Kamala VP, Violent Protest Crackdown, Stimulus Fight

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 444 8.14.20)

Joe Biden finally announced his running mate for the 2020 Presidential election, and it’s Kamala Harris.  Trump said Harris was his number one pick.  Trumps says she “lied” about a lot of things, and she’s “nasty.”  I am not sure what Harris brings to the ticket.  She was blown out in the Democrat primaries.  She was the least favorite candidate among black voters, but Harris is somehow supposed to bring black voters back to the Dem party.  Go figure.

Attorney General William Barr said Thursday night in an unscheduled appearance on the Sean Hannity show that he is announcing a crackdown on surging violence sweeping Democrat controlled cities such as Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Kansas City and others.  The federal action is called “Operation Legend,” and it’s already started taking violent criminals off the street.

The economy finally posted unemployment initial claims below one million, but just barely.  This means stimulus is coming, and President Trump is going to deliver with or without Democrat help from Congress.  Trump is sitting on $1.8 trillion at the Treasury, and he does not need approval from Congress to spend it.  The stimulus is stalled, and the Democrats want more than $1 trillion just to rebuild the cities they have turned into hell holes.  Trump and his party say that’s not going to happen because they don’t want the stimulus bill to be much more than $1 trillion in total.

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  1. Robert

    But , but , but, she’s a person of color and it’s historic.

    1.) The big lame media will not say one disparaging thing about her or Joe.
    2.) The media will carry the Biden/Harris water through Election Day and beyond.
    3.) The media will never say one disparaging thing about the democrats.
    It’s time to go on an alternative media blitz Offensive. television is not our friend.
    “Anybody but Trump “crowd don’t care about who is picked for the democrats, as long as it’s not Trump. You can show them all the facts, they already have their minds made up.

    • Rodster

      If you are Donald Trump, you could NOT have asked for a better ticket to go against. Joe Biden is senile (he looks like the funeral parlor is on speed dial) and Kamala Harris has very SERIOUS baggage from her days in California. Tulsi Gabbard destroyed her during the debates and she is not as ruthless as Donald Trump.

    • Arthur Barnes

      So true what you said, the media is certainly not the friend of truth, I have been calling it the “America Pravda” for twenty years now & that just about sums it up. Enjoyed your comment. a b

    • paul ...

      Kamala Harris is Biden’s “Black Hiawatha” … what more can Biden want? … well he could hire Hillary to run the State Department again (with all her crooked experience in the pay to play game) that Biden himself got into in the Ukraine to make millions for himself and his son … the greedy Demon Marxist Governors and Mayors just can’t wait for Biden to win … so they are asking Trump for trillions of the American peoples dollars to “re-build” their States and Cities (they just ordered their BLM terrorist burn down) … while they tell their Police “to stand down” (the same way the Corporate Demons who need “Continuous War” had the Military stand down as they blew up the WTC on 9-11 to get us into war) … print fiat … print , print, print is their motto (it’s free for all the crooks) … this is the point in the monopoly game when everyone has fun handing out free money … but we are near the end of the game … the board will be turned over … and the kids will have to go back to real life and real money … for the Americans (who still have a working brain) … you better buy precious metals with the monopoly money you have before it is completely worthless … and as Greg says: “you don’t buy precious metals simply to trade back into monopoly money” … you use the monopoly money to buy something that will retain value as the fiat paper goes to infinity … so when you see your one ounce silver coin go to $4,123 monopoly dollars the Debt Clock says it is worth … you “Don’t Sell It For Paper” … you hold it and only trade “directly with the physical coin” for the products you need … because silver could be priced at $8,246 monopoly dollars the very next day … making the value of the silver you just sold (to hold fiat paper) … “worth half as much”!!!

      • paul ...

        Hillary is very “ready and willing” to take a powerful position in the Biden Administration to help (herself) out!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/hillary-clinton-willing-serve-biden-administration … repent all ye sinners who will allow this “Hillary travesty” to happen to us all over again (by not voting to get rid of these evil “commie” Demons who want to rule every facet of our lives) … I blame Trump for not locking her up … we gave him 4 years to get the job done … and all we got was nothing … nothing but a black hole of never executed indictments … now … we are going to get Hillary around our necks once again (if we let Biden win to screw Trump) … so what do we do? … although we know we are not going to get Trump “to do anything significant against the Deep State” if we elect him again … at least we don’t get Hillary!!!

    • Her Majesty's Regent

      Plus her sister, Maya, was invited to one of Obama’s pizza parties at the Whitehouse. So we are taking deep state pizza gate level.

  2. Tabitha Sloan

    Is Barr actually going to do anything? Still waiting!

    • Robert Dziok

      There are currently over 182,000 sealed indictments since October 2017 (Qmqp.pub/cases). Often increases of 5,000 to 7,000 each month. Is that nothing? REAL investigations take considerable time and effort (not like on TV shows) . Especially those like AG Barr heads (e,g, Durham). Real investigations don’t have leaks like the sham Desperate Dem/Deep State ones do (e,g, BS Russian collusion and BS “Impeachment”),

      • K. Wayne

        I believe that no one of any significance will be indicted. That’s the inside joke amongst the Elite….”Impunity is our motto” !!!

        • RTW

          I share your feeling on this. When a group this size collaborates to overthrow an election they all go into it knowing their backsides will be covered. There has been an endless investigation conducted by Devin Nunes into the entire mess and he had been mercilessly attacked
          which tells you he was spot on. The only thing Barr/
          Durham should have to do is check his report for spelling
          errors before using it to indict these clowns. It’s obvious
          that’s not going to happen. I doubt if even a janitor will get locked up for stealing soap as Rich suggested. Polititions have literally been getting away with murder for years.

      • Ray

        182,000 sealed documents.
        Can you show us even one of them? (Aside from the Q Psy-Op)
        “Look…..look…….up there……there’s a pie in the sky”!
        This site deals in FACTS……not FAIRY TALES.
        Click below for these indictments trusted sources!

    • Rich

      Barr-Durham report will probably indict a couple of janitors at the FBI for stealing soap. They will wind up serving time and everyone else walks.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Rich, sad but true I am afraid. Barr should have done the investigatio himself and not assigned it out to Durham, he chose to do that to keep himself political correct and unbiased, but its just more delay and a sham I suspect to allow the guilty to escape once again. The simple fact is that its take 4 years now and one old little FBI lawyer charged with a minor offence; sham!

      • Self Exiled

        LOL Hard not to laugh, nobody is safe any more.

    • paul ...

      No … the game is delay … delay … delay (delay until the Demons can get back into power this November) … they know the dumb American people won’t ever repent their evil actions “voting baby killers and commies into office” … they will be herded into the voting booths to vote in more Marxist Commies into positions of power who believe in genocide, free money and higher taxes!!!

      • paul ...

