Hurricane Harvey Disaster for America, Fuel Prices, Economy Sinking into Recession

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 299 9.1.17)

Hurricane Harvey has ravaged Texas and Louisiana, but losses will spread across the United States. Everyone will feel the impact in some way.  Hurricane Katrina losses totaled $175 billion, and Harvey could be twice that or more.  (Texas Rep. Pete Sessions: Harvey Impact Could Reach $1 Trillion.)  Oil prices will spike, and banks and insurance companies, ultimately, will face big losses on flooded housed and vehicles.

At least 25% of refinery capacity has been shut down by Hurricane Harvey. Experts say that this will cause fuel and petroleum product prices to spike.  How high will prices go?  Will there be shortages?  It will take weeks and months to find this out, but higher prices are locked in now.

The latest figures from are out, and economist John Williams says it looks like a recession is “imminent or one is already underway.”

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Financial writer and gold expert Bill Holter of will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”

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    • Frederick

      No you read it wrong Actually 8 in 9 have no flood insurance

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Generally I thought your old CNN has done pretty well covering the flood…better than the Weather channel for human interest stories. The Trump bashers were checked by wiser heads I expect.
      The word has to be out there that their bs is so negative it only depresses people. I stopped reading Roberts because of the hopelessness and jesses’ cafe because of the negative hellfire preaching. Maybe his wife from Heaven can tell him to cut out slamming all humanity with religious sermons on his blog. “You’re all selfish and no good and the world stinks and the sky is falling!” over and over every day. OK, we get it. And we can’t live with sepia glasses on…sepia lens with gold rims.

      • Donald

        For those who are tired of web sites that favor fake news (such as Google News, or Bing News, and so on), you may want to try the search engine and use it to find news to read. Much better news stories are listed there and it doesn’t monitor what you do so like Google does. For those who aren’t aware of it, Google records everything you do and sends ads to you based on where you have gone. That’s how they make their money. But all those ads slow the response of your computer and often are just too much. Since I made the change I feel like the guy who said “free at last, free at last!!!” My computer works better, I have far fewer annoying ads to deal with and I get much better news.

  1. Frederick

    Lack of interest ? Are they kidding ? Everyone who voted for Trump would love to see Hillary investigated and many would love to see her locked up myself included

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      At least as far back as the Waco/Foster/missing evidence at her own feet. Our justice dept. has much more to answer for than the latest shenanigans.

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    That was undoubtedly one, if not the most, informative newscasts I have ever witnessed! I have no idea how you find the time to do all that you do; I’m just grateful that you do. By the way, rather than getting worn down by the battle, you seem to be gaining strength week by week. I’m in awe.

    • Russ McMeans

      Kudos sir William, Greg is a true news junkie like me, but with a nice website and microphone. News energizes us and since we have faith in God, we don’t get overly depressed like many folks out there. Greg’s beginning part about water soaked real estate and the repercussions is very accurate and far sighted.
      May I venture a bit more as a contruction/ handyman?
      Much sheet rock, appliances, etc will be needed thus causing price spikes. Oh and illegal immigrant labor plus their benefits to add on top of the pie. And Greg is very correct about our economy not being able to take another hit. The cherry on top of that beautiful pie would be a big earthquake in my beloved Calitopia. That would be a big bummer but at least I would get to see Jerry’ Brown’s dream come crashing down. I’m prepared for that day. The liberals will go crazy. And God bless Willie Nelson for that great song……

  3. Corleone

    Hurricane Harvey is a blessing in disguise for the construction companies and casual workers. Texasan economy needs another hurricane of this type for its growth.

    • FC

      With over 80% of homes with no flood insurance, there will be no blessing to speak of here, only misery.

    • Russ McMeans

      Be nice! Hush. It’s true but don’t say that in front of people who lost their homes and belongings. Think about it. We are connected to our homes and stuff.

    • Chip

      Yeah so let’s just nuke portions of the state and that will create a huge economic boom as we rebuild the affected areas (eyes rolling)… Chip

    • freebrezer

      Corleone – There is no blessing at all when one group of people are totally devastated and left with nothing while another group benefits from their misfortune. Yes these folks will get very low interest loans to help rebuild … but who in their right mind wants to go further in debt? This is an absolute economic negative not positive. And yes certain groups will do extremely well – appliance stores (washers, refrigerators, etc) will do a brisk business, along with construction, furnishing stores etc,. … but when certain segments of business benefits from the misfortune of another group that have lost everything (in some cases) I can not call that a blessing.

    • Roger

      Sure, let’s rebuild in designated flood zones and subsidize all the construction with tax dollars. Wonderful. Surely man can circumvent God’s natural law that water flow downhill.

      If anyone is looking to create jobs for meaningful work there is a wall that could be built and jails for you-know-who.

  4. Sayonara

    Hurricane Irma is anticipated to be a Cat 5 and is heading for the east coast next week. We could have another major weather calamity that severely takes down the economy. This is getting really scary. I think our Black Swans have finally arrived to roost. Things are getting ugly at an accelerating rate. Get prepared as we are in for times we could never imagine.
    And Mueller is investigating what?
    We are governed by extremely sick, mentally disordered and evil people PERIOD!

    • Russ McMeans

      The ultimate cherry on the pie: Kim shoots another missile, but over our country while we’re going through another hurricane. God would be speaking then to us, but Mueller and Trump haters- which is most of congress, won’t hear it. They’re blind.

  5. Tom

    President Trump donates $1 million of his own personal money to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
    What did the Clintons do? They stole billions from the victims of the Haiti earthquake.
    Hopefully the Democratic Party will be a small third party by 2020

    • Frederick

      Where is the donation from the Bushes or Dick Cheney?

  6. Paul ...

    Seeing as how the banksters and their Deep State buddies have the technical capability to control hurricanes (i.e. hurricane Harvey, Sandy, etc.) … I bet they are planning to direct hurricane Irma into the Gulf to hit more oil refineries … but Irma probably needs to get close enough to Florida so they can use their microwave towers to block it from going up the East Coast … the banksters just can’t afford to allow the price of oil to fall to $20 dollars per barrel!! …

  7. adrian illingworth geelong
    Go to 100.00 to hear Dick Morris on new book Rogue Spooks.
    Better title would have been, Rogue Stooges.
    The 3 Stooges / Morell/ Brennan/ Clapper!
    Stooges of who? Sorry Soros /Hillary / Obama,
    the original Stooges of old Sol Alinsky!

