No Peace More Nukes, Dem Vote Fraud, Economy Falling

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 553 10.28.22)

The Pentagon is now moving to use nuclear weapons even if the other side does not have them or does not use them.  No peace talks are being scheduled by either side in the Ukraine war.  Both Russia and the USA are holding nuclear armed missile exercises simultaneously.  This is the sort of thing that happened at the height of the cold war.  There is no end in sight to the tensions, and the US military testing new hypersonic weapons this week is not going to help lower them.

I have been telling you that Biden’s real poll numbers are so low (9%-12%) that the Democrats will have to cheat like never before.  The Dems are so far behind that the cheating is becoming extremely obvious.  Because of the reporting on alt media and films like “2,000 Mules,” people are on to the ways the election fraud and voter fraud is pulled off.  The Democrat party is turning on itself because the policies are not popular even with the staunchest blue voter.  The Democrats (and RINO Republicans) are funding the Ukraine war with billions of dollars in funding and massive amounts of military weapons.  Many Dems are upset with the leadership supporting the Nazis in Ukraine.  Dem voters are waking up to the fact that the new Democrat party is the party of war and maybe nuclear war.  It is a huge pinnacle wedge issue in the Democrat party, especially in places like New York City, which is #1 on the nuclear exchange hit list.  This is bad news for AOC in November.

The government said the U.S. economy grew at 2.6% in the third quarter, but economist John Williams, founder of, says this is nothing more that pre-election hogwash.  Williams says the real number is .5% growth, and the government is counting things like the $700 billion Inflation Reduction Act as GDP.  It’s bad everywhere, especially in Europe where the gas has been turned off and banks are quietly suffering from bank-runs from depositors.  The stock market may be up, but the real economy is getting worse, not better.  That’s why a new report shows 63% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

There is much more in the 58-minute news cast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 10/28/22.

(Video will play when finished processing at Rumble.)

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After the Wrap-Up:

World renowned microbiologist and virologist, professor Sucharit Bhakdi MD will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Dr. Bhakdi will come on to talk about the deadly and debilitating effects of the CV19 vax.  The two big problems he sees center around the heart and brain.  Many have reported having problems in these areas.  If either of these get damaged from the injections, you are in big trouble.  He will explain why.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for the WNW Greg,

    Here’s the thing, we all try to research and learn by listening to interviews and reading publications, etc. (USAW and the like & Scriptures).

    The way to truly confirm all this madness is seeing and experiencing it with your eyes. (If you know how to look).

    Around me the evidence is clear that people have completely lost the plot. (Possibly Jab or stress related).

    Highly paid professionals with Senior positions have become grumpy, lazy and forgetful. (Supposedly highly intelligent).

    Whilst I walk through the Plaza and Supermarkets I make eye contact with people, the overwhelming emotion I get is help me and a reassurance that we are going to be okay. (No we are not).

    The awakened understand this received emotion well and sorry to say that end time or a change in reality is indeed here. (Fear Not).

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Bhakdi talks about brain problems and why they are so very bad. He talks about the heart problems too.

      • William E. Sheets Jr.

        Love the reports and interviews Greg, our sense of humor is very similar, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. We seem to be in the beginning of sorrows, as outlined in revelations. We just have to double down in our faith in Jesus Christ and continue to talk about all of the problems that you outlined in today’s report and try to convince these people to come out of the ignorance and evil of the dark side and come to God, Jesus and the light. That’s all we can do for them. God bless you Greg and keep up the good work my friend and brother in Christ.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree William. I hang on to Jesus and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit and Jesus everyday.

      • Gail

        Hi Greg,
        Will you be going to the wedding? Should we stay away from big events due to sheading? thanks

        • Greg Hunter

          Are most of them vaxed? If so yes. If you go, my advice is to take Ivermectin.

    • Sam

      All this madness is being created by evil people who don’t believe in God (yet think they are “Gods” who can take it upon themselves to orchestrate the greatest mass murder of humanity in the history of the world)!! –

    • stanley skrzypek

      AA…You are in Australia………you people gave up your guns…..what do you expect?

      • John Maskell

        Great update Greg. Can’t wait for Saturday night interview with
        Dr Bahkdi (well it will be Sunday morning for us Brits). For the first time , my wife will be watching this with me. Greg, I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort that you put in to USA Watchdog.
        I hope many are following you in the UK as they need to wake up, fast ! God bless you and let faith be in control .

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you John for all your Blessings & support.

      • Anthony Australia

        What’s a Gun going to do against a Virus, Vaccine Deathshot, HAARP & 6G death rays?
        I’ll take a Bible or Tripitaka in hand before a picking up a Gun.

        • Sam

          Tell that to Pelosi’s husband who’s home was invaded and he was hit on the head multiple times with a hammer – think perhaps he may now tell his wife to support the American’s peoples Constitutional Right to own a gun for self defense from the criminals being released from prison and being put out on American streets by the Demonrats who want to make us defenseless?? – I will like to see some reporter ask Nancy Pelosi how she now feels about taking away the American Peoples Constitutional Right to own a gun after her husband was attacked and almost killed in his own home being hit on the head multiple times with a hammer (probably by some homeless illegal alien she allowed into our country)!!!

          • The True Nolan

            Paul Pelosi was most likely the victim of a drug deal gone bad or a kinky sex deal gone bad. According to police they went to the residence for a “wellness check” and found Paul and the other man BOTH HOLDING HAMMERS. The other man was in his underwear. No word on how Paul was dressed. The 911 call has Paul saying he was there “with his friend David”. Hard to understand what was going on, but that has not stopped the press from reporting that Pelosi was attacked by a crazed Republican! Hard to imagine that a San Fran Nudist and Hemp Artist, friend of the Pelosis, would be a Republican.

            Everything about this story screams BS!!

          • Anthony Australia

            Keep shooting each other Mate, you’ll be right.

      • Ray

        Respectfully……hang on a second mate.
        Not every Australian “gave up their gun”.
        In fact, firearm ownership IS LEGAL in our many parts of our country. I do not own one though.
        Anyway……since we are talking guns and how they “make people free”, here is a current snapshot of life in the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave.
        1) Tyrannical, TOTALLY out of contract government.
        2) Economic meltdown of huge proportions.
        3) Lying, filth ridden media remains in place.
        I am yet to see the “well armed militia” of US gun owners in America step up and start taking out the culprits who enslave them.
        In fact, sadly, it seems to many on the outside of the USA that guns are more often put to use in schools, movie theatres and shopping malls rather than in any noble and just quest for freedom.
        Please mate…..lay off my country if you don’t mind when it comes to any discussion on guns.
        There is a lot of fight in Australians…..certainly more than is reported in the US.
        Enjoy your weekend sir.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • Anthony Australia

          Stone the Crows Ray!
          Gun factories in Melbourne

        • tim mcgraw

          Ray: I agree with your statement, but as Dr. Ron Paul says, “The government has all the guns.” Well, a lot more guns, bulletproof vests, armored vehicles, tear gas, battering rams, SWAT teams, etc. than we common citizens in the USA.
          After the Jan. 6th protests Americans are afraid to protest. Who wants to end up in solitary confinement for 18 months plus?
          Voting with one’s feet, money (use cash, get out of the big banks), energy, and time is the way to defeat the Beast.
          Prayer helps a lot.

          • Ray

            Hi Tim,
            As always, your comments show considers thought and a wise approach.
            I always look forward to your input on all the topics here at USAWD.
            Take care mate.
            PS: I love that picture of you on the old sea plane!
            Can you tell me how one places a photo onto their handle here at the site?
            Ray, Canberra, Australia.

            • tim mcgraw

              Hi Ray: Thanks for your kind words. I’m not sure why my photo appears. I think it is because I have a website on WordPress; and my photo appears there as my handle. I always include my website in my comments.
              The photo is of the Dehavilland Beaver I maintained in the Amazon for the movie “At Play in the Fields of the Lord” in 1990.

        • Paul in oz

          Ray, righto mate .. I may not have one, but I may now where to find one.

          • Ray

            Many of us do mate……many of us do.
            One of my mates has an armoury that would make a Texan blush (and he is very much “awake” and will not “go quietly into that good night” when things start coming apart at the seams).
            Take care Brother.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  2. Anthony Australia

    With permission Greg,

    Fritz Springmeier at his best.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Sucharit Bhakdi – WOW WOW WOW!

  4. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Just about to get stuck into WNW553 and noticed your Saturday guest is Dr Sucharit Bhakdi . Brilliant – can’t wait!

  5. Sam

    As of 2019 the United States had 150 “tactical” nuclear warheads stationed throughout Europe as part of NATO’s nuclear arsenal. The US is now rehearsing the dropping of these B61 “tactical” thermonuclear bombs (each of which is 20 times more powerful than the nuclear weapon that destroyed Hiroshima in World War II) – 2o times more powerful then Hiroshima x 150 can do significant damage and Russia will obviously respond in kind – yet – this is all fine and dandy with Biden and his Demonrat supporters who will vote for nuclear war this November!!

  6. James Kolb

    Greg, I hope you ask the doctor how pure bloods can defend themselves from forced pcr tests and shedding. Love your shows and may the Lord bless you daily!

    • Thomas J Grier

      Is there something wrong with the pcr test?

      • Greg Hunter

        It was proven there was a huge amount of CV19 false positives.

  7. Ray

    Greg Hunter……..America’s FINEST journalist…….HE IS TOTALLY WITHOUT PEER.
    I have to say, I absolutely LOVED your description of the speed of Russian hypersonic warheads!!!
    Keep throwing out the left jab Brother.
    Ray, Canberra, Uncle Vladimir’s Great Southern Glass Car Park.

  8. Sam

    As people vote this November they should keep in mind that the Nuclear war the Demonrats want so desperately to create will exterminate a large proportion of humanity (which may actually include you)!! Say you survive the nuclear exchange but had the viral RNA injected into your cells – well then the spike proteins will eliminate those who managed to survive the Demonrats carefully planned nuclear holocaust – but how will they kill the unjabbed survivors?? – they could activate 5G (that signals the production of spike proteins sloughed off onto the unvaccinated) – then those spike proteins could embed themselves onto cell membranes of the unvaxed (triggering their immune system to start attacking the healthy cells in the body) – and thereby trigger an immune reaction that resembles a Covid infected person – “Except” – “THERE IS NO VIRUS”!!

    • Mary

      Totally agree with you Sam. There is no virus.
      I have become a recluse to avoid all those jabbed. I am very happy alone. In addition to “shedding” I don’t want to be around imbeciles.

