Greek Debt Deal a Financial Coup-Rob Kirby

4thBy Greg Hunter’s 

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby thinks that everybody should take notice of what is happening with the Greek debt crisis drama.  Kirby contends, “What has occurred in Greece, make no mistake, it is a financial coup.  It is not a bailout.  It’s a takeover by force.  The leader of Greece has obviously been told, and effectively has a gun to his head, the way it’s going to be.  The Greek people voted for what they want, and we know what the Greek people’s wishes are, and they don’t want more austerity.  They want to divorce themselves from the IMF and the European Central Bank (ECB).  We know that clear as day, but that is not acceptable to the global elitists and the globalist bankers.  They have said we don’t really care what you think.  It’s going to be the way we say.  The rest of Europe should sit up and take note of this because there are other countries whose finances are also not in good shape, namely, Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. . . . If global bankers are allowed to get away with this, then this is what you can expect in your country real soon.”

So, is Greece the template for other counties around the world with extreme debt problems?  Kirby says, “This is very aggressive, and to suggest this is a template for what’s going to be done in other countries is sort of like saying a mugging has a template.  Muggings are very aggressive, nasty acts, and when you are being mugged, you have fight or flight reflexes.  When you get into a dustup with anyone, how it is going to end is anybody’s guess. . . . It seems to me the bankers will use anything at their disposal, including threats and including offing people.  This is a very nasty, nasty game.  What is at stake here is world domination.”

What do central bankers fear?  Kirby says, “What is in danger here is the integrity of fiat money.  All these bonds are expressed in fiat terms.  The euro is a fiat currency, just like the US dollar is a fiat currency.  The reason why they can’t allow Greece out of the euro is because the European Union is a construct of globalists whose ultimate goal is a one-world government with a one-world currency.  The rationale goes something like this:  If you can’t manage and keep together the Eurozone, how can you possibly rationalize one-world government and bringing the rest of the world onto this platform?  So, they must keep Greece in the union; otherwise, it would expose their globalist plan for being threadbare as it truly is.  And they can’t allow the default or the restructuring of the Greek debt because following closely on a Greek restructuring would be requests from, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France, as well.  In my view, this is unworkable.  In my view, this whole euro concept and whole notion of one-world government and one-world currency is a dog that will not hunt in the end.  We are starting to see concrete proof that this is indeed the case.”

Kirby’s view on the recent secret trade deal signed into US law by President Obama is well beyond dollar negative.  Kirby contends, “I think it is humanity negative.  It is very, very bad for humanity.  Anything that is hidden from plain view cannot be very good for anybody.  I think it is humanity negative.  It goes much deeper than dollar negative.  I think it is fiat regime negative.  If we see the details of what is being negotiated behind the curtain, I think it would become very clear to an awful lot of people just how fragile, insolvent and how broken our financial system truly is.  I think what they are trying to do is build a net under a failing edifice.  I think they are trying to put a safety net in with these trade agreements.  So, when the inevitable tripwires are hit, we don’t fall into an abyss.  This is a fool’s errand.  You cannot solve an issue of indebtedness by adding more debt.  That is exactly, in a nutshell, what they are trying to do with Greece.  They are trying to fix the Greek debt problem by giving them more debt, and that cannot be done.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Rob Kirby also said, “I wish I had more positive news, but they are doubling down on bad policies, and they are guaranteeing that things will end badly.  Things are not getting better, they are getting worse.”  There is some free information on the home page of  You can also sign up for his subscription service at $149 per year by clicking here.



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  1. Paul T

    Rob Kirby is, without a doubt, one of the smartest, best voices of reason out there when it comes to seeing things the way they are. He’s one of my favorite people to see on USA Watchdog! Thanks for having him on Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      I could not agree more Paul T. Thank you for the comment and support.

    • Tracy Biggs Pinckney, MI

      Agreed, Rob Kirby is one of my favorites. He correctly and frequently mentions the global conspiracy. I have some questions that you will know better who to ask. What is the wiping out of assests and debt, as discussed by Jonathan Cahn and Bix Weir going to look like for the “little people”? We know that the globalist banksters had a wiping out of their debt in 2008. But my debt remains the same. If the bank holding my mortgage disappears, doesn’t the record of my loan still exist? Won’t another bankster or the gov’t step in and take over that record? And the wiping out of assets…does that mean my house loses most of it’s value? Will I be paying the full value of the a loan on a product worth one tenth of its original value? Where does a car loan go? If I am working hard to pay down debt, what is the point if it is all going to go poof! I am a right brain, not so good at the math, person who gets the gist of the hows and whys of this crisis. But I haven’t heard anyone address the specifics of this process. Please help. As always Greg, great job, great guests, I always watch. Tracy

  2. pangeo

    Subprime bonds to ensnare the weaker nations in endless interest payments to the parasite class. The noose has been set. The NWO (now we own) feeds until freedom sickens and dies. The elite think they are hungry wolfs but we see engorged ticks.

    • paul

      With 340,000,000 Americans verses 400 or so Congressmen means that 0.9999 percent of the people are allowing just 0.0001 percent corrupt congressmen decide their fate … pushing secret trade deals, offshoring our jobs and implementing failed economic policies all for dirty bribes by greedy corporations that shelter themselves from taxes by moving most of their operations overseas … thus destroying any
      prospect of sustained growth and employment for current and future generations of Americans.

      Aren’t the 0.0001 percent afraid of doing what they are doing with about 340 million firearms currently in our possession? … Guess that’s the motivation behind the government’s mass surveillance programs on its own people and the current militarization of police forces.

      Everything comes down to money and power … so we must use our own money and power to remove the cancer that plagues this nation … each American household contributing just $200 dollars to a “Fund to Save our Republic” will generate a $10 Billion dollar reserve we can use to attack the root cause of our problems … once we overpower and eliminate the rotten banking cartel and corporate lobbyists … we can restore our Republic back to an honest and efficient financial and monetary market system where currency is once again “money” and not debt! 

      • paul

        Woops … that should be 99.9999 percent being controlled by 0.0001 percent!

  3. AgeOfJefferson

    So tired of these criminal banksters and corrupt governments taking over the world.

    It’s time for us to take action!

    ‘Restoring the Lost republic’!J5EEXCDK!_LD4hgaBI3aUqqJc2Ng14A

    This is coming to North America too unless we actually do something and fight back. Spread the word.