    • adrian illingworth geelong
      Sorry, folks! This will get you to the right one. Rogue Spooks, Dick Morris.
      100.00 mark or listen to full show.

      • Charley Sturt

        Now, one of the things that I have learned about Hillary Clinton is that one of her heroes, her mentors was Saul Alinsky. And her senior thesis was about Saul Alinsky. This was someone that she greatly admired and that affected all of her philosophies subsequently.
        Now, interestingly enough, let me tell you something about Saul Alinsky. He wrote a book called, “Rules for Radicals.” On the dedication page it acknowledges Lucifer, the original radical who gained his own kingdom. …
        This is a nation where every coin in our pocket, and every bill in our wallet says, “In God We Trust.” So, were we willing to elect someone as president who has as her role model somebody who acknowledges Lucifer? Think about that.

        There’s a lot to unpack here. It is true that, in the front of his book, Alinsky does acknowledge Lucifer in what could be read, in a sort of positive way:

        Saul Alinsky’s dedication to, “Rules for Radicals” ;
        [Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.]

        Was Saul a stooge for Lucifer, Satan the devil? Hillery for Alinsky? [And the rest]? AKA, as in the original Gilligan’s island, theme song.
        You be the judge, not Seth, Gina. Rich!

        You just cant make this stuff up! Or can you Greg? Deep creep psyops psycho’s!

        Maybe Clapper will run his trapper on this subject when he speaks to his boss’es, bought and paid for media stooges? But then, the media
        talking heads should know by now that the American sheeple have been sheared by this liar so many time’s now, to ever believe his clap trap bull Shiite!

    • Russ McMeans

      Thanks for the link! I’ve got the iHeartRadio app so I’m there. Turn yer expensive smart phone into a radio folks. Yer eyes need a screen time break. Plus you can get to work while receiving your PHD in conservative thought. It’ll make ya a smart ass.

    • Just The Facts

      Paul, I am finding the same response from the sleeping general public when the subject of weather manipulation is brought up as the response to chemtrails over the last twenty-five years. If these sheeple can’t admit to aerial spraying which is visible to them, they will never acknowledge radio and microwaves that are invisible. I often wonder what these same people will think and say when the whole system changes for the worst and they find themselves living in third world poverty. How will they explain it and WHO will they blame. I bet it will not be themselves when the hand wringing begins!

  8. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Pyonyang is Russia’s and China’s cold war blunder. It’s an economic basket case run by a psychopathic little tyrant. It offers nothing to it’s benefactors for the patronage it receives. Both would benefit immensely from the economic power of a united Korea. It makes perfect sense that Russia and China would be content to let America shed it’s blood and treasure to undo their mistake. The United States, Russia and China conducted hundreds of missile and bomb tests to develop ICBMs at a cost of billions over decades. I don’t believe North Korea did this on their own. They can’t even feed themselves. I believe they were given lots of help. Perhaps they even got help from our own intelligence agencies. Did the missile guidance technology Clinton sold to China end up in North Korean hands? Were they given designs for miniaturized warheads?

    • Russ McMeans

      Spot on Mal. This mess is in our lap now too.

  9. dachsielady

    Thank you for explaining in detail what the hurricane damage in Houston means. I guess I did not have a clear enough understanding because what I saw of newscasts over the web from mainstream media seemed to be dramatizing and manipulating their coverage and utterly failed in giving good solid objective information on the current situation from the people there during the event. All the MSM is going to do is use the crisis to try to gain viewership.

    I received requests from donations from about six organizations but I am leery of donations collections when we do not have a clue as to how the money is going to be spent, and there can be abuses and thefts of funds in disorganized crisis situations like this. Also I suspect many of these donation collections are not tax deductible, and there will be abuses and thefts of donations.

    It would seem best to try to get the displaced people back into their abode in the fastest way possible. Clean up and clear out of the flooded houses and apartments needs to be accomplished in the fastest most efficient way possible to get the residents back home. Also it would seem to be a good idea to pay the able bodied victims for clean up and fix up work that will be widely available. That would be better than just having able bodied people just sitting in shelters. I agree with your comments about help going first to U.S. citizens.

    Regarding that denial of a FOIA request based on “lack of public interest” , there is a very recent legal ruling that does appear to impact that absurd denial.

    “Judge Orders FBI To Make Details Of Clinton Email Probe Public
    Photo of Jack Crowe
    Jack Crowe ”

    The people of the USA have lost total trust and respect for the FBI and the DOJ. We wonder why those swamps have not been completely drained.

  10. sean

    Greg, Sorry for being off topic BUT did you see the attempted assassination of Trump?

    • JMiller

      Was not an assassination attempt.

  11. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Another great news wrap up Greg. Thank you for reminding us just how AWFUL are and will be the consequences of Hurricane Harvey. Already over here in the UK the Harvey ‘story’ is slipping behind the trivia of our Brexit negotiations which are already pushing our politicians into irrelevant navel gazing.

  12. John

    Wow. You really presented a deep analysis of the Houston disaster clearly and concisely, especially regarding the “ripple effect” it will have throughout the country. My compliments on your excellent presentation. I will forward to some friends and encourage them to watch as well.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John!

    • Russ McMeans

      Me too John! Sharing with friends and even enemies is a good thing.

  13. Robert Dziok

    Here are two important facts to keep in mind why the West REALLY wants war and “Regime Change” with North Korea. Putin himself has pointed this out and they are mentioned in various reports such as given on YouTube.
    1. North Korea doesn’t have Western controlled (Rothschild) banks.
    2. North Korea has land full of TRILLIONS of wealth in minerals not yet mined.

  14. pat the rat

    Have you seen the cost of flood insurance! The price you pay monthly is outrageous. I could not pay it to much money, try sewer back up insurance instead. Ten thousand is better then nothing. You have to tell your insurance agent that you want it or he won’t sing you up for it.

    • Frederick

      Rat wouldn’t the price depend on your risk level i.e. oceanfront greater than a mile inland

  15. Kraig

    Love your passion. Spot on Today. Thanks.

