Markets Will Correct Heavily – Alasdair Macleod

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Finance and economic expert Alasdair Macleod says watch interest rates and the U.S. dollar set the direction for the markets in 2021.  Macleod explains, “You can see how, through interest rates, the future of the dollar is actually tied to the future of financial asset markets.  If you get a pop in the bubble, and there is no doubt equity prices are wildly overvalued compared to the economic outlook. . . . Quite honestly, there is no alternative but for markets to correct very, very heavily.  When that happens, you are going to have portfolio outflows out of the dollar. . . . The effect of that will be to take the dollar down along with financial asset prices. . . . We can get the collapse of the dollar happening very, very rapidly.”

Macleod says the money printing we are seeing now globally is on a scale and pace never seen in world history, and at the center of it all, is the U.S. and the new administration in Washington, D.C.  Macleod says, “From last March until today, we can see a total of $8 trillion worth of QE (money printing) required to pay for all the programs, and that includes Biden’s

$1.9 trillion, which I know has not been authorized—yet.  The figures are enormous.  There is absolutely no way that the dollar can hold its value with that level of money printing.  That’s just to deal with Covid.  Biden also wants to finance green spending . . . . How much more spending on top of that goodness only knows.  The thing is a mess, and it’s not just America.  When I look at Europe . . . they are incompetent . . . and when you get an incompetent government like that, forget it.  The Eurozone banks are on the verge of bankruptcy, I mean beyond insolvency.  They are on the verge of bankruptcy.  How do you handle a situation like that when you’ve got an incompetent bunch of bureaucrats at the top?  This is going to happen, and I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet.”

Macleod warns to forget about the phony inflation figures pushed by governments.  Real inflation will reset the price of everything.  Macleod says, “The reality of the situation is the underlying rate of price inflation which means interest rates should be closer to10%.  America is now accelerating the money printing at a phenomenal rate,  which means everybody believing the inflation rate is 1.4% and governments can suppress interest rates forever . . . and governments can reset everything.  The answer is no.  There is a real crisis in the winds here. . . . The Biden Administration is likely to undermine the dollar more rapidly than if Trump got re-elected.”

Macleod says at some point, “You will get a stampede out of the dollar . . . . What the Fed has done is they have tied the future of financial assets with the currency.  When one goes, they both go.”

Macleod also says the best protection for the common man for the financial turmoil the world is facing is to “have some sound money like physical gold and silver.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Alasdair Macleod, Head of Research for

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After the Interview:

Alasdair Macleod posts articles regularly on under the “research” section of the site.  There is also much free information as well on the site.

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  1. John Henry

    Hillary is not in jail none of the investigations have brought forth anybody to go to jail as far as I know not anybody important oligarchs Reddit reddit is the superhero so far the oligarchs is a hornet’s nest that needs to be smashed… pound-for-pound gold and silver have not moved anything other than what they should have moved I don’t know why all these gold bugs metal people always say that a dollar move up is substantial in great and super rocketing…. I also want to know why the pope went to Jerusalem he has never been before most likely will never be again…..

    • Marie+Joy

      Pope Francis is a globalist/communist. After a financial scandal, he gave control of the Vatican fortune to Israel. You could say this pope is owned by Israel.

      • Former Democrat

        ISRAEL has control on the Vatican’s finances? What is your source?

      • Paul ...

        M+J … Obviously something is wrong with this logic … If Israel owned the Vatican then they would have been in control of the satellites implicated in changing the election results to make Bribe’n win??? … it just doesn’t make sense (unless the Mossad was mad at Trump for not attacking Iran?) … but that doesn’t make sense either … because putting Bribe’n in as President will result in bringing back the Iran deal … it would make more sense if you said communist China owned the “commie” Vatican and that the Pope went to Israel to tell them to turn down the rhetoric about the “bomb” … because everyone who owns atomic bombs never uses them except for that idiot Truman (who could have demonstrated the bomb to the Japs on a mostly vacant military island … instead of dropping two(2) of them upon the Japanese civilian population) … I don’t think he did it to make the Japanese people love America as things turned out … but is likely now about to change … as the China they despise … takes full control of the US!!

      • rod brumley, sr

        Very disappointed that President Trump did not these cockroaches Tried for Treason!!! It will never happen now

        • Tim Dwyer

          He ain’t finished yet. “We’ll see what happens”

        • workopolis

          yes, sadly I agree. Trump was great but missed the opportunity to clean house for many different reasons. I think there was a plan to take them down but there were not enough good guys in the military to make it work. I believe that half of the upper ranks are with the cabal. The take down of the U.S. is happening right before our eyes at breakneck speed and I see no white knights on the horizon.

    • Adam Munyard

      Just remember friends ; many peoples superannuation (pension fund) is heavily invested in stocks, and bonds. When the coming collapse happens…. it’ll be worthless.
      Please speak to an accountant, roll your pension fund money out , and purchase physical gold and silver. Bury it somewhere where only you and your spouse know, place the location on a will left for your kids. I’d recommend Steve Quayle’s company “Renaissance Precious Metals”. He’s a Christian and been around for decades, very reputable. And remember, if its not in your hands… you dont own it ! God bless all

      • William+Stanley

        Re: “Bury [the gold] somewhere where only you and your spouse know . . ..”

        I take it that you trust your wife. (Just kidding). Although, come to think of it, I’ve tried trusting wives a few times . . . with (often) unsatisfactory results, especially, but not always, where money was concerned. I forgive them though: it was “predetermined”: After all, they were women. (again, just kidding, ladies).

        • AndrewB

          Very revealing! LOL

        • Self+Exiled

          William, does this fall under our definition of subtle? LOL

      • Better Chetter

        there was talk of the US Dollar collapse leading to a N. American currency, the Amero – like the Euro – to pool US, Canada, Mex together – and denominate pensions with this new, devalued currency (but no one mentions it anymore)

        but given the naked shorts, high frequency trading & other stealth technologies – isn’t History invalid, as a benchmark for future trends?

        the only thing left is to say an extra-terrestial civilization is now buying US T-bills, to further kick this can down the road

  2. Harold Swift

    I settled on gold and silver after being burnt in the market too long. I am staying there.

    • Paul ...

      Good move Harold … in fact you should buy more silver before the “Reddit” rids us of the criminal parasites sucking our blood and eating our children at their Satanic rituals for far too long … you (and Stan too) still have time to get some cheap … before the unleashing of the “World’s Biggest Short Squeeze On Silver” … agnostics and atheists alike who happen to own some silver will be saying: “There Is A God”… “There Is A God”!!!

      • Steve Bice

        Kitco is down and Apmex is out of silver. I have seen Kitco out before, but never Apmex. SD Bullion and Silver Doctors likewise. Strange days…

        • Glenn

          APMEX is not out of silver nor is any other of the bullion sites that I visited. Only out of certain products but it has been that way for almost a year.

          • Steve Bice

            Zerohedge begs to differ:

            “It’s been a long time coming, but for precious metal fans the day of joy has finally arrived: following a coordinated campaign to buy both silver ETFs in the paper realm and precious metals in the physical, which over the weekend which left virtually US precious metals retailer with little to no physical inventory, silver has finally exploded higher following in the footsteps of other “most-shorted” names, and it was last trading just around $30/ounce, soaring by 11.5% – its biggest one-day jump since Sept 16, 2008 – the day Lehman filed for bankruptcy. And, if silver closes here, it would be the highest price since early 2013.”

            • Tin foil hat

              Zerohedge doesn’t understand GameStop is merely a very small fish in the pond in comparison to the silver shark in the ocean. Most mom and pop investors don’t know how deep the manipulation in the PM markets. Hence, they will likely try to short squeeze via the paper route rather than physically purchase from the coin shops.

              Unfortunately, unless the physical market can be squeezed, at some point the bullion banks like JP Morgan and HSBC – with unlimited backing from the Deep State -will be able to regain their grip on the pricing of gold and silver using derivatives.

              I hope this latest move in the silver price is sustainable but I don’t think it is.

          • Steve Bice

            From the same article:
            “Ken Lewis, Apmex’s chief executive officer, said the decision to temporarily suspend silver sales was unprecedented in the company’s history and that it may take longer then usual to fill orders going forward.”

            Companies are restocking after the Sunday night opening, but supply is still choppy…

          • Steve Bice

            From Bloomberg:

            “That followed a weekend buying binge that overwhelmed online sellers of silver coins and bars from the U.S. to Australia. BlackRock Inc.’s iShares Silver Trust, the largest exchange-traded product tracking the metal, recorded an unprecedented $944 million net inflow on Friday.”

          • Glenn

            Well then ZeroHedge is wrong (once again). I looked after the market opened and all of them had silver to sell. Eagles, Maples etc… All they did was suspend selling most items until the market opened. APMEX has $150 million in inventory. Supply choppy and limited? Yes, but not out. You said out. Not the same thing.

            • Steve Bice

              Be safe, Glenn. It’s a jungle out there…

    • Paul ...

      Will the Reddit shorts force Bribe’n to lower the Capital Gains taxes for Wall Street? … or will he simply print up the dollars and give the Hedge Funds “free money” from our US Treasury?? … how about Bribe’n bailing us ordinary people out too (many of us lost money throughout the years because of bankster and hedge fund manipulation)!!


    Greg: If you can get Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics…he could add mightily to this topic, and broadly to the economic & political trends.

    • JC

      Dan H,
      Martin Armstrong is a regular guest here. Put his name in “search the site” and you will see.

  4. Diana Brown

    I agree with Mr, Macleod in that its just a matter of time before the stampede from the dollar is engaged. I do have a clarification question for you Greg and have no idea other than this as to where I can make it, so here goes: I have read on many online sources that back in mid-summer, prior to 4th of July 2020 POTUS Trump filed bankruptcy on the USA Corporation thereby departing from debt associated with same. All that was left was pension funds in assets. My question pertains to present condition given that circumstance. Where is the $$ coming from to pay for military, congress,senators and in general all associated with government operations if this is in fact true? One source for same is Dr. Charlie Ward a UK citizen in Spain.

    • William+Stanley

      The whole concept that The United States is a corporation that is owned by some other entity is utter nonsense. Here is one source explaining the origin of the myth:

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “Where is the $$ coming from to pay for military, congress, senators and in general all associated with government operations if this is in fact true?”

