Millions Will Die in Cascadia Big One – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Filmmaker, book author and renowned radio host Steve Quayle warns the West Coast of America is sleepwalking into a coming geologic catastrophe. Quayle explains, “While the San Andreas is the most studied fault in the world, it’s like peanuts compared to what’s going to be happening in Cascadia. Cascadia (located in the Pacific Northwest) is the most dangerous with a one in three chance of going off in our time. I am not talking about hundreds of years or thousands of years, I am talking about the back room hush of USGS (United States Geological Service) scientists, and many of them are silent. I am actually getting information from scientists that left the United States because there is a gag order on the true seismic nature of what’s going on in the United States. Our film “Cascadia: The Big One” will be previewed on This is really a critical situation. The question, is there magma movement beneath the surface? Yes. That’s what I am told by people who have access to the data. . . . Everything is moving except the truth, and it’s all a matter of economics. The situation with Cascadia is dire. This is not careless journalism or some scary statement on my part. We have undertaken the most elaborate film project on this subject that has ever been done . . . because it is that critical.”

What’s the worst case scenario if the Cascadia Subduction Zone lets loose and volcanos, earthquakes and tsunamis are unleashed? Quayle says “The amount of damage, and I am going to choose my words carefully, is going to be precedent setting. It’s going to be the combination of volcanos going off that are inland from the subduction zone where the plates meet, coupled with tsunamis. . . . When this happens, you will lose eight million to twenty million people. When it happens, you will lose all productivity in the electronic field, obviously Silicon Valley, and all food production in all of California, Oregon and Washington. When it happens, you will have a State of Emergency unlike any other. How about the refugees? There will be 3.5 million refugees to take care of. When this happens, what happens to the underground aquifers, and where does everybody go for fresh water? There will be years of drought, years of famine and years of water, water where did it all go? It is a very dire situation painted by computer models. This is not a sensational thing. It is a reality based, scientific study with the application of what happens.”

Quayle warns that the public would likely have roughly “15 minutes to get to safety,” and “the tsunami waves would be 500 to 1,500 feet tall.”

Quayle is putting his trailer film out now even though the film project is not going to be done until the early part of 2020. He is doing this as a public warning.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned radio host, author and filmmaker Steve Quayle.

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After the Interview: 

There is much free information on If you want to watch the 10 minute trailer for the upcoming movie “Cascadia: The Big One,” you can do so for free by clicking here. If you want to read the Pulitzer award winning article from 2015 that talks in detail about the dangers of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the earthquake problems coming for the West Coast, click here.

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  1. chuck

    All Quayle is saying is already in the Bible. Only Quayle is also into mysticism and uses his own words. It is no coincidence that every prophecy regarding the punishments of latter day Israel by God is being realized by the U.S. The entire 1st chapter of Isaiah, Lev. 26 and Deut. 28 will tell you all you need to know. The U.S. will also be rent apart by internal war, 3rd world poverty, occupation and starvation leading to cannibalism. The book of Amos says the president [who God calls Jeroboam] will be assassinated.

    • Rob

      We must not forget that Father’s Word is the final authority on the timing of these events! The reason that region is “stuck” is because Father is preparing the earth for the beginning of travail which are birth pangs:

      Matthew 24:7-8 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines and earthquakes in divers places. (8) But all these things are the beginning of travail.

      Here are all the places in the NT were the word earthquake(s) are found:

      Please notice the first mention of great earthquake(s) during the tribulation is the sixth seal which is toward the end of the tribulation when many volcanoes will discharge at the same time causing the sun to become black from all the ash in the atmosphere:

      Revelation 6:12 And I saw when he opened the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the whole moon became as blood;

      The birth pangs should begin shortly after Trump is reelected but the church is not leaving until the 7th trump AFTER the tribulation:

      • chuck

        In many cases these are not events, but processes, and scores of prophecies regarding the final downfall of Israel [as opposed to the Jewish nation God calls Judah], are already well under way. In time it will become obvious to the world that God is causing the displacement of the Anglo-American peoples as pre-eminent in the world’s affairs.

        Over the next 10 years we will see America become utterly ruined – a third dead from crime and disease; a third dead from internal warfare and a third taken as captive slaves and ferried off to other nations while this nation is colonized by out enemies.

        At the same time as this is going on, Europe will consolidate into a 10 nation confederacy under German leadership and will sign a concordat with the pope. This will make this new Holy Roman Empire the strongest superpower in the world. All of the B61 and B62 nuclear bombs that America has planted all over Europe will be re-hypothecated – confiscated and used against us in the biggest double-cross in history.

        This new superpower will also war against Iran and company after being prodded, and after half of Jerusalem has been occupied and the Israeli Government begs for EU peacekeepers. The EU will win in a blitzkrieg whirlwind attack that covers Africa and the oil rich areas in the Caspian region. Then, prodded by the pope, this peacekeeping EU army will turn Israel [Judah in the Bible] into a giant Auschwitz .

        Then the papacy will desire to move to Jerusalem. Then the leader of this Holy Roman Empire will be threatened by a Russia-Chinese axis with a combined army of 200 million.

        At this same time, Christ has set up his government in waiting – the REAL church, which has been gathered from around the world, protected by God, and hidden somewhere in Jordan.

        The EU power will be wiped out, Christ and the new global government will then move into Jerusalem and the Asian axis will then go against Christ. They will assemble in the Valley of Megiddo and this army will literally melt away. Then comes the dreadful Day of the LORD upon all who have survived around the world until now.

        This is the final flushing of the ungodly and those who refuse to learn to practice righteousness. After that, a resurrection of all the dead who ever lived and 1000 years of enforced righteousness under the government of God.

        • Rob

          You have fallen for the lie that Israel is only made up of physical Jews instead of spiritual Jews all over the globe in these last days:

          • eddiemd

            Dueling prophets. Always interesting.

            More important issues. Prayer for revival. Prayer for the Grace, Peace, Love and Mercy of the Almighty.

            Prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

            The Almighty God will take care of the future.

          • Scott

            Your constant, chronic spamming both here and on Zerohedge is shameful and reflects bad manners, a poor upbringing, and a lack of class.

            Stick to publishing corrupt doctrine on your own website, and stop spamming USAWD.

            • Rob

              Scott If you are talking to me please by all means contact me from my website email and prove any one of my links are corrupt with scripture you think refutes it.

              As for posting comments I would think my posts are breath of fresh air since I am one of the very few who actually post scripture with my links which are 70% scripture by volume as well so I will just assume you hate the scripture and would rather read the utter filth that most zerohedge comments contain :o(

          • chuck

            Rob; The central theme of the Bible as a whole is : Establishing righteous government on the earth. Christ qualified to be the head of this government [Isa. 9:6-7]. It is God who draws all He chooses to participate and rule under Christ in this government. Jesus said that it is God the Father that chooses us, not the other way around [John 6:44]. And God is very choosy. This also means that the size of the Church is limited.

            I am quite cognizant of the difference between spiritual and physical Israel. I also know not to conflate Israel and Judah. I also know that the Church is the training ground for the government that will be established under Christ. If you are not being trained as a leader, teacher or administrator [kings and priests] in the context of divine universal government which is to be headquartered in Jerusalem, then you may not be in the organization established by God. And if you think anyone goes to heaven, then you deny the resurrection.

            The fact is that we are now on the edge of the final days of the Anglo-American peoples as any kind of guiding force in the world’s affairs. God is about to humble and degrade the Anglo-America nations in such as way as to make it obvious as to who is doing it and why. With the Anglo-American peoples out of the way as any kind of counterforce to the evil leaders of the world, we will enter what the Bible calls: the times of the gentiles. In our place will rise a European 10 nation confederacy under German control and guided by the Vatican- a church/state monster. We will see it gel during the next financial crisis.

            • Greg Hunter

              The main thrust of the Bible is about Jesus in both Old and New Testaments. The reason for Jesus and the Gospel is to save souls and give eternal life, not about establishing a righteous government. You can start with this very famous verse: “John 3:16 16For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Here are some more:

              • chuck

                Greg; What was the purpose of having 3 million people march out into the desert? Was it not in order to establish a government that was directly at odds with the governmental systems that were set up by every other nation on earth at that time? What was the purpose of colonizing Caanan? Was it not to set up an example of a divinely inspired government? Why was the throne of David established? Does it still exist? If so, where? It has to still exist if Christ is to sit on it. Christ is called a King for a reason. He will be establishing, from what I read, a theocratic monarchy. Why is there a resurrection of the body? Why did Jesus say that his message was primarily for the lost population from the house of Israel – A population that had migrated north and west from their captivity by Assyria and settled along the coastal regions of Europe? If much of Bible prophecy is specifically directed at a very specific group of people called, Israel, then who are these people? where do they live? And why did the British Commonwealth and US fulfill pretty well every one since 1800? The answers to all of these questions, and many more like it, tell me that there is one heck of a lie being spread.

