Gold Demand Explodes While Dollar Implodes – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s 

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter is back updating us on the gold demand explosion and the U.S. dollar implosion.  Holter, who is a precious metals broker from Miles Franklin, has a front row seat to the big jump in demand and prices.  Holter says, “We’ve been jammed since the first of the year, but we have been absolutely jammed since the SVB bank announcement.  What is interesting is we are getting more calls, but for the most part, bigger money.  We are taking multi-million-dollar orders on a daily basis now.  This is different than a few years ago. . . . What is going to happen is demand is going to outstrip supply.  The supply will be wiped out. . . . Ultimately, COMEX and LBMA are going to fail to deliver, and then you will see an absolute moonshot in gold and silver.”

Holter also says the buying power of the dollar is declining before our eyes and explains, “A little over 15 months now, M2 money supply has contracted by about 5%.  This is the first time since the 1930’s where money supply actually contracted.  How is it the dollar is dropping in value versus other fiat currencies?  The dollar is clearly dropping in value versus gold because we are over $2,000 per ounce, and inflation is really not abating.  How is it that inflation is not abating if there are less dollars outstanding by 5%?  You should have seen a decline in prices over the last 6 to 12 months, and we are not seeing that. . . . The result of lower money supply is going to be asset prices declining.  You are going to see inflation of the things you need and deflation of the things you have.”

Holter predicts that the very people who have been suppressing gold and silver prices are going to turn and drive prices up much higher.  Holter says, “They are going to be like rocket fuel. . . . We are going to see a blackout in supply.  When you can’t get it, then what is an ounce of gold going to be worth?  If you can’t get it, what is an ounce of silver going to be worth?”

What is the dollar going to buy in the not-so-distant future?  Holter predicts, “I think the dollar is going to collapse well over 50% in purchasing power.  Another thing is it will not be an acceptable medium for the rest of the world.  The world is turning away from the dollar. . . . Gold is going to break the Fed. . . . When this thing goes, it’s going to be a very, very rapid event.”

There is a lot more in the 47-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 4.12.23.

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After the interview:

Bill Holter’s new website is up and running.  It’s simply called

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  1. Sheryl

    Thank you for having Bill on!

    • Cousin vinny

      Golden Eagles are not considered Collectables. I believe they have made that statement for a reason.
      Thank for having Bill on!

      • P

        Really? So you’re saying that you do not need to pay collectibles tax rate for capital gain on these coins?

        • Clare Doll

          omg you are SO right! This is important and I applaud you.

    • Anthony Australia

      Wishing all of USAW families a happy and holy Easter as we celebrate the joy of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, the foundation of the Christian faith.

      • Ray

        Happy Easter to you and yours mate.
        May the blessings of our Lord be with you always.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia


        Happy Easter to you also Anthony, May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you peace and all over the 🌎🌍 world 💗 🕊️.

      • Warren Ward

        Well said! Christ is our only hope!

    • PointOfKnowReturn

      Cliff High echoes these comments in his latest podcast. He’s stating a 4/5 haircut to the dollar in May. Paraphrasing, take the current price of gas and multiply it by 8. That’s what you’ll be paying. He also mentions that the dollar will come to parity with the yuan.

    • Better Chetter

      Bill seems to present the antithesis of Bo Polny’s talk. Bo saw an upswing, Bill presents a downswing.
      Now both could be right – we could have a short-term upswing as Bo notes, with a long-term downswing as Bill notes.
      Then we’d also have to consider Stan making good on some short-term gold price drops, and certainly this is a world where God allows all men and women to have their place in it, while we who are driven by our emotions get to smear Stan – rather than accept an inclusive world where both happens (gold moves down – Stan profits; gold moves up, Stans out of that market, but we don’t know, so we suggest he’s losing, to feed our self-righteousness). Just a thought –
      Happy Easter

  2. HandsomeHank

    Gold is easy to cast into rings. They will never ban jewelry.

    • Ch

      I sure hope your right! To take any kind of gold or metal that has been legal to buy,from us is just wrong,after allowing all the years of suppression of the metals. This was a great show!

    • Shirl

      I’m certain that the FDIC will be there to guarantee all the created out of thin air funny money, but are there enough spaces on calculators to fit all of needed zeros or numbers on any scale to do that though…Ya, NO!
      On the killers whose twisted shot formulations are being aimed to go into foods, you can’t make up the evil intentions of Satan’s minions, they are beyond human comprehension.
      President Trump’s human intentions, on the other hand although not perfect, are not evil, he’s entitled to mistakes as a human as are we…besides being human there are practical life saving strategies involved deeper than The Deep State and what Bill obviously hasn’t considered, Bill is Clueless on this…Beware of an Anti-Christ(s) entering the scene as The Holy Bible speaks to.

      • Jesse

        CH — there’s nothing about this regime that’s legitimate. They do not care one wit about Wall Street fraud and they will not hesitate to asset strip you at the drop of a hat. We are sheep to them — to be consumed at their leisure.

        Honestly, the best we can hope for is this rabid regime dying a quick death. That may be the only way they don’t go scorched earth on us.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Hank,
      Interesting. I read some time ago that the easiest way to transport physical wealth through airport security and across borders is to wear it – as jewellery. No questions asked.

      P.S. It’s relatively easy to silver plate gold. Go to any search engine and type in, ‘How to silver plate at home. Best get a print out in case you lose internet access 🙂

    • Sam

      That has a “nice ring” to it..

    • June

      Casting your gold and silver into an “art form” may need to be done one day to prevent the Govern-mint from demanding your gold and silver to make coins to help prop up their fiat CBDC racket!!

      • Quatermain

        Hedge with lead.

    • Richmann

      Nuff’ said.

    • jon

      You are exactly right on that point. Jewelry making die press equipment or little jewelry making kits will be in demand. The 1930s mind set of Americans was they had trust in the USG. Now the entire US Fed edifice is pretty much hated and illegitimate. So without some great compensation plan. I doubt they get much of anything. If you have an account at any of the Metals brokers, close it out and try to delete the records if you can. That is something to be aware of.

    • Lora

      Great idea! (LoL…..unless they they decide to ban gold jewelry)

    • Ray

      Perhaps you are correct HH…….I for one hope you are.
      But on the other hand, if “they” can demand that people be injected with poison……AND NOT ONE PERSON PICKS UP A GUN AND SAYS NO……..then it seems to me that “they” can do ANYTHING they like, WHENEVER they like.
      Canberra, Imbecilic Imbecile Land.

      • Marie Joy

        Excellent point.

      • K8Matrix

        EXACTLY. The people who have taken control of this country, as we have seen in PLENTY of recent examples, will do whatever the hell they want, confiscate whatever the hell they want, despite the “laws” or “courts”. Nothing is safe, everything con be confiscated “legally” as per the NDAA anyways- land, food, your own labor can be forced….etc. After all, the end game is “you will own nothing, and you will be happy”, according to Klaus Slob.

  3. Wanda

    wow Definitely going to buy more silver now. I haven’t stopped but to hear what Bill said about the old coins? My favorite to buy is old Constitutional silver. About 8 years ago, my Son who lives in CO, told me over the phone, that he sold his entire collection, which he had bought over a 10 year period. Beautiful collection he had, and I asked him why? He has been into coin collecting for over 25 years at this point.
    He answered, yes I sold it all and now I only buy “Old” money. lol I never asked him why? But being in that profession, I figured he knew what he was doing.
    Never too late to start, then again, better start soon, sounds like when the dollar is toast it may get pricey to buy silver/old coins. I am sure my Son meant very old money, highly collectible sought after by wealthy people.
    I always purchase from one seller here, in this City. There are pawn shops and one more coin shop. I had this “Epiphany” one day while dozing off, and I sat up straight in bed, it was this seller I go to, guy is top notch and I walked into his store and he had a couple boxes on the counter and the store was entirely empty, every single glass case, no gold, no silver, nothing. I asked where is the coins, your stock, and he replied, A man came in and offered me X amount of money for every thing I had and I took him up on his offer. With the climate we are getting into today? I wanted out and this was the best solution for me. Scary! I can see this happening, in the near future, as the economy collapses, people start to go crazy with fear.

    • Better Chetter

      Most novices, like I, bought without having enough cash for unexpected expenses – car, medical/dental for me; home, other needs – and have to sell PMs at a loss. PMs being stores of wealth, eventually need liquidated – it’s knowing what to shift the profit into . . . real estate, possessions, equities of the venture capital sort – cause we can’t take it with us, and our children would need to know how/when to liquidate, also (though your son seems ahead of the curve), should we be able to leave to them in an inheritance

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter. I do not know if the word “sobering” adequately describes the utter destruction of the USA by communist Neo-Cons who are the deep state and an elected government goes along with this all.
    Here in the UK the corruption of our banking system is beyond belief and has major impacts on pensions and now dribbling into housing,which was the only game in town,and commercial real eastate.Even Black Rock has limited withdrawals from their BREIT as our economy is in a swan dive of death.

