Most Dangerous Stock Market in History-Michael Pento

Michael PentoBy Greg Hunter’s

Money manager and financial expert Michael Pento says every corner of the globe is in economic trouble. Pento contends, “I think we are going to have a global synchronized collapse amongst the developed world economies: Europe, Japan, the United States and China, and you should be hedging against this market. Don’t forget, we have the most overvalued, most dangerous stock market in the history of the world. . . . Record valuations sit on top of an unprecedented earnings and revenue recession. The only thing we have left is the promise of ZIRP, QE and negative interest rates that don’t work. All they do is inflate asset prices. You should be short the market, and you should be long precious metals.”

Pento, who wrote a book titled “The Coming Bond Market Collapse,” says the global bond market is also in trouble, and recently defaulted Puerto Rican bonds is just the beginning of trouble. Pento explains, “This is a great fact, and you are only going to get this on We (U.S.) have a debt to GDP ratio that is well over 100%. The total debt of the world is 230% debt to GDP. Global debt is up $60 trillion since 2007, but here’s the data point you are only going to get here. Did you know our debt (U.S.) is growing at 3.44 times GDP? That has never happened before. Go to the . . . Federal Reserve and look it up for yourself. Our debt in the United States is rising at 3.44 times GDP. That is astronomical. That is added to the $19.3 trillion we already have. We are Puerto Rico. We are Japan. All we have is a central bank. If the Fed ever started to raise interest rates, our debt would become unserviceable. Interest rates would go back to double digits very quickly, and the economy would implode. That’s why you are probably not going to get any more interest rate increases in 2016, maybe one at the most, and that’s why the dollar is going lower.”

On Inflation, Pento says, “We have printed enough for this to go hyperbolic. We have plenty of excess reserves. We have already hit our core (Fed) inflation target. We are already up 2.2% year over year. If you want to be honest, we already have the condition much like the 1970’s of stagflation. . . . The Federal Reserve promised us we were on the road to recovery. They said we would be growing at 3% and we are growing at 0%. They said they could raise interest rates and normalize the Fed Funds Rate, and they can’t do it. The dollar index went up to 100 on the belief that this was going to be the case, and it is absolutely not true. That’s how the market is losing faith in the value of the dollar. We are in a condition of stagflation, make no mistake about it.”

Are we also in a recession too? Pento says, “They can do this indefinitely until inflation becomes intractable. In the United States, we are running up on 90 months of 0% interest rates, and what do we have for that? Fourth quarter GDP was 1.4%, and that was bad enough, but first quarter has a zero handle. It was 0.5%. That’s what we get for blowing up the Fed’s balance sheet to $4.5 trillion? That’s what we get for manipulating bond yields down to 0% for 90 months? We are virtually in a recession. If we are not in a recession, we are in a flat line or dead line economy, and it’s zero.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is free information, data and articles on Michael Pento’s website You can also buy a copy of his book “The Coming Bond Market Collapse” by scrolling down to the middle of the home page.

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  1. WTF

    Greg, love your site and I have just one small suggestion? When you update your comments section, could put an “*” at the start of the comment after the first updates, and “**” after the second and so on? That way us watchdogers don’t reread the same thing over and over. I know putting up a site like this is a lot of work and if it is to much trouble I would very much understand. It is only a friendly suggestion off the top of my head.

    Anyhow take care and be safe. Kevin, west of longview wa. KA7LRC

    • Johnny Yuma

      I just look at the date and pass previous dates I’ve read. Works every time!

      • WTF

        Thank you so much, I did not catch that. I like to think I am reasonably smart, but I sure did miss that one, but he did update once or twice today, so will have the same date, but I can see that will help a lot. Thanks again Kevin

  2. Paul ...

    As Pento explains “central bank economic planning” is unwinding worldwide … and what is also unwinding is “central government trade planning” … recent disclosures of secret TTIP documents show … TTIP is a massive trade “Trojan horse” upon the world … one part of which is to force GMO foods onto the European continent (to the benefit of Monsanto of course) … … but guess what … France is balking and not going along … … so even before Trump becomes President the global elites plans for world domination through monetary and trade agreements is beginning to unwind … what these “central planners” don’t understand is that the sooner they stop “managing the economy and “managing trade” the faster the world will recover its balance!

