Millions Will Die in Cascadia Big One – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Filmmaker, book author and renowned radio host Steve Quayle warns the West Coast of America is sleepwalking into a coming geologic catastrophe. Quayle explains, “While the San Andreas is the most studied fault in the world, it’s like peanuts compared to what’s going to be happening in Cascadia. Cascadia (located in the Pacific Northwest) is the most dangerous with a one in three chance of going off in our time. I am not talking about hundreds of years or thousands of years, I am talking about the back room hush of USGS (United States Geological Service) scientists, and many of them are silent. I am actually getting information from scientists that left the United States because there is a gag order on the true seismic nature of what’s going on in the United States. Our film “Cascadia: The Big One” will be previewed on This is really a critical situation. The question, is there magma movement beneath the surface? Yes. That’s what I am told by people who have access to the data. . . . Everything is moving except the truth, and it’s all a matter of economics. The situation with Cascadia is dire. This is not careless journalism or some scary statement on my part. We have undertaken the most elaborate film project on this subject that has ever been done . . . because it is that critical.”

What’s the worst case scenario if the Cascadia Subduction Zone lets loose and volcanos, earthquakes and tsunamis are unleashed? Quayle says “The amount of damage, and I am going to choose my words carefully, is going to be precedent setting. It’s going to be the combination of volcanos going off that are inland from the subduction zone where the plates meet, coupled with tsunamis. . . . When this happens, you will lose eight million to twenty million people. When it happens, you will lose all productivity in the electronic field, obviously Silicon Valley, and all food production in all of California, Oregon and Washington. When it happens, you will have a State of Emergency unlike any other. How about the refugees? There will be 3.5 million refugees to take care of. When this happens, what happens to the underground aquifers, and where does everybody go for fresh water? There will be years of drought, years of famine and years of water, water where did it all go? It is a very dire situation painted by computer models. This is not a sensational thing. It is a reality based, scientific study with the application of what happens.”

Quayle warns that the public would likely have roughly “15 minutes to get to safety,” and “the tsunami waves would be 500 to 1,500 feet tall.”

Quayle is putting his trailer film out now even though the film project is not going to be done until the early part of 2020. He is doing this as a public warning.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned radio host, author and filmmaker Steve Quayle.

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After the Interview: 

There is much free information on If you want to watch the 10 minute trailer for the upcoming movie “Cascadia: The Big One,” you can do so for free by clicking here. If you want to read the Pulitzer award winning article from 2015 that talks in detail about the dangers of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the earthquake problems coming for the West Coast, click here.

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  1. chuck

    All Quayle is saying is already in the Bible. Only Quayle is also into mysticism and uses his own words. It is no coincidence that every prophecy regarding the punishments of latter day Israel by God is being realized by the U.S. The entire 1st chapter of Isaiah, Lev. 26 and Deut. 28 will tell you all you need to know. The U.S. will also be rent apart by internal war, 3rd world poverty, occupation and starvation leading to cannibalism. The book of Amos says the president [who God calls Jeroboam] will be assassinated.

    • Rob

      We must not forget that Father’s Word is the final authority on the timing of these events! The reason that region is “stuck” is because Father is preparing the earth for the beginning of travail which are birth pangs:

      Matthew 24:7-8 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines and earthquakes in divers places. (8) But all these things are the beginning of travail.

      Here are all the places in the NT were the word earthquake(s) are found:

      Please notice the first mention of great earthquake(s) during the tribulation is the sixth seal which is toward the end of the tribulation when many volcanoes will discharge at the same time causing the sun to become black from all the ash in the atmosphere:

      Revelation 6:12 And I saw when he opened the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the whole moon became as blood;

      The birth pangs should begin shortly after Trump is reelected but the church is not leaving until the 7th trump AFTER the tribulation:

      • chuck

        In many cases these are not events, but processes, and scores of prophecies regarding the final downfall of Israel [as opposed to the Jewish nation God calls Judah], are already well under way. In time it will become obvious to the world that God is causing the displacement of the Anglo-American peoples as pre-eminent in the world’s affairs.

        Over the next 10 years we will see America become utterly ruined – a third dead from crime and disease; a third dead from internal warfare and a third taken as captive slaves and ferried off to other nations while this nation is colonized by out enemies.

        At the same time as this is going on, Europe will consolidate into a 10 nation confederacy under German leadership and will sign a concordat with the pope. This will make this new Holy Roman Empire the strongest superpower in the world. All of the B61 and B62 nuclear bombs that America has planted all over Europe will be re-hypothecated – confiscated and used against us in the biggest double-cross in history.

        This new superpower will also war against Iran and company after being prodded, and after half of Jerusalem has been occupied and the Israeli Government begs for EU peacekeepers. The EU will win in a blitzkrieg whirlwind attack that covers Africa and the oil rich areas in the Caspian region. Then, prodded by the pope, this peacekeeping EU army will turn Israel [Judah in the Bible] into a giant Auschwitz .

