New Year Message & Last Weekly News Wrap-Up 2017

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 315 12.29.17) 

Greg Hunter of gives his take on the past weeks stories and the year that was 2017 in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Former Federal Reserve insider Danielle DiMartino Booth will be the very first guest of 2018.  Her predictions for the new year are not rosy.  Don’t miss it.


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  1. Paul ...

    As Trump begins to drain the swamp here … other nations (like Israel) are beginning to follow his lead … once all Nations clear out the crooks, etc. from their governments … the world can more easily move toward sane foreign and domestic policies … and finally bring “peaceful resolutions” to most of the world’s problems!

    • Frederick

      WOW Paul you’re fast

      • Paul ...

        Frederick … I should be fast asleep (but I’m a night owl) … looks like Trump is going to kill two birds with one stone (by passing the latest Executive Order “to seize the assets of criminals”) … now he can not only bring down the Clinton Crime Family … but Bitcoin as well … Bitcoiners have been deluding themselves into thinking that Governments (that hold very dear the power to print money and have their Bankster mafia buddies counterfeit money for them out of thin air) were simply going to roll over and allow Bitcoin crypto currencies to steal and seize “their thing” and put them out of business!! … Bitcoiners recent joy will soon turn to tears … as the banksters in many Nations are now beginning to refuse to process international cash and money transfers to virtual currency exchanges … if the exchange is associated with or connected to a fraud or “an attempted fraud” … so now we can finally see how the Banksters and Governments are going to protect “their money making racket” … they are going to “freeze the bank accounts of Bitcoin users … National Australian Bank, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank and Westpac Bank are now freezing customer accounts and transactions on four(4) different Bitcoin exchanges (CoinJar, CoinSpot, CoinBase and BTC Markets) … eventually they may simply “seize the money assets” of these Bitcoiners (under Trumps new “asset seizure law”) … Governments want to keep complete control over the “power of the purse” … and Bitcoiners are simply being naive to think that Governments are going to easily roll over and give up a money making racket they have been profiting from for hundreds of years!! …

        • JMiller

          That ZeroHedge article states that bank accounts are being frozen because of Bitcoin transactions. Actually from the letter shown in the article it says that account holders are being given notice that their bank accounts are going to be closed, not really frozen.

        • Paul ...

          Interesting … in Hebrew the name Donald means “blessed” … let us all hope Trump’s actions will be “a blessing to the entire planet” (not just here in America) … we all live on this “one planet” we call Earth and world leaders should get behind Trump and begin to clean the worldwide swamp … and if we need to shield the Earth to preserve all life forms … why can’t scientists use “non-toxic” elements in their chem-trails?? … (like gold and silver for instance) to protect the Earth from the harmful effects of the ultra-violet radiation coming from the Sun!!

  2. MAL

    Hi Greg and happy new year,
    You mentioned General Kelly and the lying to the FBI charge and you mentioned the “dossier”. When is the judiciary committee going to bring those FISA court judges in front of the committee and ask them if they would have given the warrant had they known the true nature of the so called intelligence information. Let Mueller continue to deny that the dossier was the reason for requesting the warrant. The abuse of national security to hide politically embarrassing conduct or outright crimes must stop.

    • Greg Hunter

      The entire trump collusion investigation (which Hunt) was based on a huge lie. It will crumble and people will go to jail.

      • Martin

        Greg. I really respect your opinion but I won’t be holding my breath to see any of these felons go to jail.

        • Charles H

          “Draining the Swamp” – means: you have to stop the water; as well as making an outlet.

          • Paul ...

            Trump has just signed an Executive Order “to stop the water” Charles … watch how quickly the power of the Clinton Crime Family fades as their assets are seized and they don’t have the money to pay expensive lawyers to keep them out of jail!!

      • Walter Myers

        Greg: I believe America is in need of a 3rd revolution and is on the verge of having one. The question is: what form will it take? If it is to be peaceful I suggest it will be due to a group of honest, well informed, and courageous people with integrity creating a National Leadership Team (NLT) and arming themselves with a plan designed to unify people around issues and actions of common interest while assuring they retain their freedom to pursue their special interests. A proposed plan is summarized at

        I also believe you and Robert David Steele could significantly contribute to the NLT’s formation and would like to discuss the matter with you and Mr. Steele. If interested of if you have Mr. Steele’s contact information please contact me at [email protected] or 785-766-3045.

      • susan

        Greg, I have been terrified to talk about a friend of mine a long time ago who was in the NSA. She told me about many things going on within the government. She did many amazing things involving my own life. WOW! It is all making sense now, but it still scares me half to death now. Thank you Greg for all you do.

        • Greg Hunter

          Tell us more.

          • susan

            Sorry Greg. I am too afraid to say anymore because I know that my friend was eventually killed. I just can’t say anymore. My husband is upset with me for saying what I said.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Susan for the info you posted.

  3. g. berky
    Two quakes shake San Jose area hours apart
    CBS News 2 days ago

  4. Tad

    An IQ within the 156 range hardly qualifies Mr. Trump as a “buffoon.” No, a buffoon would be someone who voted for either Hillary or a Buffoonish Barack Obama the previous eight years.