    • Anne Elliott

      I don’t think they want the world to “recover its balance”. I think they (or their Handlers) want control over everything, and are manipulating currencies, the environment, and the masses who are asleep, in order to get it.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Of course…it doesn’t take Perry Mason to see those facts. But alas, people have a genius for missing the obvious!!!

  3. Paul ...


    • Russ

      Yep, that was good news. As soon as he started talking last night I mentioned that “this sounds like he’s throwing in the towel”. I got pushback because his staff had indicated they wre going on to California, but that was staff PR talk. Regardless, that was the best speech Cruz has given through the entire campaign. Now if he good just remove all the drama and pause for effect. Geez I hate listening to pols…

  4. Dwain Decell

    We have been in a depression since 08. Everyone keeps saying we may be in a recession , its highly probable we are in a recession . . . GDP has been manipulated up by the federal government by about 3%.

  5. Dwain Decell

    U.S. Bubblicious economy:

    Housing bubble
    Stock market bubble
    Bond bubble
    Dollar bubble
    Debt bubble
    Inflation bubble
    Tech bubble
    Government bubble
    Student loan bubble
    Confidence bubble
    Ignorance bubble
    Godlessness bubble
    Homosexuality bubble
    Pornography bubble
    Propaganda bubble
    Pauper bubble
    Health care bubble
    Drug bubble
    Military bubble
    Law bubble
    Insurance bubble
    Finance bubble
    Corporate bubble

    These bubbles have given rise to the most dangerous bubble of all, population bubble. When the former implode this one must follow suit.

    It will be Running not “Walking Dead”.

    History will look back and explain how the West replaced God with moral relativistic secular humanism, an anything goes radical egalitarian philosophy that taxes virtue and rewards vice in the name of rights. The fact that it is politically incorrect to mention God in politics, social media, debates, etc., even with his sword about to fall, testifies of why our fate is sealed.

    What ever happened to the word repent?


  6. andyb

    I’ve always enjoyed Michael’s comments. He is experienced in the “trenches”; his analysis is to the point; well thought out; which is why his conclusions are, in reality, scarier than the doom and gloom pornsters, Take note, folks. The USD is going down. Tremendous ramifications for the 99%, not the least of which will be high inflation on top of what we’ve had in the past 5 years; to wit: John Williams says 4-7% compounded each year; the Chapwood Index claims 7-10% compounded. No wonder our discretionary income after paying for essentials has disappeared.

  7. Anthony

    Greg keep up the good honest work

    Australia says G’day!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anthony. Funny how we are bound by common themes and thoughts even though we are on opposite sides of the planet.

      • Anthony

        The NWO agenda bounds us Greg. The population here, unfortunately of about .05%, are awake.

        • Greg Hunter

          My whole family is sound asleep dreaming things will continue as they are for as long as they live–NOT. The refuse to wake up as the ignorance is willful. Thank you for the comment.

          • Anthony


            Please visit if your ever in town.

            • Greg Hunter

              Sure thing and thank you Anthony.

  8. Paul P.

    Greg, very much enjoyed Michael Pento’s pragmatic outlook on the world financial system. He laid out one of the most compelling cases for a coming world market collapse in equities and bonds that I have heard in some time. Many of your recent guests like John Williams, Greg Mannarino , Bo Polny, Alisdair McLeod, Bill Holter have sounded the alarm of economic demise. Pento’s view only re-enforces the one common denominator prevelant in these interviews- THE COMING LOSS OF CONFIDENCE in CENTRAL BANKS!
    Thanks Greg for this enlightening interview. Pento’s brilliant assessment only underscores the need to invest in Gold/Silver and their proxy- Mining Shares!

  9. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Have I maybe missed something hugely important along the way to the election. In fact was I supposed to miss it…..along with everyone else as well.

    History tells us that if you are a presidential candidate and signal your intention to audit/dismember the Fed , then your life expectancy is very limited indeed. Would this factor alone explain why this intention has not been ‘Trumpeted’…please excuse the pun!

    Of course, this begs the question… does the establishment know that Trump is elected he intends to challenge the Fed? With their almost unlimited resources, it is hard to credit that this would have escaped their notice. If they are aware of this why have they not hobbled Trump already? Are they just smugly waiting for the GOP convention to tamper with the rules and to insert their own preordained puppet candidate at this opportunity. Roger Stone talks about this possibility in the below link. My own personal view is that I think TPTB could possibly be waiting for this opportunity to oust Trump, but are grossly underestimating the outrage that this would create within the ranks.

