Next Financial Calamity Unavoidable-John Embry

4By Greg Hunter’s 

John Embry, Senior Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management, says there is no doubt another financial calamity is coming.  In fact, Embry says, “It’s unavoidable.  It’s inevitable is the word I would use.  There is no getting out of it.  If you thought 2008 was bad, and I thought it was terrible, this time, there is no ammunition left.  You can’t take interest rates any lower.  All you can do is print even more money.  That really didn’t work the last time.  The safety nets are largely gone if we do run into something untoward, and it could be fairly soon.  I don’t think there is really anything left to stave it off.  I don’t think they will refuel the period from 2015 to 2020 like they did after 2008.  I think it will be much uglier than that.”

One thing that could touch off the next meltdown is the Greek debt crisis.  Embry contends, “I think it is extraordinarily serious because there is no palatable solution.  Why I say there is no palatable solution is, theoretically, if you loan people money, I think it is incumbent on you to make sure they can pay you back.  In this instant, the Europeans put more and more debt on the backs of the Greeks to keep them current.  Now, when it has become obvious that they are utterly insolvent, they just can’t sort of dismiss them easily.  This paper is all through the European system.  I believe there are a lot of credit default swaps written on it too.  If the Greeks walked away from this and essentially default on the paper, I think this is a major story.  The fact that they are trying to down play it probably speaks to the fact that it is a major story.  I think there is a possibility of a Greek exit (from the EU) and if that happens, we are going to be facing an awful lot of financial chaos.”

Embry goes on to explain, “To me, I can see just two avenues at this point.  You can have a hard debt deflation where you clean the debt out of the system like we did in the 1930’s, but look what that cost us–years of depression and a great world war.  The other alternative, and they apparently are going down that path as we speak, is to just keep printing enough money to keep everything afloat.  But if you do that long enough, you are headed for a currency debacle and probably some sort of hyperinflation.  Either scenario, the endgame is not good.  We are buying time right now, but we are not correcting anything.”

So, do the powers that be just gun it and run it until it blows up?  Embry says, “That is without question.  These are smart people, they have made some mistakes, but they are basically smart people.  They recognize that we are beyond the pale, and the economies are extraordinarily weak because of the excessive debt loads. . . . You see more and more warnings from people who are part of the system.  They know full well there is no easy solution; so, consequently, they are starting to tell the public the truth a bit.”

How will gold and silver do in the next meltdown?  Embry contends, “I find stocks severely overvalued, and I find bonds more overvalued, and I would lump urban real estate into that category as well.  So, traditional assets are extremely overvalued.  To me, the two really undervalued assets are gold and silver.  They are significantly undervalued and everybody hates them. . . . Embry goes on to charge, “I would say gold and silver are as cheap as they were when gold was $250 an ounce and silver was $5 per ounce.  They are the cheapest assets on the planet.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert John Embry of Sprott Asset Management.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Embry writes an original article a month, as do many other senior officers at Sprott.   The articles and analysis are free and can be found on


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  1. Felicia

    Thank you Greg for all your hard work. I have to say that while all your guests have interesting theories, what will finally end up happening will be quite different. And it all won’t be known or played out for years. Just look at all the players and their intentions concerning Jesus. Satan assumed by killing Jesus that he would usurp God’s redemptive plan. The Sanhedrin thought by killing Jesus that they would be getting rid of a radical imposter. The 12 thought all was lost with the death of Jesus. The Roman politicians thought Jesus was just another thorn in keeping the peace of the various groups conquored by Roman empire so by killing Him, peace would be made with the Jews. Look how the best laid plans worked out for all these groups. How God works out His plans won’t involve September, or currencies or any of what the NWO plans or any of your guests think will happen. We all want to be in control and that isn’t how God works. So just trust in Him and learn to hear His voice.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Felicia. I pray for guidance everyday. “Fear Not.”

    • Evan J

      Amen Felicia.

    • Al

      So your one of them who believes in “Gods Master Plan”. I want to ask you two questions ?
      Where were you a 100 years ago ?
      Where will you be in a 100 years from now ?
      Can you handle the truth ?
      You will be in a state of nonexistence.

      • Greg Hunter

        Only atheists think this way.

        • JMiller

          Not correct Greg. There are those that claim to believe in God that also believe in Annihilationism. Annihilationism is the belief that condemned unbelievers will be annihilated, or destroyed after death, instead of spending an eternity of punishment in hell. They will cease to exist.

        • Al

          Greg, I can not say for sure there is or there is not a God, when we are asleep, we are in a state of non-consciousness, if we never awake to consciousness ,we would never know.

          • Greg Hunter

            Right Al, you keep thinking that way.

          • sk

            I dunno, Al. Seems to me also that the only really intellectually honest way is that of the agnostic. We…just…don’t…know….but all you certain believers out there, have a lovely day……whatever works for you…..

      • paul

        Al … we are all part of God … as we come from his consciousness … this consciousness is everlasting and independent of time, space and our physical material form (presently about 100 years in length) … we have a consciousness that is immortal and this “soul” exists irrespective of time, space and matter because it is a part of God with us … you are missing the forest for the trees!

        • paul

          Al … was there “nonexistence” before the Big Bang … if so how is it you are here on this site expressing your opinion?

          Consciousness existed before the Big Bang and will continue to exist even after our universe (time , space and matter) ceases to exist.

          The consciousness within you right now is part of God’s consciousness that existed before the Big Bang (when there was nothing “physical”) … it’s your “soul” Al … and that “soul” is a part of God and is immortal!

          • Gunther Medgers

            King James Bible “The One True Bible”
            Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die. Ezekiel 18: 4

            • Charles H.

              Correct. Nothing to add.

        • Robert

          To Paul, your comment referring to our consciousness is a most excellent thought relative to our reality and understanding.

      • Don

        Dear Al, May I answer for Felicia. You ask if she could handle the truth, but I wonder if you can. God chose Felicia before she was born, and called her to fulfill his purpose. In Eph. chap. 1 verse 4, it says, just as He chose us in Him, before the foundation of the world. So sometime in time past, before Felicia was born, and from the foundation of the world, God new and chose Felicia to be in his child. And verse 2, says In love he predestined her to adoption as his child by Jesus Christ. And as to her existence in a 100 years, and God’s purpose for her life he says in Rom. 8:28 through 34 It says (And we know that all things work together for good to them who know God, and are called according to his purpose. For whom he foreknew He also predestinated to be conformed to the image of his Son, that He might be the first born among many brethren. Moreover whom he predestined, these He also called, whom He called, these he also justified, and whom he justified, these he also glorified. What then shall we say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us. He who did not spare his own son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not, with him, freely gives us all things. Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns? It is Christ, who died and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us. So Al this gives you a biblical answer as to her destiny. Here’s something maybe you should consider. In Rom. 9:22-23 says, What if God, wanting to show his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much long suffering the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, and that he might make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy, which He had prepared beforehand for glory. ) So in God’s mind, were either a vessel of mercy, to reveal his glory, or a vessel of wrath. As John the Baptist cried out, he that believeth is not condemned, but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hasn’t believed in the name of the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD.

