In 2017 Trump will be Presiding Over a Bankruptcy-Bill Holter

22 By Greg Hunter’s Sunday Release 1.9.17)

Financial writer Bill Holter says 2017 will be “the year of the Truth Bomb.” Holter explains, “I have been talking about ‘Truth Bombs’ for about a year and a half. I think what is going to happen in 2017 is that this hologram we’ve been living in, the curtain is going to be pulled back. . . . I want to see the truth come out, and that’s why we do what we do.”

One of the big truths that will explode is about the economy, and this will be one of Trump’s biggest problems. Holter goes on to say, “Trump is a smart guy, and he understands that really what he’s going to be doing is presiding over a bankruptcy. That’s what his main job is going to be, and that’s reorganizing this country.”

What will the end of 2017 look like? Holter says, “I don’t think it will even resemble what today looks like. I think you may see the financial system come down, and it may be by the end of the year that the system is coming back up or coming back on line. We are going to have a bank holiday. We are going to have to have some sort of reset. The reset will include a bank holiday. Your ATM won’t work. Your credit cards won’t work. Distribution is going to fail. It’s all about credit. Everything financial and everything economic relies on credit. I believe that we are going to have a credit crisis this year where credit becomes very scarce or actually dries up completely. In that scenario, it is not good. You are talking about distribution breaking down and people going hungry, riots, martial law, cross default from country to country to country to country, bank to bank to bank and broker to broker to broker. Everything runs and lives on credit, and without credit, it’s almost like caveman days.”

Will big stock market gains save some people from the coming pain of this economic reset? Holter, who has more than two decades of brokerage and stock market experience, contends, “One man’s debt is another man’s asset. The asset values are going to have to be marked down. . . . The point being, those assets that people hold in their portfolio, the numbers they see on their statements are just numbers. When this comes down, that’s not real value. You are not going to be able to call on those assets to live, to eat or to pay bills. It’s an asset collapse because the debt side collapses.”

Holter also says, “If you ask the question, does the average American believe we’re broke, I think deep down, and in the back of their minds, they think we’re broke. We’re living this lifestyle, and they think this lifestyle is not going to change. When the lifestyle does change, and it’s forced to be changed, that’s a gigantic truth bomb.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bill Holter of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Holter also says, “It really doesn’t matter if the Dow hits 20,000. It won’t make any difference when reality hits.”

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Bill Holter inspires me.

    Congratulations on a great interview Greg

    • Kevin

      New year another prediction…if it doesn’t pan out…rinse and repeat…I have no doubts soemthing catastrophic is headed are way but nobody knoews how and when…. this site is a round robin of the same crap….

      • Gator

        Agree and Holter is the scare tactic king

        • Greg Hunter

          So you guys think everything is great? Go back to sleep.

          • Tracy Welborn

            Thank you for everything you do. You know I support you 100 percent. You and Bill are truth tellers. Truth telling is not popular. Heck, people have been nailed to crosses for telling the truth. You, Bill and I know that what is happening is simply a math equation working itself out. You guys are 100 percent right. I’m an accountant, there is no way out of this debt situation other than default. Keep on spreading the word – you are right!

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Tracy for your comment and support.

              • Dom

                Continue the good work you both doing Greg and Bill.
                Im following you guys from switzerland (europe) since a long time.
                People just dont realize what is going on in reality, they’re blinded by shopping, celeb, fakenews, and other stupid unneeded things.

                As far as i can see in europe, things are falling apart, switzerland was (is?) one of the richest countries in switzerland, but people are slowly realizing that its only a small group and theyre still not realizing the fault in our fiatcurrencysystem.

                I strongly believe that 2017 will be the year of the big events happening – while big wont really mean good

                keep doing your job Bill and Greg, the world needs people like you

          • Frederick

            Greg these two will be the guys running around like chickens with their heads cut off when the You know what hits the fan

          • Jerry

            Yes, nothing is going to happen. That’s why the Army is trying to hire internment and relocation specialist.
            Kevin and Gator will be their first customers.
            How’s that for scare tactic’s ?


            should I put my money in a Canadian Bank?

            • Greg Hunter

              Paper money is paper money.

        • Vee Bee

          These guys give us what they think is coming, unlike some who give exact dates, they give us what it looks like TO THEM AT THIS TIME. Act or don’t, thats your call.

        • Chip

          Normalcy bias much? Chip

        • Chris

          Kevin: Have need to read historical financial statistics, understand how this market is maintained by the “exchange stabilization fund”, understand the dynamics and fundamentals of population, debt and cash, understand debt to equity ratios and how all of this can be upended when the interest rates start going up. Life as you know it will change and it will change in a way you cannot imagine. Snow flakes melt.

      • ross

        Kevin, people who have no knowledge of mathematical certainties should not launder their ignorance in public.

      • Doug

        …. this site is a round robin of the same crap….

        Then why do you bother coming here? Plenty of places on the Internet for you to hang your shingle out. A big part of prepping is being You said yourself that you have no doubt that something ‘catastrophic’ is headed our way but then you mock someone who is pointing out what is coming?

        Here is something that might be a better use of your time. Look up cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias and you might understand yourself a little bit better.

      • Bill Holter

        of the “risks” I have spoken of, which one’s are not real?

        • Julie Tyra

          My hubby and I are franchise founders for a popular steak house. I’m thinking of selling out for what we have into it.The dividends haven’t changed and we get fair sized checks every 3 months but it still worries me with everything going on.

          • Indiana Jim

            If you would sell . Where would you put the money to generate a decent return? Hard to beat an established ongoing concern generating a respectable living. Better invest some of the profit into things that offer piece of mind in the event of a downturn. I know the restuerant is a grind, sort of like milking cows, but that is why it makes you a living. Best wishes

            • Julie Tyra

              I’ve found nothing that could beat the nearly 12% return. but we could use the money now for home repairs. We own it but updates are needed for our impending old age. I wouldn’t put any money in the bank or the market.
              Thank you for the reply

          • lastmanstanding

            Julie. I find it difficult to comment anymore but here goes for what it is worth.

            We have two small businesses with a loyal, wealthy clientele. We have no employees, been there done that. Our overhead is very minimal and it still pisses me off to pay all of the bs fees, share an excessive amount of our labor, licensing, insurance, etc., etc…and take all the risk…Risk, the other 4 letter word that no one wants to hear or take.

            We decided several years ago (after a very short discussion) that there are damn few people in our society today willing to do what it takes to operate a biz successfully. I’ll spare you and others here the instant gratification speech necessary to sell a business these days.

            Everyone wants to walk in the door, get the keys, work Tues, Wed, Thurs. from 10-2 and write themselves a big fat paycheck…oh, and announce to the rest of the world what a well off and successful small biz owner they are.

            We decided that we will need our businesses for our future and survival…they will serve us well. We are in our mid 50’s. We have as much control over things as is possible.

            I don’t know how old you and your spouse are, where you live or how well off you are, but you but I would DUMP that corpco monster while you still can. I can guarantee that the life has been sucked out of you guys already. It will only get worse as things get more difficult.

            FYI, we live in the American Redoubt country. We grow most of our food. If we don’t, we buy it from someone that we know personally or kill it and process it ourselves. We have decided to move into the future using the same methods that we were taught growing up by our parents/grandparents. We are doing our best to shape our kids and grandkids the same way.

            Your biz has served you well and is probably at its most saleable point. Take your money and run is my advice and downsize.

            You are at the “fork in the road.” One will keep you stuck in the corpco/elitist world. The other is scary as hell but will set you free.

            “Fear not…God the father is in charge.” lms

            • Julie Tyra

              Thank you for the reply. One thing I’ve found is that no matter how poor the middle class gets they usually treat themselves and go out to dinner.
              We do need the extra money to old proof our house lol , laundry on the same floor as the living space and as few stairs as possible. It’s scary to think of selling but the financial world is like playing ” Whack a Mole ” If Clinton one I would have already sold!!

        • Blanca Vasquez

          Mr. Holder, in my research for my financial needs, I came across your great interview with Mr . Hunter. I must express that what you spoke about several years ago to me has really helped me. I’m happy to say that those advises have paid off. I thank you.!

          Good to know you’re in good health, and sharing your knowledge.

    • RichM

      Above Holter says… that this is the year of the (truth bomb) and that he has been stating that for a year and a half? Try more like 5-6 years he has been stating this… Eventually it will come true I suppose.

      • flattop

        open up your own website and try hitting a home run every week. Then you can complain about this one!!!

        • RichM

          Hey, I totally support this site and also like Bill Holter. I just think sometimes we need to calm down. I have my PM’s and preparations but am investing in America again…. with our new President Trump. I could be wrong and he may not be able to fix things, but I am trying to remain positive that he and his policies will. He is very bullish for America and I am a capitalist, so I have to follow my gut.

          • Greg Hunter

            Then you will like the next guest tonight after midnight. Rick Rule from Sprott!

      • Bill Holter

        I have only been doing interviews for just over two years and only written of truth bombs since summer 05. I heard the same thing in Nov. 2006 when we left the country. My miscalculation was US government (and others) willing to destroy their balance sheets to keep the hologram up and running. Best of luck to you because “TRUTH” will certainly arrive!

        • JC Davis

          Bill Your not alone. When shtf you will never go down as nailing it. Neither will I. That is ok if some give attention and prepared. We did good.

        • Gary Canuck

          Bill, when the SHTF where will the Canadian Peso be in relationship to the US Dollar? which one will be more in the Crapper, were at 1.32 today and I can see another 10% coming off the Cando.
          Should I buy Bananas In Costa Rica, Oranges in Florida or, Hunt, Fish and Pray with Rush Limbaugh, and Bill Oriley.

          PS Went to Jim Sinclairs GOTS meeting several years ago in Toronto, did pick up a good supply
          of Maple Syrup from Quebec, easily converts into Rum with a secondary fermintation.
          Thanks for what you do.

        • Bill Holter

          should have read “summer 15”

    • al Hall

      Anthony/Greg: If you want the big hero out on all this -before the election of trump- you need this American hero on you show- Understand the real truth!! Greg: Get this man- dr. Steve Pieczenik- on your show please! He knows it all! And people out there – research this man and his background- he is a ture Am. HERO! Listen carefully- Dr. Steve in this edited piece tells you a lot- hear evey words he say about Obama and J. Kerry, etc.

      Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones 1-3-17… “Update on the State of USA Revolution”
      Saturday, January 7, 2017 21:11
      This is an edited version of the full video from Alex Jones, which aired 1-3-17. I found this extremely useful as a piece of information about what is occurring with this massive political transition in the US (and the planet) which we are now observing. I found this edited version much easier to glean information from than the full one (sometimes Alex puts on his “Type AAA” ego speak, even though his intent is to get as much exposure out there).
      Much of this data I cannot personally validate, but I “sense” Dr. Steve is right on with many of the things he talks about. Recall that he has been mentioned several times as an alliance (military) white hat by David Wilcock (post 1, post 2).

      To find out more about Dr. Steve, go to his website, here.

      Published on Jan 5, 2017

      • Greg Hunter

        I am having a hard time getting a contact for him. Can you help??

        • al Hall

          I’ll look into it for you and contact you directly!

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Al. I need all the help I can get.

      • Anthony Australia

        I also follow his interviews.

    • Anthony Australia

      Let’s stick together friends.

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen A A!!!

    • Grace Slick

      Hi Greg
      Bill referenced the Chinese overnight lending rate had just increased to 80% – evidence of this is nowhere to be found. Where does Bill get his information? Something as significant as this would surely be referenced elsewhere??
      A statement like this is without validation is troubling………………

    • Tim McGraw

      I sold 20% of my stocks today. Time to take some profits and prepare for two tough years or more. I’ll probably buy some more silver rounds. They are still under $20/oz. which I think is cheap. I’ll also buy more beer making supplies. Everyone likes beer. Tangible assets are the way to go. Digits in a computer mean nothing in a collapse.

  2. Martin

    Happy New Year ! To you Greg and the USA watchdog staff!!
    Just would like to say that I have enjoyed the news and facts all
    my life…… your interviews with guests that speak on topics that
    are very relevant to our over all state of affairs is top notch!
    Just want d to say Thank You!

  3. Pat

    I recommend that folks stock up on Big Mac’s. I’m told that they last for years. Okay; maybe not. As usual great interview with a great guest, Mr. Hunter. Thank you again!

  4. SamAdamsGhost

    Holter never seems to give up on the ‘immediately coming disaster’ theme. He didn’t think there would even be an election or that Trump would be sworn in. While I agree with much of his analysis, the USA is a big country. It takes far longer for these things to play out than many pundits in the previous metals community have predicted. Frankly, they lose credibility by saying ‘The sky is falling soon !”

    • Edmund Dantes

      Yeah the game can go on for years… maybe foreever. commercials are heavy long US bonds here, they are just going to keep monetizing , and inflating . the sheep don’t care as long as they have the NFL. I Phone, and junk food at Wally Mart. it will all end with a wimper not a bang. As long as Trump kisses Israel’s ass ,it will be a long slippery slope to serfdom.

      • Bill Holter

        “forever”? good luck with this one!

    • Charles H

      The Catch-22 – is nobody has a crystal ball. Sure, to side with crisis puts one into the Chicken Little camp. But to Boo-hoo, waste time and be unprepared (or under-prepared) – could end-up as a critical mistake. ALL the fundamentals are already present; and this isn’t a carnival ride that one enjoys and then gets off.
      Judgment based on circumspection increases ONLY to the degree factors of error are included. America changing into something it never was in the past – is for most, beyond the pale of admission. Nevertheless, change is as unavoidable as time. And in the balance – not all change is for the good; at least not lately.

      • Bill Holter

        correct Charles, you are either as well prepared as you can be …or not.

        • Kerry

          Only someone who has been around for a while can see just how much things have changed-such as from the 50’s to now. The cost of living, the cost of food, the lowering of morals, etc.

          • WD

            Yes Kerry well put form the 50’s to now….look at the prices of everything especially since disconnect from gold standard….

          • Charles H


            It is the whole climate – since the 50’s. Keeping doors unlocked and garage doors open in Summer; riding around fresh, clean, new neighborhoods in complete safety; running through other kids houses and sharing holiday meals seconds. America was secure also in employment. All one had to do is be honest and hard working – and if qualified, you could do almost whatever you wanted. A doctor (family) and hospital was there is needs be and it wasn’t an arm and a leg – unless one was broken. People were respectful, tolerant, and looked after each other. None of this is in place today.

        • Mike from the North

          I hurt for those unprepared.
          I pray for those that refuse to see the need to prepare.
          I thank the one above for the Bill Holter’s and Greg Hunter’s of the world.
          Their voices speak the truth and if you expect them to have the power and control of everything then you are in need of more self thought.

          This is a time where one must have eyes open to see the truth hidden being the distractions placed before us each day.

          Anyone watching has to realize that we are quickly moving towards some bad things that justify preparation.

          • Coaster

            I am not a Bible thumper but I do read it and study it. What is happening in the world and specifically with the USA, Britain etc. is exactly what has been prophesied, even down to bankrupting these countries. Greg is spot on and so is Bill Holter. Just stop and reconsider how the world has changed especially since WWII, the moral decay, the depravity, man against man, family against family, financial and cultural breakdown. Anyone who believes all this is not occurring or is coincidental are not living in reality. There is a much more powerful hand moving the chess pieces.

    • Andy

      I agree. While on one side he predicts a collaps, which might be just days away on the other side he and J. Sinclair started to sell a newsletter (paid subscription) several months ago. If I was so convinced that its a matter of weeks or maximum months, I would not start to charge anything (since they didnt before).

      • SamAdamsGhost

        It seems that many times people make predictions without any hard evidence to back them up. “There will be no election in 2016. Soon there will be martial law. ” – – o.k., based on what evidence ?

        Logically, we know the current system cannot go on forever. We know that no fiat money system has survived long term. But, go back and read commentary from the 1930s Great Depression. Even go back and read commentary from the 1970s. There was a lot of predictions about the imminent complete collapse of the system and the country 80 and 40 years ago. – – Given that TPTB control the money, financial, political, legal, & education systems – and most of the media . . . any potential collapse may be a very long time coming.
        If collapse does come quickly, it’ll probably be some Black Swan that is completely unpredictable. (Their global surveillance and predictive programming obsession is a mad desire to know everything/control everything IMO.)

    • Frederick

      Precious NOT previous

      • SamAdamsGhost

        Yep – ‘precious’ – spell auto check is sometimes a pain in the neck

  5. This sceptred isle

    Because of fractional reserve banking, money in the banking system exists in a quantum state of potential. It is only when you have withdrawn it from the bank account you have manifested it in the real world and are no longer an unsecured creditor.
    I wonder if/when they shut down the system whether they will blame the loss of electronic assets on russian or Chinese hackers. It would be easier than admitting that the system is unsustainable.

    • Paul ...

      TSI … when you have withdrawn your money from the bank in cash … you are still “an unsecured creditor” to the Fed (a private corporation that can go bankrupt) … so you need to take one further step … and use that unsecured cash to buy silver!!

      • mark branham

        Paul. paul, paul, where do you get your ideas??? Perhaps you could explain how an entity that can print money can go bankrupt??? ” an unsecured creditor” HOW??? that bill is interest and debt free… don’t you understand the concept??? if it’s in your hand, it’s yours… you really don’t understand money or debt.

        • Paul ...

          How could a private entity go bankrupt if they can print IOU’s to infinity (and those IOU pieces of paper become more and more worthless in time) and eventually won’t buy anything? … I think you answered your own question!

          • mark branham

            If you had been paying attention, you could have watched the dollar ascend to it’s highest level in 14 years…all other currencies taking a dive. So not yet. Maybe someday but if that someday comes you’ll see a gradual decline in the dollar to a more reasonable level where our exports are more competitive.

            Your basic problem is that you’ve swallowed the idea that ‘things’ must someday collapse – not necessarily so.

        • terra.laser

          No Mark – it is you my friend who does not really understand money or debt. Take a look at one of the Federal Reserve Notes in your wallet and ask yourself the question of what entity is on the other side of the Note.

          • mark

            I’ll answer that for you…sovereign nations can issue their own money, which the U.S. does, called paper and coins. These are the only forms of “money” that are interest and debt free.

    • Jim Miles

      Interesting idea – that all this anti-Russia crap is not about real war, but a way to place blame of an economic downturn/collapse on the Russians…and then what…..?

      • Frederick

        David Seaman is doing a video about ATMs running out of cash or no working more often lately

        • This sceptred isle

          They will probably try to make using cash more inconvenient over a period of time. Not bothering to refill cash machines, self service machines not accepting cash, not replacing old notes in circulation…

    • Bill Holter

      no telling, but whatever/whomever they blame will not be the real culprit.

  6. Elusive Joseph

    Greg, a pandemic is coming it 2017. The pathogen causing it will be engineered and deliberately released. Trump will not be to blame. He’ll have nothing to do with it. This pandemic has been in the making for a very long time. It will be the scapegoat that’s blamed for “causing” the economy & financial system to crash, hence, in effect, it will be the intended diversion from the BankerSerpents who are the real blame for the coming economic & financial calamity. Angst for, and revolt against, The Fed will be supplanted by fear of this invisible killer and want for government protection. Depopulation is an equal objective. The internet and social media got Trump elected, and it’s waking people up to the BankingSerpents’ fraudulent systems and their age-old perfidy. More people are realizing they’re adversaries to all men. These manipulators of history, economies and militaries will stop short at nothing to annihilate the growing resistance to their existence. This coming Black Swan will be the ultimate diversion. Nobody is expecting it. It will be made to look like “bioterrorism” or a “natural event” throwing humanity a huge curve ball.

    • The Seer

      What are your sources and the data?

    • Amused Observer

      What a load of rubbish….. another would be prophet.

  7. This sceptred isle

    To Bill Holter (if you read the comments section again).
    1) in the event of a broker becoming bankrupt will individual investor’s shares held in pooled accounts be at risk? Do you think it is possible that a fractional reserve system operates with shares in pooled accounts whereby one individual share is owned by several different investors or worse, the broker accepted payment from investors but failed to purchase any shares at all?
    2) in the event of the banking system shutting down do you envision physical cash under the mattress being worth multiples more?
    3) will there be any difference between cash issued by a central bank and coins (non precious metal) issued by a national mint as central banks are over leveraged but national mints are not.

    • Bill Holter

      no pooled accounts!

  8. Charles Turner

    This is the best article I have read on the ‘Russian Hacking’ and it comes from the New York Times. The article really sets the context of espionage from both sides and dismisses the myth that this was a one off to destroy Hillary. It is proper journalism that gives the other side of the story.

    • This sceptred Isle

      The danger of the intelligence agencies crying wolf all the time is that no one will believe them when they are actually telling the truth about an imminent threat.

      • Tommy

        When did they ever tell the truth? I’m pretty old and I don’t remember any time that the truth was told about anything. As I’ve heard it said, “don’t believe anything until it’s officially denied”.

