Iranian Sleeper Cells Will Attack America – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert Kevin Shipp says the threat of outright war with Iran is over—for now. Shipp says Iran will change its strategy from overt conflict to covert conflict against the U.S. Shipp explains, “Iran has backed down. There is no question about that, and even their so-called missile strikes against the U.S. are basically just kicking sand, intentionally missing their target. Iran understands if they entered into a war with the U.S., they would be left with nothing more than a burnt stump. So, Iran is backing down . . . What Iran is going to do is engage in asymmetrical warfare. I think they are going to start activating their sleeper cells in the United States and other countries like Saudi Arabia. We are going to start seeing attacks on easy targets in places like Iraq and activation of cells within the United States.”

Shipp is also an expert on the Deep State Shadow Government. Shipp says things are “quiet” on the prosecution of the failed coup plotters who tried to remove President Trump, but ‘that is a good thing.’ Shipp says, “The evidence is already there to pass an indictment on Hillary Clinton and some of the others. So, there is not even an investigation in that regard. . . . Barr’s investigation is now a criminal investigation. They are trying to get a hold of Brennan’s (former CIA Director) emails and correspondence, through subpoenas, during this soft coup, and it looks like they are in the middle of that now, so, hence the silence. They are quiet now and that is a frustrating thing about any investigation. . . .They can’t come out and reveal where they are heading, especially when it comes to the CIA and intelligence agencies. You can’t tip your hand to the person you are investigating. Then they start destroying documents, and people start getting afraid and start covering things up.”

Shipp says the Democrats know they most likely will not win back the White House in the upcoming Presidential election. Shipp contends, “Their chance of winning in 2020, especially now with Trump’s success, is getting slim, and they are getting desperate. When they get desperate, and they have done this before, I think we can count on voter fraud. They are going to have to use it, and they have used it before. In any event, they have very little chance of winning now, in my view, because the majority of Americans find their platform distasteful. So, I think this (voter fraud) is going to happen.”

Shipp says the Deep State is worried that Trump will have a second term. Shipp says, “I think they (Deep State) are in a state of shock. They want to get rid of Trump because for the first time in their careers, they can be prosecuted for what they have done. I think they are afraid of that, and that’s why John Brennan and others are coming out as mockingbirds on CNN and MSNBC and constantly attacking the President.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp.

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  1. Derek Sinclair

    Muslims by the million are still getting citizenship throughout the West despite mountains of evidence and plain facts that they don’t integrate, are intent on domination, are a massive economic negative, are violent, are a positive continual security threat and follow a “religion” that is completely incompatible with western ideals of personal freedom. It makes no sense until you realise that all those criticisms can be ascribed to the “progressive” politicians who are importing the muslims.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      I just read that the States of Idaho, Utah, and Arizona have recently reactivated various Refugee Relocation Camps utilized by President Obama to import more Muslims into various communities throughout the homeland. Keep in-mind these are all Republican states too. What exactly is going-on here ? This may be a way to acquire additional Federal Funding for these states. Everyone is cash poor today. Govt. Budgets are all under duress, as well. There are seemingly no safe places to hide, no place to run.

      Today, there may be more immigration bans from certain Middle Eastern Countries under President Trump, but I imagine some will still come into the U.S. legally, as this is a long standing Federal Program. Its impossible to shut-down any Federal program or agency. Impossible, as even President Ronald Reagan could not do it.

      • Eric

        The muslims are already here. They have been coming by 10’s of thousands for decades. More like 100’s of thousands some years.
        It’s already too late to worry about border crossings.

    • Arthur Barnes

      D. Sinclair, very astute, clearly thought out and completely & unequivocal correct. Great that you put progressive in quotation marks, one could use American hating in its stead. So glad the “progressive(s)” don’t have everyone fooled.

      • K.Wayne

        You have made some telling observations…..but failed to make the necessary conclusion…by joining the respective DOTS.
        Given the overt infiltration, we westerners can never be at peace knowing full well that the non-assimilation was intentional….we can never live in harmony. Europe has this issue as we do here at home.
        At a future point in time we will be subjected to the premeditated racial wars fought on our soil. These Middle Eastern Wars are the precursor to the uprisings that we are unwittingly and progressively being exposed to.

    • Rob

      It is our Father who is bringing all these strangers into America:

      Jeremiah 51:2 And I will send unto Babylon strangers, that shall winnow her; and they shall empty her land: for in the day of trouble they shall be against her round about.

      Father is in the process of destroying Babylon as He commands His people to come out of her:

      Jeremiah 51:11 Make sharp the arrows; hold firm the shields: Jehovah hath stirred up the spirit of the kings of the Medes; because his purpose is against Babylon, to destroy it: for it is the vengeance of Jehovah, the vengeance of his temple.

      Revelation 18:1-4 After these things I saw another angel coming down out of heaven, having great authority; and the earth was lightened with his glory. (2) And he cried with a mighty voice, saying, Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, and is become a habitation of demons, and a hold of every unclean spirit, and a hold of every unclean and hateful bird. (3) For by the wine of the wrath of her fornication all the nations are fallen; and the kings of the earth committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth waxed rich by the power of her wantonness. (4) And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come forth, my people, out of her, that ye have no fellowship with her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues:

      Our coming out is not physical but spiritual and then physical:

    • Angelo

      Very interesting comment from Derek. I’m pretty sure the politicians knew and still know what the purpose of all this is. Its just a matter of time…

    • Auntie Seize

      When you’re up to your eyeballs in crocodiles you are not so much concerned with who put the crocs in the pool (and why) as you are with fighting them off in order to save your butt.
      The crocs are not the real problem. Who put them in the pool is.
      Eliminate the cause and the symptoms will go away.

      • Eric

        The millions of muslims in our country are NOT going away.
        Not without taking out some of us first.

        • Auntie Seize

          The crocs will have to be dealt with. But the cause must be eliminated or the problems will never cease. There will be casualties, no doubt about it. Tough times are coming. (Re)Turn to God Almighty. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob – that one. And harden your heart toward his enemies.

  2. paul ...

    What we need is for Trump to fire a missile at the Deep State (like he did when he assassinated Soleimani) and begin arresting the traitors … Soleimani had to be taken out because he was planning “imminent combat operations against Americans” … yet the Deep State “has already completed its combat operations against tens of millions of Americans” … directing their attacks against truth telling Americans “by successfully banning, demonetizing, smearing, slandering and de-platforming nearly every voice that supports the fundamental freedoms (that America is supposedly fighting for in the Middle East) … so while the Deep State claims that blowing up terrorists in Iraq or Iran makes us “more free” … in reality the Deep State is making us “less free” here at home!!

    • al

      Paul is 1000% correct! Iranians are now protesting on the streets of Terran to oust their deep state leader Ayatollah Khamene. That’s a MIRACLE! We never saw that before!!! Why aren’t such miracles done here in the USA first?

    • Bradley

      Great Comment Paul. All this Trump worship in my opinion is unfounded. What has this “born with silver spoon in mouth” with huge ego really done for us over taxed US citizens other than pacify us with comments such as “we have the greatest economy ever”. Claiming the stock market in a big fat bubble prior presidency and now it should be 35000 if it wasn’t for the Federal Reserve in the way. Deficits exploding. Oh yes I know…it is multidimensional chess and he kept Hitlery out….”He saved us”. Some of this nonsense just does not add up. The chemtrails continue. I still have hope but it is less and less by the day. Time for Trump to act on his Tweets. Talk is cheap. Start with a full audit of the missing 21 Trillion…or the Federal Reserve, or Fort Knox Gold….Something!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        You are simply are uninformed person who does not know how bad things really are here in the country. Trump stopped a Marxist New World Order take over of America and I am not being dramatic or overstating it. Oh, and the best part, he stopped this for $1 per year, as he donates his entire salary to charity. I don’t “worship” Trump, but I do respect the fact he saved the republic or at least bought time. You should too.