    The other contingency is that, as far as I know, Trump could promptly just change camps if he is ousted at the convention. I am very suspiciuos given that the establishment has not already used the option of intimidation [e.g. threatening the lives of his family etc.]. Why has the elite let him gain so much momentum before doing anything at all to hobble him out of contention?

    Perhaps TPTB is not concerned about the GOP side of the equation since they know that they have HRC poised and waiting on the other side as their dream candidate. Using their super delegate card trick it seems that they can keep ‘The Burn’ out of the big house almost regardless of how strong his popular support is.They could then instal her because they don’t actually give a damn which side of the house the candidate comes from anyway…just as long as it is the best candidate that their money can buy.

    Will HRC be there at the end or will justice prevail and will she view the election from behind bars? I suppose their backup plan for this contingency would be to instal the incompetent and moronic Biden as POTUS….god help the US if this is the cunning plot written into the current playbook!

    My most scary scenario possible is that TPTB is not concerned about the election in the least and that they know full well that they have the joker tucked up their sleeve. This card may well be in the form of a major false flag event set on US soil and causing such chaos that Obama could simply declare martial law and cancel the election leaving himself with unlimited executive power virtually indefinitely. This scenario would adequately explain why Trump has been allowed to progress this far to date.

    This last play is the one that scares me the most, as I believe that this false flag will be huge and most likely implicate a major foreign power. It would be used to start a full-scale war and facilitate a giant coverup of the havoc that TPTB has already wrecked on the world. In fact, if the false flag event was to be nuclear, this would give the US the perfect excuse to launch a large ‘retalitary’ attack on that country. The resulting chaos would be so widespread that the TPTB could cover most of their crime indefinitely and give themselves the opportunity to further consolidate almost unlimited power and control.

    The below link is not new…in fact, it dates back to Feb 2016…however it gives me much food for thought reflecting on Roger Stone’s comments….especially after watching another 2 months of sickening Kabuki theatre.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Nobody would believe Russia, that lost 20,000,000 in WWII would launch a nuclear missile. That flag won’t fly.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I would hazard a guess that a very large number of American’s would!
        A lot of them still choose to believe that a few radicals living in caves fooled the entire US security and military defense system and pulled off 9/11.

  10. Dan

    Dear Michael,

    Thank you for your interview. You mentioned that the US will return to a gold and/or silver-backed currency. How will the US be able to do this with next to zero gold reserves? Or where will the gold come from?

    We all know the gold isn’t there as the Fed & Fort Knox vaults haven’t been audited in over 50 years, Germany can’t get their gold back, etc.

    And even if there was gold, how can you back $13 Trillion? Will each dollar hold a nanogram of gold? What purchasing power would that have internationally?

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

    • Dan

      Actually re-reading my question, I only see one possible currency option for the US in the future – a 100% electronic one backed by nothing. Prepare to get sucked and locked in a cashless society folks. I think it’s coming sooner than you can believe and by then, cash will be outlawed. You will all be trapped. Best to get the hell out now while you still can!

  11. Chip

    Greg, I think all of your viewers will like this…

  12. Jallen

    A barnburner interview to say the least. Just love the passion Michael Pento and Greg Mannarino have for their work. Greg, when you sum all of your interviews, it validates Ludwig Von Mises great work HUMAN ACTION, it adds up to what Von Mises described as a ‘cracked up boom’. The Federal Reserve provides the drug (Money and Credit created by an electronic entry in a computer) for the Banks, Bond Market, Stock Market and who knows what else, all the markets inflate, new business is created, cars sold ETC., and then when the stimulus runs its course deflation sets in. The next round of Fed Monopoly money begins and it is off to the races, only this round requires much more stimulus. This continues until inflation runs rampant (The Federal Reserve has greatly extended the game through the PETRO DOLLAR and thus spread its inflation to all those that hold dollars) and causes destruction of the dollar. Thus the dollar becomes an intrument of Wealth Confiscation and people in the know look for alternatives to the dollar, such as gold an silver.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jallen for the support and comment.

  13. Billy

    Love this guy. Learn a lot every time i hear him. Government is the problem. Socialism is killing the western countries.

