Mainstream Media Power to Indict or Ignore

Mainstream Media Power to Indict or Ignore: Obama's Birth Certificate

Obama’s Birth Certificate

By Greg Hunter’s 

About a month ago, renowned Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio made an astounding claim in a public press conference, “A six month long investigation conducted by my cold case posse has lead me to believe there is probable cause to believe that President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate released by the White House on April 27, 2011, is a computer-generated forgery,” said Arpaio.  The Maricopa County Sheriff claimed President Obama’s Hawaiian selective-service card was, also, “most likely a forgery.”  (Click here for the complete press release from the Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff’s office.  This includes 6 videos explaining the Obama birth certificate investigation.)  

From what I can tell, every single mainstream media (MSM) outlet covered this press conference.  CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and many more all covered this story at the very beginning of March.  Then, poof—the coverage stopped.  (Click here for the complete unedited press conference where reporters were shown video of how Arpaio’s investigators allege forgery in President Obama’s birth certificate.)  My question is why?  This story has profound implications that might question the legitimacy of Barak Obama’s presidency and the entire vetting process for the nation’s highest office.

It seems the MSM has discounted this as a ploy to divert attention from a federal civil rights investigation.  MSNBC reported, “Arpaio’s probe comes amid a federal grand jury investigation into the sheriff’s office on criminal abuse-of-power allegations since at least December 2009, focusing on the sheriff’s anti-public corruption squad. Separately, the U.S. Justice Department has accused Arpaio’s office of racially profiling Latinos, basing immigration enforcement on racially charged citizen complaints and punishing Hispanic jail inmates for speaking Spanish. Arpaio denies the allegations . . .”   Political deflection was a common theme from all the MSM stories I researched and read.   Arpaio, also, denies the Obama birth certificate investigation is politically motivated and that he is not “going after Obama.”  Arpaio said he’s just doing his job.  (Click here for the complete MSNBC story.)  

Another common theme was the use of the term “widely debunked.” reported, “Although objections to the authenticity of the president’s birth certificate have been widely debunked, some conservatives continue to make the country of the president’s birth an issue.”  (Click here for the complete story.)  So, the MSM is really saying two things here:  (1) Sheriff Arpiao is doing this for political pay-back or to distract from his federal civil rights investigation.  (2) This is an old story, and it’s already been proven to be false.

First of all, if this is political ploy, then Sheriff Arpaio is totally out of line, and this is an abuse of his power as a law enforcement official.  The MSM should come down hard and completely destroy him by looking at the video evidence he has made public.  This should be easy.  I am a former investigative correspondent.  I worked for both ABC News and CNN for nearly nine years.  This can be done cheaply and without much of a budget.  The MSM can hire their own forensic computer investigators and refute the Sheriff’s claims and embarrass him on the national stage.  Shouldn’t the MSM do this out of respect for the Presidency?  After all, the inference was solidly made by the MSM that these charges are false and this is just a political stunt.

When billionaire Donald Trump brought up the birth certificate issue, early last year, the MSM pounced on him, and Trump was indicted as a “racist.” (Click here and here.)  Trump got snickers, eye rolls and questioned about the seriousness of his presidential run.  (Click here for more from NBC anchors interviewing Trump.)  The verbal and written beat-down from the MSM went on for months.  When it comes to Sheriff Arpaio’s stunning claim that the birth certificate the White House released is a “forgery,” we hear nothing past the original press conference.  Donald Trump makes more in a day than Arpaio makes in year, and the MSM had no problem taking Trump to task over the birth certificate issue.  Why not take on a financial pip-squeak like Arpaio?  What gives?

