MSM Plays FBI Cover-Up, Secret Society in DOJ & FBI, Dollar Dives Again

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 319 1.26.18)

The mainstream media (MSM) is finally beginning to cover the FBI/DOJ scandal to attack President Trump and his Administration, but they are doing it as a big “conspiracy theory” in the face of overwhelming publicly reported evidence of corruption and law breaking.

Senator Ron Johnson stated this week there was a “secret society” within the FBI and DOJ that has off site meetings “to map out survival strategy at the FBI.”  Other Congressmen, who have seen an unreleased memo naming names of high ranking members of the FBO and DOJ, say jail time is coming for many because of corruption and crime.  The crimes they are referring to involve exonerating Hillary Clinton in the face of obvious law breaking and attacking the Trump Administration with a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. dollar has been tanking this week and hit new 3-year lows in 2018.  It’s now below 90 on the US Dollar Index.  At the beginning of 2017, it was at 103.  Can inflation be far behind?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Mark Taylor, author of “The Trump Prophecies,” will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”


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  1. coalburner

    I believe Trump is playing them again. The Dims are not going to do what Trump wants. There will not be a DACA deal. It is a chess game until the next election. When we elect more conservatives we will get what we want without cutting DACA any slack.

    • StClareSeeds

      Agreed, I think Trump is playing them too. Why? Because he has so many times already, leftist just don’t learn and keep getting played.

      Love the cartoon this week!

      President Trump, Bulldozer in Chief with skin 5 inch’s thick. Making America Great Again.

    • Chip

      Sorry to rob the thread but we need this going viral. “Jesus is a fictional character” according to Amazon Alexa. Let’s put a stop to this crap now…

      • Chip

        Sorry again, Alexa is made by Google, sold on Amazon. Sorry, but this story shook me to the core. We’ve got to come together as Christians and stop this BS… Chip

        • Charles H

          The sad irony is that – it is a lifeless machine which conveys the message. No life from death; so why listen?

  2. andyb

    Greg: most should know that one of the principal benefits inherent with government employment is the fact that you can never be fired. If you sexually molest underlings, watch porn all day, or egregiously screw up in your duties, the worst that happens is that you get reassigned to another government department with full pay and pension benefits still in force. No different than the pedophile priest foisted upon another parish, often in another state or country.
    Once the full memogate, corruption and collusion, and yes treason of DOJ and FBI elites is fully exposed, how is the deep state going to respond; i.e will anyone involved actually go to prison? Or will there just be slaps on the wrist. My pessimism assumes the latter, except that the notion that the Rule of Law does not apply to elites will really be out there for all the indoctrinated and propagandized populace to see. The American Revolution was fought over much less “in your face” lawlessness. But in a country where civics is no longer taught in high school, I doubt that there will be any organized response. Shame, really!!

    • freebrezer

      Andyb – I Can’t agree more! Take a look AG Sessions … Not a Damn thing at of him (his in action epitomizes the Word FRUSTRATION)! … Notta, Nothing, a Big Zer0! Yes his assault on M-13 is a good thing, but that should be happening regardless of who is the AG. I appreciate Greg’s Optimism and clarity on the corruption, but unless some green shoots appear soon (Some one up high getting an indictment), I have to conclude that the AG is part of the swamp!

  3. Paul Clinton

    Hmm, seems like hypocrisy is just gushing from the progenitors of fake news, the servants of this world and all enemies of the Republic! I say let them continue to increase the chasm between the righteous and the unrighteous… then it will be ever so easier for all to see who is the wheat and the weeds… Glory be to the Most High and come Lord Jesus!

  4. bob

    we don’t need the dreamers here.. and i don’t have a problem with immigrants that come in to this country legally, not a lottery or cross over the border kind….wish the nfl would go down in flames and there satanic half time shows..look that up on utube….problem here in this country…the younger don’t want to work! they have been conditioned that they don’t have to….feel like a girl today…i need my safe zone….your a racist.. your mean… what? i have to take a drug test… its parents , govt, hollywood and schools making sissys.
    americans as a whole are not hungry enough to do it on there own.. immigrants are..not everybody can be a professional.. and most of us fall under skilled labor or just a laborer

    • Dusty

      Bob, YOU HAVE NAILED IT !!!

  5. Porter T. House

    A short little snippet!
    AERIAL AMERICA The secret Refuge of the Swamp Fox

    Anybody see Greg Hunter down there? It’s been rumored he hide’s out in the Carolina’s when not in the Missouri. Part of Marion’s brigade?

  6. Porter T. House

    American Revolutionary War Ballad Snappy tune to drain a swamp by!

  7. bob

    Thank you for reporting on the real stories of our day! I have not paid to see a hollywood movie in over 20 years because its nothing but a bunch of propaganda smut!!
    They have the nerve to to way in on political events and pretend they have moral standards, what a joke! I hope more people wake up to the communism that is being crammed down our throats by the media, hollywood and yes the NFL. Todays players are for the most part a bunch of show boating cry babies over paid and being used.
    sadly even non discerning churches are teaming with government funds to promote social justus.


  8. Nick de la Gaume


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Nick!

  9. Bill Cochrane

    You are great, Thanks Regards, Bill

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill but I am really just a trumpet blower and reporter for God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

  10. Bill Cochrane

    Great Report. Thanks Greg Regards, Bill

  11. AndrewB

    Hi Greg, Thanks again for a great WNW. You refer to Jo diGenova – former state prosecutor – so I am providing a link to a recent interview which is dynamite: (hope this link works!)

  12. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Have to say …wonderful weekend wrap up ! Disturbing as some of the news points were as to where part of this nation’s mindset is…refreshing that it is ONLY part of it. As for the Super Bowl… agree…can’t we just call it the PC punch bowl, Marxist Bowl or RED BOWL? Not to distract…but hope you caught this report from John ‘B Wells …on the snowflake mindset – and psychoanalysis of the self-destructive leftist mind… !!!
    Again – exceptional wrap up Greg .