  4. Grafique

    Off topic –
    Please support and pray for Israel.
    Buy Israeli-made products
    Donate to FIDF (Friends of the Israel Defense Forces)
    Vote for pro-Israel candidates like Ted Cruz
    The abominable, demonic union between Hussein Obama and Persia pushed Israel aside in favor of a muslim terrorist nation. The Bible shows, in the book of Daniel, that Persia is a stronghold of Satan. America is now aligned with that nation at the expense of Israel. As Hussein Obama and the liberal/socialist Democrat Party push America away from the righteous support of Israel, we can expect to see ever-increasing calamitous events coming to our shores.
    Prepare as best you can.

    • Kerry

      Well, you know things are bad when Saudi Arabia and Israel are teaming up to arm the rest of the middle east against Iran. What a mess. Nothing like giving Iran billions of dollars and new high tech centrifuges to help them develop a “peaceful nuclear power” infrastructure. Oh, sure. And if you believe that I have some nice waterfront property in Arizona to sell you.

    • eddiemd

      I say cut them all off. No money for the Zionist government. No agreements with the Iranians. No agreements with the Saudis.

      No more American lives.

      USA out of the middle east.

      Remember the Liberty.

      • dbcooper

        Doctor, … I agree with all my heart,’ Forget Not The USS Liberty’ Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

        • Galaxy 500

          You mean the U.S. spy ship helping the Egyptians ?

          • sk

            The US spy ship which your kith and kin attempted to sink (and strafe sailors in lifeboats) TOTALLY BY ACCIDENT (heavy sarcasm here)?

      • frederick

        Exactly Eddiemd I agree with you 100%

    • susan

      I give regularly to the Messianic Jews of America to support Israel and their needs. Pray for them also.

      • frederick

        You give regularly to messianic Jews I was told by Dr Savage that the hasidim are against Israels existence so why would you do that perhaps to support the murdering psychopath Netanyahoo destroy peoples homes and displace more Palestinians for the ‘settlers” new homes

        • Greg Hunter

          Let me get this straight Fredrick. You are going with the people that shoot protesters in the streets and kill gays for being gay? There is lots of sin to go around in the Middle East.

        • susan

          The MJAA that I support is helping to bring Jews back to their homeland. Their focus is to help support the Jewish people in their need of the essentials of daily living and sharing Yeshua with them. This organization is not political, just Christ centered.

          • Greg Hunter

            Amen Sister Susan!!

    • eddiemd

      Excellent BBC documentary on the attack on the Liberty.

  5. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Another of your outstanding speakers Greg. Thank you.
    The illusion of freedom will vanish like a thief in the night, or as Frank Kappa put it:
    ‘The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way, and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theatre.’
    For brick wall read a debtors’ prison for world humanity.

  6. red

    Rob was fantastic Greg. I get similar feelings as Rob. I get asked by people how many blah, blah will gold be worth. I cant say what i’m actually feeling that other money probably wont exist after what these criminals have done. It is so much deeper than simply profit loss answers. These fools are destroying markets and probably the rule of law when they have finished. Thats how I know they are panicking ,blind freddy can probably see it now.

  7. David D

    The entire Greek tragedy was taken out of the pages of
    John Perkins revealing book ” Confessions Of A Economic
    Hit Man”. The world has now openly witnessed the book
    come to life right before our eyes. There will be no more
    clandestine requests to sovereign nations to cooperate.

  8. Bill Smith

    To Greg and all watchdoggers….

    Ok, I have had some real Jade-Helmish information land on my desk.
    I am a programmer and I live in Greensboro NC. I am one of at least 3 co-workers who follow this site and discuss periodically what we think.

    Here in Greensboro we have a huge fuel dump. It may be one of the larger ones in the country. I have driven by it countless times. My co-worker brought in a letter yesterday (July 14th), from his HOA. Apparently a letter was sent out to various apartment complexes and HOAs that were near this facility. The letter went on to explain that there will be military exercises being conducted around the fuel facility, which will include the use of ground troops and helicopters. It basically told them not to worry and that a similar training had been done years before. The exercises would begin on July 15th.

    My friend who showed me the letter, follows watchdog and we both knew immediately what this meant. I couldn’t remember the exact start date for Jade Helm, so I googled it as soon as I got home and was reminded that it starts on the same day.

    There is nothing in the news about this. I googled looking for other people who might have become aware of other Jade Helm-like exercises in other states, but found nothing. If they are quietly doing “training exercises” that coincide with Jade Helm, involving the use of helicopters and personnel, to protect vital assets and nothing is in the news about it, then their “cover story”, which was ridiculous in the first place, doesn’t “cover” this.

    This is the first time for me posting on watchdog since a friend told me about it probably around 8 months ago. I love this site and I was reluctant to ever post because of the idea that it might help ensure that I end up on a “list” of some kind.

    I thought about scanning the letter and providing a link because… I guess in part it just blows my mind seeing it… out of nowhere. Proof that they are conducting other operations coinciding with Jade Helm, but in other states and key locations?

    Is this as big as I think it is?

    • MikeMM

      WOW!! Bill I live outside Greensboro (Brown summit, NC) and commute to Winston Salem to work and pass by those tank also. I have not herd anything on this in the media. I will definitely keep an eye on this. Glad to see that someone from Greensboro is on this site. I’ve been following Greg ever since he come on the Brad and Britt show. Woke me up ever since. Greg, was you on a show call “PM Magazine” in the 80’s with Sandra Hughes ? I have been preparing myself and family (even though they think I’m crazy) thanks to Greg and Guest.

      • frederick

        I am in Raleigh and have noticed large helicopters at low altitudes over North Raleigh at night Also north of the city in the Louisburg area

    • Gene-o-Vanelli


      Thank you for your post, and sharing this information.
      I too was a little weary on posting anything here… and only make comments once in a blue moon…but I do look at this site and all the comments, every day there is an update.

      First hand reports like yours are key to helping others and getting true information out there in the open…. Just like what Greg does with this site.

      To piggie back on what you were talking about…. I am in the Columbia SC area, and even though we are not listed as one of the Jade Helm States…. I know for a fact, that recently local law enforcement has been in training with military personnel. Also, I have noticed an increase in military cargo flights in and out of the metro airport. Granted, Columbia is a big military city… with fort jackson, Mcintire, and Shaw bases all within the vicinity… but I have def. noticed an uptick in military activity.
      When the NYSE, WSJ, and the airlines all had cyber issues last week… I really thought that might be the beginning of the next black swan. But who knows what it really was. A test run perhaps?

      Please continue to keep your eyes and ears open… as its people like the readers and contributors of this site and others like it… that are going to be the only source for any type of early warning…. if there is any warning at all when things go south.

