Next 6 Months Most Perilous in US History – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s

Renowned radio host, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle predicts, “The next six months will be the most perilous in the history of America. . . . It’s not a prediction, you are seeing it right now.  Three years ago at my ‘True Legends’ conference, I said from this conference date on, the word ‘normal’ will never be used again.  I also said every expectation that you have known as normal in the coming months and years will change forever.  There is no going back to normal.  It doesn’t exist.  Most people don’t even know what has changed, but when you can’t eat, you don’t have a job, you have to depend on $600 per week from the government, the restaurants you used to eat at are closed and 166,000 business closed, I say ladies and gentlemen, this is the most important time.”

Quayle also warns of profound earth changes, such as earth quakes and volcanos, that have recently increased in activity worldwide.  Quayle explains, “I sometimes think we get too focused on the political, and we forget to see the big picture.  The big picture is earthquakes are changing the face of the planet, and the volcanos are changing the temperature of the earth.  This will all come to the point that we are going to be facing famine geologically induced by nature. Most people don’t even have this on their radar yet.  Stacking volcanos or triplet volcanos since July have been hitting 7.2 and 7.3 magnitude in Papua, New Guinea.  When I am talking about ‘stacking’ earthquakes, I am not talking about aftershocks . . . this means three specific earthquakes being generated . . . and that is really significant. . . . These are major quakes and not little tremors.  You have been seeing this on the so-called ‘Ring of Fire’ until three days ago.  On September 18, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge starting having these multiple earthquakes—major quakes.  When there is a big earthquake on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and this is why we are talking about this, that (dead) volcano slides into the ocean, and then you’ve got the East Coast tsunami. . . . The San Andreas Fault is little league compared to what I am talking about. . . . This could affect the East Coast in a deadly and dangerous way. . . . We are talking about a 500 mile per hour tsunami or tidal wave going inland for up to 100 miles. . . . In Matthew 24 of the Bible, Jesus talks about this.  Jesus said there would be earthquakes in diverse places.  Men’s hearts would be failing them for fear of those things coming upon the earth.”

Quayle says his sources say that academic and government experts are “being muzzled so as not to cause a panic. . . . He says they have been forbidden to talk about this.”

Quayle says the most important commodity to have in the future is food.  Quayle says, “You better be buying canned food, no kidding.  It does not have to be refrigerated.”

Quayle says, “There are evil globalists and secret societies who want to set up the world for the Anti-Christ.  Anti-Christ means in place of Christ.”

Quayle contends, “This is what the globalists and elitists want.  They want one world religion based on Satanism.  They want a one world economy based on all digital, and then they want a one world government.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s forming before our eyes.  The nation states must be overthrown.”

Quayle also predicts, “America will endure a famine.  I also have said this, the greatest migration in the U.S. history will take place for fresh water.  It will be caused by drought, poisoning of the wells and earthquakes will fracture different areas and aquifers. . . .Don’t wait to panic.  You don’t need to worry about toilet paper.  You need to worry about nothing in your stomach.”

As far as the November Election, Quayle says, “I think this is going to end up in the streets of America.  I think Trump is going to win.  I think it’s going to be contested.  I see, prior to November 3rd, all hell breaking out.  I said this 25 years ago, and I see us going into a civil war. . . . The idea that there is a political solution to a spiritual problem is baloney.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to radio host, filmmaker and top selling author Steve Quayle as he talks about his upcoming video conference called “Final Warning, Brace for Impact.”

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  1. Heinrich

    Gold and silver in free fall. Is this what Bo Polny predicted ?

  2. JC

    So, “normal” is gone and it ain’t coming back.
    Possession of a Bible will be a capital crime.
    Possession of canned food will be necessary for survival.
    What about whiskey and cigarettes?

  3. Paul ...

    The fact that the Fed is moving out of New York to Chicago puts even more emphasis on what we the people on the Easy Coast should be worrying about … “a Tsunami inundating everything 100 miles into the East Coast of the US!!!

  4. Buzzby Doogle

    Steve, Arma geddon outa here! But where to go?🚀Jupiter or Mar’s?

    • Paul ...

