MSM Co-conspirators with Deep State Treason – James Howard Kunstler

By Greg Hunter’s

Renowned author and journalist James Howard Kunstler thinks what has been happening for the last few years with the mainstream media’s coverage of President Trump borders on criminal activity. Kunstler explains, “What I am waiting for is if and when indictments come down from Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham.  I am wondering whether the editors and publishers of the Washington Post and New York Times and the producers at CNN and MSNBC are going to be named as unindicted co-conspirators in this effort to gaslight the country and really stage a coup to remove the President and to nullify the 2016 election. I say this as someone who is not necessarily a Trump supporter. I didn’t vote for the guy. I am not a cheerleader for the guy, but basically, I think the behavior of his antagonists has been much worse and much more dangerous for the nation and the American project as a long term matter.  I really need to see some action to hold people responsible for the acts they have committed. . . . I am not an attorney, and I have never worked for the Department of Justice, but it seems to me that by naming the publishers and editors of these companies as unindicted co-conspirators, that allows you to avoid the appearance of trying to shut down the press because you are not going to put them in jail, but you are going  to put them in disrepute. That may prompt their boards of directors to fire a few people and maybe change the way they do business at these places.”

Kunstler says things look unlike anything we have seen in the past because we are approaching a day of reckoning in our debt based monetary system. Kunstler says, “Yeah, I think you can see it happening now. What seems to be resolving is some movement to some sort of a crackup of the banking system. What we are really stuck in is a situation where we’ve got too many obligations we cannot meet and too many debts that will never be repaid. We have been trying to run the country for the past 15 or 20 years on debt because we can no longer provide the kind of industrial growth that we have been used to . . . and have this massive consumer spending industry. So, we have been borrowing from the future to pay our bills today, and we are running out of our ability to borrow more. . . . I think we are going to lose the ability to support a lot of activities that we have been doing. It starts with energy and its relationship to banking and our ability to generate the kind of growth you need to keep rolling over debt. The reason debt will never be paid and obligations will never be met is we are not generating that sort of growth. We’re just generating frauds and swindles. Frauds and swindles are fun while you are doing them, and they seem to produce a lot of paper profits, but after a while, they prove to be false. Then you have to do something else.  A great deal about our economy and our way of life is false and is going to fail. Then we are going to have to make other arrangements for daily life. . . .It will probably mean we will be organizing our stuff at much more of a local scale.”

On the 2020 Presidential Election, Kunstler predicts, “When all is said and done, I am not convinced there is enough there to convict President Trump of anything. At the same time, there is probably going to be a lot of legal actions brought against the people who started this coup against him, and that’s going to be extremely disturbing to the Left. I think one of the possibilities is we may not have a 2020 election. In some way or another, the country may be so disorderly that we can’t hold an election. There may be so much strife that we cannot handle the legal questions around holding the election, and it may be suspended. I don’t know what that means, but I am very impressed of the disorder that we are already in. It’s more of a kind of mental disorder between the parties, but it could turn into a lot of kinetic disorder on the ground and a lot of institutional failure.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with author and journalist James Howard Kunstler.

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After the Interview:

James Howard Kunstler is a prolific writer, and you can enjoy his work and analysis for free at If you want to buy one of the 23 books he has written, click here to shop.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    What a brilliant guest and interview Greg.
    The political system and landscape in the US has always fascinated and confused me at the same time.
    I really do feel like the Present there is selected, not elected, for that timetable and specification.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AA!!

      • AL HALL

        Gre: this man though educated is ill inform on many things. maybe not in the LOOP. on shale oil- without shale oil we have about 400 years worth of oil already found- the government won’t release it, yet we have it in the USA.
        These people need to be pressed for real facts!!


        • oneno

          HK needs to listen to the Oct 17, 2019 Science Hour podcast on the fraud energy industry that wants to spend 40 trillion on designed-to-fail 3-Blade Wind and Solar both with an average lifespan of 10 years before decommissioning at the expense of municipalities that bought the fraud packages:

          A single 100 MW WING Generator will replace 125 of the 3-Blade Wind Turbines or 600,000 solar panels that covers less than an acre of land.

          The WING Generator Distributed Grid is being rolled out privately with NO Government subsidies because it actually works and will pay for itself!

          The 2, 3, 5, 10, 25, & 50 kW models are already in production and being sold. The electronics for the 100 and 200 MW model are also available.

          The WING Generator distributed grid energy system can electrify the entire united States for the cost of a few nuclear power reactors and can replace inert-fuel (coal, oil, nat-gas, nuclear) power stations one-for-one. So we are talking billions of dollars NOT trillions of dollars.

          The fraud energy industry wants to preserve environment destroying costly energy systems with more debt that enslaves future generations.

        • Dave

          Actually, the guest seems to be on to something. Banks are increasingly wary of lending to shale oil producers and the Texas shale industry is experiencing a slowdown.

    • William Stanley

      Agreed, AA: brilliant!

    • Oracle 911

      US is sadly not the only country…

    • Rob

      You are absolutely correct AA!
      All positions of authority throughout the past 6 millennium have been selected from the top down:

      Romans 13:1 Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers: for there is no power but of God; and the powers that be are ordained of God.

      The path that Mr. Kunstler is revealing takes us through this horrific time that will begin to fully manifest within the next decade:

      With each passing day it appears the 7 years of tribulation will run concurrently within the next decade:

      • Anthony Australia

        What about before that Bob? The Aboriginal people here tell me an entirely different story.

        • Cameron

          What do they tell you?

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Military Detention Centers? Martial Law? Guillotines? Mass Beheadings? Are you mad? What kind of worst case (fictional) scenario are you talking about? Tin Foil Hat stuff. I for one have never seen authentic verification of even one so-called established FEMA “Relocation Center”, as yet. Remember too, the Federal government has millions of so-called “plans” on file and they are still cranking them out every year.

        So, here is my challenge to all:
        Find and preciously locate (Township, Range, Section, Quarter section) three such (alleged) existing FEMA Concentration Camps. That would enable a objective investigator to acquire the relevant U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Quads (Maps) inorder to mark the exact locations of such FEMA Concentration Camps.

        Next, find the existing low level aerial photos (stereo pairs) of the subject areas and further investigate and reconnoiter. Finally and lastly, go make an in-person field visit and bring your camera and a long, telephoto lens just in case something is actually going-on. Record all your findings and then write an informed article for publication or show-up at USA Watchdog with your maps, photos and pictures and present your “case”.

