GOP Finally Defeats Moore, Fire Mueller, Economic Danger Signs

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 313 12.15.17) 

Looks like the GOP finally defeated its own candidate for Senator in the Alabama Special Election. The GOP could not stop Moore in the primary after spending $32 million, but it teamed up with Democrats and got Moore defeated.  Moore is not conceding, and plenty of people are saying there was voter fraud.  It’s a long shot that Moore could force a recount, but even so, a last minute court decision in Alabama allowed paper ballots to be destroyed after a winner was declared.  Some say that will make a recount next to impossible.  Congratulations Mitch McConnell, you got a Democrat elected in a 60/40 Red state.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is being charged with running a totally biased investigation against Donald Trump by members of Congress. Some say he should be fired.  There is still no evidence of Russian collusion but plenty of evidence that the same people that exonerated Hillary Clinton for multiple crimes are now going after Donald Trump.  I am referring to the DOJ and FBI investigators.  On top of that, the Justice Department will not answer questions that it used a totally false so-called dossier bought and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton to start the investigation.  You cannot make this stuff up.

The yield curve continues to flatten, and that historically means the country is headed for big economic trouble and a recession. The yield curve flattened before the 2008 meltdown, and it is flattening again.  Now, you know why Trump and others are pushing hard for tax cuts to get the economy moving.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview: 

Financial and cycle expert Martin Armstrong will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    You are correct about the comments on YouTube,they are severely edited as well as blocked,particularly from here in the UK where are economy is just dreadful and ordinary
    people are accepting that Christmas is only for the rich-just how sad!

  2. Kim Beaney

    Hey Greg, just took your advice and came to your site, after commenting on YouTube.
    You are on a par with Sean GT. You love Jesus as I do and you were sent to give me hope during my periods of giving up, due to hopelessness!
    The interview you did with Gregory this week was very reassuring for me.
    Thanks a million!

  3. Boleroboy

    I love the Friday wrap up !
    You put everything into perspective Greg.

  4. wecmg

    You are right, Greg, God is in control. I am not afraid of anything. The Trump election and this Moore debacle have shed light on the fact that both parties are two sides of the same swamp coin. Heads they win, tails the people lose. The national credit card balance is almost $21T and the national mortgage is about $100T- they will never be paid off. Dumbed-down Americans have do idea how big these numbers are. Christ walked the earth about 63B seconds ago. Just one trillion seconds ago is almost 32,000 years ago.
    We are following the same path as all previous empires. The USSA is going to end just like the USSR and most other dead empires and for the same reasons: bloated bureaucracy, foreign military adventurism, debased money, ever increasing welfare, crushing taxes, declining morality.
    The good news is that, historically, the land and the people remain but the governments are changed. That is what it is going to take to truly drain this swamp- Thomas Jefferson was right all along.
    This territory is too large to be micromanaged and dictated to by a city on the east coast. One size does not fit all. The original federalism as envisioned by the Founders has long since passed away.
    I knew we were finished when Obama was reelected in 2012.. Ever since, I have been prepping like crazy and the Trump presidency has given us more time. Do not invest in bitcoin. Rather, invest in ammo. It will serve as money and bonus!, it can save your life.
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. God bless and keep you safe.

  5. Paul ...

    Tax cuts will help … but what will really get the economy moving is handing out a “guaranteed income” to all citizens (likely the money handed out will be in the form of Fed Coin Crypto Currency (developed by the NSA and overseen by the IRS) … but as with current fiat paper currency … people should simply opt out of this new digital currency by spending it or using it to buy silver that is 10 times more precious then gold!

    • Paul ...

      It is time … to buy high and sell low … in this Bitcoin bubble … never before ever observed in human history …

      • Paul ...

        As in Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes … “everything has an appointed season and a time for every matter under the heavens” (אלַכֹּ֖ל זְמָ֑ן וְעֵ֥ת לְכָל־חֵ֖פֶץתַּ֥חַהַשָּׁמָֽיִם) … and just as there is a time to buy high and sell low … there is a time for Satanists to enjoy their evil … a time for Demon-rats to fix elections … a time for pedophiles to maim and kill children … a time for war … a time for genocide … a time for saying “yes” to killing women and children and a time for first strike nuclear wars … there is a time for criminals to lust for ever more fiat money and plan even more evil Ponzi schemes to get it … but there is also a time … a time when all this ends … a time when the Son of God says: “Stop” … and overturns the tables on the evil Satanist warmongering pedophiles … and brings peace, justice and goodwill back to men, women and children … this Christmas Season it is time to begin to imagine the world as God planned when he created it for us!!

  6. Tom

    Keep up the good work Greg! Have you heard of , or been following the email posts of “Q”? This person ( hopefully a real person) has been posting some cryptic things ( and some not so cryptic) on 4chan and 8 chan. I have been reading some of them and it would appear that “Q” has some really interesting inside information.

