Last Failsafe to Fix 2020 Election at Supreme Court – Brunson v. Adams

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) 

Loy Brunson and his three brothers have a case before the Supreme Court right now that could be both groundbreaking and earth shaking.  Many on both sides of the aisle think the case is frivolous and meritless, but the Brunson brothers disagree.  Their case is 22-380 and titled Brunson v. Alma S. Adams.  The case centers around the 2020 Election and charges by 100 members of Congress who wanted to investigate fraud provided for in the Constitution.  By voting not to investigate, members of Congress broke their oath, according to the Brunson Supreme Court case.  That’s the legal action in a nutshell.  Brunson says his case has national security implications because enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic, are in the process of destroying the country and the U.S. Constitution as a result of the 2020 Election.  Is this way of thinking over the top?  Brunson says, “No, it is not over the top, and I think the Supreme Court judges are probably aware of how urgent this is and that we are at a tipping point.  This is like the last failsafe at the U.S. Supreme Court with this case.  The timing is unbelievable that we have been able to bring it and have it at this time.  So, it’s a do or die.  We have had conversations with many people, and they say they have given up hope until they saw this case. . . . The bottom line is the court has the power to do it. . . . It could be a 9 to 0 vote because it is not political . . . The justices could defend this by saying this has nothing to do with partisan politics.  It has everything to do with taking our oaths seriously and the Constitution seriously.”

If Brunson wins, he’s asking the court for the cancellation of credentials of 387 House members and Senators, and this includes the President and his VP because oaths were broken by NOT investigating election fraud.  By the way, DNI John Ratcliffe had a report out 11 days after the vote to NOT investigate on January 6, 2021.  His report showed China DID interfere with our 2020 Election.  All 17 intelligence agencies under DNI Ratcliffe agreed this happened.

Brunson says, “Both parties are going to lose temporarily, and there will be some vacancies, but they will be filled pretty quickly.  Both parties are going to be suffering from this . . . but it’s a good thing.  It’s going to be preparing the groundwork for much more honest representatives, and both parties should appreciate this. . . . people I talk to, when asked what is the thing you want most in a representative, and they say honesty.  We want honesty, and what’s more honest than stripping their immunity and make them binding to the Constitution?”

If you think this case does not have a chance to be won, Brunson points out, “Think about Roe v. Wade and the decisions they made regarding that.  What could the President do?  What could the Executive branch do?  What could the Legislative branch do to oppose that?  They could not do a thing.  The Supreme Court is it.  It is the Supreme Court of the land, and it is representing “We the People.”  “We the People,” which is who we represent, only have power if we bring the case to them.  This is the last failsafe with the people petitioning right straight to the Supreme Court to fix this horrible mess that we are in, and the Justices have the power to fix it.  I hope and pray the Justices have the support necessary to execute this in a smooth, judicious way.

There is much more in the 44-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Loy Brunson, who, along with his three brothers, is bringing the monumental case to the Supreme Court that is Brunson v. Alma S. Adams 22-380.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Rodster

    I hope they win but like Martin Armstrong has been saying, we are at a point in time where either side will never accept the results.

    • Kimberly

      I don’t know when/if the Supreme Court addresses this, but wondering if this could be turning point Martin Armstrong stated was coming this January.

      • Old Rancher

        It’s set for January 6th. Poetic justice if it happens.

        • Paul

          We will witness either the rule of law or
          The law of who rule.
          I hand it Loy for the presenting the law.

          Paul from arkansas

          • Cousin vinny

            This is a Prime Facie Case! We all need to pray that God gives the court the backbone to do their duty and obligation to the People of the USA. A tip of the hat to the Brunson Family for they figured out a way that thousands of Lawyers could not or would not do. Get a beautiful argument before the Supreme Court.
            God”s Speed!

            • Phil

              If the Supreme Court does nothing – they all lose their jobs as the “New” Regional Government (composed of Canada, Mexico and the US) takes over control of all branches of government – same will happen to our House and Congress members – if they do nothing to prevent the collapse of the USA “they all lose their jobs” and all will be replaced by WEF/UN representatives chosen by Klaus Schwab for the “New Regional Government” (that will replace the current governments in Canada, Mexico and the US!!!

              • Phil

                The only good thing I can see coming out of a UN/WEF takeover of the United States of America, Canada and Mexico and creating a Regional Government is that the US Military/ Industrial Complex won’t be starting anymore 20 year long wars all around the globe – the US Military will finally be put under the dictatorial control of the United Nations and un-elected dictator Klaus Schwab (who with Pfizer’s help will have probably killed off 90% of the human population) – with the US Military /Industrial Complex put out of the way we may actually be happy owning nothing!!!

                • Phil

                  Members of the US House and Senate will likely be dragged out of Congress and arrested by direct order of World Dictator Klaus Schwab (for being incompetents “who can’t prevent the suffering of millions of people trying to cross into the US”) – most of these House and Senate members will likely be put on trial for corruption, perversion, etc., etc. and eventually hanged by UN/WEF Blue Helmet Troops who will also tell our US Military Generals “to stand down” (just like they did on 9-11) and a New Regional Government will be put in place to combine Canada, Mexico and the US into a One New World Government entity – the United States of America, Canada and Mexico will no longer exist as separate nations – anyone resisting Schwab’s UN/WEF Blue Helmeted troops will be shot on sight – I wonder how the US Military Industrial Complex and Deep State is going to like being “put out of business” by Globalists based in Switzerland???

      • Rodster

        It’s possible and he would be the one to answer that question. Regardless of the Supreme Court outcome neither side will accept the results. Arizona is a good example where the Democrat Gov says her opponent is trying to steal the election and her opponent is saying that as well.

        That’s why Armstrong’s computer is forecasting a breakup of the US in the near future.

        • jon

          One side is lying and cheating…traditionally…now they are both lying.

        • Phil

          Armstrong’s computer is forecasting a breakup of the US in the near future and the setting up of a “Regional Government” that will combine Canada, Mexico and the US into “one entity” under the control of an un-elected dictator named Klaus Schwab – who will put his chosen representatives into positions of power (effectively draining the swamp in Washington AC/DC) – well – at least getting rid of all the crooks, criminals and perverts in Washington AC/DC will somewhat make us happy when we own nothing!!!

        • Juliana

          Stupidest comment ever.

          • Skipperdaddy

            Speak for your self. Thats going from the frying pan to the fire. The war they will start is gonna be right here in the front yards of the US and it wont be over for al long time. At least until the last one of the Globalist or Patriots are dead. Quit drinking the kool aid.

            • Monica C

              Juliana is a troll. They get paid for every response. This is why they are ignored.

      • G Hegel

        the turning point happened on Monday Night Football television when Trump’s safe & effective vax cut down a 24-yr old super athelete.

        • Greg Hunter

          Did they cancel the Football game because the NFL brass was afraid to see another player fall over with a heart attack cause by the CV19 Bioweapon/vax???

    • Old Rancher

      In this situation, as I understand it, it doesn’t matter what The People accept. Things will be put in motion within the government and all we’ll be doing is watching and filing our pontifications on every comment section on the ‘net. What I really wonder about is whether or not both parties are putting together a list of replacement puppets to run for the resulting open seats – AND who’s going to take Bribem and Kamalamala ding-dong’s place? The House Speaker? The RINO next in line?

      • Shiloh1

        Don’t know how it would come about, but I would be good with Justice Thomas or Douglas MacGregor until a proper election took place.

        • Edgar J Hartman

          Greg always enjoy your content 👍

      • john h

        i WAS THINKING LOCAL PARTIES WOULD JUST SEND THE NEXT MAN UP. However, if you think BLM and antifa will destroy american cities. Is this what the deep state wants. The global cabal would love to see the streets a flame. This will allow the removal of crazy Joe and not worry about the VP. The corporate machines can elect a new senate. Next what about Trump? Sorry people I do not think they have the balls

    • Rant

      You can not save a dead horse, and the soul and america is dead. ARE YOU RAPTURE READY”?

      • Greg Hunter

        You mean like you can’t save a dead Jesus??? Loser.

        • Anthony Australia

          Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.
          Dying you destroyed our death, rising you restored our life.
          When we eat this bread and drink this cup, we proclaim your death, Lord Jesus, until you come in glory.
          Lord, by your cross and resurrection, you have set us free.

        • mr. drs. R.J. Wassenaar

          You are right. But do not forget that such “rants” come mainly from people who have become very demotivated and very sad by everything that happened these last years. I am a lawyer myself, but I do not really believe the SC will do what is absolutely necessary. This entire system is extremely sick and the only thing that can save us is total civil war, sadly enough.

          • i: a man; travis

            what do you think the SC will say? No standing?

        • Glen

          That’s right Greg! The reason the gates of hell shall not prevail is because of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
          I would have loved to have been there on that day!

        • Sheryl

          Loved your response Greg

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Why do you keep calling people names Greg?

          • Greg Hunter

            Because it’s my site and the pissed me off with their stupidity.

      • i: a man; travis

        211 more years until rapture; it’s only the year 5785

      • i: a man; travis

        We have 211 years until the rapture; it 8s only the hebrew year of 5785

    • Nika

      Socialists/Marxists/Communists never mediate, it’s their way or the highway for their competitors! They Don’t Care, if you accept their results or Not!

      • Greg Hunter

        Then there is the 2nd.

        • Jeffrobbins

          If you keep this up the government will want to kick you off your own site. Good interview and good news. It really is nice to hear something uplifting.

          • Greg Hunter

            Well Jeff,
            They already kicked me off Facebook, YouTube and AdSense. I say bring it.

            • mr. drs. R.J. Wassenaar

              I really think you are one of the very few, if not the ONLY, real journalists that has survived all these crazy demonic and fascist times. EVERY other journalist is worse than a presstitute. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your great work

              • Greg Hunter

                Thanks “R.J>”!

            • Ak

              Love it! Keep up the fight Greg. Hunger games here we come! (The last part of the hunger games) snowball will be defeated.

            • Covington

              Greg, you ROCK! And I have to say that Karen Kingston kicks ass and takes names too. Great interview with Mr. Brunson.

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you Covington for all your support!

          • Rodster

            The government is not that stupid as that would be a direct violation of the 1st amendment. Cancelling someone from social media is one thing but shutting down a website who is run by someone who used to work for the major networks is just plain dumb and the ACLU would love a case like that.

            • Marie Joy

              The ACLU is a leftist org.

        • Nika

          Yes, 240 years ago, the Founders in their Wisdom, knew we would need, the 2nd amendment sometime in our future.

        • john h

          Greg, I fear for this nation a long time ago I heard of a romainion call Demetri Duderman. sorry if I spelled it wrong. However, he claimed to be a prophet of god. He said he was sent to warn America that god would judge us. That Russia will attack major US. cities. He warned of invasion from the south and internal conflicts. now we have one world war pray for all of us.

        • youknowwho

          Yes, there is! And any document drafted by the Founding fathers is only as strong as its support from those who believe in it. It’s important to note that China can lock down a billion of people at the drop of a hat and the people comply. It’s important to note that Nazi Germany rounded up and terminated millions of Jews and they complied. It’s important to note that in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, the Hutu government incited citizens to take up arms against their neighbors, kinda like the supporting of Antifa, today.