  13. AndrewB

    Correction – Joe DiGenova – former FEDERAL prosecutor . . .

  14. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the FBI has lost all credibility, its has become a political attack dog of the Democrats power base. I use to respect the FBI but cannot no longer. As to the rank and file of the agency, if they carried out illegal, immoral, and political investigations for their bosses they are just a guilty as the top brass as they also swore an oath to protect the Constitution and laws of our nation and decided to go to the dark side without standing up; just can’t give them a pass as “following orders” in my mind is never a defense or excuse for injustice. When all this is said and done hopefully Muller will be indicted as well as a co-conspirator in furtherance of this conspiracy to this witch hunt than is nothing more than trying to steal the election from our legal votes for change.

    • FC

      The DOJ and FBI are nothing more than the Department of Just Us and the Federal Baloney Investigations.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, surely you are old enough to remember Dusty Springfield singing “Wishin’ and Hopin’ “. Best always. PM

      • Arthur Barnes

        Well Paul, I think I know what you mean about just “wishin & hopin” in your comment, probably what we are doing and need to actually do something to indict the bastards (the swamp) instead of just a “wishin & hoping”. You are right, so right, off my chair and start doing. As to Dusty, yes I am old enough, great British artist, died way too young, miss those days of action where change was in the air & you could smell it. Question to you Paul, can you smell it now? I am starting to get a whiff in the air. Best Regards, a b

  15. JQP

    My opinionated prediction for when President Trump is questioned by Mueller…

    Mueller… Mr. Trump is it true that when you are by yourself talking to yourself about my good friend and secret society lover James Comey… you refer to him as “Double-Crosser Comey”?

    President Trump… “Aaa (pause) … I see what you are attempting to do… ”


    President Trump… “You know I’ve said many times… many many times that this investigation is full of shit. It is… shit. I said it… it is just shit. In fact, I’m flabbergasted that more people do not refer to your investigation as a big steaming stinking pile of shit. I said it… and I will say it again… There is no collusion… non-whatsoever. You are interviewing the single most non-collusionist in the world. I’ve said it many times.”

    (pause… President Trump leans forward and points at Mueller)

    President Trump… “…Manure Mueller… you’re fired!”

    President Trump (drops mic and walks out)

    (crowd cheers)

  16. Tommy

    I believe Dr. Janda said that many in power are either bribed or blackmailed. This apparently is true in the MSM. People like Joe Scarborough can’t possibly be that stupid to believe that all this stuff is just a conspiracy theory. What is coming out only confirms what many of us already knew or believed to be true. The evidence is overwhelming. When they (MSM) scoff about “fake news” claiming that anything that turns out to be untrue is just a mistake, well what can you say? We have many examples of the MSM reporting erroneous stories, not reporting the truth, or just plain making up or altering the news. Just think Dan Rather, NBC, etc. Remember the 911 audio in the Trayvon Martin case that was altered to make it sound like just the opposite of what was true? There are many examples of the fraud being perpetrated by them. I don’t believe anything they say, especially as it pertains to Trump, immigration, climate change, crime, economics, or anything that ends is “ist” or “phobic”. Keep up the great work Greg.

    • Allen Starr

      I’ve read through the first 67 comments and many of them are very good but all of this needs to be put together to actually understand what is going on and who is behind it. We still don’t know enough. One thing is for sure. The US has been taken over and the people are now trying to get it back and save it. I left the US in 1999 and have been living in Russia ever since. The 6 largest members of the MSM are Jewish owned. Back in 2016 (October/November), Trumps people came to Moscow and hired 300 ex-KGB agents to be his personal security. At the time of this information, 170 of them were already in the US. Putin also brought the KGB back into existence and demanded the total Military report directly to him as he was in charge. Russia produces very good mathematicians and engineers and, many years ago, put them to work in the military producing new weapons rather than lose them overseas. Russia now has some really good new weapons and they can also continue to be very cheap to produce in the future also because of this. Russia was in a small recession in 2016 and was going to lose many of their top students because of not enough jobs. You can be sure that they are now working for the KGB and they are needed to take down the Jewish oligarchs here. The US is already getting money over here to meddle in the Russian elections this year and the KGB will probably assist in stopping them also. I have not heard one thing about the new KGB since it was reinstated. Nothing but stone silence and it is none of my business to go looking for information. This is a Russian thing best left to the Russians who will do what is necessary. Putin has a Jewish problem in Russia and it flows through Great Britain, the US, and to Israel. There’s a lot of negative information coming out about this now and it fits in with why nothing about what is going on in the US makes any sense. There are so many pieces to this puzzle but more information is getting out all the time and it is coming quickly now.

      • Charles H

        The piece of the puzzle – the one which makes sense of everything: is that the Jews are not the center of the world’s problems. Go away, and take your innuendos with you.

        • Allen Starr

          A typical response to anything said negatively about any Jewish people and I have Jewish friends here who are very normal people. I never said they were the center of all this but to ignore their part in this through their control and ownership in MSM and the banking system just can’t be ignored any longer if anyone wants to get to the truth. The house of Rothschild and their ilk could care less who gets killed by their actions. This group of people is no different than what the mafia is to the Italians.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are really showing your ignorance or outright hate my friend. Are the Rockefellers Jewish?–NO. Is the CEO of CITI Group Jewish?–NO. Is the CEO of B of A Jewish?–NO. How about the Time Warner CEO? Jewish?–NO. (I could go on and on.) How about FOX and the Murdochs? Are they Jewish?–NO I worked at ABC and CNN and most of the top decision making bossed were not Jewish, and I would not care if they were. Are big banks in NYC where the Jewish population is 22%? Yes, and hey, some are Jews–WOW!!!!! Also, some of the Networks located, where 1 and 5 people are Jewish, are also run by Jews–SO What???!!! You are a textbook closet anti-Semite. You have some “Jewish friends.” OH, you know some “normal” Jews??? Good Jews???? Keep your closet anti-Semitism to yourself. Don’t bother to answer this comment either. I get the last word here, and I AM NOT A JEW.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Tom, astute understanding of the fake media, the left’s propaganda machine. However, having said that, you can’t deny that it is very effective especially for all the American dummies out there and, frankly & unfortunately, they exist by the millions. a b

    • freebrezer

      Tommy – Did the deep state get Joe in there chains a long time ago … A pretty young intern found dead in his campaign headquarters … Was it a cover up? Did Joe sell his soul to the devil? did the deep state promote him in MSM? … … Ted Kennedy killed a young lady who he left to drown when he drove off a bridge drunk … He became the Lion for the Democratic Party! Morals are not an issue for the left or the deep state!