    In case you are not aware I am sharing this post from The Burning Platform regarding “Q” and President Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp” The part regarding “The Calm Before the Storm” is very interesting:

  7. Collateral Damage

    I wanted to share two thoughts today. Both are things that my Momma said before she died 4 years ago. She was a remarkable woman and I am very grateful that I had her as a mother.

    1) My Momma and Obama

    My Mom was born on a farm in southern Illinois in 1919. She walked to school as a child during the summer, and she and her sister road a horse to school in the wintertime. She was determined, against her father’s wishes, to get a college degree and she did it. She eventually graduated with a Master’s Degree starting out at a ‘Work your way through’ college for kids who didn’t have money. Blackburn College, great school.

    When Obama was elected, I was wondering how she felt about a black man being elected president. So I asked her, “What do you think about Obama being the president?” She amazed me with her response. She didn’t even see his color when she answered my question, absolutely colorblind. Instead she responded, “He’s from Chicago.” I was so proud of her being colorblind that day, and also so impressed by her wisdom.

    Having lived the vast majority of her life in Illinois, and her whole life in the mid-west she was well familiar with the corruption from Chicago. Remember, Al Capone was from her generation. The theme of corruption obviously still exists and is rampant in Chicago. Her response spoke to the fact that with Obama as president, that Chicago corruption was now consummately in power in Washington DC and appears to still be rampantly present there to this day.

    2) My Momma and the Roman Empire

    Year’s ago, when I was a young and naive teenager (1970s) my momma said something that I never forgot. I can’t remember the main thrust of the conversation, but the comment that she made was this, “I think that what is happening to the United States is the same thing that happened to the Roman Empire when it collapsing.” I thought wow, what does that mean and I committed to one day find out.

    Years later, I found this huge set of books and I bought them, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” written by Edward Gibbon. Having my interest piqued by my Mother’s comment, I bought the set and promised myself that I would read them some day.

    Two weeks ago I was listening to an interview by Paul Craig Roberts. During the course of the discussion he said that he too had purchased the set of books years ago and was now working his way through reading them. He commented that he found the read remarkable. He said that the parallels that are evident from our times today, our political and social climate, are so strikingly reminiscent of the events that transpired as Rome fell.

    Well, I am happy to say that I know exactly what I am going to do over Christmas this year. You will find me curled up by my wood stove, with my dog on my lap reading Edward’s words.

    I hope each of you have a blessed Christmas. Please remember, that as many hardships as we all may have, we have been blessed to live in this country. Remember the love you have for your families and friends, as trying as they all can be sometimes.

    And as I sip a glass of Chocolate Milk, by my fire in the next few weeks, I will offer a silent prayer of thanks for this country, for this life, and a prayer of goodwill, wishing each of you a blessed Christmas too.



    • DBCooper

      Thank you CD, your words are insightful and heartfelt. God Bless.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

      PS, I miss my mother also and she too was a tremendous person.

    • Charles H

      The Lord bless you, CD. Merry Christmas.

    • Macray

      I very much enjoyed reading your Momma’s comments!
      Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

      The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire By: Edward Gibbon
      Narrated by: Charlton Griffin Length: 126 hrs and 31 mins
      Unabridged Release date: 04-21-15 Language: English

      Thinking about it!

  8. Robert Dziok

    According to Infowars some 600,000 Republican votes may be missing in the Alabama Senate Race. Infowars points out that during the Presidential election and Republican Primary to fill Sessions seat after he left to be Attorney General some 1.3 million Republicans voted in each. During the current Senate election some 600,000 Republicans voted. Infowars asks, “Where did 600,000 Republican votes go?” Wonder why Moore is looking into a recount and not conceding? Still like electronic voting? The Alabama Supreme court overruled a lower court and said destruction of voting records can begin. Think it’s reasonable that some half of the normal amount of Republican voters decided not to vote?

  9. Mohammad


    How trump can be a threat to NWO when he is passing whopping 700 BILLION $ to the military defense beast complex?


    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      It would be interesting to see how many US citizens either directly or indirectly are employed supplying the vast Military Industrial Complex. Then multiply that number to include their dependants.
      …awful hard to take a moral stand ( yes, we are working for corps that are vested in killing people worldwide ) when the food you eat relies on that job.

  10. Tommy

    Great wrap-up! In watching the unfolding of events in FBI story I can only hope that Jeff Sessions will return from hiatus and that there will be more like Jim Jordan, Trey Gowdy, Jason Chavettz who will ask the tough questions and do something about the rat’s nest that is undermining the rule of law.

