It’s Pure Math – We’re Headed for a Train Wreck – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s  

Financial writer and gold expert Bill Holter says China has a lot of weapons to fight a trade war with the U.S. China could stop buying Treasury bonds (as it reportedly already has done).  It could sell Treasury bonds.  It could slash the value of the Yuan, or something much simpler could happen such as a failed delivery of physical precious metals.  Holter says, “If what has happened so far in the first three months of the year were to continue for the full year, you would be over three billion ounces (of silver).  That is not deliverable.”What happen when the world figures out that three billion ounces of physical silver cannot and will not be delivered to the buyers? Holter explains, “That’s called an old fashion run on the banks.  It will be a run on the entire system.  You would have a run on every metals exchange, and you would probably have runs on many physical commodities.  Confidence throughout the whole system would break.  You would basically show the western fractional reserve system is a fraud and has been for many, many years. . . . Can London deliver a billion ounces, or two billion ounces or three billion ounces of silver?  The answer to that is no.”

So, when does this all blow up? Holter says, “I think this whole thing has a very good chance of blowing this year.”

There are a variety of financial trip wires, according to Bill Holter, such as thousands of sealed criminal indictments that will be unsealed in 2018. Holter also points out the explosion of global debt.  Holter charges, “It’s now $237 trillion.  The amount of debt grew by $21 trillion globally over the last 12 months. That’s roughly 10 %.  How much did global GDP grow?   2% or 3%, I mean that is totally unsustainable.”

The biggest worry for Holter right now is escalating military action in Syria. Holter warns, “This is so, so dangerous.  Obviously, you worry about a hot war because with the weapons you have today, you could have WWIII start in a heartbeat.  But look at the market today.  It’s up 400 or 500 points.  You have talk of trade wars.  You have talk of hot wars.  It amazing the markets can hold together and ignore potential annihilation.”

In closing, Holter says, “This is math logic and common sense. This is no longer opinion.  You could go back to 2006 and 2007, and it could be argued it was opinion at that point.  It’s no longer opinion.  It’s pure math.  The system is unsustainable.  We’re headed for a train wreck.  Do I absolutely know it’s going to be this year?  No, I don’t know that, but you can see the events are piling up so quickly it certainly looks like it’s going to come to a crescendo very soon.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bill Holter of

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  1. Muddy Waters

    Nobody’s been tougher on Russia and certanly Barrack Obama, than Donald J. the Trumpster! So why shouldn’t he meet with Vlad the Impaler? Better to meet before WWIII. Once the Tomahawks fly i’tll be too late. Here’s a good reason why… N.K.!
    Keep watching, it’s gets even more amazing! You’d think this was King Richard the Lionheart returning from the Crusades!
    Youtube making it harder but you’ll get thru
    Melania was born and raised in communist Yugoslavia.

  2. Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb bomb Iran! Repeat_

    Days Before Passing Gas
    White Helmets Leftovers Found in East Ghouta Terrorists Quarters
    April 5, 2018 Arabi Souri

    New York Times Misleading News, Again
    April 10, 2018

  3. Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb bomb Iran! Repeat_

    Hypocrisy? Mid-Eastern Held Rally for Gun Control in The US

    Flown in from the US, for the gala event, were three students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, home of the most recent US school massacre.

    Trump Froze Money for Syria that Nobody Knows About Before Gas Passed!
    {April 2, 2018!} Miri Wood

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter.
    In February 2009 an article called for an increase in debt by $100Trillions(I do wish my memory was better and I could link the article,however whilst I am falling apart the number has stuck in my mind)perhaps this was just wishful thinking of a government wonk?Here we are in 2018 and the debt has gone from $100Trillions to $237Trillions and just a little bit more and all will be well!This is world debt.A large chunk of this debt has been issued by the European Central Bank under Mario Draghi and the ensuing money printed for this debt was given to favoured companies who were too important to fail,like building companies.
    Here in the UK our government has issued debt via the Gilt market so all that debt will be paid back in Pounds Sterling,little has been issued in any other currency,proportionately,yet the debt issued in EuroDollars is imense.This mechanism is a dark pool of debt.
    All this debt requires tax payers to fund the interest under Modern Monetary Theory,in other words no debt retirement just pay the interest.
    The ECB nor the Bank of England issue the US Dollar only the USA may do that.Actual physical US Dollars are held outside the USA are vast yet insignificant compared to world debt ex the USA and compared to USA debt still small.The amount of physical dollars in the USA are minute whilst daily transactions are in the Billions,buying coffee,tee shirts,mops etc.So the debt sits atop of a minute physical base.All these Trillions are debt not money,all requiring taxes to be paid to support the insanity.The government backed banks are issuing the most debt on behalf of the government.
    When Dr Bill Black at the University of Missouri and his colleagues identified $29Trillions of added debt in early 2009 we scoffed and here we are nearly ten years later printing with abandon.But we are printing debt certificates requiring interest coming from the tax payer.Our politicians are responsible for this not the just the bank whores.
    The unwillingness of the individual to take on debt is intelligent yet on our shoulders the government has lumped huge debt without our knowledge or consent,but they have still done it and been returned to office,astounding.
    Meanwhile,anyone with a Russian sounding name are being dropped like a hot potato from Dollar paying systems,the Chinese are stepping in and accepting payment for these individuals via Yuan and converting to Dollars.Nice step and act of war.The media is silent as always.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for the lift in spirit Greg. Having a shocker day.
    Bill you are simply the best!

  6. Paul ...
      Bill Holter is exactly right … the constant demand for physical silver is breaking the back of the manipulators of the “paper” precious metal markets … if we keep stacking … the Commercials, the Bullion Banks, the Fed, BIS and BoE (who determine the price direction of precious metals) will be too scared to short anymore … they are now at the “lowest short position” ever recorded … making silver the most under priced and bullish metal in history!! … we have the banksters on the run … they have to cover most of their short positions … the paper game they have been playing “is over” (we silver stackers have won) … the banksters will be in a heap of trouble if they are caught on the wrong side of the “very soon to come” Explosion in the Silver Market!!! … at the current rate three billion ounces (of silver) will not be deliverable by the end of the year … as Holter says: “When the world figures out that three billion ounces of physical silver cannot and will not be delivered to buyers … an old fashion run on the banks will occur (a run on the entire system) … it will be a run on every metals exchange (all physical commodities) … confidence throughout the whole system would break … as every man, women and child comes to realize the entire western fractional reserve system is a fraud” !!!
    • This Sceptred Isle

      I agree Paul. Gold contracts can always be settled in cash whereas physical silver is needed by buyers for industrial use. Therefore, you would imagine the silver market could break first.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      I believe the weekend that Bill Holter talks about, will be a holiday weekend where the holiday is on a Monday. And instead of waking up on Monday to a different world, we will be waking up on a Tuesday to a different world. Adding to our new world experience will be the shocker of having NO ELECTRICITY. What could that do to the U.S.? The bankers know what that will do. Riots. I believe it’s going to take a 3 day weekend for these international bankers to get all their details lined up in a row.

  7. FC

    Politically, illegal immigrates is a no-win situation for We The People……….Democrats want them for the votes and Republicans like the cheap labor.

    • Paul ...

      When the Demon-rats saw that Black people had “independent minds” and would not “simply follow” the Party line … they began building “abortion clinics” all around the country (and extended the time for an abortion to late term) … and began bringing in illegal immigrants who were more mind controllable … as one Black man stated (before being shot dead) … “It is a dark day in our nation when high-level authorities will seek to use [every method] to silence dissent” (Martin Luther King) … “but something is happening (funding for abortion is being removed) … and people are not going to be silenced (especially about the selling of baby organs)”!!

  8. Paul ...

    You know … as hard as I try to support Trump … it seems he is trapped in a White House that has become a “Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane”!! … Crazed Warmongering Neocons supported by the “fake” Main Stream News Media are all pushing for a war with Russia … and as World War III gets underway … the American people stand silent … zombiefied by chlorine, fluorine, aluminum, GMO and gluten clogging up their brains … Trump (a Man of God?) is leading us to Nuclear War?? … has he now taken off his “God mask”? … revealing his true self? …

    • Paul ...