  17. Robert Collinge

    The dollar diving again is certainly attracting attention. It might be time to bring up a useful idea from international economics relating exchange rates and interest rates, namely “interest rate parity.” Interest rate parity is the idea that markets will force the expected return on investments of equal risk to be equal across countries, where the return is the interest rate received in the other country plus the expected rate of appreciation of the other country’s currency relative to your own.

    The implication is that if the market expects the dollar to continue to drop, investors will flee dollar investments until interest rates in the U.S. rise enough to compensate for expected additional depreciation of the dollar. Move over Fed, it is market forces at work! If the US cannot afford its spending at current interest rates, watch out for what’s ahead if the dollar is expected to decline yet more, a reasonable expectation in a world in which there is less use and demand for dollars in world commerce.

    Anyway, it is a topic I used to teach in International Economics that you might be interested in. Somebody’s probably brought it up somewhere, but I haven’t seen it.

  18. Tad

    Interesting to note the competing opinions of Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Trump on dollar competitiveness. To read Mr. Trump, one probably assumes that he hopes or knows with strong certainty, that foreign USDs will gradually, and then with acute speed, begin
    entering America.
    The pressing game will be energy or off-shore drilling, and I would expect dollar investments there, for starters.

    Chinese and Russian investors will continue their crazed real estate investments, and perhaps we’ll see a few drug company takeovers.

    The confusion about these investments would pit dumping dollars on a questionable market versus investing and hoping for a brighter future. A thin slit of daylight separates them.

    • Tad

      President Trump has dinner with European business leaders. A fraction of this nearly 20 minute video is not likely to make the MSM.

      He’s natural at conducting business wherever he goes. Numerous leaders thanked him for the tax cuts.

      One can’t say he’s not working hard for Americans. I hope it can pull it off, and the economic pace accelerates.

  19. Russ

    Thanks Greg. This is just getting ramped up. It looks to me like the texts are bearing fruit; it appears that Lisa Page was caught red-handed. Remember, texts (and phone calls) are time-stamped so correlating verbiage to a text and phone calls to a reporter is not rocket science.
    Anti-Trump FBI Official Identified As Leaker To WSJ, WaPo Reporter

    I’m sure there’s more coming. Corruption, sedition…

  20. Frank Wallis

    Hi Greg
    Note a word of this in Austrakia,just how they after Trump,for “Russian collusion”.
    What can you expect it comes via CNN.
    Your round up at the end of the week is great,you put everything together,to make a very clear picture of what is really happening.
    Regards Frank

  21. Kathy

    Dismantle DOJ!

  22. eddiemd

    The Super Bowl and the NFL are also tools of the Military Industrial Complex. And Big Pharma, Corporate Propaganda Complex, Big Agra, Education Mind Control, etc. See who is paying for the advertising.

    “Thank you for your service”…a bunch of liberal/ignorant BS. Bring back the draft and we can have a real debate about endless wars on the boogieman.

  23. C. Smith

    Hi Greg, great information the last few weeks on WNW. One question, one 1/5 WNW you mentioned that Robert Mueller was playing a part in the taking down of the bad guys. When you had Dr Janda on he did not mention this and since that day you have not mentioned it again. According to your sources is this still the case? Just curious as I have not heard this again from you or the recent interviews you have done. Thanks and keep up the actual reporting and not the Fake news

  24. marlaP

    Bless your heart.

  25. steve pool

    How can there be missing text messages and emails, when according to Ed Snowden the NSA has captured all of this. That is where someone should be looking. AS far as immigration, I don’t care who come here I just don’t want to have to pay for them being here. If the US wants to stop people from central and south America perhaps we should stop creating CIA and Corporate problems in the region. Stop overthrowing democratic elected governments and putting in dictator who support certain policies of this government. The chart on the dollar is great for those who short it. I would short and have shorted the dollar. It will make you or someone bigger money.

  26. Paul ...

    You know Greg … after listening to you this morning … I’ve come to the conclusion that we should change the name of our Country … all we get living here is “Fake” News, “Fake” Justice, “Fake” Markets, “Fake” Money, “Fake” Charities, “Fake” Attacks on American Cities … we have Snow”Fakes” running around who hate the color white and who’s idea of social justice is to have “Fake” Citizens (even as President with a “Fake” First Lady) … we drink “Fake” water, eat “Fake food, breathe “Fake” air and we are given a “Fake” Cost of Living Adjustment every year … if we don’t take our country back from these “Fakers” now … we might as well just change the name of our Country to The United Fakes of America … the reason the “Fakers” would never do it is because a Country having that name … “Would not be Fake”!!!

    • Paul ...

      And even our Military leaders who are sworn to uphold the Constitution were told by Obama it was just a “Fake” Document … they were forced to either swear allegiance to the fag or get out … the good men and women of the Military “did not stand down” like those on 9-11 … but instead said: “America First”!! … now we begin to set up the “Constitutional law based framework” for Military Tribunal Justice … and finally … begin to bring “all” the criminals and traitors in our Nation to Justice!!

      • Paul ...

        If we don’t act now … to rid ourselves of these fakers (followers of Satan) … our children’s children will be taught in school by the UNITED FAKES OF AMERICA that there are no nations … there are no parents … they belong to just One World Village … ruled by the Head Faker (Satan himself)!!

