Libyan Sinkhole

By Greg Hunter’s

The U.S. signed on for another war this past weekend with Libya.  The action came after a much hyped U.N. Security Council resolution last week that allowed coalition nations “. . . to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack in the country. . .”  The main component of the resolution is to enforce “a no-fly zone” so Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi, cannot use air strikes against his own people.  This seems to be a noble action backed by the U.N. and the Arab League.  With missile and air strikes underway, there are many unanswered questions.  There seems to be no clear definition of the mission by the President.  Saturday, Obama said, I am deeply aware of the risks of any military action . . . The use of force is not our first choice and it’s not one I make lightly. But we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy.”  I am sure the President understands the risks, but what exactly are the goals of the mission?  The President has said “Gaddafi has to go.”  However, Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, says the operation is “limited” and “potentially one outcome”is Gaddafi could stay in power. There are many mind boggling questions.  How will we know if we have accomplished our goals if they are unstated?  How long will we bomb Libya?  A week?  A month?  A year?  What happens if the rebels break the cease fire and mount a counterattack against Gaddafi?  Will we, then, bomb them?  The governments of Yemen and Bahrain are shooting protesters there; why don’t we push for “no-fly zones” in those countries?  Speaker of the House, John Boehner, seems to support the action but also said yesterday, Before any further military commitments are made, the administration must do a better job of communicating to the American people and to Congress about our mission in Libya and how it will be achieved.” (Click here to read Mr. Boehner’s complete story from Other Republicans, such as Lindsey Graham, wholeheartedly support the assault against Gaddafi and want him removed from power.  Graham calls the Libyan leader a “criminal” and wants a full investigation into his role in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing.  But other Republicans, such as Congressman Ron Paul, say the “no-fly zone is an act of war,” and it is unconstitutional without Congressional approval.  Congressman Paul also thinks U.S. involvement in the no-fly zone is a very bad idea.  (Click here for Rep. Paul’s complete Congressional address from March 10.)   Representative Paul isn’t the only one questioning the military attack in Libya.  Members of the President’s own party are reportedly fuming over the missile strike taken over the weekend.  A story on Saturday said, “. . . the objections from a vocal group of anti-war Democrats on Capitol Hill could become a political problem for Obama, especially if “Operation Odyssey Dawn” fails to topple Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi, leads to significant American casualties, or provokes a wider conflict in the troubled region of North Africa. . . . They consulted the Arab League. They consulted the United Nations. They did not consult the United States Congress,” one Democrat lawmaker said of the White House. “They’re creating wreckage, and they can’t obviate that by saying there are no boots on the ground. … There aren’t boots on the ground; there are Tomahawks in the air.”  (Click here to read the complete story.) And, remember, the approval from the Arab League for the “no-fly zone?”  Yesterday, after video of the attacks on Libya covered TV screens in the Arab world, that “approval” seemed to be waning.  Sunday, The Washington Post reported, “The Arab League secretary general, Amr Moussa, deplored the broad scope of the U.S.-European bombing campaign in Libya and said Sunday that he would call a league meeting to reconsider Arab approval of the Western military intervention.  Moussa said the Arab League’s approval of a no-fly zone on March 12 was based on a desire to prevent Moammar Gaddafi’s air force from attacking civilians and was not designed to endorse the intense bombing and missile attacks. . .”  (Click here to read the complete Washington Post story.) I used to live in Florida, and I saw firsthand how a sinkhole could swallow a house.  Will Libya turn into a sinkhole that swallows American foreign policy?  That is one question that will surely be answered before this military action is finished.

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  1. Steve A.

    My first thought on hearing about our involvement in Libya was “Oh God, No.” We have been responsible for the lions share in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan so the last thing we need is another conflict we can’t afford to pay for. Let the Europeans and the Arab League deal with this civil war. Oh wait, I see Obama says we won’t have boots on the ground! Well I guess that makes it OK. (JK).

  2. Reader

    Too many bad things are happening – can’t keep track of them.

  3. Lew

    With no good economic news on the horizon for the foreseeable future, Obama has done what every politician would do, find a NEW enemy.

  4. Keith

    Where are all the Bush hating “No war for oil” folks now?

  5. Hoppe

    So we attach a sovereign nation that has not attacked us.

    Here we go again. Bush boys doctrine carries on.

