Hurricane Dorian Steered by Military – Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s 

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says Hurricane Dorian is the latest storm to be steered by the U.S. military. Wigington contends, “It’s an historical, verifiable fact and verifiable in the immediate term as well as we have animations of radio frequency microwave transmissions directly interacting with, interfering with and steering that storm (Dorian) as well as other storms such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria. That data can be found on . . . You can see real time, conclusive evidence that these storms are being manipulated. . . . We can speculate on the agenda, but the fact that that storm is being manipulated and stalled is absolute indisputable fact. The U.S. military started their hurricane manipulation operations 72 years ago in 1947. We have 7 decades of this going on. . . . President Johnston stated on the record that the military had the power to control the world’s cloud cover even then. The notion that this is not going on right now is simply a deception.”

Wigington also points out, “We have seen in the last 5 years in the Eastern U.S., the lower 48, the most anomalously, less warm region in the entire world. That’s not nature. That’s not coincidence. It’s geoengineering. What does that do? It confuses and divides the population in those zones in the U.S. as to the true state of the climate.”

The wildfires around the world are also being leveraged by climate engineers. Wigington explains, “We have many, many sources for the ignition of those wildfires. We are not claiming to come to any conclusions on the sources of the ignition for the fires. What we are saying is the conditions are being orchestrated to make it conducive to make these burns. The template is being set by climate engineering. There is absolutely no question about that. . . . These wildfires are being used as a last ditch, desperate effort by the climate engineers to put enough sun blocking particles into the atmosphere to temporarily mask the Polar Regions on which life depends. The total loss of summer sea ice in the Artic is immense because then the heating goes exponential. Methane released from the sea floor goes exponential. That methane fills the atmosphere and covers the planet like a layer of glass, and then we are on track for what is known as ‘Venus Syndrome.’”

Wigington also says the geoengineering spraying program commonly referred to as “chemtrails” has not been stopped as many in the alt-media are saying. Wigington contends, “There is not a shred of evidence to support that. Although some people in some regions are seeing less visible geoengineering spraying and dispersion operation in some regions, they are in the Polar Regions. . . . The Polar Regions are the focus of the climate engineers. So, those assets have moved up to the Polar Regions. We have current grid pattern spraying from all over the globe. . . . We see massive spraying operations over the oceans, for example.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington, founder of the biggest climate engineering website on the planet,

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After the Interview: has just posted animation showing how Hurricane Dorian is being repelled with microwave technology that is on the Eastern Florida coast. Click here for a brand new video from Dane Wigington of Geoengineering showing Dorian and the manipulation of the storm over the Bahamas.

There is lots of totally free information on Wigington recommends watching “Hacking the Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality” to get a good grasp of what is going on with climate engineering on the planet. He also recommends “Wildfires Serve Geoengineering Agenda” to better understand all the global wildfires going on now.

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  1. Scott

    Dane is quite literally the greatest humanitarian of our time, without peer. His life’s work is very much under-appreciated yet desperately needed.

    God bless him – we need thousands more such brave and brilliant souls in these dark times.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Scot. He’s paid a heavy price to warn the world!!

      • Rodster

        And you’d be surprised how “MANY” think Dane Wigington is a 1st class nut job. In fact Guy McPherson who I have nicknamed the “Nutty Professor” thinks Dane Wigington is chasing a flying spaghetti monster.

        I think Dane Wigington is spot on in his research. If he wasn’t guys like Kevin Shipp, former military personnel, former airline pilots and a world renown Doctor MD wouldn’t backup his claims.

        As I tell many I speak too, even if you deny what Dane Wigington is saying about the Geoengineering assaults on the Biosphere, you would have to “ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS HE RAISES”. And when you do answer those questions, it will lead you back to Geoengineering. Hell, even the US Gov’t admits they’ve been doing it and the United Nations has banned “climate engineering and weather warfare”. And if what Dane is saying was total BS, then why has Iran accused the USA of weather warfare if Geoengineering wasn’t happening? Most of the Geoengineering patents that exists are owned by, you guessed it, “Defense Contractors”.

      • Rodster

        Greg, you know what would be epic? If you could have Guy McPherson on along with Dane Wigington to a debate !

    • Rob

      Yes I agree that Dane is true example of love thy neighbor as thyself! What he has been warning about has been prophesied nearly 2000 years ago to take place right before the wrath of God is poured out:

      Revelation 11:18 And the nations were wroth, and thy wrath came, and the time of the dead to be judged, and the time to give their reward to thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and to them that fear thy name, the small and the great; and to destroy them that destroy the earth.

      The love of money is the root of all this evil:

      1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil: which some reaching after have been led astray from the faith, and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

      But they will not escape the wrath:

    • Dave

      The key takeaway is that humans can impact climate. And have been working to do so since the 40s. This goes against the conservative doxy (Rush, Levin and others) that man can’t impact the environment. A bit of cognitive dissonance if one accepts Mr. Wiginton’s thesis.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Hurricanes can’t be created yet. They spin off from the blessed rains in Africa.
      But they can be steered and enhanced.
      This one was steered by two high pressure areas, one on each side, containing it carefully on the north islands of the Bahamas. 48 hours of it completely destroyed the very poorest area, full of Haitian refugees…many deaths…so many they can’t be counted.
      My assumption is an American Naval base will be constructed on the bones. It will serve as a bastion to warn China as that country expands all over the Caribbean. We’ll see…such a base would bring in dollars to the Bahamas.
      My son guessed it was for gentrification and textile factories…but that seems pretty vicious just to make tee shirts. However…look at Walmart’s post earthquake factories in Haiti and their $7 leggings and $3 tees made there. We’ll see what follows the bulldozers in that area. May their souls rest in peace in the home not made with human hands…..