  9. Dan

    Dear Bill, Comment & Question:

    – I think in a reset type scenario we could see a drop in the value of the dollar like you eluded to whether it is 30% 45% or more. Consequently, a two-pronged hyperinflation situation could likely occur – one which the availability/scarcity would cause much higher prices (e.g., $500 coffee maker, $50 bunch of imported bananas) – and the other where the purchasing power of the dollar doesn’t get you as much as it used to (e.g., your rent now costs you $1000 per month instead of $500). In such an inconvenienced and decreased standard of living situation, I think many people would want to simply leave the country.

    Next, realistically, it could take a year or more for some kind of reset to occur. But let’s say for argument sake that one kind of reset occurs whereby the value dollar is “downward adjusted” by let’s say 50% (just to make the math simple). In other words the purchasing power is decreased by that much. So if you buy a 1 oz gold coin (which today would normally cost the *nominal* amount of $1170) it would now cost you $1755 in “real” real terms, all things being equal. But we both know that this would have to change, i.e., the COMEX would have to adjust (raise) the gold (paper) spot price accordingly higher (to something like $1800 per ounce) to offset the decreased value of the new dollar. No? Of course, people would know that the real *value* of gold hasn’t changed but would be frustrated to not be able to exchange it for its true value which is arbitraged higher outside the US (let’s say they could get $2000 from Shanghai).

    I would think that many Americans would want to leave the country, preferably with their gold so they can exchange it for its real (higher) worth elsewhere. But I think the country and its border agencies will firstly,
    – install “human capital controls” whereby its citizens cannot leave the country (with their wealth/assets; and also to keep a tighter grip on them for taxation/slavery purposes) and also
    – have “gold controls” (like was just recently implemented in Europe)
    to discourage people from crossing the border to sell their gold. This would futher entrap them in the new system (most likely all digital) where they’d be stuck and cannot get out (unless they had physical stored outside the country (let’s say China or Hong Kong for instance), sold/converted it to “new us dollars” in order to get the fair value (i.e., more than if they sold/converted it inside the US borders with the US/COMEX pricing) and wired-transfered it back to their bank account in the US.

    My question is do you see the above scenario happening (with regards to gold and people flow controls)?


    • Bill Holter

      undoubtedly “controls” will be put in place which is why you have some wealth with you inside country and some outside.

    • Frank D

      Sorry, but how can you believe ANYTHING that emanates from the fakes news capital of the world, the NYT?

    • GoneWest

      Either you or the NYT (or both) are math challenged. Let’s make it simple. If $1 buys you one ounce of gold and the dollars value is cut in half (50%) then it will take 2 dollars to buy an ounce of gold. In terms of the dollar price of gold, it just doubled.

      I know, math is hard. 😉

      • Petedivine

        Maf is hard 1/2 of 1 dollar = .50
        1 dollar + .50 = $1.50
        Therefore, a 50% devaluation means that it takes $1.50 to purchase what 1$ used to purchase. A 100% devaluation of 1$ means that it takes $2 to purchase what you used to with $1. I blame the American educational system.

        • GoneWest

          I rest my case.

  10. James Hastings

    Very good. Always enjoy Bill Holter. Your comment about a soft counter coup makes sense when you factor in the economic realities. Perhaps the “system” felt more comfortable with Hillary in charge when the music stopped. There is definitely a struggle taking place throughout this transition. Oboma has done an excellent job…..saturating the bureaucracy with like minded fanatics.
    I have always felt, the paper economy will vaporize. There will be “nashing of teeth” and blood flowing in the streets when our lifestyles collapse. Now we have millions of foreign migrants to make the situation worse and several generations of Americans, that had no problems killing their unborn. If they can kill their own child, image what they will be like, when cornered.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Your last sentence is sadly true. It’s part of the hardness of heart everywhere that no longer cares about labor conditions or family ties or deathbed promises to look after pets or even children. Such degeneracy is even culturally accepted.
      The immigrants I’ve known, the poor ones, will be no problem because they are accustomed to sharing and looking after family. The go-getters with money will go back where they came from…many already are.
      As for Obama’s legacy he has a great distinction to be the ONLY American President to be at war for all 8 years of his terms. Not for his dark skin or charm will history remember him, but for his enthusiasm for war comparable to Louis XIV.

    • Bill Holter

      a struggle between light and darkness…

    • GoneWest

      If you are truly worried about how the American women who have had abortions will react when the hard times come, you should check out this article from Steven D. Levitt and the research behind it (see the first link in the article to the original paper).

  11. Macray

    Obama set for pardon frenzy as he leaves office
    Are the Clinton’s on his list???

  12. Gadfly

    999 % Pure Bunk

    Yes, consensus estimates (Barron’s) are for $1300/ounce gold by year end or into 2018. This seems reasonable to me given recent market action. However, Gold won’t blow-up like some keep wishing, unless things first get really bad ( There not bad yet ?). Predictions of $10,000/ounce are pure (999 % ) bunk though. Fell off his horse ?

    • Charles H

      When China and Russia actually have to pull the plug on the US Dollar; precious metals will return to being the Stuff of Kings. “Recent market action” is a complete fraud – to which the “999% Pure Bunk” best applies. You cannot disapprove something that is yet to happen: especially when you use completely false sources to try to do so. Lose, lose.

    • Bill Holter

      you have never “ridden a horse” until you come off of one. Look at supposed gold held versus debt, $10,000 is laughably low. Please dispute this math!

    • Frederick

      Things aren’t bad yet huh Tell that to people in Greece Venuzela or even Mexico and parts of the US I imagine a lot of people there wish they had bought some gold Don’t ya think?

      • Charles H

        Mexico – I hope, may fare better than the USA when the freeze-up/reset comes. Distribution of meat and vegetables are more local. The Army may have to protect distribution routes and trucks: but the government WILL endeavor to supply for the people.

  13. opalboy

    There are a lot of prognosticators out there, Jim And Bill are the best!
    I’m not sure how long I’ve followed Jim, but gold was 5 or 6 hundred, and he was confidently calling 1650 gold, in January of 2011 I think, he was a couple of months off, but he had called it in like ’98 or ’99. Good enough for me.
    I think the ultimate timing is the hard part, but Bill and Jim are going to end up being right.
    Prepare accordingly.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks, yes prepare accordingly.

  14. Jerry

    I think its important for people to realize that our politicians do not make our financial decisions anymore. The IMF and the World bank does.

    Come April 21st a major shift away from the dollar will be made, as the SDR will be moved to the center of the global economic table. The IMF has been setting the stage for this for months by restructuring the currency basket weights and adding more countries into the Yuan basket. In short the U.S. reserve currency credit card is about to be cut in half. The Federal Reserve Bank can continue to print all the money it wants, but in the end the IMF will decide what its worth.

    I think Bill is right. At some point the central banks are going to panic when they realize they can’t cover their derivative debt with easy money anymore and credit will seize up.

    • Jerry

      This article dovetails into my last post and to what Bill has said about the Yuan free fall.
      Trust me when I tell you this. The IMF is going to rob Peter (which is the dollar) to pay Paul (which is the Yuan) when they meet in April. This is not conspiracy theory. Its a fact. They simply have no choice. They’re not going to let the dollar continue to crush the Yuan currency basket after giving it SDR drawing rights. They have the voting power to do it with the coming weight reevaluations, and the United States will have no way to stop it.

      • Jerry

        As I said, if the collapse of the Yuan continues the IMF will be forced to act sooner than the 21st of April.. The IMF is committed to the Yuan. If they have to destroy the dollar to save China’s economy, they’ll do it. Its been their dream all along, and they will not let this opportunity pass, especially with a Trump scapegoat.

        • foggygoggles

          To what extent is the health of the Chinese economy dependent on the US buying their exports?

          • Jerry

            The U.S. and China are economically joined at the hip thanks to NAFTA.

            • foggygoggles

              Exactly, which is why I don’t think the Chinese economy can be saved by destroying the dollar.

              • Charles H

                Destroying and up-pegging from the Dollar are two different things. The US is printing into oblivian – and forcing others to do the same in a race to the bottom. Unpegging will allow a float, rather than being sucked-down with a sinking ship. The only one destroying the Dollar is the USA.

          • JC Davis

            That is a worthy question. Greg !

            • Greg Hunter

              What is the question?

              • JC Davis

                To what extent is the health of the Chinese economy dependent on the US buying their exports?

      • Matt In Pa

        I smell war in the making. Soon too

        • Jerry

          You might be right.

          I find it very disturbing that at the same time the U.S military is massing troops on the Russian border, that U.S. carriers are being brought to port. Talk about opening the door and saying “come on in”?

          • WD


            Have you ever heard of the 3 definitions of stupid.

            1) There is stupid
            2) There is really stupid.
            3) There is really really stupid-invading Russia
            – Anonymous US General

          • Matt In Pa

            Those carriers in today’s world are sitting ducks. Me thinks they know that.

  15. Robert Lykens

    The economy should have been allowed to fail in 2008. It would have been very painful but it would have been only a small fraction of the pain we’ll face when the collapse comes now. The national debt has doubled (over $10 trillion added), more millions of people are government-dependent and the world’s economy is teetering on the edge also.
    Do I want financial woes, martial law and hunger within my own family and neighborhood? Absolutely not. But it is coming and the sooner it comes the less destructive it will be.
    In my opinion TPTB will once again fail to allow the market to naturally cure itself. The socialist/Marxists will intervene once again, furthering this false economy. Who knows what monstrosity they will foist upon us this time?

    • This sceptred isle

      It is always easier to pass the buck down to the next incumbent. Nobody wants to get blamed for the entire collapse of the financial system. One of the weaknesses of democracy is it only encourages short term thinking given that an American president can only serve two terms. The Chinese have a plan in place for the next 50 years!!!

      • Bill Holter

        unfortunately the buck stops here …and the music will stop for a spell.

        • Mike from the North

          Look at the BIG picture.
          Look at how hard some are trying to start a war.
          Why start a war?
          Check your history books.
          War is always about hiding something or making money.

          If you look around you will see manyyyyy actions being taken by those presently in power to take us over the edge.

          That alone tells us or it should tell us that something very bad is going to happen very soon either from a geopolitical or financial perspective.

  16. Rob

    FEMA camps will be for whoever our Most High God chooses to put into captivity:

    Revelation 13:10 If any man is for captivity, into captivity he goeth: if any man shall kill with the sword, with the sword must he be killed. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

    John 3:27 John answered and said, A man can receive nothing, except it have been given him from heaven.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      The way to avoid such things is to live a prayerful, quiet life and wish others only well. Some of the gall and ugliness online is not becoming to God’s children. Be content with simple food and things…God protects the compassionate above all.

