Inflate or Die Ponzi Scheme – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter thinks the long awaited debt reset has already started. Holter explains, “I think the reset is already in motion. . . . Credit is what created values and pricings that are incorrect. Just look at the Fed, they are talking about quantitative tightening (QT). They are talking about pulling $600 billion, I think, by the end of this year, and they can’t. There is no way. If you go back to Richard Russell ‘inflate or die.’  That is what this is. You cannot take capital out of a Ponzi scheme and expect it to stand up. That’s what this is. It’s a Ponzi scheme, and the Federal Reserve is bluffing, saying they are going to pull quantitative easing (money printing) out, and they are going to reverse it and take that out of the system. There is no way that can be done.”So, the Fed must know this. So, are they just playing for time? Holter contends, “They are timing it and . . . I do believe there will be some type of event that fingers can be pointed at and say, look, if it wasn’t for this, maybe a war or who knows what the false flag event or real event it will be, they are going to point at something and say our policies were working, and everything would have been fine except for x, y and z or whatever they point their fingers at. . . . The staggering figure today is the production rate is still 6% lower than when we went into this recession in 2007 and 2008. So, production is still below those levels, and that means we’ve gone 10 years with zero expansion . . . but debt has doubled. Production is not where it was 10 years ago, and debt has doubled.”

The debt reset is going to involve a new currency to replace all the debt based currencies in the world today. Holter says, “The SDR (Special Drawing Rights) I think will be tried first as a new reserve currency. It’s made up of global currencies. It’s going to fail because it’s still fiat. You’ve got to bring gold back into the system. There has to be something behind a currency to bring back confidence. Confidence is going to break, and the only thing that will bring back confidence is you have to make things real again because we live in a world where everything is false. When confidence breaks, it will be like the slogan in the State of Missouri, ‘Show Me.’”

Holter goes on to say, “I think the discussion is about timing and how the system is going to come down. There are also discussions of what is going to be the next reserve currency. I think that’s the discussion that is going on behind the scenes for two or three years, maybe longer. The problem is too much debt, and we know from the past when debt bubbles grow and grow and get too big, they pop. This is the biggest debt bubble by many multiples of any bubble anytime in history. When the debt bubble blows up, everything runs on credit, and that means things are not going to run. It’s going to be somewhat dysfunctional. We are right on the cusp of the yield curve inverting, and history shows when that happens, we have a 100% chance of going into a recession. . . . I think this year the truth that we lived above our living standards is coming out, and we are going to have to pay the piper. I don’t know when . . . but the system is going to go down.”

Holter also says gold and especially silver are “the most undervalued assets on the planet.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bill Holter of

(This interview will cover the coming global debt reset, analysis of a new reserve currency backed in part by gold and the timing of when this all goes down.)

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After the Interview:

Holter points out that everyone should have enough food and water to ride out the supply disruptions that are bound to happen when this debt based economy freezes up.

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  1. oneno

    At the 15:18 mark:

    …but to me an 80:1 Gold:Silver ratio and silver comes out of the ground roughly 10:1 – its a little bit under 10:1 – that Gads ratio – Gad’s ratio is 10:1 – and thats where the price at some point will arrive at given totally free markets.

    But, But, But we don’t have totally free markets. Every market is manipulated. Pricing is dictated across the board with all manner of political excuses and manuvering. The little guy doesn’t know it but he is surrounded on an island by layers of quicksand. He can’t stay put as there will be massive shifts in existing fiat and new fiat while PMs are suppressed or made illegal.

    It is likely to see a downdraft in PMs at that time of uncertainty giving an advantage to take possession of PMs (before becomming illegal) held in physical storage as these will be priced lower so more can be taken-out to save on taxes paid for such a withdrawl.

    … There are just too many ifs! Investment decisions can’t be made and don’t work like that!

  2. Paul ...

    What Holter is saying is very similar to what Harley Schlanger speaks of … the private Fed can’t be allowed to print funny money and hand it out to the investment banksters to speculate with and generate more derivatives and more debt … any new money created must be by the Treasury and put into commercial banks to invest in productive enterprises that can return a profit and thus eventually nullify the original borrowed debt … the fiat money printing extravaganza by private central banks (like the Fed) is currently used for speculation and high risk investments … these private central banks must be put in chains and money printing done by the Treasury and used for sustained growth by funneling the credit into the real economy …

    • Paul ...

      You know … the parasitic banksters and warmongers knew Trump was a man of the people … and would work hard to get these parasites off our backs … so they put a “coup team” together (like Victoria Nuland who took down the Ukraine and Hillary who took down Libya) to hatch the “Russian” plot against Trump … the Bush drug syndicate joined in against Trump as they knew Trump was going to work against the drug cartels who are slaughtering American children between the ages of 18 and 35 so they hired a long time Bush family friend “as a special prosecutor” against Trump (Mueller) … the Deep State knew Trump would work with Russia and China to bring jobs back to America and work for Peace through mutually beneficial economic development instead of endless war … so they hatched plots to divide America from Russia and China (like Russian interference in our elections and the South China Sea island building) … but Trump was still able to work around these neocon warmongers and put an end to the 70 year old war with N. Korea and at the same time de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula … once Trump brings America, Russia and China together they can begin to work for the common good of all mankind … this means stopping all the the endless wars, stopping the trafficking in women and children for the pedophiles and organ sellers and de-nuclearizing the Middle East (as the Saudi’s, Egyptians and Turks are just waiting for Iran to get back on track to building the bomb with Bibi’s best efforts) … so will the Russians and Chinese work to destroy the US dollar? … not totally … they just have to destroy the two infested dens of evil (the City of London and Wall Street) the way God took down Sodom and Gomorrah … stop supporting the “private Fed” and their “notes” … and set up a Commercial Bank of America that will print Treasury backed dollars that will be lent out to industry to produce economic development that can pay back the loan (instead of the “private Fed” lending out their notes for speculation “that does not produce wealth” requiring more and more notes be printed to infinity to pay back such loans with interest ) … with Trump and God on our side humanity is back on track to Peace through mutually beneficial economic development … it will be a world parasitic banksters and warmongers know nothing about … a world were women and children can finally live in peace without predators killing them for profit!!

      • Paul ...

        Hopefully a day is coming very soon when the US, Russia and China will issue a Joint Proclamation to the world [“No Women – No Children” ] and if any government or gang of evil men continues to indiscriminately kill women and children by selling heroin or trafficking in women and children’s organs or using them for perverted pedophile sex acts severe sanctions will be imposed by all three super powers on the evil people doing such despicable acts … eventually the world will be at peace (as God desires) and all peoples of the world will benefit from the shutting down of the endless wars humanity has been plagued with by evil greedy people who want to make a buck by killing our women and children … a world at peace through mutually beneficial economic development is something the parasitic banksters and warmongers will fight against fiercely … so we must be vigilant and remain on guard against the “immoral ones” creating false flags to split and divide the American, Russian and Chinese alliance against evil!!

    • JG

      I follow you. I also follow Dr. Steven Pieczenik, Harley Schlanger and Robert David Steele. President Trump has come out and stated, and it’s on video, that he will announce a currency reset. That reset will be a gold-backed dollar, even with China and it’s gold-backed yuan. Robert David Steele on video has stated several times that Trump is working with China’s president and Putin behind the scenes.

  3. Deep State New's & View's

    Now It All Starts Making Sense – Deep State “Fixer”: Henry John Kerner, The Cover-Up Expert….
    Posted on June 22, 2018 by sundance

    Take a gander__ P R O P A G A N D A
    Everything About Time Magazine “Crying Girl” Immigration Propaganda Story is False….
    Posted on June 22, 2018 by sundance

    • JG

      Reason from the Marxist Left Program on immigration lies.
      To get their Marxist Left Propaganda Media to cover all the facts about the investigation into their communist lies regarding the Mueller investigation into nothingness scum. Cover it. Cover it. Use pictures of the Obama investigation in 2014. Cut a picture of a small child from the picture of her with her mother, glue it to a picture of Our President, and Lie about him again.On and on and on.

  4. oneno

    These two charts are a window for playing the Gold:Silver arbitrage:


  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks for the reality check. I guess we knew this was coming. Still, it’s just gut wrenching to contemplate. Please keep this up. It helps to know that there are other people out there who can see the obvious.

  6. politically correct politician

    DPRK and Japan have both endured attempted holocausts of an extremely violent nature,
    DPRK population exceeds 25 million, greater Tokyo exceeds 25 million,
    it is going to take one enormous event to eradicate human life and even retard its invasion of every space on the planet,

    great speech though, food production could move indoors, before the event, secure water supply pre event as well,
    all this requires a softened military totalitarian approach,
    it will also require a certain level of selection amongst unequals,
    the style and type of propaganda initialised has to alter dramatically from post WW2 and VN efforts in order to commence the process,
    currently this is the major failing component, division distorts and dictates,
    certain social and cultural institutions will have to ignored and forced into dormancy,
    speed of action will become a critical dynamic in success and for avoiding mass casualties if lives are to saved,
    most populations are unarmed untrained and unaware of impending catastrophe rendering them incapable of resistance in any form,
    strike time is edging closer,
    which group will reach the maginot line first?

