Mnuchin Fort Knox Gold Tweet Alarming – Lior Gantz

By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial newsletter writer Lior Gantz is deeply concerned about the political divide gripping the nation.Gants contends, “I think the U.S. is divided politically to a point where it’s dangerous. I have not studied any time in history where the U.S. was so politically divided.  Just to give you an idea, 61% of Trump supporters say that Trump cannot go wrong.  Whatever he does, he cannot go wrong.  Now, 57% of the people who are against him say no matter what he does, they will never support him.  This country is very divided, and division is the most detrimental part of any democracy.”

Gantz also connects the dots between economic stability and political stability with the recent visit by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to see America’s gold held in Fort Knox. Mnuchin tweeted out, “Glad gold is safe.”  Gantz says the fact Mnuchin felt he had to do this now is worrisome.  Gantz contends, “The fact that he tweets about it saying the gold is here, it’s fine, I would say that is alarming, but it is also very amateur on the part of government.  With the debt ceiling, it looks like this is meant to reassure foreign investors and the bond holders, people like the Chinese, the Russians and Middle Easterners, that the U.S. is solid and the U.S. is not divided, and the debt ceiling will be raised, that they won’t default. . . . To me, it looks like a very failed attempt to create assurance with the public, either to the foreign or American public.  It all plays into this volatility once September arrives.”

Gantz says the global economy is filled with extreme debt and is susceptible to panic. Gantz says, “The refugee situation in the Middle East and the division in the U.S. is all a cause to worry about what I call discontinuity.  Discontinuity means a brief market shutdown.  It could be a few days when markets shut down and exchanges shut down. . . . If you have discontinuity, that is a major game changer.  What can lead to this is a terrorist attack, a large terrorist attack like you saw on 9/11.  It could be a nuclear attack or the threat of a nuclear attack, or a major bank run.  If you have any of these three happening in Europe or in the United States or in China, all of these derivatives that are very problematic, they will change their value in a matter of hours or days. . . . These effect the balance sheet of most banks, governments, institutions, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and this is insane.  So, a discontinuity is definitely the worst thing that can happen.”

Gantz says the most dangerous debt problem in the world is not debt held by governments, but personal debt held by the public. Gantz says, “Personal consumer debt is at an all-time high.  When student debt is at an all-time high, when mortgage debt is at an all-time high, when you have car loan delinquencies at an all-time highs, these are debts the government will not insure.  You don’t think the government will come in and save every student or people with credit card debt, do you?  This is the debt people need to worry about.  What happens when the people can’t pay their own debt?  That is a game changer because that will not be backed by any government.  This could create the avalanche that will send the markets tumbling down.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Lior Gantz.

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After the Interview:

A viewer pointed out the following Disclaimer that I didn’t see since the last time I had Gantz on.  I am so sorry I missed this.  Please take note of his Disclaimer:

“Our activities involve  actual conflicts of interest, since we receive monetary or securities compensation in the very securities we are promoting and shortly after we receive the monetary compensation we promote the securities or after we receive  the securities, we sell the securities during our promotional activities or thereafter.  The non-affiliate third party shareholder from which we receive compensation also has an actual conflict of interest since he or she is paying us securities compensation for promotion services and such non-affiliate third party shareholder may sell other shares he or she holds while we are promoting the issuer that issues the stock that the third party shareholder holds.

Many of the securities we profile are considered penny stocks.  Penny stocks inherently involve high risk and price volatility.  You may lose your entire investment in any penny stock that you invest in. You should be acutely aware of the following information and risks inherent in any penny stock investment that you may make, including any issuer profiled on our websites or otherwise:”

In my opinion, you should be careful when doing business with any company that posts a Disclaimer like the one above.  For the complete Disclaimer, click here.    (You need to scroll down to the middle of the screen.)


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  1. Herb

    James Rickards has been saying that he has inside information that Trump will do a “reset” very soon to peg the dollar to gold at $10000 per oz. That there would be this hurried, off-the-cuff confirmation of gold in Ft Knox tends to lend credibility to this because it would be crucial to such a plan that the US actually have gathered gold that it claims to have.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      I haven’t heard/seen Rickards say that. What is your source? LInk?

      • Herb

        If I run into it again I’ll post the link. It was an ad with a half-hour pitch for a new Rickards book that is not available to the public and a strategy for getting rich when this happens beyond merely buying gold. I listened to the pitch but did not bite.

      • Tin foil hat

        Diana Dee Jarvis,
        Nothing from Rickards but I read something from this excellent article regarding the dollar to gold at $55K/oz.