  11. Ken

    After watching the Moore vs Jones debacle and taking a long look back over the past year. It’s clear to me that politically this country has irreconcilable differences. If you take the never Trumpers in the republican party add in the deep state along with all the swamp creatures the odds are to long to get this country back.
    After the upset with Trump winning. The swamp has developed a two prong plan to stop the fly over country folks dead in their tracks.
    Attack..Attack..Attack TRUMP any where,any how,any way and keep it constant!

    Then keep the swamp intact as possible by any and all means necessary!

    Send out some people with accusations 30,40 years old to kill the candidate and BINGO!
    This will drag into the 2018 election cycle you can bet the swamp will slap mud on every conservative/constitutional/ USA first candidate running.
    If Alabama is any gauge, the GDP not gross domestic product…… generally dumb public will buy just enough to kill off any chance of getting a firm control of the senate.
    Team Swamp is running out the clock. At the same time depriving team Flyover a chance to put enough players on the field to compete.

    Oh yes almost forgot……Team Flyover counter offensive. Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation is political: the removal of the president all of the fraud that has been exposed on the investigators.
    Uranium One Scandal. Hillary Clinton’s emails. Good Luck with that!

    Past performance actions on “ Fast and Furious “ IRS scandal Benghazi attack and a lot more. ZIP..ZERO…ZILCH…NADA.
    Please tell me just exactly what is AG Jefferson Beauregard Sessions job is?
    A better title AG Jefferson Bovine Scatologist Sessions

    So it might be more humane if we have a financial collapse. This would be so overwhelming that TPTB could not contain it. The 3rd world would stop piling into our swamped USA life boat also illegals start to self deport as the EBT goodies run out. We finally have a thinning of the FSA heard. Also the problems we have in society would become much more visible to the average Joe . Who knows the “Snow Flakes” might melt in record time.

    • Paul ...

      And Ken … according to the dumb bell “Snowflakes” who can’t see themselves … it is “politically incorrect” to wish for a “White” Christmas … so … what color is politically correct for these Snowflakes?? … red? … green? … I hear the Military feels “Red” high heels on some “Green” berets is allowable … the funny thing is … scientifically when you combine all “the politically correct colors together” … what you get is “White”!!

  12. Jerry

    The only thing that is truly a “Nothing Burger” is this fake economy supported by a nonexistent reserve currency status that’s about to go bye, bye.

    Jerry 12/14/2017 •
    It appears the gold backed Yuan petroleum naysayers were wrong.

    Apparently the Chinese have been doing dry runs in preparation for the real thing for months. Lord knows my sources have been wrong before, but it sure looks like they might be right this time. The Chinese New Year is February 17th, 2018 and that would be a prime time to launch such an effort.

    The Deep States days are numbered and they know it. War is inevitable.

    • Jerry

      Like I said folks. The Chinese have plans.

      Its O.K. to have faith that you will be taken care of by God, but don’t ever be mistaken with the idea that he doesn’t expect you to do something in return. That’s a Marxist idea that has been placed in modern day religion. God didn’t build an Ark for Noah, and Jesus disciple’s still had to cast their nets for fish.

      • Paul from Indiana


        Jerry is not a voice crying in the wilderness. Nick Giambruno, the editor of Doug Casey”s “Crisis Investing” newsletter, has spent considerable time in China, checking out the new Shanghai yuan-oil-gold exchange, which he says the Chinese hope to have operational BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR 2017. (That’s only a few days away, folks.) And if they miss, one would have to think 2018 is definitely their time.

        As you all know, I have not completely endorsed Jerry’s version of things, although I have no problem with and am thankful for his identification of, reporting on, and analysis of the Chinese attempt to bypass the petro dollar (or at least make a dent in it) by allowing the yuan which oil producers and sellers might (likely will) get for their oil to be redeemable in gold through the Shanghai exchange (not automatically, but available on demand). This is a gesture of good faith on the part of the Chinese, as traders might otherwise be reluctant to get “in bed” with another fiat currency, which is what the yuan is. The Chinese figure that if the sellers know they can get gold on demand for their petro yuan (not ALL yuan), they will likely overcome their reluctance to trade directly. CAUTION!! This move does not mean that the yuan will be fully gold-convertible in all trades and transactions! This move assures China a place at the table in international oil trade, thereby breaking (or at least challenging) the petrodollar monopoly we have enjoyed since the mid-1970s.

        Where Jerry and I disagree is in Jerry’s oft-stated conclusion that the opening of this exchange means the immediate endtimes for the USA. But he may be right there, too, although I would bet that there will still be many looking to trade in dollars in order to do business with us in oil and other products/markets. It appears to me that Jerry WANTS this move by the Chinese to be the comeuppance he believes the USA has got so deservedly coming.

