Is US Debt Really $90 Trillion? – Mark Skidmore

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Three years ago, Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore revealed there was $21 trillion in what he calls “Missing Money” from the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This was a stunning revelation and the biggest auditing discovery in the history of accounting, but now this revelation comes in second with Dr. Skidmore’s latest update to the “Missing Money” question which is now the biggest in history by a long shot.  Skidmore’s research reveals the US Treasury market is rolling over $90 trillion to support the official debt of $22 trillion (2019).  Why do you need to churn $90 trillion in debt?  Is the US debt really $90 trillion?  Skidmore says, “It’s not that we are moving to short term debt that would need more turn over.  That’s not it.  The only other explanation I can come up with is that the federal government, the Treasury, is supporting more debt with the reissuance than is officially recognized.  I am floating this around and asking people to have a look at this and tell me if there is some other possible explanation.  I don’t know of one. . . . This is a discrepancy.  Why do we have $22 trillion in debt, but $90 trillion in reissuance?”

Skidmore goes on to say, “It’s possible that over the years, we spent a lot more money than is acknowledged.  The implications of that are very important.  Is it fraud?  I have tried really hard to get information, and it’s been quite an experience.  This make you question the structure of the system.  Is this fraud?  I have to be able to prove it, but I have documents that say something is really, really wrong, and it’s not just bad accounting.”

What could go wrong with this much hidden debt?  Skidmore says, “Yes, it is concerning to me because this could blow up.  We don’t know when or how, but if people lose confidence in our government, they could lose confidence in the currency.  That could have severe impacts on lots of people in the whole global economy above and beyond what we are experiencing now. . . . Is there some reset in play?  Is there some bigger issue at stake?  Is this pulling away with other goals in mind?  Yes, I think so.  I don’t know how this all fits together, but I do know there is something else going on that we all need to pay attention to.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Economics Professor Mark Skidmore from Michigan State University.

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After the Interview: 

To read Dr. Skidmore’s latest update on the “Missing Money” click here.

To contact Dr. Skidmore at Michigan State University click here.

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  1. Country Codger

    Dr. Skidmore, sir, you are a true patriot.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Rob

      Yes Dr. Skidmore truly cares but he is right that the world does not seem to care that it is being quickly moved toward an engineered “reset” by the globalists:

      The world is the proving grounds for what congregation we will stand in for eternity:

    • AL HALL


      • Self Exiled

        This is not hard to believe at this point, Obama’s confidence is amazingly blatant and all the other people surrounding Trump who are openly defy Presidential orders. The last time I saw Obama affected negatively by any event was when he was still President; was when he landed in China for a SE Asia conference and the CCP did not greet him at the plane and he had to walk unattended. NWO rivals; maybe, Obama was not well liked in SE Asia. Living and traveling in SE Asia and watching the unquestioning compliance of the Covid edicts has given much credit to your thinking on points 1 -5. Point 6 concerning GUILLOTINES is a bit much. These people are complete control freaks completely out of control.

  2. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Dr. Skidmore said “…When it’s over one hundred billion dollars you have to ask what’s going on…”. I still can’t stop laughing!

  3. Roger There has been at least $100 TRILLION stolen from naked short selling and money laundering by Wall Street.

  4. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Does anyone remember the 1950’s sci fi movie The Blob starring Steve McQueen? It came to earth small on a meteorite like a tiny piece of caustic jello. Then it ate everything in it’s path and kept getting bigger and bigger as it slithered along. Pretty soon it was eating cars and houses and you couldn’t kill it. If you shot it it just ate the bullets. If you cut in half you had two blobs. Finally they managed to freeze it and dropped it in the frozen arctic hoping they could figure out a way to kill it before the polar ice caps melted and it thawed out and came back to life. Dr. Skidmore asked for peoples take on this. Well Doctor I think the blob was a perfect analogy for our government. It consumes everything in it’s path. It’s primary mission is insuring it’s own survival and limitless growth even if it destroys everything and it can’t be killed! It’s hopeless professor. The blob has won!

    • al

      Great Analogy mal, but gold is the cold that will freeze this monetary blob.

      • Free Slave

        Brilliant response. Bravo!

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    It strikes me that the “excess churn” is likely explained — at least in part — by the Treasury’s market manipulations. That is, the Treasury could be borrowing short-term money in order to temporarily buy equities and other securities, including derivatives (including those for precious metals, especially gold). Treasury might do that in order to counter market downdrafts. Then, once the market is “stabilized,” it turns around and reverses the process. Rinse and repeat.

    BTW, such manipulations would provide tremendous opportunity for insiders to front-run the process, which would enable them to acquire enormous profits.

    • William Stanley

      Downdrafts, OR updrafts in the case of precious metals. Dinging up precious gold would make it less appealing relative to the dollar, thus helping to keep the dollar from crashing.

      • Paul in Oz

        William you make any interesting point which may be a possibility, however as Dr. Skidmore suggested 4 week treasury require 13x the debt as churn … 1 trillion would go along way to manipulate the markets especially given that in derivatives it is the equivalent of 10 trillion based upon the leveraging effect they have … so even if they borrowed 2 trillion for market manipulations, by my calculations over 13 churns could only account for at most 26 trillion, above and beyond the 16 trillion to support the 22 trillion …. Other thoughts please?

        • William Stanley

          Thanks for the feedback.
          I’m off to the desert again for a few days, so forgive me if I don’t give you a deserving response for awhile.
          Meanwhile — in a knee-jerk kind of oppositional response — let me see what I can come up with to bolster my hypothesis. My initial (defensive) reaction is that the 13x number may not adequately capture the “rinse and repeat” nature of my hypothesis.
          Again, my sincere thanks.

          • Ray

            Enjoy your time out there William.
            I hope you get some time to look up at the amazing starscape at night and join with our Creator.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

            • William Stanley

              Thanks! The starscape was wonderful. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were numerous for a couple of hours.

              That is because the “desert” that I was in was in a “Great Basin,” where a couple of rivers go to completely evaporate — but support lakes and marshes in the meantime. The birdlife there was excellent and varied.

              • Ray

                Good for you mate…..welcome home 🙂

          • Paul in Oz

            William thanks, as part of Dr. Skidmore’s interview he indicated that 4 week is the shortest treasury bill duration (with 13 being the max churns possible in a year) … of course, they could issue more treasuries, but it seems more than than needed to manipulate markets … Thanks for your response and honesty, best regards.

            • William Stanley

              Yes, a given number of 4-week debt instruments supporting a given debt load would turn over 13 times IF they were held to maturity.

              However, any debt security can be resold before maturity. Thus, there is virtually no limit to how many securities that can be bought and sold in a given time period.

              For example, suppose I am the Treasury and I have access to virtually unlimited credit. Now suppose that I see the stock market falling, and I don’t like it. I could immediately sell someone (say the Fed) a bunch of four-week-maturity securities.

              I could then take the money and immediately buy a bunch of stocks. That would tend to push the stock market back up. If other market participants are encouraged by the rally that my buying induces, they may also buy stock, thus changing the “psychology” of the market.

              If that happens, I can then sell the stocks that I bought with the borrowed money and then pay back the borrowed money (and make a profit in the process).

              Given my unlimited line of credit, I could do that multiple times a day if I so chose. Thus the “churn” could be virtually unlimited despite the fact that the debt securities that I am selling and buying have nominal 4-week maturities.

              • Paul in Oz

                William, thanks for the thought, fair enough, I could see that, that would also imply that it could also be done simply to benefit from fluctuating interest rates as well, if the market rate drops below the t bill rate, the t bill which would have a higher value could be sold and re-issued … all it takes is a different government org doing the treasuries bidding. Certainly a possibility, Thanks for sharing the thought.

    • Baja

      The Blob ,Well put ! It Eats It All !

  6. Ant

    Read the Solari link. $90T reissuance would support $123T of debt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Ant, and Dr. Skidmore said the same thing in the interview iif you took the time to watch it.

  7. JC

    I’ll let John Rubino comment for me…

    We’re already in the early stages of a precious metals bull market. Here’s another Katusa chart showing how gold is crushing stocks so far in 2020.
    So if we can’t stop the massive deficits and rampant currency creation, we might as well embrace the resulting stagflation and keep stacking.