      Trump is planning for Mars … what I want to know is … why isn’t NASA sending pine tree seedlings to the areas where we know water exists to start converting the Martian atmospheric CO2 into oxygen? … and begin the process of building a breathable atmosphere for future human inhabitants!!

    • x


      • Paul ...

        You know … with Quayle warning us of profound earth changes from earth quakes to volcano’s (that have recently increased in activity worldwide) … the possibility exists that the Earth’s maximum moment of inertia could become unstable … and if the Earth’s axis of momentum shifts due to a massive plate tectonic shift can … the Earth could “flip over” (perhaps this is what occurred during the time of Noah and the great flood) … so just in case … we should establish an outpost on Mars with two of every specie … so that after the Earth flips … our “Noah Astronauts” can return to earth in a space ship and repopulate our planet!! … this video explains the dynamics as to how a flip can happen to our planet (although the video concludes the Earth “can’t flip” because the Earth is spinning on an axis with the maximum moment of inertia … it does not address what will happen if an massive tectonic plate shift occurs that destabilizes Earth’s moment of inertia) …

      • Clem Darling

        Mar’s bar’s?😴


    – The Durham investigation
    China sending out ballots-Ray a sleeper at the wheel
    Squealing, is waking, Seth Rich! Can’t R.I.P.?
    No Inflation Bill_ Sydney Powell G-Woman
    Start looking for a real job Erin

  6. Self Exiled

    Greg: I was going to post please have Steve Quayle on. Great minds think alike. Sent an eight by twelve envelope to you with a note and a Philippine flag inside, today 9/23/2020. Okay Stan no excuses, man up here big guy. Send those cards.

    • JC

      Self Exiled,
      Looking forward to seeing that flag displayed on a future WNW!
      Stan’s postcards are out there, somewhere… aren’t they?

      • Self Exiled

        The Post Office gave me a tracking number, now like an idiot I can’t find it; when I find it I will post it. It’s hot here and fans always blow my stuff around, old age is not for the weak or sissies.

        • Charles H

          You ain’t whistling Dixie! I’m mixing morter and laying brick all by my lonesome – making a change to our house in Mexico. Sixty-six, and a 110 pound sack of cement through the house and up stairs to the roof is a killer. I’m emptying the sacks from the foyer from now on, portion by portion. Dog gone if Clint Eastwood didn’t nail it ‘A man has to know his limitations’!

  7. Paul ...

    As Quayle says the world is fast approaching a total systemic meltdown as tectonic shifts unfold across the planet … and like we don’t have enough problems (with Mother Nature trying to kill us) … we have Bankster globalists meeting behind closed doors with “commie” Demon-rats to print infinite amounts of fiat and impose a “Green New Deal” on us (to save Mother Nature from Humanity) … we humans in America need to take immediate action at the polls this November (to at least end some of our problems) by voting out of office all the “commie” Demon-Rats … who’s traitorous actions are destroying our Republic and our Constitutional freedoms … let’s do it for God’s sake … before Mother Nature takes away that “get even option” from us … with a massive Tsunami or a Yellowstone eruption!!!

  8. Marie Joy

    This pope is a globalist.

  9. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Sorry, I have not had time to listen to Steve Quayle this morning. My time has been taken up trying to disseminate a most interesting open letter signed by over 400 Belgian doctors and addressed to all Belgian Authorities and all Belgian Media. These doctors have all taken a personal risk in order to try to protect their patients and the wider public from authoritarian overreach regarding Covid-19 lockdown procedures. Very informative letter and well worth reading in full. A list of signatories is tabbed. Members of the public are also invited to add their voice to the letter. Subject to you posting this comment, I would beseech your well-informed audience to send a copy / link to this open letter to their political representative and to their doctor and all family and friends. My wife has already tweeted the link to @realDonaldTrump but, please back this up with further tweets to ensure the message gets to him.
    Many thanks for all you do.

  10. Jerry

    We’ve underestimated how fast the technocrats and satanist have moved us towards a NWO. Biometrics is being installed on every level. The coronavirus was simply the vehicle.

