“Hell No” to Any CV19 Vax – Lt. Col. Theresa Long MD

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Lt. Col. Theresa Long is a Medical Doctor at Fort Rucker who is one of the U.S. Army’s top Flight Surgeons and an expert on public health.  Dr. Long makes sure military pilots are ready and able to fly America’s complicated and lethal aircraft.  Dr. Long has been a skeptic of the so-called Covid-19 experimental vaccines from the beginning.  After months of medical observation of the devastating effects of these injections, she’s come to a conclusion the top Army Brass does not like. When asked if she would recommend the CV19 vax to pilots she evaluates, Dr. Long, who is unvaxed, says, “If you think for a moment that the very same doctors, politicians or whoever that told you this was safe and effective, if you are waiting and holding your breath for them to come back and say, oops, we made a mistake, it’s dangerous and deadly, that’s never going to happen.”

And if an Army pilot walked into Dr. Long’s office and asked if the CV19 vax was safe?  What would she tell them?  Dr. Long says, “I would tell them, ‘Hell no, I don’t think it’s safe.’”

What is Dr Long seeing first hand after the CV19 injections?  Dr. Long says, “I have seen everything from strokes, to clots in the spleen and liver, cancers, testicular pain, infertility, miscarriages, menstrual irregularity, lung issues, thyroid disfunction, erratic heart rates . . . a lot of things that I don’t see in someone flying an aircraft. . . . You can see myocarditis and pericarditis weeks and months after vaccines.”

The U.S. Military is very familiar with the problems Lt. Col. Long has reported.  Dr. Long testified n a Senate hearing last November with doctors and medical researchers who treat CV19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the CV19 vaccine.  Dr. Long also made a highly publicized affidavit against the Biden Administration’s vax mandates as a whistleblower under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act in September of 2021.  The military brass are well aware of who Dr. Long is and the many problems she is reporting with the so-called vaccines.

What are her superiors telling her?  Dr. Long says, “It’s always disheartening when people come to me and say privately, I completely agree with you.  I completely agree with you that we should stop these vaccinations, but publicly I will disown you.  That’s not being a leader.  It’s just  straight up cowardice when you know you are doing the wrong thing and you refuse to change.”

Dr. Long estimates there are “200,000 to 400,000 military members who are not vaccinated,” and the Pentagon and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have threatened to kick them all out of the service.  Are the military leaders this stupid, this compromised or simply committing treason?

Dr. Long’s plea to the military brass is, “Pray for wisdom and courage.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 6-minute video.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One on One with Lt. Col Theresa Long, Medical Doctor and Flight Surgeon at Fort Rucker, Alabama, who is putting her career and life on the line to protect soldiers from the CV19 vax and is blowing the whistle on the deadly and dangerous problems surrounding the forced injections of our military.

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After the Interview: 

Lt. Col. Long is continuing her work at Fort Rucker as an MD, Flight Surgeon and an Aerospace Medicine Specialist to evaluate pilots for aviation duties.

If you would like to follow Lt. Col. Thresa Long MD on Twitter, click here.

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  1. Rodster

    Now that’s a no-bull Doctor, unlike the weasel Tony “The Fraud” Fauci. Too bad the medical establishment is polar opposite to her views.

    • AL


      • Isaiah 54:17

        Hello, I’m a former law enforcement officer who decided to quit rather than fight this vaccine nonsense… It wasn’t the vaccine , it was everything else. Forced vaccinations were the last straw( numerous bogus racial profiling investigations on me, unable to keep anyone in jail who should of stayed in jail, a growing hatred of the public against police, command staff that belittles and force white privilege nonsense down our throats….

        I said all that to give a picture after 25 years why a department and city would force a poisonous death shot on me after two and a half decades of service to my community… It’s beyond insulting that they threatened to fire me if I didn’t take the jab.

        I actually consulted with Greg Hunter who’s advice would of been appropriate if I didn’t have all the opposing forces and more that we’re against me. Gregs advised
        to let them fire me, and use legal avenues to remedy the situation (paraphrase).

        Sorry for the length of this letter was to give a tiny picture of what our military must of went through to take that jab, or not to.

        If theoretically I’m close to members of the military physically who’ve been vaccinated, what would be a general protocol of Ivermectin to protect one against “shedding”?

        • Greg Hunter

          Dr, Kory has said start with a double dose of Ivermectin (IVM) (standard dose is 9 mgs per 100 pounds) for 5 days and then twice a week after that. When Dr. Eads is in close contact with the vaxed, she tells me she takes it every day (standard dose).
          There are two types of shedding: Viral shedding and Spike Protein shedding. The vaxed do both kinds at the same time. We do not know how much they shed of spike proteins but according to Dr Mike Yeadon the vaxed are constantly making spike proteins with “no off switch.” He says it in this interview: https://usawatchdog.com/cv19-virus-vax-about-control-not-health-dr-michael-yeadon/ In the written piece, check the third paragraph. You really cannot overdose, on IVM and that is what the actual science says. One peer reviewed study gave 10 times the amount and only loose stool happened.

          As far as viral shedding, Oxford University says the vaxed shed 251 times the rate of the unvaxed. https://drrichswier.com/2021/08/25/study-vaccinated-individuals-carry-251-times-the-load-of-covid-19-viruses-in-their-nostrils-compared-to-the-unvaccinated/

          Separate yourself form the vaxed.

          I love and respect law enforcement by the way, and I am very sorry you are on doing this kind of work any longer. The world lost a good lawman!!


          • Mike

            Greg. First I commend the Lt Col. She is very brave and very wonderful. 2nd. All high military leaders are traitors, or they would stop the enemies in DC, and raise up a war within our Country to end this WEF commie agenda.
            Fauci should be hung and all of his conspirator deadly friends. Your questions were super awesome Greg. What a fantastic interview. Best of the best. Mike

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Mike!

        • Todd

          You’re not alone. If you’re a straight white Christian male the very system is/was out to destroy you. I graduated law school in 2004…you wouldn’t believe my law school experience if I told you and more so after I graduated. Simply put, I was “cancelled” before I or anyone new what “cancelling” was.

          I’ll put it this way if I was a satanic black female homosexual, I’d be on the NJ Supreme Court but since I’m the opposite I had to start all over again in 2009. Ironically I graduated in June 2019 with a Masters in Science in Biotechnology, (aka) drug manufacturing. Then they released the pandemic.

          BTW I don’t practice law.

      • Laura McDonough

        AL: this is deatils on how they will soon take this coutnry down and most people won’t even realize it happened:https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-15-deep-state-plan-revealed-frame-civil-war-to-justify-un-troops-occupy-america.html

    • Cousinvinny

      Tip of the hat and Salute to Lt Col Long for her leadership and bravery!
      Gods Speed

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        • Robert K

          Spam alert above

        • eddiemd

          AI bot spam.

    • Lois Petersen

      Probably because of this I’m guessing: https://www.statnews.com/2021/09/24/covid-19-relief-money-providers-in-your-state/

    • Dastardlier Disaster

      Polar opposite views of an unmitigated DISASTER!
      Were Over The Target, Folks

    • c.curtisporter

      I’ve followed you for years and have never committed, but I have to thank you for this interview with Lt. Col. Long. Straight forward to the point. Outstanding. Lt. Col. Long has amazing courage to stand up as she has. Inspiring!

    • Constance Adcock

      Godspeed, Lt Col Long! She has integrity, she honors her Hippocratic Oath, she will not be silenced by her superiors (who intentionally ignore anything spoken contrary to the narrative and she is patriotic. If only more, especially in the military would stand up for TRUTH as she does. We have your back Lt Col Long! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE and please keep standing up for what is right. I wish we could clone you in the military. Others are inspired by your faithfulness to what is right. 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  2. Nancy York

    American actress, Anne Heche died. You all know the story. Traces of illicit drugs. But is there a possibility she was dbl vaxxed with CV19 shot? Perhaps…

    • AL



  3. Kim Beaney

    This nightmare has to end. And soon! World class truth.
    Thank you Greg and a hero Dr, Lt Col Long.
    I’m praying harder than ever.

    • WKSwanson

      Vaxxidents are increasing. An NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller posts “died suddenly” or “died unexpectedly” lists from around the world week by week, region, or country…the numbers are ridiculously high -especially for those under 50.

      • Mac Beavers

        My healthy 66 year old sister with long familial lifelines died at the drop of a hat after taking the experimental gene therapy injections. Of course, her woke kids had no autopsy performed, but I made sure all of them knew my opinion as to why she died, probably a blood clot of some sore??

        • Janet

          This is “Highly Crucial Information” for anyone who has taken the “jab” – In a 2013 trial of over 200,000 people testing mRNA-based medication – LESS THAN 5 are alive today – and all experienced their hearts stopping at least once!! – https://mail.yahoo.com/b/folders/1/messages/AILsEAZ9t4C_YvpwEQC7gOiKhkE?.src=ym&reason=unsupported_browser&offset=0&folderType=INBOX&unblockNow=false

          • Janet

            Even with “the science right before his eyes” – I don’t expect Trump to put a stop to the “jab” – nor do I expect him to do anything about the FBI or DOJ (he had a chance to stop the “jab” but instead “approved it at Warp Speed” and he did nothing to clean up the DOJ and FBI when he had a chance) – so what makes people think “he” is the man for the job in 2024??

            • Greg Hunter

              I have some info on “Warp Speed.” Karen Kingston told me that “Warp Speed” was going to happen anyway because of the laws that Congress passed, and Obama signed. What Trump did was foolishly Brand “Warp Speed” to try to get some credit for it. Bad move. The shots were coming to market for exp-erimenhtal use on humans with or without Trump once they had their Covid “Plandemic” in place. Our entire government sold us out years ago with the laws they passed. Trump should disown the shots now, and say stop!!

              • Kenneth

                Greg Hunter–The original way that Trumpers spun Warpspeed was to say it was a “brilliant 3-D chess move” that foiled The Globalists’ plot to have 10 years of lockdowns (never mind that Trump could’ve simply NOT declared a nat’l emergency for no good reason).

                Now you all are saying that Trump (the PRESIDENT & CIC of the USA) had no control over Warpspeed at all & was just egotistically attempting to take credit for it?!

                Regardless of what Trump ever does or doesn’t do, you all will either say it was a “genius 3-D chess move” or that “he didn’t have a choice”.

                Talk about being delusional in your blind-support of your false idol Trump…sheesh!

                • Greg Hunter

                  Karen Kingston is saying it was coming no matter what Trump branded it because of the laws passed by Congress.

        • Friends call me Lyn

          I’m sorry for your loss, Mac. I pray she knew Jesus, as He is her/our only hope for wholeness.

    • Avy115

      This nightmare has to end. And soon! World class truth.

  4. Poochiman

    The so -called “health emergency” is a lockstep tool of submission designed to bring countries, and most importantly, the US under the reign of the NWO. It is so obvious even a chimp can see it.

    • David Bagley

      Until Trump condemns the jab….and calls it by its real name.. Jenny O Side..I’m saying he’s playing a part

      • Shirl

        Shirl08/16/2022 •
        DAVID BAGLEY is still whining about President Trump I see. What kind of person demands others to make decisions for them? Are they not capable of thinking for themselves? Many people including doctors and politicians including President Trump have encouraged alternatives from the start >>>Safe & Effective alternatives were offered in Ivermectin, HCQ, Vitamins & Minerals & Natural Herbs C, D, Zinc, and Most Of ALL encouragement to USE your Own Brain for making your own decisions…why is it always only the WEAK MINDED who refuse to think for themselves and demand others make decisions for them? Are they NOT capable? Do they wear masks in the car by themselves – we’ve all seen them 🙂
        Good Grief, Don’t be that Idiot who keeps crying for others to take care of them & to tell them what to do.
        Use your brain if you have one & man up.

      • Cindy Guida

        I, and probably thousands….AGREE! If Trump would only do that, a huge wave of People that are “afraid” to speak up, probably then would. People, fearing loss of their jobs, Family and Friends… continue to stay “silent”.

    • Laura McDonough

      Most all Americans functionally illiterate on practical commonsense issues and trust gov. without Q and corp. news sites. Most would say alt. news is for older people raised with different views and outdated. I am getting more picky who I assoc. with ongoing. I don’t want friends who put their trust in: politicians of any party, gov. news like cnn, nbc, etc, public schools, 501c3 churches, and certain lifestyles pushed by tv shows and advertizing. Informed peopole knwo this coutnry is already taken down esp. since the FBI raid on Trump (I am not a Trump fan, but this could happen to anyone nowdays).

    • Janet

      Poochiman – We are now living on Planet of the Apes (where if you speak out they cut off your vocal cords) – they did it – they actually did it – they destroyed our Liberty!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvuM3DjvYf0

  5. Don Wohlers

    Greg. you did it again. I wish I was still on active duty as I was a special weapons pilot in the USMC back in 1955 but we did not have any people in the US Government that did not know how to THINK. But today we do and Dr. Long needs to be heard all over America.
    Also Greg, thank you for the prayers for my son Kevin, as I talked to him today and he is getting some better and enough that he is now ready to keep going and not stop for now.
    Blessings to you and all the wonderful people you get on here.

  6. Glenn A Whittington

    What is sad is the fact that no one in this country who is responsible for this evil perpetrated against ‘us’ will ever be punished. Not one. Not ever.

    • Greg Hunter

      Key word is “YET”!

      • Ian Anderson

        I’m from Qld Australia . Hard to be shocked at what’s going on in America after seeing what’s going on here but I’m truly stunned with your Lt Col MD interview. If as a result she gets ANY pressure from her superiors the matter is treasonous against her civil rights and rights of free speech regardless of what whores in your Mil Legal area come up with. If the Repubs don’t return to control in your Nov midterms we are all f***** . This is worldwide evil. Not created by men. It’s way too smart and pervasive. The side shows of Ukraine and China Taiwan are just to keep the peasants occupied with their worry beads while the final fix is coming . Greg, we all won’t have to wait long.

        • FreeBirdJohnny

          As a retired military officer, I can guarantee you her commanders are squashing her career. But they will be vilified and she will be vindicated, in the end.

        • Paul Bunyan’s mitten!

          To walk the plank Ian? Or thy kingdom come. Let’s hope and pray for the latter.
          Hello from Michigan’s lower peninsula.
          If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you Michiganders!

      • Mark

        My thoughts on this issue that’s exactly what our leaders are trying to do get us into a war that we lose and then we lose the Constitution.

      • John

        Greg, i pray for the vax injured . These evil people ( WEF etc) must be convicted for murder . How did we let these people become our unelected leaders. At least we know who they are.
        God bless from Kent, England.

        • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

          Hallo John. Belated reply: Ask Greg for my email should you wish to make contact. I too am in England (Notts) and remain open-mouthed at how just so many Brits ain’t got a clue! Best, Andrew

    • Tim

      I agree, Glenn. These people are above the law, and they will never suffer the consequences for their crimes in this life. But they will in the next.

      • Rodster

        “Justice really means Just Us” – Gerald Celente

        • Glenn

          Gerald Celente is the man! A man who wishes peace upon the world. I appreciate the work he does, just as I appreciate Greg Hunter.

          • stanley skrzypek

            Gerald Celente is a Draft Dodger….He snuck out of Military Duty during the Vietnam War……a Coward 50 years ago is a Coward Today….Jerry has NO RIGHT to Bash President Trump..

            • Nancy Flymn

              dear Stanley….
              So you’re calling Celente a “draft dodger”? A man who refused to go to war against a third-world country that had no navy and no air force and yet was going to “invade” the U.S. and turn us into a communist nation? A people that never harmed us…never even threatened us? And whom we then murdered by the MILLIONS! And best of all, they won that war anyway…….and did they then invade and destroy us, turning us communist? I think Celente was one of the few moral people during that entire, insane military adventure that this nation continues to impose on countries around the world.

            • Claude

              Stanley is a troll that shows up time to time. Greg has called him out many times. I wish he would just leave the platform and not bless us with his ignorance.

