Things could get very, very unpalatable, and we could see a complete breakdown. . . . This leads naturally to the question if the system is this precarious, why hasn’t anybody with a whole lot of money done anything to tip it over?  The reason is that virtually nobody benefits from a situation where anarchy happens, and there aren’t many people who want to be the person that pulls the pin on the grenade.”

How long can this go on for? Kirby says, “Not much longer because the amounts and volumes of delivering physical gold are growing with time at a geometric rate.  The demand for physical is growing too fast for the paper to be able to justify the false price discovery.  There are fraudulently concocted prices of precious metals on the COMEX exchange . . . to keep these fraudulent prices on metal believable, COMEX has had to give up at least some metal to make their fraudulent price believable.  At some point, this whole system is going to be exposed for the massive fraud that it has been for a very long time. . . .  What does this mean to the average guy in the street?  We could see physical gold and silver prices go Bitcoin.  We could see the price of silver go up 5, 10, 20 or 30 times just like Bitcoin did in a very short space of time.  I feel this is ultimately what is in store for precious metals prices.”

On the inflation front, Kirby says all the money needed for hyperinflation has already been printed. Kirby contends, “It’s kind of like having a nuclear war, and people say where are the bombs going to come from?  The bombs are going to come out of their silos.  What people can’t believe or can’t wrap their head around is the notion and the fact that there’s $21 trillion or more that’s been ‘siloed.’  The money has been created and siloed.  We know it’s been created because we know it flew through the books of the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  That’s just two government agencies. . . . We’re talking about tens of trillions of dollars.  We don’t know exactly where they are or who controls them. . . . This is why you want to own some tangible stuff.  This is why you want to own physical bullion, such as coins and bars, and you want to have them in your control.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of

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After the Interview:

Rob Kirby also says the mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves because they are more interested in a porn star that allegedly slept with the President than a missing $21 trillion at the DOD and HUD. When the world realizes this money is already printed, the U.S. dollar and Treasury bonds will take a huge hit.

There is free information on Kirby is a prolific writer and has global contacts, and if you would like to get access to deeper information, you can subscribe to his newsletter for $145 per year.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,
    RK you are an amazing man.

  2. Bob the Blessed

    Wishing everyone a very happy and blessed Passover Resurrection Day!

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks for another fine interview. Happy Easter!

  4. g w

    This does not make sense. If gold is not available on the big scale, it must reflect on the small.
    If you run out of “stuff” soap, salt whatever, it is not like all the big bags and boxes are sold, and the small packets are left. No, if there is a shortage, then the shelfs are empty! All is gone, all!
    A scarcity will result in a price rise. It will come, but it is not here, – yet!

    • Paul ...

      g w … when in a supermarket … they may put things on sale but limit the quantity you can buy … for instance you may not be able to buy 2 crates of Hellman’s Mayonnaise but the store will allow you to buy 2 jars … same with gold!!

    • allen ols

      gw from

      egon von greyerz king world news……


      ….part of the article….

      8. SOCIAL UNREST, CIVIL WAR, WARS – Inequality in the world has grown to extremes in the last few decades. Today, 42 individuals hold the same wealth as the 3.7 billion poorest. In the US the top 0.1% hold 25% of US wealth. As the economy deteriorates, these massive differences in wealth are guaranteed to lead to social unrest. Empty stomachs are dangerous for any society. Recent migration in Europe and the US is also an area which could lead to social unrest and even civil wars. In times of economic pressures, the minorities are often blamed for the problems. When countries run out of money, they often start wars. We can certainly already hear the sound of war drums from the West, led by the US as they are all ganging up on Russia. The military power of Russia and China is far superior to that of the West. But in a nuclear war anything can happen and very little life would remain on earth. We are into a period of active war cycles currently so the risks are high.

    • brian

      I gotta agree on this, gold is gold and if the “big boys” really want it then they will offer a price that gets it; and that price will drive up the price of every piece of gold on the market, whether its a steamship load or a single coin.

      • Paul ...

        Brian … do you really believe the gold market is a “free market”?? … as I was trying to explain to g w above … the gold market is “controlled” by the bankster “managers” the same way a manager in a supermarket can put a few 4 0z cans of tuna on sale for $0.88 cents each but if you want to buy a case of tuna cans you will have to pay $1.20 each for them … “we little consumers” of gold are very lucky to be able “to get a few ounces of gold” cheap right now only because the bankster managers are probably trying to show God they are not “completely evil” … that they have a heart or maybe a soul … but they won’t allow buying “in quantity” at the sale price … Harry Dent thinks the bankster managers will put gold up for sale at even a cheaper price ($700 dollars per ounce) … yeah … they could do it for an instant … but big money managers should not expect to be able to buy it in quantity “at that price” … but we “little guys” could get a few ounces (crumbs) they may offer for sale at $700 (to ease their guilt feelings about robbing Fort Knox (and replacing our National Treasure with gold plated tungsten bars) … so everyone should put a few thousand dollars on the side just in case we get this “final sale” and a chance to collect a small token piece of the Fort Knox gold the banksters stole away from us when “that crook” Clinton was in charge of “safekeeping our money”!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … to be really fair … Trump should pass an executive order for the Treasury to buy 500 tons of gold each year for the next 16 years to replace all the Fort Knox gold Clinton stole (but not put it in Fort Knox) … Trump should hand it out “free” to all us American citizens to hold so there will be “less chance” of it being stolen again in the future … 500 tons of gold handed out (like Jesus handed out a little piece of bread to the multitudes) would amount to 0.05 oz of gold for each “legal” US citizen … and after 16 years each of us 320 million Americans will own 0.8 oz of gold … but don’t think I’m going to wait for Trump to perform a miracle … I’ve already bought my one(1) ounce of gold!!

          • Paul ...

            And why shouldn’t Trump have the ability to hand out a part of our National Treasure to “legal” US Citizens … when the Demon-rats have already expropriated our treasure and are giving it away to “illegal” caravans of people coming up from Mexico to collect free abortions, free schooling, free housing, free food stamps, etc., etc.!!!

        • brian

          Well thats just it isn’t it. There is no free market, there is no rule of law, there is no government and if we try to pick our way through this trash heap pretending there is a future for us down this road if only we moderate our footsteps we are only going to inevitably succumb to the complete bullshit piling up around us all.

          For anyone who really believes Trump is the guy whose going to preside over this thing being turned around then you better get off your ass, bite the bullet, stop supporting the criminals and start figuring out how to back and push this president into a position where shit can get done.

  5. Maria das Santos

    1 second ago
    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Kirby,very sobering particularly the “going to war to hide the real atrocities”which happened in 2006 and ignored until 2008.Now we stand at the precipice of war .Mr Putin is on record as saying”what is the point of the rest of the world if there is no Russia?”.Mrs May here in the UK is sure that she can blast Russia to kingdom come with her arms firms such as BAE at Preston,which will be major targets for the Russian air force along with the pathetic goggle eyed GCHQ.Mrs May is vapourising property in London as foreign investors get tetchy including Jewish Ukrainians who are viewed as Russian no matter how much they protest.We can but hope the politicians come in for so much flak that they do their job of talking instead of sending a generation to war to cover the banking crisis ,if they do not well expect the next war to be fought with sticks and stones.If any hardened warriors come back to a war torn country and any politician of this era survives I can only see these hardened men exacting revenge on an unpalatable scale.These politicians,these bankers ,they KNOW how they have destroyed and belittled those sent to do their dirty work,hopefully they cower when some return.Remember those that return will not be the civilised ones.
    Warnings aside,short of war,we “deplorables”can expect more of the same.More promises unfulfilled(has Mrs Clinton had to shop at Walmart?)(Has Mr Obama had to wash his own shorts?)(has the FBI/CIA been working for the “deplorable”Americans?)the other synonym of “unfulfilled”is LYING.Lies,lies and more lies being fed on a daily basis,drip,drip,drip and not a result of truth,and we sit frustratingly silent awaiting to be told our sons or daughters are dead for the greater glory of bankers and the elites.Yet we dare not disabuse the real perpetrators as we await this outcome.This is the outcome we await and the elite smirk at us as they bathe in our life blood and the life blood of our children.Throughout this all the silence of the majority is hard to withstand and the ignorance of the loudmouth makes you swivel eyed.
    Ten years of “emergency”and a president on a war footing,nothing but nothing has changed for the better.
    Imagine all those trillions being spent on real things in the USA and worldwide,not blood shedding,suppression and oppression.If only on this Easter Morning!