        The internet is full of fake information, mere opinions and stories galore. Truth and facts are in short supply often times on the internet. By first doing a proper and thorough investigation and then blowing the horn (shofar), you may do your fellow man a great service. Until then, its just another Internet Rumor or Urban Legend ( a dime a dozen ).

        • H. Craig Bradley


          Historically, guillotines (France) drew roaring, often unruly crowds to watch prison officials execute an inmate (1930’s) . I assume they would be just as popular as the Sunday NFL Games, should their use be reintroduced by any government. I suspect you could make a lot of money selling tickets to the latest execution.

    • Ronnie

      On the subject of the “Orrrrstralian cringe.” Could you updates us on the Australians Prime Ministers Brown nosing the US. If China shuts down Au coal and iron ore like they have shut down US Ag …the Australian economy will collapse. ( underneath realestate debt.”)
      The Yes Sir, No Sir ….which war Today Sir.
      China is buying US pork from farms they own. What has Australia got besides the beach.

      • K.Wayne

        Apparently they have the world’s second largest supply (resource) of Rare Earths in which, as I understand, China dominates the market and is threatening America with supply interruption. They are also the world’s second largest producer of Gold (behind China). Wilbur Ross- Sec. of Commerce ….. visited there last year. Go figure ?? 🤷‍♀️

        • Anthony Australia

          We are hitching our wagon to both nations.

    • chuck

      A.A. – Likewise, I too, have always been drawn to the system that was instituted by the men who lived in the 18th Century. According to the book, “Our Sacred Honor”, they had an excellent grasp of understanding their place in history. These, for the most part, were very religious men and gave the entire honor to God. They compared themselves to the ancient Hebrews escaping the Pharaoh in order to establish a separate nation under God and essentially codified the 10 commandments into the legal system. But, at the same time, they had an immigration Achilles heel and they had political enemies emanating from the seats of power in Europe. Samuel Morse wrote about this weak point in 1835. The American system was a direct threat to the ‘ancien regime’, which was a deeply established church/state style of system that the Hapsburg family benefitted from. These were, and are, the globalists of their time. America has always had to deal with a hostile Europe since it’s system was announced to the world, in writing, and put into practice in New York City in 1789 – when George Washington gave thanks to God and placed the security of the new nation in the hands of God. The first real test of the mettle of this nation was faced under the guiding hand of Lincoln. Lincoln knew full well exactly what foreign power had influence over the people in America and who engineered the nation into a war over a thirty year period, by causing to be elected those politicians who were more monarchist in their political leanings and therefore sympathetic to the globalist ‘ancient regime’. We have seen the repetition – or more precisely, there are several parallels of that history that led to a civil war, that are being played out now. Back then, under Lincoln, the nation actually laid out official days of repentance. The nation actually shut down. And I believe that God answered those prayers. Back then God guided thee outcome and blessed the nation with global pre-eminence. Until around the time of the nomination of Robert Bork. Since then things have only gotten worse. Half the nation now is completely godless. I believe that these years under Mr. Trump is the last time that God is going to have our six. If we don’t understand and learn from the minds and actions of men like Lincoln, who was at the very center of a tornado and trusted in God, and copy them, we can kiss America goodbye. God will allow the destruction of the economy, the obliteration of our agriculture, the destruction of our cities and the change in demographics of the nation, resulting in the election of autocratic politicians who will desire to wipe out the children of the families who first colonized this land. Our enemies, seeing our weak position, will then overtake, invade and occupy us. We are living in evil times. Only a good understanding of history will cause the tide to turn.

  2. JC

    “Inclusion means shutting down free speech. That’s one of the ideas that’s being retailed in the colleges and universities, and it’s insane.”

    “Racketeering is spreading into just about everything.”

    Mr. Kunstler’s describes the shale oil industry as a “financial stunt.” Makes me think about what Pento said about junk bonds.

    This guy is brilliant.

    • K.Wayne

      A different line of thinking/perspective brings great clarity. Cynical of the system and everything /everyone that constitutes it…….but very observant nonetheless.

  3. Andrew

    JHK, a breath of fresh air in the fubble (faulsehood bubble)
    A great thinker and great writer.
    Thanks for inviting him onto your show, Greg.

  4. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with Kunstler! I read many of his articles on Zerohedge and they are always thought provoking. Brilliant advice for young people concerned about what’s best to do for their future. I guess, become an ‘indispensable’ plumber in some small rural town would be a safe bet.

    Kunstler is a truly independent and deep thinker – an interview I’ll listen to more than once. Thanks again.

    Thanks again

  5. Oracle 911

    Long live the preppers and homesteaders, and also the city farms and community gardens.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  6. Robert

    The dems/FBI had a media leak strategy because this is a CIA backed operation. This is what they do. They overturn governments. Who and what is stopping their success against Trump has my curiosity.

    Are there forces in the military protecting him? Is Israels Mossad protecting him? Are there factions in the CIA that know their agency has gone rogue and they’re the ones protecting him? Is the CIA just enough intimidated by Trump’s appeal to 50% of the public that they don’t dare Kennedy him and unleash a backlash that gets out of their control?

    Who is protecting Trump? He has many Judas’s in his daily surroundings, for lack of a better description, but he survives every dastardly attempt to destroy him and I’m grateful for that.

    As I’ve said in the recent past, I don’t experience or see a loss of civility in my everyday life, but I do know the divisions are there. What I can’t get a good reading on is just how many people really are in Trumps camp, as so many people are afraid to admit they agree with him publicly. The left has been very successful at intimidating Trump supporters, by hurling the meanest and most vulgar. labels at those who do.

    Is Barr the real thing and will heads roll who were responsible for this ongoing coup to destroy Trump, or is he in place to create an illusion of justice and no one responsible is held accountable ultimately?

  7. messianicdruid

    “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the hearts of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” Eccl 8:11

  8. Steve B

    “Unindicted co-conspirators”… Why? Why should those in the MSM who are actively involved in this on-going attempt to illegally remove DJT from office be given a free pass? ANY ONE who has knowingly taken part in this continuing attempted Coup against the President of the United States must be charged (indicted), arrested, and put on trial. Doesn’t matter who they are, or what their occupation; whether they be a member (or former member) of: Congress, the Media, the Executive Branch, or the 3 letter Agencies… If they were involved, and knowingly took part, they must face Justice….

