Impeachment, Acquittal, SOTU & Iowa are All Dem Disasters

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 418 2.7.2020)

It’s hard to imagine what a worse week for Democrats would look like after this past week. The impeachment came to an abrupt halt with a thud. President Trump was not only not removed from office, but he was acquitted on both constitutionally fraudulent impeachment counts. The House ran a totally unfair impeachment hoax that was brought by a CIA officer and concocted with the help of Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff’s office.

The annual State of the Union (SOTU) address by President Trump was a slam dunk on the Democrats. More than 75% of people who watched the SOTU speech said they enjoyed and agreed with it. I called it a dunk-fest, and Speaker Pelosi did not enjoy it in the least. That’s why she publicly tore it up after the SOTU speech on camera for all the world to see. Pelosi may have just as well ripped the Democrat party in half in a very childish and dumb move.

Democrats should have thanked their lucky stars that so much was going on in Washington D.C. because what went on in the Iowa Democrat primary was an unmitigated disaster. There was chaos, confusion and charges of rigging the caucus votes to take away a victory from Bernie Sanders—again. Now, DNC Chairman Tom Perez is telling Democrats to recanvas the entire state of Iowa to make sure the vote is correct. How do you spell disaster? D E M O C R A T !

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:  

Financial analyst Bo Polny will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. The markets have not taken a plunge because of massive money printing. Polny says don’t expect that to keep working for long.

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  1. paul ...

    As Pelosi and her Demon-rats “play their childlike games” … in order to distract the American people from “the real issues before us” … like “the black swan” Corona virus pandemic (that has already shut down two-thirds of the Chinese economy and much of its production capacity) … and which is now crippling supply chains critical to keeping the entire world economy humming … so far … the childish antics of the Demon-rats seem to be working … as Americans (like Stan) are continuing to buy shares in S&P 500 corporations (that are beginning to shut down their operations for lack of critical supplies from China) on the assumption that the Fed will just print up out of thin air whatever money is needed to give to these corporations (who can’t earn money selling things anymore because supply chains are being shut down) as they are “Too Big to Fail”!! …

    • paul ...

      As for the “honest” Iowa vote … ACRONYM rigged the caucus using the Shadow Vote Counting Program … part of a vote fixing effort to help Buttigieg “win” (Tara McGowan who heads ACRONYM is married to a Pete Buttigieg strategist) … so just like the Demon-rats knocked Bernie out last time for Hillary … this time the Shadow Vote Counting Program took votes away from Bernie to make Buttigieg win!! … immoral Demons have no problem eating “commie” Demons like Bernie just as they have no morals regarding the eating of children at their Pizza Parties!!

    • Stan

      Paul: where do you get you information from? I know people in China and China is 100% open for business. A bad case of the sniffles will not stop the Chinese.

  2. Russ

    Thanks Greg — it was a good week for Pres. Trump, not so much for the Dems. Pretty poor showing on Pelosi’s part, very childish.

    BTW, had to listen to the WNW on YouTube, wasn’t posted on USAWD.

  3. Rodster

    I read, some felt Pelosi was being vindictive because Trump did not shake her hand before the SOTU speech. I wouldn’t have either. Politicians need to realize that what they love to do is play the Public with theater and Trump is not a politician in the true sense. He’s a successful businessman who likes to call the shots.

    It’s refreshing to hear someone in high office call out these politicians for the phonies that they are, names like “lying crying Chuck Schumer”.

    The US and British Press bought into the lies by the Deep State that Trump did something wrong/criminal. Meanwhile the criminality of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Hunter and Joe Biden were ignored and swept under the table. At least lifelong Democrat James Howard Kunstler exposed these shenanigans for what they truly are. Even he has long said, Trump was setup for an illegal coup.

  4. Country Codger

    Good wrap-up, Greg. looking forward to the interview with Bo. This is only the second time that I have watched your videos on the YouTube site.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  5. Alan Ritchie This is Rudy Giuliani’s you tube page . Must watch

  6. Gary Oltmanns

    Hi Greg

    I love all your work. What happened to your WNW this morning? I’m sure I’m not the first to ask.

    Also have tried donating several times, but have not been able to make it happen on line. Will try again today.

    Keep up the great work. We need you.