  7. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter,the doom and gloom has not dissipated.
    Anecdotally,I work for a number of oligarchs here in London and elsewhere,and am privy to their homes.One oligarch in particular has a “cottage”in Sussex in thirty acres,nice.Recently the utility companies,with the police(can you believe it!),turned up at the cottage to clarify the energy use.They had gone so far as to use infra-red technology to measure the interior temperature during last winter.The “cottage”is well insulated,uses solar to power minor pumps,uses the full land to extract heat for the pools,water for the taps/faucets and uses dirty water for toilet flushing into septic tanks.Back up heating is via wood burning chips,which are grown in a forest which he owns.His biggest bill was the clean water for washing and drinking.So is he a freak for doubting the established energy supply companies,by the way,his food is mostly supplied by his farms and butchers.His “cottage”had even been visited by royal surveyors for HRH Prince Charles.All this precipitated and investigation by the electricity and gas companies due to his low bills,yet his “cottage”looks no different to the other 30,000sqft “cottages”of his neighbours.
    The idea that the USA,who is owed Trillions of US Dollars in loans from us in Europe,Asia and South America,would voluntarily accept a debt reconstruction is strange.It is this debt that has allowed us all to grow,we issue debt in US Dollars without having to go cap in hand to ask this be allowed,of course the downside is we have to repay those bonds in US Dollars.Is this mechanism not the very hegemony of the USA,those refusing to pay are cut from SWIFT.Whilst the American debt looks vast,compared to us outside the USA ,it is bearable.
    Here in the UK our debt is so awful our bureaucracy,those who know who are the paedophiles,are scrambling to release their “pensions”and buy US Dollar assets.
    After the reset does America pick up its military bases and go home,whilst watching the locals slaughter each other?
    Here in the UK our government is intent on denuding our armed services of even the most basic infrastructure.
    Throughout Europe we have embraced the collectivism of Islam ,our nuclear arsenal shall be at the disposal of the Muslim Brotherhood within a few generations.How we scoffed at the supposedly idle threats of the Israeli Knesset to nuke Rome and London some years ago,are they more aware of the threat than us?
    Still,Summer is truly here in London and the devotees of the Muslim Brotherhood proclaim their devotion by their dress,as required by MB,our real economy still sucks,our taxes are onerous,to continue the pretence of being able to pay our government bonds called Gilts,and those who are and have been investigating establishment paedophilia are imprisoned,interned or destroyed aided by the MSM like the Daily Mail,the BBC and Fox affiliate Sky.
    So life goes on the corruption is at best amusing and the exam season is nearly over,just a week to go.and the hatred of all things and people of the USA by our establishment is complete.Mr Trump’s visit to us here needs to be closely policed,trusting locals must be an absolute no,no matter how well connected.

    • William Stanley

      Maria: You made a number of wonderful observations, thanks.
      I, too, think that Trump going to the UK is extremely risky; much more so, even, than going to Singapore, which was very risky.

      • Keith

        I think God plans to rescue humanity from the socialist globalists and from the demons manipulating the humans. 1983 years ago Jesus sat down at the right hand of the Father and God began “putting Jesus enemies under his feet.” It appears we have reached a turning point in that battle. Take heart. Find evangelical pastors in London who will pray for the deliverance of Great Britain.

        • JG

          There are many videos of Mark Taylor who speaks of God and his speaking to him constantly. God speaks constantly about humanity and his plans of what’s to come.

  8. Derek Sinclair

    The analyst who Bill is referring to is Lynette Zang. I think she made a mistake rather than having an agenda.

    • Derek Sinclair

      “Mistake” is maybe too strong a word. Oversimplification may be a more appropriate way of putting it.

  9. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Bill Holter, among many gold ‘pundits’, has been talking about the huge volume of ‘Promises to Deliver’ (PTD) being transferred from the COMEX to ‘London’ – but none of these people (at least, I haven’t heard an explanation from any of them) appear to have any explanation as to what happens to these PTD. Clearly, deliveries are being made based on these instruments or the world would have been made aware by the ‘frustrated’ buyers. My guess is that the PRD sent to London are being fulfilled out of the ‘RedShield’ vaults. These private reserves are probably among the largest in the world – conceivably larger than China’s (large but understated) gold holdings. In my opinion, the RS’s are prepared to exchange some of their real money (gold) for intrinsically worthless fiat currency in order to keep their extremely lucrative ponzi scheme going a little longer. They understand the worthless nature of fiat dollars (Federal Reserve Notes) because they and a few others created them and have owned the FED since its inception in 1913. [For a full understanding of the FED, I commend ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin]

    • This sceptred Isle

      I believe the gold market can just be settled in cash if they run out of physical. Silver is a different story, as industry needs the physical metal in order to keep manufacturing products.

      • William Stanley

        TSI: I like your point about silver.
        Moreover, its industrial uses also makes it a good store of value, an important attribute of money. Its weight relative to gold is really only a major factor for individuals who are fleeing.
        I would prefer to see the US (and UK) go to a full silver standard — as opposed to gold — at 100% (or near) backing. Industrial demand would drive up its real price over time, enhancing its usefulness as a store of value.
        Speculation in financial paper assets would also be greatly diminished, and only lending for really solid projects and businesses would be possible . . . at fairly high interest rates. Thus, real savings rates would also go up. Furthermore, monetary and political risk would go down. And governments would lose some of their ability to monetize debt, thus forcing them to balance their budgets — yes, at the “cost” of no longer being so tempted to pretend that they are stimulating the economy with their spending.
        All of this would enhance the ability of investors to make reliable financial plans and invest in productive endeavors.

  10. NH Watcher

    Thanks, Greg, for having Bill Holter on. To be sure, owning silver or gold is fine, essential for the long term, but I do believe the initial weeks and months after the next crash and/or financial reset are the most critical for which to plan. I would hope that no one thinks that one day you’ll be at the grocery store paying for milk in dollars, and then the next day, paying for the same milk in silver or gold. As Holter said, live like a caveman for a weekend, and see where the holes in your survival plan are now.

    The elite are planning for mass suicides and/or exterminations after the next crash.
    They will not be resetting an entire world’s financial system for a population of 7 billion plus people. That is why it is important to focus your survival plan on “local” and what you may barter. People will have to act very creatively and prudently in order to survive. The masses who have not planned ahead, again, will either kill themselves or be killed as governments work under the elites’ direction to maintain order and control.

    The elite are planning that the “shock” of the next crash/reset will be enough to cause the majority of the world’s present population to “lose it.” It is very important to consider what people do (what you would do) in the first 24-48 hours, the first 2-4 weeks, the first 3-6 months after the next crash/reset. And operate under the assumption that what the elite do have planned for themselves DOES NOT involve you or your family. Meaning, their plans do not involve you or your family’s survival … quite the opposite.

    Prepping means prepping for the long term as well as the short term, because the majority of us may only be living in the short term. That is the bottom line.

    • William Stanley

      NH WATCHER: When you’re right, you’re right. IMO, you are right. I so wish it were no so.

      • Keith

        It is important to understand that if “God has denied the enemy’s timetable”, as Mark Taylor says, then God will not allow the enemy’s plans to prosper. Is it not obvious that God is undermining the deep state and bankster cabal? Mark Taylor also “prophesied” that God would put China and Russia in their economic places dependent on the US financially; God would release a new energy source to the US and Israel; God would remove the oil from beneath the enemies of America; God will purge the media of liars. Boom is coming to America, positive Boom not negative. The reset may be a cancelling of the FRB charter, re-nationalizing it, or, changing FRB open market operations to limit fiat currency creation and peg the dollar to gold. None of this requires crashing of banks or seizing of money markets, especially domestically. I think it is wise to prep, but don’t think God is not in charge.

        • Charles H

          If God were to ‘purge the media of liars’ – there wouldn’t be enough manpower to handle the bodies.

  11. Tim McGraw

    Dr. Ron Paul has been saying that the system is going down for decades. Austrian economics works. The free market works. Liberty works.
    Keynesianism is a government wet dream of untold riches for politicians and the military/industrial complex.
    The debt can’t be restructured. It can only be liquidated. Folks, you ain’t going to get your pensions.

    • William Stanley

      Tim, re: “Folks, you ain’t going to get your pensions.”
      Then the real price of precious metals had better skyrocket!

  12. This sceptred Isle

    Greg, whether Bo Polny is intelligent or not is besides the point. The man is consistently wrong and has made the alternative community a laughing stock. Intelligent people are very capable of being idiots or charlatans.

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess you subscribe to his service and know every single prediction? — NOT. Bo has made some very good calls, and he admits, he made some bad ones too. He will be correct over all that the price of gold and silver will go up many multiples from here.

  13. This sceptred Isle

    Good interview by the way. Bill Holter is always good to listen to.
    The elites have always been more scared of silver than gold as they already control most of the gold supplies through central banks. Historically, silver has, due to being less expensive and more plentiful, been impossible to lock down so they have allowed it to be destroyed by industry instead. Consequently, as we head towards a reset, we may encounter more propaganda comparing silver unfavourably to gold.

    Personally, I believe that an unprecedented financial tsunami is fast approaching and that history can only guide us so far as we enter a new paradigm. The wealth destruction will be so great that people will rush into whatever physical assets they can lay their hands on. They will be panic stricken and not have the luxury to ponder over whether silver tends to do worse during economic downturns than gold.

    • William Stanley

      TSI, “Personally, I believe that an unprecedented financial tsunami is fast approaching and that history can only guide us so far as we enter a new paradigm.”
      Please tell me that you are doing some “prepping,” including something to provide self defense (even if that means getting with some friends and buying or renting a bug-out location).

    • Chip

      Financial tsunami is not the only issue..
      What’s behind this furious push and the children border BS?
      Watch Video 2294 here…

      This is a planned invasion.

      • Charles H

        Corruption, and dilution.

  14. JMiller

    One thing that Bill Holter said that I want to address. At the 13:40 mark, Bill mentions that he recently heard someone say that silver was not going to do anything in the next crisis because during the hyperinflation period of Weimar Germany gold exploded while silver languished and that he does not know where that information came from. Bill then stated that the gold to silver ratio was about 15 to 1 during this time. Well according to what I found, at one point the price of gold did explode much higher while the price of silver did not. During most of Weimar Germany’s inflationary (1919-1922) and hyperinflationary period (1922-1923) gold and silver increased together at about the same rate with gold slightly outperforming silver up until October 23, 1923. It was then that during the week of October 23, 1923 that the price of gold skyrocketed while the price of silver, while still increasing, greatly lagged the price of gold. The gold to silver ratio at that time went from about 15 to 1 to 160 to 1. Here is an article from 2006 that discusses this.

    Here is another article that shows the dramatic rise in gold and silver prices during Germany’s hyperinflationary period.

    Here is a chart that shows the price of gold and silver in Weimar Germany from 1919-1923.