        What everyone needs to understand is that Jerry has not been making this stuff up all these years. The Shanghai exchange is coming; it will undoubtedly get China the entree into the market that is has been working for. And we must all consider the possibility that Jerry is right beyond andthroughout and that a big upset, if not outright collapse, is just around the corner.

        Merry Christmas to all Watchdoggers. Best always. PM

      • Charles H

        Faith without works, is dead. James

    • JMiller

      Just to clarify what Jerry said about a supposed gold-backed petro Yuan. These Yuan denominated oil futures contracts are not really gold-backed they way some are making it out to be. These are Yuan priced oil futures contracts that are convertible to gold futures contracts. Both Alasdair Macleod and Grant Williams, who are knowledgeable individuals, make it clear that the Yuan denominated oil futures contracts are not gold-backed.

      Also Bill Holter on the Dave Janda show said that the petro-Yuan being gold-backed was not true.

      • Paul from Indiana

        JMiller, I always like your input in that it is fact-based, and especially in this case, clarifying. Convertibilty to gold futures is not the same thing as convertible to physical gold, so it is now even further removed from a fully redeemable currency. The Yuan is still just another fiat currency. But I think we have to give credit to the Chinese for creativity here, regardless. Many thanks and best always. PM

  13. Jennifer Arbach

    Thank you, Greg, for sticking your neck out to bring us the truth from a Godly perspective. I always listen to you here on your site as I no longer trust YouTube because of what they’re doing to alternative media.
    Praying for you and your work!

    • Greg Hunter

      God the Father has my back and yours too. Thank you for your kind words and Merry Christmas!!!

  14. al

    Awesome!!! AWESOME!!! You’re not bumming us out, you just verify our feelings about these atrocities. NFL and Movies along with TV are two things I stopped watching a while ago for the same exact reasons!

    Please look at other venues for your videos, please. Get help if you have to, reach out. I can help you on this, I’ve been in IT (and still am) since the 90s. You got Vimeo, Steamit, and other less known up and coming venues. Soon the alt media will be on the blockchain anyway (I’m working on that) so it’s a peer to peer transaction much like an atomic swap but I technically digress…

    One more thing, REMEMBER… NAZIS CALLED THEMSELVES PROGRESSIVES ! (The Progressive Party) backed by a corrupt propaganda media and entities like the SS, the KGB and now the FBI.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support and I did not know the “NAZIS CALLED THEMSELVES PROGRESSIVES !” Thank you for reminding us of this fact.

  15. Chip

    Great WNW Greg! Have a great weekend… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks chip and Merry Christmas!!

  16. Michelle McGillivray

    Greg, you are one of my favorite American new site. I my not agree with your guest but I know you are doing your best to present factual news. I love Dr. Paul Ryan, not so much his son. It’s a shame that companies are turning against their own supporters (GOP, football league ). I expect that from Goldman Sachs and the DNC. I missed my opportunity to tell Paul Harvey of my appreciation. I love the fact that no matter where I move you are there telling me the news. When you were on TV you were just mostly national, now you are global. And I love to see pictures of Missouri in your background too. I’m originally from there. Please keep it up, I really enjoy it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michelle. I will!!! “Good men (and Women) can disagree.”

  17. Linda L.

    Thank you! Have a great weekend.

  18. Paul from Indiana

    In trying so desperately to preserve the status quo, the Deep State is destroying it, and that’s a good thing. We are like an addict: we must hit rock bottom, before we can rise again. There is a catch. Not all who hit rock bottom rise again, but I believe it is too late to stop what is underway. The determinant in the rebound/recovery is courageous character, which I believe we, as a society, no longer possess. Best always. PM

  19. john duffy

    These keystone cops can’t run their own lives, never mind the country, and now they want to start a war with Russia??? Unbelievable!

    • Paul ...

      Worse then that John … they want to start a war with Russia, China, N.Korea and Iran just for starters!!

  20. StClareSeeds

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all, if after all is said and done, that McConnell was involved in the whole dossier and trying to get Trump out of office.

  21. andyb

    Greg: you did not fully explain the investigation of Trump based on the dossier. The most important fact is that the dossier was used as the basis to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump et al. The FBI and DOJ are stonewalling the request to see who signed for the warrant, because that person will likely go to prison.

  22. Lauren

    You forgot to mention the latest Clinton-associated murder. The Orthopedic surgeon found with a knife in his chest. CNN just mentioned that he took care of some star athlete. It is said that he was the surgeon who whistle blew on the fraud committed by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, not distributing the money as was intended. Don’t want to be a witness against the Clintons.

  23. Angelo

    If there is proof that voter fraud was committed to oust Mr. Moore then why can’t his camp sue? I’m sure that Judicial Watch will also report on this. How are these being covered up?

    • Paul ...