  7. Mac

    Hey Greg, mirror your content on LBRY ( They have a partner program that will automatically upload all your YouTube videos.
    It’s web based + android app + desktop client.
    Some big names are on there: Peter Schiff; Sargon of Akkad; and the quartering.
    Good exposure to people you wouldn’t normally access due to shadow banning

  8. Perce Sledgehammer

    Former Republican lawmaker Walsh ends bid to challenge Trump for White House
    Thomson Reuters Feb 7th 2020 8:43AM
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Joe Walsh, a conservative former U.S. congressman-turned-radio show host, has ended a long-shot bid to challenge President Donald Trump for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.
    He also said he would support a Democrat in November’s election.
    “I can’t stop him (Trump) in a Republican primary, but I can sure do my level best to try to stop him …by bringing people together,” Walsh told CNN in an interview on Friday.

    “Any Democrat would be better than Trump in the White House,” he said later.
    NEW NAME: Socialist, Communist Joe, SCJ!
    Walsh was elected to a congressional seat in Illinois in 2010 as part of the right-wing Tea Party movement, a confrontational populist splinter group of the Republican Party. He lost his seat two years later to Democrat Tammy Duckworth and became a Chicago-area radio talk show host.

    An early Kool-Aid drinker, of the Mike Morell intell deep state. This Civil-War advocate, is a loose canon. Bent on his own destruction. A raging propagandizing propagandist, who thinks his listener’s are stupid!
    The Sound of Trump
    Joe Wants To Be Captain On A Sinking Ship of FOOL’S!
    Joe’s Boy; The Uncontrolable Pathologically Lying and Failed Porno Scriptwriter
    Joe, you’ll soon find out whom’s the stupid!

  9. Perce Sledgehammer

    Trump: They should expunge impeachment in the house, it was a ‘hoax’
    12,432 views•Streamed live 14 minutes ago

  10. Justn Observer

    Tenaaaaao Tennnnaaaao, Daylight come and we might want to go home …cuz now they might know life is like a box of blackberry dipped chocolates? And looks like when the light turns on …. all of a sudden one day some ‘outsider guy decided to run for President who wanted to stop the opiate ‘problem’ and drain a swamp, and then the got elected , and the rain of cash stop, it was over – JUST LIKE THAT! So like all things that might end badly , a plan had to be in place…like an insurance policy? hmmm Rather like a made up Shifty Schiff made up narrative ? All speculation of course – right? LOL

    • Justn Observer

      Likely nothing confusing about Sen. Jones, where is Redstone arsenal? Alabama? Likely does not want any ‘changes’ in missile deals?
      Who might not want an interruption is ”’missile”’ deals? hmmm
      as for your ‘instincts’ on taking some off the table – good call – again !
      Checked in with Lynette Zang lately = some good world economy charting

      • Justn Observer

        So….what has really changed …except now a President in office who wants the drugs going into the streets of the U.S. to stop…as well as the endless wars as a result? One who desires to uplift areas that suffered greatly as a result of the pumping of drugs into the inner cities and regions suffering economic downturns… as now. Gee- interesting we have such a rash’/ push to ‘legalize’ drug use for larger corporate operations to run…as they basically ‘regulate’ small growers out of the bus. (not that either way is particularly good for the public). Home grown for personal med. purposes ? Particularly interesting is @ 19:04 Gov’t crawling in bed with mafia? Port of Baltimore? come to mind? lol

  11. iwitness02

    Satan casting out Satan.
    Seems as though we are witnessing a change in momentum.
    The dims and corrupt federal agencies seem to have their collective feet caught in quicksand. They look like they are running out of energy. (lies)
    I have noticed that the term ‘Biblical’ is starting to show up in various media when discussing the lawlessness from the top down in this country. The implication being that Justice is coming on a large scale. President Trump is naming names, and talking about the criminal activity that these people are participating in.
    There is a very real danger of the world economy failing.
    This might be a good time to focus on the idea of local barter.
    2019 was interesting. However, 2020 is already beginning to eclipse 2019.
    Perhaps the greatest show on earth is in front of us right now.
    Bringing to us the wisdom concerning good and evil.

