Greg Hunter’s 2019 Thanksgiving Message and Weekly News Wrap-Up

By Greg Hunter’s

Join Greg Hunter of as he gives his Thanksgiving message and delivers a Weekly News Wrap-Up.

Please remember to give Thanks to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ for both the Good and the Bad.

Happy Thanksgiving from!!!! Video after the break.  Enjoy!!!!

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After the Thanksgiving Message and Wrap-Up:

Financial expert and professional trader Rick Ackerman will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. President Trump did exactly the right thing with the Navy Service Man. Thanks for your reports Greg. Rick.

  2. Marie Joy

    obama purged the military of right wing people and put a bunch of snowflakes in their place.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think that is being reversed.

    • paul ...

      Snowflakes?? … I think it is just the opposite … the US Deep State Military Global Cabal’s Agenda has been the escalation of an aggressive policy toward Russia … militarisation of space and a forceful countering of China’s rise!! …

  3. Marie Joy

    Happy Thanksgiving, all.

  4. Marie Joy

    Question: To take the property of Human Trafficing Abusers such as the Clintons, Epstein, Andrew, etc, do the abusers have to be CONVICTED or is the Executive Order enough? Is our President Trump likely to go after Andrew’s property, in England, making enemies of the crown?

  5. Doc Washburn

    From A Bunker Underneath A Non-Descript Bluiding
    Listen 10 minutes and you’ll get the l0w down of what’s coming, on a two year investigation started by Sessions! Struth! Goes To the Top! Uncovered by a guy covering for Mark Levin!
    10 minutes and your hooked!

    • Chip

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing. There is still hope… Chip

  6. DavidC

    My best wishes to you and your family for Thanksgiving Greg.
    The two interviews with Dr Skidmore and Catherine Austin-Fitts were superb. Catherine’s always great! Also looking forward to the interview with Rick Ackermn on Sunday as well.

    • paul ...

      Would like to hear what Ackerman has to say about the Fed’s Repo operation … the Fed keeps adding additional $100’s of billions in “temporary” liquidity to the financial system … if liquidity injections happen every single day “it’s not temporary” (but a permanent QE boost) … hope everyone understands that the Fed is “artificially” pushing the S&P 500 higher … likely so Trump “won’t nationalize the Fed” and thus Trump won’t have to worry about a crash before 2020 … however after a Trump victory in Nov 2020 … both Stan and Warren better watch out!!

  7. Jerry

    Thank you so much for all the work you do, and for providing a medium to report information to people who live in the red pill world. I feel my time here will soon be coming to a close, as we move closer to a global currency reset as the banks enter the final phase of their death spiral.

    Though it’s important to be alert and prepared physically, I had a wake up call this week, that it’s more important to be prepared spiritually, when my wife had a heart attack and almost died.

    So what does being spiritually ready have to do with an economic collapse? Here’s the comparison. Like death, economic collapse is inevitable, it’s just a matter of when. In my case, my wife’s heart attack came suddenly and quickly. We’re there signs? Yes, but we didn’t take them seriously. Hint…hint….for you sunshine pumpers.

    But like life, when the heart attack comes, you have a 50%-50% chance of survival, and the things you do when you don’t have to will determine where you will be when you can’t help it. In my wife’s case, she was spiritually ready, so either way, she was going to be o.k. For the atheist out there. You have a 50%-50% chance also. If Greg and I are right about being spiritually ready, you may have so making up to do. If you’re right, we’ll never know. I’ll take that bet anyway. So do I have a lot to be thank full for this thanksgiving?
    More than money can buy.

    • Jerry

      Did I say the banks were in a death spiral?

      Meanwhile, instead of congress doing something to firm up our economy, we’ve had four years of get Trump. No wonder the Fed is propping up the banks with repos.

      • Jerry

        U.S.A. Watchdoggers,
        I would venture to say that this news is the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

        As I have documented over the past few years, China is very much linked to banks here in the United States. I find it ironic that Michael Bloomberg, who sits on the board of the China led Working Group is running for President at the very same time that Chinese banks are in a death spiral. ( see next link)

        The reality is, we’re in a full blown currency war with China, in which the dollar is being propped up on the backs of emerging nations with trade tariffs and reserve currency status. At some point China will separate itself from the dollar and embrace its fully developed BRICS alternative economic system highlighted by the Silk Road project. As the Chinese banks face liquidity problems, they will eventually be forced to choose between self preservation or trade policy’s with the United States. I’m betting on the former. Gold acquisitions, and the membership of over 125 countries in AIIB say so.