  8. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Skidmore,interesting how these very important analysis raises barely a breath on a Summer’s day on any financial media outside USA Watchdog and the Solari report.Perhaps there is a paucity of talent within the financial press!
    Speaking of “paucity” here in the UK we positively thrive in paucity of government and Marxism has marched in.
    Not that much marching was needed.
    Still our economy is in the toilet,perhaps being in the sewer it might be a good idea to sample the sewage for the phage.A primer from Mr Denninger is a must read for for those of us who less than sure about numbers,a snippet of clear analysis.
    Meanwhile the repo-market and the EuroDollar market are borrowing insane amounts of US Dollars to add to the debt pile we outside the USA will have to pay back,as our economies collapse.
    An analysis of more fake data,”How can one not be shocked?”,said Deidre,
    Here in the UK,again,the theft of explosives has exploded and the importation of guns and ammunition has escalated,so it all looks good.

    • Coalburner

      Thanks for your reporting Maria. Tell us who is getting the weapons imported. The “so called” migrants or the people? We hear daily about the migrants using their weapon of choice to kill. A blade or machete of course! What kinds of guns are coming into the UK?

  9. Doug

    The multiple machinations occurring are getting hard to weigh out! It strikes me that an ugly awakening is upon us.
    It has been suggested that one should rejoice when they see these things occurring.

    • Self Exiled

      “Now when these things begin to occur, stand tall and lift up your heads [in joy], because [suffering ends as] your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28

    • Self Exiled

      The best part is this: “But keep alert at all times [be attentive and ready], praying that you may have the strength and ability [to be found worthy and] to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man [at His coming].” Luke 21:36

      • Charles H

        Just a little eschatology here… This verse, spoken by the Lord Jesus Himself, is said to Jews BEFORE the atoning death, burial, and resurrection at the end of a parable (fig tree). And I go with the KJV wording of: “that ye may be counted worthy to escape”. It is a clear warning of being stuck in a snare on the face of the earth, or escaping.
        The ESSENTIAL issue is – how to escape, or being ‘accounted worthy’.

        Since all mankind is under the Law of Sin and Death – ‘there is none righteous, no not one’. (Rom 3:23 – 3:19,20) But AFTER the Atonement the righteousness that counts is God’s own imputed Righteousness: by Grace through Faith (Eph 2:8,9), not of works (strength and ability) lest any man should boast. And as Abraham’s faith imputed righteousness (Rom 4:15 – 25), the New Testament specifies – “But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets; Even the righteousness of God which is by the faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe…” Rom 3:21,22.

        So then – to escape that which will come upon the earth, and be counted worthy: is by the imputed righteousness of God Himself though faith in Jesus Christ. It cannot be found in strength and ability. That’s the Bible and how it reads to me.

        • Rachel

          Yes, that’s right.

        • Self Exiled

          Agreed, there is no righteousness in me worthy of Gods Gift of Salvation. The second verse to me is my own concern of believers having to go through the tribulation and realizing this is not theologically supported. I do know if such a rapture occurs; it also, is buy grace and His Atonement for our sins. To me it is all about relationship, knowing Him. The version I took this from was the Amplified. As I have gotten older I needed a deeper comprehension of what the Hebrew and the Greek listener instinctively understood because the meaning of their words could not be captured by a word for word translation. Example in the Lakota Sioux they have 7 different words for snow all more descriptive, we have only one word for snow. As an American I tend to live in my head analytically, part of my coming here I believe was Gods soul work in me to embrace life and Him more in my heart. THANK YOU so much for your concern and comments Charles, your comments are sound and from loving concern. Thank You.

    • paul ...

      Doug … It would be a good idea to also buy some physical silver coins while you are rejoicing … here is a good fractal analysis on silver …

      • paul ...

        It is an ugly awakening … to see our leader (like Nero) simply do nothing but tweet sweet music to his followers ears on twitter … while our Nation (like Rome) burns!!

    • Maria das Santos

      I think we all know what is coming,a Communist take over and slaughter.

      • Self Exiled

        Very possible, I have often thought the US might break up or fictionalize into sub state divisions supported by each states armed citizenry, adopting their own or the federal governments constitution. Possibly militarizing from each states national guard and they maintaining a border security to ensure their survival from an influx of liberal desperate people from failed states.

        • Self Exiled

          fictionalize – no I meant fractionalize

          • WD


            The earliest writings about the states was that they were each one country upon itself….

  10. neville

    No one in the world knows or might ever know exactly what the DEBT in the united states is.
    This is the closest that anyone has come so far to the HIGHLY KEPT SECRET!!! The only one who knows is exactly what it is and that is GOD THE FATHER …
    My question is what about the cash used for QE and then there are the uncovered
    liabilities of the ETF’s where a number of $1,5 QUADRILLION is mentioned ask
    Deutsche Bank who have a massive chunk of that……Then there are the unaudited Fed and the unaudited Fort Knox to deal with…..It makes life very difficult for the professor.
    The u. s. is to say the least BANKRUPT and trying to keep the WOLVES from the door.

    It is either the Wiemar Republic way or it’s DEFAULT for the u. s,a.

  11. Rachel

    Hi Greg,
    Interesting interview about evidence that could be of theft or slush funds to cover government and army covert activities or stuff-ups, bribes etc.

    This interview by Steve St. Angelo by Paul Halfdollar at does a good job of explaining the bigger picture and mechanisms that caused, enabled and supported our massive global credit expansion and describes where we are at now and why we have to face and equally massive credit contraction and it has nothing to do with governments so they will just squirm like everybody else and spout a great deal of b.s. throughout the process.

    Given that the derivative credit creation is in the hundreds of trillions of dollars, another ten or twenty trillion printed by a government here or there to prop it all up is to be expected and it will make no difference in the long run.

    Greg’s past comments on this site that holding silver is your best option going forward are also strongly supported in the above interview with even further reasons explained in a clear manner.

  12. Joshua luck

    All the money did not disappear, the money is all in (UFO) Unacknowledged Special programs in the Millitary complex highly compartmentalized and classified 30 times higher then the presidential office! Reference Dr. Steven Greer!

  13. paul ...

    So … what I gather from what Dr. Skidmore is saying … is that the US Debt Clock ( calculation of the price of Gold and Silver (currently based upon $26 Trillion of “official” debt) should be about three to four times higher then what we are currently seeing … so at a minimum … the “real” Gold price should be at least (3 X $29,898) or $89,694 dollars per ounce (as Bill Holter has been telling us) … and the “real” price of Silver should be at least (3 X $3,605) or $10,815 dollars per ounce … so if you want “to be a millionaire” … all one needs to own is 100 ounces of Silver (which at the current price of about $20 dollars per ounce) only requires an investment of $2,000 dollars! … this means in “real terms” … is the Fed has not taken the dollar down from 100 cents to 2 cents … but has in fact taken the dollar down from 100 cents to (2000/1,000,000) or two thousandth’s of a cent (0.002)!! … so this implies a copper penny (the ones made before 1982) is really worth (1/0.002) 500 times more … or about $5 dollars each!!!

    • paul ...

