Just 72 Hours from Anarchy – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter has long predicted the bloated indebted financial system, at some point, was going to go down.  According to Holter, the wait is over, and he says, “It’s imploding now.  When will it fully go down?  It could be few days a few weeks or maybe a few months, but the system is coming down now. ”

The $62 trillion “Ponzi scheme” real estate market in China is imploding and reportedly has at least $6 trillion in sour debt.  In America and the rest of the world, they are printing more just to keep the system afloat.  It’s in the process of sinking, and that could unleash a financial crash no one alive has ever seen before.  There is big unretractable inflation, labor shortages and severe supply chain disruptions, and it’s going to get worse.  It’s a nightmare of deflation and inflation at the same time.  Holter explains, “In Chinese real estate, the volume has dried up and prices are now following.  That’s obviously a deflation.  Just look worldwide at goods that people need like food and basics.  There is inflation everywhere throughout the entire world.  That inflation is a function of the money supply that has been pumped into the system. . . . Now, the problem is central banks have put too much money into the system, and you are obviously seeing the inflation . . . . 35% of all dollars outstanding today have been created in the last 12 months.”

Holter paints a picture of a near perfect storm for crashing the economy while inflation has been set on fire.  The labor situation is just throwing gas on the inflation fire.  Holter points out, “Of course, inflation is being exacerbated now by the supply chain problems.  You had economies start and stop and start and stop all over the world.  That hurt supply chains.  Now, you have these ridiculous mandates where people value their lives more than they value getting stuck with a clot shot.  So, you’ve got workers that are walking off in the middle of a supply chain crunch only making it worse.”

In closing, Holter says, “At this point, every day you wake up you are only 72 hours away from anarchy.  The reason being is 72 hours is three days.  A person can go three days without food and then pretty much lose it. . . . If you have a system that goes down and store shelves are empty or stores are closed or whatever, you are going to see anarchy. . . . Compared to two years ago, this is night and day.  We are on the doorstep of total tyranny, and at the same time, you have supply problems and obvious financial problems.  You have a broke U.S. Treasury talking about spending another $5 trillion.  Really?  Where is the $5 trillion going to come from?   Oh, we’ll just print it.”

Holter’s advice, “Buy real stuff now,” and “stock up on everything you think you are going to need for the next few years.” Holter also likes gold and silver, especially silver because “it is the most undervalued asset on the planet.” (There is much more in the 34 min. interview.)

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer, precious metals expert and broker Bill Holter of JSMineset.com.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Robert Coleman

    Greg, FYI – I live in Guangzhou China – originally from St. Louis Missouri area. Have been here for over 17 years. My Chinese wife’s friend became a shareholder in a Private School System with over 225 schools – her friend became a shareholder in the School System. The School system has defaulted on its Bonds issued to the tune of US$250 million and has not paid its Teachers or staff for the past two months. Filing Bankruptcy now my wifes friend is afraid that she will be held responsible along with all other shareholders to pay off debt and to pay the teachers – all 225+ schools have closed – lawsuits are just now beginning. This is NOT been covered on any other MSM in the World.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the information. China’s debt problem is awful and it will affect the entire world!! Thanks for the street reporting from China!!!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Dominos are starting to fall.

    • Paul ...

      RC … China is now in desperate shape … they will likely need to sell their US Treasury Bonds to get cash … forcing the Fed to abandon their plans to begin tapering next year … the Fed will have to print even more dollars (to give to China for their T-Bonds) … then what the Fed has already printed this year (which is about 1/3 of all the dollars ever printed in the last 100 years) … printing up even more dollars (to give to China for their T-Bonds) is likely going to put undue strain on the world banking system … China knowing this … will likely stand for delivery of precious metals (to accumulate Tier I Assets) … but with more then three billion ounces of silver contracts outstanding (that were sold short and can never be delivered) … London couldn’t even deliver one billion ounces of physical silver … the entire financial system will implode … but before it blows the banksters will likely create an internet system shut down (they can blame on a Corona Mass Ejection from the Sun … or by hackers (from Russia, China or Iran) which will give them an excuse to not only put Bitcoin out of business but go to War (and print up even more dollars to add to their already unsustainable Ponzi scheme)!!

      • JC


        Or an EMP attack.


        Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:4
        Who will make such an abominable breach in the Churches that neither the reds nor the whites without eyes nor hands will know what to make of it.

        Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:5
        And their power will be taken from them.

        TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:4
        Neither Christians nor Muslims, without communications or mobility, will understand what is happening to them.

        TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:5
        Their technological power will be taken from them.


        • Guns N Rosaries

          Nostradamus was a plagiarist, taking the prophecies of others, changing then around, and then calling them his own. Get the book by Culleton, “The Prophets and Our Times” if you want to view real prophecies by the original visionaries.

        • richard s

          thank you for your comments. the fellow on End of Age on Daystar channel on Sunday evenings (after Hal Lindsay), says that the color white represents Catholism, red is for communism, black for capitalism, and green for islam. all interesting stuff.
          best regards,

        • Guns N Rosaries

          Nostradamus was a plagiarist……he took the prophecies of others and called them his own.

          • Tkell~in-Christ

            Guys – appreciate the effort but Catholics are not fully represented Christians.
            1) Joe B.iden is a Catholic. Ok? He has fascist beliefs – is that what Christ represents?
            2) How many priests have exhibited pedo- behavior. Just do a search on that one.
            3) Who wears the sun god, 666, pagan symbols and has obelisk proudly represented in their front yard.
            4) I urge you to put your dollars and beliefs to where it belongs. John 3;18. Bible bases churches and charities.

            • G. A. Stewart

              Yes, Satan came to the Vatican early on. It does not mean that Catholics are Satanic, just as Joe Biden as President does not mean that all Americans are Communist Puppets.

              If you criticize the rituals of the Catholic Church, than you do so for most Christian Sects.

            • dee

              the religious creed of the gentile comes from the Catholic misguidance. they directly resemble the words if the pharisees. essentially, those what are subjects of violence are deemed sinners and this is how the New Age looks at crime. no victims accept the payhologically evil. “reality” is oppressive to the slanderous. the DNC is really just catholic new age. smollette is a victim. civilians assaulted by ANTIFA are just re3cieving KARMA. anyone who is not a polarized selfish lying coward is DEEMED PYCOLOGICALLY UNWELL. remember the medias call for violence and medical treatment fir dissidents?. this is overlooked by all the nonsense. the church is evil. they pardon the wicked and condemn the good. theh exactly pharasees. to them, crime is not lying theft or murder. its eating icr cream when the pope says no. anyone not submiting to the one world order is being attacked. people have been murdered by these guys for 2000+ years

          • G. A. Stewart

            Well, thanks J. C., and it’s a shame Guns and Rosaries sounds like a good Catholic, and the Church is what Nostradamus was all about. So, I don’t know what it is with Christians, Nostradamus, and the occult.

            The one thing that I have had a great lesson in lately is how easily people parrot myths or rumors. If you have had the Ivermectin is horse paste conversation with someone, I just tell them spend two-minutes on Wikipedia for the science stuff like, what Ivermectin is and how it was discovered, and then your light will shine a little brighter when commenting.

            I make the presumption that Guns and Rosaries comment was made without any serious study. If he has studied the subject and that is Guns and Rosaries’ opinion; I must respect that.

            There is no simple retort, so I actually decided provide a detailed explanation with graphics at the bottom of my current Update:


            Now that I am going to be losing my job over this COVID-19 Mandate crap, I find it strangely ironic that I decided to turn down Discovery Channel producers in 2016 to go head-to-head with Mr. Nostradamus himself, John Hogue.

            When producers wanted to introduce my resume into the script and their desired shooting location, I had to say no. All I wanted to do was present my interpretations; they wanted to turn it into a clown show in front of a very serious place.

            Here is what I say about everybody’s take on the Nostradamus ambiguity; whatever your take on Nostradamus is, I made specific predictions in a 2010 book that have come true.

            Here is my resume:

            Those interpretations come with names and dates.

            Let us do the big Web Bot, Remote Viewing, Nostradamus showdown. There are 22 very big predictions there, with very clear language (more completely in my books). I do not follow Clif High or any Remote Viewers anymore, but find 22 VERY BIG predictions as exact as what I have written in anyone of my 4 books, and I will concede that they got it better than Nostradamus.

            After I am fired, maybe it is time do my own YouTube version of what the Discovery Produces wanted to do at that same location. Look for it, I will be protesting!!!

            After promising me a waiver for legitimate concerns, my Doctor has chickened out, and I am quite sure that the religious exemption will not work, so it’s time to look for a new job when I am fired.

            I have never seen anything like this.

            Maybe I’ll decide to be that Nostradamus Guy on Youtube.

            Do not submit, besides whatever crap is in this shot, being injected with aborted fetal cells is akin to cannibalism. So, I’m not joining Satan’s club. This is that battle.

    • tim mcgraw

      Robert Coleman: Why did the Chinese school system default on its bonds? Where does the school system get its income? Here in the USA, the government education camps get their money from the property/extortion tax.

      • Dave+Duclos

        Tim, the Chinese school system did not default. This was a private school system. I believe that many Chinese parents pay extra to have their kids get supplemental education, so they can elevate through the Chinese school system. This is what I have read. Dave

        • tim mcgraw

          Dave+Duclos. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense.

