Greece Will Default-Calamity Follows-Andrew Hoffman

45By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial writer Andrew Hoffman says the debt problem in Greece will not have a happy ending. Hoffman contends, “More than half of Greek debt, everyone talks about the 400 billion euros they owe, more than half of this debt is from the bailouts in the last four years. . . . Two years ago, I wrote that Greece was my top pick to catalyze the big one, and here we are in that same position. . . . If there is an agreement, it is only going to be bad for everybody.  It’s going to bad for Europe and bad for Greece.  Of course, if there is no agreement, then there is your end game right there.  They are not just going to leave the euro; they are going to default on their debt.  That is the only way Greece can be saved.  It is the only way Greece can be saved, and it is the same just about everywhere else. . . . I can’t see any deal they could make.”

On physical gold and silver, Hoffman points out, “We are seeing record demand around the world.  2013 was a record year.  2014 was a record year, and starting 2015, gold imports in China have been 50% above last year’s levels to start this year.  There is going to be a supply response . . .  just look at the earnings of the gold mining companies; they are decimated. . . . I predicted Armageddon.  I think they are all going to merge, and they are going to cut whatever is left of their businesses to the bone.  There is going to be no supply out there, particularly in silver, and it is all happening at a time when demand is surging.  That’s why it makes the ability of this cartel, the same people that are printing the money, to keep gold and silver prices in check all that more tenuous.”

Hoffman goes on to point out, “You have the polar opposite in the oil business as you have in the mining business right now.  You have a relentless amount of supply that is on stream and coming on stream for oil. . . . So, no matter what the price, you are going to see more and more supply come on.  In gold and silver mining, you have record demand right now, and yet you are going to see supply fall at infinitum.  There have been no discoveries for the past decade.  There has been no capital spending for the past decade.  So, I think you are going to see plunging oil demand and surging supply.  Gold and silver will be surging demand and plunging supply.  When it comes to silver, there are almost no inventories to start with.  So, you are sitting in very desperate situations on both ends that I think it’s pretty clear economic Mother Nature is going to resolve. . . . We are talking about an extremely tight supply/demand balance in gold and silver right now. . . . It’s hard to believe that with all the things going on in the world such as geo political tensions, the threat of the euro falling apart and the collapsing U.S. economy, it’s hard to believe we will be sitting here 10 months from now, and they still will have been able to keep prices down.”

On the so-called end game, Hoffman says, “For the most part, it’s every man for himself.  That’s why the number one story you are seeing in the media right now is global currency wars.  This is not people who are working together.  This is the Japanese doing Abenomics.  Remember when Draghi said he’d print 50 billion euros a month?  When the euro didn’t fall enough, he said, ok let’s do 60 billion euros a month.  The point is, these people have no idea what they are doing.  They are literally kicking the can down the road.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Andrew Hoffman of Miles Franklin, the company that specializes in precious metals and global investment strategies.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Andrew Hoffman is a prolific writer for  If you would like to keep up with Mr. Hoffman, you can go to his archives page by clicking here.

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  1. allen ols

    Greg; I read Andy H. and Bill Holter at M. Franklyn. Spot on.

    There is an unending flow of predictions of complete and imminent collapse coming from both the uninformed and some very bright financial newsletter writers on the conservative/libertarian side such as Jim Rickards, Peter Schiff, Michael Snyder, R.G. Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, John Williams (, Mike Maloney, and Mike Dillard (who’s been pushing the collapse of the EURO for years now and still won’t stop despite the failure of his predictions).

    I’m not going to tell you that things are fine. They are not. The financial collapse writers are well informed about the problems of excessive debt, fiat money, and deficit spending that politically cannot be stopped nor solved now that the benefit corrupted voters can out-vote those of us who want government to stop these suicidal redistribution schemes.

    But they have not thought out clearly the specifics of how and why it’s so difficult for an actual collapse to occur. Historically, no nation has ever collapsed financially outside of the destruction of war—none (even the so-called “collapse of the Soviet Union” was a carefully crafted deception, as outlined in this piece).

    • allen ols

      ……..and Dave Hodges common sense show

      As many of you know, we have an $18 trillion dollar debt, a $240 trillion dollar debt, a $200 trillion dollar consumer credit debt and we have the ultimate elephant in the room, the one quadrillion dollar derivatives debt. In a country that imports 20% of its food supply, it was reported yesterday by KTAR 92.3 FM (Phoenix) that massive amounts of food are rotting on ships waiting to be offloaded and the docks awaiting shipment.

      • allen ols

        oz fan u said;

        allen ols 02/17/2015 •
        what did i do ; wander into nazi germany? I think i will post what i want too, the way I want to, and u post what u want to ok 🙂

        OzFan 02/18/2015 •
        Lmao @ Martin Armstrong….he’s such the gold bear yet did 11 years for contempt of court for refusing to disclose the millions he stole in gold from his client.

        You need to do your homework Allen because you failed big time.

        Where’s the gold Marty? Lol

        failed at what? I posted a paragraph of a martin armstrong article and his link. duh u may not agree with MA but so what. Greg has had him on his show, so what!

        • Jeff

          See That’s the problem Al, you post things as if you wrote them. This has nothing to do with Nazi Germany………. Let me remind everyone what you wrote (as a reply AFTER the original post)… ” I actually have no clue what your talking about, or what he is talking about.” …….. So you use someone else’s thoughts (which you don’t understand) as if you wrote it and get upset because we disagree with your statement ? Yea, just keep posting the way you want to….. Maybe make some more lame Nazi statements while you’re at it.

          • allen ols

            not so, i post paragraphs, complete with the source link, stuff i find interesting.
            I think you have the NEED to just pick a fight if you can. maybe u need to lighten up a little. I have been posting like this for yrs now, your the first to feel the need for an internet fight over my style of posting info.
            oz fan feels the need to pick a fight over martin armstrong, yet Greg alluded to MA in his questions to Andy Hoffman (17:57) AND recall greg interviewed MA. not a peep from ole oz fan on this.

      • Michael Harvey


      • JC Davis

        Great read Allen. Even with my bad eyesight. I was watching a interview of a woman explaining why there on strike. She said it was not about getting more money. It was because our companies are being moved overseas. I will see if I can find more info. Thanks.

  2. steve

    Hmmm,,, the gold miners I own are making discoveries and ramping up

  3. Michael Haller

    Hi Greg,

    I agree with Mr. Hoffman’s analysis but he is trying too hard not to be a conspiracy theorist. He says “they” (the central banks I assume…who else?) control all the major markets including the paper gold market but there is no conspiracy. Huh? It’s pretty obvious there must be a conspiracy (the people who actually own the world’s central bank’s…we can’t find out who the stock holders are because it’s government secret for some reason) and I believe “they” (the real owners as George Carlin would say…NOT you and me) plan on burning the house down to hide the evidence of their massive thievery. World War III here we come!

    • dchayden

      Sadly, I have to agree with this statement.

    • brian

      Yeah , I agree. Its not every man for himself, its a loose confederation of high level criminals that do in fact coordinate to a large degree with each other, its why things have not fallen into total chaos and its not unlike any other organized crime syndicate; they have to at least agree to cut up the cake so everyone gets a piece or else they end up all shooting each other right there at the table and ruining the cake.