      Despite the confusion about the fictional “USA corporation,” your question about how the US Government finances itself is a fair one. The US Government obtains its money from a number of sources, including (primarily): (1) from tax revenues, (2) by borrowing money from lenders who buy written promises to pay them back (with interest), e.g. bonds, and (3) apparently — as Dr. Pul Craig Roberts explained here a few days ago — by simply having the Federal Reserve System create money out of thin air and deposit it in the “bank” accounts that the US Treasury or other government departments have at the Fed. The created money is not in the form of currency, but is simply a credit entry in the department’s “bank account” at the Fed. The government can then write checks on those “bank accounts” to pay its bills. (If that sounds crazy to you, then you are, unfortunately, too sane to live undisturbed in this time in history).

    • Paul ...

      Alasdair is right about seeing some stocks crash very soon … as the Reddit short squeeze led to such massive losses for Hedge funds … it is going to force them to liquidate other stocks in their portfolios … to cover the many billions in losses they have to cover … “if they were smart” … they would put some money into silver … to make up their losses … but these Hedge fund managers are not noted for having an original thought … when it finally dawns on them … they will likely be buying silver at $30,000 dollars per coin (the way some idiots are now buying one Bitcoin for $30,000 dollars … instead of buying many thousands of silver coins at $27 dollars each)!!

      • JC


        John Rubino:
        Wall Street traders have traditionally played hardball with each other. They’ll take a position and then “talk their book” on CNBC, or short a competitor’s favorite stock while spreading negative rumors about it, or do any number of other ethically-dubious things to profit at the expense of their peers. When they end up on the losing side of such a scheme they don’t like it, but they understand that this is how the game is played.

        Then the game changed. The government sent billions of dollars of covid relief checks to video game playing Millennials who had just discovered free stock trading apps like Robinhood. And – no surprise for people who have been organizing cooperative video game raids their entire lives – these newborn daytraders figured out that by targeting heavily-shorted stocks and buying them en masse, they can force hedge fund short sellers into a panicked short squeeze, sending the target stocks through the roof. Et voila, easy money, over and over with no apparent end in sight – all at the expense of the market’s former top predators.

        • Warren B.

          I agree with Alisdair’s assessment of the “Actual” Inflation rate being closer to 10% here in America. I also concur with his thoughts pertaining to the USD losing another 95% of its Purchasing Power.
          Debasement of currency is not a new circumstance. The rate of our current debasement episode (Aka Inflation) is perhaps alarming.
          With that being said I disagree with his comment on the impact on the price of Stocks – the Stock Market in general. In simple arithmetic terms if we extrapolate the 95% loss in PP of the currency against Stocks – what we have is the Stock Market being re-priced north of 60,000 for the DOW : NASDAQ at 25,000: S&P at 8,000.
          That supports the lesson from history that was the Weimar experience. Money Printing and Hyper-Inflation are synonymous with intentional destruction of currency to avoid Debt obligations – another form of Default. We are no different this time around.
          The Facts from Weimar speak volumes with regard the behavior of certain asset classes.
          I quote from the book “When Money Dies” – when the German population started to speculate on the Stock Market –
          “Speculation on the stock exchange has spread to all ranks of the population and shares rise like air balloons to limitless heights…… The population was now engaged in evading taxation and devoting their money to speculative purchases…. Shares in respectable concerns which had paid a 20% dividend, were pushed higher and higher till the final holders could not expect a return of even 1%.”
          Is this deja vu ? Data is front and centre – EVERYWHERE.
          What was clearly evident was the German stock market during this period did not fall measured in the Currency (Marks) – but was much more volatile in USD.
          What this means in simple terms is that Prices were up in NOMINAL TERMS , but not necessarily in REAL TERMS.
          How do we gauge real terms today when the USD like all currencies are being debased. We go back to the old standard – GOLD, as the measure.
          The real gains were most significant over the last 18 months of the Hyperinflationary period (in both USD and Marks).
          The most obvious point here is that SPECULATION was a primary driver of the Market. I believe we are experiencing this now and will continue to do so to reflect the same narrative (all other Market “Noise” aside).
          Let me be clear – this is not a recommendation. I merely put this forward as a point of reference for those attempting to make sense of the mixed messages.
          Keep in mind we are not YET in a Hyperinflationary period.
          What Alasdair does say about the eventual collapse is quite true. But his guess is as good as anyone’s in terms of time frames.
          The arguments for the USD being the World’s default Reserve currency and how that plays into a different hypothesis about the consequences of debasement, are not entirely true. Back in Weimar times, there was Gold which acted as the true measure.
          Before everyone flees to the last resort (as all fiat currencies will die) , there will be an explosion (much higher prices in nominal terms) in most asset classes. The levels that these will achieve will set your hair on fire. Most who have chosen the path of least risk , will watch with mouths agape. Von Mises’ crack up boom is alive.

  5. Marie+Joy

    STOCK UP. It’s coming and it will be horrible.

    • Freebrezer

      M – I posted this on a previous episode and very important:
      We know they are lying,
      they know they are lying,
      they know we know they are lying,
      we know they know we know they are lying,
      but they are still lying – Aleksander Solzhenitsyn
      Nancy Polosi (and crew) couldn’t give a Damn! Get Prepared!

  6. ron martin

    Thanks Greg. I never an episode. Hang in.

  7. Owen Shuler

    The economy requires stability to function properly. Stability in nearly every aspect of American society has been eroded by divisive partisan programming. The last few years have exacerbated the partisan separation increasing social hostilities across most every racial and income group. Unless Americans mobilize to force term limits and other public policy initiatives, the country faces total collapse. Unfortunately every single incumbent needs to be replaced and capable, practical, pragmatic individuals possessing business experience voted through the primaries and into the midterm general elections. If Americans would turn off the television and not listen to the racial and bigoted talking heads who are being paid to rant and rave and instead, seek out replacement politicians in their communities, we might start to see some stability in the country. Civil discourse with our neighbors would be a huge step towards fiscal stability. Let’s focus on the root problems and the symptoms will become less volatile. Replace em all over the next three election cycles with folks who will take a pledge to pass term limits. Our country is worth the effort!

    • Dan Reynolds

      Sadly we will have to go in and replace much of the voting system first. That will take getting past the dishonest who will be fending their platform with might. This undertaking is already apparent and could take years to clear the path for honest elections.

      • WizemenLOL!

        We must put Norm Eisen and Obloomer in charge of voter chhanges. They’re so honest and butt buddies forever!

    • Paul ...

      You make a lot of sense Owen … “definitely need term limits” on the traitorous crooks taking bribes in the House and Senate and eliminate their full salary pensions (for only two years of serving the interests of foreign governments rather then the people they are supposed to represent)!!

    • Chip

      2020 should have demonstrated completely that we are NOT voting our way out of this… Chip

  8. Bill Stack

    We may not see a drastic crash in the dollar just yet, as all the stimulus funds are still less than what people would have made if not locked down for Covid. Will be some devaluation, but more danger right now from market implosion, I believe. Once again, a great article and interview; thanks Greg…

  9. Kim

    Thanks Greg and thanks Alasdair. Fantastic interview.

  10. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:

  11. Jim Stevens

    Greg, everyone really appreciates all you do for us. My dilemma with gold and silver is that it is manipulated . I have $35 silver from the last big $100 silver scare but a $500 VW pile of junk i bought the same year is worth about $5000 today. Metals are too risky for many of us as long as it is manipulated by banksters.

    • Greg Hunter

      Everything is manipulated but you can still hold Au and Ag in you hand in the end.


      • Juan Urreta

        Greg, you obviosly don’t understand nor grasp how this all works. Nenner has tried for yrs to explain it to you, to no avail
        There is no ” this” causing ” that”!!!
        It is already all predetermined…all of it !!!
        Not just market events, every second of every day
        WAKE UP

        • William+Stanley

          Re: “There is no ” this” causing ” that”!!!
          It is already all predetermined…all of it !!!”

          Does that imply that you don’t have to take responsibility for what you do or say? If it’s all predetermined, why did you bother to make your comment; or was that also “predetermined”? If so, cool. Because “it’s all predetermined,” I now feel free to tell you to GO BACK TO SLEEP! But then, again, if it’s all predetermined, there is no “you” in any meaningful sense anyway.

      • SOD

        FYI: Just a heads up, I recently sent some Intel to your email this morning — the one we normally correspond on– and it was kicked back to me as undeliverable. Perhaps this info was deemed as too incendiary for your consumption! SOD

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s big tech again. I am under constant attack from all angles.

    • Paul ...

      Jim … save the alternator when you finally junk your bug … with electric cars being mass produced you soon will not be able to generate electricity for your home in a blackout by using an DC to AC converter!!

    • Paul ...

      Jim … Do you even realize that people “this very weekend” are running to coin shops all around the world “to buy as much silver as they can get their hands on” … before “the short squeeze” is put on by Reddit???? …

      • JC


        As the price of the precious metals increase, there will be many new gold and silver “factories” popping up in China and many other countries in Asia. This will create a major supply of fake gold and silver from all parts of the world. These fake products will be distributed via the internet and also flood the retail market in many countries and be a real poison for buyers of precious metals.

        So dealing with reputable companies is a Sine Qua Non!

        • Paul ...

          The reason I buy “war nickels” is precisely to avoid counterfeit coins … the Chinese are not going to bother making a “war nickel” … and each “war nickel” contains 1/20th of an ounce of silver … which makes it easy to make small purchases (especially when silver goes to $1000 dollars per ounce) … at $1000 dollar silver each “war nickel” will be worth $50 dollars … perfect (because using a ounce ounce coin to buy food will become ever more difficult as the price rises)!!!

      • JC

        Paul… from the latest update at The Age of Desolation site (password protected)
        Prediction of default in the gold and silver markets… silver first?

        Nostradamus Quatrain III-5
        Pres, loing defaut de deux grands luminaires
        Qui suruiendra entre l’Auril & Mars.
        O quel cherté! mais deux grands debonaires
        Par terre & mer secourront toutes pars.

        Nostradamus Quatrain III-5
        Shortly after the default of the great luminaries [gold and silver]
        Which will occur between April and March.
        What loss! But two great debonair ones
        By land and sea bring relief [to] all parts.

  12. Tulips Moran

    Yes, a small stack of gold and some silver to barter are essential. But people must recognize a deflationary situation not only portends higher prices – much higher – but also food scarcities. If you have not invested in being able to feed yourself through prepped food stores but also the means and abioity to produce your own food, you may want to put gold/silver on the back burner until you have yourself in a position of being able to product 80-90% of food. That means more than tomatoes, peppers but also balanced vegetables that you can store/preserve. Also consider poultry for eggs and meat. If you can goats and a few pigs. Also a means of storing water – rain harvesting with filtration. Too many people are focused on buying gold or silver. Think about how you’ll feed yourself first. You will end up squandering your PMs scrounging for food.