    If you travel outside the United States, be prepared to offer a certificate of testing, or face quarantine. It’s only a matter of time, before the certificate includes a vaccination ID. Did I mention the vaccine will be loaded with a biometric hydrogel? Did I mention that iPhone elevens will soon be linked with a biometric matrix from a 5G cloud? Did I mention, your bank account will soon be linked to a digital cryptocurrency biometric cloud?

    Do you get the picture? We didn’t get to vote on social distancing, the wearing of mask, and testing, but yet we’re being told everyday what to do by the satanic globalist running this show. Crazy talk? No crazier than watching multimillionaires running around in an empty stadium with recorded cheering. Wake up! Agenda 21 is staring you in the face America.

    • JC

      Wow, thanks Jerry.

    • Bob Lamb

      A hydrogen that can re-program your dna from what I’ve read.

      • K. Wayne

        They don’t require hydrogen to do that work…..they are currently using MONKEY DNA to do the re-programming. That’s right Folks…the test guinea pigs for the Sars-CoV2 Vaccine…are receiving a concoction that includes Monkey DNA/RNA Altering Genetics. It is the result of a chimeric research. It is “Chimpanzee Adenosine”. Why?
        Well the answer comes down to 2 things 1) to blur the lines between humans and animals 2) to satisfy the Laws (FDA Regulations) that dictate that Vaccine trials/phase testing are to be conducted on animals first. Introducing Chimpanzee DNA into humans …allows so-called reclassification to occur …and thereby satisfy the requirements around “Animal ” for testing (through the mixing of DNA) .
        Said differently Humans are (without prior knowledge) being engineered to allow for the Death Scientists to conduct sadistic tests….and to push their Agenda for an Impossible Vaccine. By following this path BIG Pharma and Government Health Institutions along with Billionaire Foundations (Gates) can successfully navigate their way around any culpability and litigation issues. It is quite plausible to arrive at a conclusion that the Vaccine(s) being developed will have numerous side-effects (acceptable levels) but will be administered with nefarious intent on the greater populations of the developing nations.
        This is nothing short of what was attempted during WWII by the Nazis (Mengele). What is happening in Africa (and soon to be other parts of the Globe) is a wake up call.

        FWIW….AstraZeneca are encountering some very real concerns with their Trial Vaccine – Transverse Myelitis (Multiple Sclerosis)…..
        There’s always the other side …..
        Number 1 : Your safety is not of concern to these insidious Multi-National Pharmaceutical Companies. Follow the money trail and you will see how they can achieve their desired agenda.

    • Jerry

      To the red pill people.
      Here is the plan going forward. If you want truth. Read the document. If not. Move along.

      • WD


        ALl the authors are Chinese

    • Jerry

      Fed baiting the hook.

      It’s all coming together. The pandemic. The hydrogel vaccine. And the biometric cryptocurrency uplink. All they need you do, is take the bait.

      A few months ago I had a talk with a very good friend about the hydrogel vaccine. He said “ as long as I have a metal protector there’s no way they’re going to shove a needle in my arm”. I said, who said they would come after you? All they need to do is eliminate access to your bank account, your food and water, and cut off your electricity and you’ll gladly take it. He said, “ not me”. I said, are you prepared to go through the dead of winter without electricity? How about heat in subzero temperatures? He said “ do really think they would do that to us”? I said, did you ever think they would unleash a pandemic on us to accomplish their goals?

      Folks I live in the real world. My wife likes to watch dancing with the stars, while I split wood for a wood stove, and make faraday cages. Our favorite escape is watching Andy Griffith reruns. It takes us back to a time when life was somewhat normal. We read the scriptures every morning, and pray. Do I have all the answers? Far from it. But I know who does. I would advise that you get to know him, personally. Time is short. Like I said. I’m a realist.

      • Self Exiled

        I have to start taking my Nano Silver again, need to order a parts permillion tester.

