MSM Distracting Public from Real Crime, Social Censorship is Here, Dark Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 349 8.24.18)

It’s a game of “look over here” and not at the real crimes that have been committed. Now, the mainstream media (MSM) has gone hysterical on former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty to a crime that is not a crime. It’s about Trump paying off a porn star and a playmate to keep quiet about their affairs, but it’s not a campaign violation to pay your own money, and that is what Trump did. Legal scholars agree. This is just one more bogus story to get the public distracted to the real felony crimes by Hillary Clinton and many others in the Obama Administration in a failed coup to remove Trump from office.

Looks like the social media giants are continuing to censor and remove conservative voices from their platforms just in time for the midterm elections. They simply want Democrats to win and are desperate because the so-called Blue Wave looks like it is going to be a blue fizzle. Is it time to unpack the anti-trust laws for these powerful social media companies to level the playing field so all voices are heard?

Donald Trump has helped the economy since he was elected, but he walked into office with huge problems like $20 trillion in federal debt and, surprise, $21 trillion additional “missing” at DOD and HUD. Trump has certainly bought us some time, but a debt reset cometh, and for the unprepared, it will be a brutal wakeup call.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(This post is about fake new by the MSM to distract the public, censorship at social media companies, and a not-so-rosy economic update.)

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After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned gold and financial experts Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter of will be the guests for the Early Sunday Release. They have a special warning about what is coming for the economy and financial debt reset that they say has already started and CANNOT be stopped.

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  1. Donald

    “It’s about Trump paying off a porn star and a playmate to keep quiet about their affairs”

    ??? To my knowledge no factual details have come out as to what happened. So far this is what corrupt media is claiming – but since when should they be trusted on anything?
    IF Trump personally paid either of these two, there could be a variety of reasons – this does not mean it automatically defaults to it being an affair. This is what corrupt news is assuming and prompting. This is the message they are conveying. And the reason should be obvious.

    • Greg Hunter

      Point well made and well taken.

    • BobT

      Amen brother.

  2. genocidal politition

    dystopian utopia is the goal people are saying

  3. Mason

    Ex veteran CIA officer exposes it all: The Deep State, The Shadow Government, the role of the MSM, False Flags, Gladio, CIA and drugs and more, in 2-hour long presentation:

  4. FC

    I’m suffering from Outrage Fatigue.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hang in there and “Fear Not”!!!

    • paul ...

      Outrage fatigue by Constitutional Patriots is what it is going to take to remove all the Demon-rats in the upcoming election this November who support the “End of US Sovereignty” … let’s create the biggest “Blue Fizzle” in US election history … Soros who worked for the Nazi SS squads is now supporting development of a US Neocon CC squad (to take out Christians and Constitutionalists) … Soros is paying big bucks to support people promoting the abortion of nine month old fetuses and the sacrificing of newly born babies to their evil god Baal … and Soros is also paying an organization called “Fake Media Matters” to censor and remove conservative voices from their platforms before the midterm elections … Soros needs a big Demon-ratic win this November to elect enough Demon-rat’s in Congress to impeach Trump … let us Patriotic Christian Constitutionalists show Soros “some of our power” … and as for those “Fake Media Matters” companies Soros supports … as Greg say’s: “it is time to unpack the RICO anti-trust laws against these powerful fake media news companies and break them up into little pieces to level the playing field so that under the First Amendment all voices can heard once again”!!

      • paul ...

        The Demon-rats in Congress are like “Obama drones” circling around Washington ready to “take out” all Christian Constitutional Patriots (considered terrorists by the Demon-rats) … and all focused right now on taking out Trump … let us Christian Constitutional Patriots with intelligent and deliberate forethought set up our own “drone program” focused directly on taking out [All The Demon-rats In Congress This November] and make our powerful Christian moral voice heard so loud round the entire world that Soros in shock and amazement clutches his chest to calm his heart palpitations as he realizes … the more money he spends to destroy US Sovereignty … the stronger our Constitutional Republic gets!!

        • paul ...

          Like good military men in God’s Army against evil … we Christian Constitutional Patriots in a dazzling “first strike” should take out ALL the Demon-rats in Congress this November (to destroy their Command and Control) … then Trump can follow up with 40,000 indictments in “a giant clean up operation” to take out the rest of the swamp creatures … and finally restore our Sovereign Nation and it’s Constitutional form of Government our Founders gave their lives fortunes and sacred honor to provide to us!!

          • paul ...

            When the commies put “traitors into our schools” to teach our children that the Founding Fathers of our Nation were simply “racist white men” they thought the fluoride in our water, GMO food, and chem-trails in our air was sufficient to dumb down American’s enough so that we could offer little resistance to their takeover … let’s show the enemy that their “chemical warfare” (illegal under the Geneva Convention) did not destroy our brains sufficiently … lets go to the polls this November with deliberate purpose … to seek vengeance on the traitorous commie Demon-rats (who manipulate the polls to get elected) … lets also take out our drivers license this November and forcefully and deliberately “show it” to the officials at the polling places “right in their face” before we vote as “an additional protest action” to those traitors who now allow “illegals and dead people” to vote their traitor buddies into office to destroy our Sovereign Nation and our Constitutional form of Government!!

            • paul ...

              The same way the commies put traitors in our schools … we should now immediately begin to require anyone who applies for a new drivers license (or those requesting to renew their old license) to show their “birth certificate” … no one driving our roads should be an “illegal alien” (let them take buses or call a taxi until they get full citizenship) … and if they currently hold “duel citizenship” they must give up their foreign citizenship for a drivers license to be renewed or issued!!

              • paul ...

                And along with taking away Obama’s top secret security privilege … his drivers license should be revoked until he shows his “real” birth certificate … enough of these “fake documents” from him to defraud the American people to become a fraudulent President and deny us a real legal President!!