  5. Anthony Australia

    I love this Man!
    Greg you need a Podcast show please 🙏

  6. Andrea Stamm

    One could go to a coin shop that has their own smelting room, and have them smelt all foreign coin into bar or shot of 22 to24.kt. Or sell or trade them NOW online or through your local coin shop.and debug with currency into US lineage coin in silver gold or copper even platinum.

  7. regaleagle

    Bill never really expounded much about the possibilities of the govt. confiscating silver as opposed to gold. At one point, it sounded like he said something to the effect that silver was considered more of an industrial metal and therefore most likely would not be pursued by the govt……plus its value is just so much less per ounce. Even at a ratio of 15:1…..that would still make gold 15 times more valuable at whatever spot price than silver. So for the silver stackers out there like myself……I really don’t see any govt. mandated future confiscation of silver of any type…….even at a 15:1 ratio. There is just too much difference in value and too small of a total volume to justify it for silver.

    • Mike

      The government confiscated silver in 1934, a year after confiscating gold. So it remains a possibility.

      I always tell people that want to buy gold and silver to use cash. Never leave a digital or paper trail.

  8. tim mcgraw

    I’ve been planning on the dollars I have losing 50% of the value for a few years now. If gold and silver become Unobtanium; people will adapt and find other mediums of exchange like tobacco and chocolate.
    Look to the past. What was used as currency in Germany after the Allies occupied it? Gold and silver? No. It was tobacco, chocolate, sex, and medicine (penicillin).

    • Greg

      All metals will be for barter only! You”ll never trade it back for fiat!

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg: Some people, Indians for instance, will take gold and silver for barter. Many Americans won’t. Look at the videos where people are to choose between a bar of silver and a bar of chocolate. They choose the chocolate.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I think plain, old, copper-based US (Treasury, not Federal Reserve) coins (current nickels, dimes, quarters) will be a medium of exchange in local black markets. Can’t beat the convenience, and they can be assigned any value agreed upon by traders and exchangers. Of course, as you point out, commodity-based transactions have a history as long as that of mankind. Best always. PM

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Indiana: Our generation remembers real coins. The younger folks do not. Real coins may make a comeback. I hope so. LBJ ended real silver and gold coins in 1964. A long time ago.
        All the best.

    • Mike

      And alcohol.

      • tim mcgraw

        Mike: Right. I forgot to mention alcohol.

        • P


  9. Lynn Scott

    Greg, could you please answer? By the time the dollar fully collapses, when exactly would we need silver and gold? We can’t use it during the tribulation and how will we use it when hooked up to the new system? We won’t own anything anyway. I’m confused. How about when China and Russia invade us. It will happen. Always happened with Israel. Too many prophecies from over the years. Thank you Jesus! This earth is not my home. I know where I’m going

    • P

      The US is not Israel, nor the promised Land. Americans are not the chosen people.

      To suggest otherwise is blasphemy and heresy.

  10. Neville

    Paper money is what it is paper and remember what Gerald said when the
    rush was on the crowd went for toilet paper,when all along they could just
    use a valueless dollar bill to do the same function.
    As for s#1tcoin which is made up principally of the worlds FIAT currencies
    which in turn like the reserve currency do not hold any discernable value
    and hence the over priced shitcoin $27,000 the last time I looked is like a Tulip
    which quickly lost its value remember Tulip mania Phenomenon.
    Thanks Bill & Greg

  11. Lucas Doolin

    I can’t see the US government demanding/stealing any numismatic coins.

    • Swrichmond

      They are already diving into ex post facto laws, making ownership of preciously-legal items illegal. There is adequate precedent for gov confiscating US Mint coinage, as they have done it before, haven’t they? As much as I like Bill, he has this wrong. Is today’s fed gov more or less totalitarian than 1933? There is your answer.

      People need to understand the existential nature of this conflict. There will be no remaining free and staying on the legal side of the law. Get used to it. Accept it. There is no room for liberty in the future US they want to implement. It’s hard to imagine people thinking they can get through to the other side of this and stay within the law. I am not advocating lawbreaking. But ask yourself honestly: will you ever stop complying?

    • Tommy

      Lucas, the government through the quasi 1913 established illegal non-Federal No-Reserves are already stealing everything through INFLATION…everything, in case you haven’t noticed, is skyrocketing taking more fiat debt notes to acquire today what you were able to only acquire a few months ago in comparison. THEFT. Through. Inflation.

  12. alan Young

    So for 7 years you have been telling us to buy gold and silver …. now you say the government will take it from us.


    • Greg Hunter

      Afre you stupid? Listen to the interview again.

  13. Georgi'ana Hamilton

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  14. Bosco P. Horowitz


    great interview with Mr. Bill! He’s one of the best!

    For the past several years, Bill has been one of the few PM authorities that has pondered the thought of possible confiscation and the strategy of holding US-minted coins/bullion to side step that nonsense. Is it not possible that the reverse could happen? Couldn’t the US/USA gov decide to “call in” that which it created (i.e. Eagles, etc.)? Just as likely with the rampant, off-the-rails criminality we’ve seen, couldn’t they also just make up whatever bullshit legislation they want?

    As an aside, I noticed awhile back that newer ASE’s (American Silver Eagles) are unique among the major bullion coins to not have a purity on either side of the coin. Has anyone else noticed this?

    -BPH (not Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia!)

    • P

      Exactly. It seems to me that the US government has a much stronger claim to call in its own currency than it does that of a foreign mint, or a round or a bar. Further to this point, is it not a crime to intentionally damage US currency, as it is ultimately the property of the US government?

      Greg, can you get Bill to respond to this objection?

  15. The Seer

    Better advise-
    1. The USA can’t confiscate foreign coins as they are another country money. Buy maple leaves or other.
    2. The numismatics 1906 and earlier are collectibles not subject to confiscation and premiums are rising.
    3. Buying Eagles when you want to sell often the dealer/broker will only pay weight value and there is no premium sharing. Then they resell what you sold and charge the premium again to a new buyer and continue to mark up and collect premiums over and over to the public when it was already paid to the original wholesaler to the dealer/ broker.
    The public is being overcharged on premiums. There are other mints selling at spot plus fabrication and no premium. Do your research.
    4. Be careful because if there is a record of purchase when you sell may be or is subject to income tax not capital gains. Better to barter and be off book. Experienced since 1998. I have met Bill and Andy and Jim.

    • Tommy

      The Seer, I agree with the Canadian Silver Maples reference for foreign coinage, in fact, many may not know that those bullion are of a higher refined content at .9999 whereas American Silver Eagles are only .999 refined silver and they are noticeably shinier with a greater luster. If I still had my stack, they along with ANY SILVER from Eagles of any year, kitchen utensils, teapots w/ service tray sets to generic bars and rounds of various varieties would be included. My boating accident has me at a complete loss though…DANG!!!

      • Glenn

        Tommy, if the government comes to confiscate your precious metals they are not going to believe your silly excuse as to why you no longer have any. They have ways to make even you talk.

        • Tommy

          Glenn, you might need to hang with better friends with names like Smith, Wesson, Sig, and Colt while ridding yourself of cowardly friends named Laying Down, Rolling Over, Gas Oven Ready, and Whimpering Tard

  16. Sam

    XRP crypto….just hedging my chances to “make alot”……XRP….is what makes the CBDC’s go..

  17. Herman Boring

    Putin’s ally Belarus gets nuke-capable Iskander missile system as neighbour Finland joins NATO Hindustan Times 60,111 views Apr 4, 2023
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    50 Years On…..50 YEARS!
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    Religion’s involvement in the wars and politics of the 20th century was common knowledge​—as in Shinto Japan, Hindu India, Buddhist Vietnam, “Christian” Northern Ireland and Latin America, as well as others—​not to overlook the army chaplains’ part on both sides of the two world wars in urging young men to slaughter one another. A classic example of the philandering of Babylon the Great is the share she had in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39, in which at least 600,000 people were killed. This blood spilling, was provoked by supporters of the Catholic clergy and their allies, in part because the wealth and position of the church was threatened by Spain’s legal government.
    Since Babylon the Great is the religious part of Satan’s seed, she has always made Jehovah’s “woman,” “Jerusalem above,” her main target. In the first century, the congregation of anointed Christians was clearly identified as the woman’s seed. (Genesis 3:15; Galatians 3:29; 4:26) Babylon the Great tried hard to conquer that chaste congregation by seducing it into committing religious fornication. The apostles Paul and Peter warned that many would succumb and a great apostasy would result. (Acts 20:29, 30; 2 Peter 2:1-3) Jesus’ messages to the seven congregations indicated that toward the end of John’s life, Babylon the Great was making some progress in her efforts to corrupt. (Revelation 2:6, 14, 15, 20-23) But Jesus had already shown how far she would be permitted to go.