    • Mario

      Exactly! I posted similar a few times.
      Get your spiritual life in order and that means getting right with Jesus!
      Water, food and essential supplies followed by precious metals.
      Having some silver and or gold on hand is wise but you can’t eat that. Take care of the priorities first. Then stack some silver.
      Buckle up, time is short.
      Best regards,


      • Gary C

        Martin Armstrong has been posting about food shortages and food inflation. China
        has been stockpiling, and COVID has had a devastating effect on food production
        in North America.
        Take into account the war on the Energy Industry, Extreme Cold Weather, and we
        have the perfect storm occurring.
        The hydroponic stores in my town are seeing record sales in Edmonton, and
        it is not for growing POT, it is for growing vegetables especially in cold climates.
        We are seeing produce up 40% in the last month.

  13. Carla hayes

    I just loved that interview with alasdair Macleod! Can’t say enuff about it. I’m just wondering if they will quickly enact a fed coin to keep the little guy from surviving this whole mess! Either way I will do my best to buy as much as possible!

    • Angie Valdez

      I agree with you Clara, the food and water will be most important. I’ve always felt and said, you can’t eat your silver and gold at the end of the day.

    • Paul ...

      Why wait for a Fed coin Carla?? … buy silver coins!!

  14. Timothy hynes

    Thanks Greg, glad you have your website. Things are so dicey on YouTube.
    Thanks again for your work and many blessings in Chy Jesus.

  15. Nattan

    Alasdair’s key sentence is: “This is going to happen, and I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet.”

    Alasdair might be even more surprised when despite all the ‘printing’ and the markets collapse, the USD will rise in purchasing power compared to the other currencies. At least for 6 and perhaps for 12 months.

    But, of course, I might be wrong – but, based on my analysis, I believe I’m right.

    • Paul ...

      Nattan … More then likely the paper dollar will hold some value for a short time … but you better plan a shorter time frame (perhaps only 3 to 6 weeks) as the “not so smart people” may wake up sooner then you think … and you don’t want to be the one holding the bag of worthless paper IOU’s the bamksters handed out (calling it money)!!

  16. Marie+Joy

    This will be a genocide, probably, by starvation.

  17. WarProfit

    My wife and I bought our 1st house in 1988, we had the best credit , down payment, jobs , etc, our rate was 12.9 %. However, certificate of deposit rates at banks was 18%. They paid you to put money in the bank and not touch it for 1,2,3 years locked rates.
    Now lenders require 0% down, rates with good credit @ 2.75%, and pay less than 1% regardless of bank for savings.
    They exported the high paying factory jobs, the jobs they kept have become robotic.
    Now this $15hr minimum wage, will replace Mc’ds workers with robotics soon.
    They planned this long ago. They know who is who, regardless of compliance or not, the agenda is depopulation.
    My dad was a WWII veteran, I heard from a reliable source long ago, out of respect for the greatest generation and the sacrifices they made and endured, they would put off the culling till the very last of that generation had passed. They are most all gone now, so the great culling has started.
    I worked with bio-chemical warfare weapons while in the US military. Most of our stock piles have been destroyed.
    Countries like China, are strategically developing biological agents, based on genetics.
    The culling will consist of what we are witnessing, with deadlier strains released, timed to demoralize, then destabilize, then bring on a crisis so dire, starvation, that will bring about voluntary surrender to fema. Mass inoculations at the camps.
    Conditions so dire, no further comment.

    • Paul ...

      Forget protesting at the Capital … all the bio-weapon labs that are creating “gain of function” viruses (like making everyone into a sterile Atheist) need to be burned to the ground … and the people running them like Gates and Fauci must be immediately arrested (by force if necessary) “to save humanity” from the Satanists!!

      • Paul ...

        It is now being revealed that the “diabolical eugenicist twins” Gates and Fauci … don’t even have to inject you with their vaccine “to sterilize you” … that “gain of function” sterilization ability (was already designed into the Corona Virus before these two Satanists it released upon the world) … studies published in the Journal “Open Biology” is now warning that COVID-19 posses a “global threat to male fertility” … as it was purposely designed by Gates and Fauci to invade tissues in the testicles and impair sperm function … Gates and Fauci have also developed another “gain of function” virus they want to release “to turn everyone into Atheists” … these two very Evil Satanic Eugenicist Atheists need to be arrested immediately, tried and convicted of crimes against humanity (that are thousands of times more sick and horrible then the Holocaust)!! …

    • Diane

      I wonder why Trump left the game holding all his cards.

      None of this is adding up.

      I fear you are right.

      • Crime Dog

        Yes, WP, I think their solution to the end of the fiat system is depopulation and slavery of the remaining population (~500,000 if the figure on the Georgia guide stones is still their goal).
        DO NOT take the “vaccine,” good people.

        Here’s a sample of what it can do: whole body covulsions –

        Hank Aaron didn’t survive. Anthony Hopkins reportedly got his dose recently.

    • Joanna

      Your post gave me the chills because it resonated with something that’s been echoing in my mind for the past 9 months, and that is. The Greatest Generation (their essence) has kept the evil at bay. There was something truly special about that generation. It was just the war and the fact that as children, they survived the Great Depression. It was something much greater than that. I can’t put it into words!
      This was my comment on a local news page a few weeks ago about the vaccine and the seniors in the nursing homes!
      “Ask Hank Aaron how his second one worked out for him.
      They’re murdering our seniors!
      When the last soul from the greatest generation is gone, we will witness hell on earth.
      GET your parents OUT of the death camp!”

      • Paul ...

        Now why would Gov. Cuomo send Covid-19 infected patients to Nursing Homes to kill the old people?? … likely because he is probably been getting “Social Credits from the Big Guy” (for helping to reduce the Social Security shortfall) … I mean why else would someone go out of their way to do such a thing when Trump had a Hospital Ship in New York harbor and had the Javis Center remodeled to hold Covid-19 infected people … and Cuomo refused to use them??

  18. Scott

    Biden will find his downfall in starting another war.

    • Paul ...

      The Demon-rats love to pick on Russia … problem is the Russians are prepared … and they will bomb our Capital to ashes Pelosi (the same way they took out Hitler in Berlin in 1945 with overwhelming force) … the idiot “commie” Demon-rats “are living in a fantasy land” … and the American people better wake them up to reality … soon … before all our children are killed (with foreign nukes) or their souls stolen by domestic vaccines!!!

    • Mike R

      Well he’s already started a domestic civil war, so that downfall is sealed in concrete slab. (around his boots). The man is an oaf and a crook. Always has been, always will be. Trump got 415 electoral votes. Just remember that, and thats all you need to know about how few people actually voted for this sorry (but typical) excuse for a leftwing socialist marxist democrat candidate.

  19. Mike R

    I remember 10 years ago, how we all thought they could not keep printing money at gargantuan rates like they were then. We laugh now at the triviality of 10 years ago, bc this current printing DWARFS all of that. And yet the dollar still has not fallen, but we thought for SURE it would way back then. 2011.

    So how much printing is too much ???

    How much QE is too much ???

    The hard part is predicting WHEN this is all gonna blow up.

    • Marty

      That is the question… what people don’t get is every currency is just fiat and there is nothing preventing infinite printing. The “value” of fiat is just a perception – so, when does the perception of money change? As long as it is what people receive for goods/services … not very many people are keen on suddenly perceiving what you are getting paid with as worthless. The answer could be much much longer then anyone could have imagined.

      • Freebrezer

        It was Hemingway in “the sun Rises” you go broke slowly at first then all at once. The same thing applies/going to happen to the world – what first… Banking collapse? Some major Nations? The currencies? … it doesn’t matter, they are all tied together … it happens slowly (what we have been living the last few years), then all at once. Remember that when the crisis hits, then it is to late! The big question is the When, When, When? Wait, what is that pounding on the front door?

      • Mario

        Hey Marty
        I hope all is well.
        As Mr Bill Holter has said many times, the only thing holding this all together is confidence. People have started to lose confidence in the Financial system a few years ago. It’s spreading fast and is almost at the tipping point. The system already collapsed it just hasn’t been realized yet.
        Get right with Jesus and buckle up. Going to get pretty bumpy.

    • Rodster

      “It’s tough making predictions, especially about the future”

      -Yogi Berra

    • Paul ...

      Mikle … People love touching the sand grains when they go to the beach … even though it is practically infinite … the same with the paper fiat IOU’s the banksters print up … but people need to logically separate their love for something (from what it is really worth) … money is like a good woman … even though you can love a tramp … you don’t keep one as a store of value!!

      • Paul ...

        Although … this may not be the case when it comes to Stan!!

    • joe

      Indeed – will be saying the same in another 10years…It’s almost here…Just around the corner…

      Are we all just fools crying the the sky will fall on our heads?

      • Freebrezer

        Joe – history teaches thing go until they don’t … you got to ask yourself “are we at the
        precipice or not? … If not, it continues, if it is and you guessed wrong, you are in a pile of Sh!t. Buying extra food, and a means for clean water is no different then from health, car or house insurance. Most of the money is tossed out each year – Oh well, but if you need it, you are damn glad you have it! Or you can rely on the government …Remember what the US Government said to the native Americans – Lay down your weapons, we are from the government and are here to help! The Bible and History teaches wisdom! We are at the fourth turning and the younger gens will learn the hard way what wisdom and values are!

      • Jim

        Probably not. There comes a point when infusing so much created cash into the system starts causing the usary system to have problems. Started back a ways when average retirees could not get enough interest on the nest egg through cd’s to live on. Look at the creative financing all around us. There is a acceleration to some conclusion taking place. Look how much the fed balance sheet has expanded in a year and obiden will likely add another 3-4 trillion if the d agenda is followed. Wall Street expects it.

    • Paul ...

      And yet … there are still stupid people around who will sell their valuable rare gold (that can only be made when two neutron stars collide) … … for printed IOU “dollars” from the Fed (which is just a note written piece of paper saying that they “owe you money”) … it is not money like silver or gold … and the Fed is on track to creating more of these fake Ponzi notes “out of thin air” in one year … then all the paper IOU notes ever printed up from the time of George Washington in 1776 to today (that’s over 245 years ago folks) … and silver sells for just 27 of these paper IOU notes “called dollars”!!

      • Freebrezer

        Well Paul I have to disagree – ‘gold is the product of two colliding neutron stars’ … One pathway or Old school? Astrophysics in the electroverse arena believe all the the elements can be made on the surface of the sun and are probably made when two sun spot loops cross each other … more explicitly think of ghost busters … old school can not explain why gold and other heavy elements line spectrums are abundantly detected on the sun surface … shouldn’t these heavy elements all sink?

