Iran Deal Done Deal, Middle East Tensions Mounting, Fake Economic Recovery

4By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 206 9.4.15)

President Obama has now gotten enough Democratic senators to sustain a veto on the Iran nuke deal. Never mind that the details of the deal are being kept secret. Never mind that the so-called side deal to inspect Iran’s military nuclear sites is not known to Secretary of State John Kerry. Remember, he told Congress he “did not have access” to them. It appears the details of UN inspections of Iran’s nuclear sites is also a secret to Congress. If you want to know what is really in the Iran deal, just listen to the Iranians. They have been consistent from the beginning and say their nuclear military sites are off limits and said it again this week. Also, the sanctions end when the deal is in place. The Iranians also get $150 billion to boot, and even the Obama Administration admits there is no way of stopping them from using that money to support terror. The Obama Administration is celebrating this as a big foreign policy victory. The majority of Congress, and this includes some Democrats, are against the deal. The majority of Americans are against the deal. It was not a choice between war and a deal. It should have been a choice between a deal and a better deal that actually would lead to stability and peace in the Middle East. This deal will speed up the war prospects in the region, not slow them down.

Speaking of war, Russia is moving more men and aircraft into Syria. Russian pilots are going to fly fighters and attack helicopters against ISIS. It is also reported, Russian soldiers are going to fight alongside Syrian troops with armed vehicles and tanks. The Obama Administration says this is “both destabilizing and counterproductive.” Well, that’s funny, at least one country is going to try to shut down the Islamic State, and that is “destabilizing and counterproductive”?

To be fair, the U.S. is also moving more troops and equipment to Eastern Europe. It is reported that NATO is opening a military coordination unit in Lithuania. This is a result of growing tensions over the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

Meanwhile, the Iranians continue to make preparations to “overthrow Israel and liberate Palestine.” It is also reported that Iranian military officials promise to “set fire” to U.S. interests in the Middle East, and, of course, this includes Israel. Iran military leaders also say that the Islamic Republic welcomes war with America. Please keep in mind, these are the folks that are getting $150 billion in the Iran nuke deal. The Iranian people are good, but their leaders not so much.

Here we go again on the so-called “recovery.” Headline says “Fed says Economy Expanding Slowly,” and I says bull crap on yet another phony recovery story. If we did have a real recovery, we would not need phony accounting since 2009,, and we would not need 0% interest rates, and we would not need all the QE or money printing. Yale professor Robert Shiller is warning of a steep stock market sell off and says the Dow could tumble back to 11,000 if it were priced in normal price earnings ratios. Please keep in mind, Dr. Shiller is a Nobel Prize winner in economics and warned the market was overheated in his best-selling book “Irrational Exuberance” before the crash in 2001. In other news that shows there is no real recovery, “Bond King” Bill Gross warns “future returns are likely to be limited if not downward sloping.” In a new report, Gross is worried about how to get out of 0% interest rates without “red zone losses.” Here is some more good news, Russia is going to pass a law that will outlaw the use of the U.S. dollar with its main trading partners.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-up.

Correction:  In the first reference I misspoke and said the U.S. spent $150 billion to train moderate rebels min Syria.  That is incorrect.  The second reference is correct.  I said the U.S. spent $500 million training moderate rebels in Syria.

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  1. southernpatriot

    This just has to be a dream! No one intellectually wants to destroy a country ! Surely someone has to see that Fundamental change = the total destruction of The United States of America. You have to wake up America, the time is at hand to make a stand. Things continue to be in a state of chaos and those we elected to run the country have shown they do not have the backs of the American Public. Once elected they appear to go 180 degrees in another direction. As long as they their 30 pieces of silver…..! It appears that my ancestors where right when they said that the White man “Speaks with a fork tongue”!
    Mr. Trump is right, we need someone who knows how to negotiate treaties that are in the best interest of the United States. This is another terrible deal that can not be good for America,Israel and the world!
    Our day of reckoning confronts us with evil men and evil intentions that will rain Armageddon on the helpless, the sick and homeless. And less we forget the innocence of the sounds of a new born baby and the beauty of of sunrise and sunset. “I’m not sure what actions others will take, but as for me and my family, “Give me Liberty or
    give me death” means as much today, as it did during the American Revolution. Back then we fought a real King & not a community organizer who wants to be a King. Prepare while you still can,the talking is just about run it’s course,Prepare to defend yourself and what’s left of the Republic. I’m out of here See you later.SP

    • Randy Hitt

      There is a greasy oil money pipeline that runs between Riyadh and Washington.

      USA sends money through it to buy oil, Saudi Arabia sends some back to buy influence.
      The only reason that the USA propaganda ignores Saudi Arabian connections to Al Qaeda and Daesh (who are raping, murdering and destroying CHRISTIANS) and focuses entirely on the ‘threat’ (of the christian/RELIGIOUS MINORITY protecting) Iranian nuclear program is because of the greasy oil money from the Saudi lobbyists.

      Bush and Clinton have deep ties to the Saudis and the Arabs in general. Both families have the same 9/11 dirt on them that Saudi Arabia has, and as such they are united to retain the power to control the propaganda narrative through the presidency and protect one another from all of those crazy tin foil hat conspiracy theorists who keep pointing out the glaring fallacies, contradictions, omissions and outright lies of the official 9/11 cover up commission.

    • Chip

      It is almost pointless trying to wake anyone up. There is a 24 YO bar tender at our local pub and she is going to Turkey! to celebrate new years with a friend. I tried to tell her what is going on there (stock market collapse, lira tanking, possible imposition of martial law, political turmoil, and Syrian migrant issues). I even pulled up some Zero Hedge headlines to show her I had recently read about all these events. Her reply was “is that Fox News”? “They always slant everything republican”. She just smiled and walked away. None of the events I described had anything to do with R or D . I would consider this girl well above average intellect for her age. But this is just further proof how well and truly F’d we all are with all the sheeple that don’t, won’t, or can’t spend more than 30 seconds researching or looking into things that mater… Chip

      • Sayonara

        Your experience with the 24 YO bartender is same experience I have had with a 55 YO women with a Masters from MIT. I got the “Fox News” comment as well. Unfortunately, Americans have been pampered and intellectually manipulated into faux reality. They simply refuse to acknowledge the real world. This is best demonstrated by Media analyst Mark Dice’s video of people choosing a chocolate bar over 10oz bar of silver. Watch this:
        A Country simply cannot survive when the average person is as dumb as a chocolate bar. When SHTF shortly, there will be a very rude awakening. We are so screwed! Sayonara!

    • Diane D

      Southern Patriot, I hate to say it but I believe the country you are warning simply no longer exists. Yes, our day of reckoning is coming, or perhaps we are experiencing God’s judgment now. Patriots here in the Pacific Northwest are doing the same as you.

  2. Hank

    What if Iran already have the bomb? Does anyone remember the Russian General Alexander Lebed ? He stated that 6 suitcase nukes was stolen. Where are they now ?

    • Agent P

      The Russians had ‘suitcase nukes’ back in the days of Billy Jeff’s administration. And the subject was a big hit for a while on ‘conservative’ AM talk radio. That was 20+ years ago… I guess whomever is ‘keeping’ these dastardly weapons either has a ~lot~ of patience, or are just waiting for the right time to strike, no…? The suspense is killing me…

  3. vincent_g

    I think we have Nero running the USA.

    Now let’s look on how what we did in the middle east is helping Europe.

    Oh yea – Europe must really love us!
    Oh wait
    There’s still the great work we did here:

    Sooner or later the people of Europe will wake up and they will demand we pay for their damages.

  4. frederick

    Hey Greg when i heard you say “moderate Al Queada” i had to go back and listen again because İ couldnt believe what i heard. Wasnt it Al Queada that supposedly attacked us on 911 and slaughtered over 3 thousand Americans. How can we possibly be allied with those people Greg? Think about that its sort of like buddying up with Charles Manson

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Fredrick they (government) keep saying “moderate rebels” and I added “al Qaeda” because that is clearly what it it is.

  5. teri

    Mr. Hunter,

    The $150 bb the Iranians are “getting” is their own money. We seized it via economic sanctions which are considered illegal under international law. The implication that the US taxpayers are simply “giving money to Iran” is deliberate obfuscation of the facts.