          History rhymes and it’s doing it again, albeit on a grander scale due to the speed of technology. Better have one’s mind, body and soul in good shape because one never knows what might be required to survive going forward. Hope, in and of itself, is not a strategy, but it’s an integral part of a strategy for the prepared individual.

          “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

          • John

            …and 2 in every 3 Americans complied with the “jab” psyop and mandates.

      • Freebreezer

        Nika – so true … Look at China and ask why have they stocked piled so much of the worlds good? … Food, copper, oil, rare earth minerals etc., etc., etc., … it is staggering what they have been buying and storing! What do they know or planning on doing? Are they expecting a major boycott of their nation?? … Ummm – like what would happen if they invaded Tiawan. And could this be the spark that Armstrong’s computer picked up on? Corruption and a very weak president/congress will leads to failure of a nation … The supreme court decision on this case will let the populace of the USA know if they are bought off! be prepared for hard times in 2023

        • Nika

          I don’t know. I wonder how many Billions-Trillions, they wasted on the Ghost Cities, that no one wants to live in? Another thing, China doesn’t have enough younger work force, to continue to be World Economic Leader. India will have more people than China in 2023. India’s Economic star is starting to shine.

    • Marie Joy

      Worse case, there could be a war over this.

      • TitanTrader

        According to JPMorgan, “while the world is short on commodities, China is not given they have started stockpiling commodities since 2019 and currently hold 80 percent of global copper inventories, 70 percent of corn, 51 percent of wheat, 46 percent of soybeans, 70 percent of crude oil, and over 20 percent of global aluminum inventories.

        Why, just why, is China stockpiling such massive amounts of commodities?
        I think they invade Taiwan by end of Jan. Just my honest opinion.

        • Tin foil hat

          Russia Central Bank has been stockpiling its reserve entirely in Chinese yuan (60%) and gold (40%) instead of the dollar, euro, British pound and Japanese yen.

          China is not stockpiling ruble but they are stockpiling gold and other commodities instead of US Treasuries. The good news is they haven’t dumped all of their dollar reserve like the Russian did – yet.

          If the Saudis followed the Russian, there will be war.

    • Marie Joy

      Decent Americans should consider running for elective office to replace traitors.

      • Phil

        To make things better – we must enter a new phase in this battle . . . . – start with removing Zelinsky and end with removing all the queers and Story Time Perverts from positions of power in the US – only by removing support from these child molesters will the evil tide turn – of course Trump does not understand this nor does he understand that the “jabs” are also killing the American people!!! –

        • Phil

          Queers make some pretty good money dancing before children (like the children in Congress) – but Zelinsky wants even more – saying: “$45 Billion is not enough”!! – it is time to STOP these Story Time Hours before the perverts in our US Congress!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Stop the election farce. Appoint representatives by lot, from a pool of property owners and NET tax payers. 2 years of service and then out. No lobbying, no contributions, government allowance w/housing ( a step up for some and a come-down for others), and 30 days in jail for each roll-call missed. Best always. PM

    • Brian Vaci

      YOU can do more than hope. TAKE ACTION.
      Click this link
      Print two copies of the letter
      Sign and date both copies
      Use the provided addresses
      Mail one copy to the US Supreme Court
      Mail the other copy to the Brunson brothers.

    • Lance

      I do not understand how after the Russian hoax that they interfered in our elections we can so easily fall for the new China hoax What precisely did the Chinese government do Did they hack the voting machines ,did they stuff the ballots , spend money in advertising , bribe some politicians??? What exactly did they do ! I say lets start a FULL SCALE war with China and Russia and throw in Iran and South Korea for good measure.. The reality is that WORLD WAR 3 started with the BIOWEAPON Covid 19 and HAS EVOLVED INTO THE UKRAINE CONFLICT . It was all started by the same people so now the China hoax

    • Charles Krim

      It doesn’t matter if they accept it. It will be a law by which they must abide.

    • Pete+only

      I am of the belief that the Supreme Court doesnt want to be continually seen as a referee in political affairs, so why not force even corrupt house members to live up to their oaths with consequences for not doing so. The question then becomes how many members of the supreme court arent already compromised. Interesting times indeed.

    • Rob Polans

      I agree that neither side will accept it, but do they have a choice? To not accept is going against the highest court in the country and they’d better prepare for more than just pitchforks then. We won’t have to wait for the dollar to crash to have a revolution.

    • D

      This seems fake…you might want to read this

      • Greg Hunter

        D the troll,
        To might want to read my review of that propaganda called “The Truth about the Brunson Case: Really???? You think this is reporting and objective? It’s not.

        “The Truth about the Brunson case.” This is NOT Journalism and passing off someone’s opinion as a fact is not “Truth.” You don’t know this because you don’t know what you are talking about. The “Truth” is the entire story is based upon speculation and inserting their opinion as a fact. They also never bothered to talked to the Brunson brothers. This is not journalism– it is propaganda. You don’t do a story like this without talking to the people who brought the case!!!!!! Would it have been nice to hear from the Brunsons???? Who is doling editorial? I could have never delivered a hitjob like this and passed it off as “investigative reporting.” I will put my career and credentials up against Beans anytime. They also inferred the Brunson brothers were “Grifters” without a shred of sourcing or evidence. Stupid and reckless!!! If I was doing editorial, I would have shitcanned the entire propaganda piece and made them start over.

        As I said, this is not journalism. I worked for 5 TV stations and 2 networks as an investigative reporter who worked with the network lawyers for every single story I did for 9 years. Beans is lucky for find her way to work. Beans has never done any real investigative work because if she had, she would not have made so many mistakes and I just named a few.


  2. Mike Bruce

    We sent our letters out on 28 December 2022 to the Supreme Court and to Raland Brunson. Encourage everyone to participate in this historic moment by sending a letter. We have started documenting this event for our grandchild…at the age of 5 also sent a letter to SCOTUS.

    • Sheryl

      Wow. This guy is good. Thanks Greg. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

      • Swrichmond

        Of course all of the avenues using the judicial system must be pursued, if for no other reason than to clearly demonstrate to those still hoping for a peaceful solution that that avenue is closed to us.

        We are being fed a steady diet of glimmers of hope.

        No one is coming to save you.

    • Nika

      According to Loy, sounds like the Supremes are really open to his Case! I hope this is God’s hand, working to get us out, of this big mess! Loy and his 3 brothers were really good, playing their trumpets on the Johnny Carson. I watched it twice!

  3. JB

    Feel free to copy or edit my letter as you see fit. I’ve had it up on my Substack since 12/21. There’s still time to write. Hurry! God bless everyone. Happy, healthy, prosperous New Year and a restored republic and a just SCOTUS decision.

  4. Rose Mont Sellicka

    World News
    Watch: Putin Says ‘The West Lied About Peace’ in New Year’s Address To Russia December 31st 2022, 3:27 pm
    “For years, the Western elites hypocritically assured all of us of their peaceful intentions,” he says in lengthy speech to his people.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered an unusual New Year’s address to his people on Saturday pledging victory against the “neo-Nazis” of the West who are intent on “destroying Russia.”

  5. Rodster

    Judge Andrew Nepolitano interviews retired US Army Col Douglas MacGregor who gives his honest assessment of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

  6. Old Rancher

    Oh what a great day it will be to see the likes of Chuck Schumer and all the others slinking away from Congress de-famed, de-frocked and de-flowered! God make it so!!

    • Tim

      It’s simply not going to happen. Anyone who thinks it will happen is delusional.

      • Greg Hunter

        Stating you opinion as a fact is also “delusional.” Brunson 22-39=80 is on the SC docket, and it is a reportable story. I went to the source.


      Amen Amen I think Christmas is January 7th in the Russian Orthodox Church. Oh what a Christmas it would be. The seventh is completion with Father God and 8 is new beginning. Let’s all pray for a miracle of Father God in Lord Jesus Christ’s name.

  7. Matt

    Dereliction of duty. That’s what the Congressmen and Senators whom voted against the investigation performed on that day.

    • John Cadwallader

      Oh? TREASON is more apropos! Kooky!

  8. MacGuy

    Happy New Year Greg!
    Thank you for all your reporting this past year. I already mailed my letter to the Supreme Court and praying for our country. I am praying to the Lord to please remember your mercy and save our beloved country in your name.

  9. Joseph

    THIS INTERVIEW MAY BE YOUR CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT!!! Your and my prayers are being answered. And your guest is so eloquent/lucid. Thank you so much for this New Years Eve miracle.


    TOO TIRED TO CARE!!!!!!!


  11. Mark Reid

    Good interview Greg, the 2022 frustration in all of us came through in you for sure! All the best in 2023, and here’s hoping!

  12. Abraham Robles

    Trying to get the US Supreme Court to act in favor of TRUTH is “GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! The courts are controlled by the BIG MONEY like everything else.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for quitting and doing what Evil wants. You are loser. Please stay out of my fox hole.

      • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

        And mine! Jesus is Lord!!

  13. Ralph

    We need to secede.

    • Greg Hunter

      We need to stand up.

      • Paul

        I am with you standing up.
        All talk is our new normal
        Such a waste of resources paying our politicians, law enforcement and military with our labor in taxes to defend our nation and constitution.
        Only the money.
        The fight that matters.
        Such a vacuum of want for resistance.
        Unity must be formed outside our paid representatives.

        Paul from arkansas

  14. Kay

    A positive note to end the New Year on. Thank you. I needed something positive.

    I wish everyone a Happy, healthy, and fruitful 2023!

  15. Hubbs

    I have been through this issue (in a way) personally when it came to trying to sue my lawyers for legal malpractice in KY. The special appointed judge immediately recognized legal malpractice in his opinion. But then on motion by the defendants, “clarified” his opinion and changed the wording from “This court concludes these attorneys were negligent” to “assumes for the purposes of discussion these attorneys were negligent.” My Medical -Legal Back Pages. Archway. Based entirely on actual events.

    The defense tactic used is abuse of summary judgment. Summary judgment cuts off a plaintiff before a trial can occur. Material evidence never sees the light of day, therefore, the case is thrown out because damages are now automatically speculative- because there is no evidence.
    It’s like me, a former physician being able to claim that a patient whose total hip surgery I had botched and was well below the standard of care, wrong implant size and postioning, cut the sciatic nerve, reamed through the actecbulum, and crippled the patient for life, that the Plaintiff (my patient) has no case because it is “speculative” that he would have fared better had the opearation been competently performed. The jury is never allowed to hear and weigh evidence because no expert testimony is allowed, there is no trial, and the case is dismissed, because the damages are now based on “pure speculation.”
    While I deeply sympathize with the Brunsons for the sake of our country, the arguments will be characterized as “heaping inference upon inference.” Congress, it will be argued, was not presented with clear cut evidence (because material evidence was witheld) for any need for investigation and so therefore there can be no fault. No harm, no foul. The election was completed and the new President seated as scheduled. Case dismissed. Absolutely outrageous, but that’s what this sham SCOTUS hearing will boil down to, I’m afraid.

    • Bob Maddox


      I have no doubt in your journalism abilities, but loser has only one “o”!

      Thanks for your ideas and writings!

    • Valerie

      I pray you are wrong about this.