    • Mark B

      Greg, Saturday 09/07/19 morning chemtrails started again in Illinois. Total parallel coverage east to west from south of Champaign all the way south to Mt. Vernon. Drove under it for over 2 hours, the aircraft were in plain sight with the rising sun. The sky has been clear blue since mid July, now right back to the last 2 years that we observed living in east central Illinois. So pissed

  2. john duffy

    Good interview about Epstein

  3. Stan

    You may think I am concerned about the latest Gold price moves – Hell no! I’m actually excited! I raised more capital today to short more Gold – had to put up my 2014 Bentley for collateral…doesn’t bother me one bit. Once Gold goes into crash mode I’ll own three Bentleys. Fasten your seat belts folks – the crash is almost here!

    • paul jr.

      I do not believe anything you say. If you are doing what you say, which I doubt, then you are a fool. Borrowing money so you can continue to lose even more is idiotic.

      • K.Wayne

        Stan had to put up collateral to cover his massive shorts. Loser.
        Instead of making wild forecasts (about Gold crashing) , why not provide some analysis or support behind your theory? Until you do that you are not achieving anything and your words are meaningless.

    • rwmctrofholz

      The best you can do when you short an asset is to double your money. Not sure how you’d then triple your Bentley’s. Unless, of course, you’re full of it??

      Of course you are.

      • Stan

        I use leverage when I short Gold

        • Greg Hunter

          You have been telling us you have been shorting gold since the $1,300 level. You must be getting killed and being stopped out of trades at a loss.

    • Jerry

      Once again, a big hollow claim from a little man. At least post something to support your hypothesis. Like this.

      Who buys Bentley’s Stan? I prefer Mercedes Benz myself.

      • K.Wayne

        MB all class. 😉

        • K.Wayne

          Don’t look now Stan….
          Gold has broken through 1550 now at 1552 spot in after-market trade.
          Exit …stage left !!!

    • Jeff Drew

      I know it’s difficult for you, but try to stay on point Stan.

      • Gary

        Man is not controlling the weather. Like Global Warming, it is spin to cover the weather extremes happening all over the planet as a result of the approach of Nibiru. Also why a massive increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes. And why the poles are melting from the bottom up. Friction between the core of the earth and the crust causes heat. The Elite are desperate for the common man to be in the dark about this for as long as possible. Anyone who looks has noted the sun is note rising and setting in the right place and time. The earth wobble is increasing due to Nibiru’s gravity and magnetic field pushing the earth around. Also why Billionaires are building retreats in what are considered safe areas. Why DC quietly moving Agencies to Denver. Why Putin giving free land to people who move to the east as this is safe area. Why China building Goast Cities in North east, as this is a safe area.

        • paul jr.

          Please. Enough of this nonsense about Nibiru. Every year you and others predict when it will pass by the Earth wiping out billions of people. Everyone of those predictions has failed. What day do you what the guess it going to be this year so I can look forward to another failed prediction. Some predicted last year that it would be April of 2019. Well we are still here.

    • paul ...

      Stan … the crash that is taking place is Gold continually crashing against the $1550 level to get through … once it breaks above this “gap level” the old highs at $1900 is the next barrier we will take down … these barriers will fall as the US monetary base is expanding exponentially (currently around 3.946 trillion dollars) … look at silver for instance … if silver was selling today at its 1980 value when the US monetary base was 28.48 times smaller (then relative to the current expanded monetary base $50 dollar silver in 1980) should be at $1,424 dollars!! … so Stan, silver at it’s current price of $19.40 “is the bargain of the century” … … and so is gold very cheap (don’t forget platinum “also a real steal right now under $1000” … it should be selling for “more then the price of gold” as it is even rarer then gold)!!

      There are many signs that point to the fact that the silver price is about to correct this situation, by spiking much higher.

      • paul ...

        Here is one sign Stan … we stackers are now pushing silver up to test the $21.44 level (the old Jan 2008 peak and the mid-year 2016 peak) … … once we break through $21.44 the bullion banks who are “short tons of silver” will have to cover their positions (with help from the Fed printing and handing out free money to them to prevent them from going bankrupt) … creating an explosive “almost immediate” move to $34 dollars per ounce of silver … we should continue to buy into this explosive up-move so as to increase the momentum (that will drive silver above it’s all time high at $50) … then we can be certain silver will be off to achieving “it’s fair value” of $804 Federal Reserve Notes per ounce (or higher)!!!

        • paul ...

          Note: The chart above is “an old one” I happened to use “for illustrative purposes” (and speaks about silver “perhaps” breaking out of its symmetrical triangle formation) … note silver has already broken out of this triangle … and we are now heading to do battle with the banksters at $21.44 !!

          • paul ...

            Stan you may have a 2014 Bentley to use as collateral “to get a loan to sell gold short” … but we millions of stackers have many excess pick-up trucks we can “sell for cash to buy more physical silver”!!

            • paul ...

              Even if we only get $1,950 dollars for our pick-up truck … we can buy 100 ounces of silver with it … then when silver goes to “fair value” ($804) we can buy a couple of new pick-up trucks with the $80,400 dollars we will have … while you Stan will be signing transfer papers to forfeit the Bentley you used for collateral to the banksters!!!

            • Stan

              Do you really think I would risk my Bentley unless I was 100% confident in this trade?

              • Greg Hunter

                I think you are a paid troll and if you have to hock your assets for cash you are a dumb one at that.

              • paul ...

                Stan … you are risking your Bentley on the word of a crooked politician like Mario Draghi??

    • Charlie

      You better be concerned….You are going to get smoked..Zero to negative returns are driving smart money into gold……Fiat is dying……They can’t raise interest rates as everything would get crushed….The fed backed off quick after raising….This is just the start… We need people like you Stan to drive metals prices even higher….By the time you wake up you will turn into a buyer at much , much higher levels…..

