Middle East Tensions Continue to Mount, Trump Still On Top, Some Mosques Teach Jihad

13By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 219 12.11.15)

Russia continues to attack ISIS and continues to ramp up the rhetoric. Vladimir Putin said that the new missiles fired from subs in the Mediterranean Sea were “highly effective, high-precision weapons that can be equipped either with conventional or special nuclear warheads.” Putin added, “I hope we will never need it.” Is he serious or playing a mind game with the west? Who knows, but it is certainly a veiled threat of nuclear war in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, fresh off shooting down a Russian fighter jet, NATO member Turkey has sent troops into Iraq. The Iraqis are protesting this at the UN. The U.S. Congress is proposing bipartisan legislation to authorize military force against ISIS. It would expire in three years. There are already 3,500 troops in Iraq. The vote is going to be a close one on the use of more force in Iraq.

The headline about the San Bernardino Islamic terrorists that murdered 14 and wounded 22 says it all, “Killer Couple Were Radicalized Years Ago.” This is according to FBI Director James Comey in testimony on Capitol Hill. Comey says the FBI has 900 active investigations involving Islamic State sympathizers all across the U.S.

Maybe this is why Donald Trump is calling for a temporary halt in Muslim immigration and visas into the United States. The mainstream media and neocon Republicans and Democrats crucified him, and what happened? His poll numbers went up. Then there is this concerted effort by the MSM about “anti-Muslim bigotry.” It is not anti-Muslim to point out the fact and shine light on a legitimate problem with radical Islam. Back in 2009, the FBI estimated that 10% of the nation’s 2,000 mosques preached Jihad. Other studies from 2013 show nearly 80% of 100 mosques checked teach some sort of written material about Jihad. It is mainly against Jews and Christians. I see plenty of Muslims complaining about the unfair treatment they are getting, but I don’t see much outrage about the recently 14 murdered and 22 wounded in the Islamic terror attack in California. I also don’t see Muslims getting together and trying to come up with a way to stop these terrorists.

Economic news continues to come in, and it’s nearly all bad week after week. Not sure how the Fed is going to justify the rate increase it’s signaling, but it is selling the idea the economy in the U.S. is strong enough to take the hike.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Elderlearner

    Regarding Trump. When I was in school many years ago and was told that everyone in America has the opportunity to run for President and it is up to the people to vote and support them or not – but everyone had a chance. Don’t people realize that if you want Trump out you are taking away that “dream” of young people. Trump has every right to run and say what he feels – it doesn’t mean I have to vote for him – but that is the American way as far back as I could remember. You are right on Greg on many things and I thank you for that. I wish American citizens would use common sense and remember what they were taught.
    P.S. Regarding Obamacare, is it better to have 40 million people w/o healthcare? I don’t think so. We need single payer and get rid of all these insurance groups – but that’s using common sense.

    • Greg Hunter

      Obama Care was a huge policy lie, and now that LIE is failing. You justify the big Lie so everybody else can pay huge increases in premiums so 40 million can be insured? (Thank you Jonathan Grubber for defining the lies that went all the way to the top of the Democratic/Communist party).) I do not want socialized medicine or a socialized economy. What you are pushing is communism. So I I don’t agree with your communist ways I am not using common sense? Hitler and Stalin used the same way of thinking to try to control people. By the way, I agree with you about Trump and thank you for your comment.

      • RVS

        You really are batshit crazy GH…
        Yup EVERY other western democratic country (sorry I meant communist… be very afraid) in the world uses a single pay, gov funded healthcare plan (better results at half the cost) and you still insist on following the Tea Party meme, on this and about every other significant issue (btw… The TP is funded, created, and managed by the same billionaires that lead the GOP presidential clown car around by the nose to do their bidding).
        Guess it’s tough getting a read on the rest of the world from “inside the bubble,” or could it be the walls you dream about to keep all “the others” out are blocking your world view.
        A racist, bigoted, ill informed cretin… I know, just trying to stay in the spirit of the season… lol!

        • Greg Hunter

          So you resort to name calling? This is typical of sub intelligent people. You said, “Yup EVERY other western democratic country (sorry I meant communist… be very afraid) in the world uses a single pay, gov funded healthcare plan. . . ” Yes Communist, and these very countries are totally broke. This is an undisputed fact. Every single one is over budget printing fiat currency to buy bonds. Yes, your communism/socialism has every single country in the Western world tail-spinning in financial trouble, which is why we are getting a police state in the western world. You are so stupid you think there is a difference between parties which is why both Democrats and Republicans are criticizing Trump. Don’t com,e back you stupid paid troll. (Boy that was fun.)

          • Mike Morgan

            Thank you for standing against socialism. Taking care of each other is fine, but it should be a choice, not forced. Anyway it’s an established fact that governments waste incredible amounts of money. People can do better on their own and only need bare bones for government.

          • Jerry

            The only joy I can find in the coming collapse is watching the government checks used by these trolls burn with the rest of the fiat confetti.

          • Scott Miller

            The USA has the most debt. It’s not even close. America prints $ the most. We export $. We are not communist. We are historically speaking the most indebted ever.

        • Galaxy 500

          Proof positive that liberalism / socialism is a mental illness

        • opalboy

          Here is what bronze o-“care” cost me in a year, last year it cost me a little over $450 per month, so start out with $9000 base for the year, $6700 deductible, so to start kicking in I’ll be at $15,700. Then they cover any extra at 40/60, so I still get to pay the high prices, so if I had a $10,000 procedure, I would still owe $4000, for a grand total of $19,700. Can anyone explain how this is good for me?

      • Paul

        Nothing seems “real” anymore except for hoaxes, wars, death and taxes in this Fascist/Government/Industrial/Fed Banking Matrix we live in … all we have served to us is an endless series of false flags and other unconscionable and premeditated hoaxes being perpetrated on the American people … like a Klingon Battleship in an old Star Trek movie the Fed has turned on many cloaking devices … to hide and cover up its true nature … so as to pursue an exponentially expanding “Zimbabwe” monetary policy … it is simply an evil bird of prey on others … from the outright suppression of interest rates … to the suppression of gold and silver prices … from the faked inflation numbers to the zero COLA’s they provide to retirees … the Fed cloaks just about everything … it hides its true nature so as to launch constant inflation attacks … that has taken our dollar currency down to a penny now … reeking untold havoc upon us … however … their cloaking devices … though many … are becoming overloaded … and we are “beginning to see the true outlines” of this evil and fearsome ship of prey … this “mortal enemy of real money” in a few short days won’t be able to hide their inflationary ship of prey behind the zero interest rate cloak anymore … the outline of their ship will be seen even more clearly when its gold and silver cloak is removed … soon the world will see the Fed exactly for what for it is … get ready Sulu … I see its shadowy outline in the jittering waves of space-time … fire … fire all photon torpedoes Sulu … and lets end this #@ISIS@# Fed!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Thanks, Greg, for always reminding people that absolute power is the same, no matter what “ism” it is called. Right, left, Middle, Up, Down…authoritarian control without checks and balances IS the enemy of Americans and everyone else on earth.

    • WD


      Its not common sense, its called communism. Those that have insurance are being destroyed by OC, which is the goal of the communist to destroy the pillars of society.

      This socialism/communism fails 100% of the time.

      • Waldemar Perez

        Maybe “Christians” nations (including the Vatican) should get together and collectively condemn drone strikes that kill 9 innocent civilians for every bad person. That engenders more radicals, but I know you won’t. Hey how about declassifying those 28 pages of the 9/11 report showing support of the Saudi gov that both Rep Lynch and Jones are pushing to get declassified. Have any of you ignorant read pages 8, 9 & 10 of Operation Northwoods yet? Stop your ignorance regarding who the real terrorists and fanatics murderers are. Educate yourselves and Verify! http://nsarchive.gwu.edu/news/20010430/northwoods.pdf

        • Galaxy 500

          You call them innocents. I call them terrorists in training

        • Hilde


          “Eight years later, Zawahiri is still alive. Seventy -six children and 29 men, according to reports after the two strikes, are not. ”
          I doubt if those 76 children were terrorists in training. Nothing can justify murder on 76 children , ever.

          • Galaxy 500

            Children are routinely used in terror attacks. Perhaps you should discuss that with mommie and daddy terrorist

      • diane s.

        Good call WD
        Wow…Greg…you really pissed off the bad guys today !!!!! You really rattled their cage.
        GO GREG.

      • ronj

        I meant this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgsrnmzxEUY&feature=em-share_video_user hard to ignore and in line with your thoughts

      • Elderlearner

        WD, you may not realize it yet but in the very near future the U.S. will not be able to pay it’s medical and nursing home bills. One simple stroke in your retirement days can easily land you in a nursing home at $96,000 per year right after Medicare stops paying roughly 100 days THEN if you’re state is lucky enough to have funds to support you on Medicaid (after you spend everything you can sell and are left with $50 per month from your social program social security) you will end up with a maximum of $2000 that you can keep. This is reality and I bet a huge percentage of people aren’t even aware it’s coming. No government controls (in healthcare) to moderate the fall is going to to be a bad situation. I trying to learn what the answers could be for everyone in the country. Give me your 15 year projection????

        • WD


          I remember when my grandmother had a stroke, she came home and stayed with us. We all took care of her, it was trying at times ( very trying), but we did it. We all chipped and paid for a part-time nurse that came 3 days a week. Also my grandmother was a saver, as she was from that generation. So there were some funds, not a tremendous amount but a good supplement.

          We took care of her until she passed away…and governmnet had nothing to do with it, NOR SHOULD THEY!

          We had a decent sized family to help so it did work.

          The other idea is called long term care insurance. A private insurance policy will have a much higher pay out than a government medicare policy. ( Much higher and longer than medicare, which we all pay into for years and years)
          Start your policy in your mid 40s to early 50s.

          Getting rid of all these burdensome heavy layers of taxes would give each family more money to put to this type of end of life care, and this is a sound investment.

          People can also stop wasting money on so many ridiculous things, satellite tv, eating out, expensive phones etc etc then people will have to be responsible for themselves.

          We can also have more kids ( you socialists shun bigger families in your rush to abort fetuses of all ages, in the womb and outside of the womb)

          Private charities, we could all be more charitable with more money in pocket after we are relieved from burdensome taxes and silly items we over spend on, it worked very well before. Look what Mother Teresa did by herself.

          It has worked for many thousands of years before this cancer called socialism crept into our lives.
          Look around you Elderlearner, this abomination called socialism or whatever you want to call it is failing around the world. Europe economic picture is dead its creeping in and destroys everything we are plummeting into the depths we have never seen before all because of this thing called socialism.

          Let our own free will,free market and determination shape our destinies, not some warped, ineffective govt policy.

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            Good for you…
            My husband is disabled (almost blind and with emphysema) We have Social Security and that’s all. He was turned down for disability, even though his profession as a violinist was finished. Rather than get a lawyer, he decided to continue his part time job as a custodian at a school.
            3 grandchildren live with us a lot…so things are tight. But when I take him to work at 4:30 am it’s great being involved and active.
            My Dad had a license agency and worked until 92. He said his generation came in full of plans at retirement. The next year they came in saying, “Is it lunch time yet, honey?” The next year they couldn’t remember what make of car they drove.
            He was spooked by the Appleby’s and sports radio retirement he saw all day!!!
            Now if only I could talk my grown kids out of thinking it’s the 1990s…

    • Michael Harvey

      “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
      ― Edmund Burke

  2. 8Ball

    GH: Then there is this concerted effort by the MSM about “anti-Muslim bigotry.”

    Yes, it is a concerted effort. Then there is another concerted effort on the alt-media to blame the “Jews” for all of the world’s problems.

    Both efforts come out of the same playbook…

    • Elderlearner

      WD, I agree with everything you said about what could happen, but to be honest this reminded me of the 1950’s. (This is the time frame I believe the U.S. peaked with honesty, taking care of family, greed wasn’t entrenched). My serious concern WD is where this country is heading especially for the young people. Can it go back to that time? This is probably why Trump is up in the polls, people want a change from where things are today. That’s why I’m attempting to learn what people have to say and I appreciate that GH asks pointed questions with his guests to encourage different thoughts. God runs things and he is in control however people can screw things up sometimes and I’m very concerned. Regards

      • WD


        Us the 50s were prime production times. Families stuck together, we were on gold standard, no medicare forced upon us. We have declined so much.

        We are facing a purge, a bankruptcy as you may call it.
        Imagine a snake eating its tail.
        We have a majority of people who think socialism is hip and cool. Its death. The reset has to happen, its ineveitable. Look at all the countries collapsing and dying.

        We have been seduced by socialism/communism….Look at the tenets:
        1) Central bank
        2) Destroy Christianity
        3) Debt that is inconceivable for all of us
        4) A destruction of the family
        5) A punitive progressive income tax
        6) A govt controlled economy
        7) An attempt to control and watch the people at every step.
        8) Destruction of the family
        9) Destruction of Western style economy

        But their days are numbered now, the US and EU are hollowed paper tigers. These were decsisions were made slowly and surely by short sighted psycho paths.

        Do you really think that when Kerry meets with the Russians next week they have any real respect for him?

        Its over for us….

        I advise stocking up on basic supplies and arming your self.
        Also read the 2nd Coming American Civil War

      • Michael Harvey

        I came, I saw, I conquered.

        Julius Caesar

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Everybody knows Jewish people are too visible, argumentative, and anti-authoritarian to manage some global control plot…they are the traditional scapegoats because of those gutsy qualities, though. Controlling authorities are threatened by them. Look how many Jewish journalists question Israeli policies and the wars…they love to squabble and question things…not follow some demagogue on pedestal.
      Over in Israel there are charities and employment efforts for Jews and Palestinians working together. If “Jews” were such an authoritarian people, would those keep n year after year whatever the government in power?
      Anti-semitism is always pushed by vber-controllers of mankind…utopians.

  3. Hank

    Putin’s remarks about his missiles are for the neocons in USA that are so stupid they might believe that their missile shield works and that they have first strike capability. That is a very dangerous dream they live in.

  4. oneno

    Greg, you are already using the word “Jihad” without even defining the word and already pointing at “Muslims” as culprits in recent attacks in the USA and Paris. How many false flag attacks does it take before the average man on the street, particularly in the West, starts asking questions and starts connecting the dots?

    You yourself said around the 9:14 mark: “the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not bad [sic]”. Don’t you think, there would be a SERIOUS UPRISING in Muslim places of prayer if it became known that there were radicals preaching and prompting violence against members of other communities in which these “overwhelming majority of Muslims that are not bad [sic]” are living? Such radicals would be apprehended and forcefully brought to the POLICE! Such radicals would also have SHARIA LAW imposed on them!

    Do you seriously think these “overwhelming majority of Muslims” would continue making financial contributions (tithe) to their Muslim communities let alone congregating with such a group when it was clear these radicals were putting their (“the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not bad [sic]”) futures in the West in Jeopardy?

    This is 9/11 targetting of Muslims all over again.

    What is needed are some hard questions:

    1. Where are theese radicals getting these weapons from? The average person on the street cannot get fully automatic rifles?

    2. What do they hope to accomplish against a well armed US citizenry that even the US Federal Government is afraid of so much so that they want to out-law gun ownership.

    3. What is their motive?

    4. Where are there lines upon lines of armoured divisions including endless tanks, munitions, and munitions factories from which they can wage a battle against Christians and Jews in the West? Pray tell? Again what do they hope to accomplish?

    5. No matter how hard one tries, one cannot force RELIGION on anyone?
    “In Islam, there is NO compulsion in faith!” Anyone coercing or forcing Islam on anyone is automatically SUSPECT and CANNOT remotely be considered having anything to do with Islam. In Islam, Jesus Christ is a HOLY PROPHET of GOD! Which GOD say you? The same GOD ALLAH described as “neither description nor not description at once!”

    6. Muslims don’t spell “Farook” that way. It should’ve been Farooq instead. Why? Because K in Arabic maps to “Q” only. Case study: Muslims write “Quran”, not “Koran”. This just basically proved that the name of the terrorist was devised by someone unrelated to the Muslim faith, and has “koran” in his/her vocabulary…..hmmm

    7. Look at the card of the SUSPECT woman RAFIA FAROOK ( Consider the spelling error in the word “REVENUE” on the same card???

    How did the man and woman get access to a POLICE SUV?
    How did they get live coverage of the event?
    If the “hand-cuffed” couple was pulled out of the back of the car all shot-up, who was driving the SUV?
    How did the SUV get bu;;ets from the side and front when it was being shot-up from behind?


    Fanning the flames leading to sectarian violence is exactly what the US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT wants.

    Division is one of their (THE CORPORATION employed by the NWO) modus operandi together with deception.

    Are you ever going to wake-up? What is it going to take?

    9. Muslim women were GOADED and FORCED into wearing the garb they now commonly wear as directed by none other than the “MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD”. One needs to ASK THE QUESTION where this group called the “MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD” had it’s origin? See this clip of “Gamal Abdel Nasser on compromizing with the Muslim Brotherhood” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IH_NzbA-xY


    Have you not seen images of Muslim Women referred to as “femen” revolting to the GARB they are forced to wear?






    Women in Saudi Arabia are also demanding reform.

    This one is on 100 Years of Beauty – Episode 3 Iran (Sabrina)

    Going forward, women are going to become more dominant not only in the Islamic world but everywhere and in all communities until they finaly retake their equal status among man.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not everything is a false flag, but false flags do exist, no doubt. This, on the other hand, is a documented and sourced phenomenon in the Islamic religion. I don’t want to hear excuses or whining from Muslims. I want them to stand up and take action and remove this kind of thinking from their mosques and religion–NOW.

      • oneno

        San Bernardino reeks like a False-Flag

        Greg, keep in mind that most of “the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not bad [sic]” left their countries to escape the “literal” interpretation of the faith that was being imposed on them. They have NO DESIRE to associate let alone speak to radicals who’s minds are completely fixed with NO ROOM for tolerance (tolerance being a requirement in Islam as the Creation has no limit in how it manifests itself).

        Just ask yourself, which IDIOT whould have a need to yell out loud “Allah hu Akbar” (God is Great) when all that is needed is for one to look within oneself or about oneself quietly and at the stars to have that same realization quietly?

        And which IDIOT would think there to be a need for a call to prayer, when all men irrespective of religion or race as fragments of the same Creation have moments of quietude – the best prayer?

        Most of these radicals are incapable of seeing beyond the text in their beloved Quran to even consider the poetry of the Syrian Islamic poet Khalil Gibran or the Spanish Islamic poet Ibn’Arabi.