  14. Chip

    MP and Greg, GREAT interview… Chip

  15. JR

    Maybe someone can help me for clarification. Hasn’t PR already defaulted twice before? If that is true, which I know it has at least twice, then how is this default different? Why is this now the “canary in the coal mine”?

    • Arthur Barnes

      It is no difference, it is just another default, they pay some, the next default will just be a little bigger each time. The Democrats won’t make them pay in the end, that is the reason they are always in default, there never is any consequences of any of their defaults, that is, as long as the keep voting for the demogods in every election for the last 50 years or so.

  16. Thomas harmon

    Good interview Greg thank you for your good service

  17. Jerry

    Michael is on target predicting a global economic collapse. The numbers speak for themselves. But I do not think every country in the world will stay in the dollar wagon as it goes off the cliff. Here’s a prime example:

    Contrary to many distractors here, China will not continue to devalue its own currency in order to keep from being sucked under by the dollar. There is a reason the IMF gave China SDR status a year earlier than they had originally planned. And there is a reason why China refused to take dollars for trade with the Gold backed Yuan following the opening of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (which many said wouldn’t happen) on April 19th.

    That reason is, China no longer wants to play the fiat funny money game with the western banks anymore . They want gold for trade. End of story. I fully believe the warnings given by Bill Holter and Rob Kirby are legitimate. Once the COMEX is empty of physical gold they will begin the process of breaking away from the dollar.

    How much time do we have? I honestly don’t know. But I would wager not long, since the western banks are on a gold buying spree along with the Chinese. I think once physical gold is depleted, they will pull the plug on the whole thing and the price of gold will go sky high. As far as debt? It doesn’t matter at this point. I know people who are buying gold and silver with their credit cards right now, because they know when the end comes that will be all they have left. Are the banks any different?

  18. Htc


    I was browsing the Internet yesterday and came across the January 1988 edition of “The Economist”. It was interesting as the headline read “get ready for a world currency” the cover art was a Phoenix with a gold medallion around its neck and the bird is standing on a pile of burning cash from around the globe. The gold medallion was dated 2018. So I did some further research into this and it makes mention of a Phoenix currency. The interesting part to me is that we see the wealth being transferred to the east ie China. I also found out that China has/is planning to build a pair of buildings that will be the tallest in the world.. and the name of the towers are “the Phoenix towers” due for completion in 2018. I can’t help but notice the symbolism in the crashing of our twin towers as a signal to the world that our economic power house has come to an end and the Phoenix is rising in China. Now we know if this is to become the world currency by 2018 we truly are close to the end times and the destruction of the world currencies is VERY VERY CLOSE. I don’t believe they will make a smooth transition to the new “phoenix currency” whatever that may be as the image on the economist cover shows the old world currencies burning. The crash approaches VERY SOON.

  19. Pvt. Mushroom

    Hi Greg. Absolutely fantastic interviews. Many kudos.

    I wonder what Dr. Hudson and Dr. Black currently have to say about all this?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you PM!

  20. David H


    If I can’t afford gold or silver is having extra emergency food the best plan of action? Do you believe we will ever have a need for the extra supplies or is that just a hedge against an improbable but possible need ? I waver after the occasional verbal “beat down” I receive when I bring up such a possible need to family members. Believe me I need your 3x’s a week reality check. Sometimes family can make you feel like a fool and nobody wants to be a fool.


    • Greg Hunter

      David H,
      Don’t waiver. Food and water it the cheapest insurance you will ever buy. It will keep you out of the street during calamity.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Here in the tropical south we’re supposed to have plenty for hurricanes anyway. Just stay 3 weeks ahead with actual necessities including pet food. Can’t hurt to use common sense.

    • Robert Lykens

      David H, having extra food on hand can be justified on the grounds that you’re actually saving money because food costs are rising. If you buy now, you’re not buying it at the future inflated price.
      Also, if you do want to get hold of some gold, there is a free, but slow, way to do it. Start scrapping old computers, cell phones and other electronics. These contain small amounts of gold and sometimes other rare earth metals. You can remove the parts that have gold on them and save them up. When you accumulate a sufficient amount you can refine it yourself. Go to YouTube and look at gold refining videos for scrappers. It’s not hard at all to get into.

    • Russ

      What Greg said. Look at it this way, you will always need food; it’s not like if you buy and stockpile non-perishable food it will go to waste. Just buy food that you already eat and rotate your supplies so that you continually extend the “Use-By” dates. Ensuring food/water is available is priority 1 even if you can afford gold/silver.