  11. Clint D.

    If the USA is “Mystery, Babylon the Great” as defined in Revelation 17 – 18, she will be completely destroyed. It will not be like so many have described as an occupation. It will be much more like mass genocide. After the fanners (Jeremiah 51:2), purge her there will be none left in the land. Most likely the fanners are mercenaries with drones and other modern weapons that will empty Babylon in the rural areas making her desolate (Revelation 17:16). In the cities nukes will eat her flesh and burn her with fire (Revelation 17:16). All her riches will be taken away from her in one hour. This is her being made naked (Revelation 17:16). Any that live in Babylon today, need to seriously consider getting out of her before her final judgment comes. None will survive in her regardless of how remote or how well prepared they are. The best of survival group defenses in the most remote areas will easily be destroyed by the fanners.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not sure the America is “Mystery, Babylon the Great.” This could also be Mecca.

    • Beverly

      I believe the American Indians will be kept alive. If you read the Book of Mormon, Lehi was told that his ancestors would inherit this land. Lehi and his family came from Jerusalem when it was about to collapse. God told this man, Lehi to get out and they built a ship and went to America. There were some other families that also came from that part of the world. God promised Lehi that this land would be preserved for his posterity, and who was here when Columbus came? The American Indian. They are the posterity of this man, Lehi, who is a descendent of Joseph of Egypt. So, leave it to God. He doesn’t break His promises. But, this country has gotten so corrupt and has not protected the innocent people in it’s boundaries, that it has to be destroyed and rebuilt by God. It’s just too bad that so many have to suffer. God has told the righteous to hide in your closets for a while(meaning get prepared to live in the mountains or someplace not too noticeable). Yes, fresh water will be a BIG issue.

  12. andyb

    Greg: I fear that Quayle may be right in terms of the civil unrest coming. I also fear that it has been planned for at least a decade if not longer, and that the American populace has been massively played. I refer to the enormous purchase of millions of weapons and perhaps billions of rounds of ammo (including hollow points which are outlawed) for almost every USG agency including such militant (?) groups as the postal service, the BLM, NASA, and other entities whose employees have zero experience handling weapons.
    Some will say that this was done under Obama’s watch to take weapons and ammo off the market, but my thesis is that it is part of preparation for the coming Civil War, 2.0.


    • Beverly

      I’ve also known there would be a civil war for about 10 years now. There will be martial law too. But, people don’t want to believe you when you try to tell them these things. Read the White Horse Prophecy by Ogden Kraut. Good book. One of the early leaders of the Church—Brigham Young, said there would come a day when people would not trade a wheelbarrow full of gold for a wheelbarrow full of food. Gold will only have value for a short time, then it will be food. Transportation is going to shut down, and so will production. People have to become pioneers just like Quayle said. If you want it, you better learn how to produce it.

  13. Stan

    Gold breaks below 50 day ma and USD surging. Did I not warn you? Paul? Its going to be 2013 all over again. Cheers 🙂

  14. Rodster

    Another person suggesting we stock up on canned goods.

    Okay here’s your math lesson for today boys and girls:

    How many cans of food can you buy with “100 imaginary Bentley’s” ?

    • Tin foil hat

      A million imaginary cans.

  15. Mike

    A civil war between George Soros funded groups and the general population in America is not sustainable because the civil war ends when the funding is cut off. The potential for catastrophic events is real and we need to prepare but we most need to put trust in God that things will work out according to God’s plan.

  16. Country Codger

    Greg, Steve, Great Interview!!! A little frenetic but very, very good.
    Lo Iyrah

  17. Stan

    Silver in full blown crash mode, Gold tanking, USD ripping higher. Yep, that is right, the US Dollar ripping off the faces of Gold & Silver bugs. We are in inning one. Are you listening Paul?

    • Paul ...

      Stan … You have absolutely no idea where the dollar is going … when the Fed starts to hand out “digital dollars” to every American “to bring back inflation” it will ultimately make the dollar worth less then the one penny in value it currently has!!!

    • JC

      Stan, dollar is strong, and stocks are not doing much better than gold/silver.
      I don’t worry too much, because I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket.
      How’s Theodore?

      • Stan

        JC: Theo is fine. I put him in some long term derivative contracts which he is making a killing on.

    • Rachel

      Like the Titanic…up, up, up before the big plunge!

    • lightning

      The buillion banks were sitting on more than $30 billion of short position losses when the metals ripped higher this summer. I suspect they crashed the PM prices after escaping with yet another slap on the wrist for market manipulation(spoofing) ($1B).
      They will happily cover their positions or get close, and in the meantime, its a great opportunity to buy physical metal at lower prices.