  16. Russ

    And in other old news in which the public is uninterested …
    “New Evidence Reveals Comey Exonerated Hillary Before Key Witness Interviews”

  17. Tad

    Homes are worthless. Fuel to run Houston’s economy, ironically, at depressed levels.
    Banks extremely vulnerable. Possibly the first in a long line of Black Swans.

    Whether Houston and surrounding environs survive might depend on a Trump-declared
    debt default across all asset classes. Or trillions are throw at those without jobs and flood insurance. Without saying, goes government funding for rebuilding energy infrastructure.

    Actually, I’m expecting a mass exodus from Houston for those that can afford so.

    My guess is they have about two weeks or less to finalize their grand plans. Perhaps
    serendipity or chance has eclipsed the North Korea, Russia, and China stories–for better or worse.

    Do we finance rebuilding America or finance war machinery and the mistaken belief that conventional wars with evildoers can be realized over long periods. You know, like 13 years in Afghanistan.

    • Frederick

      I think ” worthless” may not be accurate Most can be renovated I believe

  18. Larry White

    I did not realize this until recently, but Yale School of Management not only has a blog on systemic risk, they offer a masters degree in the study of it:

    Seems like if Yale takes this problem seriously, so should we.


  19. David

    Really, The Judge needs to go to a Rehab Camp to properly adjudicate the rule of law re:
    Sherriff Joe!
    From my Little Chair

  20. Wade

    Dane Wigington had this man speak at a recent event. Please put him on your program. Our country needs to wake up now or we will collapse.

  21. Diane

    Wow, Greg….great report. Scary ain’t the word on this Texas disaster.
    Joesph P. Farrell posted another very “high octane spectulation. Another very scary thought.
    Joseph would be a very interesting guest on

    • Paul ...

      Diane … Guess since the neocon warmongers can’t get Russia to nuke us … they want to drill a hole into Yellowstone to wipe us out!!

  22. Paige Barent


    What a wonderful commentary on the current state of affairs. I think that we have just witnessed the black swan event that overloads our drowning financial system. (No pun intended.) Perhaps, we all better buckle-up…

  23. Coaster

    Hi Greg…The USA I believe is powerless to do anything about N. Korea with conventional weapons. If they tried, N. Korea could obliterate Seoul. I also believe NK would target S. Korean nuclear power sites as well. Their only option would be nuclear weapons and I don’t believe they would go that far.

  24. Jerry

    As we draw closer to October 1st I can’t help but wonder if this is the reason that Texas is in the crosshairs of the deep states HARP program?

    Do any amount of research you want and you will find two correlation’s. When ever a country ( or in this case a state) tries to cut the umbilical cord from the World Bank and the Federal Reserve, something tragic usually happens to them. Especially if it involves gold. Just ask Muammar Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein. And now as hurricane Irma gains strength headed toward the gulf coast one has to wonder? One thing I know for sure. The Luciferian’s running this diabolical show are capable of anything.

    • Paul ...

      Talk about a diabolical show … look what Lucifer did to us by getting us out of the Garden of Eden … we were made to work by the sweat of our brow (to till the fields … fertilize, water and spray insecticides to feed ourselves) … and of course buying all those necessary products to grow food Monsanto (Satan’s company) … if we remember back how God ran the show … we didn’t have to till the soil in the Garden of Eden … nor did we have to fertilize or spray insecticides … our food was not genetically engineered to be seedless and it was healthy and nutritious … we now face a world wide economic calamity where each of us will have to grow our own food … lets do it God’s way as we try to get back to what Eden was like!! …

    • Frederick

      There’s a story on Zerohedge about Chinas plan to back oil purchases with a gold backed Yuan Things could get interesting if this is true

  25. Jerry

    What does it say about the future of the dollar when a member of the United Arab Emirates begins to trade in Yuan instead of dollars.

    • Frederick

      Jerry Even the Turkish Lira is soaring against the dollar Stick a fork in the dollar

    • freebrezer

      It says all great shows come to end … Hopefully the USA can bow out gracefully and retain it’s honor!

    • Jerry

      Please post this. This is massive!!

      Please folks. Get yourselves ready. Time is running out. In case you can’t connect the dots on this newswire let me help you. THIS IS THE END OF THE PETRODOLLAR!
      Now we know why the Rothschild’s pulled out of the stock market. They are securing their position with gold!

  26. Tony Gaetani

    great show Greg

  27. Flattop

    GREG: After Harvey, if Hurricane Irma a possible cat 5, slams into the east coast 5 days from now, we gotta problem. Do we have emergency services to handle two disasters??

    • Russ McMeans

      Having 2 cherries on top of the pie is not allowed. Not proper. We could blame God or have Al Gore blame us though. Someone’s got to to take the hit dude!
      If that puppy hits us, at least we will have the joy of watching our quizzling congress wet their panties.
      I hate government so it will be fun to watch. Wish those hurricanes would go to D.C. , though. Texans deserve much better than the crappy liberal coastal cities. It’s true!

    • freebrezer

      Flattop – add in there a very large earth quack on the west coast, and things going very ugly!

  28. W. Ferch

    Perfect storm. Severe global cooling and economic wreck. Pray! Ferch

    • Russ McMeans

      Ferch; if we pay Al Gore a ‘carbon credit tax’ , can we stop these darn hurricanes? Maybe the mainstream media can kick in a few bucks too!

  29. Alan Livingston

    Hi from Canada…………Calgary AB that is.

    I too am pro-Trump, for the most part. I’m Anti Hillary all the way.
    It has been mentioned before and needs repeating, at least I believe so, Trump is making a mistake claiming responsibility for the higher markets & lower unemployment. A day will come, as it always does, where the markets tank and the real numbers come out. Shadowstats being one of them. Unfortunately, his following, as is yours, is limited to much less than 10 % of the nation. There will be heck to pay when this happens.

    I live in Calgary. We had the Bow River exceed its banks in a big way a few years ago. It brought certain areas, to its knees. Volunteers went into these areas, stripped the interiors of the homes, cleaned up, and made life somewhat bearable for those behind the 8 ball. It still cost a small fortune to bring homes back to some semblance of normalcy. The situations in Texas and Louisiana are many times worse.