        There is only one solution for these radicals or shall we call them RABBLE: a well armed citizenry who will NOT hesitate to stand-up for freedom of thought and property-rights and terminate all threats irrespective of where those threats come from. DO NOT surrender YOUR FIREARMS at any cost! These radicals will not hesitate to take advantage when it presents itself. BE ON YOUR GUARD!

        Consider this well made video of a British woman who examines Muslim Extremism taking-over in her home town of Luton. I respect her broad minded tolerance to a very different peoples. However, I think she is naive for believing in peaceful co-existence.

        The Billy Meier Contact Reports have warned about radical Islam since 1951. But no one listened then and our so-called reps are NOT listening now making it appear that these so-called REPS deliberatly WANT divicive factions!

        The way I see it, all of this is a deliberate policy on the part of our REPS to introduce division in our cities for the express purpose of controlling us – divide and conquer… – IF OUR REPS DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN THEN OUR REPS NEED TO BE BOOTED OUT!

        Our REPS should not be allowing large populations of another peoples marginalize those who are already here.

        The citizenry MUST DEMAND it’s so-called reps to require all new migrants to integrate within society and contribute with something of value or go back to where they came from!

        The DEMAND should also include a halt to all foreign wars instigated by Western governments that destroy the places of these radicals and where the radicals are incited towards hatred in the first place!

        To first commit severe acts of violence and destruction and then expect NO blow-back requires serious thought.

        If there was voluntary control of population globally, this problem would not exist. RELIGION would NOT exist!

        The eternal self-evident Creation is ever-present in us and about us to negate the need for ANY RELIGION!

      • oneno

        Fiorina says “San Bernardino Shooter’s Gun Bought for Police” :

        “If you listen to your reporter earlier, what he said is the ATF believes that someone purchased this gun on behalf of the police department and somehow that gun ended up in the hands of this guy, so it actually does not sound at all like this man purchased a firearm,” she said.

        The truth will come out!

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice Taqiyya, Dude. Did your Moslem Brotherhood handlers provide that for disimination?

      “Taqiyya is an Islamic juridical term whose shifting meaning relates to when a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie.

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote, “Don’t you think, there would be a SERIOUS UPRISING in Muslim places of prayer if it became known that there were radicals preaching and prompting violence against members of other communities in which these “overwhelming majority of Muslims that are not bad [sic]” are living? Such radicals would be apprehended and forcefully brought to the POLICE! Such radicals would also have SHARIA LAW imposed on them!”
      Seeing how most moslems support Sharia law I find this a laughable attempt to misdirect people that don’t know islam and the koran.
      There hasn’t been any uprising because the moslems support terrorism. Maybe it is because of this.
      “Kill non-Muslims wherever you find them. Lie in wait
      and ambush them, seize and capture them using every stratagem of war (for example, political, economic, propaganda, and population explosion). If they convert to Islam and pray and contribute to the cause of Islam (Jihad), let them go.” (Koran 9:5)
      “Non-Muslims MUST convert to Islam or they will be killed.” (Koran 48:16)

      “Fight the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) and extort money from them.” (Koran 9:29)

      • oneno

        @GALAXY 500, I have to admit I am no Quran scholar. However, many of the statements that put the Quran in questionable light are statements made by the Prophet at a time when he and his people were fighting a battle for survival against an enemy that was hell bent on extermination. The enemy in this case were not only the Christians and the Jews, but more so very powerful Arab factions (now generally Sunni) that did not recognize the Prophet’s legitimacy – hence the Sunni/Shia split.

        Also, keep in mind, that you are quoting from a book that entered contention immediately after the death of the Prophet. The victor’s write prevailing history.

        The Prophet’s final message took place at Ghadir Khumm:

        “It seems the time approached when I shall be called away (by Allah) and I shall answer that call. I am leaving for you two precious things and if you adhere to them both, you will never go astray after me. They are the Book of Allah and my Progeny, that is my Ahlul Bayt. The two shall never separate from each other until they come to me by the Pool (of Paradise).”

        The Sunni majority (comprising 90% of Islam) DO NOT accept this final message and so do not accept the “living book” (Ahlul Bayt) the living Imam claimed by only one sect of Shia Islam.

        If you know anything about this one Shia sect, then you would know the difference between exoteric and essoteric Islam. The latter does not interpret the Quran literally. The statements you quoted have no place in essoteric Islam. The women of this essoteric sect dress as Western women and there is NO ill-will to any community. In this community, Jihad in the worldly sense is a struggle to improve one’s knowledge and one physical living condition while the spiritual sense is a battle to increase ones spiritual sensitivity and become aware of one’s nature of eternal living light that continues onward after physical death.

        So all claims of kill this and kill that are only in the minds of those who follow RELIGION literally.

        Had this split not occurred, then there might be clarity on some of the statements that paint the Quran and Islam in a negative light and of course, the existing rift and battles between factions of Islam would be non-existent.

        • Greg Hunter


          • JC Davis

            GREAT VIDEO GREG.

          • Kerry

            Great video-thanks for posting this, Greg! If this is true, then Oneno, you are a liar! Christians MUST stand up for themselves and not allow this evil “religion” called Islam to take over the west. When Jesus saw the moneychangers in the temple, He called them thieves. He chased them out with a whip, saying, “My Father’s House is a house of prayer, and you have made it a den of thieves!” Let us follow the example of Our Lord and throw the Islamic evildoers out of the temple! This is a matter of survival for the Christian nations.

            • oneno

              (This is Greg Hunter and I have deleted you comment and the point you are making over and over again.
              Please stop posting and trying to convince us all of the false narrative you are posting. It’s ridiculous not to address a real problem of Radical Islam whose followers get their instruction right from the Quran and which is taught in some mosques in America.)

            • oneno

              Here is another article from zerohedge saying the same as I am in paragraph 3:

              “As we noted in the immediate aftermath of the California mass shooting, the fact that Tashfeen Malik spent 25 years in Saudi Arabia living with a father who, according to family members who spoke to Reuters, adopted an increasingly hardline ideology as time went on, underscores the fact that the puritanical, ultra orthodox belief system promoted by the Saudis is poisonous. That’s not a critique of Islam. It’s a critique of Wahhabism and the effect it has on the minds of those who are inculcated by Saudi culture.”

        • Galaxy 500

          Funny. I can find no later verses where Mohammad said he didn’t mean those first verses.

        • oneno

          The Sunni/Shia split resulted from the majority – 90% – not accepting Hazarat Ali as the Progeny of the Prophet as declared by the Prophet at Gadir Khum.

          There is only one sect in all of Islam today with a living Imam directly descended from Hazarat Ali who carries the message of Hazarat Ali.

          This sect comprises less than 1% of Islam.

          • Greg Hunter

            There is only one Quran. This it total BS to cover up the huge problem of preaching hare a Jihad murder from mosques.

            • oneno

              Martin Armstrong has chimed in on the subject with a fair assessment.

              • Greg Hunter

                Here’s another factual assessment and that is the FBI has 900 open investigations into ISIS sympathizers all across America. The FBI also estimated in 2009 that 10% of 2,000 mosques in America taught murderous Jihad. At least three studies of Mosques said about 70% on average had some sort of jihad teaching in America. Don’t pawn this off a a Islamophobia. It’s not a phobia if it’s true. What is really disgusting is there is not a movement with the so-called Muslims to stop murderous Jihad in their mosques. There are a few brave Muslims standing up and condemning it but they are being attacked and their lives threatened.

              • George T. (formerly George)

                Dear Martin is doing business with people in the Middle East. He is covering his income.

          • Galaxy 500

            Oneo, Keep the BS coming…
            Whoops, I mean Taqiyya

      • WD

        Nicely said G 500…

        Your point about Sharia law speaks volumes!!

        • Paul

          Connecting the dots to create religious war is as easy as connecting the dots to show how religious war can be used to further a different agenda … we all know Greg always states: “fear not” … just like Franklin Roosevelt also said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”… yet “fear-mongering” using State-sponsored false flags like 9/11, the Paris incident in mid-November and the most recent San Bernardino killings by terrorists … make it much easier to manipulate the general public mind into supporting military policies to fight “a largely phantom terrorist threat” that is more then likely closer to “near zero” then what is portrayed in the media … most people rely on the main stream news media for “truthful information” but are being told “Islamic terrorism is the nation’s top problem” … allowing the Pentagon to expand its global network of military bases under the guise of an ISIS terrorist foiling network … the pentagon is currently establishing a “string” of new bases in countries stretching from Asia to Africa (unnamed Pentagon officials told the New York Times on Wednesday) … http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/11/us/politics/pentagon-seeks-string-of-overseas-bases-to-contain-isis.html?_r=0 … the enlarged US basing operations now encompassing Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, British Indian Ocean Territory, Bulgaria, Cuba, Djibouti, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, etc., etc. seems to make it very clear that this generalized military build-up (encompassing wide areas of the entire globe) is likely “a prelude to the war the Fed wants and needs” to blame for the financial collapse it knows it’s money printing Ponzi scheme will ultimately produce … connecting the dots in this manner might just be a bit more logical then condemning “an entire religion” for the acts of a few radical “killers” who by definition are not religious people at all!

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Man did you nail it.
            IMHO This is the post of the year.
            No…..! the post of the entire period that I have been following WD. This is going up on the wall in my office.
            I have never heard anyone on any forum summarise the situation so clearly. Congratulations Paul.

          • Paul

            With perpetual wars and false flag operations to garner support for “more war” is the evil in world greater today then in the past? … looking back we find the same evil doings were going on in the past as they are today … take for example the Aztec leadership … they used the same strategy of “inducing fear and terror” in their people to further their objectives … but instead of shooting and murdering innocent people in a false flag operation the way we do today … the Aztec’s would simply take innocent people to the top of their pyramid and cut out their hearts in full view of the population … the effect was the same … people would cower in fear and do what ever the government wanted … for instance back in those days if a single girl refused to marry or have sex with some ugly elite she would be put on a sacrifice list and her heart removed at the next ceremony!

          • oneno

            Paul, the video linked by Greg is VERY IMPORTANT as it HIGHLIGHTS what must be FOUGHT and ANNIHILATED. That is WAHHABISM. That is NOT Islam.

            Also ASK who is it that is funding the ideology in that video?

            Can I suggest Saudi Arabia with it’s vast oil wealth. And lets not forget who is aiding and abetting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh! (US, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Turkey, Israel).

            Putin could provide an even bigger list with outright proof!

            99% of the population of Islam has no living Imam – directly descended from Hazarat Ali – the first one to compile the Quran – and whose Quran was rejected outright by the Sunni majority. 99% of Islam has no rudder. They are flying blind! They are destructive not only to others but also themselves!

            !!! No one has the Right to impose RELIGION on ANYONE !!!

            Unfortunately, I don’t know enough Islamic history to drive the point home that WAHHABISM is 180 degrees opposite to the message of Islam.

            !!! WAHHABISM and any flavour resembling cannot be tolerated as it is against the Creation (ALLAH) !!!

            !!! WAHHABISM cannot be tolerated for the simple reason that it’s adherents impose that ideology forcefully on others !!!

            • Greg Hunter

              There is only one Quran. This it total BS to cover up the huge problem of preaching hare a Jihad murder from mosques.

              • mohammad

                Thank you Greg for admitting that……..Very great point you have made.
                THERE IS ONLY ONE QURAN.
                Because there is only ONE GOD.
                How many bibles are there? how many Turats are there……?
                THERE IS ONLY ONE QURAN because god preserved it not humans.
                Because it is the last message from god to humans on earth for their freedom.
                And it bothers a lot of control seeking entities that could not have this Quran deleted from the chests of muslims over 1500 years, so their current plan is just to create ISIS that is pure wahhabi (enemy of muslims before nonmuslims), only to FAIL.


                • Greg Hunter

                  And here is the rub: You believe that there is only one God, Allah. I (and other Christians) believe in God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. You believe that Christ will come back and say he “lied” and did not die on the cross and did not rise again from the dead. You believe that Christ will return and kill Jews and Christians for not submitting to the Muslim faith. You believe that Christ is NOT the Son of God. My Jesus, I believe, is the Son of God the Father and Christ will come again and judge the “living and the dead.” There are those in your religion of Islam that think I should die for my beliefs. You know that there are also those in your religion and the FBI and other studies say there is a problem with teaching radical Islamic Jihad murder and the Muslim community will NOT stand up against this. This is a real problem and you simply cannot pass it off as a “wahhabi” problem. The radicals are getting their thoughts ans ideas from the Quran. My God is not your God and my Jesus is NOT your Jesus. It is really that simple. Here is the difference, I (an other Christians) do NOT want to kill you for your beliefs.


                  • mohammad


                    Open your heart for once to a simple question.
                    SIMPLE QUESTION.
                    What made QURAN withstand all the time and STILL ONE.
                    Read it Greg and forget about all the PR and agendas, you might be missing on something more important than arguments.
                    Read it Greg for once and then if you do not agree then be it.

                    I really care for all people including you.

                    WE LIVE ONCE.
                    We get only one chance in this life to know our creator.

                    Probe the possibilities Greg and for once open your heart and mind.

                    TRULY YOURS,
                    TRULY from some one who loves and does not hate.
                    Truly from someone who saves lives and does not take it out.

                    MERRY CHRISTMAS.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    I am a Christian and believe in God the Father and his son. Here’s my simple question: Will you admit there are those in your religion who teach and promote murderous Jihad from mosques? I feel you are NOT one of these people. (FBI and at least three studies done between 2005 and 2011 say this is true for a percentage of American Muslims.) My next question: Will you condemn any Muslims who desire or teach murderous Jihad?

                  • mohammad


                    There is nothing called “murdurous Jihad” in Quran. You invented this term for an agenda.
                    If you are working hard to feed your family it is Jihad.
                    If you save a life in a resuscitation it is a jihad.
                    If a law enforcement or an FBI agent foils a criminal act that takes out innocent lives that is Jihad.
                    If you defend your life against an aggressor that is Jihad.
                    So it is JIHAD in Quran that means all those things.
                    but that term you use is something you invented to tarnish muslims like me and my family.
                    ASK YOUR SELF the question you did not answer and you do not have to:
                    WHAT MADE QURAN SURVIVE 1500 years AND REMAINS …ONE…?
                    where there are many bibles around?

                    Yours dear GREG.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    Yes Mohammad, it is what I am calling it because that is what it is. So you will not condemn it?


                  • mohammad

                    You did not answer my question Greg, I answered yours in many many many posts.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    I answered you question and you did not like the answer. We are not children here. I asked you serious straight forward questions. Either you condemn planning murder and terror in some of your mosques or you do not. It is a fact that it is happening at some. So do you condemn it? And if you, will you you reveal yourself in your community and say this is wrong?

                  • mohammad

                    I told you many times and i will repeat it over and over, no one preaches hatred in mosques. you do not want to listen it is your problem, in this very wrap up you cheered someone who brags about killing babies and children just because they are Muslims and you pat on his back and say he adds to your site a flavor.
                    Shame on you Greg.
                    flavor of innocent blood?
                    flavor of the flesh of babies and children he evaporated with his bombing sorties and says its joyful to him when he bombs them, is that the LOVE you are talking about that your churches teaches.
                    lets see if this post gets published.
                    “USAF Airman Rich Treadway” is a TERRORIST and A WAR CRIMINAL that should be brought to justice admitting here on your very site that he kills people based on their belief including babies and children yet you consider this a “FLAVOR” added to your site.
                    SHAME ON YOU GREG.
                    SHAME ON YOU.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    So radical Islam is a fantasy, and there is nothing to condemn or fix. I am supposed to believe the FBI and other law enforcement and all the studies that say radical Islam is a problem in America is a pack of lies. You are shaming me? Really? That’s rich.

                  • mohammad

                    Encouraging someone here on your site who brags about killing babies and children for what they believe is shameful.
                    As far as us US CITIZENS (muslims) we are committed to protect this land and its laws, we are at the disposal of law enforcements to foil any ill act including that terrorist you cheered on this very site.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    Mohammad< So you ignore terror and Jihad being taught in your mosques. Is this your Taqiyya? So, you are OK with what the “Follower of Aallah” posted “… My Muslim brothers are all committed to the purification and santification of America according to the Holy Quran. In the years to come, our way to salvation and enlightenment shall be common to all Americans and a new Calaphate will be erected for the transcension of the United States of America into righteousness, Praise be to Allah according to the holy and ancient wise prophet Muhammed, peace be unto him. In glorification of Allah, we shall achieve a wonderous society as promised by adherence to the beautiful Sharia.” How dare we resist or fight back?

                • oneno

                  Mohammed, it is a fact that Hazarat Ali compiled the first Quran which was rejected by Abu Bakr the first Khalif after the Prophet’s death. Had that Quran (including Hazarat Ali the living Quran) become the first Khalif, there would be no Sunni/Shia split.

                  Greg should read Talmud Jmmanuel for comparison to The Bible.

                  Jmmanuel was against organized RELIGION and rejected the name Jesus Christ because he knew in advance that name would be created by his enemies to create an organized religion.

                  Recently there was an old Quran discovered in Germany dating from 40 years after the death of the Prophet. I doubt it is Hazarat Ali’s Quran as he retracted his Quran upon it’s rejection and stated to his detractors that they and their descendants would never set eyes on that Quran again!

                  • mohammad

                    Quran is in the chests of people and it is ONE.
                    No ifs and buts about it.
                    History testifies to it and will remain until the end of time.


                • oneno

                  Mohammed, you say, the Quran is in the “chests” (hearts) of the people. Then why the Sunni/Shia split? Hazarat Ali’s Quran was compiled from skins written down when the Prophet himself addressed the people and which the Prophet himself reviewed and consulted whenever the need for clarification (interpretation) arose.


                  Do you read the Quran literally or as metaphor?

                  Are you (and the people in whose chests the Quran resides) able to see through all four levels of the Quran where even the angels could only see through two levels and where only the Prophet and his Progeny could see through all four levels as literally stated in the Quran itself?

                  Have you read the Mathnawi (Quran in poetry) of Jalaludin Rumi?

                  What is your opinion of the most prolific Islamic writer and poet Ibn’Arabi and his works?

                  What is your opinion of Khalil Gibran and his poetry?

                  Are you in support of cutting-off hands as per Sharia Law?

                  Please explain your understanding of the word Jihad.

          • George T. (formerly George)

            [more logical then condemning “an entire religion” for the acts of a few radical “killers” who by definition are not religious people at all!]
            The Muslims that are terrorist are very devout. They all read the Quran. The Quran says kill us. The Quran says we are filthy and they are justified in killing and robbing us.