        • Jerry

          Here you go Democrat’s. Take a good look at your presidential candidate, and tell me how much he loves the United States.

          Why hide it? Your communist not Democrats. Democrats stand for democracy. There’s no democracy in communist policies.

    • Lightning

      I hope and pray that your wife recovers her good health. Happy Thanksgiving and I’ve appreciated your comments on this site. God bless you and yours

      • Jerry

        Thank you for your post. I really appreciate it. I can guarantee you I will never take a day for granted again.
        I never dreamed I would be on Greg’s site as long as I have been, but I also never understood how manipulated and corrupt our economic system is. My wake up call came in 2008 during the subprime mortgage scandal.
        The federal government absorbed all that debt, millions of people were hurt financially, and not one banker went to jail. The result. Wash, rinse and repeat and begin the cycle, all over again. And here we are.

        • paul ...

          Jerry … The Fed is a bailout machine creating dollars and credit for the elite … and devaluing existing dollars for ordinary folks … assuring consumer price inflation while putting chains on the CPI … just to make sure ordinary people fall even further below the top 1% … to make the elite feel richer!!

          • paul ...

            Central banks abandoned the gold standard and declared gold to be barbarous relic not suitable for modern investors … but with the Fed bailout machine now printing dollars exponentially … central banks have seen the light and have been massively adding to their gold reserves … while JQ Public is still behind the times (in a brainwashed trance) thinking that gold is not suitable for modern investors and is a worthless relic!! …

            • paul ...

              You should be doing as the banksters are doing … Bank of England governor Mark Carney “shocked many people” when he told them at a recent Jackson Hole Central Bankers Conference … “the US dollar won’t hold” and “needs to be replaced” … stating “a new international monetary and financial system is needed” … so it’s not just Putin and others (like Richards, Sinclair, Holter, etc.) saying the dollar is going down … Carney stated “the world’s reliance on the present global currencies needs “more” … like gold (and silver)?? … the Carney bombshell was his “tacit approval to the dethroning of the US dollar” (as the world’s reserve currency) … so get ready folks … buy your gold “now” while it is cheap … don’t allow Stan and his bankster buddies to misdirect you … for as Putin says “the fall of US dollar is near” (and when the dollar falls … gold rises) … it’s as simple as that!!

    • Jon


      Thanks for your posts and glad your wife is ok.

  8. Justn Observer

    Greg, Truth is such times is a gift and a blessing to be thankful for…so HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you, your guests, and all the Watchdog crew that come to your site to seek and share it. Many Thanks and best wishes to you and yours on this day, and for the ‘Christmas Season’ coming !

  9. rwmctrofholz

    Didn’t think we were going to get the Thanksgiving message this year. Always my favorite posting each year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “r”!

  10. Roger

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg! Wishing you and your family well and thankful for all you do.

  11. L. Carter

    Without your guidance and direction we would be a sea of lost children without any hope!

  12. Diane

    Thank you Greg Hunter!!!!!!
    Everyone please support Greg with whatever donation you can.
    I’ve been seeing more of Greg on Twitter, facebook. Other sites.
    Keep USA growing!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  13. iwitness02

    Wow! I feel like I just had a conversation with a good friend.
    (all though I didn’t say much)
    The two witnesses (Old and New Testaments) are filled with struggle and hardship.
    Just consider what Jesus Himself had to endure. He tells us; Remember, they hated Me before they hated you. Think about Moses. There was nothing easy about his experiences on this earth. The Apostle Paul, in constant peril during his travels. Being a Christian is not easy. We all go through a certain amount of testing to establish where are hearts and devotion are. Our Father in heaven is not calling fakers. God does not desire fake Christians. God gave His All, in the form of His only begotten Son. His Son gave His all. His followers must give their all.
    Think it not strange, the fiery trials that shall come upon you.
    In the end, it will all be worth it, because with the end, comes a new beginning.

  14. Paul Anthony

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Paul Anthony

  15. David Larsen

    Thankful for the few people like Greg Hunter in the world, making life just that much more worthwhile.

  16. Brooklyn

    Happy Thanksgiving to Greg Hunter, your family, and friends AND, to all of your loyal online family, too…;) Peace, Love and Be Safe.