    In fairness, one should search for more sources, but 5 or six points either way doesn’t alter the conclusion. The article would seem to indict of Harvard’s questionable admission standards

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Fake news! How do you assess someone’s intelligence from distance? The article conveniently forgets to estimate George Bush Junior’s IQ (I would hazard a guess it is single digit). I have read these crappy studies claiming to know president’s IQs without testing them. Some even estimated the IQs of historical presidents predating the 20 century. At least I can see the standard of evidence Bob uses when forming his opinions.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        By the way being a crap president is more about corruption than IQ.

        • Paul ...

          I think it is just the opposite TSI … when we consider that the IQ of Jesus must have been “very high” (as he was artificially inseminated into Mary by God the Father) … having a high IQ “is necessary” to reject corruption, greed and evil!!

          • JMiller

            Sorry Paul but you do not need a high IQ to reject corruption, greed and evil. Many average people have rejected evil.

            • Paul ...

              It’s because they are smart … the IQ test has to be modified (and ask questions on the IQ test like “would you kill for money”) … if they answer “No” … they should be given a minimum IQ of 200!!

  5. Joseph Minicucci

    Thank you so much Mr Hunter, I watch every show.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joseph for your dedication to USAW!!!

  6. Jerry

    Thank you for all of your hard work and interviews throughout this past year. It goes without saying that you are a beacon of real truth in an otherwise dark world of news reporting.

    It is becoming increasingly more difficult to determine what is real news and what is fake news. Prime Example:
    I read the article in the Wall Street Journal that was mentioned in this piece about the creation of the Petro Yuan. All of it was pure speculation. But yet it was presented as truth. Americans seem to have short memories. It was not that long ago that Hank Paulsen (who was the head of the U.S. Treasury Department at the time) went to the Chinese with hat in hand, and begged for a 2.5 trillion dollar loan to keep our banks solvent. Does anyone want to take a guess how much of that money has been repaid?
    My guess is none of it when you consider that the Fed continues to print money without impunity. But yet we’re supposed to believe that China is the one blowing smoke about the creation of the Petro Yuan. Go figure? I guess spinning the story, is better than telling the truth when you have nothing else to offer.

    Thanks again Greg for a great year!

    • Jerry

      The bottom line.
      We’ll know more about where the economy “really is” when the 4th quarter numbers come out. Isn’t it interesting that money velocity is cratering about the same time that the debt bubble has reached maximum expansion?

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        No you will not know. These reports still aren’t an accurate reflection of “where the economy really is.” Fourth quarter. Third. Whatever. Even during the Trump administration (like all the administrations before it for more than 100 yrs – since advent of the Federal Reserve and the 19th Amendment), numbers reported are not reliable indicators of the economy.

        The US economy is completely bankrupt. Any actual labor is almost exclusively slavery. That’s the economy. Don’t use the stock market as an indicator of how good the economy has been under Trump. It’s just as imaginary as it was under Obama. Trump promotes most if not all the same mechanisms for stealing the proceeds of labor from men and redistributing them.

        He just redistributes them to different undeserving demographics than Obama did. But the origin of those proceeds are the same. Slaves and their labor. All men. And every year that goes by, those men can produce less labor, there are fewer proceeds to redistribute, and the economy sinks more and more.

        One day, the system, under Trump or someone, will take one dollar too many from one man, and the entire system will collapse and its consequences will amplify throughout the world. But no… 4th quarter numbers will NOT tell you where the economy really is. Those numbers are all bogus.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for good info all year. Please keep posting links in 2018!

    • allen ols

      jerry, from KWN

      What The Elite Did Not Want The Public To Hear
      Deleted warning from Michael Belkin’s KWN audio interview:  “The Fed kept the Fed funds rate at zero percent for eight years (2009-2017) for no reason. Now they are raising the Fed funds rate at a snail’s pace — 25 basis points — 3 or 4 times a year. Starting from zero, they will never get the fed funds rate high enough to start cutting it before the next recession. In the last two recessions, the Fed had to cut the fed funds rate by 5% (500 basis points) to get the economy to turn around, from 6.5% to 1% (Dec 2000 to Jul 2003) and from 5.25% to zero (Sep 2007 to Dec 2008). With the current fed funds rate at 1.25%, the Fed has little room to cut rates when the economy hits the wall. The Fed wants to get rates up to 2%-3% before the next rate cut cycle starts. Got that? The Fed is raising rates to cut them and reducing its balance sheet to expand it. Let that sink in.

      • allen ols

        jerry; cont’d

        The Fed’s Worst Nightmare
        They waited way too long to cut rates and a (business cycle) contraction will force their hand into a policy reversal. The Fed’s worst nightmare is causing a depression via a too-tight monetary policy. The Fed probably wants to cut rates by 5% in the next recession, which is inevitably coming. The current US expansion is now 103 months long, more than twice the length of the average expansion. The economy is held up by a speculative stock market bubble that the Fed created with ultra-low interest rates. When stocks begin to trade down, consumer confidence will fall, spending will drop, retail sales will decline, companies will cut back production, unemployment will rise, etc. The Fed will be forced to ease monetary policy and cut rates again.
        Bernanke repeatedly said Fed policy is 98% talk, 2% action. All they care about is creating false consensus expectations so they can manipulate markets. The Fed’s words are bullshit, designed to deceive. Behind closed doors they know exactly what I’m saying is true, that a recession is approaching and they will have to reverse monetary policy, but they don’t want you to know it. Why raise rates now? What’s the big urgency? They totally blew it, interest rates should have risen 5 years ago but they did QE3 instead.  Now they are raising rates to cut them.
        Fed To Lower Interest Rates To Negative 2% – 3.5%!!
        Look at the numbers. The Fed funds rate stands at 1.5%. 1.5% minus 5% = negative 3.5%. Get the picture? With central bankers accustomed and entitled to any and every insane monetary policy, what’s to stop the Fed’s Powell (Trump’s low interest rate person) from cutting US interest rates to minus 3.75% and doing QE4 in the next recession? The lunatics are running the asylum….To continue listening to Belkin discuss what other market shocks and surprises to expect in 2018 as well as why gold and silver are set for a massive surge in the coming year.