        Barr is in on the plan to never arrest anyone … and to keep all the criminal files “locked up” until Trump is gone … he will “keep himself busy” by going after BLM terrorists … the same way Bush “kept himself busy” sitting in a school classroom while the World Trade Center was bombed … and the same way Donald Rumsfeld “kept himself busy” helping ambulance workers on the front lawn of the Pentagon … when our Nation was under attack by evil criminal elements “within our own government”!!!

        • paul ...

          And according to Jim Rickards Trump “will be toast” this November even against “brain dead sleepy Joe” … as Trump can’t get his act together … Trump has to do “something dramatic” … like send everyone a $10,000 check or perhaps get Assange released “out of jail” (since he can’t seem to put anyone “in jail” like Hillary or Comey or Brennan or Soros etc., etc., etc. … like a deer in the headlights he is stupidly going along with that criminal Fauci who went to China (Trumps enemy) to illegally develop and release the Corona Plandemic and now Trump can’t hold any big election rallies … and Trump is stupidly going along with Bill Gates to vaccinate every American (this one action alone will cost him the election if he doesn’t fully clarify the vaccine is “not mandatory”) … Trump has a lot of work to do if he wants to be re-elected … but perhaps … he just wants out … otherwise Comey and Brennan would be in jail right now (along with that “nice lady” Hillary)!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cases-biden-and-trump

          • K. Wayne

            Being POTUS is a tough gig for anyone.
            It wouldn’t be the first time that a duly elected POTUS wanted out !!
            There is a lot of common sense in your comment…..particularly with quotes from Jim Rickards. Last year I recall he made the prediction that Trump would win the 2020 Election if we didn’t have a Recession. Now we have a litany of other issues for him to deal with before November. Seems like the home truths are starting to bite his ass….BIG….HUGE.
            I would ask the question … Why is Trump aligning himself with the likes of Fauci and Gates? What is his motive and agenda?

            • paul ...

              You ask the question: “Why is Trump aligning himself with the likes of Fauci and Gates? What is his motive and agenda?” … my answer is Trump could feel he owes Gates a big favor for bailing out his son-in-law and forgiving a big Trump loan!! … perhaps the fact that he is collecting no money to “be our President” … means he is not “our President”!!!

            • Tin foil hat

              Michael Corleone said, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

              I wonder where he got that from: Sun Tzu, Niccolò Machiavelli or Petrarch.

      • John

        Yes but under communism everyone is equal. Equally miserable as one Ukrainian couple told me.

  3. Marie Joy

    This is a communist coup.

    • K. Wayne

      Communism is really the entre…..its Fascism that they are after.

      • John

        My guess is that the power elite Fascist are using the useful idiot communist to bring forth their agenda. They need to be re-educated quick.

  4. Marie Joy

    Why is no one trying to sue the cities, states and people who are doing this?

  5. Marie Joy

    You can humble yourself in front of the Lord all you want but you better ammo up, at the same time, because God helps those who help themselves.

    This is a communist coup and communists don’t take “NO” for an answer.

  6. Howie

    Greg, Gold and silver smashed again this morning. As of now, gold is down over $10.00, and silver is down about $1.20. Every time gold and silver go up, they get smashed down. Depressing for us gold bugs.

    • K. Wayne

      If its too hot for you in the Kitchen…then leave…..because they will increase the temperature to unbearable levels over the next 2 years. You think $10 price swings are gut wrenching moves …..????…….I have news for you….wait for the $100-200-$500 price swings. That will set your hair on fire.

      • K. Wayne

        Today we see some very important news.
        Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway bought 21 Million Shares in Barrick Gold as reported during his filings earlier today for the June Qtr.
        He has dumped his holdings in the Banks…GS, JPM, Wells Fargo, BNY whilst also dropping Occidental and Restaurant Brands.
        HUGE Statement here on 2 counts:
        1) This is a complete about face on Buffet’s well know anti-Gold views
        2) It is a bet AGAINST America….he has lost confidence.
        At $560Mln the Gold play is a small percentage of his overall investment portfolio. It is a move that is worth noting however because it will signal the move for other Big Players (HF and Pensions Funds).

    • Tin foil hat

      Perhaps you should buy physical instead of paper PMs. I couldn’t hold on to my paper PMs – a lot of buying and selling, but I never really look at the gain/loss on my physical.

      If you were looking for steady paper gain, you should just buy and hold FAANG stocks. These stocks will do well until the end.

      The key is to diversify and not to focus on one single aspect of the whole unless you are the puppets master. Take me for example, I did very well in my FAANG and miners stocks. However, the rental losses are killing me right now and in the foreseeable future. I have to constantly remind myself lately that I’ve planned for this by holding PMs and it’s working according to the plan.

    • Free Slave

      It SHOULD be depressing for currency bugs.

      Look at your gold coin and your silver coin. Weigh them. Convince yourself they are safe and sound, not having grown or shrunk. It just sits there like a pet rock, holding its value. It will be there for you when you need it.

      Feel sympathy for those who possess none of it. They get to ride the roller coaster.

  7. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thank you for USAW444 – one of your very best!
    In particular, thank you for keeping HCQ (hydroxychloroquine + zinc + Azithromycin) – as a cure for early onset Covid-19 – front and centre. It’s virtually impossible to counter the MSM propaganda blow for blow. They pump out their lies and fear porn 24/7. But you continue to mention the PROVEN benefits of early treatment with HCQ in every broadcast – bravo!

    • Mike Morgan

      I have read that quercetin is similar in action to hydroxychloroquine, in shuttling zinc into cells.. There’s a lot in onion peels if you don’t have a better source. Also, huffing hydrogen peroxide is supposed to knock out bad stuff and help you stay healthy, if you have symptoms. Just passing along info, not saying I know all the facts. Thanks to Mr. Hunter for this forum.

  8. IVAN

    A Video AntiFa And The BLM Don’t Want You to See Because It Explains EVERYTHING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccxf7Twjlfg&feature=emb_logo&bpctr=1597394174

    • Tin foil hat

      Not only do the BLM and AntiFa want to see this video. The community of Youtube has said that the truth is offensive and doesn’t want you to see it either.

  9. Homey Comey

    Black Conservative Patriot •Aug 13, 2020

    Black Conservative Patriot•Aug 13, 2020

    Message Sent & Received, Time To Reveal The Insurance Policy
    x22 report•Aug 13, 2020

    Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson was my guest this morning, and my frustration with his Committee’s failure to subpoena witnesses came through:
    HH: Joined by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Good morning, Senator.

    RJ: Good morning, Hugh. Hope you’re staying healthy.

    HH: I am. I hope you are as well. Let me begin by asking you about Senator Harris. You’ve worked with her closely for four years. The Senate’s a small place. What do you make of Senator Harris?

    RJ: She’s on my Homeland Security Committee, and I can tell you she’s an aggressive questioner. There’s absolutely no doubt about that, and I think the Supreme Court nominees, Neil Kavanaugh certainly, or Brett Kavanaugh certainly found that out as well. So she’s going to be a bulldog on the campaign. No doubt about it.