  17. David

    The democrats are clueless and totally disconnected from the American people. One big echo chamber that has totally blinded them into believing their own hype. I always focus on Pelosi’s hands…. aka: the “hand-o-meter”. The more she flails her hands while trying to explain the impossible, the more she’s lying. The minute impeachment comes up, her hands are flying. She doesn’t even believe her own talking points.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg Hunter for your extraordinary commitment. You are held in the highest esteem, by a countless number of people. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless.

  19. Country Codger

    Great wrap-up. Greg, ask any Vietnam combat veteran if they know of anyone who has pictures of dead Vietnamese. Our PTSD counselor lets everyone bring in “gook” pictures one day a year but restricts it to dead bodies not body parts. Taking pictures with the dead enemy is not a new phenomenon.

    As Gen Geo. Patton said, “pressure makes diamonds.” Always give thanks for the trials. Always.
    Lo Iyrah!
    p.s. Loved the douche-weasels comment.

    • iwitness02

      p.s. Made me laugh too.

  20. Justn Observer

    Greg, As expected Horowitz has been a ‘team’ player/fixer’ since way back as exposed by Harmon Wilfred interview with Jason Goodman some years ago?



  21. Open Eyes

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Stan

    The Dollar is where its at my friends. Dollar is the King!

    Get on a TWA to the promised land
    Everybody, everybody clap your hands
    Gets a Cadillac and a great big diamond ring
    Don’t you know you’re riding with the king?
    Riding with the king… King Dollar
    Don’t you know you’re riding with the king?
    Yep….King Dollar baby!

    • Jerry

      Yawn. You need stop. You’re sunshine pumping is starting to turn brown, and stink.

      • paul ...

        Stan is riding with the King and its “counterfeiter of last resort” the Fed … it will be a drive to a “commie” promised land … an Ideal Utopia … where Stan owns wheel-barrels and wheel-barrels full of paper currency … trillions of Zimbabwe like dollars … worth absolutely nothing!!

        • Stan

          Paul: You have no concept of what the Dollar is. It is a franchise, a payment system, a currency all backed by the most powerful trigger happy military in the world!

    • paul ...

      Stan … take off your blindfold … the King has no clothes on … the idiot corporations that ran to China to manufacture goods with cheap labor can’t sell their products in America now because they put all the American workers out of a job … the brainless idiot US corporations in China are now being hit by Trump with tariffs making their goods even more expensive for American workers to buy … so they can’t sell what they manufacture … their earnings are dropping … and the Fed has to buy S&P 500 stocks with printed money out of thin air to keep stocks from falling … so every gold-bug is clapping their hands “that we are riding with King Trump” (who wants to weaken the US Dollar … which can be easily accomplished by allowing gold to rise) … remove your blindfold Stan and see King Gold riding up and up … now $8683 on the Debt Clock …

      • paul ...

        Interesting way for gold to be crashing Stan? … unless you do a hand stand while looking at this chart! …

        • paul ...

          Stan … Warning!! … even though gold is not over $1490 “yet” … the Slow Stochastics is giving an “early buy” reading … might be time for you to cover your shorts if you want to preserve your wealth!! …

        • Stan

          Paul: That chart shows one day of trading. It is meaningless. And if Gold was worth $8683 then why can I buy an ounce for under $1500? And don’t give the manipulation BS. That is totally unproven other than a few low level traders who spoofed a few times.

    • William Stanley

      Thanks for the satire and the music! I loved the allusions to TWA, Cadillacs, Blues and, especially, BB King (one of my favorites)
      Here is a BB King live recording on Thanksgiving a few decades ago. Belated Happy Thanksgiving:

      • Stan

        Thanks Paul…cheers!

        • William Stanley

          I just experienced an earthquake while enjoying your clever response.
          I’m off to check it’s strength; I’m guessing about a 3.0 on the Richter scale.

          • William Stanley

            Only a 2.1. Occurred over 160 miles away in Cobb, CA.

            • William Stanley

              Indian Hills, Nevada.
              2.8 on Richter Scale.

  23. wayne Fasske

    Thank You Greg and God bless You and your Family

  24. Ronnie

    Another great year of USAwatchdog reporting. Wonderful array of special guests.
    The Democratic Rotten apple has given the FIB or fbi a free pass and collect millions of dollars.
    Laughing at America all the way to the bank and or a tropical island. I said in a post before : nothing would happen. Now await Barr and his prison boss “murdside ,” friend in charge of whatever.
    It ain’t over until 63 million Americans say…” had enough of this sh#it,” Before or after the $Usd collapses is the question. But the great American starvation is getting horribly closer by the corrupt day. Colour Revolution RED WHITE AND BLUE…Hilary is given 2020. I pry, I am wrong but it’s not looking good.