      • Hilde

        The body dies, but not the soul.
        Only in the last appr 140 years has the idea been introduced that man is a product of chemistry and genes.
        “While Man is capable of great evil, there is an inherent decency in all of us that makes us want happiness for ourselves, those we hold dear, and even those we hardly know.
        The good is there to be cultivated.
        It cannot be nurtured in a world where psychiatric doctrine and thought permeate our culture with the philosophy that we are mere animals who have no hope of finding happiness outside of a medicine cabinet.”
        (The “Science” without a soul.),d.bGg&cad=rja

      • dbcooper

        Al, I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for various reasons, I have never had what I believe to full blown visions from God ; I personally choose to be a believer . one reason for me is humility which is to say I find it extremely arrogant for one to figure that we humans are the top of the heap if you will; common sense (science) suggests to me that being as we are here and being as the entire universe is here it had to start somewhere so I went from a church going childhood ( Methodist) to accepting that there has to be a creative force in the universe to getting in the river and taking Jesus as my personal Lord, Master and King. This is my personal choice and I am stickin’ to it! That said, there are so many questions and answers that are unnecessary. Faith and more importantly repentance are paramount. God Bless and Good Luck on your path!! Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • Al

          I can not say for sure there is or there is not a God, when we are asleep, we are in a state of non-consciousness, if we never awake to consciousness ,we would never know.

          • paul

            Al … you say “when we are asleep, we are in a state of non-consciousness” … yes, but only unconscious of outside stimuli … but you are still there!

            In sleep you may be “non-conscious” of stimuli from the outside world … but you still exist … proven by the fact that an alarm clock can wake you up in the morning … but what if you didn’t have ears to hear that alarm clock … or a body for that matter to respond to outside stimuli … does not having such equipment (a material body) negate the fact that you are “still there” !

            Imagine the position God was in before there was an “outside world” with alarm clocks to wake him up! … all he had was an “awareness of himself” … what was he? … in his own words he said: “I am what I am” … and it was simply that “realization” … knowing he existed (without even a the physical world around him) that gave him great power … the power of thought where thought itself “is creation” … “let there be light” and there was light.

            Al … you should have faith … never “think” to deny yourself existence after death … as that is what will be! … To save your soul (your consciousness your very essence) … you must “believe” as God did … that you are what you are … regardless of outside stimuli … regardless of there even being a universe outside yourself!
            Only having this faith … will save your soul from eternal torment!

      • aussie jeff

        Hey Al…………..I dont normally entertain atheist’s with the word of God,as it is generally pointless.
        As you don’t believe in God or the bible or His Devine plan, I know you won’t be offended by the following bible verse.
        Matthew 7:6
        “Don’t give that which is holy to the dogs, neither throw your pearls before the pigs, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.
        Entering into a discussion of where either you or I will be in 100 years from now is irrelevent,the reason being, as a non believer your eyes are not opened to the possibility of salvation through Christ Jesus the Saviour of the world!!
        Your ignorance of things heavenly at this point in time however,does not put you outside of God’s grace,such is His love for humanity.
        1 Timothy 2:4 God
        “who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
        A time is fast approaching my friend when you will SEE what you are unable to see at this present time,it is then, that YOU will have to decide where you will be in a hundred years from now.
        God Bless.

      • mark

        Assuming that what you write you do so not just to be cynical, but that you actually believe you have historically verifiable and demonstrable proof that what you say is accurate as to one’s state (or absence thereof) after death, I would agree that for some folks a state of nonexistence, as you have written, would actually be seen as an improvement over their perceived present condition and therefore actually be something to look forward to. But you honestly don’t expect all of us to accept your notion without closer examination do you? Please now, refrain from such folly as Felicia has warned in her illustration and for the sake of your own soul consider again the testimony of the Holy Spirit as contained in and conveyed through the Holy Scriptures concerning Jesus Christ, born of a virgin (as foretold in the Scriptures) and proven to be the Son of God through His resurrection from among the dead by the Father of Glory (also foretold in the Scriptures) after willingly laying down His life (soul) as a sin offering for the world so that whosoever would believe upon Him and call upon His Name to receive the forgiveness of sins and reconciliation God has offered to all, you may come into the goodness of a share of an eternal inheritance in glory forevermore which He graciously bestows upon each of those who through faith and repentance are willing to put their trust in Him rather than stubbornly resist and end up enduring forever a fate worse than annihilation (also as foretold in the Scriptures). By faith Al I say the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit! Come to Him by faith and receive the reconciliation God has offered to all through Him and you will indeed know the truth of what it means to “pass out of death into life”. (John 5:24)

        • mark

          By the way Al, I do not know if you heard, but I just read the report of another highly placed banker by the name of Jimmy Lee (aged 62, Vice Chairman at JP Morgan– office on the same floor as Jamie Dimon), suddenly meeting his demise while reportedly exercising on a treadmill. I wonder if he is in a state of nonexistence at this point or wishing he was in a state of nonexistence? One minute he’s in a career “doing deals” for JPM next thing you know….. I will say the “more conspiratorial” side of my thinking reasons that he’s just another banker among many others who “knew too much” about where all the “bodies were buried” , but then what else are we to expect? As Rob Kirby said (not that this applies specifically to Jimmy Lee, but then.. if the shoe fits) “if you make a career out of robbing banks, somewhere in the back of your mind you must have thought about the day you would get caught”. Dear Lord Jesus how we need Your mercy because Your judgment in righteousness is real and it is severe and You O Lord paid the price in Your body on Calvary’s tree to redeem us from all lawlessness! Have mercy O Lord may we heed and not despise Your call to repent and believe and receive!

        • Buzzard

          Amen Brother Jeff

      • Felicia

        Al, to answer your first two questions…I will be in the same condition I was in 100 years ago and 100 years from now… In spirit with God, maker of heaven and earth and… Truth. To answer your third question…because I know Who created truth, I can handle truth. And am honestly not afraid of man or what man can say or do to me. And what is also true is God loves you and me and all on this planet even though we may completely deny Him. That is mindboggling to me.

        • Kerry

          Think of it this way-as a mother, I loved my babies even when they were just an idea in my head, even when they were conceived but unborn, even when they were helpless infants, and even when they were smart aleck teenagers, thinking they know everything. I am sure God as father feels the same way. It was only after my daughter had her 2 that she came to me and said, Mom, I don’t know how you did it, raising 4 kids, I can hardly cope with just 2! It’s amazing how wise they become after a little life experience, after they have their own kids.

      • Osled

        Nonexistence is not an option, because “who” would be there, to be aware of the nonexistent state of being? In other words, there would have to be existence in the awareness of nonexistence, otherwise there would be no one there to recognize the nonexistence. And if there’s someone there to recognize nonexistence, to be aware of it, then there’s no nonexistence. So, nonexistence is simply not an option.