      • Steve

        Man that is quite a racket. Glad you self-deported from the Garden State. I got the heck out ten years ago. I do miss the pizza and the bread.

        Bill Holter’s comment referring to bitcoin and comparing it to a pile of dog cr-p also struck me in the interview. I can hold a 90% junk silver mercury dime in my hand, but I can’t hold a bitcoin. Who knows what the right answer is?

      • David

        You need to read and understand your Bible. Yes all Faith’s have evil folks often running their show but, and it is a BIG “but” Jesus said “you are Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” The Catholic church is His church, period…

        • Charles H.

          Simply claiming that you have to know your Bible: doesn’t mean you know your Bible. If you truly DID now your Bible: you would realize that the Holy Bible IS THE FINAL AUTHORITY of God in this world. The Buck stops somewhere: and it isn’t the Catholic Church. “Apostolic Succession” is an old and long debunked false doctrine. What Jesus Christ built His Church on was THE CONFESSION Peter made: that of Jesus of Nazareth verse 16 – “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Bad versions of the Bible and worse exegesis tries to support ‘personages of succession’, instead of the very message itself. Catholicism is the same as the Lawyers of Christ’s time warning: “Woe unto you lawyers! for you have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.” Luke 11:52

          Priestly Absolution of the Church to forgive sins? Blasphemy. “… who can forgive sins but God only?” Mark 2:7b

          And Intercession by Mary, or the Pope, or any other? “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,” 1Tim 2:5

          The Catholic Church MUST illegitimately claim God’s authority: because the Holy Word of God does not give it to anything but itself. The Catholic Church speaks above and even against the Holy Bible with impunity: when the Word of God is above all or any church – being the Foundation, revealing the Cornerstone, and substance of faith. Remember Peter’s confession. Church is merely the social and evangelical construction that the Holy Bible proportions: but it is the Word itself that gives spiritual light and life – not any church. Jesus said: my words are spirit and they are life” in John 6:63. And the Holy Bible ALONE is the source of Faith. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17.

          You need to leave the “Church”, for the Holy Bible. Until then you are still spiritually blind, and dead in trespasses and sins.

          • wayne hardin

            AMEN AND AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Jesus is the light to the world .
            And the foundation that we stand upon .
            Any house built upon anything else is soon to fall .

            • Greg Hunter

              Totally agree Brother Wayne.
              Brother Greg

            • David

              Well, padner, I could spend hours citing biblical verification of the fact Jesus is the Son of our Triune God and therefore infallible but what good would it do. Either Jesus told the truth or He isn’t God. Frankly, upon the rock that Jesus said the gates of hell shall not prevail against it I will live faithfully and when I see Him eventually He will know I did not blaspheme His church. Do you think your blaspheming will be explainable on judgement day? Impray you open you heart to the truth.

              • wayne hardin

                Let me give you a clue .
                It doesn’t matter what church or religion you belong to if you are not born again you will not be going to heaven . Show me where i have said anything wrong the only thing i said that any thing that isn’t built on the foundation of Jesus wont make it .
                If you believe different so be it / or i should say good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • eddiemd

                  Amen to that.

                  I have catholic family members who don’t believe what Jesus says about being born again.

                  They have blind faith in an institution. They are brainwashed unfortunately by a strong delusion.

                  Only the Holy Spirit can set them free from the law of sin and death.

                  There is still time to get them set free.

              • Charles H.

                No, David. One CAN blaspheme against God; and my comment does no such thing. But one CANNOT blaspheme against a Church. What are they teaching you?

                The “rock” upon which Jesus Christ builds His Church upon – IS THE TRUTH: not a person or institution. The confession that Peter made in response to the direct question – was a revelation from heaven and God the Father: “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.”: this IS THE TRUTH that Jesus Christ’s church is built upon.

                “And I say unto thee, That thou art Peter (Petros – both a formal name, and meaning: little stone/ pebble), and upon this rock (petra – noun, and meaning stone, used in foundation) I will; build My church…” The DIFFERENTIATION in language ALONE separates Peter from the foundation. Also – “the Church” is a spiritual organism, made up of all born again Believers: not a membership of ritual or ordinance observers. You have been taught grevous error. I have nothing to fear before God concerning His Person or His Word.

          • Greg

            Amen! About as clear of explanation as one can get!

        • eddiemd

          Some people are so deep in the rabbit hole of the roman institution that they may never escape. Given over to delusions already.

          Only the Holy Spirit can break them free from the catholic heresies.

          You are right. They have no idea what the Bible says. If they did they would flee from the roman institution.

          It is like talking to the JWs and mormons.

    • Rachel.M.

      Hi Greg, Thanks for a very interesting conversation with Bill Holter that brings up further questions such as what will interest rates do if gold resets drastically overnight to a much larger value? Will the rates have to jump in the same way? Forget about earthquakes in the earth crust; this will be an earthquake through the financial and asset world that will make every person panic. Loan payments, rent payments, any payment will have to jump as well won’t it? You can see this causing supermarket buying frenzy as well although this time buy candles in addition to toilet paper as keeping the lights on may be a problem also.

      • Larry

        Most likely is that she worked for a private school. They WERE very popular with Chinese parents to give their children a leg up. In China they still value brains unlike the US. Approximately 6 weeks ago the Chinese government BANNED all private schooling, I guess that they want a better job of indoctrination of students and have gone with the government controlled indoctrination academies like we have in the US. My thoughts is China realized the US does a better job of warping young minds and has followed suit.

  2. Shirley Thompson

    Great interview. I’ve been blessed to have paid attention to the Lord’s urgings several years ago that started me on my prep journey. And like Bill said, my focus for the past two and half years has been on stockpiling – I’m already prepped for over a year – but stockpiling. Anything that seemed to be near end of life, has required repair or I planned on replacing is what I’ve been stockpiling. Tires for my car, battery for car and garden tractor, misc supplies of motor oil, propane and gasoline, off grid solar system sufficient to run my little homestead. I even researched poultry for breeds that are suitable for eggs and meatbirds and now have a sustainable flock. Four years ago buying the homestead first thing I did was plant 22 apple tree orchard and a separate berry orchard all are now producing. I cashed in some gold to buy a freeze dryer this summer and have processed all my veg crops, excess eggs, cheeses. When others were vacationing or buying nice new clothes, new cars and toys, I’ve invested every nickel into my homestead and it’s paid off. I’m 90% self-sustaining and can weather some turbulent times. But I still run into quite a few people who talk the walk but clearly are not walking that talk -they haven’t gained skills to preserve food, made improvements to grow food or survive. I’m concerned there are millions of people who will be at a total loss when all this starts happening. I never really believed his talk about anarchy but continuing to encounter people who have no made much effort to prepare has turned me into a believer that urban/suburban areas will be war zones. Bill is right.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing you story here Shirley!!

    • tim mcgraw

      Shirley Thompson, You are a smart propertied woman. If I was single I’d be courting you.

    • dee

      sounds great. this was a ciurse people should have taken ever since they outlawed home gardening. believe its still against the law to grow a garden. the water is also being contaminated as too the soil foods and beverages. i dont want to be a downer but one must consider what is at play. the bank is the god of the people are the people can no longer can be reasoned with. we have 10s of millions of lawless mercenaries flooding in. there are armies of gangs armed with military weapons. plus federal and military powers who are on standby to protect the money control. the large farms finance the military. homesteads are illegal. we are being censored and can not question or discuss the nature of our enemy. they are religious and they are evil. they are not socialists. its the occult. they are exactly like the pharasees. this is the mandatory religion. if you speak the truth you will be punished. they consider it a punishment from god. if you are a selfish liar, you are considered divine. censorship is their religion. you can not question their narratives. theyve seduced the whole people. they people insist on self censorship of anything outside their echo chamber. this is called the law of attraction. they are empowering the corrupt and ignore sensible council. they are a machine. these communists murdered half the population in the soviet union and theyre doing it here. people are ignoring the big picture and censoring the truth. they never learned the history of the last 100 years. they repeat the lies that have been taught simce the 1950s. the church has sent them an apostate religion and the perverse rule over them. antifa is not socialist.

      • Cassie

        You speak truth, Dee. We have “come out of Babylon, my people” two years ago and have never looked back. God will protect His remnant, whole-Bible believing Christians, from the coming holocaust. Read, read, read your Bibles. Remember, God didn’t keep Daniel OUT of the lion’s den, but He went IN there with Him.

    • Brook

      You are correct the urban areas will melt down, but rural areas may not be very safe either over time. The lessons from places like Bosnia that have been through this are that you need a support group for mutual protection. You simply can’t protect your property by yourself.

      • dee

        there were two state forests in Massachusetts with the name satan’s kingdom. one was larger with about 1 million acres of land . its not on google maps anymore. the smaller one still is, but there is a much larger one. these are generally unheard of. even locals are not aware if them. Connecticut and vermont as well as several other states have large parks with the same name. theyre virtually unheard of but theyre real. the excuse to these named parks are ridiculous cover stories niave people believe. the populations are complicit and this is the religion if the NWO. NO TRUTH, outside of karma. only slanderous hypocrites are allowed to claim victimhood. no human rights. just the dominance of the selfish liars in satans kingdom. the field of pyschology is a clinical attack on humanity. submussion to the slanderous liar is a medical edict. in Soviet russia, they murdered 150 million human beings . slanderous liars are beasts. whole islands of these beasts exist. this is their roll out. hiding in the bunker is not really a strategy.