  18. William Wilhelm

    My wife talked to Birchgold yesterday. There is a ten week wait for delivery. I told her to call Miles Franklin.

  19. jomer

    A failure to deliver can be a bad thing!

    Look bad at what happened when there was a failure to deliver of copper on the LME. They stopped trading and told the longs/purchasers that they would get 2% interest unit the contract was filled. If you had $100K in contracts, would you keep that money tied up at 2% interest for an indefinite time? the vast majority of longs cancelled their contract to get their money back. With no demand the price dropped. If there was a failure to deliver in gold and/or silver, I see them doing the same thing.

    They need to let the free market determine the price. IF they keep suppressing the price of gold and silver then I do see a failure to deliver, which is a broken market, and bad all around.

  20. Doug

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for all you do, you are a warrior for light. Everything is going to unravel and turn to dust. Only the real money, gold and silver will be left. That will be the basis for the new financial/economic future.

  21. Roger Stamper

    tks for post bill greg

  22. Marie Joy

    Avoid shedders, if you can.
    Regarding credit, I see my credit union is getting harder to deal with.
    I will vote for President Trump, a third time. He’s not perfect but who is better?
    This is all intentional with the long term intent of worldwide g e n o c i d e.
    A Million traitors vs 8 Billion of us and they are winning.

  23. Don W.

    I was Blessed to get mine as just over $1800. But that was all I could afford and will keep until I have to use it. I think it will hit the $2500 mark by fall and maybe $3000 by the end of the year.

  24. Frank Cooper

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  25. jomer

    I think if they ever wanted to round up the gold it will be done like how Warren Buffet buy a company. If he wanted to buy a railroad, he doesn’t say “The shares are $30 so here’s $30 give me your shares”. He offers a price to get the majority to sell their shares to him, normally a 35%+ premium over the current price.

    If i was made Gold Czar in charge of rounding up the gold, I would first determine what price I would have to offer to get the majority of people to sell their gold. lets say $4,000/oz. I would go to the Federal Reserve and I am sure they’d say ‘will give (print) all the money you want for a share of the gold”.

    Once you hit the tipping point and the majority have turned in their gold, then you can pass the laws, making it illegal after a certain date.

    If you have a rare coin worth more than the $4,000, then you would need a certificate of ownership to legal possess it.

  26. Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

    but there are ALOT of us where our bank accounts are at ZERO anyways!! I couldn’t buy supplies or anything!! I just try to stay alive daily!

    • Mario

      I hope all is well.
      Listen, one thing that is priceless that nobody can ever take away from you is Salvation. And the best thing, it’s free for you to have!
      Make sure you know and follow Jesus. That’s all that will matter in the end.
      Blessing brother.

  27. Richard Longacre

    Great interview Greg. I believe Bill is right about desperate governments wanting to steal (confiscate or make illegal) non-US Minted gold. That is all I have. I refuse to have anything with the image of the queen on it so it works out well for me.

    Confiscating silver would be utterly impossible. People would just melt it down into statues or jewelry or hockey pucks. Silver will be used for barter for a while as a new economic system comes on-line but will be able to buy a lot in the near future (once this system fails). Silver Eagles now carry a $15 to $16 premium over spot and pre-1964 dimes and quarters are not much better so if you did not already get these you may be too late already.

    • Richard Longacre

      Silver Eagles are now at an $18 premium over spot just two days later from my previous post. Still plenty of product available for now. Not sure for how much longer.

  28. June

    Holter says: “The buying power of the US dollar is declining before our very eyes” – look here to see how much – – and Holter also tells us that: “Multi-million-dollar orders for precious metals are now coming in on a daily basis” – I think about poor Stan (who foolishly thought he would get rich by selling gold) and is probably now hocking his Bentley to cover his margin calls on all his short gold positions – look at how the price of gold has now powered right through the $2,000 dollar resistance level – – over the short term gold should approach $2,500 dollars per ounce – over the longer term both gold and silver will turn into “Unobtainium”!!!

    • Mat G



      Nostradamus Quatrain III-5
      Shortly after the default of the great luminaries [gold and silver]
      Which will occur between April and March.
      What loss! But two great debonair ones
      By land and sea bring relief [to] all parts.

      Is it March to April consecutively, or is it from April 2023? to March 2024? as written, or did Nostradamus write it that way just for the rhyme?

      I’m going with March 2023 to April 2023 and the idea that Nostradamus wrote April and March for the rhyme in line four.

      • June

        Wonder if there was an automat around in the days of Nostradamus (when a nickel was worth something – like a slice of blueberry pie)!!

  29. Jaden

    AG Bragg is finally bringing Trump to Justice…the MAGA movement is…over…heheheh

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Leaving Trump to one side – what have you got against the aspiration to, Make America Great Again’?

    • Lucas Doolin

      Looks to me like the Democrats walked into a trap.

    • Catherine

      It’s unfortunate the guest said that. He shows us that he caters to the rich and liberals. probably Trump will revive our country but those who hate and deny God will loose all they own. Remember Gods world is one of righteousness and faithfulness to Him and His rules. Choices are all that matter now. Don’t worship money including gold which is Gods creation but We give it value. Otherwise is just rock.
      Indeed if gold or paper money is used to make our world a God centered one then any actual monetary system will be successful.
      This guest is a salesperson for gold. Do you think he is going to say its bad?

  30. Robert

    Greg, please keep up on the news regarding confiscation. This is not what we stackers need to hear, however realistic it may be . You interview the top minds so I know we’ll have a shot at making the best moves ahead of time if/ when it goes into effect. Thank you for all you do!

    • Sheryl

      I think a lot of people have learned from the past. How many people will actually turn in their gold or silver. Midnight gardening again

  31. Prospector

    Keep an eye on not just the spot prices , but also the cost premium for coins / bars above spot market price. These spreads are increasing. Go to some of the large metals selling sites and look at how many products say ” OUT OF STOCK ” or ” Pre Order “.

    Metals markets are still rigged. J P Morgan paid record fines.

    JPMorgan’s gold traders cheated other market players for years by “spoofing trades” or manipulating the price of precious metals to boost their profits

  32. JEFF J

    Remember when Trump refused to show his financial records; congress took him to court. He then appealed to the S.C. and it was determined that congress can indeed review his records. His financial records were reviewed and what did they fine, Nothing! Now the precedent has been set that any elected official cannot refuse to show their financial records. When Trump gets re-elected, don’t you think that he will ask for the financial records of all known corrupt politicians?

    Regarding Trump being charged on Tuesday, I believe that this is all part of the “Plan.” Now that a precedent has been set that a former president can be charged with a crime. This opens the window for any former president and perhaps a current president can be charged with a crime. When Trump is re-elected, he will charge Obama, Clinton’s and Binden with various crimes including treason, crimes against humanity, etc.

    I know you have heard this a lot, try and get Clif High on again. Thanks for the good work you do.

    • Lucas Doolin

      You left out Bush.

  33. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia…usa…Always enjoy Mr. Holter

    America’s collapse is necessary. Our sins are a stench to God. We are not, the center of the world. There will not be an amazing turn around and everybody sings kum-by-yah….

    Time to pay….”Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness for sins”…Heb 9

    I hope all have a peaceful Passover and Unleavened Bread Feast…..

  34. Duane Funke

    On every silver eagle I’ve seen it says 1 dollar it is legal tender so they can call in all currency can’t they

  35. Da Yooper

    Good interview gentleman

    As for gold & silver confiscation.

    “Never underestimate FJB ability to F things up”

    The people who are pulling this FJB strings are LOOKING to hurt America any way they can just look at what has happened the last few years. Action’s speak louder than words. Prepare as best you can.

  36. Steven

    I love seeing the price of precious metals going up, but it’s frustrating knowing that the capital gains tax if you sell any is 28%. If the dollar collapses do you think they will lower the capital gains tax ?

    • jomer

      We can always hope they make it legal tender. That was one of the bills I wish Ron Paul could of gotten passed was the legal tender law which would of eliminated the capital gain tax.

      A lot of people think rich people do not like buy gold and silver because it doesn’t pay a dividend. A friend who manages investments for the NYC trust fund babies said the bigger reason is the capital gain tax. They can find ways to write off the 10-15% capital gain in stocks, but not 28%.

    • Wayne

      Actually, long-term capital gains on precious metals are taxed at your marginal tax rate up to a maximum of 28%. So if you are in a federal tax bracket that is lower than 28%, your long-term gains are taxed at the same rate as your ordinary income. Short-term gains on precious metals are taxed at your ordinary income tax rate.

      • Glenn

        You are correct. You seem very knowledgeable about financial matters unlike most people.

      • Self Exiled

        That’s what I did from 1998 till 2021. Bought at 285 to 310 per once.

  37. Thomas Malthaus

    Confiscation? Does rule of law mean anything?