    • iwitness02

      The dims are like the little boy who cried “wolf!” one time to many.
      Nobody (almost) believes them.
      This is quite the spectacle to behold.

  12. JC

    Thanks Greg, good advice at the end. “Take some risk off the table.” Amen.

  13. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Well done!

  14. Sue Patterson

    Thanks for testing the other players. I was disappointed to read some of the critical comments made by some of your viewers. You do such a terrific job FOR FREE for all of us. I sincerely appreciate it. Do whatever you need to do to make whatever changes are necessary. I’ll watch and support your endeavors no matter what!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sue.

  15. Jerry

    Here’s your false flag moment, courtesy of the Fed.

    Gee? Like it’s not sick now? What was once was a planet covered with earth, is now paper spit wad thanks to fiat printing.

  16. Auntie Seize

    These MONSTERs are what you get when you don’t correct bad/evil behavior early on.

    • JC

      Well Auntie Seize, I’m wondering if we have to ponder the words of Dr. Frankenstein when he said:

      “The monster was created artificially. It must be destroyed by the same means.”

  17. Jon

    Thanks Greg for taking the Daily Motions commercials off your site.

  18. Jane jones

    Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s impeachment trial victory
    281,077 views•Feb 6, 2020

  19. Brian Marsh


    I have witnessed so many of Bo Polny’s errant predictions. He may be a nice reverent man, but he doesn’t deserve a seat at the table with your long list esteemed guests IMO.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree Brian. He’s made some huge calls and I have talked about those on USAW. He’s be the first to say he’s had some misses too.

  20. Doug

    GREG – Dont you think its time for the Fed to END the FUNNY $$$$$$$, let the world RESET itself, TRUMP ran on the platform of STOPPING the FED games and he is MAKING it worse by keeping this game going.

  21. Bill B

    I believe the speech tearing by polosi. was preplanned. Trump was supposed to hear the tearing and turn around, but it blew up in her face
    Hillary is chomping at the bit to get into the democrat race. Will be anointed ” Queen Democrat ” at the convention.

    • Frank D2

      BB, the fact that Hillary is open (“never say never”) to a VP slot tells me she is looking for any way possible to get back into a position where she can once again get “pay for play” payments into the Clinton Foundation. She and douche bag husband Bill must be hurting for cash since they have very little influence anymore and are under a microscope. Its a little pathetic really (but couldn’t happen to a nicer Bolshevik witch) to watch someone who (unsuccessfully) ran for president several times, grovel now for a VP slot. My popcorn is ready!

  22. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    You were right about the outcome of the impeachment trial. Tom Luongo thought enough rhino republicans could be persuaded to vote with the democrats to convict – and I shared his concern. Pleased to have been wrong, especially given the ‘Star Chamber’ antics of the impeachment process in the lower house.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hate to say it but when I saw the case in the Senate and how Trump’s lawyers responded in a dunk-fest on Dems there was no way the RINO’s would vote to convict and remove. They are simply not that stupid with the exception of Mr. “Delecto”!!

  23. eddiemd

    Pelosi’s tearing up of the document was watched worldwide. Leaders from across the globe watched and listened to the SOTU. Pelosi and her ilk have demonstrated to the world that they are completely insane and not capable of being trusted in anything. They are incapable of governing and represent a danger to world peace. They are the party of war.

    War is coming very soon. The demoncrats and their sleepers within the pentagon and state department will pull the plug as the ship goes down. There will be a false flag before Trump has the opportunity to hang the traitors like Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Comey, McCabe, and the rest.

    Maybe coronavirus will crush the global economy before the nuclear war. Pestilence is here and will march forward from Asia, to the Middle East, to Europe, then the Americas.

  24. Stan

    Ok, let me ask y’all something. Has anyone seen one dead body due to the corona virus? Has anyone seen an interview of someone who has or had the corona virus who describes the experience? All you see are conflicting news reports. This should give all you conspiracy theorists food for thought. Additional questions you should ask: (1) Why did this virus appear soon after QE4 began? (2) Why did this virus appear soon after the “trade deal” was signed? (3) Why did this virus appear soon after the UK decided to buy 5G equipment from Hauwei?

    • paul ...