      • stanley skrzypek

        Mary…..what is worse…..being around Imbeciles….or …knowing that the imbecile sister staying locked up in her home by choice is upsetting poor ‘ol mom, dad, and brother stan……and won’t come to her best friend wedding?

  9. Derek Sinclair Ouch!



  10. Kenneth

    Dr. Bhakdi is the real deal. He was calling it correct from the beginning.

  11. Robert Coleman

    BASF Plant Closure to Impact Global Food Supply Sortage – –

  12. Linda Majors


    I enjoyed your weekly wrap-up! Thanks!

    While I was waiting for the video to encode, I listened to an interview with Katie Hopkins. (Ref. link below.) I watched her interview on the Eric Metaxas Show, Rumble this week, also. She is very funny. An English comediene who has been touring America and campaigning for Republican candidates. She is totally against the Ukraine war. Doesn’t trust Zelensky. Believes the war is being used to launder billions of dollars. Further, she said the English people who invited the Ukrainians into their homes are now regretting it. She likes Russia . . . “very clean and tidy” and likes Russian people. Said that the Brits are very angry about the “selection” of Rishi Sunak, a billionaire green-card holder, a globalist who belongs to the WEF, and whose wife got caught cheating on her taxes. Says he is not conservative. According to Katie, Rishi was responsible for ousting Boris Johnson. Devious.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Marie Joy

      King Charles is VERY proMuslim. Expect more Muslims in London and UK.

    • Sally

      The bankers did it….the globalists

  13. Ian Anderson

    I love Greg’s presentations . Intelligent and filled with passion. Be a great pub mate at the dinner table ergo pub lunch. From a friend in Australia And I like his humour .

  14. Paul in oz

    Greg, you caught my attention at least 15 if not 20 years ago with your integrity and nothing has changed, even if at times our swords may have crossed. After emigrating to OZ from Canuckistan, I thought I moved to paradise … not so sure any longer, but living in regional QLD … glad to know a few people here who will have my back in addition to Anthony and Ray. Ready to fight til the death for “Our Movement”.

    • stanley skrzypek

      “Ready to fight til the death for “Our Movement”…..With What?…..a BOOMERANG?… LOST the day you gave up you’re guns… are no better off than the Abo’s were.

      • Anthony Australia

        Same Aborigines that make Millions each year now doing nothing?

      • Paul in oz

        Stanley, in response, with my conviction to do what is right … not so good with a boomerang, but I have a slingshot with plenty of rocks, and even if I do not use it well, the result will deliver God’s will!

      • Paul

        Battles lacks dignity and honor. When lives are being spent. All that matters is victory. If you have blades, you’ll use blades. If you have rocks, you’ll use rocks. If there’s nothing but sand, you’ll throw the damn sand. A real war is waged when men don’t want to live to see what failure looks like. You do whatever it takes to win. You go wherever necessity takes you.

        Paul from arkansas

        • Ray

          Put that one up as a solid contender for Comment Of The Year.
          Well said Paul in Arkansas.
          Keep the good stuff coming mate.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Ray

      Always got your back Pauly……even if you support Queensland in the annual State Of Origin footy series!!!
      Have a nice weekend mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Uncle Vlad’s Great Southern Glass Carpark.

      • Paul in oz

        I am an agnostic when it comes to footy, I have been forging for food most of my existence even when I was an executive … I knew these times were coming and I did what I could to squirrel away for a possible future existence where the blessings may not be so abundant,so that I could take care of not just me. Hopefully one day you, AA and I will meet and celebrate … hopefully it could still be possible and if it is, I would be happy for it to be on me!

        • Ray

          You are a strong man mate……a strong man indeed.
          Let’s figure out a way for you, me and AA to catch up.
          Perhaps we could ask Greg to help us facilitate that.
          Take care Paul.

    • Anthony Australia


      Tiocfaidh ár lá

    • tim mcgraw

      Paul in oz: I’m currently reading an excellent book; “The Thief at the End of the World” by Joe Jackson. It is about the Victorian explorer and would-be plantation entrepreneur, Henry Wickham. Wickham smuggled thousands of Hevea rubber tree seeds from the Amazon to Kew Gardens in London. This eventually enabled the British to corner the rubber market in Queen Victoria’s day.
      Wickham went to Nicaragua, Venezuela, the Amazon, always trying to grow rubber. He failed. Then he went to Queensland. This would be in the late 1800s.
      I had no idea the race war was so bad in Queensland at that time. Thousands of whites and aborigines died, were kidnapped, enslaved, etc.
      I almost moved to Queensland when I was 30. I was a seaplane mechanic at Kenmore Air Harbor in Seattle and I’d just rebuilt two Dehavilland Beavers that were put in shipping crates and shipped to Queensland to operate for tourists out to the Great Barrier Reef.
      Sometimes I wished I’d moved there in 1982, but now I’m glad I stayed in the USA. Even with all of its faults.
      Good luck in Queensland. I wish you all the best.

      • Paul in oz

        Tim … at this time, the place (not Brisbane) could be described by progressives with a conservative leaning as delightfully backwards … tropical QLD has a 60’s inner city Hamilton Ontario charm today … or maybe I am just approaching senility and going back to my child years … doesn’t matter … but as the Doobies sang … Jesus is alright for me ,, more than alright for me!

      • stanley skrzypek

        “…..I was a seaplane mechanic”….wow…a CLEAN Grease Monkey….impressive….
        I was an ADJ1… even CLEANER one….

        • tim mcgraw

          stanley skrzypek: Those old radials were pretty oily. And float repair with the PRC sealant was awful. I was anything but clean. What is an ADJ1?

  15. Michael

    Why are Gates and Fauci and others who keep saying another pandemic is coming, not questioned by police.
    These guys clearly know things that are going to endanger people.
    Further, they lied time and again. Why are they not investigated. A lie detector would be ideal.
    They need to grab these guys and shake the truth out of them.
    I can’t forget that sly smirk on Gates and his wife’s face as they assured us on TV that there is another pandemic coming that will ” definitely get everyone’s attention.”


      Why are Gates and Fraudci and others who keep saying another pandemic is coming, not questioned by police.
      Because Mike, MONEY TALK’S. B.S. Walk’s da PLANK!

  16. Thomas Malthaus

    I saw a YouTube interview last night with Bob Moriarty in which he said ING bank branches have closed in France.

    • Clare Doll

      yes and the implication was that it was the CreditAnstalt (WWI) of the here and now. A Cascading of bank closures. And, can this spread fast enough to hit on Friday, the 4th of November to close the banks so that by Monday, November 7th everyone is insolvent so that there is no election Tuesday November 8th. Moriarty was interviewed by Jay Taylor on October 25th. The final 20 minutes is the complete Moriarty interview and inference. What say you Greg?

  17. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  18. Fred

    Someday people will wake up and find out that the narrative about “the evil Nazis” is a phony as everything else they have sold us. Hell, if it were true they wouldn’t have to imprison the people who point out the lies (Ursual Haverbeck, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, etc, etc).

    Otherwise, another fine program, Greg! Thank you.

  19. Murray

    democrats no war? Wilson > WW1, Roosevelt > WW2, Truman > Korea, Kennedy/Johnson > Vietnam

  20. Jim Hall

    The United States is finished as a country. Anyone who doesn’t realize this is either delusional or simply unable to face reality. Our government has been corrupted and coopted by our leaders. The economy has been destroyed and the crash is inevitable. This is minor in comparison to nuclear war. Let’s get this straight, Joe Biden was no more elected president than I was. I don’t think that we will have a midterm election. They can’t possibly have an election unless they cheat to the point of absurdity. This will insure civil unrest unless the morbidly obese can forgo a meal of slop. I don’t know what to think of President Trump at this point. He made the worst personnel decisions that were possible. He still holds fast to the vaccine decision. I believe that they lied to him and he was not able to get any good advice, but that window has closed. I know that he doesn’t buy the 9.11 lie and obviously he wanted to release the JFK information, but folded on that too. I do admire that he wanted to pardon Julian Assange and Ed Snowden, here again he folded like a cheap suit. My wife has a niece who was fully vaxxed and boosted, she now has brain, lung and lymph node cancer. She capitulated and took the vaccines. I believe that this is a mass depopulation event and the people who are responsible for this should be dealt with in the harshest way possible. Never forget, never forgive. May God have mercy because they are not worthy of mercy from their victims. We’re all victims. This one won’t be settled by civil litigation. I feel that “ There will be Blood.” When the masses awaken to the fact that they were deliberately poisoned, they’re probably going to be bloodthirsty. If you know that you are dying and they are responsible, what measures would you take to avenge your betrayal?

    • Greg Hunter

      Evil wants you to quit and take others with you. You made evil happy. We have Jesus and we are worthy. What have you done to help stop evil. Commenting here like this is not helping “We the People.” Please make youyr evil quitter comments someplace else in the future.
      I continue to “Fear Not” and trust in Jesus.

      • RoJean

        Never forget this country was founded on love of God. His Almighty Hand held our Flag high whrn it was shelled repeatedly .the British commander couldnt understand why the Flag stood and still stands. I pray for these evil persons Jesus stil loves them ,hates their sins but loves them .Prayet can stop wars.,can change hearts. Thanks Greg for all u do. Donation in mail Almighty God is in control This is His Country.The Constitution was written by God ,Our Fathr and George Washington. Read all the verses of the Star Spangled Banner our national athem

      • Jim Hall

        Dear Greg,
        You’re right I am very Dour. This is a particularly difficult time of the year. October 17, my youngest son died of an overdose seven years ago. On June 8th this year my eldest son shot and killed himself. He was fully vaccinated and boosted and tragically he had my granddaughters ages 7 and 9 vaccinated. I stood in line for two hours to vote for President Trump and had a five hour back surgery at the crack of dawn the following day. You know how I feel about having the election stolen l assume. I would do it again and hopefully I’ll get the chance. My mother told me that life wasn’t meant to be easy and it isn’t. I know that we will prevail ultimately, that is prophecy. Nevertheless this is an arduous time for everyone, I know that. My wife says that I’m filled with rage and God only knows how hard this has been on her. I’m very frustrated by the malaise I see amongst the people. In my defense, if I didn’t care so deeply I could go about my life with no problems. However no man is an island and I have friends that think that they will be untouched. I don’t think that they have a grasp of the magnitude of the problem. I heard some one say, “you know what you would do if men come with guns to overrun you, the real question is what do you do if a family with children comes and asks for food and tells you that they haven’t eaten in days.” I guess we all know the answer to that. I sincerely apologize for my comments.