        “……revaluation in terms of the central bank’s balance sheet. I’ll use the latest Eurosystem quarterly for example. Right now, assets and liabilities on the Eurosystem’s balance sheet stand at €4.1T each. On the asset side, about 18% of the assets are reserves, 8% dollars (and other foreign currencies, but mostly dollars), and 10% gold.

        So let’s hyperinflate the dollars down to zero, and revalue the gold to $55K in today’s dollars. Converted to euros at today’s exchange rate, that’s €49,118 per ounce.”

    • Lynne Varosi

      Dear Greg,
      I think your site is awesome! The fact you pointed out this disclaimer reinforces my faith in your journalistic skills. Please keep up the great work and know many people appreciate you!

      • Greg Hunter

        I would have never exposed people to this sort of business practice if I knew about it ahead of time. (Gantz is not going to be invited back.) It was pointed out to me by a sharp reader. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. FC

    Mnuchin meant to say ‘my Gold digging wife is all there and she’s fine’

  3. pete clark

    We would have believed the bullion was in Ft Knox if Mnuchin had had the sense to tweet a pic of his lovely wife, in bikini, in front of the gold. I can’t see how he missed that simple trick!

    • This sceptred Isle

      He didn’t say how much gold was there or who owned it though!

  4. Anthony Australia

    Thank you very much Greg for having Lior on and highlighting the true problem in the world, DEBT.
    We are leverage here to the eyeballs yet many wonder if we are really the ‘lucky country’.

    • Paul ...

      The only real luck comes from owning money you don’t have to put your signature on to back it up … gold is not like a check that needs your signature to back it up … it is not like the fiat dollar bill that needs the signature of the Treasury Secretary on it … it is not like a credit card where you have to sign receipts upon purchase or enter a pin number or encrypted code (like bit coin) to make it “currency” … gold “is money” pure and simple and does not need a human being to back it up or make it work as money … a human beings signature may be good for 120 years … but gold is immortal money (Roman gold or Spanish gold on sunken ships is “time independent” money)!

  5. JC Davis

    Thanks for the free interview Greg.
    I don’t know if this crtpto future world will last long with the NSA and others like them able to hack into any information they want to find. Backed by gold is only as good as the antivirus protecting the backing. When the antichrist shows up he may fix the lack of usage that will always exist in computer reliance exchanges.
    In the 90s I did not think many people would be dumb enough to use online banking. We see how wrong I was then. Love your shows, and commenters.

    • Paul ...

      Didn’t we crack the German and Japanese codes during WWII … and today with powerful quantum computers people think their Bit coins are safe from the banksters??

      • JC

        Right again Paul. For every real thing there is, and always will be a counterfeit. No doubt in my mind there are people right now scamming crypto currency’s. I predict in a year or so the problems in crypto will discourage everyone out of them.

  6. Dan

    Greg , As with most of your guests Mr. Gantz has got a world of knowledge and it shows. The one thing that he was leading to which doesn’t apply anymore was the fact that even if the U.S. dollar is the world currency at present , it is not connected to or backed by physical gold. Not by today’s rules. Bernanke made that clear by referring to gold as just a ” form of tradition “. In reality physical gold and silver will one day in the (hopefully) not too distant future, rise like a zenith to a level which it should be at today.

    • This sceptred Isle

      “Bernanke made that clear by referring to gold as just a ” form of tradition “

      Who’d have thought central bankers would be so sentimental…

      • Paul ...

        Hanging crooks is also a “form of tradition” … but put that hangman’s rope around a crooks head … and he will instantly know … how “real” it is!!!

  7. Jerry

    According to my sources (which can’t verified) this is what you will hear around 2:00 A.M. in the morning on September 18th.
    According to them, there will be some kind of announcement that the banks have experienced a cyber attack (or something on that order) and will be on a temporary lockdown until their system is restored. This will be used as a cover so that the world bank can finalize the installation of its new exchange system inside the international exchange system.

    Do I think it will happen? I don’t know, but I do know for a fact that the banks have installed a new exchange system according to my personal contacts. Wells Fargo is apparently getting deeper in the financial mire everyday along with Deutsche Bank, so they will no doubt do something rather than let the system completely implode. Will it work? You’re guess is a good as mine.

    • NC Gal


      That’s very interesting timing, if there is anything to it. I keep hearing “September” from many of the guests on this site. We just experienced a total solar eclipse across this entire country. My husband and I watched it from the deck of our home in North Carolina. About an hour after it was over, I was flooded with feelings of grief and sadness and saw images of a funeral procession in my mind that looked like it was from Lincoln’s time, based on the stovepipe hats I saw on men’s heads. The feeling I got was that the eclipse marked the “end of an era” for this country, but I’m not sure what era that is. Perhaps the US hegemony is about to come crashing down.