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Well done!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William. You are very kind to support USAW!!!

  6. Frederick

    Cohen is totally NOT believeable First of all he’s a wealthy lawyer from NY and that’s enough right there for me not to trust a word out of his mouth

  7. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,evil is fighting back and no one is reporting it.
    So those above the law and so many more we are unaware of have a technique of escape.
    They impeach Mr Trump,this is what we all,yes even those of us outside the USA,can look forward to.
    Of course a few connections of the corruption.
    Such clever and astute people are at last able to wield the axe of truth no matter how small for us “deplorables”.
    The satanic hate of the new Bolsheviks is indeed deep,so deep that they wish to see you dead,that they wish to bring us all to the brink of war and slaughter Israel,Palestine,Iran and so many more to precipitate that global war.These satanists actually believe they can survive such a war.
    Us peasant “deplorables”are in a war of survival,the IRS weaponised against us,the NSA weaponised against us,the security apparatus weaponised against us,the health system weaponised against us,the media weaponised against us and the bureaucracy doing the weaponising of these and so much more.
    $21Trillions missing and the expensive European cars huddle around Washington DC like beggars at the gate,does anyone spot a connection here?

    • Jallen

      Maria Das Santos,
      Liberalism leads to Socialism and Socialisnm leads to Bolshevikism and Bolshevikism leads to mass death!!!
      At all costs, the Federal Reserve must be eliminated as it is the animal that feeds the beast.
      The Russian Bolsheviks far exceeded the war crimes of Hitlers Germany.
      For thoese who want to know the truth; Germany was financially broke after war war 1,
      so, how did Adolph Hitler create the German War Machine? Hitler was financed by other countries such as; I.E. The United States sent much gold to Germany and that is the tip of the iceberg. Hitler was financed to stop Russia.
      Was Hitlers other purpose to scare the Jews out of Germany (The Jews loved Germany, they were very successful and loved its culture) ? Do you really thinks the Jews would leave the advanced culture of Germany for the sands of Israel?) In some cases, there was no other choice but to go to Israel.
      It is amazing, BIBI NETANYAHU was educated in America and is now the Prime Minister
      of Israel, and he is the worst nighmare of the Palestinians as he has no mercy on them.
      He is so merciless, even Israel’s Haretz (News Organizataion) is going against him.
      As our Lord Jesus Christ said ‘Blessed are the Peace Makers’.

      By the way, America got most of Hitler’s scientist and military types, look up ‘OPERATION PAPERCLIP’. i.e. Germany’s Von Braun got America’s first satellite
      into orbit! It is amazing, RUSSIA PUT Sputnik into orbit before America and they got many of Germanies scientist / military types too. Reason; America gave others the assignment to put a satellite into orbit prior to giving it to Von Braun.


  8. Charles Turnerct

    There are nine weeks to the mid term elections and I think everything is lining up in Donald Trump’s favour. Timing is everything in politics and Trump is the master of timing. Not many people are interested in whether Donald Trump had an affair or not. This is old news, not a vote changer. like a booming economy. He got elected after the Billy Bush conversation. So it won’t stick. People voted him in based on the fact that he promised change , which he has delivered, not because of his personal life. And pictures of Trump with Karen McDougal won’t harm him. Whatever, one’s morals a picture of a beautiful girl with a highly successful man harms no one. His most important task would be to hold his marriage together and that seems solid.

    Trump set the news and he will set the schedule.
    He is already putting pressure on Mueller to report or shut up two months before the midterm elections. If Mueller doesn’t do this, then Trump will turn it to his advantage. If he does the Russian Collusion and Obstructions starts to wither and the Democrats are left void of policies except from the far left.
    Next week Bruce Ohr testifies. This maybe the single most important testimony of any so far. Trump then can declassify documents at any time. Three weeks before the election would seem good timing. or he may decide to drip feed them out. If Podesta’s emails affected the last election, then declassifying this lot should have even more impact. Especially when it shows collusion to steal an election.
    Trump can fill stadiums. I expect that his planners have analysed every single seat up for elections and he will be out filling two to three stadiums a day.

    • Chip

      All these people testifying before congress is just for show. We need to see indictments ASAP… Chip

  9. This sceptred Isle

    This scandal is global and it is going to get worse…

    “One recalled satanic abuse and another claimed a fellow child may have died after being left naked in the rain for three hours as punishment”

  10. Machine Gun Kelly

    What You Are Witnessing Is A Mirror Image Of What Is To Come

  11. Machine Gun Kelly

    Their all bought and paid for. Whats funny is, it’s all funny money! Lanny will be left holding the bag along with all the corrupter’s, like going back to Franklin Rains, home boy Comey and on and on, an army of fools whom think not, ad-infinitum!
    They think the Clinton corruption will go on uninterrupted. Boy are they in fer a serprise!

    • paul ...

      They not only think the Clinton corruption will go on uninterrupted but they think their never ending wars will go on uninterrupted … the warmongering neocons are probably still sick and in shock over not getting a good war started with N. Korea … so they are now escalating their rhetoric for war with Iran … problem is … now Trump is offering to talk with Iran “without preconditions” … so Trump does “another pivot to peace and diplomacy” … not getting the US to fight their enemy is likely infuriating the Prime Minister of Israel and the King of Saudi Arabia who have paid our Congressmen “huge sums of money” to do their bidding and it is all going for naught!

  12. virginia M conway

    WE ARE SO VERY LUCKY TO HAVE DONALD TRUMP AS OUR PRESIDENT. When I see the depth and width of the corruption, it is astounding. The intelligence, commitment and unfaltering dedication to correct the wrongs done and trying to be done to America are breathtaking. How this man does what he does daily is superhuman. I pray for the day all the conspirators are exposed for what they are, the dregs of humanity.
    Thank you for all you do Greg

  13. David

    South Africa? Obama hasn’t said a word about the record killing of blacks by blacks in Chicago. Nothing but crickets. I don’t hear anything from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson. or Jeremiah Wright either. I haven’t seen any marches organized by them either. If a police officer commits a single offense that can be crafted into racial profiling or bigotry, they would all be screaming from the street corner. Meanwhile, blood is flowing in the streets, children are killed sitting in their own home, and citizens are scared to live in their own community.

