More Money for War, CV19 Vax Mass Awakening, Autos & Economy Plunge

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 561 12.23.22)

The money for more war in Ukraine keeps flowing out of the U.S. Congress.  The Senate passed a monster pork spending package called the Omnibus bill.  It was nearly $1.7 trillion.  In that pork bucket was another $45 billion for the money laundering scheme that is Ukraine.  They say they need it to fight the invading Russians, but not a dime for the invaders on the Southern U.S. border.  Meanwhile, Putin is upgrading his nuclear arsenal.  Does anybody in Congress see a problem coming here?  Idiots and criminals are in charge of the federal government.

Every week there are dozens of people who “die suddenly.”  There are blogs that track this phenomenon all around the world.  Of course, it’s people dying from the CV19 bioweapon, but you will never hear this from the Lying Legacy Media (LLM).  The LLM told everyone to take the injection and that it was “safe and effective.”   That was a lie, and everyone involved in this clear genocide is trying to cover it up including the CDC.   No matter how hard they all try, what is coming is a mass awakening to the deadly and debilitating scam they passed off as a vaccine.  Just ask vax proponent Academy Award winning actor Tim Robbins if he still believes in the clot shots—spoiler alert– he does not.  What does that say about the rest of Hollywood?  Do you think he has a few friends that think the same way he does?

The economy is plunging.  The economic signals are the same as they were before the Great Recession in 2008 and 2009.  Meanwhile, the Fed is on a course to continue to raise rates.  There is no so-called Fed pivot.  There is just a plunge to the downside, and the used car market is reflecting this trend with a massive new wave of car repossessions.

There is much more in the 57-min. newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 12.23.24.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Kingston has more new information that shows the evil vax will kill and injure mass amounts of people.  We have a long way to go before it’s over.

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  1. Anthony Australia


    Unlike decades ago when we were classed as loons, tinfoil hats and trouble makers, there’s so much information available now there’s simply no excuse to be controlled, ignorant and consciously asleep. The choice is yours!
    Microscope Video: Pathologist Proves COVID Shot Causes Blood Clots
    Watch COVID Shot Juice Attack Human Blood In Real Time
    Pathologist Reveals What Is Really In The COVID Vaccines

    • Johnny

      Keep in the very front of your mind that we live on planet Gomorrah. Only Jesus can and will put an end to this dark and evil age.

    • Shirl

      Merry Christmas to all…FYI…President Trump still says you have the freedom to choose…some astonishingly are still whining 😂😂😂

      • Julia

        If Trump comes out now and says the vax are bad … EVERY SINGLE DEATH from now on will be blamed on Trump. This tsunami of deaths is on the Biden admin, but they will quickly blame it on Trump if he comes out now to decry the bioweapon jabs. Trump can’t say anything until Biden is out and Trump is back in.

    • Jerry Parker

      You’re right. You know, if students since my own undergraduate college and university days were required to take the same, almost crushing load of science courses, regardless of what their majors were (and mine was music, for cat’s sake), semester after semester, they would have been able to identify the vaccine hoax. I knew, from all of that bioscience that I took and remembered, that the claims about Sniffles-19 and the vaccine could not be true; they were scientistic LIES. I could tell that right off the bat. I did a lot of reading and media use to confirm my impressions, but I recognised the rot and bunk immediately. You don’t have to be a research scientist or doctor to identify the lies. Just good ol’ fashioned science as BOTH science majors and non-science majors alike took, back when real science’s importance was recognised and acted upon re. curriculum in scondary and university education, is quite sufficient to the need.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Uncensored: RED ALERT!!! WHO Has Written in a REMOVAL of Human Dignity, Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms – James Roguski

  3. Anthony Australia

    Leo Zagami – The Globalists Are Trying to Usher in the Antichrist Through Mind Control & Manipulation

    Shout out to Fritz Springmeier you star.

    • Paul in oz

      oz is a scary place, glad there a few other voices crying in the wilderness.

      • Anthony Australia

        Hang in there Pauly Mate!

        • Ray

          Merry Christmas to my Aussie Brothers Anthony & Paul.
          May God bless you and yours through the Festive Season, and onward into the future.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

          • Anthony Australia

            Merry Christmas and Happy 2023 Brother Ray!

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks, Brother Ray!
              Happy Birthday Jesus Bac!!
              Brother Greg

              • Mike

                Love your show Brother in Jesus. I will never believe Trump is innocent in the vaccine . If anything, he is now an accessory after the fact.
                He cannot claim innocence. He is a killer like the rest. I will never vote for him again. .

    • jon

      Hey Anthony, You are right on. Fritz Springmeier was the original analyst on Trauma Based Mind Control and the various associations with the long running groups of public manipulation and control. Leo Zagami is also a good source with a lot of focus expanding the topic. Both are not difficult to interview and are very interesting to listen to.

      • Anthony Australia

        You have made my day Jon.
        I started listening to Fritz decades ago and he is a true honest Christian.
        He was front and centre accurately exposing the plans that have were laid out by the Illuminati, which I might say have played out almost precisely.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Senator Alex Antic to discuss the steps our country seems to be taking into a China-style digital surveillance state. We draw comparisons between China and Australia, and the surveillance systems that have made the human rights abuses in China possible which evidence suggests are being imported here at a rapid pace.
    Senator Antic says we need to call the rise of digital surveillance, CBDC, Digital ID and Smart Cities what they are – the set up of a digital prison.

  5. Brian Mendenhall

    Keep up the good work Brother! Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  6. Bob Paterson

    In your Catherine interview it sounds like you didn’t hear Trump finally responded about the vaccine a few days ago… He said I’m tired of hearing this question…I’m the father of the Warp speed and proud of what I’ve done and that’s all there is to it… I don’t want to hear about this again. (Paraphrasing)… Alex Jones had already backed away from supporting Trump.

    • Greg Hunter

      He is going to have to change his mind–period. Yes, it’s going to be that bad. He is not grasping how big of a death toll this bioweapon vax has coming with it. There will also be permanent injuries that will be dramatically debilitating too. He will not be “proud” of mass murder and crippling people. Trump is going to be brought to his knees. It is that simple.

      • Steven Kayser

        Hello Greg

        Trump is not going to change his mind. Imho, he knew exactly what he was doing, and is proud of it.

        I am from Canada, and I tried to do business in NY once, by attending the New York Boat Show as a vendor. At the time the cost was $10,000, a lot of money for me.

        After sending in my check a very nice lady from yhe Jacob Javitts center called me to let me know that, umm, “every once in a white we get an inquiry from a turnip from Canada who wants to fall off a truck here in NY. ”

        She very nicely explained that the centre was a “union” facility and that the “union” would have to move the boat into the center, and it could cost $50,000 to move my boat 100 feet from the curb into the center.

        “And boy, when it comes time to move out of the center, that is when things ‘could’ get very expensive.” She ended by asking me if I understood what she meant by ‘union’.

        No one builds casino’s in NY without an ‘arrangement’ with the ‘union’

        To us turnips from Canada, Mr. Trump is not really a nice man, despite appearances. I once saw a video of him, when much younger, saying that if he ever ran for political office, he would run as a Republican because he could lie to their faces and they would never know.

        • Galaxy 500

          Don’t weigh in on our politics. You don’t get a vote. You’re Canadian. You have Trudeau… Clean your house before you criticize mine.

          • Jeff

            Sure he has a vote just like the chinese do and the illegals do and the Russians do…everyone does except the American people who have no say in who is “installed” in our government.

            • Rodney

              Reminds one of the George Carlin skit about politics; “they give you the idea you have a choice…you don’t”.

              • Kenneth Krieb

                Yes. Very true. And George Carlin also said, ‘if voting mattered, they would make it illegal and wouldn’t let us do it’. A man WAY before his time.

          • The True Nolan

            “Don’t weigh in on our politics. You don’t get a vote.”

            The fact is, you and I don’t get a vote either. Oh sure, you might submit a ballot, but it has nothing to do with the outcome.

            Watch a card magician sometimes. He tells you to “pick a card” but you don’t really have a free choice. The deck is manipulated in such a way that no matter what you mistakenly THINK you have chosen, the magician controls ever step of the process. He determines what your “choice” is. Here in the US (and yes, in Canada as well) we do not have elections; we have a criminal magic act.

            • The Canuck

              The worse part is that deck of cards, the Dominion voting machines, were made up here in the great white north. Funded by Soros were they not? The whole thing is rotten from to north to south, east to west. This is a fight for humanity. All of us. And we’d better get busy picking up our game !

          • Steven Kayser

            Comment gratefully accepted. If you don’t mind the correction, you spelt Castro incorrectly. 🙂

        • Shiloh1

          Sounds like the hoodlum rats who run McCormick Place and Navy Pier in Chicago.

      • Linda Majors


        Wayne Allyn Root will be interviewing President Trump this Saturday during his show on Real America’s Voice News. Wayne has always been against the vaccines, and says he will try to convince Trump to change his position. If he doesnt, I don’t see how Trump can get re-elected, unless he runs against Biden or someone else who is mandating the kill shots.

        Re the mean-spirited remarks about the Masons, I will address them when I have time. Nothing ticks me off more than ignorant buffoons who spout off their mouths about matters which they are clueless.

        Enjoy your puppy! Dogs live for the moment, and bring much joy. One of God’s gifts to us.

        Have a Merry Christmas, Greg!


        • Greg Hunter

          Linda, the death count is going very high. There is no getting around it or whishing it away. 600 million doses were injected in USA alone and they were no all “degraded” or “placebos”! The injections did not save a single soul.

      • john lance

        In the early stages of this covid mess , if I remember correctly , Trump was against the clot shot . Some where along the way the Deep State made Trump an offer he couldn’t refuse. If he had kept on speaking out againt the clot shot he would have been history. He was just trying to save his own hide.

        • Coal Burner

          I think that was the result for Trump. I don’t know why they threatened him or his family but I believe that happened and reined in Trump from fighting the last year. I believe Trump had a severe weakness, not knowing who to fire and how many people were stabbing him in the back. Without Flynn or finding the right person to guard his back Trump was helpless to get the result he was trying to get or re-elected.