      Your date of 2 a.m. on Monday, September 18th is in keeping with what Bill Holter has said about the likelihood of a bank holiday occurring over a weekend and nothing would open on the following Monday. However, that is also the same week in which Rosh Hashana will begin (September 20–the “Feast of Trumpets” for those who are knowledgeable about the “time of the end” and the role that date plays in it), to be followed immediately (on September 23) by the configuration of stars and planets that is described in Revelation 12:1.

      I have seen a number of videos that attempt to predict what that means, but they all seem to have put together different Bible passages that aren’t related to each other, so I am taking a wait and see approach, partly because it isn’t very far off now and partly because no one really knows what is coming and when. Given what I experienced after the eclipse, I do feel something heavy and big is on the move, but only time will reveal its nature and what it means. I am as prepared as I can be in all ways, but especially spiritually, as I do not have much in the way of material goods and still am paying off debts.

      The Fed is supposed to unwind its balance sheet on September 30, but like so many other things the Fed has said it was going to do, I’ll believe it when it’s fact. They have absolutely no credibility, as far as I am concerned, and are just one big shell game, covering up the entire Ponzi scheme that is fractional reserve banking and charging interest on debt.

      • Jerry

        NC Gal.
        From other sources I’ve heard that Wells Fargo is so deeply in debt that it has been sold to the bank of China. At first I blew it off as a rumor until I read this.

        Your feelings about the eclipse and the end of an era are spot on. Every dispensation of time on earth since the fall of Adam has been measured in 1000 year increments with 1000 years representing 1 day in heaven. We have just passed through 6000 years and have embarked on the millennium which is the beginning of the 7th day or the Sabbath day in heaven. As always, signs in the heavens always coincide with the coming of our lord Jesus Christ to earth. A new star was seen before his birth, and now a new star has appeared just perpendicular to the sun representing his return. At certain times of the year you can see it at sunset with the naked eye. Its even been photographed. Some call it a second sun. Some call it planet x. It is neither. It is a celestial star representing his coming.

        Don’t discount your feelings . I think they are 100% spot on. As Greg says “fear not”. Be physically and above all spiritually ready.

      • Paul ...

        NC Gal … the star of Bethlehem is in our sky once again … perhaps portending a new King was born this last November on election night … the “Feast of Trumpets” should not mean the “eating of Trump” by the MSM … but the saving of Trump … to bring goodness back into our world the way Christ did once before … as he drains the swamp of Satan’s pedophile creatures and neocon warmongers!!

    • larrythelogger

      I cut the cord and use Roku now so I don’t get to enjoy the old “station off the air” picture and sound. What do your unconfirmed sources say I will see at 2 am on September 18th?

    • Susan

      I look forward to September 18 because September 19 is my 47th anniversary. My husband and I decided a 50th anniversary is not that big of a deal anymore. My question is: Will small town local banks lockdown, too? My hometown bank is very highly ranked and I seriously doubt that they will be part of the shutdown.

      • Frederick

        No Susan your 50 th is a huge deal How many people are blessed with such loyalty and devotion to marriage today You should be proud and celebrate it with lots of gold jewelry

  8. Paul ...

    Lets say Mnuchin “found” 8000 tons of gold sitting at Fort Knox … and next week he travels to the Grand Canyon and “finds” another 8000 tons in the ground there … and the following week he travels to the Philippines and claims another 8000 tons of gold was found in caves over there that will be returned to the United States … and say Trump makes a deal with Russia to remove our nuclear missiles from Poland, etc. for 8000 tons of gold … and then makes a deal with China to stop picking on North Korea for 8000 tons of gold … the US will have a total of 40,000 Tons of Gold to back up its 20 Trillion National Debt … 40,000 tons of gold times 2000 lbs/ton gives us 80 million pounds of gold … multiply 80 million lbs by 16 ounces /lb and the US will have a total of 1,280 million ounces of gold to back up its 20,000,000,000,000 debt … divide 1,280,000,000 into 20,000,000,000,000 and we get $15,625 dollars backed by one ounce of gold … so the US will have to raise the price of gold to $15,625 dollars per ounce so that all its gold (40,000 tons) will pay off its “National Debt” leaving us with zero gold at Fort Knox to back up all the dollars the US has printed and is currently in circulation in the world … thus the US can’t just raise the price of gold to $15,625 dollars per ounce but must make it at least three(3) times higher or close to the $50,000 dollars per ounce Jim Sinclair has predicted … assuming of course the US still has 8000 tons at Fort Knox and can come up with the additional 32,000 tons from other sources!!