    marc combs
    marc combs
    53 minutes ago

    • Roger D

      Ask any American today, ‘How’s the war going?’ and you will be looking at a blank face. The US military has been waging war for 17 years, yet what happens if someone dares criticize it? Ask what 6,951 American men and women (636 for the UK) died for and you are met with silence. Yes, the majority are silent and complicit. Say what you want about the 60’s but at least Americans protested unjust war.

      Yet here we are on Resurrection Day praising Christ. This old coot just shakes his head.

      • Keith wilson

        The war against terror is going really well. Since the false flag attack on 9\11. Goldman Sachs,and the other banks have made a fortune out of lending monies to the US administrations. The arms manufacturers which they have substantial interests are working 24\7 to provide everything from uniforms,bullets, helicopters and fighter jets etc. This is why the 1% have seen there wealth grow over the last 17 years. The bush family, the Blair family, the Obamas have never had so much money. As for the cabal who they worked for, are absolutely rich beyond anything they could imagine. Congress passed a bill for another 800 billion to be spent on defence . The war is going well for the elite who have never had so much wealth. Pity the US servicemen who daily , throw there lives away for nothing except enrich there masters at Goldman Sachs. Sadly 99% of the population don’t understand what’s really going on. When you do understand they call you a communist and a conspiracy nutjob.

        • Frederick

          Keith You are neither of those things Just an informed person with intelligence enough to see through all the BS

    • Twox2

      Not necessarily. Two different markets. But you are certainly correct that when the wholesale market freezes up, panic will ensue in the retail coin market. One thing is sure…we will know it when it happens.

  6. Jerry

    I find this bill particularly interesting considering the present state of the u.s. dollar. Rob may be onto something.

    • Paul ...

      We are finally getting back on track to Constitutional money!!

    • DaDiz

      Great find Jerry, thanks again.

    • R. Patrick

      I can see retail catching wind of a commercial default on delivery. That will be the day retail refuses to sell any gold or silver until true price discovery is reached, 600 plus on silver. Gold?
      Foggit about it cuz its not for sale unless you get property in exchange. JMO

  7. philipat

    Also YTD 2018 around 2,000 TONNES of Gold for delivery has been transferred from Comex to London “for delivery” in the form of EFP contracts, shifting current physucal delivery obligations to London forward “deliveries”. No way can London deliver so much incremental physical Gold so it is clear that the totally opaque London “market” is where Comex delivery commitments go to disappear; before re-appearing on Comex as brand new (essentially unlimited) short paper Gold contracts. It’s clear though that Comes essentially has NO physical Gold for delivery so London’s lack of transparency is being used to obfuscate the problem. Obviously fiat payments are being in both Comex AND London to evade physical delivery. But what happens if a Comex long demands delivery and will not accept an EFP plus fiat? And what happens if the same happens at the London end? I suggest that things COULD get quite interesting quite quickly..

  8. James King

    Some people think that there is not any connection between expecting WWIII and the expectation of the WWI generation , but they are wrong.
    Think of a picture showing a train heading to a precipice called
    Armageddon. The train‟s back cars are near the teen years of the last century, the WW1 year’s , the beginning of the last days as some speculate and its locomotive is right in front of the precipice.

    The last of the teen years in this 21st. century a Turning Point?

    The generation that saw the beginning of the world wars would they also see the end of Satan and his entire wicked system of things? Some who were alive then, would they still be alive when “the end” comes. (…)
    There is another chronological indication that we are rapidly nearing the closing time for this wicked system of things, the end of the age. It is the fact that shortly, according to reliable Bible chronology, 6,000 years of human history will come to an end. Jesus said that “this generation” that saw the beginning of this time this time of trouble would also see
    its end. The generation that was old enough to view those events with understanding is for all intense and purposes no longer with us except a very small number, all over a hundred years of age. It no longer has many years, perhaps months to run. Already 99.9% of its members are pushing up daisy’s. But Jesus showed that there would still be members of “this generation” alive at the time of the passing away of this wicked world system in both heaven and earth. (Luke 21:32, 33) How much longer will it be, then, before God takes action to destroy the wicked and usher in the blessings of his Kingdom rule? Interestingly, we have also been in the end of 6,000 years of human experience, [history]. This is ascertainable from reliable chronology preserved in the Bible itself. World War 1 as a declared state of war lasted from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918. What will the year 2018 bring that world at war generation now living its last moments and what will it mean for humankind? Will it be the time when God executes the wicked and starts off the thousand-year reign of his Son Jesus Christ? It very well could, but we will have to wait and see. Yet of this we can be certain: the generation that Jesus said would witness those events is nearing its close. That time is close at hand. On God‟s “timetable” we are in the closing days of a wicked system that will soon be gone forever. A glorious new order not disorder is immediately before us.

    And remember, Jesus said that the end of this wicked world would come before that generation passed away in death. This, of it self, tells us that the years left before the foretold end comes cannot be many.

    So we must all hang together in these trying times of the last inning of the ball [bomb?] game of the century [age?] or we’ll all be blown up separately? Take your pick, this ain’t my shtick!

  9. James King

    The youngstars are preparing for Armageddon;
    Are you? That is the question?

    You got to hand it to them, they sure spend a lot of time at it!@#$%^&*

  10. Robert

    I don’t understand. If Asians are having a hard time buying physical gold and its not hard to buy in the USA, why arent Asians buying it in the USA? Is there some prohibition?

    • Paul ...

      It won’t be hard to buy for Asians or us … as long as the Central Banksters are able to take gold out of their vaults to sell (and simply replace the gold they take out of their vaults with gold plated tungsten) … the fact that Asians are begining to find it hard to get … likely means the Central Banksters are close to the bottom of the gold barrel … I wonder if the Catholic Church is now using gold plated tungsten challis’s at Mass on Sunday??

  11. Robert Lykens

    Happy Resurrection Day, the day that changed the world forever, the day that means new life for whoever wants it, the day that shouts victory over death!

    • Paul ...

      Yes Robert … our consciousness (our soul or Holy Ghost) will rise up over our dead body just like Christ rose up from the dead … and we will be “consciously aware of our self” … we will remember all the good and bad things we did while on Earth … and unlike what the Pope recently said … we will have to live with our thoughts … thinking about all the evil we inflicted while on Earth … and thinking about how wrong it was … over and over again … for all eternity!!!

  12. Robert

    Im sick of all this doom and gloom.

    • Donald

      “Im sick of all this doom and gloom.”

      Not much you can do about it. It is what it is. The world has never been filled with as nut-balls, whack-a-do’s, narcissists and psychopaths as what we see today. How about this one – someone reads in history how some of his race were mistreated by those of another race. But he is too stupid (or lazy?) to go any farther into history to really understand the situation. Worse yet, his feelings are now hurt because of what happened long ago and he now thinks those of the other race owe him something in the present time. NO ONE asks why this person is as stupid as he is (such as a psychologist), instead they agree with him. Sheesh. This guy is a pure narcissist. He has such a grand view of himself and his race that anything negative that happened hundreds of years ago or even thousands of years to his race ago upsets his grandiose ego of self. He and his kind will forever bring up the same matter again and again and again. Instead of anyone agreeing with him, they should be investigating how this nut-ball became so narcissistic, and what to do with these people, because I assure you, they are EXTREMELY dangerous to any society. This is our world – the world of stupid.