    • Bill Holter

      I much prefer Heaven!

  17. MJH1963

    2017 is going to be a wild ride and no single or series of events will surprise me. But there is little chance that the dramatic catastrophes Mr. Holter predicts will come to pass in the next 365 days. Maybe over the next 25 years – but not today or tomorrow. The long painfully slow, degredation will continue. The USA is a mess, but we’re the least messy on the globe.

    • Charles H

      We are the least messy? How long did it take Chavez and Madero to ruin Venezuela? Do you really think anything is fixed from the 2007/08 crash?

      • Nuke em Duke

        Here’s a thought: He that causes the “most mess” on the globe is “the messiest”.
        There is only ONE nation on Earth that fits that description.

        • Frederick

          Duke(energy) is already nuking parts of NC from what I’ve heard Look up radiation levels for places like Raleigh and yourll see what I’m saying

          • Charles H

            If this is true, and a consistent pattern – then science and government have really gone mad.

    • Frederick

      When I look at healthcare and the racial divide in the states as well as the illegal immigration situation I’m not so sure that we are the least messy on the globe 1963 Oh did I mention the debt?

    • Pinocchio

      Least messy ? So I have to say that Switzerland, Netherlands, and Austria are more messy than USA ?

  18. Tad

    It’s worth noting that as of 2013, 20 percent of our food is imported. In desperate times, with or without a trade war, how likely will China or other nations export food–especially to America?

    One could call it weaponization. Others would call it concern for one’s own.

    This happens when credit is free; going off the gold standard; paving over valuable farm land; allowing anyone to enter the US without vetting or any other justification.

    Why don’t we just call it illegal entry?

    It’s not often emphasized, but it bears further scrutiny: purchasing precious metals is not only about insurance against wealth destruction, but the ability during deflationary events when fiat is scarce and barter has its limitations.

    • Frederick

      Just the idea of importing food from China a country of 1.3 billion to the US with all our agricultural area seems absurd on the face of it don’t you think?

  19. darren

    Great interview Greg….Bill is one of my favorites. What I would love to see you do is the timeline and events that follow a collapse. What will it look like for the average Joe on Day 1, Week 1, Month 1, Month 3 and so on…Would be enlightening to hear Bill, Andy, Bo, Rob and some of the rest of the gang. I think it would be a big hit…Well, thanks again & Happy New Year…Darren

  20. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Well, Greg, “Caveman days” is a good dose of hyperbole, if it resets after some months. Wouldn’t it be more like the dark austerity days of Greece, or the slide to bankruptcy of say Venezuela ?

    Dark, tough months no doubt, but not the resultant “caveman days” of say a nuke exchange and resultant nuclear winter we may have been en route to should Hillary have become Potus ( thank you my American cousins for dodging that bullet ).

    • Bill Holter

      you may change your tune when credit becomes scarce or even unavailable…

      • Mike from the North

        If your life is based around credit then you are in deep trouble.

        I over the last few years have made extreme changes in my life in order to remove the bankers influence from my life. I LOVE NOT HAVING TO EVEN TALK TO A BANKER.

  21. Mike R

    Bill is a good man. Thanks for having him on.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks, I try!

  22. mark branham

    Greg, you know, if you’ve seen my previous post about this guy and Jim Sinclair, that I believe these two are way beyond their sell-by date. Because. they’ve failed to adapt to the new reality created by the massive debt, which must be off-loaded to a more senior entity or the system will indeed fail. Enter the IMF. Soon, SDR bonds will soak up sovereign debt so that the game can go on – the game of debt as money which has held ever since the concept of a central bank took hold.

    So today I just wish to correct your misstatement about physical money… paper and coins act the same, coins are not superior to paper bills, both are issued by the Treasury and both are debt free. As long as the U.S. remains a sovereign nation they are backed by the military, a much more effective backing than gold.

    If one assumes that the above is true(it is) then you should begin to wonder, is debt really money? When you can answer that question you’ll begin to understand what it means for our future.

    • Paul ...

      mark … paper money and coins will not act the same … paper money is simply paper … coins are physical metal … having physical copper, nickel or silver coins will always be superior “as commodities” … compared to ordinary paper!!!

      • mark branham

        Well, Paul, the direct response is, you’re wrong. The metal in coins is functionally worthless, that’s why it’s used. You should have understood that as they both are issued by the Treasury, debt-free and interest free. The dollar will be around for a very long time, what it will buy in the future, well, that is the question.

        • Paul ...

          Do you have copper wires in your house providing you light, heat and power? … do you have a nickel/iron (stainless steel) sink in your kitchen that doesn’t rust? … and these metals are functionally worthless??? … what Obama pre-school were you taught at??

          • mark branham

            good luck with that paul. If you wish to lug around a 20 pound bag of pennies(since 1982 no longer copper by the way) I’ll pack dozens of $20.00’s.
            So did you even make to a school?

        • terra.laser

          Hey Mark – Take a look at a Paper note in your wallet – where does the Note state issuance by the US Treasury? The Treasury borrows from the Federal Reserve and that is why your paper money has “Federal Reserve Note” written on the top.

          The Treasury just like every other entity in the United States ultimately borrows from the Federal Reserve. Even the US Mint now gives the seignorage when minting coinage to the Federal Reserve.

          You need to educate yourself about money my friend.

          • mark branham

            Wrong again. Paper bills are backed by the U.S. government’s military. The treasury has never borrowed to print bills, it doesn’t need to as bills carry no interest and neither are they debt. If you have them, they’re yours to spend as you wish. In fact, the only money you have is what you carry in your wallet.

            One more thing, the Treasury prints bonds to sell to commercial banks… the FED cannot directly buy U.S. bonds, they must buy from banks. So the FED has NEVER loaned money to the Treasury directly. Go look this stuff up before making a fool of yourself.

            • Paul ...

              Wrong Mark … your dollars are Federal Reserve notes (an IOU from the Fed is by definition a debt instrument) … and even if your dollars were printed by the Treasury they (and your Fed Reserve Notes) still carry an interest charge “which is called inflation”!!!

              • mark branham

                Really! So the FED buys paper bills from the Treasury and sells to banks when needed… why would they buy something you say comes from the FED!!!

                You don’t yet understand the difference between debt and money.

                • Paul ...

                  The “money” you talk about Mark (US Dollars) is an IOU from the Fed … I don’t consider an IOU to be “real money” but simply a promise… so the US dollar is like a derivative a contract … and contracts can be defaulted upon … where as “real money” like gold and silver in your hand has no need for “someone else” to give you “real money” in exchange for your dollar IOU!!!

                  • mark

                    You are just plain wrong. Do a little research.the FED DOES NOT ISSUE PAPER BILLS OR COINS.

                    Your probably one who thinks this Holter person has any idea what he’s talking about… just not so. History will prove him wrong but anyone with an understanding of monetary issues already knows.

    • Charles H

      Coinage may come out of the Mint: but bills are from the private banking system of the Federal Reserve. Strike one. And with Globalization – national sovereignty erodes or disappears. And a lot of good it will do the USA when most the other nations of the world won’t want our Dollars. America will be stood in a corner by herself. IS the solution then to threaten war on those who don’t want to trust or deal with us? Do not make the mistake of thinking that other nations of the world will dance to our tune, or play the game according to “our” rules.

    • This sceptred isle

      The US military is backing the world reserve currency whilst the world reserve currency is backing the US military. If the world rejects the US dollar how will America sustain such a military force?

    • Bill Holter

      you should never “Ass U Me”, “debt” never goes away unless written off in which case the lender loses…nothing new under the Sun no matter what your sell by date is.

      • mark branham

        Not so. If the FED buys Treasury debt and simply holds to expiration, that is effectively discharging the debt. The IMF SDR bonds could do the same thing… the financial Oligarchs have too many ways to skin that cat…

        • Paul ...

          So what you are saying Mark is that if I buy a 3mo Treasury debt instrument with 9,600 paper IOU dollars and wait three months the debt is discharged at expiration with 10,000 paper IOU dollars in my pocket and I’m now out of debt? … wake up Mark … I simply own “more debt” (until I convert my IOU dollars into silver)!!

          • mark branham

            If you were the FED yes.

            Only the FED can make Treasury debt disappear, not you. That’s because the FED remits to the Treasury all proceeds from debt in excess to operating expenses.

            If your commenting here about FED, Treasury and bank operations you should at least have a cursory understanding of how these things work.

    • Jerry

      Mark this is reality.

      The only reason the dollar has not gone into the dustbin of history is because of quantitative easing and reserve currency status. Your argument over military power backing the dollar is bogus. The dollar is only worth as much as the IMF and the World Bank says it is. Come April 21st that may all change.

      You need to check your facts. Silver and Gold have always been worth more than fiat currency. I know first hand because my grandfather told me about how the last depression went. If you have large amounts of debt and are holding paper plan on a vacation trip to camp FEMA. Bill is absolutely right. This is nothing new. It right out of the bankers play book.

  23. Russ

    Outstanding interview Greg. Bill Holter’s idea of restructuring and writing down debt makes sense. What we have now is unsustainable; Ben Stein’s dad Herbert Stein (somebody really smart) once wrote that, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”, and as we all know this cycle of debt cannot continue. If this credit based economy must be restructured, Trump is an excellent person to have in charge, his skill-sets are probably unique and imo we are fortunate that he stood up to take on this task. He sees things as they are and surrounds himself with smart pragmatic people who won’t spew BS.

    IMO he should start down the path of restructuring as soon as he has the departments (particularly Treasury and Commerce) fully under control and transitioned from O’. Do it while there is some small bit of control left and the memory of what O’ was doing is still fresh. Do the restructuring in a controlled manner and establish confidence in the process of that restructuring. With confidence that things will turn out well, he may be able to minimize the dislocation and chaos such that the distribution system is not stressed to the point of breaking.

    The system is fragile right now and needs to be supported so that people know it will all turn out okay. As long as the cogs in the system have confidence that things will turn out better, they’ll keep turning.

  24. Rich

    What happens on Jan. 15, 2017 will be disasterous.

    Please view the info below, about the Judgment of America when it rejects Israel. Please pray and test it, thank you.

    Here is a word that is difficult for me to write. Do not judge me for this word, but test it like you should test any thing that a person says. If it does not come to past we will have more time. But if it does and you do nothing about it. Your blood will be on your head and not mine. I have been a Watchman on the wall since Aug.1978 when YHWH told me to tell His children that they will go through Hard times. Read Eze. 14 concerning what will happen when this comes to past. I did not get the word below, it speaks for itself. Please pray concerning this, only time will test it.