    • Jeffrobbins

      To be sure the far left will turn on anyone responsible once the current narrative is seen for what it is. Last week i was thinking about the lyrics of ‘a country boy can survive’-it’s almost prophetic. Down-town won’t be a good place to go at night when the wheels come off. Something each of us can do is think about how to provide shelter for those less fortunate- a bedroom to rent? I recently finished installing 2 RV spots. It was easy to run the water and power. I saved money using wire from when our well wiring replaced, and got creative with a septic system. All in for around 2k. A mid-size compact tractor with loader was a must. We have a 21 year old girl in a small RV out there. Charging her 1/2 the going rate, (250) figure its enough to pay our electric bill. It’s a win-win.

    • Linda Majors

      Cheer up, Jim! Better days ahead.

      We have a Red Wave of honest, talented, patriotic fire breathers on the ballot who will get elected next month, if we can prevent the Democrats from stealing the elections. In spite of the corrupt Globalist Regime in DC and traitors in power, all that is about to change.

      Regarding President Trump, I recommend reading Peter Navarro’s book: In Trump Time. Peter was in the Trump admin. the entire four years. In his book, Peter describes the Democrats’ Unrestricted Lawfare and Art of the Steal. In spite of the opposition, even from Republicans (individuals such as Paul Ryan, a RINO and Trump hater), and the impeachments, false accusations of Russia Collusion and dealing with a corrupt FBI, President Trump accomplished a great deal. His first term was a learning curve. The second one will be much more successful.

      Have faith. These darks days will pass.


    • tim mcgraw

      Jim Hall: I’m sorry about your niece. Your points are well taken, but this is a fourth turning. We’ve been through this before in the American Civil War, WWI, WWII, and now here we are again. A mass depopulation event? We’ve had them before.
      Jesus Christ tells us that there will be tribulations before the end times. We have to keep fighting, believing, doing our best, keeping the faith, and fear not.
      This isn’t the end.

  21. Don Wohlers

    Good morning Greg.
    Your article this morning kind of reminded me of it what I am commenting about this morning.
    I know that you and most of your readers are to young to know much about the Suez Crisis in 1956. But I am not as I remember a lot about it. When you read about it in history, you find that England and France were angry at Egypt for continuing to raise their cost of shipping oil trough the canal and so when they said enough, Egypt started to sink ships in the Canal. Then England and France decided to move troops toward the Canal. One of the best Presidents we have had in our past, Eisenhower, held up his hand and told them the STOP. I will take care of it. And he did. But how did he do it?? You can not find that in history can you?
    I know as I was part of the solution and it was TOP SECRECT until this year. Those of us that were part of the solution could not tell anyone, not even our family members all of these years.
    So Greg, if you would like to know, send me an Email as to where I can contact you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Send it here. Put Don for Greg Hunter in the subject line. Fantast story so far and I want to hear more.

      • Jeffrobbins

        History is very interesting. Please share if it is suitable.

    • tim mcgraw

      Don Wohlers: I have a friend in Scotland who was in the paras (paratroopers) that participated in the Suez Crisis invasion. He told me that they trained on Cyprus for months before the invasion by British and French forces. The British and French wanted the canal back.
      My friend lost friends in that battle. He also told me that they could have easily defeated the Egyptians and kept the canal. But as I’m sure your article will state, Eisenhower had other ideas. Eisenhower also okayed the coup in Iran in 1953. That was a mistake. Maybe he learned from that by 1956 and put the kibosh on British Empire exploits.

    • Jim Hall

      You are absolutely correct. I had a job as a teenager and I met a man who knew President Eisenhower. He and Sid Richardson flew to Europe right after WWII to speak to General Eisenhower about his running for president. His perspective was absolutely riveting. This was hearing history from someone who saw it from the cat bird seat. He used to get angry because I would question him so much. He was very wealthy and he paid for my education at the University of Texas. He graduated from UT law school in 1915. He said that he knew most of the great men of his day, this was no idle boast. Anyway I enjoyed your post very much, thank you.

  22. Dusty Dude

    Thanks again Greg for your words and wisdom. I just want to mention to those reading these comments that I switched from Paypal to Cornerstone to support this program. I was a PayPal user from the beginning and I closed my account. The only way to fight corporate fascism is to not participate.


    The wok-tards that you mentioned,will most likely never change. Theyre hearts have been hardened. We are all going to need a Savior. The Lord Jesus Christ,is The Way, The Truth and The Life, no one comes to the Father but through Him. Send those WAKADOODLES,a couple of trillion dollars. If youre getting low on them, more are coming.ALWAYS BE READY AND WATCHFUL.

  24. Really Awake

    Good Report. Keep hammering away at the evil vaxx. We can’t let them (the vaxx pushers) get away with murder. The Vaxxine Pusher Man needs to pay for his crimes.

    I agree that we shouldn’t wish death or harm to anybody who took the vaxx in good faith on advice from the CDC, AMA and other so called experts; however, to those of whom willfully attacked (and continue to attack) the wise people who were unwilling to trust The Vaxxine Pusher Man: I say you’re my enemy and you can die. I’m willing to turn the other cheek insofar as your vicious insults. You foolish words don’t hurt me. But when you try and coerce and physically force me to take The Kill Shot. That’s different. You changed the rules of America; therefore, the world will be a better place without you. And Satan will have one less warrior after you’ve been shoveled into your grave.

    Yes, indeed, the unrepentant warriors of Satan (who knowingly or unknowingly) attack me and my family and my friends can surely die. I view their death as a case of self-defense whereupon I didn’t have to ligt a finger or do a thing to protect myself. They killed themselves. And I trust both Jesus and The Heavenly Father to have the appropriate mercy balanced with perfect justice.

  25. Randy

    Hypersonic missile tech is more fluff then actual. ICBMs are hypersonic and we have had them for many many decades. As an example LGM-30 (aka Minute Man III) at terminal velocity is Mach 23. Anything (including the retired Space Shuttle) going into space requires Mach 25 to do so. Current Russian hypersonic missiles are basically straight line air to surface attack missile, difficult to hit, but possible. What the Chinese are ahead of US and Russia is hypersonic glide vehicles, those will alter their course to evade anti missile systems.

  26. Mike and Ann

    Thank you so much for all that you give us Greg! You are the best and we love you in The Lord! Looking forward to meeting you in Heaven…hopefully soon:-)

  27. Frederick T Bannon

    Greg, I post your videos on my Facebook page, and im constantly getting suspended for 30 days.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frederick for all your support! I feel your pain.


    We just voted here in Ontario, Canada for mayor’s, counties, townships, etc. And we were required to bring our official notice with our names and addresses as well as a piece of identification. If we can run safe and legitimate elections, why can’t the U.S.A. Obviously, the citizens of America don’t want to. America has lost its right to lecture the world and coerce the world in right government. Your problem of fixed elections is not fixed. What are you going to do, Americans, when the democrats. Pull it off again and retain their majority? Since your judges are corrupt, your media are corrupt- like here in Canada, how Is the injustice going to be made public? Nothing has changed because talk is always cheap!


      There is an old saying, ” if a tree falls in a forest , does it make a sound”. Well, I am not going to philosophize its meaning, however; we are facing the same problem and it’s not metaphysical. If the msm refuse to print or convey what actually takes place, does it occur? We here in Canada have an ongoing trucker enquiry in Ottawa concerning Trudeau’s actions. How many of you know about it? If the U. S.judiciary refuses to hear cases re the corrupt election in 2020, did it occur? If truth is what is and not what I or anyone else says it is, then we are living in the most untruthful Era of history. And since we, collectively, have allowed government, media, police forces, Hollywood to dictate to us re life’s meaning, that sound in the forest is only echoing through them. They and they only are interpreting its meaning, despite the fact the sound is a hiss emanating from a serpent.

      • tim mcgraw

        Gerry Glover: That “If a tree falls in the forest…” crap is an old philosophy argument from the lefties in colleges. Of course, the tree makes a noise when it falls whether someone is there or not.
        The truth will out!

  29. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg, tried to post a comment with a ‘controversial’ link, but I think it was blocked. I’ll try again – and if the first one got through, please delete this one.
    For those critical of your focus on the Covid scamdemic, Stew Peters is publicising a new documentary film, ‘Died Suddenly’. Lt Col Dr Theresa Long, Dr Cole and Ed Dowd appear in the film so it should resonate with all Watchdoggers.

    Failed to post for the second time. I’ll remove the link and try to post it separately . . .
    If the link fails to post, I suggest people can find the story at the Stew Peters site.

    • Steve Bice

      Found the trailer for the documentary…that was hard to watch.

    • Justn Observer

      PNG….was it the SPN trailer? I also…blocked 3 times! lol

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Steve, Justin,
        I even tried to fool the surveillance by adding x’s randomly within the hyperlink (with separate instructions to delete all the x’s) but even the adulterated link would not post to USAW. Wow – big brother’s AI is smarter than I imagined.! Proves ‘they’ really want to suppress info about ‘Died Suddenly’.

  30. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Somewhere there is a bank that is money laundering the financial aid the corrupt biden cabal is giving to Ukraine. 10% to the big guy all his political toadies . The political kickback scheme in the US A must be exposed & the corruption & treason from such must be exposed & prosecuted .

  31. David Showers

    Come on Greg – you have an audience of thousands of people and it is no place to use vulgar slang. “I don’t want to be a dick.” is just inappropriate. If this continues, I will no longer listen to your podcasts or donate to your program. Yes, I have donated several times.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe you should look up the definition as to how it’s used in a sentence before you comment: “a stupid or contemptible man; to handle something inexpertly; meddle; you don’t know anything at all.”

      • Jim Hall

        One of my favorite movies is “The Bank Dick”, with WC Fields. The bank president refers to the term “Bank Dick”, as the vernacular of the under world. In no way was the term used in a vulgar way. You would enjoy the movie, it’s silly but highly entertaining. I believe that it’s 1940 vintage.

    • tim mcgraw

      David Showers: “House dick.” “Private dick”. The word “dick” can mean many things. Greg’s definition is correct.
      Now to say someone is “dickless” would be another matter. Or “He couldn’t find his dick with a microscope.” Or as George Carlin said about a very fat man, “This guy hasn’t seen his dick since the Nixon administration.”
      But in Greg’s case, he was referring to a person being a dick in the sense of him being insensitive, self-centered, and stupid.

    • stanley skrzypek

      What a FOOL… are probably Jabbed and woke….how old are you….did you go to a government indoctrination camp?……or are you just a FAKE CHRISTIAN?…..if you were a baseball player…..They would send You to the “Showers”…and most likely, I bet “Drop the Soap”…..ON PURPOSE!

    • Shiloh1

      Great W.C. Fields movie with that word in the title.