    • Jodyp

      I’m with you, Robert. But this is the price we pay for keeping our heads outta the sand like the majority. I’d rather be prepared. M, P, and S!

      • Jodyp

        unlike the majority

    • Bob

      There is a lot of it. Here’s a sensible voice:

      Greg I think Chris Pirnak would make a great guest. I think he paints a very realistic view of the future that awaits.

      He discusses the state of the world from many angles. Try this show for an example.

  13. politically correct politician

    whats going on in Iceland since the crisis?
    how have they restructured their society, not just the financial system.

    • This sceptred Isle

      The media don’t want to know about that though…

  14. This sceptred Isle

    If Saudi Arabia’s ambitious new solar plans come to fruition it will mark a continuing uptrend in the exponential development of solar power.

    Whilst several column inches are wasted analysing the merits of Bitcoin, the real technological gamechanger will be the adoption of solar power. In many areas (particularly developing economies) the adoption of solar power will be beyond rapid because…

    1) It is the cheapest power source in many countries.
    2) Solar panels/concentrated solar is technology which will continue to improve, reducing costs, as opposed to finite carbon based commodities which will continue to deplete.
    3) It requires less time to build a solar park when compared to nuclear and coal plants as there are less safety requirements. You can also build solar plants in stages. Stage one can start producing power within months independent of the completion of the entire power plant.
    4) Developing countries do not have the extensive fossil fuel infrastructure competing with new power grids. They can start from scratch.
    5) Solar power produces less pollution.
    6) Battery storage systems are developing rapidly.

    Get with it Trump!

    What does this mean for silver?
    1) As Paul pointed out, this could mark a decrease in the demand for oil, especially if electric cars are adopted on a much wider scale, thus hitting the petrodollar.
    2) As it stands, solar power accounts for around 10% of silver demand. Can you imagine how much silver will be required if small countries such as Saudi Arabia start building 200GW solar power plants? At the end of 2017 total global solar capacity was only 390GW!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Many people will dismiss the Saudi solar plans as little more than hot air (no pun intended!). It would be a fallacy, however, to underestimate the will to implement these plans as nothing less than the survival of the House of Saud is at stake. Saudi Arabia must successfully transition from an oil based economy to one of solar power.

    • Paul ...

      What does it mean for silver! … currently silver is used in solar panels … but this could change over time “to other materials” … however in the production of “fuel” by using solar electrical power to disassociate water into H2 and O2 gas … silver is very important as a cheap catalyst to maximize the production of H2O2 gas (platinum and palladium are way too expensive) … therefore the demand for silver will be as great as the need for clean burning fuel for our cars and for heating our homes … so even if silver goes to $500 dollars per ounce it is still going to be cheaper then using platinum or palladium as a catalyst) !!

      • This sceptred Isle


        • This sceptred Isle

          perhaps that is the new energy application for silver that Clif High was going on about.

    • Chip

      What can be made out of 1 barrel crude oil?
      Many things can be made out of crude oil including synthetic textiles, plastics, fertilizers, bubblegum(!) , car gasoline (car petrol), diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, tar for roads etc.
      Four things that are made from crude oil?
      Answer . Asphalt, gasoline, fuel oil and insecticides.. Also: all types of plastics, fertilizers, rubber, perfumes, and many more useful things.

      Oil and natgas will NEVER go away as there are way too many uses for these products. I also suggest you look into abiotic oil. Oil is NOT decomposed dino sheet. It is produced constantly in rock formations under the earths mantel and being pushed up through fissures. Chip

      • This sceptred Isle

        I am well aware that oil has many industrial uses, more than any commodity actually. The question relates to what extent the demand for oil will decrease and how quickly and what impact that will have on the dollar.

  15. This sceptred Isle

    Happy Easter! Jesus sounds like he was a nice guy with a lot of good ideas. What does Sarah Silver have against him?

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus is Lord and Savior, and yes, “a vey nice guy” indeed to save our bacon from hell.

      • This sceptred Isle

        unfortunately some like their bacon well done!

      • Paul ...

        Greg … Wouldn’t it have been nice if the Pope was just playing an April Fools joke on us by saying there was no Hell … but not likely … as he has many pedophiles and sinners of all kinds who will pay big bucks to save them from eternal suffering … so now instead of just Hillary’s “pay to play” … we have the Pope’s “pay to save”!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Paul, but he’s not, and that is the scary thing.

    • Robert Lykens

      TSI, if you were the only person on earth, Jesus still would have come to die for you.

  16. Shawn G.

    Happy Easter!

  17. JC Davis

    Greg is the 21 trillion of dark money in paper or digital ? From what I can find there is only 1.4 trillion in printed money.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Digital. It is much easier to hide and more easy to deploy rapidly when manipulating the markets.

    • Paul ...

      JC … is your 1.4 trillion in printed fiat paper currency a worldwide total? … the total value of all fiat paper currency in circulation in the US is only $1.463 billion … but these numbers matter not as these paper notes are as valuable as worthless Confederate dollars! … it is “Treasury money” we should be concerned about owning … the US Treasury produces about $2 billion worth of coins each year … since the average life of a coin is 30 years … we should have about $60 billion dollars worth of coins in circulation right now … this amounts to about $180 dollars worth of coins for each man, woman and child in the US … in the event of a meltdown of the fiat paper monetary system everyone should own at least $180 dollars worth of Treasury coin … as the most valuable coin is the nickel (in terms of metal value) … I suggest owning “your fair share” of Treasury coins in nickels ( 3,600 nickels or about 2 boxes from your local bank) … remember … Treasury coin will be “the only legal tender money in circulation” when the Fed goes bust!!

      • JC Davis

        Worldwide total.
        I am looking at inflation, vs. hyper inflation. If the missing currency being digital comes back it can be controlled by the touch of a finger. If it is paper we could be in deep trouble. There is a paper trail on both.

  18. Jay

    With all due respect, this song has been sung many times without the chorus following suit. the “Smart Money” has had years to accumulate its gold, I don’t see any real evidence at any level to believe there are shortages. Sorry, I’m from Missouri on this one.

    • Paul ...

      Jay … the reason you are not seeing shortages is because Rubin and Clinton most likely replaced $340 Billion dollars worth of “real” gold in Fort Knox with “fake” gold plated tungsten bars (with a value less then a few hundred thousand dollars) … these fake gold bars and fake gold coins at Fort Knox are most likely stamped to look exactly like well known brands of LBMA refiners in Switzerland, Canada and Australia … so a layman simply looking at the gold bars at Fort Knox “will not be able to tell that they are fake” … this is why Fort Knox must be “audited by experts” … to your point that you don’t see any evidence of shortages … it is likely because 8,000 tons of “real” Fort Knox gold has been put into the market … now being you are from Missouri … you should be demanding an audit of Fort Knox “by experts”!!

      • Paul ...

        And I would not be surprised if the Central banks in London and the European Continent have done exactly the same thing (replaced their Central Bank Gold with gold plated tungsten) … but Canada was smart … they simply emptied all the gold out their Central Bank (and did not replace it with fake gold) … likely so as to avoid charges of criminality!!

        • Paul ...

          China is no fool … it demands that any gold bars they buy from the West must be melted down in Switzerland to a guaranteed purity of .999 … they want the “real thing” … no gold plated tungsten in their vaults!!