    Time is short, please Pray and Prepare for what is about to come down.
    We may have little time to prepare.
    Please read!
    Rich Riding Sr.



    Is this the timing of the destruction of the U.S.A.?
    Prophecy or Word of Knowledge!
    C. Morton Pate
    Feb. 17,1974
    I, the Lord your God come quickly. As my judgment will be regarding your Nation, when it abandons Israel.
    Beginning 7 days there after and being complete 7 months there after.

    • Scramble

      Rich: Not Joel 3:2?

    • Julia

      Unfortunately Israel is a secular nation with one of the highest abortion rates and largest Gay Pride event in the world. America needs to be more concerned about how it treats Gods son then Israel. Israel needs to be concerned with rejecting their Messiah and their participation with ISIS/US/NATO troops who attacked Christain city of Aleppo.

  25. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview. I have a really dumb question for Bill Holter. Bill, what would prevent Trump from having the modern version of Augustus Saint Gaudens, in secret, produce a platinum $20 trillion dollar coin and handing that to Janet Yellen and saying, “Hasta la vista, baby, the treasury department will take it from here.”? It may take 2 coins to get all US debt off of the feds balance sheet but by law the Fed must accept all US coins at face value. Yes, the biggest banking houses in the world would collapse but they are bankrupt anyway and are the biggest manipulators in the world. It can’t inflate the economy because the money supply has not increased. It can cause a massive credit crunch.

    I predate you and Greg and in my travels in southeast Asia I remember seeing US silver trade dollars. They were the same size as US domestic silver dollars but were used for paying foreign obligations and clearly stated TRADE DOLLAR. I should have bought a butt load of those but we were broke back in those days.


    • Bill Holter

      simply cannot “create” something (value) out of nothing. Would not your “coin” only have the value of the metal rather than “stated” value? Why not make the coin out of paper …or even horseshit and then say “see, we are solvent”?

      • Country Codger

        Hi Bill,
        Because the Federal Reeserve Act doesn’t allow paper or horseshit either one to be redeemed or accepted at face. Even after the FRA was amended in 1981 the Fed had to accept all US coinage at face value. And, even though our current system is b.s. there is no provision for accepting that either, it has to be metal. Sorry.

      • JC Davis

        Bill new trucks are bought with nothing.

  26. Teeter

    2017, WASH, RINSE, REPEAT 2016, all these predictions of “Something Coming, fill in the blank”, unfortunately all these guests have been wrong, maybe a 98% fail rate on predictions. What we do know is that we cant change whats coming, whatever it is, is coming and we should be prepared spiritually, physically, mentally, financialy. I enjoy the interviews, and you are really one of the only ones putting out the truth, you shined the light on MSM and there lies, greatly appreciated. But, these predictions that never happen, its getting old. I like the facts about the markets, dollar, currency, trade, factual data that gives us an insight on the state of the economy. My .02, thanks for keep us informed

    • Charles H

      Even a Maytag washing machine will breakdown or wear-out.

    • Bill Holter

      SPAM! Please dispute my facts and logic. Just because bankruptcy has not been declared does not mean it is not the fact. You say Greg displays the truth and then say the truth is false, please check your brain.

      • Charles H


        The only shred of appearance these sharp-shooters have to keep firing these worn-out rubber bullets (wash; rinse; repeat): is because America is CIRCLING THE DRAIN – which gives the appearance of repetition. At some time the fingers to plug the holes and the time to circle once again will run out.

    • Country Codger

      Hi Teeter,
      I agree, a lot of folks have been predicting a collapse for several years. It really collapsed “again” in ’09. But tell me when you would have imagined T.A.R.P.? How about Quanitative Easing? How about Operation Swift? How about having the Exchange Stabilization Fund sent up a Brussels account and buy more US paper than the entire GDP of Belgium could have purchased? Who could have predicted the financial mechanisms employed to keep the system afloat. In my book we went bankrupt in August 1971 and 2009 was just a sign of that.

      I’ll be fair: if the collapse does not come this year what financial miracle drug will they use to keep it going? Tell me now so I can be impressed when it happens.

  27. Gadfly

    The Cavemen Quartet

  28. Chris

    It is very interesting that a president has been elected who is very adept with the bankruptcy process. I agree with holter, Trumpnado knows the country is insolvent on so many levels ( e.g. pension funds, QE/ZIRP propping up the NYSE, endless foreclosures, citizens debts sky high, federal debt). 2017 may be the year the wheels of the fake recovery aka wreckovery fall off.

  29. Canadian Prepper

    As usual top shelf. You provide us a valuable service to remind us we aren’t crazy. The best part was about stocks… Sell…. To who? We are entering a period when reality and physics are going to meet, there will only be value in the things you can physically hold; productive land, food, tools, and what physical skill you have to produce and maintain the previously mentioned. I am so glad I do not live in the city or suburbs. They are going to look like Aleppo when the smoke clears.

    • Frederick

      When the equity market turns down there will be lots of ” n bid” moments I’m sure where things will be in free fall When it gets bad enough the Wall Street parasites will step up and buy same as always The question is of course how low will it go?

    • Bill Holter

      thanks much CP

  30. Tin foil hat

    I agree totally there will likely be a reset swoon. However, I disagree that the reset will include a bank holiday. Your ATM will work. Your credit cards will work. Distribution is not going to fail. Yes, it’s all about credit but I don’t believe that we are going to have a credit crisis. Credit will likely become very scarce but I doubt it will dry up completely. It will be like applying for credit card in the 80’s, you will likely have to pay for the privillage of having a credit card and you will be vetted thoroughly to get one.
    I have confidence that Trump will gradually wind down this mess to avert any possibility of distribution breaking down, people going hungry, riots, martial law, cross default ……
    Mad Max scenario could happen only if the reset occurred abruptly in a disorderly fashion. I’m not naive about what we are about to face. It will be difficult but it’s not going to be as dire as Mr. Holter think.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I agree…I look back on the70s and 80s and how carefully people kept their budgets, how they made out home meal plans for the week and used their time better. Then came the Affluenza 90s and 00s and a generation raised to shop and waste like no tomorrow.
      Scripture says those who ruin their parents will inherit the wind….

    • Bill Holter

      it is ALL about credit

  31. Diane

    Interesting what Bill said about the FEMA camps. I think he may be right.
    That said….hope we never get to the point they will be used.

    • Bill Holter

      we all hope the same!

    • Bill

      Diane; Maybe the FEMA camps will be used to feed those who have no food and provide shelter for those in need.

      • WD

        There will be no fema camps, b/c there will be no way to pay for it…

      • Charles H

        Dual-purpose? Screening and categorization will divide the sheep from the the black-listed, politically incorrect Right? Also, I wonder if chipping will happen. LOTS of people are going to be hungry.

  32. Paul ...

    Just wondering … remember when Obama said “we can keep our doctors” … did he also say Hillary could keep the $2000 billion in her Charitable Fund?? … because that $2000 billion Hillary has in her Charitable Fund will sure go a long way to pay off our Nation’s debts along with the gold that is confiscated from us!!
    It is only fair that Hillary (and other billionaires) should not resist contributing their wealth to save our country … if we ordinary people are going to be forced to contribute the few ounces of gold we hold!!!

  33. Zeke

    Really, Greg? All we have to look forward to is FEMA camps and confiscation?? Why save for tomorrow? Spend it all today and be ready to starve. I quit listening to Gerald Celente for the same reasons. Speakers like this offer only problems, no solutions. If it goes down like Holter and Celente say it will, there will be no corner on earth to go where you can live in peace. Might as well commit hare kare today, eh?

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Zeke. Never give up and NEVER take your own life.

      • WD


        V the guerilla economist did a couple of big shows on why it will be impossible for FEMA camps to exist.

        No way to pay for them or try corralling angry rage-ful citizenry…
        NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!

    • Robert Lykens

      Come on, Zeke. They’re warning us.
      Find your own solution. That’s what being an American means.

    • Charles H

      Over-reaction there, Zeke. Fatalism is not practical. All Greg Hunter and his guests can do is paint the picture as true as possible. Lots and lots DO approach the future with a better mixture of hope and caution.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Like the Marian apparitions that begin with God’s wrath and desire to punish, all these doom sayers are serving an agenda….but the Father’s love and constant help in trouble isn’t it. I don’t discount all ‘prophets’, secular or religious. I read the first sentence. If it isn’t the message of God’s abiding love it is a scare agenda and serves some human group. Who promotes that stuff? Who circulates it?
      It’s not in the best interest of China or most countries for America to fall into chaos. China is offering help in rebuilding infrastructure like trains. We need better lifestyles and genuine cooperation. What is certain to topple into chaos is arrogance and refusal to move with the best interests of all, not the few.

    • Bill Holter

      stand tall Zeke …on your won two feet!

  34. Oracle 911

    I have to make an important point. If the factories with continuous production cycle (chemical factories, refineries, nuclear power plants etc) are shut down in inorderly manner they will became rather sooner then later another Bhopal and Chernobyl. Inability to pay due bank failures en mass and halt of the financial system will result that.
    So you can forget that and it seems like the Chinese will step in and provide the necessary support but for a hefty price.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Frederick

      You forgot the biggest clusters..k of all Fukushima Oracle

      • Charles H

        Correct. Very little new material is coming out on YouTube, or elsewhere. Five years of UNIMAGINABLE radioactive pollution. Many indications are that the Pacific is dying – for real. And all is covered-up systematically.

  35. Anthony Australia

    The MSM Trump bashing continues.

  36. Mike F.

    Another stellar interview. Thanks for bringing reality back to the people of this country. Greg, we love you!

  37. Diane D.

    Bill Holter just saved Trump having to write his first ‘State of the Union’ address.

  38. Walter Baumgarten

    Yes Greg a tightening or lack of credit will not only drive a stake into the heart of the already shaky economy, it will drive inflation to scary levels. I am beginning to believe that those in power may have acted like they were going to put HRC into the White House, but all along they were planning to give Donald Trump the spot. Why? Because Donald will be able to get America through the inevitable bankruptcy that we will be going through and very soon. Thank is why the market soared the day after the election. Bankruptcies certainly were mentioned in the campaign talk and if the nation is going to go down that road, who better to pick than a Captain that has already sailed those waters many times and successfully? I am a Committeeman in my Township and was appointed Financial Liaison last January. I am responsible for oversight of our finances and putting together plans for same. Most civilians do not realize that when a municipality goes out for a 30 year bond, the interest rate has to be sent out for bids every year. Last Summer, our interest rates doubled and we were only able to get two bidders. Not good and our future is looking worse. I have put together a financial plan to eliminate $3M of our debt using deferred school taxes to pay off interest bearing notes. If I can get this passed we can avoid disaster.

