Global Growth Will Never Return to its Glory Days-Chris Martenson

By Greg Hunter’s  

Chris Martenson of says, “We have an economy that requires constant exponential growth . . . that won’t happen.  We’re on an unsustainable course.”  Martenson says the next 20 years will look nothing like the last 20 years.  He predicts, “The crisis really is going to belong to the people who don’t see it coming.”  Martenson believes, “Global growth will never return to its former glory days.”  The days of cheap natural resources are gone. Martenson says to go along with that phenomenon, “The risks are piling up in the financial system. . . . The Federal Reserve is printing, printing, printing . . . we’re going to have a world class currency crisis.”  Given the current situation of a broken money system and dwindling natural resources, Martenson says, “I don’t see how you avoid a hard landing at this point.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Chris Martenson from

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  1. Rev. William Joslin

    What a great interview Greg! We’ve always talked a lot about oil. I think water will become a very critical resource in the not too distant future. During this drought we’ve had towns in Texas go completely dry that required water to be brought in. We really take water for granted. If we ran out of oil someday, we do have some alternatives. There is no alternative to H2O. And while we may be inconvenienced without oil in our modern world, we could survive without it. But, since the beginning of time, no man has ever survived without water.

    Anyway, I loved this video. We moved away from the city about 4 years ago and have been gardening and raising chickens and doing what we can to be more self sustaining. It’s not real easy at first but you learn as you go. And the rewards are well worth the effort. While we only have a backup solar generator at the moment, we are hoping to someday convert over to solar completely.

    Thanks Greg! Have a great week!

    • Greg

      Thank you Rev.

      • mike burton

        I ve been saying this all along nothing goes back where it was before but i do see another housing bubble on the horizon again and many other bubbles to go with it

        • Greg

          Thank you Rev. and Mike.

  2. Rebecca

    One of the best interviews, Greg!
    I especially liked Mr. Martenson’s advice that we get involved back in our own community – as simply as helping others stack wood or plant a garden. I hope you get to have him on again soon.

    • Greg

      Yes Rebecca, i thought it was a little out of the ordinary but spot on. Thank you for your comment.

  3. jc davis

    Thank you Greg for answering my questions about shell oil, and the keystone pipeline.Criss Martenson satisfied my mind not to invest in shell oil because of the cost /profit ratio.Cutting the m.i.c. , and other fed spending is the answer for the country. Independence is the answer in my own life.Well needed interview.

    • Greg

      Thank you JC.

  4. art barnes

    Greg, let me sum Chris Martenson’s interview: “THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS”. Thanks for having him on. Happy Holidays Greg!

    • Greg

      Thank you Art and KC.

  5. KC


    Chris is such a great guy. I have been following him for years. He is one of the few folks out there offering solutions. The coming change is not something that we should fear, but something we should embrace. It will be an opportunity for people of good moral value to help those that did not or could not prepare. We have a chance to build community and redirect it to a positive direction.

    Be well!


  6. George

    Greg,Great video .As the world spirals down, News media paints Mrs.Lanza as a “Doomsday preeper” because she was concerned about a financial collapse.
    On Bloomberg News, during Market Makers, a commentator says financial industry should bring forces to bear against gun industry. So Wall Street, corrupt and riddled with fraud, is going to put money to de-arm honest and free Americans. God help us.

    • Greg

      I try to make it red, white and true here!!! Thank you George.

  7. George

    And all the MSM is fixated on this tragedy but they say nothing about the economy. Its sad, it an atrocity but I have heard about it…give me news, not yellow journalism

  8. Charles H.

    Once again, Greg, you are proving your worth – through drawing in resources, like Chris Martensen, and sharing their wealth of information and perspective. The scope and depth of your site is very much enriched by such inclusions. There’s no such thing as “one-stop shopping” for information in this ever complex world: but I have to say I haven’t found anyone else doing as much and as well as you are doing.
    Now if we can only get your arms to gesture like Chris here – then WOW! Great interview.

    • Greg

      Wow!!, Thank you Charles H. for the kind words and for your support.

  9. Richard

    Great interview Greg. This interview did answer the question I had the other day about what to watch for. I think the key here is the foreign lenders. I would like to have a little forewarning that they are getting ready to “call” in the loans or sell them off to the highest bidder. The reason for that is once the lenders don’t want any more bad paper, Wall St will see it at the same time as I do. There is little to no advantage in that for me. I suspect significantly more research will be involved this time around.

    • Greg

      Thank you Richard,
      I think most people will be shocked at the speed of the next financial calamity. They have been lulled to sleep, but will wake up in shear panic.

  10. anonymous

    Chris Martenson is a nice guy and well meaning however a linear thinker when it comes to energy. Most never saw the industrial revolution coming with the aid of electricity or could have predicted it with any great accuracy before hand. To extrapolate into the future current conditions is a fallacy in logic. No one can predict the future to any great degree. The next revolution might well be in the manufacturing and energy sectors beyond what most probably can even imagine or predict today. Instead of yelling far and wide that the sky is falling, why not imagine a different future, start researching and living it today. The seeds are out there and growing for those with eyes to see.