    • RICH

      AFTER PEOPLE LOSE EVERYTHING DO U REALLY THIINK THEY WILL GIVE UP THEIR METALS. ONLY 20 % OF PEOPLE TURNed in their metals in the 30s. Nobody owns gold today. Politicians will be running for their lives with this monumental, monumental collapse.

    • iwitness02

      Thomas Malthaus,
      “Does rule of law mean anything?”

  38. richard

    excelent i realy respect bills work and opinions . keep up the good work guy’s from the the u.k

  39. Bryce

    What a sad day in American history. Each and everyday, new lows in mortality, civility, relativity.
    I had a dream the other day, gold and silver was laying in the streets.
    I believe it says something about that in the Bible as well.
    I guess everyone should own it, but when the average American sees their dollars worthless, and haven’t prepared, they are gonna lose it.
    At that point, Lord help us all.

    • Bob

      I recall the Bible verse said
      People will be casting their silver and gold in the streets
      It will be worthless (when horrible event happens)

      • June

        The Bible effectively says: “Both Gold and Silver will become worthless as money in the End Times” – how can that be?? – well if the metals are like Unobtainium they will be “worth so much it will be impossible to spend them on anything” – say someone owning an “infinitely valuable” Gold coin wants to buy something – how can it ever be spent? – an “infinitely valuable” Gold coin will either buy you one pencil or one apple or 100 hotels or literally everything in the entire world!! – as you can never get change for an finitely valuable coin “it effectively becomes worthless as a monetary unit”!! – so one might as well just discard it and “throw it into the streets” (as a “useless unspendable money”) – so lets all be sane about how high we drive the gold price – lets try to keep the price between $10,000 and $50,000 an ounce for now!!!

  40. Stan

    Gold is not exploding in price. It was about the same price in late 2011. Right now I see a textbook mini blow-off top with a bear flag forming. The miners are also lagging badly. Silver is also lagging. This is the best shorting opportunity for Gold I have seen in years. Accordingly, I have shorted a huge amount of Gold today will leverage – lots of leverage. This is a no brainer folks. 🙂

    • June

      Stan – I guess you figure investors are simply panicking into gold and silver right now because of unfounded fears that more banks will fail – and because you work in banking you know “they absolutely will all be saved” – but take a minute and think about that Stan – if all the banks are saved – the coming bailout by governments (as the FDIC can’t do it) will require the largest money printing avalanche the world has ever seen – driving the purchasing power of the Dollar “so close to zero” that precious metal prices “will approach infinity”!!

    • Rob

      Keep clicking your heels Stan…er Dorathy 😂😂😂

    • Ray

      You hit it out of the park right there old mate.
      Anyone who is shorting gold in this economic / geopolitical environment is certainly proving, to all and sundry, that they indeed have no brains.
      Keep the good stuff Cobber……we love you Stan…..our very own USAWATCHDOG Court Jester!!!!
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Mat G


        Stan is the eternal optimist.

        He hasn’t yet had a personal relevation that we are living in an age of desolation. Not yet, but soon he will.

        • Ray

          Hi Mat,
          Happy Easter Captain.
          Stan is an enigma!
          I would love to sit down and have a few frosty beers with him……if only to gain an insight into how he views this world we all share.
          Notice I use the word “share”……..not “seek to reap insidious forms of profit from”.
          Take care mate.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

          • Self Exiled

            Our Stan is fearless except for jumping of bridges, he lost the bet and his Bently belongs to me. This was a long time ago.

    • June

      Stan – Be extremely careful with all the gold shorting you are doing – I’m not sure what charts you are looking at – but this one shows gold has finally broken out of a massive cup and handle formation (that will likely produce an $800 dollar or more rise in gold) gold will soon be pushing the $2800 to $3,000 dollar per ounce level (after “a very slight pullback” shortly of about $100 dollars to test the breakout line – that’s when I will be buying more and you should be covering your gold shorts)!!!

  41. Randall Maxwell

    Thank You, Greg!

    Rev. 5-6
    The Dethroning of Satan.
    The Kingdom of Elohim is as one day to the Lord, but for men, it is 1,000 years divided into two ages Eph. 2:7, by the kingdoms of men 2 Pet. 3:8. The world went from Christ ruling over us from heaven with the Perfect Law of Liberty to an insane world ruled over by Satan the antichrist?
    After the Catholic church gave up the Bible and salvation, from above, the Lord gave us a strong delusion 2 Thess. 2:10, 11. The Lord hid away His face, power, glory, majesty, love, and Bible Ezek. 39:25-29, so Satan could rule over the world. Satan, the man of sin, was given the power to stand against the Lord and bring Job’s family pain, suffering, and death. He did so while pretending to be the Lord 2 Thess. 2:4; Rom. 5:12-31. Job believed it was the Lord, so he believed that he knew the mind of Elohim and that the Lord had acted unjustly 1 Cor. 2:11; Jer. 10:23; James 5:13ff. If, you, like Job, believe you know the mind of Elohim and think the ways of men can compete with the ways of Elohim Matt. 4:23, then the dual prophecy of the Lord’s questions recorded 4000 years ago are for you Job 38:1ff. The theme of the book of Job is to be patient in suffering during the times of ignorance in the kingdoms of men until Christ’s coming James 5:7-11; Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30.
    Those counted as righteous by the Lord are going through what Saul did before his conversion to Paul. Satan, the demon and antichrist, while pretending to be Elohim 2 Thess. 2:4 convinced Saul that the Hebrew word “Elohim” was singular in number, that he was the only God, and that Christ did not have all authority. Saul believed him and believed Christ and his followers were blasphemers. This is how he persecuted Christians in all good conscience. This is why the world will hate you if you teach that Christ has all authority.
    For 1680 years, we had no choice but to believe the lies of Satan and remain in the matrix of ignorance, eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30; John 8:32. But the ways of the Lord are back Isa. 55:9ff; John 8:32. They are exceeding abundantly greater than we could have imagined Eph. 3:20. We are in a spiritual war between the kingdoms of men and the Kingdom of Elohim, and these are the last days of the kingdoms of men Dan. 12:4. Spiritual warfare, the fight over truth, will last about 43 years and end with the second coming of the Lord, in about 2065. The New Testament is the dual prophecy timeline of Spiritual War. When the Father spoke from heaven and said “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear Him”, He was speaking to you. When Jesus said, “Come unto me all you that labor and are heavily laden with the burdens of men,” He spoke it for you.
    The Bible is being restored by the breaking of the seven seals or lies of Satan. We know because we are told the second coming is at hand when Satan’s identified as the man of sin 2 Thess. 2:3.

    Chapters 5-6. Six of the seven seals: How well do you think the bibles of men rate versus the Bible from Elohim?
    First, lie: Christ does not have all authority. ANSWER. ONLY THE Lord will be sanctified and glorified at His coming Lev. 10:3; James 5:7-11. All the earth will keep silent before Him Hab. 2:20.
    Second lie: The kingdoms of men can make righteous judgments and bring peace to the earth. ANSWER. Kingdoms of men ruled over by Satan need the ways of Elohim to save us from ourselves. Sins of men are recorded in scripture to point to our need for the perfect preacher.
    Third lie: The antichrist will bring peace on earth with his mega sword Rev. 6:2: environmentalism, socialism, atheism, fascism, etc. Every spiritual solution from men does not work. Does Buddha work? Does the Antichrist work? Does Capitalism Work? ANSWER. Nothing about men’s ways work Jer. 10:23! Look at the Country you live in, it is falling apart. The reason we read about the sins of men in the Bible, is that they all point to our need for the perfect Savior with either the first or second coming of the Lord. The kingdoms, preaching, and bibles of men were allowed for 6,000 years total to show they do not work. We need the ways of Elohim Dan. 2:44. Why was David the King over Israel? What is wrong with the Law of Moses? Moses! All men illustrate that we need Jehovah to save us from ourselves!
    Fourth lie: Find the best bible, religion, and preacher, then “you will not die” Gen. 3. ANSWER. Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30 Christ has all authority. He is the only mediator between Elohim and man. There is one Lord, one faith, one Bible, and one hope of our calling Eph. 4. The Bible is not of private interpretation, even one word of interpretation in the Bible from Elohim makes it not the Bible at all Gal. 1:6-10. When the restoration is complete in about 2065, if men then add to the Bible, they will add to it pain and suffering from the ways of men. If they take away from the Bible, they will take away the blessings from Elohim Rev. 22:18ff.
    Fifth lie: We can fix this ______ crisis, even if we keep the peace by force and the sword. ANSWER. No. If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. The Second Amendment was a great idea for men, it was the best men could do, but now we need the perfect Bible, Savior, and agape love.
    Sixth lie: The pseudo-science of men is to be greatly feared. ANSWER. No, do not fear Gnostic men unless you are a Gnostic man. Fear the supernatural objective truth from Elohim. Fear the destroyer 1 Cor. 10:10 or space weather, the Lord’s cosmic clock. It already has many people’s attention and it will destroy the world by the fire making a new heaven and new earth for the righteous to dwell on for the last 730 years of man on earth 2 Pet. 3; Acts 2:17-21; Joel 2.
    Seventh lie: The Kingdoms of men will continue and things will continue as they did from the beginning 2 Pet. 3:4. ANSWER. No, Dan. 2:44; Job; James 5:7-11; 2 Thess. 2:1-11.