        • AJ

          or the hides of his wife or children and grandchildren. TPTB don’t play nice.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi John,
          “Some where along the way the Deep State made Trump an offer he couldn’t refuse”
          IMHO, Trump’s stance changed after his hospitalisation for ‘Covid’. Prior to this ‘event’ he was proclaiming Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Afterwards, he was proclaiming the ‘shots’ and was being paraded before the public – waving regally from the back seat of a bulletproof limousine. To me, his hospitalisation – incarceration away from public scrutiny – marked a sea-change in Trump.
          A similar sea-change happened to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He was also ‘sick with Covid’ and was secreted away in ‘hospital’ for two weeks. Beforehand, he was warning of the danger of ‘the Internet of things’. Afterward (after reprogramming) he came out espousing the globalist agenda.
          MK Ultra is real. (Mind Kontrol Ultra is a creation of the German Nazis – hence ‘Kontrol’ and not Control – and was imported into the US under Operation Paperclip after WWII. Imagine how much it has been refined and ‘perfected’ during the ensuing decades). Maybe, two weeks is all ‘they’ need to break a human spirit – to force someone to act contrary to their core beliefs?!

      • john lance

        Mr. Hunter , off the subject a little , it would be so nice if readers could up vote or down vote replies given on the comments other people have given.

      • Fred

        Greg, why should Trump change course?

        He’s still filling up stadiums and is already the front-runner for 2024.

        His supporters haven’t held him accountable for anything related to the medical tyranny of 2020 or for the MILLIONS injured by his ClotShot.

        He has been given no reason to charge course and is already in far too deep to do so anyways.

    • King Kong

      watch this 60-ec video clip of beautiful young woman but the vax has eaten her skin leaving lesions and chunks of flesh missing from her back.

  7. Phil

    Ever look at McConnell’s face or Nancy Pelosi’s face? These are the nerds in school you would always ignore because “they were freaky” (ever see Nancy wield her gavel like sex hammer)? – who would have imagined that somehow these nerds would become the idiots and criminals in charge of our federal government (threatening all our lives by worshiping “a queer” (Zelensky) giving a “Story Time speech” before the US House and Senate and thinking in their warped minds they are going to scare Putin into giving up his nation the same way they gave our nation away to the Globalists – these psychopathic nerds “shooting cruise missiles deep into Russia to destroy their nuclear weapon bases” are going to get us normal people killed – it is time to run them out of town and get them out of power!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I see the face of pure evil and treason.

      • Beverly Hindersman

        Hyperbole pronounced high per bow lee.

        • Greg Hunter

          I did an hour newscast and that’s what you remember? I must have done a very bad job. So sorry.

          • Tim K

            Hi Greg,

            Don’t listen to the the troll or bot. You do a phenomenal job of journalism. In addition, you have a good sense of humor and give us a much needed laugh.

            God bless you


            • Greg Hunter

              You are very kind to say this, Tim. Thank you.

          • David Gordon Dunne

            Greg, I think you are an outstanding Journalist and honest to beat. Add in being a Christian. God Bless you and your family. Merry Christmas from Thailand.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you, Brother David and Merry Christ mas, to you and yours!!
              Brother Greg

        • Phil

          Perhaps instead of the Globalists saying “Super-Bowl” they should instead more endearingly pronounce the world’s biggest Satanic ritual (that masquerades as a big sporting event) as their “Super-Bowl-lee”!!

        • Galaxy 500

          ROFLMAO— intellectual dishonesty is so fascinating.
          Pray tell how?
          So much of what Greg says is demonstrably fact.
          Let me guess, “Its one of those conspiracy theories” and you cant be expected to objectively evaluate facts can you?

    • tim mcgraw

      Phil: “ever see Nancy wield her gavel like sex hammer?”
      That cracked me up. I think her husband just got hit with a sex hammer in their home. LOL! Thanks for the laugh.

  8. Virginia Taylor

    Thank you for keeping me informed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU for supporting USAW!

  9. Steven Kayser

    Russia’s refusal to cut oil production in 2020 ‘an act of unconventional war’ – Bank of Japan shocks global markets with bond yield shift. Qui Bono?

    I don’t know enough about geo-politics or finance to even propose an answer, but if Russia’s refusal to cut production at the beginning of Covid, which certainly helped to shock global markets, was an act of unconventional war, then logically the Bank of Japan’s shocking of global markets – might – be an act of unconventional war.

    Anyone have any thoughts about who benefited and who got hurt by the Bank of Japan’s bond yield shift?

  10. dlc

    Maricopa attorney, Thomas Liddy, son of G Gordon Liddy, actually went after the voters for waiting until election day to vote. Isn’t that why they call it election day? Election season is now the norm?

    Saw a remark in the comment section of another site that was dead on plus funny — how you pronounce remdesivir…, death is near.

  11. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the WNW. Excellent as usual. Nice tie.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Tim and Merry Christ mas!!
      Brother Greg

  12. Really Awake

    Great job hammering on the Kill Shot BioWeapon. Anybody who relentlessly reports on all the attempts by Big Brother to kill off the population is a true hero (think: Alex Jones)…

    I’m so thankful for the men and women who really have integrity.

    So many lives have been saved because somebody was brave enough to stand up and shout out the truth from the housetops. Don’t let up. Keep on reporting on the Killer Vaxx. Keep on reporting on how the forces of evil are attempting to take the world to nuclear war. Keep on reporting on how the dirty, rotten Banking Cartel is stealing the public’s wealth any which way they can. Keep on reporting on the tens of millions of illegals flooding into Western Civilization in order to collapse it. Don’t let up on all of the import stories in 2023. Stay healthy. Take care of yourself.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks R A!!

  13. Andrew Cox

    Greg – Thank you for the inspiring videos in 2022. I hope you have a good Christmas.

    My mother died “suddenly” last Saturday. You don’t appreciate how much you need and love family members until after they have left you. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost relatives and friends over the last year.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry for your dear mother!! Mothers are special. Hurts more than losing a dad.

  14. Bill

    The jabs are all about Plausible Deniability now.

    They are clinging to complete ignorance as their only defense. That defense will not work for professionals in the healthcare industry.

    As more and more factual data comes out to support the obvious, these people are now up to their nostrils in quick-sand.

  15. Bob the Blessed

    Dear Brother Greg,
    Enjoy your righteous preaching, righteous indignation, hatred of evil, love of truth, and love of Jesus.
    God is rewarding you now with good health and increasing wisdom for choosing to serve Him and His righteousness rather than choosing to serve money. He will continue to sustain you now and in Heaven you will have a very great reward for your faithfulness.
    Thank you and MERRY CHRIST-MAS!!!
    Brother Bob

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Absolutely Bob!!

  16. tim mcgraw

    “Happy Birthday Jesus.”
    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  17. Paul D Anders

    Merry Christmas and keep up the great work!

  18. tim mcgraw
    Above is the link to Rex Reed singing “I’m an Ordinary Man” in the musical “My Fair Lady.”
    Women are what they are. I can’t live without them.
    Sometimes I think of this song as I listen to it and instead of “woman” I substitute “government”, and the song works even better regarding reality.

  19. Robert Hood

    In a recent presentation, Ed Dowd reminded us that fear only exists within our own minds. The thing you fear has not happened yet. That seems like a no brainer but I had never thought about it in that way. Had I come to grips with that reality I might have saved myself from the pain of anxiety and depression I experienced 40 years ago. None of the events I feared ever materialized. Turn off your fear by turning to Jesus.

  20. Frank Murphy

    I have invented a new board game for Christmas 2022. Its called “Wreck your Country” In the Blue corner its Your President. You don’t have to have the capacity to remember your last sentence. In the red corner its the your local Congress Member. You don’t even have to be electable. In the green corner its Your Local Supreme Court Judge, you don’t even have to be literate. In the grey corner it the guys from Wall Street., you just have to have ambition with a tendency to hang around street corners while the pink corner its the MSM, you just have to be able to read. And in the black and white diamond corner its your local Central Bank, well all you need is a photo copier. The aim; is that you must bury your Country’s currency along with anything else that it says in the sealed envelope. (Please do not discuss) The attraction is that you cant loose, except that you get caught, in which case you must donate your organs to a thing called “science”. First prize;;a black and white copy of Ben Barnanke;s Nobel prize for economics. Enjoy!

    • Shiloh1

      I agree that they aren’t stupid idiots or making a mistake. Can you imagine someone taking a multiple choice SAT / ACT test for 4 hours and getting every answer wrong? No, they know exactly what they are doing to destroy the country.

  21. James Hascomb

    Hi Greg,

    Regarding the word, ‘hyperbole’, it’s pronounced, high-PER-bo-lee, or HIGH-per-bo-lee.

    People say it both ways, but it’s not HIGH-per-bowl.

    Here is a link on the pronunciation:

    Great interview, as usual.

    Merry Christmas

  22. Steve Liversage

    Merry Christmas Greg,as always great job

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christ mas to you and yours too!!

    • john beasley

      I say “hyper-bowl”, and I have a dual major BA and 3 masters degrees. Of course, I am from Mississippi and Florida and my family has been from the South since 1737. What do I know.

      • TW

        That is not how you say the word, certainly not in Received Pronunciation, the accent traditionally associated with the standard and most prestigious form of British English.

  23. Barry w Nicholson

    It was NEVER the Russians…It has Always been the Federal Reserve, Politicians and Bankers in the US and Euro that are at the root of all the EVIL…Save yourself and watch closely to get out of the way as very soon the Mushroom cloud will appear…..

  24. Ray

    My Brother Greg,
    Such a wonderful wrap up prior to Jesus’ Birthday……thank you mate.
    You know……with all the work you do……and the way in which you do it, your presence at the table of the Lord is assured.
    Hahlehlulia !!!!
    I am still working on mine, and I hope to get there.
    If I am allowed into Heaven at the end of my life, I hope God will grant me the honour of shining your shoes every single Heavenly Day.
    Merry Christmas mate.
    Keep throwing out that GLORIOUS left jab.
    Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Brother Ray!!!!
      Brother Greg

  25. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  26. Robert

    Hello Greg. Another good news presentation. All I can say is may God bless you for your tireless works. Here is another one of those links.