    • paul ...

      Why don’t we hear anything from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc., etc. with regard to the unconscionable abortion slaughter going on that is promoted by the Demon-rats and has been killing potential musicians, song writers and singers by the hundreds of thousands over the years who could have made our world a brighter and more enjoyable place to live with their smooth relaxing jazz music and singing voices! …

  14. Jerry

    Here is the pin Greg.

    This bill apparently has support from Security Exchange Head Jackson. It extensively puts an end to Stock Buybacks by hundreds of corporations that are currently driving the Stock Market. Some market insiders think it has a pretty good chance of passage in both the house and Senate. It appears President Trump is preparing to pin the economic collapse caused by this measure on the deep state with his impeachment talk. Brace yourself September will be a month to remember.

  15. JC

    Hi Greg, thanks for having guys like Martin Armstrong and Gregory Mannarino as guests, I have been following their blogs, they both have interesting and informative perspectives.
    Regarding impeachment and the markets, here is something by Martin Armstrong that is very interesting.

    • Lindesy

      Martin Armstrong and Greg Mannarino are American heroes.

      Hallelujah ! God bless America ! All has been said in Joshua 9.

      9 And it came to pass, when all the kings which were on this side Jordan, in the hills, and in the valleys, and in all the coasts of the great sea over against Lebanon, the Hittite, and the Amorite, the Canaanite, the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite, heard thereof;

      2 That they gathered themselves together, to fight with Joshua and with Israel, with one accord.

  16. al

    You hit it OUT OF THE PARK again! Excellent WNW!
    I really liked the mention of the survival index and not the true inflation index. Can I survive on low grade hamburger? Yes… but I want my Tbone Steak, and steak costs more now than it did a few months ago, that’s inflation, and inflation is not survivability.

    I especially liked your comments a while ago on hate speech as in “they hate what you say so you’re censored”. BRILLIANT!!!
    Don’t undersell yourself, you are BRILLIANT my Friend.

    I can’t wait for Holter and Sinclair to show up. I’m routing that stream to my large screen TV, making popcorn and inviting some friends. That’s a superbowl event.

    God Bless and keep you Greg Hunter, you are a gem!

  17. Matt Jaymes

    Dear MSM:

    Take a look at Mr. Hunter’s picture (above.) Study it. Reflect upon it. That is what a real journalist looks like! No hype. No BS. No euphemisms. No propaganda. You’re all actually pretty talented people – but you should be in Hollywood writing scripts, on the set of some sit-com designing dialogue, wordsmithing a Marvel movie perhaps; but not, NOT pretending to be informers of “We the People.”

    So with regard to you vain and inexcusable efforts at “journalism,” – YOU’RE FIRED!!

    Greg: keep on truckin’………..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Matt!!

  18. arthur barnes

    Hey Greg, boy, wow, love your rant this Friday, yea, you get a A for the astute observation that the Democratic party has now turned into the “deep state”; who would’a thunk! That old J.F. Kennedy party was the party of my family, working class people who treasured good jobs, churches, schools, health, fishing, and good buddies & friends over getting rich. The times they have changed. You may well be seeing the end of that once great party taken over by the Clinton-Obama-Waters splinter minority groups based on false values that nothing matters except money & power. The Democratic party in my mind is exiting the scene and I believe the Midterms will decide it. If I am right & the House moves Republican the American hating “illegal alien” open boarder, abolish ICE, anti law enforcement & many more such issues of our day will be out there alone without a voice. Of course, they will continue to be an opposition party as long as the MSM has their back. Here is my point in this diatribe: If the Democrats are soundly defeated this Midterm, the MSM may smell their own demise and turn table on them & report some truth. If that happens, & I suspect it may, that will finish the Clinton-Obama-Pelosi-Waters take over of that one great party.

  19. H. Craig Bradley

    Democrats and the Deep Staters

    To Stay Alive, they MUST Contrive.

    • Frederick

      VERY few Africans in Warsaw when I was there two weeks ago Lots of hot blondes though No problems everything was great Eastern Europe is the place to be

      • Tad

        Poland and Hungary might be the exceptions to Soros’ influence.

  20. Neil

    Greg, Another 44 minutes of facts and real news I need to know. Can’t wait for the Early Sunday Release. I am very concerned Canada cannot make out any better than the US and could be worse.

  21. Lhunt

    I think you are way too optimistic, Greg, as to any action against the coup conspirators by Jeff Sessions. I fear he has been in on it from the start,or he would never have recused himself. Both the Republican and Democrat career politicians have wanted Trump out from the beginning, and Jeff Sessions is one of these. His recusal allowed him to remain on the sidelines while the deep state continued their activities after the election. Don’t hold your breath thinking that he is going to do anything against Brennan, Comie, Clapper, Lynch, Rice, Clinton, McCabe, or any of the other FBI officials involved. Trump either gets rid of Sessions or goes down like Nixon.

  22. Walter Baumgarten

    The phrase “As in the days of Noah” most specifically refers to the corruption of mankind’s DNA by Satan and the Fallen Angels, which was the demonic plan to corrupt the bloodline to thwart God’s plan to send a Savior from a clean bloodline. We are now at the same point where our DNA is not only being tainted and altered by the demonic, but by our own technologies as well. To many of us, the advent of such practices are clear evidence that the End of Days is upon us. How many days, years or decades that might take is not known, but it is fast approaching.