      Real assets (PM’s, commodities ) have largely not participated in the bubble valuations, but essentially all income generating financial instruments have…stocks, bonds, real estate etc.

      It’s a good time to be into hard assets….. if and when the income generating investments correct to much lower valuations….. then it will make sense to move back into something that generates income again. Its also a good time to protect those assets.

      Over on, I saw Bill Holter make the point that any account the FED can deposit directly into, will be an account they can directly withdraw from. I am concerned that the time that the Fed wallet becomes a reality is the concomitant time the banks implode and use the bail ins to screw unwitting depositors. If so, that would suggest that time is getting short ……

  18. Mike


    Love your show

    Is there any way you can interview Chinese whistleblower virologist, Li-Meng Yan?
    Li-Meng Yan claims the virus was developed in a government laboratory in Wuhan with the knowledge of the Chinese government. She also claims to possess Smoking Gun evidence to back up her claim.

    God Bless and keep up the good work

  19. H. Craig Bradley


    Author & rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s two Harbinger ( I & II ) books would tend to agree with the heart of our nation’s malady. However, a secular society (govt.) has no God and failing that, no future or “normal” to return to going-forward. As predicted, only further economic and political disintegration and the speed of our national decline has picked-up markedly just this year. However, the “ball was already rolling” well before Covid-19. I don’t think we have that many more years left for what was once a free nation and a constitutional Republic. I see a trend of rising authoritarianism in future years, especially after 2024 A.D.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Jonathan Cahn said if America does not repent and return to God (soon) then we can “expect to be uprooted” like a tree in a hurricane. Blessings taken away. Take that to mean you have no home, no security, no peace, no leisure, no life, only austerity and increasing hardships. Hardscrabble life for most everybody. Sure not a blessing. Ancient Israel ( Northern Tribe) is the historical reference for the United States.

      • Greg Hunter

        National prayer in Washington D.C. this Saturday 9/26/2020 9:00 am.

        • Susan

          Greg, all the churches in my town is involved with Jonathon Cahn’s “Return”. We have been doing an on-going revival meeting of sorts. Biggie on the 26th of course. You know that we could go on forever I think on this topic. Tons of scriptures allude to revival. The bottom line is everyone had better get on their knees.

        • H. Craig Bradley

          RETURN 2020

          Public turn-out this morning at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. for Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was impressive. I noticed not everyone chose to wear a mask and their was no rioting, only peaceful participants. The police were not arresting people for not wearing a mask, as the recently did to a church group in Moscow, Idaho. However, it was still a tiny microcosm of the total population in America ( 320 Million ). The majority of Americans tuned today’s day’s messages out. Closed minds are dead minds.

          We all know the United States or most of it (especially states like California) really have no future and except on an individual (case-by-case) basis, no real hope either. Only 80-year olds and Joe Biden think otherwise because at that age, they are mostly living in their past glories and remain unduly optimistic. Zombie States. What else can an 80+ year old possibly do? We forget history or maybe, we never learned it in the first place.

          One thing is for sure, our secular political system and its parties are not empowered to fix anything by themselves. ‘The People’ vote and ‘the People’, collectively decide their and our future. California is a case illustrating the destruction of an entire state and those who remain are goners (losers) in the long run. I don’t see Calif. prospering overall in the next 20 years, in my realistic view. Hard to know where the best places are to live, going forward. All are in some degree or form of decline, except possibly China. (China is in pretty bad shape at this time too). Try to be the “last man standing”?

          • Coalburner

            I dont know about 80 but in my 70’s I volunteered in Scouts which is one organization that still believes in America the great Republic. They are sponcered by churches, they say the pledge, pray and say their Scout law, Oath and pledge each meeting, once a week. They learn skills and how to show up for community service and accomplish outdoor activities that most adults are too lazy or incompetent to do. A worthy place to put your time.

            I know 4H is doing the same! Or just teach your Grandkids or someone’s grandkids. We have to make good future Patriot, educated adults.

