Global Markets Incredibly Inflated & Artificially Manipulated – Marc Faber

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Legendary investor Dr. Marc Faber called the precise bottom of the current bull market in March 2009. What does he say today about the record high stock markets? Dr. Faber contends, “The advance/decline is not quite as strong as before. The list of new highs is not as strong as before, and we are overbought. We are not as overbought as in 1987, but we are more overvalued than in 1987. In 1987, we did not have the unfunded pension fund liabilities. Debt to GDP (in 1987) was still relatively low. It did go up under President Reagan, but now it is in the sky. In particular, and I have to point this out, we have incredibly inflated and artificially manipulated European and Japanese sovereign bond markets. . . . I don’t think the market will be supported much longer from a decline in interest rates. They can be supported by money printing. That we have to see.”

Dr. Faber goes on to say, “It’s difficult to tell if the market will peak out tomorrow . . . but it seems to me the cash positions are very low, and the level of optimism is very high.”

Another big difference between the market today and that of the 1987 crash is unfunded pensions. Dr. Faber, who holds a PhD in economics, says, “The unfunded liabilities have gone up. They did not go down. So, if in rising asset markets the pension funds unfunded liabilities go up, can you imagine what will happen when markets fall? So, they will have to print money. . . . Bear markets do not occur just because of one event. It’s a series of circumstances that lead to a loss of confidence with people exiting markets, and then with people exiting markets in a panic. . . . Fed Head Janet Yellen said if conditions would warrant further measures, the Fed would take further measures. So, she (Yellen) said . . . if the Fed thought the economy was weakening, or their beloved asset markets go down, then she may again ease and introduce QE4 (money printing out of thin air.) . . .In today’s situation, the asset market is less overbought, but the asset bubbles are everywhere. . . .Each bubble has fraud cases, and I mean massive fraud. That’s the characteristic of each bubble. There is fraud.”

Dr. Faber will also talk about recent accusations that he is a racist because of some politically incorrect comments he made on his popular “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.” Dr. Faber says he has no history of racism, and he adamantly denies this charge. Dr Faber says, “In my view, I am about as little a racist as you can be.” Dr. Faber will explain himself in detail.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Marc Faber of the “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.”

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After the Interview:
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  1. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant! My thanks to you Greg for your great production.
    People are really in for it BIG TIME and it ain’t pretty.

  2. Porter House


    In the very short time Donald J., the Trumpster, has been president, he is the
    most besieged leader since Abraham Lincoln! Who presided over a super
    polarized nation in an un Civil War! But this polarization today is not based on a [REAL] serious issue, like slavery, but on the lies and malicious machinations of a hostile opposition party and their lapdog media minion stooges, who have t
    urned half this dis United States into a nation of blithering infantile, crazed angry, un-informed/ miss-informed/ dis-informed non-thinkers, who base their crazed anger on faux [FAKE] so called news.

    Christian freedom, true capitalism, is the only thing that will save us, short of divine intervention. Which the founding fathers of the United States envisioned and hoped for, not [National Socialism] the un-christian crony capitalism DESTROYING us.
    Were living in an age of asset bubbles rather than true economic growth. like the song, were forever blowing bubbles, remember when you blew bubbles? They went pop or flew and faded away. Fortunes fly away too, when pop goes the weasel!
    .Greg, I heard a preacher on the radio today and he reminded me of you. He said God is in control of heaven, earth and hell. The hell one sorta threw me for a loop though. I wont say anymore. I don’t want to be invited to a heated discussion on hell. Well all know soon enough what it’s like. In the mean time and were living in mean times, we can still crack open that book of books the Bible! Anybody wanna disagree with me on that? As of 12:30 am Sunday morning I’m still right, at least I think I still is. If somethings changed, I’ll be back after the faux [FAKE] so called news.

    • Paul ...

      “God is in control of heaven, earth and hell” … should not throw you for a loop Porter … in the beginning … darkness was upon the face of the deep … so God created the stars (Let There be Light) … these “Suns” (hot as Hell) is where Lucifer was assigned to reside (his job being to provide “light and heat”) for the Earth God then created to house his creations (plants, animals, insects, etc.) with “seeds” to multiply their kind … until “the evil ones” like abortionists and the warmongers among us decided to go against “God’s plan” (to create abundant life) and instead want to “destroy all life” … from the womb (right up to nine months) to our 18 year old children (in countless continuing non-stop wars) to the “death panels” for the elderly and Monsanto genetically engineering “the seeds of life” out of God’s creations … and here is “a random thought” that might throw you for a loop … what if Lucifer the “light giver” is really not all that bad?? … yes he can burn you (if you get too close) but isn’t he just doing his job (creating light and heat to sustain life on our planet)? … what if … it is really “evil men” (who disobey God’s will “to foster and care for all life”) that are the true Satan’s of this world?… they are the ones creating endless war and death (for “paper money” printed out of thin air) … it is these Satanists we must lock up (like Hillary, the pedophiles, the warmongering neocons, the evil ones that created 9-11’s and the recent Vegas shooting … etc., etc.) that must be thrown into the fires of Hell!!

      • Paul ...

        Now getting back to Dr. Faber who has no history of racism … the pious “white men” who are attacking him are probably the same evil slime who want to bomb, bomb Iran … rain fire and fury on N. Korea … and at the same time (with their forked tongues) tell us as they make war, kill women and children in drone strikes, etc. … that they “love Peace and Motherhood” … while their agenda is death … their agenda is slaughter of the innocent … their agenda is denying everyone on Earth their Constitutional right to free speech … as they depopulate our planet of not only human beings but every life form and species God created here in our world and knew it was good!

        • Paul ...

          Every person (Every Nation) has a God given right to protect themselves from big bullies that try to steal their land, their homes, their precious metals or even take their very lives by subterfuge or an outright military “pre-emptive first strike” … “responsible” gun owners and “responsible” Nations have a Constitutional right to own a gun or a nuclear weapon … as long as they don’t go around like a thief in the night “using that weapon” for evil purposes!!

          • Paul ...

            Want 1000 years of peace in the world … give every nation nuclear weapons!! … of course the neocons (who need constant war to steal our taxpayer money) want to take away all Nation’s rights “to defend themselves” from evil thieves and warmongers!!

    • Chip

      In the very short time Donald J., the Trumpster, has been president, he is the
      most besieged leader since Abraham Lincoln! Who presided over a super
      polarized nation in an un Civil War! But this polarization today is not based on a [REAL] serious issue, like slavery, but on the lies and malicious machinations of a hostile opposition party and their lapdog media minion stooges, who have turned half this dis United States into a nation of blithering infantile, crazed angry, un-informed/ miss-informed/ dis-informed non-thinkers, who base their crazed anger on faux [FAKE] so called news.

      YES ^^^^ THIS! You nailed it my friend… Chip

      • Paul ...

        Only “non-thinkers” could still believe Oswald was the “lone killer” … and even on the .001% probability he was … he was still put in place and on the payroll of the CIA!!!

    • Mike R

      Porter – we are experiencing today’s equivalent of a civil war, and its being done without guns and ammo. What I see happening, is that the internet and social media have become a ‘venting valve’ for people to release a lot of their frustration and unhappiness with our government, the atrocious debt, the relentless public institutional fraud, that we all can see plain as day.
      The verbal attacks are vicious and rightly so, but that was something that was not able to be done effectively back in Lincoln’s day, and really only has become possible since the year 2000 and later.
      There is a lot of pent up hatred, but at least with the internet, and social media the population can express it to get it out of their system, or maybe even use the internet to find like minded people, and converge to create some sort of grass roots uprising that ends up in protests, rather than guns and ammo. Sure we have violence still, and its quite likely our civil war is playing out on-line, similar to the outlet that video games provide today’s teens and some adults.