      It was not fraud Angelo … 600,000 Republicans just happened to be out Christmas shopping on the day of the election … seems all 600,000 Republicans got 12 checks in the mail (that were valid like a “time release pill”) … each check was good for only one particular hour of the day … so the 600,000 Republicans had to shop all day on election day in order to make use of them … so was it Moore they wanted? … or “more” freebies from the Demon-rats!

  24. Diane

    Thanks as always Greg.
    Stay strong everyone.

  25. andyb

    The raising of rates by the FED is more of a counter move against gold (and possibly cryptos) and to keep the USD propped up, than anything else. But the move will further exacerbate the decline of the US economy which has been the agenda of the Red Shield all along.

  26. angieB

    All Trump has to do is declassify the FISA warrant if he wants the truth out about whether or not the dossier was wrongly used. In fact, he is the ONLY one who can declassify. But he won’t do it because it will prove that he’s a liar.

    And, can I assume that you have finally been named to the Mueller team? How else could you “know” that there is still no evidence of collusion? Congratulations. Or are you just blowing smoke out from where the sun don’t shine??

    Everything Trump touches dies.

    • Jodyp

      Angie, I think you meant every executive order Obama signed, dies.

      • Macray

        Angie, Angie, Angie : )))
        Don’t lie to us. Are you really the Mike Erickson in this CNN report?

        • Macray

          Angie, Angie, Angie : )))
          Rest assured, the truth out about whether or not the dossier was wrongly used will be coming out.

          • Macray

            Angie, Angie, Angie : )))
            Here is a great video interview (about 25 minutes long), IMO, that you and others may enjoy listening to.
            If this is too long for your attention span, you might just go directly to the “last minute of the interview” at around the 23 min. 45 second mark!

            NSA Whistleblower Tells How NSA Tracks You! w/Bill Binney


  27. Daniel Smith

    Republicans might have to lose the Senate in 2018 in order to clean house and start over in 2020, Roy Moore for the Supreme court!

  28. Patrick McCarthy Sr

    Thanks, Greg.
    You are spot on.
    I appreciate your time, effort and truth!
    Keep up the good work…it certainly blesses many!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Luke 2:10-20

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Patrick!! Love Luke 2:10 – 20!!
      Luke 2:10-20New International Version (NIV)

      10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. 12 This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”
      13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,
      “Glory to God in the highest heaven,
      and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

      15 When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”

      16 So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. 17 When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, 18 and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. 19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. 20 The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told.

  29. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg your subs may want to see this. I Earned Over $28,000 On Steemit In 7 Months Just By Posting. STEEMIT IS A REVOLUTION! Join It. Gregory Mannarino. Click here:

    • Tommy

      Is this anything like placing tiny ads in newspapers was? I remember seeing a guy on TV talking about that years ago.

    • Seth Rich Tredway or the highway

      “Gregory Mannarino, The Robin Hood Of Wall Street.”
      Kinda like that!
      Hey Gregory,
      You share a resemblance to the old Hood.
      Put a little stash above that upper lip, add ah goatee. Your in like Flynn!
      I don’t mean the General.

  30. Pete

    Hi Greg;
    Again thanks, you are a true watch dog.
    I just X a add in your browser for taro cards put there by Google.
    They want to know why: I said it was inappropriate.
    I wonder how much longer they will let you do what you do?
    The Lord God is allowing this to happen. The reason! People cannot see the evil that is all around and is in there face every day and don’t get it, and I/we are the haters and bigot’s for apposing it.
    I just got another petition to sign today: our” slap my face Honourable pretty boy Trudope just said this – Canada won’t fund student summer jobs unless employers support abortion.

    • Greg Hunter

      Google is putting on these goofy dating adds and I think it is an effort to devalue the site. Thank you for the “X”!! I hate these adds abut I have no control over Google adds.

    • Paul ...

      True-dope won’t be able to fund war if people did not support the abortion of 18yr olds!

  31. daniel turner

    On the Moore situation, Russia and all the rest you need no proof just make crap up and create some doubt among those without critical thinking skills.

  32. Kim

    Great wrap up! Is there a way to get a bumper sticker like in the background?
    Thank you for always stepping up and reporting the truth!

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry I don’t have any. The background was my idea and I am no artist. Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas!!!

      • DBCooper

        Greg, We are not big on bumper stickers but yours I would use !! DB

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you DB!!

  33. Jodyp

    I think most know why the majority of blacks vote Democrat. A whole race of people have been conditioned for generations that they’ll be ‘retired’ at birth. Hard to break away from the chains when you’ve depended on the system you’re whole life. Sad but true.

    • Paul ...

      The fact is most are “retired” before birth in abortion clinics! … for the greater economic good of the system according to the Demon-rats!