        • Paul ...

          Freebrezer … Don’t be fooled (what you are reading is most likely “a bankster funded” science study to make it seem like gold is not very valuable) … but if you use you brain it stands to reason that we should detect a small amount of gold or other heavy elements on the surface of the Sun in it’s line spectrum … because … meteorites containing gold and other heavy metals (created by the collision of two neuron stars) are continually crashing into the Sun’s surface!!

          • Freebrezer

            Still doesn’t explain the heavy elements with short half lives i.e. under a few years … How would they be present in a meteorite or on the sun’s surface? And more importantly … Do you really believe the scientists (including Fauci and crew)????

          • Freebrezer

            I guess the most important/strongest argument is main stream scientist hate the Astrophysics electroverse people and think they are full of it! I’ll go with the odd scientist out per the gold being produced on the surface … and this translates to the odd Doctors out that believe Fauci and crew are lyers! Thus from your argument you are implying that you would agree with mainstream scientist and thus correspondingly agree with Fauci, CDC and NIH stuff?

            • Paul ...

              Hey … don’t put me in fraudulently evil Fauci camp … all I’m saying is that the Sun is mostly hydrogen … and to produce a heavier element like helium and other elements up to about iron “takes great pressure” (only found deep within the Sun) … to say the Sun is going to produce “even heavier metals” like gold and platinum (on the surface where there is less pressure) is like saying the Earth is flat or that the banksters don’t manipulate the price of gold … yeah … you can believe such nonsense … but it’s simply not true … it is like you saying you are going to create a diamond by putting a charcoal briquette in a pot of the boiling water (floating on the surface ) … and that “it is no longer necessary to use great pressure” to form a diamond out of a lump of coal!!!

              • Freebrezer

                Paul – believe such nonsense … I gladly get in that camp with Nobel prize physicist Hannes Alfvén and Birkland.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mike, the secret is this: so long as all major world players are playing the QE game (US, Japan, Europe. China = fiat currencies covering debt w/paper), the US Dollar can still be the King of the Hill. Our de facto policy for the last 50 years has been adding zeroes. Japan has demonstrated that, accounting-wise, the quadrillion barrier is breachable and so far acceptable. In that case, we (the USA) have room, capacity to go yet a long way, hundreds of trillions, in fact. A century ago, the whole world was on the gold standard. Money printing was a death sentence, because isolated political entities (countries) were walking the plank alone. Today, everybody is on the money-printing standard. The old saw “there is safety in numbers” applies here. Best always. PM

  20. Pete

    Im watching the metals dealers getting cleaned out of silver. Looks to me that the reddit-raiders are buying out all the retail physical now, and then will finish the paper shorts. Buckle up.

  21. Robert

    What happens if the government makes owning gold illegal like FDR did?

    • Greg Hunter

      What happens if people do not turn it in?

      • Paul from Indiana

        The FDR Gold caper was an open dollar devaluation. The law and subsequent policy only netted about 30%-40% of the nation’s privately-held gold. I know for a fact my Grandmother did not turn in her gold, a $10-dollar gold piece, because I inherited it. FDR knew that those who held gold would lay low with it during the subsequent time, and it worked. If FDR had truly wanted ALL the gold, he would have had to authorize a house-by-house search/seize mission, making the undertaking more costly than it was worth, and needlessly stirring the resistance pot. Same thing for so-called gun control (confiscation) nowadays. All of it is government doing what government does best: intimidation. Best always. PM

    • Better Chetter

      Early 2020, as C19 started and silver price plummeted, no silver seller would part with their stock at the unreasonably low price of $11/oz –

      What is to say that silver going to $100/oz, when a stacker goes to cash their silver in (to buy a house/car/boat/gold/hard asset), the resale shops refuses to offer the full $100, but gives $75, taking their cut to offset huge capital reserves necessary to redeem the PM? With lower price, less profit – or if another c19 breaks out, silver sellers can freeze buy-backs, and leave us all on the outside, waiting to cash in at the higher price, but perhaps only being able to, at a lower price.

      • Paul ...

        BC … Why do you assume we can only trade our silver coins in to a dealer for evil Fed fiat paper?? … when we can easily trade silver coins among ourselves for something good … like buy two chickens, six dozen eggs and 3 gallons of milk for one “war nickel” (containing 1/20th of an ounce of silver)!!

      • FC

        Exactly, that’s why I would rather see an annual increase of around 10 – 20% to precious metals and allow everything else to experience the wild ups and downs.

        In the end everything will need to be revalued against Gold to restore confidence, even if the price at that stage is around $2000 an ounce, because Central Bankers will tells us, it’s the only asset that has remained stable throughout our turbulent times

        All inflated asset prices will be adjusted accordingly, causing currencies that were created in thin air to disappear in thin.

        Central Banks around the world are buying Gold not Bitcoin, for that very reason.

        • FC

          The controlling families are not interested in cryptocurrencies as a form of wealth preservation, they have Gold for that and it will always remain that way. Cryptocurrencies were created by them to control the masses, hence the name Block Chain Technology or as I call it, Ball and Chain.

          Allowing Bitcoin and alike to go unregulated is there plan to fool the public into believing the governments have no control over their investment, but nothing can be further from the truth, they will have absolute control of you at the time of The Reset where all assets will be valued against Gold and eventually they have control of everyone as they introduce their own One World cryptocurrency, where a percentage will be pegged to Gold to restore confidence.

          As the World Economic Forum has said, by 2030 you will own nothing and you’ll be happy……..because they will have the Gold and we’ll have the Ball and Chain. It’s strange how a narcopaths think.

  22. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr McCleod. Worrisome for this pleb anyway.

  23. Niel Reside

    Is there no way out? Real Solution at Hand. The solution is at hand? How can that be? Have we not just been explained above, that the experts, including Alasdair view the future with dread?
    Yes, but the very facts of today’s dismal conditions and outlook are an encouragement. In what way? In that all these things are part of the evidence that we are nearing the real solution.


    I hope that this is not a fake news: “Great News! Military Blocks Insurrection”

  25. JC

    Anyone else seeing this ad on Watchdog?
    A company, “Framery” offers office pods.

    “In an open office, our pods our quieter, happier places to be.”
    Click on FIND HAPPINESS.

    These pods look like glorified telephone booths.
    What is the world coming to?

  26. JC

    Now that you are using Rumble, it seems that when your video finishes, another one starts immediately. This time it was a woman laying out what looked like tarot cards on a table and talking nonsense.

    Perhaps there is some setting in Rumble where you can prevent that from happening?

    • Greg Hunter

      I would love to shut that feature off. I do not know how or if I even can.

      • JC

        I found this, I think autoplay can be disabled, or enabled to autoplay only videos of your channel.

        Related content to use at the end of the video, this is also used for the next video timer at the end of the video.
        0 – disable related
        1 – enable related
        5 – enable related, use only videos from the same channel or user as the current video

  27. Red

    Welcome to Rumble Greg!! people dont always comment but watch your subs go up massively over 6 months ! and the Rumble count!! Alasdair as always absolute gentleman great stuff.

  28. Keith wilson

    Back in 1966 sergeant Kelly was deployed to vietnam. The salary was 615 dollars per month or 7380 per year. After he returned he decided to invest the 7380 into some gold coins. He was able to purchase 210 coins with his money. In 2021 sergeant Mendez who has been promoted and has a salary of 29508 per year decided to go and purchase some gold coins but can only buy 16 with his yearly salary.This is how much the dollar has been devalued over the last 55years.

  29. red

    Also Greg put USA WATCHDODOG in your video title occasionly , Rumble has an old style search engine that doesn’t always pick up autofill data. I think you will get a suprise how quick subs go up.

  30. Rusty Warren Knotts

    All major US allies are going ahead with Trump’s policies, leaving a bickering Biden behind
    155,774 views•Jan 30, 2021 TFIglobal
    American allies had backed Trump in all his geopolitical decisions. But see what Biden is doing. He is losing the Arabs and Israel by hinting at a desire to revive the Iran nuclear deal. He is also making South Korea angry by threatening to end all possible engagement with Pyongyang. And finally, Biden is making America’s QUAD allies- India, Japan and Australia angry by refusing to actively involve the US in containing China. Watch the video for more.

    Maricopa Co. to Audit Election Systems; McConnell Rips Biden Policy; Gaetz Rails Against Liz Cheney
    215,551 views• NTD Jan 29, 2021

  31. Hollie Ground

    NASDAQ Chair Compares GameStop To Capitol Insurrection! w/Glenn Greenwald
    39,293 views•Jan 30, 2021 Jim Dore [WARNING:Expletive}Two time’s

  32. Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I’ll be 66 this year and have been optimistic all my life i have my stack hidden but I’m getting many pessimistic thoughts these days.
    Everyone stay safe
    We will come through this bull….

  33. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    “Spenderama” and “Covid party”
    Love it!

  34. Oracle+911


    The only meaningful way out of this situation (Alasdair touched it) is expanding the domestic production as trump wanted and partially did. Now the swamp and its puppet Biden destroying the system which Trump put or tried to put in. You bet they will be the most shocked when their system of control and economy alongside of the US$ goes up in flame and goes down the drain alongside with them.
    So I can give you one advice get silver/gold and after things began sour band together, pour together resources in workers or other productive cooperatives see what happened in Mondragon (I hope it is still on Vimeo).

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  35. Oracle 911


    The only meaningful way out of this situation (Alasdair touched it) is expanding the domestic production as trump wanted and partially did. Now the swamp and its puppet Biden destroying the system which Trump put or tried to put in. You bet they will be the most shocked when their system of control and economy alongside of the US$ goes up in flame and goes down the drain alongside with them.
    So I can give you one advice get silver/gold and after things began sour band together, pour together resources in workers or other productive cooperatives see what happened in Mondragon (I hope it is still on Vimeo).

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  36. Klemens

    the next short squeez!
    Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver! – Max Keiser

    • Fred Daake


      Thanks for posting the link. It is a great idea with no real downside. Buy one physical silver coin that you can hold in your possession. When enough people do that, it will counteract the paper short sellers.

      At this time, there is not much physical silver available for purchase. But I found one local dealer who has a few Silver Eagles for $38.00. That is a huge premium. However, I will pay the money to buy one coin.

      There is no real downside. If silver prices decline, there is not much too lose. But the upside is that you will participate in a crowd sourced activity that could restore the free market in silver.

      • Paul ...