      • dee

        there were two state forests in Massachusetts with the name satan’s kingdom. one was larger with about 1 million acres of land . its not on google maps anymore. the smaller one still is, but there is a much larger one. these are generally unheard of. even locals are not aware if them. Connecticut and vermont as well as several other states have large parks with the same name. theyre virtually unheard of but theyre real. the excuse to these named parks are ridiculous cover stories niave people believe. the populations are complicit and this is the religion if the NWO. NO TRUTH, outside of karma. only slanderous hypocrites are allowed to claim victimhood. no human rights. just the dominance of the selfish liars in satans kingdom. the field of psychology is a clinical attack on humanity. submission to the slanderous liar is a medical edict. in Soviet russia, they murdered 150 million human beings . slanderous liars are beasts. whole islands of these beasts exist. this is their roll out. hiding in the bunker is not really a strategy.

      • Paul ...

        Before the shut down … each homeowner who has some land around his house should begin to plant sweet potatoes “immediately” because the leaves of sweet potatoes are not poisonous (like white potatoes) and thus can be eaten as you are waiting for the sweet potato to grow … communities of homeowners in suburbs usually have a park with swings for the children … get together now and begin planning on setting up chicken coops in these parks … this way when the shut down comes … eggs will be available to share out among all the homeowners in the community … each chicken will produce about 300 eggs per year … about enough for one egg a day for each homeowner … so for a community of 100 homes … they will need about 100 chickens to get one egg each day … to get 3 eggs a day begin planning on setting up a chicken coop that can house about three to four hundred chickens and of course post armed guards 24/7 to protect your chickens from marauding gangs of starving people (who did not prepare well)!!

      • Paul ...

        People who have the room in their own backyard may want to supplement what they get from the community chicken coop … you can concentrate on prolific egg layers … or do with less eggs … and breed for both meat and eggs … “Australorp chickens” are a very gentle-natured and docile breed … they are very calm and won’t make a huge racket in backyard … excellent for families with children because they are so tame and pleasant!!

  3. David

    Perfect timing, Greg. I was just thinking of Bill Holter and wondering about his views vis-a-vis current developments. We certainly live in interesting times. Great discussion. Thank you!!

    • crystal

      Shirley listened to the smartest friend and father ever, Jesus and Father God. Praise God.

  4. James j

    Hi Greg; Always like Bill. Never really thought civil insurrection was in the possible ….now i belive it …the passport mandates is pure civil war . My lady and i are purebloods…we feel bad for our friends who have become participants in a huge cellular manipulation experiment. We fear for our kids who have been coerced to the jab experiment. We live along the ns coast, alone for the most part.
    Vit D, zinc and vit c ….and a few others the first if you feel sick.
    Lov all…good luck.a

    • Ken

      Love the story Shirley. Glad you have the foresight.

    • dee

      the jan 6 people have been locked up for 10 months. instead of organizing armed citizens with OPEN DIALOG. we are bravely entering satans kingdom. 2 national million acre parks with that very name exist in ma alone. secret parks. huge. selfish liars and cowards rule this country.

  5. Manny

    The moment of truth has arrived folks , brace for impact. What you have is all you will ever have . The Bankers have robbed you , know your enemy and act accordingly.

    • Anthony Australia

      Know your enemy! Brilliant

    • dee

      they feel humanity is beneath the pathological liar. the pathological selfish liar feels it is an evolved form of life. a god even. they love censorship. evil is good to them. they love censorship. selfish pathological lying cowards. the truth is condemned by them. they want to evolve into a north korean state of abuse. right here.

    • dee

      telling the truth is an act if heresy to the pharasees church. self truth. self love. self strength. they work together trampling the vulnerable. the complicit are safe for time. evolution is when the perverse liars establish a north korean society. antifa wants this. occultists.

    • dee

      we have 12 years of common core and now a fully programed common core who are devout believers in the state authoritarian power. emotional intelligence is the mindless direct pathological oppression. obey or pay. these are the sadistic narcissists in every seat of power. the entire church is claiming that everyone outside of the states blessing is cursed of god. these people are openly violent to truth and reason in favor of the feelings of the perverse authority. you dont have to commit a crime. authorities do what they “feel” and call it holy. its been so obvious yet the religious have denied reality as an object. their fantasy will proceed as scarcity will erode those useless to theirdominance . millions of millions of millions of lawless goons paid to remove the human rational sense. info black out and just wait. theyll be coming. the jan 6 people will never leave prison. theyll be joined with every other non cowards and non pervert

      • Paul ...

        Dee … Sane people “will be deemed insane” by the “commies” and locked in mental institution (FEMA Camps) while the truly insane psychopaths run free and administer “shock treatments to the sane” … like firing them from their jobs if they don’t agree to take “their medicine” (that produces heart attacks, strokes, cancer) … or adamantly refuse to have jelly fish, graphene or aborted baby cells injected into their bodies)!!

  6. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,
    My favourite guest of all. Bill sticks to his beliefs and never wavers from his analysis.


    • Anthony Australia

      Australia’s real estate market is a compelling story , biggest bubble in history, worth Trillions!

  7. Brooklyn

    Dear Jesus, Please protect this courageous man, Greg Hunter. He is the light, he is the lone voice of Freedom and Truth in our darkest moments.

    Having Bill Holter (on a Tuesday night, no less) is like a straight flush of guests over the past two weeks. Everyone reading, viewing your wonderful interviews, are certain that the total collapse is days, possibly week(s) away, but in no way will it be months. The supply chain is crumbling, the pilots who are “out sick” not only fly people, but in the belly of the plane, lots of supply-chain-stuff, now sitting on the ground in San Diego. Others will soon join them.

    We will agree with Bill Holter’s 72 hours, but only to the point of people getting desperately-hungry. If/when the electrical grid/Internet connectivity goes down, the chaotic breakdown of which he speaks, will be in full force in less than 24 hours.

    Thank you, Greg. Jesus is Real. Pray to Him. We will persevere!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brooklyn!! Need all the prayers I can get!! May the Good Lord Jesus Bless you in return!!

    • Paula D

      Last year, I relocated out of the big city to a more rural area because of a lot of things. One of those things was my major concern about what would happen should we have a full global financial meltdown. It was a hard decision to make, but I truly do not want to be surrounded by hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people who were not prepared, or prepared at least somewhat. Another thing that was making the rounds were the dreams of Pastor Dana Coverstone. Those dreams made me think. Well, what he predicted would happen in November did not happen in November 2020 – the “Part II” of his dreams. However, they are absolutely looking like they are going to happen this year. He painted a very grim picture and I hope what he described does not take place. Either way, all of us need to be prepared, not just physically, monetarily, food-wise, etc. We need to become very tight with God because I feel that we are in for some very tough and frightening times.

  8. Jack

    (They) are going for broke. Why? They are close enough to getting world government that they are just putting all their chips in now. It’s possible they could create another war or false flag if the poison vaccine nonsense doesn’t get the results they crave. This is a sick world. A sick time in history.

    • Self Exiled

      I too think they are that desperate/egotistical/delusional enough to do as you speculate.

      It is He who reduces dignitaries to nothing,
      Who makes the judges (rulers) of the earth meaningless (useless).
      Scarcely have they been planted,
      Scarcely have they been sown,
      Scarcely has their stock taken root in the earth,
      But He merely blows on them, and they wither,
      And a strong wind carries them away like stubble. Isaiah 40 23:24

    • Paul ...

      Jack … They will now morph Climate Change into a “Medical Emergency” seeing as how it worked so well to get almost everyone “jabbed” … so after getting everyone to wear a mask over their face they will now mandate that everyone wear a bag over their ass to collect the CO2 they emit and tax you $100 dollars for every litter of gas you produce … it will be deemed a “Medical Emergency” to collect this gas to power Biden’s “Green Revolution” !!
      PS: All farmers now growing beans … better seriously think about switching to another crop (as the market for beans will likely drop significantly “as ass masks are mandated for humans” … as has already been done to cows … https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/04/17/article-0-1D29733200000578-945_634x421.jpg!!

  9. Sandra+McIntosh

    Too short Greg……..Love your interviews…..You are one special dude…..I am serious…
    Thank you Greg and Bill

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sandra!

    • Denise Gregory

      Yes, I agree I could listen to you and Bill Holter for hours and soak up knowledge and wisdom

    • Steve

      Yes, please bring Bill back more frequently, Greg! Great guest, sir!

  10. Gunny HiWay

    Thank you so much for your valuable info.
    Was able to buy a bunch of pre-1964 quarters for $5 each today.
    Silver will skyrocket in the near future. IMO
    Well stocked here in Spokane with very aware and prepped neighborhood.
    We are lucky, we have a dam on the Spokane river dedicated solely to our water pumping system and 3 others that power the city and add to the national grid.
    Gas was $3.11 today for regular.
    Be well,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing your strategy and for the street reporting too!!