  23. Open Eyes

    Greg did you read this? Everyone needs to read this. The Deep State in action: covering their rear ends.

  24. Gregory Mannarino

    Last week Goldman Sachs warned that the Italian bond market was flashing red. Now President Trump offers US funds to bail them out?!!! WHO NEEDS MORE PROOF THAT THE BANKS RULE THE WORLD?

    • Frederick

      Wells Fargo is also flashing red with all their criminality and now layoffs Can you say KARMA?

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Mannarino: Yes, it was very disappointing to see President Trump make that statement.

  25. Chip

    Speaking of the war on white people, everyone here should take twenty minutes and watch the must see video of a speech by Katie Hopkins a reporter from the UK. She describes the real state of the migrant crisis in the UK and Europe without the liberal media filters. It is nothing short of shocking. You can find the video on… Chip

    • Chip

      Great WNW Greg. It does seem as though “things” have accelerated this week.

      For a long time real conservative Republicans have been looking for a fighter. In the past had to settle for a Reagan or a Bush. But times are different. We are at war. We are approaching the edge of a cliff and at the bottom of that cliff is socialism. If the socialist left ever gains control over the levers of power in the USA again we’re going over that cliff. We will quickly become a socialist nation. And when socialism fails the progressives will demand communism. So make no mistake about it, we are at war for the future direction of this country, individual freedom versus the tyranny of the big state.

      The war has been fought under the radar until recently. We are now seemingly engaged in a hot war with the socialist progressives, the main stream media, and the deep state. Parts of our government have been taken over and have actually turned against American Citizens and our interests.

      In November 2016 America elected Donald Trump. He is a street fighter, crass, an imperfect communicator who says what is on his mind and gets things done. He skin is as thick as anyone we’ve ever seen. The entire main stream media, Washington establishment, Hollywood, and the political elite bash him on a daily basis but he keeps on ticking. If any republican other than Trump was elected they would be doing what they have always done “reaching across the isle”, singing kumbaya, and trying to appease the left.

      But not Donald J. Trump. He’s a package deal. With that package you get a fighter, alleged womanizing, loud-mouthed, pull no punches bull in a china shop fighter who GETS THINGS DONE. No John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney nor any other establishment republican would have fought this fight. Trump is by no means perfect. But he was/is the right man at the right time to lead this fight for the future direction of our country. Let’s hope freedom prevails… Chip

      • Chip

        Heck, they’re going to give the whole darn world immunity in order to dig up something, ANYTHING, on Trump…


      • Tin foil hat

        Truth be told I didn’t even like the guy when he was hanging out with losers like Al Sharpton back in the 80’s….. haven’t liked the guy for many years until I realized he switched side.
        Tried to avoid going to any of his casinos since the guy is a crook big time, but he is now our crook. He knows how to fight fire with fire (he hung with Sharpton) and seems to be doing a good job as POTUS.
        Those of you that really don’t have a good memory of Nixon will probably not see this happening again. If they follow their playbook they will have to take care of Pence before they get to Trump.

    • Frederick

      I’m not sure but when I was last in the states there was a migrant crisis of our own And it’s been going on for a very long time Europe is not alone

      • Tin foil hat

        That was a psy-op to soften up the Europeans natural defensive instinct against the foreign invaders. The naive Europeans can’t accept that the Americans are more open minded than themselves and fell right into the trap.

        • Frederick

          Why would they care about how open minded they are perceived as being That’s nuts First and foremost in my opinion is to protect your own But Maybe I’m old fashioned like that

        • Tin foil hat

          “Why would they care about how open minded they are perceived as being”
          I don’t know but I suspect it’s the same reason they passed the Blasphemy Laws. Perhaps I shouldn’t lump all Europeans together regarding their sense of superiority in terms of civility but the French are definitely guilty as charged.
          Don’t you find it too coincidental that shortly after the CBP started transporting unaccompanied undocumented minors in masses back in 2014; Europe had their first wave of migrants with the help of George Soros’ non-profit organizations.

  26. andyb

    Greg: what interesting times, full of contradiction. The way I see it, it’s 50:50 on our future as a sovereign nation.
    The case for pessimism:
    1. The assumed inactivity of Jess Sessions re: the Clintons, the coup, etc
    2. The comments of Rosenberg, Schiff, Faber, and Jim Rogers (and many others) and the writings of John Williams, P.C.Roberts, Pat Buchanan (and many more) on the true state of the economy..
    3. The seemingly never-ending manipulation of all markets, especially PMs, and the inability to determine true price discovery.
    4. The incremental destruction of the Rule of Law (blatantly 2 tiered) and the Bill of Rights; especially the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments.
    5. The growth, particularly among Millennials, in the acceptance of Socialism as a viable economic alternative.

    The case for optimism:
    1. Sessions and Trump are playing Kabuki theater to disarm the opposition.
    2. There really are 40k+ sealed indictments
    3. The economy will really recover, albeit gradually and with a few bumps.
    4. The Government will need to expand Gitmo to hold all the perps.
    5. The Republicans will retain control of Congress.

    To me, the key is what the FED does. Raise rates in September and the market probably crashes before the mid terms; dooming the Republicans. Hold off until after the midterms and the Republic stands a chance. Believe me, I am not thrilled to rest my hopes on the most criminal organization that has ever existed.

    • Tin foil hat

      I’m a pessimist.

  27. Sue Patterson

    This comment is for you, not for posting. Great job as always. You mentioned the days of Noah and the phrase God used to describe their behavior, only evil continually. For the past few years I’ve been writing an extensive Bible study that includes this subject. It’s become a focal point of my retirement. The study has three sections; right now each are around 80 pages long:
    Let Both Grow Together
    Ham, the Father of Canaan
    The Kings of the Earth
    The first part is edited to the point that I let people read it; second and third are still quite rough. I’m willing to let you read this if it’s a topic you are interested in pursuing. It’s stored in the cloud so if you’re interested give me an appropriate email and I will grant you reading rights. If you’re not interested that’s fine, I know your life is already quite full. The title of the first part comes from Matt 13:24-30, 36-43.