              • chuck

                OK. So, when he comes back to rule the world with a ‘rod of iron’, does he do this all alone or is the church actually his government? And how does this mesh with those who think they go to heaven instead of being reconstructed and brought back to life right here on earth? If anyone goes to heaven, then for what purpose? The Bible seem to be totally silent on that one.

                And what about the vision of Daniel regarding a succession of 4 empires who have direct contact with the nations of Israel and Judah all the way up until the second coming? By the time we get to the feet it mentions a government of divine origin that replaces this monster. Gee, I wonder what that could be? C’mon. Smarten up.

                I’m not into all this esoteric sideshow, but one thing Quayle has right, America is doomed to be destroyed. And because nature abhors a vacuum, another superpower will take our place – and that will be a union of 10 European nations, guided by the Vatican, who will feel compelled to join together in a tentative union as a protective measure. Then, as the Bible says, ‘in the days of those kings’, God will set up a Kingdom [government] that will never be destroyed.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Christ is all about salvation and eternal life. This is paramount. You are not wrong but your priorities are out of order.

                  • chuck

                    Greg, I understand that, but there is a very real purpose being played out – the first thing was to lay down the law. This is the foundation for government. Without law there is no government. Christ came to fulfill the law. Yes, we are destined to live forever – right here on earth. But before that, there is the severe punishment of Anglo-America and then one more clash of empires to endure. Sometime during this period Christ returns. Who do you think will become the subjects under this government? Our focus should be on this.

                  • chuck

                    “Fly or fry” is unsound doctrine.

              • William D Yotty

                Exactly brother…genuine believers are hard to come by these days…so much Biblical illiteracy! False teachers…keep on keeping on brother…You will hear “Well done my good and faithful servant. Glory!
                Do not weaken brother…😇

                • Greg Hunter

                  Thank you William!

        • Galaxy 500

          Sure Chuck. We all missed thst in the Bible.

        • Keith wilson

          Chuck. I thought I had problems being a conspiracy nut Job but your comment is unbelievable. Please stop smoking cannabis and if possible seek help, you have some serious mental health problems. I don’t know where you get your information from but it is not from any news media channel I have watched. Please Chuck just calm down and stop smoking weed and things might improve for you.

    • eddiemd

      The day of wrath. It will be worldwide. Cascadia will barely register on the things to come.

      No place to hide. No where to run to.

      Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

      God is not mocked. All the warning signs are here. Get your hearts ready.


        There is ONLY one sign, and apparently it was too much to expect that people could count to three, because almost NO ONE has gotten that sign, and everyone believes the lie. Can you count to three? Do YOU regard the Scripture of truth as TRUTH? Then what is this about: “All of the signs”???

        • eddiemd

          Mr. Stelzer,

          Obviously you are a person of wrath and strife. And a Biblical expert although you offer no proof of your knowledge.

          Time to get your heart right.

    • Auntie Seize

      Yes indeed. Jesus said the End Times would be like the days of Noah and the days of Sodom & Gomorrah. The time to cleanse the earth of evil and to destroy the destroyers of the earth looks to be upon us.

    • Cameron

      Yeah Ok…..this site is fear mongering times 1000….we should have all been broke or dead 100 times over if half the crap spewed on this site came true…Yeah im sure he has inside knowledge…lol

      • Galaxy 500

        Fear Mongering? While the MSM (Marxist State Media) pushes fake end of the world in 12 years BS. The inculcate children with this garbage…
        And you have the audacity to say Greg’s site is fear mongering? Damn…
        It is wise to be prepared for emergencies. It is wise to carry little debt. Worship the Lord. Live within your means. But perhaps that is fear mongering to you.

      • Scott

        The site is not fear-mongering; some posters are, it’s true – I have seen the nonsense they’re spamming here also spammed ad nauseum on Zerohedge – but this site isn’t anything-mongering.

        Mr. Hunter is a journalist, simply reporting the news and conducting interviews. Some guests he agrees with, others less so, and some not at all.

        But he gives you all sides, which is something altogether unknown in today’s world.

    • Keith

      Ok chuck….Deuteronny also says that unruly children should be stoned to death….Do you belive in that one also?

    • Eric

      Read all the comments which were great. I was surprised no one mentioned Dutch Sense.
      The guy is amazing in his predictions.

    • Fragrantlilys

      Exactly Gen 6.3 & 1 Cor 15.26, Parable of the Talents, Parable of the Fig Tree, Prodigal Son, 10 Virgins & their Lamps.

  2. john duffy

    The left just can’t win at anything.

    After claiming polar bears were about to be wiped off the face of the earth due to “climate change” for years, climate kooks are now feverishly removing any and all mention of them from their ads and literature, as polar bear growth has exploded.

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Hunter,
      Fascinating stuff!
      Interestingly (to me, anyway) I got jolted by a magnitude 3.2 earthquake a few days ago.
      A week before that, I saw where a massive dip fault had occurred — where the land on the lower side had fallen about 20 or 30 feet in some places (by my estimation) — and that ran for miles along the edge of a mountain range in central Nevada.

      • William Stanley

        After doing some research, I see that others say the drop was from 6 to 20 feet. The quakes occurred in 1954.

        • Freebrezer

          WS – I appreciated your post from Wednesday … the prep site is a thumbs up! The sun interacts magnetically with the earth and the increase in earth quakes and volcanoes is strongly correlated to low sun cycles which are at the sun cycle minimum … Oh by the way, we are in a low sun cycle and at its minimum right now! Tambora went off in a very low sun cycle and at the cycles minimum called the Dalton minimum… here is a chart of cascade eruptions at the Dalton minimum: … Plus at these low sun cycles, weather goes cold accompanied by large crop failures … Add in that the earth’s magnetic poles are rapidly shifting and weakening … we are going into chaotic times! Great site per the science.

          • BennyBB

            John L. Casey’s work, books give some good evidence that all of what Freebrezer say’s is correct.

          • William Stanley

            Interesting point about the connection between magnetism and earthquakes (possibly due, I guess) to changes in flows of molten iron-rich rock at great depths.
            Going a little off point, I wonder about how the earth’s magnetic field would affect iron-rich meteors and the probability of impacts.
            BTW, I do agree with another one of your points (I think you were implying such) about cosmic rays and their connection to cloud formation and, hence, climate.

        • Hockey Puck

          Hi William. Thanks for your comments from last Sunday (Pento). I was in transit for a week. Just posted something.

          • William Stanley

            It’s always good to get your thoughtful, back-to-first-principles take on things.

      • uncommon sense

        Speaking of tremors the UK government has banned fracking (for the time being).

    • Stutt

      Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling.
      Men’s hearts failing them, from seeing what’s coming upon the earth !
      Thanks Steve and Greg, for compelling the lost to come in !!

      (Whoever) will call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be permanently saved.
      Confession by your mouth, will make you saved.
      Believing in your heart and mind will make you right with God.

      READ: “Mathew” “Mark” “Luke” and “John” of the New Testament.
      God made it easy (Do It)………

      • Steve


        • Mark

          Hi Steve,
          When Stutt quotes Paul from Romans 10, I think the point he is trying to make is that in the final analysis we who were born in the flesh under the law of sin and death have proven ourselves worthy of condemnation because of our guilt in committing sins and are therefore unable to do anything out of our own strength to be restored to a position of “right standing” or righteousness with God. Our condition with respect to the ability of the flesh to attain to that standard of righteousness which matches God’s glory is kind of like that of my wife when she was laying in bed in the final stages of her illness with melanoma. She had absolutely no ability to do anything for herself to change the outcome of her situation based on the weakness of her condition. So then to imply that simply believing and receiving that which God has provided for us in and through the faithfulness of His own Son (whom He made as a “propitiation place” or “mercy seat” or “place of sacrifice”, or “place of atonement” for sins – see Rom 3:25) is somehow “nonsense” and not enough to be “saved” (i.e. reconciled, or changed thoroughly with respect to our relationship with God, see Col 1:20 where the root word in Greek is apokatallaso and means to “change thoroughly” -Scofield ) is kind of like me saying to her: “honey if you can just get up out of that bed and walk across the room, you will be restored to a complete state of vibrant health” which in no way was going to happen, barring an absolute miracle from the Lord. But that is not a concern to her now, for though she “absent from the body” she is at home in the presence of her Lord Who loved her and has proven Himself faithful to keep that which she had committed to Him against that day. That is why Steve I say to you and to all who come here to read and post, who receive the testimony which God has testified concerning His Son and not made Him a liar, “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit” (Gal.6:18) for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”