    • Bill Holter

      JMiller, the article states “they don’t believe there was an extra zero added” and go on to talk about the 10 fold increase based on the ability to flee with gold and not silver. In today’s world, that might make sense. But nothing moved at the speed of light in the 1920’s. Communication was by telephone and transport mostly slow by rail. Any 10 fold move would have seen prior action, there was NONE. …Then the records just stop 30 days later? I assure you the 16-1 ratio stood all over the world, so if true, anyone who sold their silver and moved with their gold did in fact walk away from 90% of their wealth. Arbitrage would have been rampant with gold flooding in to Germany while draining every single silver ounce available. This did not happen, which tends to point to he simple answer that an extra zero was mistakenly added. I stick by what I said in the interview, God’s silver to gold ratio is just under 10-1. 80-1 is manmade via derivatives … Another way to look at this if true, anyone who swapped their gold for silver at 160-1 could have transported the metal and increased their capital holdings 10 fold for the cost of two shipments… it’s called ARBITRAGE!

      • JMiller


        Thanks for your lengthy reply. However the article also says “I queried Rob Kirby on this but we both agreed that the numbers were correct.” As far as the price of gold skyrocketing more than silver in mid-October of 1923, I believe it could have been possible for a couple of reasons. First, on October 15, 1923 the Rentenmark Ordinance was published, which allowed for a new currency, the Rentenmark, to be issued by a new institution, the Rentenbank. The Rentenmark was indexed or linked to the value of gold. So yes, I can see where it is possible that the price of gold could have increased much more than silver over a course of a week because of the significant change in the currency. The same would be true today if the dollar was going to be backed by silver. I would expect the price of silver to increase greatly compared to gold and the GSR to fall dramatically from the current GSR of 78 (in a non-manipulated market). And I do not believe that gold would necessarily be flooding into unstable Germany of all places to buy silver. As you said, things did not happen that fast back then. But it may be possible that gold was leaving Germany prior to October of 1923 since the GSR in Germany was about 15 to 1 while in other areas of the world it was 31 to 1.

        So gold compared to silver in Germany prior to October of 1923 was undervalued. 1 ounce of gold for just 15 ounces of silver in Germany when you could get 31 ounces of silver elsewhere. So no, I would not be surprised if gold in Germany skyrocketed compared to silver in mid-October of 1923 since it was undervalued compared to silver and the new currency was going to be linked to gold. Just my thoughts.

    • Chip

      A one ounce gold double eagle was $20 while a one ounce silver dollar was $1 (20:1). Just sayin’… Chip

  15. Joseph Diianni

    If you haven’t noticed all markets are completely rigged and manipulated including our government. Until the deep state is taken out there will be no release of control of these assets. And people are sick of no one being indicted, that is why this will keep on the same way.

  16. Jerry

    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto Greg. There’s nothing left to be said. Bill covered it ALL! The trigger date is all there is left to discuss. Educated guesses from some insiders say sometime between July and October. Who knows? We are one false flag away from total collapse and Bill knows it. Liquidity is seizing up inside the banking system ( check out velocity chart) but yet the banks continue to loan out money hand over fist.

  17. Shawn G.

    People are already being trained to use plastic/digital as money. The concept of cash, currency, etc is a concept of the past. There are now so many alternatives to cash that the younger generation (clueless) are using that when the reset happens, they will not even notice. They will continue to pay with plastic or an app on their phone. When the value is devalued, they will be told that it is good – and will believe. PM is the only safe way to go – and with its recent pullback – a great opportunity to stack a little higher.

    • Greg Hunter

      Shawn G,
      I guess you will be getting that easy to use chip under your skin on your hand or forehead?

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: Did you take his last sentence into account? Seems like he is agreeing, rather than disagreeing.

        • Greg Hunter

          Who? TSI? No. he denies Christ He/she has told me so.

          • William Stanley

            Mr. Hunter: No, Shawn G.
            Are you “trolling” me? LOL

          • This Sceptred Isle

            Greg are you going insane? William is referring to Shawn’s comment. I said no such thing. Criticism of Israel = antisemitism now criticism of the Catholic church is Christ denial.

            • This Sceptred Isle

              Don’t worry about it too much. I freaked out too when I researched about my group and found it was related to the masons.

            • Greg Hunter

              Do you or do you not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Savior of the World? Yes or No.

          • Keith

            Shawn G. started this thread, not TSI.

      • Shawn G.

        Not sure how you read into what I wrote that I would want to get a chip (mark of the beast)… However, I assure you that I will not and that Christ is my Lord and Savior. My faith is in Christ, not this generation….

    • Andre

      Shawn G.
      I agree about the younger clueless generation. A question: what was the enlightened older generation doing when their country was stolen from them and the schools corrupted so we have the clueless generation? Oh, I know what they did – they were smoking pot.
      BTW did you noticed that the older generation still sent their kinds to these schools so they could become clueless?

      • Chip

        I was working and paying taxes and taking my son to soccer practice and games year round for fifteen years… Chip

      • Shawn G.

        There is plenty of guilt to go around — I home-schooled my kids and the Bible was part of their lessons. Each person will someday have to answer for their actions and the influence that they left – I am ready…

  18. james

    Didn’t he say the same thing in 2016, 2017 ??? well maybe this is the year, if not there is always 2019.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah James, and we have the same even bigger problem.

    • William Stanley

      james: It’s been warm for a good month. I guess winter is never coming again.

    • Paul ...

      james … Something that won’t be the same in 2019 is your Social Security check (if you are retired) … looks like we will be getting a 3.3% increase thanks to Trump … and this is still using the current “fake CPI” … if Trump can switch over to a “true CPI” as calculated by John Williams our cost of living increase would currently be in double digits … the “fake CPI Ponzi Scheme” the banksters have put in place to reduce Social Security recipients benefits has resulted in us getting 34% less money in our checks since 2000 … while the banksters collect trillions “in free money” for themselves … there is change coming … big changes … don’t be so pessimistic!!

  19. Robert Zionist Lykens

    Zero Hedge criticizes America for using its military:

    The truth is, sometimes in the “grownup-world of reality”, it’s necessary to pull a trigger to defend your country, home, family, society, economy and way of life. This is an obvious truth; otherwise we’d all be speaking Japanese, German, Chinese or most likely Russian.
    Israel has passed a law which defines Israel as a “Jewish” nation. Further, they have the will to enforce their law and protect their country.
    What’s wrong with that? God himself put divisions between ethnic groups into effect at the Tower of Babel. I believe with all my heart that God intended for mankind to be separated into ethnic units until the return of Christ.
    In my opinion it is the duty of United States citizens to defend, with force, their country and traditional way of life. This is a righteous and mandatory duty which only atheists and leftists shirk, to their shame.

    • Greg Hunter

      ZeroHedge is in socialist/radical Islam Europe and these folks don’t spend on military so they can have social nirvana while the U.S. protects them. Some are very smug in Euroland.

      • Shawn G.

        Was not aware that ZeroHedge was Euro based. Explains a lot. Thanks.

  20. Dell Johnson

    I’m sorry to disagree Bill and Greg. All transactions including swiping your credit card is digital. So debt no problem. Just and another zero to the end of any number and press enter. this will go on until someone hits the escape key. Enjoy the ride, our world economy is in the matrix.

    • Greg Hunter

      If the “debt is no problem” Why is the Fed and ECB still in an “emergency” policy stance with super low interest rates? Why is the ECB still buying debt? Whys don’t the world central banks allow rates to normalize? BECAUSE OF THE DEBT!!!!!! It’s around $230 trillion, and that is more than triple global GDP It’s still THE very biggest problem.

      • Charles H

        I’m waiting for the “gazillions”. (This even appears in Spellcheck!) Absurd!!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      I don’t know about that. The Greeks wanted a haircut on their debt because of the very REAL effects the debt repayments are having on their economy. The higher the debt the higher the proportion of an individual’s, corporation’s or countries’ income goes towards paying the interest on it. The value of a sovereign bond is derived from a) the promise of repayment and b) the regular interest payments on that bond. If a country defaults on this obligation, because servicing the debt becomes to burdensome, the bond is essentially worthless. If debt based assets become worthless the whole banking system is in trouble.

      • K. Wayne

        The Effects of Debt are REAL for those that do not own a Printing Press.
        The Value of a Bond is determined by the ability to adjust the speed of the Printing Press.
        Take away the Printing Press from the FED and we will see how long the banking system stays intact.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          It is niave if you both think buying up your own debt is sustainable! What happens once you have purchased it all? I am sure the ourobos enjoyed the taste of its own tail but how long can you eat your own body for?

        • Daniel

          K. Wayne that was a terrific response. To the point and correct! Thank you Greg Hunter for trying to open everyone’s eyes.

    • Bill Holter

      too much debt is the problem …more of it cannot be the solution.

      • John


        So true. Always enjoy listening to your perspective! Please keep coming back and educating us “watchdogs”.


    • Charles H


      A variation on the “Everybody Does It” mentality – is still a ‘it works until it doesn’t” reality. Anyone with debt – on or off paper – will lose whatever it is when the reset comes. Just because someone isn’t totaling-up the bill at the moment: doesn’t mean it won’t come due.

    • Keith

      D. Johnson,
      When a credit card is swiped the commercial bank creates money out of thin air. It applies a debit to your account and makes a credit available to the bank of the merchant on the other side of your transaction. Overnight your merchants bank presents a claim to the NY FRB for federal reserves in the amount of your credit card transaction to be transferred from your bank’s FR account to their FR account. Once the merchant’s bank receives the transfer of federal reserves they can now issue money against it. There are two systems. Dollars are the public face of the monetary system. Federal Reserves are the private side system between the FRB and the member banks. Money is created in the public side when debt is issued. Every credit card transaction is a creation of new units of money. Here is a link to a Bank of England web page that explains what I just said, but with respect to their central banking and monetary system.

  21. jim c

    Bill, Why do you think the system has not blown up yet from interest rates moving up in the last two years? Before there where any rate hikes all analyst were saying (including you) if the fed raised rate only 1/4 percent the system would blow.

    • Dell Johnson

      Fellas, it only exists as one’s and zeros, its not real.

      • Charles H

        If it isn’t real now – it used to be once upon a time ago.