    • Justn Observer

      Sue, And which Bible do you quote from? King James version?
      Might do a search on …. KING JAMES GRANDMASTER FREEMASON ORIGINAL 1611

  28. flattop

    GREG: A question concerning a Bail in.
    Is there an amount that the banks will leave you in a bail in, or will they just empty your account??

    • Greg Hunter

      Just enough to pay your bills.

      • erv

        I never thought about that. I assume the bankers would prefer the mortgage to be paid instead of being stuck with an oversupply of foreclosed property that has to be kept up and will eventually be sold for a loss.

        • Frederick

          Nope they will just kick you out and board up the windows and doors Got GOLD?

  29. Dan

    There is NO doubt whatsoever that an excruciatingly “root canal” type investigation conducted by COMPETENT criminal attorneys and forensic accountants, and perhaps INTEL specialists as well, would produce enough evidence to indict every single “elected representative” in the FEDERAL government, and probably, in ALL the state legislatures, municipalities, etc. I’d also bet on a 99% conviction rate with “Plea Bargaining” being used extensively, and of course, “sentence reduction” for NARCING on one’s brethren.

    Face it Greg, the entire edifice of government has been totally compromised by DECADE UPON DECADE of payola at all levels. It’s a hollowed out institution much like the society has been hollowed out by stripping away any type of “Christian” morality, or for that matter, what used to be known as SHAME.

    And this “society” is looks like it could find itself in a lock down total dictatorship should the “economic collapse” you and your “profits” keep predicting actually occurs.

    At that point, the “velvet glove” comes off – and you will then get to know the IRON FIRST very well. Will it really make a difference what puppet is barking on twitter ?

    • Tin foil hat

      The “velvet glove” may not comes off that easily. America is unique or exceptional in a way that an outsider like Trump could be elected the POTUS. We are probably the second or third nation in the world which never had monarchy. We are not used to be treated like brainless sheeples and are protected by the Constitution which the majority will still stand up and fight for.
      I don’t believe the entire edifice of government has been totally compromised, the upper echelons – yes but the entire rank and file – NO.
      The Deep State has done a remarkable job on dumbing up the populace but the “Walk Away” movement and Trump’s approval rating (especially among the blacks) demonstrate they are not all-powerful.

  30. Stuart McBurney

    thanks for the Lets pretend game, perhaps in light of what is happening the Federal reserve should think about changing their name to Bank of Toytown .Their notes probably cost the same to print!

  31. winston911

    Wondering what Holter and Sinclair can say, that they haven’t been saying for YEARS? Remembering Holter’s dire warning on this site last year, that we were literally HOURS away from Armageddon. Been locked, loaded and stacked since ’08.

    • Dan

      EXCUSE ME SIR….it’s NOT “Holter and Sinclair” !

      It’s “SINCLAIR and holter” !!!!!

      GET IT ?

      • Greg Hunter

        They are friends and do not care and BOTH are very smart.

    • Tin foil hat

      I don’t know what Holter and Sinclair would say but I’d say this: I thought we are very sick and will be bedridden for a while; I didn’t expect the treatment will turn us into a muscular hell-raising zombie.

  32. iwitness02

    For me it is the best of times and the worst of times. At the same time.
    I am thankful to see all the corruption being exposed. At the same time, it concerns me what the deep state will do next. They don’t think the same as me. So in the mean time, I work towards a greater level of independence and a more sustainable lifestyle. Learning new skills and watching and waiting. I pray daily that our Heavenly Father will heal our land and deliver us from this evil.
    See you on Sunday. As always Greg, thank you.

  33. brian

    As far as I am concerned, if you understand this corruption for what it is and see things for what they are you are already right with God; all that is left is to start acting like we are right with God and severe from ourselves all tolerance for this bullshit, come together in the Name of God and put an end to this.

  34. Hoosier river rat

    I seldom watch CNN or MSNBC but this morning I t tuned on MSNBC . All they talked about was stormy Daniels for it seemed 20 min. Or better before talking about sen. Mc Cain and how he resists trump , it’s all about trump . I switched over to CNN and the same thing . The irony is that their premis is that if the public was aware of stormy d. Crooked Hillary would have won . It apparently didn’t effect bill clintons eiection ,and that is what the msm is trying to do is effect the up coming election , sickening. Iam so glad we have alternative news sources like gregs ,infowars, rbnlive and others just so we can keep a grip on reality.

  35. Marie Joy

    Please consider having Christian, from Ice Age Farmer, on YouTube, on. He can give you information on the increase in volcano and earthquake activity. He is worried that he will lose his YouTube channel and that’s a good sign that he is correct.

  36. OutLookingIn

    Dark economic times. The writing on the wall.

    For the first time since August 2007 the US Treasury 2s and 10s spread is in the teens.
    The 30 year yield has fallen to new low of 2.969
    The US yield curve is now below that of Japan’s for the first time since November 2007
    The curve now stands in imminent danger of inverting.
    Its NOT different this time. When this occurs the crash happens.

  37. Jodyp

    “Let’s pretend”…sounds like a socialists Utopia.

  38. Jodyp

    For earthquake info,check out this guy. He gives a seven day forecast every Sunday night and has been very accurate, so much that YouTube bans him at times. USGS must not like him so I do.