    • George T. (formerly George)

      1. Where are theese radicals getting these weapons from? The average person on the street cannot get fully automatic rifles?
      Belgium is basically lawless and is awash in automatic weapons from Bosnia, Serbia, etc
      3. What is their motive?
      A global Caliphate
      5. No matter how hard one tries, one cannot force RELIGION on anyone? “In Islam, there is NO compulsion in faith!”
      Are you for real? No compulsion? They just murder you and your entire family.

      Also you appear to believe every false flag or conspiracy theory. Some times a cigar is just a cigar. The car wasn’t a police SUV, it was a rental. And no, they will not be getting their deposit back.
      You can come up with a thousand lies and stories but the truth remains that Islam in any form is evil. While the Bible preaches love, the Quran preaches death, destruction and enslavement. One is good and the other is evil. I have no problem calling a spade a shovel. Try it sometime. The truth will set you free.
      If you follow Islam and consider yourself a good man, you are kidding yourself.

  5. JC Davis

    Greg Thanks for the wrap. The word of the month is radicalized. Is there such a thing as a true Christian ? A false Christian ? So there are true Islamism and the rest are either uninformed or not true believers. There is no radical religions because there all radical when a person believes completely. Radical simply means truly dedicated.

  6. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Probably a lot of American Muslims are like the Irish…dual allegiance and sympathy for the old countries being ground zero for oil fights. The Irish here had a bar which openly collected money…and lots of it… to go to Boston and then to the IRA for bombing campaigns. The bombs blew up all sorts of innocent people, including Irish kids working in England.
    In WWII the German population had very mixed allegiances.
    But to persecute a race or religion…that’s a big step. It could also be a backdoor way to just confiscate their assets for Uncle Sam. That also has precedents…
    Miss Marple has spoken.

    • Galaxy 500

      Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion.

      • Faith

        I agree Galaxy. I view islam as a death cult. I call it a cult because once you are muslim you cannot freely leave or walk away under penalty of death. Cults are not logical and combine mental conditioning with force or the threat of force to prevent members from leaving. Some islamic countries allow apostates to be killed as apostosy is viewed as a capital crime punishible by death.

        As I Christian I am free to stop being a Christian or to convert to Judaism or to leave and become an atheist, a pagan, a wiccan, a Buddhist or a Taoist. Some people might not like that choice but no one is going to threaten me with death for making such a choice.

        As far as I can tell islam actively threatens former members that have left the cult and family members seem to not find shunning to be adequate punishment. For example, shunning is practiced by the Amish. I had a Chaplain in the Army that grew up Amish. Once he joined the military his entire family shunned him. He was an excellent Chaplain and well-liked. Even though he went against the Amish rules he was free to live his life and make his own path.

        To be specific there is the real-life case of Aayan Hirsi Ali. It is tragic as to what has happened in her life. (She grew up as a muslim and left islam once she became an adult). Because Theo Van Gogh made a movie about islam called, “Submission,” he was targeted and killed. For making a movie! Furthermore, islam is the only group that threatens to kill people for creating cartoons or artwork or movies they find offensive. I find this to be a sign of totalitarian control and indicative of psychopathic behavior. Certainly when so-called artists have created offensive images of Christ or Mary people spoke out but no Christian tried to murder the artist! Christians wrote articles or boycotted the museum or gallery but that was all.

        I listened to Savage today (I don’t listen every day but it was convenient). He did make a point I found truthful. He said that Christianity is the religion of peace. Indeed. Christians are taught to love others as you love yourself, to turn the other cheek, to pray for peace. At this time of year when Christians celebrate the birth of Christ we pray for peace.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Those are true, sad points…but they ignore the enormous importance of personal honor in Islamic countries, as well as the far east. Shame and pride are almost everything.
          Christianity insists on humility and accepting insults. But so called Christian power structures have managed to ignore that in favor of money and control.
          Generally Christians are considered the gullible losers of the world, unless they do ignore the teachings of Jesus!

          • Faith

            Well, “Deanna,” it is very clear as to your point of view. Personal honor? Spare me. There is no honor in shoving a homosexual from a roof. There is no honor in rape. There is no honor in genitally mutilating young girls. There is no honor in stoning a woman to death. There is no honor in killing a former muslim for the so-called crime of apostasy.

            Educated and intelligent people do not go around the world screaming about this fake honor. It is another aspect of islam that shows psychopathic and irrational behavior.

            • Faith

              Deanna, your comment was not clearly written so please forgive my hostility.

          • Galaxy 500

            You seem to not understand that no honor is ever owed an infidel. Nor is an infidel ever consider innocent.

      • Mohammad



        • aussie jeff

          2 corinthians4:4
          Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

          Unfortunately Mohommad,this sum’s up your plight,the teachings that you follow do not originate with the Almighty God,
          The Almighty has chosen Israel as His special possession.
          Islam hates Israel, accordingly a recent President of Iran delcared that Israel should be wiped from the face of the earth!
          Mohommad, you have found yourself on the wrong side of the fence my friend. God has said with certainty that those nations that will come up against Israel will fail. Infact you will be savagely beaten, Damascus for one will be totally obliterated never to be a city again.
          A prophecy against Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.
          Watch and tremble as you see the Mighty hand of God protect the nation He made a covenant with long ago.

          • Mohammad


            Open your mind Jeff.
            Your life is your only chance to write in it whatever you want, once that bell rings and the paper is surrendered there is no coming back to change your writings and doings.
            We can argue here until the end of time.
            Truth is, we will find out at a certain point in our journey in this life, who is on the right side of the fence and who is on the wrong one.

            Merry Christmas to you Jeff.


          • Galaxy 500

            Nicely and right well said. If one tests the koran, and then the Bible, one can only conclude that the koran is the anti Bible and there fore the words of Satan as written by a guy taking baths with his six year old wife. That’s considered pedophilia even in ancient times.

      • brian

        You’re being kind, its a cult. Its a dangerous, irrational, immoral and total subservience to the edicts, rantings and rule of a single man seeking to establish himself as some kind of god….and the results of such an endeavor, well……..lets just look around.

        • Kerry

          Can anyone explain to me how cutting people’s heads off and throwing grenades into crowds of civilians is an example of a RELIGION OF PEACE??? I am supposed to be impressed and convert to Islam because it is a religion of peace after watching those beheading videos? Give me a break!! Islam is a cult of death, and an evil political system. Anyone with half a brain can see it. If people do not recognize this then they will be the first to die, as for me and my family-we will defend ourselves, with arms if necessary. If you want to come to America and live in peace, and assimilate into our culture, then you are welcome, but if you threaten my community, my family, I will take you out. End of story.
          By the way, just so you know Mohammad and Oneno, the Christians WIN! Read the last chapter of the Bible called Revelations (the Apocalypse). Satan is chained in Hell. And your so-called “religion” is surely spawned by Satan. Feel free to chastise me all you want, but the last time I looked, the people throwing grenades into crowds of civilians were not the Church of Christ, Quakers, or Presbyterians.

  7. bob

    Greg, There are postings of face book comparing Trump to Hitler, even Glen Beck came out on the Kelly file suggesting some similarities to how Hitler rose in popularity.
    no one seems to be bothering to compare the last 4 republican and democratic administrations, much less the house and senate and there combined hammering down of over regulation and laws forced down our throats! They are scared of loosing the control, they have had for so long. It may be true, that the germans got behind a charismatic leader during bad economic times, but the things that these politicians have already put in place, have grabbed so much control, that in order for them to finish destroying whats left, they can’t have someone exposing them in the national spot light. its truly sickening to watch any of the mainstream pundants anymore, they are going to get really desperate if this continues . thanks for your for being a voice of truth in these troubled times!

  8. Paul

    Now … seemingly without Iraq’s permission … Turkey has violated Iraq’s border and sent troops and armor on the ground into Iraq … Iraq frustrated with this US ally is threatening to cancel its security agreement with the US … and will be moving closer to Russia and Iran for protection … so much for all the American lives and dollars spent to remold the nations of the Middle East into American “puppet states” … all that money could have been better spent right here in America “for our benefit” to get our economy moving … and to provide “a cost of living increase” to those on Social Security … http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/what-are-turkish-troops-doing-in-northern-iraq

    • Paul

      Concerning domestic policy … when the Fed hikes rates in a few days … it is going to have a tendency to make the US dollar stronger … but the Fed (to limit the destruction to our export market a stronger dollar will bring) will likely “simultaneously” flood the world with more fiat dollars (to make the US dollar weaker).

      Now the question I’ve been asking myself is just how much “new QE4 fiat money” will have to be created to keep the US dollar from rising and actually push the dollar lower instead? … I figure the least it will be is about one third (1/3) of the entire national debt of 18 Trillion dollars!

      Now that’s a lot of money … and most of this new fiat money will likely be spread around the globe via swap lines as Rob Kirby has alluded to the swap market not being very liquid right now… similar to the way the Fed did it last time with the failure of Lehman … and we all know what happened to the price of gold after that swap liquidity injection in 2009 … gold went on a tear … roaring upward until 2011 and eventually peaking near $2000 dollars per ounce … so if along with raising rates the Fed increases the amount of new money by about six(6) Trillion dollars … which is about 4 times more then “all the physical US dollars and coins” currently in existence (M0) … (http://money.howstuffworks.com/how-much-money-is-in-the-world.htm) … or about double the total money supply (M2) … “expect massive inflationary effects” … with the Fed creating “exponential amounts of money” and spreading it around the world it will eventually be felt back here at home as “Zimbabwe like” price increases in all the things we Americans need to survive … prices could easily be two to four times higher then current levels … imagine a steak (instead of costing $4 dollars per pound) going to $8 or $32 dollars per pound, etc., etc. … as for gold (once released from the Fed’s grip) it could also easily rise to between $2000 to $4000 per ounce … as for silver (assuming a gold/silver ratio of 15 to 1) it would rise to between $130 to $260 per ounce.

  9. Tommy

    When Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton and the NY Times trash Trump I say Trump must be on to something. It is only common sense that we take pause to figure out why our screening process allowed a radicalized Muslim not only entry to our country, but granted her citizenship. The reports that the process is mostly a questionnaire that asks questions such as, “are you a terrorist” is mind boggling. What we have discovered over the last week about these two went undetected or ignored for years is also mind boggling. As you like to say Greg, it’s too stupid to be stupid. The family says that they had no clue. They said he was a devout Muslim who went to the mosque daily to pray. The mother who lived with them in their little bomb factory “saw nothing, heard nothing, knew nothing”. This is a problem that needs to be addressed by the Muslim community. If their motto is “see something, say nothing”, then we have a bigger problem than we thought. Also, it is incumbent upon the Muslims to explain how the teachings and actions of Muhammad do not inspire the actions of the “radicals”. And finally, we keep hearing that Islam is about peace and tolerance. But those same people who say that also say that Trump’s comments about temporarily restricting foreign Muslims entry to the US will spur more violence and will cause more to join the jihad. How does that mesh? Does that mean the peaceful Muslims will join ISIS because of one man’s comments? Rudy Giuliani was the most recent of these people who echoed this sentiment last night. We have many serious problems in this country and in the world; economic, political, and cultural, and they are all coming to a head at the same time. They longer we wait to deal with them in a serious and substantive manner, the worse things will be.

  10. dell

    A radical Muslim wants to cut your head off. A non radical Muslim wants a radical Muslim to cut your head off.

    • Linda

      So true. I was sitting in a deli about four months ago and one of the servers was a Muslim Female (was wearing traditional attire). As she approached my table, I asked her if she wouldn’t mind answering a question regarding the Muslim faith/beliefs. She happily agreed (I think that she thought that she might be sharing info. with a potential convert.
      Anyway, I brought up my concerns regarding all the innocent men, women and especially children, who are being slaughtered by ISIS in the Middle East, and then I proceeded to ask her “why aren’t all the “moderate” Muslims in the US speaking out against all these atrocities in major forums?” To my surprise the woman frankly replied that she and her sister didn’t support the actions of ISIS, but went on to say that Muslims in general are not speaking up because they actually approve of the actions of ISIS, and then she simply walked away without further explanation.

      • Ray

        You Americans are without shame!!!
        You dare to ask a Muslim woman about people in her religion doing the wrong thing, yet are happy to sit there drinking Chai Lattes whilst your military (and other military militia financed by your own SICK government) slaughter untold innocent millions across the globe.
        HOW DARE YOU??
        HOW DARE YOU??
        HOW DARE YOU??
        Bankrupt financially, ethically and spiritually is what the United States is today….and websites like this are just too afraid / ashamed to admit it.
        Here’s a tip: PACK UP YOUR 800 military bases around the globe and go home. GO HOME. FIX YOUR OWN NATION WHICH IS FESTERING.
        The name of this planet is a Planet Earth……it is not, AND NEVER EVER WILL BE Planet America. Got that? GOOD.

        • Greg Hunter

          So, I take it that murdering Islamic terrorists are fine with you? Nothing to be fixed? Don’t bother to answer. That was a rhetorical question.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            My English comprehension may well be very poor, but I did not hear Ray for one minute suggest that the current situation of having “murdering Islamic terrorists” is fine and there is “nothing to fix”.

            This is just one very insignificant opinion from the south seas Greg, but I think some of your responses to comments on Islamic terror and also Israel’s very often disgraceful behaviour as a sovereign state, are becoming almost hysterical at times.

            As you so often remind us, this is your site and you can do as you please, but as much as I admire 90% of your work I will not be sycophantic in my comments and I will continue to call out what I consider to be bias, that compromises healthy journalism.

            I genuinely feel for all Americans, as I know that the matrix that you live in is absolutely overwhelming at every level and that it is almost impossible to escape its reach. This pervasive and perpetual conditioning causes even the most informed members of your society to inadvertently default back at times to subscribing to at least some aspects of Wolfowitz doctrine, and to the notion that you are indeed the exceptional race that should be minding the business of the entire globe.

            A huge percentage of the world’s troubles including “Islamic terrorism” is in reality, blowback which is a very predictable response to what I will call the “Coalition of Killers”. This group includes Nato and many other western countries which are underwritten and directed by Washington and are the real terrorists. The likes of Isis, as evil as they are, are mere minnows in their scale of operation.

            To see even a small amount of this sort of thinking permeating the thinking of WD and its contributors is very worrying indeed and suggests that under the status quo there is little hope for main street America ever gaining a healthy perspective of how Washington should conduct its international affairs, what its global role should be, and how it could avoid the continuing and absolutely predictable massive blowback actions from their millions of innocent victims.


            • Greg Hunter

              Then Ray should come out and renounce this kind of murderous jihad. How dare we ask the Muslim community to stop this from coming from their mosques, and that is where it is coming from. Enough of the PC BS let’s call BS on the BS.

            • Galaxy 500

              Let’s see what you think when your socialist paradise is over run. If it wasn’t for us, you’d be speaking Japanese

          • Jerry

            I’ve been giving serious thoughts to converting to Islam. The Moslems seem to be having more fun blowing up things and loping off people’s heads than giving gift baskets at Christmas. What do you think?

            • Galaxy 500

              Plus they grey to best their wives, rape infidel women and murder children. Who needs salvation and redemption when you can have all the depravity you can stand?

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Nobody, including moderates, will listen to such one sided gibberish. America has a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic population that works hard and mostly gets along together. My little block has Catholics, a Serb and his family, black Baptists, college students, and mixed race couples. My own family is just as varied…
          No other nation has been the hope of the world for the mutts, the poor, and unwanted.
          This is a great country and the wickedness in the government is not enough to condemn a whole people for.
          One-sided rant are obviously by trolls going by a political suggestion sheet.

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            Sorry…forgot my 90 year old Orthodox Jews next door…and the Tuskeegee airman who cussed Uncle Sam all the time and refused to go to reunions. My block sounds like a Hollywood movie from 1942.
            I love my country…I want it cleaned up and honest, not brought down.

          • Kerry

            Deanna-The ones who are peaceful need to SPEAK UP and condemn the ones who are not peaceful. Why don’t they? Because they are afraid of having their own heads cut off! Don’t be fooled-the majority of Muslims want America to be ruled by Sharia Law and believe that violence is the way to get there. I sure hope you are armed because you are going to need to be. Yes, we should all just get along and live in peace-but that is not reality and will never be reality

        • Linda

          As I shared, I asked this Muslim female for permission to seek her views. As an Americian and Christian woman, I agree with you in that the US has created an abundance of misery around the world, however we (America) are not exclusive in our disappointing humanity. I don’t mind when folks approach me with inquiries regarding my beliefs, and feel that if the privilege of open discussion is not allowed/welcomed then OUR “planet” is doomed. This freedom is what separates us from many regions of the world, where if a person speaks contrary to the status quo, depending on what is said, it’s possible to lose one’s head.

          • Galaxy 500

            We have also delivered a lot of hope to the world.

        • Art Barnes

          Ray, I had a thought, why don’t you take your Muslim loving religion of peace and go find your virgins as soon as you can, its going to be such a good afterlife for you I can’t imagine why you would want to stay around here any longer.

        • Faith

          Ray, that is the great thing about America. We have our founding documents called the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The First Amendment allows freedom of speech. Not just the right of politicians to speak, but of every person in America to speak their mind. The First Amendment even allows hate speech. Henry David Thoreau wrote about this in his essay “Civil Disobedience.” He said “suffer the rotten fruit to fall from the tree” when talking about ideas that are offensive. In an open and free society we can discuss ideas (unlike in the islamic world which is ruled by dictat) and those ideas that are best rise to the top and become accepted while those ideas which are offensive, or rotten fruit, simply fall to the ground and disappear.

        • Galaxy 500

          Yes Ray. We dare. You are need to take your meds.

          • sk

            You are need to behave, my friend.

            • Galaxy 500

              How dare I, right?
              And for the record, I don’t think the word friend means what you think it does. And we aren’t.

          • Faith

            LOL Galaxy! One of my favorite sci-fi series is the Liaden Universe series by Shannon Lee and Steve Miller. One of the first novels I read by this couple was “I Dare.” Interesting series that has kept me thinking for many years about the past, the present, and the future. Enjoy!

            The correct reading order list is important. Here is a link: http://sharonleewriter.com/correct-reading-order/

            Also many of the books can be ordered as triliogies and are in paperback or Kindle versions.

            • Galaxy 500

              Thank you. I look forward to reading it.
              I love the faux outage and the unhinged moral equivalence arguments the liberal commie loons use.
              If facts are against you,
              Pretend moral outrage.
              I don’t believe, based on the Bible, that you can vote for or be a liberal Democrat (which is most of them) and be a Christian. They are mutually exclusive.