      Also, today, we “witness” and learn about so much more about the world’s society, that we simply did not have access to in terms of information and in near real time, prior to the internet and social media.
      That fact alone, could be helping to cause a lot of angst.

      Personally, I have chosen to view a lot less main stream news and be very selective about sites that I am willing to visit and read. If it gets me upset, I just avoid that website. I am much more at peace than I ever have been, knowing I can pick and choose what I want to view. Information is always there, and a lot of it does need to be filtered.

      At the end of the day, people like Faber who are much higher in the ‘ionosphere’ so to speak, in terms of the doings of the elite and government, offer us a small glimpse into what may be happening behind the scenes, that no newspaper will EVER offer, and also no mainstream outlet like CNN will never offer either. Greg’s doing us all a big service, and it’s not for me to judge his guests. Just thankful we have access to some of this information.

    • Better Chetter

      Christians like to say they are all around the globe, in all countries, but from what I’ve seen of Christians – not seeking the kingdom within (the heart/body) but staying stuck in their heads or by holding on to archaic institutions that have co-opted Christianity for their own aims (Pope-Catholics for one [I was raised Catholic]) – the compassion, acceptance of individual differences, tolerance for differently abled folks is lacking. Some forms of Christianity are not meant to be what people turn back to, to save the planet. It may only harden their hearts, not open them, to love the lower classes of society – which is who Jesus preached to (the temple elders wanted no part of his message, no ruling class wants to give up its power, nor share it with “non-producers”).
      To the point of ruling over hell, I’d heard that in Jesus’ last 40 day fast, he sent his consciousness/mind into hell, to save all the sinners there – as he did with folks in purgatory (my Catholic roots showing [?]) – so that he could rule over all levels of life & death. – Also heard that St. Michael didn’t slay the dragon, but had his foot on its throat, to use its fire for God’s purposes (another way of ruling over hell?) –

      • Charles H

        B C,

        Prior to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: everyone went to Hell. It is just those who held their faith to the death, believing God would provide a Messiah: went to a compartment, of all the Old Testament patriarchs, prophets, and believers – called “Abraham’s Bosom”, which had no torment and waited for the Savior. Before the Ascension – Jesus Christ went and preached to those “captives”, who were all disposed to believe, and were taken to Heaven. Now, when Born-again Believers die – they are directly present with the Lord. “Purgatory” is not found in the Bible; but is a distinctly Catholic invention that they teach.
        The Person and Work (of Redemption) God the Son, Jesus Christ has done – is not just the centerpiece of Humanity: it is the hinge of Eternity. To neglect so great a salvation – is to default to an unending chastisement. So as terrible God is – His goodness must be an equal in glorious blessing.

  3. nigel

    I know Marc when I interviewed him as junior reporter in Hong Kong in the 1990s for a major US magazine, he was great and very kind to me. Don’t understand where this racist accusation is coming from. Marc is not a racist, blimey lives in Chiang Mai i believe. I think some people don’t quite get the Swiss/German way of talking or the nuance of what he’s saying, he’s a very good guy.

    • Bob

      By “good” you mean he doesn’t care a jot about the genocide of the white race.
      Am I right?

  4. Bob

    How about getting Rick Rule on to explain Sprott’s actions in dropping Faber? I find that to be disgusting virtue signalling and it strengthens the general anti-white narrative of our times. Sprott needs to be brought to account for that sort of thing.

    • This sceptred Isle

      1) Sprott Asset Management carries Eric Sprott’s NAME. Therefore, any opinion publicly expressed by someone working for his company is associated with his name.
      In an ideal world, someone should be allowed to present their opinions without being fired. However, Sprott certainly has the right to distance himself from those opinions if he wishes.
      2) Sprott’s first commitment is to preserving the status of his company and maximising revenue for investors. Much of the investment in his company would come from non-white investors.
      3) Marc Faber chose of his free will to make those comments knowing what the repercussions would be. If anything, Sprott was let down by Faber.

      • Bob

        I’ll translate.
        1) Sprott is now known as a PC cuck.
        2) His race and country mean nothing. Appeasing angry blacks is #1 priority and the meaning of our existence.
        3) Faber is an honest man who sticks his neck out. You are a PC libtard.

        • This sceptred isle

          ‘You are a libtard’. If that is the intelligence of your argument I need say no more.

    • foggygoggles

      Couldn’t agree more.

  5. Macray

    Coming Soon To A Movie Theater Near You!!! Guaranteed You will be Impressed!!!
    From 21st Century DT studios!!! Watch the latest Official movie trailer and preview

    So who will it be??? Come on Folks, I know your all anxiously awaiting my Fed Chairman Decision!!!
    Well wait a little bit longer because I plan my decision announcement Next Week and I Guarantee You will be Impressed!!!!!!

    I have someone very specific in mind and Hopefully they will do a Fantastic Job!!! But most importantly at the end of 8 years, you really will be impressed!!! Because things are looking Good for our Country and our Country’s economy!!!
    And all you Watchdoggers remember the Economy is STRONG!!!
    So stay tuned and have Fun and God Bless America!!!

    • Macray

      Dr Marc Faber, like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts suggests it’s all about the money printing.
      “I don’t think the market will be supported much longer from a decline in interest rates. They can be supported by money printing”.
      Who will be the next Fed Chairman???
      Will it be the one who can print the most money!!!
      You will be impressed!!!

      • Macray

        Former Qatar Prime Minister: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and USA colluded and coordinated to fund Al Qaeda and destroy Syria
        Al-Thani even likened the covert operation to “hunting prey” – the prey being President Assad and his supporters – “prey”

        Will the Don continue to go along with these Neocon policies???
        Stay Tuned for future Trailers!
        Coming Soon To A Movie Theater Near You!!! Guaranteed You will be Impressed!!!

  6. JC Davis

    Very good, and fair.
    Dr. Faber was given plenty of time to explain his thoughts without interruption. Greg I really like Dr. Faber.
    I would like to know his thoughts on the new system AIIB, and other changes outside the dollar. What would he think the effects would be to the dollar standing in world currency.

  7. genocidal politician

    correction, to a lot of people MF is politically correct,

  8. Macray

    It was a set up! Look who set up the Fusion GPS meeting with Trump Jr.
    According to Mark Stewart, the General Counsel for the House Committee responding to Fusion GPS, at least three of the people at the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower in June 2016 were Fusion GPS officials.
    The eight people who attended the Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016:
    — Donald Trump Jr.
    — Jared Kushner (left early)
    — Paul Manafort
    — Natalia Veselnitskaya (Fusion GPS)
    — Anatoli Samochornov (translator and Fusion GPS)
    — Rinat Akhmetshin (lobbyist – Fusion GPS)
    — Rob Goldstone
    — Rep. of the Agalarov Family

    Looking forward to the Don’s next tweet!!!

    • Samantha P

      The first indictments are in. Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are toast. Next to be implicated are Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner. That’s what I am betting on. Democrats have this one cold and in the bag.

      • Greg Hunter

        S P
        Manafort is being indicted for a tax issue may years before the Trump campaign. Isn’t Mueller supposed to investigate Russian collusion? This is all a sham because Hillary, Obama, Mueller, Comey, Holder, Lynch Rice. Rosenstein are all up to their necks in fraud, bribery and treason. “Democrats have this one cold and in the bag.” You are delusional and not a very good paid troll either.

        • Samantha P

          Russian Collusion ? Machts Nicht. Collusion in and of itself is NOT against the law. The real treasure trove of information will come out with Papadopoulos’s testimony concerning his undercover work from the past 6 months. There is a voluminous amount of evidence that has been cultivated. Face it Greg. Trump is going to jail along with his group of cronies including the daughter he wants to molest …. Ivanka.

          • Greg Hunter

            Samatha P,
            You are a blind idiot Marxist Democrat–Dream on.

          • Charles H

            Sorry, Sam – collusion in CRIMES are the issue facing the Democrats. All the hubris against Trump is BASELESS. Blind, blind, blind.