        Excellent logic Fred … in years past Patriots “gave their lives” to fight evil … today all we have to do is sacrifice a few dollars (if everyone just buys seven(7) one ounce silver coins it will completely destroy the evil bankster manipulators who won’t be able to purchase silver to cover their short positions) … [according to the Census Bureau there are 7.34 billion people in the world … and according to the CPM Research Group there is 53.15 billion ounces of above ground silver in the world] … we must all get together like Reddit is doing and squeeze the silver short sellers!!

        • Paul ...

          Because not everyone can afford to buy 7 silver coins (for $250 dollars) … it is up to us silver-bugs who have some extra money to make up for the people without a few hundred dollars to spare … most silver-bugs can probably very easily buy enough coins to cover 30 people!!

        • Paul ...

          Of course if the banksters (with Bill Gates’ help) reduce Earth’s population down from 7 Billion to only 500 Million … we are going to have a very very hard time winning against the bankster “whales” now manipulating the price of the white metal (silver) … so … we must “strike” now (against the Silver “short selling” Whales … just as Ahab did) … many of us have lost both an arm and a leg in our fight against the Bankster’s “White Whale” … so I beckon you … fight “while we still have the numbers” … for if the Bankster Whales succeed in reducing our numbers … the Pequod (the USA ship of State) … is going down to the bottom!!

  37. Jay. J. Cordone

    “It Just Doesn’t Work As Expected”: Macron Questions Vaccine Credibility As EU Approves AstraZeneca Jab
    by Zero Hedge January 30th 2021
    Even the mainstream press acknowledged that “concerns” had been raised about the vaccine’s use in elderly patients.

    Planet Lockdown: Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview January 30th 2021
    The Covid-19 restrictions are part of an authoritarian takedown of humanity under the guise of public health safety.

    After Elon Criticizes Biden’s FAA, Biden’s DoJ Launches Investigation Alleging SpaceX Discriminates Against Non-US Citizens
    by National File
    January 31st 2021, 4:07 am
    Biden’s Department of Justice is very concerned that Elon Musk may prefer to hire American citizens over foreign labor

    Biden National Security Advisor Told Hillary That al Qaeda ‘Is On Our Side’
    by National File January 31st 2021, 4:03 am
    Neo liberal Madness

  38. Zen

    Pump and dump scam, Buy physical and fall asleep

    What is happening behind the closed doors of the ETF,s? who’s interests are they working in? and what is the time delay between receiving funds and their purchasing and extracting physical metal from the market so pressuring the physical market and supporting a price rise, if ever? and do they actually function to suppress the price? regardless of this, what overarching establishment support is there to for suppression of the physical market through their power of issuance and control of nearly unlimited counterfeit flows?

    The article argues buy SLV and other ETF’s as this will force a short squeeze pushing the price of silver up through the demand for physical metal.
    This is likely another pump and dump scam where if it gets going the price may rise significantly for a while then fall sharply extracting from simple investors who panic sell late.
    Precious metals in hand not ETS’s, have intrinsic value so hated by gamers counterfeiters and government who up to the point of their collateral destruction of the productive economy, when all real assets will then prevail, have unlimited ability to issue and receive fake funds and control all things including price at will through this.

    • Paul ...

      Zen … You are right about not investing in silver ETF’s (like SIL) … SIL was invented by the banksters to siphon off investor money from the actual buying of “physical” silver … thus making it easier for JP Morgan to control the silver market and set it’s price artificially low (the same way the CPI is artificially set to a fake low value)!!

  39. neville

    If you are going to “PANIC” , ………Panic first. Alasdair is perfectly correct .AAcrime cannot continue ad infinitum will cresting dollars out of thin air with absolutely no way or capability of servicing those counterfeit dollars. GOD ,hates those who use dishonest weight and measures and boy oh boy does this qualify in that category.
    Alasdair spoke about bitcoins at the beginning ,to get an idea of what this is all about one must look at just how few of relatively there are in issue namely 21 milllion.Then using the sum of the parts in other words what makes up bitcoin and the rest of them is just plain and simple…..FIAT currencies from A to Z and if one were to take one of each of the currencie you will see they add up to a fraction of what the rubbish is trading at the moment.The only thing one can view crypto currencies as and that is they are a Barometer of just how weak the worlds currencies are and that INFLATION and we mean RAMPANT INFLATION is just around the corner.
    Peace on Earth to all people of GOODWILL

  40. Paul

    I am curious about the short squeeze on Silver the redditors want to do?

    • Paul ...

      Better be more then curious Paul … better buy some before it takes off!!

      • JC

        Let’s not get too excited.

        A number of people have commented that somehow the people on Reddit are taking our forecasts and touting them when to buy as in silver now. It appears that way for I have been warning for months that the gold/silver ratio will collapse and that silver would gain over gold. The danger that whoever is really behind this Reddit forum is that you will are more likely to bring the SEC down on free speech because you cannot tell people to buy stuff and then have a position in the same thing you are touting without full disclosure. That can be 20 years in prison and as long as you are not a New Yorker, you do go to prison.

        We put out our forecasts recommending silver over gold and that has been a good trade. However, these people behind Reddit are making it appear that if people follow then they can beat Wall Street.

        All they have been doing is picking the trade that is in motion. They are NOT capable of manipulating a market insofar as turning a bear market into a bull market any more than Wall Street can.

        A word to the wise! You will lose everything if you think these people are never wrong and can beat Wall Street. Taking out billboard signs bragging about GameStop is not going to prevent a crash.

  41. Kev R

    Hi Greg.
    1 million seconds = 11.5 days
    1 billion seconds = 31 years
    1 trillion seconds = 31,000 years.
    Just sayin!

    • Paul ...

      Thanks Kev … hope everyone uses their minds and relates the fact you present “that 1 billion seconds equals 31 years” … to what the Fed is doing to our money supply … think about it … if the Fed prints one dollar every second for 31 years they get a billion dollars … this means they have to print a $1,000 dollar bill every second for 31 years to get a trillion dollars … they just printed more then a Trillion just this year … that means they are now printing at a rate greater $31,000 dollars a second … can you all now better comprehend the insane magnitude of the monetary debasement going on? … and why … “you must own” precious metal to protect your wealth!!

  42. Dan Reynolds

    My take away; It’s not the explosion of gold but the implosion of the dollar that will occur.

    • Boswell

      Same thing… Yin/yang action/reaction, up/down, down/up, two sides of a coin, etc., etc…

  43. Tad Turner

    Published on 27 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics


    He, Bill Gates is experimenting with human beings like we are a test crop of GMO corn or barley!
    In Bill Gates brave new world, will there ever be another non-GMO human? Any left on the earth, or even in the Ort cloud?
    That Is The Question! There’s a lot of video’s are out there, where some are being shot up with empty needles or the plunger not being pushed down, or already down before the needle is inserted. So maybe non-GMO humans will be allowed to survive. Maybe Gates and Dr. Fraudci? Did Biden get a real shot in the arm? Obama? Hillary, Soros, Xi Jinping? China’s authoritarian leader, Beijing Biden’s puppet master’s boss. Will they’re be non-GMO people? Are you still non-GMO? Call the GMO police!! I wonder if the GMO cop’s are non-GMO? WOW! So many questions and no answer’s! Where’s George Orwell when we need him? Maybe in the Ort cloud too? Another question with a question, ad-nauseum!

    • Paul ...

      Tad …. You know … it is easy to figure out “the mind of a psychopath” like Bill Gates … “just use your imagination” … now why would Gates want to put “jelly fish genes” into the Covid-19 vaccine?? … well we know that jelly fish “glow” in the ocean waters at night … so what better way for a robotic “sniper drone” to spot someone hiding out and using infrared technology to take them out … Gates also has developed the ability to change the DNA of all our Military men (making them into “Atheistic – red high heel wearing homosexuals”) … while at the same time … likely putting Dinosaur “Tyrannosaurus Rex” genes into Chinese Militarily men (to make sure the commies are invincible and will rule the world)!!

  44. Jerry

    Greg and friends,
    Watch this before it’s taken down.

    The mRNA is now in the pipeline, and the vast majority of Americans are lining up to take it. So why the body bags? Recently I viewed an interview with a doctor who was involved with testing vaccines on animals with the first strain of SARS. She said when they used mRNA on animals, it worked well for about two months, but when a new strain of SARS was introduced to the animals they died, because the vaccine had weakened their natural immune system to such a degree they couldn’t fight off the disease. I’m no doctor but that struck a cord with me, because I have seen first hand what using antibiotics to much can do to your immune system.

    Now that people are gathering for herd immunization, the technocrats are introducing a new strain of coronavirus called variant. I can only imagine what will happen two months from now
    If the results of testing mRNA on animals holds true. Those body bags being shipped by fed ex won’t be enough. And guess who gets the blame when it happens? Nobody! Because the drug companies are exempt from liability. Happy April fools day. The jokes on us.

    • Jerry

      Two + Two friends,

      Look at the list of health risk that will be targeted with the vaccine. In two more months those body bags will come in handy once the mRNA
      begins to knock your immune system for a loop. It’s simply criminal that these oligarchs have used the greatest generation in history to build their empire off of, and then throw them away like trash. Sheep to the slaughter! The FDA would never allow a drug that has never been tested, to be released to the public, much less waive any liability for litigation for damages to big pharma, but yet here we are. Still think Donald Trump cares? He’s the one that unleashed these global technocrats on us. Either he was ignorant and didn’t know, or he was involved? Time will tell.

    • Jerry

      It looks like vaccination first, then reset.

      It only makes since. They’ve got the biometric link in you first, to make you part of the collective.

      • JC

        The Borg are an alien group that appear as recurring antagonists in the Star Trek franchise. The Borg are cybernetic organisms linked in a hive mind called “the Collective”. The Borg co-opt the technology and knowledge of other alien species to the Collective through the process of “assimilation”: forcibly transforming individual beings into “drones” by injecting nanoprobes into their bodies and surgically augmenting them with cybernetic components. The Borg’s ultimate goal is “achieving perfection”…

        • Self+Exiled

          Excellent article. Thank You. I enjoyed the authors views on the control issues .

        • Jerry

          Exactly. They discard the unusable pieces and assimilate the rest.
          It’s pure evil.

  45. Jerry

    Post this before it’s taken down. You may save many lives.

    • JC

      God bless this doctor, she’s exposing all the lies about Covid-19!

      • Gary C

        This doctor is a Hero and deserves to be supported along with her organization. I sent it
        to everyone I know before it’s taken down

        • Paul ...

          Too late … it’s been taken down … what people need to do … is tape record the voice message of such videos (on your home tape recorder … or video record it before they are taken down) … then send a copy of the audio or video cassette to your relatives and friends!!

    • Warren B.

      Thanks Jerry. Have watched it twice and likewise have on forwarded to family /friends.