    Blessings Robert

  27. Gary Horn

    Greg, I think I mentioned it once before months ago (and I still feel that way) about Dr Cole, who is currently making the rounds for interviews . I believe he has a agenda to propagate a certain point of view advantageous to some in high places. I say this because I think he is one of those folks similar to those Karen Kingston described as telling 90 percent truth in order to help inject a bit of disinformation along with it. In this case, that disinformation would be that there is no graphene oxide (no nano chips) found in the vaccine, or in the blood of those vaccinated. This being prooosed, in spite of findings throughout the world from others who have already discovered these particles whose presence Dr Cole is trying to disavow. It’s all part of a deep state disinformation agenda, I believe, to then blame the adverse reactions the vaccinated are suffering only on mRNA technology.

    • A Anthanovich


      Yes, I agree with you about Cole. I thought he was on the side of “Good”, until he did his dog & pony show with Del Bigtree. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s been compromised.


  28. Martin Coombs

    Greg. Once again thank you for what you do. That said I agree with caf ( I knew not to believe their lies on the plandemic & the poison v. ) so if I knew so should of djt. In my opinion if djt is to come back ? Or WHO ever is to come to be the SO called saviour & make arrests & bring SO called mass awakening & justice etc ( if you say yeah or whoever says justice is here we’ve done it etc) they will be decieved, it is written that this is how it will play out, they cry out for him, & fall for it hook line & sinker ( pitfall) DONT Be DECIEVED.God bless y’all merry Christmas from uk 🙏❤️🕊Jesus saves 🙏

  29. Tommy

    You mentioned Ed Dowd. It’s been awhile since he was on. It would be great to get an update from him. I know there has been a huge increase in “unexplained deaths” among the working age population (18-64). I wonder how many of that age group may have become disabled. Since we are having a huge problem getting workers these deaths and disabilities would play a huge role in the labor shortage.

  30. James PTY

    The Arizona ballets were printed on 20 inch paper, but the printed image was formatted at 19 inches so the machines could not read them, and they were kicked out.

    HARRP did/does other things besides weather manipulation, and was created to counter the Soviet Unions woodpecker radar system. The tier one Russian/Soviet science is far advanced from tier two university taught physics. Hypersonic weapons and other things that explode are just toys compared to the hidden technology engineered using a completely different understanding of physical laws.

    I remember reading, but cannot find to confirm that vaers entry reportedly takes up to 30 minutes to complete, and times out after 20 minutes without being saved, so the process inhibits health care employees who are paid to do other things from completing.

  31. Nobody U Know

    Greetings friends- there was a book that was written many years ago by G Edward Griffin. The name of the book is, World Without Cancer: the Story of Vitamin B17. sells this product. I take 500 mg daily as a cancer preventative. You may want to investigate this for yourselves. The cancer rates are skyrocketing. I know this first hand. I work in medical profession.

  32. Jane Hill

    You can say that Again:
    Idiots and criminals are in charge of the federal government
    TOTAL & Complete Morons : Idiots and criminals are in charge of the federal government

  33. Ed Siceloff

    Thank you for the puppy story at the end. All life of course come from our heavenly Father. But the addition of a new puppy (once ya get beyond child raising years) sounds to be as much of a blessing for you as it is for me. I watch my chickens with laughter. The cats too. I’ve always had a dog. One can also watch all the wildlife, which are funny in their ways when you get to know them. I enjoy our Father’s creation directly. The stuff of mankind–not so much. As believers, we get to know a little bit about how our Father and His Son must feel about mankind.

  34. Astraea

    I am full of sadness. This Christmas seems lonely and sad for us all, but still, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in spite of the spite of those who do not believe in it, and who are doing their best to destroy our world. and make mankind miserable and degraded and cold and inhuman.
    Let us send them all to Hell, asap and have a Merry Christmas in spite of them all.

  35. andyb

    although there are numerous reports globally of athletes dropping dead at young ages, I have not seen or heard of any in this latest football (both college and pro) season, at least for any televised games. Same with all other televised sports, especially those requiring great stamina, such as NBA or NHL. Did all athletes get placebo shots of saline to keep alive the Bread and Circuses meme distraction? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • A Anthanovich

      Yes Andy, I was thinking exactly the same thing…very high probability that the high profile players were spared.


  36. Dan

    I agree Greg. 2023 will be the year for truth being revealed, glory to God. Gonna be awesome.

  37. Bill Heuschele

    You are a brave man. I thank you for that and all do.

  38. Thora

    God bless you Greg and Merry Christmas!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Thora!
      Blessings back!
      Brother Greg

  39. BDS

    Let us not forget the URANIUM ONE Deal, 2015. After a $2 Million donation to the Clinton foundation (Believe Clinton Foundation Set up by Sam Bankman Fried’s mom, Barbara Fried) H. Clinton approves Uranium deal to a Canadian/Russian owned company. Now Russia has updated their Nuclear arsenal with Clintons uranium sale.
    Now we have an excuse to update our Nuclear arsenal and start another Tax payor money laundering into the Industrial War Complex! – Barbara Fried created

  40. Truth Teller Ken

    The scams and frauds unleased upon American’s and the world is not relegated to just COVID. The prostate test commonly called PSA will not determine whether a man has or does not have prostate cancer! Richard J. Ablin, PhD is the individual who discovered the PSA molecule and has stated that it is NOT cancer specific. The test is worthless except for big medicine pushing men into additional tests and very possible needless surgery.

    Recommend reading Richard Ablin’s book – [2014] called: The Great Prostate Hoax with the subtitle: How big medicine hijacked the PSA test and caused a public health disaster!

    Be as informed as much as possible before the Medical Industrial Complex turns your life into living nightmare by misinformed medical staff. Your life will depend upon it!

  41. Kenneth

    Greg- I am a long time listener and this is only my second time commenting. I have supported your sponsors and have made numerous purchases from them, always making sure to let them know I became aware of their products through watching USA WatchDog. The first time I made a comment was subsequent to Biden being declared the winner of the 2020 election. I feel the need to comment again regarding the situation in Ukraine. I find the vast majority of what you say to be truthful, however, I believe you are somewhat misinformed on what is transpiring (especially as of late) in Ukraine. I have followed this conflict closely and personally know people that have volunteered to fight for Ukraine and have been in Ukraine for just shy of 8 months. I also have friends with deep connections to people in Ukraine and routinely follow what I believe to be real news coming out of Ukraine (as it corresponds exactly with the news being reported by other sources, including people fighting for Ukraine as foreign volunteers). I, myself, do not support Ukraine in any way and believe they are nefarious. I am typing this comment based solely on facts, from what I’ve learned about the reality of what is happening there, not my opinion. Initially, the Russian invasion went well for Russia. The Russians were able to enter Ukraine and dominate the Ukrainian defenders with relative ease. Ukraine was clearly not prepared to respond to this invasion and relied mainly on reservists and armed citizens to fight back against the Russians. By day 5 of the invasion, the Ukraine regular army was mobilized and a mandatory conscription order was declared and Ukraine began a more organized defense of their territory. I believe ‘bad information’ lead Putin to believe this invasion would be welcomed by Ukrainians (and the Ukrainian military) and the people would rally around the Russians, throw Zelensky out of office and install a pro-Russian leader all within a week. This is why civilian infrastructure, communication, power plants, etc were all left mostly unscathed. Since mobilization, activation of their regular military, thousands of foreign volunteers entering Ukraine (via Poland) and most importantly, modern military weaponry (such as the M142 Himars rocket launcher) entering service for the Ukrainian military, Ukraine HAS repelled the Russians on multiple fronts and taken the initiative in the fighting. Numerous Ukrainian cities, towns and villages HAVE BEEN retaken from the Russians. The once feared Russian Main Battlecruiser The Moskva, once considered the most powerful, modern ship in the Black Sea, has been sunk by missile strikes from Ukraine. Numerous other Russian warships have also been sunk and/ or damaged off the coast of Ukraine to the point that Russia has moved the majority of their navy either completely out of the Black Sea or as far away from Ukraine as possible within the Black Sea. Additionally, Russia has lost over a dozen Generals, killed in action. The majority of Russias elite troops sent in to Ukraine have been killed or wounded and now, what remains, are mostly Russian conscripts with little motivation to fight and Wagner Group mercenaries whom have been either pulled directly out of Russian prisons to fight or have been hired to fight. The number of Russian military soldiers that defect or refuse to fight is at an all time high and it is commonplace for Russians to abandon their equipment, which sometimes include modern battle tanks and troop transport vehicles, and simply attempt to leave the area. It’s gotten so bad for Russia that it is widely believed that a second conscription will occur sometime in January with the hopes of raising a total of 1 million total military personnel to fight in Ukraine. The instances of fighting age Russian men fleeing Russia has risen exponentially and efforts are being made to secure borders within Russia to prevent more men from fleeing the country. I am roughly the same age as you are Greg. I too grew up being told Russia is a military powerhouse and is as capable, if not more capable than the American military. Perhaps back in the days of the USSR, this was somewhat true, however now, in 2022, this simply appears to be not true. There are numerous instances of once considered superior Russian planes/ tanks/ rockets, etc being destroyed by Western made, donated military hardware. Russia has NOT achieved ‘air superiority’ in ANY areas with Ukraine and have been reduced to limited, low altitude air strikes as the fear of being shot down is a real consideration. Once feared Russian ‘super tanks’ have been destroyed en masse by Western supplied anti-tank rockets. It’s gotten so bad that numerous countries have cancelled and/ or greatly reduced their purchase orders of Russian made military hardware as a result of its poor performance on the battlefield. Compounding the loss of military hardware on the battlefield is the fact that Western imposed sanctions on Russia make it very difficult for Russia to replace equipment lost in battle in Ukraine and Russia has recently reported to have made large purchases of military munitions from NORTH KOREA. Let THAT sink in for a minute. Russia is purchasing military munitions from NORTH KOREA as their stockpiles have been depleted, as Ukraine has a seamless never ending supply of high end military hardware coming in from Western powers. As a closing thought, OF COURSE NATO and Western countries are going to continue (if not expand) their aid sent to Ukraine. Western nations are getting the best possible deal imaginable out of this conflict. Russian soldiers are being killed/ wounded, the Russian economy is being destroyed and all of this without losing a single Western soldier. OF COURSE the Ukrainian military has suffered losses in men and equipment, but that number is nowhere near as high as the losses Russia has sustained. I fully understand and accept that BOTH SIDES are guilty of propaganda and BOTH SIDES want to portray themselves as being victorious. Having followed this conflict very closely, I can say without doubt that Russian propaganda has been far worse and far more misleading than that of Ukraine. YES, I KNOW RUSSIA HAS HYPERSONIC INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILES that can readily destroy any area of their choosing. If this conflict leads to World War 3, the entire population of the world will likely be reduced to ash as there exists, at present, enough nuclear weapons to completely destroy this planet several times over and I pray to our Savior Jesus Christ that this never happens, HOWEVER, if the conflict in Ukraine remains fought with conventional weapons, Russia is facing a rather grim situation ahead. I do not know how this ends. I do not know how Russia can walk away from this and ‘save face’ in the process. What I do know is- the satanic, evil ‘leaders’ of the Western world are NOT going to even consider a peaceful resolution to this conflict and if anything, will do everything in their power to have this conflict continue until Russia is brought to her knees. I find this to be highly dangerous, as it greatly increases the likelihood of Russia ‘flipping the table over’ and resorting to launching nukes. I just wanted to try to give you what I feel to be a more honest perspective on what is really happening on the ground in Ukraine. It was hard for me to accept the fact that Russia didn’t steam-roll over Ukraine, as I too once believed the Russian military to be a superior fighting force. But the facts are the facts and Russia has had a rough time in Ukraine. May God save us all. Merry Christmas to you and yours Greg and to all of the USAWatchdog community.

