Is Ruble Collapse Act of War-Paul Craig Roberts

Paul_Craig_Roberts-323x346By Greg Hunter’s

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts thinks the only thing that explains the plunge in the Russian ruble is that it is being attacked by America.  Roberts contends, “It is not a currency crash in the sense there are no economic reasons for the ruble’s fall.  Unlike the United States, which has a massive trade deficit, and if the currency markets were not rigged, the dollar would be collapsing, the Russian economy has a trade surplus.  Therefore, there is no pressure on its currency for economic conditions.”  Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “This is not some independent action of market forces.  So, it’s either hedge funds, currency speculators like Soros, or it’s an Act of War on behalf of the United States government by the Federal Reserve or the Exchange Stabilization Fund. . . or possibly both hedge funds working with the federal government.”

Manipulating the markets, any market, is supposed to be illegal, but don’t count on the bankers going to jail.  Dr. Roberts, who has a PhD in economics, thinks, “The big banks, the big Wall Street money, are essentially agents of the government.  This is why they don’t get prosecuted.  This is why they can break all kinds of laws, commit felonies and settle with a fine.  This is what we’ve been watching in the financial arena.  When these financial gangsters are caught, instead of being indicted and put on trial, they pay money.”

How could the Russians retaliate?  Dr. Roberts says, “If the Russians wanted to do payback, it’s very easy for them.  The next time all of these contracts, paper gold contracts, are dumped on the futures market, the Russians need to go and buy them all up, then demand delivery because there is no gold to deliver.  The whole system would collapse.  So, the Russians could cause a gold squeeze here anytime they want. . . . They would blow the system wide open because they can’t make delivery.”

On war, Dr. Roberts says recent resolutions passed in Congress certainly point to it.  Dr. Roberts explains, “These resolutions demonize Russia and define it as a great threat.  They call on Obama to arm the Ukrainians so we can use the Ukrainians to fight Russia.  In other words, we are going to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian.  Of course, the Ukraine can’t fight Russia.   The whole purpose of this is to have the Russians slap them down, then we can go to the Europeans and say see, see the Russians invaded and look how dangerous they are.  You’re next.  They will be in Berlin tomorrow.  They’ll be in London by the end of the week.  Paris will fall, and Rome will burn. We can’t wait to tell the Europeans this because the whole purpose of this is to completely break every kind of relationship, economic, political and cultural, between Russia and Europe.  That’s what Washington’s goal is.  That’s what it’s all about.  This includes attacks on the ruble and sanctions.  They are setting up a war that nobody can win, for what reason?  For American superiority?  You don’t have superiority if the world is awash in radioactive waste and there is nuclear winter.  The climate has collapsed.  The whole thing is an absurdity.”

On the teetering economy and possible economic collapse, Dr. Roberts says, “We know something serious is wrong.  The only provision of Dodd-Frank that has any teeth is the provision that says if the big banks are going to be casinos and gamble on derivatives, they cannot do that in the depository institution where depositors have their accounts.  They have to farm it out into subsidiaries.  So, if the subsidiaries get into trouble, the subsidiaries have no access to depositors’ money.  This is the only real reform part of Dodd-Frank.  Citigroup got put into the recent spending bill, the repeal of this, so they can gamble on derivatives, and taxpayers and depositors are on the hook for the losses.  Why would you do that unless you had a lot of derivatives trouble.  It could easily be the oil derivatives. . . .  The banks can gamble all they want and they are covered by the FDIC, which has no money. . . . This gives the banks access to depositors’ money. . . . This is sick, and it shows the United States government is the most corrupt government on earth, far more corrupt than Russia or China.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

(There is much more in the video interview with Dr. Roberts.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Mason

    Haha, excellent Greg!
    I was worrying (and I still am, but that’s not my point here) about that a collapse of the Russian ruble would be a trigger for a war with the West, as I have just posted in the previous comment-section (with Harry Dent). But you are already way ahead of me (on this account that is) and you already interviewed a guest who covered this topic.
    Excellent Greg, kudos for you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Cool, thank you Mason.

      • allen ols

        mason, and greg;

        Today the man the United States called up on to execute QE1 warned King World News to expect even more chaos to erupt in 2015. He also discussed what this will mean for investors in major markets, including gold. Andrew Huszar, who built the Fed’s massive trading room, also spoke about what is currently exacerbating serious problems in Russia and elsewhere around the globe.

        Eric King: “Andrew, what were your thoughts on what transpired with the Fed yesterday?”

        Huszar: “I think what happened was a relatively insignificant change. I’m reminded of a saying in Hungary: Hungarians say that they are always saying they are going to leave the party but they never do. And I feel like the Fed is becoming pretty Hungarian these days in terns of the way it’s talking about the idea of ending easy money but it isn’t really showing any inclination to do so.”

        Eric King: “What are your thoughts on what is happening in Russia? Obviously the are under economic attack, including their currency.”

        Huszar: “There are some underlying issues in the Russian economy. But what we are also seeing are some of the unintended consequences of the end of QE in October….

        Continue reading the Andrew Huszar interview below…

        “To be fair, QE hasn’t really fully ended. The Fed indicated it would keep the current size of its portfolio static. So it’s still going to be undertaking about $1 trillion worth of bond purchases each year. This will just be to replace the bonds that are maturing.

        But it’s not buying more, and so I think a lot of the liquidity that was flowing into the world markets and pumping up emerging market stocks and commodities, and even higher risk corporate debt issuance in the United States, has eroded. This is part of the fallout we are already seeing on the margin from the fallout of QE. So the problems in Russia and elsewhere are being exacerbated by the end of QE.”

        Eric King: “What does that mean for the rest of the world? We’ve already seen the chaos erupt in Russia. Is it going to spread?”

        Huszar: “I think there is even a larger macro-question. A lot of the underlying problems that we’ve seen leading to the financial crisis …………………..contd.

        • Mason

          Allen, thank you for the information.

        • paul

          Al … Good Post! … Especially like the part where Huszar says “the Fed isn’t really showing any inclination to ending easy money”

      • James in NY

        Greg, As mush as I might like to think separate banking & government entities exist in the world, I tend to believe we are watching a choreographed movie. I don’t trust government, banking, or foreign powers. The more I learn, the more I distrust. The idea that what ever is to happen is already orchestrated and in the planning stage exists daily in my mind. That said, exasperates me that so many slumber while the balance of mankind is decided by the few for the many. But yet, as many of us have been convicted of the tin foil hat, some small part also yearns for the catalyst that creates the I told you so moment. So knowing what we think we know puts us in a very surreal moment in time, feeling mostly alone with our convictions.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t see how anyone could argue against this point.

      • James in NY

        By the way Greg, …don’t mind my manners. Merry Christmas !

        • Greg Hunter

          Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • paul

      Mason …
      When we humans were created by God and he taught us about astronomy, mathematics, economics, philosophy,logic, etc. and he taught us right from wrong. God’s people had “good genes” and could comprehend and follow the simple lessons God taught.

      Dr. Roberts is a person with “good genes” that can see exactly what is going on in the world today. For example, the collapse of the Russian ruble is inconsistent with logic because Russia has a positive balance of payments, the US economy is a house of cards because it is standing on a weak “fiat” dollar foundation and hence is ready to fall, etc.

      But there are sub-humans (with “defective genes”) who want only war not peace, they murder, they lie and they steal, etc. like infantile greedy brats who don’t have a clear understanding of the world and God’s design for humanity .. they are not even good at mathematics and can’t even count properly.

      For example, people with “good genes” add up one silver dollar and another silver dollar and say they have two silver dollars. pretty simple 1+1 =2 … and when they add 0 + 0 it equals 0.

      The people with “genetic defects” don’t use God’s mathematics … for instance, when the Fed creates dollars on their computers “out of nothing” and add them up 0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0 it has a “value to them” of 10 dollars … those with God’s “good genes” add up ten zero’s and get zero (0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0 =0). People with good genes don’t live in the Fed Matrix.

      Outside the Fed Matrix we add our “physical” silver dollars … 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 14 (and we get a value of $14 dollars for this amount of silver). When we add “fiat” paper dollars created out of nothing … 0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0 = 0 (we get a value of zero for this amount of nothing)

      The Matrix builders will tell us (like our last guest) that if we subtract Zero’s from the Fed’s fiat economic system it actually makes the zero’s worth “more in value”?? … let’s assume the Fed’s entire fiat economic system contains 14 fiat dollars (0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0 = 14) and now because of debt cancellation lets say the amount of fiat in the system is cut in half … to those living in the Fed Matrix they add up the reduced dollars and say it is now worth twice as much (0+0+0+0+0+0+0=28) because there are “less of them”.

      Let’s get real people … step out of the Matrix mathematics … wake up to what God want’s for Humanity … he does not want to see us killing each other in a thermonuclear war and he does not want to see us lie and steal, etc.

      The infantile, greedy, un-Godly ones who promote war around the world actually try to tell us “they are doing God’s work” … but they live in an evil Matrix where God’s mathematics does not hold … and God’s moral teachings do not hold … they are “genetically defective people” … do not follow them like sheep into their crazy, insane, loony tune Matrix world order … resist with all your might and your God given logic … and follow “good people” like Dr. Roberts, Greg Hunter, Alan, Jerry, and others on this site, etc., etc. that “intuitively know” what God meant when he said “Thou Shall Not Kill” … good peoples genes are not defective … they can understand God’s mathematics … they do not live in the Matrix.

      • Mason

        It is not that what you are saying is not correct, but I would say you are extremely heavy on your references to God. He has nothing to do with this in my book, if he even exists. I would say that most of your reply is off-topic. At least for me it is.
        But thanks for replying anyway, thanks for your perspective, and best to you,

        • allen ols

          mason, i disagree with your your post, but agree with the nice spirit u posted it in. thanks for your kindness to paul.
          this site needs kindness, and toooo many professing christians are not kind in responses. It would be better if they just stood back and watched. ” paul spoke to the corinth. church, “if i speak with tounges of men and of angles, and have not love or kindness, WE ARE NOTHING, but sounding bongs and clanking cymbles.’

          al ols

    • Rob

      Hi Greg and Mason!

      Mason that is a very interesting name you go by as it reminds me of the “Masons” who Carroll Quigley belonged to. Here is a quote from this elitist insider that needs to be understood when it comes who is really manipulating the economies of the world:

      It must not be felt that these heads of the world’s chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather, they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up and were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers (also called “international” or “merchant” bankers) who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks.

      Russian’s central bank is full of “technicians and agents” who follow orders from the BIS and the IMF.

      All central banks including the Federal reserve work in collusion to break down their individual countries through attrition whether it be economic, political, or militaristic pressure.

      This global pressure is to bring down all fiat currencies with the us dollar so the world cries out for a replacement to this dying system by the fall of 2015.

      Christine Lagarde gave us a very big clue as to the pattern of 7s these “merchant” bankers are playing by first convincing America to adopt their agenda so the rest of the world who is tethered to the us dollar adopts its agenda as well:

      2000~stock market high
      2002~patriot act & homeland security enacted breaking down the constitution and bill of rights

      2007~stock market high
      2009~quantitative easing to infinity that forces all countries to adopt to remain competitive with their exports.

      2014~stock market high
      2015~global fiat currencies begin to all collapse bringing the “reset” Christine Lagarde mentioned and will be agreed upon at the G20 meeting on November 10, 2015 at Antalya which is a Mediterranean port in southwestern Turkey, on the Gulf of Antalya. Attalia was founded as a seaport in the 2nd century BC by Attalus II, a king of Pergamum.
      2016~first full year of “tribulation”

      Where have we seen the word “Pergamum” before:

      Revelation 2:12-13 And to the angel of the church in Pergamum write: These things saith he that hath the sharp two-edged sword: (13) I know where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s throne is; and thou holdest fast my name, and didst not deny my faith, even in the days of Antipas my witness, my faithful one, who was killed among you, where Satan dwelleth.

      Please understand that the same “merchant” bankers who worship satan and “numerology” know the bible very very well and are following its script to a tee. Take a look at how many times the word “merchant(s)” is mentioned in Revelation chapter 18 when the destruction of Babylon begins in 2022 seven years after 2015:
      Rev_18:3 For by the wine of the wrath of her fornication all the nations are fallen; and the kings of the earth committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth waxed rich by the power of her wantonness.
      Rev_18:11 And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, for no man buyeth their merchandise any more;
      Rev_18:15 The merchants of these things, who were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and mourning;
      Rev_18:23 and the light of a lamp shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the princes of the earth; for with thy sorcery were all the nations deceived.

      Please folks I beg of you to put all else aside and study the Word of God for in it lies the only escape from all that’s coming upon this earth:

      Luke 21:34-36 But take heed to yourselves, lest haply your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that day come on you suddenly as a snare: (35) for so shall it come upon all them that dwell on the face of all the earth. (36) But watch ye at every season, making supplication, that ye may prevail to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

      Love in CHRIST! Rob

      • Jeff L

        Rob I have presented Chapter 18 as a very descriptive analogy more than once here. Fell on deaf ears and no response. Not one.

        • J C Davis

          Jeff L . Im sure Gods word accomplished what it was sent to do. I try not to respond to spiritual postings because This site will keep an eye on the government, your financial interests and cut through the media spin. Yet I much agree with your posting. Thank you Greg for allowing some of these postings.
          I must add 2015 is the year of Shmita.