    • Jodyp

      -had to put up my 1976 AMC gremlin for collateral… fify

    • JC

      Stan, thank you, seatbelt is fastened. Best of luck to you, you’re gonna need it.

    • Charlie

      Stan I am afraid any pull backs will be bought like today. Down $12 now up $8 plus…..Please increase your short more so when you have to cover it will push the prices even higher. Thank you

    • JC

      Richard Russell: “There is only one safe asset on the planet: that safe asset is gold. Uninformed people believe gold is just a commodity. Wrong, gold is absolute money. Gold alone is the world’s only completely safe currency. Gold has no counter-party against it, and no central bank has ever found a way to create gold. The fact is that gold can only be produced by the sweat ingenuity and capitalization of men.”

  4. steve

    Good on you putting this on.

    • iamgodandinvented typhoons

      Bentley’s ??….are they the ones that come inside a Cracker Jack’s box ??? This web site is for idiots and religious nuts. You clowns sure found each other here. This stupid site is a waste of band with.

      • paul ...

        Buying silver “is a religious thing” Lamgo … because silver (and gold) is God’s money … and you don’t have to be a religious nut to know that … just look at the rarity of precious metals compared to the innumerable grains of sand in the Sahara desert (that is only exceeded by the fiat paper IOU’s the Fed prints up)!!

  5. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Another Great Report. Thanks

  6. debra

    The black dot in the geoengineering video seems to line up with the northrop grumman building #228, where you’ll find a large round construction atop of the roof. Maybe it’s just an ((((((air conditioner))))) just wondering. use google map to see.

  7. GeoAZ

    I’m over 70 and seen a lot of hurricanes. In my opinion, this hurricane is following the track it would naturally take due to lack of upper level steering currents and lack of meteorological highs and lows needed to steer it in an usual path. I’m not surprised about it’s track at all and it has followed normal movements based on my observations. To suggest that is being controlled by the militarily is BS … IMHO. That isn’t to say they don’t have the capability because I think they do.

  8. Andrew

    Now we know for sure that Greg has completely lost his marbles.
    Totally idiotic and unscientific in the extreme.
    Time to leave USAWD

    • Greg Hunter

      What is unscientific about this post? Please use science by peer reviewed sources and state your case as to what is unscientific about this. You have the floor.

  9. Robert E. Salt

    It’s well known that these hurricanes are being steered. Dorian was supposed to hit Florida. It appears that the good guys and the bad guys are having a tug of war with this storm. Global warming is fake science perpetrated by the fake news. Obama just bought a million dollar beachfront home in the Far East. All of the people who make up the Swamp sold their souls to the devil. Now that their time is up, they want out of the deal. Well, that’s just not gonna happen! Take a look at the last half of this 2 minute video of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It clearly shows the result of a wildfire that only destroys houses and not trees.

    • paul ...

      It is kind of “wild” … that all the homes are burnt to the ground … yet all the surrounding trees are still standing un-burnt, untouched, undamaged and still have all their fall leaves on them … so when “the fake news media” tells America the homes were burnt down by some sort of “wild”-fire … it is “sort of the truth for once” … for only some kind of “wild-fire” (likely microwaves) has attacked this area … if it is a secret weapon … why would the US use this secret weapon “on it’s own people”??? … logic suggests we are being attacked by some hostile entity that hates humans and loves trees … what I want to know is … is this entity human or alien?? … Trump asking to create a Space Force suggests it may be an alien enemy (likely “an insect type” that considers forests a precious resource) and wants to show us “what it is like to be burnt down” as humanity is now doing to all the rain forests of planet Earth (likely to create a lot of smoke to block the Sun’s increased nuclear activity that is making it burn much hotter and brighter) … you know when I was a kid … I remember the Sun being yellow in color (now I can’t even look at the Sun … it is so intensely bright white hot)!!

  10. Anthony Australia

    Free Julian Assange

  11. Bill Calvert

    Maybe I missed it but why would anyone in their right mind want to destroy the biosphere and the ability for this planet to support life? ie.. Why are “They” spraying and what do “They” expect to gain?

    • paul ...

      You know … it is obvious all the governments in the world “are in a panic” to block the intense heat of the Sun that seems to have gone into “a heightened nuclear state” … they all agree that they must spray something in the atmosphere to reflect the heat and sunlight away from the Earth … so these idiots decided to spray toxic aluminum and other harmful chemical particulates into our atmosphere (that is killing not only our brains but annihilating the bees) … what these idiots should be doing is putting huge reflective Mylar shields “coated with silver” into orbit around planet Earth to reflect away the sun’s intense heat and sunlight … and thus keep the frozen methane under the oceans from bubbling up and creating “a Venus like Catastrophe” on planet Earth that will kill everything … of course the elite banksters are opposed “to using silver” (the most highly reflective metal) as a reflective shield around the Earth because it will drive the price of silver up to $20,000 to $50,000 dollars per ounce … and the banksters can’t allow that (as it would adversely affect their fraudulent fiat monetary system) … so the banksters continue to promote the spraying of aluminum particles in the air we breathe (to give us all Alzheimer’s) which further enhances the continuance of their fraudulent fiat Ponzi scheme … they rather burn in Hell clutching paper dollars then to make Earth the Paradise God intended!!!

    • Diane

      I missed that too, Bill.

    • Paul Cove

      Thank you. This is the 64m dollar question. This should have been the first question out of the gates. What is the agenda? What is their motive? I understand military motives, geopolitical motives. But how do these mesh with destroying the planet… no one gains? I wouldn’t mind if Mr. Wigington provided some plausible speculations and maybe he does on his website which I will be looking at closely going forward. If anyone has any insight, I welcome the truth.

  12. Country Codger

    Great interview Greg,
    In 1935 Jethro Kloss wrote a book entitled “Back to Eden” and in it he states definitively that aluminum was the source of Alzheimer’s. Remember too, that it was shortly prior to that time that technology was developed that made bauxite into aluminum cheaply.
    Before that it was the most expensive metal on earth and that is the reason that the Washington Monument is topped by aluminum.