  34. Enki

    I am in agreement with you about the Democrats and communism and that is something that should be analyzed historically . We need to discuss as how they came into existence and why. That in itself would shed light on the NWO and the people behind it’s implementation . I was wondering as how much do you know about their background .
    And if you would like to have a session to discuss about them and the propaganda they use to rule over masses.

  35. Jeffrey Kerner

    Hi Mr. Hunter, Your programming is superb. Thank you for what you do. I wanted to tell you about Star Parker. She is a black woman who was on welfare and is now a conservative activist. She recognized, along with D’nesh D’souza the democrat plan for the uurban plantation. I saw her on a recent mike Huckabee program. God bless and merry Christmas.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeffery!!! Merry Christmas!!

  36. Flattop

    When all else fails, Roy Moore can claim the Russians were involved in the Alabama election.

    • Macray

      They were

  37. TomL

    Once that dossier is ruled phony it becomes the poison tree and everything that came from it is inadmissible as fruit from the poison tree. Trump won’t have to pardon Flynn and he will probably have to be given back everything he lost.

  38. Alan Dullboy

    Jocko repents?
    Former CIA Director Regrets How Intel Agencies Treated Trump
    Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
    6:01 PM 12/11/2017

    ‘Let’s put ourselves in Donald Trump’s shoes. What does he see? ‘

    He see’s a jerk who listens to to many comments in the comment section’s on the internet!
    Just the tweets [facts] and nothing but the tweets!

  39. Cuzca McKraut

    Been confused on character Roy Moore. Seems to me, he was a legit guy looking for a “save it for marriage” kind of gal. Good luck but you know that’s not such a bad thing. Maybe. He’s ok in my book.
    This what I’ve been list’n to

  40. Charles H


    A One-World Order; then the anti-christ stepping to the helm. Luciferian modus operandi – burn it all down; then raise the false phoenix. ‘Order out of chaos’ means – all you have to do is act badly and destroy what you don’t like. Puts those who want to behave well at a disadvantage. Today’s scene approximates having to backfire against the wildfire.

  41. Ian

    Great WNW Greg. Thanks for all your hard work.

  42. Charles Turner

    I am from the UK and just staggered how corrupt the USA justice system is. It needs politicians from both sides of the isle to come out and say, enough is enough, we need corruption free politics and we need corruption free law an order. Bernie Sanders has a responsibility here. However much he hates Trump, he should put this aside and support a special prosecutor to look into the corruption in the FBI and the Justice system. It may take him down and they may put his wife in jail but true politicians over the years have made personal sacrifices for their country.. Schumer should come out against the additions to the year book for Roy Moore and the latest revelations from Lisa Bloom as he was himself a target of false sexual allegations last week. Only one Democrat ran for the Presidential election as Bernie was an independent, yet 18 Republicans ran. Where were the other 17 Democrats? They didn’t run because the fix was in and didnt want their families destroyed. Some of these need to come forward with an agenda of clean politics. If a Judge issued a FISA warrant based on the fake dossier, then instead of going to church this weekend, he should fall on his sword and for the good of the country break ethic standards and come out and say so publicly. Likewise any honest FBI agents who know of the corruption should also come out even if it destroys their careers. In the past Christians have been burned alive for their beliefs. Where are the good people within politics, the intelligence services. the department of justice and the judiciary that are prepared to break ranks in order for the better good of America.

    I have question for all Americans, do you really think in the eyes of the world that America is perceived as less corrupt than Russia when you look at the revelations over the last few months and then look at America’s foreign policy from the weapons of mass destruction, to providing weapons to Al qaeda in Syria and Hillary Clinton’s role in Libya? Do you really think in the eyes of the world that RT is more propaganda heavy than CNN? When Donald Trump talked about draining the swamp, i thought it was just a clever campaign slogan. Never in my lifetime could I have realised just how corrupt and swamplike your politicians, judiciary and intelligence services really are. It is very worrying for the world, when the most powerful country in the world goes corrupt. What is amazing is that Donald Trump saw this, when everyone else was blind to it. He has been ahead of the curve on most things. I have a further question: If Donald Trump hadn’t got elected and Hillary had got in, what would the future of America be because the corruption would become more and more entrenched?