  9. Jerry

    Happy Halloween Greg!

    At the risk of taking some flack I’m going to post this anyway. I’m hearing from unconfirmed sources that there is a major move to reset the currency weights inside the IMF when it meets this week. I don’t know what to believe, but I do know that the Chinese have put major pressure on the IMF to revalue the currency weights and take some pressure off of the BRICS emerging economies. Is it another case of “Cry Wolf” ? I honestly don’t know, but what’s different this time is:
    – The EU is coming unraveled because of BREXIT
    – The Saudi’s are so broke they’re borrowing money from the Chinese.
    – The Chinese have supposedly brokered a deal to buy ARAMCO.
    – The IMF is facing defaults from Greece, Spain, and Puerto Rico.
    – The Chinese claim to have the worlds largest supply of gold.
    – Most importantly………..the IMF fears Donald Trumps nationalism.
    Like I said, I can’t prove any of this, but I find the symbol the IMF is using for their meeting this week very interesting. See next link.

  10. Alan

    Thank you and congrats for having Dr. Faber on USAW Greg! He is not only a brilliant ph.d economist and savvy global investor but a great student of history as well.

    Unfortunately he is a formidable intellectual and a white European male which automatically puts him in the PC crosshairs. He was unfairly tarred & feathered as a racist in my humble which had nothing to do with the truth but everything to do with the various organizations knee-jerk-reflexively defending their own images in this grossly disingenuous PC environment .

    Dr. Faber is so far above and ahead of these character assassins it is beyond absurd to tag him with the “racist” label. His insights on the economy and the potential trajectory of things going forward were much appreciated and I thank you both for an excellent dialogue.

    Nice work as always GH!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alan!

    • This sceptred Isle

      It is unfair that Faber has been labelled as a racist by some. We should be allowed to experience a diversity of opinions and agree to disagree, if that is appropriate. However, he was stating a hypothetical scenario (black people colonising America) not a factual one!

      Africa has had advanced civilisations in the past, notably the Egyptian and Nubian. In fact, the ancient Egyptians in some ways had a more advanced civilisation than ours!
      It is partly because we operate in a different paradigm to the ancients, that we have been unable to penetrate into the deeper mysteries and complexities that would give us a more complete understanding of their level of attainment.
      If certain cultures in Africa have lived in a more ‘primitive’ state of equilibrium with their environment then what is wrong with this? Many of those ‘primitive’ cultures have been able to manage their resources and live in a sustainable way to such an extent that their cultures have existed for thousands of years unchanged. Perhaps western civilisations, in their pursuit of infinite growth, could learn a few lessons from these societies.
      Unfortunately for Africa, a wealth of resources have seen the continent exploited by a succession of empires, through force and support of puppet tin-pot dictators. The modus-operandi that has been employed over the last few decades has been for multi-national companies/wealthy countries to support dictators that will assist them in their quest to extract the nation’s natural resources as cheaply as possible. African leaders that have demonstrated an interest in sharing the nation’s wealth with the people end up being taken-out by better funded (thanks to money interests) and less scrupulous rivals. It is against this backdrop that Africa struggles.

      • This sceptred Isle

        That is not to imply that there are not/haven’t been other advanced civilisations in Africa as there are/have been several.

        • Bob

          Perhaps we should bomb them like we did to Japan and Germany. Wait 20 years and they’ll be economic powerhouses.
          This is not to imply that there are not/haven’t been others besides Germany and Japan as there are/have been several.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            Thanks for your reply. It is interesting that you mention Japan and Germany. Both were, as you point out, bombed out after the second world war. Coincidentally, both were occupied by the allies for a number of years in the aftermath. A lot of resources were pumped into these countries (Britain had to pay a large amount to restore German cities) in order to westernise their economies and prevent them from falling into the hands of eastern communism (Russia and China), either through direct invasion or by ideologically converting their populations. This was best achieved by allowing the populations of these countries to live a comfortable western lifestyle and therefore see the virtues of capitalism.
            It has to be noted that both Germany and Russia have been since used by the West to act as bulwarks against Russia and China, both politically, economically and militarily (allowing American forces to occupy them).
            Again, coincidentally, both Germany and Japan are devoid of natural resources and so avoided the African fate of being asset stripped by the avarice of empire over the course of centuries.

  11. jim c

    Come on greg, Please don’t ever have this guy on again, he provided NO usefull info at all. Just rambled on.

    • Frederick

      Jim C You obviously weren’t paying attention and Marc Faber always gives useful advice He seems like a good bloke and I hope Greg has him on again

    • JC Davis

      Diane no we are no where near being on a gold standard, yet gold prices are held down by rehypothecation. Gold is the best insurance a person can own because when the rehypothecation stops gold will go to the moon in every currency world wide.

  12. Dan

    I find it amazing how the “GURUS” can get by doing all their interviews and forecasts, no matter how screwed up they turn out to be, but the lemmings keep buying their BS. and their newsletters and “investing services”.

    I’m thinking of starting my own interview site just like this one, with the FIRST and ONLY requirement that these GENIUSES produce an INDEPENDENTLY AUDITED report of ALL “THEIR” TRADES for a period of no less then 5 years so I can publish them on my site and post’em next to their photo and current PROGNOSTICATIONS.

    How many GUESTS will I be able to get on my show ?


    • Eagleye

      Then do it and you can call your website “trolls”

    • Better Chetter

      info moves in layers – folks want free info to profit on – then demean/put-down those whose predictions failed to manifest. most likely, gurus have ‘copper, silver & gold’ levels of membership, & while all get good info, the ones who pay more, get the best info – & those of us wanting free-100% correct-take it to the bank predictions for $0.00 will only get to blame them for their shortcomings.
      that’s how I felt about mannarino calling for silver prices going to the 100’s (when it was at 30’s), so I invested with the free advice, over-invested actually – losing out w/o keeping enough operating cash on hand, so I lost out when certain margin-calls came due. I wanted something for nothing – I wanted infallible advice & got angry when it was wrong. I am still a little man in many ways –

      • Charles H

        B C,

        I went into silver at $32 – based on Manarrino’s exhortations. It had hit almost 50 and came down. I too didn’t know that much, let alone the Market of history. I had no idea it would be driven to 15: if I did – I would’ve waited and gotten TWICE as much for the same money. Some disappointment surely gets around.

  13. Frederick

    Nice to see Dr Faber on your site Greg He’s one my favorites and I’m certain there’s not a racist bone in his body

    • Bob

      “Racist” is an interesting word. It was invented by Leon Trotsky as a speech weapon to criticize and verbally disarm leaders of white populations targeted for liquidation in Communist Russia. Its a bizarre word that doesn’t seem to possess an antonym. It’s an adjective and a noun but it seems to have no meaning unless you are called it – your life gets worse overnight.

      Liberals appear to want all white countries gone, as if that will solve the world’s problems in one simple move. “Racism” is not the problem. Genocide is the problem and rabid “anti-racists” work towards it, whether knowingly or otherwise. They defend Mexican fascists like La Raza for invading the US, but do not support Mexico to invade Guatemala or Honduras. Those two countries were parts of the Mexican Empire far longer than Texas or California ever were.

      “Anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-white.

      • This sceptred Isle

        ““Racist” is an interesting word. It was invented by Leon Trotsky as a speech weapon to criticize and verbally disarm leaders of white populations targeted for liquidation in Communist Russia”

        Interesting Bob. So what is your view of the term ‘antisemitic’? It appears that this term has been abused in a similar way to undermine any criticism of Israel.

  14. Diane

    Marc mentions he has 20% of his wealth in PMs. Gold, silver and especially platinum.
    Why is platinum so valuable?
    It hasn’t kept up with gold.
    Interesting comment I’ve not heard any of Greg’s guests make.