  22. George E

    Personal note to Greg: Great interview but as usual all of the problems are pointed to with no solutions. Go to the X22 report and listen to Harley Schlanger, maybe you should interview him. Again I appreciate your commitment truth and justice, love of God and country.

    • Greg Hunter

      George E,
      The reset is the “solution” and you better be prepared. There is no way anyone can make this all go away and you and everyone else will be just fine with life going on as usual. Not going to happen. Get ready and stay ready.

    • William Stanley

      George E: Mr. Holter told you to get water-self-sufficient, to stress test your preps, and (impliedly) to have a place to go in order to get away from the urban areas.
      As Mr. Hunter just told you: there is no “solution” that has EVERYONE walking away unharmed, and to get prepared and stay prepared.
      The “reset” is ineluctable . . . and it’s going to destroy a lot of people. Don’t be one of them; get prepared: (1) have water and water sources and a means to purify it, (2) food, including a means to cook it when the grid goes down, (3) durable warm clothing and boots, (4) medicine and sanitation supplies, (5) shelter, (6) a means of self defense, and (7) community.

  23. H. Craig Bradley


    Really at this juncture, there is nothing the Fed can possibly do that won’t roil markets at home and abroad. Yes, its the first small indications of the much babyhood “reset”. Gold Bugs are just hoping for P.M. Salvation. There time must come, after all.

    One Little problem with that: reality and the reality is nobody can time a market-any market. Nobody can see the future clearly either. Its all supposition except the real Guerrilla in the Room: Public Employee Pension Funds. All of them are in some degree of trouble as few are adequately funded today. Pension law says 80% funded or better and half are not. Pension funds must get 7%-8% annual total returns to remain solvent in the long term. Its mathematically impossible at current interest rates. Its a race against the clock for the FED. Either way, prepare for a storm of volatility.

  24. H. Craig Bradley


    The FED thinks they are in control when (bond) markets always “have the last word”. The Fat Lady has not yet appeared on the stage. Someone has “another think coming”.

    Civil Unrest (riots) will likely erupt in many large West Coast Cities ( California ) and elsewhere when interest rates spike or “reset”. Once government borrowing grows exponentially more expensive, taxes must increase and the economy will fall into negative growth. Next, the state starts to cut government budgets with a axe and take away entitlements and benefits formerly handed-out for free to all comers like Chiclets gum in Tijuana, Mexico by small children working the line of cars waiting to cross back into the U.S.A. (Been there, done that ).

    This is when the real trouble starts for most suburban affluent Americans. It will be in their face, as the saying goes at some point in the future. I sure would not advise anyone to stick around and try to hold-out in their suburban “Alamo”. There will be no completely safe place for most of them to hide either. Disarmed, unprotected, and exposed will be the new reality of reset.

    In response, Home Owners will have to band together and hire their own private, armed security to patrol and protect their particular neighborhoods. The police and fire departments will be overextended and underfunded (staffed) by the time things get bad enough for the general public to panic. Until they do, they can deny and hide in their homes, as many are doing at this time. It may not be unlike the movie “Purge” where scores are settled on the streets once a year to reduce crime and reduce population. Nature has its own ways too.

  25. stan

    Holter has been saying the same things for years and none of it has come true. He needs to admit he was wrong at this point.

    • Greg Hunter

      You need to admit you don’t know much and are oblivious to what is going on in the financial world.

    • Jerry

      Stan the man without a plan who won’t be able to find his *** with both hands when the **** hits the fan. Same old same old eeh Stan.

      • John


        I have been following you on this site for quite some time and agree with your postings. I see two possible scenarios: QT will bring a deflationary collapse unless we can find another entity to buy our bonds – ? if 401k plans provide a forced floor to the bond market as the fed winds down its purchases. Certainly, foreign countries are scaling back their demand for US debt. In this scenario Ag and Au are the last assets standing but the debt is destroyed and we move forward with sound money but paper investors are wiped out. More QE will cause hyperinflation leading to a rate shock, destruction of bonds, stocks and the us dollar – leading to gold re-entering the monetary system perhaps via the sdr – again investors in paper assets are wiped out and world currency goes to another level of fiat. Holders of gold are spared as the price resets to reflect the exponential increase in the money supply. We are at the apex of the pyramid and looking right, left forwards or backwards reveals a long drop to the ground – and much pain when we hit. I think the Russians and the Chinese are hedged for either scenario but they will be hit as well. Will QT>QE or will QE>QT – this is the problem at hand but in any case Gold provides the hedge. What brings this game to an end sooner – a derivatives collapse, an acceleration of energy being transacted in another currency other than the dollar, a trade war or no foreign support in the us debt markets? No need to do a deep analysis as all are happening in real time right in front of us. IMHO – QT will be bad but we retain our sovereignty whereas QE brings in the NWO and it desire for a one world currency.

        • Jerry

          As Bill has said before it will be global economic collapse. The Chinese and Russians already have a replacement plan in place as I have documented for the past two years. Ours?

      • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

        You will never be able to forget my handle, Jerry. Memorable it is. But I do have a plan.

        • Jallen

          Would you like to share your plan with the WATCHDOGS?


    • Jerry

      There’s nothing memorable about anything you post. You are a cheap dime a dozen gutless troll. That’s all.

      • Stan

        The truth hurts Jerry – I know you are angry and that anger is a direct response to my truthful statements about your lame predictions over the years. No a single one has come true.

    • Charles H

      Actually, stan,

      The other side of the argument would be that Bill Holter is describing an eventuality. In that event: it is you who will have to concede, at some future point – that you are wrong.

  26. Tad

    Greg, that you never asked Bill whether he had full faith and confidence that the US has the 8,100-plus tons of gold in government depositories.

    I, on the other hand, have full faith and confidence that a metals standard will point to silver, and not gold. I doubt the US government would be honest about revealing their silver tonnage if it exists.

    It seems common knowledge that JP Morgan has around 400 million ounces of silver probably conveniently stored next to a Fed depository near Liberty Street in New York City.

    When the dust settles, Morgan may be one of very few surviving US-centered big banks.

    Nothing against buying gold: More portable than buying a similar dollar amount in silver. The wealthy who are transferring residence to nations like New Zealand or South America or one that has sovereign stores of gold have seen this fact.

  27. FC

    QT will be the cause and MSM will blame it on the Trade Wars and fingers won’t be pointed at XY and Z but at POTUS.

    • Keith

      My interpretation of MT’s “prophecies” is that before the reset God is going to kill the deep state, which includes the MSM. This will give the patriots control of the narrative.

  28. Steve

    Excellent interview Greg!

    Great information from Mr. Holter!

    Almost no one is 100% prepared, but I’m tired of waiting for this collapse/reset. For ten years I have heard the system is collapsing, and it just keeps on going… I want to get it over with already!

    On a side note, Clif High believes that the cryptos are here now to prevent a collapse. That the value of BTC and LTC will explode to absorb all the wealth escaping from the dying system. This of course would also happen with physical gold and silver.

    I’m hoping Clif is right–his version of this monetary transition is a lot more bearable than a Mad Max scenario…

    Also, Mr. Holter, your interview/debate with Clif, Bix and Jim was amazing. Please debate each other again. That interview has awakened countless people to reality of our monetary system!


    • FC

      The Ball and Chain Technology is not to here to save us but to once and for all enslave us.

      • Charles H


  29. Coaster

    Great interview Greg. Bill is great. I live in Canada and it is because of you and your interviews with Mr. Holter and others, which have prompted me to take a closer look at the future and what the future holds for my family and I. It is obvious if you follow alternative media (not the lame stream media) that society’s future has the potential to be extremely harsh. Just look at the discourse in your country between the left and the right and some would say your on a course for another civil war. It’s beginning to sound the same here…left against right. Prudence tells me to prepare. If projections do not materialize and the old world continues as normal, what have I lost. NOTHING. If you and Bill are right (which by the way I believe you absolutely are) then any preparations I now make will pay dividends at a future date.
    My wife and some of my friends think I am crazy. For the life of me they cannot see the forest for the trees. They believe I am being extreme and some of them think you and other like minded media sources are propagandist and verge on communism. Yet they like to parrot what our Canadian Broadcasting Corporation pumps our everyday.
    Not being independently wealthy, I have to be absolutely realistic and mindful of my wife’s resistance. That said, I now have physical silver in my possession…not a lot…but what I can afford and what she agreed too without ending in divorce. I think she is coming around (preparation wise that is). I live in the country and now have a garden and grow some of my own food. I have my own well for water but rely on power. I rewired my house for a generator. I bought an extra freezer and now bulk buy a lot of my food. Usually have about a two month supply in stock. Had planned on selling my firearms but will now keep them around. WHO KNOWS.
    I believe any sane person would not wish for the collapse to occur. I believe it is going to happen and sooner rather than later. As a Bible believing God fearing man I say “God Bless You” for what you do for the common man. Keep up the good fight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Coaster!

    • freebrezer

      Coaster – Per your wife and friends and most of all the western societies – it is called normalcy bias … people believe that things will always function the way things normally have functioned in the past. The problem is that they do not look back more then 30 or 40 years. Things can go bad, and/or they can go real bad!

    • Keith

      My guess that you are hearing the whisper of the Holy Spirit. Keep listening.

    • Gary

      Coaster, Ditto, I have done the same thing, extra freezer, generator, and increased our wood storage to six cords, “we heat with wood” and propane on the farm in Alberta.
      For people who live in a cold climate, heat is often overlooked, try getting it when it is -30C, beside buying in bulk brings the price down.
      If SHTF we will not be getting produce from the USA like we normally do, so keep doing what you are doing, have more cash on hand, and associate with like minded people.

      Some people I know are paying more attention FINALLY to the discourse in the USA, however it will be a global reset. CDIC. in Canada is a joke, check it out, there is no money in that fund, it is a line of credit drawn on a major bank.

  30. Julia

    Great interview! I saw the interview in which the individual said silver would not do anything during the reset. I didn’t listen as the individual has long lost credibility with me.
    I have heard the following which could be nothing more gossip and rumors but here goes:

    1. Donald Trump does know how bad the global system is and will be putting the US on a gold standard this yr. Jim Willie has also hinted at this.