    • Paul ...

      What if Russia and China say … screw you Uncle Sam … we are not going to give you any of our gold … the US will just have Fort Knox, the Grand Canyon and Philippine gold to play with … which means the re-set will likely have to be something like $100,000 dollars per ounce for gold … if we assume a gold to silver ratio of 10 … it means silver will easily be selling for $10,000 dollars per ounce … at silvers current price of $17 dollars per ounce this means it can go up 588 times … if bit coin went up 588 times from its current price ($4,000) you would be looking at $2.3 million dollars per bit coin … so which pony do you ride? … an imaginary one (bit coin)? … or a real one (silver)! … for me … I’ll take a “real” ice cream cone over an “imaginary” ice cream cone!!

    • Frederick

      Paul In the ground doesn’t count as reserves

  9. Jerry

    For those of you who think I’m smoking crack when I refer to the installation of a new exchange system inside the banks, explain this.

    • Jerry

      Where there’s smoke there’s fire.
      Anytime major investors put their money somewhere, you can almost bet they have inside information that is compelling them to do it (IE Hillary Clintons cattle futures). In this case it’s tied to the coming currency reset within the banking system. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they’re going to be successful, I’m just saying they’re running to the next big deal since derivatives have run their course.

      • JMiller

        I agree Jerry. Derivatives have peaked and are on the decline. The banks have new toys to play with.

    • JMiller

      Really does not surprise me that the ECB included the yuan as part of their foreign reserves which was done by making a small currency exchange of 500 million euros worth of its U.S. dollar reserves to yuan.

    • Frederick

      Actually I was thinking opium but OK Just kidding Jerry lol

  10. Stopwater

    Great interview! In terms of where money will go in addition to gold and silver, Lior says the problem with blockchain is that it is not scalable and can’t handle large volume….this is true but that problem has been solved with IOTA, which is why it is up 400% in the last few weeks. IOTA is next generation cryptocurrency ledger that does not use unscalable blockchain, it uses the Tangle or Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology. The more volume on the network, the faster and more secure it becomes….and it is the only technology that can resist a hack from a quantum computer. IOTA foundation is a non profit and completely decentralized. This will in all likelihood be the next Apple.

    • C

      Really? With a barely functioning web site?

  11. Russ

    Thanks Greg,
    When I saw the Steve Mnuchin Fort Knox gold tweet, my first reaction was, “the gold’s all gone”.

    Seriously, there is a currency readjustment/realignment (the new system will be gold backed) on the horizon and Mnuchin was just xommunicating that the US is a player.

    I agree that it was a very amateurish communication. But then I find all tweets by government officials to be amateurish. Twitter is designed for spontaneity and not serious thought. That’s the problem between Trump and McConnell, one thinks, acts and speaks/tweets spontaneously, in the moment. The other needs to herd cats in the Senate and is very deliberative and becessarily thoughtful. Yin & Yang.

    • Russ

      I need to stop typing in the dark — Communicating, Necessarily, sheesh.

      To continue my thoughts on Mnuchin’s Fort Knox visit… I really don’t know what that was about besides putting Mnuchin’s credibility …”and it’s gone”… on the line regarding US gold reserves. Without an actual serial number audit and assays of what is in the vault(s), this was nothing but a trip so that Mnuchin can say he’s been there and seen the gold himself. Was/is there an audit taking place complete with assays? I don’t know and few would outside a few Treasury officials and participating Fort Knox personnel. That would be kept confidential abd close until the audit was complete, and then only released if it was good news. PR stunt.

      • Frederick

        Russ Agreed I don’t believe a single word out of the mouth of any Goldman Sachs alumni Just don’t sorry

  12. Paul Anthony

    I agree with what Gantz said at the end of the interview about people not needed governments and finding a way to pull there own income and create the’r own wealth and assists … as your friend Gregory Mannarino says – Become your own central bank. I can see hard times ahead but at the end I see Government failure globally and citizens prospering. Entrepreneurship!! Great inventions!

    • Paul ...

      And we don’t need politicians that fudge the “real” inflation economic numbers so they don’t have to give us a “true” cost of living increase … we want “a better deal” … give the people on Social Security a proper cost of living increase and they will be able to reduce their debts … isn’t that the problem after all … “too much debt” … unless the plan of the globalists is to make it more and more difficult for us to pay down our debt (because they need an economic crisis to bring in their new “global” fiat)!!