    • D. Green

      Greg should have called this guy on his no conspiracy statement! lol
      GREAT JOB GREG! You should have asked him about LIBOR. One of the biggest scams/conspiracies out there!!! You should have asked him why are central banks are buying at the CME at a discount! lol WHAT THE HECK I’M DOING COMPETING AGAINST A CENTRAL BANK! Let Gregory Mannarino tell you, he’s making money in this environment! lol
      If you are smart, you are out of the markets, and buying physical. I only play the markets because I love it. Price action only, they can’t manipulate that… I don’t care if 2 grand gets tied up when the market collapse comes.

  4. Wayward wind

    Armageddon—God’s War to End All Wars

    “They hold it atrocious to kill a fellow creature; therefore, war is in their eyes incomprehensible and repulsive, a thing for which their language has no word.”—DESCRIPTION OF THE INUIT PEOPLE OF GREENLAND BY NORWEGIAN EXPLORER FRIDTJOF NANSEN IN 1888.

    WHO would not love to live in a society where war was “incomprehensible and repulsive”? Who does not long for a world where even the word for war does not exist because warfare is unknown? Such a world may sound far-fetched, especially if we put our hope in humans to bring it about.
    However, in the prophecy of Isaiah, God himself promises to bring such a world into existence: “They will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore.”—Isaiah 2:4.
    Clearly, the world today with its 20 million soldiers on active duty and some 20 wars currently raging would have to change enormously for this promise to be fulfilled. Not surprisingly, the almighty God, would have to intervene in human affairs. This intervention on the Lords part culminates in what the Bible calls Armageddon.—Revelation 16:14, 16.
    Although the word “Armageddon” has in recent years been used to signify a worldwide nuclear conflagration, one dictionary describes the principal meaning of the word this way: “The place of a great and final conflict between the forces of good and evil.” Will good ever conquer evil, or is such a battle the stuff of fantasy?
    We can take heart by noting that the Bible repeatedly speaks of an end to wickedness. “The sinners will be finished off from the earth,” the psalmist foretells. “As for the wicked, they will be no longer.” (Psalm 104:35) “The upright are the ones that will reside in the earth, and the blameless are the ones that will be left over in it,” says the book of Proverbs. “As regards the wicked, they will be cut off from the very earth; and as for the treacherous, they will be torn away from it.”—Proverbs 2:21, 22.
    The Bible also makes clear that the wicked will not relinquish their power peacefully; hence the need for a conclusive act of God that eliminates all evil, including the evil of war. (Psalm 2:2) The name that the Bible assigns to this unique conflict, Armageddon, is highly significant.

    • Dominic

      We could do it easily, by adopting into our so-called democracies, comprehensive Citizens’ Initiated Referenda, as the Swiss people have done.

    • paul

      “The place of a great and final conflict between the forces of good and evil.” … sounds just like us here at USAWatchdog … where the intervention on the part of the Lord is “an Internet Battle” culminating in the final destruction of the lies, immorality and evil in this world … perhaps we are God’s chosen soldiers waging an internet Armageddon against all the forces trying to destroy Truth, Justice and the American way … we begin by setting moral bounds to the rampant evil doers in the world … No women, No children!!

    • Rick

      War will never end unless we take profit out of the arms trade.

  5. Jc Davis

    Greg, thank you for your interviews. I have learned a lot more then I knew last year. Being a simple man I ask will anyone ever come up with a easy way to explain this complicated system ? What would be a better system ? The problems with fake currencies are the very things that keep it together. What will replace it…And how ? I really don’t expect a simple answer. I wish I could give one to the man on the street when I am asked.
    One thing I agree with Andrew Hoffman on is 7 billion people are fed up with the present status. Wish you would have asked about Shanghai Gold exchange, and there role in the new prices of gold. Not to say that anything gold will change the fake currencies. Sorry for the long post JC

    • JC Davis

      I think Jerry has the best quote to put in the minds of the man on the street. ” There is a limit to credit expansion, just like there is a limit to every Ponzi scheme. When the debt that has been created can no longer be serviced, the bubble no longer can be blown, and the system implodes with the disappearance of the imaginary wealth”.

  6. JMiller

    Good interview Greg. Agree with a lot with what Andrew Hoffman said. I agree with Andy that the dollar is not going to collapse, at least not any time soon like some think. The U.S. today is nothing like Greece, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Argentina, the Wiemar Republic etc… that some keep wrongly comparing it to. Andy is correct that the U.S. is still the reserve currency of the world. The U.S. compared to Europe and Japan is in better shape and should be able to withstand a financial crisis better. I agree with Andy about the the Rothschild conspiracy theory as being nonsense. Andy is is also correct that you can lose your money in anything. This would include even gold and silver.

    • Silence is Golden

      Kindly clarify “Better Shape”.

      The Kubler-Ross model’s first stage of grief is Denial.
      I believe you have a long ways to go to get to the Acceptance stage.
      Fear Not…..You are not alone.

    • Silence is Golden

      You may also consider some of the very BULLISH data points here :

      If you don’t agree with the facts then please provide your take on how the US survives any global crisis …notwithstanding the Superior position (according to you) that it occupies in comparison to its Allies (EUR/JAP).

      • paul

        Jim Sinclair says: “if Yellen panics as business contracts further … gold will rise to $2100 on its way to higher prices”.

        • Silence is Golden

          I presume that Sinclair believes that a sign of panic would imply MORE QE……signals to the world….we are in serious trouble….nothing is working…and its every country for itself.
          I see the end of summer perhaps even into Sept. as being the most likely timing of another QE program. That’s when I expect the DOLLAR to start its precipitous slide into oblivion.

      • wd

        Wow great article…very telling

  7. Spanky

    A lie is not a substitute for the truth, manipulated market is not a substitute for a free market, and fiat currencies are not a substitute for real money. We live during a period where every non trivial thing is manipulated, massaged, and controlled. Are we living in Neo’s matrix. If so, maybe the Greek people have swallowed the red pill.

    • Silence is Golden

      If they don’t succeed, the world (and the democratic process), is doomed.
      This is the last line in fighting the diabolical cabal. A battle that could win the war.

      The Greeks are famous for saving the world from the Tyranny of the Mighty Persian Army and in so doing ensured we would all be safe through a democratic process of government which sought to protect and uphold the rights of the public.
      Ironical they are now facing a similar battle that can restore the process they had started some 2500 years ago.

      • Charles H.


        What gets me is the Greek Socialist/Communists (?) are doing the right thing; and the West, the wrong.

        • Silence is Golden

          I reason that is because they have someone as a finance minister who actually knows what he’s doing. Someone with a PhD no less and has more than all the answers for the unelected elite of the EU trying to call them (new Greek Govt.) out by pretexting everything they say.
          Clearly it is a game, up until now, of brinkmanship.
          I see the US Secretary of the Treasury has stuck his finger in the pie and WARNED Greece to pull its head in.
          What they are demonstrating is their unwillingness to play ball with the creditors.
          How does the US do that with China / Russia and Japan ?
          Greece is in a privileged position.
          …….They continue with Austerity…they all lose because the debt will never be repaid and the populace will continue to live a life of servitude to their masters.
          OR……..They tell the EU and the Banks to go screw themselves…..they (Greece) and the Banks lose BUT……they will prosper after a few years of painful adjustment with the removal of the debt over their necks.
          I have said this before…this should have been done 3-4 years ago. They tried the austerity measures as blindly as they could. The puppets were removed and now we have people who realise that if nothing is done to remedy the debt obligation……all hope will be lost.
          Can we say the same about the West. NO. Why ?
          They are the problem and are doing all the wrong things for their own self interest !!