    • Greg

      First of all, if you really want your comment to have some weight don’t make it “anonymous.” Martenson made his point and backed it up with analysis and fact. I don’t mind criticism, (in fact I welcome it) but I like it to come from people not afraid to use real identities and back up their points with some facts and analysis. You did neither, but thank you for weighing in on this site.

      • Freedomain

        You are correct Greg; it should have been stated, in my opinion, that Chris’ thinking is linear to the future and not that he is a linear thinker when looking at energy. Important distinction and I should have known better. Sorry Chris. Keep in mind, my comment was made with all due respect to Chris however lacking in distinction.

        One’s point of view carrying weight and maintaining one’s privacy is somewhat beside the point – a red herring in avoiding another’s point of view. Just because I know who you are, doesn’t make your opinion that much stronger or carry more weight than any other’s. Personally I’m open to all ideas no matter how strange or offbeat as long as they are logical and well presented – which Chris has done.

        At no point was Chris’s analysis and facts questioned however his predictions of the future were. I agree with most of what he says about current conditions however am skeptical about his possible projections going forward solely based on the petrochemical paradigm. I’m also open to the fact that what he says about the coming future is quite possible too, but we shouldn’t hang our hats on it either. I’m skeptical; however detect a rabid believer in the tone of your reply.

        It was stated that no one saw clearly in the beginning how electricity and the industrial revolution would transform modern society – it was only imagined at the time. This is fact yet you claim I gave none. As I don’t know the future, I cannot possibly supply facts and analysis about it. I can only imagine what current technology will provide in a more positive future. Look to 3D printers in every home as a distributed manufacturing paradigm. These printers are fact however I don’t know how they will play out in the future.

        Instead of scaring everyone with peak oil, as if we need more doom and gloom, why not discuss and research alternative energy sources that Tesla developed over 100 years ago and magnetics as possibilities to solve our energy needs in the future. I would hope this isn’t off topic!

        When an idea’s time has come, like markets, you can only manipulate the trend in the short term, the long run will have its way.

        • Greg

          Thank you for the analysis and comment!! Very good.

          • Freedomain

            Thanks for what you do Greg,

            You might be interested in the Corbett Report that has done an excellent job of consolidating, presenting and imagining a brighter future through the use of 3D printing as a very beneficial and revolutionary technology:


            One can imagine that if everyone had a 3D printer, like a home computer, using additive production, just in time without the energy components and waste of the subtractive modern manufacturing paradigm, people could look forward to much reduced prices as well as over 50% on energy savings, being conservative here, on a worldwide basis.

            The whole supply chain and energy costs/wastes for factories, shipping, wholesale and retail storage would be much reduced handing cost saving to everyone as well and more importantly the need for less energy consumption going forward and the subsequent related pollution.

            We may never return to the glory days of the past and who would want to with all the waste and polluting of the environment – we will exceed them however in a different and cleaner, less wasteful paradigm.

            • Greg

              Thank you Freedomain for the link and positive news.



    It sould be mentioned here that Chris’s work has been involved too with variable research levels involving Dr. Kent Moore regards Worldwide oil conditions and A Mr. Fitzgerald who researches the agricultural environments of OUR shrinking World. These 3 men working together have come out with a documentary regards their seperate and combined discoveries looking at the facts we face regards resources and how we may find solutions. However, a country changing its’ basic lifestyle confronting auterity of resources vs. OUR past history of abundance isn’t an instantaneous rediscovey of who we are vs. who we’ve been and so patience and learning is of the utmost essense but it should be mentined that OUR pioneer founders used austerity challenges to grow this country into its’ past greatness from the seeds of their pioneer experiences. There’s nothing to say we can’t do it again overcoming the new challenges within the new format that lies in front of us. We are struggling now but, once we’ve overcom many of the problems of which we are now aware, the land of smooth sailing/sledding will emerge but it will take time/effort. We are a country wedded to our founding beliefs too which coincides with the promise that “all things are possible to those who believe!” It’s a lot like the kids next door asking me how they can oercome their problems when they were young and still curious? My answer to them is my answer to all of us: “Kids you learn to overcome problms by going out into the world and geting some problems and they have done so very favorably. AT heart we are all just kids with endless challenges we shall overcome sooner or later, because we can’t be stopped & OUR pent up curiosity towards how to solve problems can never be suppressed.

    RUSS SMITH, CALIFORNIA (One Of OUR Broke States)
    [email protected]

  12. justin king

    I find it amazing that more people don’t talk about NET energy.

  13. Lew

    Thanks for all your hard work Greg, it is greatly appreciated.
    2013 will see the continued downward spiral of the global and local economies. I just don’t understand how anyone can believe we are in any kind of “recovery”. I believe that the best we can expect is a flat economy (from time to time). Retailers right now are literally having fire sales, trying to get all the cash they can.
    I said back in 2008 that there could not be any form of recovery until there was either a value determined or a write-off of all the debt created by the financial system (subprime fiasco). It has become apparent that there will be no bottom to this mess. Keep in mind that we have not yet had the sovereign debt bomb has yet to explode.