    HH: Oh, I just describe her as tough, smart, left. Three words. Tough, smart, left. Fair enough?

    RJ: I think that’s a pretty accurate description. We’ll see how America likes it.

    HH: Now let me go to you, Senator. In October of last year, it’s been since October you were on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, and you said you don’t trust Brennan. You don’t trust Comey. You don’t trust Strzok. You don’t trust any of them. Why haven’t they been subpoenaed by your committee, yet? It’s been ten months.

    RJ: Well, first of all, I need approval of my committee members. And it was tough enough getting the subpoenas on Blue Star Strategies and then the other subpoena authority I’ve got. So and also, Lindsey Graham has been given the assignment by Leader McConnell to really investigate that portion of the corruption. And he’s the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. So I mean, we do have some kind of lines of jurisdiction in terms of what you’re trying to do.
    Read More & Listen In To Actual Conversation With This Con-Man;

  10. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for reminding us that the Bolsheviks are out to destroy what is left of civilisation and want us dead,many of the governors and mayors have clearly shown this by seeding the elderly with the bug.Next will be a vaccine with a few side effects like death and it will be mandated for the plebs not the Bolshevik elite.
    When do people with two brain cells say,”enough”?
    Here in the UK the Bolsheviks are riding high and enjoying the pain they are inflicting.Still our economy is working out okay and just destroys people’s livelihood and compliance is so enjoyable.

  11. Self Exiled

    Now when in public we have to wear a face shield, and the mask . Even if we are wearing a motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle helmets have a face shield; but not allowed. A lady on the news said the police are scarier than the covid. Police are fining people if mask or shield is not wore properly, my neighbors are still sitting 5 to 8 on a picnic type table; all huddled together, shoulder to shoulder under a plastic tarp when it rains, no mask, smiling , talking , waving when they see you. I suspect they will have the police patrol the neighborhoods soon. They passed the terrorist bill so they can enter your homes with no warrant. Covid checks I suspect. Unbelievable: from the Philippines.

    • JC

      Self Exiled,
      Meanwhile, in Australia…

      Martin Armstrong:
      Police in Melbourne have adopted ruthless tyranny. They have been caught on video attacking women because they do not have a mask while walking down a street. Police and the army are entering homes without a warrant if they think you are violating COVID restrictions. They have imposed effectively Marshal Law ignoring all human rights and have enforced an 8pm curfew. They have destroyed over 400,000 jobs as Melbourne’s lockdown is labeled the worst EVER breach of Aussie freedoms. They have imprisoned their people with complete stay-at-home orders as well. Meanwhile, we may see a revolution emerge in Australia as well as the government has stated that wearing masks may be a permanent change to daily life for years to come.


      • Greg Hunter

        This is what happens when you disarm the public in a total fraud.

        • John

          After my short experience with the mates in Australia I am truly surprised that they allowed that to happen to themselves. Stay vigilant.

        • Ray

          There will be no revolution here in Australia. The people are way too dumbed down to even begin such a noble cause.
          Same thing in America.
          Guns being taken away, sadly, is not even relevant.
          I don’t see a well organised militia in the US standing against current government tyranny, so how are gun rights (which I believe are a good thing) assisting against government over reach?
          THEY AREN’T.
          It will be interesting to see if those who own guns in the US will turn them in (as did many Australians back in 1996) if the Democrats win in November.
          Or will they refuse, stand and use them when the collectors turn up at their door?
          To date here in Australia:
          Zero mass High School shootings.
          Zero five year old little boys riding bikes in their front yards shot in the face by neighbours.
          Australia is a pretty good place to live, all things considered.
          Still…..just like in the US, I remain hopeful that somehow The People will rise up against these asswipe politicians.
          To be fair to Greg’s point……it would be a massive advantage to have guns in the hands of the population.
          But as I stated…….who would stand up first and start shooting politicians, police and crooked media?
          No one would……no one does……same the world over.
          Governments will find a way to have nations shoot at each other first methinks.
          Which brings us full circle to dumbed down people.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • paul jr.

        Martin Armstrong is wrong. She was not walking down the street without a mask on. According to several articles, she had a mask on however she was holding up a sign protesting Russian president Putin which read ‘Putin must resign’. She was actually in violation of the stay-at-home order which limits the reasons people can leave their home. Holding up a sign in protest on a street corner 3 km from your home in not one of the reasons. We had a similar incident when our state had a stay-at-home order and a person was cited for violating the stay-at-home order by going for a drive. The citation was later withdrawn. While some things are necessary in trying to decrease the transmission of COVID-19 such as social distancing and wearing a mask especially when in close contact with older individuals or individuals with underlying health conditions, some of these restrictions that governments are doing are totally unnecessary from a health stand point.

        • JC

          paul jr., what are you talking about?
          Martin Armstrong is wrong about what?
          He is talking about the situation in Melbourne Australia, while you are talking about a woman with a ‘Putin must resign sign?’ Where is this woman, Russia or Australia?

          • paul jr.

            More like what are you talking about? Here is the article that Martin Armstrong was referring to about the ruthless tyranny where a woman was arrested in Melbourne, Australia.


            Martin Armstrong said that the woman was walking down the street without a mask on and was arrested. Armstrong is wrong. She was not arrested for simply walking down the street without a mask on. She had a mask on but she was in violation of the stay-at-home order because she was on a street corner in Melborne holding up a sign protesting Russian president Putin. Not only did Martin Armstrong not read the article that he was referring to but you did not either.

          • paul jr.

            JC, you should ask yourself what are you talking about? Martin Armstrong in his article said that a woman in Melbourne was arrest for not having a mask on while walking down the street. He provided the link below about it.


            Armstrong was wrong. The woman was not arrested for not wearing a mask. She had a mask on according to the article. She was arrested because she was in violation of the stay-at-home order. She was holding up a sign protesting Russian president Putin 3 km from her home.

            Not only did Martin Armstrong not read the article about the incident which would have helped him get his facts right, neither did you.

          • paul jr.

            You should ask yourself what are you talking about? Martin Armstrong in his article said that a woman in Melbourne was arrest for not having a mask on while walking down the street. He provided the link below about it.


            Armstrong was wrong. The woman was not arrested for not wearing a mask. She had a mask on according to the article. She was arrested because she was in violation of the stay-at-home order. She was holding up a sign protesting Russian president Putin 3 km from her home.

            Not only did Martin Armstrong not read the article about the incident which would have helped him get his facts right, neither did you.

            • JC

              Ok, paul jr., let Martin Armstrong know. Life is good in Melbourne, very good.

              • paul jr.

                Why? Not good to me. Is it good to you?

      • Self Exiled

        I think Rachel is from Australia, not for sure on this. Sounded like she was in a rural wooded area, would be good to know what is happening in her situation concerning covid regulations or any rural area in Australia.

    • paul ...