        • Mason

          That is correct. It is not my cup of tea. With all due respect: I sincerely do not want to sound unpleasant but quoting scripture does fall on deaf ears as far as I am concerned. I know you probably mean well, but as far as I am concerned there is no need AT ALL to quote the Bible in order to know that there is a Big Bang coming in 2015.75. Quoting scripture when making predictions diminishes your credibility in my view.
          Reading Martin Armstrong’s blog is more than enough, thank you :

          • Jeff L

            As you can see I didn’t quote a scripture, I merely suggested a site for enrichment. Not once have I quoted a scripture………. Suggestive reading is not any different than the cut and paste articles we all do here……… It is interesting though that words such as Obama, Putin, Pelosi, ect is considered appropriate but don’t use the word GOD……… I would suggest to you that is a big reason this country is where it is today.

            • allen ols

              jeff l

              thnkyou agreed I do like the kind interaction and both of u r excellent posters praise god.

              I am at jc davis’s man cave lol
              praise god. al

            • JC Davis

              Thank you Jeff L.

        • Alarmed

          God’s Word is quite clear concerning the end times. I matters not that anyone should comment. We are definitely in the beginning of Apocalyptic times and witnessing the drum beats of WW3. Henry Kissinger was taped making a comment that Obama (this was the start of his first term) would usher in the NWO. Many “changes” have taken place since then.
          Repent, Accept Christ as your Savior. He will never fail you.

          • Greg Hunter

            Amen brother!

          • Angie


      • Mason

        That’s a particularly good quote from Professor Quigley you cite. So thank you for that. For beginners on the subject, I would recommend viewing a lecture on professor Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope, by Edward Griffin on

        As an aside, you know that when you comment on someone’s name, chances are very high that the person to whom the name belongs, has already heard that same comment a lot of times before. But you are correct.

        Good information in the rest of your reply, apart from your references to scripture.

        With all respect, I must say I don’t have any need for the quotions from scripture. There is no need to bring scripture into the equation. Just to read Martin Armstrong’s blog in enough to know there is a Big Bang coming in 2015.75. Although Greg and a lot of commenters are Christian or have other religions, and all are most certainly welcome here, this site itself is a serious news-site (if it weren’t, I wouldn’t be visiting it) and not a religious site. Quoting from scripture when doing predictions diminishes your credibility as far as I am concerned.

        Thank you for your response though, because it had very good elements in it.
        Kind regards, Mason

        • Charles H.


          While you correct in the main – this is not a spiritual or religious site: you are not correct about “not bringing Scripture into the equation”. For One – if Humanism, or Science, or Sociology is to be quoted – Scripture has it’s representation as a matter of fairness of expression. Secondly, A good deal of the Bible DOES specifically describe the turn of events which embroil the world currently. If you have no regard for God or belief in a Higher Authority: then you should not grumble if others who DO have convictions express them with the authority they chose to cite. Turn-about fair play would be to always complain, disagree, or debunk whatever authority YOU may cite – as hogwash. I think your own preference which borders on insistence against quoting Scripture should be kept to yourself. Complaining against other’s comment’s content – tramples a bit on their sensitivities. The purpose of this site is to CONTRIBUTE perspective, perception and such: not serve as a critique of style or content. Christians are tolerant and considerate; they will steer away from quoting Scripture to avoid the friction. But this then hijacks the site. Grumblers win their preferences; and Christians tone-down or avoid the friction altogether. No thanks. If you don’t like Scripture: skip over it – and don’t complain. This suggestion is only to encourage a polite, and considerate, and tolerant or civil attitude from all commenters here.

          • Mason

            Charles H,

            First, please check the order of the previous posts. I posted one short comment to Greg where I was merely complimenting him for the swiftness in which he managed to interview a guest on an very actual topic (a collapse of the Russian ruble). On that short comment I got a few reactions from other people, who extensively quoted scripture or religious texts. Which in my book had nothing to do with my comment.

            I did appreciate their replies to my initial comment, and I do mean that. And I did take care to point out the good points in their replies to my comment. But I also think that more than one reaction to my initial comment in which scripture or religious tekst are quoted extensively is a little bit overdone, especially if it has nothing to do with my initial comment.

            I do think I was correct in pointing that out. I just took the effort in responding to each of the replies to my initial post. I tried to do that in an as friendly manner as possible.

            Second, I never comment on religious-oriënted comments when they are not directed at my posts, so I would suggest your comment is uncalled for.

            If you are serious about polite, considerate, tolerant and civil discourse on this site (as you imply you yourself are engaging in), please accept my comments in the civil spirit in which I gave them.

            • Greg Hunter

              You have no sin my friend. I just wanted to put out a general reminder to shorten the comments a bit. We are good. Merry Christmas.

              • Mason

                Thank you Greg. And a Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂

            • Charles H.


              You simply are not the arbiter of what other people consider to be appropriate. HOW do you know that religious responses “has nothing to do with my initial comment”? Are you not assuming and speaking for others – as if you knew their mind and intent?

              You skirt the issue of the content of your comments by insisting on the friendliness of your response. Problems are resolved at the source: the source is your grumblings – that others use, or profusely use, Scripture. Nothing in your reply addresses this issue. You have effectively avoided dealing with any substance of my comment.

              It does not matter whether you comment on religious- oriented comments when they are not directed at your posts. I respectfully say that – just because someone replies to your comments: this does not automatically give license to condescend against their comments with a formal complaint: “There is no need to bring Scripture into the equation.” Again, I repeat myself: you set yourself up as an arbiter. IT IS the TONE of such objections – which rub people the wrong way. rather than dealing with the Scriptures themselves: you off-handedly reject or disqualify them in wholesale. Quotes like “…there is no need AT ALL to quote the Bible… because it diminishes your credibility…” – are in themselves, found embedded in various comments of yours, and comprise a consistent negative bias. It is this negative bias, and overall consistent “tone” of complaint against Scripture, which I point-out; and you summarily avoid.

              Lastly, Mason – where are you from? Mis-spelling the word “text” (tekst); and having a keyboard that uses the “e” with the double-dot over it implies a foreign orientation.
              Until you can explain and deal with those terms I have just spelled-out in this comment (your tone, or bias, and condescension): I will disagree on what either of us considers “civil”. And, respectfully: I believe my comment was, and still is, very much called for.
              Merry Christmas.

              • Mason

                Charles H,

                First, no I am not the arbiter as you say. Greg is the arbiter.
                Therefore I refer to his last comment on this subject.

                Second, if people reply to my initial comment (in this case a compliment to Greg for his swiftness on getting a guest on the collapse of) I believe I can express my thoughts freely on what I think of their reply to my initial comment. I see no harm in that.

                Third, your use of the word “grumblings” to refer to my comment, reveals a bias on your part. Please, try to look past it.

                Fourth, you cherry-pick and twist my words. You put two parts of two sentences of mine and blend them into one socalled “quote” I never made. You are painting a picture that is not true. That is a style of rhetoric on your part I find dangerous and worrisome to be frank.

                Fifth, I welcome different perspectives even if I don’t agree with them. I even said so in my reply. I stand by my comments and I refer to them again.
                Please try to read them without bias.

                Sixth, this will be my last exchange with you on this comment-section.

                Kind regards,

  2. Kenneth Schortgen Jr

    Well Done Greg…

    After the whole chaos of today, and the cutting off of Russia to currency markets, I had a feeling deep in my bones and in my spirit, WWIII was launched today.

    And once Washington votes to arm Ukraine, the ONLY thing Im waiting to see is if China steps up and says, we’re with Russia.. economically and militarily… no matter where it is.

  3. Logo Guy Perth

    I feel like I am watching a pantomine, where the 3 main players are all acting in unison but pretending to be mortal enemies.
    B.O. reeks of an inside guy, Putin is so restrained in the face of the overwhelming attack via Ukraine and the financial attack on the Ruble. China is too needed to the world economy and with lots of people and weapons, to be attacked by anyone. But with well supported reports that China has troops in Hawaii and there are Russian troops inside of the US with plenty of witnesses, the borders have been left open and border staff told to make themselves busy. Every decision B.O. makes is in the worst interests of the US . 70% of New York commercial space is owned by the Chinese. Virtually all the ports are owned by the Chinese, including Australia,New Zealand and Canada, Chicago seems to be sold off wholesale, public space is being sold for “solar generation”. You have to think that all the players are playing their part and the charade goes on until the final act is played out and conveniently there are FEMA camps, miltarised local police, restrictions on sending money from your account, no real regulators in financial markets.
    It is scary to watch this unfold. I’ve taken to writing songs instead, it is cheaper than therapy.

    • Reasonable Man

      Your conspiracy fears are just plain silly. Russians and Chinese taking over the US. Ha, Ha! Sounds like a silly 1970s movie plot.

      • J C Davis

        Reasonable man. I find myself no longer discarding any possibility. After 911 I told a conspiracy friend he was crazy. Now he don’t look so crazy after all. If a turtle is sitting on a stump 3 ft off the grown something had to put the turtle there. The turtle did not climb the stump.

      • Logo Guy Perth

        I would like to believe that politicians have my best interests at heart, bankers are just there to facilitate fair commerce, that B.O. is acting in the US best interests, and that providing 250 billion to arm local police and the hundred and one alphabet agencies is purely for citizen protection but from my observation that would look like a Disney movie plot.

      • Alarmed

        God’s Word never mentions the United States. Either we are going to be completely obliterated, or considered part of Britannia/UK as so many assert that we really are today. It does not sound like a silly movie to me, in fact, it sounds silly to me to discount Biblical prophecy. Many consider Gog and Magog to be Russia and China.
        If this is fact, I cannot say, but God does say that the problem on earth is not between principalities and powers, but a battle between God and Satan. With the obsession concerning the occult in movies, “music,” books, etc, (tattoos are Satanic), along with the war on Christianity (most people are not aware that many Christians are still being slaughtered over the globe), this becomes clear.

    • spanky

      Cui Bono?

      • diane

        Good question, Spanky

    • Rusticus

      Mr. Perth, (an Aussie, I presume?) you’ve just hit the nail on the head. Globalism advances in lock-step, be it West, East, or anywhere in between. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that the Anglo-American Establishment is simply incompetent in its systematic suppression of commodity prices and transfer of wealth to Russia and China in the form of physical metals. It seems far more likely that the injection of credit in these markets and the subsequent “cheap gold” they’re being handed is merely globalization’s attempt to “even the monetary odds” before ushering in a new global economic standard. Why else would China and Russia’s central banking monstrosities be staunch IMF partners and supporters?

      Researchers of Deep Politics really need to begin examining our current geopolitical structure in the vein of an Antony Sutton, whose academic work quantifiably proves Western backing and participation in the rise and development of the Soviet Union as well as Nazi Germany. James Corbett recently did a piece trying to confirm a historicity along these lines with regard to China which I think you’ll find fascinating.

      China and the New World Order:

      Whether or not this transition will be made without catastrophic strife and conflict, be it organic or manufactured, is yet to be seen, but I would be surprised if there weren’t.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • allen ols

      hey perth, in aussy area;

      I am really enjoying your info. u are funny sometimes, with alot of info. thanks al ols

    • Kenneth Schortgen Jr

      Yeppers. Wrote about it this morning in fact. 🙂

  4. Varughese

    They are gonna drive Russia take that game changing step – backing rubble with gold. What you think?

  5. allen ols



    I read PCR regularly.

    here is miles f.

    by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

    To say that events are now taking place at the speed of light is an understatement. It was just last Monday, I wrote a missive entitled “The Mother of all Bank Runs“. In it I wrote about the German and Dutch repatriations of gold which was then followed by the Belgians beginning discussions on the same topic. As a final speculation, I mentioned that “logically the Austrians would be next.” There was no way you could have told me it would be less than one week until the same news would actually come out of Austria! Unlike the Germans, Dutch and Belgians who have gold held in N.Y., Paris and London, Austria holds 80% of their 280 tons of gold concentrated in London. This is truly big news for several reasons which we will explore and it certainly brings up a few more questions.

    These four countries represent the core of the European Union. The EU is located in Brussels and the ECB is located in Frankfurt so the “power centers” (or financial centers) if you will are located within this “block” of countries, let’s call them the “Nordic bloc”. These four are the strength of the euro, they are the highest rated credits and for the most part they alone dictate policy. …And now, ALL of them will be asking for their gold to be returned to them.

    Read More @

  6. rezo

    Hi Greg ,mostly agree with PCRs comments but I just cannot accept that the Russians and Chinese are stupid and just follow the American economists training.
    I think they know exactly what they are doing and I am absolutely certain they know how to crash the American economy they are simply just not ready yet .
    They have a game plan and will follow it through .
    Re Ukraine … The Europeans are not stupid either and are fully aware of the American plan and I believe are giving lip service to the Americans and fully working behind the scenes simply biding their time and I believe will strike in unison when the time is right .
    Lets not forget that the good doctor said in the early stages that Russia should occupy Ukraine and now he is saying not to do it as it will scare the Europeans and then become united against Russia . This is a slow moving train wreck for America and the Russians and Chinese are in full control of the END result .
    Finally I cannot for the life of me understand why gunmen go to a school and kill innocent children when the Citibank offices and their criminals would be a more appropriate target . At least they would be fighting back and working for their own survival and the survival of the general population.

    • Desert Rose

      Bet the Pakistani gunmen were hired by Langley.
      Another false flag. Ebola didn’t work.
      Desperation by bankers, including all those take-the-people’s-money bills being approved by the FAKE Congress & House.
      Putin will outsmart them all.
      He’s the only leader acting overtly regarding the false valuations. China is waiting to clean up the mess after the US crashes totally.

      We won’t have to pay the pensions of Congress & Senate, we can refuse all the liabilities by citing the true Constitution.

      Thanks, Greg, for the great news site!

      • Galaxy 500

        Hired by langley. Hahahahahahahahahaha…breath…hahahahahaha
        Dudette, sometimes a group of islamic terrorists are just Islamic terrorist
        I dont buy all the conspiracy theories but we have a crappy record of keeping secret. And in case you missed it, Obama is on the side of the terrorists

        • Mason

          Obama is indeed on the side of the terrorists,
          and so is Bush/Cheney in case YOU missed it.