    • Greg Hunter

      You friends are helping the Nazis. The EU president said a few weeks ago that Ukraine has lost 100,000 troops. 10,000 per month. That is not winning. You better hope the Russians are never backed into a corner.

      • The Seer

        Don’t believe the propaganda from that guy as his info is twisted and you can tell by it that he doesn’t have inside information.
        As your site grows there will be more distortion.
        Russia held back giving many chances for peace talks and to honor previous agreements. Since things kept going bad Russia has finally decided to take out the utilities. Not from fear or inferior weapons or personnel. How many officers had Ukraine lost? No news from the losers. The money and weapons from all over is going into DS pockets and an occasional event in pretense.
        The USA hasn’t won wars for decades and what will happen this time against a six steps ahead chess master with next in line hardliners? Where are the protesting peace flower lovers of the 60s who are now in their 70s? Things are not as they seem as there is so much underneath all of it. Raising consciousness will make more change but a healthy pineal gland is required and a sincere bold heart and a mind that can stay focused.

        • Kenneth

          Hey, “The Seer” guy. I don’t believe ANYONE except Jesus Christ, who said “ALL power in Heaven and on Earth have been given to me” knows the future or any inside ‘psychic’ information. I call you out, right here, right now and I will be 100% honest with you IF you are correct. So- without googling my name or looking me up online- tell me a few FACTS about me and/ or my life. IF you are “The Seer”, this should be no problem for you. Don’t be vague either, we all are aware of the SCAM that alleged ‘psychics’ use on people. Go ahead Seer guy, tell me some FACTS about me or my life and I promise to be honest with you if you are correct. Otherwise, don’t comment that ‘you can tell I don’t have inside information’ or whatever you were claiming to ‘know’. I operate in a world of FACTS, not feelings or opinions. I KNOW what I’ve been told and what I’ve learned. Just because you disagree with me, doesn’t open the door for you to claim you have super powers and claim my comment is false. Indulge me Seer guy, tell me something. Otherwise, please try maybe understanding that I’m merely offering a different perspective on this conflict in Ukraine. I’m giving the good people of USA Watchdog another version of what is happening in an attempt to highlight just how important this conflict REALLY IS to the good, honest, hardworking people of this ONCE great nation. I am truly afraid of Russia being frustrated to the point of ‘flipping the table’ and them launching nukes. This scares me deeply and it should scare all of us. We live in a scary world that is being run by sociopaths and psychopaths. I’m taking Catherine Austin-Fitts advice and getting involved on a local level and trying to implement change locally with the hope that it grows and spreads.

    • Diana Brown

      It is peace we need Kenneth not more escalation. We should be sending no money to Ukraine, NONE. This not for the sake of Russia, or Ukraine but for the world. The whole world. Sad that not one “representative” of the people, OUR people, are shouting that. It would seem that the goal then is to push Russia to the point of retaliation against the world, which then is the demise of everything we hold dear.

    • Lora

      I hope that Russia wins their conflict with Ukraine without nukes, so that we can stop unaccounted billions of dollars of aid to support a farce of a proxy war with Russia. If the WH/US Congress cares so much about securing the borders of Ukraine, why on earth aren’t they equally concerned about protecting our own US borders? All treasonous efforts to dismantle/weaken America (so disgusting).

    • Nick Reynolds

      You’ve written a long and possibly correct analysis. But Col. Douglas MacGregor has been right so far about everything he’s said, and I’m sticking to his narrative rather than yours. I think the violence in Ukraine is the fault of the USA and its puppets in Europe, not Russia. I also think this will end when Germany has had enough of the insanity and realizes that the US leadership is no more concerned about Europe than it is about the health of Americans in propagating “vaccine” mandates, especially for children.

    • Keith

      Kenneth where do you get your information from. The British news agency have informed me over the last 3 months that the Russians have. No ammunition left. No more drones or cruise missiles. They have no fuel for there aircraft bombers and helicopters . No winter clothing and winter food or supplies left .The Russian army refuses to fight and mutiny is widespread in the Russian army .President Putin is ill and has cancer .The Russian navy has been destroyed in the black sea . The Ukrainian army is expected to capture Crimea before December and then move North and capture Moscow before April . The Russians are using artillery and maxim machine guns from 1914-18 war. All this B\S news and since I don’t believe it I am a Putin apostle. Is this the same news agency your getting your facts from Kenneth ?

      • Greg Hunter

        The Russians have no fuel left? Please, the UK is lying to you. Your pensions are on the edge of bankruptcy and the uk government is still sending money to Ukraine. Like our government it hates “We the People.” I do not trust a work they say as like in America it is full on propaganda.

        • Keith

          Yes Greg we know they are all lying to us.The western media has ran out of B\S stories about how bad things are for the Russian army. It has come to the point that I no longer have the television on for weeks at a time. The newspapers are also just had bad. Have a good Xmas Greg and all the best for 2023 .

      • Kenneth

        I’ve been very surprised by the responses I’ve gotten from my initial comment. I have researched this conflict thoroughly and my sole intention in making my initial comment was to offer another perspective of what is going on over there. I would personally NEVER be aggressive towards someone that took time out of their busy day to try to help people see this conflict from a different perspective. I made it very clear that I DO NOT in any way support Ukraine and I hope this conflict ends soon and foreign nations immediately stop sending money and military hardware to Ukraine. Actually, IF Russian annihilated Ukraine via conventional warfare means, it would’ve been the BEST CASE SCENARIO for all of us, as it would GREATLY reduce the likelihood of Russia being frustrated and embarrassed to the point of opting to using nuclear weapons. It concerns me tremendously that, according to MY research and what I’VE been told by highly credible sources, that the Ukrainian military, ESPECIALLY as of late (with Western weapons being delivered daily), has been giving the Russian military a serious fight. For the safety and security of the rest of the world, this is the worst possible outcome. Western leaders are complete sociopaths and psychopaths that DO NOT want peace and will likely continue (if not expand) their support of Ukraine in this conflict, as they know this conflict is seriously damaging Russia’s economy and military. It’s a proxy-war being run by a complete fraud of a leader (Zelenskyy) and being funded by insane Western governments. The information I attempted to convey to the community on USA Watchdog, was given to hopefully make more people aware of what can possibly ‘go wrong’ so people can be more aware and prepare accordingly. Like anything in life, take from it what you wish or leave it. Just don’t attack the messenger.

    • Not american

      Kenneth, I didn’t read the whole nonsense. Try to find info about the neo nazis/ azov battalion. They killed Ukrainians , their own people, Russians in Ukraine. The war started in 2014. Why nobody ( the west countries) said or did anything to stop the massacres. ? Go back to 2021 and read the newspapers from the west countries where the main headlines were screaming about the most corrupted country – UKRAINE.
      Zelenskij sold his people and his country for billions and billions. Also, who drives the last models of BMW, Bentley, Mercedes in Europe? Of course the Ukrainians. Wake up, Kenneth.
      P.S. English is not my first language.