      I think you answered your own food for thought conspiracy questions Stan!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … Supposedly “the official number” is 722 people have died (just 50 short of the SARS record in 2003) … but are you going to believe your bankster buddies (like JP Morgan) or China to provide accurate data? … both are notorious for manipulating economic data … so why on earth should we believe they are publishing accurate pandemic data? … the “true death toll” could be closer to 20,000 dead!! … as for precautions you must take heed what German scientists are saying “Corona Virus can survive on surfaces for 9 days” … this means you should take some of your paper fiat and buy silverware Stan … people years ago always knew silver had anti-viral capabilities and prized being able to eat out of a silver spoon … remember JP Morgan “needs to predict the epidemic has peaked” otherwise their business and investment empire will suffer!! …

    • K. Wayne

      You forgot the $400 BLN trade deal that Iran signed with China in September 2019.
      Surely that didn’t go down too well with TPTB.

    • Mike

      Dont take the bait people. Stan is just being his usual Trollful self.

    • Freebrezer

      Stan – One hypothesis (and hard to counter): some peasant/s in Wuhan bought and ate some under cooked bat meat … bats are a known mammal that harbors many, many varieties of viruses including multiple types of corona virus. In Wuhan, bats are wild meat for a lot of peasants. The virus was able to jump and case # one was born. Note – where do you think the swine flu from the late 60’s came from? Yep – the virus jumping species from pigs to humans … also originated out of China and Hong Kong. The measles are suspected to have jumped from cows, in the 12th century in Europe:, … China is one big petri dish with 1.3 billion humans for possible virus transfer! along with the rest of the world! Given that cultural sanitation in rural china is far, far more primitive, this creates a whole lot more possibilities.

      • Freebrezer

        The real big scare (at least from my viewpoint) is that only 97 % of the USA antibiotics come from China … Can you all say OUCH! Think of poor Australia where they are even more reliant … China slows the medical pipeline for pharmaceuticals – it will knee cap hospitals all around the US of A!.

        • paul ...

          Speaks to having homeland manufacturing capabilities and not stupidly outsourcing all our critical industries!!

        • Gary C

          People with medical conditions should ask their Doctors for a three month supply, tell them you are going on a xtended vacation, just in case.
          Hydrogen Peroxide, we are stocking up.
          Liquid Silver: Topical
          Herbal Antibiotics: also made in China, hell what’s not made in China?
          TIP: Put a silver coin in your drinking water storage tank,
          kills bacteria.

    • JC

      Thanks Stan, for your words of wisdom. Let’s see if Jerry has answers to questions 1,2 and 3 for you. But regarding the dead, don’t forget what was said in the original Dawn of the Dead movie…. “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”

  25. al

    The immature patronizing dungbucket laughingly called the “speaker of the house” just did our beloved and duly elected leader an ENORMOUS FAVOR!!! The dimwit drunken buffoon gave him at least 80% of what was left of the libtard left’s loonie lamebrains gullible votes by “perma-democrats”. He gained so much by that small senseless mindless and asinine stunt it’s hard to stay angry at the illegal immoral deed that Pelosi enacted before the WORLD!

    What a total and complete MORON ! One of Soros’ best, next to the ultra-crimial HITLERy.

    • Auntie Seize

      Calling the laughingstock speaker a moron is an insult to morons because morons are much more intelligent than her!
      God protect and bless DJT and his family, and all the patriots, et al.

    • Frank D2

      Al, spot on!

  26. paul ...

    Remember how Zero Hedge was permanently banned from Twitter (for raising theory that the Corona Virus “could have been engineered or deliberately released”) … well Twitter better add the White House to their ban list for now it too is considering such a conspiracy theory!! …

  27. paul ...

    Well … we can’t expect people to “sacrifice their lives” the way Jesus did … and eat their “last supper” at a restaurant (with people possibly sneezing in the air around you or touching your food with virus laden hands)!! …

  28. jon

    Hi Greg, As a military veteran I find it very very unusual that Lt. Col Vindman provided testimony to the congressional impeachment investigation against his Commander in Chief Donald Trump. I am not a UCMJ expert, but his actions do not seem legal for an active duty officer to undertake. Especially if the whole affair does not appear legal anyway. If he is even remotely suspect of being involved in this coup attempt. Do not be surprised if he winds up in Levenworth at the least and perhaps worse in Gitmo.