    Unemployment will spike, businesses that were/are on the edge will likely shut down. IF, I do not know, the city centre was hit hard, they will need to be gutted to the water line and more, electrical will need to be replaced and much more. The city could well be out of work for several weeks as every able-bodied tradesman will be put to work while their own homes may be in need of much work. I truly hope that those that are from high ground and have the ability to help those in need show up in force.

    I enjoy your rants and most of your guests.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

    • Russ McMeans

      Great post Alan. We’ll get it done. We have to.
      And sheet rock will become gold…..

  30. Eagleye

    This is very interesting … seems to be consistent with Dane Wiggington’s exposition the last time he was a guest here.

    Thanks Greg for everything that you do.

  31. Flattop

    GREG: You have to be impressed with the citizens of Texas. Their Cajun navy, people helping their neighbors while they have lost just as much. It is impressive and helps restore faith in our fellow Americans. Something much needed these days..

    • Greg Hunter

      I lived in Beaumont for two years and love Texas!!!

      • Frederick

        I had a friend when I lived in Sag Harbor He ran the landfill and told me he was born and raised in Texas Really nice guy He told me he planned to retire in Texas Sadly I read online recently that he had a heart attack and passed I was very sad as he was definitely one of the good guys

    • Russ McMeans

      Texans are cool! Liberal Californians make fun of them, but when our big earthquake hits….. the quality of human character in Calitopia will shine forth for the world to see….. And it won’t be pretty in the coastal liberal areas. At least the poor homeless will be least affected. Texans are real men and women. Californians for the most part…. not.

  32. truthseeker

    Great presentation, as usual, Greg. Thank you for your tireless work. Wish you could get Dane Wigington on again to share his view of Hurricane Harvey.
    Also an incredible presentation by Elana Freeland should open up a lot of closed minds as to the real agenda for planet Earth:
    Elana Freeland – SF Chemtrails/Geoengineering Awareness Forum, 7-29-17

  33. Jerry

    This is the only place that I continue to warn people about what is headed out way. Around business associates and family, the talk is OVER! I am in full preparation mode as the time that we have been discussing for the past several years is drawing to a close. So much so that even large investors are pulling their money out of stocks.

    Take the last national election for what it was. “A canary chirping in the coal mine”. Let me be blunt. We were given one of two options during the last election. The first was if Hilary would have been elected we would have been going to war right about now with Russia. That didn’t happen. The Second was if we couldn’t go to war the oligarchs needed a fall guy, a patsy, someone to pin the economic collapse on . Enter Donald J. Trump. With the help from the Main Stream Media they have built the perfect straw man to set on fire. A burner president. I mean haven’t you wondered why no one in the GOP has stepped forward to defend this man from nonstop harassment by the MSM? Who are his defenders? Name one? They’re all taking cover in their foxholes because they know what’s coming, and if you’re smart you’ll do the same thing.

    • Flattop

      Jerry:: You left God out of the equation.

    • Macray

      Jerry and fellow Watchdoggers, Greg too if interested, please share your thoughts if you would like…..
      Jim Rickards, in a promotion for his proprietary newsletter asserted that the U.S. government is likely to join with other major governments and officially revalue gold to $10,000 per ounce by the end of the year:

      Now just “ASSUME” for a moment that this actually could be pulled off by the Don, would this actually prevent the collapse of the dollar, etc. for many years to come? Would there be enough benefits in it for China and Russia to to go along with this US led plan?
      Say what you want about Jim Rickards, in my opinion he is by far much smarter than 99.99 % of the so called Gold mystics the Gold community. Why is he putting this out in the public domain? Ahh, so many questions……
      Appreciate any and all comments! Thanks!

  34. Justn Observer

    Greg, News may be on horizon concerning ‘un-civil unrest’?
    Get these people identified and put on no fly lists and ban from school campus…and grants/student loans cancelled … we should not be funding ‘terrorists’ !

  35. Sylvester

    U.S. looking to start a war.
    The U.S. is looking to start a war on the
    Korean peninsula. Putin was vocal about the
    uselessness of sanctions against the D.R.N.K.
    The deep state is beginning to realize that a
    war with Iran is not going to work and they
    need a cover for the death of the petro dollar.
    Looks like the option could either be a war with
    D.R.N.K. or maybe a false flag on U.S. soil with
    the blame on D.R.N.K. Either way it won’t end
    well for anyone.

    • Frederick

      Sylvester No it will not

  36. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    Thank you for your witness to the Kingship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! All praise, honor and glory are His, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit!

    And it is an encouraging sign that your mission has drawn the attention of the demonically driven trolls. They howl in protest to your faith, as well as to the truth in all its forms. For Truth is a Person, Christ the Lord, and the demons hate the Truth to Whom they must submit: “For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet.” 1 Corinthians 15:25.

  37. Randy Hitt (AKA America1ster)

    Hi Greg,
    I wanted to address the hurricanes Harvey and Irma and raise the question of a possible enmod attack by Russia. I get news from many sources and one of them I find to be very accurate has an article claiming just that, that Russia can see the writing on the wall and now believes war with the USA is a foregone conclusion and has decided to hit us with a one-two preemptive ‘punch’ via a new weather weapon.

    The source claims this new weapon was used 3 times before it was fully unleashed as hurricane Harvey. The three ‘practice runs’ drenched Moscow, Berlin, and Paris with record setting rainfall #’s and is being employed again this time over the Atlantic ocean under the guise of hurricane Irma and it will wipe out the US eastern seaboard as Harvey did to the gulf coast.

    The ominous signs of war between the USA and the Russian federation keep intensifying now on a daily basis and these words from Russian foreign minister Lavrov portend continued escalation. “We shall respond harshly to the things that are damaging to us out of thin air, which are only guided by the desire to ruin our relations with the United States,” .

    What do you think Greg, is war now inevitable?

    • Greg Hunter

      We certainly getting closer. Hope someone blinks!

    • Frederick

      Ahh It’s those pesky Russkis again is it?