        • freebrezer

          Allen ols – We have a good picture of what is in store for the US … the old Soviet empire. All was well until one day they were broke (socially, economically and structurally). The writing is on the wall what will happen to the US … I just wish I could find the writing on the wall as to when it will happen?

          • allen ols

            free breez
            start 14 min listen to 22 min.

            “Handwriting is on the wall” lutzer


            • freebrezer

              A-O – good listen … just furthers that big change is coming … A interesting site to follow (note – he is somewhat obnoxious, but very knowledgeable PhD per climate … taught paleoclimatology @ Temple University … study the past climate to predict the future). And it is not good. the sun is going quite. This means rapid areas of cooling, which equates to massive crop failures, famine and disease. Unfortunately this cycle is overlaying with the the Bible – religious people prosper via hard work and devotion to God, later generations become corrupt/evil and the societies crumble … They follow false prophets – Ummmm … maybe Al Gore! Enjoy!

      • JMiller

        KWN is making it sound as if the government some how deleted a portion of Belkin’s interview which is nonsense. The government does not care what Belkin says. KWN has had this same thing happen in the past. It is called technical difficulties. Nothing more.

    • Jerry

      Petro Yuan launch date is set for January 17th.

      Many so called experts are downplaying the significance of this launch, but I wouldn’t be so sure based on the recent rise in the markets by the Yuan. Clearly a transformation is in progress. The bigger question is what will the Petro Yuan do to the already collapsing bond market?

  7. Tony Gaetani

    You are the best !!!!! Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tony for the kind words!!

      • allen ols

        Erwin lutzer pastor of moody church for 36 yrs has this to say about J P MORGAN at the end of his sermon: RESCUED FROM SELF OBSESSION, SERMON # 11.
        J P MORGAN IN HIS 10,000 WORD WILL on his death bed wrote about committing his life to Christ.

        • allen ols

          Greg, PFI, SIG
          He speaks of the 3 great awakenings from middle of the 1700’s to middle of 1800’s, and he says America has gone too far down and now only the JUDGEMENT OF GOD awaits the church of America.

          Lets keep in mind, E Lutzer is no lightweight, and speaks daily on radio, RUNNING TO WIN.

          • allen ols

            scroll to the 32 min mark.

          • Greg Hunter

            I disagree. It’s never too late until you draw your last breath. Ask the “Good Thief” who asked for forgiveness hanging on the cross next to Jesus.

            • allen ols

              he is not talking about one persons repentance, he is referring to a nation that has run after idols, greed, sex idols, power idols, ets. the god of Israel gave juda/Israel ample time to repent, but finally just sent Assyria to haul off the 10 northern tribes, and babylon to get Judah.

            • allen ols

              nine lessons America can learn from jeremiah.
              Our present challenges are not unique others have been down this road before.
              Standing for truth and righteousness will be an increasingly lonely venture.
              The faithfulness of a few is no guarantee that a nation will turn back to God.
              A nation can reach a point of no return.
              God values human hearts and not buildings and institutions.
              When a nation is judged the righteous suffer with the wicked.
              God uses evil nations to judge his people.
              God gives his people promises to survive within a pagan culture.
              We must not be passive but are called to live out our faith.
              The church in Babylon #5 When God Judges a Nation

          • Charles H


            Three phases of God’s Dealings… ?

            Blessing, or prospering
            Hand of Protection removed

            I think we are definitely on the second; closing on the Third.
            The Moody Church in Chicago?

            • allen ols

              agreed, judgement cometh from afar

            • JC

              Charles H Yes The Moody Church.

  8. Chip

    Great message Greg. Happy New Year! Thanks for all you do on USA Watchdog dot com… Chip and Tammy

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Chip and Tammy!! Thank you Both!

  9. john duffy


  10. Southern Girl

    God Bless you Greg for being the news person that has morals and knows the truth. Remember the Truth shall set you free. Personally I think the Trumpers know what junk the Fake News whether on TV or in print puts out. I go to you and Drudge, Infowars, Beirtbart, etc. for the real news. Main stream media is dead and they just are in denial.

    Remember Peter Jennings, Walter Cronkite, etc. who did their job well. Now picture Good Morning America. They are just a comedy show for idiots. Quit watching that junk about 13 years ago.

  11. JC Davis

    Thanks for your true reporting all year. Greg we love you in Donelson Tn.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC!!!

  12. Diane

    Greg Hunter calls it like it is!
    Thanks for incredible year Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you form all your comments and links and support!! Keep it going again in 2018!!!

  13. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Happy New Year.

    Your news wrap-ups these past few years have been great for putting things in perspective and allowing me to view events more rationally. If that is your goal, it worked.