  46. TadTurner

    80% of People Taking Maderna Vaccine Had Significant Side …
    But this vaccine is like nothing before. It is not the typical vaccine built on a virus. This is an RNA vaccine never before used.

  47. Wayne Furr

    Would love to see and participate in the destruction of the crooked Comex. With the Feds’ naked shorting of multiple ounces of gold and silver would be happy to engage in a Reddit raid on the Fed shorts that have keep gold and silver undervalued and deemed worthless by MSM. Implement a Gamestop on on crooks.

  48. Pel Grant

    Did China Just Trick Joe Biden Into World War 4? January 30th 2021, 12:36 pm
    Puppet Beijing Biden allowed Chinese military to launch a simulated attack on USS Roosevelt carrier strike group.

  49. Jerry

    Again, post this before it’s taken down.

    I have watched this video several times and have concluded that these people are military personnel being transported to the capital in civilian buses to accomplish some type of mission. My guess? COG ( continuity of government). Almost all of them are wearing backpacks which I believe contain computer equipment. Laptops etc. If my hypothesis is true, there has been some sort of breach, or compromise at the capital, in intelligence or operating systems, and the military technocratic engineers have been brought in to contain it or reset the entire system? It’s all speculation, but it seems odd that congress is not in session and there are still thousands of national guard troops surrounding the capitol.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.

      EO 13848 could be in play? Stay tuned folks.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Maybe they’re going there so they can finally start all those military tribunals you told us about, that are so long overdue, and finally fill all that space at Gitmo, just like you told us about.

      • Jerry

        I posted the explanation before you moron. Those things, including the Feb. 2018 EO were on schedule until the Davos meeting in Feb. 2020. But don’t worry, if you don’t roll up your sleeve in the coming months you may get to see all first hand.

  50. Donnie

    Dear friend, the people at gold money are quality people, who know the history of fiat currency, and Keynesian monetary theory, and its short falls. Over 10 yrs. ago I began to research monetary history and federal reserve act, and central banks roles within nations around the world, who go out of their way to deceive the public from knowing their privately owned by share holders, and have no connection with governments. The Jeckel Island meeting held in 1912 to create the federal reserve act, consisting of a dozen or so of the worlds riches men, mostly banking and industrial interest, was able to use their political puppets to sell the federal reserve act, created for monetary control of the world, into the hands of private interest. In 1944, the Bretton Woods agreement adopted the Keynesian monetary theory, made know by Maynard Keys. America was anointed as the world reserve currency, pegging world currencies to the dollar. In 1971, Nixon removed the US gold standard, defaulting on American debt, then escalating from the Vietnam war. Henry Kissinger, convinced the Arab oil cartels of the middle east to sell global oil supplies to nations, requiring the sells to bought in US dollars, creating an instant demand for the US Petro Dollar and a global market for dollar expansion, to finance US dominance as the world super power, and to give the US a unchallenged role in monetary and military power. The US was to use the fiat currency system to police the world and enter an unchallenged era petro dollar dominance, without any gold backing for their currency. An unimaginable advantage to create dollars without limits to finance global military and economic dominance, all because they could enter endless wars and achieve economic dominance through the power of money creation that had no intrinsic value at all. Now, Alasdair Macleod and the gold money analyst, who understand the fiat currency collapse, and ponzi scheme, are given us to alert you and I, that fiat end game is upon us, through a currency collapse, of which gold and silver will be required to rebuild the US economic system afterwards. Your participating role as America’s watchdog, is needed more than ever, simply because you have enough integrity to speak the true news along with your guest. As always friend, may God’s blessing find you well and able to speak true in this important hour. God Bless Don

  51. Victor sperandeo

    Thanks for a good basic talk on reality

  52. Mike Anenberg

    One can rest assured that the “Bigs” will grab all the marbles before anyone blinks. So get ready! Gather your stuff. Food, silver, gold, guns, ammo, medicine, etc. They don’t care about the little guy. They want you dead!

  53. Stan

    I shorted a truck load of silver on Friday. If you reddit fools think you can push the price higher you are dreaming. JPM has a little surprise waiting for you.

    • Paul ...

      I guess we will soon see who is the one doing the dreaming Stan!!

      • Stan

        Hey Paul: Looks like the short squeeze turned onto a big flop. Ha ha ha ha.

        • Paul ...

          Stan … It’s not over until the fat lady (JP Morgan) gets screwed royally … this is just foreplay!!

      • Stan

        Paul: The great metals crash of 2021 is here. See you at $1200 Gold and $12 silver later this year 🙂

        • Paul ...

          Stan … Wake up to reality … all the rumors that JP Morgan is spreading right now “that they will crash the silver market on the fools who are buying” is a bunch of hot air … there is no way they can sell short the physical silver coins I and other silver-bugs own (the only people “they can rip off” are the fools who buy silver stocks and ETF’s “like SIL” ( but those people “are not silver-bugs” …they are “speculators” who if not agile enough can be fleeced) … it doesn’t really matter if JP Morgan artificially manipulates the price of silver to $12 dollars per ounce (the same way the CPI is artificially manipulated down to 1.3%) … anyone in their right mind knows the CPI is in actuality 10 times higher “then stated” … just as they will know that silver at $12 dollars is in actuality is 10 to 50 times higher … there is “absolutely no way” that the dollar can hold its current value (of 1 cent) with the amount of money printing going on … and as the US dollar is printed into oblivion becoming more and more valueless … the price of silver in those depreciated dollars (likely worth only 0.0001 cent) is “guaranteed” to be much higher … and in reality … who really cares how high silver goes in US dollar terms … you don’t think I’m going to turn in my physical silver (which is real money) for a next to worthless “IOU debt note” printed out of thin air by some Criminal Banking Cartel do you? … so let JP Morgan have its fun destroying the “idiot speculators” who buy silver stocks and ETF’s (that can be easily shorted by the banksters) … all JP Morgan can do to true silver-bugs … is present us with another fantastic buying opportunity to accumulate more physical metal that banksters have no control over (and can’t sell short) … and that is “absolutely guaranteed” to be worth more and more worthless fiat dollars as Bribe’n prints to infinity over the next 4 years!!

    • Self+Exiled

      My apologies about my comments; the betting with the Bentley on the last interview. It was meant in jest and I should have posted with LOL. I know with margets and the political element it is a tense time for you. See my post to Rachel concerning silver farther on. You and I are on opposite sides of the market.

      • Rachel

        Same side S.E. , Stan is correct this time around for this scenario. He is wrong for the longer term and needs to buy some serious metal so he can upgrade his car later on.

        • Self+Exiled

          LOL: no it’s my car, Stan lost the bridge bet.

        • Self+Exiled

          It’s not Stan’s car, he lost it with the bride bet and I called it ”The Bentley is mine” post. Sorry old age. LOL

          • Rachel

            It’s ok, I remember the bridge bet. Stan better buy even more pm’s if he owes you the car.

            • Rachel

              It’s a very quiet day in millions of households across the world as countless millennials are intently staring at their screens figuring out who they should sue and how they can initiate the worlds largest class action against someone in cyberspace who made them think unlimited digital creation of paper products was somehow correlated to price.

              • Self+Exiled

                That will keep them busy for awhile.

    • sk

      Truck load? What happened to Bentley?

  54. Carl D

    From now on, I’m not gonna bother looking for your videos on youtube. I’m just going straight to USA Watchdog. Use witch ever player you please

    Thank you for doing what you do

    • Stan

      Paul: These reddit fools will be CRUSHED by JPM and Citi.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are going to get crushed at the open shorting silver.

        • Stan

          Greg: I know people at JPM and Citi – I have nothing to worry about.

          • Greg Hunter

            You told us all you “shorted silver again” and it’s down $1. Ag was up 45% or more in 2020. Gold was up m ore than 25% too. Your shoirts are not working. That much is obvious.

            • Warren B.

              What is the definition of insanity ?

  55. Darin


    Can you put the link to your channel on the new platform under the video? Or the link to the video on the new platform?


  56. jessica

    These Godbugs have been crying silver and gold to the moon forever!!
    I think we will have dollar go up first before going down steadily.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold was up about 25% last year and silver up more than 45% in 2020. The USD was down about 5%. Facts not feelings my sister.

  57. Greg Morrissey

    Get ready for February, why is the governor of Illinois doing this ?

  58. rod brumley, sr

    Alasdair is 100% right!!!
    Protect yourself with Physical Silver and Gold – I buy mine from the only Sponsor USA Watchdog – Discount Gold and Silver – Melody Cedarstrom is the Owner – Quick shipping and Good Prices i highly recommend. The number to contact Melody is 800-375-4188

    • Fred Daake


      I agree with you.

      Although I have not been able to buy metals recently, the last time that I bought metals, it was from Discount Gold and Silver – Melody Cedarstrom. My personal experience was five stars.

      Plus, as you note, she is advertising on this blog. Helping give Greg a few pennies to keep this blog alive.

  59. rod brumley, sr

    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot
    Thanks for all you do for The United States of America
    We fellow Patriots Salute you

  60. John

    I’m prepared for yet another year of talking about the collapse, reset, precious metals, food prep, etc. The stock market is way up and there will be a decline. It is only natural. If you’re in the market, either get out now while it’s up or stay in no matter what. Don’t watch it go down, panic, sell, and lock in your losses. It will recover. It always has. Hedge with munis, PM’s, cash, etc. I’m a retard not a financial advisor. Looking forward to buying a 6 bedroom home in Naples for a handful of silver bars.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Naples, Florida or Naples, Italy? Best always. PM

  61. mel

    I believe the “when” is forthcoming.
    The system has been teetering on the edge for years. Donald Trumps was not/is not , IMO, interested to saving it. He called it corrupt and unfair on many occasions and put billions and trillions into rebuilding America- the infrastructure, the military etc. and was no friend of the working person and I believe promoted its demise.
    The ‘WHEN’ is very soon, at the doorstep, about to ring the bell.Yes, that close. The people involved in the gamestop adventure demonstrated how fragile the system is and they are barely getting started. All attempts by the establishment to quell the situation will make it worse.
    It’s a war and those of us without bullets should put that on the top of our to-do list while time remains.
    It could begin in a few short hours. I may be wrong, but all the doomsayers at some point will be vindicated. The “when” is a sizable question. I would say not to look at the calendar when asking it, but look at your watch. The markets open in about 5 hrs.

  62. Nick-Dog

    Alisdair is such a well spoken genius. It is always a pleasure to see him on USAW. God Bless you Greg!

  63. Old+person

    Online silver dealers not selling silver today.
    Most in stock silver is out of stock.