          • Bob

            China is no fool, except for the “Great Leap Forward” and the “Cultural Revolution” and the “Agricultural Revolution” and all the other hare-brained schemes they’ve concocted.

            • Paul ...

              And for converting their government into a Commie Dictatorship, etc., etc.! … but at least they own real gold!!

            • This sceptred Isle

              All the failed currencies and turmoil have given China a greater appreciation for gold, unlike Latin America, where the lessons are never learnt (probably because America insists on installing puppet leaders in those countries!). The west has had an unprecedented few decades of peace and stability which has left us totally unprepared for any global breakdowns or collapse.

  19. Tad

    Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release. Getting more dangerous. “Caravans” coming. Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL!–Mr Trump

    This was his latest Tweet as of about 7:00 a.m. Pacific time.
    I could congratulate George Soros and perhaps Warren Buffet on continuing the latest human catastrophe, but I really feel this comes down to an executive order and the military along the border. Obviously the wall isn’t there yet, so this is where we are.

    If you’re Governor Moonbeam, and you’ve just announced a $500 dollar a month donation or stipend to low income . . . citizens (citizens being a foggy California term), no one should be surprised if this is an inducement for the 5,000-strong and probably growing list of wannabe Americans.

    The 2018 midterms and the 2020 presidential election will be decided when this group crosses the border. I would think within a week if Soros gets them better transportation.

  20. Tad

    I suppose Mr. Trump could do a few things that would be unprecedented, perhaps unconstitutional: Grant section of California immediate sovereign status. Those would parts not of federal land status. You would be gerrymandering the state.

    With just a mere threat or perhaps starting the short-lived process, can you imagine the speed of capital outflows from California? How about a massive exodus of millions within two or three days. Shutting down the San Francisco Federal Reserve bank.

    Chaotic for sure, but considering those who occupy the governorship and attorney general, what should one expect?

  21. andyb

    Greg: Both Rob and Bill Holter have very similar thoughts on when the SHTF (Bill has an interview on the SgtReport). I think we all are aware that credit will die, the banks will close and grocery shelves will be cleaned out in a day. Although that’s bad enough, what happens to your power, your water? Any coal fired electrical generators will be limited by coal reserves on hand since all mining will effectively cease. If you are served by a nuke plant, you’re better off. I assume the banks will bail in (steal) your deposits. Thus, none of your bills will be paid; mortgage, auto, phone, TV, etc. Will all mortgages, therefore, be subject to foreclosure? Will your auto be repossessed? Lawlessness will be rife; all LEOs will be absent, looking out for their own. The Free Shit Army will be out in force. you’ll need at least 1000 rounds for each of your weapons.
    It won’t only be the US affected; it will be global. That’s why I lend no credence to the claims that the UN will send troops to occupy us under martial law. But it could be US troops and National Guard although on a limited basis. They will look after their own friends and families and desert if need be.

    Mad Max is a definite possibility.

    • This sceptred Isle

      My guess is that utilities will not be able to provide a service beyond a few days, in the event of a paralysis of the financial system, as the employees will not get paid.

    • JMiller

      You assume wrong. The banks can’t bail-in (steal) your deposits since they do not have the authority. The banking regulators and governments decide whether or not to do a bail-in. And bail-ins laws only apply to banks considered to be systemically important and would only apply to uninsured deposits in those banks.

      • JMiller

        The risk for most people who have money in a bank or credit union is not bail-ins. It is dollar devaluation, hyperinflation, or things that would prevent you from accessing your money such as the power grid going down or a cyber attack on your bank or may be capital controls being put in place because of bank runs.

        • Greg Hunter

          I was talking to a retiring “wealth manager” from Wells Fargo and asked “how would you manage your wealth if the dollar gets dramatically devalued?” I was totally surprised when he told me that was his biggest fear and has “adjusted accordingly for it.” He admitted he was a gold and silver (physical metal) buyer.

          • David

            My best friend at church is also an advisor and when I broached the same scenario with him his response was interesting. He said he knew that eventually the dollar collapse would happen, he was just hoping it din’t happen in ours or our kids lifetimes. I responded that this didn’t sound like a “plan” to me and he just kind of shrugged his shoulders. This is a guy managing millions of dollars for people! All the investment planners are limited by what they can say because of liability so they don’t say anything and when the stuff finally hits they can all just shake their collective heads and say “who could have seen that coming”, just like the crashes in the past! I sometimes wonder how a true Christian can hold jobs like this, or a lawyer, pawn broker, car salesman, etc.. The answer is if they are misleading anyone in any way is – they can’t!

            • Greg Hunter

              When you friend talks my kids and grandkids that’s 1980s talk. This problem would have taken the whole system down in 2008 but the powers chose to prop it up. Please be ready and you need everything. solid cars with titles, food water, tools Au, Ag, Pb and anything else you can think of to cushion the fall.

            • This sceptred Isle

              An interesting book is dot.con about the bubble. Apparently, a lot of fund managers were aware how crazy the whole situation was but as performance was assessed on a quarterly basis they were forced to invest in internet stocks to keep up with their rivals. Any fund managers that took a different approach were sacked.

            • Tad

              Naturally, your friend couldn’t make a high income if he started to tell clients to buy gold and silver.

        • Jerry

          Yes folks belly up to the bar and put all your money in that soon to be hyperbole .

          I’m assuming you would be willing to foot the legal fees to acquire access to accounts during said bailins?

          • Jerry

            We’re about to get a first class lesson about bailins .

            • Jerry

              Here’s a little refresher.

              Question: What’s the difference between a bailout and a bailin? In 2008 I don’t recall giving the government authority to secure a bank loan using me as credit. Do you?

              • JMiller


                It is not surprising since online banking is increasing. And while banks are closing branches in some less profitable places they are still opening up new ones in other places.

          • JMiller


            I am just stating facts as they are. Insured deposits are exempt from bail-ins if they happen according to the bail-in laws. And even if insured deposits are included in bail-ins, which they will not be for good reasons, guess who takes the loss? Not the insured depositor. They get their money. It is the deposit insurer (FDIC) that stands in their place when a bank fails and takes the loss.

            And Jerry, there are no legal fees to pay to access your accounts during a bail-in. As it is now in the U.S., if a bail-in did happen it will only happen in banks that are considered to be systemically important. And if a systemically important bank would failed (become insolvent), the FDIC would be appointed receiver of the failed institution and they along with the Fed, the Treasury Secretary and the President would have to decide whether to let the failed institution go through bankruptcy, which is normally how a bank failure is handled, or to use the alternative, that being the Orderly Liquidation Authority (OLA) and do a bail-in. If they use the OLA, then the FDIC will create a new solvent bridge bank and transfer the insured deposits to the bridge bank which would allow those depositors to have access to their money just like they normally do. However stockholders, bondholders and maybe even those that have uninsured deposits will take a loss. But losses for stockholders, bondholders and uninsured depositors are nothing new. It has happened many times before when a bank fails. I know that you do not know much about the bail-in laws, or how they work or about how deposit insurance works etc… which is why you make the statements and ask the questions that you do.

      • Marcus

        When you sign a contract to put your money in a bank, you automatically become a shareholder.. Australian banks have the right to with hold 30 % of your deposits if deemed necessary for the banks interest if it is placed in a position of financial stress ……. And lets face it do you know your bank manager is it worth 2% interest to have faith with someone you can’t trust.

        • JMiller

          Sorry Marcus but you are not correct. When you deposit your money in a bank you become a depositor. A depositor is a person who has money in a deposit account in a bank. A shareholder is any person, company or other institution that owns at least one share of a company’s stock. Not the same. Now if a bank failed and a bail-in did happen, then maybe the uninsured depositor would become a shareholder by being given equity, meaning shares of stock, in the new bank.