          • allen ols


            the group of creeps, called 535 in our gobbmt, are all in it together, covering each others butts. they are all bought by the lobbyists, cheap, and corrupt. thanks for your posts. praise god in christ. al ols

      • Isaac

        Russia and China are controlled by the same banking cartel that runs the US. They are all just playing them off against one other.

        The end game is a consolidation of the various systems into one.

        • Charles H.


          While Russia and China DO have Harvard and Ivy League trained economic professionals – how would you know that having them wasn’t to ascertain how the Western word thought and acted; to be able to play the Game by their rules? China still executes corrupt high Officials. Russia probably just “disappears” theirs. If the world’s systems Do coalesce – it will probably happen under titanic revolutions: not smoothly at all. And not suddenly?

        • allen ols

          agreed, but dont forget, they need to downsize the population, useless eaters, “kissinger, or zibignew bresinski on overpopulation. al ols

    • Charles H.


      ‘… they know how to crash the American economy, they just aren’t ready yet.’
      Why not Citibank? Man do you think well.

      • J C Davis

        Charles H and rezo. some 20 years back I talked to a plane full of Chinese exchange students that told me they were sent to the USA to study our economy. They said The general population in China is more informed on our economy then the average stock player.

      • allen ols

        charles, h

        did u see where citie grp, bought 30k office space on the hill in w dc?

  7. allen ols

    monday i ordered silver, week b 4 ; gold, and fri. will order more gold. I use melody cedarstrom, disc. gld and silver, and i see u have her site below. I have been listening to melody, since 6 yrs ago, on the international forecaster with bob chapman.
    your site, is foremost, of all the sites.


    go to; for a clearing house of all the sites. al ols

    • paul

      Al … See your giving worthless fiat notes to the Blue Pill people for “real money” … however it won’t be long before the bargains will soon end … as more and more Blue Pill people are snapping out of their trance and awakening each day. When they do awaken they won’t take a one hundred dollar fiat note for a single one ounce silver coin … in fact if they really snap out of it … they won’t even take a one thousand dollar fiat note for their one ounce silver coin.

      • allen ols

        good point. Over the last 4 or 5 weeks, I have gotten totally prepped for every thing, as my last prep was israeli gas masks, 2 more yrs of presc. medicines. so what to do, I decided to buy small pieces of silver, and gold, simply because I could.


        • J C Davis

          Allen. I was at a pawn shop when I held my first 1 0z gold coin. I felt the power of real money. I could not get past the weight, the feel, and meaning behind holding something so rare. The clerk kept his hand out for me to give it back to him… He saw I had gold fever.

          • allen ols

            oh, no, save me from the greed of gold. lol

    • Jeff L

      Sorry, Rezo is 100% correct. Russia (or China) have the ability, goods and knowledge to collapse our 500 $Trillion derivative black hole of debt anytime. You guys just keep believing we still run the world………. Throughout the world we created chaos and destruction. That’s what we do, destroy lives and countries……… Hope you’re proud. In case you haven’t figured it out, this isn’t 1776 anymore. We no longer fight for truth, justice and the American way………. We fight just to fight and because we can. Always against a smaller foe. Are you proud ?…….We destroy MILLIONS of lives to uphold the dollar. Are you proud ? Not once, yes not ONCE did any of those actions have one iota of Constitutional bearing……. You know, the Constitution………. No, I don’t think you do. And that’s the problem with the pathetic citizens of this country. Frigg’in Constitutional retards every one………. Our Founding Fathers knew what happened to EVERY great empire that thought they could tell the rest of the world how to live. Count ’em out, we’re History challenged, math challenged, and ethic challenged………….. What else would you expect from the Great Satan (again Rev Ch 18)

  8. Silence is Golden

    Dr Roberts hits this one outta the park…..very acute senses.
    When PCR says ” the big Wall Street money, are essentially agents of the government”….I would go one step further and say….Wall Street Banksters are literally ….THE Government. Look no further than ex Goldman Sachs and Citigroup Alumni holding posts in key positions of office. Even the CIC, BO, received majority funding from GS for his presidency campaign.
    A comprehensive list can be found here (with some other notable inclusions):
    If that isn’t enough pain, this will bring even more tears to your eyes :
    Scroll down to Kerry…..did you know what he was worth ? Why does someone with that wealth, need to work in Government ? Whose interests is he protecting ? He’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Corruption stems from those whose desire is for Power, Wealth & Money and Control. Those (majority) that occupy seats of Government are either devoid of brain cells or are psychologically not suitable to hold office. The danger for the citizenry is that policies are being enacted/ founded on immoral and unjust principles. Those therefore working in the political sphere, which we know has no ethics, morality or integrity, are lacking those qualities that we expect in order to achieve some semblance of a safe and secure economic and social paradigm, where rule of law prevails. They are not fit to hold office….any office…..any position…any where….any time….THEY ARE DANGEROUS AND A MENACE TO SOCIETY.

    It is more than “sick” it is diabolical and reprehensible.
    Condemnation will come in the form of Anarchy, otherwise we are headed for a pure Totalitarian State.

    • Charles H.


      You see the tail from the dog! Marvelous! I fear we will taste of both – anarchy AND totalitarianism. And it IS diabolical. All nations that forget God….

      Merry Christmas.

    • allen ols

      thanks, i will watch the videos next week, it takes me awhile. keep posting, u have great stuff. al ols

  9. spanky

    Roberts is one of the few voices of reason out there. Unlike your last guest Mr. Dent, Mr. Roberts has an extensive background in geopolitics, and formal economic education and hands on policy making. He speaks the truth in a world where no one is listening. he is the modern day Cicero. You can see though, that the stress has made him a bit cynical , ( and many of us as well) for seeing this Matrix of morons with their I phones etc. walking around like zombies , living in a false reality….. It is , in fact, very hard to live in such a distorted world , where red is blue , and blue is red.. and it causes one great stress to even begin to participate in the pedestrian conversion de jour. Paul Roberts is delivering his swan song almost every day in his columns, for those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, he is a true patriot. I support his site financially as I do this one as well . You Greg, as well, as a result of your interactions with many of these enlightened guests on your show, have gained a great deal of wisdom which can be seen in your weekend commentary . You are a true journalist, and a patriot as well. You should sleep very well at night Greg as you do the bidding of none and seek out the truth. No matter what happens they can’t take that away from you. Carry on. If they try to take down your site, there will be hell to pay.

    • paul

      You are a True Enlightened Patriot Spanky.

      • allen ols

        paul agreed!!! al

  10. Max Meister

    Bloomberg writes that Russia is likely goint to sell parts of it’s gold reserves into the market in order to raise cash. That would be quite the opposite of what Roberts suggests. However if that would be the true, i wonder why Russia increased it’s gold buying just recently. I think they deffinetely would defend their interests better by following Roberts suggestion of challanging the Crimex rather than to play the game of the west and dump their gold.

    • paul

      Your right Max … Bloomberg is inside the Matrix dreaming beautiful thoughts that will help the Cabal … Russia is operating in reality outside the Matrix

      • allen ols

        paul max, agreed!!!

  11. Andrew de Berry

    Great to have PCR on your show Greg, thanks.

  12. mac

    Ok, when can we move past “stupid”? American people are gonna pay again when Banks lose more, as they have so often in the past, starting with 1929. Yes, the Banks are the reason for the great Depression. And every crisis therafetr was caused by banks, too.

    Now the Banks can turbo gamble on Derivatives as the tax payer will cover losses. Wow, how stupid r Yanks? Over the moon!

    • J C Davis

      Mac in my view this is the biggest changing event in my lifetime. You will not here about this on 60 minutes.

  13. Mike Miller

    As someone with over 30 years in the financial services industry and prior to that having conducted hundreds of investigations at the federal level, 2015 looks more and more like it will be the year the world gets turned upside down. Just how bad it’s going to get is still anyone’s guess.

    There are multiple countries on the brink of financial collapse with no likely solutions to their dilemma. Whether the trigger event begins in Europe, Russia, Japan the US or somewhere else will not make any difference.

    Some countries will fare better than others and some will barely survive but the effects will be felt worldwide. I believe the western countries most responsible for the problems they created will have the most difficult of times, and of course the US is at the top of that list.

    Even worse is the increasing number of articles and reports on the possibility of World War 3 becoming a reality especially with tensions between Russia and the US at there highest level since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. Big difference this time is there is no JFK to defuse the situation – instead the same type of lunatics that killed him are now in charge and seeming eager to provoke an enemy they cannot beat.

    There is also China, Iran and North Korea. It’s not just a matter of a nuclear attack the US has to worry about. A cyber or EMP attack can be just as or more lethal, shutting down the grid with estimates of killing up to 90% of the US population within a year. This could easily be accomplished today by a number of US foes and there is no defense yet that can stop it.

    What Americans should probably fear most, however, is another false flag that will allow the implementation of a number of Executive Orders already on the books and the declaration of federal martial law throughout the country.

    The questions of why all the military drills around the country over the past several years along with the FEMA camps, NSA spying etc. will suddenly become apparent but it will be too late to do anything about it. Game over – checkmate.

    In any case, my intuition at this time is there is a 90% chance of at least one of the scenarios above happening in 2015. Of course, 2015 may come and go with only a few more bumps in the road, but I seriously doubt you will have to worry about which political hack to vote for in 2016. Good to have at least one positive thing to end on.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree 2015 will be a turning point year but we will not exit 2014 unscathed.

      • Alarmed

        I agree. It is difficult to even guess what evil lurks in the heart of those who have chosen poorly. December 23, 1913 (the end of the year) was the beginning of the end of the USA, not that we were ever the perfect nation that some believe.

      • Jeff L

        Greg we still have 2 more weeks of 2014 and I feel there’s a good reason to “create” a bigger problem before the new congress gets in. They could realistically cause problems in Nobama’s plans……….. Christmas (spending season) over, taxes settled……..time to start something.

      • rezo

        MIKE MILLER I totally agree with your post this is the likely scenario
        and most thinking people know the same , my question and in my post says that I cannot understand why people wont do anything to stop it . I am an Aussie living in Thailand and I can guarantee to you that if what is going on in the US was happening in either of these two countries people would be armed and on the streets taking on the government and the banksters guaranteed . Prevention is better than a slow death . What is wrong with Americans ? Are you all really that stupid ?

        • JC Davis

          rezo. Our hands are tied by the cooperation’s that hold our jobs. It has gotten so bad to speak your mind in the work place can get you fired quickly. Speak your mind in public and get your a.. kicked. America is in a lost state. The people like me go to the internet to prepare for what they see.

  14. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Great to hear PCR on again. Once again I really enjoyed listening to him. He is one of my favorite writers. By the way, will you be having JW on again soon? It would be great to hear his current view as things have deteriorated considerably on the world stage since his last appearance. I am very nervous about what Russia is being subjected too. We all know that nobody can keep poking a big bear with a stick indefinitely without suffering serious consequences.
    There is a lot to digest in this interview just as there was with the last guest.
    I notice when I looked a few minutes ago that there were well over 40 A4 pages of comments.
    This is great work you do Greg – man do you get our grey matter working overtime!

  15. bob

    great interview greg. lot to say. but , the the 30year olds living with parents struck me hardest. now, i bet they have a smart phone and satellite tv and internet through computer. now that problem is sticky. if you can’t afford to live on your own but can afford all the toys…what? then you have the conditioning and i guess you can call it keeping up with the jones or is it also in your face commercials. oh, how about the telecoms in this country that over charges for your phone, tv, or internet. go across the pond and it is dirt cheap and you are getting way more megs than commercial companies get.rigged. everything in this country is rigged. they are trying to rig or they are shoving western policy down the rest of the world’s throat. i think putin is playing chess. we are only play checkers. thats what i get out of dr. paul
    how ever i saw on we have displayed a laser weapon that is out of this world and our auroa plane that does 6x the speed of sound. might be making russia and china think twice. probably why we are so in debt,.

    • Rich M

      Yes the 30 year olds living with parents also struck me hard too. When I was 30, i had a young family and a good career and it was an amazing time in my life. I see many who feel stuck now and I see it alot. Its not just that either, many of the jobs that high school kids would normally get are often taken by under-employed more mature folks just trying to feed their families where many may be college educated but unable to get a job in their field. This is admireable that they are willing to take these positions rather than draw off the government but the point is, in a vibrant economy there should be plenty of middle class or corporate jobs for them. It also effects high school kids who are passed over for these jobs by older overly qualified for obvious reasons so many teenagers are not working like we used to all be able to do when we were teenagers. Perhaps the sadest aspect though is the effect on young families where young parents cannot get the jobs they are qualified to do and the effect it has on them to be able to get ahead and provide for their young children…. often times with the added $30K in college loans to pay off to. This seems particularly hard on many young dad’s who want to be that provider and it takes a toll on there confidence and the young family for sure.

      I’m an engineer and was once laid off during a mini-recession at a time when I had a young family to support. As I looked for a new position, I took a job delivering pizza at nights to provide for us. My little kids loved it (free pizza) haha…. But it was frustrating for me as it took me 3 months of this to find the right new career position for me. I know as a young dad and husband I was beating myself up from it but my wife to this day tells me how proud she is that I was willing to take “any” job to support them. I guess what I am trying to say is that a stagnant economy can truly effect families and de-moralize young parents when they cannot even find the opportunities that would be available in even a fair economy. I truly see the middle class being destroyed and the recklessness of government spending has effects far more reaching than the numbers we often think about. I mean family and happiness is everything, many of these young parents feel totally disparaged and even hopeless. Its very sad to see.