  8. Doug

    Another excellent interview Greg. Andrew has the ability to look at the macro picture and to make some sense out of it and he demonstrated through this interview that were definitely facing a world wide problem and none of these events are happening in isolation. I am continually amazed by the apparent power of TPTB to keep kicking the can down the road but there are certainly gaping holes now in that thesis. So many bombs and fuses in the world and it’s mostly the western ‘leaders’ that are flicking their bic’s furiously.

  9. Irving Greenstein

    In the final analysis, Greece’s assets need to be taken by force in order for creditors to be made whole. The Nazi party is behind much of the mayhem in Greece so we need to ensure that the rising a Fourth Reich does not happen. It is incomprehensible for a country like Greece to choose a radical idealogy over an order where democracy and rule of law can flourish. Greece cant expect to get something for nothing and debt repudiation is not an option. If its revolution they want at the expense of our bottom lines, then the debt will be paid in blood instead. It is ultimately their choiceGreeks should be careful what they wish for.

    • andyb

      Hmmm: Greek assets should be taken by force? Just like in Libya, Iraq, Ukraine? Or more subtle as in the police states of the US and UK? Surprising that you allow your neocon views to be so transparent.

    • paul

      Before their assets are taken by force … Greeks are converting their bank deposits into gold Sovereigns … the Bank of Greece sold 5,849 gold Sovereign coins in January almost as many as bought in the entire last quarter of 2014 … don’t have February’s figures yet but assume it’s also above normal!

    • sk

      The Nazi party is looooong dead, Irving. But….the mindset seems to be alive and well… boots on the ground to ‘make whole’ your investments? LOL. Thank God most people have more sense.

  10. paul

    Interesting … seems doctors are finding that “gold” is the long sort cure for cancer … if this “gold cure” is used on the 14 million new people who come down with cancer each year we could be looking at 20% of the yearly supply of gold being gobbled up by the medical industry each year … so silver is not the only precious metal with medical uses!!

    • paul

      In time … the medical profession will also find “gold” to be a cure for craziness … the people most in need of such help are the “loony tune” bankers who continue to do the “same thing over and over again (printing fiat money) … expecting different results”.

      To cure their madness … a banker simply has to attach one end of a chain to his foot … the other end of the chain to a one ton gold brick … then simply throw the gold brick out of the 13th floor window of Chase bank! 

      • Jeff

        Of course, we are talking about the Paper Bugs.

    • Galaxy 500,
      This article says about 3% of the amount of gold as is in a wedding ring. Plus its decades away from being used in people. We’ll have the collapse well before this comes to fruition. Many things have shown promise in cancer research.

  11. paul

    As Hoffman says … people expecting deals to be made is a waste of time … in ten(10) days Greece will be out of the EU … period!!

  12. Paul

    Greg I enjoy your show and guests, especially some of the different views your guest have on this economic collapse. I did hear your interview with Karen Hudes, and her view of this collapse seems a little different from most on who is creating this collapse and how it will evolve. Just wanted to know your opinion on her view. Keep up the great info.

    • Galaxy 500

      Greg has interviewed Kraus Karen. Please look up his last interview with her where she says their is magic gold in the Bank of Hawaii and then she says its in the Philippines. And this magic gold is going to save the world. She ok as long as you don’t do any critical thinking while you listen.

      • Jerry

        LOL. That’s hilarious. Maybe Karen is back on her meds and things are different now.

    • Mohammad


      They want to shut her voice from this site, ridicule is an old bullying method to discredit serious voices, she is one of the few guests that caught my attention with the depth and gravity of what she knows from her position in world bank, and that is no tin foil hat position for any one to reach.
      Her views on the amount of gold oddly goes hand in hand with the golden jackass who said on many interviews here that the monthly deliveries of gold were in thousands tons, and both came from totally different positions but yet they met on this one, so gold is by no means scarce.
      If the talk heads like Peter Schiff says it is THE THING to keep so why the hell is he selling it and trading it when he is promising doomsday?
      No … They want to ridicule the lady to silence her voice in a polite civilized way…!


      • Dan

        And sometimes the ridicule is well earned due to the ridiculous opinions espoused in her last interview on this site!

        • Mohammad

          Too many are afraid of what she has to say……hmmmmmm

  13. dchayden

    Concerning Russia and U.S relations, Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jack Matlock recently came on record and said, “you don’t set up a public duel if you want to solve a crisis.”
    How very true ! Great interview, and a great guest !! Thank you for all you do !


  14. Mike


    Simply speaking…you have a country that has stated they are bankrupt.
    In addition they state that in order to proceed, reform their tax structure and rebuild pride in their populous they must restart with a debt level that they can manage and still successfully achieve the goals set.

    Does it make sense that Greece would agree to more debt….Of course not.

    The lenders have to accept that they took a gamble thinking that they could emerge with tangible assets and that gamble did not work out. (I am being generous here in saying this deal was structured in good faith.)

    Greece can only move forward with either a substantial amount of the debt being forgiven or they must default.

    Those are the choices.

    I am not sure that the Euro can survive considering the massive amounts of debt held by the less than healthy participants in this euro dollar.

  15. 8Ball

    Who are Miles & Franklin? How did the company name originate?

    • OutLookingIn

      Don’t be so lazy! Do some personal “due diligence” and search the net. A good place to start would be wikipedia. Take charge of your own welfare. No one else will!

      • 8Ball

        Are you referring to ?

        What does this woman have to do with a company that sells PM’s and gives investment “advice”?

        • JC Davis

          Miles Franklin is anything but an ordinary gold and silver coin company. Our approach provides a creative strategy for diversifying one’s assets with precious metals. This strategy has been yielding positive results for clients nationwide since 1990.

          Miles Franklin was founded by David and Andrew Schectman. Our vision was to offer a wide variety of bullion and numismatic products, extensive broker expertise, and fair pricing.

          Unlike traditional coin dealers, Miles Franklin is both a full service company and a low overhead discount broker. We believe that low prices plus extensive client education and support can and should exist hand-in-hand.

  16. Jerry

    Economics 101 – A quote from my mentor.
    ” There is a limit to credit expansion, just like there is a limit to every Ponzi scheme. When the debt that has been created can no longer be serviced, the bubble no longer can be blown, and the system implodes with the disappearance of the imaginary wealth”.
    The money velocity chart on this link bares this fact out.

    What this chart represents is the end of the debt bubble expansion. There are no more willing suckers putting money into this Ponzi Scheme to continue the scam. Its over!
    When you see country after country demanding gold repatriation, that should tell you that there are no more willing participants outside this country. Only the suckers still in it.

    • Silence is Golden

      Isn’t credit and Leverage the same thing.
      Credit expansion is now what we see in the Leverage being applied in all markets ….through DERIVATIVES. UNLIMITED amounts of the stuff.
      Think currency , Gold , Silver, Interest rates, Commodities…….unfathomable how much true leverage or credit is capable of being created.
      Gold repatriation is representative of a greater concern for the instability of the system owing to the non-traditional transactions that are swamping all markets.