  11. Carla hayes

    I always enjoy bill holter! Great interview,I hope we get to see mike pento or rob Kirby soon! This is my favorite information video. We appreciate all your hard work.

  12. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg

  13. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. Thanks USAWatchdog.com

  14. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter, a sobering assessment of the money that runs the world.
    As a reminder, Dr Frau Merkel,the former chancellor of Germany, in June 2019 assured the world that Germany would NOT rescue banks form silly decisions such as lending money to Europe . Many American banks awoke the next Monday to the reality that the full faith and credit of Germany was not at their disposal and proceeded to pull credit lines and cash from their European banks. Europe as a whole under the directions of Christine Lagarde at the European Central Bank went on a EuroDollar binge, whereby individual country’s Central Banks could “print” Euros that were immediately converted to US Dollars via the glorious EuroDollar market perversely strengthening the Euro. The unelected and post democratic Commission that makes all of Europe’s laws and do not have to stand for election applauded this action. When will America awake to this American destroying crowd of Bolshevik Communists being allowed since 1952 to undermine the US Dollar?
    As Prager University assured us its the “left Communists stupid”.They look like you,sound like you and eat like you,yet are out to kill you .The fence around Washington is a monument to the Bolshevik Communists in government and the uniforms gunned up are the murderers for this elite.

  15. Boz From Oz

    All of us who have not been brain washed, knew this was coming, the spanner that has thrown most off guard has been the Con-job 19 scenario that most had not anticipated, certainly not myself.

    I really would love to fast forward the next 5 years, because alot of crap is coming down, what I worry about is how many will come out the other end.

    Staying unvaccinated in this dystopian world will be a massive challenge, as most are still reliant on the system to some degree.

    Very concerning situation indeed

    • dee

      you have armies of people being funded. criminals are above the law and the civilians under it. it is a satanic order. the antifa people are occultists. no victims?? just love ?? this is the church of the money changer. perverse evil. just get ahead and things will be fine?? you can have a pillbox will boxes of chained anmo and i think youll run short

  16. Dr. Joseph

    I have respect for Mr. Holder, however, he is wrong regarding crypto currency. If anything is valueless it is the dollar, it’s value is derived by confidence in the government,
    as of late confidence wanes. Countries have adopted btc. as their reserve currency, surely they must know something to take on such a risk.

  17. steve

    Bill needs to understand that the blockchain has unlimited technologies moving forward, he is caught up in the old gold bug mentality. Gold has re-rated itself and is only a hedge against the potential of the crypto market that has failed ( not likely ) or banned.

    • Greg Hunter

      How long is the history of block chain? How long is the history of Gold? Why can’t you have both? It’s called a hedge.

      • steve

        My sentiments exactly- have both, not one better than the other, they both have their place at this time.

        • Paul ...

          Steve … You can’t choose to be vaccinated in the left arm and un-vaccinated in the right arm … accepting the “crypto jab” places you in a position where you can be more easily mandated by the “commies” to do what they want you to do … if you want full financial freedom … just say no to the “crypto jab” … and buy physical gold and silver!!

    • Paul in OZ

      How does the blockchain work without the internet or electricity? I am not anti crypto, I recognize their scarcity, I understand the energy consumption to provide some underlying value. I also understand that mad dog governments with their backs against the wall can seize control of everything by edict or by force … this includes a person’s physical household and even an individual, who can be conscripted … there is no absolute, but issues associated with internet control through takeover of the technology, or lack of a power grid is more risky than some nuggets in your pocket.

  18. MC

    This is the first interview Holter has guested USAWS where there is not the little cross he usually has on the wall in the background. Is Holter backsliding?

    But alas! The Divine Master maketh Himself manifest in subtle ways. As captured by the video frame (when split with Hunter), there are three vertical beams in that book cabinet behind Bill, and its horizontal shelves do their part, altogether to present us with the 3 crosses at Calvary.

    cf., John 14:18

  19. Paul Anthony

    well i am praying and stocking and kinda nervous and scared a bit

    pray everyone america and humanity everyone

    • Art Simpson

      That’s how you feel in combat – except, scared a lot. It’s their game plan.

  20. JC

    ‘China property firms bonds were hit with another wrecking ball on Monday as Evergrande was set to miss its third round of (offshore) bond payments in as many weeks and rival Modern Land became the latest scrambling to delay deadlines.’


    • Al

      JC, you are correct and it would be exciting except I’m Numb to the Numbers. This monetary goo of filth and garbage always finds a way to paper over the problems.

      The true shining light would be the price of Silver and Gold reaching their true value, whatever and whenever that is.

      • JC


        I hope especially that silver reaches its true intrinsic value, maybe I’m being sentimental, but when I was a kid, back in the sixties, my grandmother used to give me a Morgan silver dollar for my birthday, it wasn’t gift wrapped or packaged, it was hand to hand, from her hand to my hand.

        I still have them.

  21. Neville

    Yet another fantastic interview with Bill Holter who has stuck to his guns religiously.
    Calling the shots as he sees them.
    Greg,first of all the Evergrande ponzi / scandal is merely a repeat of history ,that is to say
    what we are seeing now is the spectre of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac rearig its head in China.
    Over $3 TRILLION was pumped into those two defaulters with the share prices in both cases falling from dizzy heights to cents on the dollar.
    Whatever the outcome of Evergrande it will leave bankruptcies all over te place and will extend far from the Chinese borders.The stock market will certainly be a massive victim as will the rest of the economy after a wealth destruction exercise of monumental proportions.
    As for the GREAT RESET !! This will not occur under any of the existing feckless governments of today as they BROKE THW SYSTEM and cannot be expected to FIX what they BROKE!! The current bunch of treacherous idiots might very well be the last to govern this world as we have had a succession of idiots on charge of planet Earth for millenia and The patience of THE LORD has run out!!
    The LANDLORD (JESUS CHRIST)COMETH…….and expect changes beyond your imagination.
    In the meanwhile folks please take the sage advice of Bill Holter,do the neccessary Prepping and most of all get your SPIRITUAL HEALTH in order.

  22. tim mcgraw

    I wish Greg had asked his guest to explain how a bond market works. Why people buy bonds, especially junk bonds; and what are the risks. Most people do not understand financial instruments… or some would say ‘con games’.
    NOTHING in life or investments is risk free.

  23. tim mcgraw

    China’s gold won’t save it in a food shortage. Food is the real gold, along with the water and soil to produce food. Gold is just a measure of trade. It’s not the trade itself.
    No amount of gold will convince me to sell my food stores.

    • Adam Munyard

      I agree Tim. Many or even most Superannuation / Retirement funds purchase International Stock Market Shares , Bonds , and Cash. All 3 arent looking so hot, and when the collapse happens… all 3 will be worth zero. So everyones retirement fund will be worthless, or perhaps cents on the dollar. Government bonds printed out of thin air, backed by nothing….. what could possibly go wrong ??

    • eddiemd

      Food has always been used as a weapon.

      The siege of the USA is underway.

      Babylon is going to fall again. The weapons of indignation are ready to be released upon the world.

      • dee

        the farmers are working for the banks. poisonous food, depletion of soils, our farming is based on oil . food is a manipulated commodity but things are moving fast because power brokers are already signed on to trade deals. the migrants are going to farm the land at the command of the anti-american bankers. the poor will be purged first. then the rest will be converted into marxist antifa. only socialists can defend the civilian. the money of the bank is god and king.

        • dee

          a socialist believes in laws and is what humanity is. a marxist is religiously lawless. it is a beast. people need to unite in defense of the wild lawless godless animals. might makes right is not a defense for the profane. citiizens are being targeted by the bank. now we are saturated with lawlessness. feudalism. might makes right. cowards liars and perverts prosper where the honest are assaulted. people do nothing but watch their own pockets. thats a coward

      • tim mcgraw

        eddymd: Yes, food has always been used as a weapon. The US Army protected the buffalo hunters that killed 4 million buffalo on the Great Plains in 24 months. The Sioux didn’t have a chance.

    • Paula D

      Very true Tim McGraw. China may have the gold, but they are ‘land poor’ for farming and have to import much of their food from elsewhere. I saw one of Clif High’s more recent Bitchute videos where he talked about China’s difficulties. Mr. High stated that the reason they released a bio-weapon on us and had our officials then put the bio-weapons in shots is they are aware that they need what we Americans have – soil for growing food/crops. However, China knows they will likely lose a ground war against us, so they attacked us in stealth. What they want to do is to depopulate our country, then take our land to farm for their own people to eat.

      The funny thing is this year is a year when our farmers were told to destroy their crops, under threat of not doing so and having the government spray Agent Orange on their fields and to lose future farming subsidies should they fail to cooperate. So, China will have a bunch of gold, but not a lot of food. We will not have enough food to feed ourselves this year, let alone to export any. China, like the rest of the world, is going to be in a world of hurt.