  13. Tad

    Video of Munchin’s visit might have been supportive. Did he just go to the facility and make an about face?

    It ain’t there, Greg, imho.

  14. Robert Mackenzie

    “Tweeting” about a Tier 1 Asset – Confidence must be waning Globally.

  15. pat the rat

    Who will call the U.S. government out on it debt? The numbers don’t make sense! The people don’t have the money, there in debt up to there eyeballs! It is a question of when, not if the S H T F.

  16. Paul ...

    What did Trump say? … we are going into Afghanistan with more troops to get rid of the guys who did 9-11?? … does this mean we are going after the CIA operatives over there who are running the opium drug trade??? … or is it simply more war and expenditure of more money, more gold and more lives because it is “an easy target” unlike Syria or N. Korea???? …

    • Paul ...

      We know the Taliban are winning on the ground over there … and what do the Taliban want? … they want to destroy the poppy fields!! … I hope Trump is not sending more troops to Afghanistan to “protect” the Deep States poppy fields!!!

      • Paul ...

        Trump should have “gone with his instincts” and simply brought our troops home after 15 years of guarding the poppy fields for the drug cartel … and let the Taliban simply burn down all the poppy fields that are killing our children’s minds and turning them into snowflakes!!

        • Eric

          Sending more troops is like bombing Syria. Total insanity.
          The gold scenario you present is not going to fly. The gold is not in Fort Know and not verifiable.
          The best we can do is substantiate the gold we have in the ground. It’s there to be mined.
          It’s really a shame because we could have taken the vast trillions printed and brought that gold out. We would be in a much better position.
          Nobody said politicians were smart.

          • Paul ...

            Yes Eric … God save America from its politicians!

        • Flattop

          Maybe trump has the idea of allowing the military to win the war. No more Obama telling them not to hurt the bad guys.

          • Paul ...

            As long as the Taliban who want to destroy the poppy fields are defined as “the good guys” and the CIA who is running the heroin drug cartel out of Afghanistan are defined as “the bad guys” … then yes … lets win the war against the CIA bad guys!!

    • Frederick

      That “fairytale” has gotten really old Paul Any halfway intelligent person not in denial can see that truth

      • Paul ...

        Not sure what fairy-tale you are speaking of … the one that says the CIA created ISIS … or the one that says the CIA created the Afghanistan heroin cartel??

        • Frederick

          Paul I meant the entire 911 story bro

    • Tin foil hat

      To me, it means we are going to cut off the money going to the CIA’s Black OPs. Trump is going to kick some Taliban’s ass just so we can withdraw from that shithole with strength, not weakness. He made it very clear the troops will be there to kill, not babysit.
      Whenever I heard the libs said that Obama did a surge in Afghanistan to win, I’d go nut yeling at the TV. Obama send additional troops there with their hands tied behind their back. The more he sent, the more live targets he gave the Taliban for target practice.
      As long as Trump supports the troops with clear and concise directives, he doesn’t have to send a whole lot of troops there to complete the mission.

    • brvalentine

      Great comments Paul. Spot on!

  17. Roger

    Look for more wars. Wars pad the pockets of greedy Neo-Cons and satisfies the appetites blood-thirsty Americans. And it is about the only action that the globalists will allow Trump to take.

    • Frederick

      Roger The American people need to stand up and say NO more just like we did with Vietnam Otherwise we are all complicit in the killing in my opinion

  18. john duffy

    Diamond and Silk..two smart ladies!

    • Susan

      they are wonderful.

  19. Keith wilson

    Greg has Andy Hoffman been finished and sacked at he is no longer working for them.Have you heard anything ?

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      … from the explanation given by David S. (Ownership) , it seems so. Wonder if his touting of Bitcoin was the final straw.

      • Neil

        I think it arises because he did some interviews recently in regard of the ACChain where his manner was not well received by the audience and being strongly associated with Miles Franklin’s as their mouthpiece it reflected badly on them. Certainly those YouTube appearances received a lot of negative comments and down votes. I imagine they wanted to preserve their good business repute because it also had the effect of associating MF with the crypto crazies. While Bitcoin is all the rage in some quarters getting involved in it has become a bit polarising. It was probably not a good idea to promote it vigorously to people who don’t have a belief/trust in it or to be needlessly insulting of persons questioning it. All said and done his job was to promote PM for his employer and he seems to have gone off road..

      • Greg Hunter

        I feel sorry for Andy and his family. This is not the time to be looking for a job.