      • Mark

        Hi Stutt,
        I just posted a comment to Steve’s response below. One thing I have discovered is that many people are not aware of the fact that the “faith of” Jesus Christ as mentioned in two crucial places (Romans 3:22 and Galatians 3;22) is literally Jesus Christ’s own faith and as a result all, or most, of the emphasis of the message of the “good news” of salvation through the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is placed on our “need” to believe or “have faith” in order for us to come into “the good” (so to speak) of what God in the Person of His Son has made available to all the world.
        Such an oversight can lead one to neglect the fact that it was by His own faith, or faithfulness that Jesus Christ performed the greatest work of all time. When we read from James that “faith without works is dead” and from John that ” the world could not contain the books written” if an attempt was made to record one by one all the things which Jesus did, then clearly, of all the works that Jesus performed, surely His greatest work of faith was to lay down His soul-life as a sin offering for the sins of the world (Phil.2:6-9, 1Peter 2:24) thus fulfilling all righteousness with respect to the putting away of sins once for all so that in resurrection He could receive the promise of the Spirit (Gal.3:19, 3:22), which Spirit He became in resurrection as a life-giving Spirit (1Cor.15:45, 2Cor.3:17), so that any and all who believe on Him for THAT RIGHTEOUSNESS which has come into being through HIS FAITH (or faithfulness) would receive the Spirit of His Son in their hearts which cries “Abba, (Papa), Father” (Rom.8:15, Gal.4:6) to be born from above (Jn.3:3-6) as His many brothers of whom He is not ashamed (Heb.2:11) and be immersed (baptized) in that same Spirit into His one Body (1Cor.12:12-13, Gal.3:27) to become one of His very members with our spirits being life because of righteousness (Rom. 8:10) being joined to the Lord as one spirit (1Cor.6:17) and our bodies of flesh, though dead because of sin which dwells in our members of flesh (Rom 8:10) having now been made the very members of Christ (1Cor.6:15) which is the mystery of godliness, God manifested in the flesh (1Tim.3:16) with its hope of glory being “Christ in yoiu” (Col.1:27)!!!!

        • Mark

          Hi Greg and all who come here to read and post. In my post to Stutt I failed to reference Acts 2:33, a most crucial verse which documents that the pouring out of the Holy Spirit is directly related to the exaltation of Jesus Christ the Son of God as a glorified MAN Who, as a kingly High Priest now ever lives to intercede on our behalf and sympathizes (co-feels) with us in our weaknesses while ministering mercy and grace for timely help (Heb.4:15-16) and now rules as KING of kings and LORD of lords after having received all authority in heaven and on earth.
          Upon His fulfillment of all righteousness with respect to the putting away of sins once for all He received the promise of the Spirit from the Father (Acts 2;33, Gal.3:19,3:22), which Spirit He became in resurrection as a life – giving Spirit (1Cor.15:45, 2Cor.3:17) so that any and all who believe on Him (Jesus) for THAT RIGHTEOUSNESS which has come into being THROUGH HIS FAITH, (or His faith-fulness) (Rom.3:22) now receives the Spirit of His Son which cries “Abba (Papa), Father” (Rom.8:15, Gal.4:6) in their hearts, as the “seal, pledge, foretaste, down-payment, and guarantee,(Eph.1:13-14) which guarantees that “He Who has begun in us a good work will complete it in the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil.1:6) and is immersed in that same Spirit into the one Body of Christ in Whom we are members one of another (1Cor.12:12-13,Gal.3:28) which is the reconciliation God is offering to the world through Christ by which we may be “changed thoroughly” as new as a new creation in Christ Jesus, (2 Cor.5:17-19) having been made “well accepted in the Beloved” (Eph.1:6).
          That is why I say to you Greg and to all who come here to read and post who receive the testimony which the Father has testified concerning His Son (1Jn.5:10), “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit”, (Gal.6:18) for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7) because “Great is the mystery of godliness Who (in the Person of His Son) was manifested in the flesh, vindicated in the Spirit, seen by angels, preached among the nations, believed on in the world and taken up in glory (when He comes to be glorified in His members) (1Tim.3:16) because “Christ in you” IS THE HOPE OF GLORY, Whom we announce warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man full-grown IN CHRIST”!!!! (Col.1:27-28) and John 3:16 IS FOR 1Tim.3:16!!!!

      • Occasnltrvlr

        “Not every one that saith unto me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?’ And then will I profess unto them, ‘I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.’ “

        • iwitness02

          So it would be fair to say that whoever survives the coming calamity upon mankind, could be by invitation only. Regardless of prepping and stacking etc. At the end of the day it may come down to the Will of God. Regardless of our personal circumstances. This is not to say do nothing. But no matter what we do, it may come down to the Will of God.
          Nothing new here. Just felt like it needed to be said.

    • Lilly

      Amazing. AND very succinct summation, with citations on where to find it. Thank you for this. I’ve made a notation of your comments and tucked that sheet of information in my Bible for future reference and reminder. It couldn’t be clearer, and is as plain as day.

    • chuck

      For the last 20 years the Inuit in Northern Canada have been begging to have the Crown allow a major cull.

  3. Leo

    Thanks Greg for this interview. Wow and Yikes. I live 20 miles east of interstate 5 and that highway goes right through the heart of every city on the west coast. Seattle Everett, Olympia, Portland, San Francisco. I am only 2o miles from Seattle and going east of there would be a total nightmare. There are 2 floating bridges that would probably not exist so going out of Seattle east would be impossible. There are as Steve said very few roads east I90, route 2, all over the mountains.. There is almost no chance of escape and no gas stations on the routes at all. Wow is this ever a wake up call. Where can we get more info?? Web sites etc.

    • paul ...

      LEO … Seems to me there will be little chance of last minute escape … some people who won’t leave early may possibly survive by buying a helium tank, 100 balloons and attaching it to a chair and hope the prevailing wind blows them eastward …

      • paul ...

        Actually … to get above a 1000 to 1500 foot tsunami wave more balloons will be needed as in this set up … … water bags are used as ballast and you can fly low (but above power lines) for most of your journey but if you see a tsunami wave approaching quickly releasing your ballast water which will allow you to rise above 1500 feet … landing looks pretty safe and easy (simply release or shooting out a few balloons)!!

        • paul ...

          For more control and speed people intent on staying in the earthquake danger zone until the last minute can use a paramotor to escape … obviously there is no need to fly as high as 15,000 feet as in this video where the guy is trying to set a record …

          • paul ...

            As a “quick escape” mechanism simply strapping a fan motor to your back and having a cloth wing seems to be the ideal … !!!

            • al

              LOL! Yeah, I can see Grandma or Soccer Mom, or even snowflake Jr. strapping themselves in one of these. LOL!!!

            • paul ...

              Bottom line: Use your God given brains to save yourself and your family members lives … “this is an individual responsibility” … don’t expect the government to do it (especially with those globalist warmongers in government who want to reduce the population by billions with a first strike nuclear war) … to save the wife and kids I suggest you tell your wife to drive the kids to relatives (way out of danger zone) “on any warning signs” while you can remain behind to protect the homestead (right to the last minute) … and then paramotor out at a height of at least 1500 feet to avoid being washsd away by the Tsunami wave coming in from the Pacific!!

              • paul ...

                No relatives?? … spend the cash you have saved under the mattress (that will be washed away in the Tsunami anyway) … and send them off to “vacation” at a hotel, motel or camping grounds “outside the danger zone” while you remain behind and continue to go to work (but have a paramotor in your car trunk at all times)!!

      • Auntie Seize

        Get the latest version of X-Plane and learn to fly. It’s very easy to get a plane off the ground. More difficult to get it back on the ground.
        Hopefully airport runways will remain useable long enough to get your butt out of Sodom before SHTF.
        BTW & FYI, Noah didn’t wait until it started raining before beginning work on the ark.
        Good luck because all the Sodomites who think they’ll stick around and enjoy the sins of Sodom until the end and then “punch out” at the last second will need plenty of it.

      • anna

        i live near you. i am in fidalgo islands san juan islands. Its funny how he doesnt talk about vancover victoria canada. I live on border. Guess i wil will be running to mtns on my island. Your right no way to get off the island and go east

    • Brooklyn

      We have family all over the Northwest, from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and west to Montana. We are very familiar with the ‘floating bridges’ especially since my sister has been good friends with the builder for many years.
      As my wife and I reviewed the very well-produced trailer, we asked one another, “What would we do if this were the East Coast, where we have lived our entire lives. Would we pack up even with the knowledge of this critical information?” Probably not.
      As always, thank you Greg Hunter for this excellent interview with Steve Quayle and will forward to my family; but do not anticipate them doing much with unfortunately these sole-source warnings.
      From what Steve Quayle is saying, I do not believe that there are other websites to confirm his research, especially since the government is vested in keeping it quite.
      Lastly, Greg, we went to your donation page and am writing a check as we speak to send to your PO BOX. Thanks for everything you do.

    • uncommon sense

      America was supposed to be our big trading partner after Brexit

      • William Stanley

        Well there will always be Iceland . . . maybe.

  4. Ronnie

    ianual … California, God does not approve.
    Rabbi Johnathan on USA Watchdog said first to say America will be struck by “A great Shaking..”
    Evil always gets destroyed. The true believers should sell up and get out, buy silver and stay tuned to this channel.