  39. arthur barnes

    Greg, NBC’s Chuck Todd said Wednesday that a “functional” Washington and Congress would start impeachment proceedings against President Trump now”. Impeachment is all over the MSM, everywhere you turn, social media, radio, television, newspapers, etc. Boy are they in a full court press to complete their “soft coup”. As for Mr. Todd, I thought he was a reporter/journalist & not a politician. Statements like that is telling that the he has chosen to be a political hack instead of a journalist. Hey Todd, if you happen to read this understand we are not all that stupid as you think. Your very slanted opinion is nothing more than your political bent. You left your lofty estate as a journalist and are sleeping with the American haters Pravda left. Your fake news agency NBC will implode right after the midterm elections when you couldn’t complete your soft coup. Word of mouth is getting around, your fake news kind will soon be a buffalo of the great plains, truth will prevail. Take care & start packing as your part and parcel of the swamp which is going to be drained!

    • foggygoggles

      Chuck Todd is NOT a journalist, he just plays one on television. As I recall, he came on the scene providing polling data. While he majored in Political Science at George Washington University, he never graduated. Just another pathetic example of infotainment posing as news.

  40. arthur barnes

    Greg, Sessions is a disgrace to the rule of law. So many RHINO’s, so little time. Love the cartoon.

  41. Virginia Tippins

    Brace courageous to stand up against the rotten stinking swamp people!! The Lord works in mysterious ways. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, Gods ways are not our ways. Thank you Greg and all your soldiers.’

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you VT!!

  42. Rory

    Hi Greg

    This is the first time I’ve posted having followed since 2013 virtually every interview and commentary that you’ve done.. I’ll be interested to see what Sinclair and Holter have to say on Sunday especially now that they are both saying on JS Mineset that “when is now. ” However back in the summer of 2015 you interviewed Jim Sinclair who emphatically predicted a stock market crash come the following October. Needless to say that didn’t happen. Could you ask him why he got his prediction so fabulously wrong? If he can then explain why what he was predicting back then didn’t happen, maybe, I and others can have more faith in what his latest prediction might be. The same goes for Bill Holter who predicted in the summer of 2016 when the price of gold was around $1260 that this was the rally that gold holders should not sell. I feel it incumbent that you, given your integrity, should not let your interviewees get away with inaccurate forecasts. Sure, they can explain them away. I have no problem with that. But they should admit that they were wrong and why they were wrong. I’m simply reminding you of what they both said, one in 2015, the other in 2016 in case the forecasts they made then might have slipped your mind. Amazing and impressive as you are, you surely cannot remember the detail in every interview you’ve conducted.

    It goes without saying that I admire your work. I live in a remote rural part of the UK and when I discuss down the pub what I have gleaned from you and others (Holter and Sinclair included) they all think I’m barking. I can live with that. Keep up the excellent work . You are a beacon of truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Watch the Earl Sunday Release. I would not be against Holter or Sinclair this time.

      • foggygoggles

        Are you saying, ” it’s different this time”? 😉

        • Greg Hunter

          Different than 2000 and 2008 because there will be no revival of the old system.

      • Dan

        Let’s see …. 2 ego maniacs …. one of whom has a “MESSIAH” complex.
        And both pushing their brand of HOWARD BEALE hysteria on any and all morons who will give them the time of day.

        I feel bad for you, Greg. I honestly do. I know you are a talented broadcaster and investigative journalist. You deserve better then to be trapped here running this freak show for market losers.

        • Greg Hunter

          You must be an idiot that failed basic math. It is you who are the loser.

    • Gary C

      Rory, I hear what you are saying re Jim Sinclair, yes he has been wrong, however I went to a meeting and acted on his advice when he was in Toronto seven years ago.

      Reduce the amount of Transfer Agents between you and your assets.
      Get stock share certificates for your long term holdings.
      Have your money in at least three instituions, FDIC, CDIC insured.
      Minimize cash held in brokerage accounts.
      Buy tangible assets that you will need for the next two years now.
      Keep cash and gold under the dog house.

    • John


      No need to hold people to their predictions in an environment where rates, bonds, currencies, stocks and precious metals are manipulated. We think the financial world works like “x” but in reality it works like “y” in order for the elite to preserve their standard of living – at the expense of others. You have to start extraditing yourself out of the current system because when you take a macro look at what is going on it appears to be a massive financial whirlpool. I would rather be on the periphery rather than circling the drain. True, being on the edge does not garner your portfolio the returns that others may be experiencing but remember that a true hedged portfolio only reveals itself when the crisis can no longer be managed. If we truly feel that markets are manipulated then my argument is that we are already in a crisis. In reality, we have been in crisis mode since 2008 – just managed fairly well. However, at the end of the day they can push rates here and there, boost the dollar by driving down Au/Ag, engage in stock buy backs to place a floor into the equity markets BUT they have done nothing to address the deficit and the debt. Although they have done a good job by getting the economy up to speed by going through all the gears in a manipulated system they have not addressed the brakes and we are going full speed ahead into a wall of debt! I have said this before: get out of debt, fix your house, have Au/Ag/Pt, a means of protection, have food/water and sit back for the sh*t show because it is going to be epic!

      • Dan

        The issue here is NOT about the markets or precious metals.

        It’s about 2 ego maniacs who have repeatedly exposed themselves for the hustlers they are.

        Looking to these guys for investing advice is like gutting a chicken and reading its entrails. For that matter, the dead chicken would have done better on its own.

        • Tin foil hat

          The issue here is whether you are looking at PMs as an investment or an insurance.
          I’m here to gauge whether I should cancel, lower or increase the coverage. I’m definitely not here to learn anything new from S&H.

  43. Cheryl

    Was your Fox News quote @34:30 attributed to President Trump from his interview with Earhardt? I ask b/c this morning my bank teller informed me with great authority that the world has gone mad when our President threatens to bring down the US economy. I asked him to clarify and he verified what I thought I heard the first time. I’m connecting the quote you presented today with my bank teller’s understanding of Trump’s intentions. It seems like yet another example of some MSM outlet twisting Trump’s words and feeding back to docile, innocent citizens so the bad guys can point to POTUS when they cause the crash.