        • Cherie (Sparky1)

          Hello Greg and fellow Watchdoggers,
          I really like and appreciated Andy’s work and keen analysis. He strikes me as a very honest, intelligent, talented and resilient individual. I know from his writings and interviews that he is also very dedicated to his family. He may well turn this difficulty into a creative opportunity to set out on his own, having the courage, faith, talent, work ethic and (hopefully) financial wherewithal to become an independent, respected resource. Much like you have, Greg! 🙂 I look forward to hearing from Andy as he settles into his newest adventure. If appropriate, it would be nice if he were invited back to USAWatchdog in the future. I wish only the best for him and his family; and thank him for helping me and others to better understand–and prepare for–the economic, social and geopolitical chaos enveloping the US and the world. Thanks also to you, Greg, and all the Watchdoggers here. I learn so much from all of you. Stay strong, and keep the faith!

          • Greg Hunter

            Andy Hoffman has always been good to me and that is a good idea. I am pulling for Andy.

  20. Flattop

    REG: I for one am glad to hear there is still gold in Ft Knox. Some have said there is none in there. My next question is HOW MUCH gold. Might you know if that information is available?

    • Frederick

      You actually “believe” a Goldman Sachs alumni when he makes a claim Oy Vey

  21. Dan

    He said “Glad gold is safe” That doesn’t mean that the gold is actually at Fort Knox or even held in possession by our government. I read it to mean that it is safe to invest in gold because the government doesn’t have it.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Orrrrr, maybe they had a video link with the secure vaults owned by the Russians, Chinese and Indians …. and the security AND gold looked good and safe. Not so much for Venezuelan gold though ….

  22. Jon Anderson

    Greg, even if the claimed 200 billion in gold is really there and it all belongs to the US — not some of it leased — I don’t find it particularly comforting. So it’s enough to legitimately back one fifth of what is being spent on the military/security complex in a single year!

    • Eric

      Bingo. And Why Rome and every other empire failed.

  23. Tim McGraw

    If I had any extra money, I’d buy physical silver not cryptocurrencies. An interesting guest. Thanks! Mike Maloney has an even better presentation on demographics. Maybe you can get him on your show again.

  24. Rock

    Great guest Greg! Gantz is savvy on many fronts, and sees the big picture. Thank you!

  25. Corleone

    Mnuchin: “The gold is safe. Yes, all of the 25 ounce we have.”

  26. John M.

    I would urge everyone to read the latest Clive Maund article: China, Gold, and the US Dollar (8/15/17). In two pages he summarizes perfectly and succinctly why China will replace America as our global center and leader.
    For one, I really doubt America has much if any gold at Fort Knox. China and Russia each probably have 3 to 5 times what we claim to have.

  27. John M.

    Was just listening to Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones. He is furious over Pres. Trump ramping up the war in Afghanistan. I think he would be a great guest on your show for giving us more elaboration on the military and political ramifications of our ongoing American hubris and blunders.

  28. Harvey

    Talk about a classic misdirection: Mnuchin going to Fort Knox is perhaps part of the best magic trick of the Trump administration so far. I like Donald Trump and wonder what he is drawing attention away from as people focus on the meaning of the Fort Knox visit.

    • Paul Anthony

      How do you know who sent him there? Seems like yelled or a central banker would send him there before Trump would. They wouldnt let Trump see anything if they could help it. The everything is great is federal Reserve facade not Trumps.

  29. BERT

    I was stationed at Fort Knox in 1966, and everybody knew there was No Gold in the Vaults at that Instillation ! Enough of the bull, we have been Decieved for over 70 yrs.

    • Frederick

      Really I had no idea back then Today I’m thinking it’s gone and all that’s left is gold plated tungsten and cobwebs

  30. Tad

    Fighting a war to win cannot be done without air assets. My sense is that Trump will increase the number of drones, jets and helicopters in what he may term, a resurgent attempt to vanquish ISIS, Al Qaeda,and the Taliban.

    He will increase ground -based target spotters. That goes without saying.

    These techniques have been used to great effect by the Russian air force in Syria. Syria has a topography that lends to Mr. Putin’s success there. In largely mountainous Afghanistan, the tactic may be problematic, as mentioned earlier.

    Where I see similarities between Syria and Afghanistan, is that long term military engagement is really about partitioning the respective countries.

    Perhaps the 4,000- plus troops added to Afghanistan is more about protecting CIA interests, as well as US resource interests.