      Hey warmongering neocons … God has your number … and foretold long ago in the Bible what you Satan worshipers would try to do to his world … in the last days perilous times shall come (2 Timothy 3:1-5) … nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom (Matthew 24:7) … and great signs would come from heaven (Coronal Mass Ejections) causing great earthquakes on Earth (Luke 21:11) … young men will see visions of horror as old men dream dreams of what could have been (Joel 2:28-32) … and in these end times men will depart from the faith and be seduced by the doctrines of evil Devils (1 Timothy 4:1) … rumors of wars and then real wars will come like a plague (Matthew 24:6) … and all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave will receive a mark of the Devil (Revelation 13:16-17) … “radiation burns” will mark the perilous last days to come (2 Timothy 3:1-4) … there will be signs in the Sun (giant black sun spots) that will bring huge CME storms causing much distress upon the nations of Earth (Luke 21:25) … so you warmongering neocons try to be accounted worthy as you will one day stand before the Son of God (Luke 21:36) … and only the righteous shall inherit God’s Kingdom (not the deceivers, the warmongers, the pedophiles, fornicators, idolaters of Satan, adulterers, effeminate trans mutants and other abusers of mankind’s God given attributes (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) … so repent of your sins before the hour God comes upon thee to judge your actions (Revelation 3:3) … your last days will be perilous (2 Timothy 3:1-17 ) … there will be great tribulation not seen since the beginning of the World (Matthew 24:21-22) … immoral men will scoff at such words and continue to indulge in their lusts for fiat paper and murder (2 Peter 3:3-4) … and bring upon the world insane wars, pestilence and famine … ultimately resulting in men, women and children dying by the hundreds of thousands in a Nuclear Holocaust that could have been easily prevented by moral men!!

      • This Sceptred Isle

        The constant war reminds me of 1984 where allegiances were transitory yet war was permanent. The fact that you were at war was more important than who you were going to war with. War was somehow an essential part of holding the system together and the people in slavery.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        Amen, Paul! Us good people have to step up NOW! Step up and do something or be destroyed.

  9. Collateral Damage

    Lessons for Our Times:

    “The Lessons of the Past”, By Edith Hamilton

    Are there permanent truths that we can learn from history which are forever important for the present? We have a great civilization to save – or to lose. There is a marked difference between the writers of the past and the writers of today. Clear thinking is not a characteristic that distinguishes our literature today. We are more and more caught up by the unintelligible. People like it. This argues an inability to think or almost as bad, a disinclination to think. The Greeks had a passion for thinking things out and they loved unclouded clarity of statement as well as thought. They were able to put an idea in an astonishingly small number of words without loosing a particle of intelligibility. The children were taught to think. The same was true of politics, they thought that out too, from the beginning, and they gave all the boys a training to fit them to be thinking citizens of a free state.

    A reflective Roman traveling in Greece in the second century AD said, ‘None ever throve under democracy save the Athenians; they had sane self-control and were law-abiding.’ That is what Athenian education aimed at, to produce men who were able to maintain a self-governed state because they were self-governed, self-controlled, self-reliant. The Athenians, in their dangerous world, needed to be a nation of independent men who could take responsibility, and they taught their children accordingly.

    They loved the things of the mind, but they did not shrink from hardship. Thought did not cause them to hesitate; it clarified the road to action. They were free because of willing obedience to the law, not only the written, but still more the unwritten, kindness and compassion and unselfishness and the many qualities which cannot be enforced which depend on a man’s free choice but without which man cannot live together.

    If there ever is to be a truly good and great and enduring republic it must be along these lines. The Greeks can help us, help us as no other people can to see how freedom is won and how it is lost.

    • Bubba

      Amen to that sentiment.

  10. Jerry

    Bill is spot on. The Chinese know that the Central banks can print money with impunity so they’re going to use other weapons to take the dollar down like gold and oil.

    I use a reverse reverse barometer to measure truth. By the shear fact that the MSM refuse to discuss the petroyuan tells me its a concern for the central banks and they don’t want the public to know. It’s mind over matter. The Chinese dont mind the central banks printing money because when they stop taking the dollar for trade it won’t matter.

    What I’m confused about is who’s playing who? Is president trump being played by the globalist or is he playing them? Since I’m not seeing orange jumpsuits I’m beginning to wonder. In any event Bill is right. It’s going to be a train wreck. The central banks are out of options. All they can do is buy time by money printing money and market manipulation. That is our reality now until someone kicks the outhouse over.

    • Jerry

      Do you see anything in this chart that should concern you?

      At some point ( real soon ) China will be forced to reset its currency base with gold to avoid collapse. Where will that leave the dollar since the petrodollar is loosing its value globally because of the petroyuan ?

    • Marcus

      I to see the out come of new System V old System,… Xi V Trump in trade wars……could all this Trade war baloney be a well planed smoke screen between Xi and Trump, is it a back door to crush audit the Fed, take down the bigger players, Banksters….. But I can not tie up the lose strings with Trump jumping the Gun with his big mouth and going along with no proof into the chemical Attack ordered by Assad…… Unless Trump is working with all 3 in a collusion to take out the Deep-State…..Could all the USA navy be on the chopping block… this will be the outcome if Tomahawks are thrown this time round….as the old saying go’s once bitten twice shy.

      • Jerry

        Its either one of two things. It’s either part of a master plan OR president Trump has become a puppet of the deep state.

        It unnerves me to think that he is playing a highstake game with the Russians using the American people as bargaining chips. Even Greg should be alarmed at the MSM willingness to support this senseless action not knowing all the facts. Then you have the Stormy Daniels story and FBI raid going on at the same time. Does it get any more bazare ? I can’t wait to hear Greg’s weekly wrap up. It may be two hours long.

    • Mike R

      Well on China, Trump has already ‘won.’ They’ve been pissing on us with trade for years.

      And in their very shortened period of useless ‘rhetoric’ from Xi, they’ve lost.

      You see, Xi apparently can do math.

      China tried to play “tough guy” in trade with threatening tariffs on $100 billion in US imports and ran into a problem — that’s just about all the imports that there are!

      Meanwhile the US imports far more from China. So we can raise way more tariffs on them IF WE SO CHOOSE. Finally we have a President who is not a slobbering wimp, who is standing up to all the China dumping, and their very high tariffs on our stuff.

      The other side of this, however, is that much of what China imports is NECESSARY. Specifically, food. Historically-speaking food shortages have a nasty record of producing riots, civil unrest and worse. Simply put empty bellies motivate people to pick up weapons and use them on the ruling class when said empty belly can be blamed on those rulers.

      Whereas virtually none of what we import from them is actually necessary.

      Then there’s the potentially-larger problem for Xi as well — China’s credit situation is already massively over-levered and arguably on the verge of blowing up all on its own. (way worse than ours). Screw the public’s ability to eat and the odds of their banking system going prompt critical is very high. That’s very bad for the rulers (and those privileged by them) as well. Xi can be declared ruler for life, but his life could end very quickly, when billions go starving.

      So say what you want about them stopping buying our treasuries, but as long as they keep exporting to us, they are getting in return billions of US Dollars (surplus of $600 billion annually or whatever our level of deficit is), and those dollars have to go somewhere.

      The worst possible thing for China then is to lose our valuable buying from them, and for the US dollar to lose its value. They aren’t exactly in a position of power here from a negotiating standpoint on trade, and Trump knows that, and so whatever concessions he wins will be significant, I guarantee you that. Prior Presidents were obviously too stupid, to recognize the leverage the US has over China. They NEED us, and our buying way more than we need them and their cheap goods. (which by the way we can source anywhere, whether its india, south korea, taiwan, the phillipines, indonesia, japan, and the list goes on and on, of many other places with lower labor costs than China, and equally capable of expanding their exports to the US. And more and more of China’s goods can be made here more cheaply than ever before using robots, and thereby lowering the labor content massively. See technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since 20 years ago, when China was using cheap labor to get us to buy their stuff. The clock is ticking against China, not the US. The Petroyaun is a cheap little tiny pimple on the butt of an elephant minor distraction compared to the real desperate debt situation China is in, and their immense need to keep their hundreds of millions from falling from very low middle class, back in to abject poverty. We have maybe 10’s of millions to worry bout, and our below middle class is way richer than their middle class. Everyone needs to do some better math, like Trump is doing now, before they rant and rave that China has the ‘upper hand’ in anything about trade. They’ve been taking advantage of us for years, ONLY because we let them. Trump is wise enough to put his foot down, and America’s middle class stands to gain immensely…. something the globalists dont want, which is why they are desperately trying to oust Trump. The more they ramp up the Mueller baloney, and media 99% against him, the more you know Trump is being VERY effective at winning FOR the US Citizens, and not winning just for the elite 1%. )

  11. Robert Lykens

    Ezekiel 38, 39
    The Bible’s prophecy regarding an invasion of Israel is drawing closer.