    • K.Wayne

      ” they must face Justice….” The Judicial system is in on the GAME too.
      Agencies of the Government ??? ….. are they any different to those created during Hitler’s time in Nazi Germany….. or in Orwell’s dystopian world? We are living in a State of great injustice…..99% of the population haven’t woken up and probably never will. Utopia is but a million light years away….. or anything closely resembling it.
      The poverty and oppression is off the scales ….all the while the Hegemonic Class has manifested. If you want to play their game….you must sell your soul to the Devil.

      • Stan

        K.Wayne: Rubbish, pure rubbish

        • K.Wayne

          Stan, you wouldn’t know the meaning of the word INJUSTICE…..even if it smacked you in the face.
          Enjoy your Bentley while you still can.

      • paul ...

        As Jerry keeps telling us … Military Tribunals may be the means by which we short circuit the Deep State controlled Justice System!!

        • K.Wayne

          I wish they were.
          The MIC is the war machine of the 3 headed serpent ruling over mankind. The other two reside in City of London and the Vatican City States. Notice where the Pentagon is located ? Right in the heart of the country….where all the power resides.

  9. andyb

    Greg: I am a great fan of JHK; I read his Monday and Friday posts religiously. He has a way of writing that is highly illuminating even though I don’t agree 100% with some of his themes. He’s spot on with his criticism of education. Cultural Marxism began its viral onslaught the day that public teachers became unionized in grades 1-12 (circa 1970) and then later when the massive government student loans programs were granted for colleges and universities. All should be aware that it was Biden who sponsored legislation that pushed for a change in the bankruptcy laws to prohibit their use for student loans. Funny that this fact is omitted from mention in the MSM during his current presidential run.
    As an aside, I wonder how many looking at the insane situation in California re fires, PG&E et al, and Marxist government control have connected the dots and realize that these obvious man-made events are purposeful and could be a Beta test for a false flag EMP in some part of this country.

  10. Jozef W

    No one talks about the fact that banks lend people money to consume without accountability to society as a whole. The logic has disappeared, starting with children through student loans to make them mentally dependent on a system that is rotten at its core

  11. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, You DO NOTICE that Kunstler says that he “didnt vote for the guy,” didnt you ?

    Well then …… who did he vote for as a registered liberal democrat in upstate New York ?

    You guessed it ! Hillary Clinton, who is the rightful heir of the oval office !

    She will have her time and that be right soon !!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You have been fabulously wrong and will continue to be.

    • Jerry

      You are proof positive, that rolling a turd in powdered sugar doesn’t make it a jelly donut. If you’d take the time to pull your head out of Hilary’s behind, you’d see she’s being fitted for an orange jump suit along with the other traitors in congress who have sold this country out. Time is short sweetheart.

    • Major Payne

      Gina – I can assure you that James voted for a third party candidate. I read his blog regualry and he has nothing but contempt for Hillary.

  12. Mark Mooew


    Mr. Kunstler opinions have a point to them and are based on some facts and truths but I think he has a baseline view from him being a Liberal so for example, from the things that have emerged all ready that we know, Indictments are coming for top FBI, DOJ, State Department, and up to Hillary & may be Obama, Yes, & sure there is going to be issues with this but it’s because the US Citizens are going to feel used & lied to for Years, basically RED PILLED fast, but this must happen & it is a good thing, many of the liberal iCONS in his party & Rhinoss will be exposed for the criminals they are, so yea there will be drama, & these criminals are going to fight till the end, this is good! As far as manufacturing in US, Clinton ,BUSH & OBAMA sold us out to china & other Countries, Obama lost half a million jobs in 8 years, Trump knows this, he has brought back 650,000 manufacturing jobs back to USA, Also Trump is doing everything possible to counter the energy problem, new oil lines, shale, coal, we know it has been subsidized but it has given out the ability to counter strategically Middle East, so their is a purpose here, National Security Interest. As far as Institutions bankrupting, this is a good thing, natural in true Capitalism, beter for USA in long run. As far elections not being held in 2020 if this happens its because the BAD PEOPLE OR criminals ARE fighting all the way to the Grave, and that is fine. He seems to be acknowledging the bad things & issues but not recognizing most started from Establishment, deepState liberals in charge of USA or Years, Yes that means People like HIM and GLOBALIST , so You can see his conflict when he shapes his story, All I can say is LIGHT IS COMING AND THIS IS A GOOD THING IN THE LONG RUN,

  13. Gina M Mancarella

    One other thing ….. all those investigators looking for dirt on Epstein island got nothing ! They aint got a thing !!!!!!!!!!

    NOTHING !!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I an sure you have been there “Gina” tormenting and abusing children. Tell us all what is there and what went on.

    • Justn Observer

      One thing about guys like Buck…you don’t want to be arrested when you have an addiction… smoke signals over So. Cal indicate he has learned to sing like a canary…
      Thinking the helicopter death of the Standard Hotel manager will bring rain on Hillary’s and Schiff parade soon enough… And thanks to for your familia putting Finona Hill, Bill Taylor and Vindman out there…the metadata needed as to who had access to the presidents desk, and the SAP server and the ‘ability’ to change/edit documents would have been hard to figure without their testitmony… Many listened, but who had access to the server to do the changes now is known… Sometimes one needs to think before they rat themselves out? Oh – and yes…his twin brother, Leonid has be convicted and of illegal shipment and sales of weapons and technology to Iran? hmmm Can You mimick Pelosi saying,” Iwan Awan get in here —now !” ?

    • paul ...

      Yeah Gina … they don’t even have the video tapes of his presumed (suicide/murder) … nor the DNA from the rag that supposedly strangled him … nor did they test the coffee that the guards drank that night (that put all of them to sleep while Epstein walked out) … but we do have SOMETHING !!! (the dead body that was buried in place of Epstein and can be exhumed to get a DNA sample) … now … let’s watch and see who orders the body to be “exhumed and cremated” and then has the ashes scattered in the Atlantic ocean (Bin Laden style)!!

  14. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  15. Rodster

    JHK, has been writing about this very topic going on now for about 2 years. He’s a lifelong Democrat and is pretty disgusted with his party for what they are trying to do to a sitting President and as he says, he’s no fan of Trump.

    Unfortunately, the Deep State is in control so anything is possible with the exception of any jail time for the shady cast of characters within the Deep State. Do you wonder why all we hear about is Ukraine and Trump but hardly no mention of Joe and Hunter Biden and their “illegal activities” in Ukraine?