            • Earth Angel

              And so?! .. Haven’t we all learned by NOW that Vietnam was just another false flag banker’s war that we sadly sacrificed SO MANY tens of thousands of young lives to accomplish WHAT?!.. besides a huge payday for defense contractors, their investors, and whatever hidden private agendas were important to the ‘controllers’ at that time. Also lets factor in the who-knows-how-many-deaths of innocent vietnamese farmers, women & children and please don’t leave out the collateral damage to helpless wildlife and the environment that was also destroyed there. Our military top brass didn’t even care enough not to spray over their OWN soldiers with Monsanto & Dow Chemical’s toxic poison Agent Orange, (which were among corporations likely on the list of financial ‘winners’ from that war) not that it was conscionable to broadcast spray this toxic sh*t over ANYTHING ever in the first place. I was a child in the late 60’s-early 70’s and certainly couldn’t fully understand what those events really meant. I hate it that ANY American’s were sent over there at all.. and here 50+ years later we STILL aren’t clear WHY it happened and just WHAT was accomplished by it. I know those that went there willingly bravely went for what they believed in and were told were ‘the right reasons’. I’m not altogether sure that it would not have been better if EVERY SOLDIER had refused to go! Its so sad that its always 20/20 hindsight isn’t it?

              • Nancy Flymn

                Earth Angel,
                You ask “Haven’t we all learned by NOW”……Just since 9-11 the U.S. has invaded and /or destroyed nine other countries, not including Venezuela, which we’ve only destroyed financially. And to this day, we still don’t know who attacked us back then, except it was very possibly our really good friend Israel….the only nation of the group that has actually murdered U.S. servicemen, so far. And you’re correct Angel, about “20/20 hindsight”…..I paid about a quarter of my income for fifty years in federal taxes and I’ve tried to establish what our government did with my money. We don’t like to keep track, or brag, about some of our national “accomplishments” but in those years the U.S. murdered approximately twenty-five million people, in foreign countries around the world…..many more than all of our enemies combined…..to make the world “Safe for Democracy”……and we haven’t stopped the killing yet.

                • Earth Angel

                  You’re so right Nancy. What’s wrong with the picture?! Same playbook, it never changes much does it? One would think WE as humanity could find a way over, under, or around the atrocities that just keep happening. It’s high time for A REAL CHANGE. Thanks for your comments & the reply.

        • Jo

          Thanks Greg. You always have great guest on with lots of information. I believe justice is still comin. God Bless

      • Pete

        Greg, Does the MRNA vaccine spread through blood and plasma donations? Please help, I’m worried about my wife getting a plasma donation and getting the poison shot inadvertently! Have not been able to find any information on this topic. Have you heard anything??

        • Janet

          “No matter what doctors tell you” – a virus, parasite, or other potential pathogen (like Covid) can be transmitted in donated blood through transfusion to a recipient – Transfusion Transmitted-Diseases (TTD) “is a well known phenomena” (comprised of several pathologies mainly viruses and parasites) that are transmitted by blood transfusions – for example – microorganisms like the hepatitis B virus and HIV-1 can be transmitted by contaminated blood – so what makes you think a “jab” that contains HIV, Spike Proteins and Parasites that are clotting the blood won’t be transmitted?? – If I were you I would not accept blood plasma donations from the “jabbed” – instead think about donating your own blood or requesting only blood from the unvaccinated!!!

    • Self Exiled

      For My eyes are on all their ways; they are not hidden from My face, nor is their wickedness concealed from My eyes. Jeremiah 16:17

      • John

        I listen to and agree with in prayer psalms 9, 10 and 11. I do not know who all is guilty in this mass murder, but the Lord does. So why not petition the Lord in prayer. Rom. 12 tells us to, “give place unto wrath, vengeance is mine says the Lord.” I have given up on anger, I petition the Lord with psalms; furthermore, there are many psalms that pertain to beseeching our God to recompense wicked oppressors. I have found it is the quickest way back to inner peace.

        • Self Exiled

          The nations have sunk down in the pit which they have made; In the net which they hid, their own foot has been caught. 9:15

          These people who deem themselves so
          authoritative/dynamic/impressive/influential/almighty/commanding/competent/preeminent are only a group of men.

      • Greg

        Draft Dodger, Someone who refuses to throw their life away just because some parasites say you should.
        Any person who believes in freedom should be against the draft, like many things in our society it is clearly involuntary servitude.

        • eddiemd

          There should be a draft. No exemptions.

          That way there will be an honest debate about the endless war.

          Everyone should have skin in the games.

          None of the stupid ignorant “thank you for your service”.

          No thanks. Be an American worth fighting for.

    • Edie Cantor

      Always hope for justice; and never forget the wrongs.

    • JayJay

      Can you really punish a clone>>

      • Janet

        Burn their DNA – otherwise Big Pharma can keep bringing them back!!

    • Self Exiled

      Thank You John.

      The wicked, in the haughtiness of his face, will not seek nor inquire for Him;
      All his thoughts are, “There is no God [so there is no accountability or punishment].”
      His ways prosper at all times;
      Your judgments [LORD] are on high, out of his sight [so he never thinks about them];
      As for all his enemies, he sneers at them.
      He says to himself, “I will not be moved;
      For throughout all generations I will not be in adversity [for nothing bad will happen to me].”
      His mouth is full of curses and deceit (fraud) and oppression;
      Under his tongue is mischief and wickedness [injustice and sin].
      He lurks in ambush in the villages;
      In hiding places he kills the innocent;
      He lies in wait for the unfortunate [the unhappy, the poor, the helpless].

    • Paul

      May the courageous women Dr Long, Dr Eads and Ms Kingston give strength and courage to all to act in their behalf.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Friends call me Lyn

        Paul from Arkansas:
        May the courageous women be supported by those of US called to be prayer warriors; speaking the Word aloud that has been breathed into US as we bring heaven to earth! As we EXPECT Him to watch over His Word to PERFORM it (Jeremiah 1).

        May there be a covering of prayer for every hour for these ladies, and the body of Christ as we gear up to work the harvest HE IS BRINGING IN… as it is on earth, so it is in the Spirit… famine on earth means famine in the Spirit… we MUST bring down the Manna for our brothers and sisters that have been starved of it, and fooled, who have turned away from the Love of the Living God. And we MUST bring down the milk for the newborns in Christ as well as pray for the little ones coming into the world that their mommy will have His power to overcome the obstacles to nurse well. (LeLeche League may still be around.)

        Notice the shortage of formula (a counterfeit of mom’s milk)? So it is in the Spirit… there IS a shortage of the milk of the Word here on earth.

        Let’s make a plan to play worship and praise music, to pick up our instruments and our voices to bring Him praise! There is SO MUCH to praise Him for brothers and sisters 🙂

        Praise the LORD for Greg and this beautiful family here… the connection in HIM, the strength in HIM, Peace that passes ALL understanding.

        I’m personally trying to take my mind of the sin thinking (finding it everywhere in my life! ugh!) and put on my Word thinking cap to move forward in His Word, calling those things that be not as they are, but speaking faith to what I see needs to be changed by His Loving hand.

        Reign on US, LORD! Pour out on US like Niagara Falls, Father God! We receive Your MERCY and Your TRUTH, Abba <3

        • Friends call me Lyn

          PS. Also on my heart for prayer are the men and women working for the souls of men and against the goofy plans of the enemy.

  7. jon

    Hi Greg, As a veteran and a patriot. This was a very good interview. A couple of questions however could be a security risk question your guest should avoid answering regardless if important for the public to know. Military personnel take an oath that also involves national security considerations. For example the number of flight personnel and the question of battle readiness, and the treason question. These may seem minor to us civilians. You as a former News Person should very much realize that the media can create a lot of damage by getting a “responsible person” to admit to something that we know, but not necessary to endanger and there is no need to cause a problems for the interviewee. You can get all defensive if you like. But some of your questions were out of line and dangerous. Your being upset is very understandable, but should be tempered with reasonable give and take.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not a “former news” person. I run a news site that gets more views than many hours of CNN. I ask the questions no matter how dangerous or uncomfortable they may be. Thank you for your point they are well made and well taken.

      • stanley skrzypek

        Great Answer….”former news” person….is like reading an obituary of you way before your time….and obviously, you have a lot of steam left.

      • Larry Serflaten

        Having had Top Secret clearance in the Army, I agree with Jon on avoiding forced answers to sensitive questions our opponents may find useful. I wanted to add that asking a question twice may be probing, but asking the same question three times is nearly like badgering the witness.

        You do great work Greg, I wait on your every video, but this one was especially on point in that all those affected were above average healthy. I admire Lt. Col Long for not getting teared up at all the damage being done by our leaders, military and otherwise. It was a great interview!

        • Greg Hunter

          We have full blown Genocide going and too bad it you do not like my questions about Top Army Brass forcing a mass genocide and exodus of our military. We are at war. This is not a polite garden party. Thanks for your kind words but I disagree about the tough questions and how many times I asked them. Do you think the Pentagon will watch this? I do, and that’s my point.

    • Jason

      We are way, way, way beyond Roberts’ Rules of Order. This is a mass murder of the American people, and it is already 2 1/2 years too late to state that obvious point. The Russian and Chinese militaries already know far more micro-details about the U.S. military than Dr. Long will ever know, because thanks to our internal traitors, they have been and are embedded at the highest levels. In my view, your comment was staggeringly naive. If the people of this nation remain addicted to happy talk, denial, and pathological avoidance of obvious truths, they are going to be obliterated by enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy us. People had better wake up to the fact that this is already a matter of life or death, at many levels. And that is NOT an exaggeration.

      • Rodster

        I believe you are right. This entire covid vaccine hoax and criminal push for mandates needs to be exposed. The information about vaccines and the military is already available to the public.

      • Freebreezer

        Jason – thanks for the reply – I had to think about it (about 1 to 2 seconds) to realize how right you are. The military is corrupt at the highest levels, otherwise they/someone would step up and acknowledge what the brave Doctor has outlayed and stop this madness! All the questions by Greg are forthright and hopefully one of them will open a ray of light for a few of the cowards hiding behind orders in high places … What a sh$t show per our top military! . What is also appalling is that the data to bring this farce down is just sitting there in the military medical data base (or use to be ????). Before Covid, I never understood the genocide of 12 + million souls by the Nazis; 25+ million by Stalin; 60 + million by Uncle Mao and all those that participated in these atrocities … Now I understand …. The free world/America is at a very, very, very scary juncture/cross road/precipice!

        • Jason

          Freebreezer and Rodster: Thanks for your astute comments. It’s called an ELE: Extinction Level Event. That’s where we are. It’s also called Democide: death by government. How many people do you think were murdered by Democide in the 20th century? Keep in mind, Democide does not include war deaths. Democide only counts murders committed by governments against their own citizens for political reasons. In other words, government murders committed against citizens who governments didn’t like. This number was calculated by a tenured, Ph. D. Professor who made it his life’s work to study government-committed murder. (Google it … it’s there.) Answer: 261,000,000 … aka, 261 MILLION human beings. That number is going to be DWARFED in the 21st Century by the injection murders. People had better wake up. This is not a drill, and this is not a joke.

          • SJ Buck

            democide includes abortion murders, right?

            • Jason

              No, it does not.

              • Country Codger

                Alright, please explain yourself. Here is the definition of democide: democide
                in British English
                (ˈdɛməʊˌsaɪd IPA Pronunciation Guide)
                the killing of members of a country’s civilian population as a result of its government’s policy, including by direct action, indifference, and neglect
                Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

                If Attorney Generals and District Attorneys won’t enforce existing laws is that indifference or neglect?

                Isn’t abortion the murder of unborn babies a result of government policy, and not law but, a judicial decision?

                So please, explain your response.

          • Warren B.

            If the trial that was conducted in 2013 using mRNA is any indication of the potential death rates from this Covid19 Bioweapon…then the next 5 years will be astronomical in terms of numbers.
            This goes beyond Genocide – It is an Extinction Event as Jason has described.

      • Nancy McDaniel

        Thank you Dr Long for your professionalism and courage speaking Truth to power and your testimony. Thank you Greg for having her on as well as all the other truth tellers. I pray the Ezekiel ink horn angel mark of protection for you and all my brothers and sisters in the Body of Yeshua.

  8. Alan Grimes

    Greg hunter is like the man in the original Dune movie who was instructed to yell at the rock where the rock is the COVID lie and he is like “BREAK!!!!!”

    • Greg Hunter

      I can see the cracks. It’s coming.

      • J. Kimble Allen

        Greg, please keep pounding!

        I believe you know the type of volunteer work I do, and I can tell you from experience, there have been quite a few times, when I felt as though I was attempting to break a two thousand pound solid granite boulder … with a wooden toothpick.

        Ultimately, the boulders “almost always” break … suddenly … after sufficient, relentless pounding.

        Thanks again for all you do! I eagerly anticipate all of your broadcasts.

  9. Patrick Alaggio

    Fraud vitiates immunity! Sue the HELL out of these traitors and chiefs and accomplices!

  10. Jerry

    Great interview. Can you believe the CDC had the nerve to release this type of information after all we’ve been through?

    It’s either a CYA moment for the CDC or a setup for the next wave of bioweapons. Either way I have a mental picture of these technocrats bending over laughing their ass off about how gullible people are to believe lie, after lie, after lie.

    • Joe

      The CDC is a criminal organization as is the entire government at this point

    • Roy madison

      A mass genocide is in place, and is in progress. By who ? By the authorities in charge of protecting the very ones they are killing. Why won’t the average doctor take a stand and reject this poision. (1) pride, to admit they were wrong (2) that opens them up to litigation (3)it would end their career (4) they have bills to pay (5) most believe in vaccines and believe the lies that this one is safe. Its almost like the world is under some sort of mind control, hypnosis, psychotic sycosis…. Its so easy for me to see it , why can’t others??

      • Jerry

        It’s all coming together. Look at this executive order.

        Digital currency will give the globalist complete control, so they can attach it to anything, including mandatory vaccines. They have to get the messenger vaccine into your body one way or another. 2021 and 2022 was a betta test for
        what is coming next. They always evaluate outcomes and make adjustments. Only this time they have to deal with a public that is slowly waking up.

        • regaleagle

          There is a very awake “silent” majority out there locked and loaded……just itchin’ for any obvious transgressions and steppin’ one more foot over that imaginary line of outright criminality. This time it won’t be tolerated…..and those in DC and all the Harlot puppets are well aware of it. They will try another “end run” here in the USA, test the waters, and then get what they didn’t expect……a civil war full of vengence. There is really nothing left to do…..except use force against force……fire against fire.

          • regaleagle

            We got a sayin’ here in Texas that dates waaay back to the Texas Revolution and Independence: “Come and Take it” (just try). IF they want to take our lives, then they are gonna pay dearly…..in ways they won’t be ready for.

          • regaleagle

            Most of us are gonna end up in the throne room of Heaven anyway…..either early or ontime. I’m fairly certain God Almighty would not object to sending as many of these demon-worshippers and their worldly earth dwellers to the pits of hell a little ahead of schedule, Huh? What’s left on this earth at this time to love? Just God Almighty and our salvation for eternal life.

            • regaleagle

              Of course, there’s that verse in the Bible “Vengence is mine, saith the Lord”. But who’s to say by what means that vengence might be spilled out. ” The gates of hell shall not prevail ” against God’s Church and His plan.

      • AuntiePatricia

        This might at first, Roy, appear to be changing the subject, but it is not. Read on.

        A dear friend wrote his memoirs about his childhood in which he was raised in part by a cult – “THE Cult” as some call it. Luciferianism. He was used to sexually blackmail wealthy and influential people the cult wished to control. Targets included police chiefs, politicians, religious leaders, doctors, lawyers, judges, military leaders, etc. So if doctors do not do as we wish and expect, it may be because they have been 1) blackmailed, 2) bribed, 3) threatened, 4) tortured, 5) financially destroyed, 6) defamed, 7) murdered, or a combination of the above.

        And secret societies can be attractive to those who value things of this world, such as 1) protection from legal prosecution, 2) wealth, 3) fame, 4) status, 5) power, 6) sex, 7) drugs, etc. One thing the wealthy and influential targets are required to do is to join (if they are not yet affiliated with) a secret society at which time they are required to pledge obedience to their “superiors” in the secret society. The penalty for disobeying or for divulging “secrets” of the secret society? Death – slow, agonizing death by disembowelment – or today, possibly by whatever means are possible: arkacide, pandemic, electronic torture, injected cancer cells or heart attack drugs, voice-to-skull mood suggestions including depression, suicidal ideation, fear of insanity, destructive rage.