  16. Sue Robinson

    I read the story of their journey on another site today. These are American citizens asking for relief from our highest court. So, we shall see. So, to give you all a bit of hope, here is the story of another incredible High Court intervention: Many years ago, the court took ‘cert’ from another American citizen – this one from a man in prison who had been convicted of a crime. In his own handwriting, in a letter, he petitioned the court for relief because he said he was not represented by an attorney and thus could not defend himself, which our constitution says he ought to be able to do.
    His name was Gideon. The Supreme Court took his case, agreed with him and reversed his conviction. This was the landmark case that said people accused of crimes have the right to be represented by an attorney who can look out for their interests. Ever after that, people accused of crimes have been entitled to an attorney and if they cannot afford one, the state must provide them with one. This was a stunning decision that upended the justice system. This is the reason why the Jan. 6 defendants have been given attorneys who are ordered to defend them. If it were not for Gideon, many of these patriots would be completely helpless against our runaway justice system that already is tormenting them.
    I write this because in the past, the High Court Has intervened on behalf on citizens who are asking for help against a runaway government. Let us all pray they will do so again.

  17. The Seer

    Someone declared in the past that the Supremes can only give opinions but cannot make laws ……
    This ruling if in favor of Bronson’s could be what is needed to FREE up the blackmail compromised
    seated ……. ?????? So they can return to give opinions
    Freely and follow the constitution and bill of rights? ?
    Maybe that’s why it was accepted. They can see two other branches even more compromised so turning around has to start somewhere including they can see the increasing deaths from many causes perpetrated. We will see.

    • Valerie

      I pray you are right!

  18. Stephen

    The smiles say it all ! Amen

  19. Lon Bell

    How fragile is the peace between Serbs and Kosovars? | Inside Story
    Al Jazeera English Dec 29, 2022 #InsideStory #Serbia
    Kosovo’s uneasy peace has again come under threat – this time from weeks of protests by ethnic Serbs.
    The detention of a former Kosovo Serb police officer led to the US, EU and Serbia being drawn in to defuse a dangerous stand-off lasting weeks.
    Spiralling violence followed with ethnic Serbs blocking roads.

    • Nika

      I don’t think, Serbs( 10,000,000 people) will Never forget, that Kosovo was a State in Serbia for 500 years. Kosovo was given to the Muslims by Bill Clinton and Madelin Albright.
      After the transfer, I read that 60 Eastern Orthodox Churches(built in the 13th Century) were destroyed by the Muslims (Non-Christians). Kosovo was taken from the Serbs, because of the very valuable Trepka mine, best mine in Europe.

  20. Diana

    Pray for the court. In one swoop we can get rid of all Rhino’s and the left. A reboot would be what the country needs.

  21. L.Bell

    Taiwan: Why the US & China are on collision course for war | DW News
    DW News Dec 29, 2022
    “The Chinese seem to be preparing for a war against Taiwan” says Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. This puts the US and China on collision course for war – with potentially dramatic stakes for the world.
    China’s President Xi Jinping has vowed that Beijing will “reunify” with the island – if necessary, by force. A large majority of people in Taiwan say they don’t want reunification. The United States is increasingly clear that it would intervene to defend Taiwan from any attack.
    How did it come to this – and what happens next?
    In this special analysis, DW’s Richard Walker uncovers the roots of the dispute over Taiwan, in part 1 tracing how the diplomatic breakthroughs of the 1970s between the US and China left unfinished business that has festered ever since.
    Part 2 tracks why these tensions have now burst into the open, with accusations of betrayal in all directions. And part 3 projects trends in China, the United States and Taiwan forward into the future to assess where the dispute is heading – and if there is any way of avoiding war.
    Leading US authority on Taiwan, Shelley Rigger warns: “I think the danger is greater today than it has ever been before. The US and China are in this spiral of threat and counter threat, and Taiwan is caught in the middle.” Retired People’s Liberation Army Senior Colonel Zhou Bo explains the scenarios under which China would use force. Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd sets out ideas for a diplomatic solution that he admits both China and Taiwan would “hate.” CNAS think tank Chair Michèle Flournoy sets out her bottom line: “The key thing is for Beijing to recognize that if you go to war to seize Taiwan, you lose.”

  22. Linda Majors


    Fabulous interview! I agree! It is the most important interview you have aired. Our Republic will be saved as a result of Loy Brunson and his brothers. Wonderful news!
    Thank you! (Note: I will share the link with family and friends. It will restore their hope.)

    Happy New Year!

  23. stanley skrzypek

    The CORRUPTION of these Political Weasels has so many dimensions….I am Afraid that this will die in the starting gate……the Justice here is laughable……America died when the Music stopped……

    • Greg Hunter

      You did what evil wanted and gave up. Now go and hide and stop convincing everyone to be a looser like you.

      • chris

        Thanks Greg, for always staying positive! And for all your hard work!

      • Glen

        “loser” has one “o” Greg…common mistake

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Glen,
          Fixed the typo.

      • Valerie

        Well said, Greg! I agree with you. As do many others.

      • stanley skrzypek

        only you and me know why you didn’t publish my remark to your low-down comment about my statement……..i know things now….things that shape my knowledge about you….Mr. Greg Hunter….

        • Greg Hunter

          Sometimes what you say is wrong and stupid. I put on a fre stie and I post plenty of wrong and stupid comments. I decided not to post yours so waaaaaaaa!

      • GunnyIsPissed

        Stop calling people “loosers” who do not agree that everything is fine and “God” will prevail.
        NOTHING is FINE and GOD is in HIDING!
        I do NOT agree with you on this subject, and I am NOT a LOSER.
        I do not consider YOU a “looser” for YOUR VIEWS.
        YOU do your readers a great disservice with these INSULTS!
        There are 100’s of OTHER WEBSSITES to read.

        How many more MILLIONS of ABORTIONS need to occur, how many more KIDS will get MUTILATED by LGBT scumbags, how many more WARS need to be started and fought before you realize that for 2000 years, people have been “praying to God” only to find out that he hears NONE OF IT and never has.

        On this subject, You are dismissed.
        Spokane, Wa. USA

        • Greg Hunter


          You need to start commenting someplace else. This is your last comment here. I did not post your other comment where you blasphemed “Jesus laid down with Satan” among other awful GOD mocking words. You are finished here. I am so sorry you are so angry because Big Pharma murdered you daughter. You have lost your way.


  24. Country Codger

    Double down on prayer my friends. Prayer is not the least you can do but it is the MOST you can do. The power of the Almighty is working in the world today. PRay and pray without ceasing.

    Lo Iyrah!!!

  25. Nancy McDaniel

    One of your best interviews! I am in agreement with your petition to heaven for righteousness, justice and rule of law to prevail!

  26. Joshua Porter

    All traitors must pay!

  27. stanley skrzypek

    and ya mean to tell me that those 9 “Lawyers” who reek with Politics……..are Not Immune to the suicidal tendencies of Hillary Clinton…..or the Biden CRIME FAMILY? ……not counting the COMMIES in Black Robes Parading around that Court House?….do they have ANYTHING to Protect from the Deep State?

    • Greg Hunter

      Pray Stanley. Jesus is more powerful in one hair then all of the evil in the world.

  28. Marie Joy

    President Trump had an Executive Order that confiscated the assets of traitors. I do not remember the number of that EO.

    Heroes are made, not born.

    • Phil

      On 20 December 2017 Trump signed Executive Order 13818 – “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption” – The executive order declared “a national emergency with respect to serious human rights abuse” and corruption around the world and provided for freezing the assets of such persons “who committed serious human rights abuse” or engaged in corruption – So under EO 13818 all Netanyahu’s assets should be seized (for the “self admitted crime and human rights abuse” of subjecting all the Israeli people to medical experimentation mike a bunch of “lab rats”) – supposedly justifying his immoral actions by using the lame excuse that “he had all the Israeli peoples medical records” (records which would be of value to the eugenicists at Big Pharma to make their “jabs” even more lethal) – Netanyahu had no right to subject an entire nation of people “to a Josef Mengele Experiment” that maked every Israeli into a lab rat??? – such a serious human rights abuse (making every Israeli “a lab rat”) simply because you happen to have their medical record history is a moral and legal non- sequitur, people have basic human rights and cannot be forcibly subjected to experimental medical treatments!!! – Why didn’t Trump (who signed EO13818 way back in 2017) not warn his buddy Netanyahu in 2019 that he was engaging in serious human rights abuse??? – instead – Trump ignores his own EO and follows Netanyahu’s lead??? (by imposing Warp Speed upon the American people) – Why??? (will Trump say because Americans also have pretty good medical records on file)??? – there was absolutely no excuse for signing an Emergency Medical Authorization Act when there were plenty of alternatives available (like Ivermectin, Vit D, Vit C, Zinc, Quercetin, etc., etc.)!!! –

  29. Kathryne Paine

    I hope with all my heart that Loy, Raylund and his brothers are successful beyond our wildest dreams. Praying from the bottom of my soul.

  30. Jeff

    If some of this were to occur, would that nullify any of their decisions or legislation? Would that remove Judge Jackson from SC?

  31. David Rosenthal

    Last Ditch Effort To Rid The Congress Of Traitors !
    Here’s hoping these four brothers have a good security detail watching their back, and that they never travel in the same vehicle together !

  32. James LaGarde

    I sent my letter…..I hope all of Greg’s listeners will do the same.

  33. Phil

    What if the Supreme Court Justices are compromised by the Deep State promising them “immortality” (by doing “soul transfers” like was recently done for Bill Clinton)?? – and what the hell is the Deep State doing with Nimrod’s Body??? – if we don’t take back control from these evil psychopathic atheists running our government they will probably try to bring Satan “to life in a physical body” to Demonically Rule Over All Humanity!! – try fighting evil when it gets too far out of hand!! – we need to act now!!! –

    • Greg Hunter

      What if they are not?

      • Phil

        I hope you are right Greg – but I bet Pelosi can’t wait to get her “soul transfer” into a newly cloned body the Deep State most likely is already growing for her – such “god-like power” should not be in the hands of a Rouge Cabal of Deep State Traitors “to wield over our elected politicians to do their bidding and bring in a New World Order – and our politicians for the most part are people with “serious moral deficiencies” who will usually go along with the Evil Cabal seeking all the wealth and power in this world (leaving the rest of us trying to be happy “with nothing”)!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Romans 1:21 – 1:22 comes to mind. These people are stupid. The Bible says so.

          • Phil

            Yes Greg – Stupid and immoral – in Leviticus 22-29 the Lord states: “Do not have sexual relations with a man (as one does with a woman) and those that follow this detestable custom “must be cut off from the population” – Instead we have our politicians (like Biden, Trump, etc., etc.) glorifying gays and the gay community – defiling the word God (right out in public)!! – by their fruits we shall know them!!!

  34. Virginia Taylor

    I just discovered a three part sermon that’s timely:

    HOST: Rhema – Kenneth E. Hagin
    SHOW: The Believer’s Authority Vol. 1 | Rev. Kenneth E Hagin | *(Copyright Protected)

    HOST: Full Tree Ministries
    SHOW: Kenneth E. Hagin The Believer’s Authority 02 Exercising Our Authority 110188

    HOST: Full Tree Ministries
    SHOW: Kenneth E. Hagin The Believer’s Authority 03 Reigning with our ….

  35. Mike S

    New “EMERGENCY” elections would have to happen. MAYBE THIS TIME WITH SUCH URGENCY as to be PAPER BALLOT IN PERSON ONLY.