    • wondrouscat

      David H., At least food and water is a hedge, unlike most hedges, that is not lost if not needed – and if there is inflation coming then think of it as buying cheaper now for future use. That said I understand it is hard to divert funds into this “insurance” when there are other places one could put it, but the prospect of starving should provide enough motivation. If indeed people can’t find food your fool status will turn to genius.

    • J C D.

      David If I may. Winter before last I realized I may not be able to get myself and, my people out of the city in time for different reasons. So I studied survival foods in the wild. As of today I have eaten over 75 wild foods that I never knew was editable. You may want to seek the word forage on youtube. Always double check what you think is right. Some wild food can kill on contact.
      We walk of more food then we eat.

  21. Matt K

    “The West is disintegrating. Its faith is dead. When the cult dies, the culture dies and when the culture dies the civilization dies, and when the civilization dies the people die, and that’s what’s happening to western civilization.” – Patrick Buchanan

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I’m sorry, but Pat doesn’t live in the Bible belt. He should come down here and talk to some black people at the mall, or Baptist kids at the swimming pool. It’s the very lucky who have lost their faith. The dumb kids at Ivy League universities don’t even know the slave ship fortunes endow their education…are they elite to be so blind to reality?

  22. Karl

    Thanks Greg. Michael Pento always been one of my favourites. I remember in 2008 and 2009 when nothing made any sense. I read an article by him and Mish Shed lock and thought they both sounded solid and sensible in a world of Keynesian voodoo madness. THe manipulated madness is getting painful. His pint about confidence in central.bankers is spot on but what I cannot conceive is how anyone had any confidence to begin with.. That to me is the greatest mystery..
    Deutsche bank and Rbs are tanking again and Imho they are the things to watch right now

  23. The Seer

    I agree with Pento mining shares 35-40% and short say the Russell and the banks. If you entered mining shares late Jan to mid Feb this year you would be up 40 – 200% depending on which ones you purchased and held through the rollercoaster downs to go back up quickly. If you bought in last Friday, hold on, don’t get emotional. It will go back up and exceed your basis.
    I believe that gold will be at $1550+ in much less than 12 – 18 months.

  24. Paul ...

    With Trump now in a more powerful political position the time is close approaching when he will go after the Neocon supported Al Qaeda “freedom fighters” in Syria … you know … the same Al Qaeda “group of freedom fighters” used by the Neocons to hit the Pentagon and the World Trade towers on 9/11 “with weapons that left not only telltale traces of thermite but also TRITIUM in the rubble ” … these so called Al Qaeda “freedom fighters” are being used by psychopathic Neocons as their “private army” to wage war against the US and the World for monetary and political gain … the Neocons who did 9/11 are currently preparing to use their Al Qaeda private army of “freedom fighters” to target American Veterans, Christians, 9/11 Truthers, etc., etc. … their most immediate target being 3600 New Yorkers who have been placed on “death hit lists” … in order to create “another false flag excuse” to start the next war they want! …

    With Trump’s win in Indiana last night … Americans are getting closer to defeating the Neocon’s “War On Terror” and their Global Agenda … Trump will stop the Neocons from supplying Al Qaeda with missiles, tanks, arms and ammunition … and he will put a stop to the psychopathic Neocons plan “to give Al Qaeda nuclear weapons” to bomb American cities thus create a giant false flag to start WWIII (the way Hillary supplied chemical weapons in Syria to create a false flag over there) … the Rothschild/Murdoch world propaganda “news” outlets are now hard at work trying to brainwash and mold public opinion to accept “Nuclear Terrorism” as a “Clear Danger” …

    What is really the “clear danger” is psychopathic Neocons providing nuclear weapons to their “freedom fighters” … these psychopathic Neocons have “already tried” to nuke Charleston Va. … which luckily for America was stopped by the actions of our military … it is now common knowledge that two military nuclear commanders (US Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and US Air Force Major General Michael Carey) and two US Marine top officers (Major General Charles M. Gurganus and Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant) began leaking information about an impending “nuclear false flag attack on American soil” to various global intelligence sources … including and France’s highly respected … they single-handedly deflected the Neocon threat … and detonated the nuclear bomb in the Atlantic ocean off Virginia (these Military Nuclear Commanders and Marine Officers were immediately removed from their positions by Obama) … the stated goal of the Neocons is to “create a false flag that will bring in Martial Law” … since their “nuclear option” was recently denied … their plan B is on the table … crashing the economy as Pento has just warned)… these psychopathic Neocons are like a cancer that is not easily stopped … but with Trump’s victory his medicine is to go after the Neocons “puppet private army of freedom fighters” (ISIS) and “annihilate it” with Russian help … and hopefully we can begin to put this Neocon cancer in remission!