        • Bradley

          Thanks Greg. Just getting a bit impatient. I think we all want some real positive results. I was not directing anything at you. I love your program and watch it every week. As I said I still have my hopes. I have been following the alt news shows since 2008 so maybe that is my problem. I do not watch the boob tube at all. Keep up the good work and know I am always a fan of yours. USA Watchdog is one of my go to sources.

        • K.Wayne

          Trump said (pre-election) that he would bring our Troops home. He (and his administration have done the opposite). That was a key campaign slogan that brought many undecided (conservatives) voters back into the fold.
          He also said he would lock her (HRC) up. She is roaming the streets of DC freely.
          He, on numerous occasions said he would drain the swamp. He ahs surrounded himself in his very own cabinet with Deep Staters galore.
          He stated that he would bring the budget back into balance. We are now on record breaking deficits and getting worse.
          His election rhetoric was vote grabbing and “liberty” directed.
          Now in an election year, his weakness and true colors have been exposed. His attempted sign of Strength (under Establishment/MIC orders and directives) will fail as did the actions of past Presidents….Nixon, Carter and Clinton.
          The recent assassination is but the early stages of War with IRAN. I mentioned in one of my earlier comments last week past, that increasing Troop numbers to the ME and deployment of B-52 Bombers was no MIC military exercise. War (and the overt building up to it)is front and centre and yet most Americans remain oblivious to this fact. What I sense is that Trump supporters now do the unthinkable by turning a blind eye to the broken promises and increase their support at every opportunity. We have the hallmarks of the biggest con in history being put on full display. Where do the conservatives go in order to save face. What is both laughable and sickening at the same time is that the liberty minded conservatives are cheering on the President for a full scale War.
          What is the point of all of these Wars …. a question that has been asked but not answered ?
          Some say it is Oil related or Petro-Dollar based. In truth that is partly the case. In reality this is about creating the necessary tensions required to justify military presence. Those tensions are being utilised and justified to create the next War.
          Consider fully the earlier comment (above) whereby America (and other Western nations) have been allowing Muslims (by the millions) into our societies. Destabilisation of ME countries combined with War will cause tensions and uprising from those Muslim extremists (sleeper cells) that reside on our home soil.
          Ultimately America through its involvement in the Global Wars and the home grown terrorism, will be exhausted both mentally and physically. Self destruction is the path the these Elite have chosen for us. They have a vested interest to destroy all of our principles whilst demanding full and unfettered involvement.

        • tim mcgraw

          Dear Greg, The government is the enemy of the people. Doesn’t matter who’s supposedly in charge. People who take that government check (which comes from extortion payments us workers in the private, real, sector the economy, are forced to pay to them at gunpoint.
          The government is evil. Jesus Christ knew this.
          Why don’t you?

          • Greg Hunter

            Show me in the Bible where Jesus said the government is the enemy of the people.

        • ken

          Well Greg,,, I tend to disagree. The New World Order is pretty much on schedule. Antifa is still here, We are still killing babies and mutilating children in the name of gender correction. Unconstitutional guns laws are being passed in Virginia, Red flag laws are proliferating which Trump has approved of. The ‘Republic? It died in 1865 and was a confirmed kill in 1913. The border is still porous, Production is still in China, We’re still in MENA and Afghanistan. We are assassinating generals of countries we are not at war with,,, (used to be a war crime),,,said general that has helped the US in Afghanistan and was destroying the Daesh terrorists. In fact Daesh thanked Trump for killing the man. If you want the reason he was killed,,, check out the 33 day war in 2006 where he helped the Hezbollah fight the invasion of Lebanon. The economy is in terrible trouble and Trump has accepted the Stock mess as proof of His great economy even though less than 10% of the bottom 90% own stocks. Check out California homelessness. There’s the visual of how well the economy is. Well, I have probably exceeded my freedom of speech limit so I’ll stop here. I do watch your program from time to time. Like George Carlin I have stopped voting so I don’t have a dog in this fight. Being in my 70s I have seen many a pol promise to turn America around only to see them flip flop after elected.

          • Greg Hunter

            Please give up some place else. You sound like a defeated looser. You did not think this was going to be easy did you? Oh, and stay out of the way while you hide in the corner and comment anonymously.

            • Beverly

              Ken is expressing his opinion here and what he got in return was a very mean response. Please, we don’t need that kind of meanness on this site. If that’s what he chooses, let him be.

    • paul ...

      With regard to sleeper cells … Trump needs to begin arresting the traitors running the sleeper cells here in America with the objective of destroying our Constitutional and God given rights (most of them being Demon-rats) … 3 years have gone by “and not one traitor” has been arrested by Trump … instead he is firing off missiles to kill people in the Middle East “who think they are patriots defending their country from enemy intruders bombing them, trying to overthrow their government and steal their oil.” …

    • Freebrezer

      Paul – via Soleimani had to be taken out because he was planning“imminent combat operations against Americans” … Soleimani had already, and very recently undertaken operations against Americans – the storming/burning of the US embassy in Baghdad; the missile attack on a base that killed one civilian and now one of the wounded soldiers died, thus killed two. I agree that Trump should go after the deep state like he did Iran … wouldn’t that be refreshing! One thing for certain, Iran is not going to play loose with killing Americans … The mullahs now know that Trump has no problem putting a missile where the “sun does not shine”.

    • Hockey Puck

      Excellent article, Paul. Thanks for posting it.

  3. jon

    Hi Greg, Really great interview and timely for this period in our history. I would like to say, the way President Trump has handled complicated international issues with maneuvering events and appearance of feigning weakness but then counters with strength and sophistication. Is very impressive. If he is doing all this on the international level with seeming ease. The ridiculous domestic issues with the corrupt swamp and democrats are more than likely much less of a problem for him to defeat when he decides he wants to move to take them out. He seems to be working on his own time table. The swamp is so outclassed with the likes of the dysfunctional dems, I would not worry too much about Trump succeeding.

  4. Thomas Crown

    Trump roast’s Clinton & Clinton roast’s Trump _ Al Smith charity dinner
    1,429,359 views•Oct 20, 2016
    CBS News 2.16M subscribers
    One night after the final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech roasting her opponent Donald Trump, he the same, at the Al Smith Dinner. The Catholic charity fundraiser is an opportunity for the candidates to trade jokes and blows amid the heated campaign. CBSN has they’re full speech! Check out Maria Barteromo and Melania, dressed to the nines!

    • uncommon sense

      all this dinner showed is how both candidates have to submit themselves to the sun worshipping Jesuits.

  5. erik

    You truly do a wonderful job with your hosting of USAWatchdog. Totally enjoyed the recent interview with Kevin Shipp. Accolades to you!
    Been following you for many years…time I sent this note.
    Take care
    Your Canadian friend Erik.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Erik for your support and very kind words!