        I personally do not care for the medical profession, for it is a slave to big pharma, but I do have compassion for anyone who is trapped in the grip of a secret society where people without morals or integrity – and with a destructive agenda – are giving them orders. When they obey, which they are required to do under penalty of death, they may or may not understand their part in the situation.

        However, we do have free will. We can decide to go with the light or the dark; to pass on to others the abuse that was done to us, or to let the abuse that was done to us, end with us – to do unto others as we would have others do to us. It’s our call.

        So some doctors may be informed perpetrators; others they may be victims of sort. Hopefully they will not pass on harm to their patients. Those who resist the orders from above are very courageous.

  11. Mark Alan

    Thank you Greg for all your hard work.

  12. Richard Longacre

    I retired from the Air Force in 2008. Even then I noticed how more and more people did what protected their careers rather than do what was the right thing. Looks like this lack of integrity and career protection has completely taken over the military now, except for true heros like Lt Col Long and a few others that refused this unlawful order death shot.
    She is trying to save lives and treated like some kind of traitor and not a team player. God bless you Lt Col Long and Greg. Keep exposing the lies and speaking the truth.

    • Janet

      Now it seems we will be fighting the Russians, the Chinese and North Koreans with “jabbed” military troops “having weak compromised immune systems” – Breaking News just in: North Korea wants to put troops on the ground in the Ukraine to push back the NATO offensive – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ4DGH_ybGI – this will likely mean the US will get directly involved and WWIII will then “officially start” as many have been predicting would happen!!

  13. Jason

    There is now an indisputable MOUNTAIN of evidence that the Covid injections are the most deadly and injurious poisons ever concocted by Big Pharma. One study after another repudiating them is published. Yet nothing happens. No one in authority says a word, or lifts a finger to investigate. Let alone call for an immediate halt to the injections. At this point, there is no question whatsoever that this is a deliberate mass murder campaign. Word is now out from the UK that their NHS (equivalent to our CDC / NIH) is preparing for a major Covid/flu combo injection this fall. They are EXTREMELY displeased with the feudal serfs. Far fewer of them were killed in the first injection wave, and the mass murderers intend to correct that in wave #2. The new injection will be far more deadly than the first round, you can be absolutely certain of that. It will basically be a suicide shot. Any idiot who actually falls for the multi-million Pound, slick NHS advertising campaign might as well put a .45 to their temple, blow their brains out, and get it over with. What kind of braindead moron keeps falling for this?

    • Warren B.

      This intentional nefarious plan is the extension of the desires of a given race to eradicate the people of this world….those not of their blood. In order to achieve this they were required to attain senior positions in numerous fields/industries/government particularly in science/medicine/military where they can control whole industries. They attain these positions of POWER and CONTROL through an innate ability to Lie, Deceive, Conceal and Steal.
      If they control the past they can control the future. Controlling the present means they control the past. They have conveniently distorted (re-written) the past so that we are not capable of reconciling what actually transpired. What we are taught of the human species and its evolution is a matter of convenience. How a race of humans can succeed in achieving much success with their wishes to exact revenge on a clueless world is questionable but feasible when considered or analysed under full light and with due diligence.
      The current erradication event we are witnessing is furtherance of their agenda. The concept of FEAR was well placed to allow the introduction of deadly material into the human system. It is by no means a final act….there are many more planned to ensure success. A Sars-Cov2 virus was the precursor for a already established Bioweapon – designed to cause harm and death. The myriad adverse immune responses and other organ failures and damage are known and intentional. What follows is a complimentary program of attending to an outbreak of HIV induced AIDS or VAIDS…the HIV Type 1 GP120 (glycoprotein) is inserted into the Bioweapon ( Gain of Function). It is essential for viral infection – facilitating the HIV entry into the host cell. HIV mRNA “Vaccines “….are scheduled for release to combat the COVID19 bioweapon induced spread of HIV.
      The Monkey Pox (aka Smallpox…aka Auto Immune Blistering Disease) …was and is a known side effect of Covid19 Bioweapon Shots (Pfizer listed and published adverse reaction). They have already manufactured and obtained “Vaccines” to treat Monkey Pox (a disease not prevalent on Planet Earth for almost 50 years). I suspect that the Monkey Pox Shot is also mRNA based.
      Combining Influenza (man made virus) with any / all other strains of known viruses (all derived from animals) to innoculate humans is currently being pushed. We will see much more of the COMBO “Vaccines” in coming months/years.
      I’m certain Hemorrhagic Fever will at some stage become prevalent (as immune system failures occur with astonishing frequency). The “Vaccine”for that is already well established and it is TOXIC (containing RICIN). This will be close to the final performance, as deaths will become highly visible and occuring with breathtaking frequency.

      IN sum…..the human race with but the exceptional One Race….are destined for a slow and vast culling process. They will be exposed to continuous disease and human DNA destruction /modification in combination with ADE and AIDS. It will be unlike any other War we have witnessed ….almost akin to the Great Flood….wiping out the unclean. Make no error of judgment here. Everything that is being spoken about and witnessed outside of mainstream is real….but is only the beginning. To question the disbelievers or those at the Pinnacle making “mis-informed” decisions is like battling against the enormous tides of the great oceans of the world.
      Knowing the Past…is knowing the Future. What they are doing in the current will determine the Future.

  14. alfy

    The enemy has removed hundreds of thousands, and likely the best of our soldiers, without lifting a finger. A massive battlefield win for the enemy in this world war.

    • Pete

      It is called “assymetric warfare”, extensively practised by the Chinese military.

      • alfy

        I think the leadership of the enemy is found much closer to home.

        • Effeminate Agent

          Yes Ally,
          Soros and son, Obomber & Valerian Jarrett, Susan’s Rice cakes and honorable mention Ray Epps, the epitome of loudmouth insurrectionists of treasonous contentiousness. May he pass gas in effigy!
          All those not mentioned, the mustang is hot on your heals and the pure pit station of gas is out there awaiting your arrival. So sleep tight and remember the American sheeple believe all threats to the FBI, is made up by the FBI. Better come up with something of much more integrity than your comeuppance.

    • Janet

      What we should be concerned about is that our “jabbed” military men are around electronic devices can emit an intense electro-magnetic fields (EMF) that can react with the graphene oxide Big Pharma “jabbed” into them – now imagine a soldier who has been jabbed and is using a 5G cell phone or is around radar, etc. … what it means is the tiny razor blade sharp graphene oxide particles inside their bodies will be slicing their organs (including their brain tissue their eye balls and their heart) – this is the way zombie soldiers are made!!

  15. Baregil de Gomçesval

    Greg, the sound volume in my PC is at maximum and can hear you subdued.

  16. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. Listening to Lt.Col Long discuss aerospace medicine it took me back to flight school and my squadron tours. I wasn’t a pilot, but I had to take the same annual flight physical as the pilot flying the aircraft. Lots of things that are no big deal at sea level can be a very big deal at 20,000 ft.

    In case anyone here missed it …
    “WOW!!! CDC Completely Reverses Course. IT’S OVER!”
    – Peak Prosperity
    “And, just like that, it was over.”

    From the CDC website:
    “CDC streamlines COVID-19 guidance to help the public better protect themselves and understand their risk”

    I read the CDC guidance with the understanding that the people who are testing positive are predominantly vaxx’d. Think antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) — Immunocompromised people are getting sick — as forecast by many on this site.

    Just like that, — but if someone has been vaxx’d, it may not be close to over.

  17. Janet

    It is sad what they are doing to our military – but look what they did to Israel (they jabbed the entire nation and boosted them 3 to 4 times) – a Prophesy of such an attack against the Nation of Israel was “effectively” foretold in Ezekiel 38 – “Son of man, set your face against (Fauci) of the land of (Pfizer) and the chief prince of (the WEF, Klaus Schwab) and declare what the Lord GOD said: “Behold … I am against you, O Gog (Fauci) , chief prince of Meshech (Pfizer) and Tubal (the WEF) – and I will turn you around”!!!

    • Don Wohlers

      You are so right on with ALL you had to say. Being a Marine of 24 years service, it makes me sick to what is happening to them today.
      I also agree with Ezekiel 38 and what you related all the stuff that is going on with Phizer etc. It is so right on that you know exactly what is going on today.

  18. Joe

    And she’s never gonna hear from the CDC…the CDC and the rest of those criminals know the data she is talking about would prove the Fauci Juice is a criminal product.

  19. Pete

    I think this courageous doctor should be on the Joint Chiefs of Staff! This shot is worse than the bioweapon, in fact maybe it was regarded as the twin of the bioweapon, if the germ doesn’t get you the shot surely will.
    This level of inaction is criminal, particularly in the military.
    This injection was politicized from the start. There needs to be a high level investigation now, and all injections halted immediately.

  20. Mark Gunderson

    Have you seen results from this shot that prevented people from flying? Yes I have.
    God bless you both!
    Pilots are our first line of defends. It makes sense that they are one of the prime targets along with air line pilots that are made up of veterans.
    When will people wake up to what is happening? We have been sold out by our own people. I have nothing but contempt for ALL military brass.

  21. Sally

    The people in charge that will not come forward and stop this have been promised something. I think they know that everything is going to crash and that genocide is in progress that they cannot stop it soooo if you want your DNA line to continue shut up.

  22. Farmer Ron

    Magnificent interview from someone who speaks her truth from the heart. Good job Greg! You can feel the honesty reeking off this woman! again, good interview Greg!

  23. Rich Roz

    Awesome interview, Greg new studies are showing the those who were triple vaccinated and got COVID are now showing little or NO T-Cell response. This not not good….this is called imprinting and it will stay with that individual for a long time.

    • Earth Angel

      Sadly, an older dear friend and neighbor (and his wife) both took the double vaxx & boosters in 2020/ 2021 despite my begging them not to. He is now being diagnosed with cancers throughout his body. Yes, they both have had some health issues previously- but this is shocking and very sudden for him to be found with cancers in numerous organs at once. I feel this must be connected with the jabs. So far his wife is still holding her own. Both have been outdoorsy & hard workers all their lives & of good strong country genes. Friends and family are devistated by the news. I am heartbroken. Please pray for these wonderful people; L.V. & G.V. and for all of us who love them dearly. May God see them through the days ahead, until called home to Him, with as little suffering as possible. Amen.

  24. Glenn A Whittington

    I wish I knew how to go back and edit a comment…Anyway, Greg, I am rather concerned with your concern that ‘we’ are not prepared to go to war with the Bear and the Dragon. That will not be a war. That will be, Armageddon. If anything, you should pray that the ‘they’ that pull the strings in DC and the “Collective West” realize that ‘we’ are not ready to go to war with Russia and China, thus averting Armageddon. That being said, I made my peace with God a very long time ago and I am ready to pass-on whenever I am called. However, it saddens me to think of the total destruction of the world being caused by the greed of a relative few. God gave man free will, and over and over again God has allowed man to destroy himself. This time around, it will be total and complete annihilation, caused by greed. Remember, Greg, “ALL WARS ARE BANKERS’ WARS” ! ! ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfEBupAeo4

    God bless you, Greg. You are a good man.

    • Ron M.

      Have you seen the movie “Blade Runner1”? With the clones that had a predisposition of expiration of DNA?
      Do you believe that the deep state could desire the disposition of humanity or in the same way?
      In other words, the DNA Death Shot could program human DNA, establishing an expiration date (death date)?

      Thank you for an awesome interview of Corl. Long!

    • stanley skrzypek

      “I wish I knew how to go back and edit a comment”……Me Too!…so sometimes I can get that Foot out of my Mouth……before……Greg sees it……and takes me to the “Woodshed”…..

  25. Earth Angel

    Although they both have some health issues now (they are late 70’s early 80’s) my elderly neighbors (despite my begging them to do otherwise) are triple vaxxed with the covid 19 injection. They are both country people, have been healthy and hard working all their lives and very outdoorsy. Salt of the earth folks. Now one of them has been diagnosed with what appears to be cancer in a number of bodily locations at once. After all the research I’ve done, I cannot help but suspect this has been triggered by the covid jab, though I cannot prove it. We will wait and see what happens. Please pray for these lovely people, who have been like family to me for the past 30 yrs. Another friend just lost her mother to stage 4 colon cancer (she had no idea she was even sick, but was vaxxed at least twice, maybe 3 times) was diagnosed within 6 mos- a year of having the shots. Thankfully she didn’t suffer until the last 2 weeks of her life’s end. She was in her 80’s happy & healthy. Prior to the diagnosis she was out shopping & having lunch with her friends; a non smoking, non drinking, clean living christian woman. Her daughter absolutely believes the vaxx’s are to blame for her mother’s sudden loss of life.

  26. leo

    my son is on the US Harry Truman in the Mediterranean Sea they mandated the clot shots and lie about when they will return, he says the whole crew is disappointed . Gee whiz, talk about being in a prison.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tell him to refuse.

  27. Loren

    The DOD/Pentagon/DeepState need our service members to be fully vaccinated in order to turn them into killing machines with no hesitation and no remorse, not against a foreign enemy, but against the American people. Within the C19 vaxxes are nano technologies, that link up with 5G. Each person vaxxed – provided that they survive and remain functional – is ID’d to AI/super computers. When the “go” signal is broadcast via 5G, normal empathy and moral considerations will be overriden with “extreme prejudice” against the “target”. You can bet that the newly hired IRS agents, being trained to shoot-to-kill, will also be required to be fully vaxxed. There can be no hesitation and no remorse in removing the American threat to the Deep State and the New World Order. Individual freedom and liberty must be wiped out on a global scale, to usher in the Luciferian reign of the Antichrist and his global enslavement.

  28. Janet

    IMPEACHMENT Articles Filed Against Merrick Garland (He Lied)!! – https://ugetube.com/watch/breaking-impeachment-articles-filed-against-merrick-garland-trump-warrant-released-fbi-lied_91UAHMJmPwd4Jeh.html

  29. WKSwanson

    (This brings the death toll to 15 dead Canadian doctors in the last 7 months, and 7 in July alone, almost all of them died suddenly.)

    It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the loss of our beloved son Ryan Mackenzie Buyting on July 26, 2022. He was born on August 6, 1995, to Rob and Karyn (Broad) Buyting and was a loving brother to Jon and Lauryn.

    List of fully vaxxed Canadian doctors that all died suddenly

    Dr. Candace Nayman
    Died: July 28, 2022
    Age: 27
    Hamilton, ON
    Pediatrics resident
    Triathlete, died swimming

    Dr. Shahriar Jalali Mazlouman
    Died: July 23, 2022
    Age: 44
    Melville, SK
    Family physician
    Died while swimming

    Dr. Jakub T. Sawicki
    Died: July 19, 2022
    Age: 40s
    Mississauga, ON
    Family physician
    Developed cancer around the same time the Covid vaccines were rolled out

    Dr. Stephen W. McKenzie
    Died: July 18, 2022
    Age: 60s
    Mississauga, ON
    Had “unspecified illness”

    Dr. Lorne E. Segall
    Died: July 17, 2022
    Age: 49
    Mississauga, ON
    Diagnosed with cancer & passed away (The vaccine is known to cause cancer.)

    Dr. Paul Hannam
    Died: July 16, 2022
    Age: 50
    Toronto, ON
    Emergency physician
    Olympic sailor, died running

    Dr. Baharan Behzadizad
    Died: July 13, 2022
    Age: 40s
    Family physician
    Died in her sleep

    Dr. Christopher P. Cole
    Died: May 21, 2022
    Age: 62
    Windsor, ON
    Plastic Surgery
    Died unexpectedly

    Dr. Wilson Idami
    Died: May 19, 2022
    Age: 54
    Aurora, ON
    Family physician
    Died unexpectedly

    Dr. Oliver Seifert
    Died: Feb 03, 2022
    Age: 58
    Edmonton, AB
    Family physician
    Died unexpectedly

    Dr. Jonathan Burns
    Died: Jan 06, 2022
    Age: 56
    Abbotsford, BC
    Family physician
    Died after “brief illness”

    Dr. Neil Singh Dhalla
    Died: Dec 24, 2021
    Age: 48
    Toronto, ON
    Family physician, Activa clinics
    Died in sleep 4 days post 3rd jab

    Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial
    Died: Nov 08, 2021
    Age: 52
    Saint John, NB
    Died in sleep 2 wk post 3rd jab

    Dr. Bradley James Harris
    Died: Mar 14, 2022
    Age: 49
    Royston, BC
    Family physician
    Died suddenly at home

    Dr. Ryan Buyting
    Died: July 26, 2022
    Age: 27
    Edmonton, Alberta
    Died suddenly

    • Janet

      Amazing that all these supposedly intelligent doctors were duped into dying young (at an average age of only 48 years old)!!!