  29. Stan

    Ok, folks, I was out driving the Bentley and put my thinking cap on. Combined with some hints given to me by my friends at the NY Fed I have concluded the following: This blatant government manufactured propaganda. Wake up you sheeple! They are trying to frighten the masses with the coronavirus story in advance of some plan they have. They probably will use this story to force everyone to use digital currency because paper currency and coins can transmit the virus. Notice how they leaked that the virus can live for up to 9 days on surfaces? That means it can live up to 9 days on physical currency. See how that are working up to their ultimate goal? You’ll see more stories on how this virus lives on all types of surfaces – and how all surfaces need to be disinfected. Then they’ll tell you porous surfaces like paper can’t be disinfected thoroughly. Next they tell you to turn in all your paper currency in exchange for digital.

  30. paul ...

    Remember the missing $21 Trillion dollars … that everyone got so excited about that the US Government had to pass a law to make looking into it’s disappearance a “National Security Issue”? … well … right before our very eyes the Fed (a non-government entity) has since September 17, 2019 funneled with its Repo operations a cumulative total of $6.6 Trillion to 24 different bankers and broker friends of theirs on Wall Street … at the current Repo rate of $6.6 Trillion every 4 months … the American people will soon be on the hook for another $21 Trillion dollars “siphoned out of our pockets by a gang of criminal elites”!! …

  31. Fredrick Getzschman

    President Trump Rocks. As far as Iowa goes, Public Official Corruption is widespread and has been for decades, the courthouses are cesspools of Corruption, layers upon layers of due process violations, they hate the constitution, they hate the bill of rights, they hate families and if you are here long enough you will notice that there is really and substantively little to no difference between a Republican and a Democrat in Iowa, they are virtually the same Politicians no matter which private politician party they attach themselves to, they fool many with the labels. Public employee corruption is the gold standard in Iowa. Election rigging is just scratching the surface and just wait and they have “an excuse” for every incompetent act they do and an excuse for every law violation, every fraud they commit they have a story to back up the fraud. Those Iowa Caucuses are a joke and should be ended, they have no transparency and rigging is the standard. How about President Trump, that guy can get business done and done very well, he is my favorite President and politician of all time.

  32. Kevin

    Like everything else they have tried, Pelosis’ action was done behind the presidents back. And for consistency they are and have done it to Sanders as well.

  33. Coalburner

    Well, I am late getting here but some of the rifraf has been fired. Not enough of them but it is a start. The smug Officers may be out of the White House but not out of the woods. Evidently Haskell, CIA cheered Trump, that ought to make some CIA traitors shake in their boots.
    Six to nine months ago one of my three coin dealer friends told me Europe was selling a lot of gold coins from stashs of our coins not seen since 1933, 1934.. The better coins not melted down by Roosevelt but large numbers of them. Another said he had not heard that. So recently a few months ago and restated this week my third friend told me that premiums for higher graded coins were the lowest he had ever seen and that includes the rising price of gold of late.

  34. Coalburner

    Greetings Greg:
    I don’t talk about this much but one of my most fiery kids who will sometimes debate me, while I have been as gentle as possible (not provoking intentionally), finally said to me that she is starting to think Trump is being protected by God after all. Definitely my opinion too. So I been thinking about her changing her mind and I have something for Christians to think about who think Trump has done not so nice things, and is brash and ….. a little rough around the edges or whatever, a sinner trying to do better. Anyway I say does anyone remember Paul of Tarsus. Struck blind for his offensiveness toward the followers and turned into the toughest soldier for Jesus Christ. Why pick non-sinners (tongue in cheek here) when you can have a fighter turned to your side. Well, it was always in Trump if you recall his story and somehow he was chosen and I am guessing Trump hopes he has his back (and his family even more) if he does not waver and grants God the glory.
    Well in that speech thanking all the people who helped him he did thank God, but no one has mentioned it that I have heard.