      • Jerry

        I question that logic, even though it is a very good argument, only in the fact that Fiat money is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. Like any Ponzi scheme it is built on introducing new victims into the scheme. When I see money velocity bottoming out and investors buying RMB bonds, it tells me there is no more new blood coming in. With o% interest, that shouldn’t be happening.

        • Silence is Golden

          Consider the world’s money supply…..vs … debt
          US$70 TLN vs US$140 TLN approx.
          Debt and money supply are supported by world GDP of approx. US$75 TLN.
          Then we have 1.2 QDLN in Derivatives. A market that is unregulated and unbacked.
          The world is a living / breathing CASINO. It is living off of leverage. Whilst we are all bombarded with nonsense about the credit availability and that expansion is the premise to further prosperity…spare a thought for those gamblers who partake in the casino and whose actions control the globe.
          We have had (and continue to have) an exponential growth of derivatives/leverage vs the traditional credit expansion (as espoused as being saviour by the Keynesians). Expansion of leverage has achieved what the expansion of credit cannot do. Providing stimulus to all trade and markets. Creating false demand and pricing models, distorting interest rates and not allowing true price discovery. It will fail inevitably.
          What we are seeing is an injection of credit by the CB’s to allow the banking fraternity to significantly leverage their bets in all markets requiring a price and also creating products that will not be met by future demand.
          The analysts have lost focus because they keep drawing everyone’s attention to what the MO of the CB’s is….. the process of QE…. and how this does not find its way into the economy.

          We don’t need true credit expansion per se…in the world in which we now live. We have derivatives taking care of that for us on a level that cannot be achieved through the normal parameters and metrics of what we were accustomed to. False prices and false demand have a life span though and no one knows how long they can keep performing this slight of hand act. One thing is certain though…it becomes increasingly more difficult by the day.

    • Jerry

      Greg heads up. I think this raid on the HSBC Bank in Switzerland smells of desperation.
      I’m hearing that the Swiss Banks are struggling with liquidity every since they de-pegged from the EURO. If that rumor is true, aside from Greece this could be the scapegoat they’ve been looking for to blame the coming Bank runs on. It appears that the EU is completely coming undone.

  17. Mike

    Politicians elected or otherwise are the custodians of peace and economic honesty.

    Life on earth is about choices. Bad choices were made in the past and even worst decisions are being made today.

    We can take ownership for our mistakes or we can cause war to hide our mistakes.

    Unfortunately, truth is a precious commodity and without truth there can only be an escalation of aggression caused by frustration.

    • Terry

      Mike, Well said. I was just at a meeting of the “National Liberty Alliance”. They may be on to something. Common law grand juries. I’m trying to learn what they are about. They seem to have a way forward that relies on the US Constitution in a blunt and straightforward way. A meeting at our library the other night drew about 20 people. Pretty tough looking bunch we were. Basic Constitution, Sheriffs duties. They are on to something, it seems, But I don’t know. Better minds than mine need to look at this. I’m going to work.

    • paul

      Politicians look for “convenient truths” … Obama collects “carbon taxes” from us taxpayers to pay for dumping barium, aluminum and other toxic metals into the atmosphere to stop global warming … now I’m freezing my “—” off in minus (-25 degree weather) here on the east coast … so besides me having to pay carbon taxes my heating bill is now through the roof … and who benefits from all this? … Al Gore for one!! … he just bought 20 more oil wells … … single handedly Gore has successfully stopped global warming!!! … and is now making lots of money (bringing “Peace” to his world) … but not mine! … I would be burning my Nobel Peace Prize in the fireplace “for some heat” right now (if I had one to burn)!

  18. dbcooper

    Greg, Thank you once again… good interview and we are left to our wits to connect the dots!! This is our reason d’etre. Bearing in mind the I wear a tin foil hat and still think the constitution should be the law of the land and the final word… one hundred years ago the USA was the most prosperous and had the most freedom of any country in known history; we also had a tax load the was tiny compared to today and thus encouraged our prosperity. It has taken one hundred years for the American central bank to rape our country to the brink of insolvency and ” OH RIGHT ” there is no such thing as a conspiracy ??!! Me thinks that don’t make sense.
    It all begs the question to me… just how long can this mess continue? Which snowflake or black swan will be the tipping point? As I write this the west coast lock out could absolutely topple the US ( and world ) economy … whew, everywhere we look is chaos and madness and oh right it is just coincidence … right…

    Yours in Liberty and Faith, Fear Not DB

  19. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you for the interview, enjoyed mister Hoffman’s clear view. You have good people on your show Greg. In the times of Jesus Christ (JC), people were blind for the spin doctors at the time, the Religious Rulers, as his views made the blind see, gaining in attention of the people, which got him executed, nothing new under the sun, just repeating history. The USA was once the freest place on earth, as inspirations from the spirit world got the most chance of materializing in the freest place on earth. Morality deteriorated all over the world, as decadency goes before the fall, but in my eyes and of my paranormal sources the American people ahead of the rest of the West on many topics. Truth tellers like you, your guests, your commenters are not to be found here in Europe like in the USA. Morality/mentality and so on enough degraded though to create the atmosphere wherein evil forces won enough terrain to do their thing, for the power, for the money, and above all the adrenalin addiction.

    No puppet masters, or conspiracies, he said. The system was created by the conspiring puppet masters, of which they profited for a long time, which is going full steam in these times. The system is now in a box, and the waiting is on the implosion. Central Banks are not really in war I guess, rather the opposite, as currency wars seems kind of a distracting term. Without quantitative easing globally the system wouldn’t survive, Central Bankers use the appearance of currency wars to do what they have to do to keep the system afloat. Doing it at turns is shifting the focus from one front to the other, prolonging the game. To devalue the currency for exports is a nice term to cover up the real problem, which is avoiding a meltdown, as confidence is key, people buying the export theme. Some puppet masters targeted the complete meltdown in 2008, to use the ultimate chaos for their agendas, which got avoided. The observing mechanisms around the comeback of JC possibly having something to do with that. The system is unsustainable, a matter of time till we see the end of it, no need for the puppet masters for that anymore, as we are beyond the point of no return. The puppet masters had their thing for a long time, as their targeted wealth transfer in their hands succeeded. The puppet masters are a bunch of people, which are not that much organized like a government, every man for himself, but they succeeded in their main objectives, being a tight Mafia family, as they sometimes revolt against each other, but the bottom line result is grand schemes of conspiracies all over the place. They got their way for centuries, over a century via the Federal Reserve. We are the victim of a Grand Conspiracy, JFK got killed for it, after he signed executive order 11110, making silver money again. The end game is just a matter of time, not directly conducted at this time by the puppet masters, but they orchestrated the system, slowly step by step. The Silver Wars, 1873, executing JFK for it, as the list of victims is endless, an inefficient world the result, divide and rule tactics very much in place.