          • JMiller

            Just to add to what I said. We were talking about banks. Now if we were talking about credit unions that might be a little different. People who deposit money in a credit union have what are called share accounts which are a form of ownership. This means that they are a partial owner of the credit union. But they are not called shareholders. They are called members.

            while bank customers have checking and savings accounts.

  22. H. Craig Bradley


    Who are these large buyers of tons of physical gold these days, other than the major banks? Stock Brokerages don’t hold or sell physical precious metals for their clients, only ETF’s. I know I can buy gold bullion coins anytime at retail and there is no extra premium added-on that I know of currently. So, the bullion shortage is only with boatloads of gold. So, my guess is there is a bit of a bidding war going on between competing Central Bankers who are seeing the value of their currencies and bond holdings start to sink. They want to hedge now, but are acting like its a crisis is around the corner.

    The biggest holders of gold bullion are not selling at any price. Probably bought it when it was more expensive. There is virtually no demand for gold or silver from the general public. Its still not legal tender and the mark-up to buy gold coins is pretty steep for retail buyers of small quantities. So, its not there yet. Maybe in 10 more years when public confidence in the U.S. Government craters, not before. The People still have faith and confidence that President Trump can turn it around (MAGA).

  23. Paul ...

    With overextended and overvalued markets “any minor event” can trigger a worldwide collapse … will it be the neocons “Hitler Youth Rallies” the Demon-rats, Soros and Shadow Gov are promoting now? … will it be the global trade war? … or a real war? … will it be higher interest rates? … or all the zillions in fiat paper “dollar IOU’s” the banksters have printed worldwide? … any single one of these events could crash our fragile “inverted pyramid” debt monetary system … but the combination of them all should certainly “have big institutions worried” about a long term devastating downturn or collapse of the entire world economy … and force them to begin to take “protective actions” (like buying gold) … but as Kirby says “gold is in limited supply” … since most Central Bank gold in their “un-audited” vaults are now likely “simply tungsten bars with gold plating” … the Central Banks are probably having extreme difficulty getting “additional gold from their vaults” to sell into the world markets to keep the price down … when institutional managers finally realize more gold can’t be squeezed out of Central Bank vaults … the crisis will hit … and precious metal prices will rocket higher (in terms of worthless fiat paper) just like Bitcoin did … the only difference being … at the Bitcoin peak “it was sold” and fiat paper accepted for it … but when gold and silver reach unbelievably high valuations (in terms of fiat paper) … No One In Their Right Mind Is Going To Sell Their Precious Metals (And Accept Worthless Fiat Paper For It)!!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      a butterfly flapping its wings could trigger the financial hurricane.

      • susan

        Brilliant TSI. AND I am so glad I live where I do though. Extremely good Sheriff and his crew. Everyone would also continue working to the very end, ie. utilities, etc. I am hundreds of miles from the nearest town you folks would call a small town, but to us is “the city”.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Sounds like a good place to be. In London we are officially more dangerous than New York for the first time since records began.

          We are killing each other and the you know what hasn’t even hit the fan yet!

    • freebrezer

      Paul, You leave out one of the most important item food. I have been noticing that quite a few places around the world have had crops wiped out due to cold spells … That Damn global warming keeps freezing things! … but you have to believe the global scientist when they tell you that global warming causes more freezing days. The north east and Midwest is still frozen (damn global warming again) and it will be the determining factor per how well the US crops come in this year! Just another item to add to the list. My guess is that three or four factors all hit at once causing the perfect storm for human catastrophe … i.e., a HUGE SHTF moment. Start getting prepared!

  24. Patriot

    Greg , your favorite newspaper is USA Today, owned by Gannet Corp.. They are located in Mc Lean Va. , so is an alphabet agency, is this a coincidence?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think not. Weasels and traitors all.

  25. Da Yooper

    Another great show Greg
    It would be nice if the fraudulent bankers were held to account for their crimes ….when this is all said & done.
    But I feel there is no rule of law that applies to ………THEM…….& the GDP ( generally dumb public) are more interested in their bread & circus to realize they have been played & taken for financial fools that they …..are.

  26. Gary K

    Very good interview, Greg. Rob Kirby makes a whole lot of sense.

  27. al dullboy

    MAL 03/30/2018 •
    Hi Greg,
    The FBI admitted that they could have prevented the Parkland shooting and then said that they had no grounds to get face book to identify the person who posted the threats to commit mass murder and become a “professional school shooter”. That statement disgusted me. I don’t believe that the FBI believed they had no grounds and Cruz used his real name when he made the posts.. A second grader would have known better. They and the Broward County Sheriff allowed this to happen. In his book Terror Factory Trevor Aaronson noted that since 911 more than 200 “terrorist” plots were engineered by the FBI using undercover agents and paid they could then arrest the targets who were usually selected based on Face Book posts and low IQ’s. Some of these informants received $50,000 bonuses if the target was convicted.

    Reply William Stanley 03/31/2018 •
    Mal: As with many things, we can paint too broadly when it comes to “the” FBI. Indeed, I think the FBI has been unfairly tarred in some incidents (perhaps, to some extent, even the Parkland shooting) even though it has apparently acted inappropriately or criminally in others, e.g. those that you mentioned as well as the killing of LaVoy Finicum in the Oregon wildlife-refuge shooting, and the FBI-personnel involvement in the anti-Trump-related treason. For example, it appears to me that the Broward County sheriff department’s failure to engage the shooter accounts for at least half the deaths at Parkland: the shooting went on for some six minutes; yet in a more recent incident elsewhere the school safety officer engaged and shut down a shooter in about a minute with little or no (I haven’t followed up on that case) loss of life. So that shooting didn’t qualify as a “mass” shooting and received relatively little attention. Armed teachers may have been able to shut down both attacks even more quickly. The successes are ignored, even as the failures are turned into political opportunities. Who notices the “mass” shootings and other crimes that don’t happen because the locales are not gun-free zones or when good guys with guns dissuade or stop bad guys with guns or other weapons?
    Our over-reliance on systems, experts, and specialists (the Progressive ideology) has led to an erosion of the will, capability, and common sense to act on our own when the situation demands it. This extends even to the once supposed “experts” like the police, who now too often rely on greater experts, i.e., SWAT to carry out arrest warrants and engage dangerous miscreants.
    Concerning the FBI, I know for a fact that field agents have (often?) been actively impeded in preventing killings by the parents of soon-to-be killers, and even district attorneys or judges who demand unreasonably high “probable cause” for obtaining search warrants — even as they ignore the prior threats of violence uttered by the soon-to-be murderers and the in-person assessments by highly-trained field agents who interacted with, witnessed the demeanor, and assessed the mental states of the soon-to-be killers.
    I also know for a fact, that the the MSM sometimes (always?) fails to fully report the surrounding circumstances of incidents that do not support the mainstream “narrative.”

    MAL & William Stanley, HERE IS THE ANSWER!
    Found further back IN USAWatchdog HISTORY.
    Greg Hunter 02/17/2018 •

    In do better than that. Here is the entire letter from that retired FBI veteran:


    Thank you for, in my opinion, your best Weekly News Wrap!

    I spent 24 years in the FBI as a Special Agent and Supervisor. I retired in 2007, at which time the fissures within the FBI were becoming more and more apparent. There was a distinct dividing line developing between the old line FBI Agents, whose fealty lies with the Constitution and the American people, and the new line agents whose fealty was with Director Mueller, and what has been revealed with time to be the Deep State.