    People think this is all some kind of not in my town, couldn’t happen here kind of soap opera, but it is happening and has been all over the country in every single municipality. It is not conspiracy, it is reality. Only the chronically distracted or mentally oblivious have no clue. America is in big trouble and it is NOT going to end well.

    • Charles H

      Thank you, Walter. A voice of reason and reality is of great comfort – for those who seek the truth.

    • Bill Holter

      in EVERYONE’S town. Just make sure your “town” is not a city!

  39. Juan

    This might be so but America can now rest easy about the border wall because mexico will pay for it. I guess I, as a Mexican, need to be prepared to be deported an once on the other side of the border will continue to pay for the wall.
    But since Trump is also taking away factory after factory from the USA I will be forced to migrate over the border once more to pay for the wall.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Juan,
      What happens if I illegally enter Mexico? If you guessed I go to jail you guessed correct. Come here legally my friend.

    • Robert Lykens

      Juan, if you respected our laws and came here legally then you’re wlcome and have nothing to worry about.
      If you came here in violation of our law then your opinion about our president’s policies is not your business.

    • Macray

      Hey Juan
      Just a suggestion here. As you know, the US is not the only country in the world to hang out in. Don’t limit yourself. There are many others that may deserve your migration consideration. You may wish to check out all the countries that are getting on board the new Silk Road train! There are plenty of new jobs being created and with your skills you should have no problem fitting in and getting what you deserve. Pretty exciting stuff! And ……………. you will never have to be concerned anymore about paying for a wall along the US/Mexican Border!
      London just joined the Silk Road! It is the 15th European Country to do so.
      It’s all happening along the new Silk Road this century! At least go and check it out!

    • WD

      Obey the law and stop your crying…freeloader!!!

  40. Paul ...

    The US Intelligence Agencies (that have subverted the US Constitution with their full spectrum surveillance “PRISM” programs are now all of a sudden the Guardians of American Rights presenting their message before Congress, the Senate Armed Services Committee and the MSM that Trump is now a Russian (when we all know Trump is a true American) … it is obvious the bad guys in the CIA, etc. are in a panic and want to set in motion a sequence of events that will require Congress “to remove Trump from office” for not being a “Patriotic American” or to give them an excuse to do another JFK … they are looking for any means to invalidate the election so they can keep Total Control of our government … their current message is effectively that Trump won the election because of Putin’s helped in releasing the truth about Hillary and the DNC … and for releasing the truth … Trump must be removed because he would have never been elected if the truth was kept a secret … how gullible do these idiots think the American people are? … do they think that by spewing more lies and deceit it will put them back in power? … get over it bad guys … you lost the election because the truth was told … and more “truth bombs” are coming in 2017 that will unravel all your futile tactics to keep total control over your “surveillance society” you thought you had in place to coerce us into conformity and submission! … your days are numbered bad guys … there is a new sheriff in town … and he has dismantled the nukes you planted near the White House and Trump Tower!!!

    • Paul ...

      And just who are the “bad guys” within the CIA and other Gov Agencies who dislike the “truth bombs” being released by WikiLeaks? … some call them the Khazarian Mafia … these people are not genetically Jews (they converted to Judaism years ago but are not real Jews) … in fact their long term goal is to eradicate “all” Abrahamic Religions and replace it with their Luciferian, Satanic and occult ceremonies based upon the worship of Baal featuring child sacrifice and bleeding them to death by drinking their blood and eating their hearts … these Khazarian’s have DNA so evil that in 1200AD the Russians lead a group of nations surrounding Khazaria and invaded it (to stop these thieving murdering criminals from teaching their children to kidnap infants for their blood sacrifice rituals … in 1200AD the Khazarian’s were ordered by Russia to convert to an Abrahamic Religion (either Islam, Christianity or Judaism) … they chose Judaism and over the centuries have brought much harm to us “real genetic Jews” … it is very obvious as to why these Khazarian “bad guys” in the CIA hate Russia so much (and want to start nuclear world war three with them) … putting all us American families at risk of annihilation … just to get revenge … for what Russia did to the Khazarian’s in 1200AD???

      • Allen Starr

        Paul: Nice to see that someone else understands the truth about the Khazar Mafia Jewish bankers who control all Central Banks . . . (This is Greg Hunter No More on this Khazar BS. It is factually incorrect and is a ploy to delegitimize Israel. Here’s proof this is BS: I will not post any more of this. If you care to do so, go some place else or start you own site.


  41. Jerry

    I hate to be the barer of bad news , but this is where the buck stops in 2017

    April 21st the IMF board of governors will reset the currency weight used in the IMF basket of currencies. As it appears right now with eleven countries being shifted to the Yuan trade weight January 1st, and more to follow in the coming weeks, the united states will most likely lose its veto power to override the IMF voting block. In short the dollar may lose its mandatory currency peg for trade on the global market. At that point the dollar will be on even trade footing with all of the other trade currencies in the IMF basket.

    Though that appears to be the current plan, it could accelerate faster should the dollar continue to crush the Yuan under the Fed bond buyback program , or incoming President Trump levy an import tariff on Chinese goods. Either way we’re about to find out what Christine Lagardes ” Number Seven Speech” was all about.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you get a new email address??

      • Jerry

        Nope Greg.
        Its still the same one. Someone else must have liked what I posted a few days ago so much that they posted it again. It was not me.

        • Greg Hunter

          OK Jerry,
          The new “Jerry” should call himself “Jerry 2”. You keep posting just as you always have my friend.

    • The Seer

      April 21 = #7 (4 + 21 reduce to 7)
      #7 maybe equal 1/7ths in the currency basket? 7 currencies making up the basket?

  42. Keith wilson

    Greg I was listening to a guest on Sgt,before Christmas.He wrote a book about a top secret underground tunnel system under Washington DC.Many miles of tunnels on 17 levels.Is this where the Washington NWO,and there rich friends disappear to when the reset begins,and the whole country goes mad max.They could live nicely down there,with years of supplies and medical provisions.While the poor Americans live like dogs ,in a world of something like the dark ages.Makes you wonder what they have planned for you in 2017.

  43. Texas Citzen


    This is not “fake” news. Some days wish it were though!

    Thanks for staying the course brother.


  44. Paul Anthony

    This is great interview. Thank You Greg. Love the info from Mr. Holter!

    This is the info I give my friends who don’t understand what we are dealing with. Really Its all stuff that Greg Mannirino has pointed out to us in his videos. Good Stuff.

    Topped off on supplies today. be Prepared and fear not.

    Here is the Math the United States Economy is facing.

    1, There is 1.43 Trillion US Physical Dollars in Printed circulation.

    2. The banks have 11 Trillion in Digital Money (Non Printed

    3. We are 20 Trillion in Debt

    4. We also owe AT LEAST 127 Trillion in Liabilities The federal unfunded liabilities are catastrophic for future taxpayers and economic growth. At, federal unfunded liabilities are estimated at near $127 trillion

    Can you see the math if everyone ran to their banks because the stocks and or bonds start falling apart in the rigged computer market? The cash isn’t there. is it? It’s not worth the digital paper that it’s not printed on. The bonds have been falling since at least November and the Elite hate Trump. Hang on to your socks and be prepared. That’s all I gotta say. Research!

    • Pinocchio

      You forgot to mention the amount of paper US dollar printed by CIA and circulated in India, Pakistan, and some African countries since 1980s.

    • Bill Holter

      the liabilities can never be paid …and one man’s liability is another man’s asset.

  45. flattop

    Charlie ( charliej373 ) says we will start coming out ( rescue from the coming collapse in Nov 2017. Hitting bottom in may, staying on the bottom till nov.

    • Nuke em Duke

      Hi Paul,
      Good post sir……I would add this though.
      ANY asset which is encumbered by a loan from a Bank (house, land, car……anything), WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE BANK when the collapse occurs.
      All the Banker will say to the “owner” of the asset (in reality, the borrower) is “read your loan contract, and hand over the keys”.
      I live in the disarmed Southern Hemisphere….THE ONLY WAY out of ALL of this is for THE ARMED……..THE PATRIOTS OF THE FORMER UNITED STATES, to match on Washington IN THE MILLIONS, with guns loaded and ready to shoot these bastard politicians / Banksters who have sold Humanity down the drain.

      • Frank D

        Nuke ’em, I totally agree with you and have been saying this for some time now. Until MILLIONS march on Washington DC, guns in hand, nothing will change. This is why they are so focused on taking our weapons away from us.

  46. Bill

    RE; Sunday nite.. The Hollywood crowd has gone over the edge regarding Trump, It aint ignorance, ITS STUPID.

  47. Michael214

    Greg, I agree with the idea that holding American coins is a good thing, if it were just Gold is Gold as Bill said then why are some states moving toward making American Gold Legal Tender?

  48. Steven

    If FEMA buses start rolling we are all doomed. As they get on the FEMA buses those very same Americans (many your neighbors, friends, and even relatives) will demand that the government do something to even the playing field from those who horded food and PM’s. There is no way they will be financially ruined and allow you to keep your “profit from their misery gains”. The government will be very happy to step in and to do the will of the people.

  49. I am CANADIAN

    I am in the minority in Calgary,
    Vancouver, Toronto and every casino in this country.

    I was born in the thirties, forties, fifties or
    sixties, yet I am somehow responsible for some First Nations people being screwed out of their land in the 1700’s!

    I pay import tax on cars made in Ontario.

    I am allowed to skydive and smoke, but not allowed to drive without a seat belt.

    All the money I make until mid May must
    go to paying taxes..

    I live and work among people who believe
    Americans and Canadians are Ignorant….

    Although I am sometimes forced to live
    on hamburgers and don’t have a pot to piss in,
    I sleep well knowing that my taxes helped purchase a nice six figure home in Vancouver for some unskilled refugee.

    Although they are unpatriotic and constantly try to separate… Quebec still provides most of my
    nation’s’ prime ministers.

    95% of my nation’s international
    conflicts are over fish.

    I’m supposed to call black people
    African Canadians, Although I’m sure none of them have ever been to Africa for that matter.

    I am being told that paying a 200% tax
    on alcohol is fair.

    I am also being told that the same tax
    on gasoline is also fair.