        • Kerry

          Ray-you are correct in that the US has stuck its nose into other country’s business, and should stop interfering where it doesn’t belong. And the CIA for the most part, in my opinion, is a criminal organization. However, Islam is clearly NOT a religion of peace, it is an evil political system, and throwing grenades into a crowd of civilians is also evil. WE MUST STOP ITS SPREAD AT ALL COSTS! It is a matter of survival, economically, culturally, socially. I would say that most Americans in no way support the corrupt government we have now, and we are partly to blame for voting the criminals into office/allowing their behavior to continue.
          It may be about time for Texas to secede from the Union again! (We have the two most important things a nation needs, oil/gas and beef: bar-be-que!)

    • Art Barnes

      Yea, that’s close to the truth, at least for about 80 percent of them, nice comment, oh, I forget, that’s political incorrect! – And Greg, I want the Muslim community to take some stand against their radicalized members or just go back home and practice their religion of peace, America is not for those who support the enemy on our shores, they can do what they want on their own; so Muslims, either get with it condemning your own or start packing yourself.

    • blt

      “I don’t care who ya are that just plain funny rit der….”

    • Kerry

      Well said, Dell!!

  11. kevin in MD

    Greg – assuming San Bernadino is not a false-flag staged event, in this case our govt is conspiring to kill it’s own citizens for a political agenda (think GLADIO, Pentagon Papers, Sandy Hook – well documented) then my opinion is this and consistent with Ron Paul’s message : If our own country would stop killing people, en masse, in the middle east and creating these terrorists in the first place, we likely would not have this issue or the risk would be greatly reduced. If a group of foreign nations were bombing, droning and occupying our own nation, there would be likely many of our own citizens resorting to the same tactics and we would call them patriots. I’m not excusing either side – I’m accusing both sides and would further say there is a lot more blame for us than them. I think you might zoom out a bit, see the larger picture and shine light on the greater evils first? Our own foreign policy is militant/violent to say the least and I’m personally ashamed of our last several administrations/govt but I love my American brothers and sisters immensely.

  12. matt

    Went to the dentist yesterday. Office like a morgue. New hygienist tried selling me treatments outside my insurance plan. Said not intrested. Felt like was buying a new car dealing with a salesman. Bottom line,they are hurting.

  13. Jerry

    Shalom Greg,
    This is for you. Have a great Christmas.

    • Paul

      When that little Jewish baby was born to enlighten the world … many would not accept his kindness and goodness … so he was put to death … by people who loved money more then humanity … as is likewise done today … with perpetual wars … and inflated fiat!

    • Hilde

      That was beautiful, Jerry, thanks for posting. Shalom and God bless.
      גאָט בענטשן איר

      got bentshn ir

  14. Harry

    Trump is the zio man, he will be the Israeli man in the white house. Sure he goes after Muslims….

    • Greg Hunter

      You an idiot if you do not think this is a real problem. The FBI thinks so, and so do U.S. military and intel chiefs quoted on the record about radical Islam and terror.


      • diane s.

        Sure is a lot of trolls on this board today.
        Greg hit a nerve… Go Greg

  15. CAK

    Per Jerry’s comment earlier about going to the mall the other night and getting a parking space right up close, the Mall of America in Minneapolis (biggest mall in America, over 700 stores), reported that their head count inside on Black Friday was no more than a typical Sunday (!) This alarmed them, and is yet another sign for all of us of what is here and now, not what is to come …

  16. Jerry

    The real reason China delayed its Gold Price Fix.

    While I am not an economist, it does appear to me that China is devaluing its currency on purpose in preparation for the coming Gold Price Fix that will essentially drive a financial wedge between the Yuan and the Dollar. In short , they are making it cheaper to move goods and services through a gold backed Yuan than the Dollar. As a business owner I see this as a brilliant strategy. At the end of the day every deal is based in cost projections. It makes no sense to pay more to trade with the Dollar, if you can do it cheaper with the Yuan. I’m not a Trump supporter, but I’m sure he gets it.

    • JC Davis

      Jerry most of America is deep in credit debt when the price of China goods cause a drop in prices it will push millions more to buy more then can be paid . I look for bankruptcy’s to go threw the roof soon . The buying addiction will be the down fall of the country. Esp when jobs are shortened to part time. The stress of a dying economy will take its toll on the street level first.

      • Faith

        I agree JC. There have been several articles this week on Zerohedge (I posted them at the end of the Wednesday guest comments section) about gating that is happening in large funds. What is gating? I didn’t recognize the word either but it means when redemptions are limited or stopped in order to stablize the fund or in order to give the owners time to safely liquidate assets. This happened to two large hedge funds this week.

        There was also a very large union pension fund that had billions of dollars lost by the pension fund managers which has resulted in the pension fund recipients having their pension payments reduced by 50%. This was on the Pete Santelli show. (It is hard for me to post more than one link on this device so people will have to search or go to comments from Wednesday to find the link, I apologize).

        For people on Social Security their monthly pensions will go negative this year, as their is no COLA and while the cost for Medicare premiums increased. I don’t know if this is the first time this has happened but seniors are already facing a rough year with less money and higher food costs and little or no interest on savings or bonds.

        I have started to see a few FSBO (for sale by owner) signs. It is winter and few people move at this time of year. Very few people decide to sell their home at this time of year unless they have no other choice. I don’t see FSBO signs as a positive indicator.

        Anyone that did not get out of debt or has kept consumer debt is a fool and will learn the price of that foolishness soon enough.

        There is some good news as silver has dropped below $15 an ounce. I am still purchasing silver on great days like today.

        • Jerry

          Great information faith. I’m not buying the disinformation the Chinese are putting out about delaying the Gold Price Fix until April. I think once they get the Yuan base points to where they want it, they will pull the trigger. They have to much invested with AIIB and CIPS to wait. Rob Kirby knows it to, he just couldn’t admit it to Greg.

      • WD


        I worked with foreclosure mitigation and defense for about 4 years.

        I have taken a different path in the past 2 years but I keep my finger on the pulse of foreclosures in my area. MAke no mistake about foreclosures are creeping up again, everywhere.

        From San Francisco to Miami, it is happening again, you are just not hearing about it.

    • Jerry

      You don’t have to thank me now, but it looks I called this one. China is getting ready to de-peg from the dollar. Who could have seen this one coming??

      The Gold Price Fix delay is a smokescreen. They wouldn’t be sending these signals out unless they have some ulterior motive.

  17. mohammad


    Were Bush son and his troops when they invaded Iraq and said it is A “CRUSADE” killing more than half million Iraqis to steal their oil a “CHRISTIAN” TERRORISTS?


    • Greg Hunter

      Are you not going to stand up and say the Jihad and preaching hate in the Islamic religion is wrong? According to the FBI, and other studies in the U.S., it is being preached in some mosques in America. Trump said the invasion of Iraq was wrong and I agree. What about preaching hate and murder in the name of Allah from a mosque? Are you and other moderate Muslims going to get together and stop this in your community?

      • mohammad

        You did not answer my question Greg…!
        I will have a civilized answer to your question once you answer mine:
        Do you call the luckily documented title of the war on IRAQ that the president of US said it was a “CRUSADE” with the televised prayers in the church before going on a KILLING FEST that claimed more than half million lives, laughing sometimes on their own videos they took how they kill so many Iraqis, to just STEAL their wealth and destroy their country and open the door to those exact terrorist you are talking about in your wrap up …DO YOU CALL THEM “CHRISTIAN TERRORISTS”?
        Simple question begs simple answer …Yes or No


        • Greg Hunter

          The US is made up of many religions and no it was not a “crusade.” It was a huge mistake and the U.S should have never gone into Iraq. Your turn. Will you condemn radical Islam and Jihad murder being preached at some mosques in the U.S. or anywhere in the world? Where are the moderate Muslims on this issue??

          • Mohammad

            When the president of US says it, thank god it is on the record so no one can say it is made up, then it is not a crusade? it is a mistake? more than half a million Iraqis killed and it is just a mistake?
            More than a million Syrian civilians killed and 10 million displaced by the terrorist that are funded, trained, mobilized…by CIA/Mussade…….. with one of our faithful to the bible christian senator sneaking to Syrian Aleppo and meeting with the terrorists that one of them happened to be none but the fake khalifa albaghdadi with his pictures bragging about it filling up the space and you cannot call him a “christian terrorist ” after all that blood on his hand?
            You said in the wrap up you will call BS BS.
            and am quoting that phrase to call this denial a BS.
            Now to your question.
            No, Muslims do not hate, i never had any Jumaa prayer in my whole life that taught me hatred, WE LOVE. and we are the victims.
            All lives are precious and all lives are created by god, so who respects that is a believer and who does not is not. That what i know and what my family knows.
            There were many holes in the story of California and it screams false flag (texting while shooting, shooting during a drill that was in place for weeks…yeah right) , am not saying there are no criminals mentally sick people who are out there but to use that wide brush and say ISLAMIC Terrorism is not right Greg.
            All the Muslim community here in US are against this terrible act, actually many many Muslims here in Michigan are cooperating with the law enforcement to foil any ill intention by any mentally sick person who wants to commit a crime that hurts Muslims before it hurts others.
            I will not change minds nor hearts, you are free to feel and believe the way you want. but when your channel like many other channels risk all of us law abiding Muslims and endanger our own existence in the states here i call it not right and flat out wrong.
            My last word on the subject on this thread and am moving to other subjects.
            And you are free as always to post. edit or cancel
            Merry Christmas Greg to you and others.


            • Greg Hunter

              Maybe the President said that, but it was no “crusade.” This was greedy neocons pulling a scam over on the American citizen to start a war. Probably because Saddam Hussein was going to trade oil in something other than the US dollar, who knows, but a religious Christian crusade it was not. You, Mohammad, are a stand up guy. I wish other leaders in the Muslim community would stand up and condemn this and remove any Imam who preaches this murderous Jihad. On a national level, I am not seeing this, and I study and report on the media for a living. Peace to you my friend.

            • brian

              Yeah but Mohammad, the difference is almost all the american people either did not want to go on such an adventure, did not understand what was going on or did not care.

              When it comes to the jihad movement, there are no dispassionate members, there are no indifferent participants, every one involved is committed and will pursue the goals until they are dead and will not flinch from whatever actions they feel they must commit in pursuit of the jihad.

              You really need to re-examine your religious beliefs and think possibly about becoming the Islamic Martin Luther.

            • Galaxy 500

              Yes, 0bama called it a Crusade but 0bama is a Moslem and demonstrably a liar.
              He also said I could keep my doctor and my insurance. His most recent lies are ISIS is contained.

        • Laura


          May I reply to this discussion? Our “Christian” leaders are not true Christians, but are deceiving the masses. Oh, they can quote scripture and pray, but they are just pretending. Why? My guess is help usher in the persecution of the true Christians in the USA. It’s truly a sad scene to watch unfold.

        • Hilde

          Mohammad, I totally understand your anger and frustration. I remember quite clearly that Bush said “This crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while”. Most Europeans noticed his clumsy choice of words. It was also quite clear to the alert public that 9/11 was going to justify a huge downward spiral of violence. IMO the invason of Afganistan, Iraque and also Libya were hideous and criminal acts. That’s why it’s vital in my opinion to stop the downward spiral of violence and revenge. Greg Hunter is IMO sharing light on so many criminal acts by forces within the US and other nations and organizations, eg by exposing unanswered questions re building 7 collapse. The clue is to expose the crimes and see them for what they are, and IMO never ever justify more murders on innocent people , more revenge and more violence. Personally, if I had been a Muslim, I would have spoken out loud against terrorism from Muslims, when and if that is what it is, like I speak up against terrorism from forces within some goverments, even if it’s called something else. I also personally would have spoken out loud against death penalty on poets etc in Saudi Arabia who just spoke their minds. Like I’ve said before, I have worked with many traditional Muslims who are wonderful people. You may never hear an apology re the invasion of eg Iraque and the unraveling of the ME by the criminal gorillas and cavemen with expensive suits who call themselves politicians etc, but you can try to expose the truth and be a stellar example by promoting non violence .

          • Galaxy 500

            When did Crusade become a bad word?
            The Crusades were a defensive action against the invading moslems. Crusade is a righteous word and I pray to the one true God, Jehova, the God of Israel, that we have a Crusade before the minions of Satan overindulgence overrun us.

          • mohammad


            Allow me to summarize the evil plan they have that i see like the sun on a clear day:
            Islam is a religion that frees people from slavery.
            They want to slave the masses with debts.
            Islam open hearts with billions of law abiding muslims allover the world which the powers that be do not like, actually way before 9/11 there were many intelligence reports about how fast Islam was spreading and it is still considered the fastest growing religion on earth until now.
            I always scratched my head when 9/11 took place.
            I always asked my self how come most of the terrorists were Saudis yet we are still having an excellent relation with Saudis (Wahhabis) despite the fact that their faction ruined our economy?
            No doubt in my mind if US /EU wants to topple them and keep the oil flow they can do it but they chose not to.
            I also asked my self how come AlQaeda that is well documented CIA operation is “WAHHABIs”?
            Also I asked my self recently how come US/EU and under the table Israel are in cahoot with the Wahhabis in destroying the moderate Sunnis and displacing them from Iraq, Syria , Yemen…you name it?
            Also asked my self how come US/EU and Israel are supporting funding and mobilizing Wahhabi terrorists in Syria that are not part of the Syrian fabric?
            The answer is simple and i find my self reaching it no matter how i toss and turn those questions:
            The powers that be MUST have Shiites (extremists) and Wahhabis (extremists) to topple the majority of Sunnis that represent the true Islam that opens hearts and frees people from slavery to displace them and make people run away from islam after they were flocking to it.
            They are doing what they are doing to turn off the light of real ISLAM by those terrorists they SUPPORT.
            In Syria Sunnis suffered from those terrorists more than any one else, go to the numbers and look at them to reach the fact am just mentioning here.


            • Greg Hunter

              You are telling us there is no problem with radical Islam teaching Jihad in mosques in America even though there is evidence that prominent Muslims and the FBI have? It is the Jews, CIA and “WAHHABIs”? Nothing to fix or stand up against? On my two sites USAWatchdog.com and the You Tube channel I have had nearly 1,000 comments and not a single Muslim has condemned this outrage of murderous Jihad in Mosques in America or around the world. This is a problem Mohammad and you can’t blame it on the Jews. Muslims must look in the mirror. Murderous Jihad is well documented in the Quran. Please don’t tell me how bad America is. We are talking about murderous Jihad being taught in Mosques and the Muslim community is silent or telling us it is not them. We are not stupid and your position is outrageous.

              • mohammad

                You keep intentionally using term JEWS when you know fully from my previous posts i differentiate between Jews and ZIONISTS.
                No one preaches hatred here at least where I go to.
                You are missing the big picture GREG and that is someone wants us out of this country bad. and that one is exactly the same one who is supporting those wahhabi’s terrorists and still sleeping with them in the same bed for oil.


                • Greg Hunter

                  I am not missing the big picture, I am missing your big picture which I often agree with but not always.

    • Galaxy 500

      Just a point of history. The Crusades were a response to the moslem invading Europe. We poor Westerners were under constant attack by the minions of Mohammad and decided to go to the source and stop it.

      • Linda

        I believe the POTUS in recent past, in his attempts to reprimand Christians, also mentioned the Crusades too. I guess Muslims of this era have absolutely no ideal why we had the Crusades in the first place, but they sure like to talk about it.

      • WD

        G 500,

        That is why nearly all Catholic schools ( I went to them form K-12th grade) are run very similar to military schools very early on.

        The early Crusaders would tell us to destroy that enemy now ASAP!!!

      • Mohammad

        The poor westerners were cutting limbs for simple infections until Muslims came to EU and TAUGHT them how to save those limbs by treating it with medicine. Universities flourished in EU after Muslims, history testifies to that, just spend few minutes googling it at will.


        • Galaxy 500

          Well that justified murdering millions doesn’t.

          • mohammad

            Ignorance at best.


            • Galaxy 500

              Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion. Your so called prophet, preaches death to the infidel, squashes free thought, especially when it disagrees with Imams and there small mud hut minds, and treats woman as property.
              The only thing that islam is afraid of is the truth.

      • Kerry

        And it took Spain 700 YEARS to rid itself of the Muslims. The Pope begged the Christian kings to do something to stop the Muslim invasion, and only by the grace of God were they able to do so. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN, if people do not wake up and put a stop to it NOW! Read http://www.realclearreligion.com/index_files/581ccd78a0ceb821ce53388949fd2d62-284.html
        Study the prophecies for yourself-don’t take my word for it. The prophecies predict that Europe will be overrun. Political correctness will kill you if you let it. I was speaking to a Danish friend who has finally admitted that Denmark made a mistake by allowing Muslim immigration. “We just wanted to help them,” she said. “Give them a chance to become Danish.” It took years of discussion (AND TERRORIST ATTACKS) to finally get her to see the truth-Muslims will never assimilate, not if they are faithful to Islam-the religion forbids it.

    • aussie jeff

      With respect, your analogy of Bush going into Iraq can somehow equate to what I.S is doing in the name of islam in Syria and other parts of the world through terrorism is based on a false premise.
      While invading Iraq was absolutely wrong and should never have happened, it was not done with the ideology of the christian faith forcing it’s way into an islamic land and converting everyone to being a christian otherwise they will be exterminated.
      Is it not the belief of muslims that the entire world will one day have to worship Allah?
      If Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace,why is I.S doing what they are doing under the umbrella of Islam?
      What is very perplexing here in Australia is that with each terrorist attack that takes place, we almost have to pry imam’s and mufti’s out of their mosques with a crowbar to get them to say anything against what is happening.
      It was not until they started to feel the heat from the media that some have come out might I say very measured in their words softly condemning what I.S is doing.
      Why are these leaders not actively getting out their and yelling from the roof tops we have nothing to do with I.S???? Islam is a peaceful religion????
      You and I both know the reason for that, below is what you believe in, and what s more it’s why mufti’s and imams try to remain silent,thereby giving tacit approval of what is taking place.
      Below is a link to verses in the Qur’an that promote violence and killing of non believers


      • Paul

        We should all realize that “terrorists” who kill other human beings are not religious people … so we should not expect or demand that religious leaders go out of their way to “associate themselves” with such evil people … it’s like demanding that the Catholic Church rail against every Catholic (in name only) that commits a horrible heinous murderous crime in Chicago on a daily basis and thus associate itself with all those murderers (that by definition are not religious people to begin with) … murderers born into a religion but do not practice its moral teachings … should not be used as an excuse to tarnish the reputations of the millions of good and moral people that belong to that religion … what religious leader in their right mind would want to associate their religion with such “evil people” (that could reflect badly on the majority who are good and moral) … yes … a religious leader should speak out against crime and murder in general as being against the will of God and that God’s Commandments “Thou Shall Not Kill” be obeyed … but I’m not certain the Catholic Church publicly condemns “every act of murder” when that murderer happens to be Catholic (in name only) … yes … religious leaders should forcefully condemn all violence against humanity in general … but what religious leader would want “to emphasize” that Jack the Ripper or Jeffery Dommer or Charles Manson is associated with their religion??