  35. russ f

    Ron Paul to me as very respected voice to America as far as what is best for our country.
    Please take the time to listen to this interview with Tulsi Gabbard.
    As a democrat, it is difficult to support her because her affiliation with the Democratic party and their views..
    BUT, when Dr. Paul as a libertarian gives her air time, I believe her support is growing as she is in many ways different from the other candidates.
    She has sued Hillary for her slanderous statements.
    She has taken action against this evil woman, but nothing from our President as promised in his campaign.
    I would certainly consider Tulsi if she ended up as the opponent to President Trump in the next election.

  36. eddiemd

    Makes you wonder what the emergency plan will be if the coronavirus explodes into Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and many other large cities. Hospitals here in Phoenix are not prepared at all.

    Rural towns can restrict access to persons. Small towns in Arizona rely on food, supplies, and fuel to be brought in by truck. There will be no food in most towns in a matter of days for large and small cities.

    Supply lines from China could be drying up in the next few weeks. Walmart, Target, Amazon, and the rest will be running low. Get your beans, hygiene, and other supplies now.

  37. Southern Girl

    Thanks for taking of Daily Motions off your site… I could not finish watching one of the first videos but was not going to complain,…but it did get the best of me. Making my monthly donations…your a great guy and have a great site.

    • Stupidity on Steroids

      We live in a small country town in Australia. Australia has a large import of Chinese people. Melbourne & Sydney have almost been overwhelmed by them in certain areas. The Australian people are very open minded but when you start to feel like a stranger in your own country & persecuted for even mentioning the feeling then you know you’ve been invaded with the blessing of a government that’s been compromised.
      Anywhoooo,….our small town relies on truck deliveries too which is why it’s probably smart to stock up now. A large zchinese population means a high likelihood of contracting the Coronavirus after Chinese New Year when they travel the world. So Aussies have a legitimate reason to avoid Chinese who may have been in contact with the virus.
      Here in Australia we have our head doctors calling for calm & rebuking anyone for racism against the Chinese. That’s right they’re our head doctors that don’t know that China is not a race but a geographical location that has an abundance of Asian people living there. That or they’ve been forced to look like idiots by our leaders who’ve been chided by China about racism.
      After all why care about people living or dying when you’ve got the economy to worry about hey?

  38. paul ...

    And now we have the US Navy (bashing our Russian partner) to increase Navy funding to re-establish the 2nd Fleet along the US East Coast (like US subs don’t pose any threat the Russian or Chinese east coasts that would make them also want to build a Naval Fleet of their own to sail in the South China Sea??) … and no one asks if we can afford it ??? … is the Fed just going to print up the money and simply continue to manipulate the price of gold down so their buddy Stan can make a profit???

  39. Diane

    Greg Hunter has been warning this for a long time…from his farm in Mo.
    Greg is on the ground showing us what is happening
    I’m paying attention…hope Watchdog readers are as well.

  40. regaleagle

    Looks like the “Deep State” is in Deep Do Do, Huh? They are merely the minions for the Elite of this world trapped into doing their bidding for them. The Elite believe in Artificial Intelligence and that our Earth can no longer sustain food production for the masses…….thus the need to eradicate millions of useless eaters. Without the Deep State and MIC of the USA at their disposal, the plans of the Elite and this battle for freedom over global socialism will fail……and they know it. They don’t believe in God Almighty……they believe they are Gods of a sort to make all the decisions concerning the future of everything as we know it. Contemplate and grasp the significance and ramifications of this kind of twisted adversary. But we the believers in Jesus Christ and God’s Holy Word know who wins this battle……we must have faith and come together in agreement against our adversary……not only as a nation, but for each and every believer in God’s Goodness throughout the world. May God grant us the wisdom to understand and the power to overcome our adversaries for the greatest good of all that would believe in Him. Amen.

  41. regaleagle

    Meant to read……the plans of the Elite and this battle of global socialism over freedom will fail……and they know it. But you get the gist of my meaning.

    • regaleagle

      We must elevate ourselves to a higher dimension…….not a lower one.

  42. Open Eyes

    Pete Buttigieg’s father was a Marxist professor who lauded the Communist Manifesto
    by Emily Larsen
     & Joseph Simonson

    April 02, 2019 12:02 AM
    The father of Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was a Marxist professor who spoke fondly of the Communist Manifesto and dedicated a significant portion of his academic career to the work of Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, an associate of Vladimir Lenin.