  42. Mark Johnson

    Having “food” will be important when SHTF happens. I’ve been buying canned for a while, for emergencies. But having “nutrition” is another issue.

    If you want to take a look at big business/pharma. etc. and the lies we have accepted about what to eat and what is actually healthy, you might check out Dr. Ken Berry. You will be amazed at the lies we’ve been accepting from the paid for scientist/medical experts.

    • Lucas Doolin

      I remember when I was a kid my mom, relatives and her friends would do canning all day(s) in the kitchen. They always looked like they were having a great time. I kind of took it all for granted that it would always be that way. I guess like many things we had in America. I wish my wife and her friends would learn to do it again. I mentioned it to her once and I don’t think she knew what I was talking about. There is no longer anyone around to teach us. Youtube would be the only option and then only after she sees the disaster we are heading into. She is far from there at this moment.

      My mom was always proud of what she got canned. Very satisfying work.

  43. Dana Coffey

    Greg great interview with Bill.
    Don’t buy a knew car take the money and buy Gold and Silver.

    • regaleagle

      OR…..sell those extra vehicles you do not need and buy gold and silver…..while the price and demand for used vehicles still maintains some value. Once gas becomes very expensive and “unobtanium”……then there goes the demand out the window. You could have converted those useless vehicles into useless fiat and traded that for real money.

  44. richard

    A siren-like alert will be sent to smartphone users across the UK next month to test a new government public warning system.

    It allows the government and emergency services to send urgent messages warning the public of life-threatening situations like flooding or wildfires.

    The test is expected to take place in the early evening of 23 April.

    considering this is brand new to the u.k and that the u.k is the financial capital of the world and the 23rd is st Georges day and st George was a christian Marta would it be folly to consider that the 23rd may be a call out date to those in the know ?


    If they can say “pistol braces” are illegal overnight (after 10 years and millions of purchases) they can certainly do that with COINS!

    • June

      The American people are currently pulling cash out of banks at the fastest rate in US history to buy precious metals and other “survival items” – if the government tries to make precious coins “illegal” it will only further hurt public confidence and encourage people “to quicken their cash withdrawals”!! – In the last month (March 2023) $389 Billion has already been withdrawn from the banks (even at the height of the Financial Crisis in 2008 not a single month exceeded $100 billion) – bankers are now panicking and are offering 5% interest rates on deposits “to try and stop the carnage” (so the government won’t have to print up new money that will only further the fall in the US dollars purchasing power) even Fed Chair Powell is continuing to raise rates even though he knows it will cause more bank failures!!

      • Wayne


        Unfortunately the vast majority of American people are not pulling their deposits out of the banks to buy precious metals and other survival items like you think. They are putting most of it into money market mutual funds and U.S. Treasuries for a higher yield and a supposedly safer place especially after the recent bank failures. One can hope though that more people do purchase some precious metals as they see things getting worse.

  46. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    I like Bill Holter and have followed his commentary for years, however I don’t agree with his assessment on future non sovereign gold security!
    The once outlawed pre 30’s US sovereign gold can now be purchased on Ebay and ……many other venues! Take care!

  47. Randy Best

    I’m sure the banksters will try to smash down the gold price to maintain the illusion of worthless fiat money as long as they can. They will no longer be able to do this once true supply/demand takes over.

  48. Darren

    Greg… Thanks for the interview. If you could… ask Bill if he thinks a Bank Holiday is around the corner and if so…How Long??? Thanks again… Darren

  49. Dan


    You may want to interview a guy named Derek Johnson. He’s very intelligent and well spoken regarding what is happening with Trump. Here is a recent interview of him:

    You can contact him through his rep at
    Scroll to the bottom for contact information on him.

  50. Vernon Locke

    Americans ‘furious’ about use of justice system to throw political opponents ‘into prison’ /Sky News Australia 7.2K views 4 hours ago
    Sky News host Sharri Markson says Americans will be “furious” about the justice system being used to throw political opponents “into prison,” following the indictment of Donald Trump.

    We are very concerned about a document Hunter Biden sent to Burisma: Rep. Comer /Fox Business 662,920 views Apr 3, 2023
    Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., responds to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg accusing the House GOP of unlawful political interference, the ‘two-tiered system of justice’ in the U.S. and the Biden family business dealings probe.

    Blast From The Past: Lessons to be learned for upcoming Ukraine tank battles
    The WW2 Tank Battle Caught On Film! (WW2 Documentary)
    Battle Guide 1,050,973 views Apr 1, 2023
    In March 1945 US forces of the 3rd Armored Division advanced into the ruins of the German city of Cologne. Over two days of bitter fighting they eventually pushed the defenders back across the Rhine.

    SERGEANT RYKER – Lee Marvin (Drama War film 1968)
    IMAGES OF WAR 138,693 views Mar 19, 2023
    Sgt. Ryker (Lee Marvin) is an American soldier charged with treason during the Korean War, he is court-martialed and prosecuted by Capt. David Young (Bradford Dillman) and convicted and sentenced to death.
    Ryker’s wife, Ann (Vera Miles), insists that her husband received an inadequate defense. She believes his story that he had been on a secret mission, assigned by a superior officer who has since died and can no longer vouch for him.
    @paulwilfridhunt 6 days ago
    @toddrodgers5108 8 days ago
    Too bad our judicial system is not that any more.
    @D__Lee 2 days ago
    I’m surprised I had not seen this movie before. I was going to skip it, but any movie with the lovely Vera Miles is a must-see.
    [President Trump Should See This]

  51. Johnny

    Bill is one of your best guests. A real person. Real answers for the times to come.

  52. Lora

    Hello Bill/Greq
    For years it has been LEGAL to buy foreign/Canadian Gold. So if the US government suddenly decided that they’re going to rip the public off by confiscating prior purchasers of these foreign metals BEFORE their decree occurred, I didn’t hear Bill’s opinion on any reimbursement pricing to the holders of foreign metals? Do you think that the government would try to completely rip holders off without reimbursing the holders, or providing reimbursement in the current fair market values? Seems that if no reimbursement occurred, or less than fair market value reimbursement did not occur, or even the price that the buyer originally paid for the item wasn’t reimbursed, then all hell would break out.

  53. Paul from Indiana

    Mr. Holter has been telling us for some time now that this was coming. Well, it looks like it could be here, finally, and irrevocably. The debt is no longer manageable.

    When the FED undertook “tightening” (which is a lie, because the FED will always have to cover the government’s deficits; it is we who will bear the burden of “tightening”), there was a debate among the “experts” that the FED could “save” the markets via printing (or “QE” as it’s called), or save the Dollar (via “tightening” or QT), but not both. Now it appears they can do neither. They started with letting some of the balance sheet assets run off. This actually cancelled some of the excess “money”. They also started raising interest rates to kill demand. The UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE was the destruction of the Euro, because Euro holders started buying TREASURIES for yield. They had to put the brakes on to keep the Euro from crashing through the floor. Since that time, it’s every man for himself, and it looks like commercial loans/mortgages and bank failures are going to lead the way. Everyone now is seeking “safety”, and that’s hard assets. Best always. PM

  54. Marie Joy

    I went to the doctor today. The doctor doesn’t require a mask anymore.
    Then I found out the entire CVS system is down and they have no idea when it will be back up again.

    • Southern Girl

      Marie Joy,
      I found that out also at my doctor’s office when I had blood work done this Monday. I was
      almost accosted by a security guard last year because when I got my blood work done, I never wore a mask. I actually get to see my doctor after two years. May even get a mammogram after two years!

      • June

        Did you not learn in high school that X-rays cause cancer? So why are you X-raying your breasts?? – of-course the younger generation won’t have to worry about such problems as the doctors are now making their money cutting off children’s breasts and penises as doing cesarean sections is not profitable enough!!

        • Marie Joy

          My doctor wanted me to do a mammogram and a bone scan. I said no to both and a few other things. I wonder how many of these docs know they are committing g e n o c i d e for government traitors.

  55. V.Locke

    Black Conservative Patriot 56,305 views Apr 3, 2023

    Asian Monetary Fund In The Making? | India Rejects China’s New Dare | Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 4,228 views Apr 5, 2023
    The world continues to dump the dollar. Last week, it was Brazil. Now, it’s Malaysia. It has proposed the creation of “Asian Monetary Fund”. Will this be enough to break the dollar’s hegemony? Palki Sharma tells you more.
    China has launched a new campaign to provoke India. It is renaming parts of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. New Delhi has issued a strong rebuke. What is the controversy all about? Palki Sharma explains.
    The US has opened a new front against China. Its lawmakers passed a bill saying China isn’t a developing country. But what difference does a developing or developed tag make? Palki Sharma decodes.