    If you’re a prepper and if you watch the news looking for signs that trouble’s ahead, then DO NOT IGNORE THIS SIGN!

    Ezekiel 38 and 39 foretell an invasion of Israel from its northern borders. The invading alliance is led by Russia and consists primarily of Iran, Turkey and other muslim countries.
    The invading forces will fail and be destroyed by God. But their destruction apparently triggers a second destruction (Ezekiel 39:6).

    The invasion of Israel does not appear to be imminent quite yet, but it is gathering. When you see that alliance ready to invade,

  12. Allen Starr

    Does anyone have any idea how this nuclear war can be avoided? I have no faith at all that the American people will try to stop it. Why can’t they understand where this is going to end. The chemical attack in Syria is just one big lie and the US and it’s allies don’t even want the truth. Russia will have all their assets in Syria destroyed as they always were expendable but the US is going to have everything on both coasts destroyed before things even really get started. How can the US Government not tell its people that everyone on the East and West Coasts are going to die because they want to start a war. The Russians have had 200 knot Cobalt torpedoes, which can’t be stopped, for some time now. I live 2 miles from a huge hydro electric dam here in Russia so it’s a forgone conclusion that I’m gonna be nuked. I fully understand why Putin is frustrated that the US won’t listen to him. I know the people who are in control of the US must be destroyed so I must be content that at least they die along with me in a nuclear war which will start by this coming weekend if Trump attacks Russia in Syria.

    • Greg Hunter

      How about Russia, Allen? Takes two to tango as they say. OH that’s right you can never say anything critical of Russia because that is where you live. Russia puts people in jail for criticizing the government because it’s perfect.

      • Allen Starr

        You asked me in the past for some negatives and I gave you that but it appears you have forgotten what I gave you. Russia has it’s problems also but what you say about Russia jailing someone for criticizing the Government is just plain wrong. With an 85% approval rating, the Government and the people don’t care what the 15% thinks and as long as you obey the law, they don’t care what you do. What you say may have been true way back in Communist times but you’re way off base now. I filed and won a lawsuit against the Government and they never said a word to me. I have lived here for 18 years and Immigration just told me to come to their office and renew my Residence Permit for another 5 years.
        It’s kind of a waste of time even talking about what is good or bad about either country now because we’ve gone way past that. Since Russia threw the Rothschild’s and their banker friends out of Russia and won’t submit to having their assets stolen, there is no way US and Russia can co exist because the Rothschild’s and their banker friends of the West must be able to steal those assets to survive. Their system depends on it. Where we sit today, we are all screwed and will be dead.

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you drinking cherry or grape Kool-Aid? 85%???? What’s wrong with this picture?? I like oorange myself.

        • oneno

          As a high-school student in Canada during the late 1970’s I knew a Russian girl who was nothing like the propaganda press in the West was describing about the people of the Soviet era.

          Her family was able to immigrate to Canada freely. She had no preconceived notions about the West or Western peoples. Their people had endured great difficulty even before the collapse of the Soviet Union. The preconceptions I had about the Soviet Union were completely foreign to her.

          She spoke of many cultures different from the Russian culture that were at that time part of the Soviet Union. In our school, the books “Brave New World” and “1984” were just as foreign to her as they were to the other classmates who were raised in Canada. In Canada, high-school students were curiously aware about the fascist leaning nature of the Canadian government even though at that time it was not so obvious as it is today.

          Have often interracted with Russian engineers and professionals at work. Have observed them to be very serious and skilled at their professions.

          The Soviets were flying their shuttle back in the 60’s. By the time the US had their shuttle ready, the Soviets had mothballed their shuttle and were launching up-to three mini-shuttles daily. Their space program was more advanced. They knew Apollo 11 was a swindle that never happened. People in the West were clueless even after the Sean Connery movie that suggested the same.Their own attempt at sending men to circle the Moon returned cosmonaughts burned to a crisp. The Van Allen belts were just too dangerous. Maybe the new Space-X booster can push a module past the Van Allen belts fast enough so that the astronaughts don’t get fried.

          In Canada, one can receive serious threats if one openly reveals the fraud being perpetrated by Crown agents against Canadians.

          Elizabeth Dilling went behing the Iron-Curtain during the 1930’s to learn first-hand what the Soviet Union was like. She reported difficult conditions when she returned to the West and was surprised to be called an anti-semite as a result of her writing about the Soviet Union.

          Have never been to Russia, but the information I have suggests the picture painted of them by the West is very wrong.

        • tin foil hat

          Allen Starr,
          Most Americans are too busy stuffing themselves with foods, wines and opioids. The ones that work are too busy trying to stay afloat in the sea of debts. Nobody is paying attention to anything except Stormy Daniel, the wall, the evil NRA and impeach 45. Most college kids can’t tell you what and where is Syria.
          The only difference between the Russians and us is that the Russians will walk into this mess with their eyes wild open while we dutifully consume and chant “Impeach 45” like zombies.

      • See

        They are Christians Greg, be nice.

    • Paul ...

      Allen … I’ve been thinking … you know how things are manipulated and we are told a “false price” for gold … and we are manipulated and told “false news” by the main stream media … and given false employment numbers … and false CPI numbers … what about a “false war” between the US and Russia?? … think about it … when you attack your enemy you don’t tell them in advance that you will be sending 60 tomahawks so clear your airfields … now Trump is telling Putin “I’m going to shoot missiles … are you ready? … and Putin says: “Yes … I’m going to shoot them down” … then we have the USS Donald Duck leading our carrier task force … the same ship the Russians put out of commission in the Dead Sea with their secret microwave technology? … could this war between the US and Russia all be “a big lie” to spike the price of gold higher and thus “destroy the banksters” grip on their world fiat paper fraud? … just a random thought!!

      • Allen Starr

        The war going on between Russia and the US is real and it’s been going on for some time. There are two different wars and one is financial. China won’t let Russia lose the financial war and the US financial system could go under any day. The hot war is another story and there’s a lot going on now right here in Russia. There is a new person who has been put in charge of running the coming war with the US. Putin is getting a lot of heat because he’s been too easy in relations with the US and that is going to change. Even the goodwill the US had with the Russian people is gone and they are fed up with the US and have had enough. They are willing to go to war now rather than put up with the crap the US continues to pull. Unfortunately, Russia is on autopilot now and will react towards going to war as they are prepared for going to war. If the US is insane enough to push an attack in Syria, we can all kiss our rear ends goodbye. I went to the bank yesterday to get rid of the last of my dollars and it took me most of the day to get my money because the banks had very little money on hand. The ruble was at 62.3 when I started and had gone up to 63.8 by the time I was finally able to make the trade. I can’t say that I’m a great trader because it was just circumstances that allowed me to do that well. The ruble is back down to 62.0 today. I have my doubts the wife is going to be able to spend those extra rubles and go to the Dacha for her summer months as we the people are in a no win situation.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        I have heard people say Russia, China and US are all friends at the elite level. The elites rarely risk themselves in a war and these countries seem to co-operate in space with their multinational space stations and missions. Makes you wonder…

      • tin foil hat

        Paul …
        I’ve been thinking along the same lines. If Trump really wanted to bring jobs back to the U.S., the dollar reserve status has to go and Trump has to circumvent the deep state to find a way to work with Putin and Xi.

        • Silence is Golden

          If Trump doesn’t do it …then Russia and China…or the “Market” will itself.

        • tin foil hat

          Silence is Golden,
          Well, anyone who has been paying attention should know that it’s not easy at all for the Chinese, Russia or the “Market” to take down the dollar.
          The Deep State has prevented the “Market” , Trump, Chinese and Russia from trying to do that via financial (Ponzi) engineering, soft coup (Stormy Daniels and color revolutions) and knees breakers. If it weren’t for the Deep State, the dollar probably would have lost its reserve status in 2002.
          Trump can still communicate with Xi behind closed door but he has to send covert messages to Putin via Twitter.