  6. Dante

    Oh Greg come on you know that they have to pass
    the Iranian deal, to know what’s in it !
    If Robert Schiller is right about the Dow falling back
    to 11,000, I say why not 10,000? I still have my Dow 10,000
    hat and would take it out of the closet and wear it proudly.

    • Greg Hunter

      I could be much, much lower. Remember FASB instituted phony “mark to fantasy” accounting standards in April of 2009. Nothing is realand fraud is rampant at ALL levels.

    • Bill Howland

      Yeah, totally agree. If I owned someone $150 Billion I’d pay it back. What’s more, it is their money in the first place. This fact you wisely bring up is never mentioned.
      Its disgusting that Mr. Hunter wants to condone theft.
      Also not mentioned is the overthrow of their democratically elected government in the mid 1950’s, where I’m sure the average persian has a very long memory.
      The game played here is that when ‘our leaders’ want to go to war AGAINST a country, they always talk about how horrible the LEADERS are. When ‘our leaders’ want to go to war FOR a county, they always talk about how the PEOPLE are ‘suffering’ , and don’t talk about the leaders. Of course, the millions of people dying in the future war is not worried about.

  7. FC

    One of secret Iranian Deals, needs to be made public, so all Muslim Martyrs know exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

    • ConcernedAmericanDad

      I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, we’re in the “full-court-press” stage of gathering votes to pass a deal with Iran, even though the chief US negotiator, Secretary of State Kerry is not even privy to some of the secret side deals.

      Even though Kerry does not have access to everything in the agreement he does know it has more to do with holding onto the last threads of US Dollar Reserve-Currency hegemony and the crumbling Petro-Dollar system. Somehow maybe under stress he let the cat out of the bag or shall we say: he let some bits of truth slip out.

      Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth!•-more-about-the-dollar-than-nuclear-threat/

  8. Johann

    So here in Austria, some are starting to wake up. We are tired of Europe being Ameircas lap-dog. Now because of American policies we have a refugee problem beyond control. This winter we will be forced to house them in our own homes, can they be trusted not to murder us in our sleep? We have no problem with the intact families, it is the 70% who are unatached young men that has us worried. The basis of a horrible conflict is being forced upon us. We are also in a drought and how will they be fed. We are unable to have housing for our own people so that the refugees have housing. America has broken the world. We have more in common with Russia than America and respect Putin more than Obama. So why should we defend the interests of America?

    • Charles H.


      It is sad, unfortunate, and true what you describe. Most Americans either do not know, or understand what their leaders are causing in the world today. Even I respect Putin more than Obama!
      It should be little consolation – but America itself will suffer the same fate as you are going through. Economic and political stability will break-down as the world goes into depression – and a tyranny will emerge that presupposes annihilation or unification. Leadership without acknowledgment of God will produce a world without God. Dark times are ahead.

    • Grafique

      If you don’t want to be America’s lap dog, then get out of our lap.
      It’s easy to blame others for your own shortcomings, but tell me this – why hasn’t Austria excelled like America? You’ve been around much longer, right? So why does the world run to America and demand that we intervene in their disputes? Why don’t they run to Austria?

      • [email protected]

        You obviously are not aware of the history of Austria. American medicine was founded on Austria knowledge, look it up child. Also study a little of European history you might, just might, begin to see and ubderstand what you are talking about!

      • susan

        Grafique, you are so good!

      • Occasnltrlvr

        “Excel like America” ?!?
        “…Run to America and demand we intervene”?!?
        I didn’t realize there was a waiting line for depleted uranium, predator drones, and worthless fiat currency.

    • Hilde
      Johann, the invasion on Iraque was led by a coalition of various countries, and the attack on Libya was led under command of NATO. The last link is about UN and the voting re Afganistan.
      My thoughts re Libya is that UN and NATO felt compelled to take action to avoid a new Srenebica , but in Libya the situation was entirely different , and the consequences catastrophic in my opinion . The migration and people fleeing from Syria and Libya is due to rebels and military units and criminals including IS, who have gotten hold of enormous quantity of military equipment that they have seized , this being possible since in Iraque and Libya the military was overpowered by these criminals. In Iraquevmuch of that military equipment was delivered to the Iraque army by many different countries , mostly USA. It was primarily given to Iraque for their defense, but was seized by the enemy. To make a long story short, there is more to the picture than meets the eye. I realize that some Austrian politicians are blaming the U.S. for the massive migration now occurring, but in my opinion they are using cheap rethoric aimed at the uninformed masses. It’s not only the U.S. that is to blame.

  9. paul

    Someone is using the Jewish “Shmitah” to manipulate markets … and probably want to get everyone used to a “7 year cycle” so that “one day” they can use it to their advantage to fool people “into dumping assets” into their hands … like they are currently manipulating some to dump silver and gold … here is a list of previous Shmitah’s beginning at the start of the last century … and like Pavlov’s dog we are being “trained” to salivate every 7 years (Christine Lagarde even emphasizing this number 7) … and for “what purpose” this “training” is being done???

    1) 1901-1902 Shmitah (46% US Stock market value wiped out)

    2) 1916-1917 Shmitah (40% US Stock market value wiped out)

    3) 1930-1931 Shmitah (86% U.S stock market value wiped out)

    4) 1937-1938 Shmitah (50% US Stock market value wiped out)

    5) 1944-1945 Shmitah (German Reich wiped out)

    6) 1965-1966 Shmitah (23% US stock market value wiped out)

    7) 1972-1973 Shmitah (48% US Stock market value wiped out)

    8) 1979-1980 Shmitah (global market values plunge)

    9) 1986-1987 Shmitah (33% US Stock market value wiped out)

    10) 1993-1994 Shmitah (Bond market crash)

    11) 2000-2001 Shmitah (37% US stock market value wiped out)

    12) 2007-2008 Shmitah (50% US Stock market value wiped out)

    We are now at the 13th Shmitah … and like Pavlov’s dog everyone is salivating (selling short and buying puts) …

    Now wouldn’t it be apropos that on this 13th Shmitah (an unlucky number) … the 2014-2015 Shmitah (results in an 86% market gain (because a massive QE4 is announced by the Fed) ??? …

    Just some “out of the box thinking” by me … to perhaps consider and keep in the back of your mind … because … we all know “these financial manipulators” are very very evil people!

    • paul

      One other thought to keep in mind … think how well someone could have done if they simply “bought” on all the “Shmitah’s” … and sold six years later!

  10. James

    The USA has NO business telling Iran (or any other country for that matter) whether or not they can have the so called Nuke deal. There have been NO questions asked EVER about the Nuclear WEAPONS held by the out of control Israeli Govt so obviously it’s OK for them – right ? It is so insolent yet typical of the USA Govt & so stupid & you wonder why most of the rest of the world hates you. As far as ISIS is concerned don’t forget they were set up & armed by the USA ! What a web you spin.

    In “The Great Unravelling” Chris Hedges Author of the New York Times best seller “Days of Destruction” said recently : “We in the United States are not morally superior to Islamic State. We are responsible for over a million dead in Iraq and 4 million Iraqis who have been displaced or forced to become refugees. We kill in greater numbers. We kill more indiscriminately. Our drones, warplanes, heavy artillery, naval bombardments, machine guns, missiles and so-called special forces—state-run death squads—have decapitated far more people, including children, than Islamic State has. When Islamic State burned a Jordanian pilot alive in a cage it replicated what the United States does daily to families by incinerating them in their homes in bombing strikes. It replicated what Israeli warplanes do in Gaza. Yes, what Islamic State did was cruder. But morally it was the same”

    • Grafique

      Er…in case you haven’t noticed, it’s Iran that goes around threatening other sovereign nations, not Israel, and it’s Iran that sponsors terrorism around the world.

      Reality lesson over.
      You may now put your rose-colored glasses back on.