  25. BRF

    Some very interesting points made by Pento. Helicopter money could be a “way out” if managed correctly. By that I mean if this money was stipulated for the paying down of debt by those with debt. Others without debt could use the money as they please, save or spend. The debtors would be writing down their debt while the banks balance sheets would be looking a lot better. In reality this would be a kind of debt jubilee.

    It looks like the world will be returning to a gold-silver standard as the CBs, with the Fed in the lead, have run fiat into the ground just as they did with the last gold standard. Until the public understands that its not what we use as money but how it is created and just as importantly how much (QUANTITY) and the abuse of both by the owners of OUR money supply (bankers) then this flip flopping back and forth between fiat and gold backed can go indefinitely ever40 to 60 years or so, with the banking class and their entourage gaining more power, but better yet, control over the entire human structure here on this planet with each shift. This being said it doesn’t look like the public has much knowledge of this situation and therefore one would be wise to own some gold and silver in advance of the coming paradigm shift that has been planned and will be fully orchestrated by the bankers.

    • gregd

      Helicopter money is a last ditch effort to DELAY the inevitable in my opinion. And there is no guarantee it will work, as it may be perceived, as it truly is, as a desperation move.
      Remember, It’s still all printed money, they will never get that money from taxes, and they have no reserves. So it will be an addition to the gigantic debt the government has.

  26. Robbie41

    Good Interview Greg, very soon everyone’s going to be a YO-YO.. Because then: ( Your On Your Own )..

  27. J C D.

    Greg. You all have got to see this.
    To sad too be funny.

    • Greg Hunter

      J C D ,
      Great stuff!!! Everybody should watch. Thank you.

  28. Jay Dee

    World financial collapse seems imminent at this point, but how have the new world order people chosen to accentuate the tragedy and what are their goals? This concerns me even more than the debt problem.

  29. Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

    So now “Guccifer”, the Romanian hacker in US custody, has come forward claiming it was “easy” to hack Hillary’s server. He also states there was evidence (IP addresses) of other hackers who were there before him.

    Anyone care to guess what national secrets Hillary exposed to anyone with a “country-boy Romanian’s” level of expertise?

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      …and all because Hillary considers herself – and other Democrats – “above the law”.

  30. Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

    Now Hillary sics the (lapdog/Democrat Party water-carrying) media on Trump:

    “Clinton later added, ‘So let’s get to the specifics. … Being a loose cannon doesn’t in any way protect him, I hope, from being asked the hard questions that he should have been asked during the whole primary process.'”

  31. Paul ...

    Now that it is going to be a Trump/Hillary race to the White House … I can see the Neocon strategy developing … to “force” a Hillary Presidential victory over Trump (on the heels of being absolved of all her crimes by an Obama Presidential pardon) …
    With the “test case” now won in California to allow “illegal aliens” to vote… the Neocons will have Obama sign an executive order allowing “everyone in South America” (citizen or not) to cast an absentee ballot in the US Presidential election (illegals normally vote for Hillary) … Obama’s excuse will be “there are no boundaries anymore” … we are just one vast North American Union!!!

  32. Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

    Al Gore’s “global warming” alarmism tested and proven wrong –
    including his infamous prophecy of “no Arctic ice by 2013” –

  33. Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

    Remember the days when LEGAL immigrants learned English, found valid work and assimilated into the US culture?

  34. Paul ...

    US and NATO Neocons are quickly making their move in Syria before Trump gets elected and wipes them off the map … … it’s an all out move by these ISIS “freedom fighters” to kill as many women and children as they can … so as to justify a Neocon US/NATO invasion “to wrap things up in Syria” before Trump gets any control over the situation …

  35. 8Ball

    Paul Craig Roberts: “This situation (economy) has continued for a lot longer than I thought was possible”.