          • Silence is Golden

            “The dollar reserve status has to go”…..enter the Petro Yuan….!!
            China, Russia and a host of other de-dollarised nations will …in a collective manner …aka THE MARKET….see to it.
            Are you paying attention?
            As for losing its reserve status in 2002…NO CHANCE (NADA, NIL, ZILCH, NIENTE)…no alternative available.

      • Allen Starr

        Trump just revised his tweet a little so we’re going to live a little longer. The wife can spend her summer on her beloved Dacha.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Just me, but I love to hear your perspective from Russia.

      I think we all need to hold on to our hats for the next few days as IMHO the situation in Syria is just as dangerous as the Cuban missile crisis…probably…no certainly MORE SO because sadly there is only one coherent leader involved this time around. I won’t mention his name though as no doubt I too will be accused of guzzling the Kool-aid.

      Cheers and regards from the south seas

      • Allen Starr

        The Russians aren’t going to go away in Syria. They can’t. They aren’t going to go away in Ukraine. They can’t. And they won’t be intimidated because it’s not in their blood. The one thing people need to know is about Kaliningrad. When a nuclear war starts, Kaliningrad will disappear just like Syria as those loses are acceptable to Russia. Kaliningrad people are very unhappy because they can’t sell their homes and go live some other place in Russia because there are so many Iskander-M missiles and they know when its all over that Kaliningrad will be gone. There are so many nuclear missiles there and every NATO base in Europe will be gone in less than 30 minutes. Thank you America for putting missiles in Romania and Poland and showing how tough you are. I’m sure the Russians are shaking in their boots knowing that the Iskander-M missiles will get to their targets before Kaliningrad disappears. Even my wife and her friends are livid about the US and its actions. All she wants to do is haul me to the Dacha and put a shovel in my hands for the summer.

    • Dave

      Well the tomahawks flew should we head for the shelter? April 23rd is right around the corner so it won’t matter anyway.

  13. Omar Sheriff of Noturham

    Syrian archbishop criticizes US for ‘siding with al-Qaeda’

    ____Bashar al-Assad and Asma al-Assad_____
    _______May They Rest In Peace__________

    ____Pray for All the Girls, Young Woman and Old, of Syria

    Will The US. Save Syria’s Christians After Regime Change
    Are America and Britain endangering minorities in the Middle East?

  14. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I agree with Bill’s thinking that things seem to be coming unglued in spades this year, looming larger than normal events. Syria will shortly be all over the headlines as the President canceled his trip to Central America and convened with his military commanders. On another note, would love to know who are the targets in the secret indictment file(s) he alluded to. Thanks Bill!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Bill Holter called it, that 2017 would be the year of the truth bombs, increasing into 2018 and sure enough the Hollywood scandal broke that year.

  15. Gina M Mancarella

    If Trump tries to fire Mueller or Rosenstein, there will be hell to pay. We already know from Mark Zuckerberg that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election ! Mueller should dog Trump until he has the evidence to put this main in jail !

    • Greg Hunter

      Comey, Mueller and Rosenstein have all said there was “no collusion with Russia.” You are the only person I know of posting this fake news.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        The evidence is clear ! Trump is a thug and a failed leader ! He ascended to office on spurious and questionable circumstances. Lots of smoking guns here. Should have voted Hillary Greg, but you went with a criminal !

        • Justn Observer


        • L C Evrett

          The Democrats’ Dangerous Obsession With Impeachment
          The party needs to focus on winning elections, not removing Trump.
          By JEET HEER December 5, 2017

          Gina, founf this after checking out your artical in the New Republic

        • Mike R

          Gina’s word choices, sentence structure, and overall grammar puts her IQ in the low to mid 90’s. She is likely in her 30’s, (though acts a lot like a teen) and clearly an unemployed liberal, probably residing out in California. She tries too hard to use ‘big’ grown up words, so they are often mis-placed in her rants.

          By the way Gina…. Hillary ‘descended’ to failure twice now in elections, on ‘spurious and questionable circumstances.’ (failed vote rigging, failed fraudulent campaign financing, failed billions funneled into her Clinton Criminal Foundation, that resulted in none of her bribe promises being able to be fulfilled. Usually when that happens, the person making the promises but failing get their kneecaps broken, or worse tied to a chunk of cement block and dumped in a river never to be found again. So you’re Hillary is quite fortunate to be alive frankly, and its only by the graces of secret service protecting her and her hubby as a former 1st lady and former President ‘get’)

          So if someone got anywhere in life on ‘spurious and questionable circumstances’, I’d certainly want that someone to be a winner like Trump has been, and continues to be ! Rather than a sore loser like HRC has been.

          • Marcus

            Mike R
            I hate it when so called educated losers ” judge others by their level of so called grammar…. Have you ever head of propaganda educational system all conforming to a satanist system…..IQ is a very controversial means to judge one’s intelligence…..
            As outlandish as one opinion is, may I inform you that most not all Americans Judge others when they have no right….That is why America finds it’s self with no friends in todays modern world.
            Greg is a big boy. Stand for your own opinion stop being a suck hole.

        • oneno


          An independent Scientist has conducted mathematical analysis using 3 independent methods to show that HRC could not have gotten more than 45 million votes – See his January 19, 2017 paid-cast

        • gregd

          As long as you are ok with the FBI invading the lawyer-client privilege. Perhaps you would be interested in the Obama school records? Let us see where HE said he was born.

    • Frederick

      Gina You actually expect any of us to believe a single word from Zuckerberg?Thats very funny

      • This Sceptred Isle

        I feel like he is my new best friend seeing as he knows so much about me now…

    • Paul ...

      Hey Gina … ever think that perhaps this Syrian war between Trump and Russia is simply “more collusion” to steal the 2018 Congressional election and drive up the price of gold? … seems to be working as Trump is up in the polls?? … and if Trump fires Mueller and Rosenstein how could there be Hell to pay? … when the Pope just told us there is no Hell??

    • Jodyp

      You’re slipping, Gina. We expect better entertainment.

    • L C Evrett

      Gina, Suckerberg admitted in testimony he was a leftist. That farcebook was leftist and google and Sillycon Valley. He also admitted they listen in on us even when were not doing business with them for tracking purposes.
      Gina can you be a leftist and not be fascist? Why are you people so thuggish. Why are you so rebellish. You catch more flea’s with honey not blood!

      • Diane

        Why reply to this troll, Gina?

    • freebrezer

      Gina – Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity – MLK

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “until he has the evidence to put this main in jail”

      Why don’t YOU give Mueller the evidence? Oh, you don’t have it? No one has it?

      Let’s jail people not only without trial, but without evidence. Good idea. I’ll start with you.

  16. jim c

    Like I said greg, China holds all the cards, When they are tired of this fake system , they can and will bring it down. They are prepared we are not.

  17. andyb

    Greg: the Black swan event for the silver market will be WAR; whether limited or nuclear armaageddon. In any prolonged conflict, armaments, missiles, etc will need billions of silver ounces that are not currently in any stockpile. Talk about a “failure to deliver”. Then there’s the poor man’s safe haven aspect of silver in times of acute stress.

    It’s hard to believe that Trump is buying the false flags of Skirpil and the Syrian gas attack. So he must be completely captured by the neocons as directed from the City of London. Shame really; we almost made it fellow patriots. The saving grace will be to see the cockroaches scatter; Ryan, Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi, etc. The Walking Dead is quite prophetic.

    BTW, as least part of all the missing $trillions went to build the bunker of all bunkers for the elites; an entire city under the Denver Airport with high speed rail tunnels radiating throughout the US.

    • Paul ...

      andyb … that bunker under Denver Airport won’t do the elites any good when a massive CME from the Sun creates the huge earth tremors needed to set off Yellowstone!! … you know the US is like a soldier going into battle carrying a big bottle of nitroglycerine in his hand … the enemy just has to put one bullet in that bottle or one nuke into Yellowstone and it’s over!!

      • oneno

        Not sure if a nuke in Yellowstone would do the trick because that would likely spray all the water in the lake above the caldera away from the caldera so that the volcano would simply be a sluce volcano like those in Hawaii.