      • tim mcgraw

        Paula D; Thanks for your interesting comment. China’s attempt to take over American farmland will fail imo. Trading goods for food works. China should stick with the economic model.
        Your premise of China’s motivations, reminds me of Hitler’s motivations for invading Poland, Southeastern Europe, and the Soviet Union in WWII. Hitler believed in autarchy; self sufficiency, not trade. This is why Nazi Germany ran out of oil in the war and needed to invade the Caucasus for the oil. Also Germany didn’t have enough food. Germany needed the food supplies of Eastern Europe and Russia. All because Hitler thought trade made Germany weak and susceptible to the “International Jewish Banking Cartel” which would lead to Communism and the end of German civilization.
        Free trade makes everyone prosperous and wars much less likely. When are people in government going to learn this lesson? Empires are stupid.

      • c

        So with all the CH reasoning, B Gates bought all his farmland on behalf of China.
        All the big investors in the big Pharma are going to share billions of profits with China.

  24. oneno

    U.S. Soldiers Speak Out: “America Is Under Attack, Prepare Yourself Now”

    National Security Alert: Act of War, Thousands of U.S. Special Forces and Combat Troops Discharged as Total Force ‘Vaccination’ Decimates Military Readiness

  25. tim mcgraw

    At 25:00 Bill uses the word “anarchy” in the wrong way as usual. Anarchy is the absence of government. Bill should have used the word “chaos”. People who misuse the word “anarchy” is one of my pet peeves.

    • Neville

      @TIM MCGRAW,
      To use your own words
      “Anarchy is the absence of government.”
      Well in that case AAcrime has been in a state of “Anarchy” since the presidency of
      Dwight D. Eisenhower
      January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961
      When he left office AAcrime stumbled into mayhem and yes into the following which are
      synonyms for “Anarchy”
      absence of government
      President Eisenhower warned his subjects that Industrial Military Complex would take over …..which they did at the hands of the Underworld maybe known as the “Deep State” just a synonym for Thieves ,robbers,liars,fraudsters,racketeers etc etc
      So if our dearly beloved Bill Holter uses the word Anarchy ,just give him some space as it is his privilage to use whatever terminology he sees fit….known as Journalistic Licence in the business….
      Now try and have yourself a good day

      • dee

        the pharasees killed the landowners son and now the lawless own the land. this is the one world order. they feel they are free to do as they please. free of sin. order out of chaos.

      • tim mcgraw

        Neville: What is “AA crime”? Your quotations of dictionaries just points out how incorrect dictionaries have become. The misuse of anarchy goes back to when Italians? (they were never caught) loaded up a wagon full of lead sash weights and dynamite and tried to blow up the NY Stock Exchange. The pillars of the building still bear the scars. The bombers were called “anarchists”, but they were terrorists who hated capitalism and J.P. Morgan in particular.

  26. Adam Munyard

    Great content as always Greg. With respect, i reckon Bill looks a ring in for Jesse Ventura ! As a side comment, the alien revelation / agenda has dropped off topic in many Christian websites i follow. I wonder what timeline this will play either before or after the World War, or Economic Collapse, or next Scamdemic

  27. GVB

    Yesterday I saw a sad and scared former member of the US Marine Corps. It was a video. This is everything but OK. “They” have really done the unthinkable. Courage..

  28. James Hall

    Watch the Monet Masters first edition by Bill Still. We’re just a little late.

  29. Jim bakker

    I believe China will follow the US In handling the trillion dollar issue, just print more money. Gold will not raise in value just because The Chinese government wills it, if anything the Chinese will liquidate its assets just like many Third World countries have done in the past. Remember the Chinese ruling party is a very fragile entity they will do anything to keep 1.6 billion people happy. The real issue is like any other government, Diverting the attention of its people to other to another Crisis, WAR.

  30. David Showers

    Bitcoin reminds me of the tulip mania that took place in Holland about 400 years ago.

  31. Marie+Joy

    Guerilla warfare.

  32. Marie+Joy

    The Democratic Town Committee sent me an application for an absentee ballot. I filled it out and went to send it when I noticed the stickem on the envelope doesn’t work. I scotch-taped it. They know I’m NOT left-leaning. In 2016, my CT, small town went for Trump.

  33. crystal

    Thank you so much Greg! Another great informative interview.
    God bless you and keep you .

  34. George

    Too bad for America. This time there is no other nation going to come save the country.
    America no longer has any representative government. It is a Cabal of Corporations and Banks with debt slaves.
    There no longer exists any judicial process to bring accountability to these Criminals.
    We have seen the Military turn their backs to America. Who will stand? Nobody that’s who.
    We all just continue to point it all out, comment about it, then we move on to the next article.
    And, sadly since the major majority of the people here have zero understanding of how The Federal Reserve Central Bank works or why they even exist.
    Want change? Want all this to stop?.
    Then, get rid of the Federal Reserve Central Bank and all this goes away tomorrow..
    As long as The Federal Reserve Central Bank is here, you will never be successful in winning.

    • AndrewB

      Hi George,
      “Want change? Want all this to stop?.
      Then, get rid of the Federal Reserve Central Bank and all this goes away tomorrow..
      As long as The Federal Reserve Central Bank is here, you will never be successful in winning.”
      Totally agree with the above extract from your comment. The parasitic nature of the Federal Reserve / Central Banking / Babylonian Money Magik (how to create money from nothing) system is made clear in, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin, and also in, ‘The Seven Secrets Of Money’ an on-line video series by Michael Maloney.
      Once people know the true nature of the privately owned and controlled world Central Banking system, they will ‘know their enemy’.

  35. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    You rock!!!!! The information you give is life saving, you are definitely doing God’s work!!!!

    God bless you

  36. Al

    Thank you Greg, but I’m NUMB to the NUMBERS.

    I’ve been looking for Holter’s commentary for a while now and he is 100% correct, everything they said years ago is coming true.
    There was a time people like Jim, Bill, and others were the only ones shining the light, now others have joined in but Holter is one of the originals and has seen this progression throughout.

    I was listening to a “news station” by the Marxist Enemy Media last night, they mentioned the employment crisis but, get this, they said people were “quitting for better jobs elsewhere”… I expected such horse poop from Marxists. No talk about the mandates being a large part of firings and lay offs. No,… it’s the worker quitting and looking for better opportunity.

    So let me get this straight, Firemen with 19 years on the job suddenly say “nah, I don’t need the pension, I’ll quit for a job that pays 50 cents more per hour”… Give me a break!

    Back to Holter (who looks like Yosemite Sam.. in a good way)

    I hate to say this but numbers like Trillions a day used to make me explode with anger and concern, not so much today because I have become numb to the numbers. You can quote fiat trash worthless numbers to me all day, even in the Quadrillions! I’m NUMB to the NUMBERS, it means nothing to me. Therefore all the numbers guys like Jim, Bill Holter, even Rob Kirby do not make much of an impact today like they used to in the past.

    Great guest, keep em’ coming and God Bless you for all you do for us
    You are bigger than CNN now, one lone info-rebel fighting the establishment Marxists.

  37. Robert B

    Greg I wonder if the word of China, a lying kleptocracy in all previous experience (particularly concerning the recent Bio-weapons released), can be trusted concerning their gold holdings. I would not buy a panda gold coin, who knows if China has not simply plated gold over tungsten. Why do we suddenly believe a country that has no solvent banks by US standards nor is willing to subject them to audits would be telling the truth about their gold holdings? Everything coming out of China is an insolvent lie, why would gold be any different? Thanks very much for your hard work and information Greg. My wife and I pray for you each night.

  38. SummerSong

    Thank you again Greg – and Bill for your information and your caring. I pray for your Safety, Security and Abundance of all good things. I ask this for also for all your readers Much Love.

  39. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    When Gold & Silver start to explode the game is over!!! Until then you will see status quo
    When this does Blow up it will be Epic
    Food, Water, Guns, Ammo, Silver and Gold are a Must
    Silver is needed for Barter
    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Another great Interview

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for supporting USAW Rod. You are aa Patriot and a Brother!

  40. Matthew goodchild

    Thankyou greg for the time and effort you put into
    Bringing the people this information. You are one of the few true journalists left out there! A true legend and a man of god. May he protect you in the times to come.🙏. Matt.

  41. Russell Holmes

    Why would China buy and sell gold at the same time? Selling would obviously drive the price down. What am I missing? Anybody.

  42. Roger

    JERRY 5

    Hang in there!

    • JC


      Last time Jerry5 commented he said he was hitting his supply of Ivermectin pretty hard. Hope he’s OK.

  43. Really Awake

    The die-hard gold and silvers bugs understand that Bitcoin (and blockchain “coins”) are nothing more than nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I’ll tell you what block chain is: an evil fraud that will be used by a devlish government and a demonic banking cartel to finish off and enslave what is left if a depopulated world.

    Paper dollars (aka, used toilet paper) and plastic credit (aka, plastic promises) are bad enough; however, blockchain takes “the root of all evil” to a disgusting new level. If you think fractional reserve banking is a giant fraud and a Ponzi scheme, you ain’t seen nothing, yet. You just wait until you are forced to use government controlled blockchain.

    Those of whom think the world shall be punished for all of this evil should take a good look around. What is already happening is the punishment. A country wherein millions of babies are murdered; a country that spends three trillion on a fruitless twenty year war; a country whose population is more interested in Dancing With The Stars, The Voice, The Super bowl; glutoning down 3000 calories of the most greasy, cheap, inedible fast food; libidinous night after night sordid acts; a country that’s full of green Marxists and people willfully committing every grave sin and then some – a country full of unrepentant sinners – is a country already suffering a mighty punishment 24/7……

    And the punishment is just getting started.