      This fraud and corruption Dr. Skidmore speaks about is being done by “a bunch of traitorous vultures” feeding upon the dead corpse of our Nation … just like what was done to Caesar … our once Great Nation was stabbed in the back … Mark Antony spoke at Caesar’s funeral … his words are as appropriate today for us Americans as they were for the Romans (before the fall of their empire) … if Mark Antony were alive today … I imagine this is what he may have to say:
      “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears … I don’t come to bury America but to praise it … as for Trump … he tried … but when dealing with powerful Deep State enemies who mean to do us great harm … we can forgive Trump for not being able to act more forcefully against our enemies … as he’s an honorable man … it was a grievous fault Trump did not lock up Hillary … and did not use Jeffrey Epstein’s files against the Deep State swamp creatures … sadly … all that essential evidence just disappeared … along with Anthony Weiner’s laptop … and grievously Trump as the man in control has a duty to answer for it … along with all the other honorable men Trump has surrounded himself with (from the Fed Banksters, Bolton on down to Mattis and a slew of corrupt captains of industry) … many of these honorable men had no qualms being photographed with a convicted sex offender and trafficker in underage women and taking trips to Lolita Island for fun and very sick games … thinking back … candidate Trump in that first debate with Hillary “was so good” … that was when Wikileaks had just released the John Podesta Emails and the Pizza Gate Scandal was unfolding and taking out the Swamp creatures was going viral with the ordinary people … now … who sadly sits in prison? … Assange (not Hillary) … when the people cried for our once Great Nation to be returned to us … Trump hugged the American flag … when we wept about the loss of Christian ethics and morality Trump hugged the Bible … but we need more then hugs … our leaders should be made of sterner stuff … but yet Trump is an honorable man … for he more then thrice refused any payment for his services as President … and that’s why we all love him … but what cause now thus withholds us? … it is the utter physical and monetary destruction taking place to our Republic (on Trump’s watch) … where we have mom and pop businesses failing all across the nation … while the wealthy elite’s “prosper” … and the banksters (in violation of our Constitution) were handed the power print up 90 trillion additional dollars out of thin air to hand out to their buddies … yesterday the word “Trump” gave us inspiration … we felt we could once again stand proud in the world … now … Trump has ordered millions of vaccine viles to be manufactured … does he plan to have the Military administer “Gates Mark of the Beast” upon all us Americans?? … it is things like this … that drives our hearts and minds to mutiny and rage … but we all know Trump and the men that surround him are honorable men … we are told to have patience … yet the criminals are still running around loose for four years … not one arrested (but Assange is in prison) … we all keep saying “Trump loves us” … but we are not made of wood or stone or computer chips (yet) … we are men … and being men … it inflames us and makes us mad to see the Deep State destroying our Constitutional Republic both physically and monetarily … traitors have blatantly turning our nation into a “Commie Wonderland” of fraudulent looting, bribes and payoffs as they generate infinite amounts of fiat paper and/or digital dollars … be patient they say … Trump is on the job at the white house … he is on his white horse and will soon thrust a lance into the evil heart of the Deep State … but nay … over the last four years all Trump’s thrusts are at “windmills” and the crooks are allowed to run free pillaging our Nation … do I wrong all these honorable men? … who’s daggers have stabbed our Nation so deeply?? … I fear not … our Nation is now a dying corpse … if you have any tears to shed … shed them now for our Nation (a once “Great” Constitutional Republic) who’s founding Father’s statues are now on the ground … the evil Deep State Cabal has run its daggers through our Nation’s heart … as for Trump “our guardian angel” (he still after 4 years has done nothing to lock up even “one single traitor”) which is the most unkindest cut of all … our once mighty Nation has been totally defrauded and now with this Plandemic has collapsed to the floor … whilst bloody treasonous leeches flourish over what remains of our Nation … weep now some precious tears for the loss of our Constitutional Republic … it stirs up in me a sudden flood of anger against all these Deep State traitors “who have stabbed our Nation in the back” … but … they are wise and honorable men (without any greedy reasons for doing what they did) … destroying “a once proud and free” Constitutional Republic to create their One World (Commie-Fascist-Satanist) Rainbow Colored Slave Order”!!!

      • JC

        Thanks, but is this a comment, or an excerpt from a novel you are writing?

        • paul ...

          Well it’s only fair that “any royalties” should go to Greg Hunter for providing us this free platform to express our “God given” and Constitutionally backed rights!!

        • Gary C

          Paul, one hell of a post, I agree with EVERYTHING
          you said.
          “Old Buddhist Proverb”
          “A wise man remonstrates against the government three
          times” then retires to the mountains”

      • Self Exiled

        In all that you have written my consolation [comfort] has been “Woe to the shepherds (civil leaders, rulers) who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!” says the LORD. Therefore thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, in regard to the shepherds who care for and feed My people: “You have scattered My flock and driven them away, and have not attended to them; hear this, I am about to visit and attend to you for the evil of your deeds,” says the LORD. Jeremiah 23:1-2

      • Larry

        I’ve tears in my eyes… great post

    • Rachel

      Well Paul if the world gets an understanding of your calculations, picture the instant implosion of every market that exists starting with US bonds.

      • Rachel

        Also thanks for giving us these numbers

  14. Nick de la Gaume

    What could go wrong? asks Greg.

    Whoda thunk it, a Super Hero Mega Accountant!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Honesty and Integtity seem to always leave one lonely in the world of men.
    The small advantage is that the Almighty finds one to be excellent company.

    • Self Exiled

      Ohhhh Yes and I Love Him for it. Their is no loneliness in His company. I contemplate His Presence often. He speaks the language of silence articulately.

  15. Self Exiled

    CAF talked about the need to bring robots into the heard thru some sort of legal working bases to complete their NWO preparatory agenda. China is well on it’s way to complete is obligations to such a system.

  16. Wm. Toward

    According to Jim Willie, negotiations on the reset has gold as a monetary metal and silver as a technology metal starting at $400 an ounce. I forgot the gold price. I want to say $5000 but I can be corrected. As for the unpayable debt, the plan is to default on it after using more of it to build our nation’s infrastructure. I’m not saying there won’t be chaos in the beginning, but there is a plan. I’m surprised that the speculations and opinions of those connecting dots and assigning meaning to events aren’t cognizant of the greatest military intelligence drop in history. It has taken the age of the Internet and computers to be able to pull this off. Q-anon is military intelligence and is gaining such a foothold in the consciousness of the public that You Tube for the first time now lists a disclaimer to any Q-anon information presented on a site. Q-anon has too many proofs to be a larp. It is a movement and force to be reckoned with by the luciferian cabal.

    We are in the time when what has been hidden is being revealed for all to see. Wait until the military trials for which Court TV was reactivated.

  17. Bruce

    The dollar is the reserve currency, so it is necessary to have enough dollars to finance the worlds debt. Hence with the EU and China and Japan and every other country with a printing press creating currency, dollars are needed to support this debt creation. I have no idea what mechanism is being used, but doesn’t the world need the dollar to cover the money printing .?

  18. Self Exiled

    Does the power elite now control our military??????? Thank you William Stanley and David. You both confirm my concerns. Yes in flux and David I do remember your comment.

  19. al

    $21Trillion, $90Trillion, soon we will be talking about Quadrillions. I ask, at what interest rate is this debt owed? To who? It’s obvious that this debt is printed out of thin air by the only source of monetary creation (the Federal Reserve) but the questions remain…. Debt to who? At what rate?
    As Doctor Skidmore remarked “it’s un-payable unless it’s inflated away” (great for gold), but in the meantime who benefited from it? What was the currency used for?

    I keep seeing references made to the 1970s relative to today. I lived through the 70s and I do see the similarities as history rhymes.

    Marxist BLM = Marxist Black Panthers (1970s) = Civil unrest which is an effective distraction from high inflation, it can also be used as a reason for regime change. Basically it’s a takeover tactic that didn’t work then and will not work today, especially with the Internet divulging their nefarious plans, and more importantly, THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE ATTEMPTED TAKEOVER !

    As for the reserve currency status, to quote Max Keiser, “the Dollar is the Leper in the room with most of his fingers still intact”, or “the cleanest dirty shirt in the smelly laundry pile”.
    It’s obvious that other Countries have similar debt problems if not greater, which is probably why we still hold Reserve Currency status until we get this promised reset Christine LaGarde (head of the IMF) openly spoke about on Jan 2014 at Davos.

    In 1971 we had a reset by pegging the dollar to oil. At the same time a big war started in the Middle East, another effective inflationary distraction (due to higher oil prices), and we all know what occurred in 1974, the “oil crisis” farce to “justify” more inflation.

    A reset today would have to reverse what happened in 1971 by pegging the dollar to gold. Since no Country can print gold, it’s a perfect Global Reserve Currency alternative. A revalued dollar will mean a transfer of wealth and much hardship for most people.

    It was nice to hear all this information given out without any insulting and derogatory remarks directed to Trump Supporters (like me) who “voted for Trump because we like reality TV”.
    Sorry Greg, I had to jab CAF again on that one. .. the globalist shill.

    • JC

      you care about Trump, but do you think Trump cares about you?
      It’s just a question…

      “Mickey Mantle? Mickey Mantle don’t care about you, so why should you care about him?”

      • Douglas E.

        To answer your question: ¨You care about Trump, but do you think Trump cares about you? It’s just a question¨ – The answer is so simple: It really matters very little, because while he is very in-perfect, Trump is far and away the best option available. Think of the alternatives…

      • Paul Antony

        I like them both. I like Mickey mantle and I like Donald Trump. Neither one of them knows me . But I like them. I like you too . I think you’re swell! 👊 Celebrities are a weird thing, we all know them and none of them know us .

  20. H. Craig Bradley


    Is there some bigger issue at stake?

    Yes, the disintegration of American urban life and culture. Another words, a collapse is possibly in-play. We are seeing just what a full-on Collapse of the civilian government might look like in the future everywhere. That would be “Mad Max Time”. For now, its pretty localized. For example, just this Friday, a mob of BLM’ers stormed part of residential Beverly Hills, California and chanted loudly: “Eat the Rich”. They were not kidding and a number of arrests were made by the Beverly Hills Police Dept.

    People (most) that are unaffected by these civil disturbances ( CHOP in Seattle ) can pretty much ignore them or brush them off. No immediate threat to those not affected directly. You can bet there probably won’t be any defunding of that particular police department. The BLM’s idea, of course, is to intimidate and cause widespread fear amongst the local residents and businesses. To some extent, these sporadic urban riots have certainly undermined confidence in the (Federal) Government. Nobody wants to go out much anymore. Seniors are fearful of Covid-19 and won’t even go to their doctor or dentist.