  64. Steve

    Good job, Greg. Keep up
    the good work.

  65. Jeffery

    Thank you sir. Always good information you give!!!

  66. john+duffy

    short version at 8:15
    I went through the steps at the beginning of this video to obtain the report and it was unbelievable the amount of serious side effects. There is no way I will ever take a RNA vaccine. Especially when there are known cures.

  67. Aaron Laforest

    Be safe, hold gold, silver, some crypto, seeds ect…be debt free. Greg get a crypto account for an extra option of tipping for your crypto holding subscribers who love you….and we do! best line Biden…HELL NO!

  68. Ed


    I went to YouTube to see what your Sunday video would be and there was nothing there. I think you need to keep using YouTube and telling people to come here to watch your videos.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have bee suspended from YouTube for two weeks.

      • Matt Kaatz

        Greg, I’m surprised it took them this long to go after you. Wear it like a badge of courage like I do. We are praying for you, brother Greg (Hunter of truth).

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not kicked off YT –yet. I’ll always have Thanks for supporting me Matt!!

  69. jeffrey murphy

    China has working fusion power .

    • Paul ...

      You know … for all the bad things the Chinese Communist Party does … the “good” Chinese people are going to save our world … … they are very very intelligent … and if there was a choice as to which Master Race should control the world … I would pick the Chinese people (not their government) … and never the idiot Demon-rats running our country!!

  70. Paul ...

    I wonder why China is not using Bill Gates’ latest vaccine to create Atheists??? …

  71. Julia

    Hi Greg, thanks for sending an email with the video. When you asked Mr Armstrong if Europeans believed Biden was elected I thought. .. I know a group who does believe Biden was elected. The entire video is 1 hour 27 minutes. The first 45 minutes are about the Covid and how long they planned this epidemic. The remaining part concerns the Great Reset or as a Catholic Podcaster called it, “The Great Catholic Reset”. The Economic Forum policy is the same as the Pope Francis policies. The last 27 minutes are what Catholic commentators said:

    Thanks for a great interview.

  72. Bill

    Interesting interview, very interesting. Great question on the great reset and all that is going on in Davos. Interesting answer and I hope he’s right! But time will tell. If as the people protest, I think there’s too much power between governments and big corporations. Rumor is Reddit is going to push silver to new highs. That should be interesting if that happens. Thanks, Greg!

  73. PeterB

    Great interview Greg. Alistair Macleod’s a class act.

  74. Stevan F Bruehl

    greg, I tried to donate to you today and I was blocked. also, I tried to email you
    to explain and the email was blocked and not sent saying I was spam.

    pls reply if you can

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry you are having trouble I still have good old snail mail if PayPal is not working for you. You want to try that and I thank you in advance:

  75. wayne hardin

    At the risk of repeating my self .
    Just as God sent John the Baptist in the spirit and power of Elijah to tell
    the world that Jesus the savior was on the way .
    So now he is here again to bring judgement beginning at the house of GOD .
    And just as in the days of Noah as it is written .
    People are running around worried about what is happening in the world .
    Seemingly thinking that God will change his mind about what he said would
    come to pass .
    Gods word has been written and it will come to pass as he said .
    All these people running around speaking about peace are not telling the truth .
    God is showing all the lies giving people a chance to repent .
    But it is not looking good since all that is going on are excuses .
    One thing is for sure PRIDE has a strong hold on a lot of people .
    If they would only admit they were wrong God would forgive them .
    But since they will not they will indeed answer for it .
    The word of God is only doom and gloom to the flesh .
    We will either kill our flesh though the power of the HOLY SPIRIT .
    Or God will kill it and the soul in the lake of fire .
    It is our choice .

  76. Randy Best

    The foreigners holding $27 Trillion in US dollar assets do not appear to be very smart at all. Jim Willie says Russia has 30,000 tons of gold and China 110,000 tons if one includes what the white dragons own.

  77. Steve Bice

    One more important issue to consider with regard to silver here in the hours before the markets open on Sunday night:

    There is another factor in play for those who believe the banks will crush any attempt to run the price of silver higher. J.P. Morgan is under federal investigation for manipulating the silver market for the last decade…basically from the point they took over the massive Bear Stearns short position.

    From a Bloomberg headline: “JPMorgan’s Metals Desk Was a Criminal Enterprise, U.S. Says”. They are being investigated under the RICO statutes…and that is a big deal.

    For the first time, J.P. Morgan may be hamstrung in their efforts to suppress significant price moves in silver. Any attempt at illegal manipulation could be the coup de grace for the RICO case, and expose them to massive fines and criminal prosecution of traders and management.

    This is likely a risk they will not be willing to take given the conspicuous conduct necessary to rein in a runaway silver price.

    We will find out together how this will play out. Game on…

    • Rachel

      Hi Steve, The bullion banks are short 100 million ounces (usd $2.7 billion). So JP Morgan will pay their fine as usual and one or more of the other bullion banks will take a turn at pushing the price back down. The Reddit price move will be short lived although in general the silver price is rising and will continue to do so.

      • Self+Exiled

        I think your assessment will be correct. I purchased in the 90’s and watched the plunge protection team as we called it; beat the price down until it became so obvious that they started fining miniscule amounts while the banks made millions. It is 11:30 PM here and silver is ranging 28.60 to 29.50 New york 10.26 AM on Kitco. $29 appears to be the battle line sense 2020. We shall see.

      • Steve Bice

        I read somewhere J.P. Morgan is actually net long silver at the present. Ted Butler has long predicted they will at some point want to cash in on their massive silver accumulation.

        It will be interesting to see if this price move has staying power. We are so conditioned to wait for the other shoe to drop, it’s hard to imagine the shorts finally backing off or being overrun.

        The good news is that the “attention” and press that silver is getting goes well beyond Reddit. It won’t take a lot of new silverbugs to make a difference in the relatively small silver market.

        Bloomberg did make this investigation out to be far more serious than the prior hand slaps. Maybe they will surprise us all this time…

      • Rachel

        actually I forgot to multiply out the ounces per contract so the dollars are 5,000 times $2.7 billion = usd $13,500 billion = usd $13.5 trillion. The bullion banks are not going to let that go.

  78. David Morgan

    Been Asked All Day

    Laid it all out in 2012

    • eddiemd

      Good video.


    • JC

      Regarding what’s happening with silver, Clif High mentions you at the 21:00 mark.

  79. Andy J

    Greg, you can’t get silver eagles and if you could, they would be 40-50 bucks right now.
    Silver will gap up until it hits 300-600 bucks per ounce. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of time.

  80. Chris

    the best protection for the common man for the financial turmoil the world is facing is to “have some sound money like physical gold and silver.”

    Silver is about to explode. If you don’t have it, you will have a tough time getting it.

  81. Mike R

    The financial system is going to break starting in 3…2…..1…. 0
    Silver Futures Soar 8%, Rise Above $29 As Reddit Hordes Pile In

    This is going to be a thing of beauty, as the Reddit crowd that crushed the shorts, and hedge funds that were owns of Gamestop, are now going to do the same to Silver shorts. Except this time with Silver, as they ramp the price of silver and BLOW out all the hedge funds, and BULLION BANKS, including the corrupt manipulator JPM, the sky is the limit on price. Its been artificially suppressed for 50 years now, and so its a heavily coiled spring that will EXPLODE way higher.

    Once that happens, the jig is UP for all precious metals suppression, and then dollar then crashes, as inflation that was hidden can no longer be hidden and for the first time since 1971, we will get true price discovery of all metals, currencies, and even stocks. Stocks will be re-valued to a small fraction of what they are priced at now. Currencies, especially the dollar, will all drop like a rock.

    All on Buck Fiden’s criminal watch.

    • Warren B.

      Time frames ? for some perspective – otherwise your comment is open ended. Next week, month, year, decade ??

  82. Andy J

    What Alasdair does not understand is that we will be using crypto currencies to trade.
    Outside the dollar. You will be counting your Satoshi’s, not dollars. Grams of silver, not dollars . Paradigm shift, or should I say Paradigm Schifft lol.

  83. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, outstanding interview. I pray for God to give you strength during these difficult times.

  84. iwitness02

    Demand for physical silver is going through the roof.
    Monday should be interesting.

  85. William

    Expect Trump to come back with a new party, and once again take on the stupidcrats
    Both parties are broken beyond repair.
    He needs to nuc Wash DC and all who are in it, and start over in Kansas

  86. Self+Exiled

    Charles I was blocked again from Watchdog byWord Fence; but for only 2-3 days. Sent in 2 nasty complaints. I was going to go to an internet cafe and see if Gregs site was blocked. They may be blocking entire countries as I think you are also out of the US. This was the third time.

  87. Ed

    I don’t believe the comparison to Weimar Germany or any other country that inflated long ago, they are not the same as now and the US. The US dollar is the world’s reserve currency, on top of the fact that dollars can be added and removed with the stroke of a keyboard in seconds. It’s ALL digital, they can manipulate everything at any time they want via the internet. So, if it all collapses, it’s on purpose.

  88. Lightning

    Big fan of Alisdar and you to Greg,

    Good video.

    Switching gears… does it seem like Biden has no funds?!

    The COVID relief bill is delayed.

    He’s trying to repurpose and redivert funds already appropriated by President Trump , ….

    The Whitehouse is dark…

    If the Democrats control House, Senate and the Presidency…. why all the Executive Actions?!

    Is the government truly solvent and truly functioning?!

    Things that make you go hmmmm

  89. Self+Exiled

    Is there nothing these people will not try to do, compulsive achievers, I come from a long line of them. Thank God some of them saw me as a failure. —- ” The ultimate aim of the company is to create a brain-computer interface, with current trials focused on potentially using the technology to treat people with brain and spinal injuries.” —ya sure— you mean after the vaccine cripples them more ”Elon Musk claims one of his companies has implanted a device into a monkey’s brain, and hopes to make it play “mind pong” with another cyborg monkey.”

  90. Dana

    Just about every guest you have is given the question of ‘how high do you think gold and silver will go?’ and the answer, for gold, is either moderately high, such as $50K, to astronomically high in the hundreds of thousands. When the initial transition to gold and silver based money happens this will be an important question but soon afterward the question of how much a given product or commodity is worth will only be given in terms of gold and silver. The only thing that can be deduced from this transition is your paper and digital dollars will become worthless as most of your guests say. There will also need to be a cessation of these two precious metals trading on the Comex as mere commodities and, especially, manipulated commodities at that. Exactly how gold and silver’s value can float is a question for a real economist but controlling and limiting its value as well as the seigniorage a government uses to profit off of its money will have to stop.