    • JC Davis

      Felicia. Sorry to differ with you. The math of this pyramid scheme falling apart is in no way compared to what God allowed to happen to Jesus. I do agree God is in control of those listening to his voice. I think that was your main point.

    • Darren

      Hi Felicia,
      Can’t argue with the point that “God is in Control”. However, I wouldn’t put to much
      stock that “all won’t be known or played out for years”. No one knows the day or hour.
      While some may be here for a finical outlook only, many of us look at the finical world
      for some of the SIGNS we were told to watch for.
      This is my first comment, but I have been flowing for about two years. Keep up the good work, and don’t get discouraged by some of the nay-Sayers. I really appreciate all of your hard work and I pass the word and web site to all who would hear.
      thank you, Darren

    • Don

      Felicia, enjoyed your comment. It made me think of what Peter said in the book of Acts, about the religious leaders of Israel, how they through God’s determinate council and forknowledge had killed there own messiah. As you said, even when man tries to dwarf God’s will, he ends up fulfilling God’s will. Thanks for the comment. Have a good day Greg

    • Mark_BC

      Felicia, the coming collapse has been predicted by scientifically minded people for decades (who were always branded as chicken little / sky is falling alarmists) as the simple, unavoidable and only logical conclusion to a species / society that believes it can grow exponentially forever within a confined system, exceeding the support mechanisms of that system (our planet) five fold, and then when things start falling apart everyone stands back in wide eyed amazement wondering what’s happening, and then blames everyone else. Typical human behaviour.

      Add in a financial elite class that steals (and has always stolen) wealth form the masses, which can no longer steal without impoverishing the masses because the economy can no longer grow to replenish that stolen wealth, and you have the reasons for the mess we’re in. Also don’t forget about the greatest ponzi scheme in history being blown over the last 40 years (US dollar and US trade deficit), and the reasons for the coming collapse are as plain as day. Regardless of whether or not anyone believes in God (I don’t judge either way since I am most closely an agnostic), the collapse we are facing has nothing to do with God’s plan; it is the same fate that countless overpopulated civilizations have faced before us, no different than bacteria in a petri dish exceeding the bounds of their agar.

      • anni

        thank you Don I think you are one of the few that got Felicia’s point!

  2. Farmer Dave

    Off topic but wanted to keep the readers up to date on water matters in Calif. If you look at the link, they are trying to decide how much water to release from our largest dam (Shasta) to keep the river at 57 degrees F for the fall salmon run.

    • paul

      Has anyone thought of using the heat of the Sun to cool the water? … they can set up evaporation units in the critical spawning areas … evaporation will cool the water in the same way our bodies, refrigerators, etc. use evaporation to cool things down … having such units strategically placed throughout the spawning beds can provide refuge to the baby salmon without wasting the water needed for agriculture just to cool thing down.

      • JC Davis

        Paul the future in upon us. I like the following video. I would use it with creek water and wood heat. The only expense would be the fan, and a water pump, or gravity feed the water.

  3. Evan J

    Hello Greg,

    Great interview. Thanks for having one of my fellow Canadians on the show. I think Greece is going to exit, Lagarde is likely saying to the Fed publicly “don’t raise interest rates” so the Fed has an excuse not to do so after they’ve been implying that they will at some point for quite some time now (something along the lines of ‘well we do have to cooperate with the IMF, so even though we would like to raise rates, we won’t’).

    Two points that really stuck out in this interview for me: 1) the elites are coming out with warnings – I’ve noticed this too and it seems like they want to be able to say later that they were on record that they did warn of the calamity – so just by virtue of this starting to happen it makes sense that we are close; and 2) I think John’s point that the catalyst is going to be a true black swan, something out of left field, that they won’t be prepared for, is how it’s going to go. If they can see it, they can try to manage it by pulling some other rabbit out of the hat. Don’t think they’ll see this one coming even though they are looking in every direction they can think of.

    Finally, given the above, it seems like there’s nowhere left to put one’s fiat currency other than in physical gold and silver. John’s implication that the bond markets are so bad that they make these grossly overvalued stock markets – built not on real growth but on massive debt – look relatively good, says it all. I feel bad for those who might see the problems to some extent but are still trying to make money in the markets and get out before they blow up.

    One big lesson your last several guests have pointed out – and this is a huge one – is better months (or years) early than one minute too late.

    Thanks again for all you do Greg. I have been following your site for three years now and it has become my main go to for real news with learned guests and also for comments by very intelligent viewers/readers. I spend more time on this site than all other media combined during the course of a week. Thank you and God bless.


  4. paul

    Embry explains “we can have a hard debt deflation or just keep printing enough money to keep everything afloat” … the Fed is simply not going to allow a hard debt deflation … so they are going to print … just like Japan … which is inflationary.

    But the Fed has a number of options they can use to keep inflation at bay … they can do secret trade deals that suck more jobs out of the US which is deflationary (thus counteracting the inflation of a QE printing) … or they can buy up Treasury bonds and keep them on the Feds books forever which is comparable to “debt destruction” which is deflationary (and can also counteract the inflation of a QE4 printing) … or they can raise interest rates to counteract the inflationary implications of QE4 printing.

    Christine Laggarde has ordered the Fed not to raise rates … so with that option on hold the implication is more Treasury Bonds will need to be added to the Fed’s books to control the inflation generated by QE4 … a “black swan” could arise from passage of the “secret trade deals” that can be hugely deflationary … so the Fed may have to hold off on any treasury purchases in order to see just how these secret trade deals effect the economy … therefore we could see unrestrained QE4 for a little while which will give both gold and silver a pop! … but then China’s Yuan will likely become part of the IMF reserve currency mix … pushing the US dollar down (more inflation) and gold and silver could advance further forcing the Fed to raises rates a bit in spite of the IMF order … but the Fed has to be very careful to balance the depressing effect of rising rates on the real estate market … so they will have to first see the QE4 inflation effect push up real estate prices enough to counteract the depressing force of rising interest rates … this is going to be a difficult operation for the Fed to manage … and because they know it … they will likely always error on the side of inflation to make sure they keep the housing market up and the stock market up … as a consequence gold and silver will be “allowed” to go up for awhile … if some other black swan hits and things really get out of the Feds control and a a deflationary spiral ensues … they can always manipulate the gold and silver market explosively higher to bring about “inflationary expectations” so as to counteract the deflation shock.

    All things considered … I think both gold and silver “are at a bottom” and will rise from here!

  5. Doug

    Greg, a really good interview with John. When I listen to him, the word that comes to mind is “trustworthy”. I rarely think that of the vast majority of guests on the MSM. He knows what he’s talking about and what’s coming.