        However, if they shot a penetrating missile that could open a hole into the caldera, to lat the water drain into the calders, that would be the end of not only America, but the entire northern hemisphere.

        No adversary in the northern hemisphere would want that…

  18. Chip

    Trump tweeted: “Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!”

    It’s official. Trump is a neocon idiot. I voted for him because I thought he would get us out of the ME. Bill is right…

    The biggest worry for Holter right now is escalating military action in Syria. Holter warns, “This is so, so dangerous. Obviously, you worry about a hot war because with the weapons you have today, you could have WWIII start in a heartbeat.

    We’re screwed. We’re going to lose this country to the communist pagan’s, if we don’t have WW3 on the homeland to boot… Chip

    • Chip

      Great interview BTW Bill and Greg. Many thanks… Chip

    • Paul ...

      Chip … I think I figured “an excuse” to keep on board with Trump … this is simply a “false war”!! … Trump “really wants to help Russia expand economically” and is simply driving up the oil price for them as pay back for helping him win the election!! … you think only Hillary has a lock on “pay to play”!!!

      • Paul ...

        And if I’m wrong … at least I die laughing!!!

    • TruthN0T! Falsie Flags or other Injustices

      My fellow sheeple, rest assured. Us real Americans in flyover have nothing to fear. But would be regrettable if we lost the coasts though. Do the Russians have advanced non-physically destructive [S M▲RT©}material preserving disbursement neutron radiation bombs? Do we? Didn’t we destroy ours?
      The War Room

      What about Major Kong?

  19. donna s.

    GREG and BILL,
    Loved the interview and as always very informative. Bill is one of my favorites to listen to for information or clarification. I have to say though after years of watching Bill Holter interviews there was a certain worry in his face I haven’t seen before. It certainly scary times we live in right now and with so much happening. We are being attacked on all fronts. The Economics , Political ( attacks on trump and the constitution), Privacy ( google and Facebook) , War (Syria) ,Environment ( weather manipulation and chem trails) and on and on.
    Another thing off topic that I find scary is our Phone numbers link us to everything. I can’t pay my bills by phone or online unless they have a phone number to link it too.They make it almost impossible. I called the Treasury and Security to find out about cashing savings bonds from my parents and they needed a phone number just to answer questions. I gave it to her and she said OK well you will need all of these forms and said and BOTH death certificates. and then started stuttering and said well I mean how many names are on the bonds. I said two and she goes then you will need both. She obviously already knew there were two. There is no question in my mind that she knew and my name is not on the bonds. This may seem insignificant to some but it is a big deal and I think people are not looking at it that way.They link us by our phone number to everything and refuse to let us pay our bills without one?

  20. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview. I’m glad we have someone like Bill to keep us informed on the happenings in metals and world finance.
    I hope everything is okay with Mr. Nenner. I was wanting to hear his predictions about this summer. We enter a super cycle June 1st and do not exit the cycle until September 14th with the peak of the cycle being @July 20th. Then we have a rare 3 super cycles in 2019. “Times sure are a-changin’.” LOL.

  21. Mohammad

    I hope some kind of wisdom prevails and averts this coming craziness that can trigger WWIII.
    There has to be some wise cool heads in the pentagon that can put brakes on this madness lead by this president.
    He tweeted threatening Russia with smart missiles coming their way in Syria? WTF? does he think it is an apprentice show?
    He should be back to his show business and leave this position to mature people.


    • freebrezer

      Mohammad – I am not quite sure who you are alluding to when you say “he should be back to his show business and leave this position to mature people” … Hmmmm who are these mature people? … Nancy Pelose, Schumer, Maxine Waters and crew? or Mitch McConnel, Lindsy Grahm and crew? The war mongers at the pentagon itching to press the button on trillions of dollars of hardware? The Hillary Clinton (who giggled like a little girl at the brutal death of Libya president Gaddafi ) faction….Just curious who these “mature people” are? Names please?

      • Mohammad

        I have no respect to any of those clowns out there handling the top positions in out country, the only ones my hat is tipped off to and I still carry respect towards are the generals of the pentagon that still exercise well composed self restraint and inspire confidence in whatever left from our declining USA.


        • Greg Hunter


        • Silence is Golden

          You have got to be kidding.
          The Military Industrial Complex (the same ones who pull Trump’s strings_) …who continuously search for fictional enemies around the Globe to justify their existence and are profligate in their spending habits.
          Black budgets…Dark Pools……need I remind you ?
          The War on Terror ….is an endless war…..!!

    • Paul ...

      Yeah! … but think about it Mohammad … all the war mongering child killing Demon-rats will now be voting Republican in 2018 seeing how Trump can murder as well or better then a Demon-rat … and Russia will owe Trump a big favor for diving up the oil price … for Trump helping Russia economically … Russia owes Trump a favor in return (perhaps with the new Iranian deal) … and Gina thinks Hillary (with half her cancerous brain removed) is going to beat Trump in 2020???

      • Mohammad

        I think he is now reaching the conclusion that his predecessor Obama reached.
        I think our presidents should learn how to keep mouth shut if they cannot stand up to what they say, in Trump’s case , some one should take that damn “smart phone” away from him.


        • Silence is Golden

          Yep….Silence if truly Golden.

      • Jodyp

        Paul, calm down. “Trump can murder as well as a demon-rat “? Serenity now! Nothing has happened yet!

        • Paul ...

          Your right Jodyp … I do get a bit emotional at times!!

  22. Jerry

    This is going to come to head one way or another.

    This is not about positioning yourself to make a better trade deal. This is about who is the worlds real global power. In my view we are in a no win situation. Do nothing we are weak . Do something risk retaliation by the BRICS alliance. We lose either way.

    • Jerry

      The Russians have been probing U.S. defenses for months.

      I would advise those on the east coast to ready their supplies, should this thing go vertical. I’m not sure what the deep state has on President Trump, or who is in control of our military, but this goes against everything he was elected for. Once again the globalist are using gas attacks to try and trigger a war. They did the same thing a few months ago and President Trump took the bait and launched tomahawks missiles.

      What’s going on Greg? If he has sealed indictments on the deep state he needs to quit pussyfooting around and serve them now. If this is a distraction from something bigger going on behind the scenes, its a good one. In any event we are at the crossroads of something BIG. If he doesn’t act now, the deep state will hatch something out of the Mueller investigation and FBI break-in and start impeachment proceedings before summer. It should be apparent by now that the rule of law ii completely gone, unless he takes these people down NOW!

      • Jodyp

        Agree, Jerry. It’s make or break time for this administration. And where’s our friend Stan now, to tell us all is well.

  23. Chip

    BREAKING: Paul Ryan to retire in January!

    • Paul ...

      Neocons move pawn … Trump takes bishop !! … in sex demon-sional chess … thousands of pieces are being manipulated by pedophiles on many broads … as Holter says: “as we approach the 2018 elections more and more perverts will be taken by Trump (to prison)”!!

  24. Roger D

    Thank you Greg. What an interview! Bill Holter lays it out like only he can.

    Quote of the Week: “It amazing the markets can hold together and ignore potential annihilation.”

  25. james

    Wash, Rinse, Repeat, heard it before, we will hear it again, collapse coming in 20xx ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Go back to sleep James. Everything is going to be just fine. Hey, there is a good game on tonight.

    • Tracy Welborn

      It has to collapse. I work in accounting. I’ve asked several colleagues to show me a plan whereby the US ceases to have a budget deficit AND begins to pay back ONLY the interest on the debt – it can’t be done. Let me say that again – you can not come up with an equation whereby this system can be maintained. (No, you can’t use a GDP of 20% either) It’s over for the dollar. We are bankrupt RIGHT NOW – TODAY. I’m talking Chapter 7, not Chapter 11.

      • Silence is Golden

        You are correct.
        The only plan they have is to Bankrupt the system. They can pull the plug at any time they wish. Essential to their plan is having adequate Capital/Resources to re-finance the World when it is required.

        • Paul ...

          Wait … wait a minute … Trump can sign an Executive Order stating that the US is not required to pay interest on the National Debt … which makes sense as “money” is not supposed to pay interest … real money (gold and silver) don’t pay interest … so why should bankster “fiat paper” generated out of thin air require an “interest payment”!!