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    The current international geopolitical/economic structure is both temporarily stable . . . and a house of cards that has a foundation infested with termites:
    1. The U.S. economy is in recession, yet the financial markets are at record levels as the Fed desperately “prints” more money in a so-far-successful Ponzi scheme. Even gold is doing well.
    2. Iran’s economy is already wrecked, and China’s is not far behind.
    3. General Soleimani was running multiple scams and operations trying to make enough money to threaten the power of Khomeini and the other Mullahs. My guess is that the Mullahs probably secretly applauded Soleimani’s assassination because the Mullahs need peace with the U.S. in order to revive their economy, but the lifeblood of the Quds Force is war. And President Trump won’t give Iran or the Mullahs peace until they give up any chance of getting the bomb.
    4. Ehud Barak is trying to take out Bibbi the same way and for the same reasons that Deep-State Nancy is trying to take out President Trump. Yet Nanci’s afraid to deliver the impeachment charges to the Senate out of fear that the trial turns into disaster of epic proportions for the entire Globalist cabal, the Deep State, and herself. And a lot of Republicans don’t want that to happen either . . . and for the same reasons.
    5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is desperately sick, yet she not only refuses to die, but claims she is now “cancer free”– which leaves a lot of important potential litigation up in the air.
    6. A.G. (“Epstein-committed-suicide”) Barr apparently has no strong desire to rock the boat . . . at least until after the election.
    7. If all that were not enough, the Quds Force may activate its sleeper cells in the U.S.

    • Greg Hunter

      All good points William. Thank you.

    • Robert

      Point #6 – AG Barr imo as well as Durham are purposely not presenting their findings against Comey, Brennan and Clapper till this summer to avoid any hearings being presented till after the election, because I believe the fix is in to ensure Trump is not re-elected. Thus the Barr Durham reports will then be dismissed as biased not believable findings and nobody will go to jail for their sedition and treasonous actions. Barr’s and Durham’s timing says it all. The evidence is overwhelming at this point, but they’re waiting till the ruse can be they can’t have hearings during an election season. Its that corrupt.

  7. JC

    Excellent new post at The Age of Desolation site . Link below, check it out. I encourage everyone to order the book. I’m reading it for the second time.

    Some excerpts from the post….

    The leaders in the Alternative Media Market also want to believe in Trump at all costs, and they are not giving up.

    If Qasem Suleimani’s death was really required, his airplane could have been disabled by EMP and allowed to crash on the way back to Tehran. His death would remain an eternal question. Trump essentially poured gasoline on a fire, and I believe this was intentional.

    The Masters of the Game are gaming prophecy and fanning the flames of Armageddon.
    A true world war is inescapable now.

    I cannot understand how America’s military leaders are missing the signals that a war with Iran means a war with Russia and China. In Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, Volume I, I began calling American military leaders The Jill Kelley Generals after The Petraeus Scandal.

    Some of the stories I read while researching my book described these men as seeing themselves as warrior-poet-monks. Like rock stars, they have an ass-kissing entourage, and David Petraeus’ padawans were some of the Generals that were fired from the Trump Administration.

    At this point, I think everything that I have written in Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III is on course. I am waiting for a large false-flag terrorist attack near Egypt or the West Bank that I call The Blow of Steel. There will be two.

    I completely understand that this Website is hard to take seriously. Most people cannot find Iran on a map.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “I cannot understand how America’s military leaders are missing the signals that a war with Iran means a war with Russia and China.”
      1. Maybe Russia and China have come to suspect that President Trump really means it when he says he will never allow Iran to have nuclear weapons; and
      2. Maybe America’s military leaders are betting that Russia’s and China’s military leaders grasp the concept of mutual assured destruction.

  8. H. Craig Bradley


    “Sleeper Cells” is a primal fear, just like boogie men are in the mind of a child. There are many, many, so-called militant or terrorist organizations (cells) all over the U.S. and other nations, as well. Sign of the times. Maybe all the mass shootings and school shootings are just the work of “sick” individuals who have been programmed to “go off” by the CIA or maybe, even the Iranians or North Koreans. Anything is possible and anything can be used to take away even more Freedoms to make us all safer. I say, bring it on.

    • Greg Hunter

      No H. You have not real experience with counter-intelligence, you just have an opinion and everybody has one.

    • paul ...

      If Iranian sleeper cells are activated in America … American Patriot’s must create their own Quds Force to repel and kill the invaders (just as Soleimani did) … but that’s only if we still have our guns … as the “commie” Demonratic Party is one big Iranian sleeper cell … that we Patriots need to take out in 2020!!

    • William Stanley

      RE: “Anything is possible and anything can be used to take away even more Freedoms to make us all safer.”
      How about trolling? I agree that it’s a possibility.

  9. JC

    Ok, but what about Russia and China?

    “This will not be the last we have heard from Iran. They will act only when they have the support of Russia and China.”

    • JC

      I don’t know if this guy is crazy or not. But the mentioning of China and Russia caught my eye.

      The Vulturite Reptiles (a Class 5 Demonic Group which includes many Americans in Charge of the Nation, including POTUS Trump) have been programmed to SELF-DESTRUCT!
      In a Radio Show with Jeff Rense the day after 9/11, I stated there will be a war between this group of Reptiles and those controlling China, who are also Evil Reptilians.

      This is the ENDTIME.

      The aim is to destroy all these Demons.

      With never-ending avarice, those controlling the USA, were programmed to attack the major War Lord of Iran. That Nation, in turn, has been programmed to retaliate.
      The process will escalate quickly.

      Already massive numbers of troops of the USA are being sent to the Middle East.
      America, its soldiers and its Allies do not as yet realize that it is not Iran alone hey will be fighting, but also China and Russia who ae on the ready in the shadows.
      This was a plot set out by Adolf Hitler in the 1940s. I may expand on that statement in the future!

      It was Hitler, who seemed to vanish from the face of the Earth (he actually went into the Inner Earth Community) that left the gifts of Nuclear Weapons for the Morons to find, knowing that, in due course, they would annihilate themselves. They would do what the similar Demons did on Mars and Vulcan in the not too distant past.

      Thus you see, WW3 which will be nuclear, is part of the Light’s Plan for evacuating the Viables physically from Earth and simultaneously eliminating the non-Viables from the face of Creation.

      There are other events in the Endtime I will discuss that will cause havoc before the Dissolution of Matter occurs with the arrival of Dark Matter.

      Stay tuned.

      I will explain all in due course.

      • William Stanley

        RE: “This was a plot set out by Adolf Hitler in the 1940s. I may expand on that statement in the future!”
        Anything but that! Please show us some mercy.

        • JC

          I said at the beginning I don’t know if this guy is crazy or not.

        • sk

          Reptiles? No way! It’s the molluscs! And their general Bentley!

  10. Papa Randy

    Greg it is unfortunate the perp walks we get may not be the ones we want. They may walk right out the door. This could quickly be over shadowed by more pressing matters. Like terrorist cells operating on U. S. Soil . My biggest concern is the vulnerability of our power grid. Enough about problems what about solutions. What do you think about citizen groups mobilized to guard and protect our critical infrastructure, for it is the people who have the most to lose. It everything comes down to power one way or another. Thank You for your work!

    • paul ...

      Your right … Patriots should be banding together to take out the enemy if they invade our homeland … I bet those abortion clinics “are sleeper cells” for the same enemies trying to take away our guns!!

  11. Revd Andrew de Berry

    These interviews are always hugely informative. Thank you as ever. Some insights into the ‘Megxit’ (Megan) defection here in the UK would be appreciated as her departure is surely all by way of advancing the Marxist/liberal cause.