    The Deep State protects its own !

  16. Rodster

    I have shorted Deutsche Bank so many times this month, I was able to buy three Bentley’s.

    “Deutsche Tumbles After IBanking Profit Plunges 73%, “Bad Bank” Posts Negatve Revenue”

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow, good move! hope Stan the master investor is watching 7.37
      ▼ 0.61 (7.64%)

      Hey Stan gold up m$10 today after you shorted, ouch!!!!

      • Stan

        Greg: I’m in for the long term

        • Greg Hunter

          No you are not Stan. You told us you were a trader. Now, you say you are in it for the long term?? Total bs man.

          • K.Wayne

            Stan changes his approach to suit his narrative. Sounds like a lying scumbag politician.
            Anyways …long term as we know will be a blip on the radar….DB will go to that great burial place in short order. Gold will destroy him and make him wish he had something of value. Not some paper promise or contract that has ZERO worth.

  17. Da yooper

    Good timely interview Greg

    There is too much corruption that will never be addressed (tried & sent to prison ) that I doubt America will ever return to the greatness we once were. The things we once were great at were off shored & are not coming back. I dont see the corrupt MSM changing because they are all one & the same corrupt mind – belief & thought process & just like banking they live for fraud & swindles & subversion . Kunstler mentions “Institutional failure” could Kunstler mean like the voting system nation wide has been subverted by the communists? Great interview & could have been an hour long try & get Kunstler back maybe in the spring.

  18. Paul Anthony

    Oh wow oh wow!

    James Howard Kunstler has a new fan. After I watched your Interview I went and read his blogs – Today Ill be listening to his old podcasts while I work . I really get his way of thinking and the direction of our future .. Like ALL of it ..

    I am his newest number one fan!


  19. Jerry

    Look out below Stan.

    Twenty dollar stock…….what a joke.

    • paul ...

      Jerry … I thought all the REPO money the Fed has been providing to Deutsche Bank was supposed to prevent this crash in it’s stock price ?? … hey Stan … ask your bankster buddies what’s the REPO money is holding up (if it’s not DB)???

  20. leo

    Wow what great ideas i have never heard before. Local Local Local/ Local stuff on small scale, local militia local medicine local food and water silver as money local newspaper some form of enforced local law. Big government has failed so lets get local and organized away from these liberal nonsense liars and provide protection from within. All these ideas can be brought to life if we don’t start killing each other from fear of the chaos .

    • paul ...

      Local Communities should begin meeting and formulating plans to create a cadre of volunteer groups right now (composed of people with various talents and skills) that can provide basic needed services during a crisis that shuts down government and the banking system … which can be a potent stabilizing force against chaos and lawlessness!!

  21. Horsenut

    Great interview,,,,,, heading out to buy more silver….

  22. Stan

    Our banking system is the envy of the world and more financially stable than ever. By the way, bought more Deutsche Bank on this fibanocci pullback. Perfect entry point. Used some leverage too.

    • JC

      Thanks Stan, it’s obvious you are doing God’s work. Wait a minute… sorry, maybe I’m confusing you with someone else.

      paul… where are you? Help me out, please.

    • K.Wayne

      There is no Fibonacci sequence there in the DB chart. Its a pure train wreck….for the best part of a decade. They can’t buyback their own shares fast enough in order to stabilise the price.
      Notice the spelling of F.I.B.O.N.A.C.C.I. anyone with the intellect to quote /understand /use it…. would have mastered the spelling of it.
      You are a living fantasy….imaginary in the eyes of those that participate here.

      • Stan

        K.Wayne: Sorry about the misspelling of Fibonacci. I was driving the Bentley while posting that message.

        • sk

          Does Bentley enjoy his oats? Don’t forget to put a blanket on Bentley when you get home – it’s cold tonight.

    • paul ...

      Stan … unlike “us regular people” we can’t go around printing money out of thin air to short the stock and gold/silver market without a care about losses (the way you and your bankster buddies can Stan) that’s the only reason you and your buddies banking system is the envy of the world!!

      • K.Wayne

        If he indeed has Bankster buddies ( he apparently worked for JP Morgan) ….where as I previously stated ….insiders get to know the ilk working at the FED, then we can all agree he is one of them too. Meaning once a BANKER always a BANKER. Driven by greed, fame, wealth and self interest. Hmmmmmmmm….. if it looks like , smells like, feels like….odds are very good…that he IS !!
        Then again he is just a fantasy. He’s not real. He will disappear in short order …… like passing wind in a snow storm.

  23. Margaret O’Keefe

    Excellent guest! He is the voice of reason in our national situation, which is difficult to articulate.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Margaret! Thanks for being here!

  24. lightning

    I’d love to have readers comment on this>
    If newspapers took substantial amounts of money from foreign governments to serve as a political mouthpiece for said foreign governments, and they did not register as foreign agents…can they be prosecuted as unregistered foreign agents?

    • al

      They should be prosecuted for treason. They are after all the 4th estate.

      • paul ...

        Absolutely right Al … !!!

    • K.Wayne

      Not only are they propagandists … they are masters of SPYING.
      Controlled by foreign Governments….. nothing new.
      If they commit acts of treason by supporting sworn enemies of America … then they can be held accountable. The ENEMIES within are those that aren’t defined as our enemies.

    • lightning

      The media is a BIG part of the problem in trying to address anything. If they took money from foreign governments (or arguably the CIA as I believe the CIA is not supposed to operate on US shores), that should be easily traceable. Practically speaking, even if we slapped ALL OF THEM on the wrists with $100K fines and 5 years in prison, they are out of the confusion/obfuscation/distortion propaganda business. Like Capone getting nailed on tax evasion. The big issue is getting the chaos machine to stop.
      I think that’s do-able compared to treason and effectively amounts to the same end.

  25. Russ

    Great guest Greg. Usually I listen on headset, but today I just let the audio fill the room and the interview was much appreciated. I had to explain “gaslighting” to my guest listener, “oh, you mean propaganda! Similar…
    “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s belief.”…
    “Propaganda is information that is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, which may not be objective and may be presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is presented.”…

    The news itself is largely propaganda, twisting elements of the truth to “spin” a story, but with gaslighting, you attempt to make a person doubt what he/she personally knows to be true. They dovetail nicely when used together and can be very effective. That’s what we’re seeing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Russ!!