      If they re-make the movie it will star Bernake.

  32. Aaron ML

    Idea. If they sit in ANY seat of political power left or right vote them out. Dems and Republicans every last one needs to go, they are corrupt, criminal and work together on EVERYTHING.

    • Sam

      The babies in their dishwater are all dead – so throw them all out (before they kill everyone of our children with their mandated “jab”)!!

  33. Jeffrobbins

    I always look forward to the WNW. Once upon a time the Dems were (mostly) the the party of peace- doves- and the Republicans were the hawks. We’re overdue for a dose of humility. It might start is the bond markets- i hope Putin is patient enough with all the provocation to let us go broke all on our own. It is worth noting that i remember learning that some historians claim lead poisoning as a major cause in the decline/ fall of the Roman Empire- a direct parallel to the vax.

  34. Dave Scrimshaw

    Multiple Independently-targetable Reentry Vehicles (MIRVs) were originally developed in the early 1960s to permit a missile to deliver multiple nuclear warheads to different targets.

  35. Jeff Kindley

    The article about Fetterman says Brian damage…it should be brain damage….lol

  36. SpaceCommando

    Hypersonic missiles operate at speeds much higher than 3,700 mph Greg. In general “hypersonic” means speeds OVER mach 5. Some of Russia’s new missiles have been reported to fly at mach 10-15, if not higher.

  37. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, keep up on what is called vax. Have a great weekend God bless.

  38. Pat

    Greg, Please DO NOT let up on your vaxx reporting! I share your interviews on a well read news analysis forum, and I can assure you that you are opening a lot of eyes. This is totally necessary and your instincts are on target about this being “the ” story of the century.

  39. Doug W

    Please, Please , Please, keep us up dated about Kayle Rose Lumpkin autopsy, when you kind out what “KILLED” her , please let us know……….

    • Sam

      How many 18 year-olds like Kayla Rose Lumpkins went to sleep at night and passed away never to ever awake again “before the Covid Clot Shot was introduced as safe and pronoted for use by our murdering politicians”?? – our world has now forever been changed – and our sleazy politicians who promoted the “jab” as being safe “are still not through with us” – now – our Demonrat politicians want to bring us to Nuclear Armageddon – and yet – many “are still going to vote to put more of these murderers into office” this coming November!!

  40. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter the elite have embraced evil no end particularly here in the UK where we need a revolution of Mussolini necklace proportions.
    Meanwhile it now emerges that prion disease of the brain has suddenly returned with a vengeance and we all thought CJD had retired from the medical lexicon.
    The propaganda is never ending here in the UK with 4th injections being celebrated just like the 4th Reich being imported to the so called democracy here where homeopathic numbers of people voted for our new PM who happens to be a globalist WER-er. Imagine that! So I am sure it will all end well.
    Propaganda is all on steroids,
    Imagine sitting in a park with Leni Riefenstahl and being reminded of the imbecility or “submissive void” of a people ;have people embrace that “submissive void”today? I can only assume so.
    Still our economy here and currency,the British Pound, is all marvellous and bridge selling is believable ! We all like to think our politicians and the real power are stupid, unequivocally they most certainly they are not. Conniving,thieving braggarts who would murder their granny for a penny,most definitely yes.
    Well when the revolution comes the medical profession and the academic enablers will be disappeared with their families and these front line martyrs are still unaware of what they did wrong. Doctors are at best held in contempt and even the good ones will fall in this sweep.Sad! The real culprits will be on the runway, hopefully with nowhere to go to on planet Earth.
    But the “submissive void” will sacrifice their very blood for the real culprits in the war of the Ukraine.

  41. Mike Bauer

    Dear Greg,
    We enjoy the unbiased news reports and condemn the PayPal overreach. We have a small family business that avoids banking and Visa card fees by using the Zelle bank transfer system. It is immediate and free of charge. You probably have heard of it but in case you are busy with other matters, we offer this information to you. Blessings.

  42. Johnny Sic

    What is so worry some to me is 90 % of people around me are absolutely clueless about what is getting coiled up ready to strike them. It is like I am the only one speaking to them about this kind of news. Some people will argue with me over a nothing point (I am in California). I ask their news source and it is always, Yahoo news or CNN. I then have to bite my tongue and not say another word. It is not my position to force my opinion on others. We then chat about the weather.

    I have realized, over the past 2 years, while everyone is asleep, I have been able to stock up on everything, very quietly with no competition with the supplies. I have been able to double and triple my stashes.

    When the crowd figures out the problem, I would not want to be in a city.

    I purchased some land in New Mexico. In a restriction free zoning spot at 7000ft. elevation With some limited funds, I will be building a very simple to make Earthen, Pallet, Cob structure. should be near 6k to make as most of the home is clay, sand, straw and free pallets.

    Of all the children in class representing the Flags and Countries around the World, only one nation, AMERICA, is eager in their seat, raising their flailing arm with dancing fingers for a Nuclear War to start.

    I. Q. tests should be required for all people entering any position in Elected government service and contractor positions.

    • Sam

      Better to give them a “common sense” test – like ask them “do you think nuclear war is an acceptable means for politicians to use to negotiate with one another”???

    • nicki

      Yes, agree use Zelle.

  43. Michael Janket

    Are bank runs possible here in the US? It seems like the US will react far more catatonically than more mature countries.

    Another swell summary by our maharajah of money, Greg!


    We don’t want peace for ONE reason:
    The US is collapsing and we need an enemy to blame it on. I hope Russia has mercy on our WEAK leaders and they realize the majority of the US wants peace and new leadership. Don’t nuke us Vlad, just because our president is incompetent!

    • Keith

      Well I have just watched President Putin make a speech. Followed by 3 hours of Q&A regarding the situation in Ukraine and the coming war with America and Nato. President Joe Biden the moron who belongs in a nursing home with 24\7 nursing home care is sadly not fit to be the leader of the western world. If we placed all our leaders from the countries in the NATO alliance non of them are in the same league and knowledge of international affairs as President Putin. One can only dispare and fear the worse with our collective clowns running the western world. As regarding a war with Russia I just hope our woke and diversified NATO army is up to the task .

      • Sam

        BASF is not taking the insane bull shit being dished out by the WEF Atheistic Clowns “who think they are Gods” – BASF is now pulling out of Europe and moving all their operations to China – as for our NATO army – the only task they are up to is completely destroying Europe in a Thermo-nuclear Holocaust!!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Keith,
        I also make a point of watching Putin’s annual address and hours long Q&A. Who can tell in these troubling times, what is real and what is staged? But using ones own judgement and applying Greg’s maxim, ‘you know the truth when you hear it’, my observation is that Putin allows audience questions on any and all subjects – from school teachers’ wages in the provinces, to international affairs – and does not duck any question. He even admits when he does not know the answer !!! and promises to revert back when he has the details. For past decades, I cannot think of any ‘western’ leader willing or capable of facing such scrutiny.

    • Marie Joy

      This is all about one thing. Genocide.

  45. Victor

    Fb is the brainchild of a thr33 letter agency, therefor Zuckerberg is merely an empty suit. Anything that goes on there, like election meddling etc. is from much higher place.

  46. Hilly

    Thank U Greg..
    Excellent information.

  47. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, excellent News Wrap for the week.

    In other new, despite Lara Logan being banned from NewsMax, i still scan their headlines and found this jewel — “CatholicVote Spends $2 Million in Campaign Ads Targeting Catholic Democrats”, — so CatholicVote is working against Catholic politicians who are okay with the State interfering with parental rights and are good with late term abortion. $2 million can do a lot of damage to politicians who are already on the ropes due to the probable Republican Red Wave.

    Every little bit helps to keep Nancy P from being Speaker of the House. I just hope the R’s in the Senate can keep milk-toast RINO McConnell from being majority leader. There’s got to be somebody else that can do a better job in the Senate. Senator Ron Johnson comes to mind, but I don’t get a vote…

    Only 11 more days in this phase, then we have an election — meaning only 12 days until the post-election riots. Interesting times.

  48. jon

    Hi Greg, In past conflicts the US Military had a choice. Put your money into Big Iron or Boots on the Ground. Big Iron refers to Military Hardware R@D. They invested in Boots on the Ground instead. We have little hope now to catch up on Hypersonic Technology. had a series of Hypersonic Missile Technology. Some information was probably classified in the past. Seems due to physics at those speeds, special rare earth and strategic metals are needed for missile skin ability to withstand air friction temperatures and the ability to allow via thin skin construction to allow data comm’s with the missile logic. These require special Rare earth metals, that were previously supplied by Russia, China and South Africa. We have since damaged trade with these countries. Ergo, we do not have the updated technology research with real life application or access to the needed material.

  49. Martin Quinn


    The administration of the “Covid jabs” is the greatest crime in human history. You are doing a great job with your coverage. Stick with it !,

    MQ, MD,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you, Dr. Quinn!

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,
        Delores Cahill said that all people who took the death jab will die in 3 to 5 years. Allegedly 220 million US citizens took the vaxx. If she is only 25% correct, than that would mean 55 million dead with at least that many severely injured.

        Great wrap-up and take care my friend.


  50. Matt

    Hitler tried for peace multiple times prior to WWII. The same people pushed Germany to war! It was easy to hide Hitlers speeches do to the Language Barrier. Their doing the same to Putin now. Hitler will go down in history as a very great man! Who fought evil, the vampire slayer. The west has been totally brainwashed against Hitler!

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not agree with you at all Matt, but for the sake of free thought I am posting. Don’t get upset when people disagree with you strongly.

    • Mr.Ag

      “Their doing the same to Putin now”…….
      Putin vs. FJB……… money is on Putin

    • Pat

      All true, Matt.
      “It is impossible to explain how a press usually so eager to exploit the little incidents of life has been able to remain silent about the horrors perpetrated in Russia…and that it should have so little to say concerning a world organization as vast as Russian Communism. This silence…is favored by various occult forces which for a long time have been working for the overthrow of the Christian Social Order” – Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris, 1937

      “The Bolshevik leaders, most of whom are Jews, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and are trying to start a worldwide revolution.” – David R. Francis, US ambassador to Russia, Jan 1918

      “From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, the world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization has been steadily growing…it has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th Century; and now has gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads…In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the terror under Bela Kun in Hungary.” – Winston Churchill (Illustrated Sunday Herald, Feb 8, 1920, p.5 –

      “There is definite evidence that Bolshevism is an international movement controlled by Jews; communications are passing between the leaders in America, France, Russia & England, with a view toward concerted action.” – Scotland Yard Report to the US Secretary of State, July 23, 1919

      “I might list a hundred other revolutionary leaders and every one of them would be a Jew. Wherever you read of an assassination or of the explosion of a bomb you will notice in the newspaper dispatches that the man was a Jew…every deed of that kind is done by Jews” – William Eleroy Curtis, The National Geographic, “The Revolution in Russia,” Vol. 18, No. 5, (May, 1907) (p. 313)

  51. Prospector

    As I have been saying for a while, the communists goal is to ” Seize the means of production .”