    • al

      Excellent advice

  5. Justn Observer

    Greg, Seems something being cooked up between Kissinger and Pompeo? a possible plan B move on POTUS Trump in the works? @ 10:00 GW gets a heads up for a few minutes…

  6. Steve Holmes

    In 1998, I was shown a dream from the Lord of a map of tbe united states. It showed areas of coming natural disaster- areas with severe damage and areas totally destroyed. 6 weeks later, I was stunned to find the exact same map online from the book “Prepare for the Winds of Change ii” written and published about 10 years earlier by prophetess Nita Johnson. I have never met her and had never seen the book or the map previously. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I heard for the first time about tbe New Madrid fault zone and the yellowstone supervolcano. They are both on the map.

    I used to live 27 miles from Mi Rainier. Around 1998, God called me into prayer and spoke to me concerning Mt Rainier: “I cannot hold this back any longer, and as a result, many will die. And although the hour is very late, we must warn the people.” In the next 12 hours, my son reported to me that he had seen a dream of a violent eruption of Mt Rainier pitching rocks to highway 410 in Enumclaw. A man came into work and told me he had seen a vision of a wall of mud 60′ tall race through the valley near Algona, Washington from the mountain, sweeping away everything in it’s path. 3 minutes later, another man walked into work and said, “I just have this ominous foreboding that something terrible is going to happen, like the mountain (rainier) is going to erupt.”

    A few months later as I was driving along tbe coast in northern Oregon, I was in intercessory prayer. As I passed the sign going into Seaside, Oregon, the Lord said to me, “Pray that my people will be out of this city when the destruction comes.” I drove there dozens of times to pray that for that city.

    I now live on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. In April, 2018, the Lord spoke to me: Fasten everything to the walls. Buy groceries for the pantry ( I did). Now buy groceries the second and the third time (done). A week or so later, “Convert your two generators to propane (done).” “Get a 1,000 gallon propane storage tank (done).” “Install a solar electric back up power system(done).” “Grow a big garden- as big as you can handle. But know that however much you grow, the demand will greatly exceed the supply.” On May 25, 2018, I was praying on my way to Anchorage to buy a solar electric system. As I got to the south end of Turnagain Arm, I said, “Lord, I just cannot wrap my head around the amount of energy that was released in the 1964 Good Friday 9.2 earthquake for thousands of acres of land to drop 10 feet and become inundated with salt water, killing whole forests.” He spoke: “The next one is going to be even worse. All of the infrastructure is going to be destroyed.”

    Sept 2018. “Expand the garden (done).” “Lord, when is this Matthew 24 famine going to hit?” “What makes you think it hasn’t begun already?

    March 2019: Driving along my street, I could see Mt Iliamna and Mt Redoubt. I had the sudden certainty that they are both going to erupt.

    April 2019: “Cut down all of the trees in the acreage adjacent to the garden.” “But Lord, I LIKE the trees!” “”Steve, this is not about you liiking trees. This is about life or death, basic human survival. Now cut down ALL of the trees! (Done)” The excavator has been here to pull stumps and most roots, but there’s still much to do to prepare it for growing food.

    July 2019, driving into Kenai: “This city is going to be mostly destroyed and many will die.” (Praying, “Lord move your people out of tnis city before the destruction comes!).”

    Oct 2019 “Convert cargo trailer to temperature and humidity controlled food storage room for the vegetables from last summer (working on it).”

    People, it’s time to prepare and repent. In fact, time to do so is running out.
    God has told me that natural and manmade calamities, both from within the nation and from without are going to inccreas in frequency, magnitude, fatalities and speed. Matthew 24:3-8 are coming to pass BEFORE the great tribulation in verse 9.

    That is all I know from God pertaining to earthquakes, tsunamis and eruptions. Take it or leave it. I’m just the messenger and I am not saying anything that others have not screamed out for decades…or millenia.

    • Forearmed

      Greg, I listen to your weekly wrap up every week and sometimes also listen to your interviews during the week, because I like your style, but Steve’s hysteria over the Cascadia Subduction Zone is palpable, as are many of the other things he likes to discuss.
      While I believe much of what Steve has investigated, such as the “Giants” etc., but this publicly hysteria pronouncements of our West Coast lack of disaster preparedness is doing nothing to inform and everything to give the impression that he is in the know. No matter what he says of even the USGS for that matter does nothing to help a population that cannot move. AND, I do not say that lightly. There is literally no place for millions of people to go if that disaster happens. So what is the point of keeping the populace in a constant state of stress because guys like Steve like to appear to be in the know. HE ISN’T, ANY MORE THAN THE REST OF US !!!

    • Dr B

      Thank you, Steve Holmes, for sharing your messages. This is guidance anyone can follow, if they have the willingness to do so.

      • Steve

        You are very welcome. God bless and keep you safe while he makes you rapture ready. Great spiritual darkness is coming, but the bridegroom comes AT MIDNIGHT.

    • Galaxy 500

      Quite a tale

  7. David

    Good discussion! History tells us that the U.S. is reactive, not proactive. We do not look ahead and ask, “what is possible?” And even if we do, we fail to take meaningful action. A good example is our electric grid and the cascadia subduction zone.

    Only in cases where events occur repeatedly, and then only after we get our noses bloodied, do we act. Good examples include hurricanes, tornadoes, and mass shootings, among a few others. We are better prepared today for these events, but it took the loss of lives and property before government developed protocols.

    Faith in government to save you is not an action plan. Neither is “winging it”! Preparation is key. What if recovery takes weeks, months, or even longer? Sadly, most Americans are woefully unprepared for any real disruption in services, food, water, etc.

    • al

      My Family and I are prepared and never looked to FEMA for help. Most of my Neighbors who suffered through several Hurricanes in the past few years feel the same way and are equally prepared.
      HOWEVER! … Florida is getting a lot of ignorant people moving down thinking they know it all, so they can predict not only the weather, but when to put up storm shutters or even evacuate. The State is being inundated with Government trusting North-easterners escaping the very Socialist States they created while lacking in “meaningful action” (as you correctly state) in respects to natural disasters.
      I always say, “don’t research it, just ask a NYer, they know it all”…

      When I lived in the North East way way back I remember hearing people say “when I retire I’m moving to Florida”, so now they are coming in droves, getting slammed with Mother Nature then moving north like SC or NC, but never back home.
      Think Pompeii, human tragedy sites are littered with people in denial.

    • paul ...

      David … if people use their brains “they don’t have to get their noses bloodied” … look at Stan … he is in the stock market (Deutsche Bank) … commodity markets (shorting gold and silver) … and he loves the Fed (their money and bonds) … then in his attempt to get richer … he tries to get everyone to pull in the same direction … so he energetically hypes Deutsche Bank and everything that has to do with “shorting” and selling real money … hoping that we (even with a head on our shoulder) “won’t use it” and will willfully swallow any propaganda and outright falsehoods he spews … and he needs us not just nibbling at his suggestions (but swallowing it hook, line, and sinker) to totally blot out any reasoning ability we have to understand fundamental reality … and for what??? … for only one reason … so he can make “more money” to buy a better Bentley or a bigger boat!! … but what are these charts saying?? … … and what is the US National Debt Clock saying: ($919 dollar silver … $7618 dollar gold)!!

      • paul ...

        People with a head on their shoulder are looking at gold and seeing this unfolding …

      • Stan

        Paul: If Gold was worth $7618 it would be trading at that level now. The free market values it at $1500 (and I think that is way overvalued). Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • paul ...

          Get rid of the banksters Stan … and gold would be trading at $7618 … $1500 is not the “free market value” Stan … it is the “manipulated market value”!!!

          • paul ...

            “Bull Flags” signal a move “higher” Stan … look at the above chart again and use your God given imagination … can you see a flag blowing in the wind Stan? … if you see it … you better think about covering your shorts … you don’t want to lose your Bentley Stan … and if you really want a newer model car and boat … seriously think about going long gold and long silver to save yourself!!! …

            • paul ...

              And remember Stan … the breakout from a bullish flag often results in a powerful move higher (measuring the length of the prior flag pole) … in the present case for gold “the flag pole is 300 points in length” … this means gold is currently projecting a rise to about the $1800 dollar level!!! … God can only save … those who act to save themselves … the same is true in politics … we must act to rid ourselves of the Demon rats in 2020 by pushing the correct lever!!

            • Galaxy 500

              Bull Flags? Sounds like what we should put next to Sean’s posts

        • Jerry

          …It’s $7820. It’s being suppressed by the paper hangers to prop up the dollar.

          If you can’t keep up with the discussion, go polish your Bentley.

  8. Jerry

    Over a year ago I reported on your site that my contacts at FEMA where training for major disruption in the Seattle area. The activity is being monitored by the U.S. geological association. Readings are being updated hourly here.

    The tectonic plates are obviously building pressure evidenced by the number of readings in Oklahoma. But, predicting an exact date is next to impossible. FEMA has already set up facilities over a year ago, and is closely monitoring the situation.

    Steve is right. The center of the activity is located in a fault line off the coast of Seattle, and when this thing goes off, it will
    create a massive wave that will bury the entire northwest. This is not fear mongering, it’s a fact. Read the charts. But once again the exact time cannot be predicted.

    Post note: Two weeks ago, a friend of mine who is in a reserve unit that supports navy seals was called up. These guys are absolute bad asses, so they don’t usually activate them unless some major sh** is getting ready to go down. Also, I’m hearing that other intel sources have gone silent. Something is brewing.