    But wait, this is not about another brutal African dictator, there are plenty of others across Africa that we ignore.

    I feel like the victim of pickpocket in a crowd. Someone jostling me from one side, while the thief does his magic on the other.

    So what is the Federal Reserve up to right now?

    Eisenhower was soooo right.

    • Allen

      Hoppe, You have nailed it completely. The M.I.C. is on the side of the illuminati!!! Please share with me the fact that light will always overcome dark. Good will win the end!

      • Allen

        Should have ended with Good will win in the end. Sorry for the error. Please let everyone seek light and love from this point onward, Say NO to negative energy!!

  6. Art Barnes

    I saw Mullen on Fox’s interview, he didn’t answer one question on dirct point; he hedged, went around, and never made a clear statement about Libya or its mission. I think it is because he doesn’t have a clear understanding of the mission.

    Then later, news comes out that the “compound” was struck but they were not trying to get the Colonel. First of all, why is every leader we don’t like palace or home called a compound? Secondly, if you bomb my home but you say you are not trying to kill me, are you kidding? Statements from our government like that create more credibility gap for other peoples. The statement should have been we are targeting the Colonel, he is a legal target; its true and at least its credible.

    The issue is when the Colonel is gone who are the rebels? Will we like them? Will the people accept them or will there be more civil war?

    The heart of the issue is: WHEN WILL OUR GOVERNMENT STOP INTERFERING WITH OTHER COUNTRIES AND POLICING THE WORLD and devote its energy to making this country and its citizens functional again. The discontent here is growing quickly and widely, with inflation and employment troubles, debt, foreclosures, taxes, price hikes, crime, bank fraud, wall street ponzi games, stagflation, trade imbalance, worthless diplomas, consumer bankruptcies, the homeless, small business closures, hungry seniors, health care cost surging, borders open, terrorism alerts, ocean coast losing fisheries, melting glaziers, hurricans, oil spills, airport pat downs, street cameras, police shootings, Arizona type crazy killers, loss of mental health care, crooked congress people, $500 toilet seats for the military,
    food safety issues, insider trading, states & cities broke, temporary
    government bugets, child porn, internet idenity theft, illegal drugs,
    Detroit and cities like it look like war zones, and on and on and on.

    Simply stated: We need to address the above isuses first and foremost before we continue to “Romanize the world”.

    • Greg

      He did the same thing on Meet the Press. Libya is a mistake, a big one.

      • markm

        Hey Art,

        You and I disagree only by degrees; you want more restraint than I do. However, this war is NOT in line with the MarkM doctrine.

        MarkM doctrine:

        The US military must be used to protect the sea lanes and air lanes of international communication. We must demand that other countries help with this job.

        We will go to war to protect VITAL American interests only. International travel and trade are vital American interests. Stopping countries from invading and conquering other countries is a vital international and US interest.

        OK…What is the vital American interest in Libya? What airspace is threatened? What sea lanes are threatened? Why are we making it easy for an Islamo facsist regime to take over Libya?

        What is our exit strategy? What is the definition of victory for the Libyan war?

        Who are we, what are we, and why are we in Libya?

        Oh yea, we are broke. The military has not been funded for all of this work. The next president is going to inherit a broken-down military with no ordinance on the shelf.


        • Robert

          “Oh, yea, we’re broke”
          You’re never “broke” as long as there is ink for the printing presses- this is the moral equivalent of a crooked rancher salting his cattle, and the American people have no one to blame but themselves as long as they tolerate unlimited deficit spending for one undeclared and un-debated war after another. We are watching capitulation to the military-industrial-congressional complex that is a very shabby form of “eugenics”: extermination of the poor, the elderly, all the while domestic infrastructure is crumbling or outmoded. But how to stand up to those armed to the teeth and now insensitive to slaughter, quite plausibly ready to turn it on their own citizens?

    • Lew

      What I would add to your comments is that while Gaddafi may not be the person WE would like to see running Libya, the revolt against him failed. And with the failure comes consequences that will be wrung from the “rebels”.
      These “revolts” are akin to mini civil wars in these countries. Civil wars have always been best left to the locals to sort out (but, history has not been taught in our schools for many years, so how would anyone know of past failures?). And yes, who are these “rebels”? I doubt they are simple peace and freedom loving people. I say for one thing, we are too culturally ignorant to become involved with ANY of these situations of unrest.