  25. View From Above

    Good day sir,
    Wanted to say thank you for what you do. I don’t always agree with your views but do seriously respect your America-First attitude, intent and views.

    You’re a good man for repeatedly sticking it to “the idiotcrats”.

    Even though I’m Canadian I go to Port Huron, Michigan many times a month. You’re a rockstar there 🙂

  26. Virginia Conway

    II am so fed up with the crap that is going on in Washington. President Trump is superhuman .

  27. paul ...

    As we enjoy our Thanksgiving Dinner here in the Matrix … government officials are stealing every penny they can find ($21 trillion so far) … public money is being stolen on a massive scale and public officials are using their offices for private enrichment (Hillary, Biden, etc.) … we have a whole network of thieves (the Deep State) around us and they have taken control of our government (an hate Trump with a vengeance) … government purchases and military contracts are directed to friends who return the favor with kickbacks (to the officials letting the contracts) … judges sell their services to the highest bidder … theft, drugs, trafficking in human organs, etc., etc. flourishes … as sub-humans who lack morality run rampant … this is the reason our economic system is in such bad shape … some suggest we should eliminating 95 % of the immoral deplorable population (even if a few good people have to be sacrificed) … others have a better plan (then mass murder) to defeat the criminals (who’s power derives from a huge accumulation of dollars) … simply destroy the US dollar … destroy the dollar and you destroy the power of the inbedded criminal network (known as the Deep State) … but “to protect the common people” from the coming devaluation of the dollar … people like Jim Rickards, Jim Sinclair, Bill Holter, etc., etc., etc. are warning ordinary people to take cover in gold and silver … to protect them from becoming roasted turkeys!!!

    • paul ...

      When Trump stated he wanted better relations with Russia … the Deep State “knew at once” that Trump was their enemy … and they have been hounding him constantly for 4 years now … they hate Putin (who has been buying gold) and who wants to see the dollar devalued … and anyone who speaks of shutting down their rackets (continual wars, drugs, human trafficking, etc., etc.) is a Deep State enemy … even if that person is in the Democratic Party like Tulsi Gabbard!!

      • paul ...

        With so many criminals in the world … people are not taking any chances … they want to hold their gold “in their own hands” …

        • paul ...

          Economies with the most unequal distribution of wealth … are “commie” societies governed by unprincipled Demon-rats … who become rich … and stay rich … through the political power to cover up their crimes and the ability to use their official office for their own private enrichment!! …

          • paul ...

            Before returning temporarily to the Matrix for Thanksgiving (and “blindfolded” Holiday Cheer) … I leave you with this quote from Mark Twain … “The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog”!!!

  28. Horsenut

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you Greg.

  29. dlc

    American Rhapsody

    Supposedly a true story of one family’s escape from Hungary of the 1950’s. It is also a story of who we were in those times. It seems we have become more and more like the utopia of 1950’s Hungary forced down the throats of the Hungarians on the end of a Russian boot.

    I was under age 10, born in 1950, but I remember our country very well in those times, having had many older siblings who were very immersed in the music, the lifestyle, the freedom to say and do. I remember California in the 1950s, lived in a naval village in San Diego named Eniwetok. Now, thanks to the Boxers, the Feinsteins, the Pelosis, the Schiffs, the state is a free range asylum.

    This story was a tear jerker for me (in a nice way at times), having been old enough to experience what was and what currently is.

    I thought it a great story of appreciation for what we once had, a fitting story for Thanksgiving.

  30. Robert

    This is why I say nothing will happen to the people who tried to destroy Trump’s presidency. It’s all rigged.

  31. Blockbuster

    Greg, socialism is not communism…
    Capitalism – anybody can be rich
    Communism – nobody can be rich
    Socialism – anybody can be rich but nobody can be poor

    • paul ...

      I beg to differ Blockbuster … Socialism “is” Communism … whereas Capitalism gives some a chance to join the elite … but all three systems are corrupt!!

      Under Communism – nobody but an elite few can be rich (corrupt and prone to revolution) …
      Under Socialism – all but an elite few can be rich (corrupt and prone to instability) …
      Under Capitalism … most everybody but an elite few can be rich (corrupt but the most stable system as it gives people a chance to legitimately get rich and join the elite few (if they can somehow compete with the monopolies and cartels controlling the marketplace)!!