  6. Red

    Well I think the 3rd solution would be to avert
    the solvency problems by forcing banks to
    hold tangible assets ie Gold, Silver. Of course
    this would mean revaluation in metals to the
    moon but would solve the collateral issues
    essentially destroying the “market” it would
    also expose the fiduciary recklessness of
    Governments world wide, which is why it wont
    happen. The solvency issue is a collateral
    problem but of course government want people
    to believe in magic pudding economics.
    JMO John was great so were you Greg

    • frederick

      That is a sensible plan but I doubt the bankers would ever go for it as they consider precious metals the enemy of their fiat ponzi scheme It will have to be forced on them by the Chinese perhaps

      • Red

        Hi Fredrick,
        Actually I believe as John states in the interview
        “cracks appearing in statements from the elite” That
        the banks understand fiscal solvency will have to happen.
        Or their imaginary assets will just vanish in a puff of smoke
        like a magicians trick. For those un aware of “the magic pudding”
        and the adventures of barnacle Bill. This link I get a laugh because
        it really does seem to parody the political mindset. Hope you don’t
        mind this link Greg.

  7. Russ McMeans

    Felicia nails it! Say no more! God does play favorites- with whomever person or nation that serves his perpose.

  8. Todd

    Greg, We must face the truth. Truth is we are in a total distortion of wealth. The free market is gone. We can not see the truth until free markets are restored. Time is running out. Prepare Prepare Prepare.Food is a must. Imagine a world without gasoline. Everything is on sale. We only have three months left until the rubber meets the road.

  9. Roderick

    Well God may very well have a plan but I don’t promote the idea that we just do nothing because its out of our hands. Before the crash of 1979 for a couple years I told any who would hear to safeguard their money and buy silver or gold. Guess what the last time I checked history God did not save the day for those who suffered from the great inflation those who bought the precious metals were “protected” from the inflation.

    In 2000 I told everyone who would hear to do the same. I do not remember God coming to the rescue for those who lost half of their retirement funds after the collapse of the system then. The fact is those people who took action by owning the precious metals were rewarded for doing so.

    The system tells us everything is alright. Its not alright and we are on the brink of another man made economic disaster. Please trust in your power to preserve your finances. No body is going to do that for you, in my opinion not even God. And I just gave a couple real good examples of that fact.

    • Gert

      Could not have been said any better, but if per chance you do blow it, don’t ever give up! Jehovah is the God of the second chance, third chance, fourth, fifth and on and on. . . Never give up and above and beyond all else__fear not!

    • Felicia

      Roderick, I agree that we can’t do nothing. And I don’t believe its out of our hands either. We first and fervently must fold our hands and bow our heads & hearts in serious prayer. Listen to what He tells us and then do it. A little about me might help to see where I am coming from. I did have gold (& silver) and guns (I loved my tricked out Glock). But I lost my high tech job and even going back to school for a current degree, hasn’t helped get work in my fields or at the salary I was making. So the gold/silver/guns had to go to pay bills. All I have left of my prepping is my garden. What God has been having me learn thru all this, I believe, is to wait on Him and listen. (Very hard for me as I am an A+ personality. So what I do is in line with His plan, not what I think is His plan.

  10. john duffy

    Greg, the US was a great country that built up a lot of moral capital. Unfortunately most of that moral capital is now spent. The ten commandments are now bowled over like ten pins. The bible shows us what happens when a people abandon God and his laws. The future doesn’t look good.

    • frederick

      John where are you writing from San Fransicko

      • susan

        frederick, where are you coming from?

  11. TED


  12. Chip

    Well spoken, straight shooting guest. Good interview Greg… Chip

  13. Jerry

    Greg I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Jade Helm 15 is being used as a military exercise to preposition military asset’s for the coming economic collapse this fall. This video confirms it for me.
    I think John Embry is totally correct. The elites have fired all there bullets. There is nothing left that can stave off the inevitable at this point. The Chinese have drained all the precious metals from the west, so there is really no reason for them to continue the Ponzi scheme.

    • frederick

      @Jerry I think you may be right and look at the 1.5 billion hollow point bullets purchased recently by homeland security very suspect I would say

    • Jerry

      The derivative debt bomb in Europe is set to go off as Greece defaults on its debt the 1st of July. Christine Lagarde has set the date, and guess what it is (7)
      You heard it first here on USA watchdog.

  14. Gerty

    Patience runs low as crisis bites in Russia’s Astrakhan
    Reuters; By Elizabeth Piper 2 hours ago

    ASTRAKHAN, Russia (Reuters) – With oil and gas, fish in the nearby Caspian Sea and a warm climate, Astrakhan should be one of Russia’s richest provinces.
    It isn’t, and for years many people in this southern region of more than 1 million have accepted their position near the bottom of Russia’s leader board. But patience is wearing thin.–business.html

    “Makes one wonder what we in the west have to look forward to when the you know what, hits the fan.”

    There Jeff from Ozland, me own woids! The pastie eaten, cut & paste’r, me.

    • WD


      Rueters reporters are garbage leftists, there are places in the U.S. worse than this place.

      They are always looking to zing Russia…Russia outplayed and hoodwinked the west’s boycott.

      Rueters lies with great ease!

      • Gert

        Thank you for not shooting the messenger!

        • WD

          Sorry if I did…but Reuters has its own version of the news…

  15. Brad

    What Embry is describing is the old Hegelian Dialectic of problem-reaction-solution as engineered by the large block share owners of the world’s corporatocracy, the 300 or so people who run the world’s economy, and who move things along in compliance with their agenda by this dialectic. Sometimes the problem created is war, and at other times they orchestrate economic dislocations of either depressionary or hyper-inflationary collapse. This time though the collapse is partially due to the fact that the debt money system ponzi scheme has reached a debt saturation point that will collapse the system under its own weight of debt insolvencies and the insistence that every penny be paid back to the criminal purveyors of that debt. It is boiling down to whether we will live under a fascist dictatorship of the owners of the financial and corporate world or we break free of their machinations and graduate to a democratic world of international suffrage of all nations under universal disarmament of the nation state but not the people.

    • paul

      Exactly right Brad!

    • OutLookingIn

      The mere issuance of debt is what is critical now that virtually zero-cost debt is the functional equivalent of preferred (or even common) equity. Upon an event of default, the transfer of equity ownership falls in the hands of the debt holder. Which means the last four plus decades have been nothing but a preparation for the biggest debt for equity exchange in the history of the human race. With the new equity holders of virtually all global assets set to be a select group of financial oligarchs.
      The western world is ruled by this select group of oligarchs, who own the banks that control the governments and media. They fund both sides of war for profit and they manufacture the consent of the public through the propaganda of the controlled main stream media.
      To bring this grand scheme to final fruition, this select group has brought forward through corporate control, the “Great Tripartite Treaty”. Which is served up in three parts:
      TPP = Trans – Pacific Partnership
      TTIP = Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
      TISA = Trade In Services Agreement
      You will notice the word “trade” is copiously used to describe the above nefariously secret, illegal documents that the public nor anyone else is allowed to view! It’s not about trade. It’s about transferring democratic national sovereignty to dictatorial corporate international sovereignty.