    • Jodyp

      If true,we don’t need this scum anyway

  38. andyb

    Greg: History will confirm that Harvey was THE Black Swan; replacing all other ones contemplated such as the Chinese debt implosion or the US bond bubble. I believe you are seriously under counting the final cost. More than 1 million homes and 1 million vehicles will have to be trashed. Banks and other lenders such as insurance companies will assume billions in losses with no reserves to carry them through. Many will go under, affecting the entire US banking system and all accounts of the 99% which will be stolen by the 1%. Serious warning here to folks with money in a TBTF bank.
    Dane Wigington, and others researching US weather geoengineering, claim that many anomalies associated with Harvey’s track indicate HAARP was in play. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens to Irma, the next major potential catastrophic hurricane that could evolve into a Cat 5 and hit either SoFla or the Gulf. So no need for a major distraction like a NOKO EMP attack or WWIII, the elites have the weather to blame when the SHTF. Yes, the end is near folks; perhaps 60 days at most. Once the full extent of the damage done by Harvey (and potentially) Irma are calculated and Congress does its usual disingenuous dog and pony show on all matters debt and taxes, all markets will head south and martial law will be upon us.
    Be safe, be well.

    • Frederick

      But I just read that the authorities estimate a hundred thousand vehicles were damaged beyond repair

    • JMiller

      You are right andyb to warn people about the REALISTIC dangers of having money in the bank. Especially if it is over the FDIC insured amount. And the same warnings apply to credit unions also.

      • Frederick

        Why would anyone deposit over the insured amount That’s just dumb Open multiple accounts in different banks works right?

        • JMiller

          You are right Frederick. The standard FDIC deposit insurance coverage limit is $250,000 per depositor, per FDIC-insured bank, per ownership category. So most people should have no problem having their money all be insured. Most employers and wealthy individuals however would end up having over the FDIC insured limit if they wanted large sums of money in the bank. Currently there are $13 trillion in deposits that are in U.S. banks but only $7 trillion of that is insured. Surprisingly some banks only have as little as 2 to 10 percent of their deposits as being insured.

  39. Jeannette Rowden

    You have had many guests on your show who have talked about the fragility of the ‘house of cards’ , also known as our economy, and how one big event could trigger the collapse of everything: banks, stock market, economy, etc. I think this disaster could qualify as a catalyst.
    I believe we should all have some food/water storage, because supply may be limited and prices may be soaring very soon.

    • Diane

      If you fear a real bad crash….you’re absolutely right Jeannette!

  40. Charles H


    This is going to make Katrina look like a rounding error? The IMPACT widens.

  41. FC

    Inflation adjusted, 90% of the population are either experiencing wage stagnation or a reduction in their wages.
    In a credit fueled economy, these people are now a Liability Asset and not an Income Producing Asset to the Shadow Government………..meaning we are no longer needed.

    • Frederick

      FC of course we are One word ” Globalization” I’m only surprised it hasn’t gotten worse

  42. al

    I had to evacuate through Matthew. The bridge to my house was closed for 5 days and that was a storm surge flooding, here this hour, gone next hour. The damage was horrendous and it took my neighborhood months to get back to normal. Flooded homes, dead landscape, debris all over. We still see remnants of it here and there.
    I can’t imagine what these people in TX/LA are going through.

    Price gouging was rampant and contractors were charging 3x as much to do the same work because the government paid for it so why not? My neighbor waited over 6 months to get someone to redo her floor which flooded.
    In Florida we all prep to some degree, we have to.

  43. John Shipp

    Mr. Hunter, I feel very guilty for having the temerity to send you a comment, when I have not sent you a dollar in donation, but, I could not resist this after watching your very accurate and insightful video, 1st Sept 2017.
    North Korea is a Chinese Proxy and they (China) are yanking Donald’s chain, I just hope he doesn’t bite back. Russia and China are wearing down the US by getting Americans to expend their treasure and blood on useless conflicts, whilst they get stronger. It is all a ploy, Donald should do, and say nothing, let the UN, that useless, discredited joke, handle it. Just like the league of Nations the UN is a club for fools.
    Your website is a breath of fresh air, factual reporting and thoughtful guest speakers, please keep it up.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s s free site John. Feel no guilt!! I think your point is well made and well taken.

  44. pete

    ‘Natural disaster’ I think you should get Dane Wiggington back on. Harvey was a directed weather attack!

  45. chris

    Watch the gas prices
    I live an hour north of Houston – got hammered but not damaged.
    Today at 7am I drove past a Chevron – $2.29 for regular.
    At noon the same station had $2.59 for regular. Yes I filled by tank that was only half.
    Three other nearby stations were out of gas.
    I can say that from where I am, people are not understanding how serious this storm damage is. It is going to get worse.
    Stay safe, be prepared, trust in the Lord.

    • Jodyp

      Good luck to you Chris.I drove 80 miles north from Beaumont area to my camp and most stations were out of gas.The few open had long lines.Those generators get thirsty too.

  46. Hatemail

    Print momoney. No problembo.

    • Frederick

      Big problemo Crashing the already fragile dollar

  47. John M.

    My heart goes out to all those wonderful and brave Americans who live in Texas. They are generally God-fearing and big believers in our Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment.
    May God help them in their time of suffering.
    I think this hurricane is an early precursor to many more natural disasters that will befall America, adding even more trials to the economic/monetary collapse that is on the way.
    California is long overdue for a giant earthquake, as many of the people here are hedonistic and materialistic, and do not humbly believe in the God of the bible. Unfortunately I was born and continue to live in this socialistic and sadistic state, but a spiritual chastisement and reprimand is needed from our Creator to put us back on the right path.
    May God help our nation, as many many Americans are not as godless and corrupt as our cowardly leaders and their lackeys — the MSM.

    • Flattop

      John M; I also live in California, have wanted to move but the Lord says, stay put. There will be a need for those of us who will stand strong in the coming disaster and encourage our neighbors to not give up, we will get through it.

  48. Hill

    Hey Greg,
    It’s been a while since I’ve made any comments here and I found something of intrigue re: Hurricane Harvey. One of your former guests on, Dane Wigington, points to specific weather warfare evidence in his latest post. In case you didn’t catch it, here’s the link:

    One has to ask, “Cui bono??”

    • Russ McMeans

      Ridiculous. There have been giant hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wild fires, tsunamis, locusts, smokin hot weather and mini ice ages in the past. Long before our Industrial Age. Man caused climate change is bogus. Based on computer models that they got caught tweaking. Government funded science begets bogus scenarios. Anyone that believes in man caused weather needs to poney up tax money and hand it over to Al Gore. Hurry up, he needs the money!