  27. Carole S. Ferch

    Great report. In the ’90s I prayed that the Lord would reveal all concerning the Clintons, and it’s happening now. It will all come out, in spite of the MSM. No prophet that I’m aware of has mentioned the coming severe global cooling, which has actually begun. In 2002 I read one little article where the outer planets & satellites were warming also, and that’s when I began telling folks there was a little ice age coming. Later, John L. Casey wrote his books. In 1998 I heard Robert Felix, who wrote “Not by Fire, but by Ice”, say it was all cycles, and it warms more just before a little ice age (severe global cooling). The AGW hoax is becoming apparent, also. It sounds like it’s coming down on us rapidly, and that’s why I thought you may like to have one of those guys on. If they are right, and I believe they are (I believe the Lord prompted me to warn folks), it could lead to the deaths of millions. As an old farmer, I keep track of crops around the world with youtube, and it appears that things are already going down hill. God Bless your work here. Willard Ferch.

  28. brian

    I gotta be honest, in the face of everything that has come out for us to see, which we all know is just the tip of the iceberg here, how is it that Trump has not been able to find within himself the gumption to at least call these people out and call loudly for a series of investigations into all this?

    Why is it that even though there is a steaming, stinking, mountain of a pile of evidence clearly pointing to the fact that entire tranches of our federal government are populated by folks operating and existing so far outside the law its not even concealable by an obviously compromised and equally corrupted media, that the only evidence we have that an immensely popular president elected with a mandate to “Drain the swamp” comes from some anonymous source posting messages on some back alley, shady as shit forum so cryptic and sideways that they appear mocking in tone and some tertiary memo leaks that lend themselves more to mind numbing spin than anything else?

    None of this is pointing to swamp drainage, it should not be this hard given the assumption that a significant minority of Americans really do want the swamp drained and that there is a sitting president capable of starting a process to do just that.

    If we really want to drain the swamp we should prayfully prepare to not only do a lions share of the bleeding, sweating and dying but also ready ourselves to give up everything that the swamp gave to us. Most importantly, we should undertake this task only when a majority of us have a clear as day picture of what it is we intend to restore, that being a government limited by and existing as an expression of the ideals the founders of this nation had found instilled within them by Gods own hand.

    • tin foil hat

      “If we really want to drain the swamp we should prayfully prepare to not only do a lions share of the bleeding, sweating and dying BUT ALSO READY OURSELVES TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING THAT THE SWAMP GAVE TO US.”

      I concur with that statement and I believe many Trump supporters have no idea what they are wishing for.

  29. Elusive Joseph

    How smart (or colluding) is Trump when he surrounds himself with he enemy? He nominated Rod Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General. Rosenstein is the snake who appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the investigation into the bogus “Trump-Russia connection”. Why would Trump nominate Rosenstein if he didn’t know his true inclination to be a backstabber? Mueller has done everything he can to dig up dirt on Trump. Mueller is, also, one of the treasonous crooks who was premeditatedly appointed by Bush only one week before 9/11 to help cover up the true perpetrators of the attack while helping perpetuate the fake narrative.

  30. Mohammad


    The campaign for demonizing Russia to set the stage for some kind of preemptive strike continues:

    This time it is coming from British Defense Secretary:
    “Russia wants to cause “so much pain to Britain” that it could launch an attack killing “thousands and thousands and thousands”, the Defence Secretary has warned.”


    • Justn Observer

      And so who provided the ‘fake report’ to try to take out President Trump and blame it on Russia? Maybe UK has a guilty conscience?
      Ph’d CORSI-

  31. Fatima message

    Greg, great, great wrap-up.
    BTW, William Benning has released somehow the entire 99 page FISO memo (not the 4 page summary) through Infowars. The Pete Santilli Show as found on YouTube reads the document. Search “The Pete Santilli Show” on YouTube to find this video.

  32. Martin

    Does the apparent one year fall in the dollar index (over 10%) represent real inflation in the U.S. ?

  33. Raymond Fox

    Admire your honest work Greg. Having said that, the decreasing US dollar is part of a world monetary reset along with the change in the basket of currencies in the SDR.
    The Chinese currency 💱 is now included in the SDR basket and is playing a small role in the changes that will take place in the future. China is preparing for a consumer based society while developing the new silk road with development in trade and infrastructure along the way. Trump knows this and hence the lowering of taxes to businesses and the consumer public. This will encourage business to return to the states providing jobs for Americans and by lowering the US dollar make exports more appetizing. As you know, when the USD falls the price of oil goes up and this is one of the main reasons Trump told the bogus global warming crowd to take a flying leap and not to strap the public and industry with a carbon tax such as our globalist, bought off prime minister here in Canada. Just two days ago a Campbell Soup plant that is in Ontario since the 1930,s is moving to the States leaving 340 jobs behind.
    Trump is a business man first, now president, patriot and you are lucky to have him. This is a fight between good and evil and the beginning of people world wide who see now more than ever the evil of globalization, the destruction of sovereignty, the destruction of family, core values, and the globalists that want to enslave society. I am in the fall of my life, the same age as Trump, and I’ll be damned if my Granddaughter will grow up in a fascist country. Ray

    • tin foil hat

      “Trump is a business man first, now president, patriot and you are lucky to have him. This is a fight between good and evil …”
      Yes, we are lucky to have Trump just as the Russian are lucky to have Putin. If someone told me 10 years ago that Trump, Putin and Xi will save the world from the evil of globalists, I’d laugh in his face.

    • Cecil Hill

      Pip, Pip, hooray! Ray

  34. iwitness02

    Widespread Insanity is sweeping the land. We have to fight court battles to get public information from our public servants/gov. employees. Their arrogance is stunning. The criminality that is slowly being disclosed is stunning. In my mind, the gov. is in a state of anarchy. They seek to rule us without representation. We all know how that worked out in the past. This is a fight for freedom and representative government. We the people will serve our government, or our government will serve the people. This is what is at stake right here, right now. This is war. Slavery is not in my future. Freedom is, and I will fight for it. I know I am not alone on this. Thankfully.