      • paul

        Rich … When more and more of us bring Christ into our temple … into our mind and by his word and spirit do battle … we will subdue the enemies of righteousness!

        • Rich M

          Amen Brother.

    • Banjo Pat

      From bob,
      how ever i saw on we have displayed a laser weapon that is out of this world and our auroa plane that does 6x the speed of sound. might be making russia and china think twice. probably why we are so in debt,.

      From MrPM 12/17/2014 •

      Putin, one Cool Cat or just plain Scared Sh&%less?

      This might account for some of Washinton’s Arrogance in thinking Russia won’t dare to retaliate to US sanctions or arms to Ukraine

      Credit goes to Nikola Tesla’s charged particle death ray/beam. When Tes passed, the gov. stole all his papers and to this day the death beam papers have never been returned and the military has been working on this gun ever since starting with the charged particle beam weaponry project, “NICK”!

      When Albert Einstein was asked by journalists: “How does it feel to be the smartest living person in the world?’, Einstein allegedly answered: “I don’t know, you will have to ask Nikola Tesla!”

      Go to 1:06:39 for Tesla ray gun, better watch the whole PBS DOCUMENTARIE. Greatest Mysteries of Science: Nikola Tesla. A strange dude indeed, but were all indebted too, indeed!

  16. vincent_g

    This is why the communist manifesto had Reserve Banks as a building block.

    In our case is was a slow move to total control.
    Was it the government that started the push or the banks?
    As I remember it seemed to start with Nixon taking us off the Gold standard.
    Then Congress voted in a law that nullified local law in regards to interest rates banks can charge on loans. States used to have usury laws!
    How awful to have auto loans or credit cards at 12 percent. No no we can’t have that.

    The banks argued that with the high inflation they needed high interest rates.
    So we give the banks an inch.

    Then they pushed the banks to eliminate red lining areas.
    Banks now had to give loans to people in Ghetto Areas.

    So the banks push back and Glass Steagall is history.
    State law regarding derivatives is also history.

    So what do we have now – a monster.
    We created a monster.
    Yes I can just hear those that pushed these laws through saying it’s alive , it’s alive.

    But unlike the Frankenstein creature which was ugly this beast is quite handsome.
    One would never guess it’s a monster by it’s looks.


  17. Baron

    One of the best reasons for owning real Gold.

    If you lived in Russia and had Gold in your possession then your local spending power would have doubled virtually overnight.

    • paul

      Baron … Exactly right. When the tables are turned on us by the Russians we too will see our local spending power doubled virtually overnight.

  18. vincent_g

    On a different topic Sony is a very big story.
    Sony is under attach by what seems to be North Korea.

    Sony has been hacked and it is extremely damaging to the company.
    So much so that I believe the company will not survive this problem.

    In an article I wrote earlier on my website I stated Sony will be forced to sell off it’s entertainment division if it has any chance to stay alive.
    Sony is in bad shape to begin with having lost over one billion dollars last year.
    To help solve it’s problems it has dropped out of the PC business.
    But in my opinion this would do little to help as Sony is no longer a leading company.
    The days of the Trinitron are long over and Sony has little to show for it with exception for it’s toy Robot. A nice show piece but it doesn’t pay the bills.

    But now we have an even greater problem.
    From the damage so far we see movies that are yet to be released and ones that are newly released already floating around.
    Private conversations out in the public eye.
    Scripts for movies yet to be created out in public view.
    Star Wars being one of them.

    This is a back breaking disaster and no one in the movie business would want to work with Sony again do to this problem.
    Doesn’t matter if Sony was guilty or not of over looking security issues.
    Since they had a history of being lax, they were hacked before, movie directors and artists will avoid Sony like the plague.
    Worse I suspect they will be hit with thousands of law suits.
    Law suits could top one billion dollars as some of these movies have an expected gross over one hundred million dollars.
    Artists, directors and others have percentage of gross in their contracts in many cases which due to the movies being released by the hacker will do great damage to the movie box office gross.

    On the other hand this is a lawyer’s dream come true.

    From my viewpoint Sony is out of the music and movie business due to this hacker.

    Since Sony is a Japanese company and it’s an attack then Japan can declare War on North Korea in response.

    Things are heating up in many places and Sony is one to watch closely.

  19. Aurele

    Great guest / interview Greg. Very focused, insightful and on topic. A real eye opener in many ways. I did chuckle when Paul Craig said “Greg, take it easy”, it shows how confident this guy is. I also liked the “red-pill” analogy you made at the end of the interview (where can I get one!). Cheers

  20. Donna

    “We live in a totally made up world.” (PCR) At least some of us are aware of it. Watch out when the average citizen catches on.

    So, the ruble is taking a beating. Putin’s outlook – revenge is best served cold.

    Have you seen the latest photo of BO trying to elicit a laugh from the troops? That photo said it all. Our little Nero just could not force them to yuk it up for the cameras.

  21. mike

    Good morning Greg.
    Is there a scheme to drive the European investments into the U.S. markets as it continues to bring the Ruble down and also slow the Chinese economy?
    What’s also strange is how gold and silver seem more like a commodity rather han a hedge against inflation. I realize the USD is high, but what of the ongoing massive buying and demand with the utters @ the U.S. and Canadian mints going dry?
    Trade wars = Currency wars = Global war.
    Mike DFW Texas.

    • mike

      Hello Logo Guy.
      I ported in Freemantle and visited Perth back in May 1980, the USS Okinawa.
      I found the Australian People of the highest caliber! They treated this Yank wonderfully. It was like Norman Rockwell’s America to me. I had planned to relocate to Your land until the gun confiscation happened, it broke me heart!
      Have a good day in W.A. my Friend!
      Mike of DFW Texas

      • Ronaldo

        Mike, True some guns were confiscated – automatics and semi autos.
        However anyone can get a gun license, and own a great selection of weapons in Australia – You have to join Sporting Shooters Of Australia ($60 a year – magazine mailed 6 times a year). The other option is if you’re a farmer with more than 100 acres.
        Bolt action rifles can only use 5 shot magazines and the police will inspect your weapons once a year – they must be kept in a gunsafe too.

        No big deal really, I own a .22 bolt action, a 32-20 Winchester 1896 model and a high power air rifle.
        So don’t believe the ignorant people that say guns are banned in Australia.
        You wont be allowed a black gun with a 30 shot mag – but they are only for soldiers and civilian posers and wankers.

        • wd


          Guns were confisctaed.Period. I want to have similar type weapons to these Ivy league Nazis- No right to confiscate guns-NONE!!

          • markp

            WD, guns were not confiscated. After a particularly nasty act of mass murder, the govt introduced a gun buy-back scheme. Guns are not illegal in Australia, ownership is just controlled. Read more at

            • wd


              Two major categories were restricted to govt agencies.

              Thats is a “soft” confiscation.

              Same thing!

  22. mark

    Right on
    Thank you Greg and PCR

    • Ronaldo

      Hey WD, I was paid $300 for a .22 Browning semi auto that was held together with fencing wire, only functioned a a single shot .22 and could not have been sold for ten dollars – I bought a very nice .22 bolt action with the guvmint money…

  23. Anne Elliott

    The Matrix does sum up these times most appropriately. Which will you take – the Red pill or the Blue pill? Most everyone I know grabs for the Blue pill. “I don’t want to know” is the resounding theme in America today. Just “shut up” and “put up” with whatever you have to in order to have a “good” life. It is scary and sad with what people will put up with in order to protect themselves.

    • paul

      Anne … The Red Pill people who stepped out of the Matrix just have to keep taking the fiat “zero’s” the Fed hands out as money and continue buying the “one’s” (silver) from the Blue Pill people inside the Matrix who continue to accept the fiat nothing’s the Fed hands for real money.

  24. MrPM

    Putin, one Cool Cat or just plain Scared Sh&%less?

    This might account for some of Washinton’s Arrogance in thinking Russia won’t dare to retaliate to US sanctions or arms to Ukraine:

  25. jc davis

    Greg. I love the honesty of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. He is a fact producer without hype.

  26. art barnes

    Greg, always enjoy the good Dr., he is always so informed, rational, & aware of just who and what are Government has become. He also has a strong understanding of who the “elite”, the powers that be so-to-speak are; the ones holding the strings. I believe the U.S and its elite cronies are trying to force Putin to step down, betting he won’t go further in the Ukraine militarily and that the Russian people being spun in a deep recession will demand his removal. That may just be the play using low gas prices to break the Russian economy & forced the Russian Central Bank to raise interest rates to 17 percent. If this theory is correct, its a dangerous game of Russian roulette (pun intended), because Putin is unpredictable to western elite minds who think that war won’t happen in the nuclear age because of the theory of mutual assured destruction (MAD) – Putin doesn’t adhere to that kind of thinking necessarily, he is a chance taker, and if I have him identified correctly, and I think I have, he won’t go down without a real fuss & he won’t forget this “Western Squeeze” upon him; he will take it personal & may well find another place to cause some trouble such as Syria, Iran, Israel, or somewhere where he can be vindictive and get back at the West. He may well back off from the Ukraine and lay low for a while but he will be back when the West is not looking. The point here is he is unpredictable & its simply arrogance to think they have Putin in a box with the lid shut & sealed. This new cold war may, and I predict will, get hot at one point or another. Frankly, I get tired of our Government playing these games with its good citizens, the one who will take the fall for dangerous policies of political football. The Russian people like ourselves just want to go to work, raise their families, practice their religion(s) (mostly Christian) and live long and happy lives. This American frankly is tired of these games of push & shove as sooner or latter someone gets hit hard.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Art for your comment.

  27. vincent_g

    More news on food stamp economy

    • J C Davis

      Vincent G most people have gone to home grown eating. Free fresh farm eggs.

      • J C Davis

        Also I have gotten into foraging for food.

        • paul

          JC … Very Interesting Site … could be very useful during a food crisis!

  28. Mr.Lee

    Another great interview Mr. Hunter. Dr. Roberts is truly an National Treasure.

    We need to analyze the currency collapse of Russia within the context of the Nation itself. Regardless if the collapse is being engineered by outside forces with anterior motives, Russia is a vast nation with incredible amounts of natural resources. This has made that country rather insular and self sufficient. With it bi-lateral trade and currency swap agreements with other countries, Russia’s demise may be over stated.

    Merry X-mas to all.

  29. F Vevaina


    That was a tremendous interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
    Congratulations to both of you for your honest reporting.

  30. Jerry

    Greg PCR is absolutely correct. The Russians have a surplus and will not be harmed by the ruble collapse what-so-ever. In fact they have financial backing by the Chinese from economic agreements signed a few months ago.
    Once again the western banking cabal has walked into a bear trap. Just like Syria. Just like Ukraine. They collapsed the price of oil to take down the Russian ruble without thinking about the retaliation that will surely come back to us in the form of bank defaults by western fracking companies, and treasury bonds being dumped back in the market by the Chinese.

    You are right Greg. This is all out economic war and the United States is in no position to be playing economic chicken with two of the largest economic players in the world in the form of Russia, and China. Make no mistake retaliation is coming.

    • Jerry

      Greg I have a question for you. According to a recent report I pulled up from the U.S, Treasury department , China holds 1.252 Trillion worth of U.S. Treasury Bonds, while Russia hold 108.9 Billion.
      In the face of the most recent economic attack by the western banking cabal on Russia, what would happen if Russia and China suddenly decided to dump all of their U.S. Treasury Bonds back into the market? Your thoughts.

      • Greg Hunter

        Crash boom but I think the U.S. has a deal to give China cheap gold until it runs out. This offsets treasury bond exposure and Chris Powell from GATA will be on in the not so distant future to talk about this and other subjects concerning gold.

        • Jerry

          Greg, did you see this zerohedge article?

          Enter the Dragon . This article summaries exactly what I have been saying, ” that China and Russia are setting the chest board to take down the dollar”. If Americans are humble enough to step outside their self righteous hubris, they will see clearly that we have been set up in this economic war. Its getting ready to hot people, have your plans in order.

        • Jerry

          Greg it has taken awhile but I have finally figured out the timing of the western banking cabal attack on the Russian ruble. Here it is.

          The BRIC nations set a deadline to by pass the world central bank on 01/01/2015. This was a direct attempt to sabotage this organization by the western banking cabal. But guess what? Because of their actions, it will put the ball in motion. The BRIC nations were trying to cut themselves loose from western economic fraud. Check out who the largest buyers of gold have been. Brazil, Russia, India, China.

          • Charles H.


      • allen ols

        jackass covers this, he says ‘ war, or usd game over” al

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, if the Russians and Chinese are so smart as everyone makes them out to be (and I don’t understand why everyone else is competent, while we are the only incompetent), they merely have to play the waiting game. Aside from Putin’s ability to force a collapse via the gold hypothecation scam, the Chinese have only to dump our bonds. Both are simple, quick, and easy. Then what? Europe, Japan, and the USA sequentially crater. It’s a new version of MAD. That’s all. Sometimes nothing can be a pretty cool hand. Best always. PM

      • J C Davis

        Paul from Indiana it is for certain big changes are happening. The world could look different by spring 2015

      • Jerry

        Paul the key is that China, Russia, and the BRICS have been buying massive amounts of gold. They have been preparing for the collapse of the dollar for some time.

      • allen ols

        JC Davis, and I enjoyed our chat the other night, thankyou for the nice christmas card, will see u when u decide to come to nashville. we are 15 min. from opryland.
        your card surprised me. lol al ols

    • Charles H.


      We don’t see the things planned behind closed doors. We DO see the things which effectively happen. The world is moving away – from the USA. That we have fools in charge; who think they are smart: isn’t helping.