    All this being said, though, what would be your guests opinion that all the currency printing the stimulus programs are producing still do not come up to the amount of revenue that’s been lost due to the shut downs? A few people out there are saying that we aren’t experiencing real inflation because of this. Didn’t Jim Rickards say this?

    • Greg Hunter

      And yet there is inflation. It’s around 9% overall according to a couple sources.

      • Dana

        Oh yes, it’s the road to ruin as you say so often. Shadow Stats is much more reliable than government reports. Government regulations and taxes are another reason for prices to go up along with the dilution of the currency. Everybody wants their cut.

  91. Jerry

    Welcome to star link.

    Your connection to the global cloud once the mRNA receptor settles into your biological system. In case you were wondering m stands for messaging. In short, the vaccine is a program. Like any program it can be used for many different things, depending on who the programmer is. Go ahead and find your link. They know where you are anyway. Get your spiritual house in order. The reset is coming much faster than you think.

    • Warren B.

      This Fact is not commonly known. Especially the experimental side of the Biological Agent they are ALL using and calling a Vaccine ( a word that is generally accepted as a substance that provides immunity). ANOTHER SUBSTANTIAL LIE.
      Keep up the great work.

    • Steve Bice

      Hey Jerry:

      You’ve probably written about this, but I wanted to post a couple links for others. I generally steer clear of vaccine debates, but I am appalled at all the doctors who “parrot” the claim that they are safe. There is simply know way to know this, as safety studies were done over two to four month periods looking only for short term adverse reactions.

      Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and vaccine associated disease enhancement (VADE) may not appear for years as vaccinated subjects are exposed again to disease agents in the “wild”. We are in the midst of the largest, (and potentially most dangerous) worldwide public vaccine trial ever contemplated. I’m not saying this will happen, but I am suggesting it’s a risk: If these phenomena develop, we could have literally hundreds of millions of deaths. Research seems to suggest that strains of Coronavirus are particularly susceptible to this sort of viral blowback.

      Here are two links to read: In the first article, pay particular attention to the section on human clinical trials (especially if the detail is otherwise too much). In the second, focus on the implications for Covid-19 vaccines at the end of the article.

      You, Eddie and others should feel free to dispute or otherwise allay my concerns if you think I’m fear mongering. But those…and there are many…who claim the vaccines are safe have no way of knowing what they claim as fact. I often say that when someone starts a debate by sharing their “credentials”, they are attempting to tip the scales and/or sell you something. The “arguments” should stand on their merits alone irrespective of who is voicing them.

      After 3 or 4 years of testing, perhaps they could begin to make these safety claims. But even then, there would be insufficient data to address inter-generational impacts.

      The “Trust the Science” meme is omnipresent on social media in attempts to shame people into taking the vaccines. That said, I think we can be fairly certain that those posting the memes are not the ones reading the scientific literature.

      And finally, a question: Anyone have any thoughts on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine? It’s not mRNA, but…

      • Jerry

        I have a liability form if anyone wants one. In layman’s terms it says anyone ( doctors etc. ) who suggest I get vaccinated must sign it holding them legally responsible for adverse effects. I don’t think I’ll have any takers. Do you? It’s a joke. The vaccine company’s all have waivers. Why if there is no risk? I think we know the answer.

        • Steve Bice

          Lol. There won’t be any takers. I’ve thought about verbally asking my doctor friends for a guarantee…just to make a point. Be well…

  92. Jason S

    USD will be backed 50% by gold. this will apply to treasuries only. You will never be able to walk into a bank with USD currency and exchange it for gold. Apart from which, coins and notes will be gone soon.

  93. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    They’ve changed the terminology …again. The “great reset” is now the
    “ green reboot”.

    Same old plan. Kill off a bunch of people, get rid of cars, and save the planet. Same old looney tune ideas. The fed better keep pumping that money into the markets, because when these globalist pull the plug on the current system ( and they will ) it’s going drop like a pair of dirty underwear. The big question is when? When is cyber polygon going to be used to wipe out the banks and all of the markets in one shot? The date is totally unknown, but you can bet it’s tied to the progress of the vaccines, since they are key to the new system. Keep an eye on that. The final push will come with the variant strain that has been unleashed on us.

    • Warren B.

      (Green) is a much “Softer” term for what you have described as the New Normal…aka RESET.
      Thanks for the update Jerry.

  94. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview by your frequent guest Alex Newman and Dr. Lee Merrit. Click on the video after following this link . . .

  95. Peter

    Sadly the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has backtracked again and will not let an independent auditor, audit the 2020 votes. The Biden democrats are probably putting heavy pressure on these bought and paid for Supervisors to do whatever it takes to stop the audit. We now have to believe democrats are very scared of what an audit would reveal. The supervisors are very scared of what physical harm democrats would do to their families. We need to keep applying pressure anyhow so that an audit can possibly go forward. Note all board members will have to be booted out of office either way.

  96. Self+Exiled

    What do you think?

    • Self+Exiled

      Saw this on another site, loved it. Big smile. —–Brilliant.

      Noah was a conspiracy theorist and then it started to rain.

  97. Rick Smith

    If the price of it goes too high (determined by the BUYERS)
    People just won’t buy it. The demand will go through the
    floor, and you may WANT to sell gold for thousands of
    dollars, but you will find NO BUYERS.
    Now if bread goes to ten dollars a loaf, “Houston, we have
    a problem.”

  98. Paul ...

    Twitter feels “the heat of outrage” and backs down … as it slowly begins to understand that “Freedom of Speech” is a “Universal Right”!! …

  99. Jerry

    Do you want proof that something major is about to happen?

    Q followers say, Donald Trump is planning on Gittmo #2? To me it looks like a get the hell out of dodge move. Buying an island in international waters with a wall around it, is exactly what I would do if I knew a SHTF moment was coming. Maybe it’s time to pull the draw bridge up, and man the wall.

  100. Self+Exiled

    ”Has Trump surrendered or conceived the most brilliant trap against the New World Order?” Logical conclusions.

  101. Brian Cranston

    Joe Biden Seeks to Surge Foreign-Born Voting Population Ahead of Elections
    by Breitbart
    February 3rd 2021, 2:31 am
    In an executive order on Tuesday, Biden ordered multiple federal agencies to work to boost the rates of legal immigrants becoming naturalized citizens


    US Mint Warns It Can’t Meet “Surging Demand” For Silver & Gold
    by Zero Hedge
    February 3rd 2021, 2:21 am
    Sales of U.S. gold bullion coins rose 258% in 2020 while silver coin demand was up 28%, the U.S. Mint said Tuesday.

    • Robert K

      I hope and pray it is the most brilliant trap against the New World Order. My wife has a friend in the media, (NOT of the CHICOM variety) and she says that in/around sometime in April, President Trump will be in office. Obviously, there is a lot of conjecture surrounding this, and personally, I don’t have anything to substantiate the claim. But one can continue to pray and dream. 10 consecutive days without anyone in the White House and his Press Secretary by her own admission has no clue where biden is??? Things are stranger and stranger by the day…

      • Self+Exiled

        Yep: hope, pray and wait. Seems to be the walk of faith.

      • Bob+Lamb


        • Self+Exiled

          Is that the difference between those who believe in Christ and those who don’t? Honest question. Christ is the reference point; not Trump.

          • Bob+Lamb

            My definition of hope is belief in things not seen that are real. I believe in Christ, that he is real, and I have hope in him. I don’t have hope in a lot of the conspiracy theories floating around that Trump is just gaming and waiting for the right time to pounce. I don’t think that is real and is the hopium. Christ is real!

  102. Self+Exiled

    ”Pentagon Chief Ousts Hundreds of Advisers in Sweeping Purge of Trump Appointees”

  103. wayne hardin

    The only ? is how many people called everybody they knew and got them to buy
    silver .
    And then when got to 30 bucks sold it .
    It is only the word of God coming true .
    I have never seen so many self centered / selfish / greedy people before .
    they say BUY AND HOLD then they sale .

    2 Timothy

    1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    • Greg Hunter

      Who are you talking about. Everybody I know has held silver (and Gold) as a core investment for years. They really don’t care what the price is but how many ounces they have. Storm is coming.

      • wayne hardin

        I have seen it for years it is the same on wall street .
        Pump and dump It is just getting worse that is all .
        People hear about somebody making money and they do stuff they don’t know
        anything about .
        Thinking they are going to make money to .
        I just hate to see people that don’t know better be taken to the cleaners .
        By people that don’t care .
        All that is on their mind is MONEY .
        I think you know who i am talking about .
        The pumpers .

      • wayne hardin

        You wouldn’t believe the calls i got over the weekend .
        People wanting silver .
        I am not in the business anymore and that is the number one reason why .
        People come in after hearing about silver going to the moon .
        And then it drops .
        And then think i was a thief or i told them it was going to the moon .

  104. john doe

    Hey Greg, I’m sure you’re aware of WSB Squeeze Silver campaign and I wanted to point something out to you. I read thru its forum and their objective along with buy physical silver is a ton of 35$call options in silver for APRIL. Bo says something big was coming in April let’s pray this is the move he was calling for in God’s $ to help those prepare. 🙏 God bless

  105. AL

    Sorry this is late, but did you guys do this on purpose? I’ve been busy so I haven’t been able to watch for the last week, but I sat down with a cup of coffee this morning to watch videos. Realized I had not seen Greg in several days so I came to USA Watchdog and listened to the video with Alasdair Macleod on my phone. When it finished, I just left the phone alone. After several minutes, a woman started talking. It was Ella doing a general reading of what I assume are tarot cards for the year of 2021. Now, I do not look to the cards or stars or any of that sort of stuff for guidance, but from the first few words, I was howling with laughter. The energy for the year is about a new job, a raise, or “some kind of news about money.” I let it run and if you listen to what she said in the light of what is happening now on the financial/political/social front, it was shocking. April made me think of Bo Polny. I’m not advocating the use of tarot at all, but the parallels were interesting. Here’s the link if you want a laugh:

  106. Doug

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Greg. One down, ( Now that we know what Alasdair Mcleod thinks what the” Great Reset” is.) Fifty guest to go for asking what they think what the “Great Reset is.!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Doug

  107. Pamela Hankins

    Klaus Schwab does not represent government, he represents the Oligarchs. Governments cannot ‘re-set’ everything, but people who have enough money to buy up the means of influencing the planet can, and that’s who’s behind it, that’s who’s manipulating the markets via perception, coercion, bribes, threats, and who knows what else. They state plainly what their plan is, and they are on target. Your guest seems aware of the concept, but not aware of the means.

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