      • rivercity

        Appreciate the distinction between the two methods!

    • Boswell

      Watch the movie… Gaslight. It’s an old B&W, but a classic.
      It’s on YouTube somewhere.

  26. iwitness02

    Trillions are at stake.
    Trump is the great interrupter.
    The MSM heads, should be indicted.
    In my mind, DC is the racketeering capital of the world. [term limits]
    Education, Medicine, Banking, Politics, Media, Real Estate, Agriculture, Law Enforcement and the Judiciary are mostly corrupt. Worldwide.
    Bribes, kickbacks, fraud, swindles, quid pro Joe, is the name of the game.
    We need Ghetto O Dork in the oval office. He will fix everything, just as soon as we turn in all the firearms. Its just that simple. No guns, no problems. Unless one loves freedom. Freedom will be outlawed as soon as possible, in this insane world. The powers that be are pushing us towards submission, or rebellion. Depending on the character of this nation. There are 11 countries right now that are rebelling against corruption. I suspect that number will increase.

    • al

      WWG1WGA Brother. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • iwitness02

        WWG1WGA Brother. Thanks al. I know there are others here in this merry band of regulars that feel the same way.
        Your new avatar appears to be a distinguished congressman. Can’t quite bring his name to mind, but he looks very studious. Knows where the money is.

        • iwitness02

          It’s got to be Nadler.

  27. JungianINTP

    Rush Limbaugh raised a red flag several days ago. To paraphrase: ‘Do you really believe the Deep State is going prosecute itself?’ He was reacting to news that investigative findings (Horowitz et al.) may never be released. -Rick
    P.S. In the past, major cover-ups occurred for the “good of the nation”
    (( Lincoln’s Marxian-driven, unconstitutional war against self-determination / WW-I and WW-II / Chairman Mao’s ascension to power via State Department influence / UN-staged Korea peace / the Gulf of Tonkin false flag / Pearl Harbor false flag / Kennedy’s assassination / Ruby Ridge / Waco / Oklahoma City Bombing / 9/11, … )); to prevent, e.g. in this case, a general – but extremely warranted – loss of citizens’ confidence in FBI, CIA, and NSA spy-leadership )).

    • Brooklyn

      Rush is speculating, just like everyone else. Not only will the IG report be released, but Barr/Durham will indict and make ‘major arrests’ before the end of the year. There can be no “coverup” this time, for exactly as you say, the good of the nation. Once more, do you think Donald Trump gave up his billionaire retirement lifestyle and to go through this level of hatred and threats against him and his family to simply walk away from an unfinished job. I might be speculating too, but I pray that I am not wrong, for without Trump it will soon crash and burn.

  28. rivercity

    I enjoy Kunstler, but of course he has to include the disclaimer:”…I didn’t vote for the guy. I am not a cheerleader for the guy”. Not recognizing that Trump was “the guy” who actually stepped up, b/c he knew he could make a difference, is pretty lame. Not lookin’ good for this country – but Trump bought us some time!

  29. rivercity

    iwitness02 – Well stated!

  30. Arizona

    TRUMP has the MILITARY at his finger tips,ALL he needs to do is have a round up,and take them to GITMO,they’ll blab everything they ever knew after a few hours with the marines talking to them,and if he doen’t start shutting down criminal agencies LIKE FEMA,DHS,FBI,and a dozen others HE’LL have a WAR in the streets of america to deal with,AND IT WON’T END WELL …the fema people are killing people in northern california right now,and kidnapping them and taking them to fema death camps,THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED SOON….KEN PETERS saw this happening…OR is trump in on it??

  31. James Brown

    Greg, Thanks again. I liked James.
    This is the “Death” of socialism. The democratic party is going to split.
    But, since the republicans are too stupid to be stupid (where did I hear that one?), they
    won’t capitalize.
    I sent a text to President Trump. I recommended to him that he change the tax laws to make real estate a great investment. Make all mortgage interest tax deductible, make all property taxes tax deductible, lower capital gains tax to 10%, etcetera. This would help the economy boom. The tax changes in 2017 limited deductibility of mortgage interest and property taxes, look what’s happened – real estate market is stagnating (an un – natural amount of homes went on the market – because of these changes) and we are headed to the next greater depression. Most household net worth is the home people own (not 401(k)’s /IRAs). Make real estate the hottest investment and you build household confidence and the economy booms. I don’t own any real estate, I invest in stocks and options (I don’t have that bias), this is fundamental economics/human nature. I know, I can hear you, they won’t do it, it makes too much darned sense. Love you Brother!

  32. al

    James is correct when he said there was a simple explanation for all of this, and he went through most of the panicked institutions with “skin in the game”, especially the “educational” institutions.

    Let’s face it, the Deep State is in diarrhea mode, the see a guy in power they cannot assassinate, speaks plain English, has a squeaky clean record, takes no B.S., kicks butt when he needs to, is not afraid to fire off flaming tweets, has taken over the Enemy Media narrative, is a brilliant strategist and marketer with forward thinking in mind, and most of all SUCCESSFUL!
    They know they met their demise and it’s killing them so that’s why we have this crazy rhetoric at obnoxious levels.

    No, there is no way Trump will lose this coming election unless they want a full bore bloody revolution on their hands much like what’s going on in Eight Countries as I write. The difference is, WE HAVE THE 2ND AMENDMENT! You don’t want to really piss us off do you Deep State?

    Everyone is angry about the fact that the FISA, OIG and other damning reports are not out yet, however, I see the wisdom in waiting as the libtards on the left are destroying themselves with clownish acts one after another resulting in more and more people getting WOKE!

    It’s just a matter of time but the ship has not changed course, it’s still headed for accountability. GITMO anyone? HITLERy? Hussain? Anyone in the Deep State?

  33. paul ...

    You know … Kunstler sees our big corporate, medical, educational and government structures collapsing and getting smaller … so why not begin now to put “Basic Community Structures” (BCS) together … lets sign up a group of people “who pledge to work together” for the common good during an emergency and who will work to solve community problems without paper money compensation but for community “credits” that an assigned community treasurer keeps a record of … we should sign up a plumber, electrician, doctor, auto mechanic, farmer, etc., etc., etc. as members of these BCS’s in every town of the Nation … and then during a banking or government shutdown emergency … they work as a team to keep public services up and running until things begin to stabilize … and where “credits earned” can be used as money until a silver (and or gold) standard is set up!!

  34. paul ...