      Take care to all USA WD viewers, and God Bless.

    • Jerry

      This is a big deal because it confirms what we already know about Jade Helm 15. It is the beginning phase of martial law and the takedown of our complete economic network. Control of satellite links, power grids, petroleum, and communication, are all essential components of controlling populations under martial law.

      As far as worrying about exposing yourself. That shipped already sailed the day you came into this site.

      • WD


        I am on board on alot of things, but remember there are more registered hunters in the state if Pennsylvania, then the US Has combat toops, a good bit more.

        Hunker down, arm your self and be prepared!

    • dbcooper

      Bill, We aren’t off-topic at all!! Are we Greg?? TIC (tongue in cheek) That said Bill I would suggest that you post this type info to All News Pipeline and Dave Hodges Common Sense as well, Thanks for the heads up and we had a two plane low level flyby f-18s today… Not real unusual here but I do take note… DB

  9. RadarNJ

    Great timing to have Mr. Kirby’s current views. The gun to to the head in reality is what the banksters may actually be doing. Who really knows about the behind closed doors unless you are there! A side note … Greg ..your interview by J B Wells on Caravan to Midnight was excellent! You are a funny guy! Always great to get to know the “interviewer” a little when they are interviewed.

  10. JC Davis

    Greg. Rob Kirby is like a steak dinner. You may think you know what it will taste like, but there is always a surprise somewhere in the meal. Thanks JC

    • Greg Hunter

      Agreed!! Porterhouse.

  11. Jerry

    I enjoyed the interview with Rob Kirby, but you have to understand that’s what’s happening in Greece is totally irrelevant to the currency reset that’s going to take place in the fall. The IMF is finished. The Greek default has bankrupted the ECB and the EU. That’s why the ECB have been printing money along with the Fed. They had no other choice.

    The countries of the G20 all know that the IMF is finished. Why else have they been lining up to join the AIIB? At this point the future of the worlds economy is in the hands of the Chinese and the BRICS nations and they know it. Whether the IMF offers the Chinese SDR drawing rights or not is irrelevant. The Chinese have had it with the corruption and fraud from the west, and are moving on with their own swift system backed by gold in September.

    Bottom line. The paper Tsunami is coming before 11/15/2015. Brace yourselves!

    • Jerry

      BRICS and AIIB to break IMF.

      There you have it folks. The complete game strategy in a nutshell. China is not going to stick around to pussyfoot with the IMF. China has the gold, and they’re going to be the ones making the rule come September when their swift system goes on line.

      • WD


        Please take a look at this site…it puts everything in perspective.


        • Jerry

          Thanks WD.
          Have read his stuff before. He gets it.

      • [email protected]

        I am sure that you are right, thus the war drums are beating!

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      Just a thought – How much paper money is actually out there? Most of it is digital entries in a bank or some kind of a paper promise. And banks do not have even close to the amount of cash on hand to back up all accounts. If the wheels come off and people are only accepting cash that will be decidedly deflationary.

      • Greg Hunter

        Please keep in mind that there is at least $16 trillion in liquid US dollars assets (According to economist John Williams at held outside of the country. When this get liquidated Williams predicts it will be highly inflationary. Just today, Belgium dumped $26 billion in US debt:

  12. JC Davis

    There are 7 billion people using fiat currency of some form. It has built a world of electronics, homes, cars, ect… Nothing has ever worked better. There will always be a fiat currency until people cant use it, or something better overtakes it. Banks can / will collapse. But rest assured fiat currency will always be used as long as the enslaved by it continue to use it.
    Gold. Will it replace fiat ? No way. Should people own it you bet. It is money not currency. When a crash in bonds (Insurance of currency) happens gold and silver will be seen as money and currency until a new fiat currency is created and used. Fiat currency is the only way bankers can control there slaves. Because there are 7 billion people in the world fiat currency will always overtake gold backed money.
    SITE: What say you ?

    • Charles H.


      Back in the day, when people kept a bag of precious metal coins; everyone was intimately familiar with the stuff; and a good sword or dagger was standard issue – which owners were ready and able to use. More than that – sophistication for trickery. Evolution was supposed to vault us to advancement; but it will dump us back to the ‘Law of the Jungle’.

      • JC Davis

        Charles H. Off topic I would like to ask your thoughts about something. There are by some estimations over 100 million Jews in the world yet in tribulation there are only 144 thousand saved. Greg maybe this is a question for another time. I find the question and answers are always enlightening. I respect your work and do not want to fill your site with facebook mentality.

        • Charles H.