  32. Marie Joy

    I’m seeing a lot of food inflation. The poor, and elderly, will be priced out of groceries.
    Learning to grow your own, inside, and outside, may save your life.
    Window sill gardens, microgreens and sprouts, think outside the box to save money and, maybe, your life.
    Seeds and growing supplies.

    • paul ...

      Marie … Growing portobello mushrooms inside your home “will be safe from theft” (by humans and other animals) … simply mix the mushroom stems into coffee grains and let the white fungus grow for a month or so until it “flowers” many delicious portobello mushrooms that can be a delicious substitute for steak (no need for sunlight) which is good in conditions where the Sun is blocked by volcanic dust or the Russian hating warmongers put us into a nuclear winter!!

      • paul ...

        For those with some mechanical ability … save all your left over potato skins, etc. … as alcohol can be produced from a variety of organic materials … and used for barter … not only for people who like to drink … but for people “who need to drive their cars” when gas stations are shut down due to an EMP, civil strife, etc. that prevents delivery of gasoline by truck to gas stations across the Nation … so building yourself an alcohol distillation setup could be very handy as part of your survival preparations (when things come to a halt) … if you have an old car “and are handy” you can set up its carburetor now “to run entirely on alcohol” (alcohol you can produce yourself in your own distillery) … even if you don’t need to drive … the car engine can be used to generate electricity for light, to power tools, dehumidifiers for generating drinking water, etc., etc. … the directions on how you can modify your car’s carburetor (or perhaps have a friend help you to do it) can be found here …

        • paul ...

          Note: You can legally distill alcohol fuel (but not alcohol to drink) by obtaining a permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms!!!

  33. andyb

    Greg: There are not enough accolades for the truth you speak to overcome all the disinformation propaganda that is out there. Your only blind spot is your unmitigated optimism that there will be accountability for all the Deep State criminality and treason.

    When Barr was appointed AG, I posted that a research of his resume showed him to be a Deep State “fixer” of Administration crimes, specifically to name just the two most egregious: Iran/Contra and Clinton/CIA drug running through Mena, Arkansas. Most do not know that he was recruited by the CIA after law school. It certainly is interesting that in the rationalizing of the Epstein “suicide” he proclaimed that HE, and HE ALONE has access to all night camera surveillance of Epstein’s cell, when previous reports claimed that the cameras were malfunctioning.

    I suggest that all read the latest post of Paul Craig Roberts on the Silver Doctors website.

  34. Noreen

    I am so thankful for honest journalists like you who are brave enough to speak the truth. I pray every day for our President, all the God-loving patriots, and yes, those who have not yet seen the light. Thank you for getting the message out to the world( as seen by many replies from people all over the globe) and we pray for your continued success. You are a true “Beacon of Light” and God is very proud of you! Fear Not!

  35. paul ...

    You know … on the first Thanksgiving the pilgrims rejected socialism … this Thanksgiving (just as Khrushchev predicted) 42% of young Americans on would elect “a commie” President … Russians seem to be good predictors of the future … so we should take heed of what Putin said recently about the US dollar … and buy ourselves some gold (and/or silver) for protection as a “commie” President would print dollars out of thin air 10 times faster then the Fed is doing today (to pay for all the “commie” social programs) while raising taxes to 95% to take away from us any ability to own private property!! …

  36. paul ...

    Stan … you are buying stocks right … well does anything seem wrong to you in this chart … … where stocks are rising … as earnings per share is falling???? … also look at this chart and notice that when global liquidity falls … stocks eventually follow!!

    • Warren B.

      I am fully invested in Stocks. I don’t know about Stan’s approach, but this is certainly working for me and my investors.
      Why do you attempt to extrapolate historical data into future projections. That simply is nonsense and a waste of time. There are too many variables affecting the Market, Economy and Psyche of participants.
      The herd mentality of “A Recession is coming” or “Park our Funds in Cash waiting for the Crash” attitude is completely wrong because it is based on false assumptions. Those contrarians like myself believe that the bulk of investors have got it so very wrong and will compromise theirs and their clients investment portfolios going forward. The reasons are clear to me:
      – We have a wonderful Economy and beautiful Country with strong signs of an economic turnaround which are continuously overlooked
      – The President is taking America to greater heights and this will provide a great foundation for our Global Leading companies
      – The Federal Reserve is doing a magnificent job in managing these extraordinary times
      – Bond rates have reverted to trend across the short and medium terms
      – Any casual observation of the market will note that the consolidation pattern has been broken to the upside = bullish indicator.
      My view is simple. The large swath of cash sitting on the sidelines waiting to be employed, will find a home in Stocks sooner rather than later. The Fund Managers and our cross town rivals will seek return for their investors given their poor performance to date as well as attempts to halt the redemption requests which I admit I was battling with earlier this year.
      One can only play the wrong side of this trade for so long. In hindsight (when viewed from 2025 and beyond) lost opportunities will haunt those that missed this next enormous move (starting now). It will reward those that are RIGHT and have conviction. That has been my philosophy to date and my investors have reestablished confidence in me. My results speak louder than words.
      I will repeat what I have said before: DOW 100,000 by 2050 is not unreasonable.