      Even as the worlds “policeman” I feel that we need to let situations play out before sending in the hounds so quickly. I would not be surprised to see Gaddafi as the last man standing when this is over. You never count out the crazy man in the room in any circumstance, especially when involving violent actions.

      Like I said in my original post, with no good news on the horizon, we have been presented with yet another distraction. Washington does not have this countries best interest at heart. We continue to be sold down the river.

  7. Norm Ezzie

    Imagine just a mere 10 years ago this former community organizer,then a junior senator from Chicago,who now is in the position of a CEO (globally I might add here)- actually thinks we believe this is all about envoking democracy throughout the Arab World! Dig a little deeper and its not about democracy,its about “Strategic-Selected-Security-among Chaos”! How does America hide its financail issues/energy too? A larger and longer conflict,with the blessings of those Central Planners and Central Bankers- Question for you skeptics- Do you feel a little uneasy now about everything,when it comes to that foreign policy orchestrated by those diabolical Central Planners and Central Bankers? After all,using our Armed Forces has their personal insurance company is brilliant planning,is it not? Lets Free Cuba and North Koreal next! Whatta say?

    • Greg

      I agree. We must be in very bad shape financially for the powers to be pulling this.

    • kc ramone

      You do CEO’s of the world a great disservice. A real CEO understands making payroll, the difference between debit and profit, new ways of raising company capital, (rather than taxation,) and, importantly, having to answer to shareholders. I don’t think obama really understands how business works and if he does, then, there’s no excuse why he and his gov’t are such a hindrance to business, large and small. But, if his real agenda, is to destroy the backbone of America,(vision and exceptionalism,) he’s outdoing himself.

  8. Tom H

    “But we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy.” Barack Owebama

    Pot calls kettle black.

    I read a while ago (many months) that JP Morgan has a lot of derivatives that they will lose on big time when silver trades above 36, and that if $36 silver is reached we will go to war. Don’t know how true it is, but silver reached 36 and Libya went boom. USA once again attempts to spread democracy and freedom by bombing the shit out of a foreign nation. Good Job Gubmint! Does this help the budget deficit?

    • Greg

      Tom H,
      As I write this at 11:33 am EST. we have silver at $35.97. A few minutes ago it was $36.02. You are probably on to something here.

    • Hoppe

      @ Tom, you must be racist 8>)

  9. markm

    Hello Greg,

    Another war? Just what we need. We are decreasing military capability, we have two battle groups occupied in Japan, our Army and Marines are involved in Iraq and Afganistan, and Obama wants the military to do more.

    And, we are deficit spending by 40%.

    The messiah is not an intelligent human being. He is an idiot and hypocrit.


  10. NM

    I’m not worried about Libya. The country that worries me and that is presently disintegrating is Yemen. It is a poor, lawless country full of islamic fundamentalist fighters.

    We won’t bomb Yemen because it has no oil, but as I’ve said here before, they are strong cultural and geographic links between Yemen and Somalia (another lawless land full of Islamic fighters).

    The next terror attack on American soil will come from either Yemen or Somalia. The news media has ignored Somalia but I’m from East Africa and what is happening there is very dangerous.

    The other country to worry about is Algeria. It had a brutal civil war after the islamists won an election and the government (with US support) rigged the results. Algeria is next and you will not end up with a western leaning democracy in that country.

    This is not about democracy taking hold anywhere.

    • Tom H

      NM Said: “The next terror attack on American soil will come from either Yemen or Somalia.”

      My statement would have been, “The next terror attack on American Soil will be made to appear like it came from either Yemen or Somalia.”

      You see NM, I am yet to see any evidence that the middle east is attacking our shores. I see lots of evidence of false flags.

      IMHO, I don’t think we should be at all worried about Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Russia, North Korea, etc., etc.

      The country that scares me the most, I am sad to say, is mine. The biggest threat to the USA is its own government (or more properly, the bankers that own our elected officials).

      • rhett


      • rhett

        Tom has it correct when he wrote “The country that scares me the most, I am sad to say, is mine. The biggest threat to the USA is its own government (or more properly, the bankers that own our elected officials).”

        This is one of the few times I have read this type of response. Pay attention folks. These fraudistas have been pulling the wool over many eyes.