      • Galaxy 500

        Obama surrendered in Iraq and is in the process of surrendering in Afghanistan. He surrendered to Russia and Iran. Our allies dont trust us and our enemies laugh at us. Now Cuba is suffering because its patron, Venezuela can give it oil…and what happens. You guessed it…the Obamachrist surrenders again right when it looks like the.communist govt is in dire straits.
        Obama makes Jimmy Carter and Neville Chamberlain look like great statesmen instead of bumbling fools (or blithering idiots…your choice)
        As Greg says,”too stupid to be stupid”

      • Galaxy 500

        Charles, Spot on
        And sorry for missposting other

    • Jerry

      As I said Greg, the “supposed” ruble collapse was a trap that was set by Putin for the western banking cabal…… and they walked right into it. The Russians have seen this act before and they were waiting for it, just like they did in Ukraine. Only this time the cabal can’t blame it on the EU.
      Don’t buy into the propaganda that the western MSM is peddling about Russia being in trouble. Just remember that the Russians are backed by the Chinese , who just happen to hold the worlds entire gold supply. They are not going to stand by and let they’re biggest trading partner take a beating from the western bank thugs. Retaliation will come in the form of a sucker punch. We won’t see this one coming until we are picking ourselves up off the floor.

      • Jerry

        Like I said, the Russians saw this coming. Check this headline out from a few weeks ago, if you disagree.
        China is going to backstop the Russian economy. Count on it.

        • J C Davis

          Jerry. GREAT LINK. Here China’s role becomes clear. According to Moody’s, Rosneft “can get significant advances from Chinese state-owned CNPC on account of oil supplies” in 2015, and that should be sufficient to cover the remainder of its debt payments.
          Proof of the pudding is in the taste. So the game is exposed.

    • allen ols

      absolutely, spot on, i think the same, as this, i have a feeler out to the jackass, for some specifics, I will post your comment to the jackass. al ols

  31. whatdoiknow

    A view by an alleged Russian businessman.

    December 16, 2014 “ICH” – “Zems” – Only the lazy are not writing about this subject today. But everyone for some reason is looking in the wrong direction. Let me explain:

    – Our country has a stock of dollars

    – The currency of our country – roubles – is held by other countries

    – We – Russia – are planning to sell oil for roubles in the future

    – Everyone who buys oil from us in the future will have to look for these roubles to buy oil

    – The harder it is to look for them, the more expensive they will be

    Naturally, the task is simple – we need to drop the ruble to the maximum, and then buy all that we can, giving away the dollars that are no longer needed and not guaranteed by anything. This will help concentrate all of the roubles inside the country and to assign their price independently, while holding and then releasing more money to the market.

    Meanwhile there will be a short-term increase in prices and a reduction in living standards, but it’s like an incision by a surgeon – a little painful at first, but then you will be healthy and strong for the rest of your life.

    I am sincerely surprised by the hysteria and resentment against the government regarding the devaluation of the rouble. Is it so hard to look more than a month into the future? Everything is done correctly and wisely, so everything will be all right, guys =)

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Brilliant post – the best I have read on WD this year
      You summed up the whole sorry charade in just a few paragraphs!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        My apologies this post ended up in the wrong place.

      • Orion

        Thanks mate! Cheers.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      This sounds very plausible to me.
      Remember too that any exporting company receives more income in their own currency when it devalues. If the currency devalues dramatically their incomes rise dramatically. Their downside, as a business entity, is that they simply pay more for any imported item that they use in their business. If they don’t import a whole lot, and I would hazard a guess that many of these energy companies in Russia don’t, then a low ruble is money in the bank. If they don’t spend this income then they will in turn enjoy the upside when the Russian ruble rebounds. Furthermore their higher incomes will allow exporters who have mortgages to pay higher interest.
      Just my opinion but I believe that there is a lot of misunderstanding and hysteria about the effects of the slide of the ruble on the Russian economy. Remember too that Russia begins this financial war with a fair few trumps in its hand. I will list just a few of them:
      #1 Very little debt
      #2 Massive Govt reserves
      #3 Massive energy reserves
      #4 A very strong current account
      #5 Huge recently signed bilateral trade deals that will be settled with either rubles or gold not dollars.
      #6 Huge borders that facilitate trade
      #7 Legendary tenacity as a race

      I am betting on the bear not the eagle.
      The eagle has landed and from where I am standing it looks more like a turkey.

      • Orion

        Right on target! Russia has time on its side and can pull-through. Sadly, I must agree with you, time is running out for the US and bad things are going to happen. Cheers.

  32. Big john

    I’m no genius or former White House big shot, but…

    The price of Oil has collapsed. Rosneft apparently is massively in debt and has been getting constantly bailed out by the Kremlin. Might this be a reason for the decline of the ruble, given how important oil is to the Russian economy?

    No doubt the US isn’t on the best terms with Russia, but I think sometimes people jump to conclusions about the US. The US government doesn’t have as much ability as people are led to believe. At this point the government is funded on an annual basis. It’s become normalized, but is really the sign of a banana republic teetering on the brink. I just find it too coincidental that oil slams down and then the ruble slams down soon thereafter. Lots of people tune out the legitimate criticisms that people like PCR make because of voodoo theories like this that fail to mention possible obvious explanations or at least correlations.

    • Orion

      Big John,
      You are correct. Russia is the world’s third largest producer of oil (behind Saudi Arabia and the US) and the second largest producer of natural gas (the US being the largest).
      Russia’s economy is largely dependent on oil and gas, accounting for 52% of their federal budget revenue and 70% of total exports in 2012, according to US EIA figures. The oil price collapse is hurting the ruble, but chiefly because their petroleum exports are traded in the inflated US dollar (the petrodollar). Make no mistake though; this was an orchestrated move by the West and Saudi Arabia. The central banks of the West are working behind the curtain to take down the ruble and the Saudis see an opportunity to punish their chief competition for overproducing. Also, Russia is on much more solid financial ground than the US government. Russia has a budget surplus to the US’ $18 trillion dollars in debt ($59 trillion dollars including liabilities like Social Security). That is more than $153,000 per taxpayer ($500,000 total debt per taxpayer)! Totally unsustainable! The sanctions put on Russia by the West (for the problem the US created in the Ukraine) are hurting Europe more than Russia and this cannot go on much longer. Russia can weather this storm if they act wisely. They have already sealed deals with China that will bolster both of their economies. Cheers.

  33. Galaxy 500

    PCR said, “Roberts contends, “It is not a currency crash in the sense there are no economic reasons for the ruble’s fall.”
    Oh, BS…the Russian economy and its currency are based on its oil. Oil under pins everything. Its sheer rubish and intellectually dishonest to say there is “NO” economic reason for the decline of the ruble. However, there is an economic war being waged by the west and middle east against Russia. Just as Saudi Arabia is waging economic war against America and its shale oil producers.

    • Jerry

      Galaxy I totally agree. This is going to end badly for all of us.

    • Charles H.


      Kinda reminds me of a Western Bar-scene during a fight. Get in there and swing!

    • Emeth

      Good point .. Australia has also experienced a significant decline in its forex rate to the US$ (about 20-25% over the past year or two). It too is a commodity based economy, with a reasonable (compared to others) financial position.
      But, as you point out, there are also geo-political factors at play with Russia.
      Until recently, energy had money like status. This is no longer so. Values change.
      Some suggest that Russia may, at some time soon, back their currency with Gold. In my opinion, if they did this they would be destroyed by the money interests who would collapse the price of gold and make Russia deliver the physical, thus stripping Russia of a reliable hard asset. Time will tell how this game will be played out.

      • Galaxy 500

        Iron ore has decline almost by half

      • Don


        You got it !!! Few can see this

      • Varughese

        Don’t think Russia will be backing their currency with Gold without taking the necessary steps to protect the same. Watch how they are playing this game, they look in not much hurry here. But if they are going to back ruble with Gold, then before hand they will crash the entire Gold Paper ponzi scheme. Dr. Paul has already explained how Russia could do that, buy all the futures these guys are shorting and demand delivery. That should do.

        • Emeth

          Varughese, I don’t see how Russia could back their currency with gold unless it is fully redeemable. That means that some large foreign power could acquire the paper, then demand the physical. Unless it is redeemable, it is not really backed by gold.
          This would make them very vulnerable, as I noted earlier, and I suspect it is why no one has done it. Only the largest power could do it, and then everyone would also have to do it at the same time.

    • wd

      G 500,

      He means legitimate economic means, there is no real economic reason for oil to be plummeting but for manipulation. So its not true economic supply and demand.

      I would give PCR much more leverage than most includin yourself.

      • J C Davis

        WD your right. PCR clearly stated anything can be rigged to fall.

      • Galaxy 500

        So you.dont.consider a.glut.of.oil.on the market and a decline in usage as legitimate economic means. OPEC seems to think so know…they.just.produce it.
        As, not sure what.that.means however every one is.entitled to an opinion, but neither you, nor PRC, is entitled to make up facts…facts.are simple facts.

        • Jeff L

          G5 Why do you have a problem believing oil is being manipulated ? Because it’s oil ? Because the MSM told you ? So everything else (stocks, Forex, gold, interest rates, ect, ect)is manipulated but oil ? Facts ? In case you missed my post the other day, read these facts and show me the supply/demand glut the MSM is pushing……………… Jeff L 12/15/2014 •
          I have been harping about the fact that this drop in oil is 90% manipulation and much less about the Saudi’s. The only thing the clueless MSM understands is “the Saudi’s” and those evil Russians. Here are some interesting FACTS………………………………..
          The US has 380 Million Barrels of Oil in storage right now, and this time last year the US had 375 Million Barrels in storage, yet the futures price was $97.65 a barrel last year at this time versus $57 and change as of Friday. That is roughly a $40 re-pricing of the commodity on a little US Inventory difference on the WTI contract. In fact just a couple of weeks ago we actually had less US oil Inventories in storage.
          On July 4th the US had 382 Million Barrels of Oil in storage, so actually more oil in storage at the heat of the summer driving season than we do today at the weak part of the oil market in terms of demand, but yet price has gone down $40 a barrel on essentially the same level of oil supplies here in the US.
          Another interesting tidbit regarding supplies is that the US had its highest level of supplies both at Cushing Oklahoma and overall when the futures price was around $115 a barrel due to Middle East disturbances.
          If we look at gasoline stocks the US currently has roughly 216 Million Barrels in storage that compares with 219 Million Barrels in storage a year ago. The RBOB Futures price was $2.73 per gallon a year ago (depending upon the contract), and in the $1.60 range today, so over a dollar re-pricing for gasoline on basically the same level of gasoline supplies…………………………………………….. To reiterate, same oil in storage but a drop from $115 t0 $58………. Amazing. Those Saudi’s are something, huh ? Maybe they are also the villains manipulating my gold ???

          • Galaxy 500

            I dont have a.problem believing its manipulated. I just have a problem believing that it always goes the.way they want it to nor do into the super secert group running the world.

        • wd

          The glut is artificial when you are losing money on it, its fake when its contrived for no other reason than manipulation… This is just one more market that is being maniupulated, no one is making up any facts.

          There are multiple links posted on this sigt pointing to this phony market. There has been no major decline in demand to justify this.

          Absolute anything can be rigged, when a river is damned that is manipulation- not supposed to happen naturally.

          Everything is complete lie in the economy, I have friends who are grossly under-employed. It took me nearly two years to find a decent job- and that came from an old army buddy.

          Look at our dollar-that may be the biggest manipulation going. No one is making up facts- but one needs to distinguish fact from fiction.

      • Emeth

        WD – there is little fairness or legitimacy in the world of business or finance. Business’s (particularly semi-state ones) can sell products for a long time well below cost, particularly businesses that are already committed by very high capital investment costs, political and security considerations.
        They simply amortize the cost fluctuations across a longer time period, say decades rather than years. Look at the full balance sheet ramifications, as well as the political agenda rather than just the profit loss statement.
        Of course you are right, PCR is way smarter than everyone here.

        • wd


          I need to say that this manipulation is going to the absolute extreme. When you drive your car sometimes you have to redline the rpm’s. We are doing this and more, there is manipulation on top of manipulations.

          When I was young I worked on a farm for a couple of summers, and I was taught how they crossed an orange and lemon to get the Meyer Lemon. It was manipulated but not to a tremndous degree.

          Now we are inserting salmon dna into fruit so it wont freeze, this is extreme and dangerous manipulation, goes beyond what could happen naturally.

    • Silence is Golden

      Oil…that is PRODUCED (@cost) in Rubles and SOLD formerly (now Ruble, Gold or Rupee) under USD.
      Hmmmm….and that is the effect of Oil prices dropping, on the Russian Economy. Tail wagging the dog.
      I suspect CAPITAL flight to safety and fx derivatives at play here. Hedge Funds are all over this baby. When there is sovereign trouble brewing (WAR).. you want your money (Capital) in a “safer” abode….AND you want shorts in place to capture the Volatility (downside).
      BTW the Russian economy (& Stock Market ) have taken a beating for the better part of 2014. Coincidence that the Ruble comes under attack since Oil declined in the past month or so ?

      • Silence is Golden

        Here we are now seeing the beginnings of a Hyperinflationary Event. If the Ruble does fall dramatically over the next 48 hrs I would say look out below. Nothing will stop those running for the exits.
        The Government and their central bank will enact Capital Controls across the board. It may even force the Russians to contemplate something out of left field … a GOLD BACKED Ruble !!!!!
        How’s Euroland looking these days….Gas and Oil Supplies ?