    This coming year will hopefully be more of the same swamp draining and setting wrong things right. IMO President Trump is gaining momentum. The investigation is going nowhere, but that will not deter the Deep State from its mission to destroy Trump. They do not care one bit for the collateral damage that goes with destroying this Presidency – the ends justify…

    Something I learned long ago though is that once a lie is exposed, people who have fallen for the lie will turn and it gets ugly. Just as the stock market cannot allow for even a small correction for fear of losing control to the downside, the MSM cannot allow the real truth to be told regarding their ongoing lies and deception, lest their readers/viewers turn their backs. IMO that is already happening. The lies are being exposed; good work.

  14. Kerry

    I was intent on asking you about all these Internet rumors of Deep State arrests from some of the very sources you named, amazing! You are at the top of my list of trustworthy journalist Greg and I am so grateful for your unabridged profession of faith in Jesus Christ The Lord. Looking forward to many more of your informative news publications in 2018.
    Happy New Year

    • Greg Hunter

      The Trump EO is legit that is for sure: You don’t write up something like this for the fun of it. “The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons.” You meant the government would block all these NWO types from taking trillion$ overseas?????

      • Frederick

        Hopefully President Trump will use this order to go after all the horrific pedofiles infesting our country I’ve got a nice long list in mind as do most of us most probably Let the cleansing begin in the new year Happy and healthy 2018 to Greg and all fellow Watchdoggers

        • Charles H

          A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours also.

  15. ross

    Jim Rickards says head of CIA Mike Pompeo told him that the USA will attack North Korea by March 2018. This is not good news.

    • Paul ...

      If this is true … the US (so as not to look like a warmongering aggressor) will need to create another “9-11 like false flag attack on American citizens” … what will it be this time? … I see in the CIA controlled news media stories of N. Korean bio-weapons … are they perhaps implanting in the minds of Americans that the N. Koreans may use biological weapons on us?? … also stories about some N. Korean defectors having diseases … they used an anthrax scare some years ago … so it could be … a virus attack on American soil will be blamed on the N. Koreans … so we can “justifiably” Nuke them!

      • Paul ...

        But war (although terrible) should not our only concern … we must work to stop the low IQ insane evil people in government who think that by “controlling the world” their unlimited greed for money and power will come to fruition … and they want every dime and every human slave as their own … even if it takes killing everyone on the planet to achieve it!! …

  16. andyb

    I’ve heard a lot in the altMedia that there are perhaps 1000s of indictments ready to be filed re sex trafficking, pedophilia by well known elites or general corruption at the highest levels of Government. Yeah, I know, we’ll believe it when we see it. But the revelations keep coming primarily from FOIA requests, Judicial Watch, and excellent reporters such as Sara Carter. We have been made aware by Fox News ONLY; no other MSM source will cover them. But, if no one in the Clinton community or FBI or DOJ gets indicted, then the establishment has a problem justifying that the Rule of Law still exists for EVERYONE. It will become a sore to the American public that will keep getting worse, until we see some resolution with elites actually in prison or executed for treason.

    • Greg Hunter

      Something big is coming and I think they want to try to ease into it because this is evil repugnant child rape and abuse and pure Satanism. People are going to freak out when this starts going down.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        My worry is that the crimes are so bad that the public won’t believe it. They will think Trump is setting up his enemies. I guess Trump is approaching this in the right way, gradually releasing information.

      • Arthur Barnes

        I guess I should have been from Missouri, 1000(s) of indictments coming from the elite’s never ending criminal activity, if only wishes could come true! Would love to see the swamp drained, but I am afraid we are in for just another year of moral degrade. Thanks Greg for another year of truth, its very much appreciated, have a good one. a b

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for all your comments and support in 2017!!

  17. Sue Patterson

    WOW 2017 was truly the Year of Fake News.
    Thanks for bringing us the real news, and making sure it’s sourced and accurate. I was especially happy to hear about the Executive Order regarding asset seizure for trafficking and corruption. President Trump is proving himself to be one of the smartest presidents we’ve ever had. That his approval rating equals Obama’s, with the blatant negativity, supports his appeal and true popularity.
    2018 could be a stunner!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think the trafficking is real and so are the crimes against children!!! We are fighting pure evil: Ephesians 6:12 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. This is 100% true and right out of the best book ever written!!!!!

      • Frederick

        On my way north from Marmaris yesterday I passed through Ephesus Greg

  18. DanTheMan


    • Paul ...

      Dan … Gold is cheap right now as it begins its breakout … but at auction buying a single pennies worth of gold as a “store of value” is not so cheap at all … a gold penny right now is going for $500,000 dollars (for a little bitty coin penny made of gold “not electrons”) which was minted 800 years ago by King Henry III … imagine someone buying a few dollars worth of these gold pennies 800 years ago and leaving a “single dollar” (one hundred pennies) as an inheritance to each of his great great great Grand-children … the kids today would have a cool $50 million dollars each from their “very great” great great great Grand-dad! … and if he kept a thousand dollars worth of these pennies in his own family trust … it would now be worth $50 billion dollars!!

  19. Charles H


    Journalism is dead. Like the Dollar is the currency; the Main Stream Media IS THE model of reportage. Blogs and Internet Sites are the Mom-n-Pop stores against Wallyworld – it is the ‘democractic’, majority takes all; ‘my daddy is bigger than your daddy’ mentality. It all comes from following a LIE. A lie will get me what I want: so I’ll lie. But it is like a drug-addict: there is no help, or deterring the spiraling self-destruction. You can’t explain it, or make them see it: just watch them fall.
    The NFL, and their self-destruction, is the tip of the iceberg. It has always been the few who heed truth – “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on and are punished.” Thanks for a good and truthful year!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Charles for all your comments and support in 2017!! Please do the same in 2018!!