  15. Uma

    Marc is a friend of mine.
    And no, he isnt a racist, rather more a Philosopher.

    I like that he is able to laugh of the insults and actions of the “wannabe political correct mob” – but then this is a welcomed gift of age.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this and I agree. I had some “connected” people email me to tell me the same thing. I have followed Dr. Faber for more than a decade and never heard a single bad thing about him. I booked him because I still think he is a good man and a very smart investor with vision.

      • Bob

        Next time you get Sprott on as him why he’s so PC and pathetic.

  16. John


    Certainly getting interesting here on the revenue front. I see where there was an idea floated to limit 401k contributions and now it appears that there is a chance the home mortgage – interest deduction is at play as well. When you consider that rates are predicted to rise this can’t be positive for the housing market in regards to either buying or selling a house. I have seen reports that high end real estate is no longer moving very well in certain select markets. Although I am very much in support of buying/holding gold as insurance, rising rates are not going to be good for this sector as well. Similarly rising rates are not going to be good for bond prices. Furthermore, rising rates are going to increase the costs of corporations ability to service debt and conduct business. When you look at the degree of consumer debt in this country rising rates are going depress individual spending/borrowing. Greg, IMHO – the bubble is about to burst – get ready as it appears that all asset classes are in trouble.

  17. Yankee in NC

    Thank you for your courage to have Dr. Marc Faber on your show. It shows that maybe freedom of Speech is not completely dead.

    • Gary

      Greg, glad you had Marc Faber on, especially after the politics, personally I think he got a bum wrap for expressing a opinion.
      So he was not politically correct, big deal.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Gary. I hope to get Dr. Faber back!

  18. Mr Mister

    Oh my, at least Marc Faber has the backbone to put his opinion on front street, even though I don’t agree with Faber’s approach. Different people are good at different things. LOL, if the Chinese settled North America – the US/Mexico Wall would have been 5,000 years ago. Africa and Eastern Europe, it is messed up over, so the gold standard of measuring success is North East Asia. The world is an Ala-cart menu, so I am going to pick and choose the best, and throw the scraps to the side.

  19. Tad

    The propaganda may be getting hot. I believe these drills have a reality that exceeds the imagination of Daily Mail . . .journalism.

  20. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Dr Faber always has good info. The comparison of present day market conditions to 1987 was excellent. Bottom line is that we are being set up for really bad times. Doing the right thing (however that is defined) only means that we will still be dragged down, but maybe not so deep.

    There are also the unknowns, true black swan events. I expect that there will be political decisions implemented that we cannot foresee and wouldn’t expect. A 1930’s type depression could happen and it will be much worse considering the major demographic changes between now and then. The US is simply not as resilient and growing as it was between WW1 and WW2.
    Dr Marc Faber, a European who chooses to live in Thailand is a racist? I don’t know the background of how Dr Faber earned that label, but it seems that people these days are way too sensitive to personal insult. They are way to quick in passing judgement on those who have a different perspective. But that’s just my opinion, maybe I should move to Thailand too…

  21. Paul ...

    Dr. Faber states: “we have incredibly inflated and artificially manipulated … sovereign bond markets … which is a massive fraud” … as this fraud becomes more and more recognized confidence in the US dollar becomes harder and harder to maintain … the Saudi’s no longer want US dollars … and are currently selling their oil to China for yuan … they then take those yuan to Shanghai and exchange them for gold to 1) replace the gold the US stole from them and 2) to buy nuclear technology from Russia with gold so as to become a nuclear power like N.Korea so the US Deep State neocons can’t do a regime change on them … they may just manage it … because the US neocons that sell them huge amounts of weapons are hesitant to topple them for fear of losing all that arms sales money!

    • Paul ...

      What the Saudi’s have to watch out for is “a false flag attack” on Iran “that will be blamed on them” … which will get Iran to go to war with the current Saudi regime … then when “regime change” takes place … the US steps in with the US Military and NATO to “help” their ally (the new Saudi regime) to destroy Iran … and the US takes full control of all the oil in the region (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran and Iraq) … which magically makes the US dollar strong once again!!

      • Paul ...

        The only thing I can see that may prevent a war between the Saudi’s and Iran (due to a false flag attack) is if the Saudi’s and Iran “set up a hot line” between them … but this will require having some trust in one another … which may not be possible if a religious conflict is riled up right before the false flag attack!

  22. H. Craig Bradley

    Sorry Marc, but in 2013 the S&P 500 returned 32%. Many mutual funds did just as well. In fact, it was a PHENOMENAL YEAR. 2014-1016 was not so good. (The Chinese devalued the Yuan in August 2014 causing global markets to decline). Most index funds had a negative return in 2015. The stock market has gone progressively higher since late 2016 ( “Trump Bump”). Do you smell the FED during this period ?

  23. C spokane

    Thank you for the interview you had with Mr. Faber. He knows his history and he should have been a teacher. Great interview and there is always an underlining current when folks states their ideals that make sense. I hope you have him on again. Thank you

  24. C spokane

    Explanation of what I meant: when individuals speak with sense and wisdom. Other such as MSM will try and debunk or encourage nonsense.

  25. Michael

    I love Marc Faber
    He saved my rear in 2006 by methodically predicting the housing collapse.
    Sold my 2 investment homes based on his research.
    Made a lot of money in 2006 and didn’t suffer the 2008 fiasco consequences
    Definitely worth listening to him

  26. Paul ...

    You know … we have people running around accusing Dr. Faber of being a racist (because of some supposedly politically incorrect comments) and we have other people running around taking down statues, paintings, flags, etc. of “politically incorrect” symbols of people who had slaves … so why is it that … no one is running around trying to take down the Federal Reserve Building for keeping “all us Americans slaves” for the last 100 years except to Ron Paul and his son?? … kind of odd that they are going after the people who have already freed their slaves and are worshiping the current slave owners by allowing them to print our currency to infinity making all current American citizens into “even more indentured servants” then the slaves who came before and now simply have “new masters”!!

    • Frank

      Paul, IMHO, its because the people who shout “racist” today, don’t understand economics at all. To them it is all about color. Period. End of story. To them, if you are white, you are a racist. Period. End of story. It doesn’t matter what you do, what you say, how you lead your life, what you do to give back to society. None of that matters. Its only the color of your skin. Ironically, this is the exact opposite of what Martin Luther King preached (judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character). These same people ignore (or don’t know….uneducated) that the vast majority of whites today come from families that never owned slaves. In fact, the vast majority of blacks today come from families that never were slaves! But these facts don’t fit the narrative or these so-called victims so none of it matters. Only the color of our skin matters to them. Forget economics, its all about color. In fact, sadly, I read recently where some “progressive professor” has now claimed that mathematics is racist! How can you have an intelligent conversation with someone who so clearly has their ears shut?

    • This sceptred Isle

      “no one is running around trying to take down the Federal Reserve Building for keeping “all us Americans slaves”


  27. Paul ...

    Here is another random thought … if you can take it … perhaps the reason the US Government supports abortion with taxpayer money … is to get women “accustomed to killing” their unborn children … so they can be drafted into the Military to operate the US drone attack computers killing people all around the world … the neocons probably figure drafting such women into the military who have “less moral concerns” about killing children up to 9 months old … will similarly have no moral concerns about killing human beings from one month to 18 years of age or older in wedding parties!!

  28. Paul ...

    Here is another random thought (if you can take it) … perhaps the reason the US Government supports abortion with taxpayer money … is to get women “accustomed to killing” their unborn children … so they can then be drafted into the Military to operate the US drone attack computers (killing people all around the world) … the neocons probably figure drafting such women into the military who have “less moral concerns” about killing children up to 9 months old … will similarly have “no moral concerns” about killing young people from one month of age to 18 years of age or older in wedding parties!!

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Paul, that’s really reaching. Abortion is probably supported for the simple reason of backup birth control. The elites think the world is overpopulated and want to bring the numbers down.