    I am being told that spending $15 billion to promote the French language in the rest of Canada is fair when the province of Quebec doesn’t support or even recognize the
    ENGLISH language.

    I am being told that paying $1 million
    for 3 Stripes (‘The Voice of Fire’ painting in Ottawa) by the National Art Gallery was a good
    purchase, even though 99% of this country didn’t want it or will ever see it.

    I must bail out big corporations who
    drive their business into the ground and say,
    ‘yeah that’s okay.’ And when they move all their manufacturing plants and jobs to a third world country say, ‘no problem.’

    Canada is the highest taxed nation in
    North America, the biggest military buffer for the United States, and the number one destination for fleeing terrorists.

    The Lord’s prayer is not allowed in our
    schools anymore because of other religions who chose to move here.

    I am an angry white person…I am one pissed off taxpayer & I am Canadian !!!

    ~ not an original, I’m re-posting from an email ~

    • I am AUSTRAL IAN

      You are CANADIAN,
      [Although they are unpatriotic and constantly try to separate… Quebec still provides most of my nation’s’ prime ministers.]
      Sounds like Canada needs a course in the US. electoral college. That’ll fix that malarkey!
      No worry’s here, mate/ bud!

    • Canadian Prepper

      Me too buddy. And you aren’t alone. Real Canadians are ready to pop. My provincial Member of Parliament just stated Toronto should be a separate province. Up here in Rural Western Ontario, the gun shops are booming and I see InfoWars stickers everywhere. It’s only a matter of time …..

  50. Mike R

    In honor of Bill Holter, since he loves the words ‘truth bomb’, I’m making my own forecast of the massive Truth Bombs that will likely come out in 2017:

    1) Barry Soetoro will completely, and 100% irrevocably be exposed for the total fraud he is, including totally incontrovertible evidence, that he was not born in the US, and is NOT an American citizen. (he will no longer have the punitive power to do anything to all of those who will help to expose this.) Many other fraudulent acts will be exposed with this as well, and who was behind his ability to become President, including how he and his cohorts rigged the elections twice, and also against Hillary in ’08.

    2) The entire Pedophile ring that Hillary, Bill, and Podesta run will also be exposed for all liberals to see, and then finally acknowledge they worshipped the wrong person.

    3) The amount of gold, that the US actually has in it’s possession, and not just at Fort Knox. (thanks in part to Donald Trump and Ron Paul).

    4) The Fed WILL be audited, and it will become apparent to everyone, that its not just a $4.5 trillion of toxic loans they have on their books, but in excess of $ 50 trillion of negative debt, in the form of all of the loans they ‘bought’ off the books of banks, sovereigns, and corporations worldwide. This truth will trigger the need for the exposing of our real gold holdings, because that will be used to create a new gold standard, and to keep the dollar from entirely collapsing. It’ll still get banged up bad, but gold will be the arresting factor to keep it from going to zero completely.

    5) The entire behind the scenes scam that has been Obamacare, with trillions that were funneled to insurers to ‘buy off’ onto the terms in the legislation, including most notably, how Justice Roberts was ‘bought off’ by Obama’s cronies. It will be very easy to repeal Obamacare in its entirety, once all of the entire scam is released. This may be in part courtesy of Wiki-leaks.

    6) The Truth behind ISIS, and the truth of how badly we screwed Russia, and how Barry provoked the entire Syrian war, along with the CIA backed provocations in the Ukraines and elsewhere. Its quite possible, Hillary and Barry will be indicted for various war crimes, including for blatantly obvious treason. Russia (Putin) and Trump will make joint announcements, and show all of the evidence, before the year is out. Barry will likely be stripped of his Nobel Peace prize.

    7) The ‘lost’ $6 trillion that the military cannot account for will be exposed as to where it went. See item 5 for part of where it ‘went.’ The criminality of Barry that will be exposed will be so deep, and so undeniable, that it will rock world markets. Accountability will be demanded, and the entire democratic party will be forced to be disbanded, or renamed to an entirely new party, with new leaders. Pelosi and Reid will be indicted, for also treasonous crimes.

    • Kim

      Wow! These are massive truth bombs! I just listened to an interview of Bill and Jim Sinclair. Sinclair was very concerned about what Obama might do in the next 14 days and that war might be started. He also mentioned that all aircraft carriers around the world are docked. This is true since my son who is a Marine contacted me saying he was off the ship, in northern Africa and did not know how long he would be there.

      I have opened a goldmoney account. Since a bank account is needed, I think this will be a great way to handle some transactions that are backed by gold!

      Will you please have CAF on Greg? Thank you!

      • foggygoggles

        I second your call for CAF. What none of the TEOTWAWKI crowd ever acknowledge is the deep state, and the trillions of dollars they have stolen. Such a myopic view is the reason that Holter, et al., are continually wrong.

    • Bill Holter

      very good but just for starters/

  51. Robert Lykens

    One week from today (Sunday) the Paris Conference on Mideast “peace” begins. This will be nothing but an attempt to divide the land of Israel. The world always ignores the Palestinian strategy of blood and deception, preferring to blame Israel.
    As the Bible says, that land belongs to Israel. Those who would “scatter” Israel will face consequences.
    Please pray that Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu will be strengthened by God.

    “2Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. 3And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”
    – Zechariah 12:2, 3

    • Paul ...

      Robert … Yes let Netanyahu be strengthen by God for doing such an excellent job “scattering” people with the DNA of Jesus’s out of the Holy Land!

  52. Svedska Alaska

    California, the most populous and most liberal state in the US – not to mention where most of the illegal immigrants are flooding through, combined with California’s extremely loose voting laws, spells FRAUD! Like Detroit, where because of the court ordered recount by Jill Stein, it was discovered that nearly half the county votes had to be thrown out because of stuffed ballot boxes for Hillary. The electoral college was put in place specifically to prevent situations like that where one candidate could simply campaign in the most populous states or CORRUPT CITIES as in Detroit’s and essentially drown out the voices of all other states.
    Take California out of the equation like Detroit would have been if the recount was submitted and Trump would have won by a landslide!
    Cant blame Putin for that one, but maybe Soros. Remember Russia’s broke.

    GEORGE SOROS CONTROLS YOUR VOTES – Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything….Joseph Stalin [ bACK iN tHE USSR] You don’t know how lucky you are!

    Lets make love not warfare. . .

  53. Rick Geisler

    I truly enjoyed the Holter interview. It is coming down. Yes, he has been as we all have been wrong on the timing. That does not make it go away it just makes it worse when the reset gets here. As far as those around us who are asleep my advice is to keep in mind the top rule one has when swimming. Never jump in the water to save a drowning person.

  54. Sheryl Anne


    Is that a picture of Mao behind Holter. Is so, WHY???????

    • Greg Hunter


    • Bill Holter

      no, it is a portrait of a newborn AMERICAN citizen.

  55. James Gang

    Currency Demonetization: Why it didn’t really work and why it was a missed opportunity
    Arjun Venkatachalam 1/7/17

    Robyn; Data & Society
    How do you deal with a problem like “fake news?”

    CIA/Muslum Brotherhood/MS[NBC]/Washington Post
    “What’s Propaganda Got To Do With It?”

    Pooped Star Katy Perry, on el presidentea, Donaldo Trumpsta!

    Rachel MadCow asked; is there a doomsday plan for such a time as this?
    Apparently there is!
    People who need people
    Comcast to the rescue
    Two kids from Brooklyn! Donald & Babs
    It’s good the elites can laugh, May we laugh together forever!

  56. Nadezda Ratkovich Smeardoff

    Lamed steamed media is cutting off their Pinocchio nose, to spite their face, despite the right. Is, I wright? Wrong! Read why;

    danah boyd
    researcher of technology & society | Microsoft Research, Data & Society, NYU | [email protected] 4 days ago

    Hacking the Attention Economy

    Running campaigns to shape what the public would see is nothing new, but social media created new pathways for people and organizations to get information out to wide audiences. [Now known as the Trump effect] Marketers discussed it as the future of marketing. Activists talked about it as the next frontier for activism. Political consultants talked about it as the future of political campaigns. And a new form of propaganda emerged. [Remember Boris Badenov (Борис Баденов) Natasha Fatale, and Fearless Leader, “the world’s greatest no-goodnik.” They defected back in the 60’s. Can you tell today?

  57. Nadezda Ratkovich Smeardoff

    Hacking the Attention Economy, It’s all here;
    Truth Bomb 101_

  58. Nadezda Ratkovich Smeardoff

    If at first you dont succede. . .

    If link is not blue, cut & paste should work

  59. Linda L.

    Did you see this picture? This artist captured the essence of Obama:

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Is this article a joke? Is it a leg pull? We already have this system he wants….he runs it.

  60. Carl B.

    Sunday Night LIVE w/ Bill Cunningham 1/8/17
    Take curser to 1:20 for truth bombardment of
    Wayne Allyn Root and Eric Deters, or listen to the whole enchilada.

  61. francis m reps

    Greg, Thanks for having the very intelligent Mr. Holder on your program. It amazes me that such a knowledgable person could be so BLASE about the Geo Engineering activities which are happening all over the world.on a daily basis….and will do a heck of a lot more damage to mankind…than a cabal of crooked bankers…or war loving politicians.

    • Bill Holter

      we eat mostly organic because I am not blasé. I would wager a lack of credit will also shut down the ability to geo engineer. By the way, I spell my name with a “t” rather than “d” like a criminal attorney general does.

      • JC Davis

        Bill check out Linda Runyon. and Green Dean Some of the best foods I ever ate is what I once walked on.

  62. Linda L.

    When I get ready to leave the house in the morning, as a simple deterrent, I turn on the radio to a talk radio station so that any approaching trouble makers hear noise/chatter and hopefully move on. Lately I’ve been tuning to an AZ public channel (can’t stand them but will be nice and not name). They just love to spend endless hours accusing Trump with desperate digs, or declaring (without proof) Russia as the great election hacker. I’d think that this kind of verbal diarrhea would turn off even the most dreadful prowler.

    • Bill Holter

      good’ern Linda!

    • RichM

      You can also install a green light outside – meaning you support our troops and/or a blue light meaning you support law enforcement. These show support but some also consider this measure a deterrent to some. You can get a blue or green compact fluorescent or LED light bulb that only use about 13 watts and leaving them on all night would be about 4,380 hours per year and at say 10 cents per KWh (depending upon where you are) that equals 13Watts x 4,380 / 1000 = 57KWh usage per year at 10 cents = about $5.70 cents in energy costs to do this measure.

      • RichM

        $5,70 energy costs per year, not 5.70 cents.