          • Silence is Golden

            Nothing makes sense…when the Banksters have destroyed the fabric of the Monetary system.
            Not paying interest on National Debt makes even less sense. Money out of thin air is exactly what is used to pay the interest….its not from tax receipts.
            The country is Bankrupt. The rest of the world knows it too.

    • Jerry

      It’s prople like you that got us in this mess because they bought the lie. Do the math. You can’t pay for 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 3 trillion dollars in tax revenue. The only washing, and rinsing going on around here is the money laundering the Federal Reserve has been doing. Wake up man!

  26. iwitness02

    And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this (present evil) world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever. Rev. 11: 15
    ……..Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, for Thine is the Kingdom, and the power and the glory for ever.
    ……..the times of restitution of all things, Acts 3: 21
    That’s what I call; “Regime Change.”
    Thank you Greg for being a witness, and helping to expose the evil.

  27. Russ

    Thanks Greg, yep, train wreck coming and they don’t care because it will all be pinned on Trump — or so they think, we’ll see how that works out for them.

    Regarding CA issuing a million drivers licenses I have a few legal questions:
    Would registering a million illegals constitute a conspiracy to rig an election (ie., voter fraud)?
    Isn’t registering to vote an indication of intent or would it be necessary to prove a ballot was actually cast?
    Could the CA Secretary of State, and Governor be indicted by DoJ for conspiracy to defraud by registering illegal voters and thus rigging the vote?

    Just a few questions and nothing to “fact check”, just a few questions.

    New California Bill Would Eliminate Free Speech, Require “Online Fact Checkers”

    • Paul ...

      Interesting … that it would be California that comes up with a way to destroy the “fake news media” … lets use this law to impose “fact checkers” on all the newspaper and TV news shows … bring truth back and eliminate all the lies … give us a true CPI, true unemployment numbers, etc., etc., etc. … yes … let’s eliminate the freedom for the Demon-rats to speak lies anymore!!

  28. Mikey

    Hard times, tough times. Gold’s up $22 right now. With Russia and Iran huffing and puffing it’s good to have Mattis and Bolton in authority.

    • Frederick

      Whatever you say Mikey Sleep well knowing the psychopath Bolton is “ in charge”

      • Mikey

        Whatever you say, Frederick Aptal, lol

    • Paul ...

      Russia and Iran huffing and puffing??? … they are probably “jumping for joy” as the oil price rockets up toward $100 dollars per barrel … Russia and China are probably hoping Trump now puts Soros on his White House staff … to create even more tension in the world so as to dive the price of oil to over $150 dollars per barrel!!

      • Mikey

        USA is the world’s largest exporter of oil…oops!

      • Paul ...

        Sorry I meant Iran not China … actually raising the oil price might be part of Trumps strategy against China in his trade war with them! … and it also helps our domestic shale oil industry to have a high oil price as most of them are almost bankrupt!!

        • Paul ...

          So for the cost of gassing 70 women and children … Trump helps Russia and Iran economically by raising the oil price and likely expects a better Iranian Deal because of it … he satisfies the warmongering neocons with war talk … he gains Demon-rat votes for the upcoming 2018 election by bad mouthing Russia … and gives China a punch in the nose with higher oil prices for selling our Treasuries … he gains credit with the Saudis who needed higher oil prices to balance their budget … and gains credit with Netanyahu by calling Assad an animal … the Military Industrial Complex can sell more weapons … all the Generals are kept busy making plans to launch their nuclear weapons … and he forces the banksters to release their strangle hold on the gold price … however … when Jesus was in the Garden … and was offered a “very good deal” by Satan … Jesus didn’t take the deal … his morality was more important to him … so in spite of “all the gains’ Trump gets by these war actions … it is “not morally right to kill 70 women and children” to take advantage of it!!

          • Paul ...

            Hey Gina … do you think “half brained” Hillary would have had the smarts to make the most out of the neocons “false flag” attack in Syria? … he used Bolton as a stooge and turned the warmongers war plans around 180 degrees …now helping both Russia and Iran economically … Russia has got to be laughing all the way to the bank … China has to be crying about paying more for oil … and Iran is probably ecstatic as it uses all the extra oil money they are making to buy the latest S500 missile defense systems from Russia!!

        • Marcus

          It was the bankers plan to halve the price of oil to stop the price of gold moving up……coalition to oil price has always kept the 2 side buy side….. it is so obvious that you can not suppress the price of oil for gold …..oil will go up and gold will shine.

  29. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    It seems that come hell or high water, the US and Israel are bound n bent they are going to war. The provocations are getting beyond the ridiculous, making Colin Powell’s WMD con seem credible.

    It’s trainwreck watching time folks. And unfortunately, few seem to be paying attention. Are the powerful calling the shots so oblivious to the dangers and the very real potential for destruction far beyond the great wars? Do they believe they are like the Greek gods of lore, playing the game of RISK ( humanity version) for sheeets n giggles?

    What is their reality? Do these dogs of war REALLY, REALLY think they can whack the insolent Ruskies, Chinese & Iranians into submission without any blowback to motherland USA ?
    Or worse, do they give a rat’s arse ? Seems like I am describing socio/psycho paths doesn’t it?

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess it’s OK by you that Iran has been building bases in Syria for years for the express purpose of attacking Israel? It’s not all one side.

      • Tinfoil hat Canuck

        Of course you are correct, it’s never one sided.
        And I respect your core belief that Israel is forever the underdog and always at risk of annilation from their Arab neighbors. They can throw stones and taunt with threats of not resting until the chosen people are wiped out all they want.
        Yet I respectfully submit that Israel is more than capable of defending itself, with what, 200 nukes and a fully compromised US Congress & Senate watching its back, if not ( as some suggest) taking orders from it.
        No, the Iranians are not pure of heart, but the evidence since the Iraq invasion ( if not before) seems to suggest the Israelis and Americans are doing their best to foment chaos in the ME, ultimately trying to remake it into a region that supports their goal of worldwide hegemony.
        I know you disagree, and thank you for allowing a dissenting perspective to air so that others can weigh the perspectives as they see fit.

        • Greg Hunter

          So you do not know or care to remember what happened in 1967 or 1973??? Or, od you just hate Israel so much you are blind? Iran is building bases in Syria and the plan was laid out in a book by the Supreme leader. That’s all good with you? I guess it is.

          • Paul ...

            What Trump needs to do is offer to remove American bases from around Iran … if Iran removes its bases from around Israel … with all the extra money Iran will be making from higher oil prices the Iranians should be thanking Trump in some way … and removing the bases from around Israel would be a nice gesture on their part … the US can then reciprocate by removing our bases later … and then offer the Iranians a pathway through Afghanistan for an oil and gas pipeline to China … if Russia (who also benefits from higher oil prices) allows a Qatar pipeline through Syria to Europe!

          • Tinfoil hat Canuck

            No, I don’t hate Israel, that’s just a knee jerk ” you must be an anti-Semite ” if you criticize their policies.
            I look at their behaviour in how they treat the Palestines, how they acquired many, many nukes with the Empire not saying boo .
            The Iranians are not insanely stupid. They know an attack on Israel is suicide ( re the nukes pointed at them).
            At the same time, having nukes when your enemy does not can give you a sense of security and/or embolden you to push them knowing they dare not respond .
            Which side is currently firing rockets into the troops of the other — in a sovereign nation no less ?
            Not hate at all Greg. I would venture your unwavering loyalty to the country is a function of your strong religious beliefs, and their being your God’s chosen people, as many times you have mocked Islam for their self-proclaimed “religion of peace” claim. Fair enough. We all have biases and blind spots .

            • Greg Hunter

              Look at how Palestinians treat Jews. They are paid to hurt people buy their leaders. But you are good with that while you say I am biased??? Just answer one question. Does Israel have a right to exist? Yes or No.

              • Tinfoil hat Canuck

                Of course they do Greg. Live and let live.

                No country should suggest another country ( an organization of men women and children) should be wiped out. And no country should think it has the right to determine who leads a country. That goes for the old USSR and the current American Empire.
                Thanks for the forum you bring us Greg, your personal commenting makes it even more special. Hopefully sanity will prevail and we don’t find ourselves in a whole world of hurt!

    • Frederick

      That’s exactly what you are describing and accurately Tin

      • Mikey

        Turkish word for deserter is firari. But you already know that don’t you Aptal?