    Your listeners should now understand why Matthew 24:22 is so applicable. And, let’s not forget: Rev 11:18 “And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath has come, and the time of the dead to be judged, and to give the reward to Your servants the prophets and to the set-apart ones, and to those who fear Your Name, small and great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth.”

    Lo Iyrah!

    • Country Codger

      Has anyone asked “What happened on Epstein Island after Dorian sat on the Bahamas for 24 hours?” And now it is headed to NY. What was it that the “Church Lady” on SNL used to say? “My isn’t that convenient.”

      • paul ...

        CC … Are you saying the Deep State has control of the hurricane microwave steering equipment?? … and that they used it to erase all the evidence (the thousands of children’s skeletons) hidden in the closets on Epstein’s “Orgy Island” in the Bahama’s???

        • Country Codger

          Hi Paul,
          The Deep State developed the technology and control it to this day. Also, I believe it was more than just microwave. The microwave may have controlled direction but not intensity.
          Look at the following video and start at about 2:20 and the speaker will repeat it several times. Look for a dark blue band of energy streak across southern Florida and inject itself into Dorian. I believe what you see is the signature of a particle beam laser super heating the air to increase the power of Dorian. I do not believe it is a space based laser but rather one carried aboard a transport, i.e. C-130 and fired out the back gantry.

          The reason that I believe that it was fired in the atmosphere rather than from outside is the fact that it is mostly horizontal in nature rather than vertical. The USAF experimented with a particle beam laser aboard an F-15 as early as 1982 but the aircraft’s electrical output was not strong enough so, it was mounted on a stretched C-141 with an independent generator and it worked well.
          Food for thought.

  13. dadiz

    Yep, Chicago-Milwaukee region was sprayed extensively over the holiday weekend.

  14. Jerry

    You really can’t talk about geo engineering without talking about DARPA.

    Military space weapon technology has made standing military’s obsolete. President Trump just put a stamp on the Space Force only a week ago. FYI “ The Rod of God “ weapon is real. The main reason the Chinese have not taken the economic kill shot on the United States is out of fear of retaliation by the Military industrial complex and a weapon they have no defense for.

    • Jerry

      We are living in a different era that is characterized by advances in technology that most people can’t wrap their mind around. Before people discount Danes theory’s they need understand where we are. Here is a prime example. My son who is in corporate construction shared this with me.

      Construction jobs are being replaced with robotics. They have robots that they even use in surgery now. It’s totally unbelievable where technology has gone. Why not geo engineering to?

    • Coalburner

      Jerry is right on about the Rod. I think we tested it on China and couple years back. That Chemical ? Plant that went up in a huge explosion and the aerial photo next day shows a precision cut lake, very big lake, was a demonstration.

  15. Glen Singley

    He has animations!!!!!!

  16. H. Craig Bradley


    I am sorry, but I sincerely do not believe the government (military) really has the means (power) to alter our long term climate. Natural systems are very complex. Maybe, they can have a negligible affect locally for a short time, but even that is a reach. Recall, Native Americans believed in the merits of their Medicine Man doing a ‘Rain Dance’ to bring needed moisture to an arid landscape. In reality, our climate demonstrates long cycles over the course of history. Planet earth is quite resilient, as evidenced by the recovery of the area surrounding the former Soviet Nuclear Power Plant at Chernobyl.

    REF: Documentary ” The wolves of Chernobyl”

    All kinds of flora and fauna in the area affected by the radioactive exposure has recovered. In fact, the local gray timber wolf (Cannus Lupis ) population is doing better than ever without man’s interference or conflicts. However, the area is still fenced and human access strictly limited to only scientists due to high levels of latent radioactivity in the soil. The real secret here is when you took away 500,000 people, Mother Earth eventually healed itself.

    I would suggest that all lands eventually revert to their original condition or use, be it wetlands or desert. Our cities are not eternal. Eventually, the ones that we created by artificial means like Las Vegas, Nevada will revert back to arid desert with blowing tumbleweeds, as it once was before human habitation. There are many ghost towns scattered about the West today. I predict there will eventually be a whole lot more of them within the next 100 years. We are only temporary occupants of our Kingdom.

    We pride ourselves as Masters of the Universe by extending supernatural powers to our agencies. While it makes for some interesting conversations, it still seems silly in my mind. What man actually knows is a tiny subset of all worldly knowledge. God must find this all quite humorous, to say the least. We know nothing at all.

    • Greg Hunter

      H. Craig Bradly,

      I am sorry to you did no research and are totally ignorant on the weather modification subject. Even Former CIA Director brought up Geoengineering at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2016:


      • H. Craig Bradley

        I am sorry you believe that this ‘project can alter global climate patterns and naively believe a CIA Director at that. They never lie do they? Yes, there is a project but we are in disagreement as to its actual effect on global climate patterns. My case (opinion) is solid. You could just as well get a Indian to do a Rain Dance ceremony and if it was a good winter afterwards, claim a correlation. Simple mindedness or superstition?

        • Greg Hunter

          I am sorry you are so closed mined and lazy that you refuse to accept science that proves what is going on.

  17. Bill the Cat Guy

    The idea that mankind can control hurricanes is just incredibly laughable. So microwaves and lasers can move a storm the size of Florida??? This belongs in the Weekly World News.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are showing your extreme ignorance on the climate engineering subject. Please educate yourself so you don’t look so stupid, and maybe you could then comment with a real name and not some stupid “Bill the Cat Guy” name.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Apparently, Greg went off the deep end.

      • Greg Hunter

        Really “H”,
        Prove your point and use science and not your closed minded uneducated opinion.