  16. southern girl

    John Embry makes a good point about gold and silver. He says some people are negative when it comes to the PM’s. I don’t think that is so on this site. Remember all those commercials, about send your old gold jewelry back in this envelope and we will send you back cash? They (the elites) never told you how much you were going to get or what the price per ounce was. Wonder how many people did that? That was what in the 80’s or 90’s? They knew back then how this was all going to go and yet they planned that far ahead. I remember when all these WE BUY GOLD places started popping up in all the older strip malls. They wanted every ounce out of the system because they probably have a good idea how much it will bring in the future.
    Going back to looking at the writers from Monday talking about coins. I bought a couple huge boxes of nickels years ago and have just stored them. My thinking was the same as some of you that the content of the metal would be worth something. It doesn’t take a lot of money to by nickels. A poor mans PM’s. You can still buy copper pennies also.

    • paul

      S. Girl … you were way ahead of your time buying nickels years ago … you are correct … the content of the metal will be worth something … and I’ll tell you exactly how much … those boxes of nickels that cost $100 dollars to buy from the bank today usually contain at least one “silver war nickel” as a bonus! … one day when silver reaches $2000 dollars per ounce … that “one bonus war nickel” will be worth $100 dollars … the same amount of money you paid for the entire box of nickels in the first place!

      So “we too” can be as God’s … and create money “out of thin air” the way the bankers do!

      • JC Davis

        Paul. not here in Nashville. Brinks got wise to the war nickels and created a sifter to separate the 35% silver ones out. Glad I did mine before they did there’s. Paul thank you so much for your comments.

    • JC Davis

      Southern Girl you go girl. I too enjoyed Paul s posting about the nickel. I will start saving them now. Also Paul from Indiana has the right perspective about pennies being the street money.

    • Diane D

      southern girl, excellent. You did exactly what James Wesley Rawles, founder of Survival Blog, recommends.

      • southern girl

        Diane D.
        Thanks! I had not read that info before, just went on gut instinct.

  17. dave

    Hi Greg
    Great work and thanks for your effort.I Believe you should educate your viewer’s about the real threat which maybe be closer to home than you think.Ask your self is this guy lying or is he a quack…


    • paul

      He is not lying and is not a quack … some very evil neocons were responsible for this mass murder … all to generate profits for their greedy selves … as war is very profitable … they must all be brought to justice “before they are pardoned for their evil crimes” by the next President!!

    • southern girl

      Thanks for the video. I have never seen that play anywhere on TV. At the very end of the interview you can visibly see the woman actually processes the information. She is freaked out by it….too bad not more people believe the TRUTH.

    • JC Davis

      Dave I spent 100.00 on videos that explained why 911 could only be a inside job. Passed them around till they were all gone. For what this country has given me that was the least I could do. Today we still have people wanting to make it a political divide.
      When the panel was told they could not investigate building 7 should have been a wakeup call for the backers of GW Bush, as I was one. I will never vote again.

      • Greg Hunter

        To this day, I have never heard a reasonable reason why Building 7 fell straight down, with out getting hit, nearly 8 hours after the second plane hit the towers. I have posted this link on the USAW site since it came out. Enjoy:

        • Felicia

          Greg, there was a vid on Youtube revealing how bldg 7 had been “renovated” by a contract compnay with ties to the Bushes and others who would lose billions if
          financial contracts were allowed to mature. Also this same contractor was hired to “renovate” the floors where the planes ended up flying into. And the people killed who worked on those floors were the people who would know how to uncover the fraudulent fin contracts. Did you ever hear of this story and if so, is there truth to it?

          • Greg Hunter

            I do not know but the government story has many holes in it and the MSM ignores it.

        • Collateral Damage

          Sometimes it sucks to be awake, and coherent. 🙂

          Dr. My Eyes…

          Doctor, my eyes have seen the years
          And the slow parade of fears without crying
          Now I want to understand
          I have done all that I could
          To see the evil and the good without hiding
          You must help me if you can?

          Doctor, my eyes, tell me what is wrong
          Was I unwise to leave them open for so long

          ‘Cause I have wandered through this world
          And as each moment has unfurled
          I’ve been waiting to awaken from these dreams
          People go just where they will
          I never noticed them until I got this feeling
          That it’s later than it seems

          Doctor, my eyes, tell me what you see
          I hear their cries, just say if it’s too late for me

          Doctor, my eyes, cannot see the sky
          Is this the price for having learned how not to cry

          Read more: Jackson Browne – Doctor My Eyes Lyrics | MetroLyrics

          So here I sit…

          and get this feeling that it’s later than it seems.

          Love those close to you all of you WatchDoggers. Every Breadth is a Gift.

          Collateral Damage

        • frederick

          Greg from an Architect and buider for 30 years two words “controlled demoliotion” regards frederick

          • Greg Hunter

            There is no other conclusion you can come to with a building in free fall–without getting hit. Thank you.

  18. Randy

    But check this out, Kids!! THERE ARE NO REAL DEBTS AT ALL ANYWHERE!! It’s all just some fancy schmancy electronic bookkeeping entries that were created out of thin air! Since it’s all just one colossal humbug, scam, artifice and fraud, how can anyone really prove that anything at all is really owed?? If I hand you a box that is believed by you to contain something of value (but in reality it does not!) and then later on I demand a return of that thing, even though it was never there in the first place, what are you going to do? Go out and buy me what I claim was in the box but really wasn’t? There was NEVER anything of value or real substance loaned out to anyone by any “bank” anywhere, so how can anybody be obligated to pay back what was never borrowed?? Or am I just making too much sense here now?


    • paul

      Randy … Bankers like to think of themselves as God … they create money out of nothing the way God created the universe out of nothing … would you say the universe is owed back to God? … if so … you can see why the bankers are going to say their money is owed back to them!

    • frederick

      careful Randy you are treading on some thin ice there The banksters might just drone you for speaking such heresy

    • JC Davis

      Randy. LOL That was a tongue twister to read, and even harder to dispute.

    • JC Davis

      Randy. I vote this post of the year. When I need a reality check this is a good place to start.

    • JC Davis

      Randy I hope you don’t mind I shared this on my facebook page. Great explanation of Keynesian economics.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Top post my man!
      But alas, I am afraid you are just making just far too much sense.
      It is highly unlikely that many will listen.

    • Charles H.

      Because, Randy – there is a system of authority, which will side with the conjurers: and divide the spoils. Anyone caught in the web of debt: will forfeit.

  19. southern girl

    Talking about Greece…just found this article.
    Remember what goes around comes around. If those people are pulling their money out they know if it is in a bank it won’t be there very long. I think that will happen to a lot of countries where the people get nervous.
    Talked to one of my friends and they said they went in to close out their safe deposit box and they were asked what they were going to do with the contents. (None of your d@* business!). They said they had a safe at home and the bank worker said, “Well you know it is not fire proof?” They said they were going to bury the safe in the ground and that would make it fireproof. If you people have not already pulled out your money from the bank accounts be on notice. The banks are required to ask you what you intend to do with YOUR money if you request over a certain amount. You may have to pull it out a little at a time.

  20. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    Another excellent interview with another excellent guest who calls it as he sees it without an axe to grind or a product to sell. Mr. Embry is 100% correct that the next financial crisis will be a lot worse than what happened in 2008. At least after the first crash, the Fed had a gun to bring to the gunfight, but now with all of their ammo depleted, they might as well be bringing a wet noodle to a gunfight.