    • Self Exiled

      The LORD [acknowledged you once as worthy and] called your name,
      “A green olive tree, fair and beautiful in fruit and form”;
      But with the roar of a great tempest
      He has set fire to it,
      And its branches are worthless. Jeremiah 10:16

    • Catherine

      For sure it has started and yet God promises not to forget the righteous. All this was foretold in the Bible. Unfortunately we are now living it for real.
      All we could do is ask for Gods protection, trust Him and have faith Gods plan is much bigger than we could imagine. And all is for the good. Moses with God at his side saved the Israelites from Pharoah. It was the end of their lives as SLAVES to evil and so therefore we can and will be saved from evil. God will send a messiah and then if we live long enough we will witness our salvation.

  44. Joe

    Instead of a single platinum coin, how about 2.5 billion 0.1 oz gold coins worth $2,000 each?

    • Paul ...

      Joe … That may be too logical for our banksters to contemplate!! … $20,000 dollar per ounce gold would drive them out of their minds … look at how $1780 gold has Stan on the warpath!! … but like it or not … gold will follow and exceed M2 (the green line on the following chart … http://www.demeadville.com/091021_gold_scoreboard.png)

  45. Blumhagen

    For the gardener’s out there…..

    Throw some copper coated zinc pennies (July 1982 to present) around your vegetables and fruit trees. Your plants will then be throwing off zinc and copper nutrients into the food thus you will not need the supplements which have their own problems now because of Codex Alimentarius.

  46. Marie+Joy

    No genocide is complete with a loss of electricity.

    • Self Exiled

      I love your one liners. LOL I asked God for a bible verse concerning this vaxed and unvaxed situation we are starting to deal with locally. Kinda undermines the genocidal secondary goal [division].

      “Salt is good and useful; but if salt has lost its saltiness (purpose), how will you make it salty? Have salt within yourselves continually, and be at peace with one another.”
      Mark 9:50

    • Marie+Joy


  47. Jeff

    I always watch your interviews with Bill and have been holding metal since 2006. As smart as Bill is. His timing has been off since 2011 and metals are down while Real Estate and Equities have soared. He is wrong about Bitcoin as many older people are.

    PS I love your show and have been a fan forever.

  48. Kay

    If Gold is revalued at such a high rate then that helps India. They are BIG gold bugs. Not sure China wants to help India, do they?

  49. susan russo

    Timing this is the thing. Somewhere we have to prep and pay our bills, so being fluid and stocked up is it. The political volitivity could produce unimaginable scenarios like California’s Newsom’s outlawing gas motors in anything but cars. We are losing our minds and anything resembling normality. Accept it and keep going.

    • dee

      the anti socialists have been floating their nonsense and censoring all rational thought for so long. the people are lawless beasts divided. might makes right. a take over by the monetary mafia IS ENDORSED by cowards fools and criminals. youve murdered your civilians in favor of theocratic perverts who bless the wicked and condemn the good.

  50. Jeff Bertrand

    I think we have until spring. Maybe 6 months

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope you are right Jeff.

    • Brook

      Newsome has a free hand now that the recall is over. He also consolidated all local zoning power in Sacramento, so he’ll be able to plant Sec 8 anywhere he wants. You know GOP strongholds will be the first to get them. All in the name of easing the housing crisis that Democrats created.

  51. Kyle Dornan

    I think Fitts and this man are just flatly wrong about Bitcoin. It’s the best form of money ever and the most anti-authoritarian social contract ever, too. I can give you a link for a good explanation of why this financial system trickery is coming to an end because of Bitcoin if you’d like.

    • dee

      so the several quadrillion dollars floating around us going to determine who and what is holy. good system. youre convinced.

    • Paul ...

      KD … Are you going to allow the greed for money to influence your judgement and create a Dystopian society … where all private and bank issued crypto currencies will eventually (with the use of supercomputers) have all their transactions traceable by a “commie” government that can mandate what sort of goods and services such money can be used for?? … don’t you want to use your money “as you like”??? … you must make a choice to chose freedom or slavery … to be free means you can spend your earnings and labor on what you want without the government telling you for instance that if you travel five(5) miles from your home your crypto currency won’t work … or if you don’t take the “jab” your crypto account will be locked up … to be “truly free” … you need to own “real money” the government can’t prevent you from spending … physical gold and silver coins (God’s money) is such blessed money offering “both the freedom to use it as you want and absolute privacy” … and that is why “commies” hate it!!

  52. Stan

    Shorted more Gold today after the CPI pop.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold is up $33 as I wrote this.

      • Rodney

        LOL that majic number 33 again, so silly now..

        • Paul ...

          R … God had to deal with that silly number also … when 1/3rd of his Angels (.33) supported Satan … was the 33rd Masons “God” Satan?? … as JFK effectively said: “We should not be following these Secret Societies (SS)” … “as we know what these SS have done to innocent people in the past”!!

    • Paul ...

      Stan … If I sold all my gold at $1750 based upon your “expert” word that it would drop to $1200 by year end … I would now be losing a ton of money … just like you (with all your gold short positions)!! … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.html

    • Paul ...

      Additionally … with the Social Security Administration (SSA) announcing today that its annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) will be 5.9 percent (a boost to average retirement benefits of about $92 per month for individuals starting in January) means your “strong” US dollar .. has lost about 6% of its value in just one year according to the crooks at the BLS … in reality the US dollar (according to John Williams) has lost over 11% of its value this year … so in effect… everyone on Social Security has taken a 5.1 percent “pay cut” this year!!

      • Stan

        Paul: How could the Dollar have lost value when it buys significantly more Gold today than 12 months ago?

        • Paul ...

          It’s a miracle from “God” Stan … that I can buy more silver and gold with something that is becoming ever more worthless (your dollar lost 5.9% this year according to the BLS) … it sort of like God turning water into wine for us!!

      • Paul ...

        Klaus Schwab must be smiling … seeing the people are getting only a 5.9% Social Security increase (effectively a 5.1% decrease) … as they are really “getting nothing” from the SS … and are “very happy about it”!!

        • Paul ...

          err … they are getting “less then nothing”!!

  53. Self Exiled

    Well I’m ready, no debt, house and old motorcycles are paid for but can not live in it/be there. Oh yea and no income/goes to another country. Drug dependent or should say pharmaceutical dependent [4 month supply]. What could go wrong. I feel like a death defying observer with almost no investment; with nothing to loose. Kinda like ready to go into the unknown/no baggage. Well I do have one suit case, found another suit case on the curb better than mine. I traded. Greg is this on the street reporting? Your right just rambling again. I think I owe you a large therapy bill.

    I behold the treacherous and am grieved and loathe them,
    Because they do not respect Your law [neither hearing, receiving, loving, nor obeying it].
    Consider how I love Your precepts;
    Revive me and give me life, O LORD, according to Your lovingkindness.
    The sum of Your word is truth [the full meaning of all Your precepts],
    And every one of Your righteous ordinances endures forever. Psalm 119 158:160

    • Homey Comb'ski

      Self, CRITCLE TIMES HARD TO DEAL WITH [2nd. Timothy 3:1]
      Hang in there mate, we must all hang together, or hang separate. Thomas Jefferson 1776.
      Back in the day, it was the Brits. Today it’s the brats, world wide! With no place to hide.
      All We Want is The Truth !
      Song is hard to endure! But inspiring, I thinks?

  54. Paul ANthony

    if you havnt learned anything from the plandemic at least be certain of this…. the satanic Globalist are evil and want most of us dead except a few only to be there servants THey dont even care anymore if you know this they are “Going for it” or broke Prepare for every evil thing to be thrown at you – starvation – bullets – nukes … drones … foreighn armies – think what would someone with no limits on evil try to do to a human who loves God

    Prepare for all of it spirtual physically mentally – nutritionally everything – Have a plan

  55. A+Jones

    THE GENESIS OF THE DOLLAR AND ITS HISTORY: Today we are talking about the collapse of the greenback dollar so I thought you guys might enjoy the history of how this all started. We begin during the American Civil War in 1861. Salmon P. Chase was a notable lawyer, Presidential want to be, political operative and had knowledge of banking. Abraham Lincoln made Chase Secretary of the Treasury in his cabinet. That means he Chase had to raise the money to finance a two million dollar a day war which was a fortune at the time. Around 1862, the government was about out of money, and it was getting impossible to make ends meet. So, Chase came up with a money scheme known as the Greenback fiat currency. When Lincoln heard about this, he hit the ceiling and told Chase it was unconstitutional and would bankrupt the country. Lincoln said the gold standard was the only viable money system and that this scheme would eventually bankrupt the country for sure. This money system was found to be suspicious by the Europeans and made them uneasy in financial dealings with the US.
    Now fast forward to 1864. Just before the election of 1864, Salmon Chase resigned as Treasurer, Lincoln was re-elected, and Chief Justice Taney of the Supreme Court died. Lincoln had to appoint a new Chief Justice and the most qualified person for the job was Salmon P. Chase. That created a problem for Lincoln because he and Chase both knew that not only the Greenback money Scheme but the closing of the Southern ports, Habeas Corpus and a number of schemes were clearly unconstitutional. Lincoln was afraid of how Chase as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court could ever rule on the constitutionality of the Greenback currency or some of his other activities when he knew they were all illegal. Well, Chase did have to rule on the issue and his decision was that the very money scheme that he enacted as Secretary of the Treasure was constitutional knowing full well he and Lincoln had discussed on numerous occasions a lot of things Lincoln did clearly were not constitutional. Nothing like being the judge at your own trial.
    Here is how Lincoln justified all of these unconstitutional acts: If you are fighting a war to save the nation and preserve the constitution what sense did it make to risk losing the war because the constitution restricted the methods employed. In other words: If you obey the constitution, you lose the war. If you lose the War then what good is the constitution because the nation is divided. Does anyone see a similarity of this thinking today? Maybe the FBI can look into this. Does this explain why the Supreme Court refuses to hear the cases on election fraud?
    Our money had a bastard birth and apparently will have a death fitting the character of its bastard birth administered by another befitting gaggle of likeminded bastards! As Paul Harvey used to say: “Now you know the rest of the story!