    Not surprisingly, President Trump is having more difficulty drawing the large crowds to his recent rallies compared to this time in the campaign of 2016. Today, he was forced to cancel a rally because of Covid-19 health concerns (second wave). Calif. Gov. Newsom has put 11 California Counties on a Covid-19 “Watchlist” to evaluate a return to stricter restrictions on public life. Utah is doing likewise, delaying future openings for two weeks to appraise the “second wave” development and adjust the restrictions up or down (Fine-Tuning our Freedoms by “Concerned” Politicians ).

    The Marxists are trying to “close the deal” and the Deep State is actively supporting these rabble. Nothing happens in North America without the “Deep State” in D.C. being fully aware of it, according to Kathrine Austin Fitts.

    • paul ...

      HCB … The bigger issue at stake for Trump is the election …and how to get elected this November in the mist of a worldwide crash … if we look at the following chart that compares today’s Dow with what occurred in 1929 … … today’s Dow (the blue line) is now down to 25,000 … if it follows the 1929 Dow curve … we should see the Dow drop from here down another 2000 points to about 23,000 … then if today’s Dow tracks what happened in 1929 (and what Trump is probably counting on) is from 23,000 we get “a six month rally” right into the election … after the election? … it’s going to be all down hill from there … we will be in an economic depression (and it’s likely going to be “Great” again as Trump promised)!!

    • Beverly

      According to prophecy, we will wake up on a Monday, which is a holiday, and the collapse will have happened. We will have no electricity. Now, if this happens all over the U.S., and nobody has any electricity, and it stays that way for even a week, can you imagine what could happen? If the lights don’t get turned back on in a decent amount of time, the country will be in a very bad way. Men in communities across the U.S., need to start gathering in their neighborhoods and start talking about neighborhood plans to defend their neighborhoods. They say we can’t gather, but that is only because they don’t want us to start making plans to survive. We’ve GOT to gather, whether they say we CAN or NOT!! And, if MEN aren’t supporting these efforts, then the women won’t take it nearly as seriously. WE NEED THE MEN TO TAKE THE LEAD and start gathering and talking.

      • H. Craig Bradley



        In my neighborhood here in Southern Calif. ( Glendale) my neighbors rarely are seen outside and when they do go outside on foot, they usually do not interact much with other residents on the same street and block. All wear masks outside. All keep a healthy six foot secure distance as ordered by the authorities. All are observably compliant. All stick to themselves and/or their immediate families and a few long term friends or associates. As social mood continues to decline, people’s behavior changes to becoming more risk adverse, insular, and provencial to an extreme.

        So, I predict if the lights do go out for an extended time or we have an actual regional “collapse”, then its every man for himself. Some groups, like the Mormons, are well-prepared amongst themselves for such contingencies but otherwise, others remain largely unprepared at-large.

        You will find out the true character of every single human being under the stressful conditions and hardships that would accompany any kind of collapse, either from a natural disaster (earthquake) or man-made ( political, social, and financial collapse).

        One possible outcome: A Mad Max World ( Hell on Earth). This is, incidentally what exactly what Marxists on the Political Left (Democrats) will bring to America should they win the election with a clean-sweep ( Presidency, Congress & Senate all-in-one). Then, your lives and Freedoms are Toast. Better believe it.

        Listen-in to Phil Robertson’s description of what could happen if Marxists take control of America:

  21. Robert

    Here’s a story that blows the whole timeline for COVID19 away. Its from Rueters, so it’s from what most consider a legitimate source. My only question is why are they saying it needs confirmation? By who? The official mouthpieces that brought us the worldwide shutdown based on very deliberately false modeling?

    If COVID19 has been in the general population at least in Spain since March 2019 (but I bet many other nations too), why weren’t we seeing unexplained spikes in death rates before the world knew about this pandemic that started outside of China in 2020?

    The media sure is hyping the new cases causing governors to rethink their plans to return to the new normal. Why isn’t the media hyping the declining death rate?

    There’s also other news outlets picking up on this story.

  22. Ray

    THE FILTH………laid bare for all to see.
    God…….please destroy THE FILTH (and ALL Lap Dogs that suck up to THE FILTH)
    The blown apart limbs of little children across this world beg for your Vengeance upon THE FILTH which hath infested this beautiful world.
    Please God…….destroy THE FILTH.
    And That Right Soon.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  23. Robert

    PS- What does reissuance mean in the venue you’re applying it to? I understand debt, but reissuance needs defining and in context. Thanks

  24. Jerry

    “Normal” wasn’t working so the globalist decided to use the coronavirus to start the 4th industrial revolution.

    I would wager to say that the missing finances are being funneled into the new global economic system (NWO) by the treasury. President Trump acknowledged the role of all of the major corporations in this reset at a White House lawn briefing in March. After reading the World Economic Forum documents it all makes perfect sense what the plan is. A global reset.

  25. Russ F

    Excellent interview and astounding information Greg; thank you….
    With all this hidden debt, maybe this is why President Trump keeps pounding the table for zero % interest rates. The interest expense must be huge if Dr. Skidmore’s numbers are correct, which I am confident are correct.

    • Russ F

      and, I wonder what China’s debt really is.
      If we do not really know what our own debt is, how do we know China’s not doing the same thing? Plus, they are never forthcoming anyways with real data.

  26. andyb

    Greg: Excellent interview with Dr Skidmore. The recent news re Woodrow Wilson as a racist overlooks his most nefarious and insidious actions; that of allowing the treasonous formation of the FED by the Rothschild cabal to rule this country via monetary policy. It is obvious to me that all of the missing trillions has been laundered through the FED to enrich its crony member banks, not only in the US, but globally. And don’t think for a minute that the bankster cabal isn’t behind the current social unrest as it has formulated and incited all wars and aided all sides to foster chaos. Officials and politicians in every country have been bribed or blackmailed into abetting the greatest criminal conspiracy in world history.

  27. Mark Sztelle

    Skidmore is basically saying our money isn’t worth anything since it is printed well beyond understanding.This is why the gold price is depressed by Central Banks.

  28. paul ...

    Just a thought but you know … the Bible speaks of a “great” deceiver will preside over the take down of our Christian Nation … what better way to deceive us then by the Deep State putting a pretender in office who hugs the Flag and the Bible that they can pretend to rail about … but who in fact “does nothing to the traitors” who are now proceeding to bring about the final downfall of our Nation!! (Matthew 7:15 – Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly … are ravening wolves)!!

    • paul ...

      And what better way to flush more money then the $21 Trillion (they hid from us under the cloak of National Security) down the “Great” hole of nothingness … then by “Great-ly” increasing the defense budget … allowing for a “Great-er” misappropriation of money (now calculated by Dr. Skidmore to be over $90 Trillion dollars) … to make it “Great” for the treasonous elites … and bring about the “Great-est” depression and economic downturn in our Nations history … while at the same time fostering in new “Great” for the elites (“commie” system of world governance)!!

      • paul ...

        You know … Gates is “wringing his hands” and is now getting a little upset that “people are not complying” with “his orders” as “a medical expert on planed population control” … so what is he going to do about it? … put his vaccine in our water supply?? … like “his other medical experts” who have already put fluoride in the water we drink and chem-trails in the air we breathe??

    • Beverly

      Another prophecy that was made—-“great effort will be made to balance the U.S. budget, but those efforts will fail. ” John Koyle. So, we are speculating here as to whether Trump is a good man or part of the problem. He has not done everything right, for sure, but he has tried to stand up for right, I believe. The man looks so tired, like he can hardly function. And, who could, after all the stress and chaos he’s put under to endure? We’re asking him to be some kind of a super hero and set in order years and years of terrible problems that have been building up in the U.S. How is it possible that he could solve them all—unless he put himself in as a King, which he can’t do. He doesn’t have ultimate rule powers. The only one who can save us, ultimately, is Jesus. But, unless we stand up and do our part, we will have to suffer for longer. God isn’t going to swoop down and save a bunch of people who don’t even seem to care about whether they are saved or not. If things have to get really bad first, then God will let them get really bad. If people won’t wake up—-well then maybe God will help them to awaken with a few earthquakes and volcanos and such. But, the people have to be humbled and have to turn towards God in order to be saved from what they have allowed to be created. It’s our own laziness in wanting to have all the riches and ease of the world, without having to pay the price. If we don’t have to do the physical labor to grow food, then let the poor guy next door do it, right? We set ourselves up in social classes and say we are too good or too rich to have to do that farm work. We tell ourselves we will just buy it from the store and let somebody else do the hard work. Well, that laziness is taking it’s toll on the U.S.