    • Russ McMeans

      Speaking of conspiracy theories: here’s a short list:
      Peak oil, peak heat, peak ice and cold, peak gold and silver, peak weather, peek Hollywood, peek tulip bulbs, peek automobiles, peek pot..i.e. Dope, peek wine, peek pears , peek lying politicians, peek big media.
      We’re swimming in it all. Get that gold n silver though. Now that’s money. But don’t forget God or he’ll take it away from you. Also help others and don’t be rude. Mean people suck.

  49. coalburner

    Generally speaking, people above the 100 year flood plain line do not have flood insurance. This was considered a 500 or 1000 year flood so most people would not have the insurance. The only help they will get is flood fight, rescue, and a loaned camper or trailer for temp quarters. That can get stretched out a long time but not the best living conditions for a family. They can also get in on the mass free cleanup. IF they decide to go back home to stay, they need to get back to their houses and salvage what they can then pile the waste furniture, appliances, trash, and stripped Sheetrock and insulation out on the curb ASAP. I would use plastic tarps on bottom under the trash. That will help dry out the house with less chance of mold. If the ceilings and upper floors are water soaked, they must go too. They will be told to put the ruined stuff on the curb for pickup and it will be done. That is the biggest realistic piece of help they can hope for except for low interest money borrowing backed by the government. They should be sure to go for the lowest interest they can get. People will have to be patient once the clean out rush is over. The first steps are when family and volunteers are the most in need. Don’t wait till mud and filth drys inside the house, power wash, use clorox and cleaners liberally.
    Just go buy a washer and as big a plastic water tank as your truck or trailer can haul in another city before you go home. Also get a generator and a 55 gallon drum for gasoline to power the washer and a pump if you have below ground level pits full of water, ie basements. Right now if people are still inundated go a couple of hundred miles to a city, get your equipment, also large chains and locks so you can lock it in your trucks. Lock trailers to trucks and install a secret kill switch in your truck. Whether you are done with living on lower ground or not this is the best shot at recovering any of your home investment. If you have a manufactured home make sure the whole thing leaves with the trash pickup. Get it out there quick and don’t ask, it will get gone. Save your concrete pad and plumbing risers. Save your wells and utility supply lines. Then live in your camper trailer and think it all over or leave temporarily for jobs and getting the kids into school somewhere. IT will be a long time till recovery back home. If you prepped properly and got your camper out in time with basic preps, you did great pat yourself on the back. Oh yes talk to a mechanic about what you can salvage on your inundated cars. Engines can be rebuilt, tires and wheels mechanical devices can be cleaned, oiled and salvaged, if recovered quickly; electronics, seats, interiors are crap. It is a good time to move to high ground if you are starting over elsewhere.

    • Diane

      Great advise Coalburner. I hope you are sharing this everywhere.

    • Russ McMeans

      Excellent thoughts coal burner. Strip it before it mildews! I’m forecasting a massive shortage of fans.
      I use them for my work. They are miracles. As for Sheetrock, it will be gold, but we need something better – its just not that great.

  50. Paul ...

    Under the Civil Assets Forfeiture Law Trump can seize billions from Soros … … so why not use the same law to seize the assets of the Deep State (as they too are supporting terrorist actions against the United States i.e. 9-11, Harvey, etc., etc.)!!

    • dachsielady

      A special thank you to coalburner for giving us specific steps to take to try to salvage one’s abode and re-establish occupancy quickly.
      Again, I say, those displaced people need to get back to their abode now and gather and clean and salvage their belongings.
      Churches ought to provide washing machine and dryers and volunteers to help these people salvage their belongings. Food and water should be provided by churches and civic organizations and people with trucks ought to transport these displaced people back to their abodes and help them gather up their belongs so that the structure can be made livable.
      I wonder if sewer service is still working for effected areas.

  51. Gene

    My observation is that China and Russia want to see if we can really shoot down a missle. North Korea is taking orders from China regarding these missed shots. Dangerous game of chicken and we have not taken the bait. We will see where this goes. If it is proven we don’t have the teeth we claim we do then the reserve currency is at stak

    • Hatemail

      Bingo, you win!
      Your observation is absolutely correct. If the US military had faith in our missile defense program we would have employed it already. China has always called the US a paper tiger. China and NK are calling our bluff.

    • Paul ...

      Gene … at best we can shoot down about 50% of what is thrown at us!

  52. vincent_g

    Every once in a while a video surfaces that catches my interest.
    This is one of them

    The left and those that supported Trump are not far apart.
    I think we want many of the same things addressed.
    The banking problem
    The fact that do few own the majority of the news media.
    free speech
    energy issues
    pollution issues

    If these big companies were forced to sell off their interest in these media companies fair reporting maybe possible.

    There has never been fair and honest news in the history of this country.
    But I have to say that since we have had 24 hour news coverage cable channels the liberties these news companies have taken has increased from what I can see.

    I have seen first hand how news reporters take liberties with a story.
    Living in Queens NY and not far away from this famous fireworks event that was connected to John Gotti myself and a friend decided to go to see what it was all about.
    We both lived not too far from 101st Ave where the event was taken place.

    When we got there we seen two News trucks and quite a distance down on the other side of a defunct railroad over pass was several fire trucks and the top brass of both NYPD and NYFD

    To my amazement shop owners were giving out free food to anyone that came by.
    There were also rides for the kids which I think was free also.

    Both my friend and I got sausage sandwiches and drinks and as I was eating I noticed this female reporter telling these teenagers what to do at a specific time.
    She told them to stand at the top of the stairs of a house and chant something.
    She then went to the other side of the railroad over pass to tell the police what to do.

    I can see why she did this as there really was no news story there.
    All you had were the top level brass wanting to be on TV and a large number of families out eating free food and having a good time on a hot summer day.
    They couldn’t show that people were having a good time as this was supposed to discredit John Gotti.
    The news story on TV was her and her actors where the police went to that house where she told the kids to stand which was supposed to be some sort of a confrontation.
    And on the top of the roof of that house fireworks went off.
    If you look at the police in the footage you can see they didn’t like what they were doing.

    To those of you that have only become aware of this on the internet it is not new.
    It’s been going on for some time.

    This is what news people do it seems – they color the story.
    In reality it’s not news – it’s a movie.