    2. Donald Trump through the Executive Order on corruption has been seizing assets from these individuals and using this to recover monies stolen from the US.

    3. There was more to meet the eye in North Korea than just the US and North Korea signing a demilitarization agreement. Also a discussion on the new financial system.

    4. Robert David Steele says in this short blog post (2nd to last paragraph) that President Trump may have a surprise announcement:

    5. President Trump is going to have quite a month of July. Meeting with President Putin and then to meet the Queen of England.

    Now that President Trump is talking about the Sex Trafficking of Children and the IG Report is out I wonder if all of it (including the currency reset) is all going to happen at the same time for the general public?

    Look forward to the interviews!

    • DanT

      Julia, I saw the same interview. She used the Weimar situation as the basis for what the metals will do. She said gold out preformed silver in that situation but they both kept the peoples wealth intact that held them. I think silver then cannot be compared to silver now as the fundamentals are very different. I think her focus was just to narrow in regards to silver

      • Charles H

        Technological needs for silver will more than compensate for the lagging monetary valuation.

    • Coaster

      Freebrezer, Keith, Gary…..Thanks for your comments. It is so gratifying to know there are other like minded people in Canada. I have one of my best friends who relocated from here to Sask. We talk a lot. He is like us but has to argue with his wife in order to prepare. She, as does my wife, believes everything will keep proceeding as all is normal. Nothing is normal anymore.
      ** Gary Love Alberta. Lived in Edson for a couple years and use to go there a lot when I lived and worked in the NWT. Go Jason Kenny Go.

  31. Russ

    Thank you Greg, really thank you. The reset I’ve been looking for is strictly a currency reshuffle — some go up, some go down; the USD drops by an estimated 40%+. Meanwhile, Russia and China are increasing their gold holdings, so they might do better.

    If I heard correctly, what Bill Holter indicated is that the reset I’m looking for will fail because the system itself is still fiat — gold & silver rocket, but they rocket while still under a fiat currency regime. So while everything resets to an SDR (basket of fiat) basis, we will actually be getting set up for a second currency failure which could go longer and deeper that most can imagine. Once they shift to the SDR and fail, what do they shift to next???

    Back to the planning board. I’m not close to ready for what Bill indicates. Thanks again.

  32. Wayne

    Hmm…. I stopped in mid-paragraph asking myself on the SDR’s …… Is not China’s Yuan gold back and what was going to rise to the top of the SDR package in the end????? So let me see we have the gold back yuan and of course the swiss frank but the only real money that has a real backing in fiats is…..wait for it……..the Mongolian currency (tugrik). This currency has brought me and easy return of 13% per year. Sh…….keep it quiet. If you are going to own fiat money this is the one to own. Funny no one ever mentions this currency. Its a secret. lol!

    • JMiller

      Is China’s yuan gold backed? No it is not, at least not as of today.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s put this into perspective. Donald trump has had his picture taken with most rich people in the western world and many others in the rest of the world too. This includes multiple pics of trump with Bill and Hillary for example. This picture looks like Trump is about 50 to 55 years old. I really don’t know how old it is, but it is most likely long before Epstein was convicted for pedo and under age girl sex charges in 2005 or 2006. The reason why Trump threw this “protester” out was he was trying to smear guilt on Trump simply by a picture association. Trump is NOT a pedophile and has NOT had sex with under age girls. If he did, we would have heard about this long ago. I would have kicked out that “protester” (Marxist Democrat plant) too for telling a visual lie with that picture. You could have had your picture taken with Trump (He stood still for many, many people who visited his resorts and hotels) and two years later YOU robbed a bank. Would that mean Trump is a bank robber??? That’s my take, and I think it’s the right one to have.


    • Bill Holter

      it was sent to editor with a quote that was apparently not posted “if this was true we would have heard about it nonstop since the primary season.”

    • Paul ...

      John … I have a question for you … if Hillary had her picture taken with the Pope would that make her a Saint or a Sinner??

  33. Steven Rudalcava

    I am convinced of a reset i am heavily invested with silver and see no other way out apart from the lord pulling of some amazing event either way blessing to u.

  34. C. A. Gaskell

    Greg, Kevin stated in the last WNW; only 3 answers to why God allows suffering to people every second of every day…..1…He doesnt exist…2 He isn’t capable of doing anything about it it…3..He doesnt care to….Thats it!!!
    That’s it? I’d like to answer Kevin and I got the time, unfortunately that’s about all I got and this hope.
    When disasters and tragedies happen, many ask, “Why?” And the older you get the more you wonder, why is this world so full of hatred and suffering? Have you ever wondered about it? Apparently Kevin has and thinks there are only the 3 reasons.
    The Bible says: “He cares for you Kevin.” (1 Peter 5:7) In fact, God hates to see suffering much more than you do. (Isaiah 55:8, 9) So then, why is there so much suffering in the world?
    Many blame God for all the suffering in the world because they think that God rules the world. But as we have learned even in the comments here so many times in, the real ruler of the world is Satan the Devil. God is in control, but
    the Bible tells us that “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) The ruler of this world, Satan, is vicious and cruel. He is “misleading the entire inhabited earth.” (Revelation 12:9) Many people imitate him. And that’s just one reason why the world is so full of propaganda, lies, hatred, and cruelty.
    There are other reasons why there is so much suffering in the world. After Adam and Eve rebelled, they passed sin on to their children. And because of sin, humans cause other humans to suffer. They often want to be more important than others. They fight, they go to war, and they bully others. (Ecclesiastes 4:1; 8:9) Sometimes people suffer because of “time and unexpected events.” (Ecclesiastes 9:11) When they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, accidents and other bad things can happen to them.
    Why can we be sure that God has a very good reason for allowing all this suffering to continue?
    God never causes suffering. He’s not to blame for war, crime, and mistreatment. God does not cause disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. But you may wonder, ‘If God is the most powerful person in the universe, why doesn’t he stop those terrible things from happening?’ We can sense that God cares deeply about us, why else would we cry out to him when the plane starts hitting those bumps out there in the wild blue yonder! So cant we figure he must have a very good reason for allowing suffering and the bump’s to continue.​—1 John 4:8.
    In the garden of Eden, the Devil misled Adam and Eve. Satan accused God of being a bad Ruler. He claimed that God was keeping something good from Adam and Eve. Satan wanted them to believe that he would be a better ruler than God and that they did not need God.​—Genesis 3:2-5.
    Adam and Eve disobeyed God and rebelled against him. They thought that they had the right to decide for themselves what was right and what was wrong. How could God prove that the rebels were wrong and that he knows what is best for us?
    Why did God not destroy the rebels immediately? Why has God allowed Satan to be the ruler of this world and humans to govern themselves?

    God didn’t destroy Adam and Eve immediately. Instead, he allowed them to have children. Then he made it possible for the children of Adam and Eve to choose whom they wanted as their ruler. God’s purpose was to fill the earth with perfect people, and that was going to happen no matter what the Devil tried to do.​—Genesis 1:28; Isaiah 55:10, 11.
    Satan challenged God in front of millions of angels. (Job 38:7; Daniel 7:10) So God has given Satan time to prove whether his accusation was true. He also gave humans time to set up their own governments under Satan’s guidance to show whether they could be successful without God’s help.
    Just being USAWatchdogger’s we know what that has proved?
    For thousands of years, humans have tried to rule themselves, but they have utterly failed. Satan has been proved a liar. Humans do need God’s help. The prophet Jeremiah was right when he said: “Adonai, I know that the way of humans is not in their control, humans are not able to direct their steps as they walk.”​—Jeremiah 10:23 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB).
    Why has God “Adonai,” waited so long and allowed suffering to go on? Why hasn’t God not fixed the problems caused by Satan? Why doesn’t he stop bad things from happening?
    It has taken time to prove that Satan’s rule has failed. Humans have tried every kind of government, without success. Even though they have made advances in science and technology, there is more injustice, more poverty, more crime and war than ever before. We cannot successfully rule ourselves without God. If you dont believe that, would you like to buy some swampland in Washington D.C.? Or Moscow? London perhaps. How bout Brussels? Canberra? I could go on and on! Maybe Tahitie?
    God has not fixed the problems caused by Satan. If he did, it would mean God supports Satan’s rulership, and He will never do that. Also, humans would believe that they are able to rule themselves successfully. But that is a lie, and God would not support that either. He never lies.​—Hebrews 6:18.
    So what will God do about all the damage that Satan has caused?
    Can God repair all the damage that has been caused by the rebellion of Satan and us humans? Yes. With God, all things are possible. God knows when all of Satan’s challenges will have been fully answered. Then he will fulfill his promises for mankind, as it was meant to be. (John 5:28, 29) Will people always have to get sick and die? Will Jesus undo all the damage that Satan has caused? God the father will use Jesus “to break up the works of the Devil.” (1 John 3:8) We are grateful that in the meantime God has been patient with us so that we can come to know him and can decide if we want him to be our Ruler. (Read 2 Peter 3:9, 10.) Even when we suffer, he helps us to endure.​—John 4:23; read 1 Corinthians 10:13.

    God does not force us to choose him as our Ruler, mind you. He gave humans the gift of free will.
    But that’s another story for another day here on, if it’s his will of course and yours’s Greg.

  35. Roger P. Carpenter

    That Analyst that made the mistake of saying silver would not move upwards is Lynette Zang! She also claims FIXED RATE MORTGAGES will be reset higher resulting in foreclosures everywhere! Another Claim that is FALSE!

    • DanT

      Roger the bankers will not lose if they can help it. No one will be able to enjoy a debt jubilee as governments will. There will already be economic pain and many will lose property reset or not in time. Debt payments will remain the same for little people once restructured to the new currency value. The only break we can get is gold repriced about 9 months before debt repricing. Then you can take a little bit of gold and pay off a lot of mortgage

      • Charles H

        What if restructuring occurs outside the USA, with gold repricing; then within the USA refusal to revalue delays for nine months while the Banks foreclose on debt? You are totally right about the little people having to pay in the new currency value: Mexico revalued it’s Peso to the Dollar in 1993 – and swept one-third the country’s real estate into the Banks.

