Hope Indefinite Detention Bill Will Be Changed to Protect Americans

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Not everyone in Congress thinks it is a good idea to pass a law that will allow indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.  Senator Mike Lee and Representative Justin Amash think the Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) needs major changes to preserve constitutional rights of all Americans.  Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have passed versions of this bill.  The bill the Senate passed recently (S 1867) is where all the controversy comes from.  Now, the two versions of the bill have to be reconciled by the House and Senate, and it looks like changes are going to be on the table.  Congressman Amash wrote a letter to “House Conferees” about how the Senate version violates “Americans’ constitutional rights.”  (Click here for the complete Representative Amash letter to the House Conferees.  It is a good one.) 

Senator Mike Lee and Judge Andrew Napolitano talked at length about this bill last week on FOX.  It seems Senator Lee is, also, adamantly against the indefinite detention language in the Senate bill.  So, I feel there is some real hope that this legislation will be changed to protect our rights before it becomes law.  Check out the video below of Napolitano and Lee:

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  1. Linen Ghost

    Isn’t it interesting how legislation like this always seems to be pushed through the sausage machine, in a rush, with must pass items, and at the last possible moment.

    Oh wait, that is the manner that the Congress of these United States operates under as SOP; disgusting!

    Anyone for term limits-anyone?

    • Kevin

      I agree with the term limits. But we need something stronger. How about a termination limit for those who attempt to write unconstitutional “laws”? This is, at root, a problem – proposing and considering legislation that is illegal. Until America can come to grips with this lawlessness, simply limiting duration of service for elected representatives will not address the problem sufficiently. We need a mechanism to vote out,throw out, reject, however, intra-term if necessary, representatives who propound blatantly unconstitutional legislation. They are not doing the job they were elected to do.

  2. Sean

    Are the principles of individual liberty universal? If my neighbor is a permanant resident from Scotland, married to his American wife and living here for the last 20 years, shouldn’t he also be protected by due process and the Bill of Rights – in the event that he is falsely accused or mistakenly identified?

    So the knock in the night will be acceptable to us, so long as it can only happen to our neighbors? Sounds kinda barbaric, doesn’t it?

  3. jay

    Is there a consparcy in the makeing…or is it my lieing eyes and ears.
    World econmy collapsing.
    War with iran in the works.
    Our constitution changes that have been made to keep us safe.or not.
    Whats next? Soldiers breaking into my home because i have more then 7 days food..
    I have a few words..peacefull revolution. ron paul 2012

  4. Steve

    Greg, your title says it all!! Thanks for keeping up with this, it would be revolting, pun intended, to have the bill pass without Americans not being protected, especially since the Constitution protects American citizens. Interesting how Congress thinks they can rewrite it.

  5. Nam Marine

    Too late now! Our only hope to avoid Revolution is our Military.
    Hopefully they will follow the Oath they took!

    • Shumana

      Except for all the gang members that are joining.

    • Vince

      Haha, you mean the same people that have been disobeying laws in Iraq and Afghanistan and covering up friendly fire incidents and lyring about body counts, and continuing to kill people even tho most believed the wars to be illegal. These same people? The people TRAINED to kill anyone who their commanders say need to be killed. Good luck in them having a change of heart individually and simultaneously coming to the conclusion to disobey those orders. Nazi Germany anyone?

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