  56. Ron

    Outstanding interview. Thank you both.

  57. Lora

    Hi Bill/Greq
    In the last gold confiscation that occurred years ago, it has been my understanding that it became illegal to hold gold coins of any kind, including US minted coins and the reimbursement for these one ounce coins was only about $35.00 per ounce back then. So what makes it so different this time around, that the government would only confiscate foreign gold and not American Eagles too?
    Seems that if the government were desperate for gold, because the world powers decide to rightfully use the US dollar as toilet paper, the government would desperately attempt to collect all forms of gold, whether it be foreign or domestic gold. What say you?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am with Bill on this. Listen to the interview again on the logic.

    • Lucas Doolin

      The purchase price was 21 dollars. After they got all they could it was repriced to 35 dollars.

    • markp

      Lora, the 1933 law forbade people from owning more than 5 troy oz of gold coins, with exemptions for specific uses and collections. The excess quantities above this amount had to be forfeited in exchange for $20.67 in paper currency per troy oz. The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 then revalued gold to $35 per oz. Gold owners got instantly duded out of $15 per oz, [that’s a 75% increase in value, so who’s the sucker?], which doesn’t sound much now but remember this was in 1933. Research Executive Order 6102 for the exact details. markp.

    • Russell Holmes

      When FDR stole peoples’ gold in the 30’s, it’s my understanding that it was only taken from people with large deposits and from safe deposit boxes in banks. That doesn’t mean the fascists won’t come to your house to take small amounts some day—as they probably will very soon for our guns. So it’s probably a good idea to not let the government know what you have and if they already do then hide it (and your guns, too). I buy silver instead of gold as it’s my belief that silver will increase in value more than gold, that it’ll be easier to trade in with silver (smaller denominations) than gold coins that may be priced as high as $50,000 per ounce and the fascists are probably too stupid to confiscate silver when the do come to steal gold.

      Also, what’s even more blown away about FDR’s total fascists theft is that he ordered Americans not to turn their gold over to the government but to a private bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

  58. Astraea

    Thank you Greg for having Bill Holter. He is by far my favorite, He just makes sense and I am grateful for his advice.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mine too.

  59. jon

    Greg, I think this falls in line with the defacto Lunacy that Bill Holter is referring to about the west in general.
    Cisco just announced they are leaving Russia. They physically destroyed all their inventory hardware warehoused there. They will not support the existing routing equipment in Russia.
    Russia and China have now sealed massive business deals. The Russians will now be forced to order new network hardware from China. China has ZTE and Huawei as their biggies. China’s business will now boom in production. The Russian tech companies will now be busy installing and running the new systems.
    The US and the West are laying off tech jobs by the tons. Now Cisco just lost a large percent of their international business and need for new equipment sales.
    Is there something strategic I am missing here?

  60. Frank Brooks

    When Bill Holter is on the program; he should be wearing his 5,000X Stetson, a silver dollar hat band, and a western shirt. with the BH brand on the collar. Ride with honor, Bill. Thank you, Greg.

  61. Steve

    Great interview Greg!

  62. Coal Burner

    The Saudi reduction works for them in many, many ways. Remember that Saudi oil is running out. That have been talked about that a couple years back. The Saudi’s dropped a million BPD a couple months or so back when Joe supposedly went begging. They may have had this plan back then. Some people thought that was just in his face but there is more too the story. Bow wow news cannot think that deep. OPEC and Russia get the price up and reduce the supply helps them and all their new friends. Meantime we and Europe are being run by morons. Moron leaders will continue to win in the USA and it is shaping up too last into a deep USA and European depression for four more years.

    Hey Bill, I noticed you wiped out the market for good quality pre 1933. It took that month for my buddy in his coin shop to get a good single coin when I finally saved up the money to buy one. I knew what had happened and Chuckled. I did not begrudge you! Thanks so much for being our friend for twenty years. Same for you Greg! No one is better at what you two do. No one!

  63. Larry Silverstein

    astonishing that Jonathan Cahn and Mark Taylor ignore all hell breaking loose in Israel:

  64. ken

    None of the following is meant in any bad way to insult or demean Mr. Holter who covers the metals market very good.

    “Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter is back updating us on the gold demand explosion and the U.S. dollar implosion.”

    Explain why someone that has gold and could easily weather the coming crises would want to sell it for a fiat currency that is crumbling as we speak?

    Unless they’re investing fiat dollars in some fund/stock that is immune to the coming crash I cannot fathom a logical reason.

    Adding,,, if present day uneducated store employees have problems giving change how are they going to be expected to handle metal? Worse,,, Those consumers that have problems following instruction from a credit card machine will be lost puppies.

    When gold surpasses $20,000 gold that many are hoping for,,, the fedbux value will be around 1/20 of today. That loaf of bread will be in the $80 dollar range.

    Personally I think you’d have a better shot if you used old pre 1965 US coins (except later halves and dollar coins—40%)that had 90% silver but imagine if you will trying to convince someone with pink hair and a nose ring that old worn coin has silver in it! Buena Suerte para ti!

    • Ben Carlylse

      during the chaos and the transition, well known brands of aged spirits (whiskey, rum) and tobacco products are more useful barter money and tools of social cohesion. After that, then that is when the precious metals also become useful capital.

      and there won’t be anyone with pink hair or trasexuals when reality the FRN system goes kaput. The freaks are a symptom of the the FRN.

      • Lucas Doolin

        I think you got it. If we get down to bartering I would not be taking my PM’s. You can’t have that but you can have a bottle of my cheap brandy. Distilled spirits have been used for money before and they never go bad. They will be in high demand.

  65. Les

    Thanks Greg, Happy Easter ,to you and your Family.God Bless.💒😎🇺🇸

  66. Major Payne

    Our government is now as queer as Dick’s hatband.


    Thanks again. I love Bill Holter!
    Doug Casey has said that any coin that has the name of the country can be recalled. Our gold coins say United States of America on them. The set price of the government will make you whole, just like eminent domain land grabs.
    With that said I understand both sides of the argument and have slowly been buying eagles and maple leaves for the past 20 years.
    Michael in Indiana

  68. Rick

    If govt wants to confiscate PMs they’d probably go after mines and known large storage-holders/dealers/exchanges.

    If you’ve got a few gold & silver coins lying around I doubt they’d bother with you.

    FDR was able to steal so much of the people’s gold because they stupidly and naively complied. Those that didn’t voluntarily surrender their gold coins maintained ownership of them.

    • June

      If you are going to own gold mines best to own them in BRICS nations who will less likely seize or nationalize them – as for gold coins – Panda and Krugerrand gold coins will likely be a lot safer then holding US, Canadian or Australian gold coins!!

    • Randy Best

      I agree with you. I do think that people in the 1930s were more naive and trusted the Government. I doubt that would happen today.

  69. Bill

    We live in Texas and have already sourced local small ranchers and farmers who will not inject mRNA for beef, pork and chicken. We are also sourcing fruit and vegies from sources not in Ohio, Penn. and states affected by the hazardous material spill in Ohio. Grow our own food

  70. Fred Engel

    Just what we’re doing today and tomorrow, replace furnace and water heaters. Cost 10 k cash, before supply issues again. Money well spent. No regrets.

  71. Rich Rozmarn

    Greg check out the price on a Roll of 50 Mercury dimes going for $199. The SH has hit the fan. $3.98 each??

    • June

      A silver dime contains 0.07234 oz of pure silver – a silver “War Nickel” contains 0.05626 oz of pure silver – now if a silver dime costs $3.98 each – two silver War Nickels that contains 0.11252 oz of pure silver should be selling for $6.19 – so if someone offers you 2 War Nickels for a Mercury Dime “take the deal”!!

  72. Anita

    WOW what a treat again, Bill Holter. What is left out of all this is God’s timeline. We are at the end of the age & digital currency comes next, as Bill stated. As far as Trump, I do not who he is but it is obvious he has his part. And that part could play out much like a type of Hitler. He comes back in, turns things around, “gets the trains running on time” & while people are all lauded back to sleep all hell slowly gets unleashed. Apart from getting the fact that we are at the end of the age, people just can not see what is in front of us & what is coming, overall. The specifics do not matter, we will see them as they come. It is knowing what is coming that matters.

  73. jon

    Greg, I recently made a deposit into my Electric Company account to show a credit balance for 12 months worth of utilities service. If my credit union auto payment per month has a problem. The Electric company has funds in my account to service for 12 months. This could be something that might help. The cost per kwh typically does not change unless up for a rate increase. Of course if the system falls apart and there is no electricity oh well…..