        But the game’s up. Fire the lot and start with fresh talent that will honor and respect the Constitution for what it is…the guide for the construct of our government not some old document to be ignored and replaced with this newly defined soft tyranny our government has become.

  11. M SMITH

    Greg, 10 to 1 bet we have already have boots on the ground, just not regular Army! We old military folks call this a total FUBAR from the top down, hell most low grade seamen have more common sense that H.Clinton & Obama & the team of czars who should be lock away in Gitmo.

    Greg, I am glad my parents don’t have to live through the mess we are in, they live through the great depression, but what we face will make it look a walk in the park. GOD be with all of you!

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      We probably have special forces conducting business there and have eyes on targets. I wouldn’t bet against you because I think you are correct.

      • markm

        I concur.

        Were specical forces used to rescue the downed F-15 crew?


  12. Jan

    The blowback of this mess will be huge. The Arab League our “friends” too cowardly to get their hands dirty is has already turned on us. The Arabs are fickle friends.

    We act on the authority of a UN Resolution? Where are the UN troops? The “no-fly zone” has been accomplished, time to stop bombing and turn the whole mess over to the UN or the Arab League to resolve.

    • Art Barnes

      Bravo my friend, exactly what should happen. I suspect the great Arab League will sit this one out (as usual).

  13. Jmac

    I suspect all of this… Iraq, Egypt, Libya, etc… is part of a multi decade project to transform the middle east. Libya appears to be just one act of a multi act show, a small sliver of the overall pie. I would say we are witnessing what was established under the bush admin. known as “shock and awe”. I’m guessing Khaddafi will take a brutal pounding for a couple of weeks until he is properly softened up. At that point all of the outside assistance will back down a bit, watching everything very closely as the freshly armed rebels make their move. I would also say that the disparity between the official communications from the Obama admin. and the actions on the ground are absolutely intentional and being orchestrated by the military. The fog of war is a potent weapon. Miscommunication and the resulting confusion is a clever weapon. This whole thing really looks like a giant pre-orchestrated plan loosely conceived over many years and many administrations. The US helped keep a lid on the middle east for decades but knew it would boil over at a point. Now we are there and the objective is to try to direct that energy in the “right” direction according to the steering committee working behind the scenes.

    • kc ramone

      The salient question is,” Who is the steering committee working behind the scenes?” I think the public would be very surprised to find out who the real puppet master is. I’m not a gambler, but I’d bet it’s not anyone connected to the military nor a banker.

      • markm

        George Soros? Puppet master?


  14. lostinmissouri

    I hope, everyone who voted for BHO, because he would close Gitmo, end “Bush’s evil wars”, and bring home our boys, are so sick, that they are puking! Where’s that “change”, all of you fell for?

    Bombing Gaddafi, for killing his own people, and then turning a blind eye to the Saudis, doing the same thing, makes me want to puke!

    What a joke our present President and CONgress are. Americans must say “enough”! sign me..royally Chapped!

    • Art Barnes

      Yea, where are all the “change we can believe in” people, haven’t heard a word from them. I can remember a speach of Obama’s when he was running for the White House where he said he would not take us to war or put our soldiers in harms way without consulting and getting the approval of the american people & Congress first. Evidently, the President consulted the European Union, France, England, the Arab Leage & Nato, but forgot to talk to us common folks here or the U.S. Congress.

    • maria oceanna

      I voted for Ohbumma….won’t do it again. Would vote GOP if needed.

      O is going down. And maybe Mother Nature is going to get the last say in all this with big quakes right here at home.

  15. mitchbupp

    a no fly zone where evidently tanks fly because they sure were shot down or maybe this is a real fly-zone where anywhere a fly can land is in the zone! We have had troops on the ground since the third week of February according to news reports I hear; and Hillary Clinton has already said that is he doesn’t we wil remove him ….. sounds like invasion to me

  16. Jay

    Libya produces a particular grade of crude that is more fit for use in jet aircraft than the oil that comes from other nations.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jay, that is good to know.

    • Deborah


      [Brazilian Pres] Rousseff appears to be leaning toward Boeing (BA.N) in a multi-billion dollar Air Force tender, and Washington hopes to advance the bid, although no major developments are expected.