    Top Dems urge Biden to nationalize oil & gas industry — Calls have moved quickly from fringe to mainstream

  52. pbd

    Thank you for another excellent Friday report and analysis. Your assiduous and detailed reporting on the Covid clot-shot genocide is one of or the best thing you are CORRECTLY doing – which has probably directly saved lives and reduced suffering in many others and continues to do so – KEEP ON GOING – Please! Thanks, pbd.

  53. pbd

    Greg – again you nailed it! I 100% agree with your excellent – CORRECT sensibility about maintaining human compassion for ALL vax-injury (murder/suicide) victims. Many unfortunate misguided opportunists and useful idiots (which includes family and friends) that have been gaslighted and weaponized by the powers-at-be – are experiencing horrific expiatory suffering and paying in many cases the ultimate price with their lives – for those that relish this suffering and loss of life under the extant evil commercialized genocide program – are themselves damaged, misguided and part of the problem – and need to WAKE-UP – karma is often a real bitch!

  54. pbd

    Previous Kingston interview: For those that are not sure what to make of (or were scared by) Karen Kingston’s review of certain disclosures in the biotech patent literature – I would say that laypersons (and even some/many professionals) fail to realize that most of the disclosures in such patents are highly “prophetic” (i.e. simply BS puffery) and often are unsupported by commensurate adequate specific science, logical reasoning and/or practical experimental data or results – and CAN NOT be taken seriously from a scientific academic or even patent legal perspective (I think) – however such patent disclosures do reveal perhaps the nature of some of the wild and crazy wishful thinking/extrapolating of some in the pharma industry – on this latter aspect Ms. Kinston is on the mark – on some of the other stuff – not so much. Just to be clear, I believe Ms. Kingston is well intentioned but some of her analysis is confusing and does not make sense (to me) from a patent, legal, chemistry, virology, and FDA regulatory perspective. We (including me) all need to be careful re. fact finding and issue identification and not find extra “boogie men” to distract or scare us away from critical logical thinking and action (I think).
    Best of luck all.

  55. Lady Au Stackers United

    Last year, and 6 months after receiving J&J C19 shot, my mother got deathly ill with fluid buildup in her lungs. I warned her NOT to take these dangerous Experimental injections bc the “consequence” will be detrimental several months later. She was treated and released. Fast forward to now. She received her Booster injection just this early April. I knew there would be consequence 6 months later or maybe a little longer from time of injection.

    Today, October 28, I lost my mom…

    • Greg Hunter

      Lord have mercy, I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a mother is awful and nobody is ever ready for it. Please dearl Lord Jesus comfort “Lady.”

    • Mr.Ag

      Lady Au
      WOW!…..what a kick….my Heart cries for you….I am sorry…….she is with her Heavenly Father now….and will be happy to be with you again when it is your turn to go……I lost mine too…..just a Temporary setback…

    • LoyalWeim

      I am so sorry for your loss, Lady Au. My mother also has bought into this nonsense and I have no doubt that she has taken her 3rd booster- FIVE SHOTS. I really do think that this will be what kills her though I am surprised that she has made it this far given her age and comorbidities.

      Prayers that God and others of faith comfort you.


      • Sam

        Playing Russian Roulette FIVE TIMES and not being killed is incredible!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      I am sorry for your loss and without wishing to belittle it, why on Earth do people who have suffered serious side effects from CV-19 shots, continue to take boosters? For those of us who have resisted the BS official narrative, continuing to take boosters after being adversely affected by earlier shots is inexplicable – even surreal! Many of the vaxxed act like members of a cult – obeying without question the will of their guru. Anecdotally, cult members need to be kidnapped and detained against their will in order to detox their senses. But what do we do now that the cult members outnumbers those who remain rational? It’s a serious question, for which I do not have an answer . . .

  56. joe

    greg, do you have any insight into the disappearance of the journo Meek after the fbi raid on his home?

    • Shiloh1

      I’m intrigued as well.

  57. Jeffrobbins

    Everyone should do a quick history review of Jamestown and ask a few questions. They were on the James River- a virgin river and near the Chesapeake Bay- how is it possible so many died from starvation. Some said shoe leather was even eaten. Disease is a little more understandable, but not hunger- every one of them would have known about fishing nets and boats from the Bible. Not to mention the possibility of hunting parties. The real culprit IMHO is that they were educated idiots. Most of the first bunch were not handy/ practical people- they were removed for most of their lives from the things that make life possible- what really matters. We have our own educated idiots today; but it’s worse because we are so interdependent on each other. Each of us needs to do an inventory of the things that really matter, and understand this society is headed in the wrong direction ( what is a woman?). Just yesterday we had a big argument because our early teenage boys didn’t want to help pull out the tomato plants from the garden that the chickens go into over the winter- they just want to look at TIK TOK and dad is mean. Tomato plants are bad for chickens and gardens need tending- and that is something i will make sure the kids know. And that says nothing about hand skills, growing food, financial, etc. I suppose my SHTF meter is on high alert these days. I think about Jesus going off on His own to pray- he had a dozen teenagers.

  58. Anti-Atomist

    “The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones.”

    “The Shakespeare Code” points to an ugly chimera with the head of a lion (Khazarian-Hittite-Egyptian-Atlantean bankers in London), the body of a goat (Fauci Gang’s Greco-Roman Beast of Revelation), and the tail of a dragon (Communist China).

    I disagree with the theory of a fake virus + deadly spike “vaccine” + fake news.

    I agree with the theory of a moderately deadly bioweapon flu virus + deadly spike “vaccine” + deadly fake news.

    Break the fauci of the Remdesivir man.

    Like nuclear war, weaponized biowarfare is not a form of Mutual Assured Democracy, it is Mutual Assured Destruction!!!

    It is beyond ignorant to totally ignore God’s neuroregenerative herbs and to push alternative pharmaceuticals that are still made with the same toxic FDA-approved solvents, like toluene, hexane, etc.

    Look, they aren’t even allowed to test or write about the most neuroregenerative herb that Jesus used to heal the sick – the seed-bearing herb that fights cancer five ways because the anti-Christian, anti-Bible, self-serving mass murderers have made the Mesopotamian tree of life federally illegal through corruption, lies, & anti-Christ propaganda:

    Role of medicinal plants in neurodegenerative diseases’s comment section software doesn’t even recognize “neuroregenerative” is an English word!

  59. Greg D


    Invest in a black light and you will be disturbed to find fluorescent particles all over cotton buds, toilet paper and the list goes on. Graphene Oxide???

  60. Prospector

    Seize the means of production : Major communist goal always.

    Top Democrats urge Biden to Nationalize oil and gas industry – Michael Shellenberger / Zerohedge

  61. iwitness02

    Concerning paypal; I read that in addition to the 2500 dollars they would take for “spreading misinformation,” they can also freeze your entire account for up to six months. What kind of business model is that? Doesn’t seem legal in any way, shape or fashion. Sounds like our present administration in the WH. As far as I’m concerned, we have anarchy from the top down. It didn’t start at the street level and move up. It started at the highest levels of government and is moving downward.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you iwitness02 for adding this! Changes have to be made against the wokeness. Cornerstone, a Christian based payment system, is a great alternative to PP.

  62. stanley skrzypek

    When I started to buy Ag in Earnest……..I bought exclusively 1964 Kennedy halves…@ $6.50 ea. ….. that equals to one hundred thirty dollars a Roll…….fast forward 10++ yrs. to the Scamdemic……now….still a Bargain, they are Twelve dollars each ………that equates to $240.00 a roll……..the target price for me is $36.17 ea. or…..$724.38 a Roll…..a Realistic but on the lower end of the $ scale……that is when I get that “Bungalow on the Beach”……
    Another hint for you people on the higher end of the Intelligent scale is Theta and Tfuel….do some Research and you will than me later…..

  63. Jane jones

    YouTube Announces It Will ‘Certify’ Medical Information In Cahoots With The World Health Organisation
    by Steve Watson October 28th, 2022
    Applicants for certification must fall into line with the “authoritative sources”
    YouTube has announced that it intends to allow medical professionals to become ‘certified’ as ‘reliable’ and “authoritative sources” in a fresh attempt to restrict so called ‘medical misinformation’ (anything that doesn’t match the accepted narrative).

  64. Shirl

    Declare >>> NO to War <<< Call your IDIOTIC DemonRAT and RINO " Industrial War Complex Death Mongering Politician up and scream decent!!!

    If the INSANE War Mongering Freaks Liars and Fools want to WAR, send them in a ring to have it out with Knives, Bats and Chains….just leave the rest of the 99.9999999999999 % of the World Out Of it, especially when it comes to Nuclear War!!!

    • Wilhelm

      Hello Shirl,

      Where’s that FAKE Glo-Bull Warming Greta “HOW DARE YOU!!??” at when she might actually do some good with that act?

  65. Rob Seetan

    Interesting observation. I recently visited two doctor’s offices for minor concerns. In both cases I asked the nurses if I could remove my mask once in the exam rooms. Both were fine with it. In fact, they went on to dismiss the whole Covid narrative and gave me examples of misdiagnosis and general displeasure with the narratives. One went as far as to call it a “scamdemic”. Both said they were “unvaccinated”. In addition they both gave me examples of jab injuries they witnessed and were concerned for the future. I see this as evidence that the truth will be coming out sooner than later. To be sure, I told them about USA Watchdog and to spread the word.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rob for your street reporting & for spreading USAW.

  66. Marie Joy

    We are too civilized.

  67. Larry Fonseca

    When it comes to your life and that of your children, here’s video proof that Trump and DeSantis and others are on the same team as Obama & Biden.

  68. Robert Keenan

    Satan 2 is a big boy – hence the tag superheavy intercontinental ballistic missile – and comes out at a hefty 208.1 tons, with a length of 35.5 metres (116.4 ft) and a diameter of 3 metres (9.8 ft). It has an operational range of 18,000 kilometers (11,000 miles) and a top speed of Mach 20.7 (25,560 km/h – 15,880 mph).