      • Chris

        I have been shocked at the total credulity and lack of critical faculties displayed by doctors generally, since this COVID op began (it has shattered my faith in allopathic medicine). With few honorable exceptions, they, as a profession, bought into the “safe and effective” mantra as true believers, without the slightest reservation. Obviously there was coercion by governments applied to those who maybe had some doubts, but they basically all still cooperated. So much so that they all rushed out to get jabbed themselves. I wonder how much “buyer’s remorse”, and dare I say guilt, there is now among the docs and nurses who actually can do research and actually think (which appears to be very few unfortunately). That’s the problem. They appear to all be trained to be obedient puppy dogs for big pharma and its propaganda screeds like the medical journals, CDC and WHO pronouncements. Once on the Pharma feed they can’t do without it. Nothing more.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think World renowned virologist Dr. Bhakdi would agree with you. This just came out: https://drtrozzi.org/2022/08/13/dr-bhakdi-warning-the-world-and-admonishing-physicians/ Doctors that pushed this are going to be hated or much worse. It’s only a few minutes but well worth a look. This is very bad and will get much worse according to Dr. Bhakdi.

          • Chris

            Thank you Greg for the link to Dr. Bhakdi’s video. He was one of the first of the REAL doctors I came across early in the op, when I intuitively “knew” something was not right about the “pandemic”, and was looking for guidance. I was led to read his book “Corona False Alarm? Facts and Figures” in early 2020. (It is still worth reading, to realize how the Western and CCP “health authorities” and politicians did everything he recommended they NOT do, with the tragic consequences he predicted now visible in all their horror). His current video is short, chilling and poignant. A cry from the heart of a doctor in despair at the state of medicine today. We truly are living in a diabolical era if his plea to the “profession’s” humanity is disregarded. Doctors everywhere should take notice. Drs. Bhakdi, Kory, McCullogh and the other fine medicos you’ve interviewed are, unfortunately, a minority. We know that now. Having said that, if there’s any good that’s emerged from the last three year’s atrocities it is that the veil has been lifted, and those with eyes to see and ears to hear have seen and heard the creature behind it. I feel this is not without purpose, and though the days ahead may be even worse than heretofore, in the end a new world is being born amidst the pain and chaos of the present. Not the “Great Reset” of Schwab, Gates, Fauci and the other lost souls, but a truly new world where the teachings of Christ, Buddha, etc. are actually lived and enshrined in our institutions. I sense a spiritual hunger is emerging from the decay of the world as we are currently experiencing it. And disillusionment with the addled remains of a moribund Western civilization (where “the best lack all conviction; the worst are full of passionate intensity”), no better symbolized than with the pathetic Biden/Pelosi gerontocratic freak show. In Orthodoxy (Greek, Russian, etc.), we emphasize the Risen Christ – and believe Theosis (the gift of spiritual union with God through prayer and meditation) is the ultimate goal of every human life. There is no place for pessimism and fear with that light in your life. Humanity will rise up out of this darkness. We must retain our humanity through what is to come.

            • Janet

              Pfizer and Moderna “well knew” their “jab” would damage the small vessels in the brains of everyone who took the “jab” and thus dumb their minds down so they would compliantly and mindlessly take more “jabs” (such brain damage can’t easily be detected) – thus Big Pharma figured they could get away with murdering us “without us even knowing it”. However, German pathologists have detected the “jab” damage (post mortem) and have found the damaging spike protein in all organs of the body (the heart, brain, spleen, liver, lungs, and reproductive organs) – and have shown that 100% of the people “jabbed” [Are Currently Under Autoimmune Attack] – and that 90% of people who die after the “jab” from the autoimmune attack (had their Heart as the major target)!! –

            • Janet

              We need to bankrupt Pfizer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtNCzw_XE8E – then go after Moderna and the others (also the CEO’s and upper management of these “World Holocaust Big Pharma Companies” must be brought to trial for genocide and murder and all their private assets seized!!!

            • Janet

              For those who say “I took the jab and I’m just fine” need to be looking two(2) to ten(10) years out – as your blood brain barrier is slowly being destroyed and your cognitive functions are being torn apart – what can you do about it? – “Nothing” (according to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny) your only course of action is to “Pray to God for a Miracle” – https://article.wn.com/view/2022/08/07/Dr_Sherri_Tenpenny_Discussing_Brain_Damage_Caused_by_Covid_V/

    • Coal Burner

      My Sympathys!

  30. Robert Sinclair

    This has been one of your most powerful interviews, you are a blessing to many people, thank you for the great fight you do. I did not serve but our military should been held to a level of respect.

    God Bless you,

    p.s. I can not get enough of you, you are the best of the best!

  31. Rich

    This is the best I have ever seen here.

  32. Mr Mike S

    Thanks Greg and Lt. Col. Long for being a part of trying to right a sinking ship. The US!

    Greg and readers may already know:

    Chris Martenson “CDC Completely Reverses Course.” Link below.

    I’m being more cautious.

    Timing: before elections…suddenly:

    Gasoline prices: dumping: inflation: lower than it was: CDC: drops their narrative from Hell. Etc.

    Hate to “not trust”, but…

    If things look better now and they don’t lose power in Congress because of it…they can reload after they cheat just enough to retain power in November”

    Is that what they are plotting? Or am I being too paranoid?


    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Mr Mike,
      Thanks for the link – very encouraging.
      However, Chris Martenson still fails to ‘walk back’ his misguided determination that only those with enhanced risk should receive the CV-19 shots. Here’s a quote from the Cris Martenson article you link to: ” There should have been an age and risk stratification approach. Only some people should have gotten them, but never into healthy children.” ‘Only some people should have gotten them’ – NO! By all the evidence, no one should have ever ‘gotten them’. The shots are a bio-weapon. They do not protect ANYONE. They harm EVERYONE!

      • Janet

        Yes! – “It’s full out war on the human race”!!!

    • Earth Angel

      My suspicions exactly Mike. They are desperately trying to prop up a still sinking economy before the election. If they are successfully able to steal an election again (as happened in 2020 cycle) we will expect to see things plummet back down to dismal levels not yet seen, imho. I don’t think we (the rank & file) are buying it- Yesterday I was in a Kroger and prices were higher than ever, selections and quality of produce down lower than I’ve ever seen before. Yes, gas prices are down a few cents, still twice what it was when Trump was taken out of office (gas was $1.67 in my state) and the stock market is struggling to keep its head above water. Americans that are awake are watching all this like a hawk. We can’t let them rig the elections again- but I don’t know how to stop it. At least they were able to dump Liz Cheney in the primaries- but is there another RINO being put up to run in her place? Time will tell I guess. Meanwhile, ‘Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends’…

  33. MacGuy

    Greg I have been following you since around 2015 now after listening to Lt. Col. Long speak I would appreciate it if you would take the time to publish my story.
    The past 7 years I worked as a DOD DFAS Military Pay technician (hired 2014), in 2016 I made a small donation to the Trump campaign and they mailed me a small calendar as a thank you. I proudly hung that calendar in my cubile at work after President Trump won. At that time I had no idea there was a condition known as Trump derangement syndrome but I was to quickly find out it was real and I was to be “labled” as a Trump supporter at work (it would have been easier if I stuck a loaded gun in my mouth). Soon after this period my Supervisor offered me a permenant tele-worker position as long as my quailty and production stayed above 97%. I gladly accepted the offer.
    Fast forward to the Fall of 2021 there appeared to be a total change out of management in my unit. My Supervisor, Manager and their Manager were all replaced with individuals I had never personally met. Since I was a permanent tele-worker the management change did not seem to effect me much (or so I thought at the time).
    Last Fall 2021, all DFAS employees recieved an email stating all employees needed to be vaccinated by November 4, 2021 or have submitted a request for an exemption to HR department, I waited until the last day to file my exemption and hoped for the best. Some time in late Nov-Dec we recieved another email that it was MANDATORY that we email our direct Supervicor disclosing our vaccination status, I felt this was a violation of the HIPPA law and I voiced my concerns to my new Supervisor but to no avail.
    The middle of January the IT department pushed out a Windows update remotely to my Notebook which upon reboot prevented me from logging onto the VPN. I spent the next 2 weeks sitting at my Notebook 8 hours daily calling the Helpdesk and my Supervisor for help in setting up an “appointment” so that I could bring my Notebook down to the office in order for Tier 2 to get me back on the VPN. I was being told that I had to be physically present in the office with my CAC card for them to connect me back on.
    The Biden Admin made it manadtory for all non vaccinated employees who enter a Federal building to be PCR tested. So happened I had been following Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and the 5 docs and Dr. Carri Madej had just recently published some findings that the PCR swabs were coated with. a dangerous chemical and appeared to contain some “moving particles” I again voiced my concerns to my Supervisor and he assured me that when I came down to the office that all they needed to do was take my temperature. Upon arriving for the scheduled appointment I was told that I was going to submit to the PCR test PERIOD!. I called my Supervisor and he spoke to his Manager, I was given the Mangers phone number and he began to scream and yell at me on the phone and he literlly said to me and I quote “Mr. _________ I am ORDERING you to take the PCR test or from this moment on you are being considered to be AWOL.
    After a few more days of back and forth with HR and Management (I was NOT a union member so I did all of the negotiating on my own) I was issued a new Notebook which the IT department was miraculously able to connect me to the VPN from my home office.
    Since I had been off of work for weeks and swamped with over 30 day old work I spent the next month working 10-12 hour days (submittting 8 hours on my time card) trying to get caught up. After a month I was able to get down to 21 days and I recieved a phone call from my Supervisors Manager on a party line with “others” present. I was being served with a recommendation for disipline of 2 weeks suspension without pay for my actions. Another upper level Management officail had made me an offer that they would take an “appeal” from me directly and they would consider revoking the suspension. I chose not to speak wth them since I felt they were going to use whatever I said against me so I declined. The final decision was to suspend me for 2 weeks without pay AND immediately REVOKE my tele-work agreement. I was EXPECTED to report to work the following Monday morning after suspenion at the Federal building and submit to a PCR test so I could enter and do my work.
    I prayed to the Lord and had peace when I submitted my resigination on the last day of my suspenion. I kept remembering “FEAR NOT!” God the Father, HIS Son and the Holy Spirit at firmly in control!! It is now August 2022 and the Lord has supplied all of my needs. God is Good Always!

    • J. Kimble Allen

      MacGuy, based upon the information you provided, your “resignation” was … what is commonly known as … constructive dismissal, constructive termination, constructive discharge, etc.

      “Constructive dismissal, also known as constructive discharge or constructive termination, is a modified claim of wrongful termination. Wrongful constructive dismissal occurs when, instead of firing the employee, the employer wrongfully makes working conditions so intolerable that the employee is forced to resign. As in wrongful termination, the employer must violate the employment contract or public policy by targeting the employee.” https://www.findlaw.com/employment/losing-a-job/constructive-dismissal-and-wrongful-termination.html

      I suggest you attempt to find an attorney with the willingness, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, experience, courage, etc, to represent you in a tort claim/lawsuit, against ALL of those responsible for ALL of the illegal actions perpetrated against you.

      Normally, since it a an employment issue, you will need to file an EEO complaint, before you file your tort claim/lawsuit. https://www.eeoc.gov/federal-sector/overview-federal-sector-eeo-complaint-proces

      However, you can go ahead and submit to the appropriate authorities, people, agencies, etc, a “LITIGATION HOLD – DATA PRESERVATION NOTICE.”

      Although I am not an attorney, as a pro se litigant, on numerous occasion throughout my 6+ decades of life, I have embarrassed several opposing attorneys … in court proceeding.

      • MacGuy

        Thank you J. Kimble Allen for taking the time to educate me, I have never been in a position like this before and sort of felt like I was battling the entire DFAS management and HR departments by myself. I am not afraid to defend myself or my good name.

    • Earth Angel

      Wow, what a story of coercion and genuine abuse from the military. We know many corporations have made the same outrageous and unconstitutional demands on their employees also. It hurts me to hear you had to live through this MacGuy. I wonder why I’m not surprised though. It dovetails perfectly with the takeover by the o’biden/international globalist movement on America and the blatent steal of our election process in 2020, doesn’t it? I’m glad you held your ground and kept your trust in God throughout the ordeal. It sounds like He has led to to some ‘greener pastures’. Thank you for sharing your shocking experience. What an eye-opener for us all. Be always blessed, friend.

  34. Forrest W Byers

    Liers lie! Accountability is before the Lord Jesus Christ. Every Knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ, in His Mighty Name, amen.

  35. John Pick

    What a Courageous Lady !
    Thank you Greg and Col. Long for your Bravery in getting the Truth Out to us.
    May God Bless and Protect you both in the rocky days ahead.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lt. Col. Long should be getting the Medal of Freedom from the next President.

      • J. Kimble Allen

        Greg, I agree with you. She should definitely receive the Medal of Freedom.

        Additionally, I believe … she should also receive the Medal of Honor, and … if she desires … a promotion to U. S. Surgeon General.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree!!! Dr. Long is totally qualified for any High medical position.

  36. Chris wren

    Greg I love you man but you really put that doctor on the spot, you could see she was very uncomfortable with some of your questions that risked her job.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah, that’s my job and Lt. Col Long told me to have at it before the interview. Understand how that works?

  37. Stephen Woenker

    You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.
    Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
    But today ???

    • Janet

      Guns won’t prepare you against a grid shutdown – and generators will only last until the propane runs out – as for solar panels (your inverter, charge controller and/or wiring can be damaged by an EMP blast or by plasma lightning) – so – what do we do for light? – a graphine strip?? – perhaps we better stock up on sanitary napkins!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35jC2Ash2tg
      On second thought perhaps these graphine strips are getting their power from 5G microwave antenna’s (now placed all around our Nation) – and what does this mean for the graphine oxide injected into our bodies by Big Pharma with their Covid “jab”? – Is the “uncontrollable shaking” we see in some people mean they are being “electrocuted”???

      • Paul

        As a precaution for power grid disruption, acquire a Coleman stove and lantern, dual fuel. Runs very long on small amount of fuel. Gasoline or white fuel. Acquire curing salts for meat to prepare as our ancestors did. Way fair had best deal on single burner stoves last time , I sent to others as birthday gifts. Still easily to attain.

        Paul from arkansas

  38. Paul Simmons

    We have in power in the highest offices of the government and military persons that are not of the U.S. Government or military in allegiance or that have any desire but to remove the USA out of the way of the establishment of the government of The New World Order. From George H. Bush who admitted on public video to be a Globalist and even invited everyone to join in the effort to establish A New World Order since such Globalists now have ” a real shot” at an establishment of that One World Government to the ones in power today that deliberately disregard U.S. Constitutional Law and national wellbeing so as to shoot down our nation and then control the world, we as a people still ignore the evidence before us of the insidious cancer extant in the most important parts of the national body. We should ask ourselves: How awful is our situation that Globalists feel free to go public? We should want very much to know what threat Globalists hold over our military and government that has allowed them to so obviously get away with outrageous damage to the people of the U.S. and world.
    For instance, something awful must be a clear and present threat that we see so few stand up for those of the health of the U.S. military even those that stand up in the face of great personal loss for the very wellbeing of the lives of all the citizens of the world. This willful blind neglect is shameful on the level of the Nazis with their collaborators. But the world just sits and wants to think there is no domestic war going on against the nations of the world so as to bring about one world government as the big media whose patriotic agenda cannot be questioned surely would have told us! All is well! So shut up about the egregious crimes committed before our faces. Thanks Dr. Long for courageously speaking out on USAWATCHDOG.COM.