  35. Paul ...

    Here is an exceedingly good gold analysis by Adam Hamilton … the big wigs at Davos Switzerland are in shock at what Trump’s Treasury Secretary said: “a weak US dollar is good” (so much for the strong dollar policy) … say hello to rising inflation and rising gold … the US dollar is now being re-set before our very eyes … those who want to take advantage of the Debt Jubilee must own gold (and silver) … this is not about making profits … every citizen of the world with $10,000 dollars of debt needs to own either a) one ounce of gold or b) 10 ounces of silver … and when gold is re-set to $10,000 dollars per ounce your debt will be forgiven … but you must act now before gold goes to $10,000 and silver to $1,000 …

    • Paul ...

      I will not allow Harry Dent (the man who singlehandedly destroyed Europe in mass migrations with his demographics analysis) to give me pause with getting “Debt Jubilee Insurance” with his dire prediction of $700 dollar gold by mid 2018 … but if some type of liquidity squeeze spikes gold down to such a level during a market crash … that is when I load up on gold (not for forgiveness of debt insurance) but for a massive profit making opportunity!!!

      • Paul ...

        Remember the Maine? … Remember the Alamo? … let’s Remember the Deutsche Mark …
        Date Gold
        Jan 1920 1320
        Jan 1921 900
        Jan 1922 3976
        Jan 1923 372,447
        Nov 1923 87,000,000,000,000

      • freebrezer

        Paul – Dent’s 700$ forecast was because of the aging US population and that these old people would be selling their gold assets (What is sold in America stays in America) … He seemed to have missed that there is a whole wide world market out there for gold and that China, India, etc,. might actually participate in the gold market!

  36. zteve.0

    We’ll see about ‘Justice’ if it comes to that you can take a lot of credit as you’ve been talking the same story for over a year and the evedince is finally starting to solidify. I seem to recall a secret society that JFK had a run in with – hope DJT wears a BPV (bullet proof vest)

  37. John M.

    America seems to have only one shot at saving itself, and that entirely involves Pres. Trump making it happen.
    We must pray hard that God will use Pres. Trump to destroy the deep, deep Swamp.
    From everything I’ve been reading and feeling in my gut, the Swamp includes many lurking in the shadows that are closest to him, like the Vice-POTUS and most of Trump’s Cabinet. We must pray that our President remains safe.
    Why was Michael Flynn forced to leave at Trump’s start? Is it because Flynn was the most knowledgeable and the greatest of threats to the whole child-trafficking/pedophile operation that is at the true heart of the Swamp? Why did Pence insist that Trump remove Flynn?
    Another tidbit to investigate is Bill and Hillary’s connection to massive drug smuggling and money laundering that goes way back to its HQ at the Rose Law firm. Also, the Rose Law firm was apparently knee deep into the theft of the latest technology patents, which would be very valuable in the foreign and domestic black markets. See: youtube Lionel interview with Thomas Paine (sorry not able to provide link). Look at all the suicides that have happened since that time with anyone associated with the Clinton’s in order to protect that lucrative racket. The bigger fish in those fishy criminal activities are likely the Bush family and other Swamp creatures. And more disheartening, it looks like much of our CIA, FBI, and law enforcement were involved in those shady activities, which incidentally is why JFK was probably taken out too.
    So let’s pray the Trump thoroughly cleans house and guts anything that appears to be corrupt, from top to bottom.
    BTW, I see that many people are shocked about the discovery that U.S. gymnast doctor Larry Nassar molested many young girls. He was recently sentenced to 175 yrs in prison, which got many applauds of approval.
    I sure hope that many Americans will encourage Pres. Trump to go after those big pedophiles within our American govt with the same enthusiasm. The Swamp seems to be teeming with the most vile of immoral and demonic influence that must come out for all to see. And punished accordingly.

  38. Charles H


    Good summation… treason, and law-breaking. Not bad for our ‘own people’, our ‘trusted official institutions’. The Giant Sucking Sound of Perot’s 90s – now shows in the homeless across America. I’m afraid that there ARE enough self-delusional Liberals to allow the US a slow, inexorable slide into Third-World realities. When the descent is more then half accomplished: the true-believer Liberals will STILL be in denial, along with the Fake News Outlets. Even when the homeless knock on their doors: they will believe the Republicans put them up to it (because that’s what the Liberals do).
    The RICH Liberals will supply the Fake News Outlets their financial lifeline: because they know that political/philosophical identity along the lines of God/no god, spiritual/atheist is greater than Truth/lies. Most people don’t want the Truth anymore: they want what they want – and God ain’t in it. Those who committed crimes subscribe to the idea of – the ends justify the means – or only winning matters. When more crime goes unpunished than not: it pays to break the law by percentages. Bottom line? Repairing the broken moral fiber in America won’t happen by having Laws. If there isn’t Law written into the heart of the person, by that person: Law is for others. There are too many icebergs in view.

    • eddiemd

      No fear of God. No restraint. They profess to be wise, but their foolish hearts are darkened. They are delusional, separated from God. They have been given over to a reprobate mind.

      The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

      The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.

      The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction

      Trust in the Lord— Proverbs 3

      1My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments:

      2For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.

      3Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart:

      4So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man.

      5Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

      6In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

      7Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

      8It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.

      9Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase:

      10So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.

      11My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD; neither be weary of his correction:

      12For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.

  39. Jodyp

    Greg, gonna be tough to clean house when all the maids, butlers and chefs are dirty too!

    • Jodyp

      And what’s gonna be the house “me too” phrase when they start claiming, ‘we didn’t know!’?

      • Bill

        Jodyp; Someone famous once said, ” It aint over till its over”. Keep the faith

  40. al

    Greg I jumped for joy and clapped. Many thanks for your excellent reporting.
    As for the edge, yes, we’re at the edge but let’s get it over with already. Bring on the tribunals and let’s get rid of these parasites once and for all.