      • Bill

        Simply not true. Some Iranian leaders have wished for the “zionist regime” to vanish ….I wish that myself, then the land called Palestine might be a free and prosperous commonwealth (Mises’s term for liberalism) for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike. very different from Likudnik Israel…. but there’s nothing in there about a threat. And, as for sponsoring “terrorism”, you are all wet. It’s the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and their various vassal states . The U.S> illegal invasion of blameless Iraq was state terrorism by the government of the United States of America. Nothing Iran has done in a thousand years compares to that

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Where are all the refugees coming from? Ask them. Ask the Iraqis, the Afghanis, the Libyans, the Syrians, the Yemenis who sponsors terrorism.

        Iran doesn’t have over 700 military bases on foreign soil, and those do far more to propagate terror than do impassioned speeches.

    • Bill

      Thank you … well said !

    • Charles H.


      The blurred lines in your mind concerning war and atrocities is alarming. Both the author you quote and yourself engage in a rant, however embellished, that side with terrorists and speaks against Israel. You try to argue comparing apples and oranges. West Bank Bombings and prisoner executions by burning alive is a false comparison by a mile. You forfeit both moral authority and integrity in attempting to pass-off such falsity. Active targets and brutal executions cannot be made to appear the same.
      Occasionally, commenters such as yourself show-up here with similar arguments which are rants-in-disguise: but the old and worn argument of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ approach is for the weak-minded. Most discerning people see right through that. As a terrorist sponsoring country: Iran does not deserve bigger and worse weapons. In this sense America has all the reason in the world to oppose such advances.

      • James

        Both you & RTW seem to be along with many totally oblivious of what’s right in front of your face -brainwashed ,empty & no doubt devout so called Christians who only believe the corrupt USA mainstream media.
        I’ll speak against the murderous Israeli Govt all day every day given a chance -against what they have done & continue to do. I do not rant – only the truth of evil events has been aired — and most importantly against your false beliefs it can ALL be confirmed as having happened.
        Unfortunately none has been just a bad dream. BTW I’m white, Australian and NOT proud that Australia has taken part in joining your vicious unprovoked invasions.

        • Charles H.


          You will excuse my frankness… but you are full of baloney.

          For one – I do NOT believe the Main Stream Media: a false conclusion to begin the litany of errors you spout.
          And to say that to say I am brainwashed, totally oblivious, and empty is pure trash-talk and unfounded criticism. YOU made an unfounded argument, and I substantiated the error of it – so what do you do? Attack the integrity of character of someone you can only guess at; and guess wrong at that!
          You claim that you don’t engage in rants: but the comment itself reveals hyper-motivation and zeal: “I’ll speak against the murderous Israeli Govt all day every day…” You should listen to yourself! You may back yourself up: but this is the language of ranting. To convince yourself otherwise is delusion.
          I know what goes on in the West Bank: people and innocents do get killed. Those cowards who fire the rockets into Israel, unprovoked and unmerited, do so from civilian areas and use women and children as “Human Shields”. The muslims in the West Bank directly cause these innocents to be slaughtered: then shift the blame of Israeli retaliation. I don’t dispute the FACTS: I dispute the telling and spin assigned to this on-going war-of-attrition. You are welcome to take the side of the “palestinians”: but you make yourself an ally to terrorists in doing so. You will not find any sympathy from me.
          And BTW – I don’t give a rat’s arse if you are white, or Australian, or not proud of your country: you are on the wrong side of history; you are on the wrong side of humanity in terms of good and evil; and you are just plain wrong concerning other people in general.
          From my view – your personal attacks, your poor rhetorical skills, and uncharitable characterizations should find another outlet. This site is offered as a forum for “contributions” along the thread of interviewee’s material: NOT a personal platform for venting political grievances. Don’t expect to be read here – not after this.

    • RTW

      Very interesting point of view, albeit a tad biased. But why the nom de guerre? Go back to using Mohammad, it’s more respectable.

  11. 8Ball

    The results of the Western effort to overthrow uncooperative governments in the Middle East are clear. That poor drowned Syrian boy is the big story of the day.

    I am waiting for the Western Media to try to twist it and say that it was Assad’s fault. Remember that the media accused Qadaffi of bombing his own people so as to give justification for a “regime change”?

    Now there are stories about West Point professors saying that it will be justified for the US to take out journalists who are critical of the US “war on terror”.

    This is truly a Dystopian age that we live in…

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      This link is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read!
      Fascism is alive and well in the US.
      This sort of thinking at university level is truly terrifying.

  12. Your fan in Japan

    SP seems to be calling for a revolution. I’m game- from my very distant vantage point. Any other takers? Perhaps Celente’s occupy peace coming up later this month is the ticket. But I wonder exactly what are we fighting for- I mean really- can we come down to a few ideas (as our founding fathers did)? Do we understand what the consequences will be? I myself have thought about this long and hard. I know what I have decided for myself, but I also know that as long as the world does not go along with it, I am a salmon swimming upstream alone- and you know what happen to salmon when they get upstream. Anybody want to put the revolution’s objectives into words. Or perhaps we should join FreedomFOrce international and become city hall- or maybe we should just go to church and pray real hard.

  13. stephen wight

    Great news abt the Iran deal and now Russia is gonna fight US mercenaries aka ISIS.
    Think US just got the middle finger

  14. paul

    On the Iran deal (I should stay away from this hot topic) but I can’t because is just too ironical that most of the hawkish US politicians want to “kill the Iran deal” because it will lead to war??

    It doesn’t make sense that these hawkish politicians who “always vote” to send us “to war” are against a deal “that will lead to war”?? … it’s just too “unusual to be usual” to see such hawkish politicians fighting so hard against the interests of the military-industrial complex for a better deal that will bring Peace??

    • Greg Hunter

      Please tell us all what is in this great deal? Oh, it’s a secret!!!!!!!

      • paul

        From what I understand … the “Secret” is: Iran promises not to pursue a bomb “if the US guarantees” Israel won’t attack them … basically a good deal … ideally could it be better … yes … but in the real world (like in marriage) we usually settle for what we can get!

        • Greg Hunter

          You don’t know that. It’s a secret and that is a very big problem with the deal. If it is so good then let’s see it–all of it.

          • paul

            Your right Greg … ideally government should be more up front with the American people and not hide things from us for political reasons … that is why we need people like John Williams, your guests and yourself (to ferret out the truth for us) … but politics being what it is (trying to keep the voters and lobby groups happy) it’s sadly just a fact of life that government will “always” take the path of least resistance.

  15. JC Davis

    Greg. What day will the AIIB enter the fully open sign on there door ? Thanks for the wrap up. The tie could use some stars in the blue lines. LOL Everybody’s a critic.

  16. opalboy

    Thanks Greg,
    It’s nice to have a place to listen to some common sense , and I think that’s what it all comes down to, we are being told and shown that left is right and up is down, gold is bad, debt is good. It is tough being wrong, when you know in you’re heart that you’re right, unfortunately “I told you so” will be bittersweet. Hopefully what is coming will bring people together, instead of a wedge, like we’ve had recently.

  17. BabaGump

    “Iranians are nice people …, their leader are not”
    The American are nice people … ” you fill it up Greg

  18. Kris

    What do you think about the president renaming Mt McKinley by executive order? I called my congressmen. Not because it was a BIG issue, but because he isn’t supposed to be able to overturn a law by executive order. I think it is important to stop him here. One to check an overreach and 2) to defend our constitution against a blatant breakage of the law.

  19. Mike from the North

    Everything is a FRAUD.

    You cannot repair a problem by misrepresenting the facts.

    The West sold itself out with free trade agreements that only served the 1%

    The public was sold a bill of goods decades ago and now we are living with the consequences.

    The rich got richer and the middle class has been all but destroyed.

    The Bankers have lied to the public for 100 plus years and that is why only a fraction of society have even heard the phrase FRACTIONALIZED BANKING.

    100 plus years of a perpetual fraud.

    There is an old saying. EVERY DOG GETS HIS DAY.

    The people that have added to this fraud know who they are.

    If there is a GOD he will make sure you pay for your misdeeds.

    Meanwhile we need to continue doing what we can to wake up society before it destroys itself in the coming chaos.

    My bet says the plunge team will be out in full force today trying to continue the fraud.

    Markets will close up and PMs will close down.