    Bill Gates: ‘Final Hurdle’ for COVID-19 Vaccine is Ensuring People Take It
    Billionaire issues warning over fears public may refuse to take drug

    Nadler Down Plays ‘Imaginary’ ANTIFA, Then Jim Jordan Steps In
    written by Laura Steinberg June 28, 2020
    Antifa is real, not “imaginary,” as Jerrold Nadler would like everyone to believe. A reformed anarchist went on Friday’s episode of “The Ingraham Angle” to set the record straight. The windows Gabriel Nadales broke “weren’t imaginary” either he insists. Ohio republican Jim Jordan points out that Nadler isn’t blind, so he must be playing dumb. “They are far from imaginary. And there are people in every major city in this country who know that.” But not the chair of the Judiciary Committee.

    George Soros-Funded Group Vows to Defeat Trump By Turning Out 6M Hispanic Voters
    United We Dream activists declared they were ‘powering up’ members

    Democrats Demand George Floyd is Honored But Can’t Remember His Name – WATCH
    ‘Floyd Taylor, I mean, George Taylor, um I mean, George Kirby.
    Both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer forgot George Floyd’s name while demanding he must be remembered
    These two future Gitmo Mocking jailbird .brained moron’s don’t get it, but will in the end!

    Red Alert On Biden Presidency
    •Streamed live 3 hours ago

    LIVE CAMERA Nevskiy avenue St. Petersburg Russia. Невский пр. Санкт-Петербург
    City of over 5 million, right on the 60th Parrelle, next parrelle, the Artic Circle. Here in north America Thats northern Hudsons bay, southern Alaska!

    Tucker: President Trump’s hope for re-election
    2,380,896 views•Jun 25, 2020

    Baseball Legend Darryl Strawberry Backs POTUS, Will Join Black Voices For Trump
    written by Erin Flockhart May 7, 2020



      These guy’s must have connections, how they can switch camera’s!?
      Well they did, you now have a panoramic view. You can’t see the populace and lack of mask’s, in a cold climate near the Arctic Circle!

      Here they raised the camera 50 feet higher so you can’t see the people enough to determine anything.
      Same web address ass above, different view’s and not the original. Go figure? Weird?


        Now they’re both the same, wow.
        Greg they’re watching this site to know what we know, the little guy. We predicted all we see today. We baited all the crooked traitors and they took the bait to hang themselves. Let’s hope they’re smart enough to ask forgiveness, not a Pharaoh and go for that last swim!

  30. Bob

    Greg, the “timing” of all this is kind of interesting also, 2015-2016. What was going on then? How about Obama getting prepared for his next life after totally ripping off and screwing up this country royally? Is it out of the realm of possibility that some of this missing money financed his new ocean front home as well as his Washington, DC digs, etc. Of course, in order to accomplish this, he’d have had to have plenty of help, all with their hands out for their fair share, if you get my drift. Talk about the Deep State! Only saying!!

  31. paul ...

    This “new” robot restaurant in China … … is an “old idea” created right here in America …… I really enjoyed eating at Horn and Hardart years ago!!

    • JC

      Horn and Hardart, those were the days. I loved putting my coin in and opening the door to extract a scrumptious slice of blueberry pie.

      • paul ...

        Same here JC … it was the high point of one of the fond memories I have of me as a kid when my Dad took the family out site seeing in New York City!! … luckily BLM was not around at that time trying to tear down the Statue of Liberty!!

  32. Asleep at the wheel

    There is no logical explanation, therefore; it must be a huge smokescreen, a deception to cover where the real debt is really being used. That kind of debt obviously is not being spent in the real economy because everything is crumbling around us.
    The answer must be in the small numbers, the needles in the numerous imaginary digital haystacks. Fishing for red herrings is a fool’s errand.
    When everything is fake, the truth can never be found.

  33. paul ...

    Why can’t veterans come together to fight the traitors within America??? …

    • JC

      The veterans need a leader to organize themselves into a cohesive unit. That leader could be YOU!

      • paul ...

        That’s what we are paying Trump to do! … Hmm?? … think “since he is not getting paid” he is under no obligation to arrest any traitors???

        • K. Wayne

          If he was President of a Multi National and wasn’t getting paid …he still has obligations to meet …to the Board and its Stockholders. If he were negligent in any regard …he would find himself issued with lawsuits and threats of imprisonment. First course of action is to “Fire the CEO” and then ask questions.
          The REAL question to answer is ……Who is he answerable to?
          Once you have that response, then you will have answered all previous questions.

  34. Chris in Arkansas

    That was a good interview. People need to be really careful to not assume we have $123 trillion in debt, although without an understandable explanation it’s the only conclusion we are left with. Treasuries can be retired before they mture and reisued. That is likely boosting the reissuamce total im a substantial way.

    Think of it like this – for those of you that trade in equities, you may have a base of $50k in your account, but when you look at the total trade history for the year you may have traded a total of $250K. You are in fact exchanging one quity for cash and then buying another to get a more attractive position and profit from it. Yet you still might only end up with $60k at the end of the year. The $250k in total trades you placed is irrelevant..

    So can we really say that $90T in reissuance would support $123T of debt? No, not really – but it is the only explanation based on available data unless somone in the government accounting system steps up and explains it.

    What really gets to me is that no major media sources have picked up on this. Our budgets are so complex that someone meeds to first understand it, then verify it, then be able to report it in sound bites that the American public can consume and take notice of. If Dr. Skidmore can’t get significant traction than what makes us think a major reporting outlet will pick it up? Skidmore’s work is oitstanding but he needs to keep going until he has conclusive evidence.

  35. Joe


    The government is corrupt beyond belief and completely out of control.


  36. paul ...

    How can we ordinary folks comprehend what $90 trillion dollars being stolen from us is really like??? … well $2.9 trillion — is equivalent to about $22,000 dollars being stolen from each US household … so $90 trillion dollars being stolen is like $682,758 dollars being stolen out from under the mattress of every household in America!! … that’s not loose change folks!!!

    • Beverly

      Exactly—how can we comprehend what that much money really means? Does it matter that they continue to spend and print up more, then? The fact is, we are bankrupt and won’t be paying any of it back, so they just use the number on a screen that they make up, to do their dirty work. They convince the people that we have to pay it all back, with interest, but none of it makes sense. It’s all total chaos and the only thing that does make sense is for good strong men to gather and to start hunting these evil and wicked men down, and to put them to death for their many murders—Capital punishment. If we don’t hunt down and do away with the evil in the world, then it will continue to thrive. It’s all coming to a head, and now our men have to face going to war. We just have to make sure that it’s a war against Bill Gates, the Jesuits, the elitists in Austria and Switzerland(who really control most everything) and the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and the like. These are the people who need to go bye-bye.

      • K. Wayne

        ….”but none of it makes sense”….it does if you understand their motive.

        …..”hunt down and do away with the evil in the world….the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and the like”…..good to see the word about where true evil resides is spreading. 👍😉

  37. paul ...

    Well it seems the consolidation in the gold stocks over the last two months … has finally come to an end …

  38. Larry Liberty

    The missing $ trillions is allocated to “Israel” and spent on a defense dome to shield them from nukes because WW3 and the annihilation of most people on the planet has been planned long ago. The time is nigh. When it happens, “Israel” gets to rise above all nations on the planet who are effectively in ruins. That’s part of their Talmudic plan and “prophesy” to rise above everyone when their (false) “messiah” arrives. He will actually be Antichrist.

    Folks, this missing $ trillions is what caused the global financial system to crash, not the Plandemic. The Plandemic is the scapegoat. The final solution for the Bankers is WW3, hence, annihilation of billions of people on the planet.

  39. Jaun Valdez

    Armando Salgado 1 year ago
    From a Mexican American, who’s uncles and father-in-law fought in WW2, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  40. paul ...

    You know … This November it really matters not whether you are on the left or the right … the policy both left and right have now agreed upon is “money-printing” … and as the fake dollar goes … so goes the empire … thus the election result … be it left or right … does not matter … we will all go down together!!

    • FC

      Couldn’t agree with you more Paul… I’m not afraid of dying because all our lives will result in death, but I’m going to make sure my death is to stand up against tyranny rather than kneel and be sacrificed by evil .

      • K. Wayne

        “All must kneel before Horus” !!

  41. RT Rider

    “Where’s the power? Where’s the control?”