          JC Davis,
          You sure don’t ask the easy ones…
          I stress that God has revealed only enough of the puzzle to keep sign-posts for our journey through time and for faith. There are three views to the Rapture: Pre-trib; Mid-trib; and Post-trib. I subscribe to the Pre-trib view. And most consider the Tribulation begins with the Seals breaking in Rev. 6:1 The Rapture, supposedly happens before Tribulation, or signals the start of it. (Remember – three advents: Incarnation & earthly ministry; In the clouds to receive His own/Rapture/resurrection of those that sleep; Touching the earth to finish Tribulation/ war – start of Millennial Kingdom.)
          The 144,000, of every tribe of Israel – are “sealed” in the Tribulation: not saved. Rev 7:3-8 is parenthetical, and is not in chronological order. The fate of these Jews is not disclosed; only the character is returned to in Rev.14: 1-5: but Jesus is on the earth (Lamb on Mt. Sion) in this scene, and Tribulation is ending or ended. They are undefiled of women and without fault before the throne. These may be the ones called “saints” that the Beast out of the Sea wars upon and overcomes them – Rev. 13:7. It seems, to me, the Two Witnesses present a public ministry in the first half of Tribulation; and the 144,000 sealed – represent a testimony or ministry toward the second-half, called the Great Tribulation for the supernatural judgments poured out. The sealing, to me, indicates special purpose; and characterization as virgins also signals testimony (Nazarene?).
          It is in Matt.24, in the Olivet Discourse – that verse12 may indicate the end of the Church age of Gospel evangelism – and apostasy’s final symptoms – because the ‘endure unto the end’ condition mentioned in verse 13 could point to Tribulation; and verse 15 reveals the defilement of the New Temple in Jerusalem (Daniel 11:31?) and would be in the Tribulation, because the anti-christ would have made peace and been accepted as the messiah. There’s no way to know how much time is compressed here. Matt.24: 22 may indicate the 144,000 as “the elect”. And desecration of the Temple would mark the second-half, or Great part of Tribulation. (And it is this desecration that turns the hearts of the nation, as one man in a day, back to the historic Messiah – Jesus Christ of Nazareth.) So to the Jews, who always seek a sign, these sealed 144,000 will point to the true Lamb of God – once the the antichrist is revealed.
          Now – from my own personal standpoint: during the Tribulation – salvation reverts back to Old Testament conditions. Like the Old Testament ‘saints’ one had to ‘die in their faith’ – or hold to belief, hope, and trust of God’s own redemption until death; in hope of the resurrection of the Just. Anyone during the Tribulation – Jew or Gentile who takes the mark of the beast will be doomed. Salvation will still be by Grace through Faith: but the condition of faith must be fulfilled until death. Jew and Gentile must be saved in this manner alone. Like the Three Advents of Jesus Christ – there are three harvests of souls… Abraham’s Bosom, taken to Heaven after the crucifixion (first-fruits); the Church-age evangel/resurrection of those who ‘sleep’ (Rapture); and the Tribulation saints (gleanings). (The 144,000 are considered “firstfruits” probably in the sense that they will receive glorified bodies, like as Jesus Christ’s glorified and spiritual body – 1Cor 15:20??)
          So – Salvation does not change: for the Jew or the Gentile – it must be by Grace (no works) through Faith (in the person and completed work of Jesus Christ, as the Bible spells out). Today Grace and Faith work immediate Salvation through Repentance. But after the Rapture (The Holy Spirit removed – 2 Thess. 2: 7 ??) then Salvation’s Faith must be evidenced until death to qualify with God. Grace of unmerited favor and mercy is still operative: only the condition placed on faith reverts back for the Tribulation. God will give the Jews a new heart, as a nation – so I would hope that 144,000 is a small figure. They will “see” Him who they have pierced; just like us. And their stubborn, stiff-necked nature will work to their advantage – finally.
          And that’s the way I see it. (I wrote this late and I’m tired… I hope this helps and makes some sense.)

          • Charles H.

            Church- age is the main “Harvest”.

            • JC Davis

              Charles I never had it explained like that. In fact this would be a logical argument for pre tribulation. To date I believe we will go threw the great tribulation yet pre trib rapture would surely be desirable. Thanks. I will consider it deeply. Jc

              • Charles H.


                We know? the Church comes back at the end of Armageddon – being part of the armies of Rev 19:14. Between the Rapture and then, there is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (still parenthetical Rev 19:7-9 takes place? ) – so at least some of the Tribulation is to be skipped; that bears hard against the Post-trib view. Again, this is a mystery, hid from prying eyes for centuries: small chance I have it right. You are welcome.

  13. Truth in Song

    How many times does this 3 card trick have to be pulled on european countries before they wise up.
    When Ireland got “bailed out” what really happened was that Ireland bailed out all the bond holders and hedge funds and rich financial funds and families. Ireland picked up the tab, the money went to the banks, then they paid out the financial organisations that made bad debts. Ireland didn’t get the money, just the debt!
    Same with Greece. They are going to lose all the assets and the financial families, banks and companies who invested are going to get paid out 100 cents in the dollar. In fact the assets are worth $150 billion, so they are going to skim $70 billion as well.
    To all those people in Greece, my latest song says it all. We are thinking of you.
    “If you’re going through hell, keep going”

    • frederick

      @truth I am sure they are wise to whats going on however equally powerless to do anything substantial about it The bankers have them by the cahones

      • Truth in Song

        I humbly disagree. I think they should have printed 100 billion in euros and bought all the gold they could have. Then announce they are establishing the drachma with 100 billion dollars in gold backing.
        Have the currency ready and nationalise the banks. Create a new bank with no existing liabilities and credit the equivalent balances for the people with drachmas. Maybe integrate with a new crypto currency for foreign exchange.
        Declare a default openly and get russia onside for the pipeline.
        Declare the debts as fraudulent from the ECB.
        Let Deutsche Bank burn as the country would be categorically saying they default. watch 3 trillion dollars in derivatives blow up the german banking system.
        That should get 100 billion into their coffers with no strings pretty quick.

        • frederick

          @truth I agree with buying the gold but if they printed many more Euros it may not have any buying power left And as far as bankrupting DB wouldnt that take down the entire worlds banling system as well? Regards Frdederick

          • Truth in Song

            That’s kinda my point. That would have ensured money flooding in from the ECB/Feds and would have made them back off from pulling this shit on other countries. Now they think they can get away with anything.

  14. Russ

    “…It seems to me the bankers will use anything at their disposal, including threats and including offing people….”
    Yep, Yanis Varoufakis’ retreat to his wife’s home on one of the Greek Islands makes more sense. Go remote where you can see them coming … not that YV is any longer a target. Or maybe he just needed a vacation…
    The guy who is still in their cross-hairs is Tsipras whose recent statements have “Irritated” Greece’s New German Overlords – .
    Greece is not totally cooked yet though, Greek Parliament can reject the agreement and that may be what Tsipras is asking for in his comment saying he does not belive in the deal he signed. I signed this, you can still reject it. Not exactly a strong endorsement of the coup.
    There are lots of good articles on the subject of Greece vs. the Troika and one thought is that there is nothing to be gained by Tsipras ever returning to Brussels, nothing good will come of it. If Tsipras can trust the Greek military he should seriously consider dropping out of the EU, dumping the Euro and holding onto Greek sovereignty. If the Greeks lose this fight Greece is lost as a nation. My $.02

  15. Richard M

    I do not understand why so much time energy is being used to keep this fiat currency system solvent. A system where private individuals and corporations, can create money out of thin air and loan that money to people and nations, who then must give it back to these money creators with interest and usury. Why not just reset all debt, public and private to zero, and start over with government creating money based on tangible assets or commodities. The governments would loan that money to their people, when needed and any usury or interest would be used for the betterment of the nation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Robert M
      It may just be stalling for time. I think they will need to change it and it will happen overnight.

    • sk

      Richard M! About 150 years ago one of the Rothschilds said their system would work well, because most people would not be smart enough to understand that it is inimical to their interests (translation:they are being fleeced and don’t know it), and the small remainder would benefit from it (translation:get a share of the interest on ‘money’ made from thin air), so they wouldn’t be motivated to change the system. Take some twenty acquaintances of yours and ask them how the Fed and The City of London create and lend money. Let us know the result of your inquiry.

  16. peter

    Dear Greg,

    I,m so so very sorry that people are so very bad !