  39. BDS

    It was great to have Lt. Col. Long, MD! She will never get any letters from the higher ups on the huge uptick in Vaxed damaged and admitting overlooking the obvious national security risk this vax has created. The leaders are looking the other way to the point of treason! To look the other way as nothing is happening is happening to the population in general,WHY? Same with politics, people are like brainwashed or afraid to go against the heard (part of thought shaping).
    I came across some technology about Nano Tech Brain Mapping. With Nano particles being inserted in vaccines and or chemtrails, can the different metal NANO particles be magnetized and attack different organs and parts of the brain to alter thoughts/suppress thoughts or cause aggression. Included are just a few article links which people can research to see possibilities on how advanced bio weapons have become and has the World Economic Forum or other organizations highjacked this technology for their benefit?
    The last video I believe was given to Cadets at West Point. I guess many of the world leaders could be somewhat controlled via Brain mapping.
    In one of the articles the 5G and 6G spectrum of frequencies can be used to magnetize the different Nano metals to attck and get a certain response upon activation. Also, from some of the articles I have read on COVID-19 DARPA has some contribution in NANO tech. Just an article on DARPA article -https://www.nanowerk.com/smartdust.php

  40. Cathy

    Can someone please provide a link to where I can buy Ivermectin without a perscription. Thanks.

    • BDS

      Me too, please!

    • Barbara A McIntosh

      Amazon…horse paste 1.87% Ivermectin as the only ingredient. Apple flavor Durvet tastes the best.

    • J. Rowden

      This company is in India. Reliable. Reasonable. Can use debit card. Takes about 1 month.

    • Rodney

      Local feed store, really. Exact same thing you will get at pharmacy, just packaged differently.

      • Greg Hunter

        It has to say 1.87% Ivermectin as the only ingredient.

    • Southern Girl

      Cathy and BDS,
      I have used this company twice. The first time it took 4 weeks the second time about 2 weeks.
      buyivermectinforhumans.us It is $80.00 for the 100 pills and $30.00 for shipping. It comes from Singapore. Not bad for $110.00. If I am around a lot of vaxxed people for a couple of days, I take a pill. The thing that I noticed first is I am sleepier than normal. That’s when I take a pill. Within 2 hours I am back and running fine.

    • Janice

      Dear Cathy, (and others), PharmacyonAir.com I recently ordered for first time. I had to use PayPal for checkout. Order was processed same day with text message confirmation and shipping updates. Arrived in approx 2 weeks; thru customs in NYC from India to Calif. …$108 ($30 shipping included) for 100 tablets (exp. date 9/2024) . Many good reviews from happy customers…including me. Hope this helps!!

  41. Fred Daake

    I notice that she had an 8 X 10 of Trump on her coffee table. A COVID whistle blower with a picture of Trump – very brave!

  42. Glen

    Wow! Quite a display of courage, intestinal fortitude and integrity. As we all know, reprisals are a very real thing in the military. Pray for her safety and well being and peace of mind.

    • Janet

      Talk about reprisals – now look who is possibly going to jail because he didn’t make good on locking up Hillary!!! – we need to elect a leader who will not simply “act” like he is for taking down the Deep State!!!

      • Johnny Cool


        Trump is in danger of being hung.

        Donald J. Trump just may leave the United States and lead the opposing side in The Second American Civil War from overseas.

        Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G. A. Stewart, 2017, Page 610
        The November 1560 Presage predicts that armed rebellion will occur after an election, “recourse to arms”. This matches Quatrain X-66, “Rebel King shall face an Antichrist so false”, “that places them in conflict together”.

        Will the “exiles further expelled” in the November 1560 Presage be Trump’s newly elected government that finds refuge in Scotland. This is Donald Trump’s ancestral home.

        In the 1557 Presage Triplicate Series, we read about a “Chief” who flees “The Palace”.

        However, there is also the disturbing quote from The Epistle to Henri, “the chief and governor cast out from the middle and hung up in the air”.
        There are also those lines from Nostradamus Quatrain IV-47, “The savage Black [King]… Seeing the great hung by neck and feet.”


    • BDS

      I am retired military and you are 100% correct! She will probably be passed over for promotion to next rank! The military promote the woke, P/C, yes men/women and it becomes more political the higher up you climb the ladder during peacetime.
      Lt. Col keep up the great work and advocate for our service members since our Commander In Chief, Secretary of Defense, JCS and the likes don’t seem to be doing!.

  43. GenEarly

    American actress, Anne Heche died. You all know the story. Traces of illicit drugs. But is there a possibility she was dbl vaxxed with CV19 shot? Perhaps…

  44. Mike R

    Everyone in the Pentagon, and in Congress is a TOTAL COWARD ! All of them. And they are treasonous, as they know the deadly truth, yet do not have the courage to speak up and do the right thing. These death shots are crimes against all Americans. Homocides. Whoever issues them and endorses them and approves them, should be in prison. Period. End of story.

  45. barsoom43

    You put the Dr in a tight spot asking her if the leadership is committing treason.. As a member on active duty, she cannot comment on treason among the leadership.. You and I can but not her. As I understand it, and it’s been a long time since I had any dealing with UCMJ, she might be court martialed and dismissed from the service under dishonorable conditions..

    • Greg Hunter

      Before the interview Dr. Long told me to “Have at it.” I did and I think it worked as the questions I asked, and my response, put it on record for the Military Brass to see.

  46. steve

    Its a deliberate take down of the US Military, we are at war with our Governments.

  47. James Barrett

    I tried to get ivermectin and all the pharmacies I talked to were gouging people on the price. One want $250 for 8 pills.

    • Greg Hunter

      Can you see why people are buying 1.87% Ivermectin Horse paste? https://www.amazon.com/Ivermectin-Paste-Dewormer-6-08g-Flavor/dp/B000HHLWPI?th=1

      • Ron Dehmel

        Hi Greg. How much do you take daily, weekly?

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not a doctor and do not pretend to be. I will pass along the information I have gotten. That said, I have been told the standard Ivermectin (IVM) dose is 9mgs per 100 pounds and many doctors and laypeople tell me they take this 2 times a week to remove spike proteins and act as an anti-inflammatory.

    • Laura

      Look up Dirt Road Discussions on telegram to learn more about ivermectin: https://t.me/DirtRoadDiscussion

  48. James L Eunice

    Since many claim they are going to use the military to take the guns, maybe kicking out 200,000 is a good thing.

    • Richard Longacre

      James, Yup. And the 200,000 that they did kick out are the constitutionalists and freedom lovers that refused the unlawful order. Did I mention that they are all armed with their own personal weapons? Kind of goes with the territory. Sounds like our well armed militia is already starting to be formed.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not sure they are gone according to Dr. Long.

    • Janet

      Yeah – 200,000 on our side can take care of every one of those 87,000 armed IRS agents – that are being hired by the Demon rats on the condition that “they will shoot to kill even unarmed people” (like Ashli Babbitt)!!

  49. PersonaNonGrata

    Lt. Col. Theresa Long. Wow Greg, what a wonderfully brave, caring and obviously honest guest. I have no data to support my personal impression that women are the more outspoken about the dangers of the CV-19 shots, but I stand in admiration of the bravery of so many. You asked tough questions of a serving officer and she did not flinch.

    Lt. Col. Long, if you are reading these comments, thank you so much. USAW has a very long reach . . .

  50. Paul Thompson

    Hi Greg
    Here are four links to explain God’s name written in our DNA. I watched the first one tonight and will read the other three tomorrow:


    • Janet

      Interesting – We know from the Bible that Mankind was created in the image of YHWH – and we find that His name is marked upon our very DNA if we compare God’s four-lettered name YHWH to the four elements that make up human DNA – to translate our DNA code (simply match hydrogen to the Hebrew letter Yod (Y), nitrogen becomes the letter Hey (H), oxygen becomes the letter Wav (V or W), and carbon becomes Gimel (G or H) – and these substitutions form YHWH’s name – thus making (God’s name) the chemistry of our genetic code!! – but the globalist eugenicists want to modify our DNA (with their mRNA spike protein “jab”) – and just like cattle rustlers are stealing our souls by changing God’s “mark” – to the Mark of the Beast!!!

  51. JP

    Hell no to Any vax.

  52. eddiemd

    A salute to the LTC for stepping up.

    I went through Ft. Rucker flight surgeon course in summer 97. It was interesting. Afterwards I was assigned as a flight surgeon in 1st Bn 7th Special Forces Group at Ft. Bragg.
    Most of my flight duty was to do physicals on HALO team guys in my battalion. I had to pull some duty doing physicals at the aviation medicine clinic on Ft. Bragg. Over there I would do PEs on 18th Airborne Corps pilots and other pilots flying for SWC that were detached from Ft Campbell. I would see all kinds of pilot problems when doing sick call or clinic appts. On deployments I would see the aviation assets that were deployed with us. I got flight time riding along with training flights over on Camp Mackall, now Camp Rowe.

    The good doctor deserves a lot of respect for what she is doing. Two things taught to leaders: accomplish the mission and the welfare of the troops. As a medic down on a SF team it is mostly about accomplishing the mission. You get the job done even when you are broke. As a staff weenie you have to deal with a bunch of “yes” men, or women. who are more concerned with their next promotion. Only the doc and chaplain can tell the commander the truth without retribution. You will get blowback but a SF officer or any other non medical officer has no idea of clinical medicine and can’t do too much damage on an OER.

    In the early 80s most leaders in SF were Vietnam vets who knew the deal. I was a young E5 on a team. During payday activities the entire battalion was lined up for dress greens inspection. I would see the SF Vietnam combat veterans and the hash marks for repeated tours in Vietnam. They were bad dudes doing MACV-SOG and other operations. They did not put up with anything. No counseling statements, they just tossed your stuff into the street and got rid of the deadweight. They would not put up with the modern army.

    Good on you, Dr. Long. Keep it professional and don’t let them get you down. I am certain that there are many who support what you have done. The troops recognize the good people who look out for them. When you save lives, it gets attention. Officers, NCOs, and below know who deserves real respect.

    They should have never given injections in the first place. At the very top of the pyramid, the surgeon general and his henchmen and women knew there were problems. The ID consultant to the surgeon general should have known. Probably had some time at Detrich. They went along with it to include ex-COL Birx.

    One question. How does the altitude chamber affect the troops who have gotten the injections? My HALO guys had to get chambered every year. Rotary wing usually stay below 10,000 if I recall.

    Maj Howard. He was OIC at Camp Mackall in 82 when I went through training. Hard as woodpecker lips. I still remember him rucksack marching us to death in the sand hills.


    My Battalion SMG. He had one thing on his office wall. His Ranger School diploma.


  53. bert

    Amen doc. Thank you.

  54. Robert Keenan

    Greg Hunter, if you never do another interview, this is the one that made a real difference!! The best interview I have ever seen!! The book of revelation states that your cloths in heaven are woven by your righteous acts and M. Hunter in my opinion you will be very well dressed !! God Bless you and Dr. long for fighting for all of the God fearing truth loving members of the human race, I will pray for both of you!! Thank you!!

    R. Scott Keenan

  55. Barbara A McIntosh

    This show brought tears to my eyes…thank you both

    Paul Harvey….


  56. tim mcgraw

    19:00: “Catastrophic Level”. Lt. Colonel Theresa Long, MD describes the effects of Covid injections on the health of the pilots she examines.
    That is the problem in a nutshell.
    Those military pilots cost the taxpayers millions of dollars to train. That is why there is a field of medicine in the military just to deal with pilot health.
    At the end of WWII, Germany had more fighter planes than ever, but the pilots were dead.

    • Earth Angel

      And now they will cost us millions more to treat the catastrophic & debilitating side effects of the evil jab’s for those who do not die quickly. (No disrespect whatsoever meant for those service members wrongfully injured by this criminal genocide forced upon them). A big boon for Big Pharma’s medical system. The bas*@r&’s know how to get us coming & going, don’t they?

  57. SJ Buck

    HalleluYAH!! She knows about HIS name (Yehovah – YHVH) is in our DNA. I pray shalom and Psalm 91 over her for safety and blessings!

  58. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Long, wow did you really ask the hard question!
    The comments section is overflowing with great replies and am in awe of so many holding out against the democide of our elected government and officials. 261,000,000 souls murdered by democide so far and all presumably elected.
    Sadly Rand seems to have been right,
    Here in the UK corruption is rife and the democide that goes along with it is endemic, so much so that “expected” deaths are being projected onto this winter due to the “cost of living crisis”, in other words the corruption of our central bank and government to the WEF .We have a democide in process by elected government.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Maria!!

  59. Johnny Cool

    COVID Vaccine Test Animals Were All Killed Shortly After Vaccination

    This means, with all test animals dead, the scientists could not find out

    whether these animals could actually reproduce

    whether these animals had shortened lifespans

    what happens to the test animals upon COVID reinfections

    whether the test animals would be more likely to have cancers or other immune-mediated diseases

    whether the test animals were more likely to suffer from other species-specific illnesses

    It is very convenient to kill test animals, because this way, vaccine companies could report that “they identified no safety concerns” — and it is kind of truthful! There are no safety concerns with dead animals!


  60. tim mcgraw

    I’m at the 42:00 mark. Look and hear Greg. Look and hear his guest. See and hear the difference between the two of them?
    Greg is a free man. The Lt. Colonel is not a free woman. She is in the military.

    • Auntie Seize

      No one in the military is a free person. Every military member must walk a fine line whenever they say anything at all. Read between the lines.

      • tim mcgraw

        Auntie Seize; Exactly. Anyone who joins the military has accepted voluntary servitude (slavery).

  61. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview, Greg. Your guest is brave.
    Standing armies are dangerous to our liberties. They do not “serve” us.

    And NEVER join the military. The National Guard is our militia. Not the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

    • Andy

      Tim McGraw, were you disappointed that you didn’t get your conspiracy story confirmation on all of the RAPE happening in the military that you beLIEev in because of some book or some other “source”?
      Spare us the military hatred and the Bull-tingle Tales that go with.

      • tim mcgraw

        Andy: Read the book “They Were Soldiers” by Ann Jones. It’s not my “conspiracy theory”, it is Ann Jones’ on-the-scene reporting. If you have an issue with her reporting, take it up with her.
        A female soldier, sorry, warrior, was on the military transport plane from Bagram to Germany. The woman had been raped by her commanding officer.
        I wasn’t there. Were you?

  62. David Gordon Dunne

    She reminds me of my sweet and smart sister. So full of goodness and knowledge. I can only pray for everyone. I have begged, shown all data starting with Dr. Tennpenny, Merritt and Yeadon from over 2 years ago, most now ignore me. 3 now sick, one cancer that came out of no where right after the kill jab #2, BAM, the next week, Surgeons opened her up and then closed her back. Cancer every where, her husband no cancer but strokes now, another wife of a friend, same thing, healthy one day, a big lump the week after the kill jabs. I put most in America still in denial, just want to move on like in the stolen 20 election and all the Patriots locked up in a Gulag. It is written that Satan would shine now but his time will be snuffed out soon enough. Just remember the Anti Christ comes first and he will come prosperously and peaceful and will perform great miracles so as to deceive but wait for Jesus who will follow him at the first day of the Millenium Greg, Love you man and it is GOOD you are angry. I wish more would get ANGRY like me and you. I know in here, all are ANGRY and fully aware now but we must keep getting your word out. Greg, How many about watch you now every week?

    • Janet

      The fury of Hell “will be nothing” compared to the fury of the “vaxxed” – who sadly awaken too late – and come to realize to their horror and dismay the great evil that was done to them and their children – by unspeakably evil immoral Globalist eugenicists and their greedy paid off Politicians and Main Stream Media lackeys!!!

  63. WD


    There may be a mini civil war of the vaxxed vs the unvaxxed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nope. Both are going to join together.



  65. Catherine Cronin

    My husband just had a stroke and my family and I are not vaccinated but had the omicron last fall and we all survived it. I even had it twice once in November and again in May. We are now visiting my husband every day for hours. I am scared out of my wits being anywhere near a hospital or sick people.
    I need to ask you all what are the best ways to survive this problem. I am taking the Z stack vitamins, eating well, sleeping fairly well due to current stress , but don’t really wear a mask over my nose while visiting him. I am in his room for 6 hours and it’s only 3 days .
    I also started using the protocol to prevent covid from Dr Cory’s web site. And even started taking very small smear of ivermectin horse paste on a cracker.
    Any hope? or are we all destined to get sick.
    Very very scary. Please give me your thoughts

    • Greg Hunter

      Catherine ,
      You may have gotten spike protein shedding from the vaxed or never really got rid of it. Dr. Kory has suggested on my site to start by taking a double dose of Ivermectin (IVM) for 5 days and twice a week at regular dose to get rid of Spike proteins. The paste dose is same as human and horse. 9mgs per 100 pounds the chance of OD is nil as there are peer reviewed studies that have given IVM at 10 times in cancer research to shrink tumors. You should also have natural immunity to CV19. Dr. Eads also suggests taking Chlorine Dioxide to clear what is called “Long Covid.” NASA calls this the “Universal Cure” https://theuniversalantidote.com/ It’s parts “A” and “B” . . . 4 drops from each and mixed with 10 oz of distilled or filtered water (Fiji works too) in a glass container according to Dr. Eads. https://kvlab.com/chlorine-dioxide-products/chlorine-dioxide-kit-w-citric-acid-4-fl-oz Then you take sips every hour (15 ml or so). I know someone who is doing this, and he feels great. He says he will never stop taking it. He tells me it took 2 to 3 weeks to really get some results, but it got rid of his long covid (slight cough once in a while) and he says he’s really clear now.