    I don’t have any definitive answer to this, and I doubt anyone outside of the Deep State does, because that’s there modus operandi – hide everything clandestine from the public. However, I think there is sufficient evidence, in addition to past and present circumstances, to connect some dots. The government of the United States has become captive to an organized crime racket (global?), who are strip mining the resources of the country to maintain a global empire of financial crime, whereby they keep all the proceeds and have us pay for it.
    The primary funding source of this racket is money counterfeiting via the Federal Reserve, through the issuance of government debt. Debt, which can never (or, more likely, ever intended) to be repaid, whether by outright default or the guise of devaluation by inflation, means that the banking cartel is a state-condoned counterfeiting operation, laundering money through the financial markets and government departments, such as Defence. This money is gone and is not recoverable. The only option for the citizenry, should we ever regain power and control back from these these criminals, is to declare all of these so-called liabilities, null and void.

  42. Tom Wigand


    Bravo to you and Dr. Skidmore for continuing to raise the alarm — arguably serving as modern day financial Paul Revere’s.

    Dr. Skidmore mentioned a big jump in 2015-2016. This would be during the Obama administration. It would be interesting to know when this chicanery first began, under which administrations it began a parabolic rise, and for what purpose(s). Perhaps we’ll find out some years after this all blows up.

    And of course, who AUTHORIZED, and WHO KNEW but didn’t blow the whistle.

    In any case, what this confirms is that this country is already in full-Weimar, but the effects haven’t yet erupted as they inevitably will.

    As you keep advising us — prepare as best we can. And always remember who’s firmly in control.

    • Self Exiled

      ”Dr. Skidmore mentioned a big jump in 2015-2016” possibly to fund what ever plans of treason that thy were going to execute under Hillary.

  43. Fred

    From time to time, I hear people ask – “When will the crash occur?”. In response, I’ve been saying that we cannot possibly know how much shock the system will take. Now I have an excellent interview to accompany that statement.

  44. paul ...

    A message for President Trump from Greg Mannarino …

    • paul ...

      This is for those interested in seeing Mannarino’s Camaro Super Sport 406 Hot Rod lay a bit of rubber with his new Husser Radial Street Slicks …

      • Self Exiled

        I remember when that Camero came out. Never able to drag the original version, only one in town. I had a 57 Corvette, 283 bored to 292, 10.5 compression ratio, Dontoff cam, solids, highrise 4 barrel, 456 rear. Raced stop light to stop light, 3 speed never had to shift [4 speeds had to shift], why they lost. clutch drop at 6-7000 rpm, only 4 to 6 feet foot print. Then 1000 Kawasaki came out, over , done, lost , the end.

        • Self Exiled

          Reminds me, where is Stan and his Bentley.

          • Rachel

            Maybe he went on a real holiday. lol

          • Jerry

            Self Exiled,
            That went over like a turd in the churn. Who cares as long as he’s not here?

            • Self Exiled

              He’s back. Greg you play us like fine tuned fiddles by what you allow and don’t allow. LOL

            • Pepe Estevez - The Cleaner

              Mr Stanley went away for a short trip on the week end of 20th June.
              When he returned this past two weeks to his holiday home he was confronted with some very sad affairs.
              Mr Stanley had left Bentley in the Stables at his holiday ranch for that weekend. It was the same weekend we had a break in at the homestead.
              I had to use Mr Stanley’s A.G. Spalding & Brothers Palmer Patent Fork Shaft 1 Wood golf club to fight off the intruder. I was successful but the golf club must now be replaced.

              Mr Stanley was not happy when he returned from his short trip. I had to also advise him of the loss of his mother who had died of a heart attack after the intruder had scared her to death.

              Then we had a fire incident at the house after one of the curtains caught fire from one of the candles burning on the side table beside the Urn carrying the ashes of his Mother, in the study.

              Mr Lucky’s favorite race horse Bentley died from exhaustion that night after I had to use the horse to ferry water to the house from the Stables to put out the fire.
              A truly terrible weekend for the Stanley family. Mr Stanley is understandably quite distraught.

  45. Steve

    Maybe I missed it and maybe I don’t understand the issue fully but for that amount of money ie 90 trillion then the question is who is holding that debt, it must be other central banks/countries, and if so why would they un-declare the amount of US debt they hold on their books

  46. J in Ireland

    Revolution starts when governments forget that the sovereign is the people, not the government. Look at the French Revolution, Russian revolution and the US war of independence. When government trampled on the people – in the current case, by consigning them to future huge inflation and poverty- the masses rose up! This will happen again and is far more worrying than the debt itself. The young will blame the old for squandering their future and killing the planet. Not sure if the consequences of this have been fully contemplated. Well done again Greg. Seriously brilliant but I think we all suspected there was something wrong. Here in Europe, we are very nervous and wonder if the Brits know something we don’t realise. Keep up the good work. Your website is the equivalent of the Lone Ranger! J in Ireland

  47. paul ...

    Just who are America’s racial equality protesters?? … … they are primarily Young White Demon-rats or YWD’s (Yo-Yo White Dumbo millennials who prefer chocolate to white metal)!!

    • JC

      paul… it’s just a matter of time. Repeat after me… It’s just a matter of time… a matter
      of time…

      “The Fed is not a Magic Money Tree today… and it wouldn’t become one even if MMT were officially adopted in the future.
      Owning gold and gold-related assets is the best protection against the damage that the Fed and the federal government are doing today and what they’ll do in the future.”

      ” The damage isn’t yet obvious, but it will be more noticeable in time.”

  48. Pete M

    $90 trillion of reissuance and redemption equates to $300,000 for every U.S citizen, and if it is $120 trillion, then it $400,000 per U.S citizen.

    People everywhere are in denial, and have been for some time now. Everyone is in their own little world.

    This is a true example of the Status Quo being in it’s own corrupt equilibrium.

    One interesting detail was that about 1/3 of this amount (or $35 Trillion) according to Dr.Skidmore was accumulated in the 2015-2016 time frame, which I went back and quickly examined for major market events.

    It is not unusual for allowable derivatives by large financial institutions to represent 100x the overall market that they are involved in, so here’s a quick list to ponder.

    In 2015, the Swiss unexpectedly abandoned a cap limiting the value of the Swiss Franc vs the Euro.
    Then there was the Greek Debt situation, then China devalued its Yuan, the S+P dropped 12%, The Dow Plunged 1000 points in a brief period which was big then. Investors got out of only $13.1 Billion of Junk Bonds, but that was big then, and then there was a collapse in oil prices. Pick any event and multiply it by 100x plus, perhaps multiple events.

    Just one theory, but the sum of all things is that everyone in the big financial circles all the way down the main stream news agencies that reports it are all living the big lie, and nobody wants to be responsible for the markets losing their confidence, as that is the only thing that ever holds an FIAT currency up.

    It must be some big rinse cycle that keeps things going.

    How long do we have until all confidence is lost nobody knows.

    Thanks Greg for letting us all know about it.

    • K. Wayne

      Pete M,
      Another way to look at the current situation ….is to consider the end game…then work back from there. If you can follow this process logically then you will have a better grasp of “WHY”…. without the need for conjecture.

  49. Rodger Pape

    Love your question Greg..”Why does the american tax payer have to pay it back?” Go to the Rockefellers or Rothschild family….that’s probably a great place to start.

    • K. Wayne

      Good observation. I like the reference to “Rockefellers or Rothschild family” .
      I sense that word….. is starting to spread….which is exactly how it was intended.

  50. Tony

    It seems history has seen this before. Towards the end of the Great and Last Chinese Emperor reign (movie), it was thought the “Treasurers/Bankers/Accountants” (Eunuchs) were stealing from the treasury. To hide the incredible theft, the “ Treasurers/Bankers/Accountants” burned down the buildings containing the treasury and along with it the evidence of the years of thievery. And China then dissolved into social chaos, & then into Communism and the murdering of 70 million souls along the “path to peace and equality for all”.

    The Emperor was rich, spoiled, immoral, distracted by amusement and trusted those in charge. When he finally woke up, it was too late … if the word “Emperor” was changed to the words “We the People” is there a similarity?

    Dr Skidmore thank you. And Greg, thank you! These interviews are why my wife and I support USA Watchdog. God bless and protect you, your family and guests!

  51. daniel j turner

    So many problems converging and I wonder what life will be like here inside 5 years. Most problems are of our own making but the most major will be the Grand Solar Minimum and its effects are global and are occurring now. When will you report on this one Greg? I am not talking about the phony human-made climate change a “theory” that came about during a period of solar maximum but a reduced solar activity which even NASA has admitted will be the lowest in 200 years. Empires have fallen during past periods of the solar minimum cycle so I think it is a worthy and extremely significant topic to cover for your audience.