      • Nick in U.K.

        It’s not just the elites.
        Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can work out that the world is over populated.
        World population growth v World food production is an interesting set of graphs.

        And it’s not just food, all of earths resources are depleted at a faster and faster rate with an increasing population. Plus the reduction of forests, the increase in rubbish in the sea, the overfishing, the short cuts in farming, the appalling conditions for some farmed animals and ..and …and. The list in nearly endless.

        Every FIVE seconds a child dies of starvation or malnutrition.

        I don’t have an answer but paying farmers not to farm and dumping dead fish back into the sea to keep pricing high seems immoral to me.
        Giving currency to charities doesn’t work as only 1% gets passed onto the needy whilst the CEOs drive to corporate dinners in their porches.
        Churches talk a good story and are very wealthy but the clergy achieve little apart from increasing choirboy molestation numbers whilst preaching to smaller and smaller congregations.

        The more I learn the more I despair.
        Abortion is not such a big issue in my opinion.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are a godless New World Order idiot to think the world is overpopulated. You should be the first to fall on your sword. Abortion is not a big deal to you but to God the Father it is murder. The Bible calls it spilling “innocent blood.” This is one of the very worst sins as abortion is killing babies.

          • Nick in U.K.

            Reading my previous posts clearly proves I am not Godless, a supporter of the New World Order, a globalist or an idiot. Thanks.

            Are you saying that the wold is NOT overpopulated and our planet has enough resources to support 7 billion people and rising?
            In the year 1 AD the planet supported between
            170 and 400 million people , we are now at around 20 times that. We live on a finite planet which is already struggling to cope with this amount of human life. Other life forms are becoming extinct due to constant human expansion.

            Please explain to me why a living breathing child dying every five seconds somewhere on this planet raises NO comment but the termination of a undeveloped non breathing foetus is so wrong. What about rape victims, don’t they have any rights ? Should women be forced to carry babies and raise them and be reminded of being a crime victim for the rest of their lives ?

            Some religions clearly push for world domination by forbidding contraception so that their flock grows, is this sustainable ?
            Over the last 2000 years there have been many religious wars clearly this is against Gods “Thou shall not kill” command.
            How does drowning everybody except Noah’s family or Moses parting the waters and drowning all the pharaoh’s army fit this non killing command ?
            Why kill those people but not save those children currently starving to death at a rate of twenty a minute! Most of these are innocent blood and a lot of babies too.

            I clearly stated I have not got the answers.
            I live a decent Christian life and am very prepared for what is coming in all aspects including my beliefs. I have been given free will, that means I can question the churches motives. I can even ask God the “why” question.

            It’s your site and you can clearly take it in any direction you like, but dissing your supporters because they fail to meet your religious crossbar or ask practical questions to realtime issues is very short sighted IMO.

            This idiot will not comment again.
            Good luck to all.

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes Nick, I am saying the world is NOT over populated and you think it is, then by all means, step off a 10 story building and show us how committed you are to depopulation. Not only do you “not have the answers” but you do not have the facts either. So sorry the Word of God gets in the way of your “New World Order.” I don’t know what god you pray to but it’s not God the Father or his Son Jesus Christ. By the way, abortion is murder. The Bible3 calls it the “spilling of innocent blood.” You will not be missed.

            • Bob

              It proves you are an idiotic and typical Brit.
              The white race is being genocided in Europe by immigration, in accordance with the Coudenhove-Kalergi blueprint for Europe which was formulated in the 1920s. The EU is the body in charge of than plan and seeks to “turn Europe into a mixed race”.
              Yet, you don’t care one iota for your own people, all you care about is having less kids to make way for African and Asiatic hordes who breed like rabbits and want Europe and all the stuff in it for themselves.

              The white race is on the path to complete eradication and libtards like you only care about poor Indians stepping in doo-doo because so many of them miss the toilet out in the street. Wise up dummy.

              BTW your religious analysis sounds very low IQ, like someone who eats too much junk food in front of their computer reading atheist web pages all night. Very low quality thoughts there mate.

              • This sceptred isle

                And I suppose all that child abuse never happened in the church organisations. Must be great to be so naive.

                • This sceptred Isle

                  Bob, you’re to the right of Galaxy 500. A feat I had previously thought impossible.

                  • Bob

                    “Right” means you think white people have a right to exist.

                    “Left” seems to mean people who want white genocide ASAP.

                    That’s how I see it? Do you want white genocide? Are you a Kalergist? Do you hate India because it doesn’t allow 100 million Chinese in? Do you hate China because they don’t give out 100 million passports to Indians and another 100 million to Africans?

                    Or do you just hate white countries that want to stay white?

                • Bob

                  I know old men who grew up in orphanages decades ago. They all said the abuse they suffered was from the older boys and from the nuns in charge.
                  They said the men in charge were OK.

                  This is just a small sampling, but it accords with my own experiences growing up too.

                  • This Sceptred Isle

                    ok that is probably representative of all cases of church related child abuse.

            • John Little

              Nick don’t take Greg too personally. Ive enjoyed your comments and thoughts, your being from the old country we Americans must appear to be the ugly American. Americans first off resent Europeans because we feel you guys think your better than us and somehow more sophisticated. I’m not just talking western Europe but even the smallest backward eastern European people I’ve met somehow think because were a new country compared to there 1,000’s of years history their more street smart because were so naive.

              I’ll address this in later posts, but for now please stick around here on Nick your comments would sorely be missed.

              • John Little

                Nick UK P.S. It’s not just an North American thing. Australians feel the same.

                Like I said when I have more time I’d like to get into it more!

          • Paul ...

            And may I add this for Nick … abortion is also the killing of adults who can’t defend themselves (because their 2nd Amendment Rights were taken away)!

            • Paul ...

              Nick … lets not fly off the handle … there is more then enough space on Earth for 9 billion people … it is less then 1 person per square mile … that is not “over population” … nor is there not enough food to feed everyone … we have the technology to easily set up farms in outer space that will get sunlight 24/7 … we can eventually produce enough food for “many” worlds … as for aborting “defective” embryos (that could be justified) … but not aborting “healthy normal children” … when God drowned all the “perverts, pedophiles and morally defective humans during Noah’s time … he probably considered it his only option to get humanity back on track genetically because “they were not normal” … just as if a woman was given a sonogram and it was found that she was carrying a child with horns growing out of its head and hoofed feet … obviously she would need to be aborted … but not go around killing children “that are not defective”!

    • Better Chetter

      Its more than just ‘reaching’ D. Dee – its so far out on a tangent as to be in its own zipcode! While I have no facts to back me up, I’m relatively certain that more men operate drones (rising up thru the ranks of service, intell or security channels), than women in the military. The women I’ve known who had abortions were never able to part with the grief; they integrated it, but did not ever forget, nor be hardened into taking lives randomly.

      & Paul – its not a Q of whether we can take it, but how fast we can let it go (once we actually do read your words, & process them for validity/possibility, & decide)

      • Paul ...

        BC … well if we don’t give them “desk jobs” behind drone computers … guess we just have to give them guns … and have them shoot 18 year old (un-aborted fetuses) that somehow managed to survive the knife!! …

        • Paul ...

          And BC … with all the new wars being planed by the warmongers in Washington (N.Korea, Iran and 50 countries in Africa) along with all the current wars (Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc. etc.) … the objective is to find ways to encourage military service as the neocons need more and more men and women to fight their wars … can’t allow Trump to build a wall (that will deny illegals to join the US Military) … can’t allow Trump to provide jobs as that may reduce the number of new recruits signing up … draft registration of both men and women “is necessary” to connect all US citizens to a noble neocon cause … unlimited and unending wars “of world terror” … so the Military needs a draft … to link the entirety of the American people to our nation’s wars of conquest … and so we can freely kill people of all ages “for the greater good of all humanity” … just as the abortion of “unborn people” is for the greater good of all women!!