When it comes to the common theme of “widely debunked” by the MSM, I say really?  This has not been “widely debunked”!  The release of the Obama birth certificate was supposed to put an end to the controversy.  This story has gone on for years because no one ever saw the President’s birth certificate until it was released on the White House website.  (Click here.)   This is not mere speculation about a mysterious birth certificate that was hidden somewhere out of the public’s view.  This is a new charge that clearly states the birth certificate the President released is a “ computer-generated forgery.”  Arpaio’s claim is anything but “widely debunked.”  If the MSM wanted to debunk this chapter of the saga, it would analyze the public evidence (released by Arpaio’s office) and tear it apart, but that is not what is happening.  The MSM, as far as I can tell, is not even interviewing Sheriff Arpaio or writing about the investigation that it clearly thinks is a fraud on the public.  By the way, none of the many MSM stories I read told the public that the entire Arpaio case is online for anyone to view.  I think that is a pretty important fact to omit, don’t you.  (Click here to see the Obama birth certificate investigation case and videos just in case you missed this link at the top of this story.)

Where are 60 Minutes and Steve Croft?  Where are ABC and Brian Ross?  Where are the “fair and balanced” reporters at FOX?  Where are all the investigative reporters and editors of IRE?  This is an easy story to disprove.  It has been a month, and I see zippo, nada, zero investigation of these outrageous claims that can shake the very foundation of the nation.  I’ve long thought President was born in Hawaii, but now, because of the way the MSM is handling this, I don’t know what to think.  The mainstream media still has enormous power to indict or ignore.  In this case, their silence is deafening.

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  1. Shelly Bingham

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. The silence is deafening, which is why I am tending to believe the unbelievable. There is an orchestrated silence on Sheriff Joe’s “Cold Posse” findings.
    The free press and real journalism is dead. Even at fair and balanced Fox News.

    For this reason alone the real journalism can only be found online at trustworthy blogs and websites.

    Thank You Greg for posting this.

  2. Troy

    “My question is why? This story has profound implications that might question the legitimacy of Barak Obama’s presidency”


    And your a conspiracy nut case to even ask why.
    KEEP ASKING Greg, that’s why I like you!

    Question everything!



    • Greg

      Thank you Troy for the comment from Hawaii!!

  3. George Too

    I am not claiming that the President is not a US citizen but based on my review as a trained Forensic accountant, which includes training in document fraud, there is enough evidence to believe the Birth certificate released on the website is a modified version. It could have been someone trying to make it “pretty” or it could be fraud. I wonder why this is not a story?

    • Greg

      Thank you George for you professional opinion.

  4. Art Barnes

    “In this case, their silence is deafening”, I say their silence maybe telling!

  5. Jim H

    Hello Greg

    Good article and I agree. I was out of country for 19 years and returned to see a “news media” with talking heads 24/7 and hardly any real investigation on anything of real national importance. I remember media coverage of the savings and loan scandle, watergate & drugs for weapons starring Olie North. Beginning with Enron seems the media owners have decided we the people don’t need to know the mechanics of their casino or their players. I’ve read a few not mainstream articles saying Obama’s real father was a WWII vet and the media knows this but will play that card when needed. I don’t know what’s true except the casino is more about cheap tabloid hype rather than allowing American’s to know what’s happening to them, whether it be their elections, savings, bailouts, freedoms or well you name it.
    On the good side, I have to believe tabloids like CNN and FOX are losing viewers and listener’s more every day.
    I really hope to see your site explode Greg because we deserve to know.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim H for you acquired global perspective and support!!

  6. Barry

    We live in a corrupt oligarchy where the rule of law is only a tool to be wielded by the oligarchs against their enemies. We no longer have a republic of the people.