  74. James j

    Hi Greg;
    Im a long time admirer of your great show. One question: Bill mentioned the shorts would switch and go long… do they do that? I assume by short, they have sold gold contracts at a reduced price ….how do they get out of the contract without losing bigtime?
    ( i believe they also purchase long contracts to hedge their bets, but still cant understand how they are not ruined by the shorts)

  75. Jeff

    Of all the great guests you interview, Greg, Mr. Holter is the one I’m always waiting for. Just good ole straight advise and common sense thinking from a very smart man.

  76. chris

    Where is this idea coming from that .5 percent of the population has invested in precious metals? Is there any real data to back this up or are these guys just assuming. To me it doesn’t make sense, I see more gold and silver commercials on TV than My Pillow commercials. Every other person I talk to has bought one of those pillows so I can understand why he keeps running commercials. I just can’t see how they are paying for all these commercial ads and only selling to .5 percent of the population.

  77. Robert Schanke

    Dont estimate our Governments ability to reverse itself on gold and silver ownership. Reference the ATFs recent reversal on the pistol brace rule. In case you are unfamiliar with the issue the ATF said a pistol brace is acceptable on an AR pistol and would not fall under the short barrel rifle rule. After millions of people bought a pistol brace the ATF reveresed itself and has now made millions of people felons subject to a $250,000 fine or 10 years in prison.

    • Greg Hunter

      People did not buy their brace from the Treasury.

  78. Cathy L Nowak

    Glad you have Bill Holter on again. Listen to you both for years. Thank You for having him update us on the financial down spiral. We appreciate you Greg for letting us know how bad it’s been. No one tells us like You do.

  79. robert

    Good interview. I am going to have to disagree with Bill. He is under the false assumption that the citizens will go along with any edict handed down regarding confiscation after the collapse. Does he really believe people will be in the mood to follow orders regarding their wealth after the collapse? These soulless corrupt fools who perpetuated this currency collapse will literally be running for their lives from the angry mobs. Hand over your your gold money and silver money or else…. that ain’t gonna fly. Zero chance. Over 2o states are in the process of passing legislation of making gold and silver acceptable for transactions….no matter what the pretty picture is on the metal.

  80. Greg

    If the government is desperate enough to confiscate foreign gold what in the living hell makes either one of you guys believe your domestic gold is safe?

  81. Michael Lee Shirey

    JM Bullion is my go-to silver source. Happy Passover! Jesus is risen!

  82. Clinton Wayne McLennan

    What about IRA approved coins? If the IRS has specified certain soveriegn coins both gold and silver as approved for retirement for decades, then how can they confiscate that gold and silver?

    Bill Holter has never spoken about that?

  83. Cleber

    Hi Bill.

    You’ve Said something about USA Gold confiscation. I do believe this Will happen.

    Bit, I think the countries of new world order will not do that!

    May you say some words about this impact?

    I think this should be one of the worst case. Do you agree with this?

  84. Coal Burner

    Look into Missouri House Bill 1169. IT is being fought right now. It is an attempt to force Big AG to label that meat has been vaccinated with mRNA. I do mean cattle and hogs et al. The bill tries to make it public. “They say” they can vaccinate by ingestion. Meaning humans eat the mRNA and it affects them. The mRNA is absorbed into the human body and does its DNA damage. The truth has been accidentally revealed by lobbyists and Bill Gates apparently testified too. What reason they claim, I do not know but they are already contaminating some meat and trying to keep it secret.

    • Nika

      New World Order, doesn’t like anybody else, but themselves.

    • sk

      DNA and RNA (of which mRNA is a subgoup) are digested in the stomach and small intestine.I don’t think you can vaccinate with DNA or mRNA vaccines orally. When you eat peas, you eat pea DNA, RNA, and mRNA. When you eat rare steak, you eat beef DNA, RNA, and mRNA. Nothing much happens. Anybody want to comment?

  85. SkeptiSchism

    Thanks for having Bill on I always enjoy you 2 flushing things out. Regarding confiscation of gold and possibly silver. I think that states will open repositories to hold gold and silver coins and when you make a deposit, you’ll get a digital equivalent on an encrypted blockchain, a real cryptocoin less a 2-3% ‘seigniorage’ charge.

    Deposit 50 grams of silver or gold and get 49 (state takes cut) digital grams to use on the virtual economy. The technology is already there, the internet and coding some encrypted blockchains. There are tens of thousands of people that know how to do this. As long as the state treasury never lends out that silver or gold, or leverages on the stored weight, the system should work fine for commerce and taxes. Or better yet eliminate income tax and replace it with a straight flat tax or consumption tax.

  86. SkeptiSchism

    Oops and I forgot to add that the cryptocoins must be convertible to physical metal upon demand. Fully fungible, this is required to rebuild trust in the government which past administrations and particularly this current administration have only served to destroy.

  87. Mike

    I have to disagree. I don’t think the thieves in government are going to care what coin you have, they’ll take all of it. I think going into precious metal miners would be a better bet as governments won’t nationalise those as they don’t know how to run them. Their share price will go up many multiples of gold, if historic movements are anything to go by. Although they will be heavily taxed no doubt.

    • Nika

      I saw an article, a few days ago, the Govt. captured some Crypto King, they sold his Crypto Coins for $200 Million.

    • tim mcgraw

      Mike: Socialist governments don’t care about efficiency. Look at Petrobras in Brazil or the nationalized oil company in Mexico. Both are inefficient, but the state likes control.
      The US Postal Service is another example.
      The state will nationalize the mines (as they did with coal mines in the UK, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China…) the state doesn’t care about efficiency, just control.

  88. Marie Joy

    Bud Light and Nike are woke.

    • Nika

      I never did like the Taste of Budwiser, now I like it even less. “Get Woke go Broke” I think I read somewhere, Budwiser was Sold to the Germans? Bye-Bye Budwiser.

    • H Wholesome

      and now Jack Daniels has ruined the most iconic whiskey in the world:

      • Marie Joy

        Ugliest “women” I’ve ever seen.

    • June

      In our “Woke World” – a man drinking a Bud Light and wearing Nike Sneakers wins the Miss America Contest – while woke women bring their children to Story Time Shows and sign their kids up for penis and breast removal surgeries!!

  89. Oky1

    I’m sure there are many more people like myself that are more then willing to follow the Christian Ethos of the Father, Son & the Holy Ghost in things such as charity for the poor & also being able to throw that earthly wealth you’ve accumulated into the ocean if evil gov/men do attempt to steal it.

    I suggest people think about the meaning of what they’ve read in the bible. Flee to the mountains if you must but be prepared to throw everything you took with you & your famlies into the street & walk away.

    IE: Luke, let go, use the Force of your Faith.

  90. Heinrich

    The US is being kicked out of the middle east. This is a double whammy for the US and their minions.

    Not only will OPEC and others reduce selling their goods in USD, Yen and Euros, even worse the Western world will lose its pricing power over commodities, which used to suppress the prices of commodities and boosted their own economies and financial markets. What starts with oil will expand to other commodities rapidly. Inflation in the US and the Euro zone is about to skyrocket.
    A while ago, Aleksi Miller, CEO of Gazprom nailed it: The era of the paper financial system approaches its end, the era of a system backed by real assets commences.

    • June

      When Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein trashed the US dollar – the US “made war on them” – now – the Saudi’s have done the same thing – but this time the US has a big problem – if they start a war with the Saudi’s (and Saudi oil wells are damaged stopping production) – “oil prices will skyrocket” (that will not be good for inflation here in America – and or brain damaged Biden “has drained our Strategic Oil Reserves” – so – any war in the Middle East that the US or Israel starts – will easily drive oil prices to over $200 dollars per barrel – is it any wonder Warren Buffet is buying Occidental Petroleum and Barrick stock!!

  91. Lisa

    Greg, Does Bill Holter still work with Jim Sinclair? Their website doesn’t seem to be in operation.

    • Greg Hunter

      No and No. You can see Bill at

      • Lisa

        Thank you!

  92. Kim M

    Please be aware! The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has already begun its pilot program starting April 3rd. It is called the FedNow Pilot Program, to prepare for sending live transactions through the system. In June, the Federal Reserve and certified participants will conduct production validation activities to confirm readiness for the July launch.

    Here is the article, please read this.

    The death of the dollar has begun. If the July launch occurs, we have about 2 months to figure out a method to deal this situation. To effectively handle something, you need to be aware of what is going on.

    • Randy Best

      CBDC is still the worthless fiat US dollar in digital form.

    • Midas Massey

      Welcome to the FedNow era! How many of our fellow Americans are prepared to circumvent this insidious predecessor to a full-blown CBDC? What recourse do we have? Will our senators and representatives listen to us and stop this madness?

  93. Arugula

    Congratulations to the people of Chicago. You’ve just elected a cop hating 300 pound vile-pile of trash.

    Enjoy your Forever Purge!

    In reference to The Purge movie series where these ESG Woke “films” depict WHITE CONSERVATIVES as the evil doers that bring on the Purge and make it legal to kill during a time frame, in reality, it is a Liberal Socialist Democrats doing.