      Why is Gates and Fauci fighting so hard to get everyone vaccinated? … it can’t be the money … because at $3,000 dollars per vaccine injection and with 340 million people in the US … they will only make ($3,000 x 340,000,000) about $1,000,000,000,000 a Trillion dollars for every round of injections (and we may need 2 or 3 injections per year) “such money is chicken feed” for Gates and Fauci because the fiat dollars they will be making are becoming ever more valueless!!

      • paul ...

        But I can guess what Gates probably recently told Warren Buffet … he probably told Buffet that he is going to take all the Trillions in Fed monopoly money he makes injecting us with his vaccine … and put it into gold (to preserve his wealth) … and that “slimy weasel” from Omaha (Warren Buffet) who always mocked us hard money investors for buying gold … saying over and over that: “there are better places to put your money” … has now become a gold-bug … recently buying 20.9 million shares of Barrick Gold!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/did-buffett-just-bet-against-us-berkshire-buys-barrick-gold-dumps-goldman … if people can’t see this as a green light and “a sure sign” gold is going up from here … then join Stan and his buddy Harry Dent (and short gold now at the supposed top)!!!

  12. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Well done!

    One scheme that has just popped up on my radar screen is a “plan” to give the Federal Reserve the power to be able to directly deposit money in chosen persons’ and businesses’ bank accounts. See, e.g., https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/preview-feds-coming-direct-money-transfers-brainard-says-fed-collaborating-mit-hypothetical

    While its unclear to me if that plan is part of a coordinated package, as I understand it, the “Federal Reserve Racial and Economic Equity Act” (S.4464/H.R.7946), recently introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), would empower the Fed to do such things as “minimize and eliminate racial disparities in employment, wages, wealth” via direct transfers into the accounts of certain favored minorities. Apparently, the Fed would be empowered to act on its own initiative, bypassing close Congressional control of to whom the money would be sent. Of course, by any reasonable interpretation, any such scheme would be blatantly racist, “anti-democratic,” and unconstitutional.

    It doesn’t take much imagination to see the vote-buying power of such a scheme and its negative impact on racial harmony and the overall stability of the economy. The impetus for price inflation (one of its goals) is also apparent. I doubt that the Nation could survive such an arrangement should it be successfully instituted.

  13. Jean-Marc

    Greg, Cliff High would be a great guest; it’s been a long time since we’ve seen him and I’m sure he’d have an interesting take on what’s going on in the upcoming election.Love your show and God bless you. Jean-Marc

  14. William J. Greene


    Powerful Delivery!!

    Thanks Greg for doing what You Do!!

    William J. Greene

  15. Marie Joy

    Train up
    Stock up
    Ammo up
    Courage up
    Because it’s coming.

  16. JC

    Excellent wrap-up.

    Regarding gold…

    “The way the world is going, ‘gold will be the last man standing’. Gold will be wanted because unlike everything else, gold can not go bankrupt. Gold has no debt against it, gold is not the product of some nation’s central bank. Gold is pure intrinsic wealth. It needs no nation to guarantee it. Gold is outside the paper system.”

    Source: Richard Russell, Dow Theory Letters, June 25, 2008.

  17. JC

    Fantastic post by Bob Moriarty… fits in with what Jerry has been saying.

    ‘Gates and Fauci Belong in Prison for Murder’
    Of course when Fauci is charged with murder or manslaughter he can always plead insanity and has a great chance of beating the charge. He is shithouse rat crazy.

    The Covid 19 fiasco is the last ditch effort of Big Pharma, Bill Gates and Fauci to raid the treasury before it all falls apart. Gates wants to tag and bag everyone in the world and he will monitor. When you are as rich as Gates, money has lost its power to motivate. Is $100 billion twice as much as $50 billion when you can’t spend it all anyway?

    Gates wants power. And if you tag everyone in the world, you own them. You can refuse them access to food or a job or shelter or their own money. You are their master and they do what you demand. Gates makes no bones about it. He wants everyone to be vaccinated and he wants to reduce the population.

    You might want to think about that last sentence before you stand in line for your jab.


  18. Jerry

    There is a lot going on behind the scenes that we do not see, or refuse to see. Here is why debt doesn’t matter anymore.

    In the coming months you will see a barrage of commercials to the likes you have never seen before, promoting testing and vaccinations. The globalist realize that the banks are in trouble, and that the only way out is by going to a biometric digital payment system. You can choose to pretend it’s not happening all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is, and that the coronavirus is being used as a catalyst to get us there.

    What role Gold will play in this reset is anyone’s guess, but I would venture to say, it’s more about control than wealth. Agenda 21 in its own right, is about top down governance and global restructuring of resources. Let’s face it Greg, the major players can control pricing as long as they want to, since it’s their system we’re playing in. Take this for what it is, the collapse of Lucifer’s kingdom on earth, and his final attempt to rule the world through the NWO and end humanity. But we all know how this ends if you read the scriptures. That’s why its of paramount importance to get your spiritual house in order and repent of your sins while you still can. That flash of light you will see one day, won’t be an asteroid. It will be the veil being ripped in half giving birth to a celestial world that will take its rightful place on earth with our lord Jesus Christ as its administrator. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the Christ.

  19. Robert Dziok

    Excellent WNW Greg! Very impassioned presentation of truth and facts. I’m sure Americans everywhere are heartbroken and enraged beyond words of the senseless murder of the 5 year old boy and how it was done by the “human” SCUM that did it. I’m sure many are praying for him and his family even as they have to deal with their own day to day struggles during these times. I saw somewhere in passing on Youtube ( I don’t recall where but some Alt media I think) where there are some 500 militia groups in the US and growing. Some are going to neighborhoods threatened by rioters (e.g. BLM, Antifa, MS13, etc) to help (e.g. police) keep them out when there is advance knowledge/warning of their coming. Of course the corrupt MSM would not report on this.

    • Robert Dziok

      Wonder what is going to happen to him in prison? Even hard core prisoners have a great dislike (to put it mildly) of anyone that harms children.

      • JC

        Not much coverage about this on MSM.
        But what if it was a white guy that shot a 5 year old black kid in the head?

  20. andyb

    My prediction on the election:
    Early returns will see Trump comfortably ahead at polling places, but slightly behind when previously mailed in votes are counted.
    By 4AM on the 4th there is no clear winner of 270 or more electoral votes
    Votes keep pouring in and still no definitive result by Friday of the week.
    Over the weekend, 50 million mail in ballots suddenly appear, and wait for it…….


    An analysis of voting pattern show more votes than registered voters in 700 precincts across the US with 20 precincts in major cities showing not one vote for Trump.

    Folks: don’t believe this cannot happen, even though by all logical metrics, Trump should win easily. But the DEMs have already proven that they can steal elections. In 2018, there were significant questions about Orange County, Cal and many individual races where ballots miraculously appeared and where the total number of ballots counted exceeded the number of those actually registered to vote. This is amplified by the historical fact that less than 70% of registered voters actually vote in any given election.