      • Charles H


        You are very kind, Greg. It has, and it will always be a privilege to comment here. By your vision and efforts – you have become one of the most important vanguards. Though there is a small group of those who share among themselves across the blog-o-sphere: your interviews have consistently held good or important information – well worthy that others would re-broadcast. You are ten times the man you were at CNN.
        History may not disclose how much or how important your contribution has been to the real world; because so much is fought against and eliminated. But I can say that among those today who DO know what is right and true: touch base here from ALL OVER the world.
        My wishes are for a prosperous and safe New Year for 2018, to you and yours. We are history in the making: and your page is one of THE Best! CH

  20. William Stanley

    Mr.Hunter: Thanks again for what you do. And yes, in addition to the majority of your interviews with prestigious guests who rely on more conventional modes of analysis, I also enjoy your interviews with Cliff High and other guests who employ unconventional modes of analysis and sometimes discuss “edgy” and, sometimes, uncomfortable topics.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William and “Fear Not”!!

  21. vincent_g

    At 1 % per day it’s most likely costing them 40 mill each day that bitcoin does not rise in price.
    That’s based on one percent of 4 billion each day which is the payout for those that have loaned out their coins.
    I am assuming that everyone is loaning out their coins which is a bit over 9 million coins at approx $443 each.
    Bitcoin has been on a roller coaster since Dec 18th.
    If bitcoin does not rise in next ten days I suspect Bitconnect will be in serious trouble.
    They will then have to depend on new users purchasing their coins to pay old users.
    Can they cover 40 mill per day on new users buying their coins?

    From what I can see this business model depends on the rising value of bitcoin.
    I don’t think this can last too long if bitcoin or another coin can rise fast enough to cover the 1% payout.

    If I’m wrong let the CEO of Bitconnect come here and explain just how they can afford to pay each person that has agreed to loan out their coins in return for 1 % per day.

  22. brian

    The clock is ticking as far as I am concerned, since that executive order last week, Trump has only a few weeks to address the public and kick off a sweeping and massive campaign to lawfully and transparently dispose of all the criminal detritus populating the top levels of our society or go down as the guy who ushered in open tyranny and a new dark age.

    • Frederick

      Let’s all pray for Godspeed in that regard Brian

  23. Julia

    Happy New Year Everyone! It will be interesting interview with Ms. Booth as Cliff High says it will be a good year. One thing is for sure, 2018 is going to be very interesting. We may all have to buckle up.

  24. Christopher vonzech

    You and I have the very same religious backgroundf, raised Catholic, graduated from a Catholic high school, and the very same political outlook. Your thoughts and words are mine. I appreciate you and your common sense tremendously.
    Love you
    Janet Gaudiello

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sister Janet and Happy New Year but most importantly “Fear Not”!!

  25. Wayne Fasske

    Thank you Greg,
    You are a true soldier for Christ and America
    Happy New Year

  26. dlc — Going out with class.

    Dimitri Hvorostovsky, world renown baritone born in Siberia, passed away around Thanksgiving time. Like McCain, he battled a brain tumor, having knowledge of his cancer since 2015. Unlike McCain, his only quest was to give joy and comfort to all people the way he knew best. He used his talents to inspire for as long as he could stand upright. He left a hole in many hearts of those who knew him. I watched Charlie Rose do an interview with him — what a contrast between these two men.

    “Quiet jockeying for McCain seat angers Republicans.”

    Our Governor Ducey finally revealed himself to be the RINO dupe I suspected him to be. He came out swinging at anybody who had designs as McCain’s replacement. You can bet Ducey will replace McCain with a real RINO humdinger. The 3 people he criticized in particular were all of the conservative stripe.

    Sky Harbor airport just recently named terminal three after McCain. I imagine there will be many monuments to this man who spent his career tearing the fiber of this country apart along with his fellow travelers.

  27. John M.

    Happy New Years Greg and USA Watchdoggers!
    So far, 2018 looks very promising. I’m hopeful that a great many swamp creatures will be getting shiny new shackles for their feet and really big millstones around their necks.

  28. Jodyp

    2017 has been one helluva ride. Good or bad, 2018 looks to be even more exciting. Be safe out there over the holiday all, and have a Happy New Year!

  29. Duran Duran

    If they they have the proof, then they owe it to the people to do a complete recount! TRUTH IS ALL THAT MATTERS! Just what are they afraid of?

    Black:(VOTER FRAUD)?

    Conspiritorial take on top link, at 2:50 mark.

    Trump Shock’s investigation’s Into Hillary Clinton

    Trump-Hater Meghan Markle Spotted Screaming At Harry After Queen Puts ‘Brakes’ On Wedding
    The latest can of worm’s opening for the royal’s…

  30. john duffy

    If you care about children you will watch and share this video!

  31. Al Unfrankin
    David Icke – This Will Shock You – Dec 29, 2017
    Greg geo-political guest speaker? Think he could answer a lot of questions.

  32. Aussie Clive

    Hello Greg.