    • Jerry

      I have personally seen military transport planes creating cloud banks over Whitman AF base to cover monitoring by enemy satellites. It’s real. Twenty years ago, they thought cell phones were science fiction to.

  18. Anthony Australia

    The weather here is the most inconsistent I’ve ever seen.

  19. Andy

    It this is true, then the military is guilty of all those fires in California and the crop failures in the mid/southwest. The flooding, deaths. If true, we must take it over.

  20. Rodster

    Dane Wigington, if you are reading any of these messages, please fix your website. I’ve been having trouble posting comments on your website. That includes using web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox.

    I’ve tried posting comments on different Windows 10 PC’s and I tried on my Mac Computer and I get no acknowledgement that the comment was accepted. “In the past I would get the message that my comment was awaiting moderation”. I no longer see that.

  21. Rodster

    Dane what do you make of Guy McPherson’s theory which he has coined the “McPherson Paradox? Is he admitting that Geoengineering is taking place without acknowledging it?

    Here is the “McPherson Paradox” because his theory sounds an awful lot like Geoengineering:

    “A) if we don’t stop burning fossil fuels and cut out the CO2 going into the atmosphere, runaway greenhouse will kill us;


    B) if we DO stop burning fossil fuels, particulate will stop going into the atmosphere and reflecting sunlight back into outer space. Once it goes away, temperatures will go up at 1.3 C in a matter of weeks, which will push us over the 3 C temperature limit.”

  22. paul ...

    Anyone who battles the entrenched evil power structure (like Dane) comes under attack … look at Trump, look at us silver stackers, etc., etc. … it is not that the elites don’t know that what they are doing is killing the Earth and everything on it (that is their ultimate goal i.e the Georgia Guidestones) … these evil Satanists “hate the Earth and everything on it” because God created it … and they want to destroy all God’s creations (from the humble bumble bee to man himself) … our answer to the evil Aluminum company “foxes” that took over the Alzheimer Foundation “hen house” (to stop people from getting info on how aluminum causes Alzheimer’s) … should be a massive counter attack completely boycotting their products … stop buying aluminum foil, stop buying aluminum pots and pans, stop buying candy and gum wrapped in aluminum foil, etc., etc. … just as we are currently boycotting the bank “foxes” who are manipulating the gold and silver “hen houses” (by becoming “our own bullion bank” and continuing to stack silver coins right into their manipulation efforts with Stan leading the charge) … and don’t forget to boycott the evil Demon-ratic Party in the upcoming 2020 election and vote for Trump … if we act together (as Jesus did when tempted by the Devil in the garden) and control our greed instincts (we only want silver to be priced “at it’s fair value” of $804 dollars as listed by the Debt Clock) … we can defeat evil!!

  23. Diane

    I just did a Google search of Dane Wigginton…everything he puts up is listed
    His website…Google search. Facebook. All his videos.

    • Greg Hunter

      He does not show up for the term “geoengineering”. He says he used to be at the top of the page for that term.

    • Bryan

      Google has admitted that it manipulates search results, auto fill results, etc, I wouldn’t trust using Google as far as I could throw a Volkswagen. If you type his name in DuckDuckGo search engine, you should come up with quite different results than done with Google.
      Good luck!

  24. francis m reps

    All people have merit in particular areas. You deserve praise and appreciation for serving as a platform for men like Dane Wigington to alert people about the destructive Geo engineering activities being carried on Worldwide. Wishful thinking and Religious fervor is alien to the likes of Mr. Wigington. One can really take Mr. Wigington’s observations ” To the Bank “. Would you consider inviting Mr. E, Michael Jones as a guest ?. francis m reps

  25. GrayEagle48

    🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Hosea 8:7 For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up. KJV
    Judgement day.

  26. Dave

    I hope the Venus syndrom will destroy the deep state and the Clintons as Mark Taylor predicted. Trump and the patriots are in full control. They play 4d chess every day !

  27. Justn Observer

    Always suspect when I hear ….UN-NAMED ‘sources’ and ‘whistleblowers’
    How about looking up the commercial aircraft on flight 24 radar =
    get their tail numbers….and go to their destination and identify the pilots/plane… take samples it they do have nozzels….and charge them with crimes against humanity?
    Also …should not be to hard to get some group to get a plane up and take air samples right behind those planes….lots of corporate jets of environmentalist should be able to do that…and get actual data and video of those planes and tail numbers…..
    Can’t believe with all the ‘green peace’ style groups this has not ever been done? or it is because it is NOT really happening and the weather really IS a solar event = grand solar minimum?
    Can they seed clouds – appears so. can they make rain-snow drop in one place rather than another – ya. But how evil is…..making a storm that huge…stop over an island and wipe out CIVILIAN people or hit a coast with nuclear reactors and possibly cause a fukushima event? Pretty damn evil…
    Likely is a harp use to some extent….but if their experiments are nefarious as Dane reports….there needs to be trials and executions…and if their ‘experiments’ are killing off forests and fires etc….people /agencies/companies must be held liable…both criminally and financially…
    So maybe…identify areas the highest percentage of spraying is done according to Dane, have him research cost for use of a plane sufficient to collect such evidence, have all concerned contribute to him sufficient to contract such plane and launch and identify /follow specific flights…then identify below citizens willing to file police reports and tort claims against them…using a grand jury of citizens in areas specifically targeted…criminally for health and damage to property (farms/crops- tree farms etc.)
    If the flights are military planes and no identifiers transmitted…than they should be followed to destination…photographed on landing…and steps taken with extreme prejudice if pilots are identified and come off base…if shown to be ‘hostile’ to the nation and it’s sovereignty…GOOD LUCK getting the current alphabet agencies to do anything ! lol Heck…most of the posts of who might be behind it are allowed in social media – main stream or alt. lmedia it appears!

    • Justn Observer

      Noticed on Mr. Wigington’s site
      there are over 33 million…at 10 cents each …one would think a budget to lease/hire few private jet flights is not out of reach?