    The reason I retired was Mueller’s Five Year Up or Out Policy, adopted to remove senior FBI Supervisors, loyal to the Constitution, from the ranks of FBI Management. The Policy, simply stated, required anyone who had held a Supervisory Special Agent ( SSA) position for more than 5 years, to return to FBIHQ, or be forced out of management. Prior to Mueller, all field Supervisors were required to spend 7-10 years as successful Street Agents, then spend 3-5 years as SSAs at FBIHQ, then become SSAs in the Field. To become a SSA in Division 6 ( Criminal Investigative Division), as a Street Agent you were required to have successfully taken several cases through trial, to have been a Case Agent on a Group I Undercover Operation, with positive results / convictions, and preferably have served as an Undercover Agent, before you could even apply for a SSA position at FBIHQ. This policy guaranteed that agents applying for SSA were battle tested, experienced, accomplished and hardworking men and woman admired by their peers. Mueller’s policy turned all that upside down, allowed politically motivated, less qualified, woefully inexperienced candidates to become Supervisors and to hold the key positions ( SSA) which determine the workload of Criminal, Counter Terrorism, and FCI squads, throughout the country. The last place a great SSA wanted to be was FBIHQ. The real work is in the field not at FBIHQ. Needless to say, most experienced SSAs stepped down and retired rather than return to morass of FBIHQ.

    In my opinion, this is how the Deep State got its foot in the door of the FBI. During the Obama Administration, all of the FBI SSAs, that achieved their position through merit, had been forced from their positions under the 5 Years Up or Out Plan. This allowed the Deep State to take over middle management, whose ranks become upper management.

    The rest is history. The FBI Senior Executive Service (SES) on the 7th Floor was politicized, middle management politicized, and good Street Agents were not allowed to pursuit public corruption investigations, or any investigations which encroached on Deep State criminal activity or operations.

    Sadly, in my opinion, most of the FBI Management is compromised, and the corruption has now begun to spread to the rank and file, as you so astutely point out.

    I have lost friends, inside the ranks of retired FBI Agents, because I believe that the corruption in the FBI has reached Agent level. It was not a Senior Executive Service (SES) Member(s) of the FBI looking at and analyzing Clinton’s Computer Server, it was not SES personnel reviewing and analyzing the information on Anthony Weiner’s lap top, it was not SES personnel testifying before the Judge in FISA Court, it was not SES personnel interviewing Tea Party Members when working jointly with the IRS, it was not SES personnel handling the Cooperating Witness, writing the debriefing FD-302s, listening to, and transcribing ELSUR tapes, in connection with Uranium 1.

    The list can go on, you get my point.

    Many case agents, and support personnel, who uncovered evidence of criminal activity, stood down their criminal investigations based on being told to do so by corrupt management, not based on the evidence, or based on the results of presenting the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for a Prosecutor’s Opinion.

    Thank you for having the courage ( unlike Sean Hannity and others) to state the obvious, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and State Department have traitors throughout their ranks. All of these agencies need to be purged of these individuals. Failure to investigate, identify, indict, and prosecute, these traitors poses a direct threat to the Constitution, our God given rights, the Republic and the Rule of Law.

    God Bless you and your family.”

    Greg Hunter
    02/17/2018 •

    This new line agents whose loyalty is with former Director Mueller, with what has been revealed with time to be the leftest half of the Deep State. That wants to desperately remove the document that protects the American people from tyranny, to keep a hold of their power and corruption. Unlike the more conservative deep state, this new leftest deep state, wants to keep the total control it has obtained through the bought and paid for Obama administration by means of George Soros. Who desperately needs to remove the first and second amendments of the American constitution, as to be able to wrest control of a new world disorder, without national sovereignties. The sovereignties in the way that have to go first are the United States of America then the Russian Federation. That cannot happen as long as the American people have a free press and the right to bear arms to protect that freedom from a blood thirsty and leftest cabal of the George Soros leftest and corrupt present deep state. When and if he ever succeeds, then it will be between him and the land of the middle kingdom, China! I’m afraid there is no simpler way to explain it. It is what it tis. Out with the old and in with his new. Hitlery was his hope, now it all depends on the The special counsel of Robert S. Mueller III. May the worst man not win.
    There Is Hope Eternal!
    90 Miles From Tyranny
    Ninety miles from the South Eastern tip of the United States, Liberty has no stead. In order for Liberty to exist and thrive, Tyranny must be identified, recognized, confronted and extinguished.

    Exposing the Deep Rot in the Deep State

    Once again, the president has pried behind the stucco of the Deep State’s institutional edifice and shown that the pillars are termite-ridden. Over at Instapundit, law professor Glenn Reynolds said it most succinctly:
    Trump’s luck is pretty amazing. The entire media sets up a week-long hatefest aimed at the NRA, culminating in that shameful fake “Town Hall,” and then the very next day it comes out that there was a police officer there who was too cowardly to do anything, and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who was shaming and lecturing gun owners the night before, must have known it while he was up there on stage.
    Trump’s superpower is his ability, just by existing, to bring out the deep and pervasive rot in America’s institutions and the people who run them.

    In fact, there were four armed deputies at the Parkland, Florida high school, none of whom entered to intervene when the shooting occurred. Heroes like the JROTC students and the coach gave up their lives to protect others, while four armed cops did nothing to end the carnage. At least one witness said he saw the first deputy (Scot Peterson), who has since resigned, hiding behind a stairwell in a separate building while talking on his phone during the four to six minutes the shootings occurred, and it is likely he was talking to his superiors at the time. It defies belief that four deputies at the scene did nothing and that their headquarters were not informed and fully aware that the men were not going in to help.

    THIS WILL BE ALL GONE, IF; Freedom will no longer ring.

    farther ot

  28. Mike R

    Bitcoin has broken to new (post all time high) lows. ~$6500. Probably not a good thing for holders, as the last low was higher, so it keeps making lower highs and lower lows.

    Well if you take Clif High’s prediction for March (a $13,000 ‘low’), and divide it by 2, then he was ‘on target.’ Oops.

    • Paul ...

      When people realize that the CIA and NSA have Bitcoin under their complete control the same way they have control of all the data in Facebook, Apple, Google, etc. … “everything” is known and now stored on these spy agency’s Quantum Computers … people are getting out of Bitcoin just as fast as they are getting out of Facebook … and both will eventually plunge … to zero!!

      • Mike R

        Ah, “Crookbook”, and “BitCon” – two clever fronts for the government. The more I hear Zuckerberg talk, the more he actually does sound like a stooge for the government.

    • This sceptred Isle

      According to Andy Hoffman, Bitcoin will take off when all the old people have died!

  29. Tad

    I have a feeling that current Border Patrol agents will replace the Obama-era political hacks running regional ICE and INS offices. Not sure how or if, it may happen, but the president will have few problems recruiting new field agents.

  30. Charles H


    Rob Kirby was there when Derivatives were first devised and implemented. One might not find someone as qualified, to assess the financial landscape. And nobody shoots as straight except, maybe, Jim Willie. You are right, Greg – lots of people are starting to arrive at the same conclusion. It its almost surreal.

    • This sceptred Isle

      He’s been around the block a few times.

    • Jerry

      Surreal is an understatement. Thanks to technology Cyber illusion keeps the fantasy going even when the numbers are staring you in the face.

      • freebrezer

        Jerry – you are suppose to listen to what MSN says and not to what is happening! Maybe going back and getting a graduate degree in sexual fluidity studies could help per understanding the technology Cyber illusion? Like the dude with a beard who is not a male but something else, likewise the Stlousisfed charts could be ????

  31. oneno

    Someone please tell me what good will be gold and silver coins in an environment where PM detecting cameras will be on every street corner and in drones?

    The elite have all their Brown Shirt divisions in their pockets.

    Everyone should have PMs as insurance. Be mindful of conditions in Venezuela today.

    It would seem that a more rational stance is needed on the next investment vehicles.

    The energy wars fought by the West in the last few decades highlight ENERGY sources as an essential commodity. Clean WATER is another essential commodity.