    Unlike traditional Intercontinental ballistic missiles which travel up then down along a well-determined arc, the Satan 2 uses a much shallower trajectory and the Russians claim it can weave close to the ground, and so evading Florida’s much-touted missile defence system. Russian media has also reported that it can fly over either the north or south pole adding an extra degree of surprise when it lands in America. We can only assume that the Americans and their impressive missile defence system had never thought of this crazy possibility.

    As I mentioned at the start of the video, the Satan 2 is also a multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV), meaning that once it nears its target, the missile breaks into 10 to 15 separate warheads, each capable of acting like an independent cruise missile and each packing a 750 kiloton warhead. Alternatively, it could carry 24 YU-74 hypersonic boost-glide vehicles, known as Avanguards, though these are reportedly still some way off full operational use.

    In theory, a single Satan 2 could deploy a combined nuclear attack with the equivalent of 8 Megatons of TNT – which is around 400 times more powerful than either of the bombs dropped on Japan at the end of the Second World War.

    Putin’s claim that the Satan 2 is invincible is faintly plausible – in theory. We don’t know nearly enough about this weapon to get an accurate idea of how exactly the Satan 2 would be able to weave smoothly through the most sophisticated missile defence system on the planet as it did in the animated video. The Russian claim that the missile can take an “unpredictable route” is about as clear as Putin’s real net worth and certainly creates more questions than answers.

    It’s entirely likely that several of the warheads aren’t actually weapons at all, but rather countermeasures designed to fool anti-missile systems. Perhaps only five or six of the separate missiles would carry a warhead and the rest are simply there to cover the scent. Another option might be that the Satan 2 comes with warhead cooling systems that can be used to confuse heat-seeking anti-missile systems. Unfortunately, we just don’t know, so we’ll just have to take honest Vlad at his word.

    Arms Race 2.0?
    The fever that erupted in the wake of Putin’s announcement in 2018 was enough to convince many that we are barrelling towards another arms race, which to be honest was probably exactly what the Russian leader was hoping for.

    What’s clear is that towards the end of the Cold War, the emphasis was on the reduction of warheads and MIRVs. Both superpowers kept most of their nuclear weapons but agreed to begin lowering the number of warheads. It now appears we may be moving in the opposite direction again, with both countries, and potentially China as well, placing their faith in smaller intercontinental missiles capable of carrying more MIRVs at higher speeds. The age of the mighty Cold War armament may be over, but the sneaky speedsters of the 21st Century could well pose a very different threat.

    Both Russia and the United States have vast stockpiles of nuclear weapons, most of which are now starting to look a little dated, so the idea of modernising their Arsenals isn’t exactly radical. President Obama certainly made his feelings towards nuclear weapons perfectly clear when he spoke of his dream of a world without nuclear weapons, but his administration also instigated an upgrade program to U.S nuclear armaments that will probably cost at least $1 trillion over the next three decades.

    It’s difficult to say whether the arrival of the Satan 2 will spark another genuine arms race or is simply being used to score points and inflate Russian interests. The thing about dictators that stick around for a prolonged period, is that they continuously have to justify their position to the people they govern. If Russia was on friendly terms with the rest of the world, Putin would have a much harder time convincing the Russian people that they need to waste billions each year on the military, rather than fixing the country’s many social issues. The protests earlier this year in the wake of the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of Alexei Navalny were larger than most in recent history and showed that Russia might just be ready for a change. That flicker has certainly died down again but you get the feeling that Putin is going to pull out all the stops in the coming years to retain control and keep the illusion in place.

    The Satan 2 is due to have its final testing phase over the next couple of years and should be deployed sometime in 2022. Whether or not we’ll ever see this invincible wonder weapon is quite a different matter – but let’s hope not.

    Now, I know we’ve lampooned Putin and his new weapon quite a bit in this video, but honestly, we have very little idea just how powerful and technologically advanced the Satan 2 is. This is Russia after all, with a long pedigree of rolling out obscenely powerful weapons, so let’s not count them out entirely. How much of this new missile is cutting edge and how much is simply a propaganda tool, remains to be seen.

  69. John Nordstrom

    As Gerald Celente says – when all else fails, they take us to war. The Central Bank is desperate. Lloyd Austin, Pedo Joe, and most Dems, Reps, and high-ranking Federal unelected bureaucrats are on the Central Bank payroll. We need to be on the lookout for when the weasels in Washington suddenly decide to have an off-site meeting…
    We the People are responsible for restoring Constitutional Law to the US – by whatever means necessary.
    PayPal – be sure to remove your Bank and Credit Card links before closing your account – have a look at this new bank offering (I am not affiliated).

  70. David Kullesa

    Florida has a police force dedicated to vote fraud , that’s probably why there is a whistle blower.

  71. BDS

    I think the worst thing to do to the USA in a nuclear attack is not Hit LA, Chicago or NYC! They will destroy themselves over time!

  72. Bob Spence

    So Greg , do you feel those of us who took the first two Pfiser jabs have altered DNA?.. Does that preclude us from God’s Salvation because we have corrupted DNA?.. If the Vax kills me , it kills me – but I do not want to miss eternity with the Saviour over taking the jab.. What comments could you share with me please?.. There is so much dis-information on the Net , what do your expert contacts say that you agree with?..Thanks very much

    • Greg Hunter

      Unfortunately, the vax does change your DNA. Do not talk another injection and this include the flu shot. Hang on to Jesus and you will be redeemed.

    • Myna

      The word of God says when we are saved, we are marked with the Holy Spirit. How can someone else put their mark on us? If so, what is the point?. The word of God says, John 10:28-29 “I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. 29 My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all[a]; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand.” Stay in relationship with Jesus Christ- always. Sadly, a lot of born again believers were deceived.

  73. alfy

    looking forward from here to the end of this decade, I’ve been doing my best to come to terms and be with grim resolve. I’m of the view we will see a 1/3rd reduction in our overall population (usa) and of those of those living, 1/3rd will be profoundly disabled. of the folks on videos, in churches, and so on who are thrilled about what we are facing (there is plenty of them who are excited). they are even bigger fools than those poor souls (mostly left leaning folks) who lined up to get the death jabs. grim resolve…

  74. Joe

    There are no Nuclear Weapons

    • Ray

      There ARE nuclear weapons Joe.
      Fair Dinkum mate……..
      Here………I’ll throw you a 47 mile long piece of rope so you can pull yourself up out of the rabbit hole you’ve fallen into.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  75. Prospector

    What a complete mess !!!

    Pennsylvania Voter-Not-Verified Vulnerability
    Hundreds of thousands of ballots being sent to unverified voters in PA.
    ” Due to this conflicting information from Dept. Of State , even conscientious election workers could unknowingly accept and count ballots for which NO VERIFICATION HAS EVER OCCURED. ”

    Full Story :

  76. MacGuy

    I agree with your assessment of “Rumble” and “Locals” and thankful you have maintained your own server. There is something untrustworthy about those other platforms, however, then I see “patriots” flocking to them in droves! I do believe they are building their castles on sand and will one day sink. Those of us who lived through Watergate will always remember those infamous words “Follow the money”.

  77. RTW

    Well, the Dems October Surprise came just in the nick of time.
    It’s sad Poor Pauley P had to take one for the team just because he has the misfortune of being married to Nan and embarrassed her with that unfortunate accident a few months ago. The old “false flag” should have been run up the pole immediately following the report and prominently displayed during the “investigation. Before this is settled, the assailant will be reported to have a life size poster of Trump on his bedroom wall as well as a membership to Mar a Lago. They’re already blaming the pillowfile (Mike Lindel) for indoctrinating him through watching his endless stream of commercials.
    The first anomaly is how fast they are releasing information when normally all you get is “no comment” because of the ongoing investigation, spiel. The second is what does the Capital Police have to do with it? They didn’t show up for his DUI incident. The timing is also very coincidental.

  78. Corporal Clegg

    50% of Americans shoot themselves in the head…..and decade after decade support democrats!!

    Christians that vote democrat that support murdering 70 million babies. Some Christians eh?

    Jews that vote Democrat that support the Nazi-controlled Ukrainian farce. Not all Jews are thinkers eh?

    Blacks that vote democrat that support being multi-generational victims dependent on entitlements from the working taxpayers. Well what can be said, keep repeating the Blacks Are Victims mantra and get endless brainwashed votes.

    Straight white males that vote democrat that want your assets taken away, and them exterminated or sex changed to neutered soy-it-person!!

    All working taxpayers that vote democrat that support endless taxation and inflation, the endless pissing away of the tax dollars to those people/foreign Nazis that don’t earn.

    Police officers that vote democrat that consider you racists, and want you locked up behind bars and de-funded.

    Union workers that vote democrat that support endless taxation and inflation.

    Social security earners that vote democrat that support endless taxation and inflation, watch your HAD EARNED LIFELONG SAVINGS deflate away to nothing!!

    Why the Republicans don’t get 100% of the votes is beyond belief.

  79. Joseph Boudreau

    It’s a sad state we’re in but honestly, I wear God’s armor so I know I’ll be OK. But I stocked up just in case … :0
    Good wrap up!

  80. Coal Burner

    I assure my New Mexico Democrat morons Ben Lujan and Bozo Heinriick voted for the Stupidity. They did not ask the people crap and we are a major first strike target. In fact we would probably get at least four first strike hits. I would like Putin to delay until he makes Washington dissappear, vaporized. I would enjoy that before instant death.

    What would make Joe Biden come to New Mexico to support the Governor Grimshim. She is almost hated as bad as him. In New Mexico I know no one who likes paying twice the gasoline price or running out of diesel fuel nationwide just after the election. We are going to hate that bustard when the diesel fuel is gone. We cannot live in the southwest without the diesel fuel flowing. Further we are done with Gov. MLG useless masks and wanting to give our kids death shots and shutting down the schools. We do not want you Joe and we do not want MLG anymore. We are done with you elected or not MLG. No more listening to you tyrant. Stop the vote cheating in NM. We know you cheated in Ben Ray Lujan, do you think we do not know Ben. Joe Senile, STAY AWAY!

  81. Carol Waters

    If a patient takes a blood transfusion from a vaxers blood, does the patient now become infected with the evil chemistry as if the patient had been injected?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Carol. The Red Cross told me they do not separate vaxed from unvaxed blood.

  82. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for another great WNW. Yes, the vaccines/bio-weapon viruses/lockdowns is a story that will affect us for at least one generation. As damaging to society as WWI and WWII.
    Today’s news is that the USA will run out of diesel fuel in 25 days. If that happens, the economy will stop. Better be prepared.

  83. Coal Burner

    LOL, China, where is BASF going? Greg that reminded me about GM, the great General Motors, now owned by China. That CEO, LOL, what could go wrong?????????? There is no GM anymore. It is China Motors and GM is gone. China owns the total investment of all the value of the GM stock. At least Ford chose Mexico and the ordinary people from Mexico are ok.