      • Justn Observer

        as for Dane Wigington suspicious .ie reason for Bahamas ?
        Bahamas = pro Loyalists…and later of pro Nazi british..drug runners and rat-line outposts….read its history…

        alo ng with his friend = , a friend of Hermann Göring
        Looking at Paradise Island – old Hog Island and maybe God’s hand taking out new Chinese outposts being built = ?

        • Justn Observer

          heidi moulton 1 hour ago
          The Chinese are building a naval port on Abaco and promising the Bahamians military protection:
          Big League Politics has learned from Bahamian sources that residents are afraid to talk about the new Chinese installation in Coopers Town, which has a population of 676 on the island of Abaco. The 45-acre port was built by the China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) and is financed by the EXIM Bank of China and the Bahamian government. The port is closed and the road around it is too small for even construction trucks to drive on. Locals speculate that the port will be used for submarines.

          ( So..if true…talk about a JFK Cuba missile crisis …if the Chinese subs are nuclear capable and just off shore in the Bahamas? Would that be considered a crisis in the current climate of things?)

    • Arno ORSINI

      Dear Greg,
      They are burning up from the top down from extream UV radiation. Dane mentions this in passing without emphasis.
      If solar radiation management was not in full force for many years now the surface of the earth would be completely inhospitable.
      I would love to discuss this issue with you.
      Arno Orsini

      • Greg Hunter

        If these weasels were doing so much good, then why not bring this out to the public? Answer me here.

  28. Bill B

    I do not doubt Danes words, he is authentic. BUT, when he talks about our military being able to control hurricanes ., and where are with AI and where it is going, often i wonder if i am on a different planet
    I know God and his son Jesus Christ are in charge, but i still am in awe of where we have gone since 9/11

    • Greg Hunter

      Now that you brought up 9/11/01 a ne report on Building #7: Spoiler alert, “Fire” or “vibration” did not bring this 47 story building down which totally refutes the “official” story!

  29. iwitness02

    Sure does make one think about Mark 13: 19, 20.
    Keeping the people divided and distracted sure is working.
    Somewhat horrifying that we cannot overcome the MSM propaganda and unite as one people in order to fight back. Talk about playing in a rigged game.
    I guess that the same people who keep us divided, are the same ones who will unite us.
    They will (I hope) unite us by pushing us too far.
    I figure when they finally pass a bill that instructs Mr. and Mrs. America to turn in all weapons, that will unite the majority.
    Some sites that I listen to claim that things are being fixed. There is even a little evidence that the rule of law is being pursued. But there is even more evidence that we are in deep trouble. Which brings us back to Mark 13.
    It is some sort of reverse miracle that information as important as geoengineering, is so hard to make known to the public. Thank you, Dane for trying so hard, and thank you to Greg.
    It is all so amazing in a grim sort of way.

  30. Stan

    This Gold market is currently extremely manipulated. No fundamental reason whatsoever for $1500+ Gold. My sources tell me Mario Draghi will put an abrupt stop to this manipulation.

    • Justn Observer

      lol, lol, LOL…. ask Bix Weir who has been /is manipulating PM…he has studied, filed against, exposed them for over a decade…. Road to Truth Behind Market Manipulation Bix Weir
      The Road to Roota Theory Bix Weir. It was January 2007 when I first discovered the information released by the Federal Reserve Bank, Boston that changed my understanding of the gold & silver markets, the financial markets, the energy markets, the monetary system as well as the true essence of my country, the United States of America

    • paul ...

      How does it feel bankster Stan to have us stackers manipulation the market upward?? … wait until we drive silver up past $21.44 … the bullion banksters will also be crying for Fed help to bail them out … the Fed will have to use money printed out of thin air … and that will only drive the price of silver even higher!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … your bankster buddy at Deutsche Bank (CEO Christian Sewing) is warning that more monetary easing by the ECB and negative interest rates will ruin the financial system the banksters have created for themselves … where they have been able to lease gold at 1% (sell it into the market to raise cash) and then buy Treasury bonds yielding 3% making themselves a nice profit … all at the expense of the common people who save precious metal as a store of value … the banksters have been keeping gold under selling pressure by the selling of gold and silver they don’t even own using derivatives (just so their leasing cost can be kept low) … so now the banksters are squirming Stan as negative yields on bonds is putting their leasing and selling of gold “into the red” … they are losing big money on their gold leasing trade … and so are complaining “that it will divide society” if the common people can make money on gold and silver going up the way the banksters have been making money by pushing it down … it is about time Stan that we stackers “divide the banksters out of society” by lifting asset prices … so we will keep buying physical silver Stan and we will force it’s price in fiat dollars above $21.44 to put the evil banksters derivatives “deep in the red” .. where they will have to begin “buying silver to cover their shorts” … with the Deutsche Bank CEO “now squealing about how unjust it is that society is being split” where the rich banksters are not at the top of the food chain any longer … means we good common people are winning the battle against the evil banksters … we stackers will overturn the evil banksters tables the same way Jesus did!! …

    • K. Wayne

      Oh…..I cant wait . Then Gold will SKYROCKET….!!!
      Sniff…sniff…sniff….are they your shorts burning Stan?
      OMG they’re on fire. 4th degree burns are not a pretty site.

    • JC

      Stan, you’re a genius.”

      Richard Russell: “When investment “geniuses” like Warren Buffett displays his ignorance by denouncing gold, it adds little to his legacy.”

  31. Merry Piper

    Greg: My heartfelt appreciation for having Dane Wigington on again. You are a courageous truth teller on USAWatchdog. I have been listening to Dane’s weekly Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News for many years. Thank you Dane Wigington for your heroic service to humanity. You are a true light in this world.

  32. Jim

    Greg, are you aware of SuspiciousObservers?
    They might have another view on the climate issue.