          • Paul ...

            Come on Trump … issue an Executive Order … “No Women” … “No Children”!!!

            • Paul ...

              Once the American people join the Satanists “like sheep” in freely killing world citizens for the Neocons Noble Cause … “Unlimited and Unending Wars of World Terror”… Russia will have no choice but to use it’s “Satan Killing” nuclear weapons on the “Great Satan”!!!

              • Greg Hunter

                You are off base here to invite a nuclear holocaust on U.S. soil. WTF are you thinking????? No more comments like this. By the way I would not wish a nuclear strike on ANY country.

                • Paul ...

                  Sorry Greg … sometimes I allow my random thoughts “to go to extremes” … but only to make a moral point … (obvious is my frustration with these warmongering neocons) … I too do not wish a nuclear strike on ANY country!

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Thank you Paul.

  29. Independent

    this was quite the opening statement in last night’s broadcast. You should try to get her on your show to see how she really feels.

    Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro 10/28/17 – States: Lock Her Up!

  30. andyb

    Greg: Thanks for Dr. Faber; one of the very few financial analysts that isn’t full of crap. I’ve always enjoyed his commentary; very elucidating. I was shocked to see that because of certain comments he has made, he has been effectively banned by the PC media idiots. A shame really, because what he said was absolutely true. America was settled by Europeans who started the seeds of the Industrial Revolution and left the purely agrarian behind for other countries. It is not racist to say that Africa (and the rest of the world except portions of Asia) could not have competed technologically at that time without the educational and trades infrastructure that was well underway and established by the 18th century all over Europe. These Europeans, educated at least in some math and science and well established trades built America far better than African tribesman or middle eastern nomads could have. Yes in 2 centuries, these other than European cultures have made great technological progress but at the time referred to by Dr. Faber, they were no match for the higher educated and skilled Europeans.

    • Bob

      Here’s a truth bomb which will anger millions of people:

      Their brains are smaller and their IQs are too low so they just can’t do it.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Congratulations! By conflating your views with Marc Faber’s you just made him seem racist – something he was in the process of denying.

        • This sceptred Isle

          But I guess that was your intention – to drag more people into your sordid club.

        • Bob

          So what explains blacks’ low scores on IQ tests?

          And don’t say the tests are biased, or they are disadvantaged. Poor white “trailer trash” score higher than black millionaires kids on these tests. All efforts to create biased tests that whites score lower on have failed. (Any lordy lordy how they have tried!)

          Explain this adequately, or shut the hell up about subjects you know nothing about. You are looking like a fool.

          BTW, I don’t care about IQ levels. They are an irrelevance. What I was objecting to in this instance was your FALSE statement that there is no science on this matter, and your moral posturing about opinions and facts you don’t like. Are you a liar TSI, or just ignorant? Come on, be honest if you can. Can you be honest? Admit you are ignorant in this topic.
          I’ll wait.

        • Bob

          That wasn’t “my view”.
          That is the scientific facts. Brain size is actually measurable. It’s not hard to fill an empty skull with ball bearings and pour them into a measuring flask. That’s how they do it. Then they write down the numbers.
          Then liberals like you go all crazy for 100 years.
          Why are you so hung up on brain sizes? It doesn’t really matter.

          • This sceptred Isle

            LOL, what science are you referring to? Scientific experiments conducted in 1930s Germany? I notice you never post any links to the plethora of studies you claim to exist in your ramblings.
            How can brain size be linked to IQ? Womens’ brains are smaller than mens’. What are you implying?
            By the way, you started with the moral posturing first, with your attacks on Eric Sprott.

            • This sceptred Isle

              Anyway, let’s just agree to disagree. Your opinion is just as valid as mine and society needs a diversity of viewpoints. I am sure the ‘science’ has been manipulated by both sides wishing to prove a point.

            • This sceptred Isle

              Oh, and in response to one of your posts above I was critical of the Japanese government’s anti-immigration policy when I lived in Japan for a year. I often referred to it as ridiculous and racist, especially considering the demographic time bomb of an aging society that they will have to deal with. I have also talked about how Bollywood is racist as it only employs actors of a single colour tone because of its cast system. I am NOT one of those individuals who believes that racism is a white disease!

              • This sceptred Isle

                I have also expressed the opinion that Idi Amin’s anti-asian policies were racist and that the Israeli government is racist. I also believe that Mugabe is a twat that is destroying Zimbabwe and that uncontrolled immigration in Europe is a nefarious globalist plot to undermine the sovereignty of national governments.

  31. Heros

    When Brigham young was sending his missions into deseret to tame the desert, he sent the Swiss Mormon Missions into the most desolate parte it bloom. The Swiss didn’t wage war with the Indians, they didn’t cheat the natives with alchohol or loans at interest. These Swiss mormons conquered the desert all down the Virgin river to the Colorado and Las Vegas. They made roads, bridges, ferries, farms, orchards, vinyards and churches. They made the desert bloom. They brought this expertise direct from the old country. There were no slaves, no blacks in their new Zion. These people pushed hand carts from St. Louis through Indian territory to Salt Lake City, where they marched onward to places like St. George and Overton. Many towns were covered by Lake Mead in 1933.

    • DBCooper

      Heros, I find it ironic and a pity that with all of the good works that the Mormons do and have done (Not mentioning some of the horrendous acts!) that they portray their cult as being Christian. Yours, DB

      • Charles H

        Any religious entity which holds extra-biblical material as source for doctrine CANNOT be Christian. Truth and error do not mix.

  32. Heros

    ““The Swiss were the ones who made Santa Clara into a town,” said Kathleen Nielson, chair of the local heritage commission. “There was nothing in town to commemorate that.”

    It was not an easy task. Shunned, ridiculed and often chased out of town, they were the first Swiss Mormons—indeed some of the first Mormons at all—who traded relatively comfortable lives in the Alps for the hard, sun-seared folds of an unknown land. To make matters worse, the outbreak of the American Civil War would greet them.

    “I still cry when I think how hard it must have been to leave such a beautiful place,” said Sherri Graff Anderson, a fourth-generation descendant of the Swiss pioneers who lives with 16 grandchildren in Santa Clara, population of around 6,800 today.

    “Living here, I know what a desolate place they were going to. They had no clue.””

  33. Tad

    The Antifa Schedule, courtesy of Steve Quayle’s website.

    • Better Chetter

      Interesting link, Tad. Maybe the US will experience what its foreign policy did to other countries around the globe, via economic hit-men: de-stabilize, destruct, buy low, build up, turn over assets (but not control) & sell high – but this time, it will be on our home soil

  34. Heros

    Another great story about Swiss settlers in Utah and Nevada

  35. Jeannette Rowden

    I really enjoyed this interview with the many topics discussed. I am especially glad you and he talked about “political correctness”, because this country has gone way overboard with trying to control people’s speech and opinions. There really is a difference in races, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t mean one is better that the other, but some are better in certain areas than others.
    The main thing to remember is that we are all equal in God’s sight. You have your strengths and I have mine, but we all have the same final hope.
    Thanks for all the interesting guests.

    • Frank

      So true, Jeannette. Remember the movie, “White Men Can’t Jump”? Try bringing out a movie that claims blacks can’t do something or aren’t as good at something as people of another color and see how well it is received! As you so correctly stated, different races have different strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps blacks (in general) do possess physical strengths in certain areas superior to whites. Perhaps whites (in general) possess mental strengths in certain areas superior to blacks. If finding strengths and weaknesses in various races is “racist”, then we are all racists….and therefore being racist is not such an evil attribute in and of itself.

      • This sceptred Isle

        The problem with making such assumptions is that there is no scientific basis for this. Based on academic achievement, would you argue that Chinese and Indians are intellectually superior to white people? Differences are more likely down to culture, work ethic and the fact that education is crap in America and Britain.