      • paul ...

        Warren … the money supply (debt) will grow from $264 trillion to $1,140 trillion by 2050 (about 4 times higher) … … and if the stock market grows to 100,000 by 2050 (that’s about 4 times higher) … but you effectively gain nothing … stocks will give a “zero return on your money” as they will be worth (about 4 times less) … however gold with all the money printing going on could hit $10,000,000 dollars per ounce (more then 1000 times its current Debt Clock price) by 2050 … … even at golds “manipulated price” of $1450 … 1000 times gives us a gold price of $1,450,000 dollars per ounce by 2050 … with debt money worth 4 times less by 2050 the manipulated price of gold will effectively only be worth $362,500 dollars (or 250 times your money compared to a “zero return” by investing in the stock market!!

        • Warren B.

          Money supply increases and stock market increases have no correlation. Your imagination is running wild. Assumptions of a 4x increase in money supply but a 1000 x increase in Gold are just fanciful.
          Under your thesis stocks gain nothing in real terms but also do not lose capital. That’s called wealth preservation in anyone’s book.

        • Warren B.

          Additionally Paul one of my sources of income is leveraged to the performance the stock market and the quantum of funds invested with me.
          The line of thinking you have is one dimensional. That’s not how it works in the real world.

      • paul ...

        So what I’m saying Warren is that it is “more preposterous” to think the Stock market will protect you from hyperinflation in 2050 (when the dollar is worth four times less) then a similarly preposterous value for gold in 2050 … even if gold only goes to $50,000 by 2050 and money is worth 4 times less … gold still gives an effective value of $12,500 dollars (over 8 times your money compared to the “zero” return you will get from the stock market)!!

        • paul ...

          Warren … Let’s look to the past to see what was better to own … Gold or the S&P 500? … fifty years ago gold sold for $35 (while the S&P 500 Index was at 100) … today the price of gold is about $1,460 and the S&P 500 Index is 3,067 … so gold rose 41.71 times … and the S&P 500 rose 30.67 times … thus gold was the winner … as it gave us 11 times more money then stocks did over the same period!! … projecting into the future … lets say the Dow rises 4 times by 2050 (from 25,000 to 100,000) … gold could rise by (41.71/.6) or 25.03 times in 30 years (2050) … putting gold at approximately $36,500 dollars per ounce … more then six times better then investing in the stock market!!

          • paul jr.

            Actually gold is NOT the winner. People who say gold has beaten stocks over the long-term always forget to include the dividends that stocks pay. The fact is that the total return for stocks (price change plus dividends) from 1972 to 2019 as measured by S&P 500 Index has easily beaten gold. The average annual return on stocks was about 10.5% while for gold it was about 7.5%. You would have made 3 times more money if you invested in the stock market than in gold in that time period. And stocks were also less volatile as measured by the standard deviation.

            You can use this portfolio backtesting tool to see this fact.

            Also this chart shows similar results.

            • Greg Hunter

              Paul jr.

              People who play stock always forget all the companies that went out of business. World com, Lucent, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns need I go on? All were rendered worthless. Not a single ounce of gold was ever rendered worthless but this is never taken into account. What aboput all the zombie companies such as GE “bigger fraud than Enron”!


              • paul jr.

                It is nice that you are cherry picking individual stocks to try to disprove the fact that the stock market’s total return over the long-term has beaten gold. Nice try but it will not work.

                • paul jr.

                  My apologize however Greg if I misunderstood your comment.

                • Warren B.

                  Very astute of you Paul Jr.
                  The Poor will always be poor because they cannot change their mindset.
                  I’m not here to argue, just to offer another perspective.
                  That is, it can and it does work for some.
                  That’s how I make a living. I”m not doing anything wrong or illegal.
                  The opportunities are there for those who wish to participate.
                  Your backtesting and final conclusion are well supported and correct.
                  I will not deviate.