    • erv

      Everything Trump says is turned into something else by the MSM. I heard that even Trump now sees the light and is actively discussing his own impeachment. It infuriates me how the so called news report what is going on and many times they even summarizes what they just shown and tells us what we are to think.

  44. Julia

    Greg, this was a wonderful report. I am looking forward to the Sunday interview. I am hoping in all of this chaos President Trump ends the Fed and all of its tentacles in the US.
    These people financed WW1, WW2, Bolsheviks and Nazi’s, exacerbated the South and North in the Civil War. I will be glad when they are gone. President Trump can use his December 21 Executive order to reduce the deficit.
    We are going to have a much different country when this is over.

  45. John M.

    Greg, I may be boasting to admit that I have much more Zimbabwe paper wealth than you do as I have a crisp 100 trillion dollar note framed and hanging in my office — now I can buy two packs of gum and maybe share one with a homeless person. The white farmer genocide in nearby South Africa is truly a global tragedy, and the silence from the MSM demonstrates again that they are the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”, and major accomplices to mass murder and militant socialism.
    Americans will have their own reality check about 1.) real value of paper money 2.) and civil unrest. I hope that Pres. Trump has contingency plans for all the violence that will be unleashed from MS-13 and all the other bad actors from the dark side. For 10 years, we have had negative real interest rates and negative real growth ( more precisely recession/depression) , so the built-up pressure from popping the truth cork should be immense when it finally happens. Trump also better have a plan for re-educating the public about honest money, and about how his administration will be breaking the chain of lies and corruption.
    Thanks for giving special praise and attention to the Holy Spirit, as He is often neglected. The Spirit of Truth is very powerful, and is also a Mediator to God the Father. May the Holy Spirit please help America in our hour of great spiritual need!

  46. Poppa Doc Duvalier

    CNN’s ratings are down 25% year to date! Any wonder why Chris Cosmo wonders if any American who is heartbroken over Mollie Tibbets horrific death would be a sympathizer, if she wasn’t white. So ask yourself white America, aren’t you really racist as Cosmo thinks you are? Or is he and CNN and MSNBC[Comcast] on a holding pattern for the left wing shadow government of the Hillary/Obama puppett Administrations Mockingbird type operations? To remove Trump at all costs, America be dammed?
    Don’t worry America, Donald Trump will not be forced out of office! The powers that really be,you and me, are just giving these self righteous prigs enough rope, to you know what, for all to see, on the same such gallows built for the Trumpster and thee!

    Their in full panic mode. Don’t share in their panic! Freedom win’s and always will! Eventually. Look at history! These fascists got nothing on the Trumpster!

    There will not be any
    day worse than the Donald’s first day in office and look what he’s gone off and
    accomplished since, despite, Chris Cosmo and his fellow CNN puppet stooges and
    their masters machinations.

    (What Donald Trump’s First Day at the White House Might Have Looked Like)
    It is January 20th, 2017. President Donald J. Trump is presiding over his very first meeting with his national security team.
    Trump : We must destroy ISIS immediately. No delays.

    CIA : We cannot do that, sir. We created them.
    Trump : The Democrats created them.
    CIA : We created ISIS, sir. You need them or else you would lose funding from the natural gas lobby.

    Trump : Stop funding Pakistan. Let India deal with them.

    CIA : We can’t do that.
    Trump : Why is that?
    CIA : India will cut Balochistan out of Pak.
    Trump : I don’t care.
    CIA : India will have peace in Kashmir. They will stop buying our weapons. They will become a superpower. We have to fund Pakistan to keep India busy in Kashmir.

    Trump : But you have to destroy the Taliban.

    CIA : Sir, we can’t do that. We created the Taliban to keep Russia in check during the 80s. Now they are keeping Pakistan busy and away from their nukes.

    Trump : We have to destroy terror sponsoring regimes in the Middle East. Let us start with the Saudis.

    Pentagon : Sir, we can’t do that. We created those regimes because we wanted their oil. We can’t have democracy there, otherwise their people will rise up and get that oil – and we cannot let their people own it.

    Trump : Then, let us invade Iran.

    Pentagon : We cannot do that either, sir.
    Trump : Why not?
    CIA : We are talking to them, sir.
    Trump : What? Why?
    CIA : We want our Stealth Drones back. If we attack them, Russia will obliterate us as they did to our buddy ISIS in Syria. Besides Valerie loves the place and we need Iran to keep Israel and the Brotherhood in check.

    Trump : Then let us invade Iraq again.

    CIA : Sir, our friends (ISIS) are already occupying 1/3rd of Iraq.
    Trump : Why not the whole of Iraq?
    CIA : We need the Shi’ite govt of Iraq to keep ISIS in check.

    Trump : I am banning Muslims from entering the US.

    Homeland Security : We can’t do that.
    Trump : Why not?
    Homeland Security : Then our own population will stop fearing terrorism and be harder to control.

    Trump : I am deporting all illegal aliens and Mexicans illegales back south of the border, down Mexico way.

    Border patrol : You can’t do that, sir.
    Trump : Why not?
    Border patrol : If they’re gone, who will build the wall?

    Trump : I am banning H1B visas.

    USCIS : You cannot do that.
    Trump : Why?
    Chief of Staff : If you do so, we’ll have to outsource White House operations to Bangalore. Which is in India.

    Trump (sweating profusely by now): What the hell should I do as President???

    CIA : Enjoy the White House, sir! We’ll take care of the rest! You’ll be rich sir!

    Trump: I am rich!

    Morell, Brennan & Clapper; Put in a call to Maxine Waters, pronto, Tonto!

    The Swamp must survive, =IMPEACH 45! IMPEACH 45! IMPEACH 45!


