It’s Pure Math – We’re Headed for a Train Wreck – Bill Holter

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Financial writer and gold expert Bill Holter says China has a lot of weapons to fight a trade war with the U.S. China could stop buying Treasury bonds (as it reportedly already has done).  It could sell Treasury bonds.  It could slash the value of the Yuan, or something much simpler could happen such as a failed delivery of physical precious metals.  Holter says, “If what has happened so far in the first three months of the year were to continue for the full year, you would be over three billion ounces (of silver).  That is not deliverable.”What happen when the world figures out that three billion ounces of physical silver cannot and will not be delivered to the buyers? Holter explains, “That’s called an old fashion run on the banks.  It will be a run on the entire system.  You would have a run on every metals exchange, and you would probably have runs on many physical commodities.  Confidence throughout the whole system would break.  You would basically show the western fractional reserve system is a fraud and has been for many, many years. . . . Can London deliver a billion ounces, or two billion ounces or three billion ounces of silver?  The answer to that is no.”

So, when does this all blow up? Holter says, “I think this whole thing has a very good chance of blowing this year.”

There are a variety of financial trip wires, according to Bill Holter, such as thousands of sealed criminal indictments that will be unsealed in 2018. Holter also points out the explosion of global debt.  Holter charges, “It’s now $237 trillion.  The amount of debt grew by $21 trillion globally over the last 12 months. That’s roughly 10 %.  How much did global GDP grow?   2% or 3%, I mean that is totally unsustainable.”

The biggest worry for Holter right now is escalating military action in Syria. Holter warns, “This is so, so dangerous.  Obviously, you worry about a hot war because with the weapons you have today, you could have WWIII start in a heartbeat.  But look at the market today.  It’s up 400 or 500 points.  You have talk of trade wars.  You have talk of hot wars.  It amazing the markets can hold together and ignore potential annihilation.”

In closing, Holter says, “This is math logic and common sense. This is no longer opinion.  You could go back to 2006 and 2007, and it could be argued it was opinion at that point.  It’s no longer opinion.  It’s pure math.  The system is unsustainable.  We’re headed for a train wreck.  Do I absolutely know it’s going to be this year?  No, I don’t know that, but you can see the events are piling up so quickly it certainly looks like it’s going to come to a crescendo very soon.”

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  1. Muddy Waters

    Nobody’s been tougher on Russia and certanly Barrack Obama, than Donald J. the Trumpster! So why shouldn’t he meet with Vlad the Impaler? Better to meet before WWIII. Once the Tomahawks fly i’tll be too late. Here’s a good reason why… N.K.!
    Keep watching, it’s gets even more amazing! You’d think this was King Richard the Lionheart returning from the Crusades!
    Youtube making it harder but you’ll get thru
    Melania was born and raised in communist Yugoslavia.

  2. Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb bomb Iran! Repeat_

    Days Before Passing Gas
    White Helmets Leftovers Found in East Ghouta Terrorists Quarters
    April 5, 2018 Arabi Souri

    New York Times Misleading News, Again
    April 10, 2018

  3. Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb bomb Iran! Repeat_

    Hypocrisy? Mid-Eastern Held Rally for Gun Control in The US

    Flown in from the US, for the gala event, were three students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, home of the most recent US school massacre.

    Trump Froze Money for Syria that Nobody Knows About Before Gas Passed!
    {April 2, 2018!} Miri Wood

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter.
    In February 2009 an article called for an increase in debt by $100Trillions(I do wish my memory was better and I could link the article,however whilst I am falling apart the number has stuck in my mind)perhaps this was just wishful thinking of a government wonk?Here we are in 2018 and the debt has gone from $100Trillions to $237Trillions and just a little bit more and all will be well!This is world debt.A large chunk of this debt has been issued by the European Central Bank under Mario Draghi and the ensuing money printed for this debt was given to favoured companies who were too important to fail,like building companies.
    Here in the UK our government has issued debt via the Gilt market so all that debt will be paid back in Pounds Sterling,little has been issued in any other currency,proportionately,yet the debt issued in EuroDollars is imense.This mechanism is a dark pool of debt.
    All this debt requires tax payers to fund the interest under Modern Monetary Theory,in other words no debt retirement just pay the interest.
    The ECB nor the Bank of England issue the US Dollar only the USA may do that.Actual physical US Dollars are held outside the USA are vast yet insignificant compared to world debt ex the USA and compared to USA debt still small.The amount of physical dollars in the USA are minute whilst daily transactions are in the Billions,buying coffee,tee shirts,mops etc.So the debt sits atop of a minute physical base.All these Trillions are debt not money,all requiring taxes to be paid to support the insanity.The government backed banks are issuing the most debt on behalf of the government.
    When Dr Bill Black at the University of Missouri and his colleagues identified $29Trillions of added debt in early 2009 we scoffed and here we are nearly ten years later printing with abandon.But we are printing debt certificates requiring interest coming from the tax payer.Our politicians are responsible for this not the just the bank whores.
    The unwillingness of the individual to take on debt is intelligent yet on our shoulders the government has lumped huge debt without our knowledge or consent,but they have still done it and been returned to office,astounding.
    Meanwhile,anyone with a Russian sounding name are being dropped like a hot potato from Dollar paying systems,the Chinese are stepping in and accepting payment for these individuals via Yuan and converting to Dollars.Nice step and act of war.The media is silent as always.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for the lift in spirit Greg. Having a shocker day.
    Bill you are simply the best!