  20. Will Ferch

    All these earth-changes that Steve warned of, I told you and my congressmen several years ago, which also included the economic crash. I finally wrote a book three years ago, which no one bought. In 2002 The Lord showed me a little ice age was coming, and since then I learned what a Grand Solar Minimum was with all its ramifications. I also took pictures of “The Hand of God?”, which the U.S. Weather Service men here couldn’t explain. It is found in Proverbs 1:20-33. It’s not some stupid cloud formation.
    I’m 81 years old, born-again at 32, filled with the Spirit by Jesus 3 yrs. later, did a great many things in my life, including becoming a psychologist at the age of 49, and pastored a church for 18 years. May God bless you and your tremendous work.

    • Maria Reyna

      Where are you Sir. May God bless you and keep you. I live in a small beach area near LAX, Playa del Rey, Ca. I feel Jesus is coming soon. However, it is possible we will suffer these present events that we witness every day in our country. God bless.

  21. MacksterLee

    great interview ..

    lots of info…

    much appreciated

  22. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Quayle,depressingly sobering.
    Bolsheviks Lives Matter, only.

  23. Paul ...

    Speaking about Tsunami’s … the Fed (in a last-ditch attempt to spark inflation at any cost to neutralize the National Debt) will now be sending “digital dollars” to every American (which effectively removes any reason for commercial banks to exist anymore to make loans to people) … the Fed will now make automatic direct deposits into every Americans’ “digital wallets” based upon economic conditions (and in the process make Congress and the entire Legislative branch of government “redundant”) … the “new normal” that is coming is where a handful of globalist “commie” Bankster technocrats take over the entire financial system of United States of America (which means our Constitutional Republic as created by our Founding fathers will be entirely replaced by an “un-elected” Global Communist Dictatorship)!!!

    • JC

      Digital dollars, it’s not a done deal. You may have to “earn” your digital dollars by bowling for them!

    • Stan

      Paul: Are you enjoying the crash? I can sleep at night. I keep my savings in Dollars.

      • Paul ...

        Stan … You would also be able to sleep in the daytime (instead of watching your DB stock crash) if you owned some gold!!

  24. Paul ...

    Hey Demon Rats … please don’t forget “to vote early and often” … for your “extortion and sex trafficking” Presidential candidate … and your Mayor De Blasio who is planning to furlough you from your jobs “without pay” … and also don’t forget to vote for Pelosi and Schumer who don’t want to provide any help to the small businesses they locked down and put on the edge of bankruptcy!!

  25. Paul ...

    You know … When the Space Force was established by Trump … I thought the billions being spent on a sixth branch of the US Military … would at least go toward exploring strange new worlds and seeking out alien life forms … finding and communicating with new civilizations and boldly going where no man has gone before!! … instead I find out today that the five-year mission and final frontier Trump has deployed our Space Force to is “the Arabian Peninsula”?? … aren’t we energy independent … we don’t need Middle East oil anymore … so why the hell is our Space Force screwing around in the Arabian Dessert??? … the only thing I can figure is … Trump considers the Iranians “an alien civilization” that can’t be peaceably communicated with and needs to be destroyed by every means possible!!

    • JC

      Trump knows very well about the dangers posed by the
      “Zombies of The Stratosphere!”

    • George3490

      So much for closing unnecessary military bases around the world.
      Maybe their mission is to look for meteorites in the Sahara Desert. That should keep them busy awhile.

      • Paul ...

        “I always say it’s the bloodiest sand anywhere in the world, and it didn’t have to be that way,” Trump said recently of US Middle East involvement … but … then again he also said “if he was in control of the Justice Department Hillary would be in Prison” … some choice they give us … a liar or a criminal pervert human trafficker with Alzheimer’s … that’s how the globalists fix elections folks!!

  26. Paul ...

    I was wondering how many trillions Pelosi stole from the American people and put into her Swiss bank account …

    • Stan

      Paul: If you think Dollars are worthless fiat then why do you care if Pelosi stole trillions?

      • Paul ...

        Because 100 Billion Dollars (10,000,000,000,000 x 0.01) is a lot of money Stan!!!