    Tulsi Gabbard (after putting Hillary down) unleashes on Turkey and Saudi Arabia … it is time to get the truth out …

    • Greg Hunter

      Careful Paul Dear Tulsi is a Council on Foreign Relegations Member which is anti “We the People”! She can trash Turkey abut cannot call out Joe Biden on Corruption that is obvious whit him and his son in Ukraine and China. Tulsi + Fake good guy!

      • paul ...

        But she is an enemy of my enemy Greg!!

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s WWE she is not their enemy. She is a CFR anti “We the People” hack. it’s a scam in a pretty package but still a scam.

          • Russ

            Yep — she’s an Army vet who looks good on a surfboard, what’s not to like?? Well yeah, how about where she stands on the NWO.

  35. Jerry

    I have posted this before, and I’m posting it again because it is pertinent to the topic at hand.

    Please understand. The depth of corruption goes so deep inside our government, that many deep state operatives will be tried under military law and not the federal court system. Some people are under the delusion that the deep state will try itself. It’s not going to happen. President Trump has already laid the groundwork for military trials. Manuals updated with recent changes in military law, have been sent to numerous law firms in preparation for the coming trials. Millions will be spent in representation, since the military is not equipped to handle cases on such a large scale.

    • Mike R

      It HAS to happen this way. Only way to put these deepstate crooks behind bars. Trump will have to do this under martial law, and thats probably also the only way we have no 2020 election…. the dems will force the hand of Trump into implementing martial law. Thats how crazy the dems will get. They are literally daring Trump to do this. And he will. He HAS to do this, if we are to survive as a country and republic. It will be the MOST unpopular thing he will do during his time as President. The military will need to do this, while also protecting Trump, and American citizens from our own crooked congress. A number of congressional officials will need to be arrested. It wont be pretty.

      • Jerry

        I totally agree. This was just released.

        The republic is as stake, and Donald Trump knows it. I personally know a marine reserve, who is a member of an elite unit, that has been activated. Why? There is a war going on behind the shadows, we will never know about.

  36. paul ...

    Stan … I see you sold gold short at $1495 and covered at $1485 for a cool $10 dollar profit … well done!!! …

    • paul ...

      However … while you make $10 dollars here and there Stan … we long term players are looking for much bigger gains … see the little chart on the right side … … that compares the gold price to the debasement of the dollar … we are waiting for gold to catch up to the green line at about $2962 dollars per ounce!!

      • paul ...

        Actually Stan … the US National Debt clock has gold at an even higher calculated price then $2962 … right now it has gold valued at $7606 …

  37. OutLookingIn

    “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”.
    – Ayn Rand
    If you do not allow some partisan sites and media outlets to interpret reality for you, then you will easily recognize the brazen obviousness of the lies, frauds, corruption, etc.
    All stemming from Washington and stunningly told with a “straight face” by the MSM.

    Or, combine the corrupted news cycle with the diminished attention span of the average American and your left with a desperate situation in which… Oh look! A butterfly! So pretty, look how fast it can fly!

    • paul ...

      The consequences of ignoring the reality “of the true gold and silver price” as presented in the US National Debt Clock can be catastrophic to those who are blind to the truth!! … (Gold -> $7609 … Silver -> $919)

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks for reminding us all about the pretending that is going on. Facts are a cold bucket of water in the face.

    • Justn Observer

      Links to your polls please? Which/who where when…and parameters of how many polled of GOP- INDEPENDENTS – DNC…. Were polls inside the D.C. beltway, NYC , Hollywood or on the Google campus?
      If you do not know or reveal the relationships between your favorite Gen. with the purple heart and his brother and the other’s of this so shocked ””impeachment”’ phone call meme…you are being disingenuous… Benedict Arnold worn a uniform as well – so much for uniforms! Never impressed by a uniform even when I wore one…though they separate a soldier from being a spy….these days not so much -eh?

  38. Leo

    good grief Greg, there are a lot of people who comment on watchdog that are not in their right mind. Ans still you honor the 1st amendment that it impressive Mr Greg.

    • Leo

      sorry for the type Os

  39. Bill B

    GREG: 1949 Mercury
    As I listened to you and Mr Kunstler, and his saying we cannot continue to live at the standard we are now living.
    In 1949 our family purchased a new Mercury with all the accessories ( AM Radio and Heater). Today the automobile has so many accessories I would probably miss a couple were I to list them all, because we demand it.
    I have come to the conclusion that I do not need todays multi accessoriezed vehicles, nor do I need a massive inch TV. I am going to simplify my life to the necessities and not my wants

  40. Justn Observer

    Greg, Looks like the latest ””whistleblower”” Vindman has dirty hands and his ‘changes’ to the words of POTUS without POTUS knowledge taints ALL of his testimony… and is now outed as a possible co-conspirator of the coup itself? …Biden just road kill…and the more shifty Schiff keeps going the more are being exposed = sap = covet unauthorized end around Congress weapons, drugs, and ops.

    NEXT PLEASE – OH….here comes the whistleblower brother =
    October 30, 2019 Meet another of Trump Accuser – Leonid Vindman – Iran and Libya Smuggler CONVICTED AND FINED FOR GUN RUNNING TO IRAN? LOL

    Interesting if things start to blow wide open? Where is AG Barr and crew? Why no arrests/ investigations of all this corruption?

  41. Bill B

    As our Pres spoke of the death of the ISIS leader, his praise was for the Military and their work. Nothing said about any of our intelligence agencies being involved. Were they left out of the operation as the democrats were?

  42. Dave

    The Senate GOP is not defending Trump as they are seriously worried they will lose control of the Senate in 2020 because of Trump. The polls look bad for the GOP. If the election were held today the Democrats would gain 5/6 seats and take control. The House is gone, it will remain Democrat – with 20 GOP congressmen retiring and the GOP not even contesting some of the California seats that flipped Democrat in 2018. The House GOP as well as the Senate GOP have their own polls which is why they are running scared. And it is why so many GOP Congressman have decided to retire. It’s not fun to be in the minority.