        • Paul

          So to remove any association with evil it is up to the “good moral people” who enter a Church or Mosque or Temple and find the leader of that religious organization preaching hate and murder … they should (if good, moral and religious people) immediately get up and leave … anyone remaining in that sort of environment is not a religious person “by definition” … and any such Church or Mosque or Temple receiving any funding from the Headquarters of “real” religious leaders … should be immediately cut off from such funding … and a public announcement made by the “real” Religious Leaders that they do not countenance such immoral teachings!

    • Faith

      I don’t remember Bush every saying that the war in Iraq was a crusade. Please provide evidence of that quote because otherwise that is a lie. Certainly the US never stole any Iraqi oil. You certainly didn’t take long to show your true colors, did you?

      • Mohammad

        Dear Faith,

        Do your self a favor and spend a minute or two on something called GOOGLE:



        • Faith

          Mo, so what? The politicians in the US say stupid things every day. We don’t take everything they say literally. That type of thinking is indicative of the mind of a child. Children are unable to evaluate and understand complex ideas. Critical thinking takes maturity and objectivity. These are qualities that children do not possess.

          My question had two parts. You claimed that the US went to war in Iraq in order to “steal oil.” That is a lie. It is ridiculous propaganda spewed by muslims like yourself to justify your hatred and intolerance and to make you feel smug and superior. Feeling superior does not make you superior. It makes you a legend in your own mind which is a polite way of saying that you are delusional.

          If it makes you feel like a real man to parrot propaganda, by all means, continue.

          • Old Dog

            You need to do some open-minded research, Faith. Oil and the petro dollar are indeed factors in the Iraq war … and Libya.

            I read no “hatred” in any of Mohammad’s responses. Nor did I hear any bigotry.
            That is not something I will say about any of your responses.

            • Galaxy 500

              I disagree but what is new. I wish we had taken oil from Iraq to cover the cost. But I really wish we would have left Saddam in charge.

          • Galaxy 500

            Nice post Faith

            • Faith

              Thanks Galaxy. I call it like I see it. I have no problem with people that disagree with me. None. I have a problem with a certain cult that thinks it is their right to kill me for my beliefs. Pretty simple point of view. Not complicated.

          • mohammad

            Faith ,

            I love your name.
            I always ask god and pray to him to have a whole a lot of your name.

            Merry Christmas to you and others.


    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Mohammad, Greg and WDers


      My stepson Patrick spent 20 years living in Britain, observing and living within what can only be described as a very successful multicultural society. During this time, the Muslim faith overtook Christianity statistically as the leading religion in terms of numbers actively participating in their chosen religion.

      Because of this experience and his profound observation that Muslims/Christians can peacefully coexist, and indeed thrive as a society, I asked him to write a short piece for WD. This is what he wrote:

      “It is probably fair to say that multiculturalism (in its true sense) has existed in Great Britain since before the time of Christ: Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians, Danes, Normans and many more all have inhabited the British Isles over millennia and have created a race we now know as “The British”.

      Whatever your political view or religious belief is, it is important to put multiculturalism in the context to which it belongs. In the United Kingdom today it has largely been bourne out of the legacy of Empire, its deconstruction from the middle of the twentieth century and from the British belief in tolerance and fair play.

      Tolerance within society has been tested along the way and there has been strong criticism of the way in which many migrants have, or have not, assimilated. There can however be no doubt that it has made Britain a melting pot of race and ethnic minorities and with that has come about more tolerance, less racism, more acceptance, less bigotry, more diversity, less hatred.

      Britons see the whole world through their own country; they have a “wide-angled lens” on this view and the world at large and this – thanks to multiculturalism – has created a wonderful place in which to live and belong, whichever your race or creed.

      It is a depressing human condition we have on our hands in Europe with mass migration and the exodus from countries made uninhabitable by the Orwellian wars that rage on in the background of our lives. Hundreds of thousands of people trying to find a better life and many of the western world countries, who have blood on their hands, turning the other way. It is time we fronted up, and put aside our fears on multiculturalism for the sake of humanity and show empathy towards our fellow human beings.

      Hitler was able to murder on a mass scale by planting fear into the German people about the threat the Jews – and any other minorities he felt did not fit with his single master-race plan – by de-huminising them. If you are against multiculturalism, or even immigration, I challenge you to think about this and compare 1945 to what is happening in our world today… ”

      Since then you have given credence to FBI statements also! Apparently you regard FBI statements as being reliable when they suit your narrative but rubbish them when they don’t. You have also done this in the past when it comes to statements issued by the State Department.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        The last paragraph does not belong with this post….please delete!

      • Greg Hunter

        WE have a problem with radical Islam and murderous Jihad coming from some mosques. This is what multiple sources confirm. We also do not have the Muslim community standing up to put a stop to it. Yes some are but not a mass movement which is what is needed. This is a real problem and not bigotry. To ignore it is folly.

      • Galaxy 500

        That’s ok, I never do. Britain us such a successful multicultural society that there are moslem enclaves the police are afraid to go into. It isn’t multiculturalism, it is an invasion.

  18. Blake Mann


    This is a bit unrelated but I would like your thoughts. Recently I received a a letter informing me my healthcare plan would have a rate rise for 2016 of about 30%. Last year it also went up from the previous year about 40%. So I decided to look for a different, less expensive plan. However, when I went searching for a new plan online one of the required pieces of information was my income. So I entered a number and found a moderately lower priced plan. At the end of the process before clicking the submit button it displayed a disclaimer that basically read as follows.

    If the amount of income you entered is found to be less than that reported on your 2016 tax return you will be charged additional tax.

    So my question is why is the cost of a health insurance policy priced based on your income? That seems totally illegal to me. You are purchasing a service and it should have nothing to do with how much income you make. Your current state of health, age and whether you smoke or not seem like reasonable factors to base health insurance cost on but certainly not income.

    I welcome your thoughts.

    Blake Mann

    • Greg Hunter

      This is the Lie and control feature of the tyrannical Obama Care. It need to be repealed it is the biggest policy LIE ever perpetrated on the American public and it is really all bout controlling the population and is enforced by the IRS. In short you have to pay for all the deadbeats that cannot or will not pay for healthcare–don’t you get it?? Not being a smart guy but this is really the essence of the Obama Care LIE.

      • diane s.

        Absolutely right Greg

    • JC Davis

      Blake Mann I will not sign up nor except Obama care ever if it is free. I am done with excepting one Lie after another Lie . They take from those that work for what they have and give it to people like me for free. This is called thievery. We see how Obamacare has destroyed the jobs. The Devil comes to steal kill and destroy, and is the father of all liars. You are right. It should not be based on what you make. You should keep your doctor. It should not be a tax after Obama lied to congress by calling it a reform. Obama should be impeached for lying to congress about Obamacare. the Affordable care act is just a deception straight from the devils hand. I will have no part in it. It is against my religion.

    • Galaxy 500

      “If the amount of income you entered is found to be less than that reported on your 2016 tax return you will be charged additional tax.
      So my question is why is the cost of a health insurance policy priced based on your income? That seems totally illegal to me. You are purchasing a service and it should have nothing to do with how much income you make.”
      Because the Government is doing and are subsidizing the parasites.

      • sk

        One major medical problem in your life, Galaxy, and YOU might become a ‘parasite’. Good Chinese proverb: you can see the end of your nose, but you can’t see the end of your life. Heed the Chinese. They are wise.

        • Greg Hunter

          Lover of living off other peoples money = communism. How dare we resist.

        • Galaxy 500

          I see welfare Queens in the pharmacy drive in driving Cadillac Escalades that I can not afford but they only pay $3 for their drugs and their children’s drugs are free. I couldn’t afford to put gas in it. If you can make the payments on the car you can’t qualify for Medicaid or welfare but it is a regular occurance.
          It is one thing to have paid all your life into the system and quite another to milk it your entire life.
          How was all this handled before 0bamacare?

          • Faith

            Galaxy, keep hope alive. I saw the same thing when I worked in an inner-city ER 30 years ago. They came in wearing gold, with new portable phones that no one working int he ER could afford. It was a slap in the face to people that saved them from their own foolishness. We used to joke about “Friday night at the fights” and the “Knife and Gun Club.” Mind you this was 30 years ago.

            Matthew Bracken wrote this article in 2012 and shows a plausible scenario which could unfold once there is a financial collapse. Here is a quote from his article: “We have seen them all before, and we shall see them all again as history rhymes along regardless of the century or the generation of humankind nominally in control of events. But the next time we are visited by widespread, large-scale urban riots, a dangerous new escalation may be triggered by a fresh vulnerability: It’s estimated that the average American home has less than two weeks of food on hand. In poor minority areas, it may be much less. What if a cascading economic crisis, even a temporary one, leads to millions of EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards flashing nothing but ERROR? This could also be the result of deliberate sabotage by hackers, or other technical system failures. Alternatively, the government might pump endless digits into the cards in a hopeless attempt to outpace future hyperinflation. The government can order the supermarkets to honor the cards, and it can even set price controls, but history’s verdict is clear: If suppliers are paid only with worthless scrip or blinking digits, the food will stop.”

            Here is a link to the entire article: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/bracken-when-the-music-stops-how-americas-cities-may-explode-in-violence/

            I have been unable to find Mr. Bracken’s article unsound in any way. Each day this article become more and more relevent.

            • Galaxy 500

              Nice post. I thank you for the link. I read that sight and it was even posted on another new sight.
              I am shocked that people see this tsunami coming but don’t prepare.
              Ammo is going to be worth its weight in silver.
              And if you don’t have sufficient protection, you are going to be in trouble.

              • Faith

                People without food or resources or skills will be offered relief and free food at the nearest FEMA location. I am sure there will be long lines. Then there will be people like us that will be heading the other direction as fast and as quickly as we can.

            • Kerry

              Most people I know do not even have 1 week of food in the house-try 1 or 2 DAYS worth of food. Let’s see-just in time delivery stops + food gone from shelves in less than 24 hours = RIOT! I saw people shooting each other over gas/food during a hurricane evacuation, when they were told DAYS in advance it was going to happen. Cut off the food cards and watch out! My advice-get out of the big city NOW.

  19. Cathy

    I just watched this interview which was awesome and realistic about the problems we are facing and will continue to face. If you would have Amb. Ettinger on you show to tell the this nation the TRUTH
    about the muslin religion and what it teaches to their children. Our people are ignorant about this teaching. These wars are about religion!! Thank you Greg for your show, which we watch daily.

    • John Wardell

      The “affordable” Care act is a tax and nothing but a tax. There is another option which is called Medishare. It is a Christian sharing plan and uses health incentives to keep rates down. It is grandfathered in to be an alternative to obamacare.

      • Galaxy 500

        And it only works of everybody pays in

  20. Jedward

    If God the Father is in charge then his last name must be Obama! As far as the 2 culprits in San Bernadino are concerned I find it interesting that people who had been radicalized (according to the wonderful MSM) for years bothered to have a child 6 months ago if they knew that they would both likely be dead soon. Just a bit odd I think.

    • Greg Hunter

      Or selfish and crazy.

  21. Russ

    Thanks Greg, another great weekly wrap.

    IMO Putin is yanking chains with his Nuke remark. When nukes start flying there will be no cute warnings.

    Serious people who don’t get Trump, don’t want to get Trump. Trump is not indicting Muslims with his call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S., he is indicting the Obama’s State Dept/DHS vetting system/process which allowed a female terrorist to enter the U.S. with ease. Immigration policies that allow for a waiver for people who want to immigrate to the U.S. for permanent residency (in the case of marriage to a U.S. citizen) are being used and abused. There is no “right” for foreign nationals to enter the U.S., that is a privilege reserved for people who we like and diplomats (some of whom we might like).

    The vetting process itself is seriously flawed IMO and if we cannot (or will not) properly vet people who desire to enter the U.S. we need to bring it to stop until it can be fixed. She was supposedly vetted and for that “process” there should be a paper trail. The US official(s) who gave her a pass and didn’t do their job in verifying blatant lies in the visa application should be fired and held accountable; but no one in the O’ administration is ever held accountable.

    Have a great weekend.

    • Russ

      Edit: Visa waiver is for people from participating countries to travel to the U.S. and stay for up to 90 days without a visa. In the case of the fem terrorist, a K1 (fiancée Visa) was fraudulently obtained. IMO both programs need to be reviewed by the next administration.

      • Greg Hunter

        I needs to be reviewed NOW. Thank you for your comment.

        • Russ

          I agree with NOW, but that would require O’s DHS and State Department to reverse their policies — not going to happen. There is zero chance of immigration being fixed under O’, he doesn’t want it fixed.

          • Faith

            Russ, you are 100% correct with that single comment. It will not be fixed because Obama and the State Department and HS don’t want it fixed.

  22. Blake Mann


    On a more related topic to this video… I see nothing wrong with putting a moratorium on immigrants coming from countries where the predominant faith is Islam. I know the US already favors immigration from certain countries based on a countries relationship with the United States. If it can set immigration policy based on such favored nations I see nothing wrong with restricting immigration to citizens of countries where their philosophy does not encourage murder. Given what we already know, why would the US be so irresponsible as to NOT restrict immigration from countries where the predominant faith actively promotes the murder of our citizens. I feel bad for those Muslims who do not subscribe to the radical philosophy but the truth is there is simply NO WAY to screen good Muslims from bad Muslims and therefore we have no choice but to restrict them all.

    • JC Davis

      Blake Mann. Islam is restricted in Japan and works well for them. A moderate Muslim is like a Christian that don’t believe in baptism.

      • WD

        It also severely restricted in most South American countries

      • Galaxy 500

        Well said JC.
        And they can be found cavorting with the unicorns

    • mohammad

      Like NAZI concentration camps?


      • Grafique

        No, like staying in their own country.
        No need for camps unless they storm the borders.

        • sk

          Grafique! They are storming European/American borders because Europe/America are dropping bombs on them, droning them, turning their cities to rubble, and making life impossible IN THEIR COUNTRIES. What is SOOOO difficult to understand about that?

          • Greg Hunter

            This is what I am talking about. “They are storming European/American borders because Europe/America are dropping bombs on them.” The U.S. is dropping bomb on Mexico? Total commie politically correct BS. How dare we protect the borders of a sovereign country. What you are leaving out is this is an invasion and the folks living in those countries have to pay for these folks forever, not to mention that the culture changes to the culture if the invaders. I do not want to give you a platform to propel these views. Start your own site and have at it.

            • sk

              Greg, Blake Mann’s post was about Muslims, and that is what I replied to.

          • Paul

            If Europeans want to protect their culture from the invading hoards … they should move into FEMA camps … gladly provided by the current fascist governments … so as to more easily control all the people likely to rebel … the same way the American Indians were forced to do … to preserve their culture … as for the invading hoards … they can all be put on welfare … to control them!

      • brian

        You know, after reading much of what you wrote here, and recalling the manner in which you said things before you stormed off and took your proverbial sabbatical, well it just seems to me like you want people to be upset, its like your actually seeking discord.

        Now I figure you don’t realize your doing that, but you are, and my guess is that its because deep down inside you have been taught to abhor compromise and that at some level which you may not actually acknowledge, you view those whom you speak with here to be animals in the best of light and enemies to be properly contended with when the time comes in the worst of light.

        Islam is a doctrine that ingrains in its adherents the complete inability to compromise, thus ensuring that no lasting accord or agreement could be made between believer or unbeliever except only those arbitrated by death.

      • Galaxy 500

        Funny, I remember that the moslems were allies if the Nazis.
        Nothing Nazis about protecting your country from a group of predators with a political system that masquerades as a religion. All moslems seek is domination

        • Faith

          Galaxy, exactly! And what did the nazis and muslims have in common? Both sought complete control and domination over their subjects. Both nazis and muslims seek totalitarian control over the populace.

      • Kerry

        Mohammad-if you don’t want people to make negative comments about Islam-then STOP CUTTING PEOPLE’S HEADS OFF! It’s simple-stand up and speak out! Go on Sean Hannity show and speak out-REFORM YOUR RELIGION-then we can talk about who is peaceful and who isn’t. And stop treating woman like dogs!

  23. Jedward

    The next war will be fought largely by the so called Millennials yet a recent poll suggests they support war by 60%…..Is this the first generation to have been brainwashed by our Federally supported school system?

    • WD


      Is that true can you link us up?


  24. john duffy

    Some have concerns with Harry Potter novels, as they are aimed at children, and soft pedal the occult to them.

    • Paul

      But they have no concerns about the Fed peddling their occult magic at adults!

  25. Daryl

    Hi Greg,
    As always I have enjoyed your weeks worth of real news. In fact your site is listed on my website list I give to all my patients. One thing I would recommend when discussing the shooting in San Bernardino, or any alleged terrorist shooting. I would use the term, when describing the man and women involved, as alleged attackers/shooters. I know you respect Dr Paul Craig Roberts, and on his website he has a link to an article that one can conclude that these two people were not the shooters. Just food for thought.


    • Greg Hunter

      You CANNOT “conclude these people were not the shooters” based on someones opinion and analysis. Passing off someones opinion and analysis as prove fact is not reporting. I am a reporter and I follow the evidence I can source. This is not source-able. And don’t bring up the story about the “three white men” on the scene. I cannot source it. CNN made the same mistake with the Michael Brown story. They ran with a story that two workers saw Michael Brown with his hands up and everything including the Obama Justice department autopsy proved this wrong. Islamic terrorism is a problem that is source-able and the FBI provided this ans well as other studies about radical Islam being taught at some mosques in America. I follow the sources when stating facts. An opinion is not a fact it is an opinion and opinions are fine if not stated as proven fact.

      • Galaxy 500

        Middle Easterners are considered WHITE on most got forms

    • Galaxy 500

      Not the Shooters after people that they shot that f’ing knew them said they did it. Yeah, that is believable (extreme sarcasm ).
      I knew Paul Craig Roberts and his anti-Israel rants were unhinged but if he is pushing that Farook didn’t do it? Let me guess ? It was the Masood or Jews that made these fine upstanding terrorists the scape goats. PCR needs a keeper

      • sk

        PCR is very smart, not at all unhinged. It’s the Neocons who need a (zoo)keeper!