  21. Vernon Tart

    Isiah 32: 5 “The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl* said to be bountiful.

    6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

    7 The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

    8 But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.”

  22. Lazlo

    Democrats have NO intention of trying to win an election. Creating division, chaos, destruction and blaming it on President Trump is all they can do. Trump still WINS in an HISTORIC landslide. MAKE AMERICA BLESSED AGAIN!

    • William Stanley


    • Free Slave


  23. Francis Moore

    Greg…..I wanted to pass this along. Both were on Zero Hedge….but if this is true….it may help a lot of people.



    It appears that Hydroxychloroquine is mostly a vehicle….a Trojan Horse to get the zinc into the cells of the body. And, it appears that green tea might work just as well, and perhaps better than the drug. While I cannot say…I am not a scientist nor a doctor….I was already taking zinc……Green tea is cheap…and available…and doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription or a pharmacist’s blessing. Perhaps it’s an end run around the “system” that does seem to want to knock off a bunch of us old folks. Blessings on you sir, though I am too much of modest means to support you financially…..I am with you in spirit….Take care…

    Francis Moore..

    [email protected]

    • Great Lakes State

      Gotta love you Fran, hope to see you on the other side. Till then as the French say, ove’whaa! Excuse my French and don’t drink the Kool-Aid!💉⚰️

  24. Doug

    Gregg. Excellent recap of the week (as usual).
    I just had to say, I have been thinking about what you said a few weeks ago and I have CHANGED MY MIND. YOU ARE CORRECT.
    I have been following the “Q” movement for a couple years now and am finally fed up. I have been encouraged by the drops and the information coming out, but and a big BUT, when are we getting some REAL information? When are we going to here on the evening News the things being dropped by “Q”? Yourself, and much of us in our personal lives, have been endlessly trying to open minds but its like the “boy crying wolf”. Eventually NO ONE LISTENS when there is ZERO visible proof to what you are saying. “Q” or the group called “Q” need to come out of hiding and present their fact for the US CITIZEN and the Citizens of the World to see and digest BEFORE THE NOVEMBER ELECTION. This is getting ridiculous how BLM and Antifa are burning down cities and MURDERING Police officers and CRICKETS. People are dying from not using HCQ and CRICKETS. “Q” needs to show themselves and get this ball rolling. Horrowitz and Barr have had MONTHS to investigate (what they already know and have NSA records on) and yet………..NO ARRESTS, NO INDICTMENTS (of people that matter), NO PERP WALKS……Just endless…soon….soon….stick to the plan…..we are in this together. TIME IS ALMOST UP. REVEAL YOURSELF AND LETS GET THIS GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.
    Sorry to rant but I am getting sick of being called crazy for mentioning what is going on and ZERO official back up. Keep up the great work and God bless.

    • Doug

      One other thought. Could it be the DNC put Kamala Harris up as the VP because they know she CAN”T be the president when Pedo Joe is removed from office for dementia?
      Guess who is up next for the position? You guessed it *Speaker of the house* CRAZY NANCY PELOSI…..Da Da Da DAAAAAAAAH.
      Just a thought. Not that they should win anyway but…………

      • Free Slave

        She can’t be the Vice President if she is eligible to be the president.

        • Free Slave

          That should have said, “is ineligible to be president.”

    • Great Lakes State

      Doug your crazy. Let go and let Trump!

  25. Tim Emery

    Greg, Thank you so much for your passion. The story of Cannon Hinnant’s senseless murder broke my heart. I spent fifteen years in North Carolina and know the people, especially in areas like Wilson to be honest, hard working folks. I pray for little Cannon and his family, especially for his two sisters who witness this horror. One can not help but few the acts which we witness day as being the test of the End Times. I hope everyone is preparing as we will ALL be held accountable for what we did and perhaps more importantly, what we did not do. God Bless, Tim

  26. Beligerant

    Hi Greg: Not sure if you’ve watched this “virus outbreak thriller from 2003.” The Cliff Notes version is attached from Youtube that’s 3:29 minutes long. Its quite interesting:
    1. Unknown and new strain of a CoronaVirus / SARS
    2. Lock downs and everyone should wear masks
    3. CoronaVirus originated in China
    4. At the end they find the cure which is……drum roll…….an anti-malaria drug called Chloroquin.


  27. Self Exiled

    B-2 Stealth Bombers now within striking rang of both China and Iran.


    Chinese Fighters Cross Into Taiwan’s Side Of The Strait As High-Level U.S. Visit Begins


  28. Joe Lalonde

    It has to do with regaining global power when Biden can no longer govern.
    Our Canadian Government is salivating at her being chosen as she graduated High School in Quebec, Canada.
    She has a mixed pedigree that the globalists love.
    Doesn’t matter if she is from the black community, considering she has put many in jail.
    It is the perception from the media that hypes it all up.

    • Gary C

      Joe, I would expect nothing less from the Socialists Liberals running our country. I hope America NEVER signs on to the Paris Climate Accord,a excuse to implement Carbon Taxes on the population..
      Trudeau & Nancy Pelosi make a great pair.

  29. Bill B

    GREG. Watched a interview about 12 doctors being fired from a San Diego hospital for prescribing Hydroxybloraquine (spelling?). It was also related that a U S drug company provided lethal doses to a third world country. They then used the deaths to prove that the drug is not safe.
    It was also stated that the drug was once a prescription drug, then years later it was decided the drug was not dangerous and was made into an over the counter drug. Shortly after The President announced he had taken the drug, the drug companies made it a drug which must be prescribed by a doctor.

    • Charles H

      HCQ was taken off the Mexican market – because it was readily available to all who easily crossed the border for shopping. I can’t even get a mexican doctor to write a prescription- so the word must be out that this particular drug is political poison. Big Pharma = money over lives.

      • William Stanley


      • Self Exiled

        When I purchased my meds I asked if they had HCQ in stock, yes: and zinc,Yes for children in liquid form by prescription. I don’t think the doctors I know would write a proscription. I’m going try.

  30. Self Exiled

    What if Biden/Democrats will not accept the election results, also they just exposed there plan for the military. Obama’s retiring of generals is starting to bear fruit.


  31. Dave

    Greg – could you ask Saturday guest the pros and cons of uncirculated junk (constitutional) silver vs. silver bullion (eagles). I’m leaning towards junk silver because of small increments (dimes and quarters) and less of a premium when purchasing. Thanks.

    • Tim


      Great question!!!

      • Dave

        One correction, it should be circulated junk silver. There is no need to pay a premium to get uncirculated silver coins.

    • Free Slave

      Silver is silver, regardless of the picture stamped into it. The same goes for gold.

      Junk silver is only about 70% actual silver. It might be accepted as a form of currency but nobody is going to melt it down to make jewelry or silver bars.