    • Jerry

      Those with open minds ……click here. Others ( Stan that’s you) move along.

    • Mike R

      When this whole thing blows… volcanoes, quakes, etc., the stock market will probably crash too.

      • Jerry

        The readings are occurring hourly, and the frequency is constant. That leads me to believe that tectonic pressure is building towards a major earthquake. At some point the energy driving the minor tremors must be released.
        If I was living in Seattle, I would already be gone.

  9. al

    Quayle does great research but tends to be a bit over-dramatic. Not that he’s wrong, just that at some point he will be right.. problem is it could happen in another 2000 years, or tomorrow.
    Living one’s life in fear of tragedy is not living. Just a thought.

  10. Stan

    Quayle is always preaching Doom & Gloom. He must be related to Jerry.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are always preaching stupid stock trades and talking about your imaginary Bentley. Quayle kicks you tail by a country mile.

      • Stan

        Greg: My Bentley is not imaginary. If you ever travel to the NJ/NY area I’d be happy to pick you up at the airport in my Bentley & take you out to lunch.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sure thing Stan. How about we drive into the City and eat at The Brooklyn Diner on 57th!

          • paul ...

            Greg … by accepting Stan’s offer he just pushed gold and silver down to generate the money he needed for your dinner …

            • paul ...

              Just kidding Greg … it is likely the removal of tariffs as part of a US-China trade deal and the expectation that if the economy recovers the Fed may no longer need to do rate cuts that is probably weighing on gold … I want Trump to win … and I know he needs to hold the market up … so … I’ll just use this opportunity to accumulate more!!

        • Jerry

          I know people with wealth, and you’re not one of them. Only posers , or people with mental illness brag about what they possess. Truly rich people don’t need to.

    • Jerry

      If you can’t post something intelligent, don’t post anything at all.
      Everyone here knows you’re a poser. You’re sunshine pumping is beginning to turn brown and stink.

  11. AH

    I lived in Seattle for 32 years and left in 2017….so glad I am OUT OF THERE as it has gone crazy. Portland is too. Seattle is unaffordable for ordinary mortals, and then there is the fact that we live close to the Cascadia Fault zone which I read about the dangers some time ago,

    It was stated in what I read that everything WEST of I-5 will be wiped out from Vancouver, B.C in the north all the way to Eugene, Oregon to the south. I now live about 40 miles *east of i-5* in a small town. I hope we will be OK here as our elevation is around 900ft and we are well inland. Of course there would be big disruptions, and I know there are fault zones inland too, but I hope we will still make it here if it goes off. And we live in a town where the culture is such that people help one another. It’s not like that in Seattle anymore.

  12. Da yooper

    Good job Greg

    I honestly can not see any downside to modern day Sodom getting it’s just deserts.
    “When it happens” this sounds like Heavenly Urban Renewal for all the Evil that exists on the left coast. Now if Gomorrah ( NY C ) would get a divine smack down as well…….Oh wait….. Trump moved his residency to Florida I wonder if he knows something ( LOL) Seriously if this scenario was at all in the cards anytime soon you would have all the high tech industries moving out at the speed of light & I dont see that happening anytime soon. They have far too much invested to not have an inside track to a major earth changing event right under their feet. This was a nice break from the treasonous political shit show that never ends & never gets solved & no one goes to jail.

  13. Terry Neeld

    Steve’s description of the tsunami that will hit the west coast sounds a lot like the scenario that takes place in a great book called “Lucifer’s Hammer” authored by Larry Niven and Jerry Pourelle. It will wipe out everything (the cities) west of the coast mountains and submerge thousands of square miles of inland valleys.

  14. Richard Herman

    My wife and I lived in Portland Or when MT St Helens went in the 80’s which was the start. Good luck to all. I think the time is coming.

  15. DJ

    We need to connect the dots, everything steve is saying is connect to one event that is still coming in the near future. Google zetatalk pole shift

  16. Paul Anthony

    I thought there was going to be a link to the trailer? Maybe I mis-unnderstood or the trailer is later ?

    Regardless – I am praying on this info for Gods will and best possible outcome

    Paul Anthony

    • Brooklyn


      The link to the trailer is in the second line below ‘After the Interview’ Well worth the ten minutes.

  17. Michael

    Please check out Ben davidson’s web site and click on “Climate Forcing”
    Davidson discusses the subject of how the sun is set to trigger events like what Steve Quayle discusses here.
    If you can get Davidson on USA Watchdog, it would be of great service to the viewers.
    Thank you,

    • McKonica


      Agree! Having Ben Davidson of Sustpicous Observers on USA Watchdog is an awesome idea. Davidson’s work is prescient. Also consider Doug Vogt of Diehold Foundation as a potential Watchdog guest.

      Thank you,

    • Paul Anthony

      Thanks Brooklyn and Greg – Got it!

  18. kevin

    did he use the same computers the IPPC uses for climate change. maybe try this Ben would make a great guest wink wink

  19. Jury Nul

    Greg, if the youtube censors take the next step and hide or delete this very important interview, a backup is at . All the show notes are included so you still benefit. Appreciate all your efforts for us little people.

  20. Fatima message

    In 1946, an american GI visited a Very holy woman in Germany . Her name was Theresa Neumann. Her predictions have Been dead on. This GI, having been in the second war, asked Theresa if the US would be destroyed by war as was Germany. Theresa’s answer was, “No, near the year 2000 the US would be destroyed Economically by natural disasters.”
    Our sun is entering a Grand Solar Minimum. One effect of this is the slacking of the solar wind. The solar wind, when strong, sweeps galactic cosmic rays from the solar system. Currently the earth is experiencing the highest amount of these rays ever recorded. These rays striking the earth cause heating of the magma under the crust. Notice the recent flurries of small quakes just west of Reno and as Steve says south of the Gurlock fault in California. If one is interested, read John Casey’s book “Upheaval.” John’s lectures can be found on YouTube.
    There is an article one can find on the net where scientists placed a cosmic ray detector in Antarctica to detect rays from outer space, but they detected rays exiting the earth. A big surprise. These rays had passed thru the entire earth.
    BTW, a rupture of the Cascadia zone could release pressure on the northern edge of San Andreas causing the entire fault to slip from Baja to Eureka, probably setting off quakes throughout CA. Do you think Orville dam could collapse? Many dams in CA are in trouble!

  21. H. Craig Bradley


    Well, if Steve Quayle is proved right, it would not be unlike the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy in 74 A.D. Right away, the economic output of Portland, Oregon and Seattle would evaporate. The sum total is $ .63 Trillion of economic output per year. If Northern Calif. and Silicone Valley get taken out at the same time, subtract another .93 Trillion of output, as well.

    The stock market ( Tech Sector ) would take a big hit as all the FANGS are gone, with little left to keep-up the growth of Index funds. The whole U.S. economy would feel it too. California would quickly depopulate as the survivors would flee to other states, as occurred following the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans, LA.


    The Central Valley has already been subsiding at a rate of 2″ per year due to pumping of the underground aquifer for agricultural purposes. In fact, soil subsidence is present even in the Los Angeles region, as well. Its possible a big earthquake would result in expansion of salt water estuaries or contamination of groundwater causing a long term loss of agricultural productivity. We can speculate all day long but the fact is, we really have no idea of when or how much damage such a quake would cause. I agree, its coming (someday), hopefully not anytime soon.

    If it happens as depicted then perhaps its not unlike the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah depicted in the Book of Genesis. Immorality in San Francisco and elsewhere (Gay Marriage) might suggest a calamity is undoubtedly lying in wait for California and other Left Coast Cities. We are, after all, following in the footsteps of Rome.

  22. Ross

    Steve Quale is obsessed with earthquakes and volcanos, I don’t see it provides us any useful information other than eventually the west coast will have a large earthquake. The most unsettling thing about Steve Quale is his tendency to promote any of the propaganda that NASA is lieing about. I refuse to believe that Steve Quale doesn’t understand that NASA is possibly the most satanic organization (outside the church of Satan) that exists, and everything that they claim is false.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ross, Quayle not promoting NASA in any way. He’s talking science and sources.

  23. Ed Milligan

    Just like to suggest a site doing good science on this subject. And the Utube channel:

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

    • Richard

      I would…Coming events cast their shadow before.!

  24. Dr. B

    Thank you Greg and Steve for this valuable report. Please, people living in the PNW, take this seriously. The Midwest and southeast are much better places to live than where you are — lower prices, more room for the garden you will need in the future, lower taxes, less crowding, slower pace, sensible people. You can’t outrun a tsunami, or dodge an earthquake of high magnitude. Move now. No amount of money or prestige is worth your life, and the lives of your children and family. I moved from L.A., and life is much better away from that mess.

  25. Horsenut

    It has always amazed me when someone comes on saying the world is going to end in June, it’s all in my new book that comes out in August. Not that he’s wrong, I believe he is correct. I just think it’s funny. In fact Edgar Cayce predicted the exact things 100 years ago, he talked about tectonic plate movement before anyone knew about tectonic plates. He also gave a US map of the effected areas.