    Thank you for another interesting and informative year.
    While I get a lot out of your interviews it is your Weekly News Wrap-Ups, that tie all the events of the week together in an almost personalized style, that I enjoy the most – and it is this ability you have to make your listeners feel that you are talking to them one-to-one that distinguishes USAWATCHDOG from all other sites.
    I also enjoy reading comments posted on your site from all the regulars.

    Greg, I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year and a successful 2018.

  33. jim umble

    Thanks Greg happy new year keep up the truth God bless.

  34. Tad

    Some good news from the Middle East, Greg. War is probably not likely with Iran because Green Revolution 2.o is in progress.

    The bad news from Iran friends and sources is that nine employees
    of white, Anglo-Saxon origin (CIA and State) are being held in Tehran.
    An additional 55 members linked to the MEK terrorist group have been captured.

    I’m never told the disposition of Iran’s domestic political espionage cases, but I assume their relatives may never see them again–assuming the men told their wives about their side job.

    Ultimately, we may see hundreds of billions of dollars cross from US to Iran’s bank(s) of choice.

    I could sit here and play wise man, but the CIA has regime change as a national imperative.

    • Greg Hunter

      No war is good news every time!!

    • Paul ...

      Yep Tad … already “the regime change” CIA operatives are bombing Iranian oil pipelines and protesting in Iranian streets … looking to create an Iranian response against US or Israeli assets … that will then “justify” Nuking them!

  35. Mike R

    Forecast 2018…
    The two stories of the year will be:
    1) Interest Rates
    2) Bankruptcies

    This is simple math. If the economy were doing so great as everyone claims, the Fed would have raise rates by larger increments, and done so faster since Dec 2015.

    We have obscene levels of record debt, which are allowing a multitude of households BARELY get by. This ranges from financing cars, to college education, to furniture, and being over-extended on home loans. Interest rate increases, while not immediately affecting too many, are the proverbial frog boiling in a pot of hot water, but not jumping out because he ‘adjusts’ to the rising temperature that ultimately kills him.

    I think 2018 is a major inflection point to where the hot “water” hits very near 212F, and households and businesses really start going belly up in a major way. The harbinger of this has been retail in 2017, which despite some record sales at the end of the holiday season, saw the largest number of store closings in history, except for 2008, and it may have even beat that. Sears will finally declare formal bankruptcy in 2018, as the wounds are so deep, and no supplier will want to give them any more goods to sell without payment upfront. Retail cannot function that way at all. Sears is dead.

    The problem with the Fed though is by going so slow, and raising so little, the entire financial system continues to take on more and more debt, to the point of where businesses and households just hit a wall.

    But in 2018, now that the dollar is in the early phases of a waterfall decline, the FED will be FORCED to raise rates faster, and by larger increments, and so a story has been built by them and Trump (GOP), that the economy is doing so well, that it can handle these increases.
    In reality however, we all know the economy, and households and businesses, CAN’T handle the interest increases, so we will see bankruptcies skyrocket in 2018. It’ll be a capitulation of sorts, in that we will FINALLY see the ‘real’ goings on in the economy unlike we have ever seen. Its not going to be the occasional ‘truth bombs’ that Bill holter likes to talk about, but rather an ever flowing and destructive ‘truth tsunami’, that crushes everything in its paths, and nothing will be spared. Ironically, the stock market will likely go higher for most of the year, attempting to mask the destruction that is underneath, which will be due in part to tax cuts and the falling dollar.

    Personally, I think the tax cuts were baked in all along, and represent the last ‘hail Mary’ thrown at our economy to keep it afloat. QE is dead. The Fed knows it, Trump knows it, Wall Street knows it. The dollar cratering next year will be the canary that lets all of main street know it. Look for the first signs in January to be a cacophony of retail bankruptcy announcements, followed by a significant explosion of car repossessions.
    The fed is saying ‘3 rate’ increases in 2018. I say they either have to be larger increases, or more than that. But they are so far behind the curve, ultimately it won’t matter, because toward the end of the year, we will see bonds finally blow up en masse world wide.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are correct and the first gust of 2018 (Danielle DiMartino Booth a former Fed insider) would agree.

      • Sharon Rogers

        I am afraid things do not bode well at all well for 2018 economically or militarily.

        PCRs outlook is particularly bleak….I quote from the below link;

        “Hopes have evaporated that President Trump would restore the normalized relations between the nuclear powers that Reagan and Gorbachev made possible. The question for the New Year is when does Washington’s aggression against Russia ignite a hot war.”

        The Saker is equally grim on his 2018 forecast….

        “Americans with intelligence, honor, courage, and integrity have disappeared from the US national security establishment. In their place are arrogant morons high on hubris who believe: (1) We can buy anybody, (2) Those we cannot buy, we bully, (3) Those we cannot bully, we kill, (4) Nothing can happen to us, we live in total impunity no matter what we do.”
        “If the first months of 2017 were a time of great hopes following the historical defeat of Hillary Clinton, the year is ending in a sombre, almost menacing manner. Not only has the swamp easily, quickly and totally drowned Trump, but the AngloZionist Empire is reeling from its humiliating defeat in Syria and the Neocons are now treating our entire planet to a never ending barrage of threats. Furthermore, the Trump Administration now has released a National Security Strategy which clearly show that the Empire is in “full paranoid” mode. It is plainly obvious that the Neocons are now back in total control of the White House, Congress and the US corporate media. Okay, maybe things are still not quite as bad as if Hillary had been elected, but they are bad enough to ask whether a major war is now inevitable next year.”