  27. Jason

    As for coming changes in the Earth look at:
    Dzhanibekov effect

  28. Jeannette Rowden

    Thanks for having Steve Quayle on again. He is so up-to-date on everything going on, and is a walking encyclopedia. You do a great job keeping him on the topic, because he can wander off.

    • Self Exiled

      I hope I don’t start wandering off, no one here will take me back home and I don’t have a basement. Living here is like camping out everyday in a cement block tent with a tin roof.

      • Charles H

        Make a ‘swamp-cooler’. A fan, fish tank pump, AC vent filter, tubing and framing.

  29. A Jones

    I have seen total devastation a couple of times in my life. I lived in Okinawa for 18 months. I had some Okinawa friends and they were born during the WWII. After the war for a number of years their only food was one sweet potato per day. This lasted for years. It took 50 years to recover. Then I watched videos on YouTube about Germany after the war. The urban people had their world destroyed. But if you go outside the urban areas there is no evidence there even was a war. If you analyze what is going on today you will notice a pattern. If a giant wave hits the coasts and goes inland 100 miles, who will suffer? Look at a map of the US where the blue areas are located. Look where the earth quake zones are located. Look where all the riots are taking place. It all seems to me like it directed to a certain population.

  30. Eustis Bonnie

    China is ‘slowly strangling’ unfriendly countries around the world🤥
    •Sep 21, 2020
    China rising, no sinking!

  31. Ann

    Harris did not shut down Newt. Marie Harf shut him down.

  32. Leo

    this guy scared the hell out of me last year with his talk on the cascadia subductionzone disaster coming in Jan of 2020 no mention of that now I wonder why. I live in Washington state near the coast. Gold is getting hammered of late and I wonder if this is due to the feds plan to give a stimulus via digital to every American as was posted today on zero hedge.

  33. Ray

    Good interview…….interesting ideas.
    Thanks to Greg and Steve.
    I hate to nitpick, but…….
    There is no such place as “Antartica”
    There is the Arctic…….and there is its “anti”….it’s opposite…..the Antarctic.
    If we refuse to pronounce the two ‘Cs’ in the name of this glorious continent, then please call the Arctic the Artic.
    Ray, Canberra, Not Far Away From Antarctica.

  34. Paul ...

    Say a prayer for Assange folks … the evil Demons “are preparing the public” as they get things set and ready to do a Jeffery Epstein on Assange … watch how they tell us the prison guards fell asleep and the camera was disabled!! …

  35. roger stamper

    tks for post

  36. Paul ...

    You know … my hope was that Trump would be like Captain Kirk … but not if he plans to use the Military against us “at warp speed” to inject us with Gates’ Mark of the Beast … the “real” Captain Kirk would have fought the globalist Klingon’s and stood against their incarnate evil to protect our human rights … we desperately need a President who does not simply “go along” with the Gates, Soros and Hillary’s globalist agenda … but look at the choice the globalist banksters give us … either Trump or a perverted criminal with Alzheimer’s who is into extortion and human trafficking!!

    • Ray

      Interesting analogies there Paul.
      Trump a Captain Kirk like figure?
      I once hoped for that as well!
      Sadly, to me, he is appearing more and more like Dukat the Cardassian from Deep Space Nine (BRILLIANTLY portrayed in the series by Marc Alaimo).
      Let’s not overlook this FACT:
      During his 2016 campaign speeches, Trump clearly stated to his adoring audiences “THANK GOD FOR WIKILEAKS”, as he rightfully tore into Hillary Clinton.
      Now what is he doing about the plight of Assange…….sweet FA, that’s what.
      As for God and Trump…….?
      There are some who say that “God has laid his hands on Trump”…… deliver us from evil at this critical juncture.
      If that is true, then God has laid His hands on a completeasswipe who is prepared to through anyone under the bus if it means staying in power.
      Assange should be freed today and have medals of honour placed around his neck.
      Can’t see truth “trumping” the Deep State anytime soon though.
      Then again, perhaps Trump will do something for Assange at the very last moment.
      Yet, if he chooses not to, it will be another tell tale sign that God and Trump are not on the same team here at planet Earth.
      Interesting times……we are living in a pressure cooker it seems.
      Government politicians in America might start looking over their shoulders, and soon.
      They have their DARPA Dogs at the ready to unleash on the people, but I hear that there remain many skilled American craftsmen who could knock together fully functioning guillotines within days.
      Man, what a sight that would be!
      If only Aaron Spelling were still around, we could put together a Reality TV show……Knock Off The Block Of An Absolute Cock.
      A global lottery at $10 per entry ticket……winners get the honour of flicking the switch.
      All proceeds go to restoring the world economy.
      Ray, Canberra, LDN.