    I saw Trump’s full speech at Davos, he was a master! He’s out to sell the United States as a producing nation. Any idiot can see the passion this man has for this Country and its people. That means EVERYONE!

    NFL? I’m not much of a sports head but the NFL was more a gathering place around the propaganda machine (TV) with friends, rather than an event. It’s a party basically. No, I will not attend any stupid-bowl party this year or any year. I could care less about these Nazis. That’s what they called themselves back in the late 1930s, “progressive” Natzis! Period the end.

    • eddiemd

      Some in the audience even gave him a standing ovation.

    • Flattop

      Al: Davos was interesting. Most of the rank and file loved Trump. The European global leaders ( Soros Merkel etc ) were in a tizzy because the President didn’t talk about global warming ands globalism. Shows you where Europe is headed

  41. john duffy

    Everybody by now knows what is going on. The question is, when is something going to be done about it? Nobody wants to be the first to tip his toe in the water.

  42. Mohammad

    Jc Davis

    That what went under the radar, it was the Trump’s executive order 13821 signed on Jan 11th 2018:

    “Streamlining and Expediting Requests To Locate Broadband Facilities in Rural America”

    Are we talking Greg here about 5G?
    You bet your money yes.

    let me quote:

    “Policy. Americans need access to reliable, affordable broadband internet service to succeed in today’s information-driven, global economy. Currently, too many American citizens and businesses still lack access to this basic tool of modern economic connectivity. This problem is particularly acute in rural America, and it hinders the ability of rural American communities to increase economic prosperity; attract new businesses; enhance job growth; extend the reach of affordable, high-quality healthcare; enrich student learning with digital tools; and facilitate access to the digital marketplace.

    It shall therefore be the policy of the executive branch to use all viable tools to accelerate the deployment and adoption of affordable, reliable, modern high-speed broadband connectivity in rural America, including rural homes, farms, small businesses, manufacturing and production sites, tribal communities, transportation systems, and healthcare and education facilities.”

    And you guys still think Trump is not globalist, are you fooled by his theatrical show? do not listen to what he says rather see what he does, i got so close to be sold on him until i read this executive order that no one , not single one talks about.

    5G hitting our DNA like a jack hammer 45-90 million times per second is not globalists wet dream?
    Especially in rural areas?
    Not leaving any place for us to hide our precious DNA.



    • JC

      Mohammad my problem is what Trump does, and what he says. Not always the same. On one hand he is a puppet, in the other he is exploding the deep state. Time will tell, but we don’t have the luxury of time. Not even JFK got so close to showing who rules the oligarchy . For this I must tip my hat in respect.
      I could make a joke and say a 5G would catch me up with the younger people today.
      Love. JC

    • JC

      Mohammad I cant read very much anymore, but I will send it to my people to read for me. I do know he signed it 5 miles from my house in Donelson/ Nashville. I hope they don’t put a tower near my land outside Nashville. We fall off the planet there.

      • JC

        From what I am told it is to send the internet to hard to reach places. They may want to cut some of my trees on the top side. The low land is 200 ft above sea level. We will see. Hey thanks for keeping me in mind.

  43. Mohammad


    Drumbeat against Russia keeps going and gets louder and louder, today, new sanctions announced:


    • Paul ...

      Sanctions must be imposed on Russia for daring to annex Crimea … because the US government is committed to maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the entire Ukraine “under our complete control” (including their gold and oil) and that we spent 5 billion dollars in taxpayer money to accomplish … therefore we must continue to impose more and more sanctions on Russia for their audacity in taking back from us a piece of what we stole!!

      • Paul ...

        Those damn Ruskys are always trying to interfere in our Presidential choices ever since Khrushchev tried to assassinate Oswald a month before Kennedy was shot (such Russian interference in the Shadow Government’s plans to kill JFK was not looked upon favorably by the neocons) … so the Shadow Government is now imposing sanctions on Russia because they know Russia must have somehow been involved in defeating Hillary … and obviously Trump must have been involved with the Russians … so it makes perfect sense to have an “independent” investigator from the “Hillary camp” find the connections in the dossier that Hillary paid $12 million to produce … and thus put the rightful winner in the White House (Hillary) … before Trump puts her in the Big House!

  44. Don

    Good job Greg, it looks like it’s truth or consequence. At least I hope. The corrupted government agents throughout of nation may finally be meeting justice, which all of us desire the cleanup. The other element is the propaganda machine in MSM who supports the corruption and false pokemon world they desire us to live in. I say, its time to replace MSM, with those who speak the truth, like yourself. American society should rejoice, and hopefully, if Mark T. prophecy is true, we will see it all cleaned up. The swamp is much larger than any of us probably know. On the economic front, I hope the corruption in the markets are stopped also, as the NWO agents are stopped. Again good job, you are one of the good guys, a rare person in our day.

  45. Jerry

    Make no mistake, the central bankers have a plan B and it doesn’t include the dollar or Donald Trump.

    I’m as big of a fan of Donald Trump as the next guy, but lets be honest, you can’t drain the swamp when it includes the entire world. The central banks have interlocked and rigged the entire global banking system into one gigantic network saturated with fiat currency derivative debt, and when the time comes they’re going drop the U.S. greenback like a pair of dirty underwear. The writing is on the wall everywhere you look including statements made by our Treasury Secretary in Davos, who is in my mind a globalist after the statements he made. He can walk that statement “weak dollar” back all he wants, but at the end of the day it speaks for itself.

    • Mohammad


      Not all that glitters is gold, read my post above about his latest executive order.


      • Marcus

        Russians don’t give a rats ass about us sanctions. The east is preparing to bypass the usdollar in all ways. No more toxic treasury bonds.

    • Jerry

      I keep drawing the picture on what the globalist bankers are intending to do. Does anyone see it yet?

      Does the phrase ” currency reserve” ring a bell with anyone? It should be clear by now that when the central banks are done re-installing the new currency system all they have to do is PULL THE SWITH……and then MAKE THE SWITCH. My dad always told me there are three types of people.
      1. Those that make things happen.
      2. Those that see what happens.
      3. Those that wonder what the hell happened.