  36. Paul ...

    Media “manipulation campaigns” are being run hot and heavy by the worldwide Rothschild/Murdoch “mind control” news outlets in both the US and England … to foster public support for the Al Qaeda “freedom fighters” in Syria … who are mass murdering women and children … and to justify a Neocon US/NATO invasion … these events are moving very rapidly now … as the Neocons don’t have much time before Trump stops them cold! …

  37. sivle

    A new digital “currency” has apparently been tested by Wall Street Banks….

    I beLIEve the proposed name for the new “currency” is…..RAT – SLAG.

    SLAG….being the waste metal found at the bottom of …FURNACES.
    RAT… an acknowledgement of the Masters of the Universe who engineered the METEORIC trajectory of the US $ into the ABYSS.

  38. Agent P

    Am I the only one who appreciates a guest who has an eye-pleasing backdrop in their presentations, instead of a blank wall…?

    When did so many Youtuber’s decide that the ‘anonymity’ of a blank wall behind them lent to a more engaging viewing experience…?

    Bravo Michael Pento for eschewing this rather bizarre trend and giving your audience a tasteful backdrop in which to enjoy an interview.

    • Brad

      I was studying the guy walking around in the back. After seeing him I thought “Pento’s in his office at work”. I always thought it was his house for some reason.

      Yes I like Pento. I like how he explains and tries not to say just “I’m the expert, listen”.

      • Brad

        Oh yeah, and I love that big clock on the wall – stylish.

  39. Oxfarmer

    Persevere, David. No one will call you a fool when the first emergency strikes, whether that’s a hurricane or The Meltdown. It is only prudence to realize that the JIT delivery system isn’t going to save you, and neither is the government. So, whatever you need for basics…fuel, water, food…get it on hand. Look at it as insurance.

  40. Don

    As always good interview my friend. Mr. Pento, I believe is correct about the quick move in interest rates, corresponding with the loss of control. Something just seen on Bill Holder interview, he believes we had another shock in the markets, and precious metals will see a quick rise soon. I keep waiting for news on Clintons emails, and the 28 page 9/11 report to be released. I don’t think Obama will allow discloser of either, if he can stop them. Regardless of what they may believe the relationship between Obama and Hilary may be, they are two big puppets in the NWO agenda, and if Hilary falls, Mr. Obama will fall with her. The democratic party has so fashioned the rules that no one can be elected that the 700 super delegates don’t support. The super delegates in the democratic elections are held by large corporate entities, individuals that are CEO’s of major corporations, and the like, hold so much power over other delegates, it simply is unbelievable what they have done. No democratic voter, unless he votes for the NWO candidate can be selected as the nominee. There are about 4700 delegates, which includes the 700 or so super delegates, and the nominee requires about 2400 to secure the nominee. The 700 supers are unbound, even on the first round. Then there is those swing states, and I’m not sure how they go about counting them. Anyway, we must be getting close my friend to a real event. Karen Hudes latest, if we can believe her, says a global rebellion is taking place against the global corporate control web, that has stole the wealth of the nation, in this fiat currency system they’ve created. That I would believe, but can’t say about the rebellion. Well, lets hope that some how Hilary and Obama, will get whats coming to them, for destroying this nation. Great job Greg, always enjoy your site.

  41. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Greg, Wders
    I have recently been privileged to be able to watch the new documentary entitled “THE OCCUPATION OF THE AMERICAN MIND”.

    (Col, This is Greg Hunter
    I don’t care who it is narrated by, I am not posting this one sided version of a very complicated situation in Israel. Please start your own site and post away. By the way, you are siding with the people that like to throw gays off of roof tops.)

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Actually I am not siding with anyone.

      All I was trying to illustrate however was that there is almost always not one, or two for that matter, but three sides to every story. Regrettably the American LSM only ever parrots one narrative when it comes to the Israel/Palestine tragedy.

      Apparently WD only has one story too, when it comes to any mention whatsoever of either Palestine or Iran. Anyone that even mentions that there could be more than one side to either of these conflicts is instantly shot down in flames.

      OK I finally get the big hint…I won’t mention these countries again on WD. And I most certainly will not suggest that these people may actually have any legitimate grievance. I will consider myself censored and no longer venture into this dangerous territory. Yep….. I am a very slow learner, but eventually I can absorb a message if it is repeated loudly and regularly enough.