    In regard to the puppet masters, I hope after the implosion initiatives like yours go viral Greg, to avoid the puppet masters getting/preparing grip of the new arising system, as history proves they move in very slowly, step by step, as people go asleep again when things are getting good again, the repeating cycle of history. JFK warned for it, as he signed executive order 11110, making silver money again, declaring war to the puppet masters, who executed him, as the list of good hearted victims is endless, as JC joined that list too. This world is for the spirit world an predictable one, same old, same old, business as usual in a power obsessed world, producing countless evil schemes, which is obviously not an efficient way to be globally. JFK’s speech wherein he warns for conspiracies, secret oaths, advising to admit mistakes to learn from it, to improve, avoiding a replay of history disappeared in the dustbin of history. After the implosion, JFK’s speech is more actual again than ever before;
    To deny Grand Conspiracies/Puppet Masters should not be the legacy to the children of the world, hoping on them to break the cycle of replaying history for a change. I don’t follow the Greek situation too much, as I don’t see Greece becoming the trigger of a meltdown. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day, and the Source of Love (in and outside us) bless us all. Expect the unexpected. Buy hard assets, don’t forget food reserves, be prepared for an implosion at any time.

  20. Galaxy 500

    One thing is for sure, the Eurozone can’t let Greece get a write off as it will lead to demands from Portugal, Italy, Spain and Ireland. Perhaps the EUROZONE can survive a default and exit by Greece but it can not survive a write off of all the PIGS. However, if Greece exits and does well, it will lead to an exit for other socialist countries like Spain and Portugal.

    • Jeff

      ” if Greece exits and does well ” Kind’a like Iceland ?

  21. Ken Grakauskas

    I think Martin Armstrong is correct. All the machinations of the gold bugs ( I am one), dealers, sellers, chartist’s, do not matter. Bullion will not move until there is a complete loss in the faith of government. Then? Lookout…

    • Greg Hunter

      The big problem is timing that crash.

      • Silence is Golden

        A fools errand.

  22. Jerry

    Greg the debt negotiations with Greece remind me of a game of Russian Roulette with the BRICS loading the chamber. Check out what the EURO stock market did with the latest news.
    Can you imagine what will happen if they leave, or default on their loans?
    Americans don’t seem to understand that Congress put us on the hook to backstop the European Derivatives with the finance bill that went through Congress before Christmas. If Greece’s default should cause the European Derivatives to collapse, you will see a financial boulder, the likes the world has never seen before completely crush what’s left of the American economy. It doesn’t matter if they manage to kick the can down the road another six months. They’re only delaying the inevitable and they know it.

  23. Charles H.


    Really good – up-front and candid. Lots of points too. With Human Nature – nothing is as constant, besides vice, as is disappointment and dis-enfranchisement. Economic difficulties, topped with political instability or uncertainty: almost always makes the cake of tyranny to rise. (Dope and Change)
    Since I am almost past feeling here – I wonder whether all the Central Banks will get to the point of (global) war (after harvesting their nations): then agree, under such dire circumstances (and who wouldn’t JUMP at the opportunity to avoid this?), to cancel debt, at some agreed-upon rate? Imagine just canceling-out so many zeros on each side of the Debt Equation like an Algebra problem? There’d be some stronger, relative winners out of the Reset – but basically a ‘clean-slate’ to start the whole fraudulent business over again, under a world-wide umbrella. Electronic money then would become the new sacredness. Be cashless, or perish! Gold (and PMs) would, for the sake of eliminating competition, become the sovereign property of government.
    It is ironic that some Americans will live to realize that their country, founded on Limited Government, and see the good old USA folded into world-wide tyranny. Human problems; human solutions – but God in control. (Hence, fear not what man can do to the body… but fear Him who after)

  24. Lake Effect

    Everyone wonders what the end game is for the world’s financial system.
    The end game will be a reset of all debt based financial assets which include currencies, bonds and stocks. It is coming. It must, because too much debt has been created. Central banks are creating new debt to pay off old debt. Economies are not creating enough wealth to support existing debt yet new debt continues to be issued. The reset must occur… when is the question.

    The one per center’s control the game. Mr Hoffman says there is no collusion within this group. There are factions which share common visions and thus collude with others who share their goals. They are not omnipotent
    however. Yes, they now control most of the wealth, but for how long?

    Mr. Hoffman also said the dollar will not crash. IMO, It remains viable mainly because there are no other alternatives. It appears the BRICS and others desire a gold backed trading platform which would create a more honest money system. Mark Faber said recently that probably 90% of the people he meets around the world have a negative view of the United States and its minions due to US intrusion seeking global hegemony. They seek to free themselves from their dollar relationship. Confidence in the dollar is stretched thin. The dollar may indeed crash once an alternative exists. It
    is probably the last refuge before gold again becomes the ultimate shelter from financial abuse by central banks and governments.

    Regarding physical gold, one wonders how accurate is the current Comex price discovery method ? Rob Kirby has mentioned several times that large
    gold trades carry healthy premiums. Gold bugs that are distressed by continuing selloff’s should remind themselves that Comex represents paper trades more than physical delivery trades. When banker tricks no longer work, more clarity on real price should appear.

    Throughout history empires collapse and the dollar empire is no different.
    The reckless policies of the central banks insure that it will.

    Government has grown to big in the western world. One solution is a reduction of the size of government limited to no more than 20% of GDP.
    15% is even more suitable. If Greece is seeking a fresh start, they indeed should keep this in mind.

  25. J. Holden

    From a Private School in Cairo to ISIS Killing Fields in Syria (With Video)

    The New York Times


    2 hrs ago

    CAIRO — He winced at the mere mention of his son’s name, visibly overcome by an unceasing thought that he struggled to articulate. He looked down to hide the tears in his eyes.

    “You have to understand, I am in pain,” said Yaken Aly, choking on the words: “My son is gone.”

    • paul

      Rome is now particularly alarmed by the prospect of an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) caliphate being established on the coast of Libya … just 400 hundred miles south across the Mediterranean from Sicily … Italy’s foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni is saying “time is running out” for the international community to forge a robust response to the growing ISIS threat” … now the idiot Italian politicians wake up? … and are beginning to realize just how good they had it when Qaddafi was in charge!

  26. smaulgld

    A Hoffman is top rate!

  27. smaulgld

    Gold Supply and Demand
    Silver Supply and Demand

  28. Andy Sloan

    Mr Hoffman has some sound analsysis, but he is dead wrong in refuting that there are puppet-masters running events.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary prophesied in the 1500’s, before freemasonry was even established;

    “.. at the end of the 19th Century and especially in the 20th Century that Satan would reign almost completely by the means of the Masonic sect.”


    But her victory will come after the defeat of antichrist and the world will be wholly Catholic and at peace. TRIUMPH AND REIGN HOLY MOTHER!

    God bless all.

    • J. Holden

      Andy, How do angels and demons,”puppet-masters,” influence mankind?

      Indeed virtually all religions on this planet, assert that angels and demons have regular influence on mankind, on individual human beings as well as on the general course of human events.

      But I’ve never read anything specific about how they supposedly accomplish this.

      Do they tweak our neurons? Do they fiddle with our hormones, thereby making us feel good or bad about a certain course of action? Do they inject thoughts into our brains, perhaps in such a subtle way that we think those are our own thoughts? Do they cause us to have certain dreams, which we subsequently attribute to supernatural revelation? Do they make a General misread a battle-plan, so that he sends his armies left instead of right, thereby altering the outcome of a War? Do they make a Bible randomly open to a certain chapter and verse, so that the reader suddenly reads “just the right Scripture”?