      Rousseff’s surprise decision in January to restart the bidding process for the tender was one of the earliest signs of the pro-U.S. shift under her administration. [ID:nN0884390]

      Lula strongly favored a competing bid by France’s Dassault (AVMD.PA). Yet Rousseff told Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner she believes Boeing’s F-18 is the best jet among the finalists, and that the deal could modernize the Air Force and improve strategic and trade ties with Washington.

      Rousseff’s doubts revolve around Washington’s willingness to authorize transfers of proprietary technology that Brazil wants as a way to help develop its own defense industry.

      • Greg

        Good stuff Deborah. Thank you.

  17. Marcel

    It’s easy to see where all of this is going.
    This makes the third attack by we infidels on a Muslim country.
    We will need to sell our fair and balanced,level playing field to assuage their concerns about our penchant for attacking only Muslim’s.

    The biggest cosmic trap in the history of civilization is in play.

    When Israel does something necessary but bad to Lebanon,Syria or Gaza the Arab League will call for an emergency U.N Security Council resolution which by a 10-0 vote will call for the formation of a broad coalition to punish the Jews for defending themselves against Syria,Lebanon,Iran and their proxy armies Hizbollah and Hamas.
    This will greatly please a majority of the inhabitants of the world and balance out the lopsided 3 infidel ‘crusader’ wars against Muslim nations.
    The trap is laid and soon to be sprung.

    ‘I will also gather all nations,
    And bring them down to the Valley of *Jehoshaphat;
    (*God is Judge/location: Jezreel valley)
    And I will enter into judgment with them there
    On account of My people, My heritage Israel,
    Whom they have scattered among the nations;
    They have also divided up My land.
    Joel 3:2

    • Art Barnes

      Interesting comment. If this country backs away from its committment
      to Israel and lets the Muslims have a lick at Israel to balance out our three wars on Muslim soil, God help them and us. Our present committment is the only thing holding the Prophets and their prophecy’s from coming to fuition. For the skeptics, God has a plan for you too!

  18. BigTom

    Greg – you raise good questions americans should be concerned about. here is one more. France taking a leadership role in the bombing of libya? something here does not pass the sniff test. this is way out of character for them. are there things going on the public is not being told about? sure. could there be something else is at issue here? i think probably. i can’t help but marvel at the analysis on MSM and the internet that assume revolutions are all about freedom, justice, liberty and prosperity. all revolutions are not about the same thing. i like your analysis about a ‘sinkhole’ over there! down the road this whole issue may lead to a ‘wow’ moment for the west! i hope not. thanx for your many good articles!

    • Greg

      Thank you Big Tom for adding to thos post.

  19. Frank Brady

    Every American should object in the strongest possible terms to the attack on Libya that is currently underway. Although it is true that the United Nations has no authority to sanction this assault and the President of the United States has no Constitutional authority to order it, those transgressions are by no means the most dangerous aspect of what is happening.

    Libya has not attacked any other nation nor does it threaten any legitimate national interest of the United States. Operation Odyssey Dawn violates the very principle of national sovereignty. If allowed to stand, the precedent that it establishes represents an existential threat to the continued existence of the United States as an independent nation.

  20. While Rome Burns...

    “What’s Next? Having accurately predicted, at their onsets, that the Afghan and Iraq wars would be failures, we now predict that war with Libya will not only be equally unsuccessful, but could have even graver global implications. Will Gaddafi fold without a fight? Or, faced by defeat and certain death, will he hit London, Paris, or New York with bio warfare, a dirty bomb or other tactic?”
    Gerald Celente, The Trends Research Institute® 03 21 2011

  21. Ecuador Rules

    At one time, saddam Hussein was our ally. We killed him. Ghadaffi voluntarily turned over his nuclear technology. We just tried to kill him. I can guarantee every so called ally of the US in the middle east is crapping in their drawers at this moment. There is a code of honor among Arabs. You never kill anyone who was an ally. You can impoverish them, kill their families, put their eyes out, but you never kill them.

    the Islamic world knows, the US has no honor. As Sorcha Faal so accurately states, “They are going to come for you…Why are you helping them?” The man on the street in the middle east knows this. Now his leader knows it as well. Americans are just a little slower on the uptake.