  33. Steve Twitchell

    I am not trying to be difficult but . . . how does what Dane says correspond with those who are reporting solar sunspot activity dramatically lower. They say a mini ice age is on the way. Both groups claim scientific fact. Both seem extremely sincere. I am not a scientist. Prepping for both is way beyond my budget or abilities. It would be really helpful to have a debate between the two opinions. Something doesn’t compute somewhere. I just wish I knew where the “somewhere” is.

    • Greg Hunter

      You should take some time to watch the links at the end of the post in the After the Interview section and study some on

      • Steve Twitchell

        YES. I have read and watched many of his videos. I agree with the chemtrails as I have seen them too. Something is going on there. But I can find no information from him regarding solar cycles. ie. Maunder minimum and the ice age effect of lack of sunspots. Is God protecting us and the Earth from the evils of this bio-engineering?

  34. Mike G

    One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small and the one that mother gives you, doesn’t do anything at all. Ask Alice……

  35. Jim H

    The thing I have a hard time wrapping my head around is the folks doing the geoengineering are killing themselves as well.

    • paul ...

      Jim … It’s because they never learned anything in school … all they know is 2 + 2 = 5 quadrillion … if they studied “science in high school” they would know “silver is the most reflective of all the metals” … and they would be putting “silver coated” Mylar shields in space around our planet to reflect away the solar radiation … not idiotically toxifying our atmosphere poisoning every damn living breathing thing on planet Earth and making it even harder to teach “anything” to the next generation of “aluminum retarded autism’ed” school children!!

      • paul ...

        Dane knows the world is in big trouble … and all the politicians know the world is in big trouble … “it can’t be” … that it is only me who knows that silver can save our world (both physically and monetarily) … so continue to save it stackers … silver will eventually save our world … and in more ways then just us getting a few extra worthless Fed fiat paper dollar IOU’s put into our pockets!!

  36. Anthony Australia

    Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley.

  37. Justn Observer

    Greg, Concerning the crops and diminishing growing seasons… a mathematical tool everyone can use to bypass political views as to whether the weather is cooling or warming… Likely an early frost is expected to diminish the some of the late planted crops.
    What is GGD , a GROWING DEGREE DAY formula put into a tool by Christian at Ice Age….so Thanks to Christian….
    What is a GDD =
    About what we and the farmers are experiencing =
    Check your zip code or put in your state abbv. in his tool page… many counties in MO. have lost – 20%
    Many essential areas are plummeting ! How is yours?
    At what temp do seeds not germinate? If they do….will they have a long enough season to get to harvest?

    • Justn Observer

      As a side note…how about some odd coincidence of D arpa administrator Gise ( Jeff Bezo’s grandfather, AG Bill Barr, Robert Swan Mueller III… and strangely about Amazon designed much like ARPA PROCUREMENT CHANNEL? Did Jeff plagerize a gov’t designed system of taxpayers expense to become the richest guy on earth? hmmm
      And how did the nuclear trigger at rockflats end up in FBI hands after Mueller ‘the mule’ raided the place? lol as the story moves into the tri-state area of MO = Lead, Zinc mining…. .
      find more ‘coincidences’ =

  38. The Canuck

    I live on the east coast of Vancover Island, Canada smack dab on the 50th line of latitude. Noticeably heavy spraying in the sky this year. There can be as many as five or six lines in the sky at relatively low altitude. The worst thing is when I mention it to people they are completely clueless and unaware.

  39. oneno

    The independent scientist who developed the technology for steering hurricanes away from harms way had the technology hijacked by the military.

    His weather book describes how these storm systems form and work and provides two very simple solutions to dissipate the energy of these storms:

    1. Use space satellite lasers to steer the storms further north (or south) away from the stable equatorial electron belt towards the unstable proton belt where the energy for the storms can dissipate.

    2. Have a vast array of buoys grounded to the sea floor and have balloons attached to the buoys with metal cables to drain the electrical energy of the storms at the leading edge.

    Listen to the August 29, 2019 Science Hour podcast where he talks about President’s alleged (by the MSM) comment for blowing-up hurricanes with a nuclear bomb. He talks about this right from the start of the podcast and at the 30:39 mark.

    He talks about the ways to control hurricanes by shorting-them-out at the 43:15 mark in the podcast.

    He also talks about the Amazon forest fires being started by laser satellite.

    The Russians who worked with this independent scientist to develop this technology saw the technology hijacked by the US military and tried to outlaw weather modification as a weapon of war during the mid-90’s at the UN. The United States refused to sign this agreement.

    So this technology is now used as a weapon by the US military even against the people of the United States.

    • paul ...

      oneno … Good to hear from another physicist like me … I think more physicists should begin to speak out … and on more subjects then just physics!!

  40. oneno

    Hurricane Dorian is a manipulated storm.

  41. tim mcgraw

    Well, the government always screws up eventually. Hopefully someday they will accidentally stall a hurricane over Washington DC.

  42. tim mcgraw

    I use duck duck go for my search engine. I hate Google. I searched North Pole Ice, Arctic Ice, etc. I found old articles and photos, but nothing in the last year. That is ODD! If you folks have some real data on current sea ice at the North Pole, please share it to corroborate what Dane Wigington is saying.

  43. Jerry

    Could the hurricanes be a distraction to divert the public from a major economic shift? I’m beginning to think so. Here is what the central banks have really been up to.

    The MSM? They’re nothing but sheep. They regurgitate the same fake news information over and over again from each other. No analysis or original thought what do ever!

  44. Stan

    China trade talks back on track! Gold now in full blown crash mode – Did I not warn you?

    • jim

      Stan , I beginning to believe you are not a troll after all, Your just that stupid.