    I almost wound up working for the news as I applied for a summer relief job as an audio tech. I was told to report as they were to send me on an assignment in South America.
    A strike took place because of the use of Mini Cameras and I was told to call back after the strike is resolved.
    Reality hit me on just how dangerous a job this can be as the crew that I was to go with were killed except the one that went in my place.

    That changed my mind on working for ABC, CBS or NBC after seeing the news on what happened to a team I would have been with.

    As tough as this job is where at times people put their life on the line how can they discredit these people by putting out the kind of garbage that they are calling news which is nothing more than a fiction they created.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Every news org. has an agenda responsible to its advertisers. If the reality doesn’t match up, guess what has to be tweeked?
      If you’re ever interviewed and don’t give the desired response, you’ll be surprised what’s done with your words!!!

  53. Ray

    Ahhhhh……those PESKY North Koreans!!!
    Why, I tells ya, we needs to go on in and BOMB, BOMB, BOMB…….you know, send them a real message that says “America stands for freedom & justice in this world”.
    Just have a look at what those trouble making North Koreans have done to the peace loving nations of the planet over the past 25 years:
    Invaded Afghanistan (millions of innocent people dead)
    Invaded Iraq (millions of innocent people dead)
    Overthrown Libya (country completely smashed)
    Backed terrorists in Syria over a proxy war for an oil pipeline into Europe to smite Russian interests (hundreds of thousands of innocent people dead)
    Printed money to infinity after their housing bubble popped in 2007……global financial chaos and tyranny ever since.
    The North Korean CIA plotting and planning globally to have their NWO agenda set up.
    And……you know….what about North Korea’s over 800 MILITARY BASES spread across over 100 nations!!! They is a WAR NATION I TELLS YA! A WAR NATION LIKE NO OTHER IN HISTORY!!!
    Yes sir……make no mistake……those PESKY North Koreans are a total GLOBAL THREAT to peace and stability.
    HOW DARE THEY build and test their own missiles to defend their country??!!
    Yep……we needs to go to war, I tells ya. More death….more death….more death.

    Pfffftttt…….The American Delusion continues……and the planet is expected to just cop it sweet. No way. Enough is enough.

    Hope you are well Greg…..thank you for another interesting report. Prayers and thoughts with your countrymen in Texas.

    Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Frederick

      Thank you Ray for an outsiders view Sometimes that’s what we need to see reality

    • Paul ...

      Ray … as you so rightly express … to believe in God means you don’t try to kill your neighbor or take their land (as the neocon warmongers continually do) … any “God” that tells you to kill your neighbor and take their land is a “false God” named Lucifer!! … only neocons sing the praises of Lucifer and worship at his alter of war, death and destruction!!!

  54. Allen Starr

    Greg, your question was how can North Korea get away with what they are doing? For Russia and China, anything is better than having the US and it’s allies in control of North Korea and they will go to war to stop the US. Even a surprise attack against Russia won’t work anymore as they are now too strong and will kill everything with an attack on the East and West Coasts of the US which can’t be stopped. Years ago, the Russian Universities put out many very good Engineers and Mathematicians and Putin hired them to develop new weapons for the military rather than loose them to the West. This has really worked well for Russia as these new weapon systems are state of the art and very cheap as the cost has been spread out over many years. He is now doing the same thing in reinstating the KGB to take down the Jewish Oligarchs which were put in place with the help of the US when Yeltsin was in control of Russia. Since Russia has also been in a recession, Putin has access to the brightest students graduating from the Universities who haven’t been corrupted who will take down these corrupt Oligarchs. Putin must stop the corruption as it is becoming a problem for him. The other thing to remember is that Russia is waiting for the US$ to die and doesn’t need to go to War. It is obvious to me that the $ and the $ system must die if there is ever going to be any peace in this world and the sooner this happens the better as the people controlling the system are criminals. In the meantime, we continue to harvest the nice crops we had at the Dacha this year and avoid the rain in the first half of September.

  55. Cannuck21

    Greg, I enjoy your analysis and posts often, but as you would expect, do not always agree with some of the propositions. This applies to the American media (of all types!) views on North Korea and its dreadful regime.
    Many years ago I watched film of Dean Rusk describing how the north and south parts of that country were divided – by a line drawn by pencil on a map..over in minutes and onto more important issues such as the Japanese homeland occupation by the US military.
    Having lived and worked in Korea and China for a good number of years, and having had base privilege allowing me access to US Military bases, including on many occasions the DMZ, there appears to be a great deal of misunderstanding as to the consequences of a US attack on the north. It is nothing like attacking Iraq.
    To invade the north would result in huge and unacceptable casualty rates for the US – some estimates speak of 250k. This country is mountainous and difficult to occupy. To try and bomb the north into submission – good luck with that. Destruction of the south would be a quick result. Then finally the ultimate weapon – a nuclear attack. On who? The ordinary Korean people? Death by the millions in this part of Asia. Fall out blowing into China’s economic heartlands and into Russia’s Pacific land. A mass exodus of refugees flowing into the south….Then more fallout over into Japan….with perhaps a spread of radioactive dust to the west coast of America.
    Would China and Russia stand by while their countries are, by default attacked? Who honestly knows how many nuclear weapons the North has….but maybe 2 or 3 could reach Japan or even the US west coast as an EMP attack.
    It is strange how many in the US seem to be calling for war with North Korea – perhaps to distract from the dreadful economic and political conditions at home.
    The strategy adopted by China of waiting and keeping a close relationship with the Norths regime until such time as a ‘change’ is ready and possible is a far better strategy. Fewer lives lost this way. A more grown up approach. We can only pray.

    • Paul ...

      Trump nuking N. Korea will do nothing to change the leadership … only kill women and children in the open and send radioactive clouds over the US … did every US general forget that N.Korea is one big mountain (almost totally solid rock) … even our best earth penetrating nuclear weapons won’t go down more then 20 feet in solid rock … all a massive US nuclear attack on N. Korea will do is kill the ordinary people living on the surface … not the N. Korean leadership in bunkers hundreds of feet below ground!!!