    That’s how we fill a swamp “AFTER IT’S DRAINED”. WITH CLEAR WATER!

    IT’S TIME. For a miracle like this.

    • Jane

      However if the count as In France’s last election by machine?

  36. k33j88

    Will the processes that gave us these current scoundrels be used to replace with more of the same? Maybe the ranked choice voting system will be trashed as well?

  37. Craig Zumbroegel

    If this case is won and they expel the traitors, all 350 of them, we’ll see how well the country runs without all the baggage!

  38. Joe

    I hope I am wrong but…the government (US Supreme Court) doing the right thing??? Sorry, never going to happen. The Supreme Thugs will not issue the 4 votes to go forward or they will hear and kill the case. Remember, they are corrupt…and you know the control files on them that Fitts has mentioned.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you hear about Roe v. Wade being overturned? Go hide and please stay out of the way.

  39. ron martin

    Thanks Greg for having Mr. Brunson on your show. After 80 years of watching our republic slowly dissolve into insanity I don’t envision a human savior but the Brunson brothers have at least given it their best shot for one last attempt to save our nation before the darkside kills or enslaves all of us.

  40. Vince

    God have mercy Greg, your prayer brought tears to my eyes. Let it be so.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Vince. I am a sinner, but I love Jesus.

  41. Janice Bechdolt

    Thanks Greg for another great interview…..and would be so great to get the Supreme
    Court to accept and support this case on upholding the US Constitution

  42. MickieKnows

    Brunson + Law of War Manual just might do it.

  43. Mary Lou Longworth

    Happy New Year Greg. To you and yours.
    Thank you for all the amazing reporting you do.
    God Bless You

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mary Lou!!!

  44. JLMichaels

    So good I had to listen to it twice. Thanks Greg!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks JL!!

  45. AJ

    There are a number of members of Congress, the current President and other federal employees who appeared before or on behalf of the WEF, and as the WEF is promoting a foreign anti-sovereign agenda worldwide, that is antithetical to the Constitution, those people who took an oath of office could be construed as aiding enemies of the Constitution.

  46. Brett Whitaker

    Some evidence shows we are already under military law, Look for Derick Johnson videos on Rumble. The Supreme Court also takes two oaths to the constitution. Supremes could be charged under military law for not taking and ruling favorably.

  47. Jeffrobbins

    Hall of fame stuff, and so simple. We don’t see anything like this on the evening news. Question and thought; If successful and representatives are removed from office, what happens to all that campaign money that they would normally get at retirement? Thought; It is also possible the court establishes a tribunal for establishing the list of additional John Does (as mentioned). I don’t see how to expand the list without a subordinate group of judges/ investigators. This could go in a lot of directions- maybe that’s just a little fantasy for me though. As a point- a few of the Justices have gone through a political meat grinder- not sure playing ‘nice’ is a real option.

  48. Michael

    Tell me the Holy Spirit isnt at work in our lives? This is left-field if there ever was one.

  49. Andrew

    Would be nice to see it so.
    We were kept in the dark about this Ukraine situation starting in 2014, may be C Nenner was right when we were all looking elsewhere back then.

    • Nika

      Back then, as Now: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ect, ect. would Never include Putin’s side of the story. That is why a lot of us have “gaps” in our memories, Nowadays.

  50. iwitness02

    This is the type of case that none of the politicians could see coming right at them. Seems like this will catch them all by surprise. Especially if it is adjudicated on Jan. 6. For me, this is pretty exciting to think about. I agree with Country Codger, lets pray everyday.

  51. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Brunston.

  52. John Maskell

    We are praying from England that the supreme court rules in favour for the justice of the constitutions that made America what it was . Your country has been seriously attacked by foreign players along with corporations that stink with dirty corrupt money as well as bent twisted congress members . In fact all the western governments follow the same narrative . What happens on the 6th Jan will affect every country, so please let this takedown begin and God bless the Brunson brothers . We the people need this win and take back our control.
    Thank you Greg , all our love and prayers from the UK. God bless America !

  53. Jelly Swede

    former TV news anchor and now remote viewer Dick Allgire (someone who Bo Polny is definitely familiar with because of crypto trading and who Clif High knows) foresaw about more than a year ago a situation where all the Congressional criters were weeping and vomiting for having been adjourned & etc. . . . It now appears that they were seeing this event Jan 2023.

    Dick made a pencil sketch of his vision:

    • Greg Hunter

      “J S,”
      Wow, that’s weird. Armstrong said this on USAW about 3 weeks ago, “Armstrong is predicting “a major turning point in January of 2023.” Armstrong explains, “The computer (Socrates program) is showing that January is going to be the major turning point for the entire year of 2023.”

      • Phil

        In January millions of people now flooding into the US will be on the streets of America freezing and dying – so the UN/WEF will have the excuse they need to declare “A World Emergency” that requires “A World Regional Government” be set up to take control of the unstable situation (as incompetents in Washington are doing exactly nothing about the refugee problem) – so the UN/WEF will likely say they have the right to dissolve both Houses of Congress and likely put Biden in a mental ward (for fiddling while Rome burned) – lets use our brains – why not allow the UN/WEF under Schwab to send UN troops to arrest and replace the criminals in Washington (let them do the dirty work for us) – then at the proper time “We The Well Armed American People” take our Constitutional Government back from the Globalists!!!

  54. Roger Stamper

    tks greg and brunson for this post

  55. Tommy

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    Let’s all PRAY the rule of law prevails. After all, we are a country Based upon laws Not man.

  56. Brent B

    God be with you .

  57. Neville

    Greg you really nailed it GOOD & SOLID today!!!
    Many thanks to the Brunson brothers especially to their representative Loy for putting their case and by proxy that of We the Peoples so succinctly.
    We all hope and pray through JESUS CHRIST that everything goes off without a hitch
    and that there are no mafia style tactics used behind the scenes to derail this effort of
    bringing JUSTICE to not only the citizens of AAcrime but those of the entire world as we too are offended by all the disruptions ,wars rumours of wars, vote rigging in AAcrime and also beyond their borders.
    Hopefully we have a successful conclusion as it will give more hope to Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s chances of getting the Nuremberg 2 trial underway and successfully prosecuting it!!!

    2023 is the year that the Astrological Stars turn against the LIARS of this world and we should see THE TRUTH coming out about The so-called Lunar Landing, who did the dirty against the Twin Towers,the so-called corvid scamdemic,the Kennedy assassination etc etc and tens of thousands even the billions of lies told in AAcrime and around the world….

    What I take away from all this is that Brunson brothers are doing JESUS’S work for him because when HE returns the very last thing that HE wants to see is a lying politician…..NOWHERE in the world!! JESUS had more than enough with Sadducees and the Pharisees when HE was last with us.

    All strength to the Brunson cause and to all people of faith ,peace and goodwill for a JAB FREE HEALTHY 2023

  58. Don Briois

    The supremes should have already herd this, the DS (federal reserve) owns this country including the supremes and nothing will happen except more hot air.

  59. Naomi from Israel

    Greg, thank you very much for this interview. It gives some hope that things might change.
    Here in Israel, the court does not serve the people anymore. The court serves whoever is above, running the show. You, in the US, should count your blessings.

  60. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thanks for a great interview with Loy Brunson. What a way to mark the end of 2022 and the start of 2023! Loy has all the appearance of an open and honest character and it is encouraging hearing him speak about the progress of this petition to the SCOTUS. Like many Watchdoggers, I have learned not to get my hopes up but this may be the exception we have all been waiting for. The BIG question is, why did TPTB sign a waiver to defend?! Imagine the ‘SHOCK and AWE’ effect on the sheeple if they awaken on 01/07/23 to find out that the POTUS, VPOTUS, and the majority of Congress and the Senate have been removed from office! Are TPTB planning on anarchy? Sorry to be such a cynic in the face of such an uplifting story but those who rule us NEVER simply ‘rollover’. BRAVO the Brunson brothers and here’s hoping the SCOTUS defend the constitution BUT – if they do – be prepared for nationwide civil unrest.

  61. wayne wilcox

    Loy Brunson raised a very important point around 17 minutes in: To convict someone of treason all you need is for two witnesses to walk into a court and LEVY THE SAME ALLEGATION AGAINST THE DEFENDANT(S). There is NO beyond a reasonable doubt. There is NO preponderance of the evidence. There is ONLY MILITARY JUSTICE. Swift, severe and harsh.

  62. Mike DeCoker

    Happy New year to you and your family Greg. You are our best friend in the news world. You and your guests provide us with the real facts and the truth. There is no other country like ours on the face of this earth. Our founding fathers got it right. I pray and hope the supreme court does the right thing and sends the treasonous weasels packing . God bless you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mike!!

  63. DJW

    Wow, what a way to close out 2022, very hopeful indeed!
    Should not certain aspects of the constitution be enshrined beyond legal interpretation and the inevitable political bias of individual judges? Could this not be achieved with blockchain technology? No doubt I am embarrassing myself and exploring new depths of my own naivety and lack of understanding….but can anyone succinctly explain why we couldn’t set in stone our most sacred laws so they can never be relegated by individual judges?
    Happy New Year to all, may truth and peace prevail.

  64. David

    This is exactly the kind of enema this country needs if the patient is going to survive. Keep praying and acting against the evil we find ourselves surrounded by.

  65. Patrick Alaggio


    Self control is NOT your strong suit and you take this otherwise critical interview and turn it into a rant that is immature and detrimental to the facts being presented by your guest.

    Sometimes, I wish I could gag you and just let your guest speak.

    Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do…. for the phone call? Is but one example, the Turtle routine… again and again is another. THis is the SUPREME COURT Greg and antics like that will not contribute to this case.

    PS: I still love you.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is the beauty of having my own site!!! It’s free. I love you too.

  66. Catherine

    One of the great traits you have as an interviewer is your passionate tone and fact filled thoughts in questioning of your guests. You have your finger on the pulse of awakened public opinions.
    This case is the epitome of importance with regard to changing everything underpinning the corruption so out of control that the people in government has the audacity to feel so confident they don’t need to file a rebuttal to this case in the Supreme Court of the United States!!!
    The Hand of God is involved here. Let’s see what happens because this might open the door to JUSTICE .

  67. James Hall

    Great interview Greg, slow down a little. This would put the law and the Justices in the spotlight once and for all.

  68. Zip

    As long as the crooks stay incharge. Nothing will ever happen. VOTE WITH BULLETS. FJB

  69. Robert Coleman

    Great Interview Greg, 100% this is a great start to cleaning the swamp.

  70. Mike G

    Notice that the usual suspects have not posted. Says pie in the sky.

  71. Bio Wreck

    I pray for the success of this case, but fear our corrupt Supreme Court will punt… as usual.

  72. Nika

    Trump Hating, Representative Jaime Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, announced today, he has lymphoma Cancer. I wonder, if he took the JAB?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good question!!!

    • Tarey

      I read a few months ago that Jane Fonda has stage 4 lymphoma cancer. Have heard nothing about her condition since, of course. So much health news that is clot shot related is silenced.

  73. William T

    I heard in Summer 2022 that the Supreme Court secretly ruled on the 2020 election theft. The judges went into hiding for safety reasons. Now, December 15, 2022 news says there will be a hearing on January 6th, 2023 of the Brunson case. But, in the Sarah Westall interview of Attorney Wayne Jett he is basically confirming we have been under martial law since the theft and likely the Supreme Court did already hear and decide on this case in the Summer.