    • Mikey

      THC (how appropriate) if your neighbor had repeatedly vowed to his phoney god that he would wipe you off the map and then was piling up thugs and weapons next door to where you lived with your wife and little children, would you go into denial and just dismiss the whole thing or would you do something about it?
      Being a Canadian I guess you’d just let it go, huh?

      • Paul ...

        Put yourself in others shoes Mikey … isn’t McCain vowing to his God (Satan) to bomb bomb bomb Iran … and did he not piling up ISIS thugs and weapons next door?? … now when they do something about it … it is not fair?? … there are two sides to every story!!

    • sk

      The interesting question is where are THEY going to cower and hide when the alpha, beta, and gamma particles/waves start flying….

  30. Paul from Indiana

    I’ve been following this site for a number of years now. Led by this forum’s dedicated and talented host, many qualified experts give their best, and it is appreciated by the savvy Watchdoggers. There are many “tell it like it is” commentators, but nobody, and I mean, nobody, puts it out there for the everyday guy like Bill Holter. He may not know it all, but he tells what he knows, and interprets it as he sees it. This is known as the “trust factor”. Bill, many thanks to you from this loyal Watchdogger. Best always. PM

  31. Paul from Indiana

    Bill, yes, it all should collapse soon, even any day now. I thought it was “gone” 30 years ago, but we just all put on the blinders and keep adding zeroes, now into the trillions! What’s to stop it from going into the quadrillions? It’s just zeroes! No one seems to want to pull the plug on it. While I agree it’s hardly conceivable much less sustainable, we all could end up being amazed how long it goes on, or not. Many, many thanks to you for your excellent contribution and service here on Greg’s site. Best always. PM

    • JC Davis

      Post of the day PFI. Collapse comes , and they ad a zero and keep chucking along.

  32. R. Patrick

    Paul from Indiana.

    You are correct PAUL. Not much to add except Greg Hunter and his contributors are Heroes in my eyes. I take them at their word as I believe MSM is toxic garbage leading the sheep to death.

  33. Bill

    Thank you for Bill Holter, his words just seem to ring of truth as I listen to him.
    Also you are to be commended for your selection of guests. Each one presents a different slant on the same subject, which allows us to become educated, and discern truth. If you have truth, you have knowledge.

  34. Rock

    Always great to hear Bill’s thoughts….thanks Greg!

  35. Keith wilson

    Greg, in 2013 i watched you for the first time. Rob Kirby. When China doesn’t get there gold. This is when it ends. For nearly five years that was the most important interview you have ever done. Listen to it again if you have the time. When the system can no longer be rigged, they will take us to war? How God Damn right Rob Kirby was in 2013. All the best Greg . Hope to see you next week. God willing?

  36. freebrezer

    Per Bill’s comment on the Rare earth being controlled by China … the USA developed that market and was the leader per producing them. Then some politicians decided it would be OK if China bought most of the USA’s strategic rare earth business! Yish! China promptly shut it all down, including our only rare earth refiner in Indiana and moved all operations to China! Can we (the people that elect these fools) really be this stupid?

  37. Gina M Mancarella

    Bill and Melinda Gates will soon come out against Trump and unite with Angelina Jolie to help stop the madness. IMPEACH !

    • JC Davis

      Gina they will eventually change the law so they can control this kind of president. A real president.

    • Bad Santa

      “Don’t forget Jesus and Mary and the ghost and the long eared donkey and the talking walnut.”

      ~ Bad Santa

      P.S. All 5 listed above+ 99.97% of USAWD readers think you’re a brain dead * * *.

  38. Robert Lykens

    Russia does not regard Hamas or Hezbollah as terrorist organizations, Russian Ambassador to Israel Alexander Shein told Israel’s Russian-language television station, Channel 9.

    The reason, he said, is that neither group has ever carried out attacks against Russia or against Russian interests abroad.

    Apparently Russia’s gone insane. How do you refute someone who’s totally disconnected from reality?

  39. John M.

    I think you can sum things up like this:
    While China has been producing REAL things and quickly building up its infrastructure and manufacturing platforms, the U.S. has been mostly involved with FRAUD, preoccupied with smartphones and social media, and going deeper into debt for lavish consumption in living for today.
    This cannot last, and will not last. There’s going to be a major change in the balance of living standards around the world, and Americans will likely get the short end of the stick.
    The only solution is for America to be a major producer and exporter of real goods once again — um, like China.
    Like you’ve said several times Greg, the United States has been put in this weak and vulnerable position because our leaders have SOLD US OUT in a big way. There’s no other explanation but for TREASON, especially from the Bush’s to the Obama’s, and Hillary/Bill right in the middle of them.
    Pres. Trump remains our only hope to fix this situation, but let’s be honest, it’s going to take decades to reverse, and Americans will still experience substantial declines in their living standards. Trump inherited a country that has been methodically pillaged and ravaged by Globalists, going way back to Jeckyll Island.
    I’m thinking a lot like JERRY, either Trump is clever and in charge behind the scenes or else the Deep State/Shadow Gov’t is playing Trump like a bright orange-haired marionette. Trump better be blustering with his tough talk against Syria and Russia in order to outsmart and outmaneuver the Dark Side, or else the West will get its butt kicked in both a conventional and/or nuclear war. Trump can’t be that stupid, believing that Assad would have gassed his own people when they had already won the war and America just announced that it was withdrawing.
    The Cabal appears desperate. Is Trump really getting ready to start arresting thousands of traitors and sick”pedovores”? But just like doubting Thomas ( just mentioned in St. John’s gospel on Sunday) , I will not believe it until I see it with my own eyes. I want McCain, Hillary, Obama, Cheney, the Bushmen, etc. etc. all shackled together in a giant circle for public humiliation. That’s much more humane than the Romans who displayed many heads on pikes or sticks!!
    I think America needs this as part of the long healing process and as a stern warning to future traitors who also want to destroy this country.

    • tin foil hat

      John M.
      “I want McCain, Hillary, Obama, Cheney, the Bushmen, etc. etc. all shackled together in a giant circle for public humiliation.”
      H. Bush should be put in the center of that circle. I hope Trump can get him before he died.

  40. Peter

    Trump is the finest president in recent US history, bar none.
    He is not bought and paid for like the democrat crook Hillary Clinton.
    Remember how Hillary said she would continue running the Clinton Foundation after she became president, because it was so wonderful. Well as soon as she lost she shut down that crooked, wonderful foundation (pay for play).
    Victor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian steel magnate is a long-time Clinton donor (he’s given an estimated $13 million to the Clinton Foundation since 2006, according to the New York Times.

  41. Flattop

    GREG: New subject;
    Lt Col Cole, is the last surviving member of the Dolittle raid on Tokyo. The bottle of cognac has been opened . He is the last of a great bunch of guys who hung it all out for their country and did not shirk their duty when called upon. God Bless Lt Col Cole. Are there any like them today??

    • Greg Hunter

      Seal Team 6.

    • Paul ...

      Perhaps before God blesses Cole … he should ask Cole how he feels about killing millions of innocent women and children … if Cole says he is very sad about what he did … God can forgive him … but if he says “I didn’t kill enough of them” (like Hitler said) … he should be thrown into the fires of Hell (if there is such a place anymore)!!

  42. HK

    Holter has been predicting economic collapse and skyrocketing gold prices for years, even during the years of falling gold prices. Holter will be right one day, like a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Markets correct and even go into recession; so people should be careful with their hard earned money and not borrow over their heads. Prudence and preparedness are always good companions, but beware of the fear-mongers who exploit us with their incessant tales of imminent doom and gloom. There is a lot of money to be made from exploiting fear. Google the gold bugs and you will find them peddling the same old, same old, messages all over the Net.

    Stop listening to the fear-mongers and start thinking for a change.

    “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)

  43. Gina M Mancarella

    You want proof ? Here’s the proof ! DESPICABLE ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Greg Hunter

      It was reportedly it was heavily redacted.

  44. Tom Pepper

    Hello Greg, An update to the Stormy Daniels scandal and her lawyer, read the Seattle Times 4-9-18 front page and how he’s scammed Seattle landlords and coffee works out of thousands of $$$$ of money on leases and wages after buying Tully’s coffee. numerous court cases past and pending

    • Paul ...