  56. bill

    Its horrific what happened to these people,but is anybody also in touch with how weather can be manipulated around the world?Im a rational thinker and like so many false flags or gold and silver being manipulated by the fed or stocks high for no reason I also have followed chemtrails etc for 20 years. Just take a little time to review some good info and have an open mind and put together what the elites would like to do in the event of USA and its dollar being devastated after 50 years of printed ponzi scheme.The people that have to live thru these man made events suffer greatly and North Carolina where I live will be hit by Irma next week and possibly go up the east coast causing wide spread damage. I love this site and Greg does a great job getting great guests with a lot of knowledge, so before you call me crazy do your own research. bankers wont take credit for crash.

    • Paul ...

      We can easily get out of the banksters Ponzi scheme an sit back collecting 10% a year on our real money (gold) … how can I make such a statement? … say you bought an ounce of gold for $35 dollars back in 1933 and gold goes to $10,000 dollars on Jan 1, 2018 (as Rickards is saying) … then an investment in gold will have returned approximately 10% every year since 1933 … do the math … start in 1933 with gold at $35 dollars and double its price every 10 years i.e. 1943 ($70), 1953 ($140), 1963 ($280) … 2013 ($8960), 2018 ($13,440)!! … the magnitude of the manipulation of the gold price over the last 20 years is astounding … but the coming re-set in Jan 2018 should put gold back on track to returning about 10% for every year you own it!!!

  57. Kim

    Thank you for the excellent wrap up. To point out the extensive economic consequences of this tradegy, provides the intellectual insight we need. Keep being a light. God bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim!! Blessings back to you!!

  58. WD


    I heard you tell Steven Quayle that you will have Mark Taylor on your show…will that be soon?


  59. Jodyp

    This is Texas.And just like the Alamo,we had great help come from others.Thank you to all that have stepped up for us.We will be there for you if and when the time comes.

  60. Charles Turner

    Greg I don’t know whether you or anyone else can answer this. The breaking news is that Comey had already drafted his exoneration of Clinton before he interviewed her. In England or any other country Comey would be arrested and interviewed under caution. At the moment he is just a private citizen. It seems to me it is just Trump via his twitter account, people like you and partially Fox News that seem to want any justice in the USA. Everyone else, including the Justice department appear to be in a coma.

    • Greg Hunter

      This means James Comey is in very big trouble. You wonder why he was fired when he was out of town in California?? They cleaned out his office and Trump played him.

  61. van lines

    Imagine the American people, you and I giving Maid Marian’s speech.
    It pretty much sum’s up what we the people face with these cut-throats in our government.

  62. John Spycher

    Hi Greg
    Latest News on Clinton emails
    Just released at on August 31:

    Thank you very much for your work.

  63. Robert Dziok

    On Friday 2 pm 9/1/2017 GFS released Hurricane IRMA projected path and shows it will hit New York City and New Jersey as a category 5 hurricane on 9/10/2017. This is just some brief info I am providing here as a possible “Heads Up”. It is from the web site Go there for more specifics as well as a video of the projected hurricane path showing this.

    • Frederick

      Robert I don’t think anyone can predict with that much certainty where Irma will make landfall this early on These storms tend to change direction and make fools out of the predictors all the time Let’s wait a few more days and we should get a better idea then

  64. Tad

    Within the next four months, I’m expecting a video from respective Treasury chiefs of China, Russia, and possibly Iran. I’ll call it, “Show us your Gold.”

    I hope Steve Munchin doesn’t have a 1950s video taken at either Denver, Liberty Street, or Fort Knox. What a about a contrived storage facility on Jekyl Island?

    One could almost a staunch a false flag or incipient war event by Trumping with a gold card.

  65. Flattop

    I have heard that several thousand Syrians have already left Europe, returning home. Is this now happening?. Who will pay for the rebuilding of that completely destroyed country?

  66. Doug

    You touch on how many cars that were damaged by the flood waters in Texas and they will be scraped. BULLSH*T Greg. These so called insurance companies will give the owner what the car is worth, the insurance company will dry the car out and ship it to another state and sell it. Pity the new owner. Ask your insurance guy if they don’t do that and if they say they don’t, I’ll show you a big fat lier. One of these T.V show like 20/20 had a show on this. Now on North Korea, throwing missles above Japan, Japan should take that as a sign of war and send their battles ships and air force to reduce North Korea’s capital into “RUBBLE”. It’s an act of war what North Korea is doing. But what is Japan afraid of? Japan is more afraid of the U.S. then North Korea. The U.S. has them so “COWARDS” that they can not do anything thing for themselves.

    • Frederick

      Doug I know for a fact they do My neighbor back in the 70s on LI owned a Lincoln Mercury dealership and he got busted doing that That family sure lived Good Much better that we did as my dad was an honest old school dentist who drove a used VW beetle and let a lot of people’s bills slide due to inability to pay But hey to each his own My neighbor the dealer got a mass in his honor at the local Catholic Church for being such a good Catholic or possibly for donating that latest model Lincoln town car to the church so the priests could travel in luxury You know

  67. Gloria

    I think ANTIFA stands for Anti First Amendment. Any time people start to voice a different view the Antifa robots are there to scream them down and attack. That shows me they are against any free speech and thought other than what the Soros group deems correct. I’ve noticed that the Antifa people do not have their own protest marches and rallies. They come in and attack existing marches and rallies that are pro America. Paid flash mobs.

  68. JC

    GB sir said their is the possibility of a new world order. I think he did not ask the world first if they want to be controlled by the dollar. His plan failed. So move the table to SDR. let the world suffer enough war, man made hurricane’s, earthquakes , social unrest, and economic hardship then take leadership. Don’t look at your hand when your kicking a feildgoal.

  69. Flattop

    In your opinion, where does Megan Kelly stand. Is she being used by the deep state media ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes and I have never seen a bigger fall. She does have (I think) a $25 million dollar contract to fall back on but it may be her last.

  70. Da Yooper

    Hey Greg

    Looks like things are going to get interesting

    De-Dollarization Accelerates: China Readies Yuan-Priced Crude Oil Benchmark Backed By Gold

  71. Diane

    Sorry………its from the Wall Street Journal…they won’t let us read the story unless we subscribe.

    • Frederick

      Yup Same thing with The NY Times but we really don’t miss their nonsense anyway and surely would NEVER pay to read that stuff now would we?

  72. Diane

    Sorry……link no good unless you subscribe..

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