  7. g. johnson


    kudos for venturing off the financial trail into the realm of conspiratorial theoretics. you can’t, after all, find all the dots in one place.

    i am going to overlook the fact that arpaio is, in my humble opinion, a total brown shirt fascist and just get to wondering how it came to be in the job description of the sheriff of maricopa county, az to investigage the birth origins of the potus? (just doing my job??!!)

    and i will not get involved in an academic argument over how important it is as to where the prez waw born in the face of how important have been his several acts of treason during his time in the white house.

    your point here is the deceptive modus operandi of the msm. while i am in total agreement with everything you say above. i think that you may probably be better served to use the examples of the press’s contrived ignoring of ron paul, their failure to “notice” ndaa, their disregard for the fact that our armed forces are now under the control of the u.n. and that we no longer need a congressional declaration to go to war…..etc ad infinitum.

    while i believe strongly in adhering to the constitution, i do believe that direct acts against the integrity of that constitution by the potus trump place of birth in importance. and, oh yeah, the msm seems clueless about that as well.

    keep pounding em greg, you make people think, do not stop ever.

    • Greg

      Thank you G. Johnson for weighing in and you bring up valid points on the NDAA!!

  8. norcar survivor

    Hi Greg
    If it is true that ” Arpaio’s probe comes amid a federal grand jury investigation” is enough to discredit his work here then how in the hell can anything Erik Holder do be quantified since the beginning of Fast and Furious? It amazes me how much power the MSM has. We have a saying in the management field that says “If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen” I never lost a employment termination hearing because I followed this rule. Looks like someone else has adopted the same rule but for different reasons. The sad truth is that people are so disconnected that they don’t know or care about anything important anymore. Do you think that one passenger picked up a bucket and bailed water from the Titanic. That’s where we are. Every day counts from here out and we can’t even get people to notice the ship is listing. I guess the tilt seems normal when you’re drunk on distraction. Good job on the war front Greg. I never miss a day of your presentation of truth and insight.

    • norcar survivor

      But then again I’m not the one who needs the info. Crazy world man.

    • Greg

      Thank you NC for your support and kind words.

  9. jay

    I have sent letters to Bob Corker,Alexandera,and Jim cooper. None of them believes an investagation is needed. The following is usually all i get when i contact them online.
    I’m always pleased to hear from residents of the 5th District and welcome your thoughts. As a member of Congress, knowing what you think helps me to better represent all my fellow Tennesseans here in Washington.

    In the meantime, I hope you will consider signing up for my eNewsletter so I can send you regular emails to keep you informed of my work in Congress. If you’d like to sign up, click​index.php?option=com_content&ta​sk=view&id=120

    If you need additional information or help, please don’t hesitate to call my office, either in Nashville or in Washington. I look forward to hearing from you again in the future.


    Jim Cooper

    What a joke it is to try to get common sense from a congressman.

  10. nm


    This is ridiculous. Obama was born in Hawaii. Let’s stick to talking about economics and not weird conspiracy theories from birthers.

    • Greg

      So you looked at the videos and this is your conclusion? How do you know this? If he was born in Hawaii, then why the alleged forgeries with the birth certificate and draft card? Why doesn’t the MSM look into these charges of “computer-generated forgery.”? I am not out to prove whether or not President Obama was born in Hawaii. My post is asking why the MSM is ignoring a story that would be easy to tear apart and disprove. ALL THE SHERIFF’S EVIDENCE IS POSTED ONLINE FOR ANYONE TO EXAMINE. What gives? That’s what I am asking. There is no answer to this question, and that is a fact.

      • Tom H

        And why does he have a CT Social Security number?

        In all seriousness, with the amount of issues that have been raised about Obama’s birth, one would think he would just present a real, paper version of his birth certificate to be examined?

        I would think that any elected President of the Sovereign Citezens of America would recognize that this has been causing great distraction for several years now. There has already been a large amount of the resources of this country wasted in an effort to solve this controversey.

        I would think it the moral duty of any President to not allow all of this negative energy to continue to divide the people, and would just produce evidence of his citizenship.

        Any President whom is in touch with the people would end this debate post haste by just producing evidence, because he would be smart enough to know that the people asking questions will not go away until they have a “real” answer.

        I think the powers that be want us focused on the birther issue. That way nobody is paying attention to the NDAA or any of the myriad of other freedom usurping statutes and executive orders that have been passed in the night.