      I will in future just stick to financial matters and my favourite subject….. da Fed!
      Cheers and have a great weekend Greg and fellow WDers.

      • Greg Hunter

        I have never known these kind of documentaries to be fair. One big point they leave out is: it is now the Official Palestinian position to wipe out the Jews in Israel. They also leave out how the Palestinian education system teaches children how to hate, and even encourages them to kill the Jews, generation after generation. (There many authentic videos and proof on this subject.) I don’t see how there will ever be peace because that is not really what the Palestinians want. They want the land, and so do the Israelis. I do not have the answer for peace, but this “documentary” is not going to provide answers–just more hate and anger on both sides.

  42. Paul ...

    See this story of “other” American investigative reporters “like our Greg Hunter” who sought to report the truth … … and at your leisure go to the home site … … where a number of very interesting video reports are listed (QTZ 1001 thru QTZ 1034) …

  43. Pinocchio

    The most overvalued, most dangerous stock market in the history of the world will be taken to a new height by the most overvalued, most dangerous president in the history of this solar system. Wellcome, Hillary. Goodbye, rationality.

  44. Jerry

    Bankers meet in secret meeting.

    In a desperate attempt to reshuffle the deck, the western banks have come up with a new scheme. Eliminate cash. Go digital. I guess someone forgot to send the memo to the Chinese since they have been buying up massive amounts of gold. This would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic. I can see it now. (Western Banker) “Here, take our digital credit card we’ll be happy to buy some of your gold with it”. (Chinese gold broker) Silly man. Chips are for fools.

    • Jerry

      Here’s the latest money velocity chart.
      I guess money velocity doesn’t really matter anymore since the banks are planning on going digital? Scam…..after…….scam……after………scam.

  45. Htc

    If anyone wants to read that I found it very interesting. It’s from Sept 2014 some.of it is over my head but interesting none the less.

  46. Tad

    The basis of most interview seems to come down to precious metals. I’m wondering at some point if you may ask the question of a guest or two of their thoughts on future Russian ruble speculation. Currently, we’re about 66 rubles to the USD.

  47. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I must assume you are going to start tomorrows Weekly Wrap up with the Donald Trump presumptive nominee story. But an interesting story is the extradited hacker who claims he hacked into Jailery’s private server, things are coming to a head in “server gate” I can feel it. What say you?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not going to have the WNW but a very good guest instead.

      • Laura

        What a tease!!!!!!!!

        My guess, Jim Sinclair??

        • Greg Hunter

          Nope but trying to book him.

  48. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut interest rates Tuesday to record low levels. The RBA lowered its cash rate by 25 basis points to 1.75%, which surprised market participants as only 18 out of the 51 economists polled by Reuters were expecting a rate cut.

    Here we go again, but the U.S. doesn’t have room to cut any more. Australia’s economy is in trouble too, evidenced by the rate cut outlined above. By the way, I believe the FED tried to stop it but the FED is losing clout to control the other Central Banks. Interesting to say the least.

  49. Paul ...

    Hmmm?? … this is an interesting take on Jade Helm …

    Not sure yet if this is part of a Neocon “brainwashing” program or not?? … I want to see some real banker arrests on TV in the news, along with a currency re-set, JP Morgan/Chase being bought out, the Fed ended, and Deutsche bank broken up!

    • R B

      Paul, you drive a hard bargan!

  50. tulip

    headlines on zero hedge this evening….please read…
    Greg, Pento & gang have been reciting this for
    what…6 yrs now??????

  51. Tin foil hat

    It’s a little off topic but whatever happen to Puerto Rico’s non-payment on Monday. There is no follow up whatsoever on MSNBC or any financial channel including FOX.

  52. Robert Lykens

    Thank you for believing what the Bible says about Israel. Not many do anymore.

    Great is your reward in heaven.

  53. Colin/IRL.

    I’m guessing you’re having Jerry on tomorrow. What say you?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s former Clinton insider Larry Nichols.

  54. Deano

    Mayb get Kirby on in another week or so. Still the best interview ive ever seen prob watched it 15 times haha. I love the intensity

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Deano!

  55. Adam

    Also Harvey Organ we have all been awaiting his return since december 2014! gone into hiding. come back Harvey!

    • Greg Hunter

      I have tried to book him many times.


    Another wonderful interview,tx

  57. Roy Satterwhite

    Pento makes more sense than any other analyst out there.

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