  26. Leo

    According to Mr. Quail I5 is ground zero. I5 is a 1200 mile long slithering snake that snakes its way through all the major cities on the left-coast. Those cities are left wing cesspools full of vermin , stink and political puke, anti God, anti law . If God were to excuse this evil lifestyle he would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  27. paul ...

    Did everyone see this goodie presented by Diane in the previous segment about how Jim Rickards thinks Trump is a genius!!! …

    • Hockey Puck

      Awesome video, Paul! Thanks to you and Diane for posting it.

      This is a MUST SEE for everyone who believes in Freedom and wants to see Donald Trump re-elected. The CCP, to put it mildly, is EVIL!!! Hopefully our President, with the strategies he’s putting in place to reorient the supply chain away from China, plus the fact that he has Junker and the EU on board with this strategy, will ultimately destroy China’s economic model and set it back 30 years, thus bringing back America’s manufacturing base. What an achievement that would be? And you know what? He’s accomplishing it!

      As I said in previous posts, we’ve got to stop focusing on the negative (What’s bad in America) and focus on the positive. Negativity is toxic. It’s how Satan traps us in his snares. That’s why I admire Trump. He’s a Doer! He gets the job done! If he destroys China, he will quite possibly destroy the liberal Elite that has controlled NY & DC for the last 25 years. That would make him one of the greatest presidents ever!

      As for Steve Quayle being a Doom & Gloomer… NO…. Sorry! I’m always impressed with his intellectual rigor and the fact that he’s willing to investigate difficult and controversial topics. So, terrific interview, Greg. Yes, you could say this video is Doom & Gloom for those that worship materialism (Mammon). But it’s not Doom & Gloom for those who understand that this planet MUST and will be purified. That’s just the way it works. If I stuff my face with junk food my whole life and end up with a body 80 lbs overweight ridden with diabetes, do I have a right to criticize God because He created laws by which this body thrives? No! I either understand the Law and live by it or I don’t.

      The world will be purified. It will be painful. Many will die. But in the long run, it will be a good thing. Spring always follows winter. We just have to get ready for a very nasty winter.

      Is that Doom & Gloom? Ridiculous! Get ready for winter, folks! It’s coming.

      • paul ...

        As you say HP … we must prepare for winter … but prepare as Nature does … by spreading and sowing the seeds “of a new beginning” … gold and silver coins “are the seeds” that will “renew our life” following the coming winter of discontent (the death of the fiat economic system)!!!

  28. Richard

    With the present precarious state of our financial system worldwide, this event would cascade into a worldwide depression. This indeed would be a Black Swan event without precedence. Coming events cast their shadows before.

  29. Sammy Davis

    atheist Clif High (former webbot guru) is lambasting Quayle this morning on Twitter. Remember Clif considers himself an expert on any and every topic.

    But people should keep in mind that (in a USA Watchdog interview) when Bitcoin had backed-off from its stellar all time high in 2017 and offered a last chance exit with handsome profitability, Clif believed Bitcoin would continue going up. Also, he had believed wrong direction of silver price several years in a row. He is without a doubt the last person anyone should heed as regards risk. Probably because of his outsized ego, because he is a know-it-all, he consistently fails to appreciate risk in order to make accomodation for things going opposite of his belief.

    . . . As Clif is now saying that Quayle is overstating things, then people should moreso weigh the opinion of Quayle and take more preparation than otherwise.

  30. D. Havelock

    Daylight saving’s? Blame Detroit!

  31. Steve

    Move to the country that is the most geologically stable on the planet. Australia.
    Hardly anyone lives here and you can eat all the Roos, Emus,Crocs and as much fish as you like for practically nothing.
    And BTW do not bring your doomsday garbage with you!

    • leo

      Put another shrimp on the barbie we will be right over mate.

  32. Chuck

    Several commenters recommended having Ben Davidson on your program. I STRONGLY concur. Ben is science based and is current on all the latest scientific discoveries. I listen to his site SuspiciousObservers every morning where he discusses earthquakes and other related natural events. The main theme at SuspiciousObservers is that the Sun is at the heart of and connected to all weather and geological phenomena on earth.

    • spike4187

      Yeah, I don’t think I want to live in a land where the spiders are as big as my hand. Besides that, didn’t you guys cave to NWO and be disarmed?

  33. George Hartley

    When I lived in Seaside, OR I was awakened one morning about 2:00 a.m. in March,2011 by a police car in the neighborhood announcing a possible Tsunami from the earthquake in Fukushima, Japan. It got to only 6″ to 12″ in Seaside but supposedly about 6′ in Crescent City, CA. It concerned me driving to and from work and Hwy 101 was just about all in a Tsunami zone. When the big one hits the ground liquefies and roads will become impassible and escape impossible. Although I enjoyed much about living in Oregon, I was glad to move back to Alabama.
    I’ve been through hurricanes Camille, Frederic, and Katrina and all the ones between. From these, I learned that when something disastrous happens, you may be on your own for a few weeks. It is prudent to have reliable transportation, a few weeks minimum of food and water, sturdy shelter, and friends who will help and who you will help if things go bad.
    The scenario that Mr. Quayle presents is dire for the people living in the earthquake and Tsunami zones of the west coast. It would be very difficult to hike back to civilization after such a catastrophe even if there were civil order. Think about trying to do so in an every man for himself situation.

  34. Madi

    Thanks Greg for inviting Steeve Quayle .
    I followed Trunews , conservative treehouse, X22 , ect.
    Appreciate that you live in America. Unfortunately, drug addiction, mental disease and obesity will kill you before the last earthquake.
    I agree with the need to be prepared with water, food, thyroid supplement and “ be in shape”! How having propane thank, generator and solar panel if you can not walk?
    Be prepare, be good! The 10 commandments, live by it,
    God, family and doggies.
    God Bless all,
    hardship is coming.

  35. Riversnew

    So long suckers. I am living about 400 miles from I-5 in the southwest. Lucky me!

    • paul ...

      You will not be so lucky Riversnew if 5 million people decide to use their brains and move about 400 miles from I-5 in the Southwest to set up camp sites on your land!!

  36. A. E Jones. JR

    Some one posted above about how the Sun cycles correlate with earth quakes. I am a ham radio operator and just yesterday I watched a ten minute report on the weather forecast on the Sun. Last month there were two large areas of concern or spots. The report stated that one area was from our last cycle 24 and the other was the first indication of coming cycle 25. The Sun has 11 year cycles so we have data over the last 250 years. They can tell by the polarity of the fields around the spots which cycle they represent and the two are from different cycles at the same time. The point is the Sun has the lowest amount of solar activity in recent history and the Sun is in a transition from cycle 24 to 25 meaning the Sun is historically unstable. I have been following this since 1959, which had the highest Sun spot activity on record. Over this period it just happens to correlate with climatic change.
    Has anyone noticed that all of these pending events do not involve the Bible belt? Other than being near Washington DC we seem pretty safe.

    • paul ...

      You do realize A.E.Jones.Jr that hundreds of nuclear tipped missiles are aimed directly at the crooked warmongers in Washington DC … probably the only reason “the bribe takers have been saved so far” from being nuked is the potent anti-missile shield the Bible Belt presents … as our enemy fears “the wrath of God” would come down upon them if they ever destroyed “a Nation under God” … probably why the Demon-rats want to take God out of our schools and government offices (so we can be “more justifiably nuked” like Sodom and Gomorrah)!!

  37. Mike G

    Mass hysteria

  38. spike4187

    Yeah, the Hurricane that hit the Bahamas….there were reports of people being shot for their food and water. Not money, gold or silver…………they were shot for food and water.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Well, that sounds like an excellent reason to have gold and silver, then, doesn’t it?

  39. Open Eyes

    Mt. St. Helens exploded in Washington State in the 1980s. It took out maybe half of the mountain and rained down ash across the state and further.

    Back in the ’90s I read some books on Indian prophecies. One of their prophecies is that Mt. Rainer is going to blow up and take out Seattle. I also talked to a Native American guy in the ’90s. He said he had a vision where he saw a big tsunami taking out one of the west coast cities.

    • Open Eyes

      I thought I should mention that the Mt. St. Helens eruption didn’t explode upwards. The explosion went sideways. So if that happened to Mt. Ranier it could take out Seattle which Mt. Rainer overlooks.

      There was also plenty of warning by geologists and the government before MSH erupted. People were told to evacuate early on.

  40. Open Eyes

    This is a good interview with a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department retired sheriff. Jesse Romero encountered demonic activities in Los Angeles during his time as a sheriff.

    Jesse Romero and Dr. Taylor Marshall are Catholics. Dr. Marshall has a book called “Infiltration” about the infiltration of the Catholic Church by it’s enemies.

    Some highlights:

    Satanic killers couldn’t say, “Jesus is Lord.”

    Latin prayers are more effective in an exorcism. The Latin Mass is also more effective against demonic control.