  74. Dusty Dude

    Great interview Greg, maybe one of your best. Gives me hope. I pray the supreme Court does the right thing. This is our chance to take back the country from the corrupt evil satanistic forces that are trying to control us. Let’s all pray that the supreme Court gets this right…..

  75. Randy Hitt

    Awesome topic awesome interview…

    Prayers for the SCOTUS to save our nation 🙏🙏🙏

  76. Denise Naylor

    hi Greg
    Happy New year. Thank you for a full year of astounding interviews packed with thought-provoking facts and arguments.
    Have you considered changing your business to USABloodhound?
    Looking forward to 2023. best wishes to All who follow USAW
    From UK

    • Greg Hunter

      You cannot trademark “USA” and you cannot trade “watchdog.” By a sheer act of God the Father I was able to \trademark “USAWatchdog” for my dot com. I am going to stick with, but thanks for the back-handed complement!! Thanks for the kind words of support too!!

      • Jeffrobbins

        I like watchdog. My dogs stay by the house and let us know when someone is here. Watchdog to me is the country boy version of watchman. ‘Watchman’ is spoken of in a number of places in the Bible. There’s actually a huge responsibility for the watchman- its to be taken very seriously.

  77. Kin

    I find it very encouraging these brothers in Christ also ALL play the Trumpet… I pray they are successful for all Americans

  78. Eli

    What a wonderful way to start the New Year!

    Greg, this is really amazing and encouraging news. And to think the defendant who spearheaded this legal approach was named Gideon! Ha, wow! Praise God and Praise Jesus Christ! ☦️🙏🏻

  79. Jeff Thirlwall

    There is nothing hidden, covered, done in darkness that will not be brought to light and made known… and with it, God willing… justice. Judgement.

    Job_34:22 There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves.
    Psa_92:7 When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever:

    Pray, look for and count on it… it is `biblical’; the pit they dig is the one they fall in. Exposed. The gates of hell shall not prevail.

    The Lord is `the Gate’, the `Door’, none but His children (`King’s kids’) shall enter in .
    Wonderful timely, most excellent interview Brother Greg … thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Brother Jeff, for supporting me and
      Brother Greg

  80. Jim Hall

    I heard about this first several weeks ago and told people but they didn’t believe me. I pray for this every day and God willing we will prevail. I’m going to give my children and grandchildren letters to sign and mail to the Supreme Court so they can weigh in. This could turn our country and the entire world around. I know that they would go ballistic over this but at some point we must draw a line in the sand. We are confronted with evil every day from the other side. The worst part of it is that they are simply unwilling to leave the children alone. Greg, I enjoyed seeing your passion for the subject of the interview too. Godspeed

    • Greg Hunter

      Brunson v. Adams 22-380 is a fact and a reportable story no matter the outcome. I am excited about it as I love Jesus and America.

  81. johnny sic

    Excellent interview. However, there are 3 Supremes that are transgender and they never align with the people. They align with those who spent the money on their surgeries @ over $150 thousand dollars to add or shave down the adam’s apple, change the angle of the jaw (like Michael Douglas) and change the voice.

    For example, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has a female back arch, which makes he a she. And a full grown man can grow a full beard, transgender female to male cannot grow a full mans beard.
    Type into google, Zelenskyy in swim suit, here you will see her back arch in several different images. Have a woman nearby to confirm this.

    I know bodies and their subtle changes from life drawing classes. I have drawn from about 80 bodies in life drawing classes. I understand the underlying skeletons frame and how it differs from male to female.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll post but there is zero sourcing. Can you add some actual sources for what you are charging?

    • Marie Joy

      I do NOT believe this. It sounds more like an Enquirer article.

  82. Nathan Martin

    Greg – you are a STERLING AMERICAN, a TREASURE! Thank you for highlighting this most important case, it is truly our last line of defense. I encourage all to support the Brunsons with a donation and encourage all to send encouragement Directly to the Supreme Court! Their mailing address is:

    Supreme Court of the United States
    1 First St NE, Washington, DC 20543
    Bless you, Greg, thank you so much!

  83. Rob Schaaf

    I’m not a troll, I was in the Missouri Senate, and know a bit about how things work. The reason the Solicitor General didn’t oppose this is that it is clearly a losing case. The individual Congressmen are allowed to judge the credibility of any proposal and decide it on its merits as they see it. No member of Congress can be forced by law to vote any given way on any given issue. The Supreme Court won’t even hear this case.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well, it’s on the SC docket with a number 22-380. I guess you missed the part in the interview where the court called the Brunson’s to help with the wording? It’s a reportable story and I reported it. Thank you for your support.

      • Rob Schaaf

        I apologize for the above; the response appeared after I wrote my note. But I stand by the comment.

  84. Loren

    Can you just ask your guess a question and let them answer. There is no need for you to interrupt them. Once your interview is over then you can go on your little rants. I enjoy you and have watched you for years.

  85. Van Moog

    Watch: Retired Nurse Reanalyzes mRNA Vaccine Trial Data — Finds 1 in 800 Shots Resulted in Serious Adverse Events / January 1st 2023
    Meanwhile, the Swine flu vaccine (1976) was pulled from the market after 1 serious event per 100,000 vaccines.
    Dr. John Campbell, a retired nurse out of England, breaks down publicly available COVID vaccine clinical trial data from Pfizer and Moderna to reveal that despite the much higher rate of adverse reactions, the COVID-19 vaccine is still being promoted by the medical establishment.
    Meanwhile, the Swine flue vaccine was halted in 1976 after only 1 in 100,000 serious adverse events.
    And the Rotavirus vaccine called Rotashield was pulled in 1999 after data found 1 to 2 serious events per 10,000 vaccines.
    So why is the experimental COVID-19 mRNA shot still being touted by the establishment as safe and effective when the publicly available data clearly shows that’s not the case?
    Much More:Video

  86. Gretta

    Not holding my breath. And, Dear God, I hate to say this and it makes me sick on my stomach what the democrats are doing to our country. Their is no integrity, no decency, no ethics, no morals, no honor, no character, no principles, no honesty, no common sense, and absolutely no conscience inside any high office anymore. The democrats have too much power, they even rule the Supreme Court that USED to be FOR what is left of the United States of America and OUR Constitution. They are too afraid of the democrats, they are compromised… especially the latest one that Biden picked especially to rule for their agenda and to keep them in power. This is why they are wanting to pack this court, to keep their fraud and treason from seeing the light of day, and to keep them compromised.

  87. Southern Girl

    This was so uplifting !!! Greg, I don’t know if you have heard of Julie Green or not, but she says that God has told her He needs no election to overturn the last elections. He said for us to prepare for a RED SEA moment. I didn’t understand what God may be planning, but I think this what God has been promising. He promised to clean out the Biden, the House, and Senate of all the corrupt people. There is a section on Julie’s site that you click on and then hit prophesies. Then at the bottom you can click there and type in what you what to know what messages God has given. God said the real Biden is dead and this guy is just an actor. That is why God calls him “The Biden”. Check out her site. I found her about a couple of months ago. She also has videos of prophecies fulfilled.

  88. Nick Reynolds

    I’m not counting on something so simple and clean. But good luck to them. It’ll help in the court of public opinion, if nothing else. We’ll see. Hope springs eternal.
    Happy 2023 everyone.

  89. Benjamin Golan

    So, when this goes no where and is another major disappointment, what then? My point is the system is compromised and corrupt. Look at what just happened in Arizona with Kari Lakes lawsuit. I’m sorry, but my observations over the past 24 years tells me there is no longer a political solution to the treason we are now seeing routinely. Tell me I’m wrong and why?

    • Greg Hunter

      I report the news. I have reported plenty of disappointments. I am not an activist or an advocate. I REPORT THE NEWS. This case being on the docket (22-380) is the news.

  90. Southern Girl

    Remember how God took Moses the stutter and made him of simple birth to lead His people out of Egypt. I think God is using these simple men (all Brothers) to lead His people back to God. A Great Awakening!!! God bless you both for this interview.
    I cannot wait for my cousin, President Donald J. Trump to be back and Make America Great Again. My signs TRUMP WON are wearing out. Every morning when I put them out on my lawn, I ask God is it going to be soon??

    • Southern patriot

      I believe the answer is yes to both questions! God be with us all and our beloved country, The United States of America! Happy New year to all and best wishes to Mr. Greg Hunter. Thank you, Greg.
      Southern patriot

  91. Linda

    I have no confidence that the Supreme Court will act correctly on this matter, but I pray that they will.

  92. Yancy Yates

    Black Conservative Patriot /1K views 7 minutes ago
    @sheilakristek5765 2 hours ago
    May this year be another year of disclosure and exposure!

  93. Yvonne

    The Supremes are going to sidestep this case as quickly as they can. If they don’t, I will be shocked!

    • Greg Hunter

      Here’s to being “shocked!”

      • Rob Schaaf

        Why won’t you moderate my comment above, Greg? I’m a faithful listener and your friend. I hate to say this given your hope it is not true, but you cannot ask the judicial branch of government to tell a member of the legislative branch government how to vote on an issue. The Constitution forbids that, and you wouldn’t want it to be that way; it would be used against you. It is the prerogative of a member of Congress to consider the credibility and value of any proposal and to vote accordingly. They may do it wrong, or the way you don’t like, but the judicial branch will not call them out for it. Rob Schaaf

        • Greg Hunter

          OK Rob what more do you want to say. You should be on the SC. The case has a number22-380 and it’s Brunson v. Adams. It reportable news. So, what the hell are you doing to save the country? Telling everyone to give up? That’s your fix? At least the Brunsons are doing something. You had your say. We all know you are giving up.


      • Cry Me a Ruble

        Amen Greg. I think the justices see this case as saving the country as well as saving themselves. That is why they took a special interest in this case and expedited it.

  94. Madi

    An uplifting 45 minutes!
    I wrote my letter to the Supreme Court ( handwriting) blue ink and I send a copy to my letter to Mr Brunston with $.

    As I was writing my opinion in my imperfect English as a Naturalized American by choice I thought about 9 persons , imperfect that need to not fear to do the right thing.
    I am concerned about the recent leak on Scotus recently ? (Silence) then the treats
    Our Justice might not be blind but the people are watching , listening and thinking . We are ready for a change that value all lifes, Justice for all and Liberty

  95. Valerie

    Thank you, Greg and Loy. Praying the Supreme Court decides in favor of the Brunson case! And I pray they hurry up – before the traitors in our government have a chance to react, and perhaps plan some kind of FF. God help us and God help the USA!

  96. Brianroy

    The argument at SCOTUS will be Article III Standing injury to the Brunsons themselves.
    1) Baker v. Carr 369 U.S. 186 (1962) @ 204, 208
    2) United States v. SCRAP 412 U.S. 669 (1973) @ 471-474, 476
    3) Whitmore v. Arkansas 495 U.S. 149 (1990) @ 154-155
    4) Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife 504 U.S. 555 (1992) @ 560-561, 574-578
    5) Northeastern Fla. Chapter, Associated Gen. Contractors of America v. Jacksonville 508 U.S. 656 (1993) @ 663-664
    6) Arizonans for Official English v. Arizona 520 U.S. 43 (1997) @ 64
    7) Vermont Agency of Natural Resources v. United States ex rel. Stevens 529 U.S. 765 (2000) @ 771-773

    If THEY don’t have a concrete and particularized injury that the Court accepts, it will be tossed later. Kari Lake’s attorneys DROPPED THE BALL in NOT seeking an emergency petition (like Jay Sekulow used to) to have an injunction (cf. Baker v. Carr at page 208). We’ll see. Ask a couple Constitutional Attorneys Greg to see what they say to the above.