      • JMiller

        No Jerry, you keep drawing a picture of what you THINK globalist bankers are intending to do.

    • Flattop

      Jerry: Draining the Swamp:
      If the arrests begin in Feb, i believe the US swamp will be drained by the end of the year. The global swamp is a horse of another color for President

  46. eddiemd

    Just wanted to post this message from Kyrsten Sinema received today Friday. She is the democratic Arizona congresswoman who is running for Senator Flake’s spot in November. Former Green Party, far left position. She masquerades as a centrist but was a full Obama supporter.

    She doesn’t tell the truth. She voted for the government shutdown on January 18 and then against it on Jan 22nd. She also voted to continue the FISA Reauthorization.

    We here in Arizona need to organize against her for Senator in November. Anyone but her.

    “Dear Friend,

    On Monday, Congress voted to end the government shutdown that began on Saturday, January 20. The Monday vote funds the government through February 8, funds the Children’s Health Insurance Program (KidsCare in Arizona) for six years, and delays the Health Insurance Tax, Cadillac Tax and the Medical Device Tax.

    Congress could have avoided this brief shutdown by advancing commonsense policies that have the broad support of the American people, but it failed. Since October of last year, Washington has wasted time on temporary budgets and half-fixes, and the good, important work that moves our country forward gets pushed to the side. Meanwhile, Arizona families work hard every day to take care of their families and put food on their tables. They worry that their kids won’t have better lives than they had. They deserve government that works for them, not against them. We want to fund a strong national defense that keeps our country secure and Arizona families safe, and make smart investments in veterans care, education, infrastructure, and research that creates opportunity and grows our economy. We want to protect Dreamers so they can contribute to the only country they’ve called home. We want to deploy border security technologies that keep drug smugglers, gunrunners, human traffickers, and other criminals out. These are the values Arizonans share and the values I’m fighting for.

    I am glad a deal was reached to get the government running and ensure economic security for military members, veterans, and Arizona families. I voted to end the shutdown because it was unnecessary and shameful. This is not the way to govern, and despite finding a temporary solution, the underlying budget and policy challenges that caused the shutdown remain. There are bipartisan solutions in the House and Senate to create a long-term budget, fund our military, secure our border, and protect Dreamers. There is now a commitment from congressional leadership to make this happen, and Washington politicians who stand in the way of these solutions should step aside and let us get to work.

    Our country can make progress on each of these challenges if more people in Washington have the guts to put partisanship aside and allow bipartisan solutions to move forward. Washington politicians who put political gain over American progress and the pursuit of the American dream should stop and look at what they’re doing to our country. Our challenges are too important for these games.

    I am honored to serve in Congress on behalf of Arizona families like yours. We always appreciate hearing from you on current topics and issues that are important to you. If there is an issue that concerns you, please let us know by clicking this link or by calling our Phoenix office: 602-956-2285. Be sure to stay connected through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and let us know how we can be of service.


  47. Tim McGraw

    According to Stefan Molyneux in 2014 (latest year data is available), black men in the USA raped over 37,000 white women. That’s over 100 white women raped every day by black men in America and that’s just the rapes that were reported.
    How many black women were raped by white men in 2014 in the USA? Between 0-10.

    As for the NFL; I’m disgusted with the military displays before the game that the military (taxpayers) pay the NFL to put on. The flyovers aren’t cheap. The military enlistment ads during the games. The S.W.A.T ads during the games. The Navy Seals ads during the games. I’m fed up with the officiating as well. The referees threw that game between the Patriots and Jaguars. The NFL wanted Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Period.

  48. eddiemd

    CNN is not just limited to the USA. CNN espanol is the major news outlet all over Latin America. Almost every hotel that has cable has CNN espanol. It is all negative Trump throughout central and south America (and Puerto Rico, Dom Rep).
    Thought shaping propaganda broadcasted to people who may or may not know the differences in the truth. That goes for the US population as well.

  49. Country Codger

    BRAVO Greg,
    What do you do when a “house” (FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, etc) is infected with a plague?
    THE TORAH OF LEPROSY: (Leviticus 14:32-57: focus scripture Lev. 14:32-45)

  50. Gary

    Awesome Greg can’t wait for Mark Taylor he’s my favorite

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gary. Wait until you hear the two dog story– one evil and one good. It is all explained in the interview.

  51. The Ogs

    Crazy world, Greg. Barkin’ mad heheh…
    Washington is SO stupid with (most of what they do, but especially) the “sanctions” they impose L & R, on Iran, on North Korea and others, but especially on Russia.
    Sure I think Trump’s doing a great job – but it’s too little, too late and America (AKA mystery Babylon) will never, ever be the same again like it was pre-9/11.
    The whole ship has simply sailed in the wrong direction for decades now, the Constitution has been castrated and American citizens royally screwed!
    Not much even Trump can do now. The best cure is of course prevention…
    The American citizens were not vigilant and have allowed this destruction to come to pass.

    • Allen Starr

      Putin threw the Rothschild’s out of Russia and took control of Russia’s central bank and that is when the real attacks on Russia started. It is obvious why Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and a few other countries have banded together to protect themselves from those that control the US and it’s allies. Sanctions are the greatest thing that could have happened to Russia. I’ve watched what they have done here and it is impressive since they are under continual attack from the US and it’s allies. Russia will never bend a knee to the US and the US is not strong enough to take out Russia without destroying itself also. There is a totally new financial system in place so when the US dies it won’t affect Russia and the BRICS countries.

  52. Justn Observer


    • Justn Observer


      • Justn Observer

        Maybe that cabal sharing the Presidential Daily brief ‘is the ‘secret society’? lol

  53. Justn Observer

    Greg, WHY – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and the ‘truth’ rarely ever gets out !
    What really happened in Las Vegas?

  54. dee

    Thanks to her husband, six corporations own more than 90% of the media .
    Thanks to her husband, six banks control more than 90% of all deposits.
    Why should anybody be surprised that Wall Street, mainstream media, etc
    are all behind them?