        • Tin foil hat

          Charles H,
          “Mexico revalued it’s Peso to the Dollar in 1993”
          This is interesting, I infer when the US revalues its dollar, it will likely be revalued from dollar to whatever ounces of gold. I just can’t imagine we would revalue from dollar to Bitcoin.

  36. EJS

    The gold/silver ratio (GSR) was relavant 100 years ago, it is irrelevant today. What is the gold/platnum, copper, nickel ect. ratio? The GSR only matters if you believe we are going back to using gold and silver coins as currency with a fixed value . Monetary evolution says we will not, been there done that. We DO NOT need a bimetallic money standard. Gold and only gold will be used to recapitalize the monetary system at a massively higher price. Silver is not needed to perform this function and silver has far better uses than as a currency. We will have electronic currency (we are mostly there now btw) and gold will take the store of value function, not currency function. Gold and only gold will be held by nation states and currency zones as a reserve to settle trade imbalances and value one currency vs another. We do not need a global reserve currency either, Gold will be the reserve, Trump knows this. What do you think all the trade ballyhoo is about. The global economic system is not about us little people, its about trade between nations and currency zones. You don’t drive your car by looking in the rear view mirror. Think about where we are going, not where we have been. IMHO Holter is a general fighting the last war. Think forwards, think BIG!

    • Bill Holter

      no, it is only relevant because gold is only 10 times more rare than silver rather than 80-1. In fact, “above ground” silver is possibly more rare than gold because it continually is used up rather than stockpiled.

      • Chip

        The gold double eagle was $20 while the silver dollar was $1. Both approximately one ounce of gold or silver. This certainly supports a 16 to 1 ratio more so than an 80 to 1 ratio… Chip

    • DanT

      EJS it has been written.”What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” There might be more sameness than you expect. Two wise men think so.

    • Charles H

      Value must be tied to something; and that something agreed upon. As to thinking about where we are going – I rather prefer to arrive in good order; rather than having a train wreck. The only difference is speed and control. Judging by our speed – I doubt about the control.

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur 100%. Silver will not be used as a reserve to settle trade imbalances. China and Russia are not stockpiling silver no matter how much silver JPM is stockpiling.

      With that said, I just purchased some ASE last week. I suspect the post reset price of gold would be so astronomical that average citizen would use silver as the store of value until they have enough to convert it to gold.

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur 100%. Silver will not be used as a reserve to settle trade imbalances. China and Russia are not stockpiling silver no matter how much silver JPM is stockpiling.

      With that said, I just purchased some ASE last week. I suspect the post reset price of gold would be so astronomical that average citizen would use silver as the long term store of value – I wonder how high the interest rates would be in order to entice folks to continue to save in fiat.

      • Tin foil hat

        I apologize for the double post. Anyway, Zang said in the video at around 14:30 that the gold/silver ratio will likely return to 16:1 ( I think she is overly optimistic ). However, she believes silver is not the best vehicle for store of value ( I concur 100% ) but is part of the strategy.

        After the reset, I believe the price of gold will skyrocket and then flatline. Silver will skyrocket and then bounces all over the place which makes it a lousy long term store of value. I don’t get the animus toward her research and findings.

        Basically, Zang said silver is a barter-able asset ( silver has become more a commodity rather monetary metal due to the technological needs ) but gold is the one and only SoV (monetary asset).

    • William Stanley

      EJS, re: “The GSR only matters if you believe we are going back to using gold and silver coins as currency with a fixed value.”
      You may be right that gold and only gold will be used to recapitalize the monetary system. You may also be right that we do not “need” a bimetallic money standard.
      However, if the relative prices of gold and silver are not fixed by law, then there will be no harm in using both as money. My guess is that if both were allowed, silver would benefit the most, at least in the very long term — and partly because of its industrial uses in addition to its monetary uses.
      I appreciate your analysis and think you have made some good points. However, IMO, there is nothing backward-looking in Mr. Holter’s views.

    • sw

      @EJS, Nice to see another person who understands that there is no equal to gold. The little people on the street have almost no effect on the price of gold and silver. The globalists, nations, banks, etc. are the real movers in the physical market,and when they are ready, they will move BIG TIME. Unfortunately for the people, this will be another top-down change that will utilize gold and not silver for the reasons you mentioned and because its above ground supply does not fluctuate much compared the silver. Evidence: Venezuelans today have not turned to gold or silver; they only complain about the imploding currency. Some people never learn! Gold will skyrocket when the globalists are ready. Visit if you have not already, and learn more about Freegold. If you have not already been there, you will resonate with it right away. Great comment!

  37. Tad

    I think it would be called, summary deportation-Italian version.
    Turned around at border checkpoints: No excuses, no lawyer, no asylum.

    If anything, blood drawn for ID purposes or potential border re-entry cases. They too would be summarily deported.

  38. Rock

    Thanks Greg. I feel like I am personal friends with you and Bill. We are brothers in eternity for sure….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Rock!!

  39. DanT

    Sounds like Greg has a farming background, so he could tell you not only the shipping and other distribution relies on credit, the farmer does also. I have said it here before we also have the sun’s cycle to contend with (the Grand Solar Minimum) and it’s effect on the weather as well as volcanic and seismic activity. Check it out for yourself and see if I am just a nut. I know Greg thinks so but how about this topic? There has already been crop damage around the world to some degree, along with six instances of volcanos with different rates of activity.

    • freebrezer

      Dan T – You must remember that the more you research a subject, the crazier you sound to ignorant people. And yes – The solar cycle is directly correlated to a lot of major turning points in history, and unfortunately the downturns are always associated with death, disease, war, famine, massive volcanoes (that further block the sun), revolutions, etc,. Thus the question is … is solar cycle 24 just a big dip or a precursor to much lower cycle 25 to come? Interesting that the US will see another total solar eclipse in 2024 just when C-25 should be hitting it’s max.

      • freebrezer

        Interesting note – Trump came in office with a total solar eclipse across the US and if wins a second term, he will depart out of office with a total eclipse!

      • DanT

        There are so many other natural cycles but people can’t seem to accept this one. When I talk about this one people get this glazed over look or one of disbelief. This topic would be a good one for Greg to cover here.

  40. DanT

    Oh, and see what is happening on Mars. Seems sun cycles may have more than effects on the earth. Mars is completely (as in totally) shrouded in a dust storm and is unprecedented at least as long as close observation has been possible. 200yrs? The before and after pictures are really weird.

    • Paul ...

      DanT … In the context of a man landing on Mars the frequency and magnitude of dust storm activity is very important … scientists find that small regional dust storms can expand fairly rapidly and within 10 – 15 days a dust storm can become planet encircling … Viking and Pathfinder have shown maximum wind amplitudes in the subtropics that attain maximum strength during the Southern Summer Solstice … so I expect our first manned landing on the red planet will most likely take place somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere of Mars! … to moderate the climate on Mars and add oxygen to the air for us to breathe when we colonize the planet … we should be seeding Mars now with plant life from our dessert regions on Earth and pine tree seedlings may grow near the poles where water has been found!!

      • Paul ...

        You know … man seems to think he has to build warp-drive star ships and travel the universe searching other star systems for a planet that is just right for life to exist … we have such a planet right next door … what we should be doing is Terra-forming Mars right now … shooting seed filled capsules down on the surface areas of Mars that our instruments show contains water … and lets begin generating a breathable oxygen atmosphere for our children who need to get away from all the crooks, thieves, pedophiles and warmongers on planet Earth!!

        • oneno

          “Terra-forming Mars right now … shooting seed filled capsules down on the surface areas of Mars that our instruments show contains water … and lets begin generating a breathable oxygen atmosphere”

          A better way to bring a breatable atmosphere to Mars quicker is to tow a strong 1000 km cable in very high Mars orbit so that the cable is always pointing away from the Sun behind Mars. The cable will simulate a “comet effect” where molecules of oxygen, water, etc … will be manufactured, from the solar wind, and find their way to Mars surface via the poles. This process is described in the sequestered 3-part-comet paper by the same scientist who developed the JMCC WING GENERATOR.

          We could get lucky if a comet such as K2, incomming to the vicinity of Mars over the comming decade, leaves enough atmospheric material through which Mars then moves to build a denser atmosphere. Comet K2 is much much larger than claimed by the so-called NASA experts so it would not be good it came too close to Mars as it would only strip Mars atmosphere in the same way as Mars fairly recently striped a portion of the atmosphere from the pass-by of Comet Siding-Spring. Comet K2 may be larger than Mars. K2’s coma is already the size of our neighbouring unlit-star Jupiter.

          • Paul ...

            Oneno … interesting theory … but we are losing precious time waiting for such a technical solution … it is very simple for us to rocket launch hundreds of seed filled capsules to Mars right now and at least get the pine forests growing producing oxygen, wood and food (pine nuts)!!

          • oneno

            Plant-life merely recycles oxygen already in the system. However, plants need an abundance of carbon-dioxide and oxygen and water and soil nutrients and light energy in the system to facilitate that recycling action.

            As per the 3-part comet paper, the atmosphere (gas and fluid) of a planet comes from space via planet-sized comets. The planet Venus was comet Venus ~ 6000 BC as per ancient records of interraction with Mars and Earth at least twice before settling in its current orbit ~ 3500 BC. More than likely, there were other comets larger than Venus that also interracted with the bodies in the solar-system transferring atmospheres (and moons) depending on the relative mass of the interracting bodies. In fact there is one account of the moon Venus being ripped from its orbit around Uranus by a Destroyer comet (very massive body – likely not as massive as Jupiter)

            • Paul ...

              oneno … the atmosphere on Mars contains 95.3% carbon dioxide, 2.7 Nitrogen and zero oxygen … plants “do not need oxygen” they release oxygen as a waste product … all that they need to flourish is on Mars (carbon dioxide, water and sun light) … the process of photosynthesis combines the hydrogen in the water molecule with carbon to make carbohydrates and the oxygen in the water molecule is released into the atmosphere … the nitrogen in the Martian atmosphere can be added to the soil as a plant fertilizer by additionally seeding Mars with nitrogen fixing bacteria … Mars is a veritable Utopia for plant life … it can be made into a Garden of Eden by mankind (following God’s lead when he created Eden here on Earth)!!