  97. J. Edgard Blowhard
    10 Whitest States in the US.
    DONALD TRUMP CAN’T BE Stooped, or Stopped!

    She’s EXPOSING how the deep state mafia controls all of us | Redacted Conversation w/ Whitney Webb / 410K views 1 day ago
    Journalist Whitney Webb sits down with Redacted’s Clayton Morris for a dense conversation about her bombshell new book on Jeffrey Epstein’s deep connections to the world’s biggest power players. She exposes the deep corruption and cover up at the heart of the western power structure. Check out her astonishing new book.
    Add a comment…@anthonyshattuck5917 1 day ago
    This woman is how journalism is supposed to be.
    @steviguzman-falukos2423 20 hours ago
    Holy crap she’s a wealth of knowledge! One of the few real investigative journalists remaining, I suspect. [Don’t forget Greg Hunter too!]
    @krazykiel1111 16 hours ago
    In a age when the truth is deemed a conspiracy theory.

  98. Ken Mazel

    Holy smokes AMEN, pray with Greg on this and agree in Jesus’s name AMEN. Great interview Greg, a ray of hope entering the new year.


    • Ken Mazel

      No one agreed or confirmed to pray? Like Steve Quayle has pointed out many times, “there is no political solution to a spiritual problem “. Come on folks we need Nation wide repentance or the US is toast.

  99. Scott

    Each of us could probably look back over our life and see where God intervened and we had no idea what He was doing to set the stage for our safety, benefit, etc….and my guess is most of us would say. “God sure does have a sense of humor”….So, how ironic would it be that we revert back to our Founding Father intention on Jan 6th and have elections in place, decided prior to the State of Union address by D. Trump at the end of the month…..

    Here’s an example of God’s sense of humor…..the US Gov’t providing Musk with billions of dollars for green energy kickbacks and he turns around and use those funds to purchase Twitter and continue the uncovering of the EVIL in this World…

  100. Jim

    For those still desperately clinging onto the Trump Train for dear life (I’m looking at you Greg Hunter!), not realizing it became the Trump Trainwreck long ago, I’ve got some New Year’s Resolution suggestions for you:

    1. When he demands credit for the killer mRNA injection for the 1000th time…GIVE IT TO HIM!
    2. Don’t use the sentence “The DS threatened him & his family” anymore.
    3. Stop blaming his son-in-law, his daughter, the mailman, and everyone EXCEPT Trump for Trump’s actions.
    4. Don’t use the sentence “He was lied to!!!” anymore.
    5. When he throws another Sodomite’s Ball at Mar-A-Lago, don’t be mad you weren’t invited!


    • Greg Hunter

      So, Jim,
      Who has been President for the past 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! The shots came out after the 2020 election and Biden mandated them. DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THAT???!!!

      • NancyJ

        Greg, if you truly think that ACTOR playing Biden is actually president, then I have a bridge to sell you. The part that really disturbs me is the white hats control him ( they have had him make a fool of himself daily….falling up the steps to a plane, falling off his bike, giving speeches with a blood red background & marine cutouts & much more ) & they write his lines. I can’t wait to hear the reason that the ACTOR pushed those clot shots across the nation. I wonder if we will ever hear why his script pushed the shots that caused death & life altering effects by those who took them. And Trump was booed many times at his rallies after bragging about how fast he got 3 vaccines released to the mind controlled public. I don’t even watch his rallies anymore because I don’t know if the real Donald Trump is actually conducting them. At this point I could care less if he returns…..but I do want the truth to be released….all of it.

      • Jim


        “I am the father of the vaccine.”

        —Donald J Trump

        • Greg Hunter

          Biden, “I am the father of forcing people to do the Vax with mandates.”

  101. Frank S.

    Thanks Greg, for looking into the Brunson case that many of us alerted you to. Loy has gotten very popular lately, its lucky you could snag an interview. The case is simply a matter of “Did the defendants follow the law and the Constitution by actively defending our country from ‘enemies foreign and domestic'”? Its a slam-dunk judicially, but will require “spines-of-steel” to rule in favor of We the People.

  102. AliceP

    Greg thank you for this interview. I have to say that this is the first real hope I have had for a correction in this country. All of the rats in the sewer of Washington need to eliminated including their pensions. We’ve all wondered what we could do and these men researched it, figured it out and have done it. The least we can do is write a Friend of the Court letter and support them financially. I have been so concerned about the state of our Constitutional Rights. Now I have hope they may finally be reinstated. God does hear the cry of the poor. We must continue to reach out in prayer to our God. The US is to a beacon for the rest of the free nations of the world as well as those whose freedom has been stripped from them. Pray for the safety and security of our Supreme Court Justices. God bless us everyone!

  103. Marie Joy

    IF Hillary was elected in 2016, WE would be much worse off, now, than we are. President Trump gave us 4 extra years. Whatever he is and whatever he isn’t, those four years are priceless. He’s not perfect but he’s not Hillary.

  104. Joseph

    ‘They’ can’t pack the court if they are thrown out en masse. That’s why the Supremes got involved in greasing the skids for the Brunson brothers.

  105. NancyJ

    Thanks for the interview with Loy Brunson. I have watched other interviews with this brave man. The Brunson brothers deserve our support and gratitude for their brilliant efforts to right a wrong & correct an egregious miscarriage of justice. I hope that the Supreme Court will decide to take this case & rule on it. But does anyone other than me wonder why the court that has already intervened by giving the brothers information on how to reword parts of it, then ask for the revised case to be resubmitted asap & then once it was submitted in October, to sit on it ? I mean if this case is a matter of national security wouldn’t you think that they would have jumped right on it ? Does anyone who has the power to make a decision that affects national security sit & wait rather than act ? 2 months have gone by & while I truly believe they have already made a decision I have to wonder why that decision hadn’t been released. Do the white hats think that we haven’t suffered enough ? Are they waiting for more information drips to be released by Elon ? Are they waiting for the big scare event to take place to wake up more of the normies ? So many times those of us who are awake have had carrots of hope dangled in front of us only to watch that carrot shrivel up & rot. The fact that the truth about the clot shots still hasn’t reached the homes of the normies is infuriating. I really hope that something comes out of this Supreme Court case. I look forward to January 6. I also look forward to the truth about what really happened on 1/6/21 to be revealed. But after 2 years of nothing burgers being served, I just don’t have complete faith that we will ever get the truth or real justice. I hope that I am proven wrong, I really do. I pray every day that this is soon over. I know God hears all of our prayers. I just hope he answers them.

  106. Son Of Ethan Allen

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️We will have honest elections, come hell or high water. Zero tolerance for tyranny.
    Those who do not fight tyranny, are complicit with it.
    Click my name Thank you..

  107. Robert Sinclair

    Love you Greg, in His wonderful name, you have been a blessing to this great nation!

  108. i: a man; travis

    i would have to say with the greatest respect that Greg Hunter is the greatest troller i have ever come across; if you disagree you better come with facts and evidence; not presumptions, assumptions, or hearsay(full stop).

  109. Ken Mazel

    Can’t God’s chosen, the redeemed by the blood just agree to pray our so called Supreme Court rules according to the constitution.

    • Phil

      As praying for murdered aborted children in front of an abortion clinic “will now get you arrested” – will praying for the Supreme Court (to do the right thing) now also be grounds for our arrest??

  110. John Shipp

    I am not a Conspiracy theorist, BUT I am a ” Things are just not adding up and it is becoming pretty obvious theorist”

  111. Cry Me a Ruble

    I know that the patriot Mr. Brunson said that if this case fails in its first attempt that there were alternatives to fall back upon. Let us pray that it is successful on January 6th and there is no need for follow up. There are too many snakes and crooked lawyers in the swamp to allow them any room to breathe. When you have an enemy on the mat you do not allow them time to negotiate the final outcome.

  112. WD

    So let me get this straight…..after multiple rejections by the Supreme court on bringing voter fraud to this court.
    They are now going to let this case through???? Strange!

  113. Big Balinese Wheel Money

    This “case” hasn’t even been accepted by the Supremes, and it won’t be. They’ve already illegally and cravenly punted on the case in which they had Original Jurisdiction (Texas v. PA), so they sure as hell aren’t going to take on this one, which is as Constitutionally unsound as any the Supremes have ruled on.


    • Greg Hunter

      Not the same kind of case and you don’t know what the hell is going on. Stating opinion as fact.

      • James Hall

        At the very least this is going to open up boat loads of law suits. When Andrew Jackson threw out the Bankers it was thousands of people involved he was up against. Going to be a lot of State by State action.

  114. Not So Free

    Greg. Thanks for having him on.
    As much as I’d like to believe a good outcome is possible, I have my doubts.
    The case is on the docket. That doesn’t mean they will actually do anything with it.
    If they have four yes votes, it will go forward, as he said.
    That’s still a long way from a vote on the case itself. (9-0 would be nice.)
    I’ve been around since the 40’s, so I’ve seen what can happen.
    I will send a letter to SCOTUS.
    And most importanly, I’ll pray.

  115. George

    This case goes down to the local school board’s

  116. Wissenschaft

    paging Bo Polny:

    on Jan 6th …. 2023’s first Full Moon, Wolf Moon, is named after howling wolves.

    The Bible says the heavens, stars and planets are signs for learned men to know time cycles. Genesis 1:14

  117. Jeffrobbins

    Had to watch this a second time. Hard to believe there’s no opposition at the conference level/ question part of this story. Normally a legal issue of significant impact will be battled at every turn, every question- delay and distract- wear down the opponents. I wonder if the upper levels of government are really this stupid or this arrogant? Just imagine the legal chops of a major corporation and this is the federal government! Maybe they’re busy hiding all their secret money.
    Greg- Have these guys been threatened or harassed?

  118. Marty

    Hi Greg,

    I’m conflicted on this…

    I think most likely it is just another delay tactic to give people false hope that someone other than yourself or God is going to save you.

    My other thought is they want it to go forward and they want SCOTUS to allow it to happen and then they will just flip SCOTUS off and ignore it. I believe they really want to see huge civil unrest so they can very violently put it down and bring in the blue hats to send all the “insurrectionists” to FEMA camps for “processing”.

    There is no doubt that we are living in very dangerous times… may God have mercy on all of us.