  6. Paul ...
      Bill Holter is exactly right … the constant demand for physical silver is breaking the back of the manipulators of the “paper” precious metal markets … if we keep stacking … the Commercials, the Bullion Banks, the Fed, BIS and BoE (who determine the price direction of precious metals) will be too scared to short anymore … they are now at the “lowest short position” ever recorded … making silver the most under priced and bullish metal in history!! … we have the banksters on the run … they have to cover most of their short positions … the paper game they have been playing “is over” (we silver stackers have won) … the banksters will be in a heap of trouble if they are caught on the wrong side of the “very soon to come” Explosion in the Silver Market!!! … at the current rate three billion ounces (of silver) will not be deliverable by the end of the year … as Holter says: “When the world figures out that three billion ounces of physical silver cannot and will not be delivered to buyers … an old fashion run on the banks will occur (a run on the entire system) … it will be a run on every metals exchange (all physical commodities) … confidence throughout the whole system would break … as every man, women and child comes to realize the entire western fractional reserve system is a fraud” !!!
    • This Sceptred Isle

      I agree Paul. Gold contracts can always be settled in cash whereas physical silver is needed by buyers for industrial use. Therefore, you would imagine the silver market could break first.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      I believe the weekend that Bill Holter talks about, will be a holiday weekend where the holiday is on a Monday. And instead of waking up on Monday to a different world, we will be waking up on a Tuesday to a different world. Adding to our new world experience will be the shocker of having NO ELECTRICITY. What could that do to the U.S.? The bankers know what that will do. Riots. I believe it’s going to take a 3 day weekend for these international bankers to get all their details lined up in a row.

  7. FC

    Politically, illegal immigrates is a no-win situation for We The People……….Democrats want them for the votes and Republicans like the cheap labor.

    • Paul ...

      When the Demon-rats saw that Black people had “independent minds” and would not “simply follow” the Party line … they began building “abortion clinics” all around the country (and extended the time for an abortion to late term) … and began bringing in illegal immigrants who were more mind controllable … as one Black man stated (before being shot dead) … “It is a dark day in our nation when high-level authorities will seek to use [every method] to silence dissent” (Martin Luther King) … “but something is happening (funding for abortion is being removed) … and people are not going to be silenced (especially about the selling of baby organs)”!!

  8. Paul ...

    You know … as hard as I try to support Trump … it seems he is trapped in a White House that has become a “Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane”!! … Crazed Warmongering Neocons supported by the “fake” Main Stream News Media are all pushing for a war with Russia … and as World War III gets underway … the American people stand silent … zombiefied by chlorine, fluorine, aluminum, GMO and gluten clogging up their brains … Trump (a Man of God?) is leading us to Nuclear War?? … has he now taken off his “God mask”? … revealing his true self? …

    • Paul ...

      Hey warmongering neocons … God has your number … and foretold long ago in the Bible what you Satan worshipers would try to do to his world … in the last days perilous times shall come (2 Timothy 3:1-5) … nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom (Matthew 24:7) … and great signs would come from heaven (Coronal Mass Ejections) causing great earthquakes on Earth (Luke 21:11) … young men will see visions of horror as old men dream dreams of what could have been (Joel 2:28-32) … and in these end times men will depart from the faith and be seduced by the doctrines of evil Devils (1 Timothy 4:1) … rumors of wars and then real wars will come like a plague (Matthew 24:6) … and all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave will receive a mark of the Devil (Revelation 13:16-17) … “radiation burns” will mark the perilous last days to come (2 Timothy 3:1-4) … there will be signs in the Sun (giant black sun spots) that will bring huge CME storms causing much distress upon the nations of Earth (Luke 21:25) … so you warmongering neocons try to be accounted worthy as you will one day st