        • Warren B.

          Paul it’s all relative.
          Importantly you can’t make assumptions about performance in stocks being capable of being translated or replicated into performance of relics like Gold.
          The world has a very long way to go to witness Gold investment equalling or bettering the gross consolidated value of Stocks /Bonds. There is just no comparison. Stop wasting your time with these meaningless comparisons.

      • JC

        Thanks Stan, uh… I mean Warren B, for your financial advice.

        “The Federal Reserve is doing a magnificent job in managing these extraordinary times”.

        Greg, sure sounds like Stan, doesn’t it?

        • Warren B.

          Are you actually denouncing what the Federal Reserve is doing ?
          Do you support the other points I made or only chose this one because you infer that I am Stan implying that resembles the thoughts of another person who may not agree with your line of thinking?

          • JC

            Warren B, until about 10 years ago it was possible to put money in bank savings account and CD’s and you got 3 – 5%. Now you get almost nothing. In Europe it is worse. Bankers have run wild and ruined everything. Stock market gains can vanish an instant.

            By the way, do you drive a Bentley?

            • Warren B.

              All the more reason to stop fighting with reality. It is what it is. Learn to adapt, as survivors do.
              Stock Market gains don’t vanish …they fluctuate. In America we have been through numerous Stock market crashes and yet here we are today at circa 26,000 on the DOW and 3000 and change on the SPX (on its way to 4000).
              I now drive a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee after having traded my last car of 12 years a 2006 Cadillac DTS. Thank you for asking.

              • Warren B.

                That should be 28,000 on the DOW. Typo.

      • Jerry

        Warren B,
        You need to read the St. Louis feds latest report,
        and rethink you’re statement.

        The debt is unsustainable. Period. The repos are the last line of defense. Period. Your dream of a higher Dow is a fantasy. Period.

        • paul ...

          Correct Jerry … the Fed Repo operation is designed to add liquidity as it is collapsing as seen in this chart … … they are trying to print enough money to keep the S&P from falling … if they succeed … I can see the Debt Clock price of gold over $10,000 in short order!!

        • Warren B.

          The Goverment believes Debt is sustainable.
          The Federal Reserve through repo, also believe in Debt (treasuries).
          The Stock market is disregarding (apparently ) the non existent debt issue.
          Happy days ahead.
          Why do wish for more anxiety in your life. Haven’t you experienced enough already ( reading your earlier comment). A change in attitude and approach to life often comes from the least expected source. Positivity brings great rewards beyond those of a materialistic nature.

  37. paul ...

    It comes down to finding immoral criminals even working at UPS …

  38. eddiemd

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends.

    Your interviews and insight blesses many people.

    Thanksgiving travel season through airports allows for the propaganda CNN to manipulate and mindshape the masses. The next month will provide the MSM with endless opportunity to brainwash the masses while traveling throughout the world. Not just here in the USA.

    • Greg Hunter

      CNN = Pure Evil (and I used to work there!!)

  39. paul ...

    Crypto pigeons are learning a hard lesson … never put someone between you and your money … those holding physical gold and silver will never find themselves in this danger (all crytpo poses to ones wealth) …

  40. paul ...

    And blacks vote for “commie” Demon-rats in huge numbers??? …

  41. paul ...

    Good thing we all listened to Greg and bought new tires for our cars and trucks …

  42. Billy

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg, thanks for reinforcing Lincoln’s message.

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, So much happening – hard to decide what/how much one can post?
    More insanity/anti-Constitutional/human rights from Democrat leaders =
    Virginia Gov. law proposed to make taking self-defense courses A FELONY !
    Apparently, if they can’t keep you from getting born there, they want to make sure if you are you are not allowed to defend yourself? Can’t make this stuff up… =
    ‘ This insane level of tyranny is happening because Democrats now run the entire legislative and executive branches of the Virginia state government. Governor Ralph Northam — who openly confessed to advocating infanticide and child murder — is leading the charge to turn the great state of Virginia into a modern-day slave camp where no citizen is allowed to defend herself against the tyranny of the local government (which has gone completely insane and is now run by relentless criminals).

    This demonstration of blunt force tyranny showcases the real plan of Democrats when it comes to disarming the American people: This was never about “commonsense gun reforms,” you see. In truth, it has always been about criminalizing the very idea of self-defense and self-reliance.