        • Galaxy 500

          He may have been smart to one time but he’s been sharing your antisemitic Kool aide and your anti American wine lately…or in your case, whine

          • sk

            Where do you see ‘antisemitic koolaid’?

            • sk

              And where do you see antiAmerican wine/whine? Don’t conflate antibarbarism with antiAmericanism.

      • Paul

        While placing blame on the proper people is important … lets not forget that the act itself murder perpetrated on innocent people (by who ever committed the heinous act) was “designed” to inflict “terror” in the minds of people in general … and that was well accomplished … for the evil purpose it was designed for!

        • Paul

          Irrespective of “who” does a mass shooting or bombing … the simple fact is … random killing of innocent people … makes “every such act” a false flag … as it is designed to instill “fear” into the minds of the public … as to allow the accomplishment of “some other” hidden agenda … so what we should be focusing on instead “like a laser beam” is deciphering the motives of the people who come out after the incident with “an agenda” to fix the problem … rather then getting into quarrels over the immoral terrorist(s) who did the actual killing!

  26. Dan

    Great analysis Greg…And I agree that Trump has the only sane answer to an Islamic terror problem, and a halt to Muslims entering the country is reasonable. The individuals involved in the SB shootings :
    1..Entered the US legally
    2..Purchased weapons legally
    3..But only the weapons are now at fault, and gun sales must be more severally regulated !
    Am I the only one that sees the flawed logic here? I’m beginning to see an “agenda” here.

  27. Jerry

    This speech represents the day the press sold the American people out, and allowed the Republic to die 10 days later. (The infamous Secret Society Speech that cost JFK his life)

    • Paul

      “An error (creating the Fed in 1913) does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it” … [JFK to the citizens of the world born to be free and independent]

    • Sam Hill

      Thanks for the link Jerry. This is good info.


  28. Hank

    Excellent report as always, Greg. Thanks once again.

    I don’t quite trust Trump but I trust the BHO administration even LESS. Compared to the dangerous status quo of allowing massive, unfettered, undocumented, Muslim immigration, Trump’s call for a moratorium (of same) is simply common sense; if a moratorium errs, it errs to the side of protecting the population from potential murderous, Islamic Radicals. I may be a scenic but it seems that BHO is more concerned about personal politics than he is safe-guarding our homeland…If, that is his real motive.
    *I am reminded the Biblical truth that “you will know a tree by it’s fruit”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Goot quote!

  29. Jallen

    Todays so called American Liberals are devoid of any intelligence and would do America a big favor by leaving the country. They can take the imbecile POTUS and destuctive Federal Reserve with them. Also, worthless and dangerous is the mainstream news, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. Let us take Political Correctness to the next level by having Liberals and Neo Cons take a lie detector test after speaking or testifying before the American public. We can get American colleges back on track by firing all so called Liberal and Neo Con professors. America has had it with Liberal and Neo Con wackos leading our country down the road of destruction. Americans it is time we take our country back!

  30. tulip

    From zero hedge 12/11

    For over half a year there was a semi-public discussion with U.S. Treasury advisors and Cold Warriors about how to stiff Russia on the $3 billion owed by Ukraine to Russia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. There was some talk of declaring this an “odious debt,” but it was decided that this ploy might backfire against U.S. supported dictatorships.

    In the end, the IMF simply lent Ukraine the money.

    By doing so, it announced its new policy: “We only enforce debts owed in US dollars to US allies.” This means that what was simmering as a Cold War against Russia has now turned into a full-blown division of the world into the Dollar Bloc (with its satellite Euro and other pro-U.S. currencies) and the BRICS or other countries not in the U.S. financial and military orbit.

    • Galaxy 500

      Last time I looked, there is no treaty saying Ukraine is an ally of Natori or the USA.

  31. Linda Louin

    German court has given “GREEN LIGHT” to “SHARIAH POLICE” who will patrol city streets in search of Islamic Law violators:

    • Greg Hunter

      Expect a huge backlash in Germany. The Germans will not take this.

    • Paul

      At least there won’t be any controversy over homosexual marriages!

    • oneno

      We sure could use Micaela Schaefer working over-time on the streets of Germany guarded by some burly German security forces!

    • Kerry

      This so reminds me of the Nazi Browncoats. Heaven help us.

  32. Diane D.

    Greg’s Weekly News Wrap-ups reflect the true State of the Former Union.

    If you believe the Scriptures, the two primary traits of Satan are murder and deceit. His tool of choice is governments, and today the US is Satan’s most powerful tool.

    Our Founders including Jefferson, Adams, Washington warned of foreign entanglements. They heeded Psalm 9:17: “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Americans ignored all of these warnings. And now America is bleeding out…

    • Paul

      All the billions spent building and maintaining military bases in almost every country of the world … could have been used right here in America for the good of the American people … and not spent fighting “a conjured up enemy” created by the CIA … yet … even with all these hundreds of bases worldwide … the administration is provoking China and risking nuclear war because they are piling some sand on a few atolls in the South China sea?

  33. Jerry

    This is how I feel about President Obama’s Affordable Care Act and how its made Health Insurance so much more affordable.

  34. country codger

    Hello Greg,
    Great review of the week. ISIL is used by politicians to deny the existence of Israel, plain and simple. Mar/Apr 2016 beginning of sabbatical year and 2017 beginning of 7 years of war (on America) and the next 7 years is much worse.

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Rob Kirby’s breakdown of the situation. Like my wife said if you can’t understand it after Rob explains you are either brain dead or just plain DEAD.

    Keep it up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC for the support and comment.

  35. freebreezer

    Greg – You left out the where abouts of the Moderate Rebel Syrian Army (all 5 of them that we trained for half billion $$$)? Are the pushing on to Damascus to topple Asad? Engaging ISIS in Alepo to free the central region? Good questions for the CIA person this Sunday.

  36. Rod Lajoie

    Greg enjoy your website, just read on Fox 4 Houston Texas an Imam that was on Sean Hannity, last night,,Dr. Al-Sayyed was forced out of his position as Imam along with 100+ other religious clerics for saying Donald Trump may be right. So the Islamic religious council just removed moderate voices because they were moderate! This along with the news that the EU is creating a security force to protect the invasion of immigrants into Europe, no matter what the country thinks! This is the Islamitization of the West! Make no mistake they want chaos to remove the rights of citizens, and offer the solution to the chaos they initiated. The solution is one world government, one world currency, one world dictator. Our president and Congress are breaking their contract with the American people. The idea that we would continue to bring foreign fighters into this country is like inviting the Japanese and the Nazi party to settle in the U.S. During WWII . We know it ! The traitors in the government are using sophistry, to try to trick us, and will do whatever it takes to place a puppet in the Whitehouse. We as a country have left God and now his justice will prevail. Sincerely Rod Lajoie

    • Greg Hunter

      Please post a link. This is exactly what I am talking about and being against Muslim extremism is not bigotry if it is true and it is true. It is not all Muslims but a percentage and what I do not see is Muslims in America standing up and stopping this kind of hate that preaches murder. If any other religion was doing this how do you think the MSM would react? Some Muslim leadership is cultivating this sort of thing and that is obvious. Where is the OUTRAGE in the Muslim community????

      • BetterChetter

        did you observe the MSM going after Roman Catholics, after the pedophile scandal? maybe there is no outrage in the Muslim community, as there was little among Catholics … as a weird corollary ?

        • Galaxy 500

          I know a lot of Catholics that left the church over this. I know of no moslems that leave over mass murder.

        • Kerry

          Full disclosure here: I am a Catholic. As far as I am concerned, the Pope and Cardinals and Bishops who allowed the pedophiles to continue are as much to blame as those doing the crime. Believe me, God will punish them. Jesus said, “It is better to have a millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the sea then to scandalize a little one.” (Paraphrasing, I didn’t look it up). The pedophiles should have been hidden away in a deep hole away from any contact with children, where they can spend the rest of their lives doing penance for their sins. (Being a mom and grandma, I have low tolerance for crimes against children). I did not leave the Church over it, but I have no sympathy for those priests. I hope they burn in Hell. Oops, did I say that out loud? It’s a good thing I’m not God, because I am much less merciful than He is. Yes, I will pray for them, but I also hope they get too be HOT for a while after they die.

  37. Mike

    Hello Greg, what the mainstream media isn’t mentioning, is not only is Trump way ahead of his fellow Republics in the polls, and that the Republicans are out ahead of the Democrat candidates by popularity, is in my opinion, is that Donald Trump is speaking of things that the American people have privately spoken of among themselves for years, and that Trump somewhat is expressing those views. Therefore, as the media and others attack Trump, they are attacking the conservative ideas and beliefs of traditional America. We the People are sick of the MSM and the Washington D.C. status quo. If there was true journalism as you offer in the media, I truly believe that this effect would be greatly multiplied and reflected as a nation tries to reclaimed it’s place, it’s past greatness in the attempt to thwart off a NWO.

  38. Pete

    I’m very disappointed Mr Hunter. I watch your channel, along other channels, for real news and insights into what is really happening in the world. I am not the smartest person, but I am an airline pilot and I know for a fact the story of September 11th is a pure fiction. Many of your guests like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts know this too. Why are you talking about radical Islam and the San Bernardino shooting like you’re a spokesperson for the White House? The FBI has been caught in lie after lie and you give them credence? Who are you working for? Are you just another mouthpiece for Washington? There is nothing about San Bernardino that even makes any sense. And do you even acknowledge the eyewitness accounts on local news who said it appeared to be 3 tall men in military attire? Does an eyewitness have any credibility in your mind? Or the FBI non-eyewitness who was NOT there have more credibility?

    Very disappointing. I thought you reported news. You’re starting to sound like CNN and FOX.

  39. Doug


    You might have been asked this already but what in the world is going on with your left eye? Do you have pinkeye or something. It’s been pretty evident in your last few videos. Not trying to pry into your personal affairs but your viewers do share a connection with you as well as a personal affinity for your wellbeing.


    • Paul

      You should be asking the same question of the Fed … as only one eye is on their dollar bill!

  40. Buck


    I sincerely hope your eye gets better. I’m starting to wonder, are you giving us the “illuminati wink”? It was particularly noticeable when covered you’re left eye with the Kasich photo.


    • Greg Hunter

      I was blowing out my gutters last week and got something in it. MD took it out and I am on the mend. No wink here.

      • JC Davis

        Had it Greg. Doctor gave me ear drops instead of eye drops. The names were close to the same. Honest mistake but it cost him his job, as a eye doctor was a friend of my mom on the board of the hospital. Walgreens sent me 14 hundred bucks not to sue. They did not know Jesus will not allowed me to sue a mistake with good intent. I kept the money none the less. LOL

  41. Buck

    Corporate logos are littered with occult symbolism. Take a close look at the Walt Disney logo. Pandora has a very noticeable “one eye covered” billboard campaign going on right now.

    • Mike

      Buck, it’s all around us, and has been for decades and is noticeable to those that will simply look and notice.

      • Laura

        My teenage son says there are songs with the word, “Illuminati” in them.

  42. Zoey

    It’s part the illuminati weaving magic just as hand signs and handshakes they do sooo smoothly that people usually don’t catch most of it. Watch this video on politicians and celebrities doing, and “Ron Paul” is in it doing hand signs and hand shakes. This really shocked me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FGbAQB0isw

  43. Galaxy 500

    Correct me if you think these quotes are incorrect! The
    Following Are Quotes from the Koran. Religion of peace my behind.

    You decide if this is a totalitarian ideology of peace?

    “Kill non-Muslims wherever you find them. Lie in wait
    and ambush them, seize and capture them using every stratagem of war (for example, political, economic, propaganda, and population explosion). If they convert to Islam and pray and contribute to the cause of Islam (Jihad), let them go.” (Koran 9:5)
    “Non-Muslims MUST convert to Islam or they will be
    killed.” (Koran 48:16)
    “Fight the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) and extort money from them.” (Koran 9:29)
    “Mohammed, the messenger of Allah, and those who follow him (Muslims) are merciful to one another but harsh to the infidels (non-Muslims).” (Koran 48:29)
    “Do not make friends with inferior people (Jews,
    Christians and all non-Muslims).” (Koran 3:118)
    “Truly the Pagans are unclean; so let them not…approach the Sacred Mosque.” (Koran-9:28)
    “People of the Book (Jews and Christians) and all
    non-Muslims who do not believe [in Islam] will be in hell forever. They are the worst of human beings” (Koran 98:6-8)
    “The time [of judgment and resurrection] will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!” (Sahih Muslim book 41, no. 6985)
    “The Believers (Muslims) should not take non-Muslims as allies.” (Koran 3:28)

    “I (Allah) will terrorize non-Muslims. Behead them and dismember their bodies because they opposed Allah and his messenger (Muhammad). Allah’s punishment is severe.” (Koran 8:12-13)
    “I (Allah) will terrorize non-Muslims because they
    worship other gods. They are condemned to hell, the worst fate.” (Koran 3:151)
    “When you win a war over non-Muslims, torture them
    severely so that they may learn a lesson.” (Koran 8:57)
    “Fight non-Muslims. Allah will torture them with your
    hands and disgrace them. Allah will give you victory over them and opportunity for revenge so that your hearts may be healed.” (Koran 9:14)
    “Prepare all means of power to terrorize the enemy of
    Allah (non-Muslims).” (Koran 8:60)
    “When you (Muslims) pursue non-Muslims, tie them up firmly then behead them. Allah can kill them but he wants to test your love for Allah [by killing non-Muslims]. Those (Muslims) who are killed for the sake of Allah will not lose credits for their good works.” (Koran 47:4)
    “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter. (Koran 5:33)
    “Oh ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers and let them find harshness in you.” (Koran 9:123)

    “Non-Muslims MUST convert to Islam or they will be
    killed.” (Koran 48:16)
    “Fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevails justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere (in this earth of Allah’s). (Koran-8:39)
    “Fight whoever converts from Islam. No other religion
    is accepted but Allah’s.” (Koran 2:193)
    “Kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from wherever they drove you out.” (Koran 2:191)
    “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him; and in the hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (all spiritual benefits). (Koran-3:85)
    “If non-Muslims do not want to convert [to Islam]
    capture and kill them wherever you find them.” (Koran 4:89)
    “He who opposes the messenger (Muhammad) and follows the religion of non-Muslims will be condemned to hell, the worst fate.”
    (Koran 4:115)
    “Kill non-Muslims wherever you find them. Ambush,
    seize, and capture them. If they convert to Islam and pray and contribute to the cause of Islam, let them go.” (Koran 9:5)
    “Fight the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) who do not believe in Allah or in the Judgment Day or do not forbid what has been forbidden by Allah and his messenger (Muhammad) or do not convert to the religion of truth (Islam) until they are subdued and pay extortion.”
    (Koran 9:29)
    “Do not make peace while you (Muslims) have the upperhand (are winning the war).” (Koran 47:35)

    Do Your Elected Officials Act Like They Know This???
    Educate Them!!!http://www.usa.gov/Contact.sht

    • JC Davis

      G 500 I knew I could count on you.
      When Muslims become Americans they vow to uphold the constitution of the USA. If they violate there vow they should be deported. That simple. The latest poll show 60% Muslims want sharia law over the USA constitution, so at least 60% need to be deported.
      Japan has put strict restrictions on Islam and ALL Muslims.
      The reasons are:

      • Galaxy 500

        This isn’t a religion
        It is an invasion

        • Faith

          I agree Galaxy. It is called the “hijrah.” Along with lying it is part what it means to be a so-called honorable muslim adherent.

    • oneno

      @Galaxy 500, you invitation for corrections can be found here!

      Clear evidence of word play.

      The [Q]uran I quoted from is NOT Hazarat Ali’s Quran. I say this because the site from which I quoted verses to compare with verses you quoted from your [K]oran uses the words believers and unbelievers. Why are those two words a problem say you?

      Well, just because I believe in purple fairies does NOT mean purple fairies exist! Hence the statement: “None should be allowed to IMPOSE religion based on belief on anyone!”

  44. Jedward

    When countries are destroyed, Iraq, Af’stan, Libia, Yemen, Syria et al………….no better way to make enemies. Radical or not these countries have suffered millions of casualties at least in part to support the ‘petro dollar’. Also, when many of the high paying jobs are in making bombs, tanks, attack helicopters and so on, it becomes necessary to use these munitions up so we can pay people to make more. As Mr. Celente says, lets Occupy Peace for a change.

  45. dbcooper

    Hi Greg and Merry Christmas to all the WDGrs … a friend sent an essay written by Mathew Bracken (enemies foreign and domestic.com) entitled Tet Take Two and it is his read on the unfolding alien situation in Europe now and what he feels is coming (2016). Also was able to listen to an interview via Before its News with John B. Wells (Caravan to Midnight) with Bracken and the post there references Jim Willie (hour 2). We believe that Bracken is spot on and it is a way scary scenario. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

    • Faith

      Hey DB, great post and Merry Christmas to you as well! I am reading a trilogy written by Matthew Bracken right now (it was free if you have a monthly Kindle subscription or Amazon prime at least that was the case last week) and the first book is a wake up call which he wrote back in 2011 but it seems like it was written for today or the future. The first title is “Enemies Foreign and Domestic.” I also heard him on http://www.caravantomidnight.com ! This is the first article I read by Matthew Bracken, https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/bracken-when-the-music-stops-how-americas-cities-may-explode-in-violence/ which was maybe a bit over the top but otherwise some of the scenarios he laid out in that article I still find strongly plausible.

      I heard Jim Willie too (I had never heard him before). Listening to Willie was painful for a number of reasons, which I prefer to not mention here.

  46. Galaxy 500

    Greg, great wrap up

  47. pgg1507

    I like Greg a lot, fav commentator. But today I think his math is way off, 2 Muslim out of over a billion is much less than 5%, 10% etc. Ok my numbers are just as screwy as his.
    Up to date, this year over 355 mass shooting in the US. More than one a day. How many were Muslim doing the killing? Sure there’s a PR issue with Muslims. Have the good Muslims stare down the bad Muslims? It’s starting, timidly, with the “Not in my Name” campaign. Did the German people stair down the Nazis? Did the american people stair down McArthysim? They all did, but takes time with tragic turns and twists.
    The banksters are not just destoying america, this is a global attack, don’t wonder why there’s push-back (muslims & non-muslims). Should all americans be painted with the same brush? for the 1% that are raping the world. The eyes of the world are on America many don’t see that most americans are good people. Same as Muslims, most are good people.