      Pure silver offers more options. It is a lot harder to purify metal than to go the other way.

      These are the reasons I chose bullion over junk silver or jewelry.

  32. Timothy Kapsala

    Hi Greg great show!!! I backed up (numerous videos like the frontline doctors and Dr. Zelenko) the following points concerning HCQ to scientifically, educated, experienced people and they still don’t believe it. They say stuff, like the information gained is not reliable and they supposedly checked with experts that say it is not true. Such as 42,000 military people take HCQ daily (the person says that the military does not use HCQ, I checked the Official VA website and medication list and behold there is hydroxychloriquine tablets). This is very scary. Please see below

    Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ): Facts
    A. Has been approved for 65 years. Subjected to Postmarketing Adverse Drug Experience and MedWatch. So, if there were major and numerous adverse events it would have been pulled a long time ago.
    B. Widely (across the globe) and frequently used during that time period with little or no side effects.
    C. 42,000 military personnel use this daily.
    D. RA and lupus patients have been on this medication for decades with little or no side effects.
    E. Manufactured by 11 generic manufacturers
    F. Incorrectly high doses used can cause serious side effects. Note: High doses of anything can caused serious side effects or death including aspirin, Tylenol, salt or even water.
    G. Only approved drug in the history of this country, that Governor’s and pharmacies have banned the use of for off label prescription use.
    H. Has been on the World Health Organization’s list of Essential Medicines for decades.
    I. Studies showing HCQ to be dangerous published by the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine were debunked and both journals were forced to issue retractions. Will send you links.
    J. Costs approximately 63 cents a dose and if correctly prescribe (correct dose) with zinc and zithromycin (87 cents a dose) has proven to be effective against covid-19. See links
    K. Significantly lower covid 19 deaths rates in countries that have been using it compared to countries that don’t. Note: A lot of the countries using it are third world (i.e India). Have you ever heard of any disease in a third world country that had significantly lower death rates then developed countries like the US, Britain and other European countries???
    Remdemsivir: Facts
    A. Not yet approved.
    B. Patented by Gilead Pharmaceuticals (only Gilead can manufacture it)
    C. Will cost over $3000 a dose
    D. New drug and no Postmarketing Adverse Drug Experience data.
    Motives for using HCQ: Frontline Credentialed experienced MDs treating Covid-19 patients:
    a. Save lives and improve recovery times
    a. Some are fired and or have their career ruined
    b. Some are physically threatened
    Motives for not using HCQ: Hospitals
    a. $13000 for each covid diagnosis
    b. $39000 for each covid diagnosed patient that are put on a intubator machine

    a. Deaths
    b. Patients with debilitating long-term health problems
    Motives for not allowing HCQ: Pharmaceutical companies and government officials who are compromised by the pharmaceutical companies (i.e stock, lectures, etc)
    a. Incredible wealth and power
    b. Control
    a. Deaths directly related to covid-19
    c. People with debilitating long-term health problems
    b. Economic ruin
    c. Deaths indirectly related to covid-19 including the following:
    i. Suicides due to financial devastation
    ii. Suicides due to depression and isolation
    iii. Increased domestic violence
    iv. Increase in homelessness leading to decreased quality of life and longevity
    v. Less people getting medical care for conditions other than covid-19 (pick one)
    vi. Decreased immune systems due to lockdowns and stress

  33. Self Exiled

    While Democrats openly make military plans to remove Trump, Barr is not going to disturb the elections. That’s how I read it. Unless there are some big moves between November and January. Impossible.


    I found this post in the comments section of this article. ——-“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” – Abe Lincoln. William Barr is far more dangerous than Trump to our constitution and democracy. Barr is literally wearing a police uniform as he commits his crimes and obstructs justice, and he has a long history of doing this going way back.

    Back in 1992, the last time Bill Barr was U.S. attorney general, New York Times writer William Safire referred to him as “Coverup-General Barr” because of his role in burying evidence of then-President George H.W. Bush’s involvement in “Iraqgate” and “Iran-Contra.” Remember, John Mitchell, Nixon’s AG, ended up going to jail for everything that Bagdad Barr is doing now – conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and sooner or later perjury.

    In 1989, President George H. W. Bush appointed Barr to the U.S. Department of Justice as Assistant Attorney General. He wrote a complete advisory opinion justifying the U.S. invasion of Panama and arrest of Manuel Noriega for the DOJ. Barr then declined a congressional request for the full opinion, but instead provided a document that “summarizes the principal conclusions.” Congress subpoenaed the opinion, and its public release after Barr’s departure from the Justice Department showed he had omitted significant findings in the opinion from his summary document.

    • Self Exiled

      Barr seems to take a stand in this interview.


    • JC

      Self Exiled,

      G. A. STEWART :
      Therefore, the origins of COVID-19 are probably some operation that China and Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of Infidels began to unseat the Trump Faction. Between the 3.7 million-dollar grant to Wuhan laboratories and the Western scientists working at these labs, there can be no denying the possibility of collusion.

      The Technology Companies have built Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gate’s vision of the future. This is very important, because it coincides exactly with what I wrote about Donald Barr’s vision of the future.

      Consider Attorney General William Barr’s father, his connection to Jeffrey Epstein, and the two science fiction books that he wrote.


    • paul ...

      Trump has a bad habit “of surrounding himself with very evil men” … does he do this to try and look good?? … well it’s obviously not working to Trump’s advantage … and will not work to Trump’s advantage over the next four years (if he is elected) and surrounds himself again with more evil bad men!!

  34. Stan

    Dent on Gold & Silver:


    This guy knows his stuff!

    • William Stanley

      Thanks for that wonderfully incoherent rant by Mr. Dent. It’s good to see you back in the saddle with more of your tongue-in-cheek humor!

      On a more serious note, I actually wonder how long the Fed/Treasury/Bullion-Banks will try to suppress the prices of PMs this time. I figured that they would at least try to keep them hammered down over the weekend. (However, as Mr. Hunter just pointed out, to the extent that buyers of the shorts stand for delivery, all that’s happened is that gold and silver “bugs” get to buy more at suppressed prices).

      • William Stanley

        I guess I should have said “counter-parties” to the shorts.

        • paul ...

          Your right William … we should continue to buy “Clear-Title Gold” at the depressed bargains the banksters are willing to give us … because we know it has only one way to go … UP!!

    • paul ...

      Well , well , well … Harry Dent is finally saying: “Gold Looks Good”!!! … and as you claim above Stan “this guy knows his stuff” … so are you going to finally cover your gold short positions???

      • paul ...

        Harry Dent needs to be corrected on one important thing … and that is his inflation calculations with regard to gold … he should look at the gold price calculation using the Consumer Price Index that was done correctly by John Williams at Shadow Stats … it shows gold is not overvalued at all … in fact it is at a bottom!! … https://static.seekingalpha.com/uploads/2018/7/17314402_15323084789822_rId19.png … eventually Harry Dent will be forced to come around to reality … especially when Gold reaches $15,000 per ounce as Jim Rickards says “is a very conservative price projection”!!