        In the end, by the time we have the truth, any “conspiracy theorist” who provides evidence of the truth can just be disappeared because of the NDAA, and then the birther issue goes away anyways.

        @NM, your patent dismissal of this issue scares me, because it strikes at the heart of why our once great republic has descended into a fascist nightmare; because we the people let it happen!

        If there is not enough evidence about many things for you, NM, to be questioning everything this government is telling us, then you need to take a long hard look at yourself and not dismiss people that only seek the truth.

        “In a time of universal deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

        Thank you Greg for your article and for your consistent search for truth and reason. When your writings are the polar opposite of everything the MSM is programming into the people, it is too shocking for some people to process.

        We are running out of time people! Stop dismissing the truth as conspiracy theory and question everything! Seek the truth, please! I do not want my children to grow up in 1984.

    • George Too

      Did you read the article Greg wrote? It appears you are responding to something written elsewhere??

  11. Baja Bryan

    “They must find it difficult… Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority.” ~ Gerald Massey

  12. M SMITH

    If the MSM even thinks that there is a remote chance that the ‘Sheriff’s team of investigators’ is correct in their findings, do you think they want that to become the main topic topping the head lines of every media site world wide? Heck no! They would likely let it stay on the back pages to be forgotten. If the sheriff is right & Obama is nothing but a phony, it would turn this nation on its head, sorry it’s already on its head!

    Take the case where marchers/protestors fly into Sanford Fl., to protest the death of a man by another man, the MSM has already convicted this guy in the MSM courts of opinion with all the Hollywood high paid attorneys who appear on all the talk shows need to be jailed for this planned to stir up the public & insert race baiting into the story! I am sick of these people who would ruin a mans life before the facts & police have a chance to do a proper investigation. Those who have inserted their views to sway public opinion are of the lowest type scum to use this story to profit off it & split the nation for their own gain & Obama has put in his two cents worth also when he should have kept his mouth shut! ‘Obama’s words,’if I had a son’, “I would want him to be just like the boy now dead” Fox News! King Obama is scared that he will be a one term failure like Carter(which he is) but Romeny is no better & I just don’t see the Progressives being booted from office until after the collapse we know is coming!
    My 2 cents!

    Back to the sheriff, Joe has been one a few who enforce the law & gets attacks for it, why? The progressives see it as a threat to undo their plans, what ever there are in connection with NDAA, Obma’s EO’s & all the un-ConstitutioI waslwas passed over the last 100 plus years. Joe & the others who do their job like Joe are attacked because they can’t be bought off, this not go over to good when you State & federal AG’s who are on the side of big government & their plan to control the population by any means deem necessary.

  13. BigTom

    “First of all, if this is political ploy, then Sheriff Arpaio is totally out of line, and this is an abuse of his power as a law enforcement official.  The MSM should come down hard and completely destroy him by looking at the video evidence he has made public.  This should be easy.”

    Wow! That is a lot of power you entrust to the press. You really believe the press should be the decision maker of last resort and given respectable duties to do such mayhem to individuals? Everyone and everything is letting middle class america down in todays world. Congress, the press, courts, schools….you name it, and you validate vigilante power to one of these surprisingly anti-middle class entities? You surprise me here! Would you not think perhaps a better approach would be for the press to go after congress for not doing their job in this inportatnt matter, after all is this matter not written into our supreme law? I know you like to go easy on our congressional disappointments and it’s understandable, but to validate the press using such a heavy mallet on any individual is beyond me. Tried by the press? What happened to the courts? Is Joe Arpaio perhaps trying to get this thing to where it really belongs, in the courts, as our congressional reps again let us down? I could go on here ad nauseum but you get my point and perhaps I over react here, you were being sarcastic and I missed it in the mist of my morning coffee….I agree with you elsewhere here….

    • Greg

      Good points, well made and well taken! Thank you.