  22. david

    I see the concern,and say the real reason for backing the libyan’s is to secure a new jump-off point for future military action in the middle-east we need new air strips and naval ports and libyan is perfect for that plus a good source for oil for jets and other logisits.we no longer have turkey or egypt and need air ports and ports along the meditrian,

  23. Larry W. Bryant

    == Why Stop at a Mere THREE Wars? ==

    Fascist Amerika has become the RAT THAT ROARS — hungry for its daily fix of foreign petroleum, unencumbered by the haunting (and damning) specter of this political reality. This latest episode of our unquenchable thirst for war completes the triad: (1) Iraqnam, (2) Afghan-Nam, and (3) Libya-Nam. — Larry W. Bryant (21 Mar 11)

  24. B.

    Ok, im not saying that every country doesn’t deserve all of the amazing acomplishments that america has EARNED but come on. How long have we been fighting “the war on drugs”? Anyone think we will win???
    Right. and thats right across the boarder.
    Does anyone think that bombing the oil rich dirt infested piles of sand is really going to fix anything???
    Its too late now but if we had drilled our own oil 30 years ago and pumped it whenever these guys acted up that would have hurt far more than blowing people to smithereens. Now China,India and Brazil are growing to a point to where if we stepped out they would fill a large portion of it.
    Not to mention we allow these evil bastards to keep their positions as long as the oil flows… then we step in for humanitarian reasons….HELLO! we helped to cause the problem
    I say protect Isreal, pump our own oil and let China mess with these 1st century dictators.

  25. Tom Ross

    What divine right do the US oligarchs and their bosses have to “protect civilians” everywhere?

    They have turned the veritable eden of the US into the most policed and incarcerated population in the world and bankrupted the country.

    Greg, keep exposing the bastards for what they are. Thanks.

    • Greg

      I will Tom, Thank you.

    • maria oceanna

      Americans are medicated, poisoned by their food and entertained into oblivion. There is almost no political will left here. The T-baggers at least have that right.

      Where’s the energy? Lost because the middle class is broke.

      End THE FED!

  26. iknowbetter

    What the public has not been told about, and what is not reported on US TV news, is that the US gets no oil from Libya.

    Europe depends (partially) on Libyan oil. If France gets a lot of oil from Libya, then the US is just softening up Kaddafy’s forces so the French and other Euros can charge ahead thereafter.

    I’m betting it’s 1-2-3 and out of Libya for the US. We have enough aftermath in Irag and Afganistan. Libya’s future is up to the UN, EU, and NATO to carry forward. I think it’s time for them to take the lead… especially when it’s their oil source that needs bo be reinstated.

    Sadly, the US efforts to invade and restore sources of oil haven’t gone so well. So let the Continent give it a go. Let them fend for themselves. Could their efforts go any worse than ours? (cough)


  27. Ken - Free Thinking Radical

    It never pays to kick a skunk. But I guess if you don’t have to pay for it, or lose your children over it, or are just a sociopath, you don’t have to care.

    Given that Obama didn’t even make a show of asking Congress for this war, I think that we have turned a corner onto a new and dangerous path. Obama, and apparently many of the Big Government types that infest Washington seem to have transferred their loyalty from America to the UN. All that “nationalism” stuff is passe’ these days.

    Here’s another interesting thought. I wonder how much impetus for this new war was driven by a need to divert attention from our “Kill Squads” and their war trophies in Afghanistan?


    • Greg

      “It never pays to kick a skunk.” I love the visual here. The Libyan war is a stinker!! Thank you.

  28. LibertarianBob

    The question I have heard nobody in the media ask is exactly who are these “rebels” that we are protecting? Remember we helped the rebels in Afghanistan against the Russians? Well, guess who we are fighting in Afghanistan now? Those very same rebels. This is an illegal (un-constitutional) war and Obama should have consulted with congress.

  29. Jarome

    All of the above comments I agree with whole heartedly. What are government is doing is strictly UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which Bush started on a lie no matter how they or people spin it are Unconstitutional. Giving a President “authorization to use force” is NOT the same thing as declaring war, which only Congress can do. They gave him a blank check! Anyway, while all this is going on, NONE and I repeat NONE of them nor most of the American people have noticed the build up of Chinese bases 70 miles south of Laredo, Tx, and North in Alberta Canada. The chinese OWN much of America and the information I have received is that the collateral for our debt, is the natural gas and natural resources in the mid-west plain states, and they will be collecting soon. You may think this sounds crazy but I’m in a position that I have this info. No you can’t google earth it because google has been blocked over these sites. Anyway, gold and silver!