    • Chip

      GREAT post Charles… Chip

  43. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg for the the best journalism USA based website in America. It’s just downright excellent!
    Oh and may you have an excellent Christ-mas…
    (Remember NO politics at the table of thanks…)
    Re: your topics: your Roy Moore take was excellent and now I see the depth of Democrat voter fraud. ITS UGLY! The swamp will burn down this country if need be. We will have to intercept them.
    On the economy: here in Calitopia everything is hyper inflating: new shiny cars clogging all roads. Expensive gas, food, hardware and lumber. Expensive EVERYTHING. Contractors begging for workers.
    If recession comes it will hit here last, but the fires will compete for first place…. further driving up demand for the great rebuilding of hopefully fireproof homes and businesses. It’s amazing how cheap money and the ESF can float our economy like this. Plus people’s faith in our dollar, a better life and getting ahead in life. I know about the Bond issue and have learned a lot from you-Greg, but then we all must wonder how much stolen $money they have stashed away to purchase all those bond sales. Maybe it’s all being printed by the Fed on someone’s laptop at some coffee shop somewhere.
    ( hey, your job is to buy up bonds when need be , but you’re on your lunch break now at Starbucks) ….
    I bet they have an inside saying/ joke at the Fed: “print or die!”

  44. Russ McMeans

    One more thing I forgot! …. maybe all those accounting ‘adjustments ‘ in our government’s finances-paid by us, are being put into the ESF- ie the exchange stabilization fund.. we will never know till Judgement Day though.
    There is no transparency, there is no markets based on true accounting anymore. You can only cook the books for so long.

  45. Diane

    Looking forward to Greg’s interview with Martin Armstrong..should be good.

  46. Nancy @RPV

    Greg: I look forward every Friday for your insight.
    Keep up the good work & God bless!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Nancy and Merry Christmas!!!

  47. Mimi Dick

    George Soros and Mitch Mc Connell lost the race for Moore—that is IF he actually lost!

    I hope that the reason President Trump isn’t firing Mueller and staff is because the investigation is turning up more illegalities committed by the Democrats and that he has something up his sleeve to crush them with when revealed! Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense for him to let this charade continue!

    We live in the Denver metro area and every time we see the COMTRAILS–and we see them quite a bit–my eyes burn so badly I can hardly keep them open so I hope POTUS does something about them soon! CA might not burn so badly if they’d stop spraying poison in the air and let it rain there again!

    My husband and I are true fans of yours–keep up the good work!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christmas to you and your husband. Thank you for your support!!!

    • Paul ...

      Aluminum based “nano-thermite” dropped in Geo-engineering chem-trails would be great for starting forest fires … wonder if the Deep State has ever thought of using it? … could buy up land cheap once it is burned by fire and drought … and then sold to the Chinese who will then have a reason to continue to take our fiat dollars and thus keep the financial system going for a while longer!! …

  48. Mark L

    Greg, based on your recent video remarks, I am duplicating my YouTube comment here as well to make sure it gets to you: It should be pointed out that the Alabama court case was in regard to preservation of the electronic or digital voting records, not the paper ballots. There still will be paper ballot printouts to count if the threshold is met. The real problem however is that almost all of the fraud is done electronically, and so the paper ballots just show the end result after the vote manipulation has been done. Without access to the digital records to do a sample comparison, there is no way for auditors to know if the paper ballot results are genuine, or if the votes came from ineligible voters, or if they were flip-flopped by the software, or if they were simply invented out of thin air to inflate a particular candidate’s totals. I am confident based on a simple mathematical analysis of the massive vote swing which happened during the evening from Moore to Jones that Moore did in fact win this election, but that it was stolen from him. I also think it is quite possible that something similar happened in the NC governor’s race to Pat McCrory last year. Unfortunately the people in charge of this election will undoubtedly manage to find even more phantom votes from somewhere to add to Jones’s tally even if they do a recount. Sometimes, as the saying goes, it’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.

  49. coalburner

    Greg; Happy to see so many new people joining the ranks of the Watchdog.
    Tinfoil, I know something about that Corps of people trying to stay ahead of the other nations military’s. Here is my opinion: I am not interseted in learning Chinese at this point, or Korean nor Arabic and have to learn Sharia on my knees. Oh yes, I left out the Russians because I don’t buy into the Washington DC, BS! IF Demoncrat & RINO Stazi stopped jerking them around they may go further down the priorty list of immediate threats. Nevernmind what our traitorous Obama leftovers say, if we got our foot off Putins throat he would spend his time taking care of Russia. We should keep tabs on him but the spin cycle in DC and the fake news is stupid. As for Syria, it is all about the Natural Gas money and always has been.

    • Paul ...

      Learning Sharia and praying on ones knees while facing east or west may sound weird … but does anyone realize that cows will pray (on grass) only if they are facing north or south? … so what is to the north? … Santa? … and what is to the south? … Nazi’s? … I think St Nick was German … so what is going on with all the cows? … do they believe Germans are their God? (or at least some kind of Master Race?) … we will need to develop a “moo moo” translator to know for sure! … in any case … why take any chances … leave some cookies and milk on the table for Santa … to show him we also “revere him highly” this Christmas Eve along with a Pagan fir tree and baby Jesus in a stable (surrounded by cows and sheeple)!