    • Orion

      Galaxy 500,
      You are correct. The war on the ruble is being staged by the Western central banks. The Saudis are trying to get Russia’s and OPEC’s attention by manipulating oil prices lower – in essence they are sending the not-too-subtle message: “Now, we are not going to hurt each other, are we?”. However, I believe Dr. Roberts is correct when he says: “there are no economic reasons for the falling ruble.” The point I think he was trying to make is that Russia is operating on budget surpluses contrary to the mounting tsunami of US debt. Low oil prices are also killing domestic oil production and costing jobs in the US too, but does the dollar falter like the ruble? No! The dollar is being manipulated upward by the Fed every bit as much as the ruble is manipulated downward. That is the chief reason for the decline of the ruble. Russia needs to diversify its economy, but they have the time and means to do so. Sorry to say the US economy is heading rapidly for the abyss. Cheers.

      • Jeff L

        ” Low oil prices are also killing domestic oil production and costing jobs in the US too, but does the dollar falter like the ruble? No! The dollar is being manipulated upward by the Fed every bit as much as the ruble is manipulated downward. That is the chief reason for the decline of the ruble.” Amen. It’s not anymore complicated than that. Thank you.

      • Galaxy 500 The House of Saud.helped Reagan destroy.the USSR by quadrupling their oil output 84/85. every economic reason for the ruble to fall and the also the price oil. While the big boys in Wallstreet can manipulate prices, there is a time when their game doesnt work…or when they stop forcing the.price of oil.up. Well,.it.has the.same.effect.
        An economy based on the harvesting natural resources is a prisoner to the.price. So lets just say I disagree. One can.say it.night.time.all noon, the.facts disagree

    • Orion

      Galaxy 500,

      The Saudis don’t care about shale oil production in the US because it is insignificant in terms of the world’s total supply and expensive to produce. The US government has recently revised the estimates for shale oil dramatcally downward, saying that peak production would be in 2020 instaed of 2040. And that was when opil prices were significantly higher than they are today. The major oil companies knew this was coming and got out of the shale plays some years ago. The mom and pop oil companies that took over shale production cannot withstand sustained oil prices under $60 per boeq and will suffer. CHeers.

      • Galaxy 500

        And you believe.anything thing and/or numbers put.out by the US govt. Hey, they said we would be.out.of oil I disagree

  34. Kabous

    Dr Paul Craig Robbers…! My absolute Hero. I read All your work I Thank you Greg for this interview. Wish you could have him on more often but I know he’s a busy man. From South- Africa… Be safe

  35. Don

    Great interview, thanks Greg and Dr. Roberts for all you are doing !! The true voice of America, history will be on your side,
    Dr. Roberts, I have been troubled for a long time with the question: Why did Reagan choose George Bush as his vice President, he was on the inside enough to know who George was, was it a trade off if so he failed, if he not he was party to the deception that has brought us here. I hope Reagan was lacking in faith and thought he could only win by support of the Bush crime syndicate ? I think he failed if this is the case, he could have won in spite – well if he wasn’t assassinated, maybe it just happened the way it was suppose to, George could have never been without Reagan. But if I were running the World I would surely screw it up, better leave that to God, and things are right on course, he is in charge contrary to the thinking of the “powers that be”. I always loved and supported Reagan that is why I question this.

    We are in the age of enlightenment, the old age is passing,
    ” The Emperor has no clothes” great analogy Dr. Roberts

    The Prison of Beliefs !!!

    Belief is embracing with the view that the concept, idea etc. is absolute with no other possibility.
    If BELIEFS are embraced, the mind is closed and takes the position that all other views are incorrect or are not possible, from that point on all new information is filtered through my belief and the mind is closed, Intellectual PRIDE is the results and becomes the CONTROL Center of all future development. Religions and Governments have capitalized on this system for their success and for the misery and sorrow of the masses.
    Faith, without belief is the key. Faith is recognizing that I do not know for sure but given the information available at this time, I choose this direction, reserving the right to abandon when presented with new information that justifies, always keeping an open mind and listening to others views. This is True freedom.
    By Don W

    I again would like to refer to the link below that freed me from my false beliefs of what money is.
    Bill Still “The Secret of OZ”

    Thanks again Dr. Roberts and Greg, you are my Heroes

  36. mushroom

    Outstanding interview Greg.

    Simply the absolute best!

  37. Horsenut

    I agree with Roberts on the fact that the US is trying to make Russians the bad guy. The media loves to make Russia the boogie man. They have been doing it for 50 years. I have been watch this with particular interest as I have friend in Russia. I have been to Oktyabrsky many times and still am in contact with people there. Just last week I talked to a young lady there that I refer to as my daughter, I asked her if things had changed there with the currency rates changing. She told me that the only thing that has changed is the cost of the dollar. Life is as usual for them. Her husband works for himself and everything was fine with his business.
    She also went on about how Russians see the US as the bad guy and that it is the US causing all the problems and provoking war.

    • Rich M

      This is really to bad. I grew up during the cold war and sure slept easier after it was over. Russia became a new democracy and went through quite a bit of pain to adjust to that. If anything, America should embarce then as a key allie and help this fledgling democracy in any way we can. it is insane to think all the sudden they are picking a fight with Russia.

      I to know several Russians some of which came over here after the cold war. They are highly ethical and hard working and several have told me how surprised they were at how many Americans do not grab at the opportunity to excel and how the government seems to be breeding a weaker and dumbed down society.

      One thing I did notice was that just 2 weeks ago my wife and I went on like our 10th cruise in 15 years. Every cruise I have been on I have met staff from several different countries including Russia. This cruise I noticed none from Russia and asked my waiter from Jamaica if there were any Russian workers on the ship. He was not sure but said he does not think there were any. I wonder if that is a coincidence or something more?
      I love that the cold war ended and mostly subscribe to the way Reagan handled it. It is idiotic that all the sudden they are “our enemy” again. I guess they will start making James Bond movies again with Russia as the “enemy”. Complete insanity.
      I remember as a kid, wondering how in the world we would even avoid nuclear war with the Soviets. Thanks Obama, I will sleep a little less easy again with all your rhedoric.
      Here’s an old song from the cold war era by STING called the Russians. Its interesting…. it starts with a clock ticking. Somehow I am hearing that clicking turning on again after 20+ years….. WTH!!!!

      • Jeff L

        Thanks Horsenut and Rich M……… One of the “clearest” post on here regarding Russia. They are God’s people and the way most talk about “evil” Russia, it seems most have bought into the MSM propaganda…… Sad, even on Greg’s site you can sense the animosity toward Russia……… I have posted many times comparing the destruction/evil we (US) have done vs Russia. Frankly, it’s hard to find a reasonable answer why they are now our target ( of course we know)……I hope you all sleep good at night waving your American flag while the rest of the world suffers at our hands. Especially you so called Christians here……..Again, Rev Ch 18 describes our fate. Thank God the truth can be found somewhere…….. Obviously not in the MSM as so many here prove.

        • Jeff L

          Just to pick on someone, Galaxy neg500……… Please list all the countries Russia has destroyed and taken over in the last 20 yrs…………. Now list the US empire of death’s endeavors. If you have any trouble let me know. I can help…………… Contemplate for a while and your eyes might open as to why the rest of the world really hates us. Even our so called allies only follow marching orders out of fear of retaliation. Who needs a friend like that ?

          • allen ols

            jeff l agreed both parties, same goal al ols

  38. Orion

    Dr. Roberts once again lays the truth out in the open again for everyone to see. He makes an astute comparison to the movie “The Matrix”. The depth and breadth of manipulations can only thrive by controlling the main-stream media … in essence the eyes and ears of what most people perceive as reality. Dr. Roberts said earlier this year that the massive market fraud by the central and agent banks had already continued far longer than he thought ever possible. The repeal of the Dodd-Frank protections against derivatives shows the power that the BTBTF’s have. In one piece of legislation, Citigroup drafts the changes to campaign finance laws so they can pay-off congress and then put the tax payers on the hook for $303 trillion dollars of the banks risky derivatives. I must say that I never thought that I would ever agree with Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi on anything, but it seems they were the only ones that were willing to debate this brazen measure that repeals the Dodd-Frank taxpayer protection from the banks risky derivatives business. The massive fraud will continue as long as the central banks can print money for their agent banks, manipulate the stocks and commodities markets, control what the main-stream media reports and apparently, now, control the government. They have it all. For anyone stupid enough to believe they can beat the high-speed algorithm traders in the markets, remember that the brokerages can hold-up your trades anytime they want for as long as they want. When all else fails, the plunge protection team steps in and buys futures to prop-up the market or can halt trading. Banks and brokerages that have been caught simply pay their fine, admit no guilt and walk away free and clear. There are some things the banks cannot control; the price of oil for one. Saudi Arabia quadrupled their oil production capability back in the late 90’s solely to gain control of oil prices away from OPEC. The Saudis have never had to fully utilize their production capacity, but if they did, they could drive oil prices under $20 per barrel. They have the resources to do this. The central banks also do not control Russia and China as Dr. Roberts points out. The BTBTF’s are prompting the US and its allies to tickle the tail of the “bear” and the “dragon”. This is far more risky and unpredictable than the banks derivatives and could have deleterious consequences. When Russia and China have had enough of the West’s illegal antics, they will act for their own interests, not the central banks. I can only hope and pray that the US will wake-up to what is going on and stop it. It may already be too late. To quote Morpheus from The Matrix: “I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”. Thank you Dr. Roberts and Greg for giving me a chance to “take the red pill”.

    • paul

      Orion … Good Points … In any fight between … an Eagle vs. a Bear and Dragon … the Eagle (out numbered) is going to have a real rough time!

      PS: Greg … I’m glad you leave the comments up long enough for us to read through them all and give us enough time to respond … like a good bottle of wine it must be allowed to mature … perhaps just one interview a week might be enough in order for the comments to ferment fully.

  39. brian

    I am thinking that it is fair to sum up what Dr Roberts has said here as being that he is no longer an insider, but an outsider looking in, and given his experience and what he is seeing, he is willing to say there is a lot of law breaking going on and that this is entirely unprecedented…unthinkable even, and for this reason he is not willing to go any further and speculate as to what the outcome of all this unethical and illegal behavior will lead to other than chaos over an indeterminate period of time.

    • Emeth

      This is a valid point. Most of the guests here, and we too, are outsiders looking in, and as such we are not privy to all the relevant information.
      So many here think they have special insights because they have been convinced by the specious arguments of articulate salesman. We should take note how cautious these former insiders are = e.g. Roberts and Rickards, when speaking about conspiracies. They generally only focus on competency and policy matters.
      This outside view forces all to use the principles of ‘abductive reasoning’. This methodology underpins many calls and predictions, but most fail to understand that it is the weakest and most unreliable of all forms of reasoning. Discovering true causes always assumes that we have sufficient facts. Abductive reasoning is used by Judges and juries to decide guilt, based upon reconstructing the available evidence. Last time I checked I read that experts believe that a high % of the men on death row are actually innocent of the crimes they have been charged with. Be careful what you hear and believe.

      • brian

        And here lies the problem, what are we to do?

        As outsiders I feel that we have seen enough to know that there is more to be revealed and that it must be revealed if the American public at large is going to be able to find the motivation needed to turn things around.

        The insiders need to be forced to speak truthfully about what is going on and it is so unfortunate for them and all of us that the pressure that must be applied to them must out weigh the pressure applied to them to remain silent and continue to function as they do in the corrupt system we all live under.

        As Galaxy 500 recently pointed out; he is not against the use of torture if it means saving one life. I am not against the use of “enhanced” questioning techniques in order to secure information from known liars, to the effect of preventing further pointless suffering and bloodshed on our behalf for the relatively meager gain of an immoral, self selected few who currently occupy positions of power.

        • Jeff L

          “As Galaxy 500 recently pointed out; he is not against the use of torture if it means saving one life. I am not against the use of “enhanced” questioning techniques in order to secure information from known liars”………………….. Does it matter to you that all experts agree torture doesn’t work, torture only gets you false confessions. Torture does not slow terrorism but INCREASES terrorism………….Probably not……Never let the facts get in the way.

          • Galaxy 500

            Sorry but not all the so called experts agree. The quacks.disagree.while.the.experts say.useful.information was obtained. Let me guess…you believe in global warming too…in spite.of the.real.facts to the.contrary. The only.proof they.have.ends.up their argument.

          • brian

            When it comes to torture there are no experts, its an art form and it is practices by artists. The key to garnering info using torture is not to ask questions, just apply pressure, allowing only a few brief respites where the candidate can speak…about what it matters little, for they shall speak a lot, and what they say is cross referenced with the murmurings of dozens or hundreds of others to form a collage…a mosaic of sorts, and within that mosaic lies a picture of what is really going on, all from the undiluted and most desperate utterances of those who are not prompted with questions…only pressure.

        • Emeth

          The answer is that the ‘rule of law’ must be enforced for everyone, irrespective of who they are.
          A truly independent judiciary and a truly independent law enforcement branch.
          This is the weakness of the US system, built on an old model where the king (POTUS) appoints his minions into these positions … as you can end up with different laws for different people. No public servant or business man would break the law if he knew he would lose his benefits and end up behind bars, irrespective of who he was or who he knew.

          • brian

            I fully agree, but the problem is the rule of law does not exist. The people so obviously creating a lot of the problems here are operating outside of any law other than what law they deem appropriate to live by, and prove time and again they are beyond the reach of any institution in existence today that could address their behavior with due and fair process.

            Furthermore, given that they have demonstrated themselves to be godless, immoral, reckless, short sighted, parasitical, murderous opportunists of the worst and most offensive kind I submit to you that something a bit more drastic needs to be done to deal with them.

            They chose to undermine and destroy any hope that the rule of law could exist at this time, and so to ask that the rule of law apply here is pointless and will lead only to those criminal enterprises now operating with full impunity to consolidate and strip from us even more power and control over our lives, to the point we shall all simply be dispensed with once the last flicker of value that we might have for them is extinguished.