    • A+Jones

      From Wikipedia a couple of interesting quotes to my above post.

      “California and Oregon defied the Legal Tender Act. Gold was more available on the West Coast, and merchants in those states did not want to accept U.S. Notes at face value. They blacklisted people who tried to use them at face value. California banks would not accept greenbacks for deposit, and the state would not accept them for payment of taxes. Both states ruled that greenbacks were a violation of their state constitutions.[5]
      Earlier, Secretary Chase had the slogan “In God We Trust” engraved on U.S. coins. During a cabinet meeting, there was some discussion of adding it to the U.S. Notes as well. Lincoln, however, humorously remarked, “If you are going to put a legend on the greenbacks, I would suggest that of Peter and Paul, ‘Silver and gold I have none, but such as I have I give to thee.”

  56. Paul Anders

    Did the Tulip mania last 12 years….No
    Was there Tulip Roth IRA’s…..No
    I have seen MANY big name modern day economists fall to the wayside because they just could not wrap their head around what was going on.

    • Greg Hunter

      12 years is a pretty short trend line compared to Gold.

  57. Howie

    End all entitlements for all those of working age that can feed themselves with a spoon. Those that refuse to work ought to be kept in maximum security facillities for life, along with all felons. We must get the parasitic scum of the earth off our streets once and for all, even if it means putting away 200 million leeches.

    • Jane Farmer

      Not sure 3 hots and a cot is going to solve the problem.

      How about a program with the basic premise of if you don’t work, you don’t eat?

    • JuicyMoosey

      I understand how you’re feeling.

      The fundamental alure of communism is “free stuff for everybody”. Of course, it’s as stupid and impossible as it sounds.

      Afterall, work makes goods. The making of the goods makes the skills and services that make those goods.

      There’s a process to civilisation and it doesn’t begin with “free stuff for everybody”. Civilisation also doesn’t begin with “everyone is equal”. Because…that’s stupid and impossible.

      The general population who’re alured by “free stuff for everybody” are typically the lazy, stupid and bone-idle, let’s just put it out there.

      However, the communist agenda has been pushed for decades in various ways via tavistock esque psy-ops and conditioning. So much so that a mindset has been formed that is ripe for communist subversion. We can’t blame a population that has been mind controlled from birth by media and TV for being sucked into the trap that is being laid for them by our enemies. It is not the general population’s fault…Our neighbours are typically not our enemies. We can’t turn on each other.

      That’s what THEY want.

      Furthermore, any kid coming out of school in the last few decades can project their typical future salary through their lifetime and the great majority will perceive that enduring a working-class full-time job for a whole lifetime will not get them a decent house; land, car, a future for their kids if they can ever even afford to have them, savings in assets / stocks / crypto / gold / etc, etc, etc …

      They’ll never afford those things. They know it. So why work? But it’s not their fault for realising this. They’re demoralised and broken from day one. This is a planned and controlled demolision of the western world perpetrated by the enemy that has been going for decades … We have been at war for at least a century and the general population doesn’t even realise this state of affairs. If the general population can not have material THINGS but could at least could realise that we are at war then maybe they might at least fight for their soul…for freedom and liberty. To not be a slave.

      We need our people to find their souls. We need to help our people understand who they are and what they are. Our people can change but they need to be made to understand what’s at stake so they start to fight back. Even the lazy and bone-idle can fight back by refusing to participate.

      • Glacialhills

        Have you looked at what a plumber,hvac,electricians, or welder can make today? They are practically giving away pell grants for community college to get your degree in trades. Dont go down the oh poor todays youth cant have the American dream in todays world, its just as available as ever to those that have the will to work. If you can be on time, work hard and show the boss you will do what is asked, you can be making a 6 figure salary at age 25.

  58. Rodney

    These shortages will only get worse and may not return for years, just imagine the loss of people from this CONvid, thats staff with knowledge and skills that wont be back until new people can replace those lost, and the top lot of scum say that robotics will replace them, I find that arrogant and ignorant, not everything is just a set of actions, so I remember HOW DARE YOU GRETA saying we need to go back to the 1750’s, well she may well be right in most cases..

  59. W H

    Fact / Anybody that thinks there will be a revival without repentance is delusional .
    So these so called prophets that don’t talk about repentance are not speaking for God the message has always been and will always be the same repent ye .The word doesn’t change
    The word Greg gave about Saul becoming Paul was a good word as to what being born again really means / he repented and he became a new person .
    In other words his actions where more than words .

    Wayne Hardin .

    • Cassie

      Twenty thumbs up. No “national revival” will impress our God without national repentance.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Wayne, good to “see” you again! I thought you had given up on us. Repentance is incovenient. There is no profit in telling people they have to change. This is why the modern “church” is so pointless and wrong. Stick with us. Best always. PM

      • wayne hardin

        I wasn’t hiding something or somebody wouldn’t let me post under my name had to post under W H and common sense .

  60. Norm Withrow

    My wife “surveys” or inspects retirement homes in Oregon. Works for the state but is funded by Medicare/medicaid. She has until Oct. 18 to get the waxcine. However, she knows so much more, has access to data that convinced us long ago we would NEVER get these waxcines. She’s filed a religious exemption, had an interview and we wait for official acceptance (she was told during interview she would receive the exemption)
    This and other countries will have a BAD flu season this year BECAUSE all the waxcinated folks now have compromised immune systems. The countries with the highest waxcine rates will now become the “sickest” countries in the future.
    Very sad for those who will be dying or developing severe health issues in near future.

  61. J in Europe

    Hi Greg.
    Great interview as always.Bill sees the big picture. I am a small person like most people who comment here but I truly believe we have been sent these warnings for a reason. Spoke to my mother recently (she is in her 80’s). She remembers captains of large cargo ships pulling into port when she was very young and trading tea leaves for meat – her father was a butcher. They would call up to his shop and he would trade meat for tea. It was a real treat. Around the time of the second world war and shortly afterwards, there was severe rationing in Europe. She cannot understand the excesses of the last few years and feels we will have to “pay it back”. She is also God-fearing and believes in goodness. I agree that hard times are coming. However, please beware of the Golden calf. Remember the currency of God is love (not Gold as Bo mentioned in a previous interview). Last weeks scripture – “It is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle (small gap in the walled city of Jerusalem) than for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven”. A camel that didn’t carry any material goods was able to squeeze down the long passageway when the city gates were closed at night for security. However, a camel laden down with goods and baggage would not get through. Free yourself of worldly desires and you will be saved. Only take enough for your needs and remember to follow the true path. The gates are open to all! God bless you. J in Europe

  62. Norm Withrow

    Btw. The debt limit thing is a BIG SHOW.
    There’s no way either party will want to be the party that makes 1/2 the population pissed off at them. Congress uses this debt ceiling as a way to drum up more fear and make themselves look like they are important. It’s come up 77 times and EACH time they end up increasing it. Bunch of clowns.
    Period end of a comedy story.

  63. James

    Thanks, Greg. My favorite guest! God bless you and many thanks for your good works.

  64. Daryl Este

    Brother Greg, Daryl-here, thanks for all your efforts. Please look at http://www.reMcmaster.com
    and look at the work Mr. McMaster has done.
    I promise to you and your people they ALL will be Blessed and more prepared.

    Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday and forever.

    We are Better Together

    Also, Zig Ziglar;
    book: See You At The Top

    Godspeed- Remember you are LOVED

    • Greg Hunter

      Love you back brother.
      Brother Greg

  65. Fred Daake

    Blockchain methods can be used to create almost flawless tabulating systems. However, blockchain is NOT money. It is ledger. Anyone who claims that financial statements are as valuable as the items that they are listing refuses to acknoweldge the difference between a photo of a pretty girl and the physical girl in the flesh. Bitcoin is fiat – the same as dollars. They are both backed by illusion. The only difference is that dollars are backed by a massive stockpile of pile of military lead and bitcoin is backed by the wishes of a superstitious group of tulip traders.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Fred,
      “Anyone who claims that financial statements are as valuable as the items that they are listing refuses to acknoweldge the difference between a photo of a pretty girl and the physical girl in the flesh.”