  20. Mark

    The Iran deal is a deal for Iran and by Iran. Remember Valarie Jarrett, Obama’s number one adviser was born in Iran. Doesn’t anyone fully realize that Obama is a Muslim? He hates this country. He doesn’t like it’s people, white or black. He doesn’t care if harm comes to either. He has a the Muslim goal of destroying this country along with Israel. Lets face it. Obama is a very smart Muslim or a very stupid psychopath. Either way, it’s not good for any of us.

    Few know whats in the deal. Donald trump just let it be known that “Nuclear deal calls for US to defend Iran against Israeli attack”. We will have to attack Israel. This is insane.
    see Jeruselem Post –

    Greg, This is far more than “Fear Not” situation. It is a situation where it is time to get ready and to “Gird up thy loins”

    • Grafique

      Exactly, Mark, thank you.

    • James

      Mark my words — It’s people like you with thoughts like that — that is the problem.

  21. art barnes

    Greg, the vast majority of the Iranian people hate the great Satan, aka America. To state the Iranian people are good people flies in the face of present reality, if you could poll them, one would find a 80 percent agreement to export terrorism to America, western Europe & Israel or to use any force to destroy them. A generation has passed since the western thinking Iranians under the Shaw was deposed for the Islamic State we see today; meaning, 40 years of indoctrination of hate. I have some Iranians friends who have visited their homeland recently, they reported to me the hate (public opinion) of the U.S. & its allies is widespread in the populace. The leaders of Iran have done a great job of indoctrination of hatred. In contract, Egypt would only poll about 40 percent of such belief. Iranians see very little outside people visiting as opposed to Egypt. Greg, this diatribe ends with this: The IRANIAN PEOPLE ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS, their leaders have made sure of that.

    • FC

      Perhaps if, US and British intelligence agencies, back in 1953 never orchestrated a coup to oust Iran’s democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadeq, who at the time wanted to nationalize Iran’s oil industry, the people of Iran and most of the Middle East, would still be your friends………..Unfortunately the political class will protect the Petrodollar at any cost.

  22. Russ

    Hi Greg, good news wrap. You said something to the effect of, “To fix the economy we must fix the financial system”. Taking that a few more steps, to fix the financial system we must fix the political hacks who enable cheating. In order to remove the political hacks, the Rule of Law must be allowed to run its course; with a WH and DoJ not particularly interested in following the law there is no chance of fixing the political system. In other words to clean house and turn this mess around we need people at the top who want to clean house and who aren’t bought and paid for by the same people who are gaming the system.

    As far as I can tell, TRUMP is not in anybody’s pocket and he talks like someone even the Tea Party folks can like and vote for. I can’t say that about Jeb! and anyone else running is susceptible. In the other party CRH is the poster child for corrupt and incompetent and Biden is a typical politician living in someone’s pocket, in his case the unions. A lot of folks out here are totally fed up, have given up and if that continues we as a nation are lost, done, fini….

    Whose pocket is Obama in that he thinks making Iran the Middle-East powerhouse and hegemon is a good idea, or is this just a childhood dream? How about all those Dem senators who will allow him to sustain the veto; in whose pocket do they live? Anyone who thinks allowing a nation like Iran to inspect themselves is certifiable … or they really want Iran to have a nuke.

    If “The Donald” is elected I’m moving to France (for those of you without a sense of humor, just kidding).

    Have a great weekend, when will John Williams be back?

  23. andyb

    Greg: It’s way past the time to acknowledge that ISIS is a CIA/Mossad construct to destabilize the Middle East on behalf of the Zionist Rothschild cabal, while at the same time providing a rationale for the ever expanding police states in G7 countries. Putting aside the documented photos and testimony showing actual Israeli and US assistance to ISIS (medically and militarily), I want everyone to remember the ISIS convoy of 100s of new YELLOW Toyota P/U trucks moving across the desert for one full week IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!!! But US and Israeli military commanders, with numerous armed warplanes at their disposal, let them travel unmolested. Begs credibility, doesn’t it?

    • 8Ball

      With modern satellite technology they can read the writing on a golf ball but they don’t know where “Isis” is? Sounds like something Bill Clinton would say… Total BS, Isis being enabled & financed by the Western bankster interests. As have been all major wars that have been used to restructure the established geopolitical landscape.

    • frederick

      Andy anyone with a functioning brain can see that what you say is true Why so many people are in denial is beyond me. This deception will not end well God bless sir

    • Diane D

      FOX News can find these terrorists and ISIS convoys of trucks parading through the desert, but our government equipped with a $630 billion military cannot? Wake up to the real enemy America!

  24. FreeGal

    Obama owns it. Months or years from now this will not of mattered at all, or Obama will be blamed for the elimination of Israel and possible the extinction of civilization, if there are anyone of us alive. With all the propaganda it is impossible to believe anyone anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      Israel will not be destroyed. Check the Bible. “Fear Not.”

      • Grafique

        Not only will Israel not be destroyed, Israel will be the head of the nations.
        I wonder what the “replacement theology” Christians will say when they have to go to Jewish Zionist Israel to worship the Jewish Zionist Jesus in the rebuilt Temple?

        • sk

          Reminds me of Hitler and the Thousand Year Reich.

          • Charles H.

            Drawing a parallel between “Hitler and the Thousand Year Reich”, and God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ in the Millennial Kingdom is nigh a blasphemy. You DO know that God CAN be offended to a point of abandonment; at which time no amount of sincerity or repentance will avail?
            Salvation may be viewed as an universal birthright. But tempting or taunting God is like selling it cheap – for a bowl or pottage.

            • sk

              Who’s taunting God??? Likudnik Israel is a far cry from Jesus’ ideas. THINK!

              • Charles H.


                It is certain you are clever – but you shift away from owning your original statement to another subject. The Third Reich’s Reign WAS taken from Biblical prophecy, and WAS a usurpation of the Millennial reign of God the Son, Jesus Christ. Bringing this up was slam against Israel – and it drew a direct parallel between Hitler and Christ.
                I understand the Likud Party is staunch nationalist; that it doesn’t intend on dealing with a ‘palestinian solution’ as they are trespassers; and that Israel doesn’t accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah – so there would be mis-accord there anyway. At some future point they WILL.
                Veil your remarks as cleverly as you will: they are STILL anti-semetic.

                P.S. God WILL fulfill His covenants to the Jew, independent of the work of the New Testament Gospel of Jesus Christ. When He came 2000-some years ago: it wasn’t for politics, or national liberation, or consolidation – it was for spiritual salvation in offer toward the whole world. You can try to befuddle me and anyone else here: but God knows you heart in this matter. That truth will be presented at judgment.

        • Charles H.


          Jesus Christ, the Messiah, WILL rule and reign from Jerusalem a thousand years. All the nations will have obligation to worship Him there, in whatever form that takes. But God Himself will function as the Temple. And sometime in the middle of Tribulation: that rebuilt Temple will be defiled, and the anti-christ revealed – who will be first accepted as messiah. At THAT juncture – the rebuilt Temple will cease to have relevance.
          Since when Jesus Christ died on the cross: His death and shed blood fulfilled the Old Testament sacrificial system of animal sacrifice, which was inferior and ineffective, in a perfect sacrifice – once forever. The Temple is therefore superseded, already. The emphasis of Christ’s return will be to establish the “Throne of David”. I think the view of the throne is pertinent for the Millennial Kingdom, and not the Temple. And MANY Christians will be mortified for their erroneous and prideful assumptions.

          • James

            @Charles H
            Ever given a thought that too much religion might be the problem ? Fairy tales are best for scaring children — and then some of us grow up.

      • Agent P

        You’re right Greg – Israel will not be destroyed, but they’ll be brought to their knees and within an inch of their lives before the Old Man steps in. This you also know.

        But why…? Is that aspect not to be discussed in polite company…?

        Could it be the ‘Biblical’ level of perversion with money and finance?

        Movies and entertainment?

        Twisting and perverting of their God’s own laws?

        Israeli citizens partying on a beach whilst whooping it up over helicopter gunships having their way with innocent Palestinian civilians to ‘teach them a lesson’..?

        Yes indeed, they might be ‘God’s chosen people’, but they’re Far from escaping God’s fair hand of justice.