  63. James Brown

    Thank you.
    Another great interview.
    As for the people that are criticizing you because of the doom and gloom predictions that don’t come true-they are clueless.
    Proof-95,000,000 working age Americans with no job. That is a lot of gloom. If someone doesn’t recognize that they are clueless. What people like Bill Holter are saying-is happening right now before our eyes.
    Can you please have Martin Armstrong on again? Will you please have him break down what his model is predicting month by month for the next 24 months?
    That would be very helpful.
    Song of the Day-Keep on Truckin-by Eddie Kendricks

    • JMiller


      Just in case you are not aware of this, of the 95 million working age Americans with no job, who are categorized as being “Not in the Labor Force”, the majority of them are high school and college students, retired persons, disabled persons and stay-at-home moms. Most are not unemployed people. However the real unemployment rate is still well above 10% which is certainly not good.

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes JMiller, and according to other stats a huge percentage of all the jobs created are part time low-wage jobs.

        • JMiller

          Correct. Most of the jobs created were lower paying and part-time jobs.

  64. Julia

    Bill mention confiscation of gold. Follow up question will it be just gold bullion or all gold coins? I ask because depending on who you speak with everyone has a different suggestion. Thanks.

    • Matt In Pa

      Nusmatic coins should be excluded. Collector type.

      • Julia

        Thank you Matt in PA!

    • JC Davis

      Julia If you get no response. I bought land. If the price changes it will still be worth something to me. Some down me for jumping stocks in a bad time. Well my land investment has tripled in 5 years. Land is the enjoyment before , during, and after the problems of life.

      • Julia

        Thank you JC. I will look into it.

  65. pat the rat

    Always be honest to your numbers ,if your not they will come and bite you! The fed is not honest to it’s numbers.

  66. Mike R

    Now FIAT (FCA) may be shuttering it’s Mexico plant, and instead build cars in the US. These many ‘re-shoring’ announcements as Trump is President-Elect, seem to me to be the early signs of a US manufacturing community that is attempting to help fight off the upcoming bankruptcy. Something is rather curious about all of this, and it doesn’t seem to be necessarily ‘let’s make America Great Again’ sort of thing, and rather a ‘lets quickly save America from its death spiral’. I think American firms are waking up to the fact, that very quickly, the US dollar could lose its reserve status, and very more troublesome is that their debt servicing could quickly double and triple. Re-shoring will be the natural tendency, but I think it becomes very very urgent under a Trump administration. The Fortune 500 firms that don’t get dead serious about this, will find themselves on the outside looking in. Our costs of many goods could indeed sky-rocket, but it’ll be that, or not have any goods. Imports could actually drop like a rock, forcing many businesses to find domestic made goods. This could be good for small business creation. We shall see, but I’m a bit skeptical that the current announcements are ‘good news’, and seem to be more along the lines of desperation to try to save this country. Buy US assets and capital manufacturing tools and machines now, before you can’t even get them, would be my position as a business owner making any product here in the US over the next 10 years. Because your buying power could evaporate over-night. Auto makers are the most sensitive to this situation.

  67. James Hastings

    Thanks Bill for responding.:)

  68. DLC

    An interview by you with Dr. Steve Pieczenik would really be great. I constantly look for him on the Infowar site. Alex does tend to interrupt constantly and talk over the man, which is unfortunate because it winds up a jumbled message, thoughts that never quite crystallize as Pieczenik never gets to complete a thought. In contrast, you give your guests breathing room.

    From what I can tell, Pieczenik seems to be all but exclusively tied to Alex for whatever reason.

    Matt Bracken is another great guest with his intelligence background. He got to host a portion of Infowars a few days back. Pieczenik always has a calming influence on me. He speaks reassuringly and with a confidence I do not often feel, whereas Matt Bracken gets me outlining escape plans in my mind.

    On the whole, I like that you are attempting to expand your guest list. Ironic, you left the MSM but became the new MSM. Why anyone even needs a TV is beyond me. Hope you succeed in getting hold of Pieczenik.

    Bill Holter is very down to earth, salt of the earth. I appreciate his writings and interviews. He gives his honest-to-gut feelings combined with his expertise. Priceless.

  69. DLC

    Bill Holter: You used the phrase, “the buck stops here.”

    I bought my spouse a T-shirt with a big Donald Duck type figure on the front, sitting in a lounge chair, a handful of cattails in one “hand,” a glass of lemonade in the other, wearing sunglasses. The inscription that went with it was, “the duck stops here.”

    He wore it to work. He slept in it. Few people he worked with knew who Truman was or the phrase “the buck stops here.” It seems Limbaugh had a point: “For most people, history only begins the day they were born.”

  70. Tad

    Bill, if you could pick any country with a ten-year time horizon, where would you move to?

  71. Rob Chase

    I would like to see 50 State Banks per previous guest Ellen Brown, and then Trump lead the effort to start unwinding derivatives and go to 10% Gold Standard. End the Fed and have the Treasury issue legal tender. There also should be something akin to the Nuremburg Trials for the Banksters.

  72. eddiemd

    Off the subject for a moment.

    I wanted to comment on the alleged shooter in Ft Lauderdale. I have heard some of the background in regards to his service in the National Guard and how he was discharged. Apparently he was given a “general discharge” for “unsatisfactory performance”.
    After reading about the information in regards to his visit to the FBI office in Alaska and his subsequent brief hospitalization that immediately followed, I suspect that this man was/is mentally ill suggesting a form of schizophrenia or perhaps even a side effect of medications he was taking.
    As a former military medical officer familiar with medical discharge processes and having worked for the VA as a physician, the limited information that has leaked out suggests that the military might have used the “general discharge” in place of a medical discharge to push this man out of the military. The process of eleminating psych cases is well known and I believe that being in the National Guard would make it somewhat easier to out process a soldier in a situation where mental illness may be a factor. Pushing someone out under a general discharge may be a way to limit his access to the VA. It would depend on if it was under honorable conditions, which in his case I would suspect it would. (although the true conditions is unknown)
    If he was under the care of the VA in Alaska, then the next questions would be what type of medications was this man on at the time of the incident. My experience with soldiers with PTSD, TBI, and pain issues related to combat is that these soldiers are given complex drug cocktail combinations that can leave a young person in a state of mind that can lead to incidents such as homicide, suicide, etc depending on the medication. As both the medical professional and lay person recognizes, SSRI’s alone can lead to uncontrolled impulses. Add into this mix anti-psychotics, sleep medications, pain medications, anxiolyitics, illicit street drugs, and access to alcohol, then you have a deadly mixture for disaster.
    I suspect that this man was hyped up on multiple substances combined with his hallucinatory state of mind and went off the deep end. There are reports that he was partying out of control in the time period leading up to the incident. (see Drudge report
    The military recognizes that the cost of war for the past 16 years will continue for the next 40-50 years with follow up at the VA for both physical and mental injuries. They (both military and VA) have been doing what they can to limit the damage from the unforeseen mental damage known as PTSD and TBI by attempting to blur the criteria for diagnosis and using a general discharge excuse in place of a medical discharge.

    Could he have been mind controlled? I doubt it. It sounds more like a case of mental illness gone violent.

  73. Angie

    So called American companies go overseas and produce goods to be sold back in America. They are AMERICAN companies so why is this an issue? If we had to, we could produce everything we needed and almost everything we wanted in little time. We have the natural resources, ingenuity, and abilities to do just that. Within 2 to 3 years production of many goods would increase supply to tolerant levels and within 10 we would be a completely self-fulfilling nation.

    There will be high costs as supply will be low at first but then companies old and new will rise to the occasion. But we would have to let go of globalization and choose our trading partners wisely. This COULD be the best thing for America. Keep in mind that supply would decrease but it would not dry up completely.

    Of course the unfunded pensions of government employees are an entirely different topic. They would have to take a big cut and many in the private sector would have to put off retirement but that is life.

  74. Hamburg Joe


    I enjoy your interviews very much. You do a wonderful job. But I classify some of it as speculative fiction, especially Holter. He may be right someday, but only as the broken clock is right. But that’s okay.

    As someone who interviews Clif High seriously, you might find this bit of speculative fiction interesting. Ever since the 2001 airing of the pilot show The Smoking Gun (I believe that’s what it was called), I’ve kept a wary eye on popular culture, but drawing no conclusions. So this past weekend during the Dolphins football game my ears perked up halfway through a promotion for the new movie “Gold”. They aired it only once, I believe, which is unusual. It seemed to be a shorter clip than those available on YouTube, and so more focused. Here’s what caught my interest: It showed McConaughy walking through a gold vault. The voice over was saying something to the effect “How could 7 billion dollars just disappear?” The background music was Renegade by Styx. You can look up full lyrics (“The jig is up, the news is out, They’ve finally found me. The renegade who had it made Retrieved for a bounty. Never more to go astray. This will be the end today. Of the wanted man”). The final frame of the promo showed two things only: the word “Gold” covering a third of the screen and the date “January 27, 2017.” I’m going from memory, but I believe the lyrics playing on that last frame were “Hangman is comin’ down from the gallows and I don’t have very long.”
    Is someone signaling a default? Confiscation?

  75. Jerry

    I can see the globalist game plan clearly now. Trump is the Chump.

    Even before he’s President they’re blaming him for their failed economic policies as the bond selloff continues. Should the United States loose its exclusive reserve currency status in April (which I believe it will) the Federal Reserve QE buyback program will be exposed for what it is. Currency debasement. And more importantly Bill Holter will be acknowledged as the economic that he is, as the normalcy bias rats scatter.

    • Jerry

      I meant to say economic expert he is.

  76. flattop

    The level of political hate has risen to a new and dangerous level in our nation. Our Pres Elect needs to begin stressing the need to have everyone calm down. His words directed at the hollywooders aint helpin .

  77. Andy

    If folks really want to connect the dots, George Webb is doing a series of Youtube videos that deconstruct the Clinton Foundation as a CIA cutout. Amazing research is going on – check out the comment section.

  78. Hyperbiz

    If our Fiat Currency is going to be worthless, then how does anyone place a value on Silver? I just purchased Silver Eagles for 19.77 each. If the SHTF, what will my Eagle buy in the future if the only measure of value is the worthless USD.

    I can buy a nice dinner at my local Diner For about what I just paid for an Eagle. Does that mean that I will only need one Eagle to buy that same meal if Silver goes to 1000 USD an ounce? Or will there be some other new Fiat Paper (Amero) that will be the new measure of my Eagle’s worth?

  79. pat the rat

    eddiemd I would give a thumps up ,but Greg dose not have in his system.

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