  31. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hello Greg,

    I just wonder if any of your viewers have listened to Dr.Jim Willie, video blog on Golden Jackass site, that Dr. Jim mentioned that he had a friend who did have access to the inside of Fort Knox ! This person who had a privileged access to he area where this so called over 8,000 tons are kept, he told Dr.Jim that he Did Not see any gold on any pallets or shelfs !

    He only saw two barrels of Gold coinage possibly only valued at around $4,000,000,000 only ! What else he saw was a large chemical dump, which looked as some type of nerve gas, possibly of which could be used by the US armed forces in a large scale war. So their you have it, all the gold is gone, either to China or has been sold for to service all these wars since the start of the Cold War.

    Can you Greg, or any of your supporters make contact with Dr. Jim Willie, and find out more about this huge revelation that could destroy the US dollar over night if all this information is correct ! Dr. Jim, can talk until the cows come home, I fell sorry for him, because he has just come through from a very coughing attack and a bad cold, he tends to lead his voice or threat from time to time ! In closing Greg, Why don’t you have him on your program, and limit him to only 30 minutes, because I have listened to him on several programs online, and Dr. Jim Willie, has spoken for several hours at a time in a 24 hour period.

    Try to ask he about his friend visiting or had access to Fort Knox location, and then you will have the truth, which contradicts the Tresaury Sectrary recent Fort Knox vist !

  32. Robert Peter Bailey

    Sorry for some obvious fat finger typos


    • Paul ...

      With all the poison chemicals stored there … you should have “typed” … Fort Knoxious!

  33. AusKiwi

    You have to be kidding me right? Mnuchin goes to Fort Knox and they show him some pallets of shiny yellow bricks and he is convinced? Is he aware of the gold-plated tungsten bars scam that went down a few years back? Did he demand an assay test of the bullion he saw? Were the pallets stacked with bricks in the middle and gold bars on the outside?
    Too many questions, not enough answers.

    • JC

      Right AusKiwi.
      Why cant the gold be assayed by congress demand ? I bet we spent more time and money with this witch hunt on the President.

      • Frederick

        JC It could but as we know all too well 99 percent of our so-called public servants are nothing more than shills for the elite so why would they ever cooperate to help expose a fraud Only Dr Ron Paul has called for a FED audit I believe

    • Anthony Australia

      They must have a little left in there.

    • Macray

      I’m probably the only Watchdogger that seriously has doubts that Mnuchin even visited Fort Knox.
      No pictures or videos, just a former “Government Sachs” partner and Hollywood Director ***sending a message*** like his predecessors Paulson, Rubin, and of course Guy Hamilton.
      Sending a message??? Definitely not to his fellow Americans who prefer the Chocolate subject any day over the Gold one. We probably will learn more about what this was all about within the next 6 months. I have my speculations, but I don’t want to spoil future USA Watchdog episodes!

      • Macray

        Now, if Mnuchin really visited Fort Knox, I would have expected him to go Hollywood and take his wife with him for maximum effect.

      • Frederick

        It’s very possible They could just photo shoot the whole thing from a studio and BS the sheeple I suppose

  34. Justn Observer

    Greg… Not to step on this interview which is great…but you have to listen to this part of John B. Wells interview with Webb about the Wasserman-Schultz hearing and the incestuous parties and threads coming out of this sweat er ! Can’ t make this stuff up ! @ 38 min to 52 minutes…

  35. Justn Observer

    Greg… Breaking – vid of Container ships being used as weapons in the shipping lanes?

  36. glen charles

    MOAB was a resource excavation project, now it is time to retrieve the treasures,

  37. Deanna Johnston Clark

    The end of this essay is the most important for everyone here…
    and yet I know many with huge credit card debt and school loans, barely making it from week to week. But if I raise an eyebrow at a smart phone upgrade or expensive toy, nobody says a word…I get ghosted. Same for the hundreds spent at Target or Gap for college trappings, all on plastic.
    Now I wasn’t raised in the Depression…I grew up in Dallas going to Neimans with doting aunts. I would love to shop more if I have the $, but I DO NOT HAVE IT. Things have o be paid for.

  38. Paul ...

    God save Israel from the politicians … the Netanyahu government has gone completely mad … now threatening Russia on Wednesday that Israel will continue to support the ISIS death cult that beheads Christians and burns people alive … it is time for Netanyahu to go … his policies of brute force in the Middle East has resulted in putting Iran in control of Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, etc., etc. and now he is going to put Israel in a direct shooting war with Russia? … come on Bibi … don’t you think Russia can bomb the Leviathan natural gas pipelines and platforms vital to Israel’s economy? … for lack of negotiation skills you are going to throw away God’s gift to his people that will bring untold riches to Israel? …

    • Paul ...