        And this doesn’t even touch on the Fact that Israel possesses the capability to deal with (in extremis) any surrounding nation that may pose a threat to its existence. Which also poses another vexing question: If indeed Iran poses such a threat as Mr. Netanyahu has intimated on so many occasions over the past 20 years, why in the Bloody Hell hasn’t HE done anything about it…?

        • Mary Casey

          Agent P,

          Israel has done something about it. A surprise Israeli air strike on June 7, 1981 destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor southeast of Baghdad. The attack was strongly criticized world-wide, including by the United States. Israel was rebuked by the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly in two separate resolutions. The New York Times wrote, “Israel’s sneak attack … was an act of inexcusable and short-sighted aggression”; the Los Angeles Times called it “state-sponsored terrorism”.

          And when deemed imperative, Israel will do something about it again. Soon.

  25. Shawn G

    How (treasonous) members of congress can support the Iran deal was beyond my ability to comprehend, until I came across this article (the old adage is true – “Follow the Money”):

  26. Sylvia

    Hi Greg
    Love your guests on the economy. Disagree with your geo politics.
    The U.S. government was holding Iran’s 150 Billion dollars and Iran wanted
    it back. We did not GIVE them that money, we RETURNED it.
    Every single person in our government who has “dual citizenship with Israel” including
    the Supreme court members, should be expelled. We the people do not know who they are working for and who they are beholden too. Israel and America are NOT one nation.. . …yet.

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess we should expel all of the Muslims in the Obama Administration too? Or is this just a Jew thing? Your argument is blown to pieces because if Israel was really in charge do you think we would have gotten this deal? By the way, a clear majority of your fellow Americans also think this is a very bad and dangerous deal. Thank you for your comment even though I totally disagree with your perspective.

      • frederick

        Greg With all due respect Sylvia is spot on and you are biased towards İsrael. İ wish it wasnt true as İ really like you and enjoy your analysis very much. İ only wish people could wake up and realize that the American people are being taken for fools Muslim or Jewish we should be for the USA first and foremost in my opinion.
        Regards Frederick

        • Greg Hunter

          I am biased for being fair. If Sylvia wants to get rid of Jews in the Obama Administration shouldn’t she be equally concerned about all the Muslims? I do agree that American’s should be for America.

    • Bob Lamb

      If you wrestle with someone and get their gun do give it back to them while they are threatening to kill you?

  27. Dolly Dogger

    Dear SP:
    I’m so moved by your words and the intentions behind them. That is my favourite quote and is immeasurable, and truly ETERNAL.
    Godspeed my fellow WD-er.

  28. Tracey Yerxa Graf

    Hi Greg, I read your articles all the time and love them. Good job.

    However, I do not appreciate having to look at the “lady” in almost no clothes in a very sexual position directly to the right of the screen when I am trying to read your article for today, Friday. I know you are a Christian so please consider some other type of advertisement other than the company that puts up photos like this. This is not the only other very sexual picture that this advertiser has put up before. Please reconsider this type of thing as it is disturbinig to me. Most of all it makes your website look a bit non-professional having these porn type of pictures right next to your articles. .

    • Greg Hunter

      That is a Google ad and I have no control over it. It changes all the time. So sorry you were offended.

    • 8Ball

      Try using a browser “Add-On” such as “adblock plus”

    • Occasnltrlvr

      And, I trust you realize, Google selects ads to be displayed to a user based upon browsing history?

  29. paul

    Many are asking the question: Is there any gold at Fort Knox? … the likely answer is No! … how do I know that is the likely answer? … it’s simple … and you will find it simple too if you ask yourself this question … exactly why would Fed bankers who are supposed to be guarding Fort Knox gold for the American people steal away our gold bars and replace it with gold plated tungsten bars and then “deny everyone access” to vaults to see if the gold is still there?

    The only logical conclusion I’ve come up with to answer the above question is that the bankers are “eating our gold” (while at the same time telling us “we can’t eat it”) … nice guys don’t you think?

    OK … OK … before everyone pounces on me as being a “loony tune” … read what Harvard scientists have recently discovered ( … in essence when gold nano-particles are fed to mice it begins to repair the telomeres at the end of their chromosomes … when gold nano-particles repaired the telomeres in the mice the Harvard scientist found it not only slowed down the aging process … but “dramatically reversed it” … the mice actually started to become younger … the mice “miraculously” began to “age backwards” … their withered organs began repairing themselves … even to the point of new neurons beginning to sprout in their brains (and we were always told that brain cells never repair themselves).

    In essence … gold repaired the telomeres in the mice “reversing the aging process” and made the mice physiologically younger … despite already suffering the ravages of age … this is a massive scientific discovery … now can you understand why the bankers took all our Fort Knox gold … the bankers simply don’t want “us” to have any gold … why? … well think of the scary consequences for the Social Security System … the bankers will be forced to print Zimbabwe amounts of fiat money “for all the old people who never die” … how will the bankers ever keep their Ponzi scheme going in such a situation … “death panels”??? … some way has to be found to bring “a quick end” to all the “useless eaters” competing with them for that precious food? … got Gold? … if not … it may be very prudent “to store some away” with your other emergency food and water supplies!

    • paul

      Those who don’t spend $1100 dollars now to buy one ounce of gold to guarantee you and your family “immortality” … will soon find you will have to spend according to John Williams about $45,000 dollars for an ounce (which is the current “inflation adjusted true price” of gold) … the inflation adjusted price for silver is currently $600 dollars per ounce!
      Good interview with Bill Holter follows:

      If the Fed is limited in its ability to buy “all” the US Treasuries that China and others are now selling … you know what will happen … interest rates will “have to” be allowed to rise (to help the Fed absorb all the unwanted treasuries) … or a big war started to bring people flooding into treasuries for “safety” … to prevent derivative implosions when interest rates rise the Fed will simply have to take the “bad derivatives” off the banks books and place it on the Fed’s books where it can be “sterilized” by placing all the bad debts and mistakes of the bankers onto the backs of the American people!

      • Thomas

        The FEB will have no problem buying up all the Treasuries it wants, not an issue when you can print until you’ve bought them all. Then you monetize, stick it to the taxpayers and problem solved. Then comes a currency reset, that’ll help all the other country’s clean up the books. Problem solved, until the next one.

    • paul

      One thing these Harvard scientists should be very very careful of when they feed mice nano-particles of gold “which grows new neurons in their brains” (increasing their IQ) is that these mice “don’t escape” from the lab … imagine the problems we could have if “intelligent mice” start to populate Earth with the ability to learn … to start a fire for instance … they could begin to demand cheese from us humans … and if we don’t comply … burn our houses down!
      Where do I get these thoughts from? … perhaps it’s the gold coin I put in the pot when I cook my food!

      • Pondering

        We already have that problem….

    • Macray

      “in essence when gold nano-particles are fed to mice it begins to repair the telomeres at the end of their chromosomes”
      Hey Paul, unless I am missing something, there was NO mention of gold nano-particles in the Harvard study you link to.

      • paul

        Macray … The protective effect gold nano-particles have on DNA and vital organs can be found throughout the scientific literature … here is a study that more explicitly mentions the gold nano-particles being used on mice … in this case to treat diabetes and provides the recommended administered dosage of 2.5 mg/kilogram of body weight/day …

        • paul

          Interesting … those fairy tale stories that were past down to us as kids … like those seeking the illusive “immortal rainbow” simply had to follow it back (and would find a cooking pot with gold in it) … why were such things told to us as kids? … are there other “hidden secrets” we should be looking for in the other tales we were told? … like does a “long nose” scientifically correlate with people who would more easily lie and deceive us? … perhaps we were being warned to never allow anyone to run for office who has a nose length greater then one inch! … I think this subject needs to be investigated further by me in the future!

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Thank you for the interesting observations on the possibilities of gold’s usefulness.

      Also, this is a minor detail, but, the Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the gold that is (or is not) in Fort Knox. Fort Knox is a US government institution, and the gold alleged to be there is owned by the US Treasury. The Federal Reserve is purported to be the largest holder of physical gold, but they do not hold or guard gold for the US Treasury. (Possible swap agreements excepted; I am not an expert.)

      Even many prodigiously-published pundits confuse the alleged gold holdings of the US Treasury with the alleged gold holdings of the Federal Reserve.