        • Bob

          Ha ha ha ha. There’s absolute mountains of evidence. Maybe if you looked for it you’d know.

          • This sceptred isle

            So are Indians and Chinese more intelligent than whites then based on academic performance?

            • Bob

              I doubt it overall. A race’s progress is determined by their outliers, the right tail of the curve. The average IQs of these races may be similar, but the white race generates more geniuses. Sorry, another fact, I hope you don’t mind. I guess you are trying to trap me into saying something “racist” so you can type some huffy and puffy eye-rolling response and feel better about yourself as a perfect world citizen immune from the infection of, dare we utter it, hate. Good for you too I say. Keep on hating the haters.

              I’ll see your academic performance and raise you an invention count. Why is everything invented by whites and not Indians and Chinese? So there. Nya nya nya na na.

              White countries are better and the entire turd world is willing to be “oppressed” to get here. They leave their safe spaces in droves and risk life and limb, eager to elbow their way into our homes and mess things up for us. I wish they’d be a bit more sympathetic to our needs and stay home. I liked my country a lot better before they all got here and started calling us “racist” and making our streets look shabby and looting the insurance industry with fake claims. The nerve of them. They should go back to their countries (which don’t allow white immigrants BTW) and let us live in peace.

              • This sceptred Isle

                Sorry to disagree (again) but the Chinese invented a lot of stuff.

                As for the definition of a genius…history is very selective.
                Why is Einstein considered a genius but hardly anyone knows about Tesla?
                Is it not possible that our western-centric retelling of history has focused more on highlighting geniuses that were white to bolster a sense of racial superiority?

            • Bob

              Are you implying that Indians and Chinese are smarter than blacks too?

              Are you? Really?

  36. Justn Observer

    Greg, Anything on your radar about Russia and Venezuela’s District 19 about to jump on Panama Canal?

  37. sam

    South Africa was complicated, not all black and white!! Like most things one needs to study and read and not jump to conclusions
    Perhaps also read the other side of the story
    No excuses but there were other forces at play
    Gerard Ludi, ‘The communisation of the ANC’
    The Soviets as usual tried to inflitrate all Africa and paid anyone to disrupt the countries. Zuma was a member of the communist party as was Mugabe and Mandela and flown to Moscow for training. This is probably why after independence most African countries have not done well. Their leaders were trained in how to destroy a nation by the KGB and took their chance in the independence chaos.

  38. DBCooper

    Greg, In regard to Dr. Faber’s “racist comments” we have to ask where is it dictated (outside of the PC Manifesto) that we all have to like everyone?? I have thought for a long time that semantically we are all racist because we all can tell the color of our skin and the color of others’ skin … the germane question is are we a bigot? Do we treat others differently due to the color of their skin? Technically I am not white, I am Caucasian and black people are not black, they are Negro. I have observed for a long long time that niggers come in all colors. This is not a word we are allowed to use in public discourse but it has it’s relevant uses. I remember a time when you could tell a joke about a Pollock and everyone including the Pollock would laugh … look what has happened to our once vibrant country. Express an opinion that is not ‘correct’ and just wait for the PC fall-out … witness the reactions of the Turkish Troll and others. It is a ‘God Forbid that we think for ourselves’ situation and … oh right … actually say it out loud. In the event that we intend to express a heartfelt and perhaps original thought … beware and be prepared for the Alinskyesk response .
    I respect Dr. Faber for standing for the historical truth as he knows it to be.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  39. Mr. Lee

    Mr. Hunter;

    Let me congratulate you, one of the best interviews you have given. Dr. Faber is a brilliant mind and the interview was superb.

    May God bless you good Sir

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mr. Lee!

  40. Jim

    I think what he has said in essence along with many others is: As long as they can keep the music playing expect more of the same behavior from the national and global economy. It will take something unexpected to stop the music and you better make sure you have a chair when it happens or life could get pretty rough.

    • This sceptred Isle

      …and the majority of people will not wake up until their standard of living drops significantly and suddenly.

  41. Diana Dee Jarvis

    I wonder why Dr. Faber chooses to live in Thailand. The climate? His website says he donates some of his subscription revenue to a charity that helps educate Thai children.

    • Bob

      Maybe he likes ladyboys?
      But seriously, he’s rich so he can live where he likes and probably enjoys the place.

    • Frederick

      Yeah I’m sure it’s the ” weather” (sarc off ) he could find better weather in San Diego I think it’s the lifestyle and the superior stock of females But I’m just guessing here

  42. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg. Miracle you got him on. Must mean ya have some clout! Kudos. Love Sir Marc. I think he was very correct about the ‘Zimbabwe ‘ statement. My cousin is a high ranking retired sheriff from LA, Ca. and he’s seen who’s bad and who’s good. At least there are beautiful exceptions to the rule in the case of stereotypes of groups of peoples: there are good people from every walk/social status/ income/ ethnicity/ education. But overall most peoples are at least a bit – or quite depraved. Sad but true. And as for markets, I’m taking away from this interview Mr. Faber’s insight: “markets can move quite quickly “….

    • This sceptred Isle

      How can he be correct about a hypothetical scenario?

  43. Russ McMeans

    I’m off the back,ie late to this party, but here’s an old link that my cousin sheriff sent me. I implore everyone to read and share it. It has to do with American/Western/Roman Justice vs African justice…..

    ( I’ll try to keep posting it occasionally in Greg’s reader comments section till everyone reads it. It’s pretty profound. From a sheriff who’s seen it all)….

  44. Paul ...

    As we know the US Military Generals want to have control over the wars they have to fight … so they need to get rid of Trump (who is doing the bidding of Netanyahu over the objections of the US Military Generals) … so now the artillery barrage begins … to “soften up” the American people … … eventually the Generals will use the 25th Amendment to throw Trump out of office by saying Trump is irrational!! … however in Trumps defense “acting like a warmongering loony tune” is actually “normal” with our American Presidents … we had Bush “one” in on the murder of JFK … Clinton provided nukes to N. Korea … Bush “two” gave us 9-11 … and Obama very proud that he was “really good at killing people” with his drone strikes!!

    • Paul ...

      Our Founding Fathers were sane … and so were most of our Presidents up to Andrew Jackson … but since the late 1800’s and into the era of WWI and WWII our Presidents became more and more irrational … Ike was OK … but Nixon was a crook … JFK was OK … but Johnson a murderer … Clinton uncontrollable mass greed … then we had Bubya Bush doing mass murder 9-11 … and Obama droning wedding parties … someone should write a book about how our American Presidents have become more and more immoral over time … Trump had a chance to change things … but as soon as he gets in he lobes missiles at Syria, threatens N.Korea with fire and fury and is looking to start something big with Iran for his friend Bibi!!

      • Paul ...

        The world can’t deal rationally with America anymore … we have become a nation ruled by greed and war … inflicting “continual non-ending wars” across the entire planet … the world is seeking to take away the US ability to wage wars … by destroying the US dollar … soon all the irrational actions of our politicians will bring America to its knees … we prayed Trump would be different … and “he is” doing some very rational “good things” by bring our jobs back, etc., etc. … but concerning war … he seems to be following the same old path!!

  45. Russ

    Courtesy of Jim Sinclair’s MineSet:
    All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization

    • Russ

      The tiny silver market is at the top of the chart with a total value measured at just $17 Billion. (We keep hearing that silver is the most undervalued asset in the world and there it is.)
      Global real estate is near the bottom of the chart and is valued at $217 Trillion.
      Derivatives are at the very bottom of the chart valued between $544 Trillion and $1.2 Quadrillion.