    Just remember, you “reap what you sow”
    I hope I don’t end up on a no fly list…

    • Greg Hunter

      You said “355 mass shooting in the US.” This is total left wing liberal BS. This is what the FBI says “https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2014/september/fbi-releases-study-on-active-shooter-incidents/pdfs/a-study-of-active-shooter-incidents-in-the-u.s.-between-2000-and-2013
      I think you are a paid troll sent here to spread false information and narrative. We have a problem with radical Islam coming from some mosques. This is a real problem and not bigotry. Where are the Muslims standing up to this outrage in their religion?????????

      • diane s.

        I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of years now….never seen so many “troll”posts.
        Good on you…Greg. Fear not.

        • Greg Hunter

          Diane S.
          You should see the comments I am not putting up. The truth is a terrible thing to liars who want to control us.

          • Kerry

            Fear not! We know who wins in the End!

        • Galaxy 500

          Just what I was thinking. CIARs trolls are working over time

      • sk

        You know, not everything that differs from your opinion is written by trolls. It is most likely written by good Americans whose opinions simply differ from yours. It IS YOUR site, of course, and you can write/delete/ban whatever you want. But then the site becomes just so much hasbara.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sure SK but when everybody who come here write with an anonymous name it’s hard to separate the tolls from the actual commenters. I don’t want spin and thought control here, and I also don’t want to become a platform for the kind of politically correct crap that is sinking my country. I don’t get it right all the time but I try.

    • Galaxy 500

      The moslems have a PR issue? Hahaha
      The truth has a PR issue.

  48. rahrog

    America doesn’t need immigrants from anywhere. Unemployment is running at 20%.

  49. dave roselle

    Hi Greg
    If you research the shootings ,many witnesses and even police claimed it was 3 white guys.Then after the shoot out ,they discover both of them in a SUV face down with their hands cuffed behind their back.Pretty strange if ya ask me.In addition to the many false flags in the past.Check it out.

    Thanks Dave

    • Greg Hunter

      I listened to the Pelley (CBS) phone interview. At one point the witness says I couldn’t see a face he had a black hat on. from my view all I could see is a black hat and black long sleeve shirt. possibly gloves on.” Then she says they were “white.” Did you guys ever think CBS was being played? Or this was a bad eye witness? Or that this call was disinformation?? There was too much evidence from the apartment for this not to be real. I believe in the concept of false flags but not everything is a false flag. Here is the call everybody is using to say this is a false flag. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwTYja7GXcY To jump to the false flag conclusion on this evidence is a stretch to say the least.

    • Galaxy 500

      Please pray tell how they were driving the SUV and shooting out the back while handcuffed?
      You realize police procedures call for hand cuffing even people they have shot?

  50. dave roselle

    Greg and lastly ,the reason MSM talks Trump down is reverse psychology and that’s why the numbers are better.That tactic has been around for years and still works very well.The corporations that run the media have very smart minds behind them.

    • Greg Hunter

      I worked at two networks (ABC AND CNN) at the highest levels of journalism as an investigative correspondent for 9 years. I know first hand they are not that smart and they are freaked out about Mr. Trump. I am not stumping for Trump, just stating fact.

      • Kerry

        They truly do not understand the outrage of the American people. Trump is just voicing what many are too afraid to say out loud. I am so tired of the wimpy Republicans who cave at the first sign of political correctness. We are in a culture war and a religious war, whether the media likes it or not. Is the US guilt free? Absolutely not. Does it change the fact that we will have more mass shootings? Not in the least. We just have to prepare ourselves for the fact that it will get worse over time and the upheavals will become more frequent and more painful, just like labor pains. “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.” Matthew 24:8.

  51. Coal Burner

    I have to admit , I skipped most of the Doggers this time to get here. When it comes to Islam, why not listen to the experts. Geller and Bridgett, The PLO son that converted, and what they, uslims say themselves , especially the Koran, or Quran or what ever that devils dregs is called. Think about what we or westerners see when we look a muslim in the face. What the Bible says when we look the in the face. Now contrast that with what their book says they are to see when they look at you. They see an INFIDEL that they are not only ordered to kill but if they are having a rotten life or day or just a tantrum they are authorized to murder you, we , us or any Nonbeliever and they will go to their heavenly reward. That is why they can go Jihadi at any moment. To Obama’s mistake he should be attaching all these people to a Jihadi Organization(his woirds that he so carefully chooses, he loves to talk about their Organizations so he can fight that entity instead of humans gone bad) because the last thing he wants us to learn is that any muslim can go Jihadi at any moment and that is why not one of them can ever be trusted.

  52. Sayonara

    Thank you for your outstanding work this week. By the time you get to WNW these days, you must be taking some pretty powerful anti-depressant meds – just kidding (I think), you have demonstrated to be much stronger than that!
    It is unbelievable to see this country deteriorate at such an accelerating rate as it is lead and controlled by extremely sick, mentally disordered, intellectually perverted lunatics plain and simple. I am preparing the best I can and getting ready for impact, which is imminent. Thank you again for being a sane voice in the Alice In Wonderland wilderness.

  53. Colin

    Hey Greg – First time posting here. Appreciate your work.
    Re: San Bernardino – I came across the attached report including an Interview with an “eye Witness” who apparently works at the Inland Regional Center. She describes 3 tall white men as the shooters. It’s hard to know what’s true anymore. But figured you and your posters could chime in.
    Here is the Twitter post from Fox11 LA. https://twitter.com/myfoxla/status/672137074141732864

    • Greg Hunter

      Colin here’s what I wrote to someone else on this false flag subject in San Bernadino: I listened to the Pelley (CBS) phone interview. At one point the witness says I couldn’t see a face he had a black hat on. from my view all I could see is a black hat and black long sleeve shirt. possibly gloves on.” Then she says they were “white.” Did you guys ever think CBS was being played? Or this was a bad eye witness? Or that this call was disinformation?? There was too much evidence from the apartment for this not to be real. I believe in the concept of false flags but not everything is a false flag. Here is the call everybody is using to say this is a false flag. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwTYja7GXcY To jump to the false flag conclusion on this evidence is a stretch to say the least.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

        Colin is a first-time poster and you suggest he is jumping to the “false flag conclusion”….what!
        He waited until 12 Dec [10 days after the event] and merely said…..“It’s hard to know what’s true anymore”. You could hardly blame him if he never ever bothered to post again.

        Correct me if I am wrong, but it was you, Greg, that on day one enthusiastically echoed the lame stream narrative.

        • Galaxy 500

          So when Greg states facts he is echoing the MSM. Colin, please go back to the Fed reserve rants. By the way, doesn’t the great socialist paradise of NZ have a central bank. Which of your buddies profit from their manipulations?

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Ohhhhhhhhhh…. I finally get it…..as slow as I am.
            Everything Greg says then is fact.

            This is indeed all very simple and straight forward.
            Apparently he knows when the State Dept, the FBI, the LSM are telling the truth when the rest of us have no clue at all.

            So I needn’t bother to question anything on WD ever again. Life will be ever so straight forward for me now!


            • Greg Hunter

              I try to back up the “facts” with sources. I never state my opinion as proven fact unfortunately this is what passes (many times) as reporting the facts on the internet. I call it what it is and that is my opinion and analysis.

  54. steve

    Sorry but the truth is the only time there are “moderate” muslims is when they are in the minority. The minute they gain political, military, or population majority they will and always do become militant and radicalized.

  55. Bob R

    Despite what many people believe, the US healthcare system was not “the best system in the world” before the introduction of “Obamacare”. The system has been broken for many years and there is much evidence that the system is in need of urgent transformation.

    The true facts about the US healthcare system:

    We spend nearly 18 percent of GDP on healthcare; two and half times the OECD average.

    If the US health care system was a country, it would be the 6th largest economy on the planet.

    We pay much more for many life saving procedures compared with some of the countries with the better quality health systems in the world e.g. coronary bypasses costs are 50 percent less in Australia and France, and 100% less in Germany.

    We pay 50% more than other countries for identical drugs, as a result of laws and regulations that prevent the government from controlling drug prices like other nations do.

    Do you really believe a big pharma is justified in charging US hepatitis sufferers $94,500 for a 12-week drug treatment regimen? Axample of the unregulated, free market working “fairly, efficiently and rationally,” right?

    The rates of iatrogenic deaths, everything from adverse drug reactions to medical errors, to hospital-acquired infections and surgeries gone bad are all higher in the US than in the OECD.

    Medical errors alone are the eighth leading cause of death in the US.

    An estimated 450,000 preventable medication related adverse events occur in the US every year.

    Properly prescribed and correctly taken drugs are the fourth cause of death in the US.

    The costs of adverse reactions to prescribed drugs are more than $136 billion annually – greater than the total cost of cardiovascular or diabetic care.

    US medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States – nearly 800,000 people annually!

    30 cents of every dollar spent on medical care is wasted – costing $750 billion annually.

    Despite all the money we spend on healthcare and medical drugs, the US ranks last in terms of quality of care among industrialized countries.

    We are sicker and live shorter lives than people in other nations. We now live an average of 78.7 years, one year below the OECD average of 79.8. years.

    The high cost of healthcare is the number one reason for personal bankruptcy in the US.

    We have a big problem America, but you wont solve it by using dog whistles like ‘regulation in healthcare is communism.’

    • Roman

      Thank you posting a great counterpoint to Greg Hunter’s rant about health care in US being some sort of Socialism/Communism. I really have no idea where these people come from with such an unbelievably ignorant and biased view of what is reality.

      The author of OfTwoMinds blog has a chart showing the medical cost treating people in 60s-70s age bracket in US vs Europe, it’s 5 to 10 higher. While ‘jacked up’ cost in the US can account for a portion of this difference, the main reason is that in the US when older individuals in US finally enter into Medicare system , they’re so sick that the costs of decades long ignored chronic medical conditions are substantially higher than in those countries where individuals had access to medical care all their lives.

      In the US it is obsoletely counter productive to have 40-50 million people go without any medical insurance. When they will finally obtain medical insurance through Medicare, the cost of treating these people will be astronomical and end up costing more.

      • Galaxy 500

        If you are going to post under different names, change your writing style. Otherwise it is a juvenile attempt.

    • hoopshound

      Bless you for a rational, intelligent comment. Of course, when your main criticism of ACA is that it’s communist, your comment will make no sense.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sure, that’s why most every one comes here for healthcare. Because it is crappy

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote, “Do you really believe a big pharma is justified in charging US hepatitis sufferers $94,500 for a 12-week drug treatment regimen? Axample of the unregulated, free market working “fairly, efficiently and rationally,” right?”
      Sure, in fact I do unless you believe there is a drug fairy that delivers new drugs for free. It costs tens of billions of dollars to get drugs approved. And i think only one out of twenty make it to market. Unless you don’t believe they have a right to make a profit and some don’t.
      I’ll never forget the idiot that bought into the natural cures and that modern pharma was evil. He was diabetic and was convinced by a fruit cake that cinnamon was a natural cure and stopped taking his insulin. After he went into diabetic shock and then coma, he was put back on insulin. Of course, he now has a guardian because if brain damage. My position is he needed the guardianship before he hurt himself.
      Please buy all the unregulated herb and call it medicine. When I need an epipen or antibiotics, I’ll exercise my personal choice and by real medicine.

    • Da Yooper


      do you have a link for your facts ?

  56. OutLookingIn

    The KABOOM moment has arrived.

    Starting with Valient, moving to Kinder-Morgan and now Stone Lion Capital.
    The bottom has fallen out of the junk bond market. Globally.
    The bond fund contagion is spreading fast. Up the food chain.
    The high yield corporate bond fund (HYG) has cratered. Now in free fall.
    The EM debt local currency fund (DDBAX) has also cratered.

    Those who are VERY lucky will exit with a portion of their capital. Most bond fund holders will get a hair cut, of as much as 10 cents on the dollar. The really bad thing about this financial calamity, is that this toxic debt was securitized, packaged into derivatives and sold to hedge funds, pensions and Mom & Pop 401K’s.

    If you have anything in bond funds GET OUT NOW.

    The BIG GLOBAL CRASH IS HERE. You were warned.

  57. Paul

    Stealing some of Putin’s thunder … Ted is prepared to drop “Nuclear Cruz Missiles” on ISIS … http://www.globalresearch.ca/republican-presidential-candidate-ted-cruz-threatens-to-nuke-isis-targets/5494696
    The only problem is our nuke’s will probably “accidentally” land on Syrian troops!

  58. RTW

    I am of the mindset that if I ever get notice that there is a “drill” scheduled or happening in my neighborhood, I’m going to run like hell to get out of town. If something happens too often….it’s not a coincidence.

    • Calgirl

      I’m with you RTW. There always seems to be a “drill” going on nearby these terror attacks. One wonders just how stupid our government is that they are so obvious in their actions!

  59. Jerry

    For those of you paying attention, I’m telling you the Chinese are not going to wait much longer on doing the Gold Price Fix. Once it happens, you’re going to see countries world wide dropping the dollar like a pair of dirty underwear.

    How do I know? Greed. It knows no boundaries or nationalities. And the Chinese are not going to let the U.S. attack Russia in Syria without defanging this toothless tiger.

    • Sam Hill

      There you go again, Jer. You do prattle on so. The Chinese are in NO BIG HURRY to do this. They have already shown unusual patience; they will let our economy collapse on its own before they do anything. If it happens next year it will be in the Fall but could be even later than that.

      • Faith

        Well Sam Hill, that is great news. Considering that silver closed on Friday @ $13.99 an ounce I am planning on stocking up!

        Jerry has posted enough information for wise people to make informed decisions. As to when this ponzi scheme collapses? I have no idea. Sooner or later it will run out of other people’s money. The gold market is as good of an indicator of shenanigans as any other. Obviously I am not buying gold. I am buying silver. Physical. Period.

  60. Jerry

    While I cannot confirm this information, it does appear that the ISIS soldiers (I’m calling them what the are) in California were part of a much larger plan to spread Moslem love to crowed shopping malls during Christmas. Thus the pipe bombs.

    According to this report, they went rogue after being angered at the company Christmas party (who hasn’t) and decided to start the party early. In short there are more coming. I would stay out of large crowds and malls, and especially anywhere you can’t have a CTC license between now and news years.

  61. Clare Doll

    OK, the key here is STOP on the current Muslim vs. US campaign. It is important but it is a smokescreen! Right now, as we speak, the stock market is trying to tell you something. Yesterday, a writer (I wish I had the damn link!) said that the market started selling off because CHINA devalued their yuan in a manner that spoke volumes relating to the original (supposedly one-off) yuan devaluation that took place prior to the almost September rate hike that never happened. This writer says that China did this on purpose to send the message to the US NOT TO RAISE RATES on Wednesday. (I believe the yuan is still tied to the dollar and the raising of interest rates will benefit the dollar and continue to pull the yuan with it.) Now if China has the power to depeg from the dollar which will cause havoc (ANDREW HOFFMAN of MILES FRANKLIN has spoken about this in depth) what China wants China can get. That was their message on Friday and we had better listen. Truly, I didn’t think much of it myself until the Congress intentionally moved the budget dilemma to Wednesday when the rate hike is scheduled to be resolved. What better way to hide the Fed’s screw-ups then to shut the government down while this is going on? Is this a possibility?
    Also, in reference the the CONFISCATION of gold, it will not happen as it did during the Depression. Remember history rhymes! It is happening as we speak. With the ability to manipulate the markets BY LAW, the government has succeeded in the confiscation game already by forcing the gold price down and making people believe that gold has no value; in turn, the weak hands have given their gold up already, of their own free will!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Clare for bringing us all back on point.

    • Jerry

      Claire ,
      They (the Chinese) are getting ready to de-peg from the dollar. That’s all I have been posting about the last two weeks.

      The markets know it is coming, and the selloff has begun. Watch WS on Monday. It should be real interesting after the news came out on Friday. At this point it doesn’t matter what the Fed does, the Chinese are driving the world economies not the U.S.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


        I am not having a go at you or your post Jerry…just at the MSM again!
        It amuses and frustrates the hell out of me that the narrative constantly used by the MSM is that the Yuan is pegged to the US$ when this is patently incorrect.

        The original peg was specifically to the US$ when the Yuan was first issued in 1948 at the rate of Y2.46 per US1$. It was then gradually devalued reaching a low of Y8.62 in 1994.

        This peg was in fact lifted in 2005 when it was revalued at Y8.11 per US$1. At this stage the PBOC and the CFETS changed to a managed float where they have a daily fix against a basket of international currencies within a prescribed % band. This band started out at +/- 0.3% and was gradually extended out to 2% in March 2014.

        The basket of currencies that the Yuan is loose pegged to, although dominated by the US dollar, also includes the Euro, the Yen, and the South Korean Won. The basket also includes to a lesser proportion the British pound, Thai baht, Russian ruble, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar and Singapore dollar.

        When the Chinese devalue they are not as the MSM would have it “devaluing against the US$” they are devalueing against a basket of many currencies.

        See http://www.fxcm.com/insights/cny-chinese-yuan/


      • Galaxy 500

        Hi Jerry, How are things? What country is China’s biggest trading partners? What currency is used?

  62. Vince Shook

    Speaking at Kanal D TV”s Arena program, PM Erdogan commented on the term “moderate Islam” — “˜These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

    Source: Milliyet, Turkey, August 21, 2007

  63. Wayne

    The Liberal’s inability to be consistent with their rationale is once again on display when they are unable to see the aggression of terrorists as bigotry, but when we REACT to their aggression, they brand US bigoted. Liberalism is a mental disorder, I’m convinced of it.

    • Galaxy 500

      Agreed. Add communist and socialist to your list of mental illnesses. I see foreigners critique our country while their own socialist paradises are far from perfect. I’ll take the constitution over anything they have.

  64. Ken Norberg

    Right after the November 13th ISIS attack on Paris, we had over thirty state Governors inform the Federal government that they did not want to accept any of the refuges/ immigrants. Fast forward twenty days we get hit at San Bernardino.
    Mr. Trump steps up and states basically the same thing as the Governors and MSM goes ballistic. Then when Trump jumps eight to ten points in the poles and they don’t have clue why. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

    Ken in Missouri

  65. Laura

    While I agree that the whole Muslim talk is a distraction from the economy, here’s a video that I can’t shake! I’d like to hear if Mohammad (commentator here) would agree w/ this.

    “You can’t talk about Christians without talking about Christ and you can’t talk about Muslims without talking about Mohammad.”