    Oh yes, Fakebook , another company that git its just desserts! LOL!!! As soon as that judge hit them the CIA and DNC called and said you are done as our propaganda machine and we are done sending you millions of dollars a year. Slam down goes the Propaganda king.

  84. Boxcar Wolley

    If there are only 24 days of DIESEL fuel available in the USA,
    I bet there will be massive hoarding early next week,
    and by Wednesday there will be none available for sale,
    and next weekend America will be under martial law.

    The news will be released that the 1970’s guy that predicted the oil would be in sharp decline by the 2010’s was correct all along.

    Yes, the stock market be going up 1,000 pts knowing a planet ending Gamma Ray was to hit in 24 hours. They are factoring that the economy is about to fall deep into the depressionary toilet and the FED will have to lower rates and spend trillions more than last years trillions.

    The FED will be going all in FOR THE LAST POSSIBLE TIME. Even though the FED has no fingers or toes remaining to cut off, no arms, no legs.

    • Jim Hall

      Boxcar Woolley,
      M King Hubbard was a geophysicist with Shell oil who peak oil at a meeting of geologists in 1956. He predicted that the United States would peak in 1970. This was correct until the shale technology was developed. This has enabled the world production to soar to 102 million barrels per day. The production profile of these wells is different than conventional vertical wells. The depletion curve is much more rapid and they are far more expensive to drill. You have to have a continuous drilling problem or production will fall. Energy is the master resource and without it the World economy will implode. Energy use grows at about 3% annually, meaning that it would double in 24 years. Hence to maintain the system we will need 200 million barrels per day to maintain the economy. This is very difficult to envision as the worlds biggest discoveries were made in the 1960s. I am encouraged by the potential of Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors which is a potential solution. I think that it’s highly likely that we have technology that will produce limitless almost free energy. But your assertion is absolutely spot on about the short run. There is a book on the subject, “Twilight in the Desert, the coming Saudi Oil Crash and the World Economy”, by Matthew Simmons. If you remember the massive offshore oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which British Petroleum operated, he was going to testify before congress to the fact that the well was leaking over 100 thousand barrels per day rather than the 5 thousand BP admitted to. He suffered a fatal heart attack in his hot tub the night before he was to testify.

  85. Kosmo

    We are all being duped. The Bible is the only truth I can seem to find.

  86. Salty D

    There will come a day when people will refuse to go to the Doctor/Hospital/Emergency Room when all realize what the Medical community haas done.

    • Sam

      My Grandfather knew “way back in the 1930’s” that Hospitals were Morgues and would refuse to go to one!! (He would always say: “Stay at home and die with your boots on – rather then with a tag on your big toe”)!!

  87. Frank Cooper

    Rishi Sunak – THIS Is What They’re Not Telling You
    Russell Brand 1,057,207 views Oct 25, 2022
    Rishi Sunak is the new UK prime minister. What does his background of private schools, Goldman Sachs, a billionaire wife and connections to the WEF reveal about him? #uk #economy #politics
    Watch Full Episode On Rumble:

  88. Registeered

    Mr. Hunter, please continue covering the ‘vaccines’ we cannot let these crooks get away with it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will Registeered.

  89. Josip Broz

    :Frank S.10/26/2022 • October 25, 2022
    As for the quantum dots being activated/deactivated, appear/disappear in association with 5G, a guest on Stew Peters (a few months ago) demonstrated this phenomenon with microscopic video of a drop from one of the vials. The self-assembling “circuit board” looking stuff grew over time lapse to a rectangular shaped device. This was while the area was bathed in 5G. With the 5G off, this same device seemingly “melted” into liquid. With the 5G restored, it regrew, but into a slightly different shape, acc. to its old “footprint”

    sgt_doom10/27/2022 •
    Called “liquid computing” — below see a 2001 article on it, memtioning Harvard’s — and the Wuhan University of Technology’s — Charles Lieber.

    Liquid Computing
    Imagine a computer, suspended in a flask of liquid, which assembles itself when the liquid is poured onto a desktop. Sound like science fiction? Hyman professor of chemistry Charles Lieber is making it happen in his laboratory, where researchers have already created tiny logic circuits and memory–the two main components of a computer–in just this manner. And these circuits are tiny, just a few atoms across.
    This I What They Been up to For Twenty Years?
    Transhumanism Transformation of Man? Up-And-Coming Movie?;
    THE NEW: Updated Film [Night of The Living Cyborgs?]
    [CCP Own’s Hollyweird] Maybe that’s why it’s now, so weird?
    Run Barbara, RUN!

    Promises Are Made to Be Broken? Only In the West, Partner!
    Jeffrey Sachs : President Putin Was Promised No NATO Enlargement in Black Sea, We Lied And Cheated!! 40,718 views FINANCE MAIL 2 days ago

    Tucker Carlson: Propagandists lost protection from Twitter
    41,459 views Premiered 41 minutes ago
    The propagandist censor bully’s are crying crocodile tears, funny. What a hoot!
    Can We Talk: In Memory of Joan Rivers
    Big Mouths Unite!

    ‘WIPED OFF THE MAP’ – Putin Calls For New World Order, Nuclear Threats Towards US & Britain / Oct 27, 2022 Stephen Gardner
    Putin says he wants the Russia Ukraine war to come to an end.

  90. Elinor Saunders

    Greg I love your work and have followed you diligently for years. Would you please pu
    up the link for cornerstone. I tried to google it and was confused where I can sign up.
    Thank you, Greg for everything you are and for all your courage to STAND.

  91. Joan Sparks

    Do you really think these people took the vax, then there’s something wrong with your brain.

  92. Marie Joy

    In the news, Paul Pelosi, husband of Nancy Pelosi, was severely beaten in the couple’s home in CA. He is reported to have a fractured skull and is in surgery. The intruder said “Where is Nancy’.

    • Sam

      After screwing us – they get hammered – didn’t they think there would be consequences? – and what are the doctors thinking who are jabbing our 2 year old children to death??

      • Marie Joy

        Some sites are implying all is not as it appears.

    • Shiloh1

      He usually gets hammered with vodka and gin.

  93. Anita

    Thank you Greg

  94. Julian Assange

    THIS Is Why Musk’s Twitter Takeover Matters – Tulsi Gabbard
    Stay Free With Russell Brand 41 minutes ago

    Thank God some young people, are not hoodwinked! By the likes of George sore, you know what and Hillary Hitler Clinton, Barry Obomber, Big brother CIA,FBI,FSB ad psyop’s nauseum!
    Freedom Lives Barry! How long? 1984 or 1776?

    How The American Empire Will Collapse (Shocking Insights)
    How The American Empire Will Collapse (Shocking Insights)
    George Gammon 2 hours ago

  95. john duffy

    “People Tell Me I’m Crazy For Believing The Covid Vaccines Are Unsafe”

  96. Julie

    Watch Tulsi’s full message with Ruster;
    Full Episode On Rumble:

  97. John Brundage

    Greg, In your 10/28 article, which said that in response to what we are doing in Ukraine, Russia might launch a nuclear attack on the US, & New York City probably would not get just one bomb; it might get 8. This reminded me of an article I read in the 1990s, probably in “Time Magazine”. It was about high level scientists in a group called JASON, which the DOD used for advanced research problems. JASON was given the task of writing a computer program that would tell the DOD where to drop our hydrogen bombs on Russia for the most effective results. When they got done with their program, the JASON members assumed the Russians would use similar logic in choosing targets in the USA, so they reran their program from the Russian point of view. Their program allotted 250 Hydrogen bombs for the cities along the Atlantic coast from Boston to Washington D.C. The New York City metropolitan area was allotted 50 Hydrogen bombs.

  98. James

    Has anyone gathered data on pre election polls compared to post election results?

  99. Eric Morgan

    I am confused. Did Karen Kingston say that shedding from the vaccinated has infected even the unvaccinated such that by normal social interaction we all have that bioweapon inside of us? If one doesn’t take Ivermectin etc, does that mean that the unvaccinated among us will get vaccine injuries or death as well? This requires a more in depth explanation!

  100. Justn Observer

    Greg, will we see civil war start in Oregon?

    Word is even if Oregon votes in a GOP Gov. the die has already been cast IF they their measure 112 passes and ALL concaled carry permits are immediately disavowed and they move to confiscate guns and other still NOT defined restrictions…which were left vague intentionally… =as in all gun owners must pass psychological testing, may have to give access to their social accounts, pass new gun use testing by state using a minimum of 300 rds of ammo ‘if one can find that amount as supplies are dryed up. by an undefined agency as to by who and where since there is only one state police gun range in the state, so good luck getting one’s concealed carry permit re-instated any time soon! Non-compliance could/make felons out of tens of thousands of Oregon residents overnight!

    From what I was told, if it passes, it will go into effect within 30 days and be signed in law by the exiting Gov. before the GOP Gov. ever takes office! Good luck stopping the door kicking and confiscating before she takes office…so those in Oregon that own semi-auto guns…even semi-auto shotguns with tubes that can hold the shorter 12ga. will then be deemed ‘high capacity via what the NRA has put out…so if you are a gun owner AND have gold/silver as many on there discuss, one might want to get that out of your home if they are deemed to be ‘illegal gun owners’ requiring a home search and grab or ‘red gun law’ complaint by some ‘lefty’ neighbor… I have several friends who also have bailed out of Oregon to MT, WY, TX, AND TN over the last 9mo. as Oregon IS the NEW S.F. and SEATTLE…as the libtards it is said who are bailing out N. Cal AND Seattle are bringing theiropinions ways with them but hoping to avoid the sxxt smell and needles and high taxes… Visited a friend in So. Oregon, Medford now called METHford…and even the ole hippies there are being overrun and turned in by cartel drug grows and dealers to push them out and take their market share! lol So,appears their grow businesses have gone to pot?
    Was also told there is a town called Madras where large amounts of migrants are being bused in but people do not know where they are being housed…and ‘suspccion’ is they are somewhere on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation…but can’t confirm that…Most of those leaving are doing so because of their Christian beliefs at odds with the school indoctrination and the anti-gun constant push of anti-gun issues. Good luck to those that have chosen to stay!
    Sadly, people have not learned if they don’t stand up they will be walked over!
    Ca, Or, Wa will be prime examples of the wrongheaded complacency and go along to get along…

  101. Justn Observer

    Greg. Appears less is more now.?