  47. Chris

    Hi Greg. What debt? Oh, you mean what the corrupt Rothchild Banking Cabal in collusion with the illegal unconstitutional Federal Reserve System says what we the people owe. NONSENSE! Repudiate this fraudulent so called debt! May God Bless YOU and our duely elected PRESIDENT TRUMP.

    • Frederick

      Chris That’ sounds convieniently easy We got ourselves into this debt with supporting all the wars etc. It’s always easier to blame the loaner of course I cannot see how it can be called phony debt frankly

  48. erv

    Mr. Hunter,

    Another great weekly wrap-up. I look forward to this every week. I always get more news and truth from your half hour cast then from the MSM’s nightly news cast. Even though you end the same way each week, it is always good to hear and lifts my spirit. Thanks for your effort putting this together.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Erv!

  49. breamrod

    Greg, check out Martin Armstrong’s blog on how all f these people are connected in the deep state.

  50. flattop

    GREG; For what its worth.
    John Kilpatrick, pastor of the CHP church in Daphne Alabama says a word from the Lord. > The deep state is now pulling 0ut all the stops to take out our President, politically or physically. Also Hillary Clinton is going to come out with an attack on our President.
    If our President can continue to stand under all these attacks that have been and will be, it will be because people are praying for him

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, Imagine if Trump supporters used social media like this? lol Seems censorship is a very selective process? lol

  52. Tim McGraw

    Thanks Greg for continuing to put out your videos. Personally, I think the human race is headed down the toilet. Human civilization peaked in 1967 in the USA and has been going downhill ever since.
    This MSM bullshit is just the turds circling the drain.

  53. DachsieLady

    Saint Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, Chapter 6, verses 10 through 17

    The Full Armor of God

    10 Finally, brethren, be strengthened in the Lord, and in the might of his power. 11Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. 12For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places. 13Therefore take unto you the armour of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and to stand in all things perfect. 14Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of justice, 15And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace: 16In all things taking the shield of faith, wherewith you may be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the most wicked one. 17And take unto you the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit (which is the word of God).

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that “Lady”!!!

  54. Liberty

    We must stop pretending and tell the truth, so here it is, you are part of the few who tell the people the situation as it actually really is, you are a good person and don’t have any agenda except the one of helping the people.
    This wrap-up is one of your best.
    This is worth a contribution.
    Thank you VERY much for the great work you are doing.

    Best Regards

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Liberty!

  55. Justn Observer

    Greg… One of the most shadow band sites on You Tube… for those interested…visit and copy those of interest while they still exist..

  56. DLC

    AZ primary is this Tuesday. Hoping to see Kelli Ward replace Jeff Flake. I like Sheriff Joe, but he is in his 80s. Hope he does not peel off conservatives from Kelli Ward. She is the real deal conservative.

    Election day is always an occasion for having my heart broke, low turnout with voters usually electing to retain all the criminals who sold them out.

    A vote for McSally (Kelli Ward’s main opponent) I feel is a vote to replace Jeff Flake with a female version of John McCain. Just waiting to see if the dunderhead voters avoid repeating the same mistake. Big money and the establishment are hard selling McSally.

    My ultimate nightmare is a McSally win. She will then face a female Dem opponent in November who is said to be a “bisexual atheist.” To me it’s a choice between a she devil and a she devil.

  57. Diane

    Sadly , many people prefer to hang onto their illusions than be confronted with truth.
    We love Greg because he reports the truth, as he knows of it…he would never knowingly tell us a lie. He would not!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for saying that!!

  58. Sean

    Hi Greg,

    Great wrap-up. Could not see it all weekend due to FF claiming my browser does not support HTML5!! Really? Not update but can watch today!

    Great to hear Trump wants to “investigate” the land theft in SA. A lot of heads popped up and exposed themselves!!

    For an over-view have a look at

    We have a good idea who is behind all this (follow the name of the donor – it connects to g.soros) and

    This is the house I was brought up in around ’79 in the thick of the bush war dodging mines and bullets,32.7878578,269m/data=!3m1!1e3 A seed potato farm three hour drive to the nearest town. An outside toilet, no electricity, wood powered Arga cooker and paraffin Tilly lamps which we still use when the power is out!

    For those that say we should all “…just get out and leave them to starve…” have no connection to reality.

    Firstly, how do you “just get out” when you “own” the property and cannot sell it? Just how do you uproot, move across the world and start again with no community, outrageously inflated land prices, scattered family and no capital?

    Secondly, USAID then steps in and feeds them.

    Trump, please de-fund all AID agencies. These “do-gooder” liberal cesspits spend the money on large Trucks/SUVs with fat takkies (wide tires) and all the money wasting mod-cons, lavish holidays, plush rented housing, and over indulgence while fornicating with the natives, then depart, leaving equipment that cannot be serviced and half breeds which wrecks the local and traditional communities.

    In reality, the problem is not with the “people”. It is the imposters who rig elections with the support of globalist “philanthropists”. Come a speak to the REAL people on the ground. They are tired of the BS and know where the problems are … and it is not with the whites.

    AND finally, what is this about stolen land? Let us go back in time and look at the early census. How many black people actually roamed the land then? Why does no one ask this question of the PTB?

    Thank you for putting it all out there for those who care to see.

  59. Atul saini

    Greg: been a follower for a long time now. But sadly, I find that you’re not as complete a truth teller as one might be hope to find. Perhaps you might want to post this truth about the upcoming false flag attack in Syria:

    Truth is absolute Greg. Not relative. Perhaps you ought to come to India to figure that out 😂😂👆🤣. Maybe some day when you overcome the sense of duality you’ll get the point.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you go back on this site I was telling about arming the Syrian “rebels” before 9/11/12 (Benghazi). After the attack I quoted Putin saying something like “if you arm terrorists to do your bidding it can backfire.” India has big currency problems to figure out by the way.

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