      There was another leader during WWII that supported burning people alive!!

      • Paul ...

        I hope people out there don’t think I was comparing Netanyahu to Hitler … I was comparing him to Truman … Hitler was a comparative angel … he only burnt people after they were already dead … Truman nuked them while they were “alive” … and there are many “Truman like” neocons running around Washington today trying to start a nuclear war … so they can have “fun” burning people alive too … just like the CIA’s creation … ISIS!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Paul Comparing Truman to Hitler and making out Truman to be a bad guy is idiotic. Hitler was responsible for murdering millions and not just the Jews. Hitler burned people alive ad the gas chamber were crematoriums: The sum Germans that were doing this were so proud of burning people alive they numbered them. (SICK) Japan was willing to fight Island by island for years before surrender. This would have cost hundreds of thousands of U.S. lives. So Truman nuked japan into surrender. When General MacArthur wanted to use multiple nukes against the Chinese in the Korean War, Truman fired him to stop the coming nuclear carnage. That said, the CIA had a big hand in creating ISIS and our Neocon idiots want nuclear war.

    • Greg Hunter

      Why is it OK for Iran to support Hezbollah on the Israeli border? If Israel supported proxies on the Iranian border for constant war and harassment is that OK too? Are you good with the Supreme Leader of Iran writing a book on how he’s going to destroy Israel? You better brush up on the Bible and see what God says in both the Old and New Testament about his chosen land.

      • Paul ...

        Greg … I’m just fed up with all the never ending death and destruction … the killing of women and children … this has to stop … it has been going on too long … it will never stop by continuing to shoot each other … or using proxies to shoot each other … Iranian and Israeli leaders must sit down and talk … and begin to make the hard decisions to bring a complete stop to what is currently going on between both sides … the first order of business is to agree to a complete cease fire between both sides … then start to make deals … even “bad deals” to gain the other sides confidence … the “bad deal” whereby Iran buried its plutonium nuclear reactor in concrete was a good start … however both Israel and Iran must make more serious concessions … slowly at first but then as confidence builds more quickly … otherwise as you say “the neocon idiots will drive us to a worldwide nuclear war”!

        • Anthony Australia

          Me too! Blame game is getting really tired.

      • Just The Facts

        Greg, I just left the open bible site. In Romans 11:1-36 it refers to a man, an Israelite who is a decendant of Israel and a member of the tribe of Benjamin. Since the world of DNA analysis has exploded, anyone can trace their heritage. What do you say to the authors of several books such as ” The Thirteenth Tribe ” who prove through the latest DNA research that a very large percentage of the present day population, about ninety percent are not descended from Abraham but are in fact from Kahazaria in eastern Europe who converted to the Jewish religion around 900 AD.

        • Greg Hunter

          Just The Facts,
          I’d say you are totally wrong and you have fallen for a total scam. The “science is put out for one reason and that is to delegitimize the Jews in Israel. Are you saying God the Father does not know who his chosen people are? Here’s the real story and please stop spreading and believing in disinformation and evil propaganda:

  39. Max Hart

    Hi Greg,
    love the diversity of guests you have. Also the community of commentors opens up other information avenues- very important to have the right info in these “interesting times”. Can I make a recommendation for a future guest – Dr Lance Wallnau, a business coach who wrote an amazing book “God’s Chaos Candidate” predicting Trump’s win months before it happened. He calls Trump “God’s wrecking ball to political correctness”. Smart, well spoken, and intuitively phrophetic in identifying trends in society. Many would benefit hearing from him.
    Max from New Zealand

  40. brvalentine

    Ft. Knox is empty. Rubin and Clinton took care of that long ago.

  41. Paul ...

    Wow … that is some disclaimer … what have they been selling … the same Brooklyn Bridge to 100 people the way the banksters sell one ounce of gold to 100 people?

    • Greg Hunter

      I know Paul and I did not realize this until hours after it posted. I did not see this disclaimer the first time I put on Gantz back in January. To me this looks more like “pump and dump.” Gantz will not be back. I am very upset this got by me.


      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, don’t beat yourself up. Fact is, Gantz put out some good info and analysis here. His point about division is above dispute. What do we care about money, economics, and political skullduggery if we have no union, no country? The tail is wagging the dog now. If we don’t pull ourselves together, the money won’t matter. Forget this one and hit a home run on Friday, as I know you will. Best always. PM

  42. Christopher Strunk

    BS!! There is no Gold a FK see the Grace Commission report done under the Reagan Admin

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