  55. Arthur Barnes

    Tom, astute understanding of the fake media, the left’s propaganda machine. However, having said that, you can’t deny that it is very effective especially for all the American dummies out there and, frankly & unfortunately, they exist by the millions. a b

    • Susan

      I hate to say it, but the MSM is even getting to those who we thought were Trump supporters. They were “fair weather friends”. The negativity has infiltrated our ranks. We can see it on this site everyday. More and more are turning from President Trump. It is definitely worrying.

  56. Chip

    Greg, need to do a story on this. Talk about fake news. According to Amazon Alexa…

    “Jesus Christ is a fictional character”.

    Yet it knows everything about the “wise prophet Mohamed”. Orwell’s 1984

  57. Tad

    I don’t know if Blacks would call it, “playing the race card.”

    Like most on the lower societal and economic rungs, it makes their survival acute re immigration if they primary both the Republican and Democrat side in House and Senate elections. They increase their odds of success. They won’t necessarily identify as Trump supporters.
    In paraphrasing Ann Coulter, immigration affects everything else. That’s true, and Blacks are starting to realize its full implications.

    Lower to middle class whites and American Indians may do

    The 2018 elections could be a significant paradigm shift, regardless of when the financial collapse occurs.

    As for Mr. Trump and immigration, this story him stringing out Dems and Donkeys is playing out like a calculus problem.

    If Americans can’t assess whose side their representatives are supporting, and have been over decades, the country was “lost”
    years ago.

  58. Robert

    Every half hour on the radio news, I hear reported how Trump wanted to fire Mueller. The talking points are being sown. Trump needs to real careful as Mueller is setting him up to find any technical error in his responses, that can and will be used against him.

    Its ironic that all this Mueller tried to fire Trump narrative is coming out at the time the FBI and DOJ under Lynch, have been shown to be involved in destroying Trumps presidency both before he was elected and after.

    Why is this not the narrative? All this corruption and blatant bias at the FBI and DOJ is destroying the peoples perception that the system is fair and honest (with errant operatives discovered and prosecuted-NOT). True fact based, non biased journalism is dead in the USA and the world. Its all about confirmation bias now. That’s all the news outlets are anymore.

    • Robert

      How did I get that backwards… I meant all this “Trump tried to fire Mueller” narrative.

  59. Right Media

    Is Robert Mueller SWAMP? #UraniumOne #QAnon #CBTS #Russiagate

    Today I dove into the past (and present) of Robert Mueller and what he’s done for me to draw such a brash conclusion.

  60. Mohammad


    If you look at the urgency in the executive order i linked to in a previous post, and the rolling of the cryptoRuble in Russia, i conclude that the “cryptoDollar” is about to roll.
    We are on the verge of the pop of the biggest bubble in history and the digital currency that will require high speed broadband even in rural areas as a medium for using it is the explanation of the urgency of that executive order.
    The “CryptoDollar” or whatever name they will give is the tier inside US and there will be another “dollar” for the overseas transaction, your guests always talked about that two tier system.


  61. Flattop

    A guy in a black cowboy hat once told us of ” Truth Bombs ” coming.
    Looks to me like they are beginning to explode in Wash DC

    • Mohammad

      Cannot wait for another interview with Bill Holter.


      • Greg Hunter

        Soon come Mohammad.

  62. Cecil Hill
    Monica Crowley – Why the Swamp Hates Donald Trump

  63. Chris

    Clearly the FBI and CIA don’t work for Trump. Sure Comey was sacked but the new guy is still hopeless. Who owns and runs the FBI and CIA and how?!?!

    • Benny Hill

      Barry Obama, and how? Ask George, sore end, Soros!

  64. Mike R

    The US stock market will most likely top between March and June of this year.

    By early 2019 , the Dow will drop as low as 11,000.

    Bitcoin will end up around $3000, sometime between March 2018 and January 2019.

    Very very very few people are expecting anything like this to occur, and will be mortified when it happens. Especially all of the so called ‘experts’, and those who were as recently as December, calling for Bitcoin to reach $100,000 by end of 2018.

    Simultaneously, there will be a fairly significant crash in the price of oil. A ton of this money exiting oil and stocks, will flow into bonds which will be a recipe for disaster for those people. The bear market in bonds won’t begin in earnest, until pretty much everyone has left stocks, and put their money into US t-bills and such. They’d rather get little yield, than have their wealth destroyed completely. However, little do they know, that the Fed will have to keep raising rates, because a worse fate will occur for the dollar.
    Everyone will be in tremendous denial, as the dollar drops, but they don’t see their stock portfolio go up like it should. They’ll be shocked that oil is dropping while the dollar is dropping. They’ll blame everything from the ‘tax cuts’, to the GOP, to the Dems, and ultimately Trump. The Dems will actually not win many seats in Nov, and will be infuriated that Trump didn’t get impeached, and the Russian collusion story died a slow death. their ranting and whining will hurt their election prospects.

  65. Mohammad


    I mentioned on your blog earlier that BITCOIN=GOLD.
    And the bull market in bitcoin is the gold bull market, and bitcoin is the gold’s beard.
    I was waiting for zero hedge to dig deep and conclude that so i link their article to your site and my post.
    Still waiting though…….

    Here is the smoking gun from RT:

    And listen Greg to this quote from the article:
    “The World Gold Council (WGC) is considering a global standard for 1 kilogram gold bars so they could be used as collateral in futures markets and potentially encourage demand.
    People close to the matter told Reuters the aim is to include companies from the world of gold refining, banks and brokers that trade the precious metal in the futures and physical markets, and the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).”

    And here is the kicker Greg:
    “You can add a lot of information with blockchain, where the gold was mined, where it was refined, serial numbers, who owned it previously. It could bring new demand to the market,” a physical market source said.”

    Crypto backed by Gold….Hmmmm
    And Blockchain to verify the gold bars in the new gold standard…THIS IS HUGE.


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