    • Revd Andrew de Berry

      Sorry I posted ten minutes too soon re the above! What I find curious about Harry is that he is/was in the public eye one of the favourite royals, displaying much of his mother’s genuine affection for children and vulnerable people alike. So has his head been turned albeit by Meghan or whoever? There have been times when his barely concealed hand signals have suggested Illuminati connections. He also seems more vexed by his mother’s loss of late, so perhaps conspiracy theories/opinions have helped get the better of him. Furthermore, his brother William has made several references to Harry’s increasingly fragile mental state.

      • Solani

        In regard to Prince Harry & family opting out of “the royal family”… I’ve always seen him as the brother that is more his mother son than his fathers. Actually, I don’t see much of his “father” or that side of the family in him at all…
        I can fully see Meghan not being able to live up too the “English stiff upper lip” lifestyle and am quite surprised that she and the queen haven’t come to blows yet or, if they have, we most likely wouldn’t hear about it.
        I’m no fan of Meghan but face it, she’s not British royal material in any way shape or form and perhaps, that is why Harry chose her as his wife. After all, his mother wasn’t royal either, even if Princess Diana had more royalty in her little finger, than the whole royal family put together…

        My perhaps not so humble opinion about all of this is that, I at least want to believe that Harry knowing full well the “royal secrets,” is sick and tired of it all. Add to that the “conspiracy theories” that it was the royal family behind his mothers death, the whole Epstein tie to the royal family… He wants out, before the whole charade comes tumbling down. Wants to have a “normal” (however normal life could be for x-royals) life for his family/children, having them grow up without all the hoopla, rules, do’s and don’ts…
        If this is the case, I say GO FOR IT! Break the traditions and live life as you wish, as long as you make a good life out of it and you and your family are happy with the decisions you make…
        Yes, I could be totally wrong but… I guess time will tell.

        • Revd Andrew de Berry

          Very interesting observations Solani. What if Megan has flagged up many of the conspiracy facts re Diana’s death. Dear God, that would be enough to make Harry’s state of mind ‘fragile’, with Meghan becoming public enemy number one with the MSM.

  12. al


    For Example: If I go over 5 mph driving down a hill, I get immediately prosecuted in the form of a ticket/summons. If I fight, I wind up in a kangaroo court without a fair trial, in a court system that is unconstitutional by way of improper jurisdiction or due process. I am then IMMEDIATELY indicted and have to pay a fine or go to jail… no… not next year, or in three years… IMMEDIATELY!!! No wait time there.
    What I’m trying to say is this:
    The average person automatically thinks that someone is not guilty if he/she is not IMMEDIATELY indicted or if the case goes on for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS!!!!!


    Trump said it best in one of the debates against HITLERy.. “you belong in jail”.. We’re waiting!
    I can tell you this, his voter base is NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS LONG LONG WAIT. IT’S 2020 FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! DO SOMETHING!!! TALK DOESN’T DO IT!!!


    The Pledge should end with “AND JUSTICE FOR SOME! NOT FOR ALL!
    We ALL know they are guilty, many of them belong in the gallows for Treason, but they run free FOR YEARS having the limelight shine on their false face in front of gullible idiotic MSM sucking morons!



    IT’S MORONICALLY SIMPLE !!! Make the punishment of “losing evidence” 10 times harsher than the accusations themselves, WITH NO APPEAL!! IT’S THAT DAMNED SIMPLE!
    The Dog ate my homework will get you hung so you better keep your homework in a SAFE!!! GET IT?


    Make it illegal for any public news outlet to spread bias or lies, if they do so have them label themselves as “view” or “notion” NOT “NEWS”!!! CNN VIEWS, not news.


    I hear Soros’ name over and over and over again. If the two entities making up the Swamp Creature’s head were cut, the swamp creature would bleed to death and die once and for all. I’m talking about Soros and the Federal Reserve. WACK! GONE! DEAD SWAMP CREATURE!
    Do a Seth Rich on Soros and bring on a decentralized form of money, be it gold or the like.

    I didn’t vote for the Fed to throw money at the Stock Market! I voted for a Man who promised to DRAIN THAT SWAMP! No matter what the financial consequences!



    • Frank D2

      I hear ya, al. I’m as frustrated as you. I want to believe, but as more and more time passes and no one is indicted, its very hard not to lose hope. Then you have Barr, claiming that Epstein killed himself and it was due to “a perfect storm” (his exact words!) of errors and I really question just what in the heck is going on. First the cameras around his cell had “malfunctioned” so there were no tapes, then they had the tapes but they showed nothing, now they “lost/erased” the tapes by accident. Sorry but all of this on Barr’s watch just doesn’t sit well. Something is amiss. And not in a good way.

    • paul ...

      Many evil Demons still owe Hillary “big favors” for her “selling us American people out” … just recently some “sleeper cell” hired Chelsea (and are paying her $9 Million Dollars a year to sit on their Board) to do what other damage to America???

  13. Montana Guy

    Yes Iran will use asymmetrical warfare. It’s how Americans defeated the mightiest military and tyrant in the world.

    War has been initiated against Iran. You can’t put those feathers back in the pillow. We now have initiated wars of aggression against two of Bush’s ‘axis of evil’ countries, one to go.
    Long lost are the messages of these men:

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Fake “Montana Guy” commenting from another country. We still have freedom of speech here and a weasel like you can come on and trash America from another country. You can’t do that in the lowlife country you live in, but you want the Marxist socialist wet dream for the entire world that you suffer in now. Full verifiable name troll boy or no more comments from “Montana Guy” I am sick of your America hating propaganda comments that add nothing to this site.

      • Montana Guy

        I’m curious Mr. Hunter, did Stan and Gina pass your virginity tests?

        • Greg Hunter

          You are a troll and you are gone. And your “daddy’ would get his tail kicked.

  14. tim mcgraw

    I don’t trust CIA agents. Never will.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you think I would intentionally put untrustworthy people on to give information here? That’s a bit insulting.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg it has nothing to do with you. Anyone who would join the CIA including Ray McGovern or John Kiriakou (who went to jail for whistleblowing on the CIA torture program); they don’t get a pass from me. And I like Ray and John. They have tried to atone for their sins as I’m sure your guest here is doing as well.
        But, I still don’t trust them.
        To me, joining the government spy agency (which kills and lies every day) is a major character flaw in someone’s character.
        It’s got nothing to do with you or your choice of guests.

        • Greg Hunter

          There is other work going on at the CIA besides what you mentioned. If you think we are fighting benevolent spy agencies that are the opponents of America you are delusional. It’s a very violent and rough world out there. I am not making excuses for anyone. I am trying to book guests that can provide information, and, in this case, actual courter-intelligence analysis from a high security clearance CIA Officer. While I appreciate your support, there is nobody making you watch this information that I provide free of charge. I am going to continue to book Shipp because I think he a trustworthy source with analysis that I simply cannot provide without him.

      • tim mcgraw

        And one more story; I only met a CIA agent once (that I know of). It was at my parents’ home in Savannah, GA back in the early 90’s. This guy was retired CIA. He was white, tall, Ivy League. The CIA recruits from the Ivy League schools.
        The CIA guy was arrogant and drinking Harvey Wallbangers or some exotic high potency drink.
        I talked with him on my folks’ porch overlooking the intracoastal waterway. The CIA guy bragged to me about his time in Kathmandu, Nepal. Of course he couldn’t tell me what he actually did there.
        My guess is that he was undermining China by supporting the Uigher revolt or maybe he was fomenting trouble in Kashmir.
        All I can tell you for sure was that the CIA guy was an arrogant drunken dick from an Ivy League school.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks for the story but it is far from the story of Kevin Shipp. He is a true whistleblower and patriot. The CIA attempted to kill him and his family because he disclosed a problem with the CIA system that put other CIA Officers at risk around the world. He lost his pension and a Christian to boot. He is nothing like the “arrogant drunken dick from an Ivy League school.”