    • H. Craig Bradley

      Gold ain’t done yet. Obviously, this is a correction and remember how volatile gold is. Buy some bullion coins and put them away. Gold is a hedge against the unexpected and not a bullet proof investment. Only buy what you can afford to set aside indefinitely. Its NOT cash. If you want to trade gold and attempt to beat the market, then buy the Gold ETF GLD. ETF’s (a derivative product) were designed to be traded by active managers or speculators alike. You can not redeem it for physical gold. So, Its paper gold only.

    • paul ...

      Stan … a $40 fluctuation down in gold is a crash???

  45. Stan

    And y’all laughed when I warned of a Gold crash! Ha ha ha ha

    • Greg Hunter

      You got one simi-correct call amid a sea of very bad calls.

    • paul ...

      Stan … and you were laughing when gold rose from $1350 to $1550 … … did you notice on the above chart that there is a lot of resistance at the $1550 level that gold must get through … when knocking a door down “you have to bring the mallet back” to take another good swing (it’s simple physics Stan)!!

    • K. Wayne

      Stan, I’m still laughing… wouldn’t know a “Crash” even if your were in one.
      A 2% move has been the norm for the last month. If you are playing those sorts of margins under leverage, you need deep pockets for any sizable gains. Your losses to date should have wiped you out by now. So I contest that you like to talk and have no proof of your so called strategy, execution or success.
      Worth noting You should be very careful at this point because the 1550 level has been hit twice now.
      Next time it goes parabolic. Whatever capital you have left will disappear faster than breaking wind in a hurricane.
      Once interest rates continue on their downward trajectory (and they will because the FED will be forced to play catch up), the Dollar will get hit and PM’s will skyrocket.

  46. Theta Lion

    Well, there’s nothing more criminal than what they’re doing with Geoengineering…..and here is the path way out…..
    How about interviewing the author

  47. Stan

    Folks, this is day 1 of the crash. If you heeded my warnings you will be fine.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have lost your a$$ ever since gold $1,300.

      • Stan

        No, I have been averaging in with additional leveraged short positions.

        • Greg Hunter

          So what happened to all the shorts you were telling us about with gold in the $1,300’s and 1,400’s???

          • Stan

            Still holding them

            • Greg Hunter

              You are way underwater man!

  48. Jose Sanchez Gallardo

    Is there a call in number to listen to Dane Wigington because I don’t have unlimited data and sometimes I don’t have free access to the internet.

  49. Addison Libby

    “It’s an historical, verifiable fact and verifiable in the immediate term as well as we have animations of radio frequency microwave transmissions directly interacting with, interfering with and steering that storm (Dorian) as well as other storms such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria.”
    Why, then , over the Bahamas and not Cuba? The Bahamas are no danger or a problem to the US. Now Cuba, that’s altogether a different matter.

    • Greg Hunter

      There might be something to the reported Chinese sub base in the Bahamas? I do not know. USA has a base in Cuba too.

  50. Sylvia Sterling

    Mr. Wigingon has perfect understanding of his subject matter. It is very important that everyone should understand it.
    His verbal delivery at times is too fast and not understandable. He needs to hire someone who talks very carefully. Sound was on ‘bass’ too much. He should get someone else to
    deliver his message. I know this is late, but felt it was important. Listen to the first paragraph of his report.

  51. Jose Sanchez Gallardo

    NationalWeatherService ‘Rapid Refresh’ App. You use it to see forecasts for ‘Smoke’
    Just click any of the LOOP boxes with a ✔ in it to see videos.
    “NearSurfaceSmoke” is smoke which hovers & floats within 26 feet of the ground. “VerticallyIntegratedSmoke” is all the smoke in a vertical column, including high atmosphere smoke.


    Hey Democrats it is their dry season therefore no rain to help put the fires out. You want to do to the Amazon what you did to CA which is why we burned so bad last year because of crazy environmental laws that made it impossible to take out biomass or do controlled burns like the Native Americans use to do regularly. But you say nothing about the pot growers who have moved into Humboldt county, your district and made it a cesspool, who divert stream beds, shoot the wildlife, leave human waste, chemicals, trash in their wake and do nothing to clear the land of the biomass that burns when fires ignite. You ran the timber industry out of CA despite trees being a renewable resources and the industry actually creating good paying jobs with benefits, roads to get to the fires and reducing biomass for pot that has now been shown to be the trigger for mental health disorders, schizophrenia etc…. because of the high THC levels now in pot. Now we have homeless, drug addicts with mental health disorders littering our streets, throwing the free heroin needles they are given by the taxpayers on the streets for innocent people to step on and get hepatitis or worse. So before you condemn this administration clean up your own backyard as at least President Trump has made the drug epidemic a national emergency that will hopefully shed light and bring some much needed help to the problem. Obama did absolutely nothing about it and neither have the failed policies of the Democrats who have ruled CA legislatively for the last few decades, I know because I have worked in them as a Social Worker for over 25 and use to be a Democrat! We have almost 300,000 homeless drug addicts, many with mental health disorders living in our streets under Democratic rules and policies. I have not been a career politician like you and your fellow millionaire cronies ie Pelosi, Feinstein etc… who care only about their wallets and not their constituents who they want to trade in for illegal aliens and refuse to secure the border against the drugs coming in that are killing people daily! You are a disgrace as is your buddy McGuire and Woods. So before you worry about the Amazon start worrying about the areas that you represent that have been devastated by Democratic policies!

  52. Joe

    Spraying stopped here in the Colorado foothills about a month ago. Reports indicated President Trump had them stopped. Now they have returned worse than ever.
    I searched for ‘Geoengineering’ on West Wing Reads which appears to come directly from The White House. But there were no results.
    Geoengineering and 5g deployment appear to be intentionally killing us slowly. Nothing from our political leaders. I have no idea what to tell my family by way of explanation. Dane is articulate technically. But he has no idea who is behind this or why. Just “the military”. This is Twilight Zone material.

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