    But when I read the story of ‘ Eric Holder’ yes this is very, very bad. But in the USA is this maybe very normal. I could not believe it!!!!
    I wish you and all the Americans lots and lots of happiness.



    • frederick

      @Peter how about george W. Bush taking 100grand from a veterans group to speak. He really needs the money Im sure about as badly as the criminal Hillary but you have to ask yourself why anyone with a functioning brain would want to hear what that guy has to say anyway

  17. Aussie Al

    BOOM! Nailed it Mr RK!
    Love listening to someone who is forthright and lives in the real world.
    thanks Greg great Interview was especially pleased when you ask RK about the price of gold right at the end, much appreciated

  18. Mark

    Rob Kirby never disappoints! He did, however, seem more subdued this time around. It gives me the eerie feeling that he sees something very disruptive happening this summer or fall; despite not committing to any timeline. His views of the Euro being the construct of the globalists for a one government/one currency world was well-said.

    Based on this interview, compared to others he gave, I think now is the time to have your checklist in order and ready to deploy. As I write the price of gold & silver continue to drop today so the riggers are hard at work making sure the populace aren’t thinking about PM’s or anything else of real value. Here’s a good article on banking to peak your interest I saw today.

    Thanks Greg for another enjoyable interview!

  19. Diane D

    Greg, another excellent interview. Thank you and thank you Rob Kirby.

    “World domination”. Who says the Bible is irrelevant today?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane D for the comment!

  20. Matt

    There is no doubt when the trip wires trip it’s gonna be chaos. But planned for screams of help. Reset will not be what some expect.

  21. dave

    Hi Greg
    Nice show and many true facts yet to come but you are still behind the curve .Lets Skype when you have time.You won’t regret it.My information comes with facts!
    Thanks again


    • Greg Hunter

      Dave put a few of you points I am missing here. Thank you for your comment.

      • dave

        Hi Greg

        I will in an email to you …then you can decide.Simply email me .
        Thanks again and i hope to hear from you


        • Greg Hunter

          If what you have is so ground breaking then post it here with your credentials and full name.

  22. Robert

    Hi Greg!
    It has been a nice series of recent guests on your show!

    I do want to learn more about our current situation as a country so I spend a lot of free time reading and listening to current events and I have come to several issues I would enjoy commentary about.
    The first is that somehow precious metals will be the final arbiter of our currency which seems unlikely as modern economics are moving to the model of fund flows created from nothing more than the wish to create currency managed by whomever issues the system coupon (cash, digitally generated “coins” SDR’s etc..) to those insiders that assist the process (and benefit handsomely from it) to the final end users (you, me, uncle Bill..etc)
    The issue as it is being revealed to me so far is a good fit as to why big banks and other financials are quiet and accepting of this fiat model of funding debt and providing currency. Why would any entity “rock the boat” as long as they have a seat at the table? It is apparent to my layman’s view that those charged with maintaining the old rules became quite happy to abandon those rules in favor of this new model and their own futures benefit by allowing or at least not challenging the new regime.
    As for gold and silver (among other metals) there is no direct transfer method available to the common man and that is the issue I feel is important to the continued loss of marketshare for these commodities. Consider that there has to be a “middleman” or interested party to convert your gold to cash to purchase any item from the store. There is no system in place and I expect no system will ever be in place to allow direct use of PM’s and that is where the real battle lines are drawn for every person in the real economy. Add in loss of interest (beyond jewelry or electro-plating) in current and future generations of consumers and that becomes a rubicon for folks involved with PM’s.
    Finally I would enjoy to learn more of why anyone expects things to “change” . Since we are in the final analysis only talking of the psychology of mankind it can be made to reflect many types of behaviors quite easily. Think back to folks using seashells, then shiny rocks, then metals, pelts, constructed items, etc…as currency. Why does one item count for more than another’? What matters to me is what can I get with the “currency” to further my own life? Food water housing etc… And how easy is it to convert in day to day living? One favorite concept I have is how many “hard working Americans” think their money actually goes to feed the poor. EBT cards are totally digital from input to redemption and only require an authorized issuer to type some numbers in a digital account on the issuing system. Nothing real is exchanged until Walmart or the grocery store exchanges the digital “currency” for goods. But many believe they actually send money to the accounts which is apparently a complete mistaking of the process. It seems to me that the real money paid by Folks is used for those functions the government that cannot be paid for with debt or digital currency…(bombs guns payoffs for bankers and to drug cartels Arabian dictators etc…) those are the real uses of actual productive output due to the rejection of other payments by those involved.
    So in closing, why doesn’t anyone speak to the facts that the mental state of modern Americans is being trained away from physical methods of currency use and that this model is the core of our current system? I do wonder if it actually has some benefits if used properly? I do expect the competition to be one of the authorized issuers is quite intense as well as limited to few participants so crime may flourish. It is like when the first big stock market crash of the 21st century occurred and a lot of very shady looking men suddenly appeared out of the woodwork on the financial channels acting as if they were not that worried and making statements of how it is all well or soon to be well even as the system was crashing. I was surprised at all the new faces supposedly in charge “behind the scenes” from the various exchanges. (Comex etc..) yet I never heard of any of them prior to that moment… So goes the golden ring of issuers of credits at the system level? Who really is at the helm?
    Thanks again Greg for all you do!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robert for adding your analysis!

    • Galaxy 500

      My Father lived thru the depression. He didn’t trust banks the rest of his life. You underestimate the effect that bank runs, currency controls, etc will have on people. Currency and banking are faith based commodities. Just look at the people in Greece. Do you think any will keep any money in s bank besides the bare minimum? They lift these currency restrictions and Will see several banks emptied.

  23. Larry W. Bryant

    == The Fed is Overripe . . .

    . . . for exposure by a high-level WHISTLEBLOWER. Once that person comes forward with verifiable evidence of egregious Fed wrongdoing, the whistleblower could initiate a qui tam lawsuit under provisions of the U. S. false claims act (captioned, say, “Joe Blow v. Fed-RICO”).
    Is there some civic-minded soul willing to jump-start a reward fund for the whistleblower’s public service? — Larry W. Bryant (15 Jul 15)

  24. Robert

    I read and view a lot of websites (yours is my favorite) that speak to impending financial disaster for the U.S. and the world. I’ve never felt that a pending crisis would necessarily be tied to end-of-the- world Bibilical apocalyptic events. Afterall, we have had severe financial turmoil numerous times throughout history and the world didn’t end. Months of listening to insightful and knowledgeable people like those on has made me reconsider the scale of peril that the world is facing.
    I really believe that one of the “things” that is different this time is the manner in which truth is and will be perverted and those who broadcast the truth will be considered haters, anarchists, or just plain terrorists. Truth has become whatever those in power say it is and is no longer objective or fact-based.
    Throughout history people have turned on those who have forecast destruction as though giving advanced warning actually brought about calamity. Stand strong in the faith. Keep pursuing and sharing the truth. Please know that I and many others count on you and pray for your continuing ministry.