          • JC

            Tim, you met one CIA agent and decided that they are all bad? No good to think this way. If you have a bad experience with a doctor, a plumber etc, you would never trust another doctor, plumber, etc?

            • tim mcgraw

              My reply to both JC and Greg is that the CIA cannot and should not exist in a free society. In fact, a free society cannot exist as long as the CIA exists. The USA survived just fine before WWII without the CIA. Even Truman admitted that creating the CIA was a mistake.
              The CIA is the enemy of liberty and Christianity.
              And I stand by my earlier statement. Anyone who joins such a criminal organization must have severe character flaws.

              • Greg Hunter

                Yes Tim in a perfect world the CIA should not exist, but we are not in a perfect world (Free society) and our enemies all spy on the USA.

                • tim mcgraw

                  Dear Greg, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” was on TCM tonight. I always watch it. It’s a great movie from 1951.
                  Earthlings need to find that free society real quick or they won’t be around.
                  Spies be damned!
                  Good luck!

  15. Udo

    I am sorry, but I can not follow Kevin naming Soleimani a terrorist. Soleimani fought ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria – a thing the US could have done before, but didn’t. There are reasons for that… Actually, there are voices claiming that US troops still supporting ISIS by evacuating them to safer places…

    • JC

      Udo, what is the truth? Good question.

      “Soleimani has been described as a brutal terrorist responsible for the deaths of over 600 American soldiers. He has also been given credit for defeating ISIS in Syria. We’ve been told he was beloved by the Iranian people. We are now being told he is despised by the Iranian people.”

      • Greg Hunter

        Maybe half Iranians disliked him?

        • JC

          I don’t know. How can we be sure of anything anymore?

  16. al

    Side note:
    Comey is talking about a Fourth and FINAL STAGE. I don’t think it’s the usual voter fraud. It may be much more nefarious as in what happened to JFK (aka FINAL).
    Comey’s Final Stage includes overt assassination attempts (key word FINAL). Blame it on sleeper cells, a perfect alibi. Get it? Let’s pray they will not succeed.

    • paul ...

      What ever sleeper cell Comey is a part of must be taken down immediately … as he is calling for Trumps “Final Stage” Assassination !!!

  17. Jerry

    The bread crumbs with the deep state are not hard to follow. Schumer, Pelosi and Biden have been using their own proxy army to loot Ukraine’s wealth.–Ukraine_National_Guard_Partnership

    I find it laughable to hear Nancy Pelosi talk about President trumps abuse of power, while California national guard troops are being sent to Ukraine. Since when do states get involved in foriegn affairs?
    Of course I realize there are two sets of rules in this country. One for the American citizens. And one for the elites.

    The moment of truth will come soon enough when the senate hearings begin. Either the money laundering scheme in Ukraine will be revealed, and indictments served, or nothing will happen. If nothing happens we will know the whole thing is a scam, and that we’ve been had. The trail leads right to Hunter Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s son. The evidence is everywhere.

  18. ray jones

    thats just it paul so far he has done nothing but allow them to continue to damage and degrade or great nation if i had been voted in in 2016 i would have had omuzloid in chains and on his way to gitmo in the first minute of haveing power along with the like of hellery and her whoredog husband …..if he would have taken these criminals down in the opening minutes of being president i dont think we would be here now with these a$$hats brazenly stealing elections and breaking the law……………

    • Greg Hunter

      Not that simple ray. The Deep State is very deep and entrenched in America. Lots of bad guys out there. Trump has done a marvelous job considering the sized of the opponent and him being under constant attack.

  19. R Scott

    You are all brainwashed. No one is worried and no one is going to jail. You will be pushing the same bs in 3 years. I can consider there are more than one faction competing for control but none of them are working for the American citizen!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting the MSM propaganda that Hillary is not guilty of any crimes, which we all know is a total Huber white wash of the facts. Good to see how far the propaganda will go to misinform the public.

  20. P. Ferreira

    Are we supposed to take seriously Shipp’s claim that “nobody in this administration wants war with Iran”? Donald Trump may not personally want war with Iran. However, we have seen time and again that Trump has only limited control over those around him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes P.,
      We are. Shipp was not taking about the Deep State already there when he was sworn in, but the actual Trump Team and certainly Not Donald Trump who up for reelection in 10 months. Looks like he’s in control to me.

  21. Jerry

    Iran is coming apart. The ayatollahs are desperate.

    In my former life as a college student, I knew a lot of Iranians who came here to go to school. They all had one thing in common. They all hated the Shaw of Iran. But trust me when I tell you this. The ayatollahs are not what they had in mind as his replacement. Obama had his chance to support the opposing groups in Iran and he turned his back on them and walked away. It now appears the window of opportunity may be opening again for President trump. What will he do?

    The Iranians I knew accepted the fact that Iran could no longer live
    in the past, and wanted to be part of the modern western world. Many of them went on to be doctors and skilled professionals. Not rabid terrorist like the MSM portrays. Let’s face it. The deep state wants Iran, like it did Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. The question is how will they get us there? Another 911?

  22. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg & Kevin

    IF Trump does not do something about the voter corruption in Michigan he will lose Michigan in 2020. The midterms were a warm up for 2020 get a clue Trump.

    Greg…… progressive = communist…… you have to call a spade a spade.

    • Montana Guy

      Commie unions destroyed Michigan. You have to call a spade a spade.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Yes, and there are a lot of other states which will have massive voter fraud as well. You see, the Demogods know they can’t beat him with their socialist candidates so I believe they will go to several swing states and get the fraud going. Remember Florida last election? Florida would have been lost to Trump if it was not for a few people looking into Broward County and their darling little election department counting votes. Trump will have to have his people out there or otherwise that is how they could beat him. One thing is certain, the Demogods are by no means beyond criminal voter fraud, have ued it many times in the past and it worked; one example in 1960, 10,000 dead people voted in Chicago giving Illinois to Kennedy.

  23. lightning

    I appreciate Kevin’s insights into the ongoings in Washington.

    Whats discouraging is that we know from Bill Binney (Former head of the NSA) that the NSA literally has every email and text ever transmitted. So all of the games around things like Hillary’s emails, or whats on Anthony Weiner’s laptop or even getting access to Brennan’s emails is all theater.

    I would bet that the Patriot Act pretty much gives the commander in chief, or his proxy (The Attorney General) full, legal access to NSA data whenever they deem it to be important to national security.

    Given that its clear that the Democrats going back to Obama, have colluded to interfere with the 2016 election , spy on a sitting president and falsify evidence in an attempt to impeach him, its clearly a National Security issue. President Obama used Federal Law Enforcement and the Federal Intelligence services like a criminal syndicate ….who knows how much criminal activity went on in places like Iran and Ukraine?


    Lastly no one talks about the obvious collusion that clearly includes the FEDERAL FISA COURT JUDGES given their collaboration with the Democrats even after having clear knowledge through Devin Nunes of the abuses).
    Where is Chief Justice Roberts in re-establishing the integrity of the Federal Judges on the FISA court or is Roberts Dirty too?

    William Barr is sitting on a powder keg and smoking a cigar at the moment. These Government leaders take for granted that we deplorables have unfailing faith in the government and confidence that the rule of law is being fairly applied.
    In my mind that faith is eroding fast and if politicians like Virginia Governor Northem step across the line to impose tyrannical restrictions on the constitutional liberties of its citizens…. this whole thing could blow up .