      Hope this helps you.

      • Kev fallis

        Thanks for all you do greg. I am happy to see you recommending chlorine dioxide, previously called mms and invented/initiated by jim humble. I have been useing this for 15 years, daily, i have cured a septic infection, h1n1 flu, all annual flues/colds yearly, minor skin cancers and a whole host of ongoing health problems that a 63 to now 78 year old could be expected to get. With this mms/chlorine dioxide i have not had to visit doctors once during those 15 years…. janet. Have complete confidence in this product and i am now very pleased to see greg recommending it…. been reading your items for many years now greg, i wish to thank you and congratulate on the good job you are doing. Many thanks … kev qld australia

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Kev. I am not recommending it the folks I talk to and USAW visitors are recommending this. I am not a doctor and don’t pretend to be one. I am just passing information I am getting. Thanks again for sharing your information too!!!

    • Jerry

      I agree with Greg about ivermectin. Seven Cells has it in human form if you want it. I’ve used them and they ate legitimate but privy. Personally I’ve been using this protocol for stage 4 small cell cancer since November of last year and have not been sick one time, and I’ve been exposed to all kinds of strains of Covid being around people who have been sick in the hospitals units I’ve been in. Even though it’s not been proven to fight Covid I plan to take FenBen the rest of my life because I think it does.
      Can you believe it? Ivermectin is a horse dewormer, and fenbendazole is a dog dewormer ?

      • Janet

        And hopefully dewormer’s will stop those “tape worm looking” clots from growing in peoples veins and arteries!!!

    • Don

      For every 2 to three hours that you are in an inclosed space with other people you should use a nasal spray such as Xclear or diluted hydrogen peroxide in a saline solution. CV19 enters through your sinuses. let it to also run down the back of your throat and spit out followed by a good mouth wash.

    • Self Exiled

      Catherine; took the horse paste once a day for 5 days then another tube of it intermittently until gone, whenever I thought of it. Still have several tubes left. I put it on Oreo cookies, and of course thought it a great snack after meals. A little bitter but the Oreo usually won out. I’m at Mayo Clinic now but not scared. Find it most interesting and informative. I’m careful not to comment now on my experiences. Find everyone here to be most competent, professional and polite. I deduce this institution has been divided down the middle from this Covid/inoculation debacle. Sad for such a progressive place of the best gad jits in the world to analyze bodily ailments. I basically take same protocols you do and have been reading all my lab reports. The one I concentrated on was a blood smear to see if my blood cells appear normal. The report was not specific enough although I think the written version will probably give more detail as to appearances. Use this time as opportunity to read; and ask for all the test on your husband to learn and deduce your questions. So far, I haven’t concluded any transference but I’m not denying it hasn’t occurred. Several test to go. Many of my problems occurred before Covid in the Philippines. Philippine doctors had me on the same protocols sense maybe late 2020 or early 2021, don’t recall. So, I’m looking to see if the vaxxed have affected my current health situation. God is good and I’m amazed how he kicked me out of my home in Numancia and now has me in Mayo Clinic. This was never part of my plan. Basically, checking up on my beloved hospital and doctors in a third world country, they did a remarkable job. I’m conversing so much to you, Greg and the group because you and I are fellow combatants in the field of caring for and counseling emotionally disturbed children. Coronary angiogram tomorrow. Please pray for me.

      God is our refuge and strength [mighty and impenetrable],
      A very present and well-proved help in trouble.
      Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change
      And though the mountains be shaken and slip into the heart of the seas, Psalm 46:1-2

  66. Fred Mann

    We have to stop dancing around this designed genocide. Pfizer had a clear objective to reduce the population of the world and have had for years when we look back at other past introduced vaccinations. This madness will not end until such industries are closed down with their company executives deal with.

  67. ronald L howell

    GH it’s a global Genocide. I was looking into Russia’s Sputnik vaccine, It not like the crap we are being injected with. I don’t think Russia would want to wipe out their army’s with
    the experimental vaccine like The Biden idiots want to do. They never talk about the Sputnik Vaccine. It’s efficacy is in the 90% from what I’ve read. And their are some other countries that have bout this vaccine rather than ours. It’s as if it doesn’t exist in our new media’s.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Ronald,
      Putin’s annual address to the nation always features nationwide improvements in maternity care – pre-natal clinics, maternity facilities in hospitals, extended paid maternity leave, and other financial assistance for mothers and children. Doesn’t accord with the NWO / WEF population reduction agendas! Yet another reason perhaps, that Putin is reviled by the bought-and-paid-for legacy media.

  68. ronald L howell

    G.H. I live in Fayetteville NC and I cannot get Ivermectin, The doctors won’t write it out of fear and the Pharmacy won’t give it Why I don’t understand, I had covid Last November got bilateral Pneumonia with it. took antibiotics for the Pneumonia, nothing to treat the covid. I to this day have never been treated for covid. I can buy the horse ivermectin from Amazon, but none for people. It’s like I have to go find a drug dealer and score some ivermectin, if I could find someone who deals it, I ask the VA clinic they are primary doctor and they cannot give ivermectin for covid. I’m screwed if I get sick again this winter.

    • Myn

      Ivermectin. Com for the human version. They are good and fast. Hope you won’t catch it again

    • Twox2

      Go to Sevencells.com based in Jupiter Florida. They are not as cheap as the Indian pharmacies, but you know what you are getting. Follow FLCCC guidelines for dosing for prophylaxis or treatment as needed. You can order quantities from 10 to 60 pills.

      Higher concentration pills are a better deal since all strengths are the same price per pill. Pills are determined by weight, which you enter at the end of their questionnaire.

      Here is the chart for the strengths they prescribe per body weight:

      70 – 90 lbs = 8 mg
      91 – 110 lbs = 10 mg
      110 – 130 lbs = 12 mg
      131 – 150 lbs = 13.5 mg
      151 – 170 lbs = 15 mg
      171 – 190 lbs = 16 mg
      191 – 210 lbs = 18 mg
      211 – 230 lbs = 20 mg
      231 – 250 lbs = 22mg
      251 – 270 lbs = 24mg
      271 – 290 lbs = 26mg
      291 – 310 lbs = 28 mg

      • Twox2

        P.S. The Seven Cells chart shows what FLCCC generally considers prophylaxis doses at .2mg/kg of body weight. Convert your weight in pounds to kg by dividing by 2.2. Treatment doses are generally twice the prophylactic doses at .4mg/kg of body weight according to my understanding of FLCCC guidelines, but you should do your own due diligence. These comments are not advice, but rather are intended simply to help understand the guidelines. But you should make your own determinations…

  69. stanley skrzypek

    I just Love the Picture she has of President Trump on the table next to her……

  70. Claude

    I have practiced medicine for over 40 years and I have never seen an experimental product forced upon the population, and people taking it without any informed consent. The toxicity data has been out there for over a year now and we are 6-9 month beyond the point where any practicing physician can use the excuse of “we didn’t know” when they advise any of their patients to take any more of these shots. There is no longer any defense. The drug companies may escape liability but these physicians will not,.

  71. Neville

    Science is just the continuation of Sorcery ….and Tablets is just an anagram of LAB TEST.
    Under NO circumstance should one have oneself vaccinated ,why would do you want to have lavatory cleaner and the like pumped into your bodies are we not all fighting food ,air,water,noise,5G pollution,chem trails etc etc We are being bombarded by the scum of the earth cabal with all their abuse of drugs .Think about it EUA is a Bio Weapon Slogan meaning lets do it now!!
    Thank you Lt. Col Theresa Long I appreciate your bravery and may GOD RICHEST BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU AT ALL TIMES.

    Thanks Greg for keeping your program in Top Gear…..USAWD the go to website

  72. GenEarly


  73. Margus Riimaa

    with all due respect, I found some of Greg’s questions rude this time.

    • Greg Hunter

      With all due respect, they are conducting a treasonous genocide on the U.S. military.

      • David

        Well said, everyone should be outraged. BTW, the Army Surgeon General was General Nadja West. She waved the vaxx without any testing or vetting.
        Then left the Army to take a job on the board of directors of JOHNSON & JOHNSON!!!!

  74. Nicole

    This was an amazing interview, Greg! Dr.Long should be awarded a medal of honor. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but at about 19:53 an orb flew across the screen. It started at the left side of the screen and flew in front of her and off to the right. There was some powerful energy in that room with her, during this interview. Thank you for all that you do! May God Bless you and your family!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree with you, Nicole and Thanks.

  75. Roger Stamper

    hell no to any cv19 vax i have not get cv19 vax for 2 years tks for post theresa greg

  76. john beasley

    It is wonderful that she was willing to give you this interview. God Bless her.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree John.

  77. Auntie Seize

    Pig Pharma raking in $97 million per day… does anybody think this insanity is going to end anytime soon? They are just going to keep the herd panicked while directing it towards the cliffs until there isn’t a herd left anymore.

    The phony money system corrupts everything that comes in contact with it.

    Yes, I am an anti-vaxxer – because God’s immune system is superior to anything man will ever devise. And, an astute player never plays a game where the deck is stacked against him.

  78. Nick de la Gaume

    May The Almighty Lord continue to guide and protect you both.

    Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Nick.

  79. al

    My Nephew is in the Army in KY. He refused the kill shot. His unit is going to the Ukraine and he is not allowed to go because he is not vaccinated. What’s the reason?
    He thinks they want stupid willing automatons going there to stage some stuff, knowing very well that he would not do that. It goes to show that the death jab is a sign that you’re either thinking critically or you’re a puppet. The Army wants puppets.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi al,
      “The Army wants puppets”. Take your point, but consider it more accurate to say ‘the Army wants robots’.

  80. Moray

    I know a guy that says he knows tons of people that took the vax around his age of 40 and none had problems. I know lots of people who took the vax and are not dead and only 1 that had cardiac problems. So, I have not witnessed many issues with the vax. I just see it on the screen (computer). I have not taken it since I rarely get a flu or a cold.

  81. Stephen Weber

    Hey Greg,
    And the beat goes on…
    More and more evidence of what these so called “vaccines”are doing to people that unfortunately received them is coming out. My own spouse got one in Feb. of 2021, after I begged her not to. She already had COPD and several other serious medical issues. Throughout last year she very slowly became weaker and fell asleep a great deal.
    I could not prove it without testing, but she came down with pneumonia in mid-April this year. Very serious case. She was in the hospital for 3 weeks then to a nursing home for another 7. The nursing home required her to be vaccinated, which of course she received a “card” confirming that. The home had called me when she was in the admission stage and asked me if she was indeed vaccinated. That is how I found out she was. I had no idea prior. The fact that these jabs are poison and given to patients angers me to no end. All for the sake of money with no regard for Human life.
    She is home now on Hospice care. She seems to be on the mend but very slowly and she tires easily. They also have her on Oxygen. Very shaky indeed.
    These evil “people” need to be held accountable and I pray every day that God intervenes. She is 75 Y.O. and watches ABC television. There is no changing her mind.
    Just another case history in these terrible times.
    Just an FYI small world wise…I was in Ft. Rucker in 1968 training for Bell UH-1 helecopter crew chief/mechanic. Small world.
    Thank you for your incredible diligence and mindset in these evil bearing times. I follow you religiously and will continue to do so for as long as possible.

  82. joe

    it’s rare that, as a taxpayer, i ever feel like i get good value for my tax dollars. whatever it cost to train this officer was money well spent.

  83. CJ

    We SEND our children to public school, pushing them to get a “good” education. 13 years later, we cart them off to college, telling them that they NEED to go so that they can be successful in life. At every turn we make being educated a priority, but never question what they are being taught. (until recently) If any of them do not follow the path, society thinks they are a failure. When something happens, covid, we are told to LISTEN to the PHDs because they are the experts. When did we as a nation start worshiping the god of education and blindly following his disciples the PHDs? Try questioning them and you can see the cult nature of the religion. Their followers obey without question and demand you worship it, too. Watch and you can see the inner 5 year old stomping it’s foot and yelling….”I’m a doctor/expert! You should believe what I say and not question me!”
    We can say that they are the problem and they are to an extent. But, we should also admit that over decades we allowed this false god worship mentality to fester and now we as a nation are reaping what was planted. If my people who are called by my name, HUMBLE themselves and pray…

  84. charles

    I’ve been listening closely to what you’ve been saying for quite a while and I have also been paying attention to what your guests have been saying and I have come to some conclusions. I moved to a sleepy little town In Iowa from a big metro area in Florida a year and a half ago. Since then I’ve tried to find my place here. I heard the deep level of your frustration last night as you were interviewing the Army doc. I was sitting before the Lord this morning and I believe He was saying to me, continue preparing my heart and cleansing my mind. Be ready to mobilize in the spirit realm because there is something coming that only I can deal with. But you are a front line soldier. Battle hardened, tested by live fire, ready to stand against the onslaught of darkness that is coming. It will be a Gideon like moment, where Gideon trusted God to do battle against the enemy forces.
    I believe He is saying to you, keep up the fight, but remember Eph. 6:10: “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” Don’t go in your power alone. you’re not strong enough. You have to cloth yourself in Him and in His power, wisdom and strength!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Charles! Needed to hear this and I agree 1,000%. By the way, USAWatchdog.com was NOT my idea, but God the Father and Jesus guiding me all the way. All the glory is Theirs. I just stand on the wall and blow the trumpet.

    • Self Exiled

      Charles thank you. Please expand on this [ I was sitting before the Lord this morning and I believe He was saying to me, continue preparing my heart and cleansing my mind. Be ready to mobilize in the spirit realm because there is something coming that only I can deal with.] because I too am being drawn closer to Him and see his every instance in my life’s track, also expecting something spiritually profound [His doing]. Thank You.

      A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life],
      But the LORD directs his steps and establishes them. Proverbs 16:9

      • Brian Vaci

        Proverbs 3:5-6
        Trust in the Lord with all your heart
        and lean not on your own understanding;
        in all your ways submit to him,
        and he will make your paths straight.

  85. Paul

    Good interview Teresa. I am glad hard uncomfortable questions were not avoided. People need to know. It Demonstrates Teresa’s fortitude and the power of the purse.
    Being she represents the military segment of our society it has major ramifications, The health workers face same and our young students and children will suffer as well.

    The NWO and mittens have no remorse.
    When any product is brought to market it require the 4 P’s of marketing and they followed it flawlessly.

    Product- clot shot-pharma, nih
    Place- where its administered and distributed-hospitals, schools, pharmacies
    Price- free to consumer, loss of job if refuse,
    Billions of taxpayer costs clawed back
    Promotion- media and trumpeters of product including schools and workplaces
    (Promotion include right to work, travel and effectiveness)

    So we know this “product” is defective and retribution can be achieved from any of those 4 “P” channels. The fight on the germ side of this warfare should fought there.

    In a crisis it’s the duty of citizens to resist and pursue our enemies.

    Paul from arkansas

  86. Len Palmer

    LT. COL. Long has what Miley and Lloyd can only dream of
    having. C H A R A C T E R !

  87. Robert Messina

    Posted comment on this website a few weeks ago was a way to determine if a person was vaxed or not . . simply using a downloadable app that could detect Bluetooth within a person . . . A pace maker also detectable

    My take from THIS PRECIOUS dialog is that USA is ALREADY taken over . . . for good (and in a way . . . It IS for the GOOD for them that love God because our Redemption is VERY CLOSE). . They are going to send US troops to battle on two fronts and we will NOT win . . . especially since as we just heard . . aircraft pilots not capable of flying will handicap our most powerful force. . . Foreign troops will enter our soil and TAKE US OVER . . Enter Democracy dead and evil Banana Republic rule . . . ( they already rule . . . which has been said by a handful of guests on this website )
    Wisdom of Solomon . .
    Ecclesiastes 9:12 KJV — For man also knoweth not his time: as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the SONS of MEN SNARED in an EVIL TIME, when it falleth suddenly upon them.
    Ecclesiastes 10:4 KJV — If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, leave not thy place; for YIELDING PACIFIETH great offences.