    In the faith,

  25. mushroom

    In my opinion Kirby is spot on 100%. I remember the oil/gasoline crisis in the early 70’s when our the beloved Saudis refused to accept Yankee dollars for their oil. They believed rightly so that that it was impossible for the dollar to be backed by gold a la Breton Woods because of the horrendous expense of the Vietnam.
    Nixon and Kissinger made a journey to Saudiland and promised them all kinds of similar military goods, protection deals and who knows what else. This shakeout didn’t trigger a calamity then but now is different – real different.

    Looks to me that the central banks are arranging the play board so we all pay gold backed cash for the expendables and we rent everything else…

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mushroom, yes, and it’s called “feudalism”. Best always. PM

  26. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, I thank you for inviting Mr. Kirby again to speak about the current issues regrading the dept of the most countries around the globe, including the USA, not only Greek debt. I just finished reading the statement/opinion regarding the “resolution” of Greek’s debt crises by Dr.
    Paul Craig Roberts. He is in a complete agreement with the opinion
    of Mr. Kirby but with a more sophisticated view regarding the consequences of the big troika’s (IMF, World Bank, and EU Central Bank) decision, which is a ‘One percent ruling terror’ against the ‘Ninety percent oppressed serfdom’.

    Greg, you predicted that there will be “no deal” with Iran. I believe in that prediction, too. Just wait now for the actions of the AIPAC lobby and the US Congress.

    In a similar daring style, I predict that the “Greek deal” is dead at its arrival, because there is no majority vote ready in the Greek Parliament to approve the deal that Prime Minister Tsipras was forced to sign under ‘the gun at his head’ by powerful toika. No way, Jose!

    • Greg Hunter

      This deal has something in it for everybody to hate.

  27. David Clumpner

    Another one out of the ballpark Greg!!!
    Rob Kirby:
    “My belief is that I will live to see the day when you cannot purchase an ounce of gold
    for paper money” …
    Makes sense but how bout digital money like SDRs, Crypto currencies, etc ???
    Oct 20th looks like a date when SDRs may really come out of the closet.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David.

  28. JC Davis

    Thank you Ritz Greenwood. We as a people should be looking at Who is running this government.
    Greg. The president violated the law when he shut down Yucca Mountain. Now he is violating the law by spending money to maintain the waste from Iran’s nuclear plants. Why even have a congress ??? For that matter a supreme court. We should not let the country go to the state of Robin Hood mentality. That seems to be the destiny.

  29. Coalburner

    This time I actually understood what Grafique was saying and they are exactly right.

  30. NC Gal

    Rob Kirby and Bill Holter are my favorite speakers, so thank you for having Rob on again. So much of what he said resonated. However, there was one point he made that stood out for me: “That’s what they do!” (referring to the ones who are doing the mugging and how they do it).

    Back when I first began visiting USAWD, someone here posted about “rattlesnake wisdom.” The gist of it was that rattlesnakes kill — that’s what they do. That’s their nature, so you can’t allow them to live in your living space. These elites are just being who and how they are.

    It is amazing to imagine being so driven and obsessed as to be able to continue a concerted effort toward a particular goal and maintain that for centuries, but that’s exactly what they’ve managed to do. What we are seeing now is exactly how monstrous they are. Their lust is insatiable, so they must lead very hollow lives, never able to truly enjoy what they have accomplished.

    I knew a person who was born into and raised within an “elite” family — not one at the top of the pyramid, but still part of the overall clan, bound to follow its rules. The conditioning she was put through didn’t take fully, but from what she told me, I knew that there is a real price paid to be one of the elite. No matter how much they take from others and how much pain they inflict, none of that fills them or brings them happiness. They are incapable of being anything except automatons, programmed to do just what Rob Kirby describes, every day of their lives. They may look human on the outside, but there is nothing truly human about them. I certainly don’t envy them.

    What is just as sad is how the various “elected” leaders have betrayed those who elected them. Somehow, on their way to the top, they, too, lost their way and were swallowed up in the destruction of everything that makes life worth living. The “Beast” is on the move!

    Jade Helm officially began today. Two months to go and ticking…

  31. Smaulgld

    U.S. Mint Gold and Silver Sales Update

  32. Smaulgld

    China is getting its gold in record amounts

  33. stephen pandolph

    I believe Iran does not care what Congress does. They want to be part of the new silk road. Russia and China will move forward integrating Iran into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. India and Pakistan will become full members in 2016. We are witnessing a shift in economic power to the East and the U.S. will not be part of it.

    • frank

      I think you are true.
      The so-called Iran deal is about officially abandoning all sanctions by non-US allied countries like China, Russia, Korea and others, keen on making business deals with Tehran.
      That small, national-socialist, pseudo-religious, belligerent country in the east mediterranean and their companions in Washington/London don’t count anymore. History is bypassing the west. Their only chance is to start a war – and fuses are set everywhere.

      • Greg Hunter

        If you want to be a Jew hater here “That small, national-socialist, pseudo-religious, belligerent country in the East Mediterranean.” just own it and say Israel. While you are at it, use a full verifiable name when you a slinging crap. If you think Israel is going away, then you need to check the Bible–it’s not.

        • frank

          If you believe that political Israel has anything to do with God’s country, you face a lot of opposition even in the US. Just ask Rick Wiles – haven’t you been guest on his show ?
          Before looking at Israel, free yourself from all emotional attachments, and try to see it as it is.
          Are you aware that only a very small percentage of Israel’s inhabitants are semitic ? Far over 90% are khazars (“ashkenazi”), which immigrated from the Soviet Union or Russia and the Ukraine. There is only one tribe which is exclusively semitic – the palestinians. Who is antisemitic, then ?
          Have you ever asked yourself what Netanjahu did before he “suddenly appeared” 1976 (check the politically-correct Wikipedia entry) ?
          Israel has been and is being set up for something big by malevolent forces, and it is not the return of Jesus.