    I think a legitimate question to think about is… Does Barr want the whole thing to blow up to bury all the crimes or does he truly want to re-establish the rule of law and integrity in the DOJ.?

    And if Barr is worried about how the left will respond to the enforcement of the law….. he better think more seriously of how conservatives will respond in the absence of enforcement and justice…..cause he “aint seen nothin yet!”

    • Frank D2

      Spot on, lightning.

    • Montana Guy

      lightening, what do you think Vicki Weaver and son Sammy would say about Mr. Barr?

  24. stephen

    I agree with Paul. We are seeing the greatest misinformation campaign in the history of this planet. The MSM, google, FaceBook and all the social media are part of this misinformation plan to control the narrative. I’ve gotten frustrated and impatient with the fact no deep state actors have not been brought to justice. While Trump associates have been crucified for made up/set up crimes, the deep state has gotten away with massive crimes. Isn’t this what the Nazis did? Use the justice system as a weapon to punish their enemies. How is this any different?

  25. Sue Patterson

    Decades ago I had this moment: looking at the ever increasing money spent on public education, which never actually led to any improvement, and thought, “Where is all that money going?” My conclusion was that the people who created local, state, and federal budgets where the same people who decided how and where money was spent. These people could easily legislate and divert money to enrich themselves. Around the same time Sam Donaldson did an expose of farm subsidies, and it was later revealed that he actually owned a sheep ranch to take advantage of these same subsidies. Imagine that, a media insider enriching himself. I’ve included a link to the 1995 article.

    President Trump probably knew all about these scams in his pre-presidential years. Now he’s chosen to be the champion of the regular American citizen. I fear the guilty will stop at nothing to make sure their malfeasance is not exposed. If Ms Clinton was potus we would never have known.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Astute and completely accurate thoughts about our esteemed elite deep state enriching themselves at our expense.

  26. Russ F

    So, Soleimani was a bad guy and had to be taken out.
    Kadafi was a bad guy, so we took him out.
    Madero is a bad guy, we tried to take him out.

    How would we react if a country such as Iran took out one of our “bad” guys (i. e. Kerry) ?

    If, as Kevin believes, Iranian cells will awake and attack us on our soil, that is not ok.
    But we can attack them on their soil?

    I worry more now about my 26 year old daughter living and working in NYC.

    I cannot support our actions, and thus our current government.

    • JC

      Russ F, Let’s not forget “bad guy” Saddam Hussein.

  27. Mike

    So Huber is doing nothing and Barr is fine with that? There have been no leaks in the investigations and Huber will not talk about an active investigation for the reasons that Kevin Shipp listed. Huber could be a decoy to prevent the real investigator of Hillary from being killed. We simply do not know. Barr did say that the investigations are near complete and we should know the results soon enough. The FISA report showed massive corruption in the FBI and DOJ despite the media propaganda to the contrary. I would expect the criminal investigations to show crimes that go far beyond the obvious crimes on the surface.

  28. TheTruthBurns

    An “Accidental Death” here & there of a couple of High Profile Traitors will send a Powerful Message & if it doesn’t work then how about Many High Profile “Unfortunate Accidents”.

  29. L. Carter

    I have known that Barry Obama was bringing plane loads of Muslims into the US in the middle of the night. One of the primary destinations for these planes was Minneapolis/St. Paul. Why this has never come out as a major story can only be explained by the DEEP STATE and the MAIN STREET MEDIA collusion. Without an honest and open media
    the American citizens will be kept in the dark and there will be “RULE OF LAW.”

    • paul ...

      Was Obama running a sleeper cell to bring “agents” into the US?? … now the Justice Department says it can’t find any evidence Hillary did anything wrong … and Mike Flynn who said: “Lock Hillary Up” … now finds himself being locked up (for 6 months) … who is winning this battle????

  30. Matt

    Well, both sides engage in voter fraud. Republicans stole the 2000 election with it. Just sayin.
    This all sounds strangely like a plan one particular country has had all along: create a war pitting Christianity against Islam with this particular instigating country left standing when the smoke clears.
    The 9/11 false flag being the most obvious play towards that goal in the last 20 years. Seems to be working perfectly.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Matt that is not a fact. I had a home in Florida during the 2,000 recount fiasco. The Democrats demanded a recount but only on the counties they overwhelmingly won (Which were only a few predominantly on the East coast of the state.) Every news organization at the time did it’s own investigation and admitted that Bush 43 did, in fact, win. That is a fact. As far as pitting Christian against Islam, The religion of peace targets plenty of Christians (and Muslims) with violence every day and it is documented here:
      The two religions are far from equal and Christians and Muslims do NOT worship the same God.

  31. Cole Davis

    Frustration breeds cynicism and doubt. Psalm 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick. It is increasingly difficult to listen to accounts of treason and lawlessness, and not see indictments. Lord, have mercy. The longer this goes on, the less likely we will see justice and the rule of law prevail. To suggest that the Justice department cannot make any overt/public moves to indict the criminals because it might cause the criminals to dispose of documents is a bunch of hooey. The opposite is true. The sooner we shine the light in dark spaces, the sooner the rats will be cornered. We are in a battle between evil and truth, and evil will do everything it can to keep its deeds from being exposed. Jesus said this (John 3:19-21). Such is human nature. I have lied for this very reason. No one is exempt. Right now, the battle is raging. Greg, Kevin – thank you for persevering – for relentlessly speaking truth and exposing evil. We all need to pray so as to not lose heart. Lord, have mercy.

  32. Brooklyn

    Great Weekly-Wrap-up/Interview with Kevin Shipp.
    You covered all the bases, but the one that got my attention was how Iran, wisely not wanting a full scale war with the US, coupled with the information of the 2,500 Iranians who got citizenship from obama, many of who may have been trained as sleeper cells.
    Although, there is some comfort in the knowledge that Trump tweeted how we know who the Iranian are and ‘know where they live and are keeping an eye on them’, but then along came this other almost unnoticed article about a former (dishonorably discharged) Marine who was found in the proximity of President Trump’s Marine One Helicopter in Florida.
    There are literally hundreds of ways that the Deep State, with or without assistance from the Iranians, will try to cause civil unrest/chaos, continuing their goal to remove President Trump from office. As both you and Kevin agreed, Virginia is now a major lashpoint of an extremely volatile situation where both sides appear to be digging in.
    Prayers! Brooklyn…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brooklyn. Yes, it turned out much like a duel host Weekly News Wrap-up by accident.

  33. Jay

    Just be careful what you believe. Eventually you will have to act on it whatever it is.

  34. DJ

    It won’t make it to the Supreme Court.

    Civil War before the Supreme Court can rule.

    As Virginia goes so goes the other blue states.

    The 2nd Amendment is the remedy for government TYRANNY. Force will be met with force. It will be interesting, they don’t have the Military or Law Enforcement.

  35. JC

    I support Trump, beyond any doubt better than that political creature Hillary. But if Trump really wanted to make America great again, wouldn’t the first thing to do be to get rid of the Patriot Act and restore Constitutional rights? What justification is there for the Patriot Act? That a “terrorist” won’t do anything bad, knowing if he is suspected, or gets caught he will have no legal recourse? Come on… The all-powerful government can decide your fate, no right to an attorney, no court, no trial,just goodbye, adios? That’s not America.

  36. JC

    After all this I’m feeling sad. I don’t know why exactly, but I thought of this song. I’ve never been quite sure of what it means exactly, but I like it nevertheless.