      • freebrezer

        Paul – Per man landing on Mars … at the moment it is not going to happen. The cosmic radiation will kill any passenger with in a year. Thus any trip to mars is a one way coffin trip and until the scientist come up with a means to protect the astronauts from the lethal radiation – no mission to mars.

        • Paul ...

          freebrezer … superconducting magnet technology will be used to protect astronauts from lethal radiation during long spaceflights … the same way the Earth’s magnetic field has protected humanity from radiation for hundreds of thousands of years!!! …

          • freebrezer

            Paul – I agree but the cost of getting the huge weight of the magnets in to orbit is buku, buku bucks. Currently, Per the Falcon 9, 92% of the fuel was used to get it in to orbit and only 8 % of fuel to get the rover to mars! Thus, getting a superconducting magnet in to space will be via many launches plus the facilities to assemble it in space … unless new technology is discovered … which by going to space will be forced in to being!

        • Charles H

          An old-style Lead Coffin? No shielding will be workable – unless radiation reflecting force-fields are developed. And how do you shape force?

          • Tin foil hat

            Charles H,
            I always thought gold foils were used to shield the spacecraft from heat and radiation .

        • oneno

          There are existing deserts and growing arid regions here on Earth that nobody seems to be able to reclaim even with an abundance of moisture (water), O2, and CO2 in the air above those deserts and arid regions. Add to that our closer proximity to the Sun for energy, and poles with abundant water resources that would be needed to green such regions. On top of all this there are major water shortages for an ever-increasing population that needs that water now (India, China, South Africa, …) , forget the arid regions. Technologies such as the JMCC WING Generator can be employed alonfg the periphery of such arid regions and to power gigantic tankers to two icebergs from the poles to slowly re-claim those arid regions. Even then we are looking at decades. Populations levels continue growing in the face of overt wars and covert poisoning of our food and water.. So are we to expend resources to look after the immediate needs of our planet or are we going to spend those resources on a venture that is exceedingly more difficult.

          Yes, there is water on Mars, but it is not in abundance as it once was (not that long ago) when it was a blue world just like Malona was and Earth still is today. But as stated previously, water is not in abundance. Mars’ poles have CO2 ice.

    • William Stanley

      DanT: Doesn’t that just prove that the Martians are doing something to their climate?
      Just kidding; I’ve also been fascinated by the issue. BTW, I once had a friend who worked on forecasting the weather on Mars.

      • Bill

        William StanleyThe secret is out, there is global warming on mars!!!

        • Paul ...

          This is good … as the more intense sunlight will generate more electricity from the solar panels we place on Mars to disassociate water into hydrogen and oxygen gas … a solar power electrical generator array (simply the size of Long Island) will produce as much electrical power as all the coal, nuclear and water powered electrical power plants in the US right now … any excess oxygen produced (not needed by the human settlers of “New America” for breathing purposes) can be released into the Martian atmosphere to supplement what the trees and plants are producing … what we don’t want to see is Earth imposing taxes on the inhabitants of “New America” the way the English Crown imposed upon the people of “New England”!!

          • Paul ...

            We can build a solar cell array (the size of Long Island) right here in the US right now to provide all our Nations power needs … but … will the oil, coal and nuclear power companies allow US citizens the inalienable right to “God’s free energy”? … the answer is clear … they will not without a fight … and because it will easily take over 10 million tons of silver to build such a large array of solar cells … the evil banksters will obviously join with the power companies to deny Americans the free energy bestowed upon us by God the Father … as they do not want to see the intense upward pressure building large solar arrays will put on the price of silver!!

  41. flattop

    GREG: I am amused
    No matter who the guest is, there are those who completely agree, and then there are those who disagree. Trump is good, Trump is a rascal. The economy is collapsing, they cant allow the economy to collapse. Gold and silver will skyrocket, gold and silver will not increase. Each one can justify their position with figures ands quotes.
    This is what makes your site interesting.

    • foggygoggles

      Another issue of of note, is that these same arguments have been going on for YEARS! No one who is intellectually honest, would have predicted this. Also of note, few mention the BIS, which will make the ultimate determination in the end. TPTB will take things down when it suits them and not before. Prepare for the worst and get on with your life. Endless hand wringing and dire predictions serve no useful purpose, and are injurious to body, mind and spirit.

  42. James Hastings "Cherokee Center of the World"


    The best way to control the left….is cut off other peoples money. Yours. If your really concerned about America, organize BOYCOTT programs of advertisers. Everybody needs to pick a program, they find offensive, identify the advertisers and email them about your displeasure. TAKE YOUR MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    Pick an offensive program.
    Make it your pet project to hound these advertisers until they get the message.
    Spread the word among friends and make comments on facebook.
    Go for the throat, share articles which prove most problems were generated by past Presidents.
    Educate facebook followers with the truth. Pound it home until America is enlightened.
    Pray…….and hope God will listen and bless our efforts to save America.

  43. flattop

    GREG: A question.
    It is becoming clear to many of us that our Republican/Democrat parties are no longer viable or compatable the American peoples polititical views.
    Is there a movement to create a new political party??

    • DanT

      flattop you got that right. I saw an article a while back explaining a study that something like 9o% (think that was the number) of the time the senate and house did not vote in the best interest of the greater population.

  44. Andre

    Reset but to what? To another fiat money? Gold? Do we have any gold? Is the US gold still in Fort Knox? Why no-one is allowed to go there including members of congress. And if members of congress cannot go there who can? If there was any gold in Fort Knox, why JFK wanted to back up USD with silver? He didn’t have any gold?
    Maybe we should look for US gold in the vaults of London inner city which is a sovereign state and belongs to Rome and kept under watchful eyes of Jesuits.
    The prophecy tells me that a whore will be riding on a beast with seven heads and ten horns (kingdoms) she will have a golden cup, decked with gold and precious stones. Does she have US gold too? BTW woman in Bible means church.
    The prophecy also tells me that there will be time when money flow will be strictly controlled which is only possible with electronic exchange and abolition of cash.

    Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, (what you do) or in their foreheads: (what you think)

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (666 which is the title of the pope. Look up numerology of his titles).

    So it will be electronic money and Trump will do it. Now, unless you will have the mark of the beast you won’t be able to buy nor sell. This is the last warning to God’s people. USA will be the power to enforce the mark of the beast. Don’t get me wrong, I like Trump but I don’t think he will even know about all that so as 90% of people. Either way all is coming to pass. This would be one of the last prophecy that need to be fulfilled before coming of Christ. Get ready! I am excited.

    For those who want to know what is the mark of the beast, look for mark of her authority. God’s people will receive a seal of God (mark) which is also the seal of God’s Law and you can find it there.

    • Paul ...

      You know … what is really ludicrous is that a “private corporation” (the Fed) can simply say that we the people of the United States (through our elected representatives) have no right to inspect “our own gold” that we own outright at Fort Knox … and what is even more ludicrous is that we and our government representatives allow “a private corporation” to deny us access to our own money? … what kind of fools are we?? … would we give a thieving pick-pocket the right to deny us the ability to look in our own pocket (to see if our wallet was robbed) because “it may incriminate him” if our wallet was not there???

  45. Liz

    I believe the reason gold was valued more than silver in Wiemar Germany relative to other countries was that at that time the people buying gold weren’t buying it to protect against loss in value of the currency, they were buying it in order to carry it physically on their person out of the country. You can carry a lot more wealth on your person in gold than you can in silver.

    • DanT

      Liz that makes great sense. Diamonds may have also been in demand but give me gold.

  46. Peter from the Netherlands


    I see now that you are showing your real face!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Peter or should I say “ziggo”? Post with a real name or are you afraid the cable company you are working for will fire you for your stupid comments. No real verifiable name means no commenting here for you.

    • William Stanley

      Peter: Even though we always heatedly disagreed, I thought of you when I saw this charming ad for KLM airlines; I truly hope it brings a smile to your face:

  47. Money is a Babylonian spell

    Is it so difficult to consider an alternative system instead of a debt-slavery economy? After all it is well known that money is the root of all evils. We should accelerate our schooling on spiritual education and even white-witchery work to remove the Babylonian spell on money.

    Ctrl-F ” The Babylonians put a spell on money and linked it to our psyche to make it addictive ” on the transcrpt link below

  48. Anthony Australia

    In a week where our family received some devastating news, I wanted to say thanks Greg as always, I managed to spare a little time for this interview.
    Bill Holter you inspire me.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know what happened to you but I just said a prayer for you!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Thank you so much Greg, most appreciated you kind man.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for supporting USAW!!!

  49. al

    Key people have to go to jail. Everything Holter says makes sense and is perfectly logical, however we live in a corrupt system which makes no sense.
    His Truth Bomb prediction came true. Now the follow-through….

    The Deep State is calling for a physical revolution against what Trump represents (justice). This tells me they are being targeted for true justice relative to the Truth Bomb effect. Next is jail time and that’s when I start taking note.

    This system can go on for decades as long as true justice is squelched.
    When? I KNOW EXACTLY WHEN! When key people (Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc…) see steel bars when they get up in the morning. That’s when it starts to get back to normal.

  50. Keith

    Bill Holter,
    Please help me understand. The Fed creates reserves and Fed member banks create money by creating debt, backed fractionally by the reserves. Non-member banks do not have the same access to fiat reserve backing. That said, the Fed can reduce the Fed balance sheet by selling or allowing to mature without replacing 600BN in a year, but that 600BN is not dollars, it is federal reserves. The amount of dollars in the public monetary system is not effected directly. Moreover, if the member banks create more new money through lending the net effect could be expansion of the money supply while the Fed balance sheet shrinks. Am I getting this correct?