        So to, with this article from Eric Zuesse….I quote from the below link;

        “Gallup headlined on December 18th, “Americans View Government as Nation’s Top Problem in 2017”. Their report made clear that though this finding was unprecedented, it’s part of a longer-term trend, toward Americans naming America’s own “government as the most important problem facing the nation”.

        I would like to wish all WDers a happy new year in spite of the above horrendously bleak outlook.

        • Charles H


          Many points you make here are true; some are off the mark. There is more play in the game than supposed.

          Happy New Year to you and yours also. It’s not the times that change – it is the people.

          • Sharon Rogers

            Charles H

            I actually didn’t really make any points myself except perhaps that it is my personal view that 2017 ends with some very scary developments….I merely quoted three different commentators who IMHO made very profound and what I believe to be extremely realistic and truthful observations regarding how the US will transition into the new year.

            Best regards to you too Charles
            Col from the antipodes!

        • Paul ...

          Sharon … God the Father sent his Son to warn us “to be good” (so we would not exterminate our specie) and thus “be saved” … but the low IQ neocons at the time could not accept such an “alien notion” (to be good) … and so they nailed Christ to a cross “for preaching peace among all men” (and just for good measure they be-headed the Apostle Paul) … these evil neocons continue today to be-head Christians … so they could carry on their criminal enterprises and continue to have their constant wars (which were very profitable) … all these neocons have succeeded in doing is to destroy the Earth’s ozone shield (which is a “death sentence” for the human specie) … all because “they would not believe in Jesus” humanity will now not be saved as we die off just like the dinosaurs in the next 10 to 15 years) … so these frantic moronic imbeciles are now going around spraying dangerous aluminum/barium and nano-particle polymers into the atmosphere (to stop the Suns ultraviolet rays from killing us and the rest of the species on Earth) and in the process of building this “chemical shield” around the Earth these neocons are poisoning our brains (estimates are these evil morons will kill about a billion people by spraying their poisons into the atmosphere) … all this chem-trail spraying is very expensive so the warmongering neocons have probably calculated they need to start a few more wars (i.e. N.Korea, Iran, etc.) to generate the extra cash they need … guess all the heroin they sell to our heroin addict children is not generating enough money for them to carry on their chem-trail spraying activities … notice how these dumb murderers always try to “avoid blame” for killing our children by calling the taking of heroin “a disease” … but they call the smoking of tobacco “an addiction”!!

  36. susan

    I pray God blesses you and your loved ones greatly in 2018. You are such a blessing to so many of us in many ways. I look forward to all of your interviews to come.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Susan and “Fear Not.”

  37. Karen Rogers

    The sexual allegations against Roy Moore were just a cover story as to why he lost the (rigged) election. Intending on rigging the elections, they had to have a reason “why” Roy Moore “lost,” and paid for these false allegations. No matter that Roy Moore can sue these women and win; dirty deed done.

  38. Karen Rogers

    Charles Goodell, father of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, was a bonesman (Skull and Bones)–a Yale attendee globalist. Little surprise the globalist agenda is being pushed here.

  39. Dr Darryl Jewett

    The NFL turned into a political organization when it started making players where pink in support of feminism (no it had nothing to do with breast cancer awareness). The NFL turned into a political organization when it started acquiescing to feminist propaganda that incidence of domestic violence increases significantly on day of the Super Bowl (it doesn’t – incidence of real domestic violence throughout any year is so low that the metrics for comparing or contrasting difference between incidence on day of the Super Bowl and any other day is impossible).

  40. Keith wilson

    Greg, all the best in 2018. Many thanks for interviewing cliff high during the week. Keep up the good work and god bless you and your family in the next 12 months.

  41. Tad

    I wonder if other readers are familiar with this story? The way Obama ran the country, I wouldn’t be surprised. The next hint is $400,000 per speech.

  42. Adam Giessler

    Tom Horn from SkyWatchTV and Doug Hagmann from HagmannReport would be a good guests in 2018. Thank you for all of your work.

  43. Diane
    Bundy Ranch….What really happened

  44. michael

    love the purple tie……

  45. Tad

    What a year 2017 was. A few, knowledgeable Americans will thank Mr. Vladimir Putin for efforts during the first week of October 2017 that averted a DPRK’s preemptive nuclear missile strike an mainland USA. It was probably a matter of hours before Kim Jong Un was going to press the proverbial button.

    I don’t know that latter detail for a fact; tensions were rising; name calling; three aircraft carriers moving into the region.

    How lucky as freedom loving Americans that such information never makes the mainstream or alternative media.

  46. Tad

    Happy to see the president tackle infrastructure. Perhaps the repatriated funds re tax bill passage may be utilized in what may be largely private-public funded projects.

    Who needs banks to lend to people with virtually no credit history; for homes they can’t afford; in a country that’s overbuilt from the residential perspective; in an
    economy that may see slower rates of GDP increases or decreases.

  47. rwmctrofholz

    Simply put: Nice work, Greg. You had a hell of a year!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “RW”!!

  48. Tommy

    Thanks Greg and Happy New Year. This is the first time I’ve heard about the tech sex trafficking story. I googled it and there’s nothing since 6 days ago. There’s the Newsweek link, a few links to some conservative sites like Breitbart and nothing, zero, zip from any mainstream media site. Nothing. Nothing on the “news”, nothing. Yet we’ve just gone through a feeding frenzy on Roy Moore and every ass-grabbing accusation over the last 3 decades. Very telling about who controls the news. I do believe we are going to peck away at the evil empire and hopefully Americans and others around the world will get on board. Much thanks to the few purveyors of the truth like you.