    The END OF TIME rapidly APPROACHES . . The 1st SEAL will open and ALL MANKIND will enter the final 7 years . . . Ending as this condemned Earth given to FIRE . . The powers that be will have full reign for 42 months and FALSE DOCTRINE beast will reign the second half ( time, times, and a divide of time ) . . . It HELPS to know WHEN THE FIRST SEAL OPENS

  88. NWR

    New world order.
    No nation states.
    No nation state military.
    UN military only and everywhere.
    US is heading for a BIG bloody nose.
    Find the Deagel projections.
    2025 US population less than 100M. US GDP 2.5T. US military budget 23.5B.
    Only 3 years from now.
    How does that happen?
    Can anyone say VVAAXX!!!
    On purpose BTW.
    Leaders in government and military are ALL IN with NWO agenda.
    Sold us all out long ago for 9 pieces of silver ea.

    • Janet

      The New World Order spreads BS on us every day (i.e. like telling us how safe the “jab” is) – how about we unite and spread some BS back on them (the way the Farmers in the Netherlands are now spraying BS on their New World Order enforcers)!! https://www.ournewearthnews.com/2022/08/15/netherlands-farmers-spray-police-with-manure/

      • Janet

        If you didn’t get my drift – what I’m saying is we should not be adverse to using some falsehood, deception and untruthfulness against the people who lie, cheat and deceive us every day in order to achieve their extermination goals – for example – why “not leave out a few words” to make the Pfizer CEO say exactly what goals they truly have in mind!! – https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/pfizer-ceo-reduce-world-population/

      • Janet

        Sometimes it is necessary to use “shock treatment” to get comatose people out of their stupor!! – we don’t have much time to awaken the entire world to the fact that they are being exterminated by some truly evil people – and it seems they are in a real bad stupor or comatose state (probably due to the fluoride the globalists have put into our drinking water which has succeeded in impaired their responsiveness) – to wake up these very unresponsive and difficult to arouse people “shocking their minds” may just help a bit!!!

  89. Bodych

    I fume over what has been done to GIs, under this regime. I was glad to hear the doctor use the word *cowardice*…it’s a word that correctly identifies people in the medical establishment, Congress, the Biden regime, all blue and some red state governments, military brass, and most of the big corporations.

    And don’t forget, if fraud can be proven, all protections under the EUA are tossed out. Reiner Fuellmich has proven the case for fraud. The reason nobody wants to prove it in the courts is that millions upon millions of people in the above-paragraph categories would be charged with crimes against humanity.

    What pharmaceutical executives have gotten away with, to date, is nothing short of murder. When they look at themselves in mirrors, they don’t see psychopaths…they see success and dollar signs.

    It seems like it will be a cold day in hell before these psychos see the gallows or firing squads, which they deserve…every last one of the.. Then again, Clif High is quite confident that their days are coming.

    • J. Loughran

      It is not cowardice from their subjective perspective (borrowed good Fed loans to be indoctrinated with DeCarte- Kant- Hegel – Neitsche), but its a win-win situation. They get employed (perhaps richly in yesterday’s preferred Petro currency) to save the planet from the vermin (neighbors living in the next cubicle or basement over). A strange civil war? No benefit of looking your enemy (brother) in the eye as you separate yourself from all of eternity. Enjoy. Life on the road of “Uncomfortable” if nothing else is surprisingly Beautiful. You can keep your WEF virtual promised existence. I’ll take a 40 day fast (given 240 PBR) every time over digital BS. God Bless You All. Remember, Christ came to sow division amongst those of us (all) who took a wrong turn. See you home. Sincerely, Jim L.

  90. Mark Washburn

    She mentions that prior to C-19, discussion was the norm in medicine. I’m sure this is mostly true, but the people who have been questioning vaccines in general have been demonized and cancelled for years, even decades. This isn’t the first injection to do harm. Far from it and those truths are beginning to come out as well. Grateful for her bravery in standing up for what is right!

  91. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg & THANK YOU …..& ………Bless YOU Lt. Col. Long.

    Greg at some point we have to realize a couple of things. We have been attacked by big pharma & their globalist bankers & our military lead by Miley & Austin are traitor’s as are many politicians & those in the CDC & NIH & lets not forget the corrupt MSM who pimped this holocaust .

  92. Dindoo

    I only know 1 person who was grounded by our brigades Flight Surgeons. He was then forced to retire. He was on Heart meds and did not disclose it. I flew with him a few times and was furious. He put many peoples lives at risk for his ego.
    Pilots sometimes have all of their ego invested in being a pilot. If they are not a pilot they are nothing. Very sad.

    • Greg Hunter

      That number has “exploded” according to front lint flight surgeon Dr. Theresa Long. All brought to you by the Vax Bioweapon.

  93. Felix

    General smedley butler back in the 30’s or 40’s said war is a racket.This is just my opinion,the higher traitors in the mlitary plan to never win these wars.Since world war two the incompetent military has no intent to win wars,they go to feed the MIC which just sucks money from the taxpayers to enrich military contractors.The corrupt government is the occult of evil and veil is being removed on their evil.Bless this doctor for standing with truth.Can you imagine all the traitors in the military and all walks of life,that sold their souls and they sold their country out for money,if that doesn’t disgust you I don’t know what does.How could you be a secret service member and protect these scumbag politicians,now you sold your soul.The federal government is a crime syndicate of epic proportion

  94. Mark

    Hi Greg, Next time you have guests (especially guest doctors) on to discuss the jabs, can you also ask them if there is evidence or symptoms of the nano bot tech component to these jabs? The nano tech component is not being discussed enough in my opinion and this attack vector should not be overlooked. It seems to me the symptoms of nano tech, like magnetic sites or a cell phone/blue tooth picking up an electronic ID from the person, aren’t going to be found if they are not being looked for. Essentially we have medical outcomes (due to the spike) and technological outcomes (due to the bots) with both causing illness and death.

    Prayers and God Bless

  95. Thomas737

    As a retired airline pilot, and unvaccinated, may I say that this is one of the best interviews I have ever heard you do.
    I started out unsure about the vaccine and counted on our relative isolation in the desert to protect us. But now I can see that my inherent distrust of misplaced authority has served me well.

  96. Cheryl

    This is just about the best guest I have ever seen on USAWatchdog and it allowed Mr Hunter to practice true journalism full force. No throttling here. Beautiful.

    Lt Col Dr Long is a national treasure. Note all, she earned the MPH, an exceptionally important credential for gaining competence in scientific study of population trends — objectively and quantifiably. She does not use words like “massive” or “humongous.” She carefully quantifies her conclusions and explicitly cites the source of her data and explains how it is produced and how she accesses it. These are characteristics to look for when discerning the validity of statements an “expert” makes. Note: Karen Kingston does the same — she defines her terms and speaks to the data and never beyond, as opposed to too many “experts” who claim unearned license pontificate according to their “opinion.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Cheryl! Dr. Long is a Hero!!!

  97. Justn Observer

    Greg, we are now there, the point warned about by JFK….this IS the John Galt moment for this nation… No more sitting on one’s hands…it is a defining moment…to reflect on WHAT is happening….and reflect on one self as to who we are, what we will NOT tolerate any longer…. Who is John Galt? Who is the John Galt within you… Time to reflect …and pray… and act.

    JFK Speech vs. John Galt Speech From Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

    Prather Point= https://jeffreyprather.com/trump-raid-outs-nazi-joe/

    The swamp is wide and deep =
    Surprised? = https://nypost.com/2022/08/13/liz-cheneys-husband-is-a-lawyer-defending-hunter-biden/

  98. Louis Gatto

    Thank you Lt. Col. Theresa Long…you and others like you are the true heroes of our age. I now have only contempt for our current “leaders”, they deserve no less.

    Thank you Greg…another great interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Louis!

  99. Nick Reynolds

    Excellent interview, Greg. My hat’s off to Col. Long. She’s quite brave. I wish her the best. It won’t be easy. Too many people fall for the mass-media propaganda. And something very powerful must be behind this. The military should be the testing space because they can keep good records. She supplied good info on that. I’d just like to ask those people who agree with her why they won’t open up. Why are they playing along with what they know is a huge lie? I’d also like to question the top brass about who or what is ordering them to do this? Is it simply the Biden puppet? Their job? Is it blackmail? Have their minds been taken over? Everyone with a working brain knows this is nonsense and evil, at best. Well, courage! Keep going. Don’t go along with the lie. Don’t give up. “Fear not.” We have that on Good Authority.

  100. Steve Smith

    Hi Greg,
    Could you please have Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman on your show. They are in the process of setting up the “Virus Challenge” which will prove SARS-COV2 has never been isolated, purified nor shown to cause the so-called disease COVID19. We have to get out of the false germ theory paradigm or the powers that be will continue to use it against us.

    God Speed

  101. Frank S.

    I salute you Lt. Col. Dr. Long for helping to maintain the health and readiness of our Armed Forces.
    Perhaps now that the CDC has adopted new, sensible guidelines, the rank & file can tell the brass to stuff the vax up their…well, you know.

  102. HKO

    See that Trump photo behind her?

  103. Michel

    Last week, in Madison, Wisconsin, was the 2022 CrossFit Games. It is the final stage of an international competition to crown the fittest man and woman in the world. Over 300 000 participants, the final is between the top 40 man and woman from all over the world.
    For the first time in crossfit history, one of these 40 athletes was medically withdrawn from competition after having to get an emergency vascular surgery following a blood cloth in the left arm. Her arm was blue with no pulse and she could’ve lost it if not for the Crossfit medical team and the staff at the university of wisconsin.
    The lady was Emily Rolfe, a Canadian. One of the fittest in the world, 33 years old. She had to have been vaccinated to (1. Be a doctor, 2. Get to the USA) She has a medical profession in canada.
    I let you search this but it is all in the web. She had 2 huge blood cloth removed from her left arm… she could’ve died… The doctors were asked what can cause blood cloths of this proportion in a 33years old woman, one of the fittest woman in the world… they wouldn’t answer… An other case of cardiac problem happened in the master division for a 60year old man who had to withdraw. Older, but still one of the fittest 60years old in the world…

    I thought you would like the story for a weekly wrap up.
    Love what you do,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting Michel!!!

  104. David

    General Nadja West was the surgeon General of the Army.
    She waved in the vaxx without studies or testing.
    She then took a job at JOHNSON & JOHNSON….

  105. Ratty

    It does NOT work in preventing you from getting COVID because I believe COVID is phony anyway. So is the JAB. You can’t defeat one lie with another. Only TRUTH can and the truth is it does NOT work and ironically proved by two of the biggest pushers of the Jab – Bitem and Fauctheeth.

    Who are supposedly tripled jabbed, boosted, and what not and they still GOT IT. Though, I don’t think they would be smart enough not to take it.

  106. Merry Piper

    Greg: Dear God, I am beyond words describing your stepping up to the plate in investigative journalism. I give you my very humble thank you and to the heroic Dr. Long.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Merry!!

  107. Bill Bradshaw

    As i was listening to the interview i began to wonder. The CCP i assume has given their mlitary the vax, so are they experiencing the same health issues as our military? Also are the russian military members vaxed?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Bill,
      See comment above by ronald L howell.

    • Robert says no

      The vaccine that Russia and China gave to their populations are not the same as ours. How many they’ve vaccinated is unknown. Russia and China didn’t trust our vaccines.

    • MacGuy

      According to Dr. Lee Merritt a former Military Surgeon neither Russia nor China has vaxxed their Military. I believe this is the major concern Greg is pointing out. Additionally, Dr. Sigoloff who was interviewing a Major that was being kicked out of the Military for refusing the vax that Sec. Lloyd Austin had requested an exemption from Congress to not be vaxxed and it was granted. Both Dr. Merrit and Dr. Sigloff have Telegram channels. PS Congress was not required to be vaxxed.

  108. Hotrod

    I wish she’d send a letter to the Woke Pastor at my FORMER BAPTIST CHUR H, who erected a giant billboard in town telling everyone to get vaccinated and jabbing his own 9 and 13 year old. I hated to leave but lost all respect.

  109. Douglas Blair

    Greg love your site and all that you do but it seems to me lately that you seems to be leading your guests as of late. I feel that is not correct at letting your guest say as the please. Ask questions but don’t lead them. One other thing I understand this can be very frustrating with all the BS we are being feed but it seems to me your temper is starting to breakout out in some interviews. I know you approve all posts so don’t post this, this is just between you and me. Thanks and keep up your great work

  110. Brian Blackburn

    Another excellent video Greg.

  111. Benny

    Trump’s “beautiful vaccine” has turned out to be hideously ugly…

    • Colleen

      Yes, and why does Trump still continue to promote the jab? The crowds boo him when he mentions it. Dr. Burke, scarf lady, said the vaccine would not work. If I were Trump, I’d jump on that statement and say , they lied to me!

      • LMH

        I think T would be even more vilified by the msm if he did that. I don’t think he will do that until after the 2024 elections. And that is ok with me. He still needs to play the game a bit. There are many arrows pointed his way.

  112. Registeered

    Great interview. Thanks for continuing to pursue this topic, I’m sure big pharma and a lot of people in government would like to see it just go away.

  113. Jeffrobbins

    Good Interview; I keep thinking we are watching something like the WWE on the world stage. When Black Lives Matters were protesting and burning cars and such- in most of the cities it looked like most of them were white-FAKE. Here with the vaccine being safe and effective-FAKE. The impeachment of Trump over Ukraine-FAKE. The Russian collusion with Trump-FAKE.Hunter Biden laptops being pushed aside as disinformation-FAKE. The financial markets are being manipulated in multiple ways-FAKE. Currently the theater with Taiwan is shaping up as-FAKE. The idea to ask the Arabs to pump more oil while ours is slowed down-FAKE. Other issues with energy, like even nat. Gas being bad while the push for battery powered cars being good-FAKE. Coming issues with the food supply will be FAKE as well. Many other FAKE things for sure. — Point is, This is a time for all of us to really evaluate what’s important and to prep in unusual ways. Learn skills, know your neighbor, get some chickens, get a little gold and silver, buy a tractor, and the list goes on and is unique for each one. I put in a pond- something bad is coming. Society needs things to be true and accepted across different regions and groups of people. We are being told we no can be sure who is a man or woman- society is in real trouble- hard times are coming.

  114. Self Exiled

    A man’s gift [given in love or courtesy] makes room for him
    And brings him before great men. Proverbs 18:16

    One of the great men I have meet was on a swing on the Bay Walk in Manila. He had blood running down his face from a cut over one eye. He was not thin so what ever had brought about this decline in his life had been recent. He offered no eye contact as I was sitting on the opposite side of the swing a small distance to his right. I offered him a folded farmers hanky which he proceeded to take a shower with. When finished he looked as if he was a new person and folded up the hanky and handed it back no eye contact. The blood was gone, and he had whipped all the white sores of his legs. He folded the hanky and handed it back to me and I declined by saying, keep it. He stuffed it down in the crotch of his pance, then I knew it was his most prized possession. I casually kept looking at him and noticed that his washed-out dirty t shirt had the barely visible image of Christ with the crown of thorns with the blood covering his face. So, I looked into those brilliant bright eyes and saw the eyes of Him going to the cross with no concern for himself. I sat motionless looking into those eyes of His revelation of His Presence. I had two more experiences like this in Ermita and I was forever in love with the Philippines. Bless His Holy Name. Pray that I can return to do His work.

  115. Robert says no

    Sure sounds like something is being planned by deep state players and they’re going to blame it on Trump supporters. Maybe you all can pray to your God that he makes them stop. This is the headline on Dailymail UK tonight

    “FBI bulletin warns of ‘dirty bomb’ threat and increasing calls for ‘civil war’ in wake of Mar-a-Lago raid – while former agent and GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick says agency warned him that his ‘life was in danger’ due to threats from Trump supporters”

  116. Jeffersonian

    Dr Long deserves to be nominated as an all time top 10 guest speaker on USA Watchdog

    She is candid,intelligent and not afraid to speak her mind. My hat’s off to you Dr Long

    And you Mr Hunter keep these brilliant interviews coming

    Ps tomatoes slow to ripen and corn still aways away from maturity and plums still coming on strong unheard of in August they are normally finished in late June


  117. Starfleetcommander1

    ….Seems like a diabolical scheme to hand off Western Civilization to a foreign power.