    Trump supposters are doing him no favors. They should not bless his every action and fall in line to condemn the purple star Lieutenant Colonel who testified this week. They GOP fell into a Democrat trap. The Dems purposely had the colonel wear his uniform. And today we have idiots like Rush Limbaugh mocking this man and his purple heart and the fact that the lieutenant colonel still has shrapmel in his body. Do you realize how that turns off ewnlisted men? To have a man who evaded the draft in his day mock a purple heart warrior? All of a sudden conservatives from Fox to Limbaugh to members of the Freedom Caucus are unsupportive of a military person. A war hero. As Ben Shapiro said – leave out the trashing of his purple heart and military service. Just say you disagree with his testimony and leave it at that. And Michael savage said in an interview with Pat Buchanan that Trump is being ill served by his advisors. Some think the impeachment efforts help him. They don’t. His numbers in terms of disapproval have risen to their second highest mark in pro-Trump Rasmussen. This after a month of impeachment activity. GOP House and Senate numbers are being driven down. This takes the focus off the Democrat candidates and their crazy proposals and puts in on Trump who has low approval numbers. .

    I think it is likely Trump resigns. Not that the Senate will convict him, but that he will realize the Democrats will control both chambers after the 2020 elections and he will immediately be a total lame duck (should he win) with a new impeachment round and possible conviction if the Dems control the Senate. Trump at 74 is not going to choose to spend the next four years under even heavier fire than he’s experienced so far. And to be totally unable to move his agenda forward – including the appointment of judges.

    • Paul Anthony

      The polls you speak of. All of them skewed. Look at him at packed and over flowing rallies. Look at positive articles being shared on Facebook. Most will have 50,000 positive emoji responses verse single digit , tens, and on a good day a hundred or more negative emojis … tens of thousands verse hundreds on a good day. My family and friends mostly under stand the fake impeachment theatre now. Even my democrat friends

      I disagree with you on just about every point. The newest military whistle blower was just a ploy to try to add legitimacy to the new and false narrative that the military hero you speak of tried to change the transcript with stuff that was “missing” Pay no attention to the transcript. It’s missing stuff. Let’s bing in a military hero and try to paint the new narrative as true. Though everyone else on the call confirms it’s the calls transcript has no issues.

      Ok right.

    • Paul Anthony


      I forgot about this one

      Donations for trunk are up since impeachment “inquiry”


      • Paul Anthony

        Trump Typo corrected

    • Justn Observer

      This is why YOUR comments are so misplaced…and wrong!

  43. Energy

    Same old same old stuff …guy put me to sleep……when I see one high profile political puppet in jail I might understand your show , but we have not seen it yet.

    • Paul Anthony

      So why are you commenting and not sleeping?

      Go back to bed.

  44. paul ...

    So now we find the FBI did not do a DNA analysis on the rag that strangled Epstein … so I guess this means they didn’t do a DNA analysis on the dead body either (to to see if it was Epstein that died) … perhaps this whole episode was conjured up to confirm that Epstein “is dead” when in reality he is living the good life on some secluded island somewhere … Epstein’s brother should immediately release Epstein’s DNA so it can be compared to the dead body’s DNA (a body with completely different ears) by independent medical examiners!!! …

  45. leo

    I saw army trucks heading east dressed for battle today, never seen this type of display, they have been on the move lately. I wonder what we don’t know.

    • paul jr.

      Please tell me just how were these army trucks dressed for battle?

  46. JC

    Stan, be careful out there.

    “The Liquidity Crisis that has emerged in the REPO Market has been deeply concerning behind the curtain as many remained clueless as to why it was even unfolding. Many analysts claimed the Fed was hiding something and US shares of banks tumbled when they were traceable to Deutsche Bank exposure.”

  47. Robert Callaghan

    *Californication Collapse* Here’s How
    I know a woman addicted to opioids, with a broke back disc, not allowed pain medication and she’s poor as fuck.
    California has a homeless bomb going off, exacerbated by annual firestorms. They have more homeless than they can handle. Disease will spread through the homeless to the yuppies.
    These are the same Yuppies who tell 50 year old working stiffs to get stuffed and learn to code.
    China is gunning for their jobs and will win the 5G AI race.
    Food price hikes and a homeless bomb are, not a good thing.
    Sorry, this is where I rephrase, not a good thing, with rich expletives.
    Another economic great recession is coming while globalism’s brittle fragility becomes undeniable.
    The only thing that can get more inter sectional than this are the sox in my drawer.
    Wind turbine blades are the perfect metaphor for collapse.
    The difference in wind conditions between the top and bottom of the newer larger blades is worse than thought.
    Wind blades are mostly made of fiberglass and glue.
    Promising new materials cannot scale up in time.
    Nor will wind turbines make any difference to the energy behavior/climate chaos dilemma.
    We are promising a $15 trillion money bonanza for wind turbines.
    Whenever there is a construction bonanza, there is fraud.
    Ask any condo owner in downtown Toronto. They’ll be slums in 20 years.
    The material promises and the actual material through puts won’t match.
    They’ll promise IOT blade sensors made of fairy dust, but they’ll still be mostly glue and fiber glass.
    People want them offshore because they’re ugly as hell, kill critters and make horrible noise.
    The fish don’t want them too. Offshore wind farms use 1,000 times more copper than onshore.
    Their laminated blades literally dissolve into the sea faster than expected.
    They produce 25% of their power rating sticker, and decline to 10% in 10 years.
    The stresses for the new bigger offshore turbines are not properly modeled.
    They break apart from both the inside and out, waver, buckle and collapse faster than expected.
    Spending trillions on them will solve nothing and end in a massive misapplication of resources.
    Saving ourselves from extinction is not a get rich quick scheme.

  48. Matt

    When it comes to macro finances in the U.S., the name of the game is confidence. The motivations by Congress/institutional banking/Treasury/Fed is to keep the confidence level as high as possible. Yes, a small select group of individuals are greatly enriched, but that is just a side effect. The U.S. has nothing backing our finances; it’s a teepee in a hurricane and “managers” are running around placing sandbags just trying to keep it standing. It will fail, and when it does, a TARP equivalent will not rescue is. What worries me is what will be born out of desperation. Terrifying.

  49. Da yooper

    Hey Greg the next time you talk to Bill Holter you need to run this by him. Talk about the fix is in.

    Wag the Dog – The new COMEX and Shanghai gold contracts

  50. JC

    Stan I’m worried for you.

    “If it relates to a bank with a symbol of DB….”

    “Something very bad comes this way. Right out of the blue the Fed began to dump bundles of crisp $100 bills onto a financial fire in the middle of September when the overnight rate shot to 10% with no warning. What was termed a temporary injection of cash into the REPO market has turned into a flood that looks to last a lot longer than forty days and forty nights. With an attempt to show some levity Chairman Powell insists they are not initiating QE infinity but for those of us who can add and subtract, we know it’s bullshit. It looks and sounds a lot more like the end of the financial system. If it relates to a bank with a symbol of DB, it will be the end of the financial system.”