    More than half the world’s population have no access to clean water and reliable low-cost energy sources.

    • helot

      RE; ‘Someone please tell me what good will be gold and silver coins in an environment where PM detecting cameras will be on every street corner and in drones?’

      Ya know, America would cease to exist at that point.

      • Paul ...

        If they have cameras “on every street corner” (using tons of gold and silver in their circuit boards and silver soldered connections) … it may very well prove to be good to own some silver and gold coins!

        • oneno

          6th-generation logic boards use trace amounts of copper. PMs are used only for large bandwadth very high speed communications.

      • oneno

        The Henoch Prophecies & the predictions of Prophet’s Jeremia and Elia say the United States will be a place of total destruction as a result of the Law of Cause & Effect and other natural events.

        England, and much of Italy will be destroyed. France will be overthrown from within and without.

  32. Clive Cutler

    Dedicated to Rob Kirby of and all Canadians here @
    Inscription in front of the Nancy Brown Peace Tower on Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan. Just feet from the beach off the US. Canadian border.

  33. Iknowwhatyouthink

    Soros and a handful of others are. Why does he not know this?

  34. J.Stert
    David Hogg Reddit Post Celebrates Mosquitoes Killing “Billions” of Humans
    Student activist’s concern for life not so apparent in online comments

  35. J.Stert

    After all, the thinking goes, aren’t things better run by experts? But there are clear and apparent problems with this sort of thinking.
    Mark Levin’s book explains the origins of the deep state
    Posted June 26, 2017 by Nate Madden

    • This sceptred Isle

      ‘Experts’ are usually laying the intellectual groundwork for the implementation of the preexisting policies of their masters.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Humans are the conduits through which the mind of the Archons is expressed in the physical world.

  36. Robert Lykens

    Here’s an excellent site –
    VERY informative articles about EMP by an electrical engineer, separating myth from fact, from a prepper perspective.

  37. Bruce Wilds

    Bruce Wilds
    Obama pushed Russia towards working more with China. This was bad for America and has proved to be a very stupid policy.
    How Russians View Americans
    This fascinating analysis gives us an interesting snapshot of the Russian viewpoint of the United States. It is apparent that any hope of improving relations between the two nations after the election of what appeared to be a relatively pro-Putin Donald Trump have evaporated, thanks, in large part, to the anti-Russia narrative proposed by Washington and propagated by the mainstream Mocking birdbrained media handlers of the unintell.

  38. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    The title of this article… ‘Selling Arms as if There Were No Tomorrow’ might be closer to the mark than we would like to think…if the West’s present obsession with manufacturing and selling military hardware continues this title could very soon come to pass…ie THERE SUDDENLY IS NO TOMORROW …because a conventional war escalated out of control into a full-on nuclear war!

    To quote from the below link;
    “Earlier this month, for instance, on the very day Congress was debating whether to end U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s brutal war in Yemen, Trump engaged in one of his favourite presidential activities: bragging about the economic benefits of the American arms sales he’s been promoting. He was joined in his moment of braggadocio by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the chief architect of that war. That grim conflict has killed thousands of civilians through indiscriminate air strikes while putting millions at risk of death from famine, cholera, and other “natural” disasters caused at least in part by a Saudi-led blockade of that country’s ports.”

    Regards from the south seas

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      The West’s hysterical and patently transparent Russophobic reaction to the Salisbury saga is looking more farcical by the day. Suddenly out of the blue, what do you know, a very familiar name pops up…yep that’s right…the Clintons…again!

      To quote from the below link;
      “The British government insinuates that Russia is the only country that could make ‘Novichok’ agents and must therefore have attacked the Skripals. This is obviously nonsense. The U.S. and the UK were deeply involved in the ‘Novichok’ issue. They certainly tried and succeeded to re-create these substances. After the formulas of the nerve agents were published by Mirzayanov the U.S. and the UK suppressed discussion of the issue. The OPCW professed to know nothing about them. Only after Iranian scientists independently re-created the agents and published about them were they added to the OPCW database.”

      The plot thickens

    • This sceptred Isle

      Given the West’s penchant for weapons manufacturing, I wonder if war is good for gdp growth.

      • Paul ...

        Selling weapons to Nations is as good for our GDP growth … as having Nations develop their own nuclear weapons is bad for our GDP growth … and therefore we must go to war to stop Nations from arming themselves … so “we” can continue to arm them … to protect them from war with the neighbors we also arm!!

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


          The scale of the MIE and Washington’s overt and undisguised support for it is obscene…so too is Trump’s glee and his bragging. His celebration of the massive arms sales to Saudi Arabia tells me a lot about his character and his appalling lack of regard for human life.

          Meanwhile, another ME country [this time the poorest one in the region] is reduced to rubble and famine and yet another refugee crisis is created.


  39. helot

    MSM manipulation. An interesting bit via a comment at

    email from a Washington, D.C. cop confirming that the supposedly impromptu ‘march for our lives’ was long in the planning:

    Good morning,
    In reference to your inquiry concerning the March For Our Lives Demonstration, here in the District of Columbia on March 24, 2018. MPD received a permit application several months prior to the actual event, and there was several months of planning for this large event.
    If your are requesting additional information reference this event, please follow the below steps to file your Freedom of Information Act request:
    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free in contacting me directly.
    Officer Scott C. Earhardt, Badge No. 2372
    Homeland Security Bureau
    Special Operations Division
    Planning and Logistics
    Metropolitan Police Department
    2850 New York Ave., N.E.
    Washington, D.C. 20002
    202-671-6529 (Office)
    202-671-6522 (Planning)
    202-671-6511 (Station)

    • Paul ...

      These rallies by children “to take away our guns” is exactly what Hitler did with his Youth Rallies (to take away the guns from the Jews) and we all know what followed once the Jews were disarmed!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Good one Paul!!!!!

      • Bill

        Isnt it interesting that there are teenagers who are interested in gun control

  40. helot

    Also, have you seen this short bit, quite revealing and aligns with what USAWD is against “This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy”

  41. Beligerent

    Greg, once again a great interview. It seems the game changer is quickly approaching with China launching the Petro Yuan plus now buying oil imports using Yuan. Then the rapid and escalating tariff exchanges with China.

    Those could effect everything from debt, world reserve currency status, T-Bond purchases, grocery prices, Interest Rates, etc. Please get someone on to break this all down for the average Joe.

  42. Julia

    I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Resurrection Day! (I know Im a day late).

    • Greg Hunter

      You Too Julia!!!

  43. Tim McGraw

    Great interview! The markets are shaky. Charles Schwab sent me a notice last week that they were changing their money market fund. They were withdrawing from a MMF that was uninsured and payed 1% interest and going to a Federally insured MMF that only pays .125% interest. I found that interesting.

  44. Jerry

    The third dead cat bounce in a week.

    Hmmm. What happened a week ago? Oh that’s right the launch of the no big deal petro yuan. Nothing bolsters confidence in a currency like watching it markets swoon.

  45. Mike R

    More on the Petro’Yawn’…

    Simply read the fine print on the SC1809 (name for PetroYuan) contracts, as related by Xinhua: “At the beginning, US dollars can be used as deposit and for settlement. In the future, more currencies will be used as deposit.” So (for the moment, at least) this isn’t a golden ticket for bypassing the dollar. Not even close actually. Overseas traders will still be putting dollars in and getting dollars out. The yuan will just be the denomination of the contract.

    Also, the prospect of SC1809 challenging Brent Crude or WTI for the title of “global oil benchmark” is still a long (decades) ways off. China’s capital controls and pegging of the yuan to the USD, mean that it is still totally useless as a world reserve currency, or for any sort of an international settlement currency. Until Beijing releases its death grip on the yuan, it’s not going to be embraced by China’s foreign trading partners, let alone non-Chinese trading partners elsewhere in the world.