          • Greg Hunter

            I don’t get my information for Mr. Wiles, I get it from the Bible. Let’s also stop with the false “Khazars” story. This is a ploy to delegitimize Israel and the Jews there. If you are using Wikipedia please stop using it. It has never been a reliable source, and in my days at ABC and CNN we could never use it as a source because it was full of inaccuracies. Frank this is not going to be a forum for you to bash Israel. You will need to go somewhere else for that.

  34. Mary

    I am surprised Greg that your guests (guys who are actually smart) think of Greece as a victim. It is a retarded, unproductive, socialist nation which totally is bankrupt morally and financially. They will live off the Germans forever, lounging in the Mediterranean cafes, if you give the choice. It is a nation of scroungers whining about why don’t people lend us more and why do people want their money back. Even north Korea has more self-respect. It is really sick that people consider Greece as a victim.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think you really understand how leveraged and fraudlent the banks in Europe and around the world for that matter really are. Imagine that North Carolina received $270 billion in the last 5 years. The state budget is around $22 billion a year. The economy would be taking off like a rocket would it not? $270 billion is what we are told Greece received and yet is in a tailspin and deepening depression. Meaning, that most of the so-called bailout money went to the banks not Greece. Oh sure, Greece is socialist and is over indebted, but what the banks have pulled is outright fraud. The MSM wants you to believe the banks are the victims–they are not. Here is a Guardian UK story that backs up this:

      • Galaxy 500

        Hi Greg,
        A lot of that article is misdirection. Sure the banks are commuting fraud, everyday. However, when you refi debt, whether it’s national debt or a house, most money goes to the people you are paying off and the balance goes to you.
        You are right that Greece only got into the EU thru shenanigans with the help of Goldman Sachs. A colossal fraud. But Mary is right too. Tax evasion is the national pastime of Greece along with exploiting the the welfare system. They knew if they could get into the EU, that the goodies would roll in.

      • Galaxy 500

        And yes, the bankers should be in jail and half should be executed for treason

      • frank

        In one point, Mary is correct – the Greek government and the majority of greeks are morally bankrupt and lacking any self respect. They bend over, as the perfect slaves the are, for another handout.
        And most unfortunately, this is also true for the population all other western, “civilised” nations.
        Freedom begins in one’s mind. And most of the over-saturated westerners choose comfortable slavery over freedom and self-responsibility.

        • Greg Hunter

          I guess you did not see the riots? You are wrong about the Greek people and this deal will not stand and either will the politicians who voted for it.

          • frank

            I spoke about the majority of greek people, and I stand by my comment. How else they came to elect a communist party – a pseudo religious gang notorious for stealing and squandering other peoples money ?
            The greeks that prefer freedom over comfortable slavery are far in the minority. Can’t you imagine peoply rioting because the handouts have stopped ?
            Could that happen in the US … ?

            • Greg Hunter

              You do not understand the enormous fraud and leverage that is currently taking place in the global banks. The bankers have gotten far more “handouts” that the Greeks by orders of magnitude.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, what you have explained is precisely why the USA has not “skyrocketed” after an infusion of $4 trillion in QE “money”. When will people finally figure this out? The “government” and the “banks” are one. I’m sorry to tell Mr. Lincoln that government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” HAS perished from the earth. Best always. PM

        • JC Davis

          Here Here PFI I can only add the few at the top own the banks. The banks own the government, includes the MSM FBI CIA Homeland Security, and all other branches. We the people do not have a chance to overthrow the oligarchy in rule of America. You are so sadly correct. JC

      • Chip

        Great response Greg, you nailed it. i’m shocked how many people don’t see what a scam the banksters are pulling on the Greeks and i am in awe that they continue to pull off such lopsided and meaningless “deals”. the debts WILL NOT BE PAID EVER!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          It is not a done deal as the Germans are having a deeply divided debate on giving Greece another $100 billion. Far from over. IMF and even prominent Germans think the debt will either needs to be cut or won’t get paid back anyway. Also I pity any Greek politician that voted for the takeover of Greece by the bankers. This is going to continue to be violent.

  35. Donna

    “It is a retarded, unproductive, socialist nation which is totally bankrupt morally and financially.” Sounds exactly like the U.S.

    How else would 2 hustlers like Clinton and the current jester, 2 virtual unknowns, make it to the Big House? One normalized oral sex, the other normalized every other variant. Both rewarded by the dependent American.

    I expect that, like Greece, we will continue to vote for whoever provides the most hog slops because America = Greece. Big time dependency on both sides of the Atlantic.

    If you think we are any better, watch the fireworks when OUR social programs disappear shortly down the road. Not gonna miss those SS payments are you?

    We are in such great shape, so much better than the Greeks that we have to consume a fist load of psych meds and painkillers just to bear facing another day — and this is while our stomachs are still full with all the amenities at our fingertips.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Donna, since the ’60’s and especially the ’70’s, our American vice of choice is bribery seen on the “take” side as both hard and soft “political contributions” and on the “give” side in the form of vote-buying through social “programs”, the true cost of which cannot be paid upfront despite unconscionable taxation on all levels, so it is hidden through currency destruction/inflation/money-printing, which is why we have an ACKNOWLEDGED deficit of $18+ trillion. Those involved in this game knew they only had to rely on human nature for its success. Best always. PM

    • paul

      And by looking at the price of silver now at $14.95 … we can shake our heads in astonishment that the Greeks as well as the Americans prefer a Chocolate Hershey Bar over a bar of silver … otherwise silver would be rising from Greek demand alone.

  36. Donna

    A word on D’Souza. Don’t know all the particulars, but I suspect he will be wearing red pumps by the time His Nibs finally turns in his scepter, if he ever does. Forced counseling and 4 years of community service — and Eric Holder gets a plum job.

    Trump and Savage have been going off their cork for the last couple weeks exercising that free speech thing to the hilt. I also suspect they will be joining Dinesh in group therapy. How expansive do you suppose that circle jerk of 3 will become over the next year?

    All the while, “O” singing Papa Ooo Mao Mao.

    • Galaxy 500

      The judge to psych on college so he knows more than the real doctors. The judge is s political hack that is punishing D’Souza because he doesn’t like his politics.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Donna, I was born in 1952. Since the ’60’s, this country has embarked on a course of paying enormous sums of money, most of which we had to invent/borrow, to create a never-never land where we fool ourselves that things can be as we wish them to be rather than deal with things as they are. Again, those involved in THAT con had only to rely on human nature for its success. Best always. PM

      • susan

        Born in ’51, who would have ever believed today? I think we are all in the same think tank.