  118. Pete

    It sounds like Many Americans Domestic and Service members have become victims of biological warfare……
    This includes some of my relations in my family of origin. There will be karma for those who have visited this upon us… God Bless Lt. Col. Dr. Long

    • Pete

      I meant civilian not ” domestic”…

  119. Bill

    Home Run Greg! From one recently retired LTC to LTC Long, you epitomize what it means to be an American Army Officer. You are DEMONSTRATING Integrity, Honesty, and Courage. God bless and keep you. Do Not Quit!

  120. Jerry

    Well that was interesting. The librarian party telling their members to go and buy ammo.

    Remember the dates. September 15 to November 1st I have it from a very good source that the deep state is planning something. Donald Trump is clearly in the crosshairs. Literally. They will do anything to kill the patriot movement including eliminating him if necessary. If that should happen you will need that ammo.

    • Jerry

      We are officially a banana republic. Here’s the FBI refusing to
      disclose what was in the search warrant used on Donald Trump.

      So much for transparency and the rule of law. If I were Trump I would file a lawsuit on the judge that agreed to conceal this document? This judge seems to think he is above the law. The same thing they’re accusing Trump of? Any search warrant has to state in writing what the document is searching for specifically. It’s not fill in the blank. This is outrageous and should not be ignored. Just remember whatever they’re doing to Donald Trump they can do to you. You have a legal right to know what you’re being accused of. Period. If that’s their stance then the DOJ and the FBI should keep their mouth shut. But instead they leak information to the MSM incessantly. Greg if this leads to indictments
      we as a nation need to rise up and say, ENOUGH! If we don’t we will be next in line for this tyrannical fleecing.

  121. PersonaNonGrata

    A Summary of the Last Two Years by Neil Oliver – former documentary maker for the BBC and now a fully awakened campaigner . . .

  122. Justn Observer

    Greg, Some interesting news others miss and which are rarely are on FOX NEWS or MSM. Am sure they will ‘act surprised’ when it all unfolds over the next few months= for example, ie…=
    WHY this would be of little interest is baffling when one considers the importance of what we see with the J6 hearings and the recent ‘raid’ … it WOULD APPEAR the whole u.s. gov’t has now abandoned the U.S. for becoming a lacky of the the wider NWO pay to play crew? Certainly astonishing that none of our Senators or Congress’persons’ have said nothing of all this…and are actually passing funding for it all?

    per https://www.brassballs.blog/ =




  123. eddiemd

    Recruitment across the services is in rapid decline. Young people know that the military is corrupt.
    They don’t want to be forced to take emergency authorized injections.

    What ever happened with all those Navy/Marine aircraft crashes over the past few months. When can the public see the results of the causes of the crashes?

    Pilot error is the most common cause of aircraft mishaps.


  124. Bulwinkle

    Hi Greg!

    Just saw the interview and noticed she mentioned the backtracking being done by the c dc. You know what I’ve noticed NOBODY is talking about?

    When are they going to restore the original definition of vaccine, before they twisted it to dupe everyone into accepting gene altering jabs as if they were a traditional vaccine? Well, I suppose they won’t restore the original definition we had become accustomed to for generations if they are throwing away what has been tried, tested and true in favor of the permanent installment of mrna – and legal ambiguity – for generations to come.

  125. Chloe

    Thanks Greg! This falls in the category of “bombshell” reporting. Makes you wonder if all of this was an aim, by China, to weaken us. Believe it. What they’re doing, especially, with social media, is spiritual warfare. Ephesians 6:12 – For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

  126. Robert Hood

    I try to be optimistic but it is more and more difficult. My best friend always says “God is in control”. I’m a Christian but 6 million jews were sent to their deaths and God was also in control back then. My daughter in law had a stroke after her second jab. My sister in law bled internally to death and my wife is bleeding from her rectum. All fully vaxxed. My pregnant daughter and her husband jabbed to the nines and so is my son and his wife. Behind my back my siblings call me a nut job. How hilarious is that!
    These brainwashed folks are not going to wake up until the kiddies start dying. It’s hard to have much faith in humanity.

    • Garfield

      God is always in control. God punished the Israelites for their iniquities by giving them up to Babylon for a period of time, but eventually they returned to their land. In your WW2 example, see the budding of the fig tree in 1948. History repeats itself, you just need to know where to look.

      “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.” – Matthew 13:9

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Robert,
      Sorry to hear about the ill health of your vaxxed family members.
      They single you out as a ‘nut job’ for declining the vaxx. My siblings have all taken multiple CV-19 shots despite me sending them numerous videos from the likes of Dr Simone Gold, Mike Yeadon, et al. One sister demanded I cease and desist sending her such information and added, “I feel sorry for anyone you have managed to influence.” Another sister advised me that her micro-biologist (PHD) son-in-law told her that the mRNA vaccines were fine, so she and her immediate family had between them taken Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra-Zeneca shots. Leaving aside the option to NOT TAKE ANY mRNA SHOTS, how undiscerning for educated people to fail to do any research before submitting their bodies to whatever experimental shots are being administered on the day. My siblings all achieved academic excellence – unlike me – and I imagined them to be intellectually superior. The Covid scamdemic has shown me that my siblings – along with many others – may have excellent memories, to assist in passing exams, but they possess zero common sense.

  127. z

    I noticed on ABC weather they always use the European weather “MODEL” which is labeled on the TV. The weatherman always points out they are using the European weather model in predicting the weather. Sometimes they paint the screen red deep red.

    Why in the United States does the weatherman use the European model on ABC ? There is no US model for predicting the weather ? Is this weather or propaganda from EU.

    This would be the question I would ask Dane. What is wrong with the US model for predicting weather ? Does this have something to do with weather wars?

    Great interview above. Its encouraging to hear from Lt. Col. Theresa Long.

  128. Avy115

    this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

  129. Sam

    One of the most insane things about this whole thing is how Trump always gets off Scott-free in these discussions…

    • Greg Hunter

      You are not here much “Sam” and you have never commented before.

      • Rio

        Greg, here you go. As soon as someone talks about Trump in a not too glowing light; you start to react as if you are personally attacked. Why?

        • Greg Hunter

          People make crap up that is not factual, and I like the facts and NOT the bull crap created by AI Trump haters. By the way I deleted your other comment because what you “think” is not a fact and you offered zero proof of what you are claiming. I have also been VERY critical if Trump and his vax stance and you act like a troll who have never been here before. Matter of fact this is your very first comment, and your last too. You are gaming the site and I do not appreciate it.

  130. Justn Observer

    Greg, As per your reporting and Clif High’s info on the insurance industry etc….on a whim I looked up some of the funeral service industry stock. Now what could possibly have happened that caused some of those stocks to go UP 3x , 4x over the last three years? hmmm Any guesses ? CVS , HI, SCI etc…

  131. LMH

    My sister who “trusts the science” and worked as a substitute teacher for the past couple of years now has uterine cancer. At first she told be they thought is was level 2, however, after biopsy it came in as Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma and she went straight to chemo. I am convinced this was cause due to the reduction in her T and killer T cells which regulate cancers in our bodies and which the covid injections appear to suppress. Praying she will overcome this, but with fall coming on, I’m certain she will jump in line to get her next booster, and my hopes of full recovery for her grow slim. This is going to hit every family in the coming years.

  132. Country Codger

    Shalom Col. Long,
    As an Air Force Vietnam veteran and also a Middle East veteran I do salute your courage, fortitude, absolute brilliance and desire to: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I also believe that YHVH’s Name is written inside of our very DNA as 10-5-6-5. Isn’t it marvelous.

    I am pleased to no end that you know our Master and Creator’s Name. I pray that you know the importance of having His Name upon you.((Num. 6:27)) I pray that His Way before you be smooth and your burdens be light. Always remember the Word that He gave us.
    Lo Iyrah!
    Shalom vberakhot,

  133. Errol

    I still believe that Bo Polny prediction that Fauci will be the most despised person in the USA by years end or before..Off course there are many hundreds of other treasonous scum that will come in a close second. .I look forward to that day when justice is served! This time there will be no special backroom deals for these sociopaths/psychopaths!

  134. LondonCenter

    What Happens When You Stop Eating All Sugar
    This is how your body reacts. /Men’s Health Melissa Matthews
    However, doctors still aren’t sure whether this is healthy long-term, explains Quebbemann. WTF? Find Out Why @

    That’s why many doctors recommend eating healthy complex carbohydrates. [Fruit, Veggies, Berries nuts & seeds!] Although they are broken down into sugar, this is an entirely normal and healthy process, says Quebbemann. [AS IN GARDEN of EDEN STUFF!]

    In fact, omitting added sugars while eating complex carbs keeps your insulin levels healthy.

    “You don’t get the headaches. You don’t get the crashes. You get a consistent level of energy,” he says.
    YES SIR, We can go back to the Garden Of Eatin, now.
    Bypass the bypass, in the produce section! Your Garden or local Super Duper Market. Build a body of survival, of da fittest!
    Time is short, the generation seeing all and I mean all Jesuses prophecies is short, of time and Satan knows his times is short. So get on the stick my friends and enemies!

    • eddiemd

      Troll bot. Completely off subject and a fake name.

  135. Janet

    China is the model for the coming globalist tyranny – so imagine yourself shopping at Walmart and someone’s cellphone on the other-side of the store starts buzzing because their health code has changed from green to red – and Walmart immediately locks down all their doors – and you get trapped in an imposed lock-down and can’t go home – how do you respond? – well this is how some Chinese people solved their problem when locked in IKEA!! – https://www.ournewearthnews.com/2022/08/15/escape-from-ikea-lockdown-authorities-try-to-lock-down-shoppers-into-quarantine-in-shanghai-china/

  136. Steve Bice

    This is rich…everything was a lie…

  137. Woodysgood

    Greg, The Colonel, several times, made mention of our God’s role in the situations being discussed. So sorry that you weren’t able to add to those portions of the conversation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Long was the one being interviewed not me.

  138. Judy

    Essential Viewing. Rense.com Dr. Edwin Vieira (Constitutional Lawyer) on Constitutional Militias and Why ALL Citizens Must Be Armed.

    You should have him on Greg!

  139. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Watchdoggers,
    An iron fist in a velvet glove. Have you noticed how large corporations couch restrictive new conditions as ‘improvements to our service’? Here’s an example from Halifax Bank – one of the largest in the U.K.
    “From 1st November 2022 . . . To help prevent financial crime we may limit the amount you can deposit at our branches. We’ve added a new condition to explain that we are not liable for any loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill or loss of business profit. We’ve added to the reasons we may close an account to include putting abusive messages in payment instructions. We’ve added a condition to explain that we are not responsible if we allow certain transactions after you have set up a debit card freeze in branch.”
    How do you like them apples?!
    ‘From 11-1-22 your account will be restricted as follows:
    Cash deposits will be restricted at our sole discretion and only small amounts of cash will be accepted. If you needed to fund your account in order to pay a time-critical fine, lease or rental payment, or to conclude a business deal, that’s tough. Don’t try to sue us for the consequences of any loss due to our failure to process your deposit because we do not accept liability for our actions. If your account becomes overdrawn, due to our paying out direct debits you asked us to cancel while at the same time refusing to process your cash deposit/s, that’s tough. By the way, if you get frustrated and write abusive messages on your deposit slip such as, ‘Please accept this cash deposit or I will lose my car’, our staff may become upset and we will close your account. Thank you for banking with Halifax Bank.’
    I have spoken with colleagues who advise all U.K. banks have revised their Ts&Cs in similar fashion. And so, one incremental step after another, Big Brother closes down our use of cash – and freedom. Meanwhile, sleepy Joe and Jane public never read past the first new condition: “We’ve increased the maximum limit for sending money outside the UK . . . to £10,000.” Well isn’t that fabulous?! Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Correction: “To help prevent financial crime we may limit the amount OF CASH you can deposit at our branches.”

      • Paul

        What are you going to do?

        Paul from arkansas

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Paul,
          For many years now I have withdrawn from the banking system. I use it only to pay regular bills. My comment concerns not only the banks but ALL large corporations who are in process of rewriting their terms and conditions of service to the detriment of their customers – we the people. They disguise these detrimental changes under the ‘catch all’, “improvements”!!

    • Steve Bice

      “Have you noticed how large corporations couch restrictive new conditions as ‘improvements to our service? ”

      Hi PNG: As we move inexorably to exclusively cashless transactions, the opportunities for gouging the consumer will grow exponentially.

      I received the property tax bill for my home in the mail and sat down to pay it this morning. I thought I would just pay it online for the convenience…until I got to the end where they added a $65 “service fee”.

      I opted to write a check and use a 50 cent stamp instead. When we are all cashless, there will be no avoiding the financial extortion. Not good…

  140. Mark

    Hi Greg, This is the nano bot infestation I was referring to:

  141. Anti-Atomist

    “This society [of Jesuits] has been a greater calamity to mankind than the French Revolution, or Napoleon’s despotism or ideology. It has obstructed the progress of reformation and the improvement of the human mind in society much longer and more fatally.” -John Adams, letter to Thomas Jefferson, November 4, 1816

    Drumpf and Fauci both went to Jesuit colleges. The Jesuits were approved by Pope Paul III in 1540, and they were disbanded by Pope Clement in 1773. They joined the American Revolution because they needed a new superpower to expand their Satanic military abuse cult. They are not officially recognized by the Catholic Church.

    Like the Nazis (who own the patent for Zyklon B), their mass murdering experimental bioweapon “vaccines” are “legal” under the Emergency Authorization Act of 2020. The mass murders the Nazis did in Germany were similarly unlawful, yet technically “legal.”

    Per James 5:14, Mark 6:13, and Exodus 30:23-25 (ESV), Jesus and his disciples used cannabis-cinnamon-myrrh-olive anointing oil to heal the sick, not Frozen garbage from some Satanic Jesuit Nazi experiments. Since Jesus was crucified, rabbinic medicine (that was once natural, balsamic, and even Ayurvedic) has been subverted by a technocratic criminal cartel for the purposes of destruction capitalism, eugenics, and scientism – not natural science, nor the gospel!

  142. Elias

    Such an amazing woman! God Bless you, Col. Long! ☦️🙏🏻💐😊❤️

  143. Nika

    I just noticed the article: “Did George Soros Free Donald Trump of a $312 Million Debt?” Next, I heard Donald Trump on a Video, say when asked, about George Soros, “Forget Soros, he has enough problems”. Lastly, author E.F. Griffin said on Video “that Soros bailed out Trump Tower.” If, all the above is True, Does this Negate all the good that Donald Trump did in his first term as President? Anyone else, please feel to comment!

    • Greg Hunter

      This is Not what you say it is and a total mischaracterization. It was a defaulted loan and some of the loan was written off and Trump was allowed to stay in business and pay off a reduced amount. Again it is Not how you are telling it. The idea is some money paid back is better than bankrupting the debtor and get zero money back. It happens all the time and it’s a good business move for all parties.

  144. Ozden Tuna

    What a brave woman, what an angel !

    Greetings from The Netherlands

  145. Barb T.

    Thank you Greg for all you do….we appreciate you more and more each day. I also appreciate the comments by your followers and try to read every one! Dr. Long is a national hero! Here is a great article that just came out.
    “A COVID con? Military whistleblowers call for investigation of DoD activities”
    (and here’s a copy of the report)

  146. Colleen

    I’m watching The Epoch Times with Joshua Phillips. He’s interviewing Lt. Mark Bashaw, a whistleblower , who is discussing the Military Coverup of Covid-19 Vaccine injuries. I would like to see you interview him Greg. He’s whistleblowing as he is a godly man and felt compelled to tell the truth to protect those in the military. As expected ,he is being militarily punished for whistleblowing !

  147. Avy115

    Great article

  148. Avy115

    Great article

  149. GenEarly


  150. 2Little2Late

    Bromelain. Proteolytic enzyme. Dissolves proteins, including possibly some “foreign” proteins. Yum Yum, pineapple, papaya, & cet.

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