    Anyone who is a student of history looking at the timeline of the Great Depression can see that 8 years in (1937), the United States plunged into another recession and GDP did not recover and surpass its’ 1929 level until the United States was drawn into WWII in 1941. This is a scenario that anyone with their eyes open can see playing out again. At least during the first recovery (1934-38) during the Great Depression, we saw a robust recovery, whereas this time around we have seen a meek recovery.

    The bubbles in the past 8 years have been inflated to a much greater level than they were leading up to the crash in 2008. Everyone knows that when a larger bubble burst, it leaves a much bigger mess to clean up.

    Keep up the great work and lineup of great guests.


  21. Vincent

    Great interview Greg!

    I think Embry is on to something here.. When he says it’s likely going to be a trigger we least suspect, I think he’s absolutely right.. The trigger is probably hiding in plane sight. I bet it will be runaway prices in commodities, notably gold and silver. Maybe It will be when China makes the case that they have more gold than most. Or maybe it will be the toppy position the equity markets are currently in. Or maybe it will be global government and municipal debt loads. It may even be the extreme fog masking the future, that has captured the markets, and blinded true price and value recognition.. The suppression in metals will likely not be reactionary, it will be actionary… Simply put, the plane sight view that everything looks bad, with even worse projections for the future, will probably spur most investors and institutions to just bow out of the party, at any moment.. Most of the smart people know that the hard drugs are coming out to take the place of the booze that’s no longer working, and they will kill everyone that remains..
    Will metals jump like a scalded cat? Definitely..But I think a quiet climb to $20 silver $1250 gold will be the time when the cat gets scalded..
    In short, maybe the trigger nobody expects, is a run to sound money.. All the data essentially is culminating to this being true, and the media really does shrug off any news that isn’t bad with regards to the metals, or commodities in general.

  22. paul

    A run on the banks is now taking place in Greece … the Greek people are scared and want to protect their “money” … but do they realize what money is? … money is purchasing power that is able to “transcend a fall in government” … if the Greek bankruptcy crashes the European Union the euro will become unstable … the Greeks are currently withdrawing euro’s from their banks and holding these “fiat paper” euro notes at home … do they not realize this “fiat” they are hiding and protecting under their beds are simply “pieces of paper” with some writing on it that says “someone owes you money” (something valuable) but that something valuable is not the paper IOU note itself (which is not “money) … why aren’t the Greeks converting their paper IOU’s into silver (which is money) and something very valuable that can transcend the failure of governments and political unions of governments ?

    • paul

      The people in Greece can take those “fiat paper IOU’s” from under their beds and buy silver with a long history of preserving wealth when governments fail … silver right now is selling for $16 dollars per ounce … looking at the silver chart below I think it can rally to about $18 dollars per ounce very very rapidly … that’s a 12 percent gain on your “real money” verses a zero percent gain on those paper IOU’s under the bed … and it is “real money” not a piece of paper with writing on it saying that the government “owes you money”!

      • frederick

        Yes they could and they should if they know whats good for their financial health paul

  23. John Kiesler

    Dear Mr. Hunter- Once again thank you for your insightful and interesting interviews. With my morning coffee I enjoy listening to them and am always impressed by your ability to draw out your guests. I do, however, have a few questions which you can take or leave.
    First, I am struck my the guest whom you had on a couple months ago (I am thinking that it was Bix Weir, but I could be mistaken?) who said the current economic reality was planned years ago to basically bleed the world of resources while the federal government cordoned off American gold mines and oil fields for future use. His views are so unique and different that I wonder if he is on to something deeper. For instance, his theory is the only one which has made sense of how an Ayn Rand disciple like Alan Greenspan could even think of heading the Federal Reserve. I wonder if we could hear more of his views or what others think of them>
    Second, several of your recent interviews have given much attention to Greece and rightly so. I do wonder if we are looking at the issue in too narrow a frame. For instance, I remember several months ago Senator Bernie Sanders asked the Fed to rescue Greece and this received very little media attention. A Trial Balloon? I think that the Federal Reserve will come to the rescue of EU in paying the Greek debt; this will be done either overtly (which I doubt) or, more likely, covertly. What do you or your guests think of the Fed coming to the rescue?
    Sorry, I have certainly exhausted your patience and, once again, thank you for your wonderful program. God bless you. Brother John Kiesler,ofm

    • paul

      John … The Fed and the European Central Bank will work together to solve the Greek problem … and they will change all the rules if need be … so that their monetary system stays intact … however … these controlling financial institutions are run men … and men can be fallible … that is why it is prudent for us to own physical silver (or gold) … which are a purer form of money then fiat paper IOU’s … both will survive a failure of government and have a long history of carrying your wealth to the other side … they are incorruptible to the shenanigans of crooks and thieves … and will even provide medical benefit!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother John, yes, the Greek debt is chicken feed in the overall scheme of things. We could easily monetize that $360 billion. In fact, the corporation General Electric has more corporate debt than the entire country of Greece! So yes, we monetize the $360 billion. Problem solved, right? Well, what about all the derivative debt that is daisy-chained off that seeming insignificant original principal? THAT’S where the problem lies. As Rhett said to Scarlett, it’s not that easy… Best always. PM

    • Gunther Medgers

      John I can say this, never underestimate the power of the printing press, in securing freedom, a “free press,” and in destroying freedom, printing money to keep the unruly mobs ruly. That’s how we got into this mess, not taking our medicine when we should have but to prevent any dislocations we threw in the towel, now were broke busted and disgusted, soon everyman for himself and taking the whole darn world down with us! It’s going to be a really big shoe, you ready!

  24. Chip

    Holy COW Greg, you and your readers need to see this…
    Would love to hear your thoughts on this on this weeks WNW!!! Chip

    • paul

      Chip … when a person declares bankruptcy … their debts are wiped clean and they are given a new start … Greece the nation is simply claiming the same right individuals have to declare bankruptcy … the creditors have to eat the loss … as for all the derivatives outstanding … simply state these insurance contracts have become “null and void” under the national bankruptcy rules and therefore any and all claims will not be honored!

      • JC Davis

        Paul would this cause a bond and derivatives down fall ? Busting the bubble if you will ?

        • paul

          Yes it would … but “they” won’t let it happen … they (the Fed, ECB, Japan, etc.) will QE to infinity if they have to to prevent it … and they will fight the inflation QE will create by taking away peoples money (by destroying jobs, reducing pensions, etc. with their secret trade deals which are highly deflationary) … it’s going to be a balancing act for sure … can the Fed to pull off … we better hope so … otherwise this Barlem and Baily Circus we are having so much fun at will take down their tent … so enjoy the Clowns at the MSM who do their best to make us laugh … but when the fat lady sings … the party is over!