  119. G. S. Patton

    My fellow Americans and, commenters.
    We are under attack! Our chief enemy, Satan, is using a very dangerous weapon against us.
    What is it? Propaganda! A weapon specially designed to attack, not your body, but a thought provoking, existential part.
    Your mind.🤪
    The apostle Paul was alert to the danger that satanic propaganda posed, but not all his fellow Christians were. Some in Corinth, for example, had apparently become overconfident​—thinking that they were so strong in the truth that they could never fall. (1 Cor. 10:12) That is why Paul gave this warning: “I am fearful that somehow, as the serpent seduced Eve by its cunning, your minds might be corrupted away from sincerity and chastity due the Christ.”​—2 Cor. 11:3.
    Paul’s deep concern shows that there is no room for complacency. If you are going to win the battle for your mind, you must recognize the danger that propaganda poses and protect yourself from it.
    PROPAGANDA​— Is the use of biased or misleading information to manipulate the way people think and act. Some equate propaganda with “lies, distortion, deceit, manipulation, mind control, [and] psychological warfare” and associate it with “unethical, harmful, and unfair tactics.”​—Propaganda and Persuasion.
    Like our very own operation mockingbird brained media and British intelligence’s ministry of anything but the truth.
    Real whack jobs mind you!
    How dangerous is they’re propaganda? It is insidious​—like an invisible, odorless, poisonous gas—​and it seeps into our consciousness. Because we may not see propaganda for what it is, behavior specialist Vance Packard observed: “Many of us are being influenced and manipulated​—far more than we realize.” Under its influence, says one scholar, men and women have been “quite easily led into the most preposterously dangerous behaviour”​—such as ‘genocide, war, racist hysteria, religious intolerance and many other forms of irrational behaviour.’​—Easily Led—​A History of Propaganda.
    Just look at Hugh Hewitt! Now if mere men, like Hugh and Hannity can fool us with their propaganda, what might Satan be able to do? He has studied human behavior since man was created. “The whole world” now lies in his power. He can use any part of it to disseminate his lies. (1 John 5:19; John 8:44) So effective has Satan been in ‘blinding people’s minds’ that he now ‘misleads the entire inhabited earth.’ (2 Cor. 4:4; Rev. 12:9) How can you resist his propaganda?
    Jesus gave this simple rule for combating propaganda: “Know the truth, the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31, 32) But since truth is often the first casualty of war, you​—like any other soldier in the heat of battle—​need a source of trustworthy, reliable information to prevent the enemy from playing tricks with your mind. Your creator has provided this. In the pages of the Bible, you can find all you need to combat Satan’s propaganda.​—2 Tim. 3:16, 17.
    Of course, the great propagandist, Satan, knows this. So he uses his system to discourage Bible reading and study. Do not fall for his devious schemes! (Eph. 6:11, ftn.) Become “thoroughly able to comprehend” the full scope of the truth. (Eph. 3:18) That will take real effort on your part. But remember this basic fact expressed by author Noam Chomsky: “Nobody is going to pour truth into your brain. It’s something you have to find out for yourself.” So “find out for yourself” by being diligent in “carefully examining the Scriptures daily.”​—Acts 17:11. And of course keep on keeping on, at!

  120. Frogger

    Great interview. Gives me hope and makes me happy to hear the good fight is continuing for “we the people”.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Frogger.

  121. Coal Burner

    Greg and Mr Loy;
    WOW, that interview was like mana from heaven. This case means that when the criminals find out about this, many lives of a lot good people will be in danger. I bet Biden does everything he can to get Putin to nuke somewhere , or more likely he will have Zelensky false flag a nuke against out homeland. There is nothing that is beyond these evil Deep State scum.

  122. Nika

    Alina Zelinsky was so happy, about fundraising(for Ukraine) in the USA, that she went out and spent 40,000 Euros in Paris!

  123. Michael M

    From Steve Cioccolanti’s The Divine Code.
    15 is a mysterious number pointing to something “hidden”, 10 (law) + 5 (grace) = 15 (hidden in law is grace).
    His book depicts the number 10 as law and the number 5 as grace.
    I had to look it up after the comment that both the docket numbers equal 15.

    Thanks, Greg, for all you do. May God be with you and your family.

  124. Elle

    OMG. I wish it will work.

  125. Gabriel Angel Mas

    Yes Greg, This is it. In fact January 6 is 3Kings day, the day that maybe “symbolically”Jesus was found by this 3 kings say the Bible. Hens I think will Happen and I will be praying and begging GOD for a miracle , because only with the Lord intervention this will be the biggest event of 2023. Thank you Greg for all. God blessed you. AMEN!

    • Phil

      The miracle may be that the UN/WEF takes down the Deep State Criminals in Washington AC/DC for us – let them do it – then – We The People take down the UN/WEF Globalists and “restore our Constitutional Republic”!!

  126. Dylan

    I have lost faith in the election system and in the faux-conservative Republicans. I will still vote Red just in case my vote does matter, but I don’t count on it.
    If Trump runs, I may very well vote for him, but I have no pretenses of his being a great man. He has degenerate morals, and if I remember correctly, he was one of the men named on the Lolita Express passenger files–I read about this before Jeffrey Epstein committed “suicide”, even before he was arrested.
    I wish I could share in Mr. Hunter’s optimism about Trump. But the fact of the matter is that I find it hard to believe that the president did not know about the damaging nature of the vaccines. Even now as such is quite obvious, Trump insists on the vaccines being good for us. Either he is in on the charade, or he cares more about his image than about revealing the truth. Both lower Trump in my estimation of the man.
    If you are reading this, Mr. Hunter, thanks for all the interviews. I am most interested in the geopolitical side of things. Perhaps you could interview a guest who specializes in these matters again. I think 2023 and these next few years will host the sunset of the West and the rise of the East.

    • Rose Mont Sellicka

      If Trump was on the Sue Lyon Lolita Expresso’, there’d be no doubt!
      Wake up and smell the bird poop of the operation Mockingbird brained CIA shenanigan’s! Trump pass’s the smell test, hands down mate!

  127. Cathy Palmer

    Mailing my letters today and in hopes of a better tomorrow, here are the Brunson Brothers!

  128. Andrew Harrison

    The legal system is a way of resolving disagreement without resort to violence and as such it is to be hoped that this case prevails. When one casts an eye to the history of the English speaking peoples it can be seen that in cases of disagreement over who controls national sovereignty, in the name of the people, then the absence of an effective legal system leads eventually to civil strife and in extreme cases bloody civil wars, this has
    happened in both UK and USA, although powerful modern standing armies make effective civil war much less likely to prevail, for civil war you need two opposing armies afterall. I hope that despite all the corruption of both our constitutions’ that the events of the last period can be resolved legally; however those in positions of power illegitimately will fight to keep their authority, and, although all avenues must be exhausted, I have my doubts that the legal system shall be allowed to take effect. I think Martin Armstrong’s point about the Justices imposing a remedy that an investigation must happen is perhaps the best that can realistically be hoped for? Great interview. Thanks Greg, Happy New Year!

  129. Russ D

    The Brunson case will be dismissed on January 6th………

    2023: Abolish the Standing “Requirement” in Federal Courts
    By Devvy Kidd|January 2nd, 2023

  130. Cathy Palmer

    To all you Debbie Downers, remember this: The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. With God all things are possible.

    • Robert K

      ^^^Amen Cathy! This a thousand times over! Nothing is impossible with God.

  131. Mrs. T. Abraham

    Author: Steven MacMillan
    BBC – a Biased Propaganda Arm of Anglo-American Power
    “Not since Iraq have I seen BBC News working at propaganda strength like this. So glad I’m out of there”

  132. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg and Loy Brunson: Wowee Zowee!! To the naysayers, look up Tom Petty’s story and listen to his song. “I won’t back down, no I won’t back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell…well I won’t back down”.

  133. larry Rohrer

    Well representative government failed. How to fix that?

    Anyways there is one last fix attempt: FRAUD

    Its seems in a number of cases that if a candidate committed fraud to gain the election he can be thrown out of the office. NOT election fraud as I said representative government has already failed there. If his/her application to be put on the ballot was fraudulent such as spelling their name wrong or misrepresenting their ability to serve

    1) The easy one is BIDen is not competent to serve. He is and has been taking medication for some variant of dementia
    2) K. Harris is not a natural born citizen as defined by the constitution. She was not born to two US citizens. In fact her father was paid by a foreign government while teaching Marxist theory and never became a US citizen.

  134. Merry Piper

    To Cathy Palmer: Thanks greatly for posting the Brunson Brothers link. Made my day! Love the joy of it all!

  135. Susan R

    May the Brunson brothers be the starting point of turning this world around. God bless them, this is the portal to save this world. Thank you, Greg, for giving us all the brightest hope to end this year.

  136. Ginny Silcox

    Brunson for President! Great interview…thanks, Greg.

  137. KC

    Revolution = 2nd Amendment “when do we get to use the guns”

  138. Marie Joy

    “You cannot reason with evil. It wants what it wants and won’t stop until it wins or you kill it. To kill it is to be meaner than evil.” John Dutton – Yellowstone

  139. Tia C

    Greg can you get Clif HIgh—now a nacent scripture expert—to explain why John the Baptist is said to have eaten locusts.

    Surely this means you and Bo Polny and Mark Taylor would be accomodative of WEF dietary recommenations to eat bugs?

    And does Jonathan Cahn eat bacon, if not then he is not a Christian.

  140. John M.

    Thanks Greg for the good coverage!
    No matter what comes of it, one has to admit that it’s an absolutely amazing case and development. I’ve been following it with fascination for several weeks.

  141. Jez Bell

    if this case goes through as Brunson would have it, then that results in new elections, and if so, then it means the father of the vax would not be returning because at this point the only ones who would be stupid enough to vote for him are those who are false prophets or not very smart.

    Trump claims to be a huge sports fan. He associated with Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson. But somehow Trump cannot figure this out:

  142. Boswell

    Hmmm? Are the “supremes” just waiting for a Solid Case? Maybe this will be it??? 😉

  143. Justn Observer

    Greg, for those with time to watch and consider these links pertaining to what IS happening today?
    Let us hope this effort for remedy by the Supreme Court is by honest and God-fearing justices…because if this is ‘a last chance’ to return to the Constitution and Rights…peacefully…what may have to follow…to keep from being sucked into the world cabal’s surveillance, control and rule might get rather messy. I personally do not believe neither Scalia simply fell asleep under his pillow in that odd place in Texas nor was I surprised at the odd about face of Roberts on the Obama don’t CARE …un-affordable healthcare ACT, nor the inability of a highly entrained new justice that cannot determine the difference between a man or woman.
    So, although one does HOPE for a positive outcome…one is rightly inclined to be skeptical given the more present circumstances and events and the people put in such position on the court and by which selected-elected people who voted to put them there… Time will tell, and ‘their’ decisions will tell as much about them…as it does about the court itself. The courts have already shown their ability to NOT allow witnesses and evidence on many levels…why would they start now?

  144. Scott

    If SCOTUS does not abide by the Constitution with this case, then we could quite possibly see Military intervention.

    • Phil

      Military intervention by UN/WEF Blue Hats “should be allowed to proceed” to take out the Deep State, all the corrupt traitors in the House and Senate and the US Military Industrial Complex – then after they do the dirty work – “We the People take out the Globalists and Restore our Constitutional Republic”!!

  145. Jeff

    Nothing will happen with this case just like everything else. The communist are in control and the rest of us are just peons. The second amendment is all that is left to save this republic.

    Hopeium f0r the masses. Q is not real except in James Bond movies etc. You have all been played.

  146. Kiera Daniels

    there is sometimes truth to the adage, never trust a man who has not drunk liquor.