        • paul ...

          We God-bugs know Jim Rickards gold price projection of $15,000 dollars per ounce is “a very conservative ” low price projection for gold … because his projection means gold will only go a few thousand dollars above its old (inflation adjusted) high in 1980 (after 40 years of continuous Fed printing of their fiat money out of thin air like crazy “commie” psychopaths)!!!!

          • paul ...

            Someone needs to buy Dent a screwdriver so he can tighten that loose screw in his head … he says “gold will get up to $2300 and that’s it” … anyone using their “God given brains” can see on the chart above that $2300 is the price of gold back in 1973 (just a few years after that “Dick” Nixon took us off the gold standard) when gold just began its rally … not only does Harry need to tighten a screw but he needs some work to remove the “dent” in his head!!

          • William Stanley

            paul …,
            Even Warren Buffet is abandoning ship: he just bought something like half a billion dollars worth of Newmont stock . . . and sold some bank stock as well!

            • William Stanley

              OOPS: Barrick, not Newmont.

              • paul ...

                I know!!

  35. iwitness02

    United Corporations of America.
    Screw the law, screw the people, long live the profits.

  36. A drink before the war

    Everything is FAKE these days…thanks for being truthful Mr. Hunter!
    Detroit may be doing things smart this go around, however it’s still Detroit and in my opinion Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Chicago are doing their best to make Detroit look like a Shangrila!
    Speaking of Shangrila I am glad Dr. Cohen explained away the 200,000 false covid test numbers in NC with the same gusto and knowledge Gov.Cooper used to explain bars have to close to stop the spread of covid unless they served food or had a committed food truck on site, it’s all to scientific for a old hippie like me to follow or question….
    I would like to give props to myself for growing a ton of red cherry and yellow cherry tomatoes this year, man if those tomatoes could talk our conversations would be way better….props to the wife and her ability to utilize those tomatoes weekly on top of her homemade fuccacci bread, simply delicious …props to wham-o for still making a decent and affordable frisbee ( sure it’s from China but it’s low tech) and finally props to Greg or to Ms. Hunter, intelligent guys always look smarter in dark blue shirts! Keep on keeping on usawatchdog!

  37. Lake M

    Regarding the HCQ debate, the STATE is illegally intruding into the doctor-patient relationship. It is a tyrannical attack on our right to privacy. The global elite has co-opted the health bureaucracy to aid them in promoting the Gates/Rockefeller agenda regarding viruses and vaccines. This parallels the current attacks on first amendment rights via internet censorship, neutering opposition to their plan as provided by alternative media.
    Again…. blatant tyranny.

    Next on the agenda is a global one-world currency with paper money eliminated and replaced by digital money, disarmament of the population, and deployment of robots and AI. The deployment of this new technology is designed for one thing. To eliminate human labor. First there ws the Chinese -America global wage arbitrage, which ultimately transferred much of the manufacturing base to China and the far east. Next comes the machines to further increase productivity for the elite owners.

    A brave new world comes if we lose this battle. One we won’t like very much.
    We must fight back with the truth.

    Appreciate all you do, Greg.

  38. Charles Turner

    I’m only a Brit. But from everything I see, statistically, I think Trump is an excellent position to win the election.
    Let’s take the polls. Biden is in front by 8%. But how many people that are going to vote for Trump are lying because they don’t want to be canceled and ostracized? if only one person in 100 lies and they vote Trump rather than Biden, that creates a 2% shift
    (+1 and -1). If two people lie that is 4%, if 3 lie it is 6%, etc. I can’t believe that less than 2 in a 100 are lying, so conservatively Trump would only be 4% behind. But it could be a lot closer than that.
    Then we look at the debates. Trump will eat Biden. Trump just needs to operate in 3rd or 4th gear rather than going into overdrive. He has got to peel at least another percentage points at the debates.
    Then we have the Durham investigation and the Ukraine probe in the senate. The first plea deal is in with Durham. That can only go in Trump’s advantage..
    So much dirt has been thrown at Trump, that the Dems have run out of ideas. But Kamala is fresh. Her slave-owning ancestors, locking up black men for misdemeanors isn’t going to help. Plus i don’t think anyone has raised the fact that white suburban housewives wont like her. Women dont tend to like people like Kamala Harris that are overtly pushy and steamroll people. In the UK blacks tend to dislike Indians and vice versa. Kamala is half indian. I dont know how that plays in the USA.
    Finally, we have Bidens cognitive problems. I am mid 50’s and i don’t have the acuity i did 10 years ago. Trump is exceptional for his age, but i would suggest that 95% of 77-year-olds are starting to lose it. They do in the UK anyway. This has to shift people to Trump.
    And finaly every law abiding person with family doesn’t believe in defunding and abolishing the police, whatever race or creed they are.
    If i was a betting man, i would say that Trump is the front runner based on the above.

  39. Kevin Osborne

    All time highs in silver would put it over %50/oz. Maybe he means recent highs.

    • paul ...

      Keven … if you look at the following chart on silver (that John Williams at Shadow Stats created based upon the CPI) Silver’s all time high in 1980 was $683 dollars per ounce … https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/gs-live/uploads%2F1536602713408-silvercpi.png … and that was 40 years ago … since then the Fed has created fiat out of thin air at an ever increasing exponential rate … so now the US Debt Clock (https://usdebtclock.org/) places the value of silver at $4,1213 dollars per ounce … so Silver at just $27 dollars per ounce is definitely “not anywhere near a top”!!!

      • paul ...

        err … the US Debt Clock price of silver is $4,123 dollars per ounce!!!

  40. Ponder This

    We need to understand that this is not about a presidential election.
    It is about destroying America.
    If we were to ask any logical person to pick a President and Vice President candidate, It is highly unlikely that Biden or Harris would be their pick, if they were serious about winning an election.
    Why are the Democratic run cities having such violence?
    Where did Obama send all of the refugees when they arrived in the US?
    Which States have attacked the second amendment the most.
    The list goes on, but the important point is to recognize we are being attacked from within.
    “If” there is an election the Democrats will do whatever it takes to “Lose” .Because that is the only way they can keep the status quo going. If they win they would be expected to eliminate the conflict which would take away the momentum they have already built.
    Weaken your enemy before you attack.
    Create confusion (Who can you trust) turn neighbor against neighbor (covid 19)
    Keep people from organizing (no Church services??)True Christians should fear no man or government mandate. What about walking through that valley of death.
    Disrupt supply lines
    Create food shortages just before Winter sets in.
    Have faith, pray ,but remember even David had to pick up a stone to defeat Goliath.

  41. Mike

    I never miss your show , you do an excellent job. I just sometimes wonder if you realize that what you are witnessing is a lot of corporate infighting .

    Personally I’m sick and tired of all the crap.

    The U.S. inc is simply a corporation in under the queen and the pope.