  46. Son Won Seong

    Bond market implode is maybe possible. Many peoples still out of works and government is pressure to increase subsidy. At same time major change with new Fed chair and if Trump indicting then have crisis situation. Lot of friends in Washington told me Trump peoples will all be charge with Russia probe. But somehow Hillary Clinton no charge as well? No sense now because Hillary Clinton accept many money from Russia too and double standard!!!!! Nobody seeing this and reporting equal ? Only Trump guilty, but everybody know that false. Crazy American politic. My birth country too but this one really crazy because justice is no fair to all as in US mission statement. Blind and equal justice ? Don’t think so. Matter of fact some insider control this one and is only way to explain.

  47. Stopwater

    I’ve been following Marc for quite awhile, he is very wise, has a great sense of humor and is clearly a genuine, thoughtful and kind person. He is the last person I would consider racist…the lamestream media made themselves look even more stupid if that’s possible. I didn’t think Eric Sprott would be so dishonorable and spineless…time to sell the Sprott Trust. Glad to see your show of support Greg.

  48. Flattop

    Dr Faber appears to be a man of great wisdom, something lacking in so many these days. Thank you for exposing us to Dr Faber. You and your program continue to grow in stature

  49. Hatemail

    You did a good job Mr. Hunter. Talking about racial differences is a risky conversation open to misinterpretation and anger. Mr. Faber should have kept his mouth shut from the outset. We can’t speak our minds openly anymore in this polarized society without offending someone who decides to grind an axe against us. The world has gone mad.

    • Bob

      No way, he exposed Sprott et al as being PC organisations which need to be boycotted. I’m boycotting them from now on. It’s good to know what makes them tick.

  50. Martin

    Shame on you Greg, for not publishing my comment on USA Watchdog’s providing a forum for ostracized racists like Farber to be heard !!! You are just as intolerant as the “liberal left” !! Possible future guests for your show could include David Duke or perhaps a psychic who can channel Bull Connor !!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Martin,
      What you are posting is total false PC crap and that is why I did not approve it. Why am I posting this garbage comment? To show how you try use words and false claims to control your opposition. It ain’t going to work on me or people on this site. We call BS on the BS!!!! Just like you saying I should interview David Duke. I don’t think what you say is valid and you call me “intolerant.” Actually what you are doing is engaging in disinformation and outright lying!!!! The “left,” and that’s people like YOU, are the mot “intolerant” Nazi’s on the planet. Yes, I called you a Nazi and let me include you are a paid troll.

    • Flattop

      Sic em Greg

    • Bob

      Greg controls his own website.

      The liberal left tries to controls everyone’s websites. There’s a big difference but you’d never see it.

  51. Matt Jaymes

    Hi Greg:

    Just thought I’d float an idea for a guest: I think it would be great to get Michael Snyder from “The Economic Collapse Blog.” It looks like his run for congress is taking shape and God knows Trump can use all the help he can get!!


  52. Martin

    False PC crap? ” I thank God America was settled by whites and not the blacks”…. If saying this makes me a racist then I am PROUD to be a racist !!” That Farber quote speaks for itself !!! YOU are pretty intolerant if you do not take offense at his disgusting comments. As for being a Nazi, as an African- American I further take offense at you associating me with white supremacists such as the Nazis. Such an association is better fitting your guest who made the above quote, don’t you think? And please get off that garbage of calling anyone who questions you a “troll”. It gets old.

    • Paul ...

      I say instead of sniping at one another … lets join together to take down the “plantation owners” (the Federal Reserve) who have “everyone of us” 340 million American “slaves” to their “debt fiat dollars”!!

      • Frederick

        Good luck with that Paul Most Americans are too busy with their phones and don’t even know the FED is private and screwed us daily

  53. Tad

    The reality behind the Clinton corruption means at some point, all of Washington would go down with them-in theory. In practice, that would be possible, if we had rule of law and/or courage of our convictions.

    If by some masterstroke Hillary and Bill are convicted of any crime(s) to which they’ve been publicly accused, they’ll probably implicate a few involved to reduce their sentences. The other aspect is a “If we go down, we’re taking everybody with us.”

    Imagine those floodgates.

    It’s a dream.

    • Paul ...

      It’s a dream … only found at Heavens door … Paradise! … we will back to Eden! … where this time … we won’t ever make the mistake of not following God’s law!!

  54. Sayonara

    You were very brave to have Marc Faber as guest interview. One thing I took from this interview is that it is OK for the LEFT to attack and destroy a white individual (Marc Faber) for making observational factual comments about history and ethnicity, however, it is not even mentioned when a non-white individual (Robert Mugabe) destroys a country due to his hatred of whites. I have a black Zimbabwean female business associate friend who was able to flee Zimbabwe because economic and social conditions had deteriorated so badly that she feared for her life. What transpired in South Africa pre-Mandela was evilly barbaric as well.
    One thing I have learned in life is that the Best, the Smartest and most Generous come from all ethnicities AND the Worst, the most Devious and Evil come from all ethnicities.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this perspective Sayonara!!

  55. Tad

    I’m beginning to think there’s more to November 4 than just Antifa or domestic Vegas-style events.

  56. Flattop

    GREG: A Question please. The uranium sold to Russia, was it privately owned, or property of the US Govt?

    • Greg Hunter

      Publically traded company but a national security issue according to the FBI.

  57. Macray

    Global Markets Incredibly Inflated & Artificially Manipulated – Marc Faber


    I’d like to take us back one year ago.. Back then, most everyone predicted a win for Hillary Clinton. However, if there was any hint that Donald Trump might win, our stock market was nailed to the downside and the price of gold spiked higher. And then, immediately after the stunning Trump upset, the Dow tanked and the price of gold soared. That’s when market intervention went on steroids. – Bill Mruphy

  58. pat the rat

    Did you hear that C.M.E. is going to trade paper contracts for bitcoin that they don’t have, now the fun really starts! Two different things going on at the same time, what could go wrong? One of these trades is real the other not, oh what fun!!!

  59. BRValentine


    Thank you for having Marc as a guest. A brilliant economic mind, yet perhaps more importantly, a straight shooter. He tells it like it is as opposed to what many may want to ‘Hear’.

    As an aside, in 2004 I sent Marc my very first edition of my Newsletter. Why? Because I valued his opinion on my thoughts and writing. Not only was Marc kind enough to read the entire piece but, he also critiqued and provided suggestions as well as encouragement for further writing/editions in his response.

    In essence, Marc was the inspiration for me to follow my passion and proudly, the Letter continues today, thirteen years later disseminated to both Independent and Institutional clientele.

    Are all economists; analysts; investors 100% correct in their thought processes/analysis/investment decisions? Absolutely not. However, for those seeking articulate; well thought and truthful analysis, Marc is and continues to be the Gold Standard.


  60. BRValentine

    What took place with respect to Uranium One was absolutely; undoubtedly Treason. The players involved are Vast; Deep & Wide. If the masses truly knew; understood just how far reaching this travesty was/is, the Streets would be littered calling for heads to roll. We’re talking Indictments in the Thousands. Those Complicit are numerous and extremely powerful, both politically & financially.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen BR!! It involved two Presidents, two FBI Directors, two AG’s, two Secretaries of State and two campaign managers and that’s just the start.

      • Silence is Golden

        “The out-of-control shadow government in this country threatens the fabric and the future of the United States”…..JFK.
        Indeed it is Mr (ex) President…..Its reach is 3 dimensional.
        Kennedy understood fully….thats what lead to his murder.
        No matter who the person or their station in life….if they deviate from said agendas or expose or threaten the existence of this Satanic self elected ruling class…they will be erased.
        Treason is on a different level. I suspect that if these people are members of the secret societies and Hidden Government, then they get a “Get out of Jail Card” for FREE…if they keep their mouths shut.
        It will be interesting to see if any of these involved people choose to become whistleblowers….then suddenly find themselves committing suicide. No doubt in my mind that the Insiders are starting to panic. Dont be surprised if they start turning on each other.
        Its gonna get a whole lot more complicated.

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