  49. JC Davis

    Mark Twain.
    Spoken speech is one thing, written speech is quite another. Print is a proper vehicle for the latter, but it isn’t for the former. The moment “talk” is put into print you recognize that it is not what it was when you heard it; you perceive that an immense something has disappeared from it. That is its soul. You have nothing but a dead carcass left on your hands.

    Color, play of feature, the varying modulations of voice, the laugh, the smile, the informing inflections, everything that gave that body warmth, grace, friendliness, and charm, and commended it to your affection, or at least to your tolerance, is gone, and nothing is left, but a pallid, stiff and repulsive cadaver.

    When one writes for print, his methods are very different. He follows forms which have but little resemblance to conversation, but they make the reader understand what the writer is trying to convey.

    So painfully aware is the novelist that naked talk in print conveys no meaning, that he loads, and often overloads, almost every utterance of his characters with explanations and interpretations. It is a loud confession that print is a poor vehicle for “talk,” it is a recognition that interpreted talk in print would result in confusion to the reader, not instruction.

    • JC Davis

      Greg here’s on more for ya. Al Gore where are you ? Turn the stat up we are freezing DUDE. What happened to G500?

      • Frederick

        Not sure and not sad

        • JC

          LOL I am sure Frederick. He did have some good info. I hope him the best.

  50. coalburner

    Happy New Year! May all the blessings of the Christ be upon you.

    I am feeling good myself, and to make humor on the first day of 2018, I have to send the URL below. I laughed at the article, you may recall I have been watching this circus unfold since I first heard Harry Reid and his son, BLM chief in Nevada, were involved in the Bundy fiasco. Fiasco of misery for the Bundys and one dead man. Now some of the first truth bombs are rolling out. The powers wanted the Bundys and their friends in Oregon dead. Dont forget that included to two old ranchers from Oregon who the Federal Refuge wanted rid of for years who were jailed because a fire got away from them and burned a few sagebrush patches. What a joke! None of it made sense and still deosn’t. I say we have not heard the last of this, there is a stinking pile of stuff hidden under that mess that not even the Bundy’s know. I have seen these corrupt politician games before. Some lowlife crooked politicians are behind this collecting big money too hand over seemoingly wotheless government BLM land for some very valuable purpose. Cannot wait to see the rest of the story. My wild weird guess!!! There is uranium up in that desert in Oregon, somewhere! U ONE????

  51. Faith

    I still watch every show. Good job, as always. Happy New Year to the USA Watchdog family and to you, Mr. Hunter. God bless you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Faith!! Blessings back to you too!

  52. Diane

  53. Wade

    Greg, first of all let me thank you for taking the time to sit down and read letters from people like me who have small voices. There may be a day when you will become like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Levin, Fox news etc., that get so many responses they probably don’t have time to read, so they just do a Facebook page or Twitter. Now let me get to the subject , and that’s fake news. What you and the other conservatives do is great and is needed. The only problem is your preaching to the choir. What the right and the left do mainly is talk to people who think like they do. Then there’s the people in the middle. Percentage wise this is a small group This is where the battleground is. An enormous amount of energy is spent trying to persuade these people. To some degree we are like that hamster in a cage running as hard as we can to try and get somewhere to convince people to think the way we think is right. Now lets look at this from another angle. Because of the NEA and the influence of the public schools many of these people are already brainwashed. They got into their heads when they were young and their minds were flexible and open to new ideas. That’s why a lot of this fake news works. What does our side do to combat this? We have to think out of the box. We have to reach these children before its too late or they will adapt to this ungodly way of thinking and put their faith and trust in the state. There is a children’s program out there that is the best there is in reaching children. Its called Metro World Child. But how does one take this nationwide? You do a movie that rips the heart out of people. You make it interactive. In other words you do in your local area what they do in the movie. In the long run if these children are taught Godly principles, when they are voting age, they will put in people who honor God and restore our nation back to sanity. The only problem is I have a small voice. Your voice is bigger and you may know of someone who has a voice bigger than yours. The truth is if Godly people, who have influence, would work together, then we could change our society. There was a time that people were in total unity and they were doing powerful works. God said there was nothing impossible for them and so he confused their tongues so they couldn’t complete the tower of Babel. Evil would have prevailed if God didn’t intervene because they were in unity. How much more so if we are in unity and God is for us. The story of Bill Wilson is in his book called Whose Child is This. See this powerful interview TBN/Bill Wilson. This is the movie that will shake America. Contact me for more information.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Wade. Feel free to post a link or comment more on this.

  54. Paul

    please remember that the USA in NOT a democracy, it is in FACT a Constitutional REPUBLIC…
    democracy is the direct rule of people. A democracy is characterized by the rule of the majority.
    in a Republic the Government rules according to law.
    In a republic, the government rules according to the law prescribed by men of caliber. In a democracy, Mobocracy prevails. Mobocracy can be defined as political control by a mob. These are the main difference between democracy and republic.
    You have to try harder to remember this, as your retoric at times fails’ you.
    God Bless You and Yours

    • Greg Hunter

      I did say republic after I said democracy but you are correct it is a republic.

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