  30. Jarome

    All of the above comments I agree with whole heartedly. What are government is doing is strictly UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which Bush started on a lie no matter how they or people spin it are Unconstitutional. Giving a President “authorization to use force” is NOT the same thing as declaring war, which only Congress can do. They gave him a blank check! Anyway, while all this is going on, NONE and I repeat NONE of them nor most of the American people have noticed the build up of Chinese bases 70 miles south of Laredo, Tx, and North in Alberta Canada. The chinese OWN much of America and the information I have received is that the collateral for our debt, is the natural gas and natural resources in the mid-west plain states, and they will be collecting soon. You may think this sounds crazy but I’m in a position that I have this info. No you can’t google earth it because google has been blocked over these sites. Anyway, gold and silver!

  31. Mike

    Didn’t ask or talk to anybody before he did this.
    Congress wasn’t involved. Funding was not talked about.

    American people simply woke up to the fact that we had launched missles at Libya.

    A UN resolution?? Apparently that is all it took.
    Oh yeah – the Arab League also requested our help – then registered a protest about how it was done. Screw them!

    Isn’t some of this grounds for impeachment? Don’t any of the folk in Washington have any balls? (probably a silly question)

    Why isn’t the common folk raising their voices more at how this came down?
    I’m disgusted with current state of affairs in America.

  32. Ed Johnson

    We are either a nation of law or ruled by the whims of men. Our Constitution mandates that war be decided by Congress – not one man. Obama has again spurned the Constitution, and should be impeached!

  33. Pilgrim

    We ought not listen to the mind-shaping lies of the MSM. If human life were the criteria to intervene in Libya, why is there no outcry over the genocide and mayhem in black Africa? Who really benefits from this war… manufacturers of missiles, bombs, aircraft, etc? Perhaps big oil from the rise in crude prices? Americans need to grow up, reject the talking-head politicians who grease the skids for their corporate masters, and see how manipulated we’ve become!

  34. Tim

    OIL. Operation Invade Libya. Or maybe Operation “Independent” Libya?
    Another resource war. Bring it on!

  35. Jay

    “Thank you Jay, that is good to know.”
    You’re welcome Greg. That’s just a tiny tidbit of info about jet fuel and Libya and it might be all that you will allow me to say.

    I’ll give you more facts if you are not so politically correct that you edit them. I gave you a chance before and my observations and information never saw the light of day. So I’ll try once again now that you have acknowledged me just to see which side you are really on here.

    The first and most important thing that Americans need to know is that a government that will lie to its own people through the media will also kill its own people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not out to defend muslims, but when our own USA government lies to us about the war and the reason for it, that’s extremely dangerous.

    Does it not seem strange to you that the global government is now using the USA to replace all of the Middle East government leaders at the same time? Is there anyone left who cannot see that? Is it not also strange that Israel is covertly fighting to keep these leaders in place because they have had relative peace and good relations with them for decades. What is happening here is nothing short of an alliance of nations forming in the Middle east for the purpose of attacking Israel and for the benefit of those who control the United Nations. The rest is just lies and posturing by politicians.

    • Greg

      I get a couple of hundred comments and emails a week. I don’t remember deleting or editing your comments. I can assure you, I am not politically correct. I am posting your entire unedited comment. Thank you for your participation in this site.

  36. BLT

    Great depression ended with pearl harbor “suprise” attack. Maybe their thinking is along the same lines here. “World depression can only be fixed by… war.”

    • Greg

      Not a farfetched idea at all!

  37. Martin


    Seeing as the French nurtured (aided and abetted) the Ayatollah Khomeini, their stance now seems a bit hypocritical. I can’t believe that ” W ” did not have the goods on KaaaaDaffy as far as the Pan Am tragedy was concerned and opted not to take him out Ala Reagan. Why??- I bet they talked it over and gave it a thumbs down due to the obvious succession problem — the devil you know. This mission ( blind adventure) is based on KaaaaDaffy’s removal, all denials to the contrary, and taking him out will be very difficult without boots on the ground. A real dilemma. As you said , who’s next?, what if Mubarek’s more capable military had done as Libya’s has done?
    What a waste of blood and treasure the middle east has been. Natural gas is the answer if only one of our “esteemed” leaders would read the question.
    Thank you

    • Greg

      Good succinct analysis. Thank You my friend.