      We all know Hiawatha has some Indian blood in her family tree … now what if Mueller (after meeting with Hiawatha) miraculously discovers that Stormy Daniels has Russian blood in her family tree? … does that qualify “as proof” of Trump’s collusion with the Russians??

  45. oneno

    Everyone should watch this video by Jake Morphonios on “SYRIA – the Terrifying Truth of What is Really Happening

    To jump to the most recent news, skip to 26:05 mark and SHARE THIS VIDEO!

    • Mocking birdbrained Media DNC puppet stooges

      ONENO, you forgot the link;
      Wow, we killed 9 kid’s because Ass sad supposidly gassed kids, SICK!
      WHATS THIS WORLD COMING TOO? An end I hope and i’m sure the replacemrnt will be much better!
      Trump does relize the voters sent him in there “the swamp” for better relation’s
      with Russia too. Thats why the Intell spooks wanted him out”Mike Morell ect..”, plus he was going to kick their you know what for all the shenanigans. It was either knock him off or the old regime change massive dis-information campaign. Whichever works first. They hate Trump more than they want to kill Russkie’s.

  46. Banjo Pat

    Daniel 12:1
    “Now at that time Michael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people, will arise. And there will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time; and at that time your people, everyone who is found written in the book, will be rescued
    Revelation 7
    9After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could count, from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, and palm branches were in their hands; 10and they cry out with a loud voice, saying,
    “Salvation to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.” 11And all the angels were standing around the throne and around the elders and the four living creatures; and they fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, 12saying,
    “Amen, blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever. Amen.”

    13Then one of the elders answered, saying to me, “These who are clothed in the white robes, who are they, and where have they come from?” 14I said to him, “My lord, you know.” And he said to me, “These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation, and they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. 15“For this reason, they are before the throne of God; and they serve Him day and night in His temple; and He who sits on the throne will spread His tabernacle over them. 16“They will hunger no longer, nor thirst anymore; nor will the sun beat down on them, nor any heat; 17for the Lamb in the center of the throne will be their shepherd, and will guide them to springs of the water of life; and God will wipe every tear from their eyes.”
    New American Standard 1977
    We’ll Meet Again
    Land of Hope and Glory

  47. Paul ...

    I knew this would happen … it’s all Netanyahu’s fault … pushing millions and millions and millions of Arab’s into European cities … what’s next … pushing millions and millions and millions of Iranians into the European suburbs as there is no longer any room in the cities? … do you know how many Crusaders died trying to prevent exactly this from happening!! …

    • Silence is Golden

      You think that this displacement is by accident or happenstance?

    • Doug

      Paul love your posts ,read most of them…do you partake in canabbis? Cheers doug

  48. Mike R

    Bitcoin’s price pattern the same as the spread of the flu virus. So in reality its totally Worthless. Anyone in it now, ought to get out while they can, with whatever they have left. All those bagholders who bought at $19,000, $18,000, $17,000, $16,000, $15,000, $14,000, $13,000, $12,000, $11,000, $10,000, and so on, are hurting real badly. (thanks in part to people like Clif high, and the other morons forecasting $100,000 or even $1,000,000)

    “Unlike past peaks in Bitcoin prices, the survey evidence, based on our modeling, suggests that the speculative bubble in crypto currencies may have passed its peak,” the bank said as part of its annual Equity Gilt report this week.” The price will never see a new high, ever again.

    The prediction comes as part of a larger comparison between the crypto craze of the past year and epidemiological models.

    Unsurprisingly, the team of analysts led by Joseph Abate say there’s a striking similarity between bitcoin’s rise in popularity and the spread of viruses like influenza.

    “Applying this model to speculative behaviour in crypto currencies, it suggests that once a large enough share of the population susceptible to speculation becomes aware of and then holders of crypto currencies, upward pressure on prices stalls,” they write. “To the extent that holders’ attraction to Bitcoin was speculative – as our empirical analysis of historical prices suggests – those holders then become sellers, initiating an accelerating downward spiral.”

    Adios Muchachos.

    • Silence is Golden

      Interesting….but the Bitcoin phenomenon didn’t need to have a study/survey done to prove its worthlessness.

  49. eddiemd

    According to the Stratfor naval forces update as of 5 April, there are 6 aircraft carrier groups in port at Norfolk plus 2 amphibious groups.

    Supposedly there have been russian subs patrolling the east coast of the USA.

    War in Syria? How about Pearl Harbor II in Virginia.

    The russians can launch on Norfolk and decimate the Navy.

    • Paul ...

      Remember how Roosevelt got us into WWII … do these neocons think they can pull the same trick on the Russians (using aircraft carriers this time) to get us into WWIII???

    • John

      and one converted ohio class boomer launching conventional cruise missiles can take out much of the Russian fleet as well. We know they are on our coast and they know we are on their coast as well. Its not going to be easy to attack Norfolk, Virginia unless it went nuclear – I went to medical school there – lots of weapon systems deployed- fast attack subs – (Los Angeles class and Virginia class), destroyers, naval air wings, f-22’s/f-15’s/F-35’s, Coast Guard, Marines, SEAL Teams – radars and early warning devices. The thing these other countries like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and Syria need to consider is that The US has been at war for a long time and although the weapon systems are being strained the tactics and experience of the US armed forces is considerable – and battle tested. The US military is no joke. Having said that , I wish we could just get along with Russia – recognize their regional concerns and have them as allies. In addition, we need to recognize that China is a great country as well – push hard for fair trade but we are not going to be able to suppress a billion people. We need to be a staunch defender of Israel and let it be known that if Syria is going to be a battle front for a war with Israel – it is going to hurt going up against the US military – we just have too many weapons systems.

  50. Arthur Barnes

    French Minister has just commented that there is much (verified) proof that Assad’s regime used the gas dropped upon its citizens with helicopters. Prime Minister of Great Britain also said the same thing today. These are the two countries who are going to help with the punishment of Syria’s for this crime against humanity. There are 80 or so documented uses of chemical weapons by the Syrian Government since the beginning of this conflict. The use of chemicals weapons in war was outlawed after WWI in 1918. Its a violation of international law and of basic human morality. Missiles are coming, make no mistake about it! Trump!

    • Gun Free-Zone

      Art, from what I heard today France says it’s got prof of use not who done it, but if you do have prof of the culprits please share it here with your bud’s. I know the Russkies had prof Days Before Passing Gas
      White Helmets Leftovers Found in East Ghouta Terrorists Quarters
      April 5, 2018 Arabi Souri

    • Silence is Golden

      Where is the proof ?
      UN did not sanction independent investigation…at the request of the USA.

  51. Diane

    Years,ago, on an old radio show , Charley Jones Texas Over, a financial expert, calling himself Mike in East Texas speculated that it would be better if the United States was NOT the world currency.
    This was back around 2008.

  52. Diane

    Bill Holter ?
    You’re from Texas, did you ever know of this, Mike in East Texas?… Charley Jones used to interview him every Sunday at Midnight on KRLD Dallas/Fort Worth.
    He had a heavy east Texas accent was a retired CFO of large corporations.
    He spoke during the prime lone fuasco.

  53. H. Craig Bradley


    Global Trade and Capital Flows between nations freely existed 100 years ago. So, “Globalism” is nothing new. The end of the international (dollar) gold standard did not change this trade practice either. Too many uniformed people and politicians out there alike. Most are misinformed with their own brand of financial dogma. Think I’ll just “tip my hat ” to Martin Armstrong in this case.

    • Silence is Golden

      It was by sheer good LUCK or good FORTUNE that the USA came up with the idea to introduce the petro dollar scheme (to replace the demand for dollars from the gold standard/convertibility removal) and convinced SA to employ it. Had it not been …then capital flows would have taken a different path altogether and international trade would be a totally different beast.

  54. Mme. Hedin

    Greg, I like Bill Holter He rocks, But you really must read this investigation, unless you are a bit afraid. Don’t worry, it’s from Newsweek.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a biased hit piece. The legacy dying propaganda media never did this to Obama who had one scandal after another in his 8 years. If you knew anything about journalism you would realize this.

    • William Stanley

      Mme.: Couldn’t your handlers find anything more current for you to post? Say hi to Kermit the Frog.

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