  14. Roger

    Good going Greg! I have a friend who is a very high level computer guy. He consults with some of the big software companies. He took this information to an expert in photoshop at one of the companies he works for. She happened to be an Obama supporter. Before Arpaio’s press conference, she examined the whole thing. She had to admit it was forgery. But, before that, he had done his own exam and he had concluded that it was a forgery also! I wonder how many others with the photoshop credentials have come to the same conclusion? Apparently it’s a rather crudely done forgery.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your analysis and comment. The two big questions for me are: 1. Why the alleged forgery. 2. Why the MSM blackout?

  15. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg:

    There are many questions and unknowns surrounding Barack Obama including his real name. It’s incredible: uncertainty of his birth location; the draft card issue; and even his being sworn in to the office of the president. Obama “could not remember the oath” (give me a break) and had to be sworn in out of public view. Was it a bible or a Quran on which Obama swore an oath?

    Since Obama has taken office his administration, in three years, has done more to bring down the government of the United States, than any other enemy nation in our history. It was Carl Marx that said something to the effect, the U.S. would be brought down from inside. It seems to be happening. The Executive Branch has a lot of help from the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch pretty much goes along with the program.

    Sheriff Arpaio probably has proof of treachery, but unfortunately it will go no where. The global power brokers will see to that. When Obama is placed into his second term as president, I fear the U.S. will be lost as a free nation. We have already lost many of our freedoms and no outrage is seen from any quarter!

    I hope by the summer of 2013 your website and many others that identify corruption, misuse of power, and the fleecing of America will be allowed to continue.

    America needs a Grassroots Leader to step up and mobilize the public to get our country back. Who that would be is anybody’s guess.

  16. Ted Faraone

    The State of Hawaii officials responsible for records stated categorically that they have birth records for Obama having been born in Honolulu in 1964.

    The claim that they provided the president with the birth certificate released on the White House website has not been denied by them.

    If the Arizona sheriff is to be believed, then officials throughout the government of Hawaii are either on the take or involved in a conspiracy to cover up the truth.

    But since when is it the job of a county sheriff in Arizona to investigate the birth certificate of the American president? Doesn’t that power fall to congress under the impeachment provisions of the US Constitution?

    Forty-four years ago there was a fuss about Gov. George Romney’s (Mitt’s dad) birth certificate. He was born in Mexico to American citizens who were on a mission for the Mormon Church. Under the law, even if one is born outside the US, one is considered a natural born US citizen (as opposed to a naturalized citizen ineligible to be president or vice president) provided that at least one of the birth parents is an American citizen at the time of birth.

    Accordingly, Obama could have been born on Mars and would still be a natural born US citizen because his mother was a US citizen at the time of his birth.

    This “birth certificate” controversy is a total waste of time.

    • Greg

      Fair enough Ted,
      But my story was on why the MSM is not covering this story about what’s is posted on the White House website. The Sheriff alleges it is a “computer-generated forgery.” Why no coverage? Did you even look at the video evidence or are you ignoring it like the rest of the MSM because it does not fit your political narrative. Please do not tell me ypou posted a comment without looking at the videos? If his mother is a U.S. citizen then why the alleged forgery? No interest in this whatsoever? The MSM felt like it had to tell the public all about the Bush daughters drinking and 43’s alleged cocaine use? What gives? My premise is why is the MSM ignoring this story of charges of forgery? You or the MSM have not offered an answer and this story of FORGERY is NOT “widely debunked.” By the way all the MSM stories I read (and it was well over a dozen) did not mention the President’s mother. Thank you for you comment and support.

  17. AcePilot

    MSM not doing their job? IRRELEVANT
    because you are now living in “1984”.
    Accomodate yourself to it; move along.

    Actually, you have already done so,
    from print & broadcast to the W W W.
    Now let go the chains that bind you
    just as you have let go FRNs for Au.

  18. AndyB

    One of the more compelling arguments is that the INS microfiche files on international arrivals to Hawaii for the 2 weeks around Obama’s supposed birth date have gone missing. All those years of records, and these now critical weeks are missing? The conspiratorial assumption is that Obama was born elsewhere, his grandparents in Hawaii “registered” his birth (actually an announcement, not legal proof) and then Ann Dunham and baby arrived thereafter.