      Same was as leprechauns and banshees do. I mean – they don’t. Is it just ghost stories?

      It doesn’t make any sense. If angels or demons could make people do things they wouldn’t otherwise do, then how can we be punished or rewarded for our actions?

      This is a pretty important question. Related to it, is the question of: “How do demons ‘possess’ people?”

      And the really loaded question: “Why did God give them this ability?”

      Think about it, what NON-Evil purpose does possession serve? It strikes me as a rather odd thing for God to create angels with the ability to invade a human brain and take over.

      This is a pretty important question. Related to it, is the question of: “How do demons ‘possess’ people?”

      And the really loaded question: “Why did God give them this ability?”

      Think about it, what NON-Evil purpose does possession serve? It strikes me as a rather odd thing for God to create angels with the ability to invade a human brain and take over.

      • From; Leolaia

        In Galatians 5:19-23, Paul lists the virtues that result from the Holy Spirit dwelling in a person, e.g. love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, etc. So the Spirit enters a person, enters his/her heart, and disposes the person to behave in ways harmonious with the Spirit (cf. Hermas, Mandate 3.1 regarding “the spirit which God caused to dwell in this flesh”). It is similar with the evil spirits. According to Shepherd of Hermas, the evil spirits enter into a person, and make the person “double-hearted” or “double-minded” (dipsukhos), bringing negative thoughts and inclinations into a person. A spirit that found a nice home would invite other unclean spirits to join together with it. These spirits “oppress the Holy Spirit that dwells in you” (Mandate 10.2.4-5). Each negative emotion is a separate “spirit” that takes up residence in a person, eventually crowding out the Holy Spirit: “An angry temper is first of all foolish, fickle, and senseless. Then from foolishness comes bitterness, and from bitterness wrath, and from wrath anger, and from anger vengefulness; then vengefulness, being composed of all these evil elements, becomes a great and incurable sin. For when all these spirits dwell in one vessel, where the Holy Spirit also dwells, the vessel cannot contain them, but overflows. So the sensitive Spirit, which is not used to living with an evil spirit nor with harshness, departs from a person with the evil spirits” (Mandate 5.4-6). A similar understanding of evil spirits can be found in the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs. So spirits (which in the Jewish-Christian tradition corresponded to the souls of the giants who died in the Flood, NOT the fallen angels who were imprisoned in Tartarus/the abyss) were not just thought to be the agents of disease; they were the source of negative emotions, madness, vices, etc., who would fill up a person like water fills a vessel. So exorcisms, among other things, were a sort of ancient form of psychotherapy — people came to exorcists to rid themselves of their “evil inclinations”.

        • AllTimeJeff

          Add to all of this the widespread interest in magic and spiritualism, and it is clear that belief in wicked spirits has a long and pervasive history. But is it reasonable to believe that such creatures exist? The Bible says that they do. However, if they do exist, why does God allow them to influence man to his injury?

          THE Bible’s explanation of the role of demons in man’s affairs answers basic questions about evil that would otherwise be unanswerable. Consider, for example, this statement from the InternationalHeraldTribune concerning the war in the Balkans, a stones throw from the Ukraine: “A European Community team of investigators has concluded that [soldiers] have raped up to 20,000 Muslim women and girls . . . as part of a systematic policy of terror designed to intimidate, demoralize and drive them from their homes.”

          An essay in Time magazine grappled with an explanation: “Sometimes, young men in war may commit rape in order to please their elders, their officers, and win a sort of father-to-son approval. The rape is proof of commitment to the unit’s fierceness. A young man willing to do hideous things has subordinated his individual conscience in order to fuse with the uncompromising purposes of the group. A man seals his allegiance in atrocity.”

          But why are the “uncompromising purposes of the group” more debased than the individual consciences of its members? As an individual, almost everyone desires to live at peace with his neighbor. So why, in times of war, do people rape, torture, and kill one another? A key reason is that demonic forces are at work.

          Understanding the role of demons also provides a solution to what some term a “theologian’s problem.” The problem is how to reconcile three propositions: (1) God is all powerful; (2) God is loving and good; and (3) terrible things happen. Some hold that it is possible to reconcile any two of these propositions, but all three can never be reconciled. God’s Word itself gives the answer, and that answer involves unseen spirits, agents of evil.

          From here, we can go into the allegory of Satan and his demons, their fall and into disfavor with God. While I am sure this doesn’t surprise anyone, the questions raised are not answered…. The best we can do is in this quote, which is to say that armies that rape and pillage MUST be under demonic control…. OBVIOUSLY.

          • Enemies ofMankind

            Satan and the demons have always been murderous and cruel. Satan, by various means, took away Job’s livestock and killed most of his servants. Next, he killed Job’s ten children by causing “a great wind” to demolish the house they were in. After that, Satan plagued Job with “a malignant boil from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head.”—Job 1:7-19; 2:3, 7.

            The demons show a similarly evil disposition. In Jesus’ day, they robbed people of their speech and sight. They caused a man to slash himself with stones. They dashed a boy to the ground and “violently convulsed him.”—Luke 9:42; Matthew 9:32, 33; 12:22; Mark 5:5.

            Reports from around the world show that Satan and the demons are as malicious as ever. Some people they strike with illness. Others they harass by robbing them of sleep or by giving them terrible dreams or by abusing them sexually. Still others they have driven to insanity, murder, or suicide.

            Don’t know what those methods are… As usual no explanation. I didn’t know that such things as nightmares, insomnia and sexual urges in the middle of the night could be attributed to demons…. I must be seriously demonized… lol… Also no answer: Why did demonic activity as explained in the bible stop after the bible was written, esp keeping in mind that according to theology, Satan and the demons have been cast down to earth having great anger knowing they have a short period of time. So they are less able to hurt people then before, or more? Doesn’t make sense… But do you know of any demons possessing people lately?

            Short answer is that the bible makes the claim of demon influence, it is sparse on details, and there is no evidence that the claims are true…
            Are we the “angels” and “demons” simply by whether or not our spiritual nature is in control or our animal nature.
            Good night!

            • searcher

              I find it impossible to believe that man is just some sort of mindless puppet, standing around waiting to be possessed and controlled by warring ‘puppet masters’ (Angels and Demons).

              • paul

                Mice are probably saying the same things to themselves … as they are constantly used as “test subjects” and even have “ears” growing out of their backs!

      • Charles H.

        J Holden,

        Those who are Saved, are in-dwelt by God the Holy Spirit: they cannot be possessed; and nothing can overcome that Person of God. Still, we operate under our own sovereign will, despite good or evil influences – so that we are at all time responsible for our actions. Often the Saved are targeted for demonic oppression and influence so that testimony or believability is lost, or effect for good in the world is degraded or negated. The old Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd with demon and angel on the shoulders is almost representative. The operation of our Will either attends to one or the other (or both), for Good or Evil – even as a Saved Christian. Once Saved and indwelt: no other spirits can enter or share space with God – only influence from outside.
        The Unsaved or unbeliever CAN be possessed, in addition to a higher susceptibility towards vices and spiritually evil influences. I suspect that with possession – at some point an entrance is made toward evil, misrepresented as an offer for power – so that the will is relinquished under false pretenses after some flirting. (My guess) Again, this places ultimate responsibility upon man. As to brute over-powering possession: who knows. I find it hard to accept that “the sins of the fathers” could convey such grave consequences.