      • Kenneth

        I made it very clear in my comment that I DO NOT support Ukraine in any way. I do not want our government or any other government or institution sending money or weapons or ANYTHING to Ukraine. I pray for peace. I too am disgusted by the actions of our government. I do, however, have friends that unfortunately have ‘drank the Koolaid’ and volunteered to fight for Ukraine as they believe Ukraine was wrongfully attacked by its neighbor, Russia. This is certainly NOT a reflection of my beliefs. I am a student of history and continually seek out honest information. This is one of the reasons I’ve been a long time supporter of USA Watchdog. I fully understand that every ‘deal’ or ‘treaty’ Western Nations have made with Russia, the same Western Nations have later ignored or backed out of. In the The 1991 Belgrade Agreement, the USA assured Russia that Ukraine would NEVER be permitted to join NATO, as the Russians KNEW Western Powers would dispatch first strike nukes on the Ukrainian/ Russian border and just as the USA would never allow Russia to join forces with Mexico and put first strike nukes on the border with the USA, Russia wouldn’t tolerate that either. Of course, our complete idiots in Washington repeatedly and haphazardly commented, on the world stage, that they encourage Ukraine to join NATO, of course causing instantaneous additional tensions with Russia. I honestly believe the USA is being run by complete idiots at this point. The 1991 Budapest Agreement was made subsequent to the fall of the USSR. This agreement stated all Russian made nuclear weapons would be removed from Ukraine and Ukraine would never have the capacity to have nuclear weapons moving forward. This agreement was likely made because the Russians realized Ukraine would likely be swayed towards Western nations and the Russians rightly wanted assurances that the West wouldn’t deploy nukes aimed at them, right on their border. The Russians also wanted assurances that Ukraine would remain neutral. In 1992 an agreement was made stating that the Western Powers would NOT create any bio-labs in Ukraine. I think it only took Western Powers a year or so to violate that agreement. In fact, Victoria Nuland later admitted, under oath, that Western Powers DID have bio-labs in Ukraine, under Western control. In 2015 the Minsk Agreement and later the Minsk 2 Agreement, both stated that Russian citizens would NOT be attacked in the Donbas Region (by Ukraine). Ukrainian military groups (some of which apparently have Nazi ideologies) routinely attacked Russian civilians living in the Donbas region both prior to, during and after BOTH Minsk agreements. My point is- Western Powers have made it very clear that making treaties and/ or agreements with Western Nations, especially the USA, are futile. I fully understand why Russia was left no alternative but to invade Ukraine. Anyone who actually took the time to READ my initial comment would know I do not support Ukraine in any way. What I do support is truthful reporting of news coming out of the region itself. I can say with absolute certainty that Western Powers WANT this conflict to continue as it continues to destroy the Russian economy and the Russian military. Ukraine is receiving high-tech Western Military hardware in significant quantity as well as obtaining hundreds of pieces of Russian military equipment which was abandoned by Russian soldiers. If you actually do your own research into this conflict, you will quickly learn that Russia has made some horrible mistakes in this conflict, such as mistakenly air-dropping their most elite Spetsnaz unit directly into the Black Sea where they all immediately froze to death, air-dropping another TWO Spetsnaz units into a Ukrainian airport in an attempt to seize said airport from Ukrainian control only to have their artillery and ground attack missile AND air support completely miss the Ukrainian military base in the area and subsequently , all Spetsnaz soldiers killed or captured (in a single day), to having their most modern battle-cruiser ‘The Moskva’ (once known as The Carrier Killer) sank in the Black Sea by Western provided, Ukrainian fired missiles. The main point to my initial comment made on this subject was made simply to provide another point of view over this conflict and encourage you to do your own research into this matter. You will soon see for yourself that Ukraine is NOT being annihilated by Russia, ESPECIALLY as of late, mainly because Western provided military hardware IS reaching Ukraine and IS making a big difference. This should scare each and every one of us. I research this conflict because of my belief that IF Russia would’ve annihilated Ukraine through conventional warfare means, Russia would NOT feel threatened in any way and would be highly unlikely to resort to using Nuclear weapons. The fact that Russia, especially in recent months, has been having a really rough time in Ukraine, I believe greatly INCREASES the likelihood of this conflict going nuclear. IF Russia resorts to using nuclear weapons, I fear every human being on this planet faces the very real possibility of being turned to ash, as the result of Russia using nuclear weapons would likely result in World War 3. May cooler heads prevail. We can only hope and pray. I am fully aware that Zelenskyy is a complete sell out and has betrayed his people. Horrible things have happened, are happening and likely will happen in Ukraine. It’s quite sad. I’m just a guy that likes to know what is REALLY happening around me and hopefully prepare accordingly as my family depends on me for their safety. Keep up the EXCELLENT work Greg. You and the wonderful guests you’ve had on USA Watchdog have kept me and my family away from the ‘clot shots’ and have got me interested in the value of holding assets outside of the banking system. Don’t hate the messenger for the message, I’ve done a tremendous amount of research into this conflict and have learned there’s a lot more going on than is being revealed. Merry CHRISTmas to you Greg and to all the USA Watchdog community.

  42. Rmbrumley Lt. Col USMC (ret.)

    Merry Christmas to the Ultimate American Patriot

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks very much Rod!! Merry Christ mas!!

  43. David Larsen

    Merry Christmas Greg! Thank you so much. I can’t adequately describe how much your presence and actions mean to me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David! You just did!

  44. JR

    An ominous developement occurred in the Fl Keys yesterday, considering the old patent news about the projected aerosol deployment of a “vaccine” for the bat caves in China to “protect” against corona spreading to humans.

    The skies in the Keys were loaded with sprayed aerosols thousands of feet BELOW the natural water-based clouds.

    If others have “noticed” this obvious change – please corroborate.

    • andyb

      Very doubtful:
      Florida is only 200 miles wide and has prevailing winds that constantly flow in all directions; not in any way conducive to aerosol sprays to be in any way effective. Plus too many of the elites have residences or own property in Florida. I live in SoFla AND HAVE NEVER SEEN THE CRISS CROSSED SKIES so prevalent in other areas of the country.

      • Stinking Bull

        Geoengineering watch dot org would disagree with you. They can pinpoint the earosol cloud wherever they want to.

      • JR

        I actually know a little about Florida, skies and jet aircraft, having personally watched the first commercial airliner ( Eastern Airlines) land in Miami airport in the early ’50s from the “Dressel’s Dairy” west end of the airport ; and, later, directed fighter jets on straffing and high-drag bombing runs in close air support of my operations during the late ’60’s. I know aerosols from condensate trails regardless of humidity or altitude. Chemtrails are not always grid pattens, especially over the Keys.

        What concerns me is that these were well below the clouds, so the purpose was not to prevent rain – and it didn’t. Their logical purpose seemed to be that they were intended to spread out as usual, then be carried by the subsequent rain to the ground. It was dead still and it rained shortly after the spraying. If that was indeed the mission, then it was unfortunately successful.

  45. Da Yooper

    Fine wrap up Greg

    A thought occurred to me while watching you today. When all the info of this bio-weapon comes out & the GDP ( generally dumb public) is , are freaking out about it – what will TPTB be using these events to distract us from something worse? They must have something up their sleeve.

  46. Fred Engel

    We are losing in Ukraine according to former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, by the time the patriot missiles get on the battlefield, the war will be over. Each battery takes 90 men, the patriots don’t work they didn’t work in the gulf war, they didn’t shoot down any Iraq scuds. They shot down more allied aircraft and were unable to protect Saudis Aramco oil fields. Thank you, Greg Merry Christmas.

    • jon

      Hi Fred, Any high profile western weapons systems like Patriot, F16-35, Abrams etc. Will be specifically targeted. The Patriot is not that big a deal if taken out. But F16s, Abrams would be a PR disaster. The Patriot missiles max speed in mach 4. The Russian missile systems are over 5 plus mach. They can target, lock and take out Patriot with little problem. Very difficult to engage in a target that is going multiple times mach than your systems can fly.

  47. jon

    Hi Greg, I think we know, but tend to forget. Ukraine has been a major crime scene for years. From human trafficking, drug running, weapons running, money laundering etc. We know that many western political families, bigdens, kearrys, pilosis etc etc…. were involved with Ukraine inner sanctum. The longer the war can go on and destroy more. The evidence is also getting destroyed. Zoolenski probably has evidence and is able to garner more money from the western politicians. I think this would be connecting the dots 101.

  48. Jeanne

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Greg. Thank You for another outstanding year of professionally reporting the real news and telling the truth. You are a bright light in my life. God Bless You and your family and I wish you all the best in 2023. The American Patriots love you for having the courage to tell the truth. GOD BLESS YOU ✝️👼✝️

  49. Sandra McIntosh

    Merry Christmas Greg, I pray that you and your family have a wonderful holiday
    Thank you for your excellent reporting….I really appreciate you.

  50. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    Merry Christmas!
    Thank you for all you do and God bless!

  51. Marty

    There is no Red.
    There is no Blue.
    They’ve combined to form the Purple Uniparty,
    to screw you.

  52. Kay

    I am grateful for all the brave people on USA Watchdog that educate us. Thank you, Mr. Hunter. You are a courageous man. I am so glad you are on God’s side! Christmas Blessings to everyone, and hope we all have a fruitful New Year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kay,

  53. Joe

    There is no doubt, we are ruled by criminals. And they are stealing us blind.

  54. Joe

    This is beyond outrageous. Greg, is there any chance you could interview this woman? Or if not, maybe the Epoch times reporter who wrote the article?

  55. Maria Das Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter for all you have done this and throughout the years I have had the good luck to follow.
    A Merry CHRISTMAS to you and your family and your wonderful viewers.

    Here in the UK our hospitals have become quite the opposite of what we expected. The bioweapon has been and is being imposed on patients ,those needing cancer treatment at Clatterbridge Hospital near Liverpool (UK) have to have the bioweapon and the “doctors” are somewhat surprised by the jump in deaths this year! Similarly,if you are over 65 years old and no longer a net tax contributor, and you have the unfortunate need for hospital you are pursued by “specialist” nurses to have a DNR (do not resuscitate ) note on your notes,all nicely signed, and if you are over 68years old you can be put on the “end of care ” pathway with Diamorphine HCl and Midazolam in the drip,so that you are no longer a burden .Just to show how cheap life here is ,this comes with a £360 grant to encourage this work. Of course the silence around this deafening and Nursey Ratchet is adored as she goes around taking life within minutes.This is of course endemic in the community and with a bad flu season all neatly camouflaged!
    Still Christmas is here and the impoverished (most of us plebs) can only window shop in awe as the rich splash us as they drive past in their Rolls Royces . Our democracy is a joke and corruption is on steroids and neither political parties are worth the salt.
    So Our Lord and Saviour born in abject poverty ,Jesus Christ, is being celebrated only by the rich and the poor have their collective noses rubbed in it. The optics of this just don’t sit.
    From a wet UK thanks to all .

  56. Lady Au Stackers United

    When members of Congress are exempt from the mandate clot shots foisted upon the citizens of the USA by the Biden administration, that should be a huge Red Flag Warning not to take the experimental injections to begin with. As for me, I am so glad I have a healthy skepticism of government controlling what I can and cannot do. Of course, my beliefs are solidified by websites such as USA Watchdog. I never would have gotten through this madness without Greg Hunter’s investigative reports. And I finally bought Ivermectin to keep in my medicine cabinet! By the grace of God since this Covid fiasco began, I have not been sick yet.