    25 years in the making by China to get to this yawner of a ‘meh’ event ? I’m sure the world’s biggest oil traders (in the US and mostly in New York), are just quivering in their boots. (sarc)

    The only media making a big deal of this non-event, are Western fake news outlets like Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Sensationalists will get the press; folks like you’ll get the dough.

  46. RonT

    Money for hyperinflation is already created.
    I’m one of those that cannot get his mind wrapped around that
    Just because digits (money?) has been allocated to and sent down some rat hole by Gov entities surely does not mean that it is available now for spending and how would it get into the economy anyway?
    I’m assuming a financial reset that would destroy all digital (money?).
    Hyperinflation will come as a result of a worthless US dollar forcing up prices of imported goods (everything).

    • Paul ...

      The banksters can easily get $6 Trillion dollars into the economy “real fast” by offering people with paid off homes a reverse mortgage with a fixed 0% interest rate for 30 years!!

  47. Occasnltrvlr

    I’m not trying to disparage Mr. Kirby, I neither accuse him of being dishonest nor unknowledgeable.

    But, we’ve been hearing this “there is no gold en masse for purchase” meme for several years. What’s the net result? NBFD. (PMF.)

    “All the gold’s been sold to China”
    “The vaults in England are empty”
    “The giant vault with a tunnel to the Fed in NY has been sold to the Chinese”
    “Germany can’t get their gold repatriated”
    “The Swiss banks won’t let big, old-money families have any gold back”
    etc., year after year, sensationalist after sensationalist, ad infinitum.

    The net result:
    “Same as it ever was.”

    Don’t get me wrong: it is an arithmetic certainty that the current monetary system will eventually fail. But, don’t hold your breath.

    • Greg Hunter

      What you are seeing is the view from the front of the window outside looking in. What Kirby is seeing is all the happenings in the back and knows the players too. You better to be a year (or two) early than a day late. Think about the Forrest Gump movie line when he said, “And then one day it was over, just like that.”

      • Occasnltrvlr

        With all due respect Mr. Hunter, so I’ve heard, for nigh on ten years or so now.

        • Greg Hunter

          Go back to sleep. Everything is fine and the markets are normal and organic.

    • Charles H

      Think of this time as if it were a poker game hand in the Champion finals. What you describe are all the bets going into the pot. While the hand is still played, and players are willing to up the bets: it is ‘same as it ever was’. But at some point the hand must end; the bets are called: and someone takes all the chips.

      If it were a matter of straight dealing – products for real money – all the balances would figure and limits would be enforced. Right now, there are no Markets; and players are pulling chips out of thin air. China is taking it’s own chips to a different table – and now, even if America wins: it loses.

      • Occasnltrvlr


    • Russ

      Kicking the can down the road is designed to give the impression to the masses (us) that everything is fine, move along, nothing to see here. Everything will be fine until it’s not.

      Many of the newer LED flashlights come with electronic circuitry to allow a single AAA battery to put out a lot of light; the light output remains constant because as the energy in the battery drains out the electronic circuitry compensates and keeps the correct voltage & current going to the LED. When the battery is nearly depleted the circuitry breaks down and allows the remaining electricity to flow directly and the light at that point gets really dim. With some flashlights there is little to no warning. Rob Kirby is one of those warning us that the battery is depleted.

      It’s really going to suck when the PTB are no longer able to kick the can. At that point there will be no more energy in the battery. Best to have a spare battery on hand.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Russ, I guess it depends on how you look at it. I think it will be a great moment when the PTB can no longer kick the can. It’s our only chance to get on the right track again. What we have been doing since the ’60s is printing and adding zeroes. I think it goes on, because nobody has any other idea at this point. There are very few people alive who remember real money, honest banking, and functional economies. Just like all these lefty libs in the millennial generation have never known true freedom as we had in the 50s., so they advocate for socialism and gun control, stuff that has caused misery and the deaths of millions. Best always. PM

        • Russ

          I agree, but getting back on track will not be without pain. Metaphorically, the lights will go out.

  48. H. Craig Bradley

    PURE .9999 % SOPHISTRY

  49. Flattop

    GREG: Really refreshing to listen to Kirby. He has been around long enough to know AND understand whats going on

    Secondly, our President, He has been around money long enough to know AND understand whats going on. As Donald Jr said, The President isn’t prejudice, he thinks in green (money)

    • Greg Hunter

      Rob Kirby told me he wished he did not know what he knows. Think Forrest Gump and the line from the movie “Then one day it was over just like that.” Get ready and stay ready. Everyday it holds off is a gift.

  50. Diane

    Perhaps the United States would be better off if we were not the reserve currency, but don’t think that will happen anytime soon.
    Perhaps in 10 or 15 years? Possible.

    • Neil

      Try 18 months…

  51. Tad

    Gives a relatively accurate assessment of federal land ownership in ten states.

    You may note that in California, it is 45.8 percent. For a moment this may mean nothing, other than Mr. Trump and his administration is selling off lands in, among other states, California.

    A few months back, the State of California passed a law that prevents the federal government from selling off its land to any one other than the state–if they allow them to sell at all. A stated worry has been that certain lands would fall into those intent on real estate development or mining and oil exploration. You know, Republicans.

    I thought the state passed the law so that squatters from Mexico and surrounding nations, in nuanced legal and political maneuvers, were end recipients of a revived the Homestead Act of the 1880s.

    I mean, they couldn’t possibly want a “windfall’ from selling federal land (at distressed prices) no less, to reduce a massive state budget deficit. No that couldn’t be it!

    The story reeks of eminent domain perversion, and I’m no lawyer. California Attorney General Xavier Baccera happens to be both lawyer and of Mexican heritage.

    Large numbers of “refugees” from El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico are headed towards our border which has the earmarks of a Soros operation ala Europe.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Tad, the Left will go to any lengths to destroy the West. It is a necessary step for them to gain the total control they desire. Those thinking that the Left advocates for the “little guy” or ” the enlightened” or “the worker/proletariat” or any other damn thing other than themselves will be truly surprised to find themselves in the mosh pit with all the rest of us, being forced to make bricks without straw (Exodus 5:6-11). Best always. PM

      • Tad

        “Tad, the Left will go to any lengths to destroy the West. ”

        I prefer to think the Left wants to destroy the United States. While being provincial, I realize Soros and his NGOs are doing the same, globally.

        The Left is so clearly supporting the illegal immigrant, I don’t know how rank and file Democrats haven’t switched. Probably because a growing number of Republican legislators (RINO) are fighting to distinguish themselves.

        Hope Republicans show up midterm and vote for someone who comes from the relatively poor side of the tracks. Not in and of itself a condition for hope. System may collapse by then. Who knows?

  52. Tim McGraw

    I have some silver rounds that I bought at $40/oz. Don’t want to be fooled again.
    It’s all manipulated. I just try and hang onto real stuff. I have my tools, machines, house, and skills. The money is ephemeral.

  53. Tom

    Lots of physical bullion available in large quantities. Log on to and buy as much as you want and they will deliver it to your door.

    • Greg Hunter

      Kirby was talking tonnage.

  54. Tom

    Supply and demand are about equal over the past 3 years for silver and gold. Thus, we see that price is in a sideways trading range. The price will break out to the upside when demand exceeds supply, or will break out to the downside if supply exceeds demand. No entity can change that fact. The manipulation talk is silly. You could say that every buy order manipulates the price higher and every sell order manipulates the price lower. That is what happens.

  55. R. Patrick

    I can see retail catching wind of a commercial default on delivery. That will be the day retail refuses to sell any gold or silver until true price discovery is reached, 600 plus on silver. Gold?
    Foggit about it cuz its not for sale unless you get property in exchange. JMO

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