    Jimmy Crack Corn, And I Don’t Care….

    • William Stanley

      Man, that was politically incorrect; got to love it for that reason alone.
      Is “crack corn” a reference to drinking corn whiskey?

      • JC

        William S, I did a little research on that and I think it is, something about a cracking sound when the bottle is first opened. But I guess like any song, it’s open to your personal interpretation. It was very popular song, even young Dinah Shore sang it, also Burl Ives and more. It’s a catchy tune for sure.

  37. Stan

    Ok, I’m back. Certain people dissed me on the comment boards while I was on break. The blow-off in Gold in complete. Expect some choppy trading followed by a waterfall decline. My friends at JPM and the NY Fed are in total agreement with this assessment. You have been warned.

    • Greg Hunter


      You mean the criminals (Your “friends”) at JPMorgan and the NT FED!! If they feel a need to criminally naked short gold it must be worth something and very dangerous to them in the hand of “We the People.” Oh, and 2019 was another record year for gold buying by CENTRAL BANKS.


    • Jerry

      Yes Stan,
      It all makes sense now. The fed keeps injecting cash into the system because gold is worthless.

    • Lightning


      Her speech was spot on. Exceptional! Thanks for linking and everyone, please watch and pass it on!

      • lightning

        One last comment on un-constitutionally taking guns away from law abiding citizens. In places like Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit etc…there are areas that police officers do not actively patrol with enough resources to protect the law abiding citizenry.
        Gang violence and homicides are higher in these areas than in Kabul, Afghanistan and the frank reality of this is that most of the citizens can’t move away and are under-protected by government. Additionally most of these folks are people of color.
        Completely removing their ability to defend themselves in this environment is the equivalent of consigning them to a virtual death sentence and on a very real level is as Racist as it gets.
        Very few people on the left care about our African American citizens and do little to bring real aid to these folks in terms of personal security, government services etc. There is no way Democrat Elijah Cummings district in Baltimore actually had billions of Federal dollars spent on its infrastructure and people as was allocated by the government. I hope and pray for these people every night and pray they do something to help themselves….namely register, then vote for President Trump and local Republicans or at least independents…..anything to break the cycle of corruption and violence being perpetrated upon them by their apathetic “elected” Democrat leaders. As President Trump said…what have you got to lose?

  38. regaleagle

    There is and always has been only one hope to rid this world of its evil demons. This hope in written about in words in the Holy Bible and preached throughout the Earth daily now, and has been preached for 2000 years. His name is Jesus Christ Savior of all that believe he took the sins of the world upon himself to give all who would believe a path to eternal spiritual life. Regardless of what happens in this world that may be beyond our control, we do have the choice to control the destination of our own spiritual eternity. His Word says many of things that are happening today in front of us were ordained by God from the beginning. If you are not a believer now…….you still have a choice and time to choose. All is not lost in Heaven or Earth because there is only one hope……his name is Jesus Christ.

  39. paul ...

    The FISA Court looks like a “sleeper cell” that needs to be eliminated by Trump!! …

  40. paul ...

    A “commie” UCLA Professor (most likely part of the “sleeper cells” installed in all our universities) is now counter attacking “using asymmetrical warfare” against Trump … and is calling for the destruction of the “American Dream” of private home ownership … and is advocating “More Collective Cities” … expanding upon what “commie” Hillary has been advocating that “It Will Take A Collective Village”!! …

    • paul ...

      America was supposed to be a beautiful land from Sea to shining Sea … instead the Deep State given us a land from C to shining C … a land of C-orrupt banksters on the east coast … to C-ommies on the west coast with plenty of Cagey Calculating Criminal Complicitous Collaborating Cutthroats and Cannibals in between!!

      • paul ...

        Greed abounds across America “like milk and honey” as the $6.4 trillion dollars spent on wars over the last few years fill the warmongers pockets … and at what cost? … very very acceptable costs … only 7,000 American military personnel and 8,000 American contractors were killed “to make all that money” … yes, there were about 1,500 Western allied troops killed and 11,000 Syrians fighting ISIS killed (but they don’t count) … and neither do the 700,000 civilians killed count for anything … as long as Fed generated fiat paper money “not worth the paper it is printed on” can be stashed under elite mattresses!!! … Gabbard understands this more then any other candidate for President … too bad she is a CFR member … if she quits that organization … she could be a very good President … and may begin closing some of the 800 military bases the US has around the world that is sapping our economic strength!! …

  41. paul ...

    Hey Stan … remember how you were shorting gold in spite of me warning you that gold was in a bull flag ready to breakout to the upside and to be very careful … well I’m warning you once again … the rise from the first flag to the second flag was $250 dollars … the rise from the second flag should be “at least $300 dollars” (or $1800/oz gold) … don’t let the big COT numbers fool you (the fact that the commercials are increasing their hedging “is because they are buying physical gold” (not selling it as you think)!! …

    • paul ...

      Also Notice Stan … between the first and second flag the RSI reached 70 (and gold consolidated awhile before completing its rise to $1550) … so don’t let any small consolidation now “fool you” into selling more gold short!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … you may take some comfort in what Greg Mannarino is saying … “that although markets are extremely overbought keep buying” … because he knows the Fed is on its way to doubling the US money supply … and that will double the price of stocks (like what happened in Zimbabwe) … however … it will get you and other stock buyers nowhere … because when the price of your stock doubles … the currency will be half its original value … so you don’t gain anything!! …

    • Stan

      Paul: Wake up and smell the coffee. Gold is in crash mode right now.

    • Stan

      Paul: Your Bull flag is going down in flames. The blow-off top is complete. Don’t come to me complaining when Gold is trading <$1000. You have been warned.

      • Greg Hunter

        Are you familiar with the children’s story of the little boy crying wolf?

      • William Stanley

        RE: “Don’t come to me complaining when Gold is trading <$1000."

        With about 80% of my portfolio elsewhere, you won't be getting any complaining from me. Remember, "buy low, sell high."

        I only wish you'd be right for once: Just a few weeks ago I went to the coin shop to buy a couple of ounces at $1468. With the premium, that put me over the shop's policy of requiring ID for purchases over $3000.

        I said, "What the heck, I'll come back in a few days and buy the other coin." It was with mixed emotions a few nights later when I watched the price go over $1609. I knew the price would get beaten back the next morning. However, I'm still waiting for $1468 . . . and I've been kicking myself the entire time. Please hurry up with the <$1000 gold.

      • paul ...

        Crash mode??? … flip this chart around Stan … so you can read the words on it (use a magnifying glass) … … … sorry I don’t have a chart with “raised dots” on it (that you can read in braille) … but for you to be perceiving this chart as being “in crash mode” you are obviously holding the chart upside down!!!

  42. paul ...

    I think I found it … they are referring to the dozens of Iranian students who were returning to school in Canada who were aboard the flight …

  43. paul ...

    Good idea … Trump is going to ground the US drone fleet (made with Chinese computer chips that have “back doors” in them) … that can be commandeered by sleeper cells in the US and then used to attack American targets!! …

  44. Patrick Armstrong

    President Trumps action in against Soleimeni may cause sleeper cells to be activated in America!

    Oh wait:

    Peter Strzok grew up in Iran

    Lisa Page was born in Iran

    John Kerry’s daughter married an Iranian

    Obama’s BFF Valery Jarrett was born in Iran

    Kilary’s BFF Huma Abadan HAS Muslim Brotherhood connections in Iran

    Too late!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Patrick!!!!!!

  45. paul ...