            These are desperate times that have been seen many times over in recorded history and always lead to the same place. Our rights are already gone, the bedrock of our liberty and the foundation of our dignity has already been destroyed, it is truly doubtful that anything can really be done now other than to endure the utter chaos that is sure to follow….and I would much rather enter the storm with nobody at the helm rather than leave in control those who set such a course for us all!

  40. we the people

    It is we the people who are the real enemy. Like a well orchestrated classical piece, all parts playing their parts, the conductor swings his sticks, and the music plays on until the climax. The conductor is the IMF, the global banksters, the cabal or powers that be, they know their parts, they have rehearsed. The music is dramatic and scary near the end. The people sit and listen as the roof collapses and the floor breaks underneath them. We the people are collateral damage, a resource yes, but one that must be managed and trimmed.

    • Collateral Damage

      We The People,

      I tend to agree with you there…

      We the People are the Collateral Damage. 🙂


  41. Rock

    I agree with Logo’s thoughts. Great interview with PCR. Wow.
    I sense that he is resolved that we are nearing the end of the game.
    He seems exhausted. Thank you Greg for your fine work for our sakes.
    Praise God that he is in control, and has extended a second Covenant for mankind.
    Things are getting more Biblical by the day.

    • paul

      Rock …
      Yes! I too noticed Dr. Roberts looks physically tired and worn … but his God given spirit to tell the truth is as strong as ever … we of similar mind and heart should gather round him and show him our support for doing what he knows is morally right … there is too much immorality in the world … especially so in the halls of government and banking.

  42. Outlookingin

    Why keep poking the Russian Bear with a sharp stick?

    Distraction. Distract the ignorant, great unwashed masses, while what little of their wealth that’s left, is vacuumed up by Wall street through trickery and theft. That’s why. Time and again throughout history, when an empire is in it’s death throes, it’s despotic leaders take it to war.
    The “true” patriots who denounce this action and act against it, are painted as traitors, while the despots set themselves up as saviors.

    Putin and the Russian people have shown great restraint throughout this ordeal, that has been foisted upon them by the Anglo-American axis of evil. This restraint is beginning to grow thin. Keep poking the Bear and he will turn and bite you in the ass!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I like your post name.
      I love your post.
      Man did you put it all in a nutshell!

      • Outlookingin

        Colin, thank you. Another article that is an “eye opener”

          • wd


            This is a brilliant article, never saw it from that complete angle. Could this be a tactical move by the East.

            If we kill our fracking base, there is no real economy here. Great find!!

        • Jeff L

          Great article. I absolutely expect a Sunday announcement. Crippling the US financially is almost the last try lest the US pushes everyone toward WW3 (despite the MSM propaganda, Russia does not and never wanted war/conflict……Hint…….the US did). On the following Monday the market will tank and gold/oil will skyrocket as I’ve repeated said………… Here’s a specific excerpt……….. What will happen if some Sunday night Mr. Putin said “we will be happy to ship oil, please ship us gold?” The oil, ruble and gold shorts will be destroyed along with the record amount of dollar longs followed by the dollar itself! I give this a 90% chance.

    • art barnes

      Couldn’t agree more, see my post above, the US is playing Russian Roulette and you know how crazy that game is to play. art b

      • Outlookingin

        art; Obama has already shot the nation in the foot! More than once!!

    • Jeff L

      Outlook………. The truth is so refreshing. Thank you.

  43. John M.

    Dr. Roberts is obviously very astute, especially about economics and politics.
    His overall theme which he mentioned over and over, is that the United States is basically corrupt as everything here is manipulated. “Manipulate” was the operative word in his interview. Who can refute what he said, especially as it’s true? Dr. Roberts is also very careful about choosing his words and expressing ideas, so his warnings should not be taken lightly.
    I often wonder, what’s the point of having smart phones and high-speed internet if all the information transmitted by the speed of light is all a bunch of lies and BS? Like I was taught in my computer classes years ago: garbage in, garbage out. And I sure don’t trust the MSM, big banks, or any government entity as they don’t have the best interests of Americans at heart with their un-American political activities.
    It should even be more obvious to those not trapped in the Matrix that our dollar is completely fabricated and definitely not operating in a free-market environment. Like Dr. Roberts had said, we cannot assume that Russia will be destroyed with the latest attacks on the Ruble (whomever may be doing it). It may even be a blessing for their country. No one knows how this will all end, but there will be serious repercussions for sure.

  44. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, I’m beginning to wish I’d just kept taking the blue pill. It is so frustrating to see the constant barage of lies spewing from the TV every day: everything like Orwellian double-speak is pretty much the opposite of reality- but most of the sheep buy it. e.g.”Putin may turn to aggression since he’s been painted into a corner economically” The whole $1.1 Trillion budget passage was presented to us like we’re a bunch of third graders. No mention of the hidden bail-in language. No one seems to give a flying ‘!@#$%.

    This morning on TODAY i actually saw a poll where the majority of Americans were OK with the CIA torture and would approve of it continuing in the future. Probably because they also bought into the lies used to explain away the minuscule part of the report that was released- no one looks past their nose for any further explanations.

    All of these so-called trigger points come to pass and nothing really happens other than the slow grind that people who actually look can see-But no one else. The fact is YES- they are in control of everything apparently- and talking about it to anyone swallowing blue pills makes you sound like the grumpy old crazy uncle.

    This week in our area a man slaughtered his ex-wife and a few other family members, then killed himself with a sword. He remained missing for a few days. Watching the local news coverage was distressing. Aside from the tragedy, loss of life and suffering for this family
    I was also saddened by how easily people accept SWAT teams and tanks rolling through their streets and acquiesce to searches through their homes “to keep them safe” from this one guy on the loose.

    However these events eventually come to pass, my biggest fear is that most will accept the official explanations. So far they already are.

    • Galaxy 500

      I can help you with those blue pills you need. I heard a commercial where you can buy them. cheap. Hope it helps your problem. And dont forget.about. the four hour.side effects

  45. leroyv

    Hi Greg,
    I have only a basic understanding of economics. I’m hoping you or anyone else who reads this can provide some input. I remember reading that Russia owns the second highest amount of US debt after China. If their current problems continue, does that mean they are unable to continue buying US debt? Does that mean China is forced to pick up the slack? Or does force the Fed to do something?

    • Mike Soon Over

      I too have a small understanding in international economics, though I’m certain its China #1, Japan #2, both with over 1 trillion Saudis #3, and Russia down around 7 with 110 billion. I’m certain 10 percent sale in foreign debt bonds could trigger much trouble. I wish someone with more knowledge could have answered your question but at least this can get you going in the right direction.

  46. we the people

    What is the endgame here? More control? Another system that is talked up to be a saviour but still rapes the people and removes alternative ways of skirting under government’s taxation and constant observation. Seems like they are fighting over who will be top dog but the engame of totalitarian fascism will be the same, with slight differences in coloration. I respect PCR, he is a very smart man, but this is not Russia vs U.S. this and its not even we the people vs the 1%. It the playing out of chaos. Its up to each individual to figure out how they will be, what they will do, in this strange and dramatic climate of geopolitical weather and watch where the chips may fall. I don’t think anybody can predict the minute details of how it will go, how it will all unfurl, but it is clear to me the endgame is to secure more control and a tightening on the grip of power and the real concern is not even economics, its environmental, physical resources and spiritual consciousness and where that can go. We stand in the storms of this time, ducking when the debris flys too close to we the people, experiencing where this will go, as a soldier in war, as a hungry person, as a spiritual wake up call, its the grand peaking of extreme disharmony and living out of balance with nature, creations design, although, even this chaos is part of the design apparently. Its a very rich time and we are moving closer and closer to real news that cannot be hidden or lied about anymore. Keep em’ coming Greg, you are much appreciated for the heads up ‘we the people’ need.

    • NC Gal

      We The People,
      I totally agree with your summation of these times. In the vision I received in 1982, I saw a time of increasing chaos from which there was no escape. The chaos prevented anyone from seeing all that was going on. Since then I have become aware that there are different timelines with different outcomes than the one I saw for myself, and this backdrop of widespread chaos will act to hide all that is really going on. These seem to be the times I was shown and I expect the chaos to spread and multiply. I totally agree with your take on the nature of the endgame, also. Great comment!

      Greg, PCR looked tired and it seemed that he felt very much “on the outside, looking in” but somehow at peace with both the nature of these times and the things that are obviously beyond his control. Thank you for having him on again!

  47. Charles H.


    “The Red-Pill Interview.” Man, you nailed it again. (One for the History books.)

  48. Paul from Indiana

    I am going to make an unpopular statement, a not uncommon occurrence here, so I apologize in advance to my fellow Watchdog participants, as this will fly in the face of consensus here. I think Paul Craig Roberts is an experienced, intelligent, and likely well-connected guy, but methinks the gentleman doth protest too much. I think he overplays his hand, and does so for effect and to create a market for his pronouncements. I also question frequently whether he has both oars in the water. He may be a better actor than analyst. Further, I am reluctant to anoint Putin as Savior, granting him white-knight status which many seem ready to bestow on a former mid-level KGB stiff, who has acted more as a tyrant in his home country than as a defender of democracy and freedom, going so far as to bend the rules and laws to assure his continued influence and control. I think that we as Americans and patriots are both angry and embarrassed that on our collective watch, we lost control of our country, and for that we want satisfaction, which we infer as a need punishment of some sort for us, and external punishment from some outside source, be it the Chinese or Russians, especially in the form of this ideologically “pure” Putin (he can afford to be “pure”; he is, if not in name but in effect, a dictator). No one, not Paul Craig Roberts, nor Jim Willie, nor Celente, nor any of the neo “hate America” pundits knows the full score or everything going on. We, you and I, certainly do not and that adds to our anxiety and willingness to buy in to any “punish America” offering put out there. This is what happens when a government starts to exist for itself, a result of a political entity growing beyond its original charter. The “evil” in the US is certainly palpable these days. Running the kind of deficits we have, foisting our costs and problems on the rest of the world, refusing to make the necessary political choices–all of these are morally repugnant, and for these excesses we shall surely receive a comeuppance, but there are still many good and principled citizens in this country and the world. The lesson should be not that our country, the United States of America, is “bad” or “evil”, but that government, ANY government, that exists for itself, for the purpose of self-perpetuation at any cost, and which gets beyond the control of the people, either out of ignorance, electoral impotence, negligence or any other reasons, is the true danger. This is the point at which we find ourselves. And it is a shame. Best always. PM

    • Greg Hunter

      Fair points except the comment about having “both oars in the water.”

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, thank you for your reproval. If I have overstepped the bounds of fairness and/or propriety, then I apologize and withdraw the remark. In the future, I will keep my “wondering” to myself. We have government here that’s a runaway train. I’d be lying if I said I am confident. Thank you for the privilege of posting here. I wish to reaffirm my respect for and admiration of all Watchdog participants. Best always. PM

        • Charles H.

          You are a stand-up guy, Paul. And one of the best commenters here. Can’t ask for more.

    • Charles H.

      Paul from Indiana,

      I spare the words; and agree with Greg.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well reasoned.and.well.written. I concur…even with the oars comment. Some of PRC’s rantings and rambling about Israel are detached from both fact and reality.…and that’s two pure copper.cents, not the.facsimiles of today.
      Always enjoy your posts, even when I dont comment.

  49. Al hall

    Greg: I have been saying what Dr. Roberts says near the end of your interview. We all live in a fantasy world=- nothing is real. My CIA friend says this, Lindsey Williams tells us this, and Jordan Maxwell has said this for 30 years.
    Your listeners mostly understand Dr. Roberts. But, sub-educated people believe the crap from government. We have gone over the cliff of Collapse- the dollar is dead already, we just haven’t hit the ground(bottom) yet. It’s going to be ugly!!
    This is the “elite’s” plan, they create the problem, everyone and thing is in debt, and they ride in to save us. The people are so stupid.
    – China to pull something in Feb. 2015.

  50. isaac

    Mr. hunter
    Dr. Roberts comments viz-a-viz the repeal by congress of the provision of the Dodd Frank Act, which had previously protected depositers accounts from “bailins”,is what I would like to breifly review here;I was hoping Mr Greg would have asked during the inter view (with Dr. Roberts),something Harry Dent jr had asserted in his interview from last Sunday with mr hunter,the 14th of December(2014).Mr Dent asserted in that interview,that funds deposited in investment accounts would be secure from corporate/government seizure.Would that be like a Scottrade account say? Futher, could knowledgable people answer this question?

    • paul

      Isaac … Look up Jim Sinclair’s site … he says GOTS (Get Out of The System) … meaning don’t have anyone between you and your money, between you and your stocks, etc.

      Buying physical gold and silver with fiat money you have saved in a bank and keeping it in your private hands (not a safe deposit box) will keep your money safe from banker expropriation when they declare bankruptcy …

      As for your brokerage account … just ask for your stock certificates (this takes your shares out of street name) … if they try to stop you from doing this buy charging you an exorbitant $500 dollar fee for your stock certificate tell them send your shares to Computershare for Direct Registration under your own name (you can leave your shares in the Computershare account until you want to sell them … when you decide to sell just transfer them back to your brokerage account) … if you still want your certificates you can ask Computershare to send them to you for a more reasonable fee of only $18 dollars.

  51. James Hastings

    Wow. You get a real cross section of society in your responses. I’m sure somebody is playing games….it might escalate beyond control. Not everybody is politically correct. Some people will knock the s#!* out of you if provoked. But, to a reasonable response…Bad economics is bad economics. Them…us…everybody. I guess I just see reality. The world is balancing on the edge of collapse. Make some adjustments for your family. What if…?