    Call 911 in Chicago and you’re lucky to be placed on hold to a calling center in Bangladesh.

    • Randy Best

      Illinois is one of the worst place for sure. What a dump.

    • June

      We just have to stand back and allow all the idiots to kill themselves – once the blacks burn down Chicago, the transgender queers shoot each other and the “pro – jabbed” keel over and drop dead – the world will slowly become a better place!!

  94. Divingengineer

    It’s moving quickly now. Not surprising in its substance, but shocking in its speed.

  95. Susan

    Why didn’t he tell us what to buy? I have been following him for years.

  96. tim mcgraw

    Bill Holter’s Tanzanian gold mining stock (TRX) is now at 53 cents a share. Months ago Bill recommended the stock when it was 35 cents a share. The TRX stock was worth $1.10/share at its highest point a couple of years ago or so.
    Gold mining stocks are a good way to take up drinking.

  97. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  98. Justn Observer

    Greg, interesting signs suggest the WEFer socialist movement is advancing?
    Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopes Obrador (AMLO) called the decision part of a “new nationalization” of some of the country’s major industries, including mineral and oil production, according to Reuters.

    JPMorgan CEO Suggests Gov’t Should Seize Private Property For Clean Energy Projects
    Story by Brianna Lyman • Yesterday 11:56 AM
    Dimon wrote.
    Eminent domain allows the government to forcibly seize private property for public use as long as the owner is compensated.

  99. Jeffrobbins

    I got my wife agreeable to raising meat chickens- small victory at my house. At this point, as much as I’d want to add to my PM. Food production is my number one. Even if there is no shtf moment, inflation and shortages will make food security a part of a good nights sleep. Note on inflation- i didn’t want a new tractor but i bought one on financing-0% financing. After 15 months the same JD series 3 tractor and attachments was 10k more than i paid. I’ve thought about a second one just parked in the shop as an investment.
    I agree completely with Holter on his answer about Trump and the country.

  100. LondonCenter

    New images from inside melted Fukushima reactor spark safety fears
    Story by Sian Elvin • Yesterday 7:14 AM
    New pictures from inside one of the melted nuclear reactors at Fukushima has triggered concerns around its earthquake resistance.

    BREAKING:::::It’s Official, US. is Thrid World!
    Can Trump Run in 2024? | Why European Leaders Want to Meet Xi Jinping | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    Firstpost 14,619 views Apr 6, 2023
    Can Trump Run in 2024? | Why European Leaders Want to Meet Xi Jinping | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    34 – that’s the number of charges against Donald Trump. It’s the first time in American history that a former President was slapped with criminal charges. Will the ex-US President bounce back?French President Emmanuel Macron and EU Chief Ursula von der Leyen are in China. There’s a huge business delegation accompanying them. A meeting with Xi Jinping is on the cards. What is Europe’s strategy vis-à-vis China? How does the visit fit in the current geopolitical climate? Palki Sharma decodes

  101. Jane jones

    Douglas Macgregor – Bakhmut is Still on The Edge
    Douglas Macgregor Col 10K views 5 hours ago NOW PLAYING

    BREAKING; Scot Gaged???????????????????
    Scott Ritter: “Everyone Will Be WIPED OUT IN 9 DAYS, THIS WILL BE FATAL” in Exclusive Interview
    Red Pilled TV 29K views 8 hours ago New

    ‘YOU AGREE THERE IS A THREAT’ Jim Banks Drives Milley MAD…gets BETRAYAL from him against Biden
    Yemek Tarfileri 172K subscribers 37,664 views Apr 5, 2023

    Watch Rand Paul has ENOUGH of Biden’s SHAMEFUL ‘document’ denial..SILENCES him with Fauci’s JAILTIME
    Yemek Tarfileri 4.1K views 1 hour ago

    Fight BREAKS as Garland spins SHAMEFUL ‘parents’ CHARGE…Jim Jordan joins Chip Roy SHUTS him UP
    Zehra’nın İğne Oyaları 4K views 3 hours ago


    Black Conservative Patriot
    647K subscribers 55,381 views Apr 5, 2023

  102. Sammy

    I totally agree with everything that Bill Holter brings to the table in reference to gold, silver, and sound money, but he should totally stick to that wheelhouse. Sir, you are totally clueless in reference to what the Trump administration is all about. President Trump brought the Fed under the control of the US Treasury through the provisions of the Cares Act, which basically made President Trump the head of the federal reserve board. Trump’s presidency is all about taking down the Cabal’s central bank. Let’s wait till the end before you start calling Trump supporters Trump tarts. I take offense, and it makes you look bad.

  103. Julia Capulet

    RFK, Jr is running for President. The following contrast will become obvious to the world:

    RFK Jr rebukes the genocidal vax
    Trump & Biden push the the genocidal vax

  104. steve

    With respect the last thing the PM market needs now is sensationalism.

  105. john

    people saying you won’t be able to get gold or silver, tweak it just a little and say “You won’t be able to buy gold or silver at any price”, well if you can’t buy it at any price, you also won’t be able to sell it at any price.

  106. virginia clark

    Always appreciate your interviews. You work with the top, people in whatever area you are exploring. Bill Holter is a favorite.

    Just a suggestion (if you read these) interview Bill Still – the Money Masters
    to get a good historical view of how America handles money changes. Very interesting documentary. Get his up to date opinion
    Thank you as always.

  107. Don Conrad

    Another great guest. Bill is possibly my favorite.

    This comment is for your eyes only, so I ask that you please read it in its entirety.

    I know we are getting close to this mind-blowing change. I believe CBDC is the goal, and they are probably ready to sink the current ship and implement their next one, (CBDC). Next to A-I, this is what scares me more than anything because my children and grandchildren will not have a chance if they are successful.

    One night I woke up and realized I couldn’t just complain, I had to try to help. Being a 60-year-old blue collar worker who doesn’t even do FB, my reach and skills seemed limited. Then one day, while standing in line, I noticed everybody was wearing t-shirts and each one told me something about that person. It dawned on me that we can send friends and family POD casts and videos, but unless interested, most people won’t take the time to listen. But info on a shirt can be an eye-opener to the sleeping sheep and thought provocative, even to the uninterested.

    So, I put together a website to make these shirts covering key issues that jeopardize our freedoms. Understand, this IS NOT a money-making venture, this is me taking a personal stand. For instance, there is an anti-CBDC shirt that I believe people should wear. I make $1 on it (before taxes and operational expenses). I even pay shipping. I just want people to use it. I know you are a very busy man, but since I have no audience, wondered if you would please take a look at the shirt and, if you think I might have a worthwhile idea, talk with me for a few minutes.

    I want to help. I am tired of being silent in this war. I am not a troll, just need a hand in moving ahead.

    Thank you so much for reading this and for all you do.

    Don Conrad

    • Earth Angel

      Really good idea Don. I like your website, messages and designs. Good on ya!

  108. Marie Joy

    The manager of my local Stop & Shop says they will accept gold and silver for payment when TSHTF. For holders of PMs, it would be prudent to find out if your local stores will accept payment in PMs or other assets, like jewelry.

  109. Led Skelton

    To RFK jr. How does it feel to have half of your own DEM party hate you so much? Even the card carrying witches on the “View” would like you roasting beside President Trump. Do you now realize the DEMS are the party of the anarchy-freak show?

    RFK jr., join the Republican Party. I say that JFK in 1962 would be a middle of the road Republican today! Yeah, we know you supported Obama and the Clintons. It was ok for you to have Biden brain farts. But you are better than that! You may now repent but must publicly and disown the DEMs, and disown them by name publicly.

    Why not disown the party of socialism, total control of all aspects of your existence, the murdering party, the freak show sex change party, the party that hatched Obama, Clinton, the Asian wars, the main arm of the military industrial complex, today’s anti-straight white taxpaying male party, and the party that had your father and uncle murdered over 55 years ago.

    Come on RFK, Make America Great Again, come home to America, you know you want it.

  110. Tony

    Similar to Clif High, Greg, Bill Holter’s timelines are always a bit premature, but anyone who ignores his info is a complete and utter fool.

  111. DW

    Send your gold and silver to me and I will gladly send you back candy bars! Thanks Greg and Bill for warning about this for years.

  112. Joseph Boudreau

    Another fine video. I’m glad the ‘M2 Money Supply’ issue was discussed. It’s contracting fast! According to KingWorldNews, it’s at minus 7.9! There’s something going on with that. As for silver, everyone should have at least one ounce in their possession.
    Thanks Greg and Bill…

  113. john

    I was at work today and I had a thought. Roosevelt confiscated US mint coins.

  114. LEE

    Greg, thank you for having Greg on. I like this guy.

  115. AHA

    I think it is a fake Trump who makes the vax remarks. The fake one has white under his eyes. Looks like he was suntanning from the sun with eye cover. The suntan wold make him look even more like the real one.

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