    Joseph Buttigieg, who died in January at the age of 71, immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s from Malta and in 1980 joined the University of Notre Dame faculty, where he taught modern European literature and literary theory. He supported an updated version of Marxism that jettisoned some of Marx and Engel’s more doctrinaire theories, though he was undoubtedly Marxist…

    • paul ...

      Can’t win voting for Demons … either you get “commie” Bernie … or get Marxist Buttigieg!!

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, So much now seems to revolve around drugs, weapons transfers, nuclear deals, and certain people/groups wanting to take down POTUS Trump for his push to fix the opiate problem, and the no deal deals and $cash drops on the tarmacs? Then too, we have a suspicious amount of ‘missing’ $21 T that you, CAF and Ph’d Skidmore have ‘re-focused’ and shined a new light on… NOT that is was NOT missing from much earlier – say early 90’s right? Then it was Reagan’s ‘star wars’ program …and now we have SPACE FORCE ? and in between oddly CAF brings up the meme – Jedi Contracts – hmm
    then the old stories about Kantor – Fitzgerald at the top of TWIN TOWERS, rumor they were custodians of the bonds for what? and then which offices in Bldg. 7 has records investigating what? and of course the event in Oklahoma … Death of Vince Foster – Mena, Iran-Contra, Freeway Rickey Ross, and all the other Central America and Cuba crisis and Bay of Pigs thing as Nixon called it.. Now we have a turn in opiate deaths, suggesting less cash going somewhere for drugs, a hold up of no deal deals and pallets of cash getting left on tarmacs to get laundered thru systems and banks …which itself then would cause a liquidity crisis if the free flow of drugs IS as estimated a $300 B world market…and not counting black market nuclear material, yellow cake, and tech?
    So we have as so many of your viewers post…huge amounts of money printing by ALL central banks, and yet the ‘velocity’ of money between people generally is at historic lows at the same time the drying up of CASH CROPS due to POTUS Trumps efforts that are pissing off someone…now SEEMS to have created a need to replace the dwindling black market cash with REPO’s to keep the bank system afloat as they might be getting weaned off cheap easy street cash from the aforementioned contrivances? I only point this out as I wonder if CAF and Skidmore know when and where the ‘missing’ $20T plus ”’adjustments”’ started? Could it be about early 1990 ish? So much seems yet so unexplained right about there… an old story …but about where printing stated, drug/weapons deals were rampant…governments topples became quite the continuing rage..and the Megatons to Megawatts stuff was under way… just wondering if we were funding ‘star wars’ or just really funneling money to buy up the ‘loose’ nuclear materials of Russia/Ukraine etc…and then all the paperwork needed to go away so they could keep the $ money off book, and now un-accounted via FASB? as the material and tech…are now between ‘friends’ and shared per pay to play cozy deals? ALL SPECULATION – of course….
    a little still unresolved flash back …least in some minds
    * =
    Wanta claims to have survived at least four assassination attempts. [17]
    ‘At least four attempts were made to murder him inside the U.S. … Meanwhile the Central Intelligence Agency put word out that Leo Emil Wanta was dead … throughout the relevant sectors of the international financial community. Given this ‘tabula rasa’ situation, the coast was clear (or so the criminalists assumed) to ransack … the $27.5 trillion of which Leo Emil Wanta was and remains the sole Principal and Trustor.” ‘

    Sure sound like a same old MO, with a new twist…= encrypted phones used behind the President and most of Congress not read into the ‘program’ (school play).
    and still too….is the $27 T missing in this article the same as the ‘missing’ $21 T now?
    If they are the same…it’s been gone going on 30 years? lol and is likely the nuclear material and tech…and other stuff purchased with the no deal deal money plus the graft in some’s bank accounts.
    Timelines and metadata leaves footprints….

  44. Doug

    Great weekly wrap up Gregg.
    Just as a bit of perspective. I know a lady that lives in Shanghai and she has been off work for 2 weeks now (everyone in her financial office sent home) and was told that “Maybe” they would be welcome back after the 14th (so Monday the 17th). She has sent me pictures of the streets and they are virtually bare. She said a week ago the grocery stores were packed with people gathering up goods (they don’t have much storage space compared to North America though). She is bored and scared. Let’s hope things settle down soon. These “People” are average human’s that love their families, enjoy a good laugh and work hard, just like here. They are just caught up in something very bad right now. Everyone needs to pray for them as well as everyone around the world during this crazy time. God bless everyone and keep them safe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Doug. We need to pray for them!