    Equally compelling is that Joe has a reason for this (pushback against the DOJ) but that fails when you view the many previous articles by word processing/photoshopping/Adobe Acrobat experts that came out debunking the proferred birth certificate as a forgery within days of its release and analyzing the inconsistencies of this document with others issued the same week.

    The problem TPTB have is that if the truth were known there could be riots, etc, numerous laws would be invalid, and the economy might implode before they want it to. If more revelations come out that could no longer be ignored, perhaps Obama might be conveniently removed so that just another elite puppet (Romney) can take over. That’s the only way out.

  19. Ken

    It’s the Obama-Media Complex.

    My experience with most Whore Media journalist is that they are in the tank for Obama.

    Some of it has to do with laziness (they think journalism is an easy major, some of it has to do with faux idealism (they heard stories about Woodward and Bernstein), and lot more of it has to do with simple ideological complicity (they have been inculcated since birth with a basic left wing outlook on the world).

    Put all that together and you have a group of people who have contempt for the rest of us (we aren’t as intelligent as they are) and who feel like they need to “manage” the emotions and attitudes of the American people.

    Thus anything that is anti-Obama is OBVIOUSLY wrong, and even if it is right, they’ll just ignore it because there is a greater good at stake (i.e. the Presidency of Mr. Sotoero).


  20. xxxxx

    The birth story is just more left and right , BS to keep the public from waking up.
    Obama is just part of the Pentagons long range plan.
    The only thing a person knows for sure, inflation can’t be stop.
    Because inflation can’t be stopped, the long range plans of the Pentagon is using Obama. Obama is the middle ground to keep the public from killing one another,over the haves and have not.
    If the right wing in Congress did what they wanted, we would have civil war in short order.
    I been thinking Ron Paul will be the last man standing when the Pentagon takes out the other Republicans.
    Ron Paul tells the truth and Obama keeps the peace. We need both of these people to bring the change that is coming.

  21. John

    Greg, They did the same thing with the insider trading story that broke with 60 minutes. The rest of the news media dropped the story.

    They didn’t want the rest of us to know that Obama broke another one of his promises – end the war.

    And now we know why, they are getting wickedly rich (emphasis on the wicked) with the war corporations & have no intention of ending the wars. They have purposely prolonged & extended the wars in order to get rich (both republicans & democrats).


  22. uspatriot

    One thing I found more than coincidental with this investigation is the flight records into Hawaii for the week of Obama’s birth are missing. That alone is worth looking into, especially since they are the only records in a ten year span not available. I watched the presser weeks ago and am not sure I have stated those discoveries correctly, but I am sure that something is rotten in Denmark…or Kenya.

  23. Troy

    The Question is why; and why ask why? Because when we stop asking and thinking, we buy any and all sold to us by the lie. And that ‘is’ the greatest form of control. When facts and logic are not present coin it ‘Conspiracy’ so no one will dare even ask.

    We are a nation high on Cognitive dissonance. Blind, deaf and Dumb. Perchance even slightly retarded. I’m sorry; I mean ‘Handy able’ PC :)! Wouldn’t want to offend the symbol minded.

    We willingly except the logic of strict ID backing for things such as driving, but not voting or for the highest seat in government?

    Why is the MSM ignoring this story? It would challenge the lie.

    Truth fears not light.


    • jay

      Troy. your statement sent chills threw me.Great posting..The truth fears no light.

  24. Jan

    I was wondering why you were stepping into this hornets nest. I have often said if the Clinton Machine could not find it, it doesn’t exist and this morning I found this online:

    Wow, the plot thickens. I still think it is a red herring to distract the voters and engender sympathy for the President. The Republicans are all crazy racist. He can’t run on his record and needs to run on his race again. This is a brillant ploy.