    • William Stanley

      Keith: Please forgive my presumption in responding; I know you asked Mr. Holter and not me.
      All banks work on a fractional reserve basis, not just Fed-member banks. All banks can create money by lending money. How much money they can lend will depend on their capital (i.e., reserves in cash and other liquid “capital”). Fed-member banks can, to some degree, look to the Fed to provide a backstop as a “lender (to them) of last resort.” But even member banks must maintain sufficient “reserves” of cash and other liquid capital.
      If the Fed reduces its “balance sheet” by, say, letting its bonds mature without replacing them, then the supply of money will — other things equal — tend to become smaller, since the Fed buys its bonds second-hand from certain member banks with money that the Fed creates out of thin air. Reducing those purchases of bonds will reduce the money that is created by the Fed and given in exchange for bonds — thus tending to reduce the cash reserves of the bond-selling member banks banks and, in turn, their ability to lend money to customers.
      However, other things may not stay the same. Thus, in theory, overall money supply could still increase, for example, if banks (all banks, not just Fed member banks) decided to increase lending based on the level of their “excess reserves.” Assuming that the level of excess reserves is sufficient to the “task,” overall money supply could increase if banks with excess reserves decided that business conditions were rosy and that increased lending (relative to their cash and other liquid “reserves”) was prudent and profitable (and that their reserves were not really needed to maintain solvency).
      Thus, while in theory overall money supply could increase in the face of Quantitative Tightening (a decrease in the Fed balance sheet), in practice it would be a very unusual situation reflecting very unusual circumstances.

      • William Stanley

        I had supposed it was obvious, but upon reflection realize it isn’t to everyone: the money that banks “lend” does come from their reserves; it is created out of thin air and accounted for by a simple ledger entry into the borrower’s account (although the amount that can be “lent” is constrained by the size of the bank’s reserves).

        • William Stanley

          correction: “does NOT come from their reserves” !
          Why is it that mistakes tend to “compound” (just like money in the bank used to).

    • Paul ...

      Keith … the Fed’s balance sheet is a bunch of toxic waste with little or no value (which would have contracted the money supply if allowed to default)… but the Fed won’t “mark it to market or allow it to default” … instead they will print new money to pay off all this worthless debt at full value “as it matures” … so in my opinion you are absolutely correct … the net effect is an expansion of the money supply as the Fed balance sheet shrinks!

  51. Keith

    Greg and Bill Holter,

    Timing. The Federal Reserve Board is comprised of 7 voting members. Currently there are only 3, 4 of the seats are vacant. President Trump is in a position to appoint 4 voting members and his appointment to the Chair just took over. Trump will be able to appoint 5 of the 7 voting members. If the Senate recesses Trump can make recess appointments (so I understand) and the deep staters in the Senate will have no ability to delay or stop the appointments. I think Trump and Jerome Powell, the FED Chairman, will sit tight until Trump stacks the FRB with his people.
    Links to Wikipedia list of open FRB seats, and FRB page only list 3 members.

  52. Roger D

    Globalists have perfect scapegoats in Trump and his Deplorables (cleverly and wrongfully linked to conservatism, the Constitution, and Christ by the MSM). I believe the globalists now have their finger on the button. Prepare accordingly. Where do you want your loved ones to be when the breakup happens, an ‘Estonia’ or a ‘Tajikistan’?

  53. Anhony

    Greg, great interview, however I must disagree only because Holter, who is a very smart individual, is basically saying we need the Finacial System to collapse for Gold and Silver to rise to incredible hieghts. Possible, yes. But the time frame is everything. If you listened to all the Gold Experts the last few years you have lost $$$ whole the market has done very well. It’s at the point where these Gold Experts need to start being right, not next year for sure. While I do believe they are 100% fundamentally, it has not been fruitful in the real world. Would be happy to be wrong tomorrow but I believe finically it’s very important to separate how we all think things should be going versus how they actually are going in the economy. Thanks for all your hard workout

  54. Tad

    I hope the president might engage a like-minded friend (Michael Scheuer) for an enlightening and hopefully, productive chat.

  55. foggygoggles

    I guess I should have mentioned that Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping, are purportedly collaborating to free the world from the BIS. Let’s pray they are successful.

    • Roger D

      Foggy, what evidence do you have to support your feeling? Brandon Smith has argued repeatedly that Russia and China are in full support of globalist controlled institutions like BIS and IMF. That “both Russia and China want the IMF, a globalist controlled entity, to become the de facto ruler of a new global monetary structure.”

    • Paul ...

      Yes flattop … lets all pray for that … a “Holy Trinity” of sorts (the US, Russia and China) working together to create the beautiful world God wanted for us … were women and children can finally live in peace without the immoral and totally evil warmongers and predators killing them in unending wars to make a profit!!

  56. Jodyp

    Love your guests, especially Brother Bill! But…

  57. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg, Your show continues to focus on symptoms and not causes. The Federal Reserve is the problem. The Wall Street crony capitalists are the problem. The Military/Industrial/War Machine complex is the problem.
    Humans ripping off humans of a lower societal class is the problem.
    Jesus Christ is not coming back to save us from ourselves. He already gave us the game plan for an escape from our own madness.
    We have to follow his words. Sure, the State will crucify us as well. But we have to keep trying.
    Eventually the State will fall down like the Tower of Sauron in Mordor due to humans waking up and following Christ; or Sauron (Satan) will win and the world of men will fail.
    Jesus Christ did His bit.
    It is us to US to follow His leadership.
    It is up to US to save ourselves through His example.
    Or else we are just one little bunch of walking talking apes on a small planet in a huge universe… that destroys itself. And no one will even hear the noise in space. The universe won’t give a damn!

  58. Jerry

    Reset trigger about to be “ pulled “. Or it could a misfire?

    As I have been documenting for the past few years China and the BRICS nations have built an alternate banking and exchange system, along with an oil, and gold trade platform. Paralleling these developments the yuan has had a steady decline in value as the dollar has gone vertical. Happy days are here again. Right? Wrong. At least not for the emerging economies of the world who are now faced with a dire situation as their socialist policies have eaten away their assets cannot afford to unwind their debt without a reset. Come July 5th China will find itself in the economic hotseat as U.S. tariffs began to kick in. What will they do? Eat the loses and let their currency collapse? Or. Go to plan B with a currency reset? Either way as the old saying goes something has to give.

  59. Tad

    Had manufacturing stayed within US boundaries, I don’t think the consumer debt experiment with cars and homes would have been realized.

    • Tin foil hat

      “The people who did not benefit from the Ponzi scheme of the past decade are those who understood it was a Ponzi scheme but did not realize the corruption that has beset the Federal Reserve and the central bank’s ability and willingness to continue to feed the Ponzi scheme.”
      China is not the greatest threat to the republic, international banks and corporations are the enemies of the honest ones who didn’t benefit from the Ponzi scheme. Paul is a good man.

  60. Tad

    I’m not sure why, after about 2-3 months of wrangling on immigration, why the president wants to risk his base by signing a watered down bill from House members, which by no means is assured senate passage. The forty or so members who voted no on last week’s Goodlatte sponsored bill have been identified by constituents. Assuming they’ve not been defeated in primaries, I’m sure write in candidates will provide a good showing in November.

    Tomorrow’s vote is almost irrelevant if Mr. Trump is serious about immigration executive orders. Today’s SCOTUS vote should provide him the necessary path-not that it didn’t already.

  61. MIKE R

    bIT COIN IS DYING…the most blatant ponzi scheme ever concocted…

  62. Mike R

    Backed by Gold ????? Ha.

    The Yuan is toast.

    Its backed by nothing but massive debt, unproductive ghost cities, unused roads and desolate infrastructure, idled factories as far as the eye can see, and so its far worse than the US’s situation will ever be. It can’t even now link to the dollar. It can’t link to oil. Because no one outside of china will ever accept it. EVER. The Yuan will continue to tumble until its more worthless than the Venezuelan Bolivar.

    Folks are clueless who think Trump’s tariffs against China are mis placed. They are so long over due, since China WAY over tariffs the US products they import, which are very few anyway, but far worse is China’s continued DESPERATE dumping of all their crap into EVERY SINGLE country on the planet. They way over-built, wrongly assuming that their own consumption and population would grow its way out of poverty, but nothing could be further from the truth. Desperate masses have been leaving their cities,trying to go back to farming, many are starving, and the factories continue to dump dump dump whatever they can, at the lowest prices they can, harming every other country. Trump should do WAY more tariffs on them, and what he is proposing now is barely the tip of the iceberg. The world should not pay a stiff price for China’s grossly mis-managed population and country. My son travels there, and knows the real facts on the ground as he sifts through their propaganda to all foreignors who they try to entice there so they can steal IP.

    The most dangerous country is the most desperate country, and China is desperate in spades. Their situation is markedly worse than NK’s but hidden in plain site, as they encourage US media to focus on NK. They are a fake ‘economic’ power, and far weaker than any of us can ever imagine. Trump knows this. We need to let him do his thing.

    • Anthony Australia

      The hole world is in debt and propaganda is produced by every nation to keep the people in check.

    • Anthony Australia

      The whole world is in debt and propaganda is produced by every nation to keep the people in check.

    • Tin foil hat

      Mike R,
      I guess you didn’t read Tad’s post.

      Had manufacturing stayed within US boundaries, I don’t think the consumer debt experiment with cars and homes would have been realized in the U.S. AND China.

  63. Lynn Burgen

    I would like to buy precious metals but I dont understand how we will be able to spend it. Is it better to buy junk silver? I’ve been wanting to know the answers to these two questions for several years.

    Thank you Greg for all of the wonderful information that you provide.

  64. Tim McGraw

    I hope it all works out, Greg.

  65. Nikki

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for all you do. Bill Holter and JSMineset is amazing. They do state that there is a coming “Mad Max” scenario that will unfold. Though I like hearing that a corrupt system will end it is pretty scary stuff. I would like to share that there is a book I read that is from a Christian perspective called; “Spiritual Disaster Prepping” by Stephen Wallis. His book calms my fears and puts the drama back into perspective. It deals with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of preparing for the scenarios Bill is referring to. If you have a chance to read it do so, I highly recommend it. I feel that all of the disaster/ end of the financial world scenarios need to be balanced and this guys perspectives and deep Christian experience is different to anything I have ever come across, I loved it and now practice it. Thanks for everything you are doing and I hope/pray this helps. We all need reminding that God can and does work miracles.

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