        Man is a fallen, sinful creature, like the fallen angels. But the angels are spiritual and superior beings by their higher Nature. It’s not a matter of God “giving” them any ability: they simply continue to occupy a higher realm – in the struggle of Good and Evil in this world. We are caught between two poles, and our Will navigates between.
        Psalm 49:20 – “Man that is is honor, and understandeth not, is like the beasts that perish.” This “honor” is a position of high obligation. God took human form and died for man’s sin in the person of Jesus Christ – therefore salvation and eternal life is within grasp and act of the will for faith for man. There is NO sacrifice or salvation for angels who have sinned. Psalm 8:4 – “What is man that Thou art mindful of him? and the Son of man, that thou visitest Him? (Caps mine) God has visited man in the person of Jesus Christ; and is in honor for the possibility of Salvation.
        I can hardly conceive that there is any possible good that can come of any possession: therefore I view a “NON-Evil purpose” to possession to be a false notion. Get a King James Bible, and be Born-again. Faith is an act of will.

        • Greg Hunter

          Charles H,
          This is good to know.

      • dpdavidson

        Good questions. You will find the answers in Spiritual Warfare… by Dr. Karl Payne, a Baptist counselor in Seattle, Washington and Seattle Seahawks chaplain.

  29. Art Barnes

    Greg, Greece is holding good cards & as such they can control the pot & the betting. If they play their hand correctly they can have their cake and eat it too; stay in the European Union & have their debt reduced, reduced principal without interest, etc. If a little moron out here on the Western Front can see their play surly a 5,000 year old society of great minds can figure out how to bet this hand.

  30. archivesDave

    Yes Greg, as Andy emphasized, .. LOTS of Black Swans out there…Too many to cover.
    One aspect he did seem to overlook is the crucial play of countries like China and Russia
    ready to come in once Greece departs the Union.
    Also many mega corps like Google et al that are already engaged.

    • JMiller


      I heard Andy Hoffman toward the end of an interview with Kerry Lutz say that Russia will not come to Greece’s aid. Russia has no aid to offer. Russia’s currency has collapsed by 50% and really the only thing Russia has is gold which he guarantees they will not sell just to give it to Greece. Andy Hoffman also said that the U.S. will be the last country to go in this global crisis because of the relative strength dollar. All other countries will collapse first. He also said that you will not see the kind of social unrest in the U.S. as you will see other places.

      • Jeff

        JM Just because Andy thinks something doesn’t make it true….. If Greece pulls out the Euro is toast and the advantage again goes to Russia. Greece is already a trading partner with Russia. Greece can be an entrance for Russia’s oil pipeline to Europe……… I will say it one more time, would you want to be aligned with losers of the past or winners of the future ? Further, why would anyone want to be associated with these controlling Euro psychopaths ?

        • JMiller

          “Just because Andy thinks something doesn’t make it true”

          Jeff, I know that. I am just reporting what Andy’s thought were concerning the possibility of Russia helping out Greece because someone brought this up.

  31. Jim

    Don’t you (watchdog braintrust) think that Greece will make or be given some kind of a deal? Then the status quo will be maintained until the next crisis ensues. Consequently everyone else in trouble will want the deal also and will probably get it. I think this type of action will be the norm until the system ceases the ability to function. Why would the powers that be take the cure before no other option is possible?

    • Greg Hunter

      Greece needs more money and Germany doesn’t want to give it to them without a payback plan. This is getting very dicey.

    • Silence is Golden

      Fact is Jim….Greece wants to renege on at least 50% of its current $350BLN debt.
      Germany has a bad case of indigestion at the mere thought of any haircut.
      China and esp. RUSSIA are rubbing their hands in anticipation of providing some assistance to the so-called “DEAL”.

      Once Greece obliges …then the rest of “Club Med” will follow suit.
      I cant wait for the new phrase (CLUB MED) to hit the blogosphere.
      I posted it first here on USAWD (GREG)……and I know it will become the new catchphrase. Mark my words. 😉

      • markp

        SiG, No offence intended but Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain have been known as “Club Med” in Australia since 1997, when the former Prime Minister, Paul Keating, referred to them as such. That was about two years before the Euro was introduced as a common currency. Keating’s opinion that “Club Med” didn’t deserve seats at the EU table is now being realised.

      • paul

        CUB med might be more apropos … since mama Bear (Russia) will be nursing them all back to health!

      • Jeff

        They all knew what they were getting into when they loaned money to Greece. After all, these were loans to cover interest payments back to the banks. Giving Greece more and more debt and enslaving the country……….. Classic kicking the can for Euro land.

      • Jerry

        Good point. Greece is like a bomb ready to go off. Its a matter of whether you want a 3 inch fuse, or a 6 foot fuse. Either way its going to EXPLODE!

  32. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, thanks as always for all the different perspectives. I like listening to Andy for his technical analysis and calling out of all the manipulation and fraud. But he and others like Schiff while calling out the central banks tend to chalk it up to bumbling incompetence? I just can’t buy that. They know what they are doing. A secret meeting on an island off the coast of Georgia…..that’s a conspiracy right there to usher in the whole scam from the outset. Balance that with Rob Kirby’s calling them out for their evils and crimes against humanity. When you step back and absorb everything, it can’t all be coincidental. As far as the Greek election goes, I’m starting to have my doubts. I’ll believe it when I see it- if they tell the ECB to go pound sand. I’m starting to think it’s another problem-solution thing to re-wire another mechanism to create even more debt. The people clamoring for change, elect a new party to shake things up……reminds me of that grass-roots Tea Party fever that rocked our nation. Remember they were going to turn DC on its head with fiscal reform and trim all that spending? How did that work out? What did they do with that debt limit? Oh, that’s right- they obliterated it. ‘Doesn’t even matter any more. It is hard to see everything that is happening-the pace is surely quickening. It is also distressing to see so many still oblivious. I’ve been trying to gently wake up family and friends with my blog, but no one seems interested. I think they think I’m a kook. Kudos to you for being so diligent! and Thanks!

  33. Klemens

    I do think that the international moneychanger cartel want to destroy the house of cards (Debt-Money-Sytsem) all at once. Maybe they need Greece for the Euro collaps.
    The international moneychanger cartel will set the date of destroying the system, because there are no free market anymore. So we have to watch more on the political side, rather then on the “financel -markets”. They can make in their computers any amount of Euros they need.

  34. Michael Harvey

    Subject: CANNOT BE PUT BETTER – A Good Read – Thursday 19th February 2015
    It is long but worth the read
    Susan MacAllen is a contributing editor for ( ) Salute the Danish Flag – it’s a Symbol of Western Freedom By Susan MacAllen
    In 1978-9 I was living and studying in Denmark . But in 1978 – even in Copenhagen, one didn’t see Muslim immigrants.The Danish population embraced visitors, celebrated the exotic, and went out of its way to protect each of its citizens. It was proud of its new brand of socialist liberalism one in development since the conservatives had lost power in 1929 – a system where no worker had to struggle to survive, where one ultimately could count upon the state as in, perhaps, no other western nation at the time.The rest of Europe saw the Scandinavians as free-thinking, progressive and infinitely generous in their welfare policies. Denmark boasted low crime rates, devotion to the environment, a superior educational system and a history of humanitarianism. Denmark was also most generous in its immigration policies – it offered the best welcome in Europe to the new immigrant: generous welfare payments from first arrival plus additional perks in transportation, housing and education. It was determined to set a world example for inclusiveness and multiculturalism. How could it have predicted that one day in 2005 a series of political cartoons in a newspaper would spark violence that would leave dozens dead in the streets -all because its commitment to multiculturalism would come back to bite? . . .