    • Greg

      Good stuff Jan. Thank you.

  25. Art Barnes

    Greg, lets not forget that the President’s grandmother in Kenya said he was born there and that she was present. My thought is that I would believe my grandmother over a bunch of Hawaiian officials which, by the way, are very liberal. Maybe the “officials” took it upon themselves to make it up. The President may well have been lied to by his mother as to where he was born, after all, all of us was just told where we were born. Maybe the President’s mother did it for him so that he would benefit from a U.S. born citizenship. Who knows, the President maybe completely innocent of the forgery, if in fact there was one. Otherwise, your article is quite timely and maybe telling.

  26. Sean

    To me, whether the birth certificate is real or not isn’t an issue. Primarily because Obama was placed in office by a controlled media and establishment that manipulated public opinion and discredited or ignored other patriot/Constitution based candidates, so that the chosen candidate – Obama – would be able to implement globalist policy from the White House.

    So either way, Obama is a usurper, in office illegally as a pawn of the finance elite just like Bush, Clinotn, Bush Sr, etc.

  27. Blt

    Michael Berry could be the next president. Google his interview with arlen specter and get ready to cheer

  28. Jan

    I re-read the Big Government article this afternoon. It has shades of Ross Perrot. Wasn’t his life threatened and then his daughters life too?

    I feel like we are living in a Banana Republic, and have been for years. We just didn’t know it. I am very sad for our country.

  29. bean

    facebooked it. thanks greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you Bean.

  30. Fester

    What seems to be an all to common practice of the Malignant Main Stream Media, is the CHRONIC appliction of the 25 Rules of Disinformation…

    Here are a few relevant to this article.

    2. Become incredulous and indignant
    4. Use a straw man
    7. Question motives
    8. Invoke authority
    10. Associate opponent charges with old news
    16. Vanish evidence and witnesses
    17. Change the subject
    19. Ignore facts, demand impossible proofs
    23. Create bigger distractions
    24. Silence critics

  31. Hondo

    Obviously this scandal is too big. The implications too profound. The MSM can easily and cheaply (I’m sure there are lots of Obama supporters who are experts on documents who are willing to donate their time)debunk Arpaio’s team’s findings if they are false.
    Then there is the SSN problem. The president can’t pass E-verify, something everyone who has a job has to pass. And his draft card too?
    It’s beyond belief the liberal media won’t even bother to prove that Obama is legit. It would be so easy if he was.
    I listen to Peter Boyles radio show here in Denver. He is by no means a right wing nut(He supports gay marriage, legalizing pot). But he is one of those weird truth seekers who is stunned that the MSM, who he used to cover for, won’t even touch this obvious gigantic story with so much disturbing evidence.
    I pray that Obama is legit for if he is not I fear for our country. This scandal is too big and the implications to profound.

  32. George P

    Hi Greg.

    Thanks for another “real news” post. I think the MSM refuses to examine Sheriff Joe’s investigation because they would by necessity have to disprove his findings. Sheriff Arpaio is the first official law enforcement agency to look into the President’s eligability to hold office. As such, his evidence is probably sound and would be difficult to refute. MSM would have already destroyed this man if they could. They let the eligability issue sit on the table out of sight and hopefully out of mind. What would happen if a few states decide that Obama is indeed ineligable to run and keep him off the ballot in November? Would we have a constitutional crisis? Riots and civil disobedience? Homeland Security getting to use some of their 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo on the citizens? Imposition of the NDAA?
    We know precious little about this presidents past. The MSM has made absolutely sure to keep it that way. No one should underestimate what the MSM will do to protect Obama&co.
    Greg, someone said earlier that you were near a hornets nest. I think you walked up and whacked it with a stick!! Be careful!

    • Greg

      Thank you George.