    • Greg

      Thank you Lew and Piers!!

  14. Piers

    Great interview Greg, Martenson always puts forward strong compelling arguments that he always backs up with detailed analysis, facts and figures. That being said, the points he makes are simple common sense if you stop and actually think about it. Resources are finite and populations are exploding, we all cannot live the abundant good life forever without consequences…

  15. tsuki

    Another 25%’er! Yea! This is how we make changes. Vote with your dollars, or lack of them.

    I keep saying this over and over, but it is true. Great interview.

    • Greg

      Thanks for weighing in Tsuki!

  16. Mark L

    It was a pleasure to hear your confident and clear voice on C2CAM last night. Being a long-time reader of your website and ancillary websites, I am a believer in the forcast of impending economic/dollar collapse. Even after doing basic preps of portfolio realignment, squirreling away some precious metals and putting into place basic supplies for off-the-grid living for several months, I feel a bit of dread from time to time because of the unknown variables that will likely kick in once “the system” begins to crack.

    Specifically, could you ask your guests to prognotisticate on these post-collapse topics?

    1. What happens to stocks during a dollar collapse, assuming the companies themselves do not fail. Is holding stocks in strong companies a relatively safe investment in a hyperinflationary environment?

    2. How long after a dollar collapse would it take for a new currency definition to take hold? What would it be based upon?

    3. I anticipate bank runs, making physical money supply non-existent. Many of your guests recommend holding silver and gold coins, but in a currency collapse, wouldn’t holding some paper money and even coinage have merit because this is what most people believe is true money?

    4. Post-collapse, I am guessing that 90% USA silver coinage will be the new common man’s money of acceptance (also including 1 oz silver Eagles). Can the government confiscate its own money from citizens or somehow make it illegal to use 90% for exchange of goods and services? The government would do this to prop up confidence in the dollar or new dollar. I predict that we will reset working wages back a hundred years to 10 cents silver per day. If so, holding just 7 rolls of 90% silver dimes would be equivalent to a year’s wages!

    Thank you again for all your hard work!

    • Greg

      Mark L,
      I’ll be asking some of those same questions of Catherine Austin Fitts next month. She says there is a new currency on the way, I just don’t know when. Thank you!!!

  17. jc davis

    No sale of this silver coin on ebay.There is nothing special about the Liberty Dollar coins other than the fact that they are pure silver; and, of course, that they actually have intrinsic value as compared to general circulation U.S. legal tender which is, by most accounts, essentially worthless in terms of metal value.

    The government disagrees with this argument, and in a press release issued by the US Department of Justice, said that the trade of such coins amounts to nothing short of terrorism because it poses a direct threat to the stability of the United States

  18. Todd

    Just reading “Too Much Magic,” which is right here too. Kunstler is even more pessimistic than Chris about oil and so-called alternative fuels, not that Martenson is any kind of Pangloss.

    Nice interview w/ Noory last eve., Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you Todd for the feedback and support.

  19. Sterling Cornaby

    Greg & Chris

    Thank you for your work. These insights are highly needed in our society; I have needed them and I highly value them. I first found Chris’s information about 3 years ago from the side of our energy issues. I am a physicist, I care intensely about energy and I could see the incredible disconnect between our energy needs & challenges and how the economy & monetary system works. Chris put these together in a “simple” presentation. This presentation is masterfully done; it is no small trick to make hard complex important predicaments digestible; or in other words “simple”. It is a masterful bit of editing to really get to the heart of the issues in a timely manner.

    I found this information 3 years ago, but it took me 2 more years before I was mentally willing to do much about it; it’s simply hard to connect all this information into “What am I going to do?”. It is a true paradigm shift; reminds me a bit of Noah building his boat, it’s very hard to build boats when the sun is still shining and everyone is still believing in the status quo.

    On to the comments of “technology” solving “energy” issues. The future of a techno quick fix a really hard sell to me. Yes, we can’t predict the future, but there is no magic Telsa invented gismos or any other magical technology which can harvest energy from the sun or earth more effectively then drilling oil and mining coal. Energy from Coal, oil and gas have made everything in the 20th century; I just can’t find anything more magical then that in nature and I have really been looking (well maybe fusion, but it is proving really hard and will not solve any problems for years into the future). Most of our technology has more to do with sleight of hand manipulations of nature. They are fantastic, but often coal or gas is being burned on the other end to pay nature’s currency of “energy”.

    Time to take my big butt home in a gas burning car and watch TV powered by a coal burning plant and eat food fertilized with petrochemicals and send an email to a computer powered by…

    Greg & Chris
    Thank you again for your insights into a more realistic views of our future

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment and analysis Sterling Cornaby.

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  21. chris1

    6.00 $52 Trillion?
    $200 Trillion over the next 30 years,Prof. Kotlikoff. please interview him.

    • Greg

      Good idea.

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