    • Bob

      When Trump makes an underpants law like in Western Australia, that’s the time to worry!

      • Ray

        Fair point Bob!!!
        Well said 🙂
        Ray, Canberra, LDN

  37. Country Codger

    Greg, next key dates to watch for are Sep. 27-28. Remember, I had warned about the 18th-19th and RBG died on the 18th (Yom Teruah). After that watch Oct. 2-3 and 9-10 for something significant and, I would call the death of RBG significant. The next cycle begins the 18th of Oct. and it is very intense.
    Lo Iyrah!

  38. JC

    Here’s your political puzzler for the day: Which of these two things poses a greater threat to the country:

    An incompetent and boastful president who has no previous government experience and who is rash and impulsive in his dealings with the media, foreign leaders and his critics?
    Or a political party that collaborates with senior-level officials in the Intel agencies, the FBI, the DOJ, the media, and former members of the White House to spy on the new administration with the intention of gathering damaging information that can be used to overthrow the elected government?
    The answer is…

  39. Robert

    This late in the game he’s announcing this? Didn’t he just interview Brennan in August after 16 months? All this is nothing but political theater so he can say after the election is stolen by the dems, there’s no their there.

  40. notyoupatsy

    Check this info out by reading this thread at, ‘Re:Prices Coming Down’ (under Forums>The Fleet> Multihulls)
    page 13 on 9/08/20. Seems like there are some of UWD readers who own and live on their boats.

    Also follow the trail to who REALLY controls the stock market by reading, (also on cruisersforum), ‘Re: Boat Insurers, Cartel or Not? Time to Leave BoatUS? All of the posts are worth reading so that when you get to post#’s 45-50, 54, you’ll discover the connection to who CONTROLS the stock market! REALLY eye opening, at least for me as I had never made the connection.

    Also, don’t forget that good ol’ boy Warren Buffet owns a major stake in GEICO insurance= GOVERNMENT employee insurance company! The Demoncrats have filled all of the government jobs with their fellow socialists, who get the $100 policies through their ‘job benefits’, while you and I pay EXHORBITANT insurance rates for the SAME coverage because you and I are SUBSIDIZING government employees insurance payments!!

  41. WD

    All of us have to realize that regardless of who wins the election this rioting will not end. There are Dems that are rooted in BLM and its evil mission and they are white who want to bring the demise to white people.
    AOC said if they win “brunch is over” its just the beginning. I know what this means. It is a “round up” of those that dont agree with the pampered socialists. I see the Dems as the new Nazi party coming up and to come “get us”. I believe in being financially secure but this new riot is beyond I have ever seen. Cities will be war zones that will spread to ex burbs. I believe they are way more organized than we think. And they have no empathy….. When Trump makes that pick I believe they will send their people in to stop the senators from voting……..This is not going to end. These people have chosen Satan and his ways. Should they send these people to block the vote, I see it as a sign that this war is just beginning….

  42. Beverly

    This is a FANTASTIC interview! Wow! Steve Quayle really knows his stuff too. The scriptures also point out the melting of polar ice. Thanks for having him on. He is right on about so many things. I believe the powers that be will manipulate us with electricity, and we won’t be able to get water out of our taps if it isn’t being pumped into our houses. Yes, it’s very serious alright.

  43. tim mcgraw

    Good interview, Greg. Thanks for keeping Quayle on point. He likes to wander. Right now there is very thick ice in the Arctic and the ice sheet is very extensive. Much more so than in the past five years. Same in the Antarctic. Of course this could all change. It will change.
    Here in Northern California we just want the fires to end. It’s been five years of this now. The hills are becoming no insurance no go zones.

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