        Then the papacy will desire to move to Jerusalem. Then the leader of this Holy Roman Empire will be threatened by a Russia-Chinese axis with a combined army of 200 million.

        At this same time, Christ has set up his government in waiting – the REAL church, which has been gathered from around the world, protected by God, and hidden somewhere in Jordan.

        The EU power will be wiped out, Christ and the new global government will then move into Jerusalem and the Asian axis will then go against Christ. They will assemble in the Valley of Megiddo and this army will literally melt away. Then comes the dreadful Day of the LORD upon all who have survived around the world until now.

        This is the final flushing of the ungodly and those who refuse to learn to practice righteousness. After that, a resurrection of all the dead who ever lived and 1000 years of enforced righteousness under the government of God.

        • Rob

          You have fallen for the lie that Israel is only made up of physical Jews instead of spiritual Jews all over the globe in these last days:

          • eddiemd

            Dueling prophets. Always interesting.

            More important issues. Prayer for revival. Prayer for the Grace, Peace, Love and Mercy of the Almighty.

            Prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

            The Almighty God will take care of the future.

          • Scott

            Your constant, chronic spamming both here and on Zerohedge is shameful and reflects bad manners, a poor upbringing, and a lack of class.

            Stick to publishing corrupt doctrine on your own website, and stop spamming USAWD.

            • Rob

              Scott If you are talking to me please by all means contact me from my website email and prove any one of my links are corrupt with scripture you think refutes it.

              As for posting comments I would think my posts are breath of fresh air since I am one of the very few who actually post scripture with my links which are 70% scripture by volume as well so I will just assume you hate the scripture and would rather read the utter filth that most zerohedge comments contain :o(

          • chuck

            Rob; The central theme of the Bible as a whole is : Establishing righteous government on the earth. Christ qualified to be the head of this government [Isa. 9:6-7]. It is God who draws all He chooses to participate and rule under Christ in this government. Jesus said that it is God the Father that chooses us, not the other way around [John 6:44]. And God is very choosy. This also means that the size of the Church is limited.

            I am quite cognizant of the difference between spiritual and physical Israel. I also know not to conflate Israel and Judah. I also know that the Church is the training ground for the government that will be established under Christ. If you are not being trained as a leader, teacher or administrator [kings and priests] in the context of divine universal government which is to be headquartered in Jerusalem, then you may not be in the organization established by God. And if you think anyone goes to heaven, then you deny the resurrection.

            The fact is that we are now on the edge of the final days of the Anglo-American peoples as any kind of guiding force in the world’s affairs. God is about to humble and degrade the Anglo-America nations in such as way as to make it obvious as to who is doing it and why. With the Anglo-American peoples out of the way as any kind of counterforce to the evil leaders of the world, we will enter what the Bible calls: the times of the gentiles. In our place will rise a European 10 nation confederacy under German control and guided by the Vatican- a church/state monster. We will see it gel during the next financial crisis.

            • Greg Hunter

              The main thrust of the Bible is about Jesus in both Old and New Testaments. The reason for Jesus and the Gospel is to save souls and give eternal life, not about establishing a righteous government. You can start with this very famous verse: “John 3:16 16For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Here are some more:

              • chuck

                Greg; What was the purpose of having 3 million people march out into the desert? Was it not in order to establish a government that was directly at odds with the governmental systems that were set up by every other nation on earth at that time? What was the purpose of colonizing Caanan? Was it not to set up an example of a divinely inspired government? Why was the throne of David established? Does it still exist? If so, where? It has to still exist if Christ is to sit on it. Christ is called a King for a reason. He will be establishing, from what I read, a theocratic monarchy. Why is there a resurrection of the body? Why did Jesus say that his message was primarily for the lost population from the house of Israel – A population that had migrated north and west from their captivity by Assyria and settled along the coastal regions of Europe? If much of Bible prophecy is specifically directed at a very specific group of people called, Israel, then who are these people? where do they live? And why did the British Commonwealth and US fulfill pretty well every one since 1800? The answers to all of these questions, and many more like it, tell me that there is one heck of a lie being spread.

              • chuck

                OK. So, when he comes back to rule the world with a ‘rod of iron’, does he do this all alone or is the church actually his government? And how does this mesh with those who think they go to heaven instead of being reconstructed and brought back to life right here on earth? If anyone goes to heaven, then for what purpose? The Bible seem to be totally silent on that one.

                And what about the vision of Daniel regarding a succession of 4 empires who have direct contact with the nations of Israel and Judah all the way up until the second coming? By the time we get to the feet it mentions a government of divine origin that replaces this monster. Gee, I wonder what that could be? C’mon. Smarten up.

                I’m not into all this esoteric sideshow, but one thing Quayle has right, America is doomed to be destroyed. And because nature abhors a vacuum, another superpower will take our place – and that will be a union of 10 European nations, guided by the Vatican, who will feel compelled to join together in a tentative union as a protective measure. Then, as the Bible says, ‘in the days of those kings’, God will set up a Kingdom [government] that will never be destroyed.