    • NC Gal

      Someone just sent me the link to the zerohedge article ( and it was a breath of fresh air. Zerohedge posted an article about “odious debt” in April 2011 (, anticipating the use of this legal approach. The Troika refers to “IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank, which together impose austerity measures through the conditions tied to loans to countries in difficulty.” (source,766). If the Truth Committee findings are carried out as actual actions repudiating the debt, the unwinding finally may have begun, with repercussions everywhere while it sorts out.

      It appears my angels were correct about the tipping point. They said that on June 15, and this report was released on June 17.

  25. mushroom

    Many thanx for your work scheduling and presenting these outstanding interviews.

    I think the omen is cast when so many very super-smart guys with vastly different backgrounds and vastly different current interests independently agree on pending events.

    Remember LaGarde’s recent speech where she pulls all that 7 stuff. Looks like June 30 might be off to the races…

  26. NC Gal

    Great interview. Thank you Greg and John. Nothing earth-shakingly new here, just adding more weight to what prior guests have said about the unsustainability of the present course, the likelihood of major disruption in September-October, and that one can’t say what the trigger will be, but when it happens, it’s going to be very ugly and painful.

    My angels have told me this week that a critical mass of converging energies has been reached and we will be at a tipping point soon. They also said (like others here have suggested) that, in addition to food, water, and other necessities, we should each have a several weeks’ supply of small denomination currency on hand (not in banks) and that because of coming controls, it will be difficult to convert precious metal coins into cash.

  27. michael

    Hi Greg ,
    On gold price manipulation , do I understand correctly what is going on ? a) we keep the prices artificially low by selling gold certificates and derivatives , thus “paper gold” b) Russia and China buy a lot of gold , but physical gold c) thus we are actually subsidizing the purchases of physical gold by China and Russia and we will allow them to do a huge profit when the price of gold will finally go up and d) All the agents that sell these gold certificates will finally go bankrupt when they will not be able to deliver the physical gold and western taxpayers will need to rescue them …. Is this really what is going on ?

    • Greg Hunter

      In a word, yes.

  28. Freebreezer

    Hi Greg,
    Just a reminder on trying to get Satyajit Das on. thanks!

    • Grafique

      Tom Horn too.

  29. Dredd

    Hello Greg, Thank you for the high quality interviews. As I piece together the various theories presented. In light of the negative interest rate situation. It appears the derivative structure is in the process of unraveling. Since many of the swaps are related to bond value as the goal of swap and derivative underwriting. The bonds are the primary concern. We all know the inverse relationship between interest rates and bond value. To prevent the bond collapse is to prevent the derivatives meltdown. They must push interest rates lower and more negative in order to halt the decline in bond values. It is a vicious cycle, the more the bonds trend down, the lower they must force interest rates down, To reverse this will cause the Bond sensitive derivatives to implode. Since there is no real economic recovery to reverse the downward trend, they must continue the interest rates negatively. They cannot win, at some point the return on bond yield will too negative and the abandonment of bonds will trigger the interest rate swaps to kick in and the derivatives will unravel.

  30. Thomas

    Looks like the FED will raise rates in February, is this why most see February as the kickoff of the collapse ?

  31. Clare Doll

    Bravo Sir on asking about the Russian (CHinese) non-economic avenue here. Geopolitics, anyone? Greece will not default until the elite are ready and Alex Ts is counting on just that. Dr. Doom on MSNBC brings the Russian -Chinese aspirations to the fore and John Brown’s (Europacific ) gives an indepth analysis.
    John Embry is a smart guest but he is a financial man. Look up these other opinions to see the full picture. Sorry no links as I am not yet fully net-proficient. The point made by these people is that Greece is not so much an economic problem as it is a GEOPOLITICAL bomb! Greece cannot be the black swan.

    • Thomas

      Sorry, that should be September kickoff for the economic collapse.

  32. James Hastings

    Good show. Now the majority plans strategies for their investments. A small minority has another confirmation on what they already know. Custer figured it out….so will everybody else. 🙂

  33. VShook

    There is a scenario for Greece and the western financial system that I believe has not been given attention, and deliberately so. In fact, those that will profit from the scenario have done all they can to keep it quiet. Its success depends on it. I have a friend that made multiple millions in the bond business by purchasing distressed municipal bonds. While others focused on, and believed in, bank statements, public institution comments and bureaucratic economic scenarios, all that sadly concluded bankruptcy was the only way out for the overly indebted institution(s), he positioned himself for profits from an entirely opposite conclusion of events. He continued to position as headline news organizations picked up the sad ending to come. It was all settled bankruptcy science. Instead, what happened was, a government agency (surprise) stepped in at the last minute to guarantee the bonds. Pennies turned into 100 dollar bills – and not just for him. The other players who knew the game, also profited from its deliberate, INTENTIONALLY choreographed debt-death presentation, meant to create a scenario seemingly so dire, there was without any doubt, no way out. It was inevitable. Sound familiar? Today, a defaulting Greece should/would start a disastrous derivative cascade. With all the attendant horrible financial loss repercussions for central banks, etc., why would that ever be allowed to happen by, and to, those same powers that be? Why indeed, when there is a way to stop it — through debt guarantee. Answer: They won’t. Greece may “default”, but its debt will be guaranteed and the ISDA (International Swaps and Derivative Association) will kick this can completely off the side of the road (not just down the road) by its accompanying refusal to declare a derivative event. Remember, much of Greek debt has already been monetized by governments and central banks, at extremely low pricing. Thus, these devious inside “players” have actually positioned themselves to hugely profit from their/any guarantee of Greek debt. Understand how this is being played. When you control the game, any discussions about the game, all the game information streams and the game’s timing, you can position yourself to profit immensely at any time of your choosing. Nothing is easier. It just takes playing the game patiently and persistently. Any “losses” the “players” currently have or show on their “books”, will be more than covered by the huge profits about to be generated by way of their own or “someone else’s” guarantee(s). Remember, they care not about you or any people — just money, power and position. They have “played” the world and its people (especially the Greeks) to serve their own interests in this particular time and space. All the while making people believe they, too, would go down, along with the entire financial world, in collapse. Amazing when you really think it through, eh?

  34. Agent P

    ‘Kingworld’ alert…

    Used to love these interviews with the Embry types. Always made for some good ‘Fear-anticipation Porn’…

    The ‘bottom line’ (in case one hadn’t already noticed…), is that anything reality based in the precious metals sphere, is OVER. Functioning markets, true price discovery, trading, TA, FA, etc., ad-nauseam. In simple terms – and trust me, no one knows this better than a Mr. Embry and Sprott Management, Nothing ‘$positive’ in the precious metals sphere is going to happen until geopolitical events OUTSIDE the control of Western governments dictate so – End of Story.

    At this (very late) stage of the game, one is better off with storable food, ammunition and a ‘safe house’. I didn’t think this way always, but the writing is on the wall. This is not a game of profiting, it is survival. Owning Gold will be long outlawed, ‘terror-ized’ by the DHS, taxed out of orbit, or otherwise made so onerous to own/trade/barter/snitch/home invasions, etc., that it won’t even be worth it for the average person. If anyone ever found out you owned some, you might as well be turned into a homing beacon for a drone strike. That is where we’re at, where we’re headed and it is Reality.