    The Demon-rat “sleeper cells are attacking” … with “progressive Bernie” telling us he is “not a commie” … however he is right about one thing … the “commie Republicans” are getting free welfare checks from the Fed (who simply prints up money “out of thin air” and hands it to the corrupt banksters and those crooks on Wall Street)!! …

  46. Jim Umble

    I think Obama should be held accountable for any terrorist attack from his time as traitor. Never was my president.

  47. Stan

    FYI to all the Gold Bugs: Marty Armstrong is calling for a huge drop in Gold. I am in complete agreement with him.

  48. paul ...

    Breaking News … Sleepy Joe comes out of his “sleeping cell” and exposes himself … the corrupt pervert nakedly criticizes all the anti-war Demon-crats running for President … praising his hero “9-11 Bush” for leading America into the Iraq War!! …

    • paul ...

      Will the Fake News Media allow his words to be heard???

  49. paul ...

    Non-believers in Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) … who believe that the economy will be allowed to crash before the 2020 election … … “weep and bemoan your lack of faith” that the Fed can print money (just like God can expand the universe) to infinity … the M2 money supply is being doubled right before our eyes … and as they do “God’s work” … the Debt Clock price of gold is going to double it’s current price ($9254) … which will put it right in line with Jim Rickards new price projection for gold ($14,000 per ounce)!!!

    • Stan

      Paul: Don’t be hoodwinked by Rickards. His track record on predicting financial events is worse than Jerry’s.

      • Greg Hunter

        Rickards uses a real identity and owns his words and you should too.

        • Jerry

          He can’t. He’s a poser. You’ve got my business email. It’s attached to every post I make.

          • Greg Hunter

            You have prove you are a real guy and not a troll. Keep posting content!

      • Jerry

        Stan I’m so far in your head you’ll never be able to get me out. Name one thing you’ve been correct on? Just one.

  50. Dave

    As Mark Steyn is saying, no one significant from the Deep State will go to jail. The FISA judges have appointed someone to fix the process. An Obama protégé. The FBI will not face any action for their decreeing the FISA Court. The DOJ had to green light that. Think Barr. Huber will apparently exonerate Clinton on the e-mail issues. He was supposed to be a straight arrow investigator picked by none other than Jeff Sessions. As Steyn said – so-called conservative media kept saying the IG report would nail everyone. Then it didn’t. Barr decided earlier not to prosecute Comey. Now so-called conservative media is saying wait for the Durham report. Which rumor now is will be delayed. Wake up everyone. Barr and Durham are also part of the Deep State and will protect it. This is the same Barr whose DOJ allowed Epstein to be murdered and who allowed the tapes to be misplaced – yeah right. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. And how many times have we been fooled already?

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg and those of you trying to background searches…real names are helpful?
    *Connie Bevan‏ @WhoareyouBO · 18h18 hours ago
    Why do these politicians change their names? Do they have something to hide?
    Obama = Barry Soetoro
    IIahan Omar’= IIahan Esmi
    Kristen Gillibrand = Tina Rutnick
    Bill DeBlasio = Warren Wilheim Jr.
    Beto Oroouke = Robert Orourke
    Bernie Sanders = Bernard Gutman
    Kamala Harris = Maya Harrison
    Pete Buttigeig = Paul Montgomery
    Elizabeth Warren = Liz Herrig
    Cory Booker = Tony Booker
    Eric Holden = Eric Himpton
    **A bit more about the Congressional Spyring players which MIGHT seem a bit disturbing if not unseemly threat to the U.S. gov’t agencies cyber security? =
    Alperovitch and Zimmermann roots of encryption: Blackberry network for a #SpyRingInCongress
    Think POTUS knows? Think POTUS should?
    hmm – what was saying? Thing ya know, things ya don’t know, things you think you know and don’t , and things you don’t know you don’t.

    • Justn Observer

      Was Soleimoni buying and someone selling new nuclear U.S. submarine missile technology to him? IS that why he had to be taken out? What and who might be doing such thru Kiev and Canada?

      • Justn Observer

        Does Fox News know? according to Bergy (interesting if true?)=
        PFC Bergy‏ @PFC40Book · 5h5 hours ago
        They [deep-state/MIC] have infiltrated ALL MAJOR U.S. networks. They use these assets to cause chaos; which they [Gillian/Jones] profit from.
        Other MIC’s also have assets in place. They use IIA [ShadowNet] to coordinate/control a non-attributional, fabricated narrative.
        Gillian Tuner IS the deep-state. She was VP of Jones Group International & just happened to become a journalist? LMAO.

        @GillianHTurner is an IIA asset. I helped in pioneering IIA for her boss, Gen. Jones [Obama’s NSA/NATO SACEUR].
        You should DEMAND @FoxNews investigate!

        • Justn Observer

          Cozy group of people…

          Surely this group wouldn’t go behind POTUS back over energy and pipelines in Ukraine or Syria or Libya…and not be involved in the rumors of non- Congressionally approved weapons deal using blackberries …or… tactics to ‘get’ their more desirable people elected or press to put ‘their’ ideas of national security policy over POTUS Trump’s as Bergy claims?

  52. leo

    The Washington state governor is one of the worst in the USA He is nothing but a gum chewing liberal the cousin of That Virginia Rat and wants to take away the second amendment rights. What is wrong with this state I love and all the governors who have been in office the last 75 years. Why does hell puke out these liberals who always vote for these rats. I probably wont get the answer for that one any more than the why of idiots who always speak of climate change without investigating this huge fraud . There is something going on with the weather but it is not because of greenhouse gases but due to chem-trails the produce an ionized sky used as a weapon Duh people are so stupid today.

  53. Michael

    Cannot find where to email you direct Greg so posting here Very interesting site re Joe Biden.

    All the best from UK


  54. Justn Observer

    Greg, Another morning , another name added to the list? Mary McCord?

    Thinking its easier to list who is NOT involved ? lol

    Atkinson’s conflict-of-self-interest, and/or possible blackmail upon him by deep state actors ?

  55. paul ...

    Bad news for Martha Stewart if she was a guest at Trump’s hotel … but likely everyone else gets a free pass!! …

  56. paul ...

    You know … with all the volcanic activity around the world there is absolutely no need for Trump to do chem-trails any longer (unless the plan is to kill all the bees and thus reduce the Earth’s population to 500,000 people)!!! …

  57. paul ...

    For us to know there are “advanced beings” in heaven is a national security issue??? … this is a Christian nation … all Christians know their are “advanced beings in heaven”!! …

    • paul ...

      The Bible tells us Heaven is a material place where God resides … and that God sent his son (Jesus Christ) from Heaven to earth to live as a human being and he returned to Heaven … we just have to use the brains God gave us … it is easy to figure out why the Deep State wants to hide the fact that there’s an advanced being in Heaven (it’s because it lessens the Deep States power over us) … the Deep State wants us to be non-thinking idiots who will believe them when they tell us lies … (like when they told us the Twin Towers came down because the steal beams got soft in the jet fuel flames) … when everyone knows when we cook every day on our stoves at home and the iron grills don’t get soft in the cooking flames!!

  58. Jay

    Hi Greg. Thanks for all you do. Good, bad or anywhere in between, if someone has something to say and it’s obvious that they are not just trolling, then I’m glad you let them say it. We can’t decide who is lying and who is telling the truth until we hear them.

    My question to you is, what is your real belief about where President Trump is taking us?

    • Greg Hunter

      Where do you think Hillary and her criminal globalist Satanists handlers would have taken us? That’s my answer.

      • Jay

        Fair enough. Are we just going the same place a lot slower?

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