  50. Tad

    I’m skeptical of tax cuts and their perceived, delayed kick-in value on GDP. If the latter is what Mr. Trump hopes to achieve, and we can reach a legislative consensus, why not suspend or cancel federal income tax withheld for January, and maybe February, 2018.
    And only for those in lower and middle classes. That might further complicate negotiations and probably kill the existing tax bill, but we only have one shot at escaping the event horizon.

    Let the tax bill become effective, say March 1 or April 1.

  51. Smart Steele

    Robert Mueller led us through 9/11, was a Marine officer who was awarded the Bronze Star with combat “V” for valor in battle, the Purple Heart, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a combat “V” for valor in battle, and the Vietnam Gallantry Cross. He is an American Hero. Currently he is investigating a cowardly rich kid who did all he could to avoid serving in Vietnam, and who was elected with the help of Putin and his army of professional hackers. If you think Mueller isn’t better for this country than con man Trump, and is still fighting against our enemies both tooth and nail, then you are truly the dullest tool in the shed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let me get this straight “Steele.” You think the guy the was running the FBI (Mueller) who had a 6 year investigation with solid evidence from a deep cover source that the Russians were committing money laundering, bribes, EXTORTION and racketeering in order to get control of U.S Uranium production (they did get control–see Uranium One) and FAILED TO STOP THE DEAL is a “hero”??? The same guy (Mueller) hired people who were instrumental in covering up the Russian crime of the Uranium One deal, and covering up massive crimes of Hillary Clinton and staff. Then, the same people who did this, got a phony so-called “dossier” paid for Hillary Clinton, and and passed that off as “intelligence” to a FISA court (after they were turned down the first time.) Some of these same people then got warrants and wiretaps on the Trump Administration to form the basis of the current investigation. Mueller (Remember the weasel who allowed the Uranium One deal to go through despite his detailed investigation of bribes and money laundering) hires these same people to go after the Trump Administration. They had to make something up to try to take Trump down because there wasn’t any dirt. GOT THAT “STEELE” WEASEL BOY??????? The people that used this phony information, made it up, and paid for it, are all treasonous criminals that should be in Jail, including your so-called “hero.” After a year the “hero” has zero evidence of Russian election tampering or “collusion,” but there is lots of “collusion between Russia, DOJ, FBI and the Clinton Campaign. There is much more that I can add, but this is the “Hero” you talk about????? I think your “hero” is guilty of many crimes including treason, and he’s just going after Trump to try to stay out of jail.

      YOU ARE AN IDOIT PAID TROLL and you are not very good at it. Mueller = Criminal. STEELE = IDOIOT PAID TROLL. Now run along and go play in the street and don’t come back.

  52. Smart Steele

    Robert Mueller led us through 9/11, was a Marine officer who was awarded the Bronze Star with combat “V” for valor in battle, the Purple Heart, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a combat “V” for valor in battle, and the Vietnam Gallantry Cross. He is an American Hero. Currently he is investigating a cowardly rich kid who did all he could to avoid serving in Vietnam, and who was elected with the help of Putin and his army of professional hackers. Anyone who thinks Mueller isn’t better for this country than con man Trump, and who thinks Mueller isn’t STILL fighting against our enemies both tooth and nail, is truly the dullest tool in the shed.

  53. Smart Steele

    “Uranium deal”: . . (This is Greg Hunter and I deleted the troll comment with false facts from idiot liberal Snopes.

    Hey stupid troll “Steele,” is NOT a source and you are an idiot for using it. I think this confirms that you are a paid troll and that you suck at it. Go away and do not come back.

    • Smart Steele

      Oh, I see, Snopes is “fake news”, not a reliable source. So you alone are able to determine what is fake news, and what isn’t, with no assistance from anyone else?!? You are truly a double Dolt, Greg. Basically, you think what you say and believe is true, and everyone else is wrong if you don’t believe it. What an Idiot. You take the cake, for sure, LOL!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Troll Steele,
        I could not and never use as a source. This goes back to my days at CNN and ABC. is not a source you can quote — not even on the biased MSM. This is another fact as I was an investigative reported at two networks for nearly 9 years.

  54. Smart Steele


    • Greg Hunter

      Troll Steele,
      These people committed obvious crimes. The “Shame” is on them. I stated a factual narrative that can be backed up with legit sources. The “Shmuck” title belongs to you and them. By the way, I started my own business with my own savings. I did not work for taxpayers. If I did work for taxpayers, I would have never committed the crimes these people did.
      Oh and one last thing, the overwhelming majority of the folks that work at the FBI and DOJ and Intel agencies are good people. The rot here is clearly at the top of the last Administration. Here’s a current example of what I am referring to: This is Politico — hardly a right wing publication.

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