  33. Bob


    It appears to me that the MSM is aiding and abetting Barry Sotero, at the expense of our Constutition and our Liberty. Without factual information to make decisions with, the land of the free is doomed.
    The press used to serve as the immune function for our democracy, but now it appears to have become a fourth branch of government. The fact that the MSM is ignoring one of the most profound presidential political and constitutional questions simce the Lincoln assination, is quite frightening to me. Keep up the excellent work.

  34. Nethel

    “I understand. I will transmit this information, as well as the Fukushima coverup, to Vladimir”!

  35. Rev6Palehorse

    All this has been coming for a long time, the degrading and abasing of the United States.
    Prez OB is definitely part of the program to roll this along. Alot of us have been aware of this agenda for some time, yet still it is difficult and heart-breaking to watch it unfold. Those who clearly see the truth must keep blowing the trumpet in the ways that they can. One must truly think indpendently to see what’s real.

  36. Jeff C

    I did not previously give this whole “Birth Certificate” issue much credibility. After watching the presentation (linked above in Greg’s article) of the Arpaio presentation, I’m now unsure.

    As Greg discusses, the silence from the MSM is very suspicious. Why not debunk Arpaio’s data and presentation, if it is easy to do so? If it is not easy to debunk, then one must assume that further investigation of this entire topic is warranted. Are they (the MSM) afraid? Are they complicit? Are they simply stupid? I would suggest that the answer to all 3 of those questions, is likely – yes.

    Over the past few years my faith in the MSM has steadily eroded. I have become very jaded with respect to anything said by the big Networks/Newspapers. Trust is gone. If it were not for professionals like Greg and other online media, we would be in total darkness.

    Thanks Greg, for covering this.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jeff for the comment.

  37. droidX-G

    I have read this three times and looked at the links more. Why is this not a story? Quite strange.

    • Greg

      My point exactly. I an not an Obama hater I just want the truth. What is it? The MSM not covering this story does the President harm because it doesn’t clear up the issue of alleged forgery. That is a monster charge to make against the White House. What gives? We may never know. Thank you for your comment.


  38. minivestor

    Maybe Obama was adopted, neither parent US citizens, popular liberal practice back then?
    And WnB took down a republican.

  39. Radar

    A probable scenario:

    “a theory that explains why even though Obama was born in Hawaii why there has been obfuscation over the birth certificate. The theory involves a minor scandal Obama needed hidden, yet was too trivial to be of use to either Hillary Clinton or John McCain during the 2008 campaign.

    That is the real issue here. If there was anything at all to this claim that Obama is not a natural born citizen, both Hillary and McCain would not have hesitated to use it to remove Obama and win the White House. So there must be another explanation.

    My theory is that the true original birth certificate for Barack Obama has a different name for the father than Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. The theory is that the original birth certificate lists one Frank Marshall Davis as the father and that the young Obama was born out of wedlock (a common enough occurrence during the 60s).

    If true, this connects all the facts together in a reasonable manner.

    Obama grew up pretending that the man married to his mother was his biological father, and took the Obama name into politics. The revelation that mom had had an affair and that Obama was illegitimate is an embarrassment, and in a tightly contested election race might be a small liability given Davis’ support for Communism. But given that Davis was from Chicago, there is no question that Obama, in this scenario, is still a naturally born US citizen. McCain and Hillary could not have used the scandal of Obama being illigitimate without making Obama look like a victim of dirty politics. After all, Obama can hardly be blamed for the circumstances of his conception. But his deception regarding his last name is intentional on Obama’s part and reason enough for Kagen to block the birther lawsuits to keep the original certificate hidden.

    This scenario also explains the statement Obama made in the video about how his father served in WW2, because while Obama Sr. and later Soetero were too young to serve in WW2, the far older Frank Marshall Davis did in fact serve in WW2.

    This seems to make the most sense to me.

    Now, we may have a lot of reasons not to like Obama (and I don’t) but his being a “love child” from the 60s shouldn’t be one of them.” – WRH

    There’s a lot of great research out on the web about all of this. The details are, frankly, fascinating but the basics are easy to discern. Just look at the photos.

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