      Hmmm. Nice analogy 🙂

    • Paul ...

      Fred .. I was thinking of creating a bit coin called SHOCK … it will be “very rare and very secure” … as only a few SHOCK’s will be produced by me each day (by rubbing my bear feet on the rug in my living room) … when I want to buy something I will do work (rubbing my feet on the carpet) thus giving my SHOCK crypto labor value … upon purchasing an item … all I will need to do is give a SHOCK in return … which can then be stored in a “very secure” Leyden Jar (secure because the jar will not be hooked up to the internet thus can never be hacked by a supercomputer)!!

  66. GVB

    I really would like to see the USDX go through the roof and COMEX GOLD negative and leave the world with utter astonishment and disbelief and end this crap and see what happens with derivatives linked to COMEX GOLD and currencies. Or we can just wait for proof to manifest itself ie end stage hyperinflation and watch the show meanwhile and we can also kiss society goodbye, ALL at the same time. Wouldn’t that be the shitshow the Masters Of The Universe have wished for all along? I seriously had enough

  67. Waltz

    Young people today waste all their time, 24/7 , on playing pretend, instead of working a 9 to 5 job and becoming a responsible tax paying adult with proper families of their own!

    Instead of a earning degree in a field that will support them for life, they chose “white-male hating” as their field, thus avoiding working and supporting themselves altogether! Always blaming everything on white straight males!@

    We must stop societies “childish-adults” from forcing all the adults to playing pretend.

    There isn’t more than the two sexes.
    There isn’t marriage between same sex.
    Preferring the same sex for the purpose of sex is a perversion that needs psychiatric hospitalization, just as having sex with an animal or child under the age of 21.
    One can’t demand under penalty of DOXING that we must address you in the pretend pronoun.


  68. JC

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Inflation to Rise into 2034?


    Soylent Green, the food of the future?

    • Paul ...

      JC … This means we have 12 years before gold and silver reach a peak (this is going to be a precious metal bull market “you don’t trade” … you simply hold (and continually buy more on the dips)!!

  69. Marie+Joy

    InfoWars says the FBI is infiltrating protest movements against school boards. Be careful. Vet everyone you speak to.

  70. Marie+Joy

    One way to ensure inaction during overwhelming treasonous activity is to make the population too damn fat, lazy, stupid, and comfortable to get off our butts and it’s working, even on me. I should have done something, anything, by now, but I haven’t.

  71. eddiemd

    A biological attack? Perhaps.

    More likely a chemical attack.

    We talked about this months ago.

    NBC. Nuclear, biological, chemical. The Army way of saying it.


    No mention of the Japanese attacks in the article using homemade sarin gas. A biological attack could include virus or bacteria such as anthrax.

    They are telling us what is coming. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, DC.




    We are totally unprepared for this. This type of attack can be used to bring martial law. This will be used when the economy collapses as a distraction.

    “The boogie man terrorists are attacking us”.

  72. eddiemd

    Insanity in the open.

    “Becky Larson said her 7-year-old daughter can’t wait”

    7 year olds can’t wait to get injected with mRNA. They have no capability to make an informed medical decision.


    The propaganda is beyond belief. Deception then delusions. The end of days is here.

    Promoting this poison to be given to young children is wicked. At some point soon the Most High God will intervene into this iniquity. He will bring forth the weapons of indignation.

    • Charles H.

      My fear is the Lord giving the wicked lots of rope. That way people cement themselves to the wickedness; and buys time for perhaps a few to be Saved.

      • eddiemd

        I agree.

        I am witnessing the Holy Spirit saving the homeless here in Phoenix.

        The angels rejoice when one sinner is saved.

        I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is making the crooked paths straight and breaking the gates of bronze and cutting the bars of iron. He is starting with the homeless; those with addictions, mental illness, and nothing.

        He is the Deliverer. He has come to set the captives free. Just like the homeless man who lived among the tombs.

        Isaiah 45:2
        ‘I will go before you
        And make the crooked places straight;
        I will break in pieces the gates of bronze
        And cut the bars of iron.

        • Charles H.

          Praise the Lord. He is hope – to the humble.

  73. JB

    Great interview again! Would love to see you interview Max Igan for updates on what is going on in Australia.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure add links here.

  74. mahdee raieesdana

    Please share this with your audience:

    • Paul ...

      MR … The “Banker” in a Monopoly game has a lot of power … and if the banker is a sleazy crook he can rob cash or take money from other Monopoly game boxes to buy up “all the properties” on the board … and end up owning everything … while the other players become slaves … this is exactly what is occurring in real life before our very eyes … the Fed has increased the money supply by one-third in the last year!!
      PS: In most Monopoly games … when the money printing, cheating and underhanded deals go wild … and all the money is accumulated by one player … the game is “very near the end” … one player can turn the table over on the Globalist money mongers (like Jesue did) … will it be China?? … if so … expect a Crucifixion … Soros is already calling for one!!

  75. Justn Observer

    Greg, a bit off topic…but was amazed to see NOT one case of child trafficking has been successfully tried by in the Justice Department, Ever? Apparently they just hang themselves in jail?
    Now we are getting a good picture of what the Democrat Party is full of….add this to what is going on in the schools and covering up child rapes in the schools as they teach what in the schools now/ ….TWO PEAS IN A POD


    • Paul ...

      JO … No one will ever be arrested for child abduction … the more children abducted the better it is for Hillary, Pelosi and all the “commies” … as the Adrenochrome squeezed out of ground up children’s bodies … is what takes wrinkles out of the “commies” faces … as Adrenochrome reverses the aging process and increases the life span … “they” will continue to come for our children … don’t expect “them” to stop it … “we parents must stop it” by “knowing where our children are” … and be especially vigilant about what is taking place in the school systems were your children spend most of their time … most school systems are run by a bunch of morally corrupt perverted “commie” queers and transgenders!!

  76. Anthony

    Greg I love the work you do and May you never ben censored for voicing your opinion or allowing guest which have a differing viewpoint. We need that if we are to have a truly free society.

    That being said Gold is NOT going to be revalued higher. The USD is the world’s reserve currency and they will NOT ALLOW Competition, regardless of what the Chinese want to do. Holter and Rickards can call for a much higher Metals price but the are speaking fundamentally. They continually refuse to acknowledge what actually is happening as opposed to what should happened. They have been dead wrong for a very long time, and refuse to comprehend that neither the Government or Wall Street WANT a down market (with precious metals going much higher), therefore they will cling to any type of fabricated (and I do agree this is all the mainstream information put out is COMPLETELY false, regarding to what is going on in the economy) positive news.

    I am only writing this because I don’t want the good people on your site to think they can make a fortune with a meteoric rise in Gold and Silver, as the interview points out the PAPER controls the price and they can do whatever they want, without oversight.

    I have physical Gold and Silver and use it as a hedged, but I would strongly suggest people look elsewhere for ways to profit.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have blind faith in pure evil. They are nit that smart and not that tough. Are you watching the inflataion numbers? This is a dollr disaster.


    I have consolidated the Petition and loaded the entire case to SCRIBD FYI. Some have asked for an outline in re the K-12 school status dangers, and as such you must treat this as a CRIMINAL matter as I have :


    We only have so much time to deal with this CCP/Deep State mess, especially since 2004 /2008 when 30000 local offices were purchased by them are an obstacle along with the Indonesian Jihadist Soebarkah running the hand puppet in the WH from down the street and or Basement of the WH.

    • Paul ...

      Good Post PA … YouTube is “a False God” (we were warned about such False God’s by God the Father himself … “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” … it is one of the Ten Commandments … “by God’!! … yet YouTube (which is simply an internet platform … not a fact checking platform … nor the “World’s Truth Commission”) has taken on “God like powers” … thinking “they” have the power to decide what is right and what is wrong!!

  78. Donnie W Clyma

    Brother Greg, I’m late to this but maybe you’ll see it. Wanted to give my two-cents worth. In one year, the M2 money supply has increased, a little over 25%, but the velocity is still dropping like a rock. In fact, Money velocity hasn’t moved up from its falling pattern for a few years now, regardless how much the Fed. prints. Other than a few small jumps, it turns downward immediately. Mr. Holder is right in his intro statement of 72 hours from disaster. At any time, derivatives, or a market move downward could cause an cascade of the entire economic system. How can you raise the national debt, and double the M2 money supply in a short time and yet have a downward direction of velocity. This means, the black hole can never be filled, or even come close to being filled. The leverage in our monetary system is beyond belief. The casino big banks, have leveraged as much as possible, and now have a open repo window, where they get all the money they’d ever need, while the income gap grows expotientualy. George Gammon reported a international repo window for foreign central banks peddle their US treasuries, on foreign soil, so they cannot force interest rates higher in the US. And, though believe Bill’s statement, I predict this year will probably see the first reset of the monetary system this year. I would guess, gold to 23000, as the first reset, and then possibly 82000, as the second, and if we truly have hyperinflation, take your pick upwards from there. We truly could become the next Weimar Germany. God bless friend, and may yours be sunny and bright. Merry Christmas to you and family. Don

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