  30. Clint Bower Sr.

    Online yesterday I read That Allan Greenspan said If our Govt. Would get the Spending and the fiscal responsibility in order we wouldn’t have to worry about the feds ?
    Coming from one of the guys that started this down hill spiral .

  31. Henry

    Great news on the Iran deal! Many of us were deeply concerned that the war mongers in the U.S. and Israeli governments would manage to start yet another brutal campaign of wars crimes and terrorism against another peaceful nation. The U.S. destroyed Iran’s democracy in 1953 when it overthrew Iran’s democratically elected president and installed the Shah, one of the most brutal and oppressive dictators on the planet. I’m so pleased that common sense has prevailed and the peace makers managed to overcome the lies and propaganda of the war mongers and terrorists. The last thing we need is another illegal, immoral, and unprovoked war of terror in the Middle East.

    • Grafique

      Even though you’re wrong about the American and Israeli “warmongers”, it doesn’t matter.
      Read Ezekiel 38 and 39.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        So who, exactly, has been spending TRILLIONS of dollars on active, hot, military excursions beyond their own borders?

        And, somehow, this ISN’T warmongering?!?

    • James

      Well said Henry ! The truth hurts those that want to believe something else. The facts you stated can be followed up with a simple google search.

  32. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    Too Close for Comfort?

    It has emerged that five Chinese Navy ships came within 12 nautical miles of the US coast as President Obama visited there in Alaska. The Chinese Navy presence in the waters off Alaska is a first for the Chinese nation’s military. China’s Defense Ministry said in a statement Thursday the ships were in the Bering Sea as part of a routine drill following the completion of military exercises with Russia.

    ‘This is a routine arrangement as part of annual plans, and is not aimed at any set country or goal,’ the statement said, without providing any other details.

    China has ramped up defense spending to modernize its forces and develop a so-called ‘blue-water’ navy capable of defending its growing interests as the world’s second-largest economy by operating far away from home.

    Read more:

    For most of the year Greg and his guests here on USAWatchdog have been warning that the markets were poised for a collapse and the possibility of armed global conflict to follow.

    Now it’s here… and the market is a sea of red…

    In short… the next round of the Crisis has begun…

    When it hits, private wealth will be marginalized, you can bank on that. Will WWWIII quickly go from proxy war to total war ?

    The Planned World War 3 – A Play in Numerous Acts
    World War Three in Brief

    Two World Wars have already been achieved, and the Third and final World War envisions an attack on Iraq, Iran and/or Syria as being the trigger to set the entire Middle East into fiery conflagration. Once America is firmly entrenched into the Middle East with the majority of her first-line units, North Korea is to attack South Korea. Then, with America’s forces stretched well beyond the limit, China is to invade Taiwan. This will usher in the start of World War Three.

    A World War is a military conflict spanning more than 2 continents, in which at least 20 major countries participate in an attack against a common enemy, and which has the attention of the man-in-the-street due to the significant loss of life.

    With that definition, we can agree that WW1 and WW2 were in fact World Wars (both wars involved some degree of participation from most of the world’s then existing countries: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and the Soviet Union). We can also agree that we are very close to achieving World War 3. The only requirement left to fulfill the start of WW3 is that of a physical military conflict spanning more than 2 continents. As soon as Israel attacks it’s hostile neighbors, or North Korea attacks South Korea or the US, or China invades Taiwan, we will have the next World War well underway.

    World War 3 Timeline

    These are the stages of the planned Third World War:

    Prelude – The events leading up to the start of World War Three, including Sept 11, 2001.
    Act 1 – The Middle East. Widespread conflict to bring the entire region into the flames of war, possibly triggered by Iran or militants in Pakistan using North Korean supplied nuclear arms. The first Scene in this Act is the US Invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003.
    Act 2 – Israel at War — Against her Arab neighbors, possibly even Palestine. A Palestinian State might be well established, so that all Israelis will be fully separated from Palestinians (listen out for mention of a 7-year treaty to be confirmed by a World Leader – probably Obomber not Trumb or any of today’s candidates for the presidency, the presidential race having been suspended), only for Israel to viciously attack the new nation of Palestine shortly thereafter.
    Act 3 – Far East — “Hair-raising nuclear confrontation that threatens mankind’s existence” – Peter Lemesurier, author of The Armageddon Script, p. 223, written in 1981. Includes China invading Taiwan and a nuclear eruption on the Korean Peninsula.
    Act 4 – Erosion of Confidence in ‘The System’ so severe citizens will be panicked into giving up liberties and Constitutional form of government. The plan calls for the dissolution of the US Constitution, triggered by a significant enough ‘terrorist’ attack. The ultimate intent is to introduce a global government and one-world religion.

    Act 5 – The collapse of the US, and other Western economies and morals.
    Act 6 – Significant population reduction using natural and man-made disasters.
    Curtain. Who can tell how this war will end?

    The Third World War is planned to begin when Israel goes to war against her Arab enemies. Then, and only then, will all the other elements begin to occur and they will do so in rapid succession. The plan is to have one disaster following another in such rapid succession that, before people can mentally and emotionally handle one disastrous news event, they will be hit with another. It is also accurate to say that until ALL of the elements for WW3 are in place, the plan will not commence.

    While it would be naive to suggest a specific timeline for the events leading up to and including World War 3, we do know that the plans for World War 3 are well advanced, and our neo-con leaders involved in this secret plan are waiting only for the right signal to their delight, before all-out war begins.

    We are in the last stages of the preparation to so globalize the world that the neo- conmen and women will appear to receive all the political and economic power of the so-called new world disorder. This is also the so-called Illuminati plan and even Biblical prophecy (Revelation 17:12-17).

    In the words of Peter Lemesurier, author of The Armageddon Script:

    “Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions. The stage itself, albeit in darkness, is almost ready. Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up. The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled. Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise. The time for action will have come.”

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats and welcome on stage the players of this Grand Play:

    World War Three!

  33. Jeff

    The article below by Chris Katulka of the Friends Of Israel completely backs Greg’s assessment of the Iran Deal. As the author concludes: “This deal only incentivizes Iran to continue their dangerous nuclear program, with very little oversight from the IAEA. It’s a bad deal!” It may be a stretch at this point, but let’s hope that the politicians in Washington come to their senses and veto this “deal”.

    A Christian Response to the Iran Deal: The Deal Is Still a Bad Deal

  34. ALAN


  35. Jerry

    The countdown has started. Within the next 60 days, the fate of the dollar will be decided when the Chinese CIPS goes online. Are you ready?

    I fully expect the BRIC nations will exit the dollar. And when they do they will be dumping treasuries along the way. Jim Willies prediction of a 40% dollar haircut may have been conservative.

    • JMiller

      The article wrongly states that China has $1.24 trillion in Forex reserves. As of July 2015, Foreign exchange reserves of China stood at $3.65 trillion.

      • Greg Hunter

        I think the $1.4 trillion is USD.

  36. Jerry

    Greg. you may want to read this article. It pretty well explains what the Saudi’s are doing in Washington over the Labor Day weekend.

    I would say the deal with Iran and Syria has rubbed the fur the wrong way with them, and that they may be looking for assurances from the Obama administration that they will continue to honor the original deal. But don’t hold your breath because the Saudi’s just finished their meetings with Vladimir Putin in Russia a few days ago and is playing both ends to the middle. Can you say Petro Yuan?

  37. FC

    This was posted on Zerohedge and I find this to be so true.

    The goal of United States foreign policy is to destabilize the rest of the world. As a dying empire, this is the only way it can hope to maintain some semblance of stability at home while desperately trying to hold onto the diminishing amount of control it exercises over other nations.

    Order out of chaos is the plan. So yes, in this case Russia is a destabilizing force — when it comes to Uncle Sam’s plan to make the rest of the world burn.