    • Charles H.

      D’Souza is an object lesson about not crossing the boss. Jail isn’t good enough – roast him over a spit. By-the-way – this is how many people will be eliminated: a psychiatrist’s certification.

  37. teri

    Just a little housekeeping note offered with respect: the trade deal (the TTP/TTIP/TISA) has NOT been signed into law, which is how you word this in the article above. It is still being negotiated and has not been finalized with the trading partners, much less presented to and voted on in the US Congress. Fast-track authority for it has been passed by Congress and signed by Obama, which means that once he signs the deal with the other countries, he has to submit the documents to Congress within 30 days of his signature and they have 60 days after that to review it, followed by a yes or no vote (no changes to the text, no amendments, no debates allowed). A little-known part of this whole secret corporate coup on the US is what else the president submits to Congress along with the text of the TTP and/or any other trade deals signed for the next 6 years (fast track grants the same conditions for any trade deals for the next 6 years no matter who the president is): once the president signs the TTP, he also has 30 days to present to Congress a list of current US laws that must be changed in order to comply with the trade deal. Thus, when Congress approves the final trade bill, they are also approving a massive amount of changes to current US laws; these changes will go into effect without any debate, discussion, or the regular Constitutional processes of rewriting/amending/changing existing law having taken place.

    Obama also signed the separate trade assistance program bill when he signed the fast-track bill. This bill allocates money to help retrain workers displaced by the trade agreements. Why Congress continues to promote these trade deals as “good for America’s workers” while at the same time insisting so many millions of workers will lose their jobs that they needed the “trade assistance” bill is a mystery that no-one in the media asks about. In any case, the trade assistance bill demands $800 mm for retraining displaced workers. I am frankly stunned that Congress thinks it’ll cost much of anything to retrain workers to get a job at McDonald’s or Walmart, which are the only jobs available any more, but I digress. You may have heard that number – 800 million – when the bill was passed. What you may not know is that the actual bill reads $800 mm/year for ten years. It is not stipulated in the bill where this money will come from, but members of Congress have leaked that it will come from the Medicaid funds. And here we thought Medicaid, coming from everyone’s paychecks, was a dedicated tax that couldn’t be used for any other purpose!

    I can send you a link to the fast-track and the trade assistance bills if you like. I actually read the suckers instead of listening to the blabber on TV from a bunch of blowhards who didn’t.

  38. teri

    Shoot, now I have to correct my own mistake – the trade assistance program bill (TAA) asks for $450 mm/year for seven years, not the figure I used in the comment I submitted a few minutes ago. This means Congress is taking 3.15 billion from Medicare to retrain displaced workers. Still, a heck of a lot more than the $800 mm the press keeps repeating.

    – Teri

  39. 8Ball

    “For the love of money is the root of all evil…” This pretty much sums up the present situation. We live in a world that is motivated by greed and managed by those that are possessed with the obsession to acquire wealth. They will lie, cheat, steal, commit murder and all manner of wicked behavior in order to achieve their goal.

  40. Jerry

    The IMF, the ECB, and the world bank all have a date with destiny. They can delay it. But they can’t stop it. Greece is proof of that.

    Meanwhile China is waiting in the wings, with gold in hand.

  41. Steve

    Hi Greg,
    I watch your show almost every day. Love it!
    Why do you suppose the miners aren’t getting together and exposing the manipulation in the gold and silver markets?

    • Greg Hunter

      Do not know but when this turns it will turn big.

  42. Mark

    I came by a great article that goes into to greater detail about the fraudulent behavior ensuing at the Comex for open interest positions concerning PM’s. Rob hit the nail on the head as usual. His story about Wile E. Coyote and the “anvil moment” was hilarious, but painfully true! It puts things in perspective like your “stuffed parrot/canary” analogies – LOL. I see today gold & silver have dropped yet again so the riggers are taking no prisoners in their war against the enemies of fiat currency. With Greece, China, Puerto Rico and cyber hacks this summer is becoming explosive!

  43. WD

    Silver dipped below $15.00 ounce…bot do I feel like a fool. Gold and Silver brokers making out like bandits.

    Going just invest in lead and a couple of guns.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Hang in there WD, gold and silver are a store of wealth – nothing can change that. We undoubtedly will see some movement, up and down, before the whole thing breaks loose. A LOT and I mean A LOT of wealthy and connected people hold gold and silver.

  44. Galaxy 500

    One more member of the religion of piece kills Marines. At some point, er are going to have two choices: we are going to have to put these demons to the sword or convert to islam and worship Satan with them. I choose option one. You can not not reason with evil nor will it pass you by

    • JC Davis

      g 500 I could not agree with this comment MORE. Excellent!

    • susan

      Thank you G500.

  45. Thomas justin Harmon

    Brilliant guest Greg he just knows so much stuff , why can’t we have guys like rob Kirby in power.

    • Greg Hunter

      They’d kill him.

      • sk

        I think you’re right, Greg. JFK wanted to put a stop to the Fed. Among other things, of course.

  46. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Kirby said “I think they are trying to put a safety net in with these trade agreements. So, when the inevitable tripwires are hit, we don’t fall into an abyss. ”
    People glued to their “smart” phones have no idea what falling into an abyss means.
    For the more intelligent capable of reading, here’s a link to where we’re heading:
    The People of the Abyss, written by Jack London (1903)
    Yes, same circus, different clowns, causing innocents to suffer, once again.

    • Edward Ulysses Cate

      One more thing: Kirby said ” It seems to me the bankers will use anything at their disposal, including threats and including offing people. This is a very nasty, nasty game. What is at stake here is world domination.”
      He’s absolutely correct. The Great Red Dragon book of 1889 put it another way: “their goal is to own the earth in fee-simple.” That means trading make-believe thin-air money for actual title to actual things. That’s what THEY understand the word “privatization” to mean. THEY will own it legally, even if acquired by illegal actions. First Zimbabwe, then Cyprus, now Greece. Who’s next? Does it matter?

  47. Irene

    Is the SDR an attemt to globalize currency by what Rob calls the globalists or elite?

    • Greg Hunter

      In a word, yes.

  48. JRA

    Mr .Kirby says their will come a time when you will not be able to purchase any gold with the USD. If he is right, then what purpose does holding gold serve?
    What will we do with our gold coins at this point?
    I would imagine it will be difficult to fill up the gas tank or buy milk with gold.
    Every market needs buyers and sellers. This is the law of supply and demand.
    Who would be the buyer at this point and what woulds the medium of exchange be?

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