    • Mother Goose & other stories

      Hmmm, sounds a lot like what happened at 9/11 & beyond.
      Still happening.

  52. Joe Lalonde

    We have in Canada, lawyers showing how the politicians have broken the labour laws with this imposed lockdown by this Pandemic.
    There is a conflict of lockdown and fining businesses by municipality and mayors to the labour laws in place and person effected can file for wrongful dismissal and receive full severance pay.

    These lawyers have fantastic information on your rights during this Pandemic.

    Many businesses have used it to change workers jobs or hours or pay.

    All illegal by the present labour laws.

    Thought this may help many people effected by Governments Imposed Restrictions and Regulations that are illegal.

    Take care, stay healthy and safe,


  53. Paul in Oz

    Greg, thanks so much for sharing that brilliant analysis by Dr. Skidmore, his analysis and approach to conclusions is second to none … his approach of simply presenting the facts for people to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions is greatly appreciated.

  54. Bill B

    It doesn’t surprise me to hear Dr Skidmore say, few people want to become involved in seeking the truth in regards to this matter. Maybe this goes too deep for their comfort.
    When the good Professor began asking questions about the missing money, doors began to close on him. So the know of him and the possible threat he poses. Presently he is working on the discovery of money, but if he starts exposing those who have been involved in the cover up,t here will be reprisals. I pray that God will protect him and his family. One would think this is something the FBI would be interested in.

  55. Mark

    Of course, it is totally fraudulent. This is how the criminal military industrial complex has funded multiple secret space programs, which have been in existence for decades…only now has this changed when the US publicly admitted to control and/or reveal it through the “new” space force. This is easier to keep secret than you think because they threaten the people that work on these projects with their lives (including their family and friends) if they were to leak anything. Ask yourself how much would it cost to create a breakaway civilization from Earth, including designing and building antigravity space ships to travel to distant planets or other star systems, (and building them underground to keep this out of the public eye), and then build infrastructure on those distant planets, all paid for by the US taxpayer. These are highly compartmentalized secret programs, and only certain individuals are in a need to know basis, and often times, it does not include POTUS, since they are regarded as temp employees. Some are given partial knowledge, if they can be trusted. Read “The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization” by Richard Dolan, or read “Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries” by the William Thomkins. Remember this?
    This illegal shadow government must be dismantled…and then the technological benefits must be shared with ALL the people, since we ALL paid for it.

    • Lil Miss Represented

      Nope!….they’re only interested in investigating innocent presidents to cover their own @rses.

    • donna s.

      I don’t know if you remember when Newt Gingrich ran for President and was on the debate stage and started referring to the space program and something to the effect of building places to live on other planets? I was a little thrown at the time when he started saying this. I wish I could remember exactly or find the debate . Does anyone else remember this?

      • Mark

        I found this….

        From books I have read and various whistleblowers, the claim is there already are bases on the moon, Mars and even planets outside our solar system, and the secret programs goes back decades.

  56. Bill the Cat Guy

    They should be referred to as “Black Lies Matter” because if black lives really mattered they’re be burning down abortion clinics. Black lives only matter when they’re killed by white cops.

  57. Self Exiled

    So, the Generals who are part of the Intelligence Agency to Afghanistan do not support the President, I wonder; is the reason? Is this also why we are still in this 18 year war Trump wanted us out of.

    • paul ...

      The reason is obvious … the US Generals and US intelligence community are involved in drug and other trafficking in Afghanistan (for the last 20 years) and don’t want to give up “not one dollar” of such a lucrative source of extra cash to put into their Swiss Bank accounts( as their greed for more and more worthless fiat paper the Fed prints out of thin air is just too great) … imagine what would have happened if these greedy immoral guys were in the Garden instead of Christ … and Satan offered them the world?? … they would have handed over our children to that “alien” Satan (if he asked for children as sacrificial lambs for his barbecue dinner) … and these immoral General’s (who have no regard for the welfare of children) would have simply told the American people: “Know Where Your Children Are After 10 o’clock … As We Have Agreed To Abduct Your Children And Traffic Them Over To Satan (for the power, money and wealth of this world)”!!!

      • Self Exiled

        I had opportunity to talk to a LURP who did two tours in Vietnam. They volunteer in so he volunteered out because they had to escort a CIA Spook into Laos or Cambodia. I forget. He was absolutely positive that the spook met with North Vietnam regulars. Why, unknown; said that was the last time he would risk his life for his country.

  58. Self Exiled

    Gen. John Allen, the former commander of American forces in Afghanistan said: Trump’s threats of military force may be ‘the beginning of the end of the American experiment’ . I would say NOT because of Trump but because of compromised generals, presidents, congress men, judges, attorneys, governors ——.

  59. Self Exiled

    More lies from the Intelligence Agency?

  60. Self Exiled

    Anybody know about this??????? What is he referring too.

  61. Tom Savage

    Something is going on. What if, as John Titus says, the BIS and Central Banks have a plan to be the world government, and the Obama administration was all in on this plan by providing the trillions of dollars to make it happen. Their trillions of dollars in financial support provided in 2015 and 2016 was ended by the election of Donald Trump.

    When reflecting on the 4-year effort by Democrats in the US and globalists around the world to eliminate PDJT, the idea that concealment of Spygate activities was the objective, seems insufficient. What if the real objective is/was to conceal the funding of worldwide Central Banks? It would seem that much more than 90 Trillion would be needed.

  62. Mike R

    $20 Trillion here, $90 trillion there. Whats another $110 trillion anyway ? Its all funny money and trash-cash, just like the Zimbabwe dollar. Anyone holding this stuff will be in for a rude awakening some day soon. Barrels full of dollars for a loaf of bread… or a Covid 19 vaccine shot…

    • paul ...

      Mike … The unprecedented economic damage heavy-handed governments are doing to ordinary businesses shutting down the world economy (to selectively help Big Pharma and the Banks with their world control agendas) is even worse then most people believe … because the traitors running our governments are allowing the papering over of tens of millions of lost jobs “with vast money printing” far beyond anything the world has ever seen … this extreme devaluation of all currencies is making “every nation” into a Zimbabwe (so that on a relative basis no one nation will be richer then another nation) … except for a few individuals who see what is happening and accumulate gold, silver and other physical commodities (even lowly copper pennies and nickel pocket change will have great relative value compared to fiat paper in a Zimbabwe world)!!

    • Keith Wilson

      Well back in 2015 it took 190 Bolivar to purchase one US dollar. Today it will take you 249,519 Bolivars to get your US dollar. So if you could get to a bank in that country and get 249,519 Bolivar coins out of there bank your coins would be worth more in scrap value than the currency is worth. Sadly there banks don’t hold coins because the elite have already emptied the coins from there banking system. Watching youtube some American hedge funds have accumulated thousands of one penny US coins because they know they are worth more in scrap in the years ahead than what the us currency will be.

      • paul ...

        Exactly Keith!!!

        • Keith Wilson

          If you where able to collect 320,000 pre 1982 us pennies which are 95% copper you would have one ton of scrap copper. This would cost you 3200 dollars. The price of scrap copper today is about 6000 dollars per ton. So for your 3200 you have made 2800 profit on your investment. If the us dollar collapses in 2021 the coins will be valueless but worth more in scrap and will be withdrawn from circulation and destroyed by the us mint. Don’t smelt down your pennies yet. It is a criminal offence and you would end up in jail.

  63. Coalburner

    I conjecture with no evidence that our new Space Force is far ahead of anything we know and therefore the various enemies out there knows. Or possibly some other huge investment America may get payback for. OF course, I believe the Riots are a Soros plot to destroy America. As much as I distrust the Deep State and the multi billionaires I do not think they control the hidden half of the Federal G0vernment where the money may have went.

  64. Coalburner

    Thanks You Greg and Dr Skidmore!

  65. Jaun Valdez

    All Americans Need to See This Report
    The Pressure Cooker Is Boiling Over!
    Jack Posobeic Takes Abuse
    The Common Sense Show

  66. Tommy

    Is the debt at $90 trillion? As a famous old lady once said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  67. Peter

    What do you think about this story:

    ” I’m American And Ashamed Of My Government Strangling Syria To Death – Iraq & Libya Redux (George Floyd’s Murder Is The Surface Of Deeper Scandal) ”

    So be ashamed.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not do this so I am not ashamed. Ph and BLM is a Marxist Trans hoax and has nothing to do the helping black lives.