    The government of Virginia, honestly stated, doesn’t want you to be able to defend yourself against violent criminals. Why? Because if you had the capacity to do that, you might also be able to defend yourself against the violence of oppressive, corrupt government, too.’

  44. Justn Observer

    Greg, 30 year electronics expert says 5G is a weapon…
    article =

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, Excellent info today…here is what is coming in Horowitz report?…’whitewash’?

  46. Free Slave


    Thank you so much for that unexpectedly powerful Thanksgiving message. My wife and I endured a great deal of hardship in recent years; details aren’t relevant. Your message struck a chord like a silver bell, to be thankful for the bad as well as the good. It is a humbling thought.

    Tears well in my eyes as I realize how thankful we are, just to be here, bad and good together, with the rest of the sinners. I was beginning to think we were the only ones who understood that we are all sinners, not just us, or our kids for making poor choices.

    Thank you also for being brave enough to revere Jesus Christ as the savior and to say his name, with respect and dignity. It is one of many indications of your genuineness and sincerity, your goodness.

    As you alluded, respectful reverence toward Jesus is an offense among the mass media. Their abject disrespect seems to be having the opposite effect, at least for me. It has become so that hearing the name of Jesus Christ is more and more like receiving a drink of water in the desert.

    Thank you Greg, for being a brave Christian warrior for the truth.

    Thank you Jesus for lending Greg Hunter a measure of your strength. Keep him well and guard over his family. Like David, Greg faces a Goliath.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Free Slave for you very kind words !!! You made my weekend. Credit where credit is due–I got this from my preacher’s Sunday sermon. (Reverend Danny.) “Fear Not”!!

  47. H. Craig Bradley


    It is said that America, while not a Monarchy, is instead effectively ruled by so-many “little kings” a.k.a. as regulators. For example, Congress passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010. This new Act of Congress (Law) was about 1,000 pages long when President Obama signed it. However, Congress delegated writing of the rules by which ACA would govern the people to only the Secretary of Health and Human Services ( then Kathleen Sibelius). When the final rules and regulations were written to implement the ACA in 2014, it became a much larger document than Congress passed: over 10,000 pages.

    After the last Republican Ruler of Rome, Julius Caesar, there came a great many deranged or cruel emperors who often were murdered by their confidants in the Imperial Palace ( insiders). While in-power, they did wacky things and their many edicts were totally unpredictable, as well. Often, they were ineffective rules. Power corrupts. Fast Forward to 2019.

    Now, lets look at a recent “law” passed in California which prohibits the use of straws in restaurants and fast food outlets. For example, if you get a cup of coffee at Carl’s Jr. you must ask for a red “straw” to stir your coffee. Actually, its a 7″ long thin (solid) plastic rod (stirring rod). Its just called a “straw” on the box. This law was passed ostensibly to protect the environment but the rationale can be just about whatever the administrative state ( Nanny State) wants to call it. Starbucks instead uses wood sticks instead of straws, thus circumventing this troublesome and stupid state law. Californians hate plastic ( your car is FULL of plastic but you don’t use it to eat ).

    Capricious and arbitrary is the Calif. political apparatus. It makes those in power “feel good” but it looks rather stupid in-practice. Still, all must obey or else. This not unlike being ruled by a Roman Emperor such as Diocletian in the good old days. Subjects of the realm never know what is coming next.

  48. Mike Strohmier

    Hi, Greg,
    I don’t know if my comment under the Rick Ackerman interview made it or not, so I’ll give it a go here. Several weeks ago, I heard Mark Taylor remark in an interview on another program that you had told him that Jimmy Carter had headed up the biggest drug deal in the history of the US government (bear in mind that I’m paraphrasing here). I wanted to know if you could expound upon that, or perhaps even better, give kind of a general overview of what Carter did if you happen to go into a discussion about the previous presidents. I was only a kid when he was the president and really only know (or think I know) about Camp David with Begin and Sadat as well as the botched Iran hostage rescue attempt but beyond that I’m at somewhat of a loss. Thank you for all your good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think I said that Mark but Carter was one of the bad guys.

  49. H. Craig Bradley


    Sample size was 2100 and 51% of viewers (readers) of Opinion by Arizona Republican Congresswoman against impeachment were against this opposing view. So, the general public would impeach and remove IF they had the power to do so today. Fortunately, only the U.S. Senate has the final say, not the House nor the General Public. Thank God for the U.S. Constitution !

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