    • Phil

      I guess someone who thought it was a good idea to go against God’s word by publicly supporting 500 gays and their evil agenda at a lavish party – would also openly attack the pro-life movement and support the jabs!!!

  147. Steve

    If Brunson wins, what does the next step look like? I am trying to wrap my head around the following day, weeks, months. For example, if it was discovered with absolute proof that Obama was born outside the US, then what? Would all his signatures on bills, promotions, agreements etc etc, etc, be null and void. How would that be enforced? Imagine the chaos.
    I hope Brunson wins, but there will be a ton of work to rebuild while being attacked by the leftists. Which is why it would be easier to split the country up into separate smaller countries and start fresh.

  148. Jerry

    Here is an update. Apparently there has been talk from the FDIC about bail ins in the coming weeks.

    This does seem to tie in with Jim Rickard”s prediction about Biden’s
    plan for digital currency. In addition Basel 4 is scheduled to go into effect the end of January. Watch the markets the next few weeks.

  149. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg. Did you hear about Monday Night Football Game incident just now?

    I just received a bunch of texts about it from people I referred to your website about the bio weapon,

  150. Steve Bice

    Unclear if this collapse is from the tackle at this time or something else. But this young man (24 years old) needs prayer. He’s in trouble…

    • susan

      Steve, Did you see it? My husband did firsthand and claimed it was not at all normal. It made me feel almost like 9-11 when it first happened. All the players and thousands of people were all totally shocked, crying and praying. It would be nice if this would wake some people up about the vax.

      • Steve Bice

        Hi Susan: I did not see it live, but saw a replay in the immediate aftermath and turned on the game.

        I agree the pall cast over the crowd was very unusual, as is the wall to wall coverage since it happened. We turned the game on immediately, and saw the ambulance and all the players on the field. Very sad.

        Two thoughts: First, if you look at how shoulder pads are built today, they cover the entire chest wall and sternum. The blow should have been distributed, and frankly, the hit didn’t look that violent…maybe a 7 on a scale of 10.

        With regard to waking people up, the resistance to clearly warranted vaxx criticism is very strong. If you look at social media and the various comment sections on articles about the incident, vaxx proponents rage at anyone even suggesting the vaccines are damaging our bodies. As most of us here know, there is something very, very wrong both with the mRNA products and the unrelenting zeal with which they are pushed.

        Could it have been a one-in-a-million hit at just the wrong spot and time? Sure. Is it likely? Not in my opinion, in the context of all the other reported incidents across the world in young athletes. Could it be vaccine damage? Absolutely…or a combination of both where vaccine damage predisposed Damar to a catastrophic outcome.

        It is obvious that the evidence is in that the vaccines should be stopped and aggressively investigated…and it is equally obvious that there is a governmental and corporate wall that is blocking any investigation.

        I think it will have to get quite extreme and ugly before (some) people begin to wake up. Sadly, it looks like we are on our way.

        Take care…

  151. Nika

    Greg, Did Bo Polny receive any revelations from God, concerning Loy Brunson’s Supreme Court Case? Or did Clif High receive any data from the internet?

    • Jensen Peters

      should ask the Trump-prophet why Trump attacks pro-life voters (i.e., Roman Catholics and Baptists) the other day, and why is Trump endorsing WEF member Kevin McCarthy:

  152. Nika

    Greg, Did Bo Polny or Clif High receive any revelations concerning Loy Brunson’s Supreme Count Case?

  153. PersonaNonGrata

    Paul Craig Roberts sums up the disastrous events of 2022 . . .

    • Vernon Locke

      Greg, its time for the adult in the room, err country, the…… world!

  154. Father Time

    The Greatest Tax System in the World
    Why can’t America be as great as the Faroe Islands?
    By Ryan Cooper January 2, 2023, 6 AM ET
    If one thing unites all Americans, it’s the conviction that paying taxes is a pain. Even those like myself who don’t mind contributing their fair share to keep seniors off the street hate having to fill out all of the paperwork, especially if our taxes are complicated. The Tax Foundation estimates that filling out tax forms eats up 6.5 billion hours of work a year, for an economic cost of something like $313 billion. There’s a better way—but for depressing reasons, the United States probably won’t take it.

  155. Covington

    Greg, you ROCK! And I have to say that Karen Kingston kicks ass and takes names too. Great interview wth Mr. Brunson. I had to correct Karen’s spelling. Sorry. I love your website Greg You give great hope and your positive nature assuages all my fears. I just have really been having a real problem with depression because of what is happening to our nation. But Greg you really give me hope. You provide real encouragement for me. Thank you.

  156. Rodent Serving

    Gravitas LIVE | China’s bogus vaccines: How China fooled the world | Latest World News | WION
    Tonight on Gravitas:- China’s bogus vaccines …
    And those of us that were not fooled are called conspiracy theorists
    “Do any of the experimental serums work?” The entire pandemic is a psyop! IT’S A COOKBOOK!

  157. Liam Bartmess

  158. Shiloh1

    Aaron Rodgers smarter and more honest than Trump, just sayin.

  159. Justn Observer

    Greg, a glimmer of a positive outcome to start the New Year?
    Second Amendment victory! A court has just ruled that New York’s red flag laws are unconstitutional! A vid all should send to their Sheriff, State and Federal ””representatives?”’ as you might also remind them of their oaths? and stop the harrassment and expense and impingements of peoples Constitutional rights for ‘their’ political reasons and pushing of unelected globalist agenda by the WEFers!

  160. Shiloh1

    This was just a couple of weeks ago –

    Beasley shared that the dustup really hit home when his son told him he was uninvited to a friend’s birthday party.

    “There were some times last year where I would get some stuff from people and it would be a little frustrating just because, before, it wasn’t like that. So it was a change,” Beasley said. “There was a time last year, and it really killed me. There was a kid that came up to him and told him that he couldn’t come to his birthday party because his mom didn’t like me. He had no idea what was going on.”

  161. Utter B. Chaos

    Bret Weinstein: I will be vindicated over Covid

    306K subscribers




    Freddie Sayers sits down to discuss the pandemic response with biologist Bret Weinstein.
    Read the supporting article:… …
    @thomasward2165 6 months ago
    As a biologist I have studied the covid 19 issue from the start with an open mind. As the last two years unfolded I found more questions than answers, found more deceit and authoritarianism manipulation and commercial greed than I have ever seen before. Sadly, the research I have conducted brings me to the conclusion that mass psychosis is not only real but relatively easy to achieve. I have lost friends over this subject and family members often dismiss anything other than the government narrative. I am glad to be in the minority of the 3% who utilize critical thinking.

    • Greg Hunter

      It you see the documents from Karen Kinston, you will see it is not a virus It is a nano bot bioweapon.

  162. Thomas West

    The squabble over who should be the Speaker is yet further evidence of the disarray within the Republican party. The GOP is unfit to govern and it’s time for christian conservatives to find a new leader and form a new party, one that truly reflects our unwavering faith, values and allegiance to the Constitution.

  163. Agony Booth Repairman

    The prepper channels are all ablaze this week, everything from the FDIC coming out with bail-ins Friday January 6 at night; to you are out of time to prep; to the largest Russian military offensive since WW-II to occur within weeks.

    It is a pity that all the American war materials paid for by the stupid American working taxpayers, will either be: sold on eBay by the Ukraine Nazi Party, be destroyed by the Russian army or captured by it.

    Billions and billions for Ukraine: Someone said it is terrific for American companies that produce all these war materials, regardless of whether they get blown up by the Russians or blown up on the Russians, or confiscated by Russians or any other 3rd party. The important thing is America is working again, producing billions$$$ to be blown up or sold on the black market.

    No mention of the 100,000 people already dead or the 8.4 billion people that are in the pot, bet like chips on a Vegas table!!

    Will Biden be doubling down again early February, requesting half of the US GDP $$$ to be sent over to Ukraine?

    Biden is like that guy that spent all of his money, sold all of his assets, borrowed up to limit, and spent it all playing a single slot machine over and over… insisting that ONE MORE PULL will be the winner!!

    Biden is a degenerate gambler, and soon it will come down to betting the entire Earth just to win his foolish war supporting the Ukrainian Nazi Party. We will be lucky to see another new year.

  164. Rich Milford

    Thanks more than ever Greg and Brunson Brothers….this might be your most important show because it also contains the remedy! I hope all the internet commentators can get to send these guys the letter they ask for so they have some more ammo for the Supreme Court if they need it later! I’m late but my copies go out tomorrow, you can find a letter and the addresses on the links Greg provided with the show!

  165. Bob Lamb

    I can see the SC finding the 350 guility, but would there be any penalty?

    • Greg Hunter

      Loss of government job and lifetime ban for any gov job in the fiuture.

  166. Christine

    Don’t forget, the Supreme Court refused to hear the first case for election fraud!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Brunson v. Adams 22-380 is on the Supreme Court docket. Let’s all pray.

  167. M

    Good interview Greg…you were on fire! 🙂 I was wondering when you were going to interview Loy Brunson.

  168. Michael

    Christopher James – Canadian – site – A Warrior Calls.
    The BAR’s Rules of Civil Procedure do not apply to We the People!
    Time for pitchforks.

  169. Tyler

    Hi Greg,

    Well there you go again, hitting a homerun with the bases loaded! What an over the top interview and thanks for closing with a prayer!

    We need to all continue to pray for this country and the Supreme Court! And pray for the leadership of this country, that the corrupt be removed and be replaced with righteous men and women who honor what is right and just.

  170. Upsidedown Flying Dutchman

    I smell a rat. No republican speaker of the house. If Brunson case goes through Patty Murray (demacrat senator from Washington) is in line for president. Total chaos.

  171. Upsidedown Flying Dutchman

    Possible reason the sc made a turn around to hear the case was to exrcute their plan. Possible reason there has been no answer from the democrats to the charges. Removal of embarrasement Biden/Harris but still own the presidency. With new elections to replace dismissed congressmen democrats may regain the house. If the sleepy public accepts the changes maybe there will be no chaos

  172. T Worley

    Compelling Article
    The Truth About the Brunson Case By Adam Carter / Tracy Beanz – December 30, 2022

  173. Phyllis Wallace

    All hope is gone. SCOTUS denied the Brunson case. We are can now be called the USSA. I’m very sad about this but not surprised at all.

    • Greg Hunter

      All hope is never gone with Jesus. Please don’t say this. We fight on. Evil wants you to give up–don’t.

  174. John Devereaux

    I admire Mr. Loy Brunson’s ingenuity with his brothers. As expected, the Supreme Court just declined their case – it was a great effort. Still, I am sure the judges are either compromised with control files or were threatened since John Roberts’s comments this past week where he commented that judges needed ‘protection services.’ The current system will continue until Q2/Q3 when Ed Dowd and John Titus seem to be in the same time frame – where the economy tanks, maybe where the BRICS nations coordinate a US Dollar Alternative, or when the Dieoff is so blunt and so in your face – constant new narratives will no longer work. Ed Dowd, in many interviews, sees Q3 when it takes off – so July/August will be interesting to watch.

    I say get ready, batten down the hatches, and watch because I see more and more people dropping on the Telegram app daily of various sports athletes and news reporters. I have to say this – pain is the only way people will get out of their trances. God even used pain to wake up the Israelites. Even I get taken to the woodshed when I am wrong by God.

  175. Penelope

    JFC, what are you people huffing?

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