  38. Cryptic Little Sister

    I would like to emphasize again: the president will sign a very large increase in military aid to Ukraine in the budget for the 2016 NDAA . Someone recently asked me about this aid, and I repeat here what I told this person: the budget increase will be for lethal aid. The section on aid to Ukraine is what you will want to continue paying attention to. The house and the senate have each passed a bill authorizing a relatively small amount of lethal aid. The congress will reconcile these bills when it returns from recess. Pay attention to Obama: at the very last minute he will increase the budget for Ukraine in the 2016 NDAA passed by congress. The final amount of aid will be 1.2 billion dollars. This will come at the last minute, after the congress has done its work. This will occur just before a collapse in the stock market, accompanied by a rapid drop in the dollar, by roughly 30 percent. Plans anticipate very high unemployment going into next year. The Euro has been written off. It will be allowed to die.

    You will see various attempts at propping up the American dollar, and they may work for a brief time, but I want to be clear that I do not see how these attempts can succeed for very long after the crash.

    I and others like me cannot conscionably participate in what is going on now in the media. The news is completely immoral and without a conscience. It is evident now that the media are very actively pushing aside the truth in the past few days in order to lock up the exits.

    Thankyou for this venue. I will attempt to post this information each week in order to keep it in public view.

    The crash is being manufactured.

    With the death of the Euro, a new currency will be unveiled, instituted by France and Germany.

    The word that I have seen concerning next year’s elections is “suspended” not cancelled.

    Watch the currency markets: the dollar is being bumped up to clear out traders. When you see the large NDAA defense budget increase, look for a crash in the stock market accompanied by a single drop of 30 to 35 percent in the dollar.

    Inflation will continue to rise. These events involve no deflation.

    Events have begun to move politically rather than financially. A lot of the pressure is coming not just from China but from within the U.S. at the state level. The U.S. military is not really a single entity any longer. Power is about to begin to shift from the U.S. to Europe and a new European currency. Tension will continue to increase between the U.S. and China and between the states and the feds. You are about to see more exposures of people and groups in high places. Pay attention to the many “retirements” that happen in the coming year. The markets will continue to weaken, and then they will crash around the specific events which I have given you above.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CLS. Can you tell us how you get this information without putting you or your contacts in jeopardy? I have asked this question several times and would appreciate an answer even it you say it will put you at risk. Not giving you a hard time, just want you to add some perspective on how you have this specific information and timing. Thank you again.

    • BetterChetter

      CLS is the feminine counterpart to Lindsey Williams. Greg, can CLS personal message you, so as to not ‘out’ herself, and give you whatever curiosity-satiation you require?

      • Greg Hunter

        I am working on it but no luck.

    • Jerry

      My timetable for collapse is sometime before the G20 meeting on November 15th.
      What say you?

  39. Larry W. Bryant

    == A Barometer to Measure the Rough Weather ahead for the Middle Class: Foreclosures ==

    For a few years now, I’ve been monitoring the extent of home-mortgage foreclosures being recorded by the circuit court of one of Virginia’s largest cities.
    The average number of such drastic negativity comes in at two or three per each business day. But in recent weeks, that figure has almost doubled. On Sept. 3, for example, the figure was five; and the next day it was five again.
    What more evidence do we need to convince us that the folks on Main Street USA are hurting far beyond what’s being admitted by government authorities, conventional financial advisers, and news media outlets? — Larry W. Bryant (4 Sep 15)

    • WD


      I have monitored the foreclosures for the past 7 years. For 5 of those years it was my part time employment…

      I am seeing the same thing where I live, and they dress it up. Technically a bank owned property is not a foreclosure and I see a lot more of these.

      Take Care

  40. r.j

    when the u.s. armed isis ,oops, i mean the moderates in syria . did they say ‘ excuse me could all pro western moderates please raise your hands. thankyou ,now form a line on the left if you don’t mind and recieve your weapons, compliments of our M.I.C. next, the rest of you form a line on the right where you will be shot.we all know that no one moved to form that right hand line….also i would like to comment on pauls’ thesis that the elite could be wrong siding the is possible if high inflation or a zimbabwelike hyperinflation were to happen the stock market could soar in that environment.Greg i used to be blissfully ignorant in my youth and happy . now it seems that i am better informed than ever and i am miserable, but thanks to your site and others i am at least somewhat prepared.

    • paul

      r.j … here is an interesting piece of news you probably never heard when you were young and happy (but now better informed here at WatchDog) … an enterprising owner of a NY food lunch truck currently drives down Wall Street selling “Douche Burgers” (which contains lobster, caviar, truffles and a beef patty all wrapped in six(6) sheets of gold leaf) to bankers at lunchtime for $666 dollars apiece … the bankers (who don’t like the 666 connotation) simply buy two(2) burgers … some day another enterprising young man will probably start collecting banker poop and refine it “to recover almost all our lost Fort Knox gold” … in fact scientific analysis has determined that banker poop is richer in gold then the “best ore bodies” of gold mining companies … and recently a European food-safety agency deemed 23-karat gold safe for consumption and certified it “Kosher”.

  41. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    My 2 cents worth.
    I believe the stage is now set for the complete unravelling of the EU. The centralised power concept of this ruinous model has proven to be an economic disaster for most of its members. The financial outlook is a complete wreck already, without adding into the mix the fact that the EU is centre stage for what is becoming the most tragic refugee crises in the history of mankind.

    It is astonishing that members of the EU have for decades joined the US and NATO in systematically wrecking the infrastructure and the economies of many of their close neighbours in North Africa and the Middle East to the point that parts of these countries have been rendered almost uninhabitable. The sad part of this for the people of Europe is that I do not believe that many of them subscribe to this warmongering. The ones that do support it are mostly victims of the overwhelming propaganda and misinformation machine that shapes their thinking and disrupts the democratic process. An evil cabal has completely infiltrated the power centres of these western countries to the stage that much of their democratic process has been lost. Personally I refer to this cabal as the AAA [Anglo American Axis].

    This group of countries run by puppets and lying treasonous morons are encouraged and underwritten by Washington and with the help of NATO have created a monolithic humanitarian tragedy. This refugee crisis is now effectively out of control and can only accelerate as Europe degenerates into a squabbling economic and social wreck that simply cannot cope socially or financially.

    It is astonishing that to this day many western leaders are apparently completely nonplussed as to how their region has arrived at this tragedy. These same countries with their partners in crime spent billions on destroying neighbouring countries and no amount of money will now patch up the infrastructures and the societies they have wrecked. The massive suffering undergone by millions of innocent victims will never be forgotten and will create everlasting blowback and secular extremism. The effects of these disastrous policies will be permanent and the refugee crises is only a the precursor as the consequences play out.

    The desire of the AAA to bring even more destruction is clearly evidenced by the fact that their executive are hell bent on continuing destruction of sovereign countries with the likes of Syria and Yemen. Iran is also on their list for destabilisation and destruction. The fact that Libya was once the most successful African economy and has since been reduced to a virtually uninhabitable wreck is testament to the West’s reckless and irresponsible greed. Do you remember Cameron’s undertaking after he had ‘helped liberate Libya and installed democracy’

    The moronic support of Washington’s position in Ukraine by European leaders can only be explained by this infiltration from the AAA. If you asked any of these leaders why they have followed Washington’s directive to sanction Russia, not one of them would be able to answer coherently. They have pathetically joined the sanctions and have caused billions of needless losses to their farmers and businesses. Commodity prices have been disrupted as far away as NZ. Infinitely worse than this is the fact that Washington and the AAA is deliberately destabilising and causing chaos in a country that borders Russia. I view this as the number one threat to world peace.

    As I see it the first economic paradox in all of this lunacy will be the effect on the US dollar. Given that to this day we have the situation that the US dollar is still the main global default currency, we are likely to see some flight into the greenback during the European crises. This flight will be offset by other countries around the world, notably BRICS members, unloading US treasuries. New currencies will be spawned throughout Europe as the whole sorry model completely disintegrates.

    The second paradox will be the unravelling of the extraordinarily highly leveraged European banks triggered by this crises. This effect will quickly domino through the banking cabal to financial institutions around the world and in particular the big five US banks which are all far more precarious than they were pre-Lehman. At this stage Washington and the AAA will more than likely take the opportunity to kick over the card table.

    Perhaps the above are not paradoxes at all but merely part of a preordained plot by the AAA that will facilitate the last stage of wealth transfer to their membership, cronies and political accomplices. At this stage the world will need a ‘French Revolution’ where these murderous elites are rounded up and dealt with once and for all.