    • Kerry

      “the whole Muslim talk is a distraction from the economy” no, it is not a distraction it is all tied together. The corruption and greed and the violence in the world are all symptomatic of the same thing-powerful Evil beneath it all. W hat happens in the economy is a sign post for those who can read the signs. Thanks to Greg for allowing other posts besides economic ones-to help the big picture come into focus.

  66. Russ M.

    Hi Greg,

    I always enjoy your videos regardless of whether I am in agreement with the message. As a Canadian citizen, I admit to being fascinated with the current Republican leadership race. Having no skin in the game allows me to maintain an unbiased view of the GOP team of candidates and frankly, I don’t see much difference between the group.
    Certainly Mr. Trump is the most entertaining and is without question the absolute master of media manipulation, a twitter star in the making, and I find it quite delightful. I respect his right to voice his opinions on how to deal with the ISIS situation however I find his “we need to find out what’s causing this” comment to be totally ignorant. When individuals, regardless of their religious persuasion are repeatedly bombed, forced into starvation and homelessness, does he not thing that this may incite some type of blowback? By no means do I condone the monstrous acts being carried out in the name of Jihad, but please, don’t for a minute pretend that there is no cause, at least in part, behind the actions.
    Beyond the Muslim issue, I find it interesting to see how the entire Republican process has been hijacked by first, the Mexican wall comments and now the Muslim ban. I guess there are no internal issues that America has to deal with..you know, like the crumbling school system, an ever growing food stamp population, a massive gap between the have’s and have nots etc.? Why are these not the primary topics? Instead, the rhetoric has been confined to everyone outside of the U.S. It’s almost as if the only problems to deal with are being caused by outside sources…really? One final comment with regards to healthcare. I have a very good friend that lives in California. We talk on a daily basis as we are business partners. He would be the first to admit that the level of ignorance regarding a socialized healthcare system is enormous. Now, let me say that by no means is our healthcare going to win a platinum star. I would also say that without question a Doctor can earn significantly more in the U.S. than they can in Canada. There are stresses in the system without doubt, but anyone, regardless of income is afforded a decent quality of healthcare. Would you call the Canadian system a Communist system Greg? Keep up the good work, Greg!
    Russ M.

    • Greg Hunter

      Russ M.
      The Canadian system is socialism and that is on the same sliding scale as communism. We too are on a path to socialism and it never works–never. Everything is great until you run out of other people’s money. Obama Care is already failing. Look at Europe. The whole continent is an economic basket case. Norway is an exception but it had North Sea Oil and that game has run it’s course. All the above points you gave are good ones but the biggest is going to be the reset of the financial system. As I have said many times in the past, “We have been told that debt is money and debt is an asset and we are about to find out neither is true. We sold bonds essentially to fund socialism (this includes corporate socialism), and living beyond our means in the West. Reality will at some point soon will meet the fantasy we are living in head on. Your points are well made and well taken.

      • Russ M.

        Hi Greg,

        If socialism is bent on failure, what type of system, and please provide concrete examples, does work? The U.S., as I see it, has moved from a Democracy to an Oligarchy. I would site the Princeton study to provide some substance to my claim: http://mic.com/articles/87719/princeton-concludes-what-kind-of-government-america-really-has-and-it-s-not-a-democracy#.gtbiCU5g5.

        The concept of a capitalism is wonderful, if it were to be carried out in a just manner. Unfortunately, “right to work” states abound as a direct result of the capitalist structure and corporate profits can be gained, without question. But at what cost? The U.S., and Canada are now left with a mere fraction of the manufacturing base they once had. The “well paying” jobs have been outsourced leaving only the lower paid service sector positions, thus the growing number of food stamp participants. Is this the type of capitalism you favour?


        Do I want to live in a society that prevents an individual from growing, and prospering to his/her ability, of course not. But neither do I want to live in a society that allows a largely corrupt corporate elite from profiting at any expense.

        I would love to hear of the country that allows for growth, prosperity, and fairness to all. Sadly, I’m not sure that country exists.

        Russ M.

        • Greg Hunter

          Russ M,
          What do you think I have been reporting on for the last 6 years?????

      • diane s.

        Best Watchdog column I’ve read all year. Great comments by Watchdoggers too.
        You really got everyone’s attention , Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          Diane S.
          Constant attack by trolls, hundreds of comments and not a single Muslim leaser standing up to condemn preaching hate and jihad murder from mosques. Deafening silence from the so-called moderate peace loving Muslims to Jihad murder and radical Islamic terror preached at some mosques. This is a real Problem and not just a few people.

      • Michael Harvey

        “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
        ― Winston S. Churchill

        • Faith

          Excellent quote MH and true.

  67. Felicia

    Greg, am not sure of this news source but if legit this is a HUGE story…

  68. Dan

    This is the most DEPRESSING dialogue I’ve ever witnessed on USAWatchdog.com!

    The Establishment must be reading through this thread and laughing and celebrating. Why? Because most here seem to be falling into the exact trap or net they have set – DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

    Sad guys. Sad. I though we were smarter than that!


    P.S.: Personally, I am choosing not to fall into their trap.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a well documented and real problem and not a “trap.” Here’s the bigger problem. I have had not a single Muslim leader standing up to condemn preaching hate and jihad murder from mosques. (There have been hundreds of comments on this post and also on the You Tube channel.) Deafening silence from the so-called moderate peace loving Muslims to Jihad murder and radical Islamic terror preached at some mosques. This is a real Problem and not just a few people. You can’t just ignore it or wish it away. Thank you for adding your voice here.

    • Galaxy 500

      If only there was even a smidgen of truth to your cartoon. Wicked moslems have almost wiped out all the Christians in the middle east. Moslems don’t lend helping hands. Even I admit there is a small group that aren’t hell bent on murdering us but they are a very small minority, less than a percent.

  69. JC Davis

    Greg. A interesting poll to vote on would be – Do you think America would be better under Sharia Law, or Laws under the present constitution.

    • JC Davis

      Statement of the week from SIG.
      Gun control is about removing the threat of the World’s Largest Private Army. The rest is child’s play.

    • Greg Hunter

      JC Davis,
      Done. Thank you.

  70. mark

    Hi Greg and all, found this for your consideration. http://gatesofvienna.net/2015/12/islamic-timelines-fueling-jihad/

  71. WD


    Greg Manarinno had a good you tube presentation on the low oil prices being done in preparation for war….so it will eventually push price of crude higher…

    • Greg Hunter

      Feel free to post a link. Mannarino is a regular and I think his analysis is very worthwhile. Thank you!!

  72. Hilde

    Radical Islam is undeniably a huge problem. And nothing can ever justify terror attacks. But with regard to thinking that Obama’s drones only kill terrorists and terrorists in training, I think it’s time to read up on some well documented facts.
    “Eight years later, Zawahiri is still alive. Seventy- six children and 29 adults, according to reports after the two strikes, are not.”

    • Galaxy 500

      The terrorist male was a born US citizen and the female from an area of Pakistan that we aren’t bombing.
      So no connection with these Islamic twits and missile attacks. So why did they attack people that threw them a baby shower?
      Because it is a moslem’s duty to kill infidels.

  73. Calgirl

    Get Out Of Your Bond Fund Before It’s Gated

    “Today Stone Lion Capital Partners gated one of its hedge funds “specializing” in distressed debt (defaulted and near-default bonds and bank debt). “

    “the entire high yield bond universe – including the pension funds who have a material exposure to the junk bond market – had been keeping their positions marked at unrealistically high levels and holding their breath in hopes that no one would have to sell and disprove the mark levels. “


  74. Calgirl

    Re: Islam
    Thank you for the powerful informational site you referenced earlier.

    Thought I’d Share
    If you want to listen to an interview but don’t have the time to sit at your computer, here’s a fix.

    If you can find the interview on Youtube then you are in luck…….simply save the youtube address and plug it into http://www.listentoyoutube.com/. This site will convert the info to .mp3 and provide you with a download copy. It only takes minutes and now you can listen to the interview on your preferred mp3 player at your convience.

    • Faith

      Thanks for that technical trick Cal! I hate watching videos on Utube and much prefer to listen to interviews. Appreciate the link and the easy conversion!

  75. Donna

    Remember this?
    City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons,also IRS strikes deal with Atheists.I do believe this nation,and Christian values is under attack by the m radicalized white house.I also think Trump is spot on.

    • Kerry

      You can thank our crazy mayor, the “Honorable” Anise Parker for that. Glad she is on the way out!

  76. Henry

    Greg, the San Bernardino shooting looks suspicious to me. There are many reasons not to believe the government/media version of events.


    • Greg Hunter

      I really hate this kind of information because it is mostly people passing off their analysis as prove fact and it is far from it. I will post even though I think this is very weak and jumps to conclusions.

      • Henry

        Greg, certainly there is some speculation in the article, but there are also many documented facts. Unlike 9-11-01, the evidence doesn’t yet prove beyond all doubt that the San Bernardino was false flag operation, but there are clearly many problems with the story as presented by the “mainstream”, press. I think it’s very helpful to get information from a variety of sources. Thanks for posting the link.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sure Henry but when some of it is manipulated to show a false flag then it makes me want to discard it. The Pelley call was clearly manipulated by the alt media and that is just as bad as the MSM.

  77. Galaxy 500

    Here is what a celebrated moderate moslem has to say. The koran say kill the filthy Christians and Jews and take their stuff.
    Here is a good moslems rapist that flees justice and 0bama let him.
    And for those that think the 0bamachrist is not a Moslem, here is what President Zero says:
    “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”
    “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.”
    “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”
    “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”
    “Islam has always been part of America”
    “In our household, the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the shelf alongside books of Greek and Norse and African mythology”
    “we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”.
    “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”
    “America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”
    “I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam.”
    “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”
    “Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality”
    “If all it took was someone proclaiming I believe Jesus Christ and that he died for my sins, and that was all there was to it, people wouldn’t have to keep coming to church, would they?”
    “Those opposed to abortion cannot simply invoke God’s will–they have to explain why abortion violates some principle that is accessible to people of all faiths.”.. 
    ” I want to fundamentally transform this country”

    Barack Obama

  78. Mike from the North

    Now I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am in my sixties now and when I was in my twenties I would say to myself that Governments cannot continue running with deficits..

    How are they doing this…..how are they keeping this going.

    Now I know.


    Now the numbers are working against them and THEY KNOW IT”

    Soon they will let it fail.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are correct Mike and the folks on government check will be hurt the most and the most angry.

  79. Follower of Allah

    The American Christians and the Jews may hate Islam, but Islam is the pathway to the light. When you take one step to Allah, Allah takes two steps to you. My Muslim brothers are all committed to the purification and santification of America according to the Holy Quran. In the years to come, our way to salvation and enlightenment shall be common to all Americans and a new Calaphate will be erected for the transcension of the United States of America into righteousness, Praise be to Allah according to the holy and ancient wise prophet Muhammed, peace be unto him. In glorification of Allah, we shall achieve a wonderous society as promised by adherence to the beautiful Sharia.

    • Greg Hunter

      So they do preach hate and Jihad murder at your mosque and you are all for it?

      • Follower of Allah

        We preach truth. We preach justice. It is not murder to dispense justice as the Holy Quran has taught. Truth and justice are about the will of Allah as taught by the prophet Muhammad, peace be unto him. It is a joy and honor to do the bidding of Allah and to cut the heads off of evil serpents and stone the idolators and adulterers for the committing of these acts are intolerable in the sight of Allah and death is the preferable disposition in his sight. The followers of Islam can not be held responsible for the deaths of infidels because it is Allah himself who uses true faithful believers in the execution of his work as his true instruments according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and as mandated as punishments by the beautiful Sharia, which is the true law of America. Barak and Hillary support our way, praise be to Allah. Allah Hu Akbar !

        • Greg Hunter

          You are sick and I am happy all Muslims are not like you. You probably are not even Muslim–just a paid troll to stir up crap.

    • Faith

      F.O.A: In case you failed to notice the law of the land in the United States is the U.S. Constitution not sharia. Sharia is what your cult teaches you and has nothing to do with the western legal system. Zero.

      Western civiliation is incompatible with the cult of islam.

    • JC Davis

      Draw near to evil and it will draw much closer to you. Lust creates more lust, hate creates more hate. Destruction creates more destruction. When will Muslims learn to that you give value it becomes value to you??? Think about it. How many non believers of Islam are in the world?? more then believers. So the belief to kill/ murder/ destroy is from haters of God the creator of LIFE. Outside the box it is clear Mohammad was just MAD.

    • eddiemd


    • USAF Airman Rich Treadway

      It is for the reasons stated by Follower of Allah that I take such joy in killing insurgents when flying my bombing sorties. To begin with Islam is a false religion. The manner in which they treat their wives and daughters is deplorable. I have known followers of this religion and believe me, they are animals. They may be civil to your face, but all they talk about behind your back is killing you if you are not muslim. They teach their children hate from a very early age. I learned to hate them and to enjoy killing them only after seeing countless and I MEAN COUNTLESS instances of their blood curdling brutality. It is because of this, I can unflinchingly and willingly kill their young children and babies while on a mission because I understand the threat imposed by their existence. I personally believe that we wont have peace until we extinguish these people from the earth for once and for all time. All Americans will eventually come to this same conclusion. Of this I am sure. Because the so called Jihad against us will not stop until we do.

      • Greg Hunter

        Airman Rich,
        I was wondering when you would comment on this one. I don’t always agree with you, but you add perspective and flavor to the site. Thank you.

        • Henry

          Airman Rich comes across as an extremists and terrorist to me. he has the same mentality as the people he hates and enjoys murdering and terrorizing…

          • Greg Hunter

            You want to villainize anyone you don’t agree with? Maybe he thinks you are a terrorist for falsely accusing someone of terror you want to shut up?

      • mohammad

        And how many innocent lives you evaporated with your bombing sorties?
        How many weddings did your bombing sorties turn into funerals?
        How many soft bodies you have mixed with concrete and iron during those joyful bombing sorties?
        How many towns you have leveled to the ground on the heads of its people i wonder?
        And what kind of kick you got out of that i ask?


      • Galaxy 500

        Thank you Airman for your service and good work.

      • J C Davis

        Thank you for your service Rich Treadway. Without soldiers like you this country would be under Sharia law today.

    • mohammad

      Is your real name Galaxy 500?
      or “….”?
      or “….”?
      A very childish move.

      If not:
      When you come to US and take the oath to become a US citizen you are bound to the constitution of US. Your Islam (if you really understand it?) tells to respect the covenant between you and US Gov. even if you come here on a visa you have taken the oath already at the US embassy so it is a covenant that you have to respect, and that is respecting the laws of the land.
      If you do not like the laws in US then LEAVE back to your home.


      • Galaxy 500

        Sorry but I would never, even in writing, claim to be a follower of islam. That would be to deny the one true God.

  80. Donna S from Arkansas

    As far as the ACA/Obamacare go I cannot afford it and the increase in my income tax I have to pay now. I started out at a $52 premium, then it went to $153, next $171 and now it is $200 as if 01-01-16!!! I have not received a income tax refund in years but now what I pay in is roughly $1200 on top of the increased premium with a $3500 ded!!! I have the same policy from the original sign up and yes I have had a pay increase but $52 to $200 in two years is ridiculous!!! I am sick of Obama and all of his lies and executive orders that he signs!!! He is a Muslim in Christian clothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Galaxy 500

    When the economic collapse comes, look for the moslems here to attack you. Even and especially if they pretend to be your friends.

  82. JC Davis

    The comment number is 298. I cant take a short of 300. Yes I think Don trump would be ok for president. He may be a plant to make me think we have a vote that counts. So what do I have to lose, if I don’t vote? Either way My vote may not be counted in the fraud we call voting. I for one have decided if Trump gets the nomination I will vote again. Former Ron Paul supporter. Disenfranchised by the RNC . Forgive and never forget.

  83. Aseem Elahi


    “Back in 2009, the FBI estimated that 10% of the nation’s 2,000 mosques preached Jihad. Other studies from 2013 show nearly 80% of 100 mosques checked teach some sort of written material about Jihad.”

    As a Muslim-American, I can tell you that 100% of the mosques and Islamic schools teach about Jihad.

    However, your understanding of Jihad (in the context that you write) is uninformed at best, and ignorant regurgitation at worst.

    May I suggest that you invite a teacher from the Muslim community for an interview to explain Jihad. Here’s a lead: Zaytuna College, Berkeley, CA, the first Muslim accredited college in the US. Perhaps, one of their teachers can enlighten your audience, and remove all misunderstandings of Jihad.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are teaching murder and terror then its wrong, and that is what’s happening in some of your Mosques. You know this to be true. Will you condemn it?

      • Aseem Elahi

        I’m sorry to say that you missed my point. I’m also very surprised that one who invites so many guests for their views holds so strongly to such ignorance…..your own [one] definition of Jihad that you interpret as murder and terror. Jihad is anything but. Many a political leader in the entire history has used religious fervor for convenience of war. Defending your life, property, way of living, etc. is also Jihad. You’d call it defending our freedoms.

        Every Muslim in the US, indeed, in the whole world condemns murder and terror regardless of whether it is carried out by Muslims, Jews, Christians, or the American government droning innocent people. I imagine this includes all non-ignorant people of the world.

        Murder and terror is not limited to Muslim ignoramuses.

        • Greg Hunter

          Aseem Elahi
          This is the FBI’s interpretation and three different studies of U.S. Mosques (The studies were done between 2005 and 2011). Radical Islamic terror is a real problem and I am sorry you are willfully ignorant of this threat to America. Don’t call me ignorant because you will not admit the facts.

      • StamfordCT


        Please call your Congressman and tell him to stop drone bombing other countries. Will you condemn that?

  84. RichM

    Hi Folks (my friends):

    Greg is providing such a great service in helping to inform people. Yet Greg always tells us, every week to fear not, don’t despair, and keep the faith. I saw Carrie Underwood in the CMA’s and was so impressed she chose to sing this song (How Great Though Art)…. on ABC of all places too. And boy did she sing it. It was refreshing to see many of the celebs in the audience teary eyed… still feeling it… and remembering we are a country founded on Judea/Christian principals. This is extra refreshing considering the industry they are in. God Bless us all and remember, no matter how bad it may get, we WILL have our one Lord and Savior to look forward to meeting, who will deliver us all…and Who atoned for us and provides us the path to eternal and everlasting life, joy, and happiness.

    • RichM

      Oh, and you might want to put your headphones on for this one. 🙂

  85. Joe G.

    It boggles my mind how blind people like RVS can be to the fact that all socialist countries are beyond broke and have entered the terminal phase of money printing; and wants the USA to go even further down that road………

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