  57. Dave

    As Gerald Celente has said for years – we have a uni-party. The omnibus bill proved that again. Sadly, conservative don’t get that and every election cycle vote for Republicans. Today controlled conservative media is bemoaning what the GOP and saying we’ll get rid of the RINOs next election. Notice that never happens. The RINOs are in control more than ever. Usually, these omnibus bills get 14 or so GOP votes. This one got 18! Tom Cotton is a neo-con Deep Stater who has ties to the military industrial complex. He cares about Ukraine border but not the US border. He couldn’t bring himself to offer an amendment to block the military from doing away with Mam and Sir as they are preparing to do. The GOP couldn’t reinstate Title 14 as part of the bill? The bill funds the woke agenda in a massive way. Including studies into reparations which, BTW, California is about to approve.

    Notice how the RINOS and Levin and Hannity and Hugh Hewitt and Cotton and most other establishment conservative are trashing Gaetz and the others. Blaming them for the omnibus fiasco. That is gaslighting. The 12 or so House members who may not vote for McCarthy are the true conservatives. It’s telling that mcConnell and Schumer are praising McCarthy as someone they can work with.

    Greg – try to get Celente on again. Also try to get Dr. Michael Savage too. He was the only national host to oppose Bush’s war and was trashed for that by controlled conservative media. He basically was blackballed by the Limbaugh’s. He had a hard time fining sponsors but finally did and noteworthy was his lineup of sponsors was totally different from that of the Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin cartel. When Laura Ingram first got her Fox show she appeared on Savage’s radio program and invited him to guest on her new show. It never happened – Hannity blocked it. Savage is a renaissance man and would be a great guest. He reminds me of Gerald Celente.

  58. George

    Austin a cigarette butt 🤣😂 Merry Christmas Greg

  59. Cynthia Wilson

    Greg, this is the second time I’ve commented on this particular issue. I do love you and your work and you are my Christian brother, but I vehemently disagree on your view that Trump didn’t know about the deadly effects of this bio weapon. I know you want to believe this, but it’s not true and very naive of you. Who wants to believe that Trump KNEW? I certainly don’t! But this doesn’t change the facts. You need to do a thorough research on Trump’s lineage and background. Once you do that, your eyes will be open as to his part in all of this! (At BEST, if Trump didn’t know, he SHOULD’VE KNOWN!) So he is without excuse! Please don’t excuse him! You don’t excuse anyone else when it comes to these bio weapons! Remember, Trump is running again in ’24 because he is the PERFECT CANDIDATE for DECEIVING CHRISTIANS who still falsely believe he is going to somehow SAVE AMERICA, when America is under GOD’S JUDGMENT for all of her sins and corruption! Please Greg, don’t be one of them! America is going down and it NEEDS TO! All we can do is “Come out of her, my people! and Be ye separate! Please, please wake up, that Trump is NOT our friend! Thanks for listening.

    • Greg Hunter

      What is your source or fact that proves Trump was in on the genocide of millions of people?
      Please post it here.

      • Johnny


        If Clinton, Obama, or Biden had presided over the medical tyranny of 2020 & proudly claimed ownership of the KillShot you wouldn’t be making excuses for them.

        We’ll probably never know how much Trump knew about the KillShot.

        We do know that he’a proud of and pushed the KillShot, criticized states and foreign countries for not locking down long and hard enough, and remains silent and complicit about the widespread damage his KillShot is causing.

  60. Rodger

    The U.S. is giving Ukraine a total of 100 billion dollars. Did you know the entire Russia military budget in 2022 is only 75 billion dollars!!! The insanity has to stop!!

    • Pete+only

      Rodger, a large portion of this $100 billion however actually gets funnelled back to the U.S for corrupt politicians, judges, the FBI and the CIA, Legacy Media, and others, otherwise the narrative will collapse.
      Some gets used for weapons manufacturers or contractors, but very little gets to the poor people of Ukraine.

  61. Catherine Cronin

    Could you please ask Karen Kingston about the origins of the Omicron infection. I am talking about the original one in November 2021. There are many theories surrounding this infection. I am not sure that if you haven’t had the vaccine, you naturally immunized from that infection and Covid 19 variants to come? It seems as though the latest batch of omicron infections is less serious but it seems it leaves lots of spike proteins in your body. Can you please ask her what her take on Omicron is? Thank You

    • Greg Hunter

      Think “bioweapon,” that is your source.

    • J. Loughran

      KK sticks to the script of the patents. Check out GigaohmBiological for discussion of colds and whether or not modern societies have weaponized it.
      Fear-not by not bestowing omnipotence to our feigning imcompetent rulers. Christo Rey.

    • Doug

  62. Dan

    Prior to being elected Trump was one of the few public figures to express skepticism about vaccine.

    There were even rumors that Baron Trump was vaccine-injured.

    Trump wants to be known as the father of the clot-shots.

    No more lame excuses!

  63. W Phillips

    Might not want to close the southern border in case we need to run across it.

    • Raymond J


      Merry Christmas Greg.

  64. tibor

    terrific show.
    thank u

  65. William Baxley

    IMHO. We need to adjust our thinking regarding practicing phonies wearing white coats in hospitals. They are not doctors, nor nurses. They are hospitalists. Doctors decide how to treat patients. Employees of hospitals process patients for highest profit margin. If it means your death, they could not care less while a profit is in play.

  66. DEE K.

    Merry Christ-mas Greg!! Is is terrible that Walgreens has a commercial for the “clot shot”. I see it almost every morning when watching some TV. It seems like the commercial started in December.

  67. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg for your weekly perspective. I appreciate all your efforts. Merry Christmas to you and Yours.

  68. tim


  69. iwitness02

    Can’t see the truth for the lies/ Can’t see the Forrest for the trees.
    I too feel the frustration and feel the agitation.
    But, for many people this is a hard sell for the reasons stated above.
    It’s like there is a widespread presence of Stockholm Syndrome.
    It is a mind blowing experience to witness this.

  70. Linda

    In light of the twitter files outing the intelligence community’s treason against Americans, I wrote letters to my state AG to urge him to protect our Constitutional rights by filing charges against Twitter and to my state senator to vote against the raping and looting bill that funded Ukraine through the end of the year. He voted for it. I wrote letters to every military base commandant in the country last year when they instituted the death shot, including Loyd Austin. It feels like China here. I pray they find God before God’s wrath destroys them. I’m grateful I have Jesus and Happy Jesus’ birthday.

  71. FreeBirdJohnny

    Not just Ivermectin anymore.
    Was just reading about Panacur C (de-wormer) being widely and successfully used to fight cancer per the Joe Tippens Protocol…if you have cancer, it’s worth trying.

    • Jean Jacoby

      The Joe Tippens Protocol is being taken by a close family member. When cancer metastasized to the hip, discovered by a scheduled bone scan, and after taking chemo and immunotherapy, he looked for another treatment. Three months after taking Panacur-C (1 GM), his repeat-bone scan, showed no further cancer to the hip.
      The drug is Fenbendazole and is $7.49 for 3 days. There is another manufacturer Merck, that makes Safeguard (1 GM) and it costs $2.00 less for the 3 days. It’s taken each week for 3 days and off for 4 days. Please read Joe’s story, it’s short and very inspiring. His Oncologist gave him only weeks to months to live, he is still alive today qnd is well.

  72. Lora

    Hi Greq
    They say that the money being drained from US tax payers is for war in Ukraine, however not a penny of these funds are being accounted for (treason). Billions of dollars of are being drained from the US and dispersed among a handful of thieves for devious reasons, which do not benefit Americans in any manner, while our corrupt Congress on both sides sit back
    doing nothing but collecting bribes. This info. is becoming common knowledge now and spoken of frequently, and so why isn’t something being done to save America?

  73. Stephen

    Wether it was 911 “ the patriot act “ or one of many 4K pages of crap the passed , I don’t think they are doing what “ they “ are doing if they didn’t think they would get away wit it. It’s all one bird. Two wings. It’s going to go where it wants. So glad someone else feels “ things “ like I’ve been. If I could figure it out. Rump should have. Stay strong, know one is coming to save us. ! We the people are going to have to do it.

  74. Justn Observer

    Greg, Friday news dump not see on MSM =

    Prayers for those held in ‘political prison’ in D.C. and their families over the Christmas holidays….

  75. Dean O

    Thanks Greg, Your one of only a few news sources we bother listening to anymore. Especially support how you share the “Good News” each time. I need more info on the proper use of chlorine dioxide. After your interview with Dr. Eads we have procured some but need info on safe dosage . Any help would be appreciated. Merry Christmas!

  76. Nick Reynolds

    Merry Christmas, Greg. Thank you for all your efforts, especially raising the alarm against the so-called “vaccine” and its mandates. When your government makes it very difficult to take a safe, FDA approved, Nobel prize-winning substance, and instead tries to force you to be injected with the government’s “vaccine,” then that government can in no way be described as either democratic, intelligent, or free – or, for that matter, sustainable.

  77. Susan R

    Merry Christmas to all. I have been a dog person since childhood and have not lived without one since. No disrespect with this, but spell dog backwards. There have been times no one could console me but my dog. Of course, God’s spirit comes through dogs as well.
    Your point Greg about facing where we are now being more than difficult, is true. With yours and a few others reporting truth, I have assimilated to a point of acceptance and feel no fear, only concern for those who are not aware.

  78. Joseph

    Geoengineering for high-altitude solar radiation mitigation? Giving us featureless grey skies which block the sun which gives us vitamin D…which aids our natural immunity.
    Geoengineering’s yet another bioweapon.

  79. Stephen

    Thank You GREG , the number of lives you’ve saved . ! Amen ! Fear Not !!!! May Our Father bless you ! And the generations that follow !!!!

  80. Eli

    God Bless you, Greg! Merry Christmas! ☦️🎄🎁😊🎉

  81. Nanc

    Hi Greg!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus! 🎄☃️
    I love your podcasts and look forward to them each week. No matter how horrible the news is, I always leave with a smile as I love your wit and sense of humor.
    Wishing you and your family and new puppy a wonderful Christmas season 🌲.
    Stay warm and God bless you.