    Satanism can be understood by studying The Bible. The devil tempted Jesus. The satanists are offered power, money, and sex in return for their allegiance. The satanists make blood sacrifices of innocent human victims. Blood sacrifices are in the Old Testament. Exorcists cast out demons with prayer and holy ritual. Jesus and the Apostles cast out demons with prayer and fasting. Satanism has an organized structure which is a mockery of the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church gave people the weapons to fight evil.


    The Devil in the City of Angels w Jesse Romero
    88,422 views•Streamed live on Aug 22, 2019

    Dr Taylor Marshall interviews Jesse Romero on his new book: The Devil in the City of Angels: My Encounters With the Diabolical.

  41. susan

    I hope everyone listens to Mr. Quayle. I remember the Yellowstone earthquake of 1959. Was 200 and some miles north of it and it broke many plate glass windows. Woke up my cousins and myself who were sleeping in the basement. Then everything was thrown out of the cupboards, etc. Living in Montana, I don’t worry so much about Yellowstone, but west and north of there, ie. Three Forks and west. There are many earthquakes in Montana every day. Just part of life. I have many relatives in Washington and they know the “big one” is coming soon. The smart ones are moving east.

  42. The Canuck

    I live on the east coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, 50th parallel. Yes, there is weekly activity about 200 miles off the west coast of the Island all the way up through the Alaskan pan handle. Our Provincial government and local media is regularly reminding us of the impending “BIG ONE.” The experts say that these faults that move about the same your finger nails grow will deliver about 4-5 minutes of a rolling action that could register as high as a 9 on the Richter Magnitude Scale. Japan had a similar shaker in 2010 and 20,000 people were killed. Their nuclear power plant came apart and a great deal of stuff washed up on our shores some months later. The worst part is people here just don’t register the problem. No one is properly preparing. Also, earthquake insurance is very expensive.

  43. H. Craig Bradley


    Here in California, the only way to insure a structure or house from earthquake damage is through the State of California’s CAE or Calif. Earthquake Authority. Policies are administered by traditional insurance companies. These policies have a very high deductible, meaning you get no compensation until the loss exceeds say $75,000 on a typical house. Premiums are tied to your regular home insurance policy and are high, as well.

    As it is, I consider it a waste of money, with only $12 Billion in reserves to date. It becomes more absurd if the actual odds of Cascadia Fault going-off (worst case scenario) is 33 1/3 percent. Luckily, there is no known way to estimate the actual odds of eruption of even Mt. Rainer on a given day or year. The “science” just is not that accurate.

    This is all henny-penny stuff because it can’t get that bad all at once. Even if it does, why worry about something nobody is equipped to handle or manage. Anyway, Its just not practical to relocate the entire West Coast. Where can they all go? To Bozeman, MT ? ( population: 47,000 ). Better get ready for the Great Salt Lake to become just an inland sea connected to the New West Coast.

  44. BennyBB

    This reminds me of the St Malachy’s 1595 AD prophecy of all the Popes of the Catholic Church. He listed each and has been considered quite accurate. I think most people who know about the list of Pope prophecy believe that we are on the last Pope. Here is the end of his prohecy:
    “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit [i.e., as bishop].
    Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge[a] will judge his people. The End.”
    Of course many Christians believe Rome will be destroyed based on Revelations Chapter 17. There are plenty of volcanoes near Rome that could do the job!
    I have followed John L. Casey’s work a little and he makes strong arguments that the solar minimum that we are in can and will produce some serious, historical, and yes earth changing earthquakes and volcanoes.
    BTW, here in Utah we did break all of the cold temperature records for October but the -43 degrees F was at 8,100 feet in NE Utah. Salt lake City at 4,226 feet hit 14, which was only 2 degrees colder that the previous 1874 record cold in SLC.

  45. paul jr.

    A good explanation about the repo market by Wolf Richter.

    What’s Behind the Fed’s Bailout of the Repo Market?

    • paul ...

      Excellent … excellent input Paul Jr. … shows how the banksters at the Fed are “in the business of bailing out their crooked buddies” with our taxpayer money and these recent REPO actions by the Fed have nothing to do with the real economy … good work Jr. bringing this very clear explanation to us all!!!

  46. bk

    Thanks Greg, for bring some joy and fun into our lives! Thoroughly enjoy the site with guests like Steve Quayle.

    He is arguably one of the most entertaining conspiracy theorists on the NET today. His output of fantastical predictions and stories linking politics, religion and cultural issues to the selling of PM and other products and services looks a great business in this post-truth age.

    One of my favorite stories is Quayle’s Empire Beneath the Ice, 2015. Great story about how The Nazi’s didn’t lose WW2 but instead went on to built an empire under the ice.

    • Galaxy 500

      Nazis built a beautiful city down under the ICE.
      Hmmm, that’s great fantasy isn’t it. Everything used there except water is imported.

  47. paul ...

    Well … the same way nuclear secrets were passed to the Russians to make sure the US did not have “a nuclear monopoly” that would make “unlimited power go to its head” … the Demon-rats probably figured they should do the same in the Middle East by selling through Uranium One “raw nuclear fuel to the Russians” who could then give it to the Iranians “to refine into nuclear weapons” and thus break the “nuclear monopoly” situation in the Middle East … so now it seems that “both the Saudi’s and the Iranians will soon be nuclear powers” … the Demon-rat goal probably being to bring “a balance of power” to the Middle East!!! …

  48. paul ...

    Wrong Lagarde!! … you should be protecting the value of the money we save … as we can’t work forever!!! … … this is why we all need to get out of the banksters system and accumulate gold and silver “savings”!!!!

  49. Chris J

    I promise they (USGS) aren’t silent on the seismic hazard there Here’s a project they are funding for simulating waveforms for a M9 earthquake. Basically, they are simulating a M9 event at various locations to predict what level of ground response would occur given that location. They also say this could come in the form of multiple M8 earthquakes instead of one large one. They also quote a pretty decent probability of one occuring in the introduction. The hazard of one occuring is certainly there. The easiest way to digest these papers is read the intro, skip everything in-between, and go to the discussion and conclusion at the end which is titled :
    Broadband Synthetic Seismograms for Magnitude 9 Earthquakes on the
    Cascadia Megathrust Based on 3D Simulations and Stochastic

  50. Chris J

    Conclusion from the Paper:
    We described the waveforms, response spectra, variability,
    and duration from broadband synthetics for Mw 9 Cascadia
    earthquakes derived from combining low-frequency
    (≤ 1 Hz) synthetics from 30 3D simulations with stochastic
    synthetics at high frequencies (≥ 1 Hz), using a rupture
    model containing Mw 8 subevents. The SA values from
    the synthetics show strong effects of rupture directivity,
    which depend on the locations of hypocenter and subevents.
    The proximity of a site to the nearest subevent produces substantial
    variability in ground motions, especially for sites
    near the coast. We found large amplifications at 1–10 s for
    sites in sedimentary basins. These amplifications are larger
    than those determined in studies of crustal earthquakes. The
    spectral accelerations at nonbasin sites are comparable to
    those predicted by BC Hydro for periods of 0.1–6 s but are
    larger than the BC Hydro predictions for periods of 7–10 s.
    Data and Resources
    Ground-motion recordings used for the Satsop earthquake
    are from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Seattle
    urban seismic array and are available from the Incorporated
    Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) Data Management
    Center at (last accessed September
    2017), under the network code GS. Broadband synthetic
    seismograms and response spectra from the M9 simulations
    are available from the DesignSafe website at
    10.17603/DS2WM3W (last accessed April 2018).

    Downloaded from

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, Appears political earthquake will take down DNC soon…their ‘whistleblower’ attempt is exposing more of their corruption the harder they try ! Metadata reveal is at fever pitch…and sinking their ship…the more people become aware and share the links with the public at large…sinks their ‘impeachment’ hoax!

    As for the weather = Trump is right, and gov. Gavin Newsome wrong on mis-applied environmental forest management =
    Must remember Trump dissed IPCC (carbon tax ‘global warming) and embraced ‘cooling’ after his trip to Forbidden City of China, learned the coming need of the ghost cities of China…and why Russia moving back toward their (California) Ukraine for food crop growing regions and open ports as the north seas become un–navigable due to grown of ice ?

  52. tim mcgraw

    Our town just survived the Kincade Fire in Sonoma County, CA. The emergency lasted 10 days total. Today we will take our first hot showers and do laundry since Saturday, Oct. 26th. Our town will not survive this Cascadia Big One. There’s no way to prepare for such an event. If the tidal wave is 500 feet high, the wave will come up the Russian River and wipe out all the towns in the valley. So why worry? It’s like worrying about a killer asteroid or a nuclear holocaust. Nothing can be done to prepare for such a large calamity.

    • Greg Hunter

      Oh Tim,
      What a mess. We are all praying for you in California!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      So why worry? Dude, note to self…

    • H. Craig Bradley


      California has, unfortunately, become a FAILED STATE. Those who remain, if they have the means, should leave for greener pastures (and lower taxes). Its all done. There is no going back, as the Old California no longer exists- its dead. Liberal Politics and Democracy can not turn back the clock or fix it. Time to pack your bags and “Get Out of Dodge”. Many ( $1 Million already have since 2007. ) Most will do so sooner or later if they have the means. All the rest are stuck in-place.