    (Michael Please come back and post a link. I am trying to keep the comments shorter. Thank you very much.)

  35. Marcus West

    I subscribe to the Miles Franklin website and get daily emails and find that all the information from Andrew Hoffman, and Bill Holter are very informative. If you are clueless and need a very good insight with not a lot of fancy words that confuse you then these guys at Miles Franklin give you the real truth. I am very happy I found them thanks to USA Watchdog and Greg Hunter.

  36. Jeff

    I think what Greece decides is entirely dependent on who’s side they want to be on. I think that decision was made easy with Russia/China providing financial help. I think this WAS the main topic when France/Germany went to Russia…….. Greece leaving the Euro will be a MAJOR victory for Russia and the Brics……… The market will be disappointed this time.

  37. Jerry

    Greg I fell out of my chair laughing when I read this headline.

    Yea right. Like Black water and the CIA weren’t in there fighting the last 18 months.
    George Soros has his arm so far up the Ukrainian puppet chute you can almost see his fist.

  38. Wayward wind

    The Truth About Armageddon

    “Demonic spirits . . . go abroad to the kings of the whole world . . . , and they assembled them at the place that in Hebrew is called Harmagedon.” (Italics ours.)—REVELATION 16:14, 16, New Revised Standard Version.

    ARMAGEDDON, sometimes rendered “Harmagedon,” is the name of a place. That place, however, does not seem to have existed in any literal location on earth.

    What, then, is the real significance of the word “Armageddon”? Why is it so often associated with an event, such as a war?

    Assembled at the Place Called Armageddon

    The original Hebrew word Har–Magedon literally means “Mountain of Megiddo.” Although no such literal mountain existed, a place known as Megiddo does exist. It is located at a strategic crossroads in the northwest of the area inhabited by the ancient nation of Israel. Many decisive battles were fought near that location. Therefore, the name Megiddo became associated with war.

    However, the real significance of Megiddo is, not what battles were fought there, but why they were fought. Megiddo was part of the Promised Land that God gave to the Israelites. (Exodus 33:1; Joshua 12:7, 21) He vowed to those people that he would defend them against attackers, and he did. (Deuteronomy 6:18, 19) For example, it was at Megiddo that God miraculously defended the Israelites against the invading forces of Canaanite King Jabin and his army chief Sisera.—Judges 4:14-16.

    Therefore, the word “Har–Magedon,” or “Armageddon,” has great symbolic significance. It is associated with a confrontation, one in which two powerful forces collide.

    The prophecy in Revelation speaks of a time in the near future when Satan and the demons will motivate human governments to assemble their armies, thus issuing a defiant challenge to God’s interests. The attack will result in the death of millions of people when God defeats the invaders.—Revelation 19:11-18.

    Why would God, whom the Bible describes as “merciful, slow to anger, and abundant in loving-kindness,” cause the death of so many humans? (Nehemiah 9:17) To understand God’s actions, we need to answer three questions.


    The war of Armageddon is not an act of aggression by God. Instead, God will defend good people from those who would crush them. The aggressors in this conflict are “the kings of the entire inhabited earth,” the world’s leaders. Why the attack? Because, like a puppet master, Satan will maneuver both governmental and military agencies into an all-out assault on those who worship God.—Revelation 16:13, 14; 19:17, 18.

    In view of the emphasis on freedom of speech and religion in some countries today, the idea that governments would crack down on or even try to obliterate any religious movement may seem far-fetched. However, such attacks occurred during the 20th century and are now taking place. Even so, there are at least two major differences between previous attacks and the one associated with Armageddon. First, the scale of the attack will be global. Second, the response from God will be of a magnitude greater than any action that he has taken in the past. (Jeremiah 25:32, 33) The Bible describes the confrontation as “the war of the great day of God the Almighty.”


    God instructs those who worship him to be peaceable and to love their enemies. (Micah 4:1-3; Matthew 5:43, 44; 26:52) So they will not take up arms to defend themselves when this vicious attack comes. If God did not step in to save his people, they would be wiped out. Therefore, Jehovah God’s name, or reputation, will be at stake. If the aggressors managed to do away with His people, it would make God appear to be unloving, unjust, or helpless. Such an outcome is impossible!—Psalm 37:28, 29.

    God does not want to destroy anyone, so he gives fair warning of what he will do. (2 Peter 3:9) By means of accounts preserved in the Bible, he reminds all that in the past he has retaliated when his people were attacked. (2 Kings 19:35) The Bible also warns that in the future when Satan and his human puppets attack God’s people, he will again step in and meet force with force. In fact, God’s Word long foretold that he will destroy the wicked. (Proverbs 2:21, 22; 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9) At that time, there will be no doubt in the minds of the attackers that they have picked a fight with the Almighty himself.—Ezekiel 38:21-23.


    The war of Armageddon results in the saving of millions of lives. In fact, it is a prelude to a period of peace on earth.—Revelation 21:3, 4.

    The book of Revelation talks about an unnumbered “great crowd” who will survive this conflict. (Revelation 7:9, 14) Under God’s guidance, these will help to restore the earth to the Paradise conditions that God originally purposed.

    Do we know when this attack on God’s people will come? Yes, sooner than later!

    • paul

      The war of Armageddon results in the “saving of millions of lives” … in fact, it is a prelude to a long period of peace on earth.—Revelation 21:3, 4.

      Makes me believe even more that the war of Armageddon will be an “Internet War” launched against all the corrupt and evil forces of the world … bringing forth unbiased truth and finally true justice to the people … the way USAWatchdog currently does!!

  39. Don

    Many good commits on this thread. my question would be, if a collapse of the system began, how long would it take to play out. If Greece triggers it, or the inability to deliver physical metals, or intensified currency wars, or war itself. The great depression lasted from late 20’s through 40 or so. Will this come in a little at a time, or a global sweeping currency crisis, that plays out within a month or two, collapsing the system. You input appreciated.

    • A R M A G E D D O N ?

      Paul, I think you’re on to something. No doubt about it, the internet is playing a big part in the affairs of mankind and Don, I think it’s playing out right before our eye’s, in that our creator is giving wicked men enough rope to hang themselves. So the question shouldn’t be how much time, but how long. Rope that is and don’t forget, USAWathdog gives you the dope!

  40. Ed Martin

    Any debt that can’t be paid will not be paid.
    Even should the EU lend more to Greece they will be paid back with their own money.
    This is called the extend and pretend and will go on until it becomes impossible and at will at some point.

  41. david brownallen

    I wonder if the Greek finance minister, pre-Euro, had the foresight to hold onto and store the drachma printing plates?

    I would say, NO! That said, we may be witnessing either a slow Greece death or Vladimir Putin and the Russian ruble in rescue mode.

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