  82. Concerned Citizen

    Happy Christmas Greg.

    When corrupt attorneys and judges are protecting Hispanics and Illegals, you know American institutions have failed. It’s under White majority that have allowed the decline of America. It’s the WHITE majority that favors Hispanics and the Illegals know this.

    I witness how a corrupt WHITE judge, MICHAEL J. RASMUSSEN in California ruled in favor of Hispanics, but not base on evidences and is racists towards other groups that aren’t Hispanics. Rasmussen was yelling at a Black woman, but was smirking to TANIS and BYRON Hernandez during a trial. Either he is being paid under the table by Hispanic attorneys friends, I.e. BYRON HERNANDEZ or is making secret deals.

    There are legitimate speculations that there’s a secret attorney club where the attorneys meet together and make secret deals before any trial begins, if their fellow attorneys business is involved as defendants in a case.

    There is a lot corruptions California.

    Public paid attorneys and judges are abusing their position and should be removed ASAP. Why should tax payers pay for corrupt judges to abuse his or her position?

  83. Paula

    Re: 18 senators who voted for 1.7 trillion Omnibus according to Greg Price @greg_price11
    as seen on Twitter:
    Blunt, Boozman, Capito, Collins, Cornyn, Cotton, Graham, Inhofe, McConnell, Moran, Murkowski, Portman, Romney, Rounds, Shelby, Thune, Wicker, Young

  84. Rumbleflash

    In todays UK postings on telegram,
    Many many doctors are now demanding to stop the jabs right now!

  85. Felix

    GOD bless you greg for your straight foward commentary,yes our bothers and sisters have been harmed for all the satanic powers that pushed this poison on the people that believe their bs.We all celebrate the birth of the savior he is the truth and the light.Love your families and our fellow man even if their stupid.These satanist know how to divide everyone,they will burn for eternity.GOD bless all the patriots of this country.GOD.FAMILY,COUNTRY we are in the fight of our lives and country.Stay strong my friends

  86. Glenn

    Hi Greg. I agree with several dissenting opinions about Trump. He is not to be trusted. In many forums he is exalted as the “savior” , the one who will clean up the swamp and basically save everything and everyone from the evil that is happening. As CAF said, the deep state is a ” machine” that has placed its interests in all camps. No one becomes president without their “approval”. What may happen in the long run , short or longer term, is that Biden is dumped and Trump takes over after political scandals come to light even more. It would be extremely dangerous to think that Trump is the “saviour”. It could be a very sour lesson. What can be discussed is also Putin’s role and Russia’s war with Ukraine. There is no tendency to talk peace or ceasefire although Russia can seemingly crush Ukraine whenever it wants. For some reason, Putin is not putting in enough effort to make NATO and Ukraine a fait accompli. This leads me to believe that Putin is “one of them” . On that theory, we are looking at a long war – perhaps several years. The consequences are a degraded Europe. Food could be a big problem, as could energy, which is in the 2030 Agenda’s sub-goals. An Estonian historian, also an expert on the Freemasons – Yuri Lina – said in an interview that Kissinger had appointed Putin and so it was. There is further information that Putin and Kissinger are “close friends”.
    Note also that even in Russia there has been a strong push for vaccinations. Warning signs.

    So, we are possibly surrounded by leaders who are playing games with us without us realizing. Distractions everywhere. Another train of thought on my part is all the thousands , maybe tens of thousands of clips that are churned out per week/month with all sorts of different content that spices up and polarizes. Who does this ? Who makes these often professional videos. The thought occurs to me that there is a “gang” that deliberately uploads these videos to fuel fear and create chaos in people’s minds.

    I am also becoming more and more aware of markers and symbols that are visible in our everyday lives , or are shown by mostly “celebrities” and people in power. Often Freemason symbols. In other words my interpretation is that we now have a spiritual war , nothing else. Evil against good.

    And Greg. You were on the subject of climate. It is not widely known in the West that we have now entered a 30 year period of colder weather. The weather is going to go crazy everywhere. BUT it will be like the little ice age in the northern latitudes. Parts of Europe and the US will be in the shit. Massive crop failure could be the case.

    Search for Valentina Charkova mathematician from Ukraine. She is on youtube with several interesting clips.Scientifically proven too. In Asia this Grand Solar minimum event is more famous. The activity of the sun has changed. Having said that, I think our leaders know what is happening with the Grand Solar Minimum and have future weather disasters as an argument that it is us humans who need to be ” controlled via climate change policies.

    Greg. Thank you for your commitment. I look forward to every interview you arrange. And again , if you can get Walter Veith on interview you have a great man who will explain pedagogically what is happening from a biblical perspective.



    Great wrap up. I disagree with one thing you said, and that is “we can’t do anything about it”.
    Oh, but we Can. But people haven’t had enough pain yet. We need more pain.
    Then and only then, will the State Militias be mentioned in back rooms. Then the idea of taking back the country by force will finally be realized as the only way to deal with it.
    Why? For the same reason we left Europe and founded America. And had a war to kick those who would repress us here, back to their awful hell hole.
    Unfortunately, the Bankers followed us here and got their claws in us.
    Now we have to kick out the traitors and the Central Bank Cabal. They will not go quietly. When people finally realize this, and it sinks in that if we don’t do it, we will be slaves to the CB’s for a couple hundred years. IMHO, there’s No other answer.
    We just have to be pushed far enough.

  88. Janice Bechdolt

    Lot of Republicans did not attend Zelenskys speech. He still got money, billions for now . Dems are rushing through all kinds of bills before Repubs take House. Will be so glad to see the traitor J6 Repubs….Bye bye Liz

    New Repub. majority whip and replace McConnell in senate would be great.

  89. Tony

    I’ve been a big supporter and still am of you brother but I just want to say In case you didn’t notice you got more responses of people chiming in about the truck that everyone can see but the ones who are letting trump blind them with his sprang of I’m gonna fix it when I get back. Truth is he’s just using this to make money Catherine is correct he knew, do some real research on trumps blood line he’s in one of the thirteen bloodlines that run the world he just played the good guy to help bring patriots into the trap that they have all set. My grandfather created a term I never truly understand till these last few years and it was (educated idiot ) I’ve seen more of them these days simple because they don’t want to face the truth. Trump is in on the shit and that gonna be the down fall of a lot of people. I’ll bet you a years salary trump never speaks out against the vax, he can’t he’s not allowed. Dont let what I’m saying make you angry please. Just do some research on trumps true blood line I was a believer in him to.

  90. Janice Bechdolt

    P.S. Florida hospitals asked Florida legislature to pass a bill giving them immunity
    from liability due to any covid protocols and they passed a bill and gave it to them.
    Otherwise they would all go bankrupt so wonder how this grand jury is going to
    affect this…..??? So they are going after the mfgs which is probably the right way
    to go to compensate people. Don’t want bankrupt hospitals as need them to treat

  91. jon

    Wasn’t Kathy Griffin the Hollywood person that was holding a fake severed head of President Trump and also part of the Ilk that chastised Trump’s son and wife endlessly?
    Poetic justice I think.

  92. Joyce

    Greg you mentioned Cyber Ninja’s on the AZ audit – I recently saw Doug Logan (he was owner of Cyber Ninja’s). He has been sued, banned, and persecuted to the point he has lost everything. He is bankrupt.

    I believe he would be happy to speak with you and give you the facts on what happened in the AZ audit if you were to contact him. I found him to be very forthright and transparent with what he could talk about.

  93. FreeMpg

    One of Musk’s best interviews was a few months ago with the Babylon Bee, a Christian satire site. At the end, they asked Elon if he’s accepted Jesus as his personal savior. Musk said, “Who am I to stand in his way.”

  94. Brian Dougan

    Bankman-Fried….Makes the late Bernie Madoff seem like a small time hood. Bernie died in prison. Fried ought to be taking his place. Where is the outrage?

  95. The Canuck

    A Merry Christmas from Canada to all the patriots on this forum of truth. Keep the torch lit !
    Thanks for all you do Greg.

  96. Ira Elliott

    It seems the bad guys always win. I’m starting to give up. Does God not care? I don’t believe he does anymore and I’m having a hard time having faith.

  97. Coal Burner

    Greg: I just got the chance to listen to the CAF interview. How great was that!!! I will have to go back and watch that several times.

    Are other vaccine shots contaminated with mRNA and the garbage in the covid shot?

    This question has been touched upon but I have not heard any concrete answers. The Doctors or Karen Kingston would be the people to try to answer. I no longer trust
    Flu Shots and every other “Vaccine”. In New Mexico the idiots at our numbskull health department are still telling people to get their kids the Covid Bio-Weapon shots. “Go ahead take a good odds chance of killing or maiming your kids”, is what I hear them say. But what about other shots, flu etc. I heard mRNA was being put in them, is that true? Are these other shots contaminated with the garbage in the covid shot. shots?
    Thanks Greg!

  98. Rustker7

    On another note …..HeadS up.
    Lake Mead is now a zone that needs a permit to film there now. No citizen journalism there anymore. You now have too apply for a permit from government to film there, complete with questions about where you publish and why.
    Scuttle butt is that they will ban personal boats as well soon.

  99. Rustler7

    Greg…. Trump cannot attack Buries because of Scott Atlas.
    SCOTT ATLAS tried with all his might to change the narrative in the covid task force and got derailed in every way.
    This scam-demic was beyond the skills of the “Art of the deal” because it is an agenda from the devil itself. Trump surrendered his presidency.
    READ SCOTT ATLAS BOOK. and then have him on. You won’t regret it.

  100. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks for the constant fight to bring the truth. Personal note; Considering all the issues of the world around us i recently applied for a maintenance job as a pipefitter. I got the call to start the paperwork and should start around the end of January (background check and such). It’s on a federal site and should have some steady funding- not at all like new construction and the ups and downs of that. Greg, you helped reinforce the need to avoid the shots and have all kept us aware of the pending economic storm clouds. The news you bring does indeed help folks to make informed decisions. I am of the opinion this is preemptive positioning for what could turn very ugly for the next few years. Thanks for making a difference!
    P.S. It would be nice to hear someone explain about fertilizer tea options.