      PBS did a good job covering of the sequence of events leading up to the “Camp Fire” . When this fire was first started by faulty PG&E transmissions lines up Camp Creek, it was only 300 acres. Two hours later, the entire town of Paradise was attempting to evacuate, all at once. The local roads could not handle the traffic load and 30,000 residents became homeless in one day. 85 were burned alive and died. By early December, 2018, the fire was finally contained.

      Two weeks after the fire started, there were 5,000 firefighters on the ground. In contrast, when the fire was first detected there were zero firefighters (CAL Fire) on the ground. Aircraft were grounded due to high winds (35 mph). It was a huge catastrophe. The fire engulfed a total of 150,000 acres. In the beginning, when it might have been stopped, it was scarcely 300 acres that morning. Opportunity cost and lost.

      Incidentally, the same sequence of events occurred with the Station Fire on the Angeles National Forest in Southern California ( Los Angeles) in August, 2009. It burned for months and cost billions of dollars too. The fire was small and controllable when a suspected arsonist started it up Angeles Crest Highway. (No arrests made ). Nobody was on it until it grew unstoppable. High winds, low humidity and high temps, as well. This is the pattern of fire fighting on public lands in Calif. Failed State.


      Gov. Brown and his successor have identified two primary villains in this tragic fire and other Calif. fires in the past 3 years:
      “Climate Change” and
      Utility companies, specifically PG&E.

      No mention of the failure of government to fund and do controlled burns over the years to reduce fuel for fires such as dead timber or decadent brush. I once worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Rifle, Colorado in the early eighties ( White River National Forest). Back then, all forests did some controlled burns, usually in the Spring or Fall when weather permitted. The object was to clear or thin old growth and release nutrients for new growth to replace it. New growth (brush) is nutritious and improves wildlife habitat. In the Forest Service, these practices are also considered “Habitat Manipulation”.

      The State of California could have adopted these traditional methods of fire prevention over the past decades and avoided so many catastrophic fires of recent years. Instead, California politicians and voters supported expensive pipe dreams such as “Bullet Trains” in the Central Valley and spend $ Billions with nothing to show for it after so many years and wasted money (boondoggle).

      The high costs of corruption and stupidity in the Golden State of California are incomprehensible, as is the stupidity of its political elites and everyday voters in-general goes.

      California politicians have Trains instead of Brains. They better go back to “the factory” for a fix. Ditto with a great many California voters, as well, as 80% of them are registered Democrats and very Liberal, at least in my area (Glendale).

  53. SJV

    Why will food production cease in California? Ash fallout? Loss of underground water sources due to the earth’s movement?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think the answer is all the above.

  54. Galaxy 500

    U2 flights not run by NASA, NOA are typically top secret. IF these are top secret flights, how does Steve now what sensor packages they are running and if they are pointed up, down or sideways?
    Greg, you know me, always asking questions

  55. Bob Lamb

    I think when Oregon and Washington get so perverse that they cast out good God-fearing people from them (or they all leave on their own), that is when a Cascadia event is likely to happen.

  56. Major Payne

    Admittedly the Cascade fault zone can and will deliver something a lot bigger than the San Andreas fault. But volcanoes will not happen at the same time. An earthquake will not immediately set off any eruptions. There is a considerable lag between the two events. Well, Quayle is promoting his new movie about the subject now isn’t he…

    Carry on.

  57. paul ...

    The Commie Welfare/Warfare Deep State needs many “enemies” to justify its massive nulti-Trillion dollar fiscal drain on US taxpayers (both living and unborn) … this is why Russia has to be Demonized by the Demon-rats … hey “commies” … tell me how Trump committed an impeachable violation of US election laws by asking a foreign government (Ukraine) to undertake a legitimate investigation of the corrupt use of US taxpayer money “by a bribe taking Vice President” (Biden)??? …

    • paul ...

      You know … the way the commie welfare/warfare deep state needs “many enemies” … Wall Street needs “many people” opening brokerage accounts to drain US taxpayers of their money … it is about time people “stop opening brokerage accounts” and get out of the corrupt system that runs “a rigged game” designed to rob them of their money … why for example would someone buy an option on a silver stock “that has an expiration date” beyond which their investment becomes worthless?? … when they can simply buy a physical silver coin that never expire and can transfer real wealth to the next generation (without the use of Irrevocable Trusts)!! …

      • paul ...

        Many people will get into the fixed Wall Street game because (like LOTTO) they feel they have to plunk down $18 dollars every week “to be in it to win” … even though they know in the back of their minds that the LOTTO winners “are picked to win” by the crooks that control that crooked system (remember how they made Epstein win) … why not plunk down $18 dollars on a physical silver “lottery ticket” coin that never expires and can be handed down to future generations (without paying a lawyer to set up an irrevocable trust that must be continually updated) … your silver coin is “like a bearer bond” … and when the “re-set” ping pong balls are dropped by the banksters … every “silver lotto ticket” you own will be worth $918 dollars (or more) each and the jackpot keeps rising higher and higher on the US National Debt Clock!!

        • paul ...

          Everyone should use their “God given brains” … to simply ask themselves one question: What lottery game in the world is set up so as to make “every ticket you buy a Winning Ticket” ??? … in the games the lottery crooks tell you play only “One Ticket pays off” … but “every physical silver coin ticket” you buy … pays off!! … don’t squander your money buying silver stocks or silver ETF’s or silver options as they are “synthetic constructs” of the real thing that can’t be passed on to future generations without the government seizing some of it for themselves … or having to pay other crooks to set up Trusts that the government still knows about and can change laws to get their hands on it!!

          • paul ...

            Want to win a guaranteed $50,000 dollars in the silver lotto?? … simply buy one ounce of silver (cost $18 dollars) every week … in one years time you will own 52 silver ounces … then when the re-set is announced … each silver coin will be worth at least $920 dollars as shown on the US Debt Clock (52 x 920 = $47,840)!!

  58. Stan

    Gold crash has arrived – Did I not warn you Paul?

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you High Stan? Gold is trading at $1,486. You have been shorting the market since $1,300, at least that’s what you have been telling us. This is barely a 1.5% correction NOT a crash. DB on the other hand is well underwater and you have been telling us you are going long DB since it was $9 per share. DB lost 8% in none day recently and lost more than $4 billion in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Run Stan Run!!!

  59. Diane

    • Diane

      Wow. Watch it before it is taken down

  60. Johnny

    WA state is putting to vote Resolution No 8200, which adds the word “catastrophic incidents” to the constitution for granting emergency powers.

    I find the timing of it rather eerie.

  61. Diane

    Greg and posters
    Do you think whoever had Epstein murdered will be exposed?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have no idea.

  62. Open Eyes

    VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup “We had Clinton, We had Everything”

    Project Veritas

  63. paul ...

    As I said … Trump needs to invade Mexico with the US Army and wage war against the Drug Cartels … we never asked Syria if we could invade their country (to help the Saudi’s) … now when it comes to helping Americans … we need to be very proper and ask Mexico for permission?? … do we ask a burglar if we have his permission to shoot him if he just got through killing a family member???… why can’t we occupy Mexico (like we occupy other countries in the world to bring them security and they are not even American citizens)!! …

  64. H. Craig Bradley


    (Steve Quayle), author and producer, is a bit of a morbid entertainer who harbors little theories about the future and the past ( Nephilim ) from which he seeks to gain a name for himself, but remains forever a fringe artist and remains largely disregarded by most. Still, worth considering in context though. You never can know it all.

  65. paul ...

    The “commie” globalists want to reduce Earth’s population and proudly inscribe their plans to kill billions of people chiseled on stones in Georgia … working toward their “final solution” … they abort children and put fluoride in our drinking water, toothpaste, medicine, spraying it on grapes and other foods to cause infertility, diabetes, etc. but it is proceeding too slowly ( … so they have recently changed our military doctrine “to allow for nuclear first strikes” … and now are paying scientists to call for an even “more rapid” extermination process!! …

  66. Don Armando

    Don’t see anything special in the happening of earth quakes. They always happened and will always happen. The problem today is first of all the over population and the other problem is the ignorance of humanity towards mother nature. Humans have decided where they want to build their cities. So those who don’t want to listen probably need to feel. Sure there are inocent people always suffering of natural desasters but that was the case in every society ever existed on earth. Just continue to ignore anything 11000 scientist are warning about and humanity will need to face desasters that will look everything we ever experienced in our life like a sunday morning breakfast with Yogi Bear.

  67. Jose Sanchez Gallardo

    The west coast has lots of strange things happening we are already unofficially in a drought, it’s just not being reported but I live in Sonoma County where the fires happened and it has not rained significantly at all since May. We may indeed have a rain less rain season as scary as that sounds, already nearly had one in the winter of 2013-2014, with no major rain beginning until February.

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