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, I sense that what Mr. Kunstler says is coming sooner than many expect…the people have had enough of this BS and charade…are heading to D.C. and fear there will be violence soon…! Likewise, even some media will be confronted there and in NY/NJ…for their lies and ‘fake news’ … Thinking the cream pies about to be replaced by rocks and worse. People tired of seeing the economy deteriorate, pension errode and face layoffs while the trade bills sit in piles on desks of the not so representatives of the people as for the deep pockets working in Congress!
    Sad to be so far away for all the exciting fireworks to come ! lol Wonder if the ‘street’ journalists will now get combat pay? Maybe Geraldo won’t have to fake a sniper shot? Or Hillary faint an under-fire landing at the airport? Will be interesting to see how
    Congress will be treated if or when they show up at home during recess too! Can’t wait to see those campaigning at the town halls telling all the people why they did not vote to pass the trade bills so their companies could get to making and shipping products and thought it was more important to waste time trying to impeach a President for looking into corruption and misapplication of taxes going to fund ‘illegal’ weapons and drug deals of a SAP program run behind his back by Obama holdover/deep staters?
    The coming ””’hearings”” will be a nightmare for the DNC = an explosion of info is about to come to the front…the DNC will be about as happy with Shifty Schiff as they were with Anthony Weiner…and yes… laptop files, emails and phone records may make the light of day soon from insiders ? AND no , Hillary’s email are NOT lost as even Hannity wants people to believe?=
    -TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 2h2 hours ago
    Almost three years ago, I say Libya and Syria Weapons Supplied By Epstein For Weiner and Ehud Barack, Staged In Haiti BEFORE I Knew Awans Configured The Blackberries. January 23th, 2017, Always the Same Epstein Dyncorp Pattern, Haiti, Liby… via @YouTube
    -CC‏ @ChatByCC · Oct 29 Alexander Vindman is one of 8794 Lieutenant Colonels in the US Army.
    He is a clerk assigned to the WH. He’s not a Ukraine expert. He does not make policy nor should he comment on it.
    He definitely needs his sneaky leaking ass immediately bounced out of the White House.
    -TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 3h3 hours ago
    Did Awans “work” at the State Dept like Huma Abedin work four jobs including Teneo and the State Department? Interesting to see where Grassley inquiry goes
    Bijan Kian entrapment of Mike Flynn from EXIM bank loans to Anadarko Oil. Flynn declared $5K payout from Anadarko on his belated Financial Disclosure Form. Bijan Kian made loans for offshore oil and gas plays for Anadarko.
    -TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 4h4 hours ago
    Go for the real UkraineGate Network October 30, 2019 Meet another of Trump Accuser – Leonid Vindman – Iran … via @YouTube

    So much to know about Mueller and his Robber baron buddies there on Gilligan’s , no Gibson Island?=

    • Justn Observer

      next up, Eric Ciaramella ? LOL Look at his Ukraine and Chalupa and invitation to meeting with Biden, Brennan, Clapper etc… IS THIS A ‘WHISTLEBLOWER OR A OBAMA HOLDOVER SPY? working against POTUS and shuffling information out of the White House to opposition to damage the Presidency? More like treason is it not?
      ***Federal documents reveal that the 33-year-old Ciaramella, a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan, a vocal critic of Trump who helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Further, Ciaramella (pronounced char-a-MEL-ah) left his National Security Council posting in the White House’s West Wing in mid-2017 amid concerns about negative leaks to the media. He has since returned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

      “He was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump,” said a former NSC official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.
      Also, Ciaramella huddled for “guidance” with the staff of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, including former colleagues also held over from the Obama era whom Schiff’s office had recently recruited from the NSC. (Schiff is the lead prosecutor in the impeachment inquiry.)”
      MORE =

      • Justn Observer

        BUT BUT Eric Ciaramella WAS OUT OF THE WHITEHOUSE IN 2017 so he is not the whistleblower …the ””whistleblower had to be there”’ and have access to change and edit POTUS comments…=

  52. eddiemd

    Brooklyn and Phoenix. Where I was born and where I was raised.

    Wait until the EBT cards no longer work.

    Phoenix, Maricopa County, Tucson will all collapse rather quickly when the power goes out. Water will cease to flow. If it happens in the summer it will be calamity. There are few roads to get out of the metropolitian areas. Just look at a holiday weekend to see the traffic jams to escape Phoenix and vicinity.

    Arizona has few palces to survive. Perhaps up on the Navajo/Hopi rez where they have agriculture (sheep/cattle/horses), windmill driven wells, and subsistence farming. Many Navajo still live without electricity and plumbing. They cut wood and truck water.

    The state and city governments are already preparing for disaster.

    Days of vengeance will arrive again. Prepare your heart.

  53. Stan

    Shorted more Gold at $1515 – Cha -ching!

    • Greg Hunter

      Who are you Kidding here. You told us you shorted gold and it was in some sort of “flag formation” when it was $1,480. It is now $1,512. You have had your tail handed to you. Deutsche Bank AG was down to 7.25 ▼ 0.11 (1.49%). DB was down almost 10% — this week????? This is one of your long positions you have been bragging about. You are not a master trader. You look like a buffoon.

      • Stan

        Greg: I am frequently making both long and short term trades. The majority of my positions are long but I do make day trades and week trades. With this in mind, nothing I have said here is inconsistent.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are getting creamed and you know it.

    • paul jr.


      You must like losing money.

  54. eddiemd

    LTC Vindman has some shady family connections.

    His older brother is Leonid Vindman. Seems George Webb has some interesting background on his brother.

    LTC Vindman sounds like a double agent. How did he get the NSC position and who does he really work for? Mole in the White House? Mossad asset?

    The Trump team may have this guy made and turned him. He might actually be a disinfo agent working for Trump.

    Where is Epstein?

    What happened to the insurance files on Anthony Weiner’s computer? Trump has them.

  55. EasyEnergy

    JHK was openly mocked a few years back when he predicted that we would see the return of piracy on our oceans. Shortly after we started seeing exactly that off the coast of the failed state of Somalia. I suspect JHK’s predictions about future life in America will be more spot on than most.

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