  45. Free Slave

    You seem to place a lot of importance in embedded advertising. Yet you say this site gets viewed as much as your videos on YouTube.

    Advertising is advertising, isn’t it? Why not have lots of ads on the page? Then you wouldn’t need a special video player at all, just post the .mp4 files when they are ready.

    Is the revenue that much more from the embedded ads?

    Just an observation and a bit of curiosity. Forgive me if I ask too much.

    Keep the passion, holy warrior.

    • Greg Hunter

      Is the revenue that much more from the embedded ads?” Yes. It also helps to keep it free with the smallest amount of hassle for all.

  46. paul ...

    What the Hillary faction of the DNC fears the most is this team … … two mortal enemies of Hillary … who will work to forever lock Hillary out of running “for anything”!! …

  47. Robert Dziok

    Romney is a Deep State RINO. He is involved with Ukraine along with his son (e.g. Q post 3590). Just like the Desperate Delusional Dems/Deep State are. It is ALL being investigated (e.g. Barr, Durham, etc). Over 144,000 sealed indictments since October 2017 ( By voting for impeachment Romney can claim President Trump retribution when the Romneys are brought up on charges. Trying to save face as he knows he and his son are in big trouble now. Romney didn’t blow his chance at being President. He THREW his chance at being President. Why? Because he is Deep State and the CIA had Manchurian candidate Kenyan born Obama groomed and ready over the years. Yes, Obama even said in Kenya during a speech there he was the first sitting US President from Kenya. Obama was the first part of a 16 year plan to destroy the Republic. Destroy America from within since it was not possible to destroy attacking by military. Weaken/Destroy US from within via economy, education, ethics/morals, military strength, borders etc. Clinton was to be the second half of that plan. This has been made known by Patriots and “Q”. Obama even said during a speech at a dinner of main stream media that “The end of the Republic never looked so good”. Americans EVERYWHERE started to wise up to what was going on and the Globalist Controlled Hypocritical MSM Propaganda. President Trump was elected and here we are today. Desperate Dems/Deep State tried two soft coup attempts. BS Russian Collusion Witch Hunt and BS Impeachment. Both failed and Treason/Sedition involved. They know GITMO is in their future and will try ANYTHING to remove President Trump. Patriots have ALL the facts, evidence, etc and they know it.

  48. Lil Miss Chief

    Oh it serves them right! What disgusting , underhanded, lying, vile behaviour.
    We’ve had this with the complicity of a completely compromised lap dog press for almost 4 years & they STILL lost!!!…. Even here in Australia we get all this.
    They’ve shoved this down our throats for so long it makes me so sick I just want to vomit it all back over them.
    And that vicious banchee Pelosi I just wanna rip that mask off her face to expose that hideous demon underneath for all to see.
    Look, I don’t think Trump has totally clean hands. No one gets that rich without getting their hands dirty. But what they’ve done to him & his family over his entire presidency is unparalleled in its corruption, deviousness & cruelty.
    It should never happen to anyone let alone a duely elected president.
    I’m sorry but America has disgraced itself & left such a bad taste in the world’s mouth they’ve lost all credibility.
    The Statue of Liberty got drunk through all this & became the slut of the world for the right price. Now she’s thrown up & fallen face down in the gulf never to rise again.
    The Democrats have destroyed America.
    Americans should show the Demonrats how grateful they are for destroying their country’s reputation, their constitution, their rights & their country.
    God bless Trump but the damage has been done.
    They need to be tried for treason!
    Vile! Just Vile! There’s no other word for it.
    What a disgrace!

  49. Lil Miss Chief

    Ok! So I have been following this site for a few years & made two perfectly civil comments on this site in this article yesterday. It was the very first time I had bothered to do so. Both comments have not shown up at all & have been censored. Your just as bad as any other mainstream censors & seeing as you’ve made my comments invalid now I won’t be visiting your site anymore as I now consider it invalid.

    • Greg Hunter

      Have no idea what you are talking about. My counter in the back end says this is your first comment.

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