  101. Jeff Harrison

    Trump cannot run for President if he is under an open Indictment. They are going to Indicte him because it will STOP HIM!

  102. Jan, from Budapest - Europe

    Greetings from Budapest, Hungary, Europe

    Thank you for you continued hard work, Greg.

    While I have listened to your interviews and your wrap-ups, I’m left with this big question: WHY?

    You have many tidbits of information through your interviews, the dots makes a pattern. What’s going on, the jabs, the war in Ukraine, the weather modifications, the weakening of the US military, the influx over your borders, the money printing and support of the War on Russia, etc.

    All those things lead one to think, this is concerted and willed in order to destroy America and kill as many citizen as possible. I do believe we all understand, if America fall, we all fall.

    Even now, with more than 5 billion humans with one or more jabs, they apparently don’t die quickly enough. It seems that TPTB want a WWIII with Russia and China to reduce the numbers of humans faster and to a greater extent.

    Again WHY?

    I hope you don’t mind me mention Steve Quayle. He was on Hagmann saying that during the COP 27, which you covered with Alex Newman. Quayle said that they also had a secret event where an individual was crowned, but not revealed. Quayle’s contention is that this is the Anti-Christ’s inauguration and they need a WWIII to put him on the scene in Public to introduce OWG and start of building the third temple in Jerusalem.

    So, the question: Is all the things we see done against humanity, is that all a prelude for the accession of the AC. I do believe they know their time is short, and therefore the frantic actions to launch the NWO and OWG, to first create chaos and then order out of chaos, the Luciferian way.

    They know their time is short, because our Lord and Saviour Jesus is coming soon. The first time he came as Saviour, he came to give us an off ramp from the highway to hell, by believing in His atonement on the cross on our behalf for our sins.

    Soon he will return, as Judge this time, and TPTB knows this and will hide in caves (read bunkers) and ask the mountains to fall on them, because they know they have to face Jesus and justice. Perhaps they are deluded enough to believe Lucifer will win?
    Do they really believe they will rule a world of less than 500 million surviving non-believers, where the elite will enjoy great days with Lucifer and the serfs will provide for all their needs?

    Revelation 6:12-17 (NLT) I watched as the Lamb broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake. The sun became as dark as black cloth, and the moon became as red as blood. Then the stars of the sky fell to the earth like green figs falling from a tree shaken by a strong wind. The sky was rolled up like a scroll, and all of the mountains and islands were moved from their places.
    Then everyone—the kings of the earth, the rulers, the generals, the wealthy, the powerful, and every slave and free person—all hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. And they cried to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to survive?”

    After this, the sign of the Son of Man will appear, according to Jesus’ words in Math 24:30.

    Now a question for us believers: Do we think we can approach the coming of Jesus the Christ/Messiah, what the Bible calls the great and dreadful day of the Lord, like a walk in the park on a sunny day?

    A great day for believers, I do believe, but a dreadful day for anyone else, but what sort of conditions will we face on earth while approaching that day?

    As you always say, Fear Not, But prepare.
    How do we prepare these days, when most of churches seems to be compromised and won’t preach the Gospel any more?

    Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Faith leads to repentance, repentance leads to belief in Jesus and justification by God, baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit.

    Prepare in the Holy Spirit, abide in Jesus and cling to our Father God in Heaven, there will be a way through. Our objective is not to barely survive, but to revive and live resurrected with our God, our Lord and King for eternity.

    Most Christians celebrate His first coming these days, but let’s also look forward in expectation for His return, because that’s where our hope and destiny lies.
    Celebrate Jesus these days in peace and enjoy your family and friends, brothers and sisters…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Jan, for the kind words and comment! Happy Birthday Jesus!!

  103. Mark Cenci

    I beg you to look at natural, regularly timed solar variations as the cause of weather patterns, Greg.

    Solar minimums and maximums have been documented for centuries. We are in a Grand Minimum now

    People CANNOT cause bomb cyclones, or Little Ice Ages.

    • r. b

      Historically Co2 plays a big part in climate change too! The good part about Co2 is plants need it to survive. The plants breath in Co2 and exhale O2, such a symbiotic relationship with plants and trees. More freeways and buildings do not help us in any way. The more we cover the earth with cement and black top, the bigger the problems get.

  104. James

    Merry Christmas, Greg. Thanks for all your good works.

  105. Lightning

    CBDC’s will essentially make Congress obsolete. Who needs laws when they can use central bank digital currencies to enforce their edicts.

    You want your CBDC to work? Hand in your guns.

    You want your CBDC’s to work? Don’t go to Church.

    You want your CBDC’s to work? Get the mRNA vaccines

    You want your CBDC’s to work? Don’t complain.

    You want your CBDC’s to work? Kill your pets.. They require meat and meat is bad

    You want your CBDC’s to work? Eat bugs, don’t eat meat….

    …and Congress and the co-conspirators will be exempt from a social credit score which determines if your CBDC’s work


  106. Neville

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your weekly crime report as usual we cant let our guards down got to be ever
    vigilant with AAcrime as you folk there ought to know!!
    Things deteriorate week after week and we can hear the urgency in your voice when giving the updates gets more and more severe…….Not surprised as the Prophet Isiah recorded in his prophecies that conditions in our time will be the worst in history ,the leaders will be corrupt ,the military will be the demons behind the leader giving the commands, then the sorcerers of the day I.E. the demonic doctors will be laying it on thick killing NOT CURING!!!
    Justice is totally missing as the judges of the day are corrupt devil worshipers and on the pay roll of the satanic cabal.
    Its all there for everyone to see read and take note of….


    Greg thanks for your GIFT OF THE TRUTH and may GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  107. Justn Observer

    Greg, as bad as mRNA seems to be working out….looks like the food base is soon also going to be mRNA BASED…think GMO was bad idea, can hardly wait to see what mRNA based gene modified food will do to the body? Maybe Ms. Kingston will have a few thoughts?

    “Food Wars” Netherlands Shuts Down 3,000 Dutch Farmers for this… Ethical Questions Arise

  108. RTW

    Just like the xmas turkey, stick a fork in us. We are officially done. The outgoing House did just what the Clintons did on the way out. They stole everything they could and were abetted by a bunch of feckless repubicans to boot. They passed a 4000+ bill that benefits half the world and doesn’t do a thing for us except provide us with our own personal IRS agent, to note everytime you open your wallet.
    Think “Santa Clause 2” where the army of tin soldiers were created while Tim Allen was away from the Pole to gain control. In the movie, order was restored but this isn’t a movie now is it?
    The good news is that we can still take comfort in celebrating the birth of Christ and being with family and friends. Merry Christmas to all.

  109. J. Kimble Allen

    Greg, the demonic insanity … is getting worse!

    British Woman Arrested For Silently Praying Near Abortion Clinic

  110. Rick

    In my opinion I am asking for your opinion. Do you think that what the “deep state” is doing, committing tritagonists acts, justifiable for fighting in a civil war against the evil treasonous people in government and civilian palaces, viewed from the point of hypothetical of views?

    From my point of view the people in the deep state are mafia criminals.

  111. Linda

    By the way, I listened to the conclusion of your broadcast this morning. We also received a Yorkshire terrier mixed puppy right before this frigid winter storm She was an October pup and the happiest little life as all young things are .
    Merry Christmas wishes that this little puppy will continue to lighten your heart!

  112. Chloe

    Tim Robbins? …Jacobs Ladder. The message I got from the movie (IMO his best) is to question your reality.

  113. KeenMind

    Names, names or more names.

  114. dlc

    I see Kari Lake got shot down by the court. I fully expected that and also figured she would get her decision during the holiday distraction. I don’t believe that AZ can come back from another 8 years (yes, 8) of bolshevism. Just curious as to what Gov Ducey’s reward will be for allowing the porous border for the last 8 years.

    I’ve been borderline despondent since the sham election. My ballot spit out of the machine a half dozen times and I had a sinking feeling when that happened. The country reminds me of Weimar in all of its decadence. We are ruled by weak men and butch women. I don’t see a path forward. Trump supporting McCarthy and LBGTQ to boot doesn’t restore faith.

    I am especially grateful that my really worthwhile family members are long gone from this world. My husband, a 2-tour Vietnam vet, was spared this chapter. Somehow I don’t see the current population storming Omaha Beach, them cowering over a nasty flu, welded to their cell phones, oblivious to the cliff.

  115. Jerry

    I’m 65. The best President, who kept his campaign promises, I’ve seen is President Trump. However:
    1. Trump calls himself a christian Ivanka had to reject the Messiah to convert to Judaism. 2 John 1:10 ““If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:””. How far does the apple fall from the tree? How did he talk to her when she was a member of the campaign?
    2. Trump is a student of Jewish mysticism Why study Jewish mysticism if you’re a christian?
    3. The Sanhedrin has requested that Trump build the Third Temple. I’ve seen where he said he’s “open to it” but can’t find it. What entity benefits from a Third Temple. The person who sits in it and declares himself “God”? The temple would also be handy for the Abomination of Desolation.
    4. I don’t get why you think that Trump would be incapable of planning genocide but Fauci would.

    Who is Donald Trump?

  116. Cry Me a Ruble

    Kari Lake just lost her election fraud case in Arizona. The corrupt bureaucrats either got to this judge or he is blind. How much evidence is needed to win a valid constitutional case? It scares me to think that anyone who is a conservative, constitutional patriot cannot win a case in this country anymore. Apparently, the corruption and evil run very deep. God help us.

  117. John

    I just want to very humbly wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And I hope an antidote to the bio weapon comes to save our loved ones, so we have more help chasing down the eugenicists.

  118. Linda

    The Democrats weren’t the only beneficiaries of the FTX debacle! My understanding is that turtle Mitch got 2 1/2 million dollars for his Senate leadership committee!

  119. David H Mende

    Jewish Nazis,,,,fascinating!

    -Dr. Spock

  120. Michael Embree

    We can absolutely correct the Federal corruption: It’s called You would be a great asset Greg. Join us, We The People with our growing hundreds of county chapters across the country.

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