    • aussie jeff

      Agent P…………….great post……………….,for those who think they are going to come out the other side of this with their wealth in tact are sorely mistaken,the other side of this coming mess is God’s Kingdom[Amen for that] and that won’t require physical wealth to be their.
      Having said that a ” Great Time of Trouble” Matthew chapt 24, has to come before the “birth” of that Kingdom takes place!
      While the length of this Tribulation is debated,it would be wise as you have said to prepare as best we can,the rest is left to our Saviour who in our moment of need has said he will NEVER fail us!
      Hebrews 9:28
      “so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.”

      • Charles H.

        Those who come out the other side with their wealth – will be criminals. But what’s in a name?

    • Mike Gunther

      I think you are right on!!!

    • Grafique

      Get silver, copper and small-denominated gold coins.
      There will be a black market where they will be welcomed.

  35. Edward Ulysses Cate

    When comments turn to religion, there’s an old saying that comes to mind:
    “Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help”
    ― Miyamoto Musashi, (1584 – 1645)
    From: A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy
    Still good advice: In other words,
    respect God but do as much as you can, too.

    • Buck

      Good stuff.

    • paul

      We are no longer children simply depending on our Father to protect and save us … we are adults now … and our Father wants to see us “stand up on our own” … to become like him and nurture those who still need help … the very first lesson taught by our Father when he created this universe … is that what comes into being … is our thoughts … good thoughts will create a paradise for us … were as evil thoughts … will create a living hell for our immortal conscious soul.

      When we think thoughts about a nuclear first strike … we must realize such thoughts will lead to a living hell … and we must dismiss such thoughts from our mind and not act upon them … think thoughts that will create beauty in the world … and our world will become beautiful … think “let there be light” and there will be light!

  36. JC Davis

    Greg when did you open your first youtube video ? I found this one back in 2011 Gaddafi is dead.

    • JC Davis

      Who was the first to start exposing the housing record keeping problems? Greg Hunter at CNN.

      Real reporters never get old just season with age. Thanks Greg for your life work.

  37. aussie jeff

    Hmmm ……………msm asleep at the wheel letting this cat out of the bag.
    “U.S. foreclosure activity up in May as bank repossessions rise” Reuters

  38. Jerry

    Greg it looks like the bond market is beginning to come apart.
    I think when Greece defaults in July its going to send shock waves through the derivative market in Europe. Deutsche Bank will be the first to fall and then Katie bar the door.

  39. Tony

    Another great interview, and after this interview I have made a decision to study Austrian Economics whilst I slave myself out each day. The only thing I can figure is that Select Few ”Our Debt Masters’ haven’t found a way to dominate in an Austrian Economic system. What I can tell you though is they have certainly taken control, are totally in control, but their perfect system has come to it’s end. Nothing they can do will ultimately fix it, manipulation – they are masters. Their debt based economic ponzi scheme requires exponential growth to pay for the exponential interest payments – on the exponentially growing debt. Every time currency is created – debt is created, but no currency to pay the interest at that point was created. So in order to repay tbe debt, created by currency creation in the first place – more currency/debt has to be created in a never ending spiral higher – what pays for it is an exponential increase in economic growth ‘GDP’. The Bad News – Our economies have reached debt saturation point and cannot be grown – tbey are in contraction. The End

  40. Coalburner

    I am afraid Agent P is right. I found out the other day my OPSEC was blown to hell by someone who has to live it daily and ought to know better.
    Second I just listened to a short interview w Dr. P C Roberts. I often think he is just to far out there but this time he was talking about the stupidity, incompetence and just low rate intellegence of every one in the Washington leadership. That is something I have talked about. I am no genius but I actually know about a few. Obama either could not find intelligent people who wanted to work for him or did not look for any his first term. It was much more obvious the second time he had to field an administration. He was taking fourth rate intelect when he picked John Kerry bless his poor shot to pieces human body. Now what do we have fifth rate morons running the country. As PCR said in better words the gaggle of clowns running for office in 2016 are not offering much hope.

  41. Wilfong

    A shift to digital currency, a slow ban of paper or negative real interest rates, and the powers that be can shift this problem. Notice I didn’t say solve. These guys don’t plan, but react.

  42. dee garmon

    That sums it up: It’s not a crisis unless it happens under my watch.
    I’ve guaranteed my fortunes by collecting half a million per speech,
    the rest is the problem of those who keep electing me.

  43. Grafique

    I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t already been said 18.2 Trillion times.
    Seek Jesus.
    Stack gold & silver.
    Stockpile food, water & ammo.
    Unavoidable. Inevitable.

    • aussie jeff

      If I could just add one more to that list …….don’t forget your bible 🙂

    • sk

      Grafique! WWJD? WWJS? Whom Would Jesus Shoot? (just trying to insert a note of comic relief, Grafique, don’t be offended).

  44. David B.

    I see the Greek tragedy with depositor runs, and wonder if most Americans have a clue.

  45. Don

    Greg, I’m writing late in this post to be an encouragement to you and believers that visit. There is a strong demonic sway that our leaders are under, to bring about a latter day NWO has they call it. The populations, drinking water, food supply, and atmosphere, are being tampered with. and I see this as know accident. Satin hates humanity, because they are made in the image of God. It was Satin’s highest ambition in Isa. 14:13-14 there is 5 I Will’s that satin desired. The last says his desire was to be like God, thus be worshipped as God. If you remember, it was this lie, that was told in the garden of Eden. Its also says in Rom. 1:25, that fallen man exchanged God’s true for the lie, and worshipped and served the creature, rather than the creator, who is blessed forever. So human history will play out this very lie, as our leaders refuse the truth and except a false messiah and world leader. He will make Hitler look like a school child, but he will sign a peace agreement, according to Dan. 9:27, to make firm a covenant, in the middle east and will be excepted by the world as head of the NWO. Israel was warned of this false shepherd in both the old testament and new, in Zech.11 and in the book of John. Jesus said, I’ve have come in my fathers name, and you received me not, but another will come in his own name, him you will receive. So as believers, its probably prudent to prepare for reasonable hard times, and persecution, even though I have a pretribulation rapture conviction, still each of us should do for his family to keep good conscience. I wanted to encourage all believers, that our time may be short to influence people toward the Lord Jesus, and to let God use them and there gifts to do so. You have a special gift Greg, and your willingness to speak of your faith and search for true in current events, while you support God’s truth, God can use to help many. As for me, if I may, will continue to try to be a helper of spiritual truth, in hope of helping others know deeper, or come to know the Lord Jesus. May the grace of God be with all believers on this site.

    • aussie jeff

      Thanks Don,ditto…. and thanks for that encouraging post.
      Now is the time to let our lamps burn bright,while at the sametime making sure we have more than enough oil in reserve so that even if our Master delays we shall be ready.
      I appreciate very much Greg allowing us believing folk to express hope in our Lord Jesus, and pray that all those who visit here may find the same hope that we have.
      God Bless.

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