  38. Art Barnes

    Greg, for the life of me I just can’t figure out why we acted so quickly after the UN vote to strike Libya. I suspect it was a “wag the dog” but what were we trying to divert attention of or from? Was it Yemen or Bahrain? Maybe now that we are in Libya a good argument by the administration might be we can’t go to any others and help the protesters there; thereby taking those goverments sides by ommission.

    Another way to say it is that we can’t clean out any more swamp because it is full of gators up to our asses.

    • Greg

      There is a lot going on behind the scenes that I am sure we will never know about. Libya is a giant mess, that’s for sure.

  39. Jay

    Greg, thanks for posting my comments. No hard feelings. As you can imagine, I post to a number of gatekeepers some of which will not allow the watchman to blow the trumpet on their websites, just as you have to weed through 200 or so posts per week yourself.

    We both need to realize that while there is a large amount of information and viewpoints to sift through in order to find the truth, it is also true that truth can be stranger than fiction in this day of criminal politics and high tech devices and we all have a tendency to cast off that which seems impossible to us just because we are unfamiliar with it or just plain refuse to entertain the idea of something beyond our own realm of experience.

    Thanks again. I figured you had something worthwhile to say otherwise Steve Quayle wouldn’t keep referring to you as a credible source.


    • Greg

      Thank you for your comments and support.

  40. picomanning

    It is becoming increasingly clear by actions, that our government and the western governments generally do not have the welfare of the people in mind. As absurd as it might sound now, the people of America can conceivably find themselves in a situation where they feel compelled to take to the streets to fight for democracy and personal freedom. We are a collapsing nation, make no mistake. Why is Obama REALLY involved in Lybia? To create democracy for Lybians? Look at the rest of the world living under oppressive regimes!
    Buy guns, ammo, and survival gear while you still can. You can always sell it later if you won’t need it. It’s still relatively cheap! Think about it. Think about our paper thin currency too!

  41. RneyY

    Hey Greg, I’ve realized that my daily fix for real news is here on your site. I wish you great success in your career as a real news reporter and journalist. There is an incredible amount of garbage and government tainted nonsense out there. This is the real work, the real deal. I’ve started to read your blog daily and when there is no new post, I eagerly await the next posting. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg

      Thank you RneyY!!!!!

  42. Oldcoot

    Why are you always so right? This thing looks like the “Tar Baby”, and we are Brer Rabbit. I don’t believe there are many people in our government that approach the cleverness of B. Rabbit in getting out of trouble….
    To think we are going to place our military under control of any foreign country is to place a sign on their back saying “USE FIRST.” “CANNON FODDER”.

    • Greg

      Thank you Oldcoot and Jan. Good stuff.

  43. Jan

    I don’t imagine we will the see the day the US bills the UN and the Arab League: Per your request for a no fly zone in Libya the cost is as follows. Gold or oil will be accept for payment for the following US military materials.

    xxx Tomahawk missles
    x F-15 fighter jet(s)

    Payment due in 30 days.

    File this one under fat chance.

  44. marta kaye

    The uprising in Libya as done in Egypt and continuing wherever, are in my opinion done delibertely by the Elite s who know exactly how ti stirup the rebels. The US backed Arab leaders who are no longer needed, or wanted by the UN/US, are to be ousted, if refused to do so , then face what Gaddafi is facing. 90 percent obeying the US demands is not enough, 100 percent and all oil rights, and step down or else. The hiterlian policies will go on until Gaddafi is ousted or murdered, the people divided, the nation weakened for an easy takeover. The people are naive to think Democracy is for them, no, democracry is the UN/US word for allowing to be dictated to. The Israeli’s are waiting in the wing for the land, and the Oil companies the OIL.–Chaney’s Halliburton, Britain’s BP, Koch Oil Industries, Saudi/Bush Oil Connection, & no doubt Obama has a stake in one.. Take a good look and see the same type of uprising by the Koch Tea Party in the US. First, stir up the people over health care, unions, social security, retirement ,–divide the people, weaken the nation , easier to do what the American Liberty League fail in 1930’s,-to implement the hitlerian policies in 2012.

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