    Personally , I want my country back.

    Might I suggest a visit to http://www.theamericanstatesassembly.net

    Nuff said

  42. Bill B

    Listened to Bill Holter on a different channel. He spent 10 years in Cosra Rica. A few days ago he called a Costarican friend to see how he was doing. His friend stated that Costa Rica relies heavily on tourism, and now there is no tourism. Citizens are now having to sell their assets ( cars, tvs etc ) at 50 percent of their value to buy food.
    We here in the U S complain because we have to wear a mask

  43. panama

    hi greg . here is a good example . i live in panama and we can not get HCQ and have lose 1700 people ,Costa Rica right next door has been using it and has lost 300 people ,. same people same lifestyle

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting and I am sorry for the loss of life Panama has suffered!!

      • Diane

        Great report Greg!
        I live in So. Cal
        Pharmacies won’t fill RX for HCQ.
        We are not sick, but elderly and want a RX if, God forbid, we need it.
        What can we do?

  44. Gerald Benton

    Vote Stupid
    Vote Democrat

  45. Jerry

    This no longer wild speculation. Go to page #10 and read it for yourself. Deliberate release of a pathogen?

    This document was generated in September of 2019. If you still believe President Trump is in control, I would advise your readers to put it to a test by posting this document on his twitter account. I know he reads his twitter feeds, so he might read it, and try and do something about it. Then again, he might not, and then we will have definitive proof of where he really stands in relation to the globalist plans. Folks this is it. It’s now or never.

  46. dlc


    Incredible how fast Millie Weaver got arrested before she even had a chance to upload her interview with 2 whistleblowers regarding what she named Shadowgate — bringing to light the corruption involving the deep state and Obama. The woman that Millie interviewed is currently taking care of Millie’s children since Millie and her husband have been arrested. No bail given till possibly Monday.

    Wow, the arresting cops claimed she was indicted by a grand jury (in a day’s time). Funny how fast justice moved on her. Meanwhile we have thugs destroying downtowns and burbs on a nightly basis and no one being held to account. No jail time for rioters. Prisoners let loose due to covid, no concern whatever for Millie and family.

    Millie sounded very frightened. Her children got to watch mom and dad being hauled off. The cops gave Millie just enough time to put on a pair of shoes.

    Ain’t America great?

  47. JC

    Thousands were triggered by a message from actor James Woods calling Donald Trump America’s “last stand.” After the president himself got involved, critics were especially outraged.
    “This is our last stand, folks. And here’s your last defender. If they take him down, America is gone forever. Vote for @realDonaldTrump like your life depends on it,” the ‘Videodrome’ actor tweeted this week along with an image of Trump in the Oval Office.

    Trump himself responded to the message on Friday, tweeting, “Thank you James. Sadly, you are 100% correct!!!”


  48. Hamilton Boozer

    “I Will Never_ [Ever]_ Let You Down”
    TRUMPSTER&Rudy_ Fiery Speech
    MUST SEE!________
    Trump accepts endorsement from New York’s Finest!
    489,860 views•Streamed live 9 hours ago

  49. Peter from the Netherlands

    Yes Greg, yes

    the USA is sick, yes Greg you are correct!!

  50. JC

    Greg, you mention New York City at around 21:00, to supplement what you said, here is something from a friend of mine regarding the Chelsea area in Manhattan.

    “The bitch boss I had the last 5 years at work bought a condo, 16th street, in Chelsea. She couldn’t get to work by 9am. I saw Chelsea on the news yesterday. Homeless druggies line the bombed out area. My friend who lives there says it looks like Beirut. I hope my bitch boss is enjoying her condo. Karma is a B!”

  51. S W

    if you want to see the control of the deepstate you need to watch, this is a good as the info Snowden leaked.


  52. PeteM

    Greg thanks for all you do.
    This article link from the Virology Journal from 2005 states that Cloroquine is effective in treating Sarzs and Coronavirous. So Fouchi has blood on his hands but sadly he doesn’t have a conscience .
    So yes you are right they just want to kill us. And another report from the WHO, Dr Pedro’s from Jenieva said that vaccines don’t work and may never work. But media is stifling that.


  53. Lightning

    Milli Weaver, the reporter of this story, was arrested for this expose.

    Brennan , Obama etc all exposed in greater details. It will likely be taken down soon.


    • JC

      Lightening, yes, it’s gone.

  54. Paul Thompson

    Really big news in an interesting story. In case you didn’t read it yet, Berkshire buys 20.9 million shares of Barrick Gold and dumps 1.9 million shares of Goldman Sacks in Q2. This story says Warren hates gold, but his father held just the opposite opinion of it. He should have put that much money in Kirkland Lake Gold in 2016 or 2017. Hind sight is always 20/20.

  55. Paul Thompson

    Oops, I forgot to put in the link for you https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/did-buffett-just-bet-against-us-berkshire-buys-barrick-gold-dumps-goldman

  56. william schinagl

    please watch on u tube the great reset by michael matt the great reset DAVOS & the plot to cancel TRUMP. SbjRqgDOJ8 this exsplains everything and what our country is up against plus the CHINA VIRUS

  57. tim mcgraw

    Cops: Take away their qualified immunity, a gift that the Supreme Court gave the cops out of thin air. There is nothing in the Constitution about protecting cops from liabilities. Or better yet, privatize the police. This is the Libertarian position. If the private security firm isn’t doing a good job, fire it and hire another one.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not for totally taking this away. Could have a chilling effect.

      • tim mcgraw

        Dear Greg, you can’t make some people more special than others under the law. No one gets qualified immunity for their actions. I don’t care if it’s cops or vaccine manufacturers, district attorneys or government officials.
        “Some animals are more equal than others.” Animal Farm.
        We don’t want Communism here. Everyone is responsible for their actions.

  58. tim mcgraw

    Great report, Greg. Here in California we know all about Kamala Harris. She was a horrible district attorney, first in San Francisco, and then for the whole state of California. It was funny, on the local news they interviewed Willie Brown (former mayor of SF and head of the state assembly, a Democrat and a dapper dresser), when Kamala was named VP. Willie, “I’m blown away!” Well, considering that Kamala is not only Willie’s protege, but former lover I immediately thought of a rather crude joke, which I will not repeat here.
    Thanks for the report.

  59. Marie Joy

    Greg, Please have Matt Bracken on. Thank you, for all you do.

  60. Jose Gallardo

    Trump admits he is undermining USPS to make it harder to vote by mail.

    The president says he opposes providing additional money to the postal service to help it deliver mail-in ballots.

    Donald Trump: ‘If they don’t get [extra funding for states and the USPS], that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting because they’re not equipped to have it.’

    Donald Trump admitted on Thursday he opposed additional funding for the United States Postal Service (USPS) in order to make it more difficult to deliver mail-in ballots.


    • Greg Hunter

      You mean cheat by mail and this is fantastic!!

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