  102. Prospector

    ” US Bio-weapon labs in Ukraine is Russian disinformation ” Wash. Post 3/11/22
    ” How Russia’s false bio-lab story was was echoed by US far right ” NPR 3/25/22
    ” Theory about US funded bio weapons in Ukraine is unfounded ” NY Times 3/11/22

    The truth comes out.
    Victoria Nuland to Sen. Marco Rubio – ” uh , Ukraine has , uh , biological research facilities ” Real Clear Politics 3/9/22

    Now we have this : Russia accuses British Navy of Nord Stream attack – Zerohedge

    In response , UK Defense Ministry calls it ” false claims on an epic scale .”
    Hard to imagine Putin making such a direct charge without hard evidence beyond the NATO ship activity in the area prior to the ‘ event ‘, ( that by itself looks bad ). We will now see the MSM fall all over themselves calling this ‘ disinformation ‘ , just as with the now confirmed bio-weapon labs.
    God help us, these warmongers are maniacs.

  103. Rustler7

    Please remind everyone about the period of time they encouraged the “mix and match” era of this scandemic

  104. Prospector

    Russia halts grain shipments after todays attempt to attack Black Sea ships at Sevastopol base. Says 9 UAV’s and 7 maritime drones were destroyed , damage to 1 ship.

    Blames UKR maritime specialists under guidance of British specialists.
    Faytuks News – @faytuks / Reuters

    ‘ Peace sells , but who’s buying ? ‘

    • Greg Hunter

      This is awful news but thanks for posting it.

      • Prospector

        You bet . Something else to watch. Russia airborne command plane will be up on patrol Nov. 1 – Nov. 5 in the far North Nenoksa area East of Finland. NATO nickname for the doomsday plane is ” Maxdome “.
        Open source plane & ship trackers, #OSINT , like Evergreen Intel,
        @vcdgf555 and others are good for filling in some missing info.

        ( Why patrol there ? Could it be where a sub launch has the shortest flight time to Moscow ? Hope not. Have a good weekend thanks. )

    • J. Loughran

      Déjà vu all over again” ?
      See, “Sir Halford Mackinder Heartland theory… the theory proposed that whoever controls Eastern Europe controls the Heartland. It also supported the concept of world dominance.” And, do a refresher on Niccolo Machievelli.

  105. Joe Wong

    Yep Greg – tell that to the rice farmers of Vietnam, and the goat herders of Afghanistan (aka the graveyard of empires). I think the Joebama Administration is looking for WW3 to cover up for their FAILED policies, since 83 countries around the world are rapidly DUMPING and selling-off US DEBT including Israel, Japan, South Korea, and of all nations Taiwan is also doing same.

  106. H. Abraham

    US Col. Richard Black: “It’s Not Russia that is Planning an October Surprise with a Dirty Bomb”
    209,168 views Oct 25, 2022 Schiller Institute 61.8K subscribers

    The Institute believes a false flag operation, a wage the dog scenario, if you will. Is in the works, in the next few day’s. To the sacrifice of world peace, for the possibility of global nuclear Neo-conflagration, to save they’re globalist mad-men dream, of a Russian-German breakdown, of human life ending, epic proportions.
    You’ve heard of the roach motel? There is a distinct possibility of Earth becoming the roach planet. Roaches, having been shown to be the only species to possibly survive a nuclear holocaust.

    Join Senator Black and other leaders from around the world at the Schiller Institute conference of last Thursday, Oct. 27, 10am eastern

  107. Mrs. T. Abraham

    Former and currently serving elected officials from all over the world convened in the Congress of Mexico in Mexico City and via Zoom video-Thursday, October 27 from 10:00 am to 1:00 p.m. EDT, to build on the live gathering this past October 7 with legislators from across the Americas, and the later October 15 Schiller conference of youth leaders who all gathered to bring the world back from the brink of nuclear war.

    With new threats emerging daily, including Russia’s warnings that Ukraine (with backing from the United Kingdom) is preparing an “October surprise” involving the use of a nuclear “dirty bomb,” the Oct. 27 seminar has taken on heightened urgency.

    As Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized in an Oct. 22 interview with EIR magazine:

    Well, if you look around the world and ask normal people, like normal parliamentarians, elected officials, trade unionists, industrialists, farmers, fishermen, and so forth, nobody wants World War III! It’s a very small apparatus which is pushing this geopolitical confrontation which threatens the annihilation of the human species…

    So the fact that what is at stake is the possible destruction of mankind, that makes, automatically, every citizen on the planet, to be a world citizen who has the right to speak out for the interest of humanity as a whole. And given the fact that the Schiller Institute is named after the poet Friedrich Schiller, who argued that there is no contradiction between a patriot and a world citizen—or that there doesn’t have to be—basically, we are now appealing to world citizens from all over the world to stand up against this war, and make sure that people understand that we have to make a jump in the thinking, to think in terms of a new paradigm, where everybody learns to think as a world citizen; which doesn’t mean you’re not a patriot, it just means you have to make one more step, you have to take the interest of humanity as a whole into account, and make sure that your understanding of your national interest is not in contradiction to that larger interest of humanity as a whole…SEE AND HEAR THE CONFERENCE;

  108. Steve Bice

    Trial run for elimination of those marked by vaccination? Very unusual…and suspicious.

    • Steve Bice

      Thought about this a little more. Let’s just assume they cranked up the 5G to see what would happen in a highly vaxxed population.

      Looks like a pretty successful test. Should we be surprised if similar disasters occur in crowded soccer or football stadiums?

      Or better yet, “protesters” can’t breath and start dropping dead in their tracks. If we thought is wasn’t chaotic enough in the BLM riots, just imagine the panic and carnage if they turn up the “gain”.

      But, the above is likely just for show and the first expression of a Gates-approved way to reduce population through vaccines.

      The primary (at least intermediate-term) target will likely be a MAGA rally after Trump declares his intention to run in 2024. There is no better way to accomplish two goals at once: Discredit the movement and demonize the people, while eliminating large numbers of those that stand in the way of the reset.

      The only thing missing will be the soon to follow attempt to blame it all on some new “variant” requiring emergency vaccinations.

      The “plan” seems to be coming together. The successful worldwide vaccination program and resulting large cohort of fully vaccinated “targets” makes it all possible.

      Rinse and repeat…

  109. Self Exiled

    I wonder how much this also has do with the inoculations and how much Karen Kingston’s newly found patents tie into this event.

  110. z

    World renowned microbiologist and virologist, professor Sucharit Bhakdi MD will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post. Great interviews. Enjoy everyone of them !!! Keep up the great work Greg!

    Wow!!! Looking forward to the Saturday night post.

  111. Junior P Samples

    ZeroHedge reporting today that 75% of winter wheat plantings is in trouble due to drought. This harbingers big problems for 2023. Also, Russia is now suspending the Ukraine wheat transport due to likely UK terroist attack in Black Sea.

    If you’re gonna go buy some flour or wheat kernals today, then consider also buying some Lysine amino acid, supplement.

    The “limiting amino acid” in wheat is lysine. In a sparse meal without meat & dairy, then all types of bread are significantly more nutritious if you eat with as little as 200mg – 500mg of Lysine supplement; or with beans. Please research online food combining and limiting amino acids in grains and legumes. Also, a little vitamin C taken at meal significantly increases absorption from plant food (i.e., beans and whole-wheat).

  112. Nika

    The WH’s spokesman, John Kirby was asked a question about the coming Diesel supply chain being shut down( Due to the lack of Diesel Fuel) in 25 days. John Kirby, said he has no answers for that question. However, John Kirby was enthusiastic about talking at length, about sending millions and millions of dollars of USA Aid to UKRAINE! If, there no Diesel in 25 days, then trucks can’t deliver food to hungry Americans! When is Congress going to Impeach Jersey Joe Biden?

  113. Greg

    Fantastic show Greg. The kind of information you are giving out on this channel is extremely valuable. What you are doing on this podcast is an act of heroism. I am going to delete my paypal account and send you money through the company you mentioned.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Greg!

  114. Lisa Stahl

    Well done, Greg! THANK YOU for continuing to speak LOUDLY about the deadly jab.
    NEVER, EVER, NEVER stop talking about this crime against humanity.
    God Bless. God Speed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lisa!

  115. A Day In The Life

    If not for the stupid American working taxpayer, Eloi Musk would be broke and living on the streets of San Fransicko. What I really think about Musk and the CIA –CENSORED–, I’ll be banned from receiving further oxygen.

    If not for the stupid American working taxpayer, the average Ukrainian citizen wouldn’t be worth in excess of one million dollars.

    Somewhere in Ukraine there is a warehouse the size of 15 football stadiums that contain over $100 billion dollars of assets from the USA and EU…. or did the middle men pocket the money?

    The news man said the local college was upset because our state has an anti-Obrotion law from the 1860’s and that FEDERAL TAXPAYER FREE MONEY has disappeared because they can’t train new doctors on how to kill babies.

    Local “wymen” are furious as they were told they’d have to drive 15 minutes to cross the state line to kill their babies.

    Waiting to see how long it takes for the local news to report the diesel disruption and how it could stop trains, trucking and heating oil.

  116. Michael Haller

    I’ve been trying to close my paypal account. So far, no luck.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are not alone Michael. Many are doing it and I see it on the donation page of USAW in the back end that only I can see.

  117. Bill Weber

    It’s apparent that you are for peace in Ukraine, which is OK by me, but may I suggest that you team up with Gerald Celente and start the ball rolling for others to join you and group up to stop the madness before we are involved in a nuclear war that nobody wins?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am a reporter not an activist. I report the awful truth. That’s my job along with taking about the most important thing to focus on and that is Jesus.

  118. James Hall

    Go try and buy a digital camera, just broke my camera that is used for business. Local Best Buy and Walmart have almost no camera’s, only expensive units and just a couple.
    The supply issue is real and inflation is much higher. The camera I have broken cost 299. two years ago. No one has and now the list price is over 500 dollars if you can find one.
    Taking a chance on a different model from eBay and there they mostly have used.

  119. Thomas J Grier

    I just got thru voting at the early voting pole. There were about 30 choices on the ballot and I swet blood filling in the little circles which were hardly visible, voting for bond issues, constitutional amendments, judges. and amyriad of dem/rep races. I voted straight republican. I took the ballot to the machine and the machine rejected it. Then they told me if I walked I could never vote again. I’ve been disenfranchised by a fucking droid!

  120. Steve Bice

    If the nanotechnology in the “vaccines” can be activated by 5G or other external means, it appears we are close to mass activation since the numbers taking new vaccines have leveled off. The “uptake” of vaccines by the public would seem to have met the “necessary and sufficient” threshold to implement a second stage population reduction event. Can’t prove any of this…but it surely looks bad.

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