      • Ray

        Hi Greg,
        In my humble view, you are partially correct in what you say there.
        However, it is my thought that ALL Australians and Americans ought to be ashamed of what the governments of our nations have allowed to be visited upon the nations and innocent people of Iraq, Syria and Libya.
        They have been totally and utterly smashed.
        For what?
        Geopolitical hegemony based on political BS?
        Christ would never have condoned what we have condoned via our elected officials.
        I expect God is none too impressed with these actions…..and an atonement He will require and demand.
        I for one am very much ashamed.
        Best wishes remain with you.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  68. paul ...

    With the recent bankruptcy of a top US shale oil driller “the powers that be” are probably saying “we need to raise oil prices” … US shale oil drillers recently “unwilling to pay to store their over produced oil actually paid people to take it off their hands and they drove the price of oil negative” … this crazy situation must be changed … and the powers that be will likely all agreed upon “starting a war in the Middle East” (where Iran is given the OK by the Saudi’s to bomb some Saudi oil wells … and the Iranians allow the Saudis to attack some Iranian targets … as both sides want to see oil prices rise … Russia and the US as oil producers won’t mind seeing oil prices rise … so with the exception of China (who can be given long tern contracts for cheap oil) … a Middle East War “is practically a done deal” … so what do we do? … well as “copper is the official metal of war” we can buy copper stocks … but remember also that gold and silver also react upward “during times of war”!!

    • paul ...

      Seem the Fed is holding back (with money printing) “the crash Nenner is predicting” until after the election … when we possibly get “both” War and Sleepy “Alzheimer Joe” for President (who wouldn’t sell the market on such news)!?!?

  69. Dave

    This same story is on the Solari website but the only evidence he shows for his claim of $90 Trillion of treasury rollovers in 2019 is an unsourced document that shows 2015-2019 of rollovers much higher than the outstanding debt:

    What is the source of this document he is using to prove his claim?
    Astonishing claims require rock solid proof.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s his work and analysis Dave. This is original material and cutting edge.

  70. Rick G

    Nice to know that I live in a world where evil is in charge and life is cheap. If indeed good triumps years or decades later the old people can tell the grandkids about the time when consideration for your fellow man and common decency were obsolete. When destroying history and the Republic were “trending.” If we don’t turn this around in November I would rather God remove me. Of course if evil has its way that might be taken care of. After all what did Christ say?
    { Matthew 24:22}
    And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh
    be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be
    shortened. May Jehovah God the maker of Heaven and Earth be praised irregardless of whatever happens. Thanks Greg.

  71. Dave

    Fully understand that and respect his credentials however in the Solari report he uses a document to prove his claim that is unsourced (see my first post).
    The Treasury says in this report that only $11.806 of securities were issued.

    Not that anybody necessarily trusts the Treasury but this claim of Professor Skidmore is astounding.
    He uses the document in the Solari report to back up his claim…what is the source of this multi-year document?


    • Greg Hunter

      You will have to ask him Dave. His contact in for is in the After the Interview section.

  72. Self Exiled

    Washington Post and Wall Street Journal Took Millions From Chinese Communist Party Newspaper

  73. Self Exiled

    Former Senator John Kerry suggests there will be a revolution if Trump gets elected again

  74. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Another great report.

  75. Jerry

    It’s wake up time folks.
    Those of you who read my post, might recall a few days ago that I posted information about my law enforcement friends in Kansas City being stalked by black lives matter? Well apparently law enforcement personnel are not the only ones being targeted.

    It is becoming increasingly clear to me that there is on ongoing campaign by the globalist to use the covid19 tracking mechanism to harvest information on people they view to be potential threats in the event of a government coup. Anyone that is in law enforcement, considered conservative, or a Trump supporter, could wind up being a target. There have been multiple data breaches over the past few years, so it’s a pretty good bet, if your on Greg’s site, you’re on that list. Get your spiritual house in order. Time is short.

    • Jerry

      Still don’t think this was preplanned? Read it for yourself.

      KAF didn’t come up with the information about the global reset on her own.They all know about it.

    • Self Exiled

      It’s never to late to wake up, but in all reality wake up time was 50 years ago. As in reference to your next post and preceding post I suspect they all ready have a hit list, if they are tracking local sheriffs. Most communist revolutions have in the past. Remember the Phoenix program conducted by the CIA in Vietnam when Bush was CIA head. Extremely effective. If the intelligence agencies are compromised then the opposition is collecting.

  76. Stan

    Only bubble right now is Gold. Being manipulated higher probably to suck in a bunch of retail investors. Patience is key here

    • Ray

      Right Stan…..right!!!
      The US Dollar and Stock Market aren’t being manipulated into the BIGGEST BUBBLE EVER……no, no… is Gold that’s being manipulated!!!
      Ladies and Gentlemen, please follow the link below to Stan’s Investment Services 🙂
      All capital is guaranteed and returns are ultra high.
      You’d be mad not be all in here!

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • paul ...

      Stan … Patients is the key with both you and Fauci … the more patients the better … problem is … what do you do when you start losing patients? … did you take the pulse of these two patients Stan?? (gold is over 1800 and silver over 18)!! …

    • Self Exiled

      Your probably right [short term investors] but please don’t jump. I’ll come pick you up in the Bentley [on week ends]. No friends allowed, I can only handle one of you at a time. I had a friend who went to the islands, only came back to get his wife 5 ears latter and she did not want to go. Now she won’t come back.

    • JC

      I’ll ask you again, did you mail the postcard from St. Maarten to Greg’s PO Box or not? It’s a simple yes or no question.

  77. Jaun Valdez

    ++++++++DIVIDED WE FALL
    Get Ready For The Fireworks, Backchannels Are Important, Tick Tock
    •Jun 29, 2020
    THEY really WANT US, not the TRUMPSTER!
    👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Come and get us Gina and come ah shootin!
    Chuck you can fool some of the Michigander's sometime, but in your coming bankruptcy you'll realize you never fooled a MICHIGANDER!
    We all have our human moment's Chuck….

  78. Dave DuFour

    Per your suggestion I contacted the Professor and asked him the source for the chart and he forwarded the below end of 2019 Treasury statement. Sure enough you can see at the top of page 2 that they issued $90 Trillion in debt to supposedly service $22 Trillion in debt:
    What’s really interesting is that $79 of the $90 Trillion was for “government account series” which is gov. internal debt which is debt held by medicare/social security trust funds,etc.

    • Self Exiled

      So they have been robbing Social Security.

  79. Dave DuFour

    The real question is why did the Treasury have to issue $79 Trillion in new debt to service only $6 Trillion of internally held debt:

  80. Jerry

    Is there any doubt left that we will be going to digital currency?

    In my area, some businesses no longer take cash. Why? Either they’re to stupid to make change, or, they think it’s infected. Either way it’s coming. Maybe the whole outhouse will go up in flames and it won’t matter anyway.

    • Self Exiled

      The out house is all ready burning.

  81. paul ...

    Dr. Frankenstein and Egor … … at least Bill Gates and Fauci have been banned in Russia … not so here in the USA … Trump is too busy hugging the Flag and holding the Bible to do any “real work” … at least Putin is screwing Bill Gates’ dream of vaccinating the entire world (so he can put tracking devices in everyone)!!

  82. paul ...

    A day after “the China counterfeit gold bar story hit the market” … panicked banksters “are printing up extra trillions of extra fiat dollars out of thin air” and scrambling to procure the “real physical gold” that was supposed to be backing up their loans … and thus have driven the gold price over $1800 dollars per ounce!! …

    • paul ...

      Wonder what will happen to the gold price when over 8,000 tons of gold plated tungsten bars at Fort Knox are tested?? … (if we can ever get an audit)!?!

      • paul ...

        We are told by the Fed: “There is don’t need for an audit of our Fort Knox gold … because only China has crooks”!!

        • Self Exiled

          Are there any troops posted at Fort Knox, the two at he gate and front door don’t count.

  83. paul ...

    Arthur Reynolds, Chairman of Continental Illinois Bank of Chicago, Oct. 24, 1929 stated: “This stock market crash is not going to have much effect on business” … fast forward to today and Reynolds son (likely working for the Fed) would state: “This crashing of all businesses is not going to have much effect on the stock market”!!

  84. FC

    Dr Rashid A Buttar is who we should be listening to as well.

  85. Free Slave

    I always imagined a civil war as being one where the people rise up against their government.

    It seems to me that it is our government who has risen up against us.

    Is that still called a civil war?

    • Rachel

      No, It’s a move towards communism.

    • Self Exiled

      In 1968 they called it a Police Riot when the police attached the demonstrators. I call it a criminal enterprise against humanity. Gang stalking government.

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