  52. William Betts

    For your readers info: V. Putin has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry. He holds a Phd in Economics. He speaks fluent Russian, English, German and is fair in French. He is the most astute statesman to come on the scene since Talleyrand. I don’t believe Putin worries about Paul Krugman is his group of incompetents….. Betts

  53. Mr.Lee

    Mr. Hunter, I think there is something worth exploring. Dr. Roberts alluded to this various times:
    The economy is a house of cards
    The study of economics can conclude if the US can manipulate the market environment
    It is a matter of time before a collapse
    NATO is an adversary of Russia
    The Russians will not do anything and ride this out even if they feel the pain

    All of the above points beg the question why Mr. Putin is sitting back and waiting. This is the man who marched into Western Georgia in 2008, so again I say why?

    Perhaps the Russians (like the US and China) have enough analytical capabilities to be able to forecast when the US will collapse. Much in the same way the CIA new that the USSR was going to collapse. Is it possible the Mr. Putin is sitting back and letting the events play out fully aware that the day of reckoning can not be too far into the future?

    Sun Tzu stated that the best war is one where no shot is fired………maybe Putin knows this too

    • Varughese

      May be you are right. Russian knows when the whole thing will collapse. Then again Russia marched in to Georgia because they had no other option left. May be that’s a hint. Russia will stay back unless they are dragged in to this.

      • paul

        Exactly … Russia (like a black belt in karate) is not looking for a fight … the US should not take this stance by Russia as weakness … it should be taken as a sign of strength. However, bully’s can never comprehend this lay back attitude, they always consider it as a sign that they can push even further and further … until all of a sudden they get hit in the head … and go crying back to mommy.

  54. Dan Barr

    At around the 29 minute mark, Dr. Roberts is talking about the US Dollar and the fact that more and more nations are negotiating bilaterial trade deals (such as china and russia for nat gas and oil) that would use their respective currencies and cut out the dollar. Dr. Roberts contends that this will help insure the eventual demise of the USD as the world’s reserve currency, and insures an eventual massive devaluation of the USD with other currencies…the exact OPPOSITE of what is currently transpiring. It’s ashame you didn’t at least ask Dr. Robert’s about Martin Armstrong’s forecast, which is the almost exact opposite…mainly based on the MASSIVE SIZE of the US DEBT (bonds) MARKET, which is utilized by both public, private, and nations to store their foreign currency reserves. This debt market, per Armstrong, if I am correctly representing his position, DWARF the size of whatever trade settlements are made using the dollar. AND, he also contends, that the massive BORROWING of foreign currencies by those who are using a type of “carry trade” are MASSIVELY SHORT the US dollar….meaning that if and when there loans are called, they will need to sell those foreign currencies and BUY dollars. I don’t pretend to know more about all of this then anyone else, but these questions are central to a “correct” understanding of the current conditions we face. And I suggest you start pressing your guests to address these issues so we can all actually learn something. As of now, it seems these issues are being ignored.

  55. JJ

    My hat of to a great American -Dr.Paul Craig Roberts. All true and clear as a bell.
    My take on this ; Western Europe and US changing for the worse demographics plus no added value mostly information technology economy plus terribly corrupt and successively corruptible western governments progressively so in the past 20 years.
    All in all: recipe for disaster and suffering for all of us, the little people.

  56. Sayonara

    Dr. PCR is one of my top favorites of your guests. His experience and intelligence is second to none. I appreciate that he clearly sees what is going on and offers his views candidly and without pontificating. The Russian Ruble matter has me particularly concerned and the old adages “what goes around comes around” and “be careful what you wish for” seem portend the near future. We have definitely now entered the Surreal zone. Sayonara is imminent.

  57. Varughese

    All eyes are on Putin’s address on TV today. Going by the videos released by some tv channels, it looks like he will more or less follow the argument of Russia is under attack financially and through proxy. And its the solid thing to do also. He may have to build up the Russian resilient mentality a bit now.

    I was watching Peter Schiff earlier, and i think i agree with what he said of Russian economy. His idea was an Economy which can tolerate a 17% rate hike is not in tatters. It has its weakness. But we will see what happens to US economy when rates are increased. But I doubt so, the December numbers will be so bad that they may start QE by January end. Not directly but they will call it a new name and put a nice spin around it.

    How can this administration be so blind? Saudi’s are driving the prices low in order to drive the American Oil industry to ground. Guys in administration appears to think that if Fracking bubble burst it will only affect the newly created fracking industry. It will bring down the entire US oil industry and also start the bursting of other bubbles – first sub-prime auto loans, Real estate, Bonds, stocks etc….. But the Stupid idiots in White House, Congress and Senate thinks that it is all done to hurt Russia. Yes, Russia is getting hurt, but they are looking for a long fight. The statement made yesterday that Russia will keep on pumping oil clearly shows that they understand the final outcome – the end of American Oil industry.

    But then the fools in Congress and Senate and their Chief fool in White House lives in their own bubble of the World – a world where US will win a nuclear world with Russia. Let me see, there were reports of multiple instance of Russian submarines being undetected for weeks in US coast. They can carry enough number of nuclear missiles to destroy the world multiple times. One of the most interesting movies I have seen is Crimson tide, due to Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman. I would stand by that legendary dialogue ” in the nuclear world, the true enemy is war itself. ”

    The question is will the US administration get it.

  58. steve

    Roberts knows his stuff

  59. mohammad


    An eye opener interview with Jim Reckards, he predicts the catastrophic collapse of US dollar in 6 months…..!


  60. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

    “Citigroup got put into the recent spending bill, the repeal of this, so they can gamble on derivatives, and taxpayers and depositors are on the hook for the losses. Why would you do that unless you had a lot of derivatives trouble. It could easily be the oil derivatives. . . . The banks can gamble all they want and they are covered by the FDIC, which has no money. . . . This gives the banks access to depositors’ money. . . . This is sick, and it shows the United States government is the most corrupt government on earth, far more corrupt than Russia or China.” To hear a former Assistant Treasury Secretary say this. We are in big, deep trouble.

  61. Mike Soon Over

    Excellent period, one of your best shows Greg. Let me add I found Rob Kirby with Paul Sandhu from a little over a week ago. Mr. Kirby stands tall for the 99 percent and talks of high fees paid in Asia for physical gold plus much much more. FEAR NOT !

  62. Aurele

    Hey Greg, maybe you should place a “LIMIT” on the size (number of words) these comments blocks can have. SOME OF THESE COMMENTS ARE WAY OFF CONTEXT. Like the last one from Emeth, doing a cut/past of bible passages.. like WTF! Four or five text lines should be enough, failing that, they should get their own website.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t like to limit speech but you make a good point. Let’s all try to use an economy of words here.

    • Emeth

      Aurele – my comment was a response to a very long post, and it was on topic to that post. Greg subsequently deleted the post I was responding to, and it would be better if he also deleted my response. My apologies for the confusion.

  63. Mason

    EFF in Court to Argue NSA Data Collection from Internet Backbone Is Unconstitutional:

    An excerpt:
    “The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will argue on Friday before a federal court that the National Security Agency (NSA) is violating the Fourth Amendment by copying and searching data that it collects by tapping into the Internet backbone. The hearing on a motion for partial summary judgment in Jewel v. NSA will be at 9 am on Dec. 19 before Judge Jeffrey White at the federal courthouse in Oakland.”

    Let’s see if some judges are not yet corrupted by the government. And let’s see if the Police State isn’t in effect yet for more than 90%.
    I would say that this case is a good marker to determine this.

  64. Chris. Coleman.

    December 18, 2014.

    Hey Greg Hunter .

    My name is Chris. Coleman.

    I love your show,your tough as nails which is good you need to ask tough questions
    to the guest.

    If possible Mr. Greg Hunter you can have a guest a Economist on your show talk about Norway’s Economy for 2015.from Norway or the United States

    The Norwegian Krone of Norway has taken a tumble because of it’s dependency on
    Oil Rigs off the Artic Circle bordering: Russia.

    Chris. Coleman.

  65. Chris. Coleman.

    December 18, 2014.

    Hey Greg Hunter this is Chris Coleman again.

    The reason why I suggest possibly having a guest an Economist from Norway: come on your show because Norway has some expansive Oil Rigs in the
    Arctic Circle ,and it’s trading partner in Oil is Russia.

    Chris. Coleman.

  66. T

    Im so glad I didnt study economics in college. I would have to unlearn so much

  67. Mr.Lucky

    The world powers have switched sides. The US and their lap dog the EU now serve the forces of darkness. Russia, and Vladimir Putin now serve the forces of the Light. Edgar Cayce said that after Communism, Russia would lead a spiritual revolution. May God bless and the forces of goodness be with them and give them strength.

  68. Mike

    If you hide the truth long enough eventually the lie becomes the truth. (to some)

    So what this means is to many out there the lie is actually seen as the truth, perception is often their reality.

    To most of us here the lie is simply the lie and the truth is likely about to become the plain truth.

    The West has plundered as much of the gold from other less powerful nations as it can and now and the lie may soon become impossible to extend.

    For those of us that have seen through the lie we have taken steps to prepare. Some of us have been ridiculed for our efforts to try and spread the truth but in the end we will prevail.

    For someone like me who is in his sixties it troubles me greatly to know that most of my life experiences have been experienced through a time where the truth was mostly hidden. It makes me wonder how some will react when the truth hits them squarely between the eyes over the next couple of years.

    Yet to those that have spun the web of lies they will feel no remorse as they are evil.

  69. BrianDH

    Greg, Thanks for another great interview with Paul CR. I would implore you to keep one thing in mind during these interviews Greg. If both you and the interviewee are speaking at the same time then we can hear neither one of you. It occurs when you speak over the top of the guest. 3 or 4 times it happened with Paul and I was so frustrated as I missed key points at the end of his sentences as you over talked him. It is the same thing on these damn CNBC videos when the person talks over the guest – you can’t hear either one of them. In future it may be a good thing to publish a link to the full transcript if this habit is to continue. I know you get excited Greg and I with you but please, wait til the guest has finished their point. Thanks again for all the great work you do. It is much appreciated over here in Australia!

    • Greg Hunter

      This is free site that I run on a shoe string. The interviews are not edited like they would at the networks. I am essentially running everything from bookings, research, lighting, technical, writing and editing. It is a wonder they come out as good as they do. They are essentially live recordings and that is hard to get them perfect. I ask questions to move the interview along and clarify points. I guarantee you that the content on this site will not be remotely repeated on CNBC. I do not have the staff for full transcribed content. Thank you for your feedback and support. Merry Christmas.

  70. dee garmon

    There is absolutely no one else that can take his place.
    MSM and their so called experts like that of Paul Krugman,
    should listen and learn instead of expressing their servitude
    to their corporate masters!
    Two cheers for PCR.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Dee!

  71. Charles H.


    In a moment of quiet sentimentality – I wanted to than you for allowing me, and the many others to post here with you. You have done a great job. And few will know how much hard work goes into these broadcasts and posts. NO ONE ELSE pulls in both headlining interviewee and far-ranging posters – really well informed and intelligent people. You make it happen. What a year this has been!
    I wish for you and yours a safe and Merry Christmas, my friend.
    Merry Christmas to all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles H! You made my night. By the way, I will not be doing a weekly News Wrap-Up Next week as I have decided not to work on Christmas day or the day after. It’s the first time I have not had a wrap-up on a Friday all year long.

  72. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, I thank you for your great interview with Dr. Roberts! His explanations about what is going with Russian national currency is in a full congruence with Putin’s State of the Russian Nation address recently delivered in Kremlin. Putin predicted an attack on the Russian currency by money market speculators. Today, on his annual 3 hour long press conference with 1,800 accredited reporters from all over the world he had clearly said just what Dr. Roberts explained in his interview with you.

    I am carefully reading what Dr. Roberts is saying and I sincerely admire his depth in understanding of the laws of economics on one side and the unethical game that our ‘untouchable bankers’ are doing on the other side to all of us who are unable to protect our hard earned life’s savings.

    Keep up with a good work and Marry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro,
      I always learn something from Dr. Roberts!

  73. DiscoProJoe

    Awesome interview, Greg! You should get Daniel Ameduri (a.k.a. “VisionVictory”) of FutureMoneyTrends as a guest to interview on your channel. He’d be a good one.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the suggestion Joe.

      • DiscoProJoe

        Sure thing. You can check out his two YouTube channels: VisionVictory and VictoryIndependence. Lots of videos, great stuff, smart guy.

  74. TR


    Thanks for bringing this wonderful man’s views to the thinking public. I think you were very good at highlighting his wisdom and experience and making my visit to your site enjoyable.

    You asked some good questions, particularly about the demise of the dollar in relationship to the Citigroup legislation.

    I appreciate your having taken the red pill.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment.

  75. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg: I thank you for interviewing Dr. Roberts. He is my favored person in the domains of real economics and honest politics.

    When you have a few minutes time, please rephrase your heading of this interview. As far as I can feel the language, your heading doesn’t fit the English’s grammar rule.

  76. Aurele

    It appears Dr.Roberts prediction are coming true: Russia cuts off gas to key nations in Europe.

  77. Joanna Blackwell

    If the Russian government were to buy up all the paper gold-contracts and then demand delivery of the gold (as Mr. Roberts seems to suggest that they do), and if there isn’t enough gold to cover the contracts, then wouldn’t Russia lose all its money? I mean, if they bought the gold contracts, but couldn’t get the gold, they’d be left holding the paper and would be out all that money. Once it was revealed for sure that there’s not enough gold to cover the gold-contracts, then they certainly couldn’t sell them on to anyone else so, as I said, wouldn’t they lose all the money that they spent on the gold-contracts? How would that work? I’m not an economist and don’t know about such things but that’s how it looks to me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Joanna Blackwell,
      That would be game, set, match and the Russians could it it according to Gold expert Bill Holter at Miles Franklin of around $1 billion. Chump change for a country the size of Russia.

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