    PS Apologies Greg for my long post.
    I got started and found it difficult to stop!

  42. Sayonara

    Obama is in overdrive creating instability economically and socially here and abroad. I continue to be absolutely astonished that a majority of Americans cannot see and understand what this lawless Traitor is doing to this country and the rest of world.
    Then again, I have to refer back to Media analyst Mark Dice’s video of people choosing a chocolate bar over 10oz bar of silver. Watch this:
    This fall things will collapse and I predict that there will be no 2016 Presidential as martial law will be imposed. This is the classic manufactured Marxist takeover. Karl must be smiling from the heavens above.

    • James

      The outright stupidity of your remarks are unfathomable to anyone outside America. To be blaming Obama when ALL of your Presidents have been as bad or worse (Bush2) is patently wrong & does you no credit. However in your defence I note that nearly all here cling to the same false storybook. Obama is bad BUT so were all that went before.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        You appear to have a very bad case of “whataboutism”.
        Where on earth in the Sayonara post did he/she say that previous presidents were any better than Obama?

        You said;
        “The outright stupidity of your remarks are unfathomable to anyone outside America.”
        Well I for one live well and truly outside America, and I totally agree with Sayonara. On the contrary, I find your comment stupid and unfathomable….. and laughable.


        • James

          How many sheep do you have Colin ? Leave them alone !

      • Sayonara

        I agree that we have had some terrible Presidents in the past and particularly W_Bush who started the mess in the ME.
        However, Obama has done more and less at and home and abroad to destabilize my country and the world than any other President in our history. Just ask all of the unemployed in the US and the Libyans and Syrians who are literally running for their lives. Stupid and unfathomable?
        I rest my case.

  43. susan

    Greg. I really appreciate all that you do to give us the information we need to prepare and keep ourselves ready for whatever happens in the future. My husband is a minister and just did a funeral service for a very young man who committed suicide. Please keep us in your prayers and his family. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry to hear that. Thank you for your support.

  44. Don

    Greg, posted an article about Finland pushing a implanted chip for welfare recipients. I tried to copy it from web to this post, but it seems, I can’t figure out how to do it. In another twist, its my thoughts that the CIA is using the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam, as well as ISIS to bring the NWO in. We’re in for some big changes, in the not to distant future, my friend. Good job on the wrap-up

  45. Don

    Just one more commit. Radical Islam, I believe will be used here, as a tool of chaos and false flag. To bring the NWO in here. Creating chaos, is there way of uprooting society, to use the police state, and to implement things like the chip.

  46. Coalburner

    Ladies and Gentlemen;
    I ask you who is making the money from the wars in the ME. Who is jockeying for a big payoff when the ME settles down next time? Win or lose on the gas lines bringing gas from the Emirates or the Russia-Stans to the EU??????????? Who is behind the curtain not caring how many die. Who is paying the James’s above, the US is no worse than a hundred others. James, the gun runner in the movie “Lord of War” reminds that the oldest people dug up have spear points in their rib cages.

  47. Bruno T. Bosconovitch III

    Europe Border Crisis: Order Reigns as Migrants and Refugees Reach Macedonia-Greece Border

    by Cassandra Vinograd

    Sunrise in Serbia: A sea of #refugees is on the move after crossing from Greece to Macedonia now here. The … March Continues. . .

    Thank you Hillary, Vic Nuland, the ladies from hell and ur little baby ISIS!


  48. Brother Rice

    DOJ Accuses U.S. Biz of Discrimination for Requiring Proof of Work Eligibility

    SEPTEMBER 02, 2015

    In its crusade to protect and assist illegal immigrants, the Obama administration has accused an American company of discrimination for requiring employees to furnish proof that they are eligible to work legally in the United States.

    You know the nation is in trouble when a U.S. business gets investigated by its own government for following the law. The case involves a Nebraska meat packing company that demanded workers to furnish proof of immigration status for the federal employment eligibility verification process. The Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) went after the company, accusing it of engaging in employment discrimination.

  49. Brother Rice

    MPD officer confronted by crowd, punched, police say
    Police: Crowd voiced anti-police sentiments

    MPD officer confronted by crowd, punched, police say
    Police: Crowd voiced anti-police sentiments
    Published On: Sep 03 2015 11:06:57 AM CDT Updated On: Sep 03 2015 05:42:53 PM CDT



    Latonya B. James and Nanyamka N. James
    MADISON, Wis. –

    A Madison police officer was confronted by a crowd and punched after a street fight on Prairie Road Wednesday night, according to a release from Madison police.

    The officer stopped in the area of Prairie Road and Jacobs Way around 6:20 p.m. after spotting a large number of people in the street. He said that as he approached he saw a woman punch a man in the face, and he could see that the woman had a can of pepper spray.

    The officer said that as he went to arrest the woman he was surrounded by a crowd that was voicing anti-police sentiments, including “We need to start killing these officers.”

  50. Brother Rice

    Fellow Wdog,

    You may not Realize It (YET)…

    With the recent signing of “Obama’s Absolute Power” Executive Order all those years of prepping and stockpiling can become dust in the wind…

    Because the National Guard, Military and local police can at any time barge in your home and size or confiscate any “essential supplies” you may have stockpiled.

    Including your food…


    Global Meltdown Begins

  51. Mike from the North

    To the streets the will go………………

    I think that we can all agree that the politicians of the last 50 years have played a role in creating the entitled or should I say the Where is my Share generation.

    As the Fiat Ponzi systems around the World begin to implode we will have a major breakdown in the monthly hand outs people expect and in many cases need.

    It has been said for many years that the USA will destroy itself from within.

    In my view it is not just the USA that will potentially begin to unravel in the very near future but other Western systems as well.

    Although the MSM does a great job of hiding what is happening in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela some of us know that when people are unhappy they head to THE STREETS.

    Is there not a process in nature where over population is managed by food shortage. I think cycles are a fact of life. Some cycles are natural and of value, others are man made and often badly flawed.

    My point here is that there is a high probability that we will see PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD SOON TAKING TO THE STREET TO PROTEST WHAT WE WILL SOON BE FACED.

    To be unaware is to be unprepared.

  52. Grafique

    I womder if you could ask a question of one of your experts:

    How would the implememtation of a cashless society affect holders of precious metals?

    • paul

      Not one bit! … you don’t need cash to “barter”!

  53. Skip

    Greg, I’m on your side. Couldn’t agree more with the majority of your reports and interviews.

  54. Rabs

    Incredible the utter petulance and immaturity from Hunter.
    He second guesses Iran on possible war plans whilst his nation bombs the planet ever more. EVER MORE EVERY YEAR WITHOUT FAIL.
    Is this guy sincere toward Humanity’s progress?
    Or is he just a shill for Planet America?
    His observations would appear VERY one sided and completely out of touch.
    Sad….he once appeared on the side of Humanity.
    Not true for G.Hunter…….he lives on a soon to be utterly smashed world….Planet America.

    • Greg Hunter

      Israel, 2014. Where do you think Hamas got 5,000 rockets? Now you peaceful Iran continues to wipe Israel out. The Supreme leader said “The destruction if Israel is not negotiable. He even wrote a book about how to do it.

    • Charles H.


      Don’t like the message? Attack the messenger – how novel! Iran SPONSORS terrorism: but just overlook THAT to attack America. Iran used to have modern-dressed women attend universities and become productive professionals; but now they are kept ignorant and covered from head to toe. Yeah, like THAT is ‘sincerely toward Humanity’s progress’? Nothing like Cherry-picking issues – let alone attacking the host!

      You are becoming quite a target, Greg.

  55. Sayonara

    Your site is catching on with the progressive liberals. I just got slimed with “Stupid and Unfathomable” and you got slimed with “Utter petulance and immaturity” for criticizing policies that have and are going to result in extraordinary death and destruction.Wow!
    I just have to remember that these are the same people that choose Hershey Bars over silver bars.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Or just paid trolls of the Dem party??

      • Sayonara

        And paid by George Soros!!

  56. r.j

    paul What would your best estimate on the number of grams